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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 1849-1938, October 06, 1899, Image 7

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T H E B B O O K T ^ Y y D A I L Y E A G L E . yT E T T ^ Y O B X , E B I H A Y . O C T O B E R 6 , 1 8 9 9 . lllfiA E L S ; ! BURT’S “FRIEIMD OF THE PEOPLE.” 184. 186, J88 SM ITH ST ., Men^s Suits and Top Coats* it Is possible to build up a much larger Clothing business done by any C R E D IT house In Brooklyn. W e believe, W e believe th a n h a s ever been also', t h a t Tvhlle PR IC E Is a factor, the first and most Im p o rtant thing is ■THOROUGHLY GOOD CLOTHING. In other words, white men w a n t low prices, they also demand well-cut, well-made garm ents. T h a t is w h a t we are giving you, gentlemen. F o r Instance: ri single and double-breasted sell the sam e suit for cheviots; wo challenge less than .$12.00; any Sack Suits, other house to sell the sa m e su it fo r less tha n .$12.00; 5 0 A nobby fan Top Coat, a necessary article for the chilly Fall ^ ' 7 evenings; other houses would charge you $10.00;' our price ........... Our assortm e n t of higher grade garm e n ts would please any man who knows anything about dress. Drop in and look them over. Ladies^ Clothing* The display of Ladies’ C lothing for Fall wear is both com p lete and elegant. I t has been gathered from all centers of fashion w ith , the, g r e a t e s t . care to correctness. T h roughout th e various lines t h a t go to m a k e 'u p a m o st r e p resentative selection you’ll find th a t less th a n the ■usual p rices rule. Nowhere else will there be equal quality at such prices and on such Liberal Terms of Credit* Combined in our stock of women’s suits there is at once an elegance of selection and a decided price differ­ ence in .your favor which plainly stam p our leadership in women’s attire. This season’s choice is m o st compIete;we’ve the prevailing styles of fabric and color. Prices range from s p i o . o o . Tlie season has devel- loped a ruling for plaids, laud w e’re meeting tlie I dem a n d finely with an ! u n u sual choosing in all nicely tailored all-'wool cam e l’s hair ifiaid Skirts; a score of color combina­ tions, iiraping perfect. W e also have a full line of black and blue cliev- iot Skirts and some splendid silk Skirts, from !p3.50. Fall & Winter Styles Reliable Shoes FOR Men, Women and Children ARE COMPLETE. O u r Shoes are m ade of the be m a terial and w o rkm a n ship, the are com fortable, serviceable ar have a neat appearance on the foot. T h 's season we are show ing all the new est styles m a d e of wax calf, box calf, heavy dongola, w ith cork or heavy double soles, lace or b u tto n boot. W e have added to o u r ch ild r e n ’s line the new O rthopedic last, recom ­ m ended by physicians as the proper shoe for children to w ear, as it form s the foot to a perfect shape. T h is season, as in the past, we will strictly adhere to the policy of j form e r years—to offer n o th in g but the best shoes m ade, best w o rk­ m a n ship and best m a terial th a t can be found. The Burt Shoe Co., Fulton and Hoyt Sts. W. L. DOUGLAS $3.50 SHOES EM® 3 ^ 3 6 - 3 6 ’4 0 - 4 2 ¥ 5 l F O R M E ltL Y xTJpvici B ros : A lt Is Ready r S f Public Reception To-MorroJi>. ’ FREE FOR ALL. At 4:30 o'clock P. M. -we orcn -wide the doors of the new store and bid all Greater N e w York and the world welcome. To-morrow, amid