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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, June 04, 1845, Image 1

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4 1 I T 0 A < J A , . t o r i l N A I i A N D G E N ^ j i ^ A l ^ A D A E K T I i l ^ . r ^ ------ - ------- ................... I\\\\'\' ... ........ - ................ - ...... . ............ . ..-.p-... - ........................ . ......... ...... ■ - I ' . ........ . ............... [ ' ' ' ■■- I n'- — ... P U B I f l S H B D B Y ] * , , . “ P le d g e d b a t to t r u t h , to l i b e r t y , a n d l a w , i K o 6 i T » r s w a y s |u s , a n d kq t e a r *l^aU a w e . « * , 1 ■\ - ‘ VOLi X X IX . N o 41\-| n s , a n d n o t e a r sl]|all awe>*> ITH A C A , W i i D N E S D A Y , J t J N E 4 J ournal & advertiser p m s I i S i c i e t l l W ^ e d n e s d a fm ^ r n ingjv, T ia s ^ . m m o F s u i s c R i P T i o N , if 1,5 J i:> a d v a n c e , if not f>at B y the C a t r i e r - i 2 go ih a d v a n c e ; |2 , 5 0 i f n o i »*idin a d v a n c e . ^ At the O ffice--$l 50 ia advance ; | 2 00 if not laid in advance. ____ I TERMS OF ADVERTISING. .e_ F ,f ty cents fot the first insertion ieaet subsequent insertion. ‘D E N l I S T n \ t — P R O F E S S I O N A L NO I T I C E . f S t HE Suhacrih^r has the pleasure of informing bis A Friendsatd the lahabiun so of Ithaca,;'a;;]\;L and its vi By ,the Sqoi I ag a S cepisfc iVl bo a1 T I C E . i Priend. a .a ’the l a ^ l ^ ^ V f |tiu c a ;i’ tb^preservat^oD, regulation, and restoration of ihe Teeih. Clouds and S u u sbiuc* pv .MJSd MET.\ ai. JJtNE-A.N. ■ wiihout any letteis of introduction, ore jriificaies of mer- letter ,iror|i h< it arid professional skill. ; , „ she liad heard, It ia the intsDtioa o f the partners in this firm.m nrr. I , .. . ,T ite their work iai a maane> so satisf.iciory to th< ----------- epde ' -----------------r - . u - unusual short p; Canton in sat>' .ty. Ho iinmciii ___ ....... s d f to husiiioss, as if determined, by constant to. banish the past from his niLnd, ape, Gordon reach- liately applied, h ned before cscrlion.- scenes a n d occu- a t d elay to C a p e M a y , where, bay- m a id before b e r m arriage, AUd retired to ber l a ^ j i i i o u I e e U w v ! bcdurrxnj iothftiongingto theteg i J4 w ill b e c h a rged by tl rg e d by t h e sq u a r e . Editor j I he calm j however which new i ‘Vi;™ I putions, h|g.d produced, was interrupted by - I itating piq|co t f intell jr nce^conta ned in h home. Ills aunt wrote to say that ties, wflU be inserted on. tlfo most afptovcd proved principles of taaart when required. Prices will beacoommodhtod not obly to the lefca'ity.but tolho Bariicolar cifcumstanccs of iadividmidi; and the \ Lbi/S ‘Si directly by his wife, I cated to hiija by his at to ho informed of. From the momentt become a father, a c hiir^ Onco more he hi As tim e passed on, his ycarniAi thing o f his child became so stro it impossible to fem ain contented definite— more another 'liese e- ■ctly or in. ’ comimini. ought duly that Gor on heard he liadj a change seei led tc he had si particular one o f his I'g nce^coi Ills au n t , iard, from an a u thority n ot to be d oubt. Iry toTher^pa- ^ *4'’S before this U tter reached him, he limoDf of Ilka- \^ould lie a father. A few m o n ths o f anxioi t for those pro- e.xpectatioh passed over, and thien cam e ai W E U . S . s E t K a s a , IS : a,d; who remain only for a few weeks^in any one place, VCntS tw>re n o t announced to h rn directly I P n A W & P A s e v J O B P m ■ ^ at th e OFFl'B , op t h e j raigirotory deWists and commsncopructiga after a fo» ,^HACA JOUPv^AL AND a d v e r t i s e r , weeks iostrucliW , ■ u n m- r WMCHUETS, I a H dress , BO-flME>.S arid tics. wiT be msortcd on tlfo most ar principles of N. i V e S, DaiFTS, I -RdFe'&S.NCB pR D ' -SHOWBILLS I L;^P^% & C .| T o g e t h e r w ith every de.s^ripti^i of liB T T E R PIIESS PRTiS^IHy» ’ I t all lim e s exeenred with neattesS %atS des- p a t c h j a n d at tea'=..>nafafej p r ^ e s . 13* B L A N K S o f all kin constaoily ot hand an d tor^sala. r- ' j t T H ^ e i a r s . 0 . T i i ' o B i n P s d N . , J A M E S C L A R K , M J B R C f l A N T T A I L O R , One D o o F w e b t o f Iiliaea B a n k , Q wego' s tr e e t. fiea iy M-i.d9 CtotH.ing aboays on H a n d ^ 49 R , £ w . H A L S E Y , Flour^ P laster, F eed , & c., ‘4E.AST END OP OW E gO-ST.. ITH __ 40 T O B A C C O F A O T O ^ R Y R E M O V E D i fihaca. May !2-b^ IddAl ______ __ W a W t E I ) , To Wooden Butldh o f Ith.ica, SIGN OP CrtE D Oct. 11, tS4->. _ _ Bbls. Fi-OO^ forS l 3 at istfe the Batik mgs oppos h WARP INDIAN. H. J.G R .\N VNT, Ar^nt. y _ _ I.P ELORED’S. D Y E - W 0 0 D ^ & S T U F F S . r \ B. Gt'RRAN IS now rcetiviag a tJi 'D i t r C v j . SrORB. in tUe new Ih ick HI .ck. th^ec donis :■ C o c h ir e a i, |ers’:acks|, C r e i f / .T a r t a r , T l ^ e a ^ ^ l e s hav|i aVIbeen piiiclw sedlor C a sh ; and ill Ijesuldbv.v Tor (fr->U or jivpmvo'l>redii. P< f S of es'racts from Amoi patiyi ,tbe f >rmejr, ia p .1 ' HB V FOULlOATtO^. s k a v S’o-.TH AMcaiGAS S.£ai “S ’ ver^e tghsib autbirs print • a.ylcoied both f ttts etcsllisBe.s t f ibcu coapi^eiuon end tlicic teudetrry of ibo. ieatjier as great a namb- r of ular^U 80 ufiteach kite t<s think, t o draw his o i n lafereaces fiom lea»oni»nd pursue the train o f r e fis^ o n s ^.hicn it nat- j . S S i \ i o . u - S r ’ ‘‘'‘ '‘krC E . a „ DRus „ r . . . iT O V L . ......... .. Cjoking, Pal'otjV H .! Air Oo- k h i' _ i>.ii lor, tic. R iJ'l Scropors, P.oa-li K' iiV=, -5 ind 3 tcnlion to this spontaneous act o f kjndness on Pad K'‘'t|'=, Bark Mill«.‘^as!i Weigtiis, Wagon & jii|e the part of his wife. Too honorable to question B *xps. Mill Castings, &c &ci 'th e servant or child respecting Mr?. G ordon’s ' old, . S t S i S n - i S r S S r . i r i ' n T / . , ' ” »,ll lM .r«S.r..y Fn ,m c p t,o n c < il,er,ll„. ^ . 