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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 1849-1938, January 06, 1883, Image 1

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w w w w 11 ¥ ¥ L a B; THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE BROOKLYN. SATURDAY, JANUARY 6, 1883. ‘ \ , THREE CENTSi' T K E H O L I D A Y S . T H E H O L I D A Y S * T H E H O L I D A Y S * rE O H S L B R &, A B R A H A M . W W W EKIfiOOOH W W W \V K O 0 H W W W W EE 0 HHH] W WW W E 0 OH W W EEE 0 0 0 a H ^SBSg Ii I S L ERS URR E R R KB RRR B R R BBBR B w A* A A AAA A A . AAA* E 0 H 8 L H K & A B R A H A M , ;iE B D B R I C K L O B S B B <fc 0 0 , A - T H E H O l i t Q A Y S . J ^ ^ K B D B R I O K L O E S B R * O O . T H E H O M P A T S . A\ A i S A L i A l l i AAA B B R R AAA H H AAA M MM j j A ABBB B RA AH H A AM M M H03, 297 AMD 299 FUBTON 8TRBKT. 286 AND 206 WA8UINOTON 8TRBBT. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 00000 o o o o o o o o gSSSg ®S88a A/LA 1/ Vi JV \SSS® A A 0 0 0 B 0 0 0 RRR O 0 R R A A 0 RRR AAA O O R R 000 0 o o o o 000 »8SSy EKE A J. i flSSSa ®S8Sq RB A A I i l ®SSS® KRB A LLLIi ^aatja A g U KRR aSSSg V U KB ®S8Sq U U B a n UU EBB ®S8S“ ; - L A - - L - L i: f r A — - L A - f L - L - £i FFFE F F- ' FFF o MONDAY, JANUARY 8, WILL Q OOO REEK ■SSS3 RRRR RRRR AA COCO OOO L O 0 E 0 O R B S S E B R R R R A A AA 0 0 0 0 0 8 L 8 8 1 * = ’’ 6SSS REE RRRR A A 0 o O s R R R & AA 0 0 O L O O R 8 S E R R Jc A 0 0 o o OOO REBB 8SB9 ERRJB B B A OOOO OOCf :: L 8. ABTAAS a 00 .. GGO o a o ^ O OO QOO RRR R R RRR R R R B O O J> AT THE ORRAT-C^^^IWG OUT SALE OF FURS YESTERDAY BY A r f r A r 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 « O'b'o O 0 0 0 00 00.0 O O 00 O O O 0 0 0 O 00 O 0 O 0 o 9 O O O O 0 OO 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 o A ^ S A - 0 . — L 000 L O O L 8 O L 0 0 0 LLLL BB A RRR AA R R A A RRR AAA B R B A A R B U NN N n N N If U N N N II N NN II N NN H H • H H H U H Ii H H a :: 000 L 0 0 L O I 0 FFF P FF _ 0 L - , AAA F 0 0 0 LLLL A A F L II NIT If L II NN N L II N N N II N NN LLLL II N NN AA ^A*A * 0 0 0 OO O 0 o o o o o 0 0 0 0 000 00 000000000000000000000000000000 WK PUROHASRD A LARGE LOT OF SKAL ON HAND. MARKED THOSE WE HAVE PLACE ON SALE MONDAY PRIOES ; SACCJU0S, WHICH, IN CONNECTION WITH DOWN TO CONFORM IN VALUES, WE WILL MORNINC AT THE FOLLOWING RKMAREAELH LOW THE SBAIiS ARB WARRANTED OKN AND SUPERIOR IN OUKMISK, WALKING SKIRTS GOODS, TRIMMED WITH TRM RKALTOROaON LAOH, MKNOK ON J A N U A tt Y 740 Myrtlo m , cor. Sauford s\. TUo targe elegant now ftock. ul furnituro, curpot# tind oil sloth atore, comprising deaka, wardroboa. line pnvlor nnd eUits, dreasiug ca;*os, bureaus, bedBleads, bed- Positively in f G « L K , A U O m i N K K U , i)S4 G K h rB N B • a>.— BB yy o r d e rt o fh t h e e x e c u t o, r sh , t h e .a b o v e m a nO aQ io n ^ • a>.— o r d e r o t e e x e c u t o r s t e .a b o v e m a n B i end ten Vote, wlt|^ baTn.^atablBS, Janu a r y 10, a t I'J M., at the Ctonsmerciol Kxchango, No, 385V Kmton fit. oupoailo the. City U all. RtooUlyn. Tho property i-ion ttio south aide ot Groone av. running through to Lwcitiffton ay, PK» teet west from Patohen n y . Iho houao ia two story and baflomont, -3 feet trout by over 7‘i feet •deep: 12rooms bcaide conservatory; marble m a n tele,bath, ater. gaa, largo, range; large stable on l..oxinRton .av; } are roady^ Pull purtioulnrs a t the ofhcooi Measrs, MONDAY, January 8, I A. Bl., a ttho Central Sales Rooms, Willoughby si, corner Pearl. New and Bocond hand Axminster, Moquetto, W’ilton, vol- yet.body and tapestry hrnssHlP, throoply ingrain ami cot­ ton oarpetA. oil cIotlM, rugs, mats, mattings, Ac. ► A W i O m u K E R ’S ' ^ A L T E ^ ' T U K l f S K I , ...-------- .- j —1 »o/A — _* aoiiy on MON- I at; tU ID .W , January IP, clothing, by J. pbell, N.avyst: I.. Mlntz, Broadway. N. B.--Storago ___ urmture, otc, _____________________________ _______ T ^ O T I O B — T H E B A R S O K C O A C H AY Drivers R h IL a t the Asrombly Rooms, will be sold at auction, SUNDAY NIGHT, December 7, at meetiogr rooms, Hoyt st, near t\iiton, __________________________ ^ A T V O l i O S - h l N V a A Y , A U O T f O .N E E B , J l \ . MONDAY. Third ay. and Fifteenth st. tvro o'clock ^ a r p , large assortmeat houstibold furniture, bedding, pets, Biblna, marble vases, other goods too numeroua to atteiitiou. rU O F O S A l A y i . 166 9. WKOnSLttU BRO. T H O R B U R N . TTTTU T H 10 Board of Kducatiou, until Tuo.-^dny, January . 4 o’clock P. M„ for furniture fo r nc-.v school wuiiuiog, No. 25. Plans and Bpaciticatious can bo sceu at the othoe of tho Suporintundeiit of R( two reapuQsihle perrous wilt be requirou \ irmance of the contract. Tho Board spocincatious can bo sceu at dent of Repairs Names of __ ........ . , ... ... be requiro lor the faithful performance of the contract. Tho Board rest right to reject any irrB^lar'bidH, or any which n for the iacerest of tho imarJ. BOGKNIC D. BKRKL nan Committoo on Scho tho may cot be _Oju«rman Y B A Y K L f T T K A lV S P O H X A y A DW , &9m f t a i i r o a s u * : fichoolo; Aoaton, A Wllliamaport, y f^ I B N T R A L R A I L R O A D O F N E ^ V J E R - ■ / SEY—Station la Now York, foot of Liberty st. Station Srooklyh, foot of Pulton st, JoweU'a Wharf. OommeoclDg Octobor2, 1882—J..e‘ivo Now York: 6:15 A. M.—Foi Flemmgtoa, -Koaton, Wind Gap, Mauch 'Ghunk, Tamaaend. Tamaqua, Haaletoa, Driflon, Upper Remington, Hicli Brhlgo Branch, lountain, Buda’a Lake, I>aku Hopatoong, ilo;vn, lleadiai, Harrisburg, Mauch Chunk, Tftmaiina, Neaticoke, Upper Lohigh, Horan- f'pTM—For Flemluaton, Kostou, Allentown, Heading, arrifibarg. Mauch Chunk. Hsxleton. WMlkesliarre, Ac. 8:45 P. M —For Ea-ston. Wind Gap. Mauch Chunk, Tamaqua. Drifton, Wilkoebarre, Hazleton, Scratilon, Ac. 4:00 P. M.—For tJuminnlon. Hign Bridge Branch, 'fiohooloy^ MounUia, 'Build's Lake, Lake Hopatcong, 4^-30**i*. S . —ForSomerFillfc. Fiomington, Ac. 5:30 P. M.—For Easton, Allentown, Heading, Harrisboig, M , .9 P. M. for Bound Brook and intermediate atations; a t 0:30 P. M for Easton, Allontown. Harrisburg and the West. For Newark at.5:W. 6;1.5. 0:45. 7:15,7:30.8:00, 8:15. 8:30.0:00,9:l:>,9:4:j, 10:13, 10:45.11:15 A. M„ 12:W JI.. f2;45, 1 :15. 2:00, 2:30, 3 :C0,S:30. 4 :0(», 4:30.3:00,5:15, 6-JlO. 6.45, 6:00, 6:15. «;30. 7.00, 7:30, b:15, 0:00, 0:45, J0;30, U .15. 12:00 P. M. . . Fur tr.in . co guUm u For Seworen and Perth Amboy, 5;0U, 0;00, 8:15 11:45 A M .. 1:46.4 }00 4:45 nod 6:00 P.JM. ForFreehold5:fX)8:151l:45 A. M„ 4:00 and 6:0-J P. SL ForKeyport. 5:00, 8:)5 11;45A- M., I ;45, 4:00, 4:46 and - 6:00 P.M. ___ NEW JERSEY SOUTHERN RAILWAY. VIA SANDY HOOK. , STKAMKR w i l l LKAVF PIHH 8. N. R.. FOOT HKOTOKSTHKKT, GO.H.^IKNOJNO October 2 , 188i. For Uighlandfl. Soabright, Moumouth Beoch and Long . Braoob, 4 ;00 P. M. ^ Leave foot Liberty 8t,-6 :15 A. M., 1:45, 4:fO P. M. for - Lakewood, Manchester, Toma R ivpi -, Barnogat, eto. 1:45 P. 1^, for Allanlic City. Yinoluud, Bridgeton, e ta 6:15, A. M.. lorstationa to HighJands, 1:45 4:45 P. M. tor sUrions to SeabrigUt- 4:00 P. M. for alationr to Seudy Hook. For Atlantic JliKlilands. 4 : 0 ^i P. M NEW YORK AND PIIILADKLPIIIAI BOUND BKOOK ROUTE. bOlt TRIC.NTON a n d PHILADELPHIA. Leave New York from Statir.u C. K. R. of N. J. For Phuadelphia, Ninth and Groeno ate, at 7:4^ f>:35, 11:15 A 4:(H>,4».:k».5::iO. 7:00, 12:'X) P. M. On : Sunday,at8;4-3 A. M .,5 r;jo, I2:0U P. M. P'or Third and Barks at. a t 7 :45, 11 :lf) A. M.. 1 :U0.4 :30,5:30. 7:00 P. M. On Sundays at 8:15 A. M For Tron- ‘ “ *' 5::i0, P. M. Return trama zoave rmm uejpma lor n/ew z urK. From fctatinns Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Ninth . ftud Groon sts. at 7;30, 9.-30, 9:30,^11:00 A. M,; I;15, 3:45,5:40,6:45. 12:00 P. M. Sunday, A. M.; 5:30, 12{00 P. M. From Third and Berks Sts, a t 5:10, 8:20, 9:15 A . M.; 100 : ,3 :l«), 5 220,6:30,11:30 P. M. Sunday, a tS:l5 A. 3f.; 4.30 P. M. From^l ronlnn. 1:25,6:20, B:U3, 9.-05, 10;06, l l :34 A. M.; 2:%. 4:22,6:24, 7:28 P . At Suauay, 1 ;25,9;l8 A. M .; U:15 PULLMAN PARLOR OARS aro attached to day irslhs .and SLKKPING GOACHKS to midnight trains from New York end Philadelphia, Oomiectioa ia made at Jersey City station to and from 'Brooktya via Annex, Jewell's Wharf. Tickuta for sale at foul of i.iberty at, Noa. 230, 261,401, :d44, !>57. i,323.Broadway, and a t the principal hotels. New York: Noa. 4 Court et, and Annexoffioo. Jewell’e Tho kew York T ram lor Company will call for and chock <tiasffaffO from hotel or residence to destination. H. J». BALDWIN, General Paisongor Agent. _ W.W. STEARNS. General SuperimondenU ___ ____ T i E i N N S Y L V A N i A H A I I j K U A D - G R K A T X TRUNK LINK AND UNITED STATES MAH, Iw U T ij—On and after December '4, l882—Trains lo.wa ;Now York, rta Oeibrocaes and Courtlandt atreete ferries, a« follows: _ Express for Harrisburg, PUtiburg, the West and South, with Pullmnn Palace Oars aliachud, 8 :00 A. M.. 6 :0U nnd 8:00P.M . daily. New Y'ork and Cliioago l/uuir«d of Paxlon Dining, Smoking and Sleeping Gars at U A. M. every day. * 'Sor Williamsport, Xxick Haven, Corr? and Brie at 8;00 p. M.. coDueoimt; a i Oorrv for Titusville, Petroleum Center ana the Oil Regions, bor Williamsport and Lock Havon, S.-OO A. H. Baltimore. Washington aud the South, \Limitod Washing ton Eipresa” of Pullman Parlor Cars daily, except Sun­ day, Id .-00 A. M. ArriTO Washington 4:00 P . M. He^u- Jarvia U. J P. B. R. 5;15 aud 8:30 A. M., 3;40and9:A) F. M. and 12:00 night; t I s B. & O. R. R., 1:00 aud 7:00 P. M., I2;00 night, fimidny, n a B. & P. R. M. and P.