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Ithaca journal & general advertiser. (Ithaca, County of Tompkins, N.Y.) 182?-1847, October 03, 1827, Image 2

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Pbop ranked hia • ' frulja' poHf» CottAe of Ttaft S ^ ^ - ,^.-Tv,! .It/itF^W; IJiW quacks in lieu o f lilna, ll is certain that he dici mnoh g»od. «qd h e could poly lie accused o r selling.-iiie Seim t ^ s ^ S S ■ but still thinkiagMonself sob'cr enough to ivalfc home, reelecl off o^ion the right foad asif it wecu b y instiuctl having walked about two miles, os h e compiited, hut which did not e ic eed a quarter straight forward, h e met a ooan o f whoih h e asked how far h e had to go y et ? T* wo, !Oqg milesvwas (he rciily, it is not the length of tjie road that troubles me, but the breadth of it,\ eiiciaitneiS the squire ; at the samo titoe making a start to go for­ ward, he gaTO<j)r(Spf o f the truth of his assertion, ' % his first raotlon being zig- “ igfrom right t o left. , MA-XIMS. *'<5o wot to ;your doctor for every s irte y o u r liHvyer for every quarrel, n yo,iir p itcher for ,every thirst.’ ‘ Those haie| a short hent) who o3 ajQOey to fee paid a t Easter.’ ^ He who eats h h t o f one dish, selth wants a physician.* * A fat kitchen ihakes a lean will.’ . u i m m Uncorruprandhskppy^ys \«jre those, WhenRomatt Consulsoxetoised their,hods, , Whow brioute hours in countty cares wetg, ^ont Aftdyhosotdiveralaaw'oll- were innocerit s Ofi # i r owq atbdixrs furnished out their feast. And tnua tlieif fruits pud salads relish'd best,” t i i i d d i l l v S i i i £ “ S '® ' “ Horaea haver * t k * OfltJllOH -tARU. the Kfh?g; |p(]w*ifig world, to linger and ijonteiBpklu among the grass-grown ■ meaiomfe of ihUie who are gone, “ ^ boSjm te .pli^ the' soulte tesven’s A » d * S s tk ' ............... I . ie p l c t e e , tl^listfer wsiter to the rcalaw I • of d«yi a w«wle« to .W » .'n # k l ^ . the toom o rail o y er the mo«4 t#Uck4 o f the- ^ i r e i t r - 'W h a lt^ld 8u^^ chiclble 'Pfe cMi leam noting from tha living, m U i^ Hto dead du n ot teach ^ . W a M meat. Mid carry lier toil#t to the toBib#— Would tba proiKl leani huimlUyi the -|i«nii4o®e eherity j the frivolow lefiaas- nesisfae thh ee bigotedigoted ph hik ikn ntb tbn nfp ^ yy ;; vrouWet the s lf t b p w th e scholar aacertain the true ebj;ect feiO«dedge, * e mao of ^ e World, I ‘ ■ ofgroati. — ---------- .Uving, and commaae With the dead. W e m m t allcom^ to the tobarofnl silent grave, fior hones laiistouDgle in one common loiMS. Our a ^ c g o n a shoaW tratel in the ESfa^,t2S&‘?ssyi’^ virtaeirtae andnd off happinesiappiness; a o h and when yt ..’Ould abuse them, go purify your affe- tions» and huoihle your pride, afid leave your hopesjaf the tomh o f a frie'tid, when the stars arere shiaioghining uponon it,t, likeike thehe glori­lori- ous hed a s up i l t g m o f religioB nn the mansion of (^arletim Couriir. A OOOJD aOACK. In i 7 2 j,fo thg tiiroe o f h w , the i that Jifo tipele, who had lived to the s a. wqter whick coi the age of It^O, provi attend^ to. When a funeral passed, he affected toe sferag wpdiisshoBldBrs in pity. • “ Had the deceased,” he,exclainied, “ but drank my tenter, he-would- not be where h e is.” His itiends, tp whom he gener- I ously imparLecl i t , and who attendetd n i little to the regimen pi’escribed, found i themselves well, gtid cried it n p . He then Sold it for Six franks f a bottle, and the Sale was prodigious. It wAi the water o f the Seine, impregnated with a sniull quantity of nitre; and those who took if end confined themselves a little to foe regiftea, but above aU those Who were borjowith a good constitution^ in a short iinie recovered perfect health. He said to ofchers,•^*^t is yOur own fatttt i f you ! are net perfectly cored ; you have been! intemperate and inrontineot} corrects yourself ofthese two viceSi and yon will live.160 years 4 least. ’ . Several did s o , and the fortune of.this good .quack aug- auented with hit regUt.