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, M ^ ‘: as p robably been m ade the victim of 1 inceaaifljy.; • . —O n r d i^ a t c h e s , laBt Tuesday, an ­ nounced thh p assage, in the Assembly, ai tlie bill appropriating $5000 for the Seneca Street bridge. -WilgHfl ‘ & P d ; W e received a large stock of Spring and early Sum­ m e r trade, t o w h ich bill ,pa?s^ t o e s t e n d t h e i x | | K ^ t h T O B g h ^ o m F t l x i h ? 6 ^ ^ ^ ^ -th a t - M ^ i - I m % # c s i ; % l m % e W 6 1 e n f c kins count>.^ ^ o , a bill passed y^h,o v a t knocked from a carj^ c iety^ have r e n t e d l t t ]R mbc N o 87 • passed d l t h c 8 o ; t b ^ d n t ; a l r a l l y o ; d . - . , . . _________________________ - T h e eo4ttt«tioh > l Cothtaiaslon rewnaWe prices. Prescrii - A meeting of t K e l t h W A.was h e ld M o n d a y evening.| byterian chapel. A ^oai ], v k ; Dr. J!. < Geddlngs, Mr. B. B .’ c a y ; T. J . Earle appointed w hich w ill be ,';i)agsengerd dri the itbacti' . ^ 1 (pdfroad, w ill be franSfeired tbe “Hoi )i)th going and coming, thua Any contributions seii^ fc, a shbrt tim e in a p tiblfcatibA l r 'association have decided : adjournm ent w as made- t ; Monday e v enhig o f 1 <• B e r e * M d ' ^ k t a d ? o ^ P l ^ r ^ F r a ^ Cider, Beer, and Foric Barrels. Bepairing neatly o f M ay. ^ D i the AStiembly lasillkbitij Enetties offered a coi tion, w h ich was adopted, a p J JOsiah B. Williams, of George Qeddes, o f Onondaga,* SI G. Hadley, of Seneca, Thomas ^ of W ayne,and H enry Stokes^ d f r S ga, a commission to e^amiue the,. _ ___ m jernhd- f o r .. , contribute as much a s^osaible tO|Wards , . ____ been coBatfneted its support. Old cY^ts, ^ l e s and the carpets and any o ther2S i«Se of furni- ■“•^toni&Syracuse r d i d j j u i r o u ^ w i l l be gladly T c q e i-^ Dona­ ld v illdge, «nd Ott and ajft^jj fjons of provisions, o ^ lo t^ % .m a y bo actiT sint, on and rfter td2:| ^rafcipf May, to m e ”, 83 W d a -jB tteo street, iributions s e T ie / ^ the first disagreeable oin -tofM a y , are to be left iS M r ^ r a m a n ’s, IcoWcsit Buffalo s t r e e W ^ „ ^ the: estafe ^ —The E ra says the amounfcraisod for d>anaj has, in accordance th e Havy amoi Jgnofthedeceased^resO n f- the past ilaborate and expensive g ilt bo manfnll .lljhe p o r tr iit is. 8SX81 ..ipehe^f > —A t the Annu; n n u al the Par- - Trustees '* o f fru m a n s b u r g were e lL te’d v e s t r y m ^ ^ B. W illis, ^ d m ^ Pears- H ill, Clark ^ a ^ t t , Benj. elhingloil,' to make a move to h o s t i l e ^O y s who fully help ■ —A t th e A k tio n , and ordered the re- log, g^dOTPoat ^ c e . BeSdfiDW,» E ^ n ^ c M t tae lakes a u d the s^ d .m e r .,. ^Greggj&^oinipay of this S I t e S K c e S . J goo |!® n * gggg: *aig!,°’t e » e o ? r r i d g f partnersliij) w ith . ., ... “under th e ..dam e, *iyle and title of moda'te alt'Of Ms friends who may call upon him, withocft, ^s spmetim es here- ttaii^'liA d -onlydraeiea ‘W arden. _ C perhaps the vexed A t the r R Y ^ P W h tS n W L tfeliig ! ? ^ ^ ^ Conn, Assets over $8,000,000 00. Office 75 Esst State Street, Ithaca, K.Y.