3 ...T _ . _T ___ r„ ’ Hf»r Ir-ffr^ve- QLr» Otll^ A u b u r n A i d v e r f i s e m e n t . U R A S S A N D ^ i L y j S S P L A ^ I K G 6 that he bas commenced, thg 'alove S3 in all its,b branches,QU S tate street rnil-.r„ AUbatBjN.y. Itiiaca,7tjkes tbi» n pabtic that he bas basiaaissinaUiis rdiraepy opposite Billrst** - ------ - - ^ aa experience of 16 years ini the a- bnyebusinsai, duting the greatest part of of the tatgaa Estahlss.Um.1 _., . I ma I* '*^bo E ast, h e feela shat hq e an e ive e a- , « tire satisSctlpatotfeose who employ him to 4 e t^V He execu{ts all Wal« of fHATING a 'atd By Cimiag&aild Harness Maker*, with neatness ami despatch. AU-oidOrs ftom a distance Will beiptomptly at- teaded to. F^ajso manufaetures a, ^ r iety ofpatten-s of if tkeeoantry where there are no Platers, and totboso >ab*T andV gf eat difficulty in having to send- ifeeir work eieat distabets to be plated, attended with expense, i^nnoiatmentanAdangeref having,their work damaged. AlTpersona wishing to know my terms can do dressing aletter to me a t this place. AU Iqttpi |iiid ‘a a 8 l b e p Q st p a id to receiveattbimorn • 1, Oej isL ij dlljf ROSS. * '\“Stoves: Stures-I' W f i o l e s a f e o r iR e t a i t a t Ih e o M H a r d I ’^vare »S*ore 2 d o o r s w e s t o f p e B a n k hnrehesi s,tores, shops, &c- ik p S n a if T in’P-nrniture, &c.&c. belieted to hebettisr a Jspted t e g e W l purposes than uy other ererspld in this place, bewK simpl® been hiis early ciimipanion .and playm ate,and !■, a fter her m arriage, had continued his 1 w a rnl steady friend. H e knew he could depend I upon: h er prudence and her Biiiccre wish to o- ‘ blige him,, and to her it was he wrote. He was ATj, O A T Si, , F I i A X , iS; i n o t m i s t a k e n t h e next opportunity brought _ I M O T h T^ S E E D ; him a long Utter from her, full of particulars, For whiili tlie Highest Mjikci'!‘r\'P pri.-e wjll In’ paid hy not only about his child, but'about one of vvhor W H I BITC A T , R Y E , C O R N , B A R I i E V , E tW H E A T j, O A T b F I , A X , tors; never went to toWn, krid applied fier- Care,, n o t tiin t, had placed there, she drew adeep|Utcal> chudiah tones * “you are p i ^ a 1” self viorously lo occupationasancso«rce.4gaii}gt «gli* i J . 1 p h a t a flood o f atrangej loveljr feelisg-wi T p ainful thoughts. “A n d n o w ,’said Gorllon, in an ^ I t a t o d voice, th i t iwhich cam e over him as the word whic^ Wo have said that a secret hop& still c ipng to .“ tell mo o f i iv child. ,/Is she well—and when .first hailcdhim father m e t h is ear. H e .c l a s p ^ as it dispelled till,I like a dan I see h e r 7” - | | ; j h e r ajgain a n d again to h is h e a rt, a n d o v e rw h e lm ■■ Dighy drew hJnji to a aofa in a distant nor tjould be'jprevail upon, the room, and id a few m inatesinfotm e d , himjself to leave h e r u n til t|ie d e e p ening twi%h|L tion c a p e over h e r, and in hit- him o f the s tale o f J?ib daughter’s, health and admdnishcd him t h a t i t w a s tim e to go, A s he 'term ss and tears did blw| bctxail her lot. I t was Where she was, She sW k e chderfully, and se- tlie honse,he inquired o fSusan wh'at p rogrtsp Jupon iliat night that, amid\ tlic struggles o f pride: shred him , as was the* ease, th a t A lice w.as now A lice was m a k ing tow ards recovery j^of h e r jipte and remorse, she Wrote f t e hitter w h ich WB h ave ih a fair way to recoverjher h e a lth e n tirely. She ^ for b a thing, an d the^periods a t w ^ c h i t woul _ and Gordon r e g u l a i j l y ovdry afternoon visited” h is child, s iltin g w iln ot, her ti|i nightyvarr||||jl,him tO'gp. S h e had now him , a n d i t filled him w im looked forvi’ard td b » 1 l i n u im f V S t li.in ii, .wm u long n-iirr U-OIU liili tlie Higfi<”“t M f 'lo w illln’ pni.l by n o t only about his child, but'abo u t one o f whom ; LTLVfER, HAL. s EY li CO. he had asked no questions. C h a rlotte told hifn Itlia^, l^v . 2Sj ISt3. ! 7i __ th a t Isabel had never ro'tnrncd to townlto res’ i S j r ^ l ^ J E i S bouse having been rented and tlie|furnit rffNIIE ua lersianeo are r¥tCiv»rp a Larger AssorUDcnt Gordon, reqiuesting th a t va hen the child m. of s t o v e s of variSus kinds, and all ef the la- brought to town it m ight be sent to sec h e r ; Most-Approved Pattoras. Among their Assott- that, c ■ - ............... F 'o u T p e t tiiai, on th e following day, the child with her nurse and remained some he .est and Most-Approved Pattoras. Among their Assott- jh; lect way be found, Piemium Cook s4oV< iiler do do “cr. do do do With elevated ovda. Charlotte spoke in high praise of the little p S o r * do*^° do*^^ ^h® ’said, resembled her father very Los»°& Co’s iqiprovep Railway, do She was called Alice, and Charlotte re- Asd a larpe Aaoortniont of Piijlor Stovd* of the latest pot- ‘minded her cousin th a t this was the name of his torn*. Alao^d p ate Stoves for Cburcims. ichool-hoiisi-g own mother. She described her appearance, p ^ ; o ? T 'r c v ^ ^ : f e '> liN - i Hardwire Goods., Ilemeia’jer O.V TH'K CORNER and entered into tlie m inute particulars about her. “ _ 'i L . & L. L T R E ’IAN. A inollicr hersilf, she knew how to gratify a ■ Phaca, S<-pt. 24.l8‘t4. j L ____ , - parent’s longings. She added, lhat no message ■g^.'CrrlWSlVEI-lOUPca.rof nev slyta and choice },j(j come in r< ply to Iier notf from .Mrs. Gordon. .ow. » , , ' ----- ^ ^ --------------- — long a.s D gvy wished to keep th<- c hild.— give Iiiiii all tfiedufor. about hhs wife, but thi.s BROO-M S by ihi' D.lz. TO B ixes h e r r i n g . nr less q n a n 'iiy at ; V F .L D R F P B- p .V R .tS ' .6 and Sun Shades, by g a.s M.'-s. D gby C liirlott-' V bir,*' ■< r< inatioii h !;-? c - m IJ ga'licr about h::! wife, bi she said t|a,s very httlc. No one seemed to know thing ab-v.’t b e r; she b id f nVirdy given up iety, and «< Idoin came to. to'.vn. IShc bad :rri c f lior vi'it.nig s.oiiu: m ighbors in the coun. now who they were or any -------------------i ------------ - ----------------------- Jiiin that his ehibl continued to visit her- at C O Y ’ S ted periods, and slie dwelt much upon her i s p i f a s i i i Oifice. A full assortment of C-tiSlI.NGS oit m g i f it was not disagreeatdo to her, that lustanily for sale . ............... ... ........ jtffiplaugl.s w lilt! at till! State Fair beidal Syra z ’s ; O t n a p r o y e d ; Livingstoi I 1^4. f*.**■; uii Fi^arri c f lior vi-il.i try, but she did thing furtlu r. The next ItUer from 'M .-s. DIghy informed in th a t bis ebiht eontiiinrd to visit her a t sta. in her love. )>-'ition. _Fhe tig to send tliis letter, rs. Gordon, request. Teeablo to ber, that she or console her in misery 7 ijlo j-fjsooner Jet h e r hide her face forever, and sfiffer ip. sncnCB, U p , on this resolulion: she a c te d | shp denied Jiwsclf 3 knov^n ;^ u . Havh thdy 1st rcmemlier that 1 you saw me. him klBne w ith hex, Gi tb e coEch, a m i beading o v er fte ifeer lo hishosam w ith a burst o f u n eontroHable tenderness. T h e c h ild sceme tmeasy a t this exhibition o f « when Gordon had wiped from in g tears and sm o o thing dow n h e r b rlght cp H i , proiyAxmgl __ im p rinted kiss a f ter kiss u poq hm-brow a n d din , is betfer—her breatbihf is pled cheek, she looked Up 5 H toh|sfa«e aiid8mi-^pa^mQi«faVOTaWc^^^^ A e h b l f c e Isabel wfitli tospeak,!}^ of her heart, but she assured her o f her fMolu, rcsi^ a t tion, and begged that the subject mij^ht never be bcgmnii fam ily, whom el. W hat o f his mtejidqd She had ^ - “M ydeaj 1 she had mg (ihrou rt year acardeJy 8hou|d In Could starved y ou o > the passage T” T “K o Chsirh t t e ; but you roust rc _ , am five ytars older than w h in yo u saw m e ®d. ‘ 4 ‘ sank hack in her ebay-, amdotTi^ent fit iasti” j ■ “ D o y o u k n o w m e , m y d a rlirig1” heanisioui, -pT |remb!mg seized her,. GOTdoa lcxAM a t h w ’ “’ij'rue,” sh I r e p lkdl und as ihc gazed uppitylyii^ed* \ ^ ' ihsritated Sorim-iBgtant,and aalA genflr * ct m ight n ever b e beginning o ’ J u l y ^ t o t h e great surprise o f h is ^ r a ^ to a n o | ^ r r o o m w ^ r e ^ t^ A l i o e - w a s , a n d wiaid»®kcdiM;l«« 1 . What ofhiB^teudcd ipinion o ftb e jw o r ld ? She had ~ “ M y dearr;Campbell,” .0 in tlic.high plqcQ w h ich she had m g (^trough pe take no infcrioriplaca -in it.i—< the light ir on, and begged that the subject m ig h t n ev e r b e beginnin g o J u l y ^ t o t n e gre a t suypri again touchtdaupou between thei». fam ily , whoi i he had n p opportunity to appi Mrs. Tracey did not upderstimd Isabel. Whkt ofhis m teuded retu rn , to her was the opinion o f th e w o rld ? She ha d ~ “My d e a said Mrs. Digby, sm ll. been hurl. ‘ ------- * ’ ’ *— --------------- *■ ’ ---- held, and ansa’ered hisqui riiy.and h e thank compromise with her dign ity ; and when | t w as W h e n Gordi done, si.e. e.xperu uced a l e l i t f p f nflod to Tlvhich but remember she had long been a s tranger, i cousin had given him ^ In liiut, new Lopes and ucw duties dame to fill hihited a n extraordina^y| kho] her heart and occupy her thoughts. S h e bepame ions, h a b its a n d ffi. a i n o U i i a n d in the flood Of e; came an altcied being. A bhlh of h tr child, Mrs. T rai which acconipaniid this ncfv b l u i n g , she a'h ic h m e th i a ear the nSxt ltm p rn m g , when, in a little Afipe, Ije n e v er heard h e r spoken ef. n altcied being. A short tim e after the private interview w ith h e r , ^heyclated Ip him sari was, the ohJy person w h o m he had any iQiy was removed by the history o f her renewed intercourse w ith Ifis , mdiiicatioii w ith at the cottage, a n d she, in ions, h a b its a n d ffiovenl.qnts oji but bo was wholly q n i ^ p a r c d for 1 !t: h is e a r th e n e m prnjnj htr child, Mrs. Tracdy was removed by the history bUddcii death. This was a heavy blow to Isa- wife, and of her toUlly hel. She was the only near relative she possess. She told him o f Mils. S e ^ . nl, and t.Lc had always stood to her in the light o f the ipaproveinentpFher mind an,d d isposilioif; . JO f a parent. But it was not what it would have and s t e enlarged upon her dc' ' I a year ago. Sorrow and a ripened judg. and exemplary course o f hi long since greatly altered Isabel’s o. Charlotte spoke eloquently itr. She had been m ade to feel in bit- whole heart was in h e r wort :ath, however, out all faults,all senst o f wrong, and when ■w lu r laid in the tomb, she felt in her des- honor, my dear Cbaftotte,” pinion of her. She had been m ad e to feel in bit- whole hea r t w as in h p r . ____ . ____ _ terntss the evils of h er erroneous education, the the room w ith astern countenance, p erfcctlyujji j such and such, things. S h e spoke, o f home, ill clfccts of her aunt’s advice. D eath , however, moved by w h a t s h e qaid. , . ( I tbeppny—-the dogs, and poor old lami wipes o ut all faults,all senst. o f wrong, and when “ y o n r.w a r m , generous feelings do you g r e a t, tha8itA n e ss*‘maitnma” honor, m y dear C b a n o tte ,” he said ; but i f y ou e f M rs. Selby, and, in meaO by alt this to iplead your friend’s cause ta U s is which “ mammi w ith m e, I m u s t tell jyou i t w ill be a vain, task, n e n t a ctor, told the hjsl 1 have no faith in a woman vvho has shown her-1 Gordon never encourag times he fe l la s i in thus hecoming a party 3 o f her aur It all faults, she saw' lu r laid in the tom b, she fe}t jn h er des- olalion, that but for her chiid, she would gladly ] m e a n b y ”^alt th is to Iplead be laid beside her. p ■'1 • ' - f . . . .P .. Y left beside her. M rs. Tiac..y’s plac’, however, was nqtlong llltd in Isajjel’s hcqrt. Th Ul.filltl ) he.s, long ur widow lady o f the pal s i lky was a woir nted, was taken bv a fS d:lby, b y , w h o * ’ Mr.3. S d L y v rewg ; bill- po.sbCbbi ti'jn, to whicli v\ ai added Sh( riie nearest resi- w h o hr ind benefit to p e *'ho knew ni|ax|y rior mind ahd 4dJ wai in btu tv o k n e e . S h e thok a deep in Isab d , and a clobc intim a cy £opn grev t-.vtc'ii iliim . ULs. S tlb y became in < lime, inibtrcss o f her his'o.y, and through t e r »n me- r'car i n t d k e t and judicious observations, Isajlicl an5 I was ta u g lilto sec her condncl in its r ig h t light. She infused into her mind the cbcerfulness^pd laticncc which adorned her own. She. direiited doped her m e n ial resources,pud elthi ijety whose fruits •y a “Plead Isabel’s caiuse,” said Mrs.', Digby, * W’as a sort o f meanness m thus becoming a party Ivcd.,warmly, with a smile fdmost of scorn. '!