\trju. J'he Abbe touch above.,, ius- it gives a ludre ----- * ish) witlioutluboi # ' wberefe you jm # e men live.” Ilbeii fast discoverti Ih^t di4 Voter o f Villai was poly river weiter, 'people took \ it, aiul resorted to ' tin of i t, aiul resorted to ' the other s in lieu o f him. It is certain ino PMos:i 0 ^ldcal Dictionary. Whjeh a8midi quantity basbi and in every iiistunce where beauty de­ pends pu ele.inlines8, it is particularly useful. - A country liberally but Still thinkh There has been inuch inquiry arnong the farmers in'lhe southern StnTes respect­ ing the ttostmode qf destroying the ooipn or garlick in bur wheat fiqWs. __ If you thinIc proper to give a place in your pa-- the benefit o f the 4 b o a t tlie :10V October, I8lb, I fidlpvved .f lot o f libnut S acres, that had beqnat,,hll times, for y ears back, foil o f guclick, I ploughed itber m o re than 4 Inr^hns ftwi. t I ih*i farrier it» Earope, and we think (txein worth the perasal o f tliefarmers generul- ‘ mlse of i hone in health, is 40 beats' in’ a miaute, and ovay jit b y plrelhiog the fingers gen­ tly upon the temporal .artery, whicb is^ situated about aa inch and a half brack' wards froto t h e foro corner of t h e eye. “ Horses have a o t the focolty o f puking ’ even belching v»ind out o f their stota- fos, raid therefore are pecaliarly subject rihe wlml colicl'-' s 5 .‘‘ When,a horse, has heetwaver ri< loody spots opiiay b e seen in the whit is eyes. L jiqaber doc% is af-sure eviden let fesck,. iiiuV, is a weak one. _ horse tbst is hardy anej! good for bu- , has aifiiort back hone, wrhicb tUr- mibie w h e ti disenargeu- f \ “-The priocipal Signa of a good horse Ore foes# : Tlie eyes s e t for apart jo the head, end l a ^ e and bright; the quirl Sigh in the forehead, o n e o r two in the neck is S good sign; thu sack well set, on, and high, th& sbotiider' blades p retty higb^ and Converging to h point, the bTe.ist full and hn^e, aikd s o also bebihd; the body rouod, for filatt bodied o r slab sided horses are weak nabared i th e dock stiff; ^ i n g widebeland,d ^,^ r i f the gambrels knock t aether, iit t shovvslbatibe horse is feoblfe; are weak nabared i tl w id e b e la n r if th( _ gfether. shovvslbattbe horse is feeb l cheningthe b i t when provoked , is a good Jt is a Spanisb prover^ that a dapple gray will sodnerdie than tire.” POTATOESv Oh the best toes to retain L._.r been taken from the grei IVtiitiog. ^ He proposes to pack potatoes in casks digging thoixi from the ground, and y ace put into . . cask will hold as'many putatc^a las it would without sand; by this unelms the sir is sufociently exclu-. ded, which is~Very injuroito to the' pota- ii mode o f preserving pota- Ihei flavour, as they have ouodi, 6i \y G. he took t wo bund red b arrels to the Vilest Indies,qnd Pn his arrival found that the out of the gpounci, and lhey »v foe slightest d egree affected by the close sir o f (be shipi ’This is evidently a very important and efeononaicab and Commer- ciaf discovery', and ought