^, In Willson’s Hat tofore, vexatious d e l ^ on account of inability to perform the w o rk which half past' seven' laatkeT o ) J on Sabbath evening. more than two yearscjejgsterice, bar Was constantly being offered. His partner, Mr. HubbW d, comes well rec- l O H N P A R R O T T , T A I L O R , tS Gentlemen’s own material made ip. ommended, and we have no doubt th e neW firirtr w ill deserve and receive fair share o f the public patronage. —A cojiy ofof thehe Americanmerican t A Journal, Mack & Searing, 1 date of J u ly 19, 1830, ? hands of M ^ * 'k^ e * N o T n o L«*Sui’e™tr®t?^ Office bpen. at all honrs, but Mrs Lacy wUlt^a efpecUl cn^6 t Be in from 4 to 7 p. m. Fatieut* yiissted at other hoars. d*wjan6tf •^tha< , _ \There wore 343 lights of glass in the J J A R V E Y & P R E S T O N , nEAiEBB n r ^ - Choice Famllj d rocerics ! - Tea, Sugar, Coffee, Spices, Butter aud Eggs, lard. Pork. Salt and Fresh Fish, Oysters and Clams, A ll Kinds o f Canned Qoods^ CbewIaB and Sm o lu n s Xobacco^ CashP^id for Farm Prodace, at No 31 East State St„ wlylmarch rTHACA, N. Y. MIIOTTE & EOOTl ! has reached us through th e A.' B. J lana, he to d in g it amca^g the ading ed itori^.is a n account o l a tre- iCndous h ail storm w h ich passed Journal J o b Departm ent. Many of our friends desire* litho- aphic Letter Heads, Irifita.tions, rds, &c., and to m e et this tvant we have made arrangements w ith ^a large, establishment, where a force o f first class a rtists is employed, where w o rk of a superior quality is turned .out. W e can furnisli estimates of cost <fee.,. any amtjtmt of worfe, in three JJri tfiaca, on th e T.btirstlf'y previous. .byteriaaiV ^ h tch.’ljrofcen' by the ; 244 in th'e'-lIefhadisiLcburcb, and 230 in flic Court Housci • The same nheet contaii\ 9 «§om«mo^tioii announc­ in g “the arrival at the landing O]^ the west shore of Cayuga %sk( west shore of Cayuga Sjake, opposi the village of Trulii.ansbUrgb, thelar^ and elegafit n ew boat, “ Gov. Clinton” rfi/f/ty. tons burden, three days from jmea, w ith merchandise to Daniel FaCkson a n d others t h i s ; b o a t is owned >y-! Henry Tayloij, Esq., of T rum ans- buTgh, and 4t, ,is. said.to be the best th»t has floated on the waters of the L(^nal.” Nicoll Halsey w as Sheriff; G. . P,erkins, kept drug Store; A c k l ^ s id Sibfeard, an d Sibfeard, had a h a t store; D. W podcock w as post -master a t Ithaca, Lewis ■Tdnfcer, a t Ludlowville, and D an­ iel J - Shaw, at Groton ;_,Isaac M e rritt ke|it store in I th a c a ;.B u tler & Carpeu te i , b o o ts a n d llffs leading' lavs vers whose names appear were Johr inson, iruyn a n d Id. D. Barto. also contains the 4th of Isndo Welcli is improving. jOf course recovery is slow but it is hoped' Kr.' be permanent. i . - J o b - rfr-afiSm”. ^ ^s'well to correct the mistake, but we ii^ n s , ^ tb e -dn i A w not p a r % i j ^ 3^ * w j d . ^ .fiie fact lys, and will guarantee prom p t­ ness in delivery and satisfaction in ex­ ecution of orders. In addition, labels of every variety upon gummed paper, and ready for use is a new branch we prepared to undertake. Also to furnish Checks, Drafts, Notes, &c.i upon the new National Safety Paper,' which is supposed to be a perfect guard against alteration or erasures. W e have received w ithin a few days fonts of new late styles of t.vpe, w hich attract great attention, for Ihmr beauty and taste. Suite against t h e Uquor teafiSe in, the Clnb i t s e l f ^ % ^ o t ‘haa tfufeh .to the and to conMdemdAecurB o f C h ristian citizens from AlexanOer Boiver* Alexander Bower, who died at lug residence near W aterburgh, IT. T . , M arch 15th, 1873, waa born in .Sept-, . land, May the 33d, 1801’. He caihe'^ ,; this country w ith his parenfs in 1804 ; and in 1807 they settled in W a terb:^gb, in ■which place, ox n ear it, ho made it hia home till th e time of Ms dejith. 