sweet strains of harmonious music, beautiful fioweis and decorations, you invited to inspect our new store. You ^re invited to come and examine one 0' ^ ped and stocked depart- meat stores to be found in Great- Is UNION MADE. 9 Large Assortment of Furniture and Carpets.f DR. HILLIS’ SERMONS. Pastor Of Plymouth. Chur eh. to B iscuss the Question “Is Christianity BecliningP’^ In keeping w ith th e discussion In th e Eagle, taken up by other papers, the Rev. D r. New­ ell Dwight HIIlls w in speak on Sunday m o rn­ ing on the subject. 'T a . C h ristianity Declin­ ing? The P lace of the Church in Am erican Society; An Outlook Upon Its F u tu r e .\ The subject of non-church going in Brooklyn will come up a t the prayer m eeting this evening, when the topic discussed will be “ W h a t Is Involved in the Statem e n t T h a t T h e re Are One-Half a Million People in Brooklyn Who Never Attend Church?\ Dt, H u lls’.• c o u rse.,of Sunday evening ser­ mons o h ''“ G reat 6bbks as \Life T e a c h e rsj\ which*’was^-lnterrupted by the sum m e r vaca- tloni was resum ed la s t Sunday evening. H i s subject for Sunday evening will he \T h e In fluence of Gladetone Upon English L ife and Thought—A Study . o f the C h ristian and Scholar in P o litics.\ This serm o n is sug­ gested by Professor T rail’s biography of Glad­ stone. The other subjects so far announced are as follows: \T h e K n ights of the New C h ivalry: An Outlook Upon . the Tem perance Reform e rs from Lyman Beecher to John B. Gough and Frances W i l ^ r d .\ “The. Biography of Mary Lyon and the RIse>of tbn H igher Education for W om en—A Social' Study.” \Thoreau and th e Gospel of E x ternal N a ­ ture—A Plea for a R e turn to Sim p licity.” \George E lio t’s 'S ilas M arner'—A Study of the Love t h a t P e rfects a Life,” THE ENGINEER AS A RULER. WhS?t Practical Men, Specially Trained, H ave Accomplished in Cuba and Elsewhere. We have often thought th a t the perm a n e n t occupation of Cuba, Porto Rico and the Phil­ ippine Islands may have one effect on the development of our nation far more im p o rtant th a n 'a n y advancem e n t'of'com m e rce o r m ili­ tary power. ■ T h a t effect, asr we judge, will be seen in the im p rovem ent of the breed of statesm en and soldiers, and through them and their experiences, and the lessons which these teach^ we may look for an im p rovem ent in our internal politics. It is possible, indeed, we should say highly probable, th a t this will be far and away the m o s t valuable-result of our new policy of expansion. We are justified in this conclusion by the history of B ritish ru le in India. F o r genera­ tions that was often strong, som etim es feeble, and alm o st alw ays corrupt and oppressive; but it has finally developed a race of soldiers and adm inistrators who. we venture to say, stand a t the head of m a n k ind to-day in devotion and sense of duty, and in skill in organizing and force in adm inistering. We should not be surprised to know th a t the governm ent of B ritish India Is now th e purest governm ent on the face of th e earth. This Is a difficult proposition to m aintain, but it is a t least worth thinking about. W e are led to the expression of th e s e opin­ ions by the receipt of the report for th e year ending June 30, 1899, of the general com ­ m anding the D e p a rtm e n t of H avana and Mili­ tary Governor of th e City of H a v a n a , this general being an officer of the Corps of