“ I f you fijj fcr unsanctioned disclosures, could see in.your miiid’s eye, the gently digni- j Upon onp occasion only did h e forget h is rcs- fied, self-respecting woman that I see, pnd feel olulion, b u t it w f - „...i ca- as. I feel., how far above such meanness sire is, depily and deeply mdnd youou wouldould despiseespise you ourselfrself foror thehe suspicion.—uspicion.— UP°u his .ki uaaflected piety a y w d y f t s A^p® )ok a deep intefesiin Np, Campbell; so far from pleading her ( Jampbell; . „ up be- with you, I have never dated— suefi is the po’ >urscj o f erful influence her flignifiefi r e ^ v e impose^u ition your h a t her D.-Lano’scclfbratf flPlauglii? wliicb toi'k tlipPren.i- ~ ■ ‘ ~ -aense ; lUt-n’s, a llsi- ncount).; Oiioiidiga id ing, developed h er nuiturcd within her a sincere piety whose irm ts nouf Were cha.'ity, forbearance, a n d good will to a ll “j mud her, ‘.jjnnpxrngsP’ne asKeum a tone oi.m creauu- tuotjiB prayeis, iiiy^muo uaixing , _ In such companionship, and training her lit- ty, “ W h a t . su fferin g s jhksshe h a d f 1 “O h , m a m m a l Nobcjdy ever hears m y prayr daughter; did Isabel’s days glide by. She “ I know n o t ; I only asked the qui^stion o f ursb u tm a m m a .’’ , ■ x tvould perm it li'T to have a lock of little A lice’s 'h r a.rd noilih g of l.tr husband— all intercourse you. A n d yet it s een|f to m e , when 1 look b ack ^ Gordon had been a t Cape M a y about thri hair, to send to her futlicr- T d ”'h e r great sur. 'liaving ceased between b h fariiily and herself upon that woman’s eaiily life, and c o n te n t i t w ith , W eeks,w h en one evening after l i v i n g the oOl- prise and pJeariire, the next d.iy riie received a sh.tc ilu ir separation, and the fiew qld friends w h a t it has been since the early, period of your tag?, he found that he had forgotten his w a teh, lock ofhai^ and a m iniature p'Ttrai 1 between bia fariiily and U uir separatio n , and the fiew qld 3 die still continued to bav< .E D G E S .: rth e Ukcness.and cnee, tjireut.b B ______ _______________________-- I C ongratulate.! Iiiin u; '>ii tli ■ p=?ioii o f sucji a was r- gularly sent, lh a t her father mi jh t he in- treasure—takin g care, intan w h ik , to call his a t. fo i m e d o f h e r Welfare, and, also, b ) t h e gifts ml 3 tcnlio n to th is spontaneous a c t o f kindness on which cam e 'thcncc occasionally for tlije child. learned , ». D ig b ^ lo^svboml: tUc A lice mi jh t he in- , id a m iniatu re p- rtra it of the child, wh am die still continued any lltercuurse s e p m a f i o ^ w S ^ ' l '^ th ? l^ ii|a & k flaUertd b a ^ d g left it on the cbild?8 c o |c K for whose a idoscd in a blank envelope, and u m a c c ^ p a . with, ouf of delicacy, never mentioned him ,— idol o f pociety, t ^ gayeqt o f the gay, the lightest |nui^e^cnt he had taken t t out., H e had^got on ionsbii and chastei iJiiic warmly ; f S ' L ' S L l S i ” ' f ’OV. blight ™uat have c a. N Y, March 26, lSl4j _________ : , the nam e of Selby, whom every one spoke o f as reply.invitm g jliur to .visit tlie sufferer when thus, and tinat mplarj, excellent t child, striving to imprdve herand oeeupy-r| glarice^he gave ifiateh^ ttoSin t | e extended ^ . -iT. a ORN'R I ime thcncc occasionally for tlife ch W h e n A lice was between four and five yc!-_ J, she c.vpct^nced a severe ^all, w hich tlircat- u t uuicio unu dhu ^ uug -.—i, i . - ined her with serious consequence's. As soon as — vvhe*n I see that wojuan, y o ung, lovely and u n - | irresolution, ^ he gazed upon 1 . , , ,y . ........ ......... » a t .tv a u g .. tiG..t..vi V..tiuut.u ,ici yliis pumful HOws roacLcd Mf?. DIgby,, who hud protected, by her prudent conduct and gentle form before him : tb?n be advanw d , extended b T h i i k - ’A f o k ; w k o r “Sj; icrly widow lady,by She received'a polite n.ote ftom M rs. Gordon in blight m u st have failed upon bel-to change her ^room. He fled to the beach, and for s m ie um e ,'cry one spo k e 'o f as rcply.invitin g ttiur to visit tlic little sufferer when thu s, an d th she mu|st have had great suffer- paced up M d down with rapid steps. I he next ma^, and who was eucr she could make. it convenient. M rs. Divbv ino-s « ? day when he saw little Alice, she told him that ir nearest neighbor. ' gladly availed! herself of thiq permission, and ^lYoi J . KNT • I ^ Every vessel that arrived now broughfGordon proceeded im i|ediately to visit'the littje girl. - nr?rl<’.” S I G N O f 'T'HE l i t t l e I n d i a n . ■ jparucalar^ respecting liUl'e AIS cc ^ arul through uous feelings. | She Lad not seen her cousin’s iHE S.ib=!cril)rr H iviiig T.i1f-n ilir feiorc Par-npi'l'y fae sent ft, qucnt gifts for his child, sciceted wifc-i-hcr owui former fiicnd and companion— rjVIItrt Siib=!cril)rr H iving Tjlt‘-n llir 5lor^ tP.'r'nprl'y {. qj . sent f t.qucnt ^ifts for his child, scici opp^JsCe^lie^^^^ is no\|rece’ivi|ig suited o her ;eeStock Stock off a laig o - J IJRY -G O O D R , G R O O E R tE S , C R O f fR E R Y , H A R D W A R E , &c., la^p 1 f ’r C \S!{| in New- ;\D Y p a y in all r.is.’s. CHEA P B E thanairv oihpi- eslabliiliment in the viliag.-, N ev ^-Y osk C ash S tores not exevpied, T O B A C C O . C IG A R S & S N U F F , The Stibaoribcr enntmuea the maniifaitlure if Tu »'awl Glgavs of all kinds. Chewing and f best qaaliiy, for salebv ihe Dnken o !( It is now kmeuthat we shoi^d relturo W e have said that heart or feeble intcll tics of the one were per •lilltl. J to Isabel, fcclinigs bho never paused lo think bow she ,shoud the countenance in sipiles of patient cheerful­ ness.” I ‘•Forgive me. Chariot t cated her ni|tcc according to the dictates o f her ^ arouijd- her, arid burst into a own narrow' mind,, and in securing to her the , Isabcjl suflered th advantages! of f a fasIiionabrc,_shoilvy ca'aRd Glgavs Tobaf Co of the' Itljpca, May 13, <1S44». ihe D oi IAN t, Aaec I P O T A S H K E T T L E S , I A' ISXJPERIOR 'Ari!e1.»m-ule fi-litn b<-st P iilrnn.ard kept constantly foi\3a!edi the Ithi^a Fra|lriin^roD ’' ‘’'f e i t h 10,1843. ^ ^ 1 ^ 3 5 C L O y f c R s f e E D . T 4 r GE and Small , _ advantages! o a fa ski'll? 6he believed she had.accoi or the me end. She had not mi; aent. rite the blessings o f a higher 14 nor the moral principle to d heart o f a young creature so fation. Fond o f dress and, only in a crowd, she had, ft years, surrounded her with 4n atmosphere i to the growth o f every tiling that was goo her nature. She had fostered in her, pride, “ H P l . - gence and the capabilities o f the other deadened the and iijstead ofaecuptirig thd^hand which C.