t o be'made p u b - lick through the country. The coinmon mode is to dig postatops, imd let then* lay some hours I d ilie sun to dry, whick is a very injurioas practice. L. 1. Stai', SChDA POn WASH,INC. i perhaps p o t gemerally known* that a lew onneeg, of soda Will soften a bogs- head j j f the hardest water, aiiU as an ar­ ticle of econoiny, is parUculariy vwoi lh the atteation of e vciy. priv ate famity . It- will be found gresitly superiour in wash* iog, to aariy kind e f pot .or’pearl ash now in use 2 it gives a delicate whitentss to linen, without Ib e slightest rojury, and never, Unless excess is psed, has any ef- foct upou'the handsv T 0 ^lasse 3 * Jg(»nters, table-spoons ,& c . It is ches deep ; ith e n sowp# oiy wheat oii the land without a^seconef piougfiing,loughing, iinU draggedgget it,in with an iron ’ e to reap- p and dra tooth harrow. When we came t pur wheat tbis: year, we foand ncrtuci garllck Bpr cockle in m.y wheat, tlidu’g h it was full o f both for years Hack ; perhaps there never was cleaner wheat than that raisgffth this lot the preseot year. hUeUigmeer. the phiQ of Lord CodirUe o r tlje foyce?, under his coiHauinff. Ibrahim PachiTRiTs feund, in all .parts of the Peloponessus, obstacles which he did not expect in the. fifraness' and activity of the Greeks. T3e ^ firatv 3 ttacUed Megaspilean, the best forli- fied Convent in Greece, qnd was repuisefl, with loss. Having afterwards marched into the territory of Eeriteas, he tnet with Nilctas and Genpnes Colocotronil Tfieir vigorous ,^resistaoce defeated his the in d i^ S , he meets with are armed. Reilschid Pacha has turned towards the! interiour of Greece, but there are there F O R 3 B I C 1 M many men. The Constantinopla fleet has returned for the second time to Navario, and left the field ele?ir which Lord:'Cpchrai ade the entrance By arrival at%ew-York, bringing ‘Eon- of Augu don papersto the 24th of Aqgust. details pif ^tENGLANP. e of, Wellington had been ot omtitiend of the army * and haff The Duke fered the commend of the army * accepted. T h e Courier, which, witfe the rest of the papers fricadly to» tlie lata\ chauge, was strong in its denunciations, o f his Grace’s conduct in then resign tag, is aft atoocQ ^ c y glad of his restoration to fn^ vour anarplace !, T h e Morning Heralfi (one of theJournids in opposition to Mr. Canning) remarks, that the prenaier’s death is more likely to prove a *• beaelit’* than an “ iojury’’ to tUe couotry ; lop that it has removed foe great b ar vsdiioh- previously existed to an amatgnmutiott witia the ex-tninisterial party. We hqpie timt sueb wH not be the effect} tbongfe the eoiaplinrent shown to Welliagto&seeMBito betoken it. • ' - It is .staled in a Gibraltar paper, foat upivatfs of 100,000 Arabs were saiiUo be Gointog froqa the rnteriottr for the piq- tection o f Algiers. Afccomts have been received froiri Con ­ stantinople to the 20th July. CJp t « lliot date, not the slightest intelligence had been reGeived of the treaty signed ia. Loix- don. Very vigorous preparations wore' con tinned by . the Porte .:, ‘ . The f iondon New Times of Augustus, says : W e reeeived last night b y express Fiench piipers to the 2tst insfc. They contain inteiligen^ from Madrid, whicti coafinns all the accounts already receiveri of tire distracted state of the country. Nu­ merous arrests had lakcn place To the cap- tlal, in consequence o f a vast conspiracy discovered by the Minister o f jPolice,' Recabo* the object o f which was to cveaic throughdal Gallicia and Estreihadura, the same laaurrecliooary inovepacots as Cofoionia, Large sums destined to fiirtli&r the explosionj and to muintniu tlietosur- gents, had also been seized ; and it i s % • ' nlficanlly intimated that Ibe greajejr part ol the coia’bears the impress o i' a foroipj bad already been openkv sue- . 