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The Brooklyn Daily Eagle. (Brooklyn, N.Y.) 1849-1938, August 08, 1849, Image 3

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TLw$ & O fitioe ok B oard ok H ealth , ) B rooklyn, W e d n e s d a y , A u g . 8 . ) T h e r e w e r e 88 cases o f e p idem ic ch o lera r e p o r t ­ ed to t h e office for t h e l a s t 24 hours, an d 20 d e a tlis< v i a : A d e lin e B e a m , S t a t e st.; A n n Ju d g e , W a r r e n a n d B o n d st.; E d w a r d D o h e rty, j r . F u r m a n st.; M a ry K e n n e lly , A d a m s st.; M ichael G a rraglinn, D o u g lass ■t.; W m . H a r l e y , F u r m a n s t.; P a t r ic k M e a d , H ick s St.; Ja n n e t t e B a te s , H ick s an d L u q u e e r ; E liza K e n n e lly , A d a m s st.; M a r g a r e t N o ris, M y r tle av- a n d C u m b e r land st.; M a ry C u r r y , B o n d an d H o y t st.; C a tharine K e n n e lly , A d a m s st.; E ll e n Marky> H a m ilto n av.; C h a s. B r a d y , W a t e r st.; C a th a rine B igley, B o n d an d W a r r e n st.; Jo lm C u r r a n , A m ity st.; J o h n M u llen, C o lum b ia St.; J e r i a h C n a p m a n , do.; M a ry C u r r a n , A m ity st.; Ja m e s L a n o g a n , B o n d a n d H o y t s t. C habi . es S. J . G oodrich , P h y s ician o f th e B o a rd. O ffice of the B oard of H ealth , ) N e w Y o rk, W e d n e s d a y , A u g . 8 , 1849. j S ince la s t re p o r t th e r e h a v e b e e n rep o r ted 101 cases a n d 44 d e a th s b y cholera. ID 4 *18 6 0 83 2 3 W illiam st. “ 13tli st. “ P r iv a te P r a c t i c e . S tan to n st. T h irty fifth st. T he E pidemic still continues its ra v a g e s w ith u n r e l e n t i n g pow e r, p a r t ic u l a r l y in cro w d e d loca­ tio n s ; nor can its p r o g r e s s b e a r r e s t e d , use w h a t ­ e v e r p r e c a u tio n s w e m a y , i f th e A l m i g h t y w ills it oth e r w ise. S t i l l i t behooves u s to stra in every n e r v e t o w a r d off t h e f ir s t a p p r o a c h e s o f th is fell disease. N o r m u s t w e r e l a x in our m o d e r a t e use o f food, f r e q u e n t ablutions, t a k i n g a b a r e sufficien­ c y o f sleep, <fec., <fec. I t is m u c h easier to g iv e than to follow ad v ice ; still, w ith a n h o n e s t in ten tion w e ad v ise a l l to k e e p t h e i r m inds in as q u i e t a sta te as possible, for i t is too w e ll k n o w n to n e e d an y arg u m e n t t o prov e t h e fact, t h a t t h e dread o f a disease fre q u e n tl y induces it. A n d w h e n once th e n e rvous sy s tem g e ts i n terru p ted ,in t h e n a t u r a l p e r form a n c e o f its functions, t h e phy s ician ’s sk ill w ill prov e o f little av a il. C holera ! — W e l e a r n th is m o rning o f t h e death o f M r. J a m e s H . P a tterso n , form e r ly A c c o m p tan t to th e C o rporation. H e h a d b e e n in a poor sta te o f h e a l t h for m a n y m o n ths p a s t , an d h a d lab o r e d u n d e r chronic d y s e n tery , in ad d itio n to w h ich he h a d a severe a t t a c k o f ery s ipelas, w h ich m a d e sad ra v a g e s upon h i s a l r e a d y s h a t t e r e d constitu tion .— T h e im m e d iate cause o f h is dissolution w a s an a t ­ ta c k o f ch o lera in its m o s t v iru le n t sh a p e , w h ich cou ld n o t b e m a d e to su c c u m b to th e sk i ll o f his p h y s ician s . M r. P . w a s sa id to b e v e r y ta l e n t e d as an a c ­ c o m p tan t, an d w a s h e l d in r e s p e c t b y a la r g e circle o f friends an d acq u a in tan c e s . H e le a v e s a w ife an d fam ily to m o u r n Iiis d e a t h ! T w o more V ictims .