-OOP. M.. 12:00 'ht; —a - - F. M. aud 12:00 nif H OOO RRR BBB O U RRR NN N H O O R R B B U U R H 11H 5 O URU BBB O U RRR N N N H H O O R R B B U U R 410 AND « l FULTON HTRKBT, BLANKETS. ------ DRESS GOODS. ~S IL K S , ------- UNDHRWKAR, TOWELS, LINENS. ------- ALL IN THIt GENERAL MARK DOWN. $3.60 BLANKETS for $1.50; Uottec grades in proportion, DRESS GOODS. 20c. DRF.R8 GOODS for 9 ^ 0 .; better tirndea iu proportion. b l e a c h e d c o t t o n s . 000 o o o o a o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 10c. COTTONS by tho pieoe. 7>^c.; shaeL iuge uml table liuon in proportion. BLACK SILKS. si.50 BLACK SILKS for GSo.i other grades in proportion. PLUSHES. 00000 0000 $2.85 PLUSHES for $1.08; volvotf to proportion. 00 ALL SURPLUS STOCK llTRVBRY DEPARTMENT MAHKBDDOWNTO CLOSE OUT BBFORB INVEN­ TORY. — J. THORBURN. __ _ ______ ^ T R A N S F O ^ A X I d i n ^ R a i lr b a c iM * 1 > R O O K L Y N A N N iS X . F O R J E R H B Y X j o i t y - p e n n b t l v a n i a r a i l r o a d . SRACi SA0QUE8, 38 inoUesiong....,........................ SEAL SAOQUES. 38 inoheslong.. ............. . ............. SEAL SAOQUBS, 88 iDohes long, SEAL SAOQUES, 33 inctieslong ............... . ............... SEAL DOLMANS, 45 InoUoi long............................... ANTWERP SILK DOLMANS, 40 inohos long, hair SATIN RHADAMR DOLMANS, « inoUos Ion», SIOILIAN DOLMANS, 40 inches long, h s lt critnm SATIN RH a DAMB d o l m a n s . 49 inches long, SATIN RHADAMB DOLMANS, 48 inohos, bosTer ARMOUR SILK DOLMANS, 54 inches longi Rossi BRODADB SICILIAN DOLMANS, 51 inohos long, aquirrel lined. . ......................................................... SATIN RHADAMB CIRCULARS, 53 inohes long, SATIN RHADAMB CIRCULARS, 52 inohe* long, equirrol lined ........ . ............................ . ................... SATIN BHADAME OIUOULARS, 52 inches long. beaver cellar ....... . .............. . .......................... . ........ SATIN DR LYON OIRCULAUS, 52 inches long, ermine lining, beaver collar. o ALSO OOURKSPONDING REDUCTIONS IN UINK ALASKA PURH LONDON DVE BVBRV RE8FK0T. 1 r ± L f L t L ®75; were 8125 A — ON THB BE THB LAST DAY OP OUR o 0 F A T RER V GGO G O G O OO GGO 8®®3 X Sss» A L F.F.E AA L R A A L F,E AAA L - R A A liL L R E E :: NINKfRENTH STREET AND SIXTH AVKNUBI NEW TORffi O F F E R ON M b N D A Y T llB FOLCOWING FOR SPECIAL SALE. LADIE.V AND MISSES' CLOAKS, JACKETS, ULSTERS, RAGLANS; JERSEYS, 40. FUR L i n e d a n d ’ s e a l g a r m e n t s . LADIES’ AND CHILDREN'S' UNDERCLOTHING, HAMBURG EMBROIDERIES, Ao. Valued LADIES’ WALKING COATS, »10 to $15, at 84.90 LADIES’ JER S E Y JACKETS, ' 1 ULSTERS, RAGLANS, 40. [ '* ' ** gSSg RBB ®S8(J EE s s R °SS“ EBB OOO a 0 is OO 8 8 o o 00 NN N DDD FFF L 0 0 0 0 RRR Q — N N N D D F L o o o o R H o L N N N D D FF L 0 0 0 0 RRR 0 N KN D D F L o o O 0 R R o L N NN D D D ' F T.TJiL 0 0 0 0 R R 0 T ANOK OF OUR STOCK OF FiNIiI o o OOMPRISlNa T B 9 BNTIRR BAL 85-were 135 95: were 145 110; were 160 OOO o 0 o 0 0 c o o 0 0 A K K O O AA K K O O A A KK O O AAA K K > 0 0 A A K K 200; were 245 A — 34; wets 43 A ^ trimmed and fur lined ....... . ....... hair trimmed and f ur lined ...... . ........ 49; were 58 ed, Siberian equirrel lined .................. 48; were 63 bearer trim’d, Siberian squirrel lined 65; were 85 trimmed, Siberian aquirrel lined ....... 75; were 400 an hair trim’d, Siberian squirrel lined 80; wore 105 pointed bearer trimmed, Siberian w w w t W W W W Ii gSSSg “SSSg SsssS S®^S a ® H H AA W *T *T IT iJ q - ^ A A L ®SS= - I I£ H AAA W W W L o § H H A A W W LLLL ”S,S* o AT IMMBNSB RBDUOTIONB ........................................ . ...................... 90;wore 115 A hair collar, Sibonan squirrolUned.... 35; wore 40 A ^ Russian hair triiumod, Siberian A ................................................................. 46; word 58 A p _ L 90 00 0 0 0 0 0 -00-0000 0 0 00 00 OOO GGNTINUATION OF OUR ATTRACTIVE SALE OF best quality, Siberian squirrel lined, 55; were 75 A 60; were 90 A MM MM MM MM M MM M M MM M M M M fin BBB B B BBB RRR R R RRR R R R R OOO O O O O O O OOO 0 LADIlSS'rPLUSll TRIMMED ULS­ TERS, RAGLANS, AND FINB JERSEY CLOTH JAOKKrS, LADIES' PERSIAN COLORED , DOLMANS, ! LADIES’ SATIN RHADAMBS DOL-1 MANS, TRIMMED WITH FUR, 1 15. at 7,50 m o HNLNG. ________ A f l u i B B i f f j E i y r g * ___________ j j ^ A V E R i i Y ’s B B o o K J u y H 7 k ''{ : a t b r , liOUIS W t J S P ^ L O B 5TY PARTNER. v NEXT W EEK. ONLY MATINEB »ATUKK'A®V_. THE GREAT JOHN MCCULLOUGH THN;, O M Y MONDAY ....... JOHN McOOLLOUOH ......... V IR d J N /» 6 TUESDAY.... JOHN JI c OULLOUGH! ........ OTHULLO. W E'N’SDAY..JOHNMcCULI.OUGH .............. BK1XTU8- THURSDAY..JOHN McCUl,rA9UaH.JULIUSOiBA AK FRIDAY.........JOHN McOULiiOUOH .......... VIRGINLUS MATINEE ....JO H N McOULLOUGH...HUNOHBAaK SATURDAY..JOHN MoOULl,OUOH ...... OLAOIATOK POPULAR PRIOKS. POPULAR PKtOES. . M R S . O H A R N L .E I O H - S . FIRST MATINEE. The aals ol tickets will oemmenoa on MONDAY M o r n i n g . — ^ j FULL PARTICULARS IN SUNDAY’S PAPERS. A O A D E IV IY OiT M U S I C . GRAND HOLIDAY ATTRACTION, NBW YEAR’S WEEK, THE GREAT, THB ONLY BBB A RRR RRR Y Y. 4 4 FPF A Y I B l l AA R R R R y Y * 4 F AA Y Y PBB A A RRR RRR Y Y 4.4.4 FF A A YY W W u H e k e EEKLLLL OO OOO K K In Coin® Flctdher’a Roaltstio Roniande in’ Four Acta eni T H H T H T U A I RBX STERLING, V. N. A,; FKa\THEH. Chief Of > JO S E P H F WHRBLOOK^ the Ogalallas. ) of Amcrioa's greuteit euxAional ActreM, ROSU BYTINOH. I A AR JAA** F A A V Saturday, Mainie OR. T. ook, Nighjf a . ....... — . .......... jne« antf flight, KAST LYNNK; OR, T H E J4L0PKM E N T . XNTHKIR NEW OOMBDY, o IRLSH ARISTOOR.<OV. S o 0 Parquet, balcony and droKa oirole, SOo.; family oirclo, 2.5e. ^ R U S H E X P E C T B i T a t YOUNG MRS.” oHARNLRtGH’S FIRST*’MA'riNHK. NEXT MONDAY1 Tickets for sale at all ------- NfcSXr MONDAY! the Agencies next MONDAY THB ‘3'l^p\lifJli*S”Rrj?ST*!£‘'S3’aPA H Y . OUR^5E‘o\uiTR” 'S“J=.rL’r5 lT \ o ‘' l » ^ I K S T O F ............... .... TOUNO MRS. c ' h a HNLP.ICK M ^ D A Y MORNING NEXT,' AgenctAf fur th e la lo of tlckota h«>o bAen'9stAblith»<] (a rartoui oarcs of the oUr. FULL PARTICULARS IN SUNDAY'S PA P ERS. c w . n i u i E s i o . Y e i c s o c u e c i n s . so, at 12.60 25, at 10.60 gbSSg SsSSg S s s s s AND _5SS„ BSSSg SSSS^ UU RRR R B RRR « B B B b SS» ®89g OM THEIR FORJiF.R PRICES. o ALSO, AN ELEGANT ASSORTMENT OF LADIES’ FINE PLUSH, BROCADE, SATIN DE LYON AND RHADAMES. DOLMANS, L I AT PAR BELOW THE ACTUAL VALUE. FUR LINED GARMENTS, $W,00 AND UPWARD. SEAL SAOQUES 4 I BEAL DOLMANS J AT SPECIAL PRIOES. FULL PARTICULARS IN SUNDAY'S PAPERS. n p H E A L L * W I L L I A M S ’ X NOVELTY THEATRR. Fifth and South Fourth etai Hrookl/c. B. D ONE WKEK. COMMKaNClNfi JANUAKY 1. 1893. JOHN T. RAYMOND. MONDAY. TUR^DAY and WKDNRaSDAY KVEN1NG8, NB^V YKAR’S DA? and WKDNRSDAY MATLNBK, FRKSH, THK AMKRIOAN, THURSDAY, FRIDAY and SATURDAY fiVKNINOS, AND SATURDAY MATlNEE, IN PARADISB. NEXT WKEKj ______ H a ZEI^K IRK E . 7; T E E a v e n u e A C .A U E M Y O F M U S I C , Leo av. opposite Tartar at, Wtlliamsburgh, L. 1. NKW YLAR'a'l WKKK, JANUARY 1. 1833, MINNIR MADDBRN. p o p u l a r PR1GICS-25C., 35c., SOo. a n d 75o. Q B . B U N * E L I AS * BROOKLY i r ^ USEUM, MUSEUM. MRNAGKRI7I. OURIOSITIKB. AQUARIUM. PANTOMIMK. SPEOIAI.TCBS. H U M F r v \ DUMPl’Y. NEW CHUISTMAS - GIFT. THE LIVINO SKRLlfiTON AND I l l s blUDR. AND 'i HE BEST AND OR15ATK3T SHOW. A P P jBJA ttA N O \B U P ^ Y O M A l l s U ) l s B U S (Y p ' D B i 5 I > S - - 0 I T T V y Ulork’aOffici **rooklyu. - is noroby given tha on Tuesday, 1 ins were nppoi •eaTB 1?<S3 and lwR4, and they are horoby osi they appear a t this office and fUo the nired by law Ulork a Otbua, U Douomber 30, 1882—Nolle* i* horoby given that at a meeting of the Common Oonnoif hold on Tuesday, Docembor 2 0 ,18S2, the foilowiag named porHons were Hppqinloii Oomminaionort of Dooda tti and for ;Ud they nro horoby notified that th e oath of offioa IB83, t hey will be eipiired by law on or before January 15, IB83, tli .onaidorJtl ns having deolined aaid appointment Aapinwall. Joseph Freeh Miohael. MoGniro, Wm. It. ArinHeld, W. W. Fox, Olmrlee J . MoLaughlin. Cl. , i/. MoLaugUiiu. \f. 4x. [>d, Jamee. McCarty, Patriok an, Charles. McNulty, Petor J . ihs,s, John.ohn. .MoCabo,iixuvjai John owe, B. Andrews. tJohn ^ Fagan, Chi ........ , , h J . Amlarson, Honir's S.Fishor.jF Uoorge H. MoGni Sam. II. Fowler. D. if. Andrews. Sam. Arnold, Sam. G. Fuleoley, Ackorlv,koriy. Georgeoorge B.i. Fowlowler.owier, ilh Fowler. D. li. F PntrioK. F J ,. Willilliam. MoGor, Patriok MoBlr9y. ^ a a k H. ffimh, MoCarky, Bui Ac u i r J W MoKeeror, Hug Abrams, James K. Farroll, Dennis B. McDonald, John Arihur, RobortT. Fnday, William U.MoDunald, Jam( AitkbQ, David C. Foofo.J. W. McDonald, Andereon. Geo. M. Fishor, J . B. McDonald,. Ailaben, James R. Fiiroy, Geo. L. Auerh'oimer, John Foote, Charles P. Austin.ustin. JoKonhoKonh B.. Foaster,oaster, Jo:ohn Fn R. H. Fuchs, Frederick. Jam ea J . M. 9UMI4I J. W. Mopormaok, Jobs xhoQ, Clias. A. MeMal MoUarl Thomaa _ ty. ___ Nostrand. John U Nostrand, P. B. A J B F J J . Ackberg, 0. w . N. French, Stanley. AlJisoD, Tbomas Fitzpstnsk, V. Naughton, R. T. Androws, Bonj. H. Froiich, Goo. W. Numan. Jas. D. Armstrong, W. J . Green,Theodore F..Ne8ohke, W. A. Alpoen. Russell Greenwood. J . M. Neilson. Jamea ' Abrams, Osoar Uriffitlis, M. A. Niohot, Waltor Batts, Tbomaa J . Gardiner, Wm. H. Brown. Oeorgo G. Uili, James G. BiflhmiriokjJlonra Grirtiths, N. F. BarnihveH. Thos.