E n ­ gineers of the U n ited States Army, W illiam Ludlow, lieuten a n t colonel In the reg u lar es­ tablishm e n t and brigadier general of volun­ teers. He is aided by a num b er of skillful and devoted professional m en—soldiers and Army doctors—but particularly by another officer of the Corps of Engineers, M ajor W ill­ iam M. Black, who is chief engineer of th e departm ent. W e cannot pretend to give a sum m ary of this document, which deserves wide circulation as a chronicle of difficulties encountered .and results accom plished. All th a t .We e h a ll do now is to call attentio n to two charts. The first of th e s e shows the total num b er of deaths; m o n th by m o n th. In the m u n icipal­ ity of H avana, beginning w ith January, 1890, and coming down to Include A u g u st, 1899. In the m o n th of October, 1898, the highest point on these curves is found. In t h a t m o n th 2,477 persons, died, probably one in 100 of the population. In October, 1897, the deaths am o u nted to 2,103. From October, 1898, the curve runs down fast until May. 1899, when the num b e r of deaths had fallen to 635. In June and Ju ly th e r e was a slight Increase, andtheo^ln August the curve goes down again to 620, JThe death rate relative to populatioh cannot be known for want of accurate ataifs- b a t 'a census Is ^ now* b eing prepared. W e other cliart of which we speak show s ^ the deaths from yellow fever each m o n th in the m u n icipality of H avana, beginning also Jan u a ry 1, 1890, and ending w ith A u g u s t, 1899. The m axim um curve here is in 1896. In No­ vem b e r of th a t year the yellow fever deaths w'ere 460. In July, 1897, w'hich was t h e m ax­ im u m of that year, they w ere 207. T h e 1899 curve is the lowest one on the ch a r t an d prob­ ably th e lowest that could have been plotted any tim e for generations back. In Jan u a r y th e deaths from yellow fever ran down from th irteen to perhaps three, as near as we can tell from the chart, and in F e b r u a ry they seem to have touched the zero line an d again in May. In August they w e n t up to ten. The points o f difference in 1899 as com p ared w ith earlier years are stated by General Ludlow as \first the general and thorough cleansing to which the superflees of th e city h a s been subjected; second, th e very num e rous and thorough disinfections th a t have been m a d e both in public and private buildings, and, third, the practice of complete isolation of the patien t and the disinfection or destruc­ tion of his effects.” As th e reader knows, a sim ilar stru g g le h a s been ably and successfully carried on by Gen­ eral 'Wood, another professional m a n . in Santiago. These are only concrete an d easi­ ly exhibited exam p les of the kind of govern­ m e n t th a t the best class of A m erican adm inis­ trato r s —professional soldiers, engineers and doctors—are carrying into these new prov­ inces.—Railroad Gazette. AN ISLAND OF SULPHUR. I®. Its Center Is a Lake Containing* Great Quantities of Acid—Lies OfiC ' New Zealand. A bout th ir ty m iles from the shore in the Bay of Plenty, N o rth Island, New Zealand, says the Scientific Am erican, is an im m ense rock or rather series of rocks three milee in circum ference which rise precipitously from the sea to a height of S60 feet. \W h ite Isl­ and” Is the nam e given to the spot, and the nam e is particularly appropriate because it is constantly enveloped in thick im p e n