0 — -- j e Vtfwi r ' e p.'ipera details o the popular^ commotions occa­ sioned by the dismissal...,flf--,Sal(lanhii, the m in i c tn r -inil «f>i'ror,n»v r t f atatA o f (he Wap midUter ;md secretary o f state o f (he war departmenti About sixty persons had been arrested, and it is stated that orders had bqen issued to arrest two-hundretb more. The London How Times says, “ it would appear that illness had broken down the spirit of the Priocess Regent, for. she now diaplayk-a''riegree o f timidity which destroys aR the strength of her government, and greatly iaqreaseS, if it does not allogetliefr create the divisions and disturbances to which Lisbon is a prey. She>4s said to h ave tilt eatened, in her alarm, -to abdicate her high office, if-decisive steps were not taken to suppress the expfessiofl of popalar opin­ ion, and tobave htmost stioWB a ctiaposi- tion to submit to the dlctetion of the Mother Queen, who has tbc'oughout been the most bitter enemy t o the coatituWtioni , A.. .L. u-_:_ jQ ehterH- *' They aee ConSlitutionLansts divided into two isterialists and the Revok ‘‘ A jiqaber doc% is af-sure evidence o f a limbi /*A 1 siness, has a skort back uuuc, nu her a pretence for contiDafog hermiiiliicy occupatioit of I of the will have fui Or. , It had already been 1 3tl in the Spanifb papers,, pis of the .farlists bad be lUMighermiiiloi^ the.m£St important fortt-epes ‘s seizure. I f trae, ivideoce fco country. Th i seizi , tiive furnlBbed sufficient authorize theMiidrid Court to denirutd a n ixpla^atiott. The affaim atCartalooian ■* “ ''••asMqpecct. scaded le d Dt iaaed\iqy£ry dny ft m are eefioas ^qpe An ollic^a^ report hao been rec e d 1 Madrid on the 6th from the Slffttuis o f Carnpo .. Sagrado.. who ctfoamanffilo (hat province, clniining a victory Over t h e Inr- gest of all the Carlist bands, and anDonne- get tug that a gained, not been stead o f defeatii lintelj Royaliets, i y wliom fljesy tBemselve*,' ported that orders had been issaed c o Geui Sarsfield, to detach twelve balfalioBs; of infantry from the Army of Qbsorvalio®, and send them to Catalonia ; but other accounts say that instead o f ---- '— “ never like to do so until . takeskes place.\lace.\ ^ p Barcelona, Aug. 1 1 .-^ A fresb di v II w: broken out in tlus q u a r t e r ; i t is » has broken out io! tlus q u arter ; it Burning the most fearful suming the most tearful appearance j and is rapidly spreading through the provinfc«. The cry of the publick i s , Bowo with (he Police; thejnquii ■ may rely on it the pf torsi of this moveme^ j! ant taiply b e attended with serious ided with serio effects. TORKEV. Dreadful Fire f»i AfoW«Tia.-----Tlie cify of /aBVy, the capital of Moldavia, hus^ suffered ----- noLs. fifered a great calamity. The fire broke it on the afternoon of the 31 st o f July, and more than one third of t h e c it y ’has ’ beeU reducedlo ashev. About Sd5 febifsc?