^.Oin, (iHorge. Bowdon, Bamuei QnliUba, N. F. . Brown, il. 0. Gru, ftliohaej. Brown, Wm. B. Orabam, .1. S. Busby, Joseph Gregory, Thos. A. Barnard, John T. Grcning, Paul 0. Barnard, Frank L. Orims,«, Brown,rown. Robert J . GardniIner, I,alter Nioliolsou. W. H. Nolson, Wm. A. Nolsun, E. G. - Nelson, Wm, J . O’Briou. Thomaa U’OoDDor, Jjorenzir 0*Brieu, Frank' Ofitraiirtor,irtor, H.. M. O’Ueilly, K. F. B R l . Biirtis, Ohas. H. M a r t in Barker, Oliver J Bloch. Loopold Butlop. John eu, Fran i H M V, .4v.lly, ih. F. Onstoad, Stdaoy K. OTHER SII,K DOLMANS AND OIROULARS. o 2 h II DDD KKE H D D K n D D KK H D D K II DDD BEK RRR rr R R n RRR l l R U II R R II KEB gSSg EB ®SSg KEB j p i t i S T Marion. . .... ____ , Win. H. O’Uonner, John Gardiner, Win. H. O’Brien, i . N. Greenwood,K.n.Jr.O’MaiUjr, Wllltaisi Gerbardt. Henry. Oldtiold, H. Gioas, Ernett. ' Olgara, Aliohaol Green. Russell. O'RioMy, Daniel ................. 0;Uiolly, Il LADIES’ AND CHILDREN’ UNDKROLOl'HINO, 2 0-0 0 FREDERICK LOBSBB A 0 0 ., FULTON, TILLARY AND WASHINGTON STREHTB. I Q P E O I A L s a l e . o INTENDING PURCHASERS SHOULD NOT OMIT ATTENDING THIS SALE. o w e c h s l e r * a b r a i i a » i . n o t i c e . a s b l u e EL/rNNkiL GARMENTS OF INFERIOR QUALITY OF GOODS A. D , M A T T H E W S <fc S O N S , 898 AND 400 FULTON STREET. T T T T tm T r m T T r? x X X are sold n» the “genuine Middlesex.” which are notmadi by that mill, the .Middlesex Company, in order to protecit their cuatemors and the public, give notice thalhoroaftH ICluihi ........................ .............. not made to protec cuatemora and tlvc public, tiivo notice thalhoroa ft^ all Clulhmg made from tbo MIDDLKSKX STANDARD INDICO BLUR FLANNKLH AND YACHT CLOTHS, sold by all leading clothiers, mvist bear the “ SILK HANG- Elt.'j.’* furnished uy the Selling Agents to all parties or-. dering the goods. ------- WKNDBLL, FAY A CO., SELLING AGEN7B MIDDLKBKX COMPANY, 80 and 83 Worth st. New York; 37 Frauklln st, Boston; 2 (4 Chestnut st, Philadelphia. m H E G K E A T BAMBOO D o r s e t , Made of COUTIL—Absolutely anbreaka*. !e. MM MM A XTTTTTTTH HERBW W W ^BBa M M ilA A A T T U H E W WW W r f M M MA A T T II HERB W W *’88® SSa -• OFFER TH E IR RECENT IMPORTATIONS OF MAGNIFICENT TABLE NN N NN N N N N N NN N NN KKH K EKE NN N NN N N N N N NN N NN 8®^B S«c8 ^ PRIOR 81. The Great BAMBOO, made of “ Contil,” booed ;r.th geuaine Japanese Bamboo, will outwear any other 2 corsets. J«'or sale by ed ;fith H. BATTERMAN, BroadnJ K. i u d l k y a s o n s , l e a v i n g f o o t FULTON STREET DAILY. 8:30. 0:00, 9:30. y and Orabam av, Brooklyn. _____ _ corner Grand and Allen sts. BLOOMINGDALE BROS., corner Fifty-eutb st. and JNO?E. KAUQURAN 4 CO., Broadway and Ninth rt. J. A. BLUXOMB, comer Twonty.flrst at. and Siith ar. KHRICH BR09., corner Twenty-fourth at. and Eighth avenue, Jobbera soppHod M A Y E iS's^R O U ^ 4 OO., « 2 Broadway, N. V. ^ x A i v o s « m i s i c . 1/1 H . C H A N D L E R , J P • Piano and tnuslo rooms, 172 Montague e Great variety of muBical works, comprising best composers, in plain or elaborate bindui rolls, etc., eto. those of ng, luusio NAPKifTS, TOWELS, CRUMB CLOTHS, HANDKKROHIKFfl, &0., - ............ — At prioea never before equaled. The best makes of Eh^BROIDBRIKS AND LACES At the lowest prtoes. A. D MATTHEWS A _80NS._ WILL OFFER ON JANUARY 12 AND 13 A LINK OF s ^ P E C I M i S.A.EE. 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 COOOO o o 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 00000 o o o o o o o o o o o o o o 00000 RRR R sas, SflSSg gB B asso S b , DDD D D D D D D DDD 8 8 t 3IM MAI M M M M gBSSg ___ N N N ®SS3a . V u ,u cjL c AAA N N N u 3 , OOO LLLL M M M A A K NN »SS3^, ALSO, EXTRA 0FFBRINQ8 H0U8EKRRP1N0 GOODS, INOLUDINO LAOE CURTAINS. BLANKETS, JIAR8K1LLES QUILTS. TABLE DAMASKS. NAl’KINS, TOWELS, TOWELING, 4o„ 40. B .' ALTMAN * 00.. NINETEENTH ST. AND SIXTH AVENUE,' NBW YORK. i i u i i i i i u i i i i i i i u i i i m i i i i t i m i i i i i n i u i i i i i i i i i u i T H O U B U R N . Y0UN15 m x a . UaARNLl5Iv\;H NKXT MONDAY MORNING. Prinuipat office for the sale of tickets will bo announced in Sunday's papers. Kover.al agencies for the sale of tiokele have been ostabUjUed. ___________________ • _____ ^OAUExM V O F M U S I C . W E D N F.SDAY KVFJ^T n g . J a n u a ry 10, 1887. OONUKRT BY Brower. George V. Green, W. O’Uioily, l Bonny, bVank S. Green, George W. O’Hearns. h\ F. Barre, William Uuck, William H. O’OonDoll. J . J . B.'irnott. David Oanbert. Alonzo. O'Brteh, N. P. Bugiirdus, DeWilt Gray, MiUou C. Piko, George I*. Bargnntto, Josph Grim, Oft.-irles H. Pratlon, Wm. II. Boll, Henry Gcokler. Henry. Pmdon, Daniel Bennett, Jnlin H Oambort S. Pearwall, Geo. W, Boivia, Alfred S. Goigeoix, Daniel H.Powers, James. BtUler, James H. Garrison. John. Poller. Minor K. Bowers, James J . Groan, Uiohard L. Prnukard, F. J . Bluudcrman. J . (J. Groonu'omJ, J . W. Philtipps, }‘ “ Grim. Charles H. Pink, Wm. Griffith, F. (». P, Parmentor, Bluudcrinan BefleU, oob U, Chostoi K. K II. V Y A L RKK Y Y AA L E Y Y A A L VM Y AAA L E V A A LU j L EEW OGO L o a T. G fi GLKKS. SOLOS,' PART St)N(iS AND OUOHUSES. Reserved . Soais on sale c A NKW WAUBLER NEW WARULU8. FEE EEH ISE EE F. K LLLLEKK KKK CGG L V U niiB G 0 ll U U B B C L U U n n u 0 0 1. U U B B OGO LLLL UU BBB loneral Admiaaion. 50 cents. B Chostor Brenknph, J . H. Griffith, F. G. P, Parmentor, DavttI Bulet'ord, John R. Goldsmith, A. Perry, Joiham E. Banks. David K. Grady, James P. Perry. C'hauttooy Barr, Alexander Gardiner, T. J . Perry, Albert L. BoMow, Patrick Garrison, Wm. H. Pitts, Josiah H. Bioumeuan, Iiev'i Gill. llandUou A. Price, Kdward W. Borgon, JaccK) L Gallagher, A. A. Petersoti, Lewis A. Bal/.. Chns. W. Hildreth, James M.Powere, Wm. A. Brnsh. Kdward H. Ueiinesy, John F. Philips, Tliomas F. BolUmtiuo, Amlrowllarnsoa, Amlrsw Pulry, Alfred M. Bedell, CUaa. W. Himiaon. Walter Petty, Mathias J . Brown, ^Ym. A. Hnllel. James L. PelUt, George U. Brownell, W. W. HiggtUH, Arthur J . Pierson, J . Ruskirk, riieodoro Hahn, Henw Potitt. Oliver O. Brown, Henry H. Hatloran. Wilfiam Powell,T.D. Brower, (imirgo N. Hufnago). Adam Paine, James BassiCit, Arthur Hayes. UndRor Phillips. hVank H Hiirnnm, il.-ihnon UHughea, Thos. H. Pray. John D. Baldwin, Goo. U. Ilickoy, Patrick Pitohpr, Fred f Burns, Euclid U. Ueeg. Frederick Prankard, ! Buckinan.Krwiii D.Hiilliday, William Parsons, 1). O B C O i S U BH J.SU ^ fH O IR K E t o at tho Brooklyn Consorvatory of Music, HW Ststo Ht, Kvening. January H, at H o’clock. .Mr. Pianist. Admisaion $l.UO _ \ 7 I 0 T O l t ' B . T firstirst clanlass W i K N R i i F U R N I S H K S f c musio-PlANO or FULL OKOHiCSTKA. MU.SIO Urxi.V.S. Corner of Oxlnrd and Fulton atrouts. Orders by mail attended to. B::lr„ Fvedoriok B(»arjm. W. W. Buchi ...... am Pai Hockmeyer. Ang. O.Proger, ll. lingheH, Henry O. Perry, Tii Fred D. F. J . D. L. J. TTTT H 1 H H 0 0 RRR B n n U U RRR NN N .. H O O R R 1! Ji U U l l U N N N cS8a K a ° s s ” gBB A S®®8 A OOO QQ AA 0 0 Q S& §BD / 4 LLLL 8s3g ®ss3 A A 0 Q AAA 0 g Q 0 A A OOO Q(? U BBB gSSg U BB ®SSa - U B q i , UU BEE ’’ 8 3 “ L4TP. PORTER a THORBURN, . 419 and 491 ■ PULTON STRUBT, ooriior Pearl. n NN N Y V EEB NN N T ITT OOO RRR Y 'OO L X I C l 'I / I t G S . k O A D B M y b jb ' ftlU S I C . ' SUNDAY NHIlTr, January 7, REV. DR. OKOKUE LKBMINC, Of Boston, formerly of Australia, the eminent Kttglish divino, usually etytod on acdount of his surpassing olo- quouQo \The Australian Orator,” will deliver his thrill­ ing illustraiod lecture \\ \MAUY QUKEN OF SCOTS,” O O KRR Y Y O O U u y O It B Y Charmingly iilnstratod by a series nf dissolving views, which have drawn immouso audioncos In Boston and tho New Knglund States. Admisriion 15o. Hosorved seats 10c. and 20o. oxtra. Bos ofllco open ail day Sunday. ___ T H ‘B 'B K 6 0 K L V i f T . 'A B ¥ B ^ ^ ^ ^ A. G . S L A D E , P I A N O S . II R iver » Returning, Ic.ivo checked > tickets wl )n bout, 4 ^K) P. a. J a r a ^ City on arrival ' tickets Bold to returning to Brooklyn. F. JAN8KN, Superinteadent. of all trains, uibta. Ask for T O N G IS L A N D R A I L R O A D . W lN T K k'sGHKDUI.Il t DKPOT OORNKR O t ATLANTIC ANl> FLATBUSH a v e n u e s . BROOKLYN, DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY. FOR Babylon. 8:. U, ll ;b i A. M.. 3:25, 4:20, 5 : 2 '>, 7 :00 P. M. Patchogue.8:30 A. M., 3:25,4:20 p. M FarRooknway.8:30, U ; i ‘ A. M.. 3i25, 4:2 ), 5:25, 7:00 P. M. iSaturday nignto only, 12:10). ^ Garden City and llerapstead, b:00, 9;fi5 A. M., 1:J0, 8:25. 4:-2(\ 6:30 P. M, (10 P. M. except Saturday), Wednesday and Saturday nights only a t 12-.10. Koblyu, G]am Ouve. Glen Head (Sea Cliff). Locust Valloy, fi:00,b::i5 A. M.. 1 :30. 4:2 •.5:2\6;:30 P, M. „ „ RiverhoadandGreenport,-HOO A. M., 3:2JP. M. Sag Harbor. 8:80 A. .M., 3:25 P. . or, a HunlinKton and Northport. J»;55 A. M., 4:20,6;M p,M . Port Jefferaou, o: A. M.. 4 ;2i» P. M. „ . . , SUNDAYS ONLY. Babylon. 0:00, A. M.. d;* U P. M. Patebogue, 9:00 A. M. Far Rockaway. 9rf)0 A. IL ; 0:30 P. M. Sng llartmr. 0:00 A. M. ^G^^en^ City and Hempatead, 9^)0 A, M.; 1:30, 6:3d, ^ ^ ^ y n ^ ^ le n Co«,^Glen Head (Sea Cliff), Locust Valley, Huniing^n sud Northpnrt, 9;00 A. M., 0:30 P. M. Fort Jefferson 0 A. M. i^SAVR SQUARE AND UPRIGHT. On-monthly installmonie to suit the purohaeor. OPEN ICVRNING8. MASON A HAMLIN ORGANS, RENTED UNTIL PAID FOR. Please give us a call before looking otsewbero. WAREUOOMB. SM FULTON ST. junction Flatbuab av. ______________ C O N E Y I S l i A N P * ______________ \ O R I G H T O N b e a c h , JWlOOKLYN. FLATBUSH AND OONBY ISLAND RAILWAY. , WINTER ARRANGEMENT. On aud after NovemDer 2‘>. 