e tra­ ble clouds of white vapor w’hich rise to over 10,000 feet in height, m aking W h ite Island a conspicuous object for many m iles around. It is perhaps th e m o st extraordinary island in the world. *. T h e island is practically one m ass of sul­ phur, while the clouds of vapor constantly rushing from the craters are highly charged with acid fumes, which can be noticed sixty m iles away. The appearance from th e sea is m ost imposing, the rocks r is in g abruptly from the w aters. A t first sight it seem s im p ossible to effect a landing, but as th e steam e r sweeps around the south side of the island into C rater Bay, a beach comes into view, which though sm a ll is sufficient to adm it of disem b a rkation provided the sea is calm. This is th e only level stretch on the island, the rest being great Irregular rocks. In the center of th e island is a lake fifty acres in extent and 12 feet deep and it is 15 feet above the level of the sea. T h e water contains vast quantities of acid and the tem ­ perature is about 110 degrees Fahrenheit. It Is dark green and dense clouds of dark su l­ phurous fumes are constantly rolling off from this boiling caldron. .-\t one side of the lake are blowholes and th e ro a r of steam as it pours forth into the a i r is deafening and huge T h e B e s t in th e World for $3.50. Real W o rth, $ 5 to $7. Over 1,000,000 w e a rers. I am the largest maker and retailer of $3.50 shoes in the world. 1 lead the fashions, and have won the pat- r 0 n a g e of the young men. •* * * * 1 make and sell through my 60 re­ tail stores in the large cities more ;^.50 shoes at one profit any other two manufac­ turers in the United States. 1 carry a larger variety of styles and widths of men’s $3.50 shoes than any shoe dealer In this city. I>t , im O O l t t , > : S'l'O K liS—70S- 7 1 0 B r o t u l w u y , C o r . T h o r n t o n $ t ; 1.3G7 B roadT v a y * C o r . GnteN A v : 4^2] F u l t o n S t. C o r . P e a r l ; 494 F i f t h * bow lders and stones are often hurled to a height of several hundred feet. A boat brought from the ship can be launch­ ed on the lake, and the very edges of the blow-holes may be safely explored, but the trip 1$ by DO m eans an enjoyable o n e , and only those who have inhaled fum es of acid can form any idea of t h e ir very overpow'cring na­ ture when given off in large quantities from such an expanse. Should the 'boat upset, death would be al­ most instantaneous. When the boat was taken to the sea. it became so corroded Uiat it drop­ ped to pieces after all the passengers had been landed. The m ouths of the blowholes are weird in th e extrem e. Steam belche.s forth from every fissure aud crevice In the rocks and ground, while the noise drow n s all other sounds. The whole i.sland is in a ceaseless state of agitation. Except in the im m ediate neighborhood of the craters no sulphur Is apparent on the surface, but by digging a little into the car*th large beds of th is m ineral will be laid bare, fo'r the island is practically one mass of isulphur m ix­ ed w ith a quantity of gypsum and one or two other substances. The W h ite Island sulphur is m uch esteem ed on account of Its purity, and it can be employed for any purpose with­ out any prelim inary preparation. T h e older deposits contain about 90 per cent, .pure su l­ phur, and th a t around the blowholes 98 per cent. It is surp r is in g that these im m ense de­ posits have not been more system a