1^., Bower was nearly self-educated’ ; that is, he derived but very little assistance from professional teachers. His em- Tljis number July Oration of John Applegate, at . . s c . . ployment through life was mainly was a man of much genera’ljFihfosina- tion, and he had a decidod lit( ta s te ; he was fond of reading, th e ; ‘ t r talent above r at once be at E lixir Of P®fW «U*®AriM in«J Iron i relkoned^am ong the independe erous and. public spirited, of t munity. He who hides h is l ig h t u n d e r a bushel, when such advantages as those at present afforded are so freely ofifcred him, docs not deserve to Suc- oiopo8itiQhi.i?f to p From. 1885 to 1855 he generally prepi ed the Carrier’s Address for The Ithn hronicle. In 1856 he w43 j ismber of ' atelyjs we wish aU accoMts settled Jpi.WMBiNG A n d G a s F it t i n g i Iron D l p e e n e D l t t i ^ , B r a ss TBSWAN BBOTUBBS. |_ A brakem an, named M. D. Carey, 1 w i» k n o c k ed from a cattle train, w hich “passed Freeville on the SbUtheiii Ceh- tiil, at 4'25, Tuesday. H e was stiinding on the last .ear attentlipg the r, ^^ke.-with Ms hacIttO the locdmotite, Id d id not see the F a ll Creek bridge jthe tVain passed through it. The ' ik o£ his head struck the cross beam he was knocked off and fell be­ tween the rails. The train -mfeved on, as* no one on it saw the accident. Some o i e at the depot saw him fall, uud he poor hei seat, Mr, Bower waa a^rnaii of-.greaih m ofal worth, and a true firiend of ]bu- m a n ity. Few men pass a w a y leaving so many sincere mourners behind', and still fewer, perhaps, w h o s e ' p l a c e it w o u ld be more d i f f l e u l « h . t ^ | \ « e had Uved the life of the l^ p g > t; naan, a n d when his time came, .S e departed in peace. He died of c o i lu ift^ b n .\ ' ' tw o yearscjJJ iry, TOlueiJ'S^^ |8,0Q0; a 11 — A. call has-been issued for a m eet- church lo t T*aitied a t and a Ing to be held in the city of Albany. Mud of W.OOO (the legiSsy k the kte .ontto a « day -of April, fTlaada, next,) to arrange for holding a Chris- of this year Will witness &0 complc- ;he State to unite in tion of b o th a Church nvad Chapel support of measures th a t are deemed .p b ich w \ *- ' essential to good governm e nt. .r e s t h a t a r e - d o « p e « 3^ ^ t „ „ ^ ^ 1 goverm u e n t. Prom J ^ x h e the call wb copy the following, which o u r p u b lic school funds b e uam ,e tT n ivertity/ltev ; “tX an audience for the lasttfine. an d ly- swelling Mils, the picturesque forests, wpst. the lowing herds, and all other fa- miliar and valnatole objects to which the Danby people were to bid adien on the morrow. The tactics of this kind of, orators -were to allude to these en- est p itch, and then portray the elysium ed ffieii fields to which they were to be trans- ; ...A C s r d f, ported in exchange. On the occasion to w h ich w crefer, the audience dM n o t >|jon, deceased, -s^,re gipnt dd Scott .Btown.pseoUlor. twill Foote, of Grpton, d e c ^ i jfirst d ay of May next, thought occurred to him . Straij . itzg HxBaooir wp tn i bia lean form ed to tower a foot above the common stature, his cadaverous features worMug ^ E W P E A T J A A R K E T I ; <,Tlie SnhMriFer,lffivin»,i«fftiu(Mftffie w U picked up in,Ka,A«iHHued coa- ■ jairied; into ’Wood’s hotel. 