1833. Trains will be run ns follows : Leaves Flatbueii av., Stopping a t Yauderbilt av, Bedford and Prospect Park a t 8:13, 0:45. and U :45 A. M. and 2:15, 3:40, 5 0:10 P. M. Leave Prospect Park a t 7:00, 8:23,0:50 and 11:53 A.M . and 2:23.3:43 and 5:08 P. M. RETURNING. Leave. Brighton at 7:40, 9:00 and 11:00 A. Bt, and 1:30, :i :00, 4 :25 and 5 :30 P . M. Train loaving Prospect Park at 7;P0 and Brighton at 7 ;40 wiirnoi run on Sundiiys. •Train louving Flatbuahav. atO:lO P, M._ E RBa | r s s B i ; F U R N I S H I N G G O O D S * A l l L ifc W l L y O N . TRADE A* W W W A A W W W W AAA A A^ W WW W AAA* W W S MARK. BARL A WH^ON’S JIEN’S LINEN COLliARS AND 0UFF8 ARE T H ^ B EST. FOR SALE EVERY. WHERE. C O C O A . ^ O L D M E D A L , P A R I S , 1 8 7 8 \J T GOLD aMEDAL, PARIS, 1878. peot Park only, _____ . P. M. runs to Pro*- ROBERT WHITE, General Superintendent W E S T B R I G H T O N y uutaxjxxfBEACHr__BUIGHTON_ 4 v/4^ BKAOH,EACH, MANHATTANANHATTAN .,ZACH,B P R O S P E l^ PARK AND CUNKY ISLAND RAILROAD, Brooklyn Depot. NINTH AV. andTWBN- TIKTH ST. (Greenwood). Excuision TICKETS, 25 c b i 1 0 N B Y \IS I/A N D , _ B M BAKER’S BAKER’S D*VKKR’S BAKER’S BREAKFAST BREAKFAST BREAKF.IST BREAKFAST CENTS. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. COCOA. COCOA. COCOA. COUGA. S t o a i U k I l i p v * *VI A 'l 'I O N A L L l l ^ O F ^ B A M S H I P S , B E - j L y t w e e n n e w YORK. LIVERPOOL, QUEENS­ TOWN AND LONDON DIRECT, sailmg weekly fro'ai Pier 3:<, North Rlrer, New Ysrk, are among the largest steanj- ohips crosiiug the Atlantic. Cabin rates $50 to $70; ex­ cursion, $iW to $I2(>: outward steerage, $28; prepaid steerage tiokets. $28; “ being $2 lower than most other liues.” Offices utf and 73 Broadway. Now York. F. W. J. HURST. Manager. Agent a t Brooklyn, JOHN O. HENDERSON A SON. 344 Fulton street ; WUhamsburgh, SMITH OQX. _____ O T A T E L I N E - ^ NEW YORK TO GLASGOW. LIVERPOOL, BELFAST OR LONDONDERRY. PASSENGER SIIC a MSHIPS From Pier 42 North River, foot of Canal gt. PaBBenger accoinmodationa uusm-paaaed. Fir«t cabin, $60 to $75; Beoond cabin, $40; Bteerage to Europe, $29. Kxcurfion tiokete a t reduced rates. These sieainors carry norther c attle, sheep,nor plgg. AUSTIN BALDWIN i OO., Agents, No. 53 Broadway. BERNARD BOGAN, Agont> 05 Court it, Brooklyn. Parcels forw.irded to all parls ol Europe by Baldwm’f European Express. _ _ _____ 'l U I O N LIT^I :x s t e a m e r s ot ot King at, for ...... . ............ ......... ..... ........... .. on TUKSDAYS. as toHowa: ; ................ .....Tuesday, Jauuary 9, 5;iX) A. M ABYSSINIA...,. ........ ruosdoy January 10, a t II :' j O A. M, Cabin paasage, $60, $8U. $lOb. Intermediate. $40. Stcer.'ige at low rates, payable in currency. WILLIAMS & GUION, 29 Broadway. New York. JNO. 0. H DKKSON A SON, 844 l'\ilton at. _______ A H O H O K L I N K , J \ . UNITED STATBS MAIL STBAMBRS. Trains leave the Brooklyn Depot for West Brighton at 6:30, 7:35, 9, II. A. M„ and 12:30,2:01.3:30, 4:45. 6, 7:15. P, M. Returning trains leave West Bnghton at 7. 8:05, 6:30, 11:30 A. M., and 1,2:30,4, 5:15,6:30.7:40 P. M. Extra trains will bo run when travel requires. Brighton Beach nnd Manhattan Beach are only ten min­ utes’ wMk from W est Brighton The Park, Vanderbilt and Ninth nv. lines, from Fulton and Catharine forrios via. Prospoct Park, run directly to the depot. pAosengers via tho Adam.? st., Boerum place and Fifth av. line transfer a t the corner of Fifth av. and Fifteenth Bt. those via the Atlantic av, and Prospect Park line from Wall Bt. and South ferries iran.-ifer a t the corner ot Ninth av.rand Park place, and thoKO via the Jay and Smith st. Imo aud Hamilton ^av. and Niuth st. line from Hamilton RIS, 1 BAKER’S BAKER’S BAKER’S BAICER'S BREAKFAST COCOA. BREAKFAST COCOA. BREAKFAST COCOA. BREAKFAST OOOOA. Warranted ABSOLUTKUy PURR OO- OOA, from wiiloh tho excess of oil haa been removed. It haa tuukx timbb toe STHKNOTii of cocoa mizod with starch, arrowroot or sugar, and » therefore far more economionl. It is dolioloua, nour- isliing, streagthening, easily digested and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. SOLD BY GROORRF r VERYWHRRB. SOLD BY GROCERS EVERYWHERE. T. A 0 O 0 O 0 0X>- OO OOOOOOOOOOOO OOO FUR LINED OIROULARS o o - o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 OOO OOO OOO 00 o o AT ASTONISHINGLY LOW FIGURES. o THESE GOODS ARK FRESH, WELL MADE AND OF BEST (iUALITY LONDON DYB. A a , Ao., AND WILL WELL REPAY AN EX AMINATION. DON'T FAIL TO VISIT THIS AFTER SEASON SALE. K . H O K T O N dk C O .. o o o Aa it is our usual custom to olose out all o o SURPLUS STOCK before taking our o o o o Annua) Inventory, we announce o o o 0 FIRST W. FRENCH LKCTUKK, MONDAY KVKNING, January 8, “THE LAND OF THE MIDNIGHT SUN.'* o NN N OOO TTTTT 0 NN N o o T o N N N o o T N NN 0 0 T N NN OOO T •Securo tickets o.irly. at (no following pbicps: Dr. n . A. TUOKHU, MU3 I'inton st. JO H N WOOD. 223 Fulton 8t, P H I L I P W. TAVLOU, 521 Fulto BROOKLYN TABKRNACLK. This Inlcuro hits boun delivered three times this season in Boston, nnd ho:» a ttraclod IhouHand?* of Uioau whoso in­ terest in this region of tioating Holds and mountains has boon (luickonod by the sad fate of DeLong aud the crow of tho Joannotte, Ihn noo'nniinnvimr views are surpaasinrly beautiful fur clearness of deUniliuii and realist ehoot. They are unoquaJ“ii fliid unanpmr.ohanle. Admi.-^&ion 50cGnl3 Children half prjou. For ibo benniil of the Sabbath school. Doors open at 7 P. M. Lecture a t 8 P. iM. A O E L r i l i A C A D K M Y . ■ 1863-CUUUKK O F LKOTURKS. JA N U A R Y 11. C A J R P n x l N G S , See W. BAKER A 00 ., DOUOHKSTICR. Mass. W, BAKBR A e g , DOBOHKSTKK, Moss. O F F I C E O F T H B L O N G IS L A N D I N - nd Park 'lamilton ^av. and Niuth t sferfei a t tho corner ot NmtU R. SOUERMKRHORN, Ferry trans from Hamilton int av. and Fifteenth sL Kngiaoer and Snot. this company. __ J HENRY BLATOHPOBD, Secretary: I T i O R T Y - S I X T H b l V i n E N D - M K C H A N - r lOS’ FIUR IN8URAKCK COMPANY, ’217 Mon- tague st. Brooklyn, January 2, IfbW—The FIVE (5> PKR CENT, semi annual dividend upon the capital stock of this demand. FULTON.AND SMITH STREETS, NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY. H THE SNOW AND WBT WEATHER HAVB COMB. ^ U K N E W C A R P E T B A R G A I N R O O M (Second floor. 5*28 Fnlton at), off Mcquettecquotte Carpetsarp' a t $1.39 Ingral At present contains a lino o M C yard. Very best quality Hartford and Lowell i Carpets. 79 cents a yard. Sheepskin mats, tX Wool bordered mats $1.24. Tapesti ivo, c'u>0 b(7ui«oots naCh, bordered mats $1.24. Tapestry carpets, 63 ots. a togetherogether withun :i lotot off luisoelianeousisoellaneous goods,ooas, includingnoiudiug make lngr< t c c 000000 o o o o o o o o o o o o 0 o o A general reduction, but a mark down in all o o goods where we have a surplus. Also, a very o 0 o o largo reduction made to close out unseason- o o ablo lota rather (hnn pack them away until o 0 o o auethor season. o LM)T b S, o o o Remombor our usual low priocs with a marked o o o o roduotion. and expect such bargains as wo o o • o o can only offer. o 9 O SEE ADVRRT1SEM e ¥ t WITH PRICKS. J. THGllBUtlN, 419 and 421 FULTON SI REKT,ooj^er Pearly ____ liugheH, Henry U. Ferry, Timothy BuuUuiHn, Michael Hanna, (»uo. 0. K. Plage, F. Cl. Berry.Ohristisn Hill, D. II. F’liinipi. I). B. Blsek. Robert A Higgins, Patriok Pollock, Norman If. B.TrroU,irruU, Danielaniel M ,Iolm I*. Patterson, OI im . J . Huudle, II. U. Peacock. W. A. iiarUni, Wm. H. Paiu\or, George W. Heim, Ohas. . Piiikuey.Guurgo W. Potter, Oauieri*. Cluinu, I«>anuts QiiigUiy. Jamei Uuinn, John A. Guinn, Arthur A. Uobbinii iL D a Br.uiloy, Juhu J Bryant, William Butt je. 'r. M. Barton, Dhas. A. Bnacb, Atigust Brown, John W. Behhui, (ieu. M. B.iyne, Chss. iiet-rs. IvoHti K. Hrycr, Wm. K. Broderick, 0. I* Heim, Ohas. Hart, .^lichaol Hatnnr, ,)ohii. Hofforn. Thomas llni-t, tl.as. L. Hail, J a s . Unllnm, ICrastus Uobbiii^ ,J. B. **enningway, Qningway, H. H. Rioh, wn H H. H. Rioh, Win. H. Broderick. U. h. Unrtiuan. Uhas. M. Roehr, Henry 19. Btirger, Lemuel M.Hatoli, Kliis 1'. Rudolph, Kdward B.irKor. ilonj. lliinna, tJeo Rooney, Wnltair U. Brunnemer, Frod’kllenneasy, JCdwd. D.Ramimn, Heu Bruphy, Francis P. Hill, Stephen F. Uuo. Wu Boivio, Alfunl L. Hrttings.B. fl. Bergen, Kdwurd J . IlaycH, Palriok Bodoll, Hiram Hurmnn. M. J ^ Uao. Wm. P.“*^ Rolfo, loliii P. Royuolds, Ifrank Riloy, Wm. U. . .. . am iiurm n n . iM. d . Riley, Bninnomor, .Fohn Henry, Ohas. U. Iluuton, Alex. Boltuor, Gustavo .M lo ----- -* * *»; • « Beir. Thi ' ------ llow.ird, J . Pi' Riddeu, James A, Reir, 'I'iioudoro J . HadfleUl, Uharles UuHonffardnu. Alex. Bnliwinkln.Jnbn K.Harliinson, G. W. Riley,llartbalow Bacon, Benj. D. llaHtings, S. B. Rogers Francis K. BiHHol), F. .M. Ho(.>nan, M. 0. Rhodes. Goo. R. BarJow, Edward 0. Hatteii, W. Kicks, Wm. II. Boivie, Harold Hartman, John KUtor, SlepUoii Bronu/>u, Jauies H. l(ondortion,tTaukP.Howe, George ll- Bailey, John P.. Hendrickson. T. U Ueova. llam lt'n.jr. Haulaen. Gnarlee J.Koitznor, Peter Huyop. Juhu K. ..... ' IhUH. J . lierle, August Adam Holms, Ctiarlo ci\rH?