\MP & W lNjrONS. jties through which as ^he hoped to cem e n t I k able, sho tmplished evci_ ’ enough to appreci- srdcrof cultivation, v.elopc properly the mrrounded by temp- ostentetion, happy 1 Igabel’a c ariiesl atm osphere fatal I oer, pride, sel- o f her own pre- •e— qual- ngciiial with her own. ision of teat TRUTH AKIH TO NATURE 1 TT 1 . 4 VE YaU PAIN? Be thankful. It is q. vigorous M~n[ eflfort o f nature to Ihrow-t® morbifi. maijter Prom ititS, may the morbific matter ari.e ? From n bruisie, or unwliQisamo air‘which hali become tnix-.d with the blood, not incorporated in it, brit which iS'liablc to. taint; the « hole mass if not speedily removed. • 0 r the pain may a- coa4'<pjencqofthe%am I fi'f ^ all-aoaorDca oujcci o in e r uuuv» acguiu, discharge iti This paih’*hich so trightecs pecpl-i is on-j this knowledge, spile of hef own m e n tal SUpG- ij the symptoms of the efforts of,nat«re<or the vital prin-I j.jofj{y gaVe Mrs. T racey an utihoundod in. rough the warmth o f heart, the .^ncrous nature, which all her efforts had not been able to spoil, that she succeeded. Isabel had ajlhirst, a craving for affection ; she knew herself to he the I first and all-abaorbed object o f her aunt’s regard; I this knowicdffo, spile o f her own mental eupe- w'tfhave U requi^^ ultimate he J'.h to*thi bid”/ , ve must not lose a ' Ih connexion with WsFownd^xVanhinten.^ to “ 4U“fue- “ r/« e 'w i n be easy and generally siire. For ourcour^ uckeyeB-otaxyTop, Mhaway’8\ ; rittlat Stotes. Weavy Box Stoves for < Box Stoves o f various Stove Pipe, Cop ji|r a Th# JiUtcen Stove 5 ir«r time oflered i* t ii the Pulton Stove, ijut i spent in her chamber, in Bolitary cpm: with Her heart—that day ori which she bended for the first time tlpat her hm 1, left Tier forever— iim s le compre- isbilnd had indeed, left Tier f be^an a grave and im­ portant change in her chaifacter. A t first she felt stunted ; she could not Understand hsr situa- tion ; but when gradually Ithq truth grew plain to her car, it was to behold, ^wepfaway at a sin­ gle blow, every hope, every Lstay that she Iliad ev­ er clung to. W hat to her now was wealtlh, fash, ion or pleasure ? Her husband, the mad wjiora she had selected before all tlie'world, had desert­ ed her—had flung her from him in ange’r and] contempt. She who had brien an object pflcnvy to multitudfes.-was now a mark for the woilld to point its fiqger at, a,nd her haughty natulrelco ard beneatheneath tlifefie blowlow w hh idli,idli, herer prideide had-ad-re­ b t b w h pr h vived. There was no room for the whisperings, if conseicnqc-—for the yearnings o f affection; loftification had overwhelmed c fe T Y E K Y & F X U e A J S G E S T A B L E . .TpHF. Sohscribers .wouldin-' i form their Iriends-'aiid (he Public,.that they s till.^bidinue ofBABOOCK,( __ allheir old fcUindonTrafustreei, the met-------^ ®Scdtc HOrsoa, &CMatany hour due#a briskcffei f the day or uio'lit. 1 Raving on -hand alafge number of New anti second W d Wn^ns,anda!irness,lhey wHiexchabgethetn for otherpfoperty, OI sell them low for Cash. 5 ^ 1 ? ARTICULAR NOTIC3B.-All persons in­ debted to the sobscribeiS, whose accounts have been 3 fflaftihastindiag^, arc informed t hdt they must calfand ffloftihastinding’, ; ctilerlliesarae,^' lp r ila. 1814 - . .... :hey must caHat B, BABCOCK, IW.S. GO WL(ES, ,L. NEWMAN, D g HATCH. i wheth- tim e pass rheuraa- above the storm, and memojry reflected tpe past 'S“°' to her in many a startlingj aspect. The words ~ - ’ which her liusband had spdkcn in their last in- ig voice— “ t o r g i v e m c , Isabel, forgive me.” Isabel pressed tbe hand still lostiiig ivilhiu her own, and with a quivi No fartlicr e.xplan aliens were interchanged or as he wisli eeded. Tlie child wasi alarmingly ill, and eve. that her letter shot r fueling was absorbed in hfer ir ; but day after day that he should follow |thp next day.*' ... ..iL:. .L ------ ir- ----- . I t must not be supiposed that Gordo nmoved by'the pictrirq which Mr?. D JO w’hich her tricnd'S trials had wrougl her. '’N o J, that Mrs. Digby had been unobsot o f the alteration in Isabel, even in the first terview’, with such a key she was able to rec­ oncile'more readily the high spirited, careless discipline of fashion, with the subdued, thought­ ful and dignified woman she now saw before her. The child improved, and the j ' the strongest hopes o f her entire bel’s face was once more dressed cheerfulness again shone on th Mrs. Uigby’s visits did not cease with o f health to the child ; sli inner and seen in her face, a ised the cordial feelings betwc 3 Ipeak 01 i that kind hear c!dasf)erate, then [ti 3 finally to touch. She f r the unfounded i painful vividli ISO self-cxamt- Sfc enK i S E an? sho aSSTo teSb ofraS^h^ prompted was, deep in reunitq the th ™ K 5 s r a S gled with IsabePsgentle, affection- byfiad said, and at“ kindness, so niu'ch quiet dignity, so muchre- his right to desert a W( serve in all connected with, her inner feelings; wrestled with what h e ' that Charlotte ftit that it would he an unwan. a mournful fate. give his repi ising s'lernncss iCused him ■; / ' ■ ' ■ ' ' i i ihes, his censure, the unconprom. with which he had left her 1 She of coldness, o f harshiicss, and o fun- itablc, wearied affections ; and suppressing every jofter emrition, sho resolved upon her course.