— Jo h n M u llin, of M a rsh a ll stre e t , w a s seized on M o n d a y w ith t h e u s u a l sy m p ­ to m s o f th e epidem ic. M e d ical aid w a s called in, b u t w ith o u t a n y beneficial r e s u l t ; h e g r e w g r a d u ­ ally it o rse, an d a t 8 o’clock l a s t n ig h t resig n e d his b r e a t h into th e h a n d s o f H im w h o g a v e it. H e leav e s a w ife a n d s ix children to m o u rn h is u n tim e ­ ly d e a t h ! H e b o r e a good c h a r a c t e r a s an ho n e s t a n d industrious m a n . A y o u n g m a n n a m e d C h a rles B r a d y also died o f th e p r e v a ilin g disease la s t nig h t, a f t e r a few hours’ illness. M e d icine w a s useless— t h e fiat h a d gone forth, an d h e h a d n u m b e r e d t h e d a y s allo t t e d to him I T h e i n s a tiate a r c h e r h a d m a r k e d him for h is ow n . c Conducted on llie CASH und ONE PRICE system, by tf. F. WHITING, 13*2 and 134 Pulton corticrof Middagh sts., Brooklyn, where ure now being opened a large and newly manufactured assortment ol“ CLOTHING, made up ofthe most fashionable Loudon and Paris style of Goods, all ot which will be sold at the LOWEST PRICE EOR CASH. - The following list of urines will convince the most sceptical of the fact lhat Now Vork elothiugcstublislimcntsaiv, aud henceforward will be unable to compute with the Telegraph line. Fine Dress and Frock Coats, ; : om .... SO 00 to SCO 00 Fine Otlice and walking coau .......... 1 00 kk 0 (K) Fine Pants—French Doeskin ........... 4 50 k* 0 00 Fine Pants—Plain nnd Fancy cassimere. I 00 44 7 00 Fine Vests of all kimis......................... 75 44 4 00 | Oust received a new aiul well selected assortment <f i French ; ami English Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, which will he I MADE TO ORDER, in superior style, uuder the supervision | of the subscriber, who would hereby invite his numerous friends und customers to pav him au earlv visit, at his new ' tf. F. NV1IIT1NC, of the late tlrm of tftilwell fiL Whiting. in conjunction with tbo Delegate, (or his alternate) be empowered to appoint a substitute should a va­ cancy, through inability or otherwise, occur. 5tli, K e s o lved, T h a t th e s e p r o c e e d in g s b e p u b ­ lish e d in t h e E a g le an d F r e e m a n . S igned, F R A N C I S P A R E S , P resident. A t t e s t. W illiam W ise , jr ., S e c r e tary , l t * United States N avy Y ard. Itroolyn J u l v 3 1 , 1 8 4 9 . J oiin M. W eeks , E sq .— S i r : W c , th e undersigned, sh ip w r ig h ts, e m p lo y e d in this y a r d , hav in g heard w ith m u c h re g r e t o f y o u r r e m o v a l from th e station o f forem a n in t h e sh ip w r ig h t d e p a r t m e n t, an d b e ­ fore tak in g leav e of y o u , w c w ish to ex p r e s s to y o u our ap p r o b a tio n o f y o u r conduct w h ile discharging th e d u ties of t h a t station, botli as a g e n t l e m a n and a m e c h a n ic. A lth o u g h you h a v e b e e n rem o v e d for yo u r political opinions, w o can b e a r honorable testim o n y t h a t you h a v e not a t an y tim e d u r in g the tim e of doing business in th is y a r d , in terfered w ith ldace^of business, th e p o litics o f an y m a n . AVhile exercising y o u r I m>~ _________ ow n opinion, y o u h a v e l e f t ev e r y m a n un d e r y o u to enjoy t h e sam e lib e r ty . W h e t h e r w h ig or dem o ­ crat, bo th w e r e em p lo y e d w ith o u t an y distinction for p o litical o p inion. D u r in g y o u r intercourse w ith us, w e h a v e e v e r e x p e r ienced y o u r f riendly nnd for­ b e a r in g m a n n e r ; an d w e a r e b o ld to say, no m a n can accuse you o f t y r a n n y or im p ression w h ile fill- y o u r arduous station . W itli r e g a r d to y o u r m e- : chanical abilities, w e kuow y o u possess them o f th o ' h ig h e s t o r d