\ ‘ are in ruins, including the P|i!ace of tfie , Haspodar, and the Palaces of tfaoJBoyars alniost afi the Warehouses, fifteen clnirGh es, and the ffatholick convent. Fiflyde^ai bodies wgre dog fiotn the ruips on t h e f st of August, More than lOjboO p ersons had no' roof to shelter tbemi A 1 i ' roof to shelter tbemi A part?” o f the city was again in flames o n th 'e 1st. The storm w.as raging with unabated fury and the writer hays; “ Omnipotence aloDc\ cap save us from utter destructjpn. ” \VVe know nothit Jnlyt 2h prccito rospecllpg! of orthography, totally giplea of oar lahgudgo; la i ^acieuco of tho langjuage, wa areeqaatly defertii and devpicl of ayatem, The varidblmfitsmd con aeqUent waot|of romctofs» io the prouunoiation of many of our most, eminent scholarrtinjJ pabJick ieaker3,.are appareit»(^;PMn.(upocritM orn, and drive Off the cattle, to :nd them.to Tripolizza, wfoich ess.for ptovisidna. The pnitr EOR'TtU'.Al. * , InteUigenice from Lisbon is to the' 4th ' August. The p.'ijiera are fiHed 'with hot easy of accomplishment j and perhaps fev devoted sufficient Hufa to the iifvesuga-f * q a b je^to render them CQinpStent for iion, aifii-qlie eoipparafive examination .id description, pf so namorcMi.S a class pf Books of .such various cofottuctipn arid character. The sub- and desCrip gratifications; id the manm a sterilfield 4 h which 1 but a judicionaand th laborious; wonld have yielded it and whoetor had acconiplished j1 , -jmpetent hDmds, induced hir 0 object. As, boweyerjhis own ex- fer*througU the medfoin of ypnr columns, foe re- e most bitter In fact, the Hltras begtp to entortaiQ the mibst sanguine hopes. Tbey s the ConSlitutionansta divided intc to p parties, the Mihisierialists and foe Revolufiooisls. Tbey'see them ready to come l-o :blows, and they wait patiently while their oppo- -nents ere destroying their respective strength* in order to rush upon foe weak­ ened combatants whoti the signal shaU be- given, and to seize the chief aqthQrity of the state, wihoat the possibility of meet­ ing with effectual resistance-” Private letters,dated the 4th o f \qgnst, mention, that traaquillrty Ead again been restored. E B I J C A T P I O J V . . Fronitlie Albapj Arjfui. , . JSLBJIENTARY INSTKCCTion.- no . I, Jife. CVoiiodif^-The sulyteet, fif.cruhoiantaJi or cbcunon sohool ^ucatiot}, has recently excited, much attention,botli with our le^slstive authori­ ties and the ppbhck in general. Tbeintereiit thu rableomuni ' worthy of Sion oPextranepus andirrelevaht mdttef--asjnBny whoaiteud our pnmiiy sphooIsBSVe no other op­ portunity of acquiring a correct knowledge of the elements, pf our langqagB. ‘ ' 2. The artoT^cmen/ihoald be plain and sim- adue r^ardto the eScpUtidihgrapaciti^ try ; or strictly oottform With the priacipW of the work it professes to follow: <br the Otchonory,aod riot the SpeUing-Bo(A, mtaat be the standard of . letoterest thua rourable omqn | for jiY) destinies of this country, ,^tU 0 smiialeiligeiioo of the people mght every a'ealo the most distant dimes ; dif : by artificiat channels the watepaud the Wealth ofour country to it9<renaate:stse(^bns,and rival io I of art the proud and spleatJid periods of an­ cient or modern a ^ .i b.ut in vain aha t be these ef­ forts of art and enterprise, in vain shall we make these rapid strides to.physical gceaatnese, if we neg­ lect foe tmpiovemenlof tUosemorateneigieswhifo lead us to apprecialo, and to preserve, the blessings so dearly pupchased, and whicli may bo so easiy sacrificed. The cominon schoolsystam may there fore be considered one of .the greatest of publick blessings, woffoyofbeing dieri>fc»edby foe philan.