tically worked. Some y ears ago a company was form­ ed for working the deposits, but for lack of capital the schem e was abandoned and the am o u n t of sulphur and gypsum exported at p r e s e n t is very sm a ll. In th e event of a ser­ ious war, doubtless the island would imme­ diately rise to prominence. Every department is a store within itself. Positively no goods sold ^ to=mor= row. A Grand Musical Pro- gramme will be rendered during ^ the public reception. ^ S ' er N ew York. 6 ^ . .A i Q , W ' ' We are not g’oingto talk about prices in this an­ nouncement, and we are not going to sell any goods during the reception. We want you to come and feel perfectly “at home.” Come and see the store we dedi­ cate to our great public who have co-operated in creating this business which demands more commodious quarters and conveniences; to the peo­ ple we devote these new, handsome and increased facilities for up-to-date shopping. But we’re not more proud of the store than the new stocks. Although the store is attractive and refined throughout, we wish to impress you with the importance of our stocks. They are complete in all that the word implies, for we have faith in our goods and we know you’ll appreciate the many surprises that await your coming, but we’ll not talk any further about business, there’ll be plenty of time for that in the Sunday papers. But we do say, come to-morrow and see the new store, come and see the sights, hear the music and enjoy the exhibition of our various departments, and get acquainted with the vast resources they open up for you. Come and see an up-to-date store for up-to-date people. See Sunday Papers L f -Announcement of the M O S T SENSATIONAL MERCANTILE * I h X / U ’T V T n r T I T T /'^ 'O .T T ^ A X T ' T ^ T T«-*-r'K T T -»«-ir-» t t - r i EXCURSIONS. EXCURSIONS. A M E R IC A ’S C U P R A C E S . The new steel occ?.in ffolnt; .steamboat SH I N N E C O C K the ofllci.al boat of the N. Y. Evening Telegram, under the management of Sandy Hook Pilots, will leave Clyde Line I’ier, No.l5. Eaat River, each rnci* day at !);]\> A. M.; l•aJlrJeity Jlinlted one-half; mn.«lr and refreshments on board: TickeiH for sale at UII o I m * O llice. 17 S t a t o Mt. ..S. V.; J . L«'!tre»UritUHK S oum , :t79 F i l l Firti ly , :iiid 100 B roiul^vj t o llloo oil C'ly«le Li A l l Hi. $3,00 5 0 0 THE BEST VIEW OF THE YACHT RACES ! TAKI-: TIIK FAlST SOtTN'D STEA.MKP. BLO C K ISLAS^D. C jiim c ity , 1,500 l*a$*Ne«Ar<*r«. S t r i c t l y L i i i i i t e a <o OOO. of the ollU'ial b<,ats uf the N^w York Its rei)r«semailv(,*.s win at coni pan y the races, thus ;i«surlng p;uT-’eri,g'Ts There are thr*-e .spneiuus ib.-ki-t, :ed numfwir of imssenKor.s there will EXCURSIONS. i l B ^ SPECIAL NOTICE “Columbia.' :e. ()<'tober 7, «iur p.•l^ iven a <*i>uit'’»n. fcood If our name.sake, the yurht Satuniay’s race, (mt-.b.-r 7, .lUr • lay will b«* the nt.-xi race. F o i l T I I F sseiiKers uTt th.nt for passiigo <iii This i« one Journal, and It to report the be.«t view. ind with limited numtxjr of x»as$en>rer.s tnere no excuse for mi<s?»lng any Ine-hJe’it In the j- KaiirtuIIi’s Bniid Will lie on tin- Block Islanil. B o a t L e u v e a a t 9 A. .tl. from Tier 31 (new). ft.,)t of Waits st. a-ljoiiiin:,' DeHorotiies St Ferry. Thi.s will give ampl- time to reiieh the .starilnc; rxilnt. F t L L V IF W A S S I R F I J . YACHT RACES. The Fain(»us L duic Mranch «>oean Route Steanier ■wiM . K n u n lo i ; a s t u i v k r , I2AC1I I)A v . A C iriiT V ss -.'