3D, and C£ Montgomery administered to him, _ _ >B*Wortm»n,at M o i f H s t r e e t , but at 9 o’clock hq.5wM 8 ^ 1 insensible, a^d it was very doubtfui w hether he iv id B. Biggs, t in Trumansbur»li|SO. , . , ....... - « . ! » » . t o g . w a y at 10 o’clock bands mak\mg a circle around him in o3 hwd.wi*h«.Hfe&ava'iT 4 S«r 8 . 5 Re 8 Mf,-., 1 8 ^ ^ - “'m h .arron n t s n f-G i W F r o s t ' od^ clecfricaL THc w h o le audicUCe J C^.P^ o : . ' n in t o W ^ the 3fWdf\Heni7-H> broke forth m every siturdaMEefi^wPy m 08 ^m,W * Spencer Jansen ^ Harrison Hoc Allegations agajns the executors of ' i s p i e p u e d l ^ ^ j - ^ m e r s with the Beef, k i ^ f f VeAf Mutton, Fresh ---------- ilv t l i o S e a s o n , Pork, rim and become c( their Interest I thevUIW^ V^ery ^Lowest bUe to test his meats, nst they wUl and It se him. Meats delivc J. M.^MOTC £ T H A 0 A A C A l > l p ^ - InlrtSwtt W . C. OTNS.TPrIiielp«l._ Vbuld recover. j—Mr. E. Keene, o f ’Trumbull’s Cor­ ners, bas our thanks for the names of nine new subscribers to the W eekly Journal, b r & u p r ^ 0 ^ 1 i« office, TUCS- dly. Mr. Keene saya he is going to b f n g more. \We h ope he w ill, a n d for part w e ^ p S ffiise'to spare no pains OUT endeavor to make the Journal so .table to our readers th a t it shall jAlf'iever welcome visitor at firesides. Once a subscriber, ^ CHARLES F. BLOOD lys a subscriber, is the motto _4ahEast> Laiwing friend, sending ui the name of a new subscriber for the weekly, encloses the following item: fi^IEOBS J o u ^ . ^ . •A lady wished ' to order sdnih ’goo ■ ttfl Of your loading morcliantg, ai ........... above the jLetterspf guaidt^lripof Edward -apid some . -------- laycook, a m inc> # b t ^ h b y , w e r e . s t o r a la s t, .W*e jT a n tca..fo, th e g^onnS Hayeipk. wM of Jane RobinMffi, late of Dryto^^ L A in* ‘ ‘ ' ' _ _ late of Dryden, On the Pef le amounfcd'a le M u deiS» during [J: I ® the first e pa st week .is 1 ^ 4 6 3 ^ . Now lich of OUT c i t i z e n a y 1| hi~ \ nnning. A t a meel - T h e Q uarterly n ^ g o f the e'ea B a p tist Assoei4i§n w illh s h e ld ,in 1 ■ 'tjie Baptist Church ill Ithaca, ' ahd W ednesday, April 29th and 30tM ^ n d e ) ^ j ^ 8 ^ j » ^ this weeld I t is hoped irge a tten d / n 6 c |ti|fb e l|ajf, a | a fair Expression of the wi&ies of tlie people ; is very desirable. —An engine.of the Ithaca a n d A th­ ens road, ' is 'running the passenger train on the Ithaca and Corf land road, imoncing this |w r n i i p e e r s are: Will-'TfeC, ’ PresidCptf larj^ McElheney,t‘^i& e President; ieorge t . Gf7f’,t?p r?'W iG e o r g e Tay-’ 'vgeJ. , I^r, Treasurer ;3slir>E|as'lBes pointed to loolf stfiteV^ the in the society. 2 r r. i li. ‘ ‘W ortmah^’': pays cash „fpr, intry hams on Tioga ’•’t' ^ w ill be an om a m eiit and ble' „ .. our village. —The Groton Journal is mistake] Li2S;2^£sS5'iS2:f^^ TO rt.7, p ^ a . 