\Yell, Bndnn, t'has. J . Biandenborg, J , F. Hu; Brower. Ohu» Bossung, Ad( Bakor, Jacob Honeyw H, BlnDdurmaii.AlbortHoller, Joseph Butcher. David lluebner, Ohas. Brown. Wyman S. |lnj,;n, Philin Buriihani, W m .PiltU entx, J a c o b BcDiiio L, W. D. Uavlow, J o h n U. O-issIdy, .Jiiiwf’b lliMvlelt, D. A. CummingsMioh’IJ.Hotaling, M Clark, iaano Hedonborg, __ Carroll ».aurenco F.Harlin, Wm. Henry Ryan, .loUn J . Campbell'rbomns Hirsch, Ung<i Schnudf ” Corwin JtimoH H. Iluirhs, O. I*. Orogor, John NV Hicks, A. J . Ohilds. I'dward U. llanaelinnn, Ueiirj Uamsdell, Ropho Wm. J . Ryder, Stephen Rowland, S. L Rudder, Owen Rosontitall, A. W. Ryan. Edward Riley, Goo. R. Jthinohardt, O. O. W. G. _____ JohnU.Uueeu; K'Hlgorri, Wi il.,Jr. Khuues, Uohort F. tgardoii, J . John J . Cmko,t;ko, Crolly, Corwitt, Lutln Jlem-y S, IL Jacob Smith. J . J . Scliult?:. Harm’d J . Spi/»*r, Roiiort J. lulOs. Fdward U. llanaelinnn, Ilem y ,Sj»i/i*r, Roiiort r Patrifk llHunor. H. UodimmSlaudoTt. Rich'd ark, 'William Ilnvdlng, OanlnerSSniilli, Wm. K. •oily, Biohard D, JlnrlierLtYm. O..Jr.Scu!lj, Juneiib V Huiihu, Comtes T. Soliarielier. II Hailen, Wi.liam SooU, Rufus Shuio, Peter Shielila, Miohael Cxrr,lhmiyi\ Hailen, Carnithors, F. W. llmold, Ixmia F. a . Campbell, Jnivm Hall, Jonathan Cadmus, Wm. H. N.llall, Matthew Hon, SF.TH LOW;. Mayor of the City of Brooklyn. •‘L U H tA U lfS .” •January 18, Rev. C .'ll. Fowler, D. P ., LL. D , of New York, “Mnsclo and Brains.” January 25. Professor Robert Spice, of Polytechnic lustitiito, Brooklyn, '‘Light and Color,” J''obruary 1 , vocal h-doctioue; Miss C irne Chris- tacloro sopr.ino; Miss R. Lillie Ohrisladoro. alto; .Mr. George KijjrJ, t.enor; Mr, KJwavJ W. Bray, bcaso. Foli- ruiiry S, A. Vurona, ,^I. D., of Brooklyn. “The Developmiuit of Altnd if) the Lower with free hand drawinas. Fehruary 15, Proie.^sor O. T. Wiiiohebter, of , - - Wnaloyan University. \An olcl Cs^Me.” ; Crummo Wioklnim (friend and pupil of Olurlotte Cushman), of 1 New Y<»rk, roading.s, Marcli 1. II. D. Henodict. Kaq , of C.vllnhan Brooklyn. “ BfMumarchais and his Lawi-uit, 177J.’* March Cooper,' fl, Hon. S. S. t/O.Xi Member ol OongroHs from New York. I Cammo” \Afriesn Htunor.” March 15, Dr. James I,. Farley, of .ms, Wm. It. A.liall. Matthew ShaughnuMsy, S/I. Cole, R. H. Hosch, George Stovoa, R. S. Uampliell, W. ll.Jr.llowlana, Wm. B. Hawyer, Cna.s. 0. Cobb, h'lodorick Hendnr.Hon, N. P. StovoiiH, Fred. JJ. Cornwell, Nathan’l Hurd, Wm. B-. J r . Suhilling, John A. Cornwell, Ham’i H. Ingraham, Wm. II. Seedikor, «Iolm D. * OiNyton.-lolm H. InsraUivm, H.C. M.,Sawtello, F. If, ()arhOM, Josoph Ioj.»raha»n, George Summers, Wna. M. U o I khii . Goorge Jrving, Jatnort Stone. Aaron O.itlioy, Henry F. iHaaoaon, Ad«)Jpli . Snediher, Attr; Onmo. I. B. Jromonger, Goo. Cornwell, 'rhoodorojono.-, Orv/lJ O. J . W. J e n ls. F. Carter. Horatio A ,/ohn.smi, E. A. Com-.\(ly,HowardC.Jaggui-d, John Corueli, J . K. Jonot, Danto) Oil..** If Straohan, Jamost - Straohan, Wni. If. bohomlea, PliUUi iJoljjli . Snediher, Attry Geo. Smith, John SifiB, Garritt boUomlea, FI Crowell’ .Silas H. Joimaon, Frauk U, 8iinpKo^*Wm, Oouuolly. ftllch’ltJ. Jnctit, Uharloa Strong, W. 1). 0.vwlhonm.J. P. W.Jeromlah, Wm Conrtnoy, John Jage, Fred. Cordes. John H. Juengst, (.Uioa. Carr. Patriok Kooier F«l. S. StrinKham, Collins,avonhagon, J . S. Kluiiilein, John P. Stavonhiigi lit,lit, Sfophonfuplion King,ing, Josephoseph B. Sawyer,wyer, Wi - mg. W. . South, Torronod J. Solomon, l.g>ri - jmon, I j . .. Stryker. FrancU Htringnam, iC. D. . ........ bt F. (A)ju .S K J B. Sa Wm. P. Connelly, Robert Kiunoy, Koheri B. Suinmora, Wm. U, Uampbull. D. G. Koll./, Daniel M. Skillnj I'.w.ttut- Vi..n.ilAa . VrnUii* .IniMrka It Vttv.Ot. Brot/jcl}-;!. mi R E i 'l T B A V C I . , T H A W S P O K T A T I O W , gcc, ■ S l e a i n s l i i p K . r H I T B S T A K L I N E . TO OUKBNSTOWW AND LIVKRPOOL. IIATIO .................... THURSDAY, Jno. U , 3 W P. M. IMANIO .................. SATURDAY, J an. 20, 2 JO P. M. r'UBUO .................... THUR.SDAY. Jan. ’25,3:00 P. SI. FROM PIER 52, NORTH RlVaU. Cabin rates, ®ft), 880 and 9U)0, Steeraaa tickets from the Old Country. $30; return tiokets at roasonablo rates. N. B.—Theso steamers do not carry cattle, sheep or pigs. For paflflsge tiokeU or drafts payable on demand every* Where Iu EngUod, Ireland, Scotland, Sweden and Norway, fttlowestrates.apply to V. ALDRIDGE, 12 OourtsLand JOHN P. MORGAN/SJ Broadway, Wilnamaborgh, k J. CORTIS. 37 Broadway, k Y. X K A N S A T L A N T I O comDao/ is payable on ■WALTKR NICHOLS. Sooretary. _ k W l O E C I T I Z E N S * IN S U R A N C E C O . NO. 15$ BROADWAY. DIVIDEND siook; also an inte HALF PER CENT, demaqffi ______ ____ on the reserved fund is parable on F ' PARKER, Seorotar^ able o 3IA V 1 N 4 .S R A IV K . r i B N B R A L V r PAPANY, N Y .bototwoea ______ Pier (new). No. 42 North River, t< Travelers by ibis line avoid tri and tbo discomforta of crossing the l I X T Y 'F I E T H D I V I D E N D — 'BROOKLYN SAVINGS INSTITUTION. 160 and 162 A tlantic aV'^-De^sitors are hereby notifi^ that inter­ est at the rate oi Four per cent, per annun NKW YORK AND GLASGOW. tr.._ . --\^^'ONDRBHy. River, Now York. From P ier : AT n a B A P R. K S^-Oj' A \n'i .i B 4 O.’ a I t f r M Second cabi; IV VUKtVAIVi^ UijAOtti Via, LONDONDRBHY, ier 20, North River, Noi OIROARSlA.Jan. 13,8 A.M. FURNESSlA.Jan 37.8 AM. B rH IO P IA ..Jan. 20,3 P.M. ANOHORJA.Feb. 3, I P. M. Raloa of passage to GLASGOW, UVKBPOOU Bl-.I.F-'VrtT, or LONDONliURRY. ahins $80 to .$80, Kzcumi&n tiokota at reduced ra ■ , Repaid o a n a d .1 .. Oheoka dra'wn tosniL For b New York and Havre. Oompany’a No. 42 North River, toot of Morton at. ak.f„ .2 -------- - ---------- fa English ___ ______ .nnolnnel inn asmmall .n 06 day, January 10. 6:00 A. ] .....Wodneaday, Jan. 17,12 noon. Wedn ’ ’ PERK IBS... AMBRIQUB “ ------ > _-jgJish railway B of crossing t Oha i a s bogt. ....Wednesday, January 10. 6:00 A. if. mnu en .ltu 7 /J L 'S td under, and at the rate of Three per cent, per anntm i sums in excess of two thousand and not exceeding one iousand dollars, will be credited depositors oo the 81st land after Jai *\ ' ■* FOB PHILADELPHIA. Express f^r Broad street st-ition, P h ilad e l^ia^5^i5, 7 I S i ^1 rfi '’\J lol'\'So.* s -iX)' 'a n d 'u * X)’ P .' m '. ^ Sunday, 8-.bO ( 0 : 0 ;) Limited) and . . - .... .... P|.y ;3 p ..... , and 12 iia) niglu. .. . JO.-OO A. W .; 4;00, 7:W. :W. 8;W;W andand 9:00:U P. M. ami 12:00 night. F.miKraut ami seceud class, 7:00 P. M. Bxpreas for Phi)A<ic<phia. via Camden, 7:20 A, M. and 4:00 P. M., exce;/t Sunda;unday. U;lXt, 7 8 9 lUd seceud class, 7:( via Camden, M.. exco;*t S t*DH ATLANTIC CITY. econd cabin, $40. Steorage, outward. $29, Prepaid. $90. Drafts Is.sued a t lowest rates, payable (free of charge) throughout England. Scothmd aud Ireland. or 15. J. SNOW, /U Court st, Brooklyn. Open baturday eveumgs from?:3(J to 9 o’clock. f M P E K i T i T G i i m a i l .” B x r r o s s , e x c e p t iS u n d a y , Buoday, 5:00 A. M. I’OU CAPE M.AY. Ilzoress, o.rcepr Nundxy. and 11:10 A. M. day only 1 :(KI P. M. Boats of Uroiiklyn Annex connect with at Jerbey City, affordii 'kl/o trnre]. :>datiuu NORTH GERMAN LLOYD STEAMSHIP LINE 5:15 a : M ,'and 1:00 P. M. On BETWMKN NEW YORK. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN. ftroo'. Aoooiuind P. 0*. On Satny- all tbrougn trains lirect transfer for ily. affording a speedy aud direct t io lor TrentoUi ^5:3J A.M., 2:W and 4:40 ediato sta- ' : 00 , noon. ODER ...... DONAU.., Long Branch, Bay Hoad Junction and interme< tioiu, via ilniMvay and Amboy, b:OQ A. M., 12 3::{Oand 5:iX) P. M. On Sunday 9:00 A. M. ( 3:;«»ana »:<x> Ai. At*»p a t Aabury P/*;k.) Newark and irii^RlHith. ;00. t! :20. 7:30, 8:35. 9:Ck‘, 9;I0, 10:10. J1:1‘> A. M., 12;W. 12;1U. I:Oih 2:00, 2 ::iO. 3 :00. S:2‘>, 4.<K), 4:10. 4:30, 5 :0:), .5:lu, 5;20, 5:3-.). 5:40, 5:5'), H:lu. 7;0u. 7:3 <, H:45, J0;0 i. .................................... .. MUShi. ^undsv, 8:15, y;0»i and 0:; 57i.\ l‘;45 P. j N«-w«rx only, 7 ;t>>j ami H-.U) Af M.. 4:,;o p. M. \reek dajB, abtv.t>. 6:3U 8:in, 8;3l». l»:00, .4:10. 10;10, :bt A. BL, I2:(f0 Al.. r2:lo, i 3:20. COMPANY’S P IER, FOOT SECOND ST, HOBOKEN. .....Sat., Jan. 20 Jan. 27 Bates of passage from New York to Southampton, Havre or Bremen: . . First Gabin,...................................... $100 Second Cabm.......................................... GO bleerage .............................................................. jp ............................. Wedneadoj^ Ja n . 34, 6 A. M. . on credit, Lyonnais, or Paris, m amounta freight and passage a p p l y to LOUIS D « BEBIAN. Agent. ________________________ Ko. e Bowling Green, N. Y. C o a f c i i . w i # o _ R i e a m e r » . TVTHW Y O R K A N D C U B A M A I L S T E A M X l SH IP COMPANY, FOR HAVANA DIRECT. ONLY W EEKLY LINK OF AMERICAN STEAMURK From Pjor 16 East River. S P. M. SARATOGA ................ . ............... SATURDAY. January 13 NIAGARA .................................... SATURDAY. January SO These steimers are all large, new iron ships, built ex­ pressly for this trade, and their passenger aocommodationa are unsurpasnecL JAMES a. WARD * CO., Agente, 113 Wall st, N. Y. |\ l H A k L B S T ( ) N , S A V A N N A H , F L O K - V ./ IDA AND THE SOUTH AND SOUTHWEST. For OH AHLB8T0H, S. 0 ., M 3 P. h . From Pier 27. North RWer. foot of Park place: •DKLAWARV:.. .Captain W innett ................ Wed., Jan. 10 OITy OF COLUMBIA. .Captain ■WoodhulL..8at., Jan. 13 J a m e s w . (^ u i n t a r d a o q ., A g e n u . Via SAVANNAH. Go,. 