e r ; anti if t h e i n t e r e s t of th e govern- : m e n t h a d been stu d ied , you, sir, w o u ld h a v e been prom o ted in s tead o f b e in g disch a rged. B u t w e tru s t th e tim e is n o t far d i s t a n t w h e n yo u w ill be p laced in a statio n w h e r e y o u r h ig h qualifications can b e m o re u s e f u lly em p loy e d . In tak in g leave ! o f you, sir, p e r m i t us to ten d e r to you an d 3 ’ours i o u r m o s t sincere w ishes fo r y o u r fu tu r e hap p in e s s 1 a n d p r o s p e r ity , an d a r d e n t l y h o p e th a t w h o e v e r ' m a y f ill th e s tatio n no w m a d e v a c a n t, m a y em u late y o u r virtues, an d m a k e yo u r p a s t c o n d u c t t h e guide of h is actions th r o u g h life. W e aro. sir, vj-ith sin - ; cere resp e c t, y o u r w e ll w ishers au d f rien d s ’ ( E l o t t f m g & Q f a U o r i n j i . LONG ISLAND CLOTHING WAREROOM. LOTIIING I CLOTIUXC ' !—THI.KC RAIMI LINE— Real Grstatc. Books. C h a rles W ilson, R ichard B e rr y , Jo h n L o z ier, W e n d le H a m , Jo h n D e a s o n , S a m u e l W h ite, Jo h n W e r b r ig lit, N e ls o n B a ldw in, E d w a r d H a r t t , Ja m e s R . M c G e e , L a w ren c e P o w e rs, Jo n a s M a rtin L e o n a r d D u r r k ley , T h o m a s S . D a y , G e o rge G. Childs, S e y m o u r M u rry. F r a n c is W h ite, Jo s e p h S t a r tt , H e n r y T a y lor, M a tth e w B e tts, G e o rge L. H a ll, C h a rles L a w ren c e . U. S. N ayv Y ard , ) N ew Y ork , 3 1 s t J u l y 1849. ) G entlemen — Y o u r h ig h ly esteem e d and c o m p li­ m e n tary le t t e r of this d a te is receiv e d , an d I feel a t a loss for w o rds to ex p r e s s to y o u th e g r a tification it afforded m e to k n o w th a t m y official conduct h a s m e t y o u r ap p r o b a tio n in all\ its r e latio n s w ith you. I t r u ly am p a in e d th a t our in terco u rse m u s t end w i t h th is day, h u t r e g r e t is m u c h allo y e d b y the p leasure I experience in th e k n o w led g e th a t m y b e a r in g to w a r d you, d u r in g th e tim e w e h a v e been connected, has given satisfactio n to you a ll. I can n o t f o rbear to sa y th a t y o u do m e 110 m o re than ju s tice in say in g th a t a m a n ’s p o litical opinions w e r e n e v e r b y m e con s id e red as qualifications or p r e -r e q u isites for e m p lo y m e n t, w h e th e r th e y acco r d e d w ith or w e r e in opposition to m y own. W ith reg a r d to m y p r o fessional abilities, your opinions o f w h ich a r e h ig h ly flatte r in g , t h e y been fu lly d e v o ted to t h e b e s t in t e r e s t s of th e g o v e r n ­ m e n t in th e d e p a r tm e n t of w h ich I h a d the honor to serve. Y o u r hop e s for m y prom o tion an d sue cess a r e f u lly ap p r e c iated . I h a v e now , g e n tlem e n , t o b id y o u farew e ll ; the favorable opinion y o u h a v e ex p r e s s e d o f m e and m y co n d u c t, w ill b e cherished as one of th e p r o u ­ d e s t m o m e n ts o f m y fife. Y o u h a v e each one of y o u m y b e s t w ishes for y o u r p r o s p e r ity , h e a l t h and happiness. I am gentlem e n , w ith esteem e d and r e s p e c t, y o u r o b e d ien t se r v a n t, J O N H M. W E E K S . T o M e ssrs. C h a s. AYilson J o n e s M a rtin, T h o s. S. D a y , and others. 171* WILDlilEl would inform his friends thut ho P& alius recently enlarged his place of business al No. 51 Fulton street, and that he hopes to oiler them in future better accommodations than he hus hitherto been able to, aud a larger assortment of School, Sunday School, Juvenile and Miscellaneous Books, and other articles suitable for PRE­ SENTS AT ALL SEASONS ; also, of Blank Books, Law Blanks, Fancy and other Stationary, fiic., &.c. WILDER. fit CO., t5l Atlantic street, arc also prepared to oiler a similar assortment. N. B.