8 , ' .a twenty other well known gentlemen* 13 fr)k she is best known fofliBr'Winbiffg pi(^cr^on State , m ty other w e ll k n o w n gentlemen* I 3 fr)k she is b e st k n o w n fofliBr'W inbiffg '— Snow fellTrilJabljy, the^dther day, actomplishmiffi*»!TiPfavBtdS .ercles, day p r e y i n g theo n e n n o .iw b i9k,,^bp s e * s m g - m a n a e r „ ^ , a J4hh,. ., i M p e rites h a d fixedf for th e desiBUction 'he speaker had pictu-'*'’ h.«r»-v urday, Aprjy||ai|^l^ib9 able to start' - t h f e r f ^ P f S P f e ’f^-WSonday, • April 4 s ' S ^ g a damagcci'' bjo efably by having bnrlt watfcR<ao%. 1 1 • 1 ,'i 3'-s| —The levql of Cayuga i;,akp is about 18 inchcsi below the highest ^ointj.andx. it recQde$, n e itt nij incli if d a i ’;'''’A rf boatman, who navigated the canals cju liveli ,|lie|/rw s s , Ptspharf^f W S @ h l f e i g r s : « l - s | W ^ Y O C K G C 0 M , 5 r „ „ , „ ^ « -The Best jciub Of Instrumental Mu- inAmerica i • at the stable of 0. Smith, Al- bill50c. From the 1 ;,h9 an excellent band vfinch 1 'f.any enjoys, we infer {t'>a ■ ' ■ ■ sfy ^ itation . V * , infer! n>at there will thtlt'TffltJfeM '’ltd- Hollow on that Thursday n ight. -The following a r t the transfers of ir the w « k Estate for th e w ^ k ending A pril rb; the rot, and a prolific indeed, that yields ‘onormoaBcrop 0 ,finaiBa'go a flue grained and good flavored potato, will offer said Potatoes on “y|^r$HTi *fa 3 TAT 8 2 orlf snipped the hprertOTiBy hlB^own eatpenseB after they leave the ndrew J. Prentice to and others to James property on \* ^orjh^half o | McChain ai|d others to Ed- . Tree, lot on Queen ^ $500. illiam Halsey to UfatfiEe P .K n ight, .n Buffalo St. west half of lot 241, to the rooms over the store No. 3 N. Anrota tOne Door North of Frost's Grot . ..- i l iTlla ill' ' E bydi John S. Barber to latharine Roe, 3 :res lot 28, nominal. I '* . (lohn 8. Barber tojCkbarine Hoe, 20 MhfriMf.-'W.'y.*;' jxuncBT., E. -vnist “enthuse” worth a cent, and the E pitobs R M ca Jdtm S n T ; ■ others 07 acres Iots ,} spU k erw a s at his w its’ end to find: jWill you please inform th^ phbBe J , , , , . j ;E i , yi '1 _iv.« __ ___ -LS^-U At>a Xl-kkA o-n imo-rnPOfAl? -nrPdR nf.L f n i U e . I t r ' son to Varies Cady,and l 8'n>pa 38 $937. erecse ProlifiCj 'VI d w p ? w 4 '» ? > # e r’^ i tions is universally coiistl only me c a le u la t e d ^ cfifeo(’a iSdicM ' id j Etmanent c u r e ., • ,, ’ C ' No les^ihip'Ttiaiit are hU jvirfuab|ih ii?. disco rcries for the cure lof' Oeslno*,'h and nr the removal of the variow^aTfe^*^ Can be Praenred aYVaisOatrand A Co. r ^2 L - -• 9 J^EMOVAL. king m |*.S^n»^l]l^^r^S^ica and patronage, I wonia inform them and the generally, ttot I have dress-^ajej^g,,,Business to the rooms over the store No. 3 N. Auror st. .8.; TOURTELLOT, 8 2 . , ST A T E ST R E E T . ■ <’ I , fir: ‘.mi Clgarri^' k'lld Manuliotnrer of t h S ^ M S I ^ liolce brands ,..a agent for J. W. j agent for J. W. Langhome A Co’s '■ '■ J0HNNs:‘5ite. .Y s i u T a a o Fi^om it has alwaja b;wn bis ppwtiw to give ' * J 5 #pank and candid opiniony „ to the Ma»|probabilitiesof'Ji’CuVe,‘liiia to accept jffJHIT ajt*’ treatment tnat aoes not oi* . . . 'k:’ :£®_*5 c2s o f S ‘ 'pt^0»fi^ '’ ■ Rimccssafi-j'\ -Iffiere has ao new, « « • lencemetfc bfr hUf|:8maUFox^^^^^ i f f i S i & r z a f l ' We have ^ 3 1 ■3| f u q o © 0 j i I ' \ ^ S ’s s l : Tni^i I (D*4» Sra-Tonr treatment ot m, daughter for 'l}r LjPlsniclM cstJaybiK • lorse Praey tice and •xtenU v e R epntatloa. jS 89 i a sm^’rrn s '‘')iooj€. £ SI'S?' t ' i.icl AO ffnoo!S*^''S’Tlc''T!ri could gefrelief.’ '“'i A K w fcN u p tstej lo^e Foralto Smite, OonfectlonsrlBS, *c. a large line of and Choice Tew. rtW. Mdeoaad BtnOoteea W« rout on* own »y« grtud tt in qniatltiB* to mil tie -siUloTarsofaoadCpgeecan beanlted i fbflwUl||iT»u»actll. forwa ose no chirk*.. j a w GroMdBpicea are strtctlT pure. We to go^aadaengoodstor cuh W l^tStateStitsAte-Sti f^ o a h t o t g a 'f’aotdlanyfrvite tbe pobilctogiv* ns a call. No ■ t s S e S a S a ' b a u gabA Cas* tel' e b o o 4 r . r * s a £ ^ i S ' S S ' h»»e.sSlc*trtrt»»r,l*rlt*9i,|la9»e»j. ,,tj«*, sioM «i«veflHidspiFttc|k<f to,d*y3nfrtl» oth«<«»*»|matke(.,.n 'id-.'uf, ■^IL Q U S OPERA HOUSE, - 6M urmy, M ayiath, isrs, 'P o r o n e Evening: O nly. ■TheSaoremj Favorlt|,u^ Pearl of the Anu-rtr n i l U L f i ^ l S i u C H E l L , : . '• • •■■ In her famone Specialty, ^TaTicHop, t h e C r i c k e t . Soppjirteaby the Stettlag Acto-, jMx-.'Is.-H. Shewell, “abd a tmeej Compaa, of Bmlngnt Talent, ti^HUPortioriiwrs In Programmes. lAwtfJspr U S O P E R A n.O tJSE, E v e n ing Utay Sd. fjir the removal of the vaiiqijSPfaTls ■ * mentiot the Tluf(jat and-; ^rgaiB .. IndW d, D r. B iG irem n L ? A ^ ij ten enjoyed the proud S a t i s f t ^ g t l ^ e^ect Dg radiebj;',cil}'e#rit % e p ,|ji( n^andoneff as bopelegB, anf That am pl|^»re^Jo ajaaeluiown to the puWic the '^kin-and ahUlty F*4®jP'’- UabthU! exhibited In |hBtr»atmentofave4>aifilcnltcase which han- \ r/<^^v«.hetBucy.px 9 i ^ t l n g pata that If >ke her rest conipieteljt twiaffected her e n ^ luepUeafaUthemeans we employed ihda^’tbd-^bSSiasA &< Utthaunattoh ’he^ ii!«Wts«au4k«>%e, Involving the whole ie of asr lto,TeIcUaB mi io tear that ihe ffiffl- te itimoniala p 'r c s e n te f f ^ i^ ia a lS l S peek’s Ome Oie hiammutlon had completely •qdlnthe-coaiMMftiinnfijjmrlhaf.' ^ We-lnvite ttie atteutlon-of all who confemdlate 'ithticdweninge.' ' ■ ASDHtte, McOmUK & hVOSS.' - ^ rtaiOtt- V' ' ' . engaged in eonslisnt'^ij^^ ■ d h 0 .c o n t i n u f i 8 t o . i f e m « j i m , . „ ^ , t h e A e u _ «t> ItbaVB. TbeWi < M iia n ^ l|; ^ known to the public. I do so in (he hope ij(B«B!^n8t8nVL,tini sngth, SAd now finds 1 dstig&ter Bp^ako in the highest terms of Df. ‘ sii^ a ^ iliih lt theattatl afibarUifflcnlt’tasv, m>d](he whdle family hj*n es^cessl^ff to him their ^^telhl - ............ -- om ie.riogi^l T h e G r e a t e s t r r l « n i |s j h f 6f ?^l«5lc^pldU,U M v r ^ . ’.»o n to g * ii nbove, koto patfenli W i ® : Z judge^ymembe^nir' the BtfeW walk. r t ^ i F n t a n j . J & i o i v i o l L t i liliu k l I ‘In conclusion, b n L ighthill ass fe p a l those who m|^jae8ire jiis iHTHiLLass'ires ’ ' ’ th a t m a tter how farad v a h e ^ d , but ?*‘||t e n f i ^ e n t . o f it ap^ved and gucceOfoi' mediCal itment‘'4,pfcie day. ahd every benefit ifch it is to derive from 'l^ f^ lfl’ana twenty year^ fixteit^ tical experience. !D b . 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