3 P. M., From Pier 43. North River (Now No. 35). foot of Spring st. CITY OFSAVANNAH,.CaptainCalbarine.Wed., Jan. 10 CITY OF AUGUSTA...Oantaiu Nickerson...Sat*, Jan. 13 rl. Y O N G B .Ja. agent. Stoamors marked thua- doj: ‘ Insuranoe of one per ceut., at destination, if ioaur th t ____ ___ n ^ payabla G zah PpyyiNQ, SeoretaryT ij 00 credited dopositors on the 81st B O O k L Y N S A V I N G S B A N K , J A N U A - ---- upjj, laws and rales, interest at the rate of. FOUR ' ry 1, 1888—Depositors in this bank are hereby noti- conformi^^with its by - .......................... has this day been credited to them a i th e rate o __ PER GENT, per annum, on so much of each of their ao- counts as does not exceed one thousand dollars, and a t tha rate of T H R E E PKR GENT, per annum cn the excess thereof. By order of the the Board of Ti-uatees. JOHN A, LA riMKR, Cashier. 171 A S T B B O O K L Y N S A V I N G S B A N K . Jni643 Myrtle av, corner Franklin. Forty-fourth dividend. —Depositors are hereby notified that the truslcos uf this bank h ir e declared the nsua) eemi aonnai interest on all sums entitled thereto, at the rate of FOUR PER GENT, per annum .on all accounts not exceeding $3,000. and on such acoouiits as oiccod $3,000, at the rate of THREE PER CENT, per annum on the excess. Interest payable on and after January 15. Denosita made o n o r before January 10 draw interest from January I. « « T, DARWIN It. JAMKS. President. E ugene F. B ahneb , Treasurer. T f c l M l S S A V I N O S B A N K O P B B O O K L Y N , J j ^ 367 and 309 Fulton at, Brooklyn, December 1 4 ,18^ ^ 'h e trustees of this bank have directed that on the first day of January. 18S3, Interest at the rate ot FOUR PER CKN'T. per annum for tbo six months ending December 31, 1682, be carried to the credit of all depositors entitled thereto, payable on and after January 15.1^3. , _ B. L. HUSTED. President. J. W. HUNTEit, Treasurer. B. H. H untikqton , Seoreiary. efore dayot 20. 5 :50, i . 11:30 V. M.. and 12 1 Return tickeU a t reduced rates. Prepaid staerage (ideates, flt $24. riteamera sail from pier between iLc and Third ats, Hoboken, N. J. . . . J agents of tho re- apeetire lines as above, office oo pier, or to W. H. RHKTT (Teneral ig e n t Great bouthern Freight and Pa: Lines, uoioo oifice, 317 Broadway, New York City S t e a i i i b o a i S k , 1 - P'‘^ b Ainboy and South Amboy 6:00 and 9:10 and U ;in A, M . 2;'<l, 3.0’^ ■!;:»'>. 4 :40, 5;iJ0. 5:20, 7 ;(J0, M..enu IJ.IMJ nigbt. Sunday, and 9.30 A. ftL. I 4 o. 7r> <•. H. M.. and n>ght. HSt .lI.JiKfona, rtiifi 1J ;}■••.!. .1. M., KiUK^t-maud Ko.-kj iiil) 6:3‘i A. M..,4:IUP.M b:3^), ! 1 .’I) A. M.. 1:0«A 2:( I. auji ........ ............. , 1:10 A. M..3:20 2:00 and I • ;3y and l l :10 A. M, and Camden 0;.S0 A. h Ju; . . :-i‘K LambHritille, 6:3'. .nui U :in A. M , 1:0 :<)G, 8;20 and 5:00 :00 'P, M. l'7bmingtG», «>:3 > v«d Jl^.-Id A. am 3;2iJP. M. ...................... ... o. 7 K M., and l-J:-*!) n>gbt. rtiifi )i :}■ M., S'-i.'Oami 4:3u P. M. 6:3'»A. M . Prlnce- M., 1:0«A 2; j 0. 4:40. 7;0O P, M. I .IOA. M , 1 g , 8;20 and 5 loti, iFtnlliPi -4«rt ^-amdcn.3:15, 7 .2*.1. i .' u A u S;4n»nrt7 ■)-) 1‘. M. l'“or freight or passage, apply to OELKIOHS & CO., No. 2 Bo.riing Green. N. Y. J. LEHREffKRAUSS, 377 Fulton st, AgenU for Brooklyn. Ji-.t. ‘LS'J end I 'I'rvmon, Honltfutou ]\/ffO N A H C n S . S. C O M P A N Y . U l SAFETY. COMFOR'' AND EC0N05IY. *J't> (JUEKNSTOWN, LIVERPOOL and all points on the ^ Gomineut, via LONDON. RATES LOWKH tbau by any other line, to .and frpmall p.'*rt8of EUROPK PATTON, VJCKICBS A CO., Goneral AgenU. ^ ^ o5 BROADWAY, NEW YORK. S. L. ROWLAND, General A g ent for lA>ng islMd, _ ____________ 991 m y r t l e AVENUE. 1 U N A K D L I N E . 0 . E R M A N I A S A V I N G S B A N K 1’. M. huisquan. U;3U J!ignl’»toujj, and (J > P. M.. vi:« Momuauth Junction. pFiwiiFrom Ur'JU^ftjid 11-21 i5;00 4Uni 2:f'Ai. Jligi’i’.foujj, j M. and 5 P. M.. vi:« At ■UVwog srtife ' Pitt'* ... __________ aud 10:20 P._M. aril.*'. From WaaUiQgton ac /n a / e , ;. , » . » ) A M , J .-V ) , ii ).:#5 aj P - K . Sunday,0:3/», p ;.)I> a . J t , li>:» and I0:5u From Haltmmre. 1:20 P M ..on Sunday. 8:35 i Elis' 1 ; ^ ; “ ’0:20.10:35 - - ^ • 'N1 A ,, . ...........................,W*Rilnesday, Jan. 0:■■;() A. i CATALONIA. PARTHIA. 1. M.,7:30 'III SAO.a-.M; lO•.a^ 10:35 in'll P. b f ' ' ’&BciaS; 10t!ir>au<« A. .u,. Ticket offices, 435.849 nnd 944 Broadway, No. 1 Astor Aouee, and foot of Desbrossea wid Cortlandt ats. New . 7 o rk ; No 4 Court st. and Brooklyn Annex Station, foot of Fulton at., Brooklyn; Nos. 114, l i e and 118 Hudson At, Bobok<^n; S u tiou, Jersey City; Salgrant ticket office, 3Pi«r I, New YorY Tha NawYork Transfer Company will call for and oheck I^Sgglge from hotels and rosidencHi. . « h a r l e s .........W e d n e sday, Jan. 3, noon. ..Wednesday. Jon. lt», 6:30 A- M.- . ............. Wednesday, Jmi. 17, noon .........................Wednesday. Jan. 24. 6;00 A. M. * And Bveiy following Wednesday. KATES OF PASSAGE: ^ .^ h iu passage, $80 aad $ 10 o. according toaonommoia- Tickets to Paris 815 additional B etam tiokets oo fator* ablo terms. Steerage a t very low rates. Steerage tickets from Liver­ pool and (jueonatown and all other parts ot Europe iR low­ est rates. Through billa of lading given for Belfast, Glasgow. Havre. Antwerp and other ports on the Continent a ^ f o r Meditorranetn porta. For freight and passage apply a t the company’a office. No. 4 BovrlingGreen, New York. VERNON H. BROWN A OO., Agents. or for Europe^ drafts a t Jowea ^. 3(5 Atlaiilio nr, n c u Oinrt ft, Mio m e a t ret isofi. BteeUfa. ?O^^S% ^AST. REDUCED FARE $3 to Boston for First class tiokets, good only aa specibed on their face. The elegant steamers HEIODR ISLAND on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and NARRAOANSETTon Tues­ days, Thursdays aud Saturdays leave a t 4;30 r . M. FROM PIER S3. NORTH RIVER, foot of ilay st. New York, arriving in Boston a t 6 A. M. Tiokets for sale at all principal ticket offices. State­ rooms secured a t offices of Westcott Express Company, a t Nos. 207,381, 307. and 421 Broadway, and a t Fifth avenue and Windsor Hotel ticket offioea in New York, and at940 Fulton fit. and liTH Washington st, Brooklyn. PROVIDENCE LINK FOR FREIGHT ONLY. Steamers leaveifrofii Pier 29 North River, foot of War* th r ^ ner cant, p e r a n u m o: ren St, at 4 ;30 P. M, dally (Sundays excepted) for Boston o i ^ r after January 16,18^. via Providence d iteot., ^ « ig h t via ei tberiine always taken • m*Je <>a or befer at tho lowest rate^ 0 . 8 . BABCOCK, President, F . W . P o p p l e , Acting General Passenger Agent. ^ T I L L I A M S B U R G H S A V I N G S B A N K . ¥ T NOTICE. Depositors are hereby notified tnat a semi annual Inter- estat tho rate of FOUR PKR UKNT. per annnm on all toms of three dollars and npward and not exceeding $5,(X)0. that shall have been deposited three months on the first day of January next, will' after sited three months o n __ paid to depositors on and MONDAY. JANUARY 15,1883. Deposits made on or before the 2nd day of January will draw interest from January 1. a M. MEEKER, President J OHM B rcaobu Oaahler. thi J j ^ A L L E I V B B L I N K REDUCTION OF NEW YORK TO BOS' NEWPORT, $2. FALL R _____ _ Limiiad tickets, corresponding reduction to all Soatem ELEGANT RTRAMRRS NEWPORT AND OLD COLONY, or Vnrk rfiiilv. *RtimlArMATnAntAit. at4:30P. M Tickets and state rooms may be secured in New Y< all p n n d p al hotels, transfer and tioket offices, a t th e offloa on pier 28, and on steamers. Also a t 118 Broadway, E. D., 730 Fulton at., 4 Court st., and a t Annex offloe, Brooklyn. - GEO. L. CONNOR. General PuM nger AgeaL BOBDJBif A L ovsll , Agents, B R L D G E P O f i T . Leaves PferNo. B u i Rlvor, a t 3 00 P . M. tootof Thirty* 8 n t «t, RiTor. 8U5 P. hL cUUr« S im d v f OF KINGS COUNTY. 375 FULTON STREB t T o PPOSITE OITY HALU The Board of Directors of this bank have declared a div­ idend a t the rate of four par cent, par aunum on so much of ,ch account as does not ezeoed $1,500, and at the rate of r cant, per the excess thereof, payable Deposits made ^ o r'b efo re January 10, will draw interest from January 1.1833. . Bang open daily from 8 to 3 o’clock, and Monday and Saturday evenings from 5 to 7 o’clock. F. A SCBROEDHR. Prvsident F. K ocb , Cashier. H. OsiLiffo; Secretary. J, LgHRgyKAAPBS, Treasurer. c o a A j A r m v r o o i > » j A V I D i^ I E L I C K , - OEAIJCR (N c o a l a n d ffOOO- UOAL AND WUCD GOAL AND WOOD. GOAL AND WOOU 111 MYRTLE AVKNuiS.doar BRIOHE nTBRBT d U I i f l N C Y S . fiTBAHBR B08EDALB C M O K Y O H B I N B y S O U K R D O ' OR NO CHARGE. TRB ‘’GOTHIC” CHIMNEY TOP PUT UP DN TRIAL FOR THIRTY DAYS. J. E WHITLEY. 199 FULTOIi STREET. 0 N » LOT WINTER ULSTERS, SUPERIOR GOODS, REGULAR PRIOR $10 TO $20. RE- DUOBD.TO $3 AND $10; ONE LO'P CLOTH OIROULARS $5, HALF PRICE. THB BALANCE OF OUR STOCK OF FURS, CLOSING OUT REGARDLESS OF COST yard, t w a l o lu g i a few odd made up carpets. WlLLfAM BERRI’S SONS, Leading Carpet House in Brooklyn, 524,526,528 Fulton at Sil’K C VA L . ]Y O T IC £ lN , T E G G A T B U O T H E R I S , JL J c h e a p e s t b o o k s t o r e in THB WORLD. 270,848 Magnificent Gilt and Gorgeous Juvenile Books almost given away. O a talo^e free. Send stamp, 81 Chambers st, near Oily Hall Park. New York. 'T l t O r i r ! L A X A T I V E . 1 F^R O P IO F U I J I X L A X A T I V K . moDti remlinir.i nnd rocitnuous. i . mo - tures to c-omniGlico a t 8 o’clock; d«x*rH open a t 7:15. Ad- tuisslou, 25 c o ats; tickets for tbo com-.