— Unable tol brave the eye o f the world, ^she deter­ mined to remain in the country, and by no active step whatever, to appear to conciliate her hus band, even hef conscience failinj innected with, her inner feelings; t Charlotte ftlt that it would he an unwar. rant^le liberty to attempt tointende upon them. Besides, she feared the result. She thought that determined a silence with regan awed very HtUe hope for tho futur naore than a n hour upomtiller justice, she ceased to plead h,er cause, her chamber. VWben she and continued to follow the dictates o f her own was pale iud-rment. -Tiie n ext step w as to write to Camp­ bell and tell him o f all that had happened, and this she determined, to del without flinching, at the earliest opportunity. ' ' ‘ Meanwhile ih e W e a th e r began to grow warm, and the physician recommended sea-bathing for l f £ £ # 5 1 « S i i S J i S r om for the rest o f tfie e vening. T h e next day Gordon came. T o o impatient „ see his child th delriy^ h e sent Jm ^srvaM dL paired; witke in g seeured i sms was always in j the wrong,” Bljd Would be cerlaifi | earneifly to tfiercstOTi to receive all jtbo Wame, wl[ea|W separatibq While thtse events f{^eV r\o m a h T g o ^ h e ^ o w Sela^psed^ ^ c e heTeft ^fils naUve”Iand,' H e mitted. The answer wris in the tffirmafive, * But Isabel silenced her iloCKdiateiy. $hc did left i t pqor add rilmost heartbroken; he rrilu,rn. h0 repaired with a throbbmg heart to visit her. not reproach her with the evil oounoil she had cd with Wealth more than suffieienl for his mod- Hb was admitted by S o s ^ ,-w h ® ^ WelLknnt given her; she did not open t|) her the bitterness erate wishes; and feelings schooled by fime into ^ \ • •’ ' ‘ ’ \ ■ ’ csignation. He reached Biiladelpfaia 1845. j J : ' * i ’ S i s B K k r i B e J - - ' ■ W l^ O L i: N o . ,145L about th e tW J W W w n A uu nawHT, iatoftedialelyre: his wantlof c a « ^ i *^1,0 .... 1 r e p l k d ; und as ih c g r i z e d u p o n ^ ly a ^ e d i W r ih a m d a n t^an d flieu f ^ e and, .inaifced he lines which j . *’f “ ^2d” fa t ° would suffer m e to advise ywu; I -Ww !• / [uestione minutely .and satisfacto- he most conve liked her warmly fo|i.' a il the trouble | Day after day passed by, t taken foij h is sake/i*^^ ' | l y pvq^ afternoon visited, hi iosure -ever, he saw nothing, and, except the prajtlingo^ f in a little Afioe, l?e never heard her spoken of. - S y - a t th e cottag e, a n d sh e , in c< |ibout the child, never even by accident Airs. UordoB’-s lUime, Jl was impossible, :ver, to be a s constantly w ith A lice as he to borcliijdj Wai, withoht learning through her, unwittingly, conduct!— i foych o f h er mother’s thoughts and aetionsi— tmma” had said this or done t h a t ; “ mamma” Told her what she must do, or leave yndbne, )oke. o f home, o f le A d a m iand hours, ilem ent, sqch an unsettled w i^n e s y o f manner and expression ofThe eye, that he thought thefe was a necessity ifir keeping her *a cottiposed a s possible. ] ■ . ‘physician came, and Gordon gave Mm » history o f the child’s case. Kelfoft h er palpe, ifc with anxious care, proceed^; to exam ine her back: . A ll appeared fiivorable there. 'Hie next moment he turned, with a smilo u pas g o t the-mi I hai •—even to menl touched. H e wa it the open t ocean, \ sitting with ndow- H is len, turning lending iir; she will do vei-y wnli* T h e irruplii coming out favorably, and you have nothing to fear.’ And leaving a prescription, the k ind doctor left for, the present, ' | , Gordon’s heart swelled w ilh iih im a t thfe leUcjf i judgement afforded, and he v iih .ids ha-Sds oyer his eyesj bdried in, thought. Ajt length.a f ^ t step arous. ed him, and looking up he saw p isw ifA standing mbtful ‘jjl^ppa, did you hear m y prayers when you eposes up- . ----- - le before hie^, Weile far away, over the sea . “No, my love oilf prayc spurn you pa, hvriryt you heard irii, and looking up , - hear him. H e immediately pimceivedL that shS l|is(d just awakened, and was igr oranVof the phy- qipians ^rrival. fie arbse, an4 w ith great teq* ” ddrnese told her what had occurred, and ef thd joyful news. . • joyful new s. ' j ' , . A s he Spoke, she glanced With an unsettled audfoewildcfod look, ftoip Mm ‘to her child, hut ‘She shaft never havje an opportunity to do yoiJ heard Miem, too • | riudfoewildcfod toolk fmip Mm |to hi lerd’ die rerdied,, slerply. I have suffered e* Gordon’s cheek rested upon the head jof b is as the flail blaze o f hopp brokp upc igh already through her.” ' ‘ chiljd ; he pYessed her closely to him, tvhile he turned with a quick andisuddeii mov ned with a quick andisudden n proved how-strong a slate o f e i^ind was in, she flung herself striving to improve her mind; and occupy-1; glance he gave showed hifli that the room had won|an,^oung, prudent condi lovely aid ipn her, ^he ivement, t h s f citem ent, hpr ;ung h e ;on her k n e es he., si fie the bed.where, with clasped hands and eami. eSl, (Upturned edyritenan|:e, she poured forth a iqpid prayer o f thankfulness and |fsiith d e -kf God for Ms meiicy. In k burst o f eloqnent and khefic feeling she tlianted Him for sparing t o er the dayliug child— the little flower that M g h U iefl her path and chedred her lonely heart.— Vith passionate contrition andwords^of deep a- basement, she confessed her- unworlhineiNi tto pof sess s o rich a blessing, a n d implored that the Jo t ^ g heart o f h.ertrc»»itre m i ^ isflft he R e ­ served to ber. \ ■ ■■ ■ \ deep earn- lart—never w a s complete. , Gordon’s soul !6 tones p e R trated liis a lready soft- ' approriching the bed he knelt o;^ritnent r y i e l d s as, ihqsi ened feelings, and a] hY ou make now allowance foT mortifled pride,” said Gordon. ' . “ Alortification and pride are powerfiil feelings,| she replied, “ b ut they <lo n o t usually ^ b d u e thej temper, improve the niind, and inipl--* ‘•Forgive m e, C this conversation. if I beg you to cease this conversation. M y wojinds arc 3 |ill too soro to bear exposure. I thank jou for your good intentions, but it must suffice your Jiind heart to :ars. knOW) that feelings trampled upoiyas mine have been, and afil-ctions ouiraged;;Jcan have no second spring. And:npw, will assist me with yhur advice and, gpoiS offices 1 11: ‘ ment^, while the tears chased bach other rapidly my child, grid I would,not take ber nn down her cheeks ; then turning and looking-up surprise. W ill you, write to—to— Isabel, and into the beautiful face o f the lonely, mother, she say I am coming.’’ , j with a choldng voice— “ Forgive me, Campbell’s voice faltered ash time, uttered hi^. wifets pamie, and ‘ away, Mrs. Digby wipt la had cried a great deal last night when he went away.” About a fortnight after Ibis, as Gordon was liiunging upon the piazza of the hotel, about the usual hour for the ladies to bathe, a young inan returned from the beachj and began to felate'to a grofip near him a confused account o f an acci; deifl which he jstaled had just- happened. Hr 1 that a m'anl employed to oathc a sick t y h e r s i - . . “ Isabei,” said he, as her voice died upon ear, “look at me, and tell me w l l j l t is that.evcn in your prayers to God for pur child; I am to g if t s ? H a v e you cease the past, or do you look s^id! th a t a m'anj employed to had {reerl ?tfddebly seifod with eramn w the feurfiand had let tbd child fall from his that the motheil b ad rushed into the a t th e motheil h ad rushed in to th e sea to i ic it, and th a t he understood they' had b( H|i difficulty saved, both, or one, having bi ken home lifeless. Gordon did not stay ..ear mqre, but fled to the beach, filled with by I worst apprehen,sions. Before he r( nd ever, he was met by his servant, w j“his fears— informing him that it reached it how- who con fin 'r S a ^ c h o I d n J ^ v o S % I m “b5 l’? ' S c e faltered as he, for the first | Mrs.'Gordon and i>Uice to w h W the accident he turned has. j had oceurred. The servant hrid been near at ,vay foe tears,h a n d , and he described the d r ^ d f u l scene-—the t hei I go on the morr|)i jfop ppvt d a v .' fol' ry fueling w as absorbed m li ; but day alter day Mrs. Digby rode oat to visit the sufferers, and with her b uoyant, happy ter ipcr, and the conso- unmoved by'th e pL _ j “ - lation which she was able t( im p art, as an c.xpt- unconsciously d r a w n p f h js wife, as4io a ppeai notlior,d:ffusedan a tm osphere F a r from i t ; , s h o 1 ness a round her, vhilo she strenghen. and called np a crowj ed and supported the molhe ;’s hopes. as he had not cxpeil^ D uring these frequent vis Is, Charlotte becam e not returned hom e j with _ r—.-~ t j ■ ■ ■ ' ' ’ orthand stent resolution, and fepUngs steeled ft; time.-]- daughter, with acquain- © u t he w a s not ptepared for foe effect: v b ich aq- ncc,aind Airs. S e lb y ’s esu m a ie ot Isabel’s char- soci-atiun produced upoi^ h is m em o r y , c illin g up ;ter, rind in her k nowledge and adm iration o f the buried images o f the past, and spe iking tb ............................. £j^ tones that would not be silenct 1. Still him in tpnes that would not be silencdfl. less was he prepared for all that he h id hearp n. A deep and abiding ense (>f :ain4di With him, but' t|ere h: m e ? l act. ftom his in- his injuries remaindd i With him , not been wanting, i|a|cburse o f yearS|,^ j lomenfe when conscience quistionod him as t4i vfteihef „ he, too, might not hrivp erred. He rem< ihbtred, now saw before her. at those moments, hlsfmorlbid feelings|; j tis wanjl n d the physicians gave of confidence in his jvffe,.and reliance| uj ion thp recovery. Isa- rectitude of his owni motives. He rpm' ^mbered ;miles, and his -weal indulffence df her Wayward Wi i„g lip i™p“,in « d p s r i ; k v „ ows tbe Nit fiii-iiinc ..vi-ilnnntinns TOnrn inf<'rf>hnno-f>il nrl Un '.'m jed j and fopfi h c le ft her, it w iSagrced frantic mother rushing intip ’ ■ luldi go on th e foorr iW, and e proceeded to the room wncre ne w |s ai tomed to be received. It was empty. The door I d f agitating fteliligs such o f another room hbwever, across the passage, Idhced for vears. 'He hail was ajar ; he pushed it open and fount himself ' • • t. ’ ' ’ in a bed chamber. On foe bed lay its litUe daughter, with her face pallid as death her lids closed, and her breathing heavy and impeded.— Beside her sat her mother, with claspe 1 hands a.d(] looks fixed immovably upon the fa :e o f her foot o f the bed stood foe '■ ' • bed, b it I=ahe! rectitude in. sm iles, and his xveal indulgence! d f h e r Way w art, tone on the household.— his rebellious h e a k a[e|jlicd even f o e n ,|th i t tha^; ■ :h 'the return yerv weakness shoulj(|l have toriched a w|on an who I. Bult! o f h k l t h to foe chftd^; she cam^ had a sp a r k ^ f genefofis feeling^in hei^b it their cousin,! and she passed whole days with ed had boen iiifilledl in had led MraT y exile hiir ‘ h ope o f air endmen t- Tfae’so whi T r exile him self, without forgiveness it when he listened to the heartfolt words o f Mrs. Digby, they ao- quireiTa force which w a | new and intolerable to him. He was coinpellea to View his pondoct m lew light. He recalled 'every thin- kad smd, and i eonducl very thing Mrs. Dig- for the first time came doubts o f eiman who bad soaifibly sknoi iwledged to be She rose before h im vividly ra Cl on e ruse befori -hich Mrs; Digby’s fervi ■But the seif condemnation \ = s s : : s ; r z E s p ^ ^ on f o f p a H ^ mingled feelings th a t swelled his surprfsnn^mr^iM lY^^^ husband sane- ueart. , i d f ?0d^v ■at np in ih, her face ith weepinj agony7 am the waves to save and the Oppressed by the most painful forebodings ordon-turned towards tlie cottage. The doo Gordi “N( ing child, .. irse. Gordon approached the bed, lilher looked ups-nor stirred. She' sepmed ut- rly regardless of h is presence. “'Has she been seen by a physician ?” asked lorn in a low voice, addiessiim the nurse. To,” she replied, “there was'flbt a t |^ a t mo. lent a physician on the Island, but a youne ledica! student had kindly visited and prescribr.d for her.” She added that they feared sdme fresh injury had been sustained hy her bach; in their efforts to save her. • Gordon-honld scarcely siiippress the ;g?eling-of despair that came over him at this intelligence. Tfie boat would not leave for Philadelphia before foe next morning, and noil until the day after ihysician arrive. ' T h e only hope was idical man might arrive in the