- ^^opist and palripl,andof beiog protected aadr' oiui sentiments and habits which are used, will have,a great than any thing else, to preserve inviolate our poU- ticalinslitntions, and exalt usas aqatiouinperma- ;.nent power and'groataess, and as hninan beings,, ia-the scale of rational esiatenoe and enjoy ment Among the saggestions which, have been reqentr Ijr made for the improyemervt ofour common school system, the importance is urged of making some' pabhek provision'for the quali^iog of competeat inslructers,. Towards Ihq accupnplishmenl 0 / this ibjecl, it will be found essential, that correct sys- ems of instraction be adapted. Hence the impOr- fo ils Gommandcr, ivere 'dlfeCtio.Us to;ad v ^ c e cloaer to the Portugueae froatiers- . . Tile government is to a state n f c r ^ t tem? of instraction be adapted. Hence the impor- can get none from any q ii.irter; arid a r e , introducing none hat such as are plain and judi until 4 raJiEdl G-nange wousin ihelc plana, andtoweet in ifieir pritidples These WOThriorm the basis of the ssoiahe - ---- - „ jncwledge, and preset metbo^d fay which he imparts,iqi pile i dr should he be.comipote.nt to detect the'er- roursof a system, it would be impossible for him to counteract its mischievooae&cts, since the Book itself mast form the scholars’sfamdaK' wfil be destroyeti in the the SrELi.iKG-6ooK, iB not the least it is the first eleiriehtaryiry workork placelaced of ihescholar. From this he dlerives w p in foe hand n this he dleriv his earlies in which he is to speak and writ*. Fromthis BoOk he acquires his habits of thought aqd expres.sion ; cctly ; qasdifentiops Which give gi st to whatever Is spokenor writte s? speotto tin elementary book, t neglect. Its imporlonce 1 haveheen yof Vhrks ;pretenrions, whieh.have appeacec, way .iPto lhe schools, Wilbout due scrutiny on the part of \those who should giiarii: oar sanctnaties of kncrtvledge against the entrance of Imperfection and .errour. -TroaM-his neglect, .great and apparent evils have resulted, '^There is a general igbovuttce of the elementary principles of onr language, and mo^ystem of OTlkography seems to be known of fol ­ lowed by any class of the coiqw unity. Even some “ - ■ ■ntiflek ‘isfnotori- gttheffiosf i . .qwedby any class of I ofour most &ie men comoii notori­ ous blunders in their ordinary compositions; and outpriulers, notoiily in j.!iclt nc.wspaper^ oj tfiq ' f ''O R I G lN M iL S T A m t D - ^ ' 1 ' ” ■ ' 1 ' . ■ ■, ■ - ■ ' - i - ' . I - mpei -5 oj the noblest efforts. These, defeetS are bji many known and acknowledged, bat are not so easily to be remedied, They owe their origin to the want cultyerttdica{e.d, and are seldom Wholly ovefcome. earnest attention, ' . after be deemed, a: desiderqtuiq, the various Spelling-Bopkshbw used in this c6up- try,' It is'indeed to be regfetted* that*np one the various Spelling-Bopkshbw used in this co It is'indeed to be regretted* that‘no one lias- embfaoed the opppirtanity to render an important ate ip altoF fee toodeopf-cktHMing dent and Vice-President,WEes thjtotod, p h l y la or toarvotingtn its favour. • We observe\! more in the late prbeBedings,tjfo(ip a u f c r m a l c ^ fence with the rejpprta of tbe reyisen. A a y ! poctpnt aUeratipps .effected, »nd:thfr§CBei^ i ^ Witt Be dttiy noticed. ., ' iMPomrAfiT NuyipB. , ■*; The Comptroller #if this, .statefoss .gito» *»■ in foe .Argus, thgt foe time for the* tedfoepty lapdssold for quit, rents will oxpira'ppfoa^ day of March ne«f } foat Rsh o f a l l stfok 4 which haduQt teen redeemed o a ^ ^ 2 ()tS^ie^’‘ her, have been transmitted to each coun^ f urer and county clerk, aijd t o f o e olerfe p f 3 boaiid of supet,vfoo«»Bnd foe,clerI»rrffoes^ court, for'the inspection of a ll ooncerabd v tfod f l 1 ms foe several parcels of land apocified listeaa sold, shril be redtomed Bn 6 r before tifol 29fo of Maiyhnext,foeywfil be conveyed purebasers thereof, T i t o a e ^ e f e ^ i W h w ^ may by poinbilitp. be invplved in fofe notioe, ■ do well tooxamwettiellsto ’ I aunoa aoeaxstBit HaaagaiusfortedforSotttoAiaecica. 