.:l! (r’.otw e , . n .^outh F e r r y a n d W a l l 0:00:00 O’f’f'I.O I.OCKC ,\. M, I O K S I \ < i I ,F U.VV T I C K K 'r • I.'r.-»'T- - The Block I.-bt.-j'l'w rtp. that no matte-- h<av fae may sail, tli.* '•f the y a/-nt.s. / ’ht.s. •cd i.s a riuiUcu-nt gua tie- <'oiiiinli; :i .md T.he S I N G L E T I C K E T ......... T W O T I C K E T S F O R . . GEORGE W. REEBE. Gen. Manuffcr. Telephone Siy Hroad; IT .Slate st. A FRENCH I N V E N T I O N . Incandescent gas m a n tles arc* strengthened ag a in s t breakages by a new F rench proce.5s, consisting of suspending the m a n tle before incandescenco in a tubular well filled with a liquid m ixture of paper fiber and water, a cur­ ren t being created to deposit a coating of fiber on th e m antle. r INTERNATIONAL YACHT RACE IN COMFORT. Steamer “Monmouth” yachts over the course. f POLITICAL NATURAL HISTORY. Colonial S e c retary-B ird and the B o e r-C o o strlctor, < L o n d o n S k l t c h . ) will accompany the leaving PIER 8, NORTH RiVER, AT 9.00 A. M. Tickets. Each Race ........... $ 5 . 0 0 lil.lIIT E I ) TO so n . Tickets on sale at room 7J4, C e n tral Bldg., 143 L iberty St. Ne-»v V o ric T r a t i n f e r OfltooN, 944 un«i l..'^54 B r o a d w a y : H o . v a l B i n e Liiic- O l l l c e N , 41^4 a n d 1.12.S-I I li-o a d w u y . u i i d lC a y u ioit«l 4k W i i l t c o m l i , L 'lilon S q u a r e * N e w Y o r U . ' i in'.‘ ya .'t-y.-ji is f.ttU'/us for it.-' Hc.i-^oinK -lurilitlf.s. w h i r h r^h tul i b.j k<,.pt In m m - l bv t h o s ” wh.) fi-ar 'riolcetN f o r Ol!i< ■i >li’i:n* will is f.tfTD/’JS fo r it: : 1 b- a.-ti'.’kn-.ss. i r r R ikm 'S, .liJt.on F a r h . •M.'.;.’ U'i hri'l \!) ih,. b o a t o r ut tlu- .l u ir n u l D.-wi-y I.iU’i?aus of Inj'orni.'U P irj, ;i« f-jllnw.<; J.tijrtu i i ’.^ .Main O tfh’*’. 1.207 n n . a . I vv;iy. 2.7i Wb-ci K'.'th st. Hot--l B ;irthol(3i. l.jlm e S a v i n g s f t a n k HiilMlr.L' y : i ’.'-t;nia. *if*tli m a n d <Mh n v ; ; b 1 ■\Va.«hlni:i lirooki.vn, o r u t 2.' J.’nion h ^ i , Telephones 313S or 2139 ISth Huivl ngloii .s't, TK -iv M T !>’ f.-oii\ A v .V. Th*; “ ( N >luinIlia’■ m-«*dH n o r»M'omrm'ndiiil«*n to >’;u’h t riK'o lovor.-^. .*^hv m a k e s h-T o w n rc ' ’rir«i by o a r v l u l Im n ' l l l n u li>’ «'Xp«-Tl«-n(:«'t3 olhci-rs, f n i n l l l a r U'ith .Vr-tv Vtri'J; w n l f - r s ;ind th«' C'/tirt-'-s, h'lldlrjK iJ'isitlun .-virry 'lay. Ai; hc-r ji;iir<.n.« nr** .'<iitishfd ;ind takioi of, H v r liniTn*nsi- 'b ’t:k I’ri'iin Kivf.s a l l a '.■hanoc to h <*»*. H ot sloiiui li*-;it-''l sal'i'in pfoti*.-* i> .n from .n- jn- ''loin«'nt wp;iilii-r. Th»- lo s i a i i r u n t . w i t h c o m p l ' i i - iind p r o m p t s-rvici.-, i.« lr.rai<-d on tho tiialn df-.,'k J i ll , and In tin- aft<*r saloon. Tl'.'’’!’'; is no ofowdiUL' on U k - hnni. :is ilit* n u m - I'Of (if fK’kJ'tj-’ f-'oM If. .(-t; ■.•(ly Ilm lt t' d to —I ls .-' t h a n on*.--l.rilf lior f a j tioity. tickotH jind furth'-r- In f n m m i l o r i npjily to \V. F. l i l ’ K.-^ 1-7 L L . fiftMTal Mjinugi-r. f.lSl Broailwji.v: T'horp’ L'll; M a d i s o n or Pl<^r in. Etirt Klvcr, c-’ll.-nco. Mu Ik t n d . Tirkol;- h \ l - l.s; al.so t-uniljoai L'ti.. •'l‘-phonf ('all, 14t n s a l o a t all prinr-ipal N e w •s; al.so at i ' o l i K ............ KLS. 113 Bro u p p l l r a t l o n a t TlflsJ-rrS f'(,u AM. U.\ E A rii. S. S. MIAMI Of t h e F l a g l e r F l o r i d a Ea.st C o a s t .Sysium haa be»n c h a r t e r e d by H a y n i o i i d & W h . l c o i n b for T H E INTERNATIONAL YACHT RAGES. - ........ person.':, capacityover l.OoO hu].fri.ii’ ..:’i’ariK.on.-m>, tor t h o s e wi.sliing to a v . i d L i m i t g u a r a n t e e d U 5 0 ■ Ul't’rio i ’ ..:’i’ariK.‘inojil>, loi r t ’owd<-d '•(,jullLlnn.«. Th stetd. tw i n -sort-ws, wjiJj a yjj,. 1I k 1 i P’; i J by itlfct rUdly a n ' l light.ight. M#-als\U willill bee -M I AM I i.s b r : ’ i i \ r . bo a r d to huili . f rnljf.s rful Yacht Races ON STF.A:>IKIt GRAND REPUBLIC I.K.WK.S I tUI DUK DOL'K, IJltO O K L V N , A. .11. T ickets Lim ited. Single Race Tickets Reduced to 00 . S h i p v.’Ki sail n.. toot ijf \vu K e a r c h l . a l s w b s e r v e UncoN. .StO !1 a t :i A. M. f r o m Pli ;- 31 (new). N. •’..\'■•'b'\ .'■’t. a d j o i n i n g I i-.-^bro^,'.. s St F<-rry. ( Ir-'-ulars. :icki-t;. ;tl new.sHtainiH of ii'j-Ci-- l . u c k i i ’. g h a m . l l o l h i m l H o u s e , \Va l.lorf-A.sio-’n M.’ijo s t l f . (lils e y H o u s e . AsJ.>r Homo;. Im p ' - r i a h N e t h e r l a n d . (Jro n d L'nlon. M j i r r a v Hi):. H o f .-^hurry's, R a v ' . y , Pla/^u, an d Hro.'Mwny. $ 2 .' H o u s e . 71 a r d : McBrUP;' s. Coupon T ickets, Good f o r .S R aces, $7.50. ()n sale at Doi-lt each race djiy uu»l C o m p a n y ’s (cilice, I’.i.'i M(»ni:igin* s t. INTERrSATIOS^AL Y A C H T R A C E S . M o n tauk S team b o a t C o .’s S taunch Iron Sound S team e r y a c h t r a c e s , STEAS^ER “ GLEN ISLAND” 25 Union Square, N. Y. T e l r i » h o u e ; u a s o r llllSO JH th S t r e o t . I T IIK F I.\<;SIM IM > K 'I’lIK STAUIN F I . i : i : T i i \ m >—r \ rio a i - i u a m i f h - so .v. AND M O W i l l L n iv e I'HM*I»H?r Sf.). n l 9 A . 13* K. U, (Noai- W itl! lit* au tfci. '» ai»«i 7. 'WEST POINT, NEV/BUKGK POUGHKEEPSIE. F r o m B i i ' o k l y n . F u l t o n St. (by A : m - x ) . . . A a . M ” .\i-w A ' u k . 1 tosbrusftf*.*? .-^i. IMoi ,.S;-10 ” N( w Y o r k . W e s t 2Jd st. I ’l - r . .. TICKETS FOR EACH RACE s*Al(K I.IM IT K I ) T o .>00. m sa l e a t 12u, IGO an d I..313 llr f i a d w a y ; !» T i c k e t Olllce. 43 Wi-st I’J'.th st. T i c k . ; : .N e w C h a m b e r s t«i aii.l h>oi ; m h Ht. K. »h a v s t a t i o n . 2tC,l. ■4:27. r.:a^, N e w York, 323 ' L a s t train ret kl>ii. 10:40 P . M . Eat sIitt*’i’'’I'liis, sr, 1 ’'■••k. loi . 1 . «'o t ! laru'.t ru'.’*’ Siiann-i’ 'ire i - l , ;,t [• rri l-av.'.s S t a r ! STEADIER SLOAN” T i c k e t s Ho’J R O O K A W A Y B E A C H . e foot-N e w C h a m b e r s s i ttii l looi 34th st, K. i days, U :37.*'S :2S, B . ; Pier 12. F. R., .V. Y . ; Flathush av station. 4:27. r.:84. 6:40, e-M S:4u 'lO 07 h 2 ’06 Bruoibn. Ho-R-var UeacH'' a‘i ofnc< >11 I ( AM ) h i ; F l i !•: S11 >! !•: \ 'I\s. S l X i l . r : 'I H IP I'K K IdTS. 'r i i ’K F T S FOH I H IH S . lit.-;. U:iV\s .si;, [-j n ' s i l o ’k. f‘M,jt C o r t l a n d r at P* A. .M. ••:>' b r a c e d;iy. N n t n b ' T •■!’ -s ..n ‘•.neh sf*;aiui-r imrl- li'.'l.v Ilm i t i ' d Tl* ''ii'- hiilf 1 li’ca.-A'-d <'iiLaiity. 'I'ick'-tH -'dd a» I'lillnti str-'*t. N*:w Ya-k. * l’b<i:.t- .i.iSh ('u r d t .. S t t i r l a 'h I'l'X’k tu id ijrln c l p u l t b ' k i ’t It's a m ighty mean m an who isn’t ju s t a liltlo b e lter than bis neighbors give him credit for. ' a ”3 ■■-'■*41 M ' ■:S:y n J M m f a m o i ; k x e w i i a v i c n a n d n . u i r a . CAN.