—Orders for Books and other articles, and for Book binding, attended to. d27 T fffflE Life ant! Public Services of John Uuincy Adams, with the eulogy delivered before the Legislature ofXow York, by Wm. II. Seward. Price $1 25. Just published and for sale hy A. M. WILDER, 51 Fulton at,and jet) _________ WILDER fc CO, 151 Atlantic street. F ITCM’S UlIOROGRAVHY fic MAPPING GAUDS— The attention ofthe public in general, ami of School Teaehers and those interested in schools iu particular, is in- ! vited lo tho above works. The tirst consists of a series of < plates, being simply the linos of latitude aud longitude, on j which may be drawn the maps of the world and its various j parts, to which are added suitable instructions. Tho last are cards of about live by eight inches, on the upper part ol which ure maps of parts of the earth, atul on the lower arc the lines oflatitude and longitude on which to copy the map above. Published nnd for sale by A. M. YVILDEU,51 Fultonstreet. n!4 and WILDER fit GO, 159 Atlantic st. , , COUNTRY RESIDENCE. I r OR SALE, ubout 14 acres of huid, beautifully aitu- i ntod on the Highland Turnpike, one mile mul u quar­ ter north of the village of Poughkeepsie. U fronts on the Hudson Kiver, ami alfords a commanding view. U lms on it a neat, new, modrm style dwelling, burn, &c., together with an abundance of fruit trees und shrubbery. This location affords inducements to a gentleman wishing a country residence seldom met with, being in the immedi­ ate vicinity of ono of the pleasantest villages in the county ; within a short distance of the Gollegiuto School, Academy, Female Seminary, fitc. Tiie Hudson River Railroad passes through the above property. For lurther particulars inquire on the premises, or at the oliice ot the Brooklyn Eagle, 31) Fultou street. June‘21, 1849. j0o 7 jf I j OI m T h uwom and basement to let , in the building corner of Fulton nnd Pineapple sts., -°iie ot the most splendid Lodge Rooms in this eity, ubout 40 by 00 feet, high dome ceiling and live spacious anti- rooms; also the basement, 90 feet front on Fulton street— arranged expressly for an Oyster Saloon or Restaurant. Otliccs and Rooms on the 2d tloor lo let. Apply to M. REYN’t )LDS, 209 Fulton st, Brooklyn, or jull) tl 90 South street. New York. Auction Sales. 1200.7&S Ti > LET—Iuthe new BricK Houses, built in 184S, in Water street, between Gold street and Ilud- ; avenue, one of the 2d tloors—consisting of 2 hirge rooms and 2 bed rooms, with privilege in the cellar, fitc. Rent *590 per annum. Apply to Johu Voorhees, Basement, No. 73 Hudson avenue. mv8 tf A NEV the higl W AND VALUABLE READING BOOK for (her classes in schools—Half hours with the best Authors. Selected and arranged with short biographical notes. By Charles Knight. School edition half bound in muslin—price SI. For sale by A. M. WILDER, 51 Fulton St.. aud fel l WILDER fit CO., 151 Atlantic st. T h e nam e o f t h e l a d y \who d ied y e s t e r d a y in one o f the E a s t B r o o k lyn O m n ibuses, w a s D a v is o n , and is sup p o s e d to b e a m o th e r o f D r . D a v ison o f th e v illag e o f H e m p s tead , L. I . S h e r e s id e d in t h e city o f N e w Y o rk, on 3d av e n u e n e a r H a r lem . I t is also su p p o s s e d th a t she w a s going to v isit Mr. A f flict, k e e p e r of t h e w o rk-liouse a t F iatb u s h , w ith w hose f a m ily she w a s on term s o f intim a c y . L ost C hild . — A g i r l a b o u t te n y e a r s o f a g e , w h o g a v e h e r nam e as M a ria N a r e y , w a s p ick e d u p in th e s t r e e t b y M r. P a rsons, a n d t a k e n t o t h e overseers o f th e P o o r, w h o sen t h e r to th e P o o r-house a t F i a t b u s h . T h e ch ild ’s s t o r y is t h a t she w e n t o u t to g a t h e r c h i p s , a n d l o s t h e r w a y . A n y inform a tio n ! in r e latio n to t h i s a ffair, w ill b e t h a n k f u lly r e ­ c e i v e d a t t h e office o f th e S u p e r in te n d e n ts o f th e poor. A larm of M urder .