3 . The cioUs and distinct; and the syistem ndheied tO. ly adopted be leted upon the prinmpW'oftKe formoi- 1 shall proccod,ia-.toofoesr nuiabtr, to eixamini upon lhesq points, sofoe oiie of foe works in quea- tipn; and, when the importanoe of the subject-is 'ledil trust your readers will aocompa- ley are respictftflly solicited fo do, With J impartiidity, through ■’ ^ ft has been aasertedby iheHation*! J t —... other adminfotraUon prints* foat tohfo djge General JackMn’s iqviuion of-FlOTida laDd e fiem; of. ArbBthnajt! and Aabristo^ Mr.-A spoke opinions which lili Wfosfewf | iou.- confemned. The HnUeffBtoltoTejMfr Very perfopntly asto! If o/^oHklsehifod for natjpiua reawwis, whfo’^ he not do forprfoo/e reaibnei” ; ' -BMAUeMTAXr Wf8tXBq'riOI?.._;j Wecopy fop&st of a tories of puritoW l publishmg under iWi bead in lhe’'4 i / i ^ J The writer has «pU*oa upon «a'inv«ito tipn; and, when the importanoo of July weighed,! trust your readers ny me, as they are resp«ctftfl]y solici ___ , ___ tlVIffaSTON HKTH BOHOOI., We have received foe Prospectus of the «Ei«- in^on High School for 54>ys,”'which warn to be opened S Oeneseo, 00 foe .tat of October jnrt. The plan and. pripoiples upon wUichfoij.schoo! ufoiind. ed, render it worthy of poblick notice ; and w? -adopt with pleasure foe, fottbwing observations ro- ypCeting it, from the'Albany Argus. ^ whom the moral and intetlectda! iiQpmveu our county is a subject of interest, that the moatii education are muUiplyingcontintfallyand every Edacation.^ll is a pleaeing refidetion to all to vbom the moral and intettectuk! impreycment of lur country is a subject ol interest, that the moatu of education are muUiplyingcontintfallyand every where, and that the application of them h»s been .during several of foe .late years, remarkably well directed. ' ^ mopg these lefTotts may B« edassed, with greet priety,sty, foee Licingtlmcoxiniycingi Bigh S c ^ l fb t dS'.; fo Li ct. which our attanlicwi nt is \HSW.partjcalirly tent, foe pr under the difectimi 01 itser, C. .C. Felton and H R. lesofRarwaidlTnivenity. These > leveland,graduates- ---- --------------- genflembn have entered upon their foarge, under a contract with the trustees. In their mode of i'n- struefioni they p’ropoee to infroduoe the general principle of the Lwcaster^ or aoeitori^ plaa; into three departwentsj the Lower, Jqn -!ir branches .npay be deemed propi It for children at that period: of life. S ' _ afilhmeticl 3 deemed 1 M I whatever lot or impor- ruction. be gven in the Greek and Latin, and French and Boys will be prepared for any college in the coun­ try, or willbe tarnght inall foe* braiiches included in a collegiate course. les. . .pnehdaiion 111 this view of the subject, that simple manual, .ttessrs. Gr le SrELLi[iG-fiooK, i8 not the least in importance. as the lint propose to \adopt liL ------- food puraaed in'any of tbeiU, they will endeav- r to ebrabine, as for as.possible, foe excellences Griscom and Barnes, in the city bf Hew, E, as fo best example offois taode of instrac- ipleoffois inode of instruc. j tion on an extensive scale, anfl of the weU known , instifohon