-*p, to bo pro­ cured nt tb** Acp.ileiuv, or of oitht*r ot the undersiKUod. Wm. Af. fngrrthfliri, 47B OlJnton nv: John 0. Perry, 460 WusUingtou av; Edward H. Kidder, 110 Gatos av, lioo* (ure Committoo. TTTT'l’ RRRR OOO p p p p n c o c o T R R 0 0 p p n 0 0 T R R o o p p II o T URRU o 0 p p p p n 0 T R R o o p n 0 T K R 0 0 p II 0 0 T R R OOO p II c o c o D A iV C k N G . M K L V 1 L L 1 5 -S T 4 ,| I t X d a n c i n g a c a d e m y , 555 ''- - ' nn«p st, Alailauio Mclvillo’fl Mini le. Send for circular. Herkiti P R I V A T E Albujlic av. and 752 aUire Dancing Guido f B A L T H . weakness of thie — E X H A U S T E D V I T A L I T Y , i! th genital organs and nervous aebility anently cured by the genuine DR. RL- pills, $1.75 • 2fW pills, $3; 40'.) pills, 85. 5 A BOLTON, 264 and 260 FaUoa sU i p u f i B IN D I A T E A S F R O M T H E D I S - MT triots of Assam, Chittagong, Uaohar, Kangra Val­ ley, Darjeeling, Dobra Doon and others. Absolute^ Pure. Superior in Flavor. The Meet Keonomleal. Re­ quire only half the nsua) quantity. Bold by all grocers. JOHN 0. PHILLIPS AGO., Agents of the CaloulUTea Syndicate, 130 WATER ST, N. V._____________________ I ^ I A M O N D E A R R I N G S . FINE UTONES a F T o WEST PRIOES. WILLIAilf WISE, 239 Fulton fit, oppofiito Clark. w i 7 v e r 7 FFFF RBRR U F R R U F R U U IT F RRRR V P R R U F R B U R UUU II U II n ^ lT T U II T u n T U It T IT H T U- I t T A AA A A A A A A A A A LLLLLA C X A X X AA X X ' A A X A A X X A A A „ X X A A AX X A A VRKEB II V V K U V V K II V V KKR II V V K II VV R 11 V KERB G O L D A N D T. K. HOBTOH t 0 0 . I N S V n A N C E . B R O K E N worn out, bought by R. LONGMAN’S SONS, Gold and Siver Refiners and Assayerfi, No. 9 John fit, New York. ^ ^ H A T O I L IS T H E B E S T T O B U i l N 7 IS BETTER THAN PILLS OR OTHER PURGATIVE MJSDIOINK THU DOSE IS THE ACTION IS PROMPT. THE TASTE IS DELICIOUS. LADIES AND CHILDREN LIKE IT. ONE TRIAL PROVES ITS EXTRAORDINARY CURATIVE VALUE. 7RY A 25 OJ?NT BOX SOJJ> BY ALL DRUG- GISTS. _________________________________ ^ __________ riN A lV C J A X .. ^ l O O T I N E N T A L IK S U R A N O E C O . NET SURPLUS*,******,,,*. . ...... ......... . 1,401,861.28 *4,^,005.29 tiyour grocer does not have it send a postalal cardard too J. H, 7'iEMANN, Manufacturer and r 34 MYRTLE AVKNUR. S«cniUry BrooklynJ)9p»rtm«rt. A T L A N T I C MUTOAI, 0F F I0K .\5 i ' W A lr:‘*STRBfST. 0ROANIZRD.,'tB42. IKJ-J iM s in u ts AND W lL lv -ISSU B jPpLiO I.BS dfU>ANIZKD lAINBT MARI n k a n d AVIOATION R18K& m a k i n g INLAND LOSS ABSBT3 F O R * 'T M ’'SBOUROT^OF” r r S FOLIOIKS ABB MORK TUAN TBN MILLION DOLLARS. The profiU of the company revert to the tfisured, ana are divided annually upon the premiums terminated d ar­ ing the year, oertinoates for whtoh are issued, bearing interest ua accordance with its ohaner. J. D. JONES, Prosidont. CHARLES DENNIS, V?oe PresideaL W. a. a. 5100RB, SenHd Vf.a Pre,iidest. A. A. RAVEN, J. H. CHAPMAN. SecretuT. Ktf, Seaond vise Proai Third Vice Preoident. 1 3 H E N I X I W S U K A N O S ^ J t t F A P l K t r .......... BBppgI(YNu..N. V . INSURJSS A< 8T.^rRMB: »U UA AR RY T 1. 188X CAPITAL In UNITED STATES BONDS. RKSERTK FOR r e i n s u r a n c e * B ro... WET SURPLUS ....................... ...................... ASSETS.... FIRA 1,000,000.00 1,81.5,207.78 811,607.09 ....... OFFl 0 * is V * * • * * ....... 83,828,874.87, Wa 18 COURT STRBR^. BROOKLYN (NBW PHENIX BUiLDING4, WO. 88 BROADWAY. RROOKLTN, K. D^ .. AND IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK. B r o a d w ^ ^ « r .„ ^ e y s te e o t. STBPHRN OKOWBLL, President P hila FDKB SHAW, Vioe Preeideat ahd Seoretaty. . WuxiABT OfiABTUts. Assistant Sec^etm AiiDEK S. CnOTncLL, HMager, Baslera Distriet. E. HA6iHinjHBT»j»9crartAry Brooklyn D e^rim m L C O P A K T ^ ^ B I R S H I P . N O T I C E S . O T I C E I S H B U E B Y U I V B N T H A T nors, i s jf i^ lv e d by mutual consent, ■lAvy:, 1883--Dated December 21 ,1883. RICHARD N. WENMAN. aa apeoial.pan^ V on and after the 29th R » t2 l, 1^3 . WARREN PROVOST. W. ROMKYN VRRMtLYg, k sons. WARREN P- and k j u i m n a. artLki^tmkJo, end that the established business of manufaeburing and seUiug eilk laces and iaco goorls mil hereafter be continued nndvr the name of A. G. JENNINGS A SONS, at their Loco Works, P ark av. and IW i fit, Bfoaklra, and at their warehouse aud fialesroore, 473 and 475 Uroome sL New V o r . . - J , n u . , .. I8S5. ^ < f e iJ|N N l N G 8 ,^ ^ ^ ^ CLIYKS T. JBNHXKaS, TIEMANN’S LUNAR OIL IS THB BBST, PUHBST AND SAFEST I'oiOil Stovei. Student lAmpfi, Bracket Lamps, ets. NO SMOKB OR SMBLU ^ *' * • ^ t c t 1 Patentee. n O M T F m i A U FOR THE HEAD, SCALP AND H A i a Thousanda write os. on arriving home weatr aud worn, the brain overwrought and tlrca out, that, after bathing with COMIKBRA, they feel refreshed and ready for another day’s work. lb, I t soothes, exbilaratcfi and strengthonB the bead and brain. Minifitora, doc' FIRST MORTGAGES. boukkeepe»,oukkeepers, b mat girls and every one haueted should use it. U eradicates all diseases of the scalp and skin, removes dandruff, and keeps the h sir soft and silken. We ask you to try it-, ana after using ooe-thlrd of a bottle, if not satis- fled, R ^ dealer and your money shall be DK. MANSFIELD’S AMERICAN COUGH SYRUP For coughs, colds, hoarsehces, sore throat, whooping cough, afithma, bronchitis, hay fever and all pulmonary diseases. “ I t acts like m ^ i c .” The use of one bottle will prove its claim of superiority over all others. THE D R GIBBS MANUFACTURING CO., 114 VARIOK. STREET. NKW YORK, U. 8. A. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGI8T3. WH0LK8ALK AND RETAIL AT IRISH’S DRUG.ANlfc BOTANIC PHARMACY. 31. AND 83 FVLTON STREET. W B L O O M B H O L I D A Y G I F T . A. YEAR'S UaSA BERSHIP IN THS Montivgue at, near Court. 70i0(» VOLUMES, ~300 PER100I0A L 3 . B y U R T I N OF MUSIO AND OF NKW BOOKS OF ieS3 FBEK. ANNUAL SUBSORIFTION. ®5, . PrloaOf GompleteiAnalytloalCatalogue->AtithQrfl^TRIfti«. Snbjeota and CIaaaee-»to New Subscrlbert. by the year, $8. C L A I B T O T A N T S * ^ P 6 B c b n t . Large security. Somctbing new. Send for circular. FRANCIS SMITH A CO., Indianapolifi. Ind, ¥ > R B N f I S S * S f A P L E a t r 208 MONTA(;UK 8THEKT, AND n WALL STURKT. NEW i'ORK. MEMBERS OF NEW YOKE STOCK F.XCHANGJ5. Detlere in New York hnd Brooklyn invobimont atcuri- tiefi. State, county and city hondb, g.id, city, r.dlroad, bank and insurance company stockii. r p H l T B K b O K L Y N T U U S T 1 5 o ; m j ^ ^ Comer of Montague and Clinton sta. Brooklyu, N. k. This Company is aubhori/.od by speoial charter to act as receiver, truiteo, guardian, executor or ailmlnislrator. It can act as agent in tne Hale or munsgement nf real estate, collect interest or dividends, rcculvo registry and transfer books, or mako puvohase and sulo uf Covermnent and other securities. Religious and charitable in;«tituiions, and pf^rsoas nn- accustomed to the transactiun of business, will find this Company a safe and convenient dopu^itur; for moaey. CHARLES H MARVIN, Vico Fr«iilent, TUUSTKBS. John P, Uolfe, Ohas. U. .Mr^rvin, A.A. Lew. B. F. Knowlton, Dan’l Chaimcey, Henry K. Sheldon. H. B. Pierrepout, Josiitb O. l^w . John T. Marlin. Aioz. M. White, Frederic Cromwell. Edmunsi W. Oorlies, Henry Sanger,. Alex. McCue. ______ _____ _ WXLLIA.M H. MALKBecreUry. l.O A K S . T t f l O K B Y T O IVOAN iT A ON BONO AND MORTCAGK. In sums t>8Uit a t 5 and d per cent. Bi'.lhlerti' loans nego- tiatod. WlLLlXhV BRIDGE. _____________ 1C< Willoughby at, near City Hall, R U i N A N C K - K l K l ! ] ' J i I A l I l ’S —B X T K N \ . ^/S SIONO OFF IN TUBUB EUiH'ijUlGHW ANDND TWKNTV-WENTY _ 5C0ND WARDS—In Conimon Council, Tuesday, oember 26, 1882 , stated ^:elisic^n^. fcho following was p/ie- E i N i 7 v N d i u i ’\s s o J u T o F o i l u a n u - t Y mg, 228 (Jarroll fit, corner of Court. GunrantecH tbo waltr in throe private I msoun . for 8\*: lesBona all hours; ulofisen forming for ehildrouaml adults; alt the fashionable dances guaranteed in one term. ____________ i i n a s K S ’ AOADKMY t'OK DANCING, . 175 STA'l'K STKKKT, (JOK. OF OOURT. Kranoh fSchools at 1,070 Fulton si, and 157 Adolphi st. j o T l U O N ’.S D A N C I N ( i S C H O O L ' 177 AND 179 MOKT a OUB STREET. Ot.ASS AND PRIVATiriNSTUUOTION DAILT. P K A H K O U m V O K l ^ ^ 19S WASHINOTON-BT. THB JltJSIO FOR DO d T ^ T H ’8 NBW L a NOIKHS WILL BIS PUBLISHED IfF A FEW DAVS. ■ T ~ T . U K I S * V o n V O f t DANCING ACADEMY. fill Fulton btreeU tuip'wite FlsUfunh avenue. New classes' forming. The first lesson privately and without extra charge. Send for c i r o i ^ r . _____ o t ‘ fflS;& ICA J> I.V S T K tlC T f O I Y ^ A l i o 6 . \ i l - A ' N i M E N T ' P L A Y I N ^ ^ On or#:an o rnianotanght thoroughly for $5; voice ' “S ; \ ^ • A ? , S V i i '! l f e ? ^ ’}‘ ™ l«’■LANGLEV MOORE. 2U1 Fulton )»t. Uampitull. D. G. Kolly, J^anioi AI. .‘ikillman, Joe. U. Cooper. Nicholas • Keyes, dnmi'a H. fimith. J . J. Connolly, .1. !•. Kuc;:, CJ ihn . 8. iSalraou. Arthur O, oy, Uubort Kolliunycr, Kd. 8aal, Joim A, I, CUiiH. B. Kimball, fra A. Sohonilas, Philio n, Hugh Knue, John H. Sivooner. John W. • !r, Waltor A. Knuobol, Goo. V/. Scute, John U. - ........ loii, I>.Tniel Komblo, John W. bhaw, Wm. j Churdin, Edwin It. Klein. Osoar (J. Jr. Sawyer, 7’. iC. Cult, William Kenny. John Staigole, Jacob Crano. W. E. 8. Kelz. Joseph Story. Steidiott B. Clarku, D. 8. Kocli, Paul Bchaaf, Adam OoonnH. Goo. A KoiiBoy, Peter »Squancn, KdwmG. Cronin, Barth, h. KotiHoI, Oharloa Spnfnrd. Kdwin Uarlsn, Arthur P. Kolloy, Win. Simonson, Arthur O.imerou. Joiin L Keunnn, Jamen J . Smith, M. F. H. Coma<l, Andrew Kraiishaar. C. Smith, Ohurohil O. Conway, James A, Kirchoff, Polor J . Sohenck, Piiklo 8. Clarko. Juhu Kehoo, Geo. it. Short, Denoia Conway. P. Korth, Aug. T. Smnll, Chirlefi Callahan, PaCk IC. Kelley, Alex. 0. Sehx, Gabriel CamPTon. Hugh M.riuhliu, Isaac Shoudy, Bdwd P. Uoimur, FrtMleriok Linsky, John Siimmorn. Ohoe. (I. Oournnt, Rudolph Lynch, David T. Short, Goo. Ii. CofltoIIo. James ,J. Leech. Clmrles Smttii, Wm. 11. Clnrk, Gilbert A. Logan, Walter H Stjame, J o b a M, Curtia. W. O. H. liOggott, Kdward ll.Schroder, F. I t. Coon. Frank L Lynoh, John J . Si-had, Edward O.'nnpbell, J . Lmdsay, B. A. hhannou, 7'hos. J , D-tvouport. J . Lawrenoo. Wm. G. StaUtmuller, Polar . Dikemau, «f. Ueni’niiin.scott. E. W. Schulte. Harm’aC, Domudly, ilohn P. Lnnt, Joromlah 8nl;w, ,john H. Dugan, Patrick iAyncIi, Elias Smi'lli, Crvillo T, Du)iu, horn;trd Lurkitt, Stephen Siradlny, Bonjataia Dugan, George A, Laird, John J . Sornngon, M. O. Dickerson, L. H. Lau/.or, Francis Sohlueter,, 1 . . Lau/.or, Francis Sohlueter Kd. P. Dickerson, J , R, I,ogan, Walter S. Sloutonburgh,0,B. D.-.llon, Franci-s I>. Lenr, W. II. Sujrdain. Jamos B. Donvrilxor. Wm. K.Linvis. fjowia Sutri\«p tVm n Dail.v, l-'dward LePinr, Wm J . Dick,ick, Georgeeorge *4.'•. Lang,ang, Frankrank P. i.’.v, 1-Hh D G * L F i' Day. Edward P. Lynch, John Dowdon. Michael Laytcn, tiobu Det'igne, \Vru. Ludwith, Thomas DoVigmi, Will. J r. luiugford. Ed. J j . Doyle, Nicholas Lunz,Win. Daily Jolm LHlthn, Wm. B. . .... Dougherty. Neil.b; Layitudeokor. P. J . Smith Diivis. F. A. La;iliy.by. ,loloaopli 80 i»li Donovan, James Donigau. Thop Wm. O. Richard J . , Wm. a. orth. J . U. oumaer Sobatii, L- Shiolift, Wi HteuniiwortU u. ■ Scliroimu, Q. W. Scliodit, John H. bciiniitt. Puilip Squire, Henry W. Spritllx]^ CliOfi. J . Decomps. Oc De.iiill, Kichi Smith, }<ugo . Tnsdi, Edward l.cv«>nch, Wm. H. 'J'ownsund, Hen. H. [•hos. E.- Lour/, James B. o**..,.,. 'n.. .... .. . Octave Lyous,youf Chas. C. . Thos. ■i raoy, Tuoiua Thomson, Wm. B. KdwsrtI E. Migan. Tho I*. Tabor, Kdward F MaddQx.JSamuol T.Tahur, Frank W. I’.Tahor. Frank ’ Taylor, Tfio-’t... Trodwell, W. I o liN S T R C /C T I O iY t _ N K O K T H K B K S T O K P O R T U 5 I T I E 8 lo learn tho Prenob nnd German languages m a short ,tt moderateoderate termserms Ds nowow offered by I'rufs: time and a m t i n W. RKMY. 171 Fiatbush .iv. PU from 3 to 5 and from 7 to 8 P. .M. j>ver^wcokd.a>. -. _ by I'rutsMor J . e a s e call fur in f o c m a t io n L K S N U N S ' KFFtOIKNT A N D '(lO lfpE rE N '^ TEACHER. . ....... Addrea- f'JiltuMiltutl pitlace French only spoken. Address or call a t PHDUZZI’S. 670 Fulton st, btiwoon E p ancL/^Ciaud av. L ___ _____ ard Mttlli Doherty;. John 11. Madi! Duffy, Hugh Mfiifetl, Jemei Davenport, Wiu. B. 51*^0161, WilUai- ______ , .. Doniko, Abraham >lnnon,Thns. II. Trodwell. Dan. B. Dunlap. Daniel 5\.*\rl:(3)ius. J . L. Tohiu, Uunry P. Our&ck, WilHim Morehouse, ii. S. Tutbill. Isaac H. Dogenkolb, Bern. jKoorlinusd F B Troudvrel), D. B. Davenport, .A. l^ Morohuuso, Wm.M.Tracy, J a m a i H. - Downing,. Jacob L.. Meeker, D. K. i'utlull' Isoao O. ' Dillon, Will. P. Meroeiii. Wm. A. Thumaa, O. W. ' Moekor, Henry 5L Tiorne/, John Meeker, S. M. J r . 'J’aaaer, Myron fC. filartin, Andrew B. Towiijond, Wni.T. Morgan, Joint W. Tense, Bonjatniu Mesjrole, ,1. V. 'Tigbo. James (X Martin, Jamco- Ttmrnbs. Honrv P. Malle)’, John Tobin, Hmiry F. Mooro, Will. D; Tuomey. Saru’l R. Markoy, Poiot J . Tudd, Oharlea Markey, MidliaelT.TUurni), Thuo. A. on.T. F. Truslow, ThoH D ran.’Wm.L. Davis, Mni. H. Dor.vi, Pftf/riok. 1^. Dflnur, .John D o r y u a , A r t h u r T a DaNMlI. Win. F. D i f k e m o n . I V T . DeKa,'K. .M. UL D « q u n |. . a . ^ . s o u o u y v 7 I!' ORANGE m o u n t a i n . He.althy tocntioii.. $150 per year. Box 71, drango. ??. J. O K O W N K ’S n, Hot Dunbar, S; Do' M u r n a u ie , E d w a r d T r e a d w e ll, W m . L . J l a n i e . ll« - n r y T h i n k h a m . J a s . F - . . . . _ . . M iirtS K h , F r .m c ir t T e a r , .J o h n a r . S A u il i’o r d A f a y n t i- d ,' I 't io o . U n d e r w o o d , Ed. H . ...o a o d a , A n t h 'y A lo r e h o u s e , E . lA V o o r h o e s , J u d a h B •iy , M , J i. M a o k o y . M ic h a e l T V o o r h o o s . J e r o . , .. j W i g m s F e r d ’n d M » id d * 'S > ,'r iin o ^ A . V i n c e n t , L H . j D o r tin a ) -.* ’t ‘h '* s . M . M a r t .in , O h a a . 8 . V ;» n V a lk o n b u r g h , I J o h - .i li. M a : i( m ,.L o t o u x o D. W a lt e r - K. I D a v i.< , I i. H . M a r t in , J a n iu f t S . V . ' u i B r u n t . j Duncan. Ocorga Dougftorty, K. J. Davis. Tboo. W, Dui-yfA, A Duqan, Jnu. -.nV in, Jnniuft s . v;in Brunt, Jotae O .' Marndeu. E’iwin F-Vaii Brunt, RuUII Moffat, Jolia Veitor, M' A lo y .iiw , W i a . A . M ic h a e liH . J a c o b j’m H.Mi- .......... , _ W MorxHll, J , R. Wackey. miai u h i , Opp. J EARS IN OirKRA’n o N . - a . The only school for hueioosi tr.'iining in tho city, open d-v j Dnu-*.r»l, Guo. W. ^M W’ill id evening. Individual ai). Uali ov write .fuj > Dormelly, John DL.rsli, >Vin. B. italogue with terms, rofordKco.’d'c. j T f ^ H ^ fK -O U G H IX S T K U O T I O N IN' W K JT-^ ! l^isomJin.’joshpb J.MoUgaA Win. II. w.ikkin.v. David. 1. ing. ariihniofic. bockkneping, Ac. KlSSICiii’S ^ ttwreon, Georgo. P. J . ^ 0O5IMERUI.A1. IP2 aud 1*J4 F'ultoa st. f Ertaiice. W’ni. L. M;ihland, flanry W .W m o hosl^ EnAllnh depui-tmeru., Jor backward boys, ladies or {,‘ohtlo. 1 ISisombsut, t-harlea,Mills, l lnw. R-K Wilson, Wiluaia H. ' - . huabo-^nneelected. Kach.iier, I Rrans,, UharJosA. Miloy, Rohort H. >yintorfi. JoBoph ^ Vincimt, Kogono VoorliiftB, Z. Van Wart, <Jor; JB. Van Do-,vatnr. U.M. Van VranUon. R.W, Volt/., Oharlfvi W. W nduy, P. Alox. Wntkin.v. David. won whoso early oducatioi: ight £cpari/ro)y J?.”ly. ys, ladies or {.-ent iglected. Kach-ji Latlioa* dcjiattnioi T i a A D A M E P H B B E , I N D I A N A S T K O L O - Fee from ! tiny. No. Dopdays. eporateu, foretena nxtnra des- ___ ieav, near Gold st; hjoai«t0to9,&ot ■©e from 25o.: no gentt. _________ ' - V I N O IN T E l A T r». oeiober ^ PRELIMINARY, NOTICK. Rssoivod. Thai this OommorA (Booncit 'doea hereby.glro ootice of its intention to oxtocA. the fire limits of the Uity of Brooklynby iocluding-wilhjtt asid limitn all tkjitt.UOr- tfonofCho Eighth and Twigiiy iuiconJ \vaf.U of the city, .bounded ogd described-ssi, follows: Bi^i^nning a t a point on (he ceuc-er line of Thirl.;outh elroel.pno hnviiredand fifty feel westorly from Finh avenue; ihbnc»* s*.»'itUoriy and parallel with Fifth Avonp^to the cento/Jinn of Eightoeach ftreeti thence easterly; otoag aaitt center Ij^w nomt one hundred feet of Fifth AfGaue: then<'0D0:therly and parallel -with B^ifui avenue to. tne cetdor lioo of the blocic between Thirteenth and Foarteenth afreets; thence weeterly along said center line io Ibo certtor lineof Fifth avenue, and thencan^therly Mouse fold canter line of Fifth avenuo to the contar line of ThiTteenth atroet. and thenoo westerly to tho point or place of bezinulng, and all that portion therein, bounded. That tho City Clerk U horeby directed to oai|M the - . . to be publish^ for thlr nem p a p o n , aa required A d o p ^ in Gommoti (Touncit BaoemLar 26.1683. Appqqved by the Mayor Dengnbar 2 ^ 1682. ___ _ ,, . ^ W I l O a M J .-fA T R -C itrO lorit C m O lxbx ' s O m o k , Hrooklynt January 5, i s a a - l do hereby certify that the r.ciregp'in^ is a correct traTLocript of mo original ordinanca on filo in this office, and o f the •|W -»«».. rmm<m fioa taught sopar/tuly or private . . 81T» per quarter. Langna;ie.ii. higher m atheaatics, ribujmg. riphy and typevfriring d ^ ofeveoing. •> -------------------- OOLLKGE C4KAMMAR 8 0 H 0 0 L ^ - ANi^OYMNASlUM, H A M IL T O N /B D lSlN G . uear Oity U W, H A ^ T (A. ^ l T o I Yale), Piinoipal. Wlntow. Jooepli I tnt, Somunl i Sobolars admbiedmuted, att anyny tiuio;iuio; insiruoticnnsiruoticn ualandthorou 'h’.iern . . H. COOHRA^ a a i i very iDuiria- u g u innderate. Refet toProfeaaor D. N. Of to Professor A. Oriltonfv&a. P 4 ^ E £ H COL1.E01ASZ iNBTITUTgJ BnooKT.YN, Junb o. ifim. I his ample qpAlifi^trouji os an instructor of the young, and take gro:^ pleaau/.e io recommending him to any iieroon wlm may u^oJ hie'serricos. His thorough disolpliuo, aecu* ratoficholarehi(^/and. 'genHenian):(ionian);( bearingearing vrillrill commend ho hat iCiSMmuftut, v-harlea,Mills. Ihiw. K. l*. . Kraus UbarJesA. Miley, Robert H. ; K-smusfi. John. MUleman. Phi’iw Wygant, ............... } Kifiuniann, J . J ., Jr. Moyers. Bsmuol Wonkcs. FrauoU W, ! Kisomanu, Fred. Morshonso, Wiu. A. Wyokoff, Fetor » Kborfch. iloha Meoks, C)m». M. Wyckott, Van B. i Ennis, 'J’honiav Maybnry. Krt. 0 . \Voeko3, Frauoie 4iV..tt4, Wm. Me Jdiiinr, Ono. M. WlJsun, Uci>rge • Evanfi, M. Mwoii, Kboii Welsh, WUliam Edgar, Gheriea W. M»jr<«llnn, Wm. W. Wonloy, Walker T. BdwardB, TUeo. Jr.Murohouse, R. G. Wiimhosibr, W. H* Estry, C. A Moore, VV'oi. D. W sm J, J-Jin J . Kuatneo, David F. Meechttiul Oha^. '1*. WilUnm-i, (loo. W'. Elbe, Cbutoa. .Maiming, ^t«|iheiiVVArd:v«}], CiiM. W, KastwQ^j J . B. Mitoholl^John L . Wiluon, Geo. W. Mbore, A. J Moody, Chas. t\ Wil.V'i. George Moorohouan, E. A. W«1U, Hmiry J . Mahoney, Polor. Wht{eho:iny. S. B. atclck, JamciM oore, J _ _ C'har/uti'L.5ioord, Johu H. IC J . W- Mlohaeld. A. ' John y. Moody, |>al FroncL Fatr^lC Vinu, John Farrell. Th yord. (lorduu L _cholareWa/'and him tOjUl pAiwU wl ired by OuapAqr 310 of the Lawaof ___________ _ . ecu-’ b v ve 8onfi.to edobfil4). D. O. EATON. ■i I \i

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