boat of could a pi that a m that day Icmun who had been he child and ofihred man mi^ next. Meanwhile, the young I so kind, continued to id and consola- d every aid ■afds evcnini m in hisj •lively sc the house ; all fear of intruding was forgotten in his deep anxiety. He sent for his servant, and gave him directions to proceed to town by the first boat, and bringdown their own or any physician he could obtain. Morning came, and foe child was no better ; ir foyer continued to incres^ a n d she slept hea- Towards n ight her id spoke incoherentl upon both her parents, to see those parents watching beside thr their child, agonizing by apprehension and sub­ dued by sympathy—neither asking lor consola­ tion from the other,^.and neither givin g it. Gor­ don forgot, in his feafs for his chU4,h?s resolution never to see that child’s'mofoer,and during those anxious days and nights, seldom left foe cottage. Anxiety appeared to^hayd absorbed every pferso- nal feeling. H e came and went, bqt Isabel hee- ded n e t his entrance or departure ; he yeceived from her hand the cup which she had just held to tW parched lips o f her-child ; the air which she fanned to coed the little sufferer’s cheek, h f ted foe curls from his broi ittle sufferer’s chcel and the words that came in answer to the low toi tones o f the mother, were ‘er to the lOW ioueu“ •e listened for with t. It^doriimjend y o u to retiri ftilfo fest J you hai tw n day# a n d nigh and nnaple to aXlei take iM aprecantiofl.” d0»im looked wistl npon foe cbH< , ^ ____ swering ibe Jnok; “ and i f vouirc jieqaircd hav« you called« - ^ ^ Isabel rose imnjediatoTy, gave .one Took a t hfef , child and left tiie room, and about a n hoiif j Ref j Busan voluntarily informed Min that Mrs.- Gor- > a sound s l o ^ ; lours went drearily b y . ItVatl a stormy day; and Gordon begajn to fear foe boat would be defamed.' A t Icngihj; however, to 1 “ \ - madd his a ^tre and ejudeaTor to toke * fest J you have h a d no jfor f i t i l * ' lay# a n d nigh t#, and ybii ’wfti j o u i a d f b e lli inahle to attend to your d itty, i f you do not tM aprecantion .” 1 iriabjW wistfu lly in Ifls face, a ^ d Berf m iiain and wateH hqr/^ h e replied,am be J e o k ; “ a n d ify u u ir c jieq a ir c d saavoluni don had fallen into a M eamvhftetbe boo ire is Iha^diseaSe. SHfl d herj^m p tom s ha-vd sircumsta in your prayers to Gi have no |arlicipation in j I iio advpcate in your bosom, no sJiare in y o u r^ gifts ? Have you ceased entirely to rfcnjiembez in your gratitude ? r bosom , n d i ' . . . . £ upon foe SB a CO|d; de­ liberate tyrant, who w o u ld r o b y p n o f y p u rtreasi “Oh no—no i’’ she cried, looking in Ms face with an anxious, beseecMng c'oimtenancc; “you could n o t —y o u w o u ld not take her fro m m e ?” Gordon arose, a feeling o f bitter disappoint, ment swelling at Ms heart, and rapidly paced the For some mintttes Isabel conlkiued ig where he had left her, yi’itb hcr .faco buried in tlfo bed clothes. 71160 she rose, and approaching him, said in a tranmloUs voice— “ Forgive me, my sorrows have made^m® un- “And is this aft j^ou Iiavejfo ^ay to mo ho fcc-d, in strong emotion. j She looked up into his face ^(tjm Wppd rushed a crimson torrent to her very brow, and in a 'nurst o f passionate tears, she flqtig herself into the extended arms o f fa< ’ ' ' Need we dwelPupon lhat were intereha-nged li’ suffered hearts,- or ‘ '1. , ■ icr husband. id we dwelfnpon the word# o f forgivem -e interchanged between thuse two det 11 o f the deepi ly suffered hearts,- or tell o f the deeper, holier love which united them beside flfo couch'of th|eir drooping child ? Bdth|had been Iloo sorely tried I to profit by tlfo lesions o f fori past, and foe action which neither lime nof-J in oKlix 4r\ tsiiK/li# a ! jl. norfosentm e n t hlad ifie d W i' affection whi been able to subdi Ihroiigh the The joy ofM rs. ^4 4his ci o-.vn benevolent effpHf had done do much bring .about, may easily he concpivpd, and have only to add that as tim e passed jon, foe h a p ­ piness o f the anxious parents w fo ranfirmed by entire restoration of their chiid’slhcalth. ............. i “ SAixtfeo M aki - v .’ r prefaces a couple copy bejow the letter# o f tians, Messrs. Clay and vance df the Sabbath.” ■The editor o f foe Libc ra- ■ letters a ^ p ftow s : “'VVo those m n inent cliris- Webrilpr, on foe obser- 3 T l ibune, thereon, saysi‘ •lety of apparently slight bccurrcnccs, .we cmi: ided that Mr. O a y i s fosigned for the Fresidfenijal contest o f 1848. Wcjare to have the I/tree- times rejected, then, at last, by a sort o f “divine affiUatus,” as the ol(l commenta would say. shout right li Nobody js to move|^ but all „ lustily, aqd he’ll take foe throne I— Weft, let! Mm edme oh—try it again _ Gaanoi—A late E n g lish. pap[r, in an article on this s]tbject, .says;— \ ' is- a “Now'that the new maaqrOj g “3no, isexhaus. ted, ingenuity i# on the rack to^iscover some e- quivalent. The Island of Icha}|o® has been aJ- most litqrally carried away, and excellent em- fof Bnjish shipping.— o f birds have ploy ment it has afforded 1 The speqnlators in the e.vcremcfit o f I “ ;ed pretty pickings by the jfiscovc pretty pickings by the piscovory contents o f this hitherto worthless place, and ? entertained lhat similar deposits else. hopes rirri entertaii where mpy speedily bo foun scientific skill is brought ti mer’s craft, and the agriciultur4 highly o f .the beneficii the applidation o f elet ’ ■'* - products :nd. Infoi letn'c/fy—sji^ange as it may' Eliza Iloffmi 2 3 years of from Geneva, aan, a y oung wfonan age, a cook on board a canal boat frt destroyetj herself with laudanuin on Friday n ight the 23J. ‘ Every attempt to save her proved fit- - i lan tiise, to bca| -upon the far. : journals speak fects tofoe derived from ^ W e lerirn that a trial is to bk made-between le U- S | Bfeamers fjngineer ai id Water W itch, •muring by lasiiing them stern to stern, so as'to test tho jucbing relative Rapacity o f foe two Boats for towing, i-iih the ’ * [N irfolk Beacon. ?> S f f

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