at NorthamptOB, Was — Cogswell11 andnd Banefoft. a B fee littersChool, as far as relates to foe divisiort of time and, foe portioos all0tted to study, will ba '^Bsituatioirof the Ljvingstcm County SohCoh' ‘ 3 Hill, is described as Uuiting, pre-emi __ pehtly, fee advahtages of foe nn spokeeor wvittea, JmautSbitBoeaffir^'ss^ ----------- i^.e uid £ ofGcrneSep. Tbb school story building, each story sufficient for about 300 ] house is large aqdi date from &OI 0 2 It 300 pupils- The board tfie vacations will be tWo,; foe first fera commencing on the Isl of Gctqber : and ending on,fee 7th of March, and the 'Second bn foe2tst March; arid continuing until.Aaguit IB. For the purposes of health and i^ySic^ vigor,, e gymnastick <&xevci6es will be ml roJuced, The ■ert^c expense of tfiittori and boardloard pfer annum,nnum, per a dire expense,“\ for elotbos, stip s . stitution With the, jn'fybccattfe thf^ arenov- X r H A i i | | j e m t H A k . . ! .Bpwpp-ffy ,EhE.ivEBEamefe 'em m e ha* lufoefto Md T S « p bcldnoaBtoencodotec, ftcanncdt|g,w« » promote foe cauae pf eaucaflom ^ijd fo uieriti the jmrtiptttar notice of gwtlick whose pfovtoce it a.orihotod bei-fo ;antt-*h®focag*-a1I ktea toiiiOE^e crifieiaor.ptap%J,kiK)wii, this useful deparhuept. eoMLicK skNTUiiaifer. Every day fumishea ua newrWnex^ gratifying etidenoe, that General ihis state, the choice of'^foeppoide/ TbePotJ comnwo-|leas for Tpmpfcrts pounfer, 9**, foT lion during foe iMi week, and the ffwedon J which toe Prirndebtaiqueahen fteym o u rplai^, of pqM ek’reKat,le(l n« of U» general aeniimeot x^ foe P I’h f respectable^d i 0 teU%cnt Grmia :ever,aasemhledfirwa.Woua part* «f foe.coii lornished a ipp»-|M«tiv« <»iteh<to whi judge. Afo^their Espial diitito Warefli a'vota jris*tsikea pn fop Presidrolial c if vrifobttt'auy'discfoMloh'«»' ^ ^ the restotwas, nufcnf 21 jMoix jpaefet*^i were for J acxbok ahd/oar M M u ^ - Th* comstahles in attendance bofo de<3a*iS6e faiill fe w ! Our Sheriff cannot be accused ^'afo|c(% V jury expri^ty for the occasion**elhilta ^ vourableto Mr, Adame. In Fates coun/j/-^ ,Ti^r»w»-r takfo by foe Gfafid J n i7 .m i d a 4 B e i ^ 4 vvaefor J ackbon . “ ^ ■fn the C% sf J i t o n y - f t b elecSioh fbt Cli* officers, op tbP ^ t h a l t was contested W feP 4 sort and Adams ground. ° The result w*i*fokW j f twentyjmembera of foe.commdttcouncii Cfel only two or three are for Adams r the ofoeil| the decisive friends of Jackson. Sine* preparing the above itmns, V e h a # oeived foe following cohunUnltotiun, PpldMedJ letter, with foe real.rtamP ofehe Writer, established % 'vdU adfe foat foe postscript to a bufinea fell S f f i v S S ri received from foe western’ pari rtf T io^ ' says: General J. aoksox is all foe toast united Bemtierdts of foe WfoOrn juty'^'d^i^ :Tioga,’‘ . - ■ \ ■ . next President; and forte for Artxris. THE TaOE aOESTlOM. . , The Republican General C o m m it^ .■* city and county of New-lfork, as vvill by the following resolutioHS; has declarer your of Genial J ackson for Presidefeh;''^ also met foeyrishes of foe American, mendirtg that foe appr^chip^ eiectipn‘;b e « upon foal gtoiiad, The fote;XR§. is 5tale<|.n tr -. It p * Jot SirwMcauPs hiuaorous aepottnt oM g r ^ t fercBit Hia^a'r^i, the berfWhir^ y * \ wen upon thiisabjeot. It cannrt&ilqojuijui readers. W e have* imwerar, «*e obj«ctio| honeit Jptr Like our friend of tho LyOoaA ^ tiser, and other ‘ respectafalo a o foig'itySi great s laiitudinarian in bia oi-ffifl^y%.

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