— A s w a t c h m a n L a c y w a s go ing his ro u n d s in S m i t h s t r e e t , l a s t nig h t, h e h e a r d re p e a t e d cries o f %< m u r d e r !” from th e house o f one J o h n R iley . H a s ten in g t o t h e sp o t, h e found t h e sa id R iley b e a t i n g his w ife in an u n m e r c if u l m a n ­ n e r , a n d he acco r d in g ly to o k him in to custody.— Ju s t i c e S m ith fined him tliis m o rning, w liich h e paid , a n d w a s d ischarg e d . Free Democratic Convention—3d Assem­ bly District, County off Kings, A t a convention o f t h e f ree d e m o c r a c y o f th e 3d assem b ly district, h e l d p u r s u a n t to t h e c a ll o f t h e g e n e r a l com m ittee a t th e c i t y h a l l on T u e s d a y e v e ning, A u g . 'tth , F r a n c is P a r e s , E s q . o f th e th e 3d w a r d , w a s ap p o in ted P r e s ident, a n d W m . W ise, J r . E s q . o f t h e 2d w a r d , Secretary. A n election w a s gone into for d e leg a te to th e U t i c a convention, also to a t t e n d t h e U n ion conven tio n a t R o m e , w h ich r e s u lt e d in t h h choice o f H i ­ ra m B a r n e y , E s q . o f th e 3d w a r d as such d e leg a te a n d of A le x . JY. F o n d a , E s q . of t h e 1 s t w a r d as h is a l t e r n a t e . T h e subjoined resolutions w e r e th e n unanim o u s ly ad o p ted , a n d t h e convention ad jo u r n e d sine die. 1st, R e s o lv e d , T h a t w e a r e in favor of u n io n for th e sak e o f freed o m , b u t t h a t w e c a n n o t c o n s e n t to com p rom ise p r i n c ip l e for expediency w i t h an y p a r ­ ty or organization w liatever. 2 d, R e s o lved, T h a t w h ile w e re s p e c t t h e consti­ tu tio n a l r ig h ts o f t h e slave h o ld in g a s w e ll a s o f the free portio n o f this union, a n d w ill n o t co n s e n t t h a t w r o n g b e done to a n y m e m b e r o f t h e g lorious con­ fed e r a c y , w e a r e f irm ly and u n a lt e r a b ly opposed to th e extension o f slav e ry over auy portion o f A m e r ­ ican Boil now free. 3d, R e s o lved, T h a t w e reg a r d th e action o f th e G e n e r a l G o v e r n m e n t as designed to in tr o d u c e and leg a lize slavery in C a lifornia an d N e w M e x ico ; tiia t t h e p r e s e n t ad m inistration h a s b y its au th o r i­ zed ag e n ts alread y recognized its existence there, 'an d i t is th e r e f o r e th e d u t y o f freem e n to insist upon t h e exp r e s s prohibition o f s la v e r y in t h e new te r r ito r ies b y a po s itive d e c larato r y a c t o f Cou- gresB. 4th , R e s o lved, T h a t it is in e x p e d ien t for th e F r e e D e m o c r a c y t o u n ite w i t h an y o th e r organiza­ tion, ex c e p t on th e basis o f a d istin c t recognition of th e policy o f extendin g th e O rdinance o f 1787 ov e r a l l th e t e r r ito r ies o f t h e U n i t e d S t a t e s w ith th e l e a s t possible delay. 