-iIvTT DAY L I N C STK.AMKH R IC H A R D PE C K , T I l E TWLN* yi.:UK\V .STK F I , F L V F U O F L O N G I H L A N H .SOT'ND. W I L L A T T E N D The International Yaclit Races. A di'Hcrii.itcn uc th i s niasterplec... of s t e e l s h i p : Is m j i nooe.shary. Slu; Ls th.e la.stest e o a s t - mji nooe.shary. Slu; Ls th.e la.stest eoas w I m ; .-neam.’r lit tl i ‘ worKl. I'.’i-ni her spuclous dfv k s will I m - alTnrded an «.ipi‘''riu n i t y unexcelled of w i t n e s s i n g tb«- gr*-at y.-uhtln;: 1 ‘Veni. Only a limited nu m b e r f.f tlek'-t.*^ will b.- sold. Tlu; res- iu j i t s ou J/oa/d will h'j o f n high rtrdiT of e.x- <'t>nt‘m i l ’s 14th Iteg i m e n t all prineipal New Yo 3(^1 and 1.327, liroa<l\vu, and a t <»f}b’e New H a v e a l-7;ist Ulver, New York. St;it“ r'j<TTi reservation oa pier. 31 1 „ ............. ‘KS. o ni«’i);,r.i JVrtk w i n l e a i . ‘ p e r 2.*., E a s t HivoTm Nj-v’ York (e a.b.T 7 an-j^l'i. at l-:30 M. sharp. ISTERNATIONAl YACHT IJCES The D o u b le Decked Saloon S team e r , EDMUND BUTLER, Capacity, i,200; Limit, 600; A\ ill L e a v e Ilain illo n P(‘rry, H rooklvi^ Saturday, October 7, at 9 A. M., Sharp. TICKETS, $2.00. H e fn'shim 'iils ;m(l 3Iiisk- on nonrrl. ■'Xl j A B E R C R O M B IE’S ESCAPE. ■ Thoy -.vnrc a t t h o .M e t r o p o l i t a n Club i t h e o U i o r iiiK i i t a b o u t th r t lin n l fli-htinE: a n d I h a r ' l .I r i n k i n . i ; o l d a a n c r a l s o f t h n A m o r i r a a I a r m y in ii.s a a r l y d a y s , a n d s o m o s t o r i o . s of I o l d ( I n n o r a l A l a ^ r n r o m b i o , ’'iv h o n e v o r l a s t o d j w a t e r . ” w o n t a r o u n d . [ ^ .^ly fath ( . T . s u i d o n o o f t h e n i c m b o r s , ; “ o n c e ask i * 1 (Je^ncnil A b o r t ' r o m h U * w h y it -was 1 t h a t 111 ' h a , l .sui'ii a n a t u r a l d i s l i k e f o r w a t e r . I ■■ T i l te l l y o u a n ineM i u i i t h a i T i h e l p to I e x p j u l i i it. w a s th e fra t i k obi s u U l i e r ’s re p l y . ' 'A (twxi m a n y y e a r s . 11:0 I w a s e r o s s i i i ^ ih a I KTeal .T i n t i n e n l a l d i v i d e . It wa.s c o l d e r t h a n 1 C r e e n l a n . l . In o n e o: iny s a d d l e p o c k e t s I i h a d a Jin; o f w h i s k y an.I in ih e o t h e r a J u s ot ; w a t e r . W e l l , it w a s so m i d t h a t th<‘ j u s ot a.'ifer fr<.ze up a n d iuisted. .siiiiipose it h a d 1 beini i n s i d e o f nio : ' W u s h i n K t o a P o s t . BIG CARGO OF IRON. The l.irgo-'^t carc(. of railway m a terial tb a t ever gone frc'm an Ann.^ricvin port was l b -<i ‘ r . . ; i m . - r uib'.’it f ' • ..in - . - r v a t i . , n p u r p - b-H. i cleareii from Philadelphia recenllv aboard th® Slug!'' t ’ ij> ti'-k'-l. T 2 r.'i; t b ’k'Us fur — ' ' B r i t i s h .‘( t e a i n e r I ' u r l t a i i . If ’•cni?i;»tcd o f f o r t y ••acU i locuinut ivcr? u ’ui e i g h t e en piieol bridge^, f o r th® K a s i e r n RaiL.vay, no*v in eour.se ot e u b s i r u c t i n n u n d e r tiu* s u p e r v i s i o n uf th® H u b s i a n aiifh iriiicri, w i t h t h e I'm a n c i a l a i d of th e N E W MOTOR AM B U L A N C E . Si. V i n c e n t ’s IL r i j . i i a l . N'ew Y o r k , is to h a v e a m n t e r ainlTuhit’ce. U will be prc'P 3 lIe d by (-)eetrirjfy am i is e.vpecred to effect a g r e a t s a v i n g \f t i m e in t r a n s p o r t i n g t h e v i c t i m s of a c c i d e n t s to fhi' h o s p i t a l . 7'he a m b u l a n c e is to b(3 pre-iM^nted to th e inutiiU L l o a by a wealtJUT rasicicut of New York,

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