5th, R e solved, T h a t o u r D e leg a te ( o r h i s a l t e r ­ n a te) t o th e C o n v e n tion a t R o m e is ex p e c t e d t o a c t in conform ity w ith th e s e resolutions. £ 6 th, R e s o lved, T h a t t h e P r e s i d e n t a n d S e c r e tary , ffJl’REUIE COURT—Hi Equity—John J. Palmer KZf special receiver, vs. William F. Bulkley and others. In pursuance of a decretal order of this court made in the above cause, bearing date the tenth day of July, 1848, I will sell at the Franklin House, No. 15 Fulton street, in the citv of Brooklyn, on the 18th clay of July, 1849, at 12 o’clock at noon of that day, tlic following lands and premises: AU that certain square block of ground, with thc buildings thereon erected, situate in the village of Williamsburgh, ia the county of Kings and state of New York, bounded by Mc­ Kibbin street, Marshall street, Ewen slreet and Leonard street, known imd distinguished on a map entitled “ a inap of B rcnerty in the village of Williamsburgh,” late of Jacob ocruzn deceased, now of McKibbin and Nichols, made September, 1835, by Alexander Martin, surveyor, tiled or in­ tended to be filed in the oliice of the Clerk of thc county of Kings, in. parcel number twenty-one (21), containing thirty- two lots, numbered on said map from number five hundred and one to five hundred und thirty-two inclusive, each lot being twenty-live feet in width by one hundred fect in depth on each side, be the same more or less. Together with all und singular the tenements, heredita­ ments and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining. Dated Brooklyn, May 31, 1849. ray31 lawts DAN’L VAN VOORHIS, Sheriff. Theabove sale is postponed until the 31s dayof July, 1849, at the same hour and place. Dated Brooklvn, July 18, 1849. DAN’L VAN VOO’RHIS, jy 18 lawts Sheriff. The ubove sale is further postponed until the 29tli day of August, 1849, at the same hour and place. Dated Brooklyn, July 31st, 1849. jv31 lawts DAN’L VAX VOORHIS. Sheriff. C HOJLEflA—Lt:DOYEN’S DISINFECTING F l u i d . Thc most powerful mid effectual D e o d o r i s i n g agent ever discovered—being capable of instantaneously removing all foul smell in sick chambers, or from any other cause, sinks, sewers, fitc. Being in itself altogether colorless and without any odor, it is highly preferable to all other agents ofthis class. It is now in abundant use in thc ships and hospitals of the U. S. Navy, passenger ships, in a great num­ ber of hospitals, prisons, ulm^riouses, &.c., and is strongly recommended by very highly respectable physicians of this and oilier countries. Extract from Health Physician nnd Physician of Cholera Hospital: O f f i c e o f B o a r d o f H e a l t h , ) July 28th, 1849. $ S i r : You will please send to tho Cholera Hospital one other barrel of u LeDoyen’s Disinfecting Fluid.” Finding, from experience, this preparation superior to all others, in destroying and dissipating the noxious ellluvia, ehgendered und propiigaled among Cholera subjects in our Hospital, we cannot, with due regard to the health of the patients, and thc* comfort and health of the physicians and nurses, dispense with the use of it. Yours, respectfully, C. S. J. G oodrich , M.D.. Physician to the Board of Health. Forsale by the barrel, gallon, or less quantity, by JAMES YV. SMITH, Montague Place, corner Court street, Brooklyn, and Rushton, Clark fic. Co., 110 Broadway, New York. jy31 lm M EW BOOKS—Uouinv’s Auroad on Eur<h*k from tiik Wkst—by Mrs. Kirkland. Rural Letters and other Records of Thought at Leisure— by N. P. Willis. The incarnation or Pictures of the Virgin and lier Soil—by Charles Beecher. The American (Quarterly Register and Magazine—No. 1, Vol. 2. Conducted by James tftr\ ker. For sule by A. M. WILDER, 51 Fulton slreet, myltf and WILDER & CO, 151 Atlantic street. N EW BOOKS—Lnneton Parsonage, 3d part—Price 75 cents. Oregon and California in 1848, by Judge Thornton—2 vols. with maps—price SI 75. A treaties on lead diseases, from the French of Ii. Tun- querel des Planches, w ith notes—additions on the use of lead pipe and its substitutes. Edited by Samuel L. Diuia, M. 1). Forsale by A. M. WILDER. 51 Fulion st. and le? WILDER & CO, 151 Atlanticst. N JE \V2il»Al*Elt FILES—For sale by A. M. WILDER, 51 Fultonst, and fu27 WILDER fic, CO, 151 Atlanticst. r SSE PRICE ofMacauloy’s England has been reduced from $2 to 75 cents, and is for sale by A. M. WILDER, 51 Fulton st. and ap27 WILDER fit CO. 151 Atlanticst. M INIS VAU AND ITS REMAINS—With an account ofa visit to the Chaldean Christians, and Yeridis, or Devil worshippers: aud an inquiry into the manners and arts of the ancient Syrians, by Austen Henry Layard, Esq. 1st vol. $2. For stile by A. M. WILDER, 51 Fulton st, and ap7 WILDER fit CO., 151 Atlauticst. SffJE ARCH-TRAVERSE COPYING PRESSES— A new, cheap and convenient apparatus for coping}* let­ ters. Forsaleby A. M. WILDER,51 Fulton ‘ aiul WILDER fic CO., 139 Atluntic st. np7 Agents for Brooklyn. CARD—CARDS!—To Ladies and Gentlemen going out of town, nud to young Ladies ‘Coming Out!’—That useful, if not indispensable, personal commodity, a neat Visiting or address Card, can be so well supplied among our­ selves as to obviate any research for tin Lngiu'cr of onc*» “good name,” elsewhere. As occasion requires, also, Cards announcing a change of name (Wedding Cards) can be sup­ plied engraved tastefully und workmanlike, by jelfi WM. WISE, Jr., 79 Fultonstreet. E. YV. K D IB A L b A CO., ^ 84 W A I. L STREKT, >'K\V YoiU, DUNICIN, KIMBLE fic CO., L ivkr - j _____ spool —Respectfully inform their friends- and the public thnt they havo commenced the General Shipping mid Commission Businoss, together with the Gene­ ral russeugcr Business. Granting Certificate* ot passage from London, Liverpool, Dublin, Belfast, or uny part oftho Old Country to New York, Boston and Philadelphia, on the most reasonable terms.— Drafts and Bills of Exchange for £1 to any amount on the Royal Bank of Ireland and its branches. Days of sailing ofthe regular lino of Liverpool Packets its fixed upou are, tlic 1st, Oth, 1 Ith, 16th, 21st and 201h uf every month. These ships are all of thc largest class und are com­ manded by men of diameter and experience. Cabin ac­ commodations arc all that can be desired in point of splen­ dor, comfort and convenience. They are furnished with e v e r y description of stores of the best kiml. Punctuality in the days of sailing will be strictly adhered to. Packets for NEW ORLEANS sail weekly. For freight or passage apply as above. ___________________ nlti ly WATCHES AND JEWELRY. /■o THE subscriber has a new stock of very rich goods, gySv from which he cun sell ut the followiug reduced pri- fr'Olfi. S A ff*C—The two story frame cottage house, with a two story tea room in the rear, tilled in with dSldLbriek. and known as No. 259 Bridge street, Brooklyn. The house has been built two years, with marble mantles, slidingdoors, fitc.. and is in good condition—possession can bo given on or before the lirst of May. Premises can be seen between I and HoVloek, P. M. 81390 can remain ow mort­ gage, il desired. The locution is a good one. The house is 22 by 30 ft—the* lea room is 14 by 20 tt in dimensions. Lot 25 by 100 ft 3 inches. ap!3 tf WI-iiY'TEEli RESIDENCE FOR SALE OR TO iifll kKT,ou the corner of Bedford and Dekalb avenues, ._4aiL»t East Brooklyn. A two story and attic house with basement and under cellar and piazzas front and rear, and U) lots of ground—just finished and painted throughout—a de­ sirable residence for a gentleman of business iu New York. AARON STONE, Jr., Auctioneer. By STO.HU A; SOTHEftff, O r r u t , 1 6 F u l t o n s t r e e t , B r o o k l y n , L . I . The ubove will give their persoiml attention to thc sale of all descriptions of Rea! Estate nt auction, at tho Merchunts’ Exchange, New Y’ork, Franklin House, Brooklyn, or in uny purl of Lung laluml, or ut private side; and use their beat endeavors to promote the interests of their customers. A t P rivate S ale , Valuable property, the house uml lot on the NW cornerof Iltcks und Cranberry street. A valuable comer for a store; and will be sold low if upplicd for immediately. Call os above. Also, the 3 story brick house and lot No. 122 Willoughby street. The house is nearly new and in good order; will In- sold low aud on uceommodnting terms. A large portion ot the purchase money can remuin on bond and mortguge, at fi per cent. It is now let to ngood tenant for over ten per cent, on th« price for which it will be sold. Enquire of Slone fic. tfolher, ](*> Fuiton street. T hursday , August 9, At 1 o'clock, P. M., at house No. 243 Gold st, The furniture of a faintly about leaving the city, consisting of beds, bedsteads, chairs, tables, looking-glasses, carpets, limiting, crockery aiul glass ware, stove!, iuid a variety ot other useful articles. The furniture is nearly new and in good order. Sale positive without regard lo weather. YV kdnkspay , August 15th, At 12 o’clock atthe Merchants’ Exchange, Tho House and Lot known ns No. 33 Prince st, Brooklyn L. I. The lot is 21 ft 3 in. width by 85 fl deep, the house frame tilled iu to the peak with brick and built in the best manner ; is 21-3x30, 2 stories, nttie and basement, with pi­ azza in tho rear and sub cellar. The yard is well stocked with grape vines ami shruhbery.aml is a'desirable residence. Terms—$1200 can remain on bond and mortgage tor 3 or 5 years ut 7 per cent. The 3 story brick octagonal front house nnd lot, situate ou the W side Court st, the next N from Degraw st; the lot is 22x88 ; house 22x34 ; 3 stories, basement and sub-cellar—is nearly new uml in first-rate order ; having been lately painted and papered throughout. Terms—$2490 cun remain on bond iuid mortgage. Auction Sales. Stages run from Fulton terry every five minutes. Apply VtilculincG. Hall,No. lOGramercy Park,20thstreet, betwei 3d and 4th avenues in New York,’or to John Voorhees, Hoyt St., 2d brick house from State st. Kent $250. mh27 tf IFOtfi. S.-tSA! OR TO R ENT— House No. 80 York iiil! ?lrcet* huilt nf brick, 3 stories high, metallic roof, uml (L&Lm the best order, with marble mantles, fitc. The gar­ den is tastily laid out with shrubs uml vines aud the walks well tlagged, a large cistern ami dry .sub-cellar are part of the accommodations. Heat low, uml if sold terms made accotn- ling. Inquire on llie premises, from 1 to 4 o'clock, P. M. mh20 tf fr’Olfi. SAI j IC—The undersigned being a heavy loser by the late fire in Fulton street, is desirous of re­ placing said loss, from his business, by the salo of some of his real estate, and therefore offers those two elegant finished now houses, situate in Dmtield street, between Myr­ tle avenue and Willoughby street. 'The lots are 20 by 100 tt each, the houses are 20 by 36 feot, with rear piazzas,’anti in front, iron verandahs and iron fence. They nave 8 finished room*above the parlors, sub collars und'basements, with copper inside pumps, brick cisterns, ranges, enamelled grates tuul summer pieces, marble mantles, sliding doors, ficc., complete. They are filled in to the peak with brick, hard finished walls and corniced in 2d story, with tin roofs. The houses are built in a substantial and t’asty manner, and suit­ able for respectable families. Convenient to the East Brook­ lyn stages which pass overy five minutes. Part of the pur­ chase money can remain on bond and mortgage. Applv to GEU. YV. STILWELL,' fe!7 tf 70 Poplar street, Brooklyn. 'S-’O iLKM.’—The two story and attic house Nu. 140 High street. Inquire of bI0 tf J. HEGEMAN, 40 Fulton street. 'ro l i R XT—A large room on the lower tloor of J the Brooklyn Institute. Applv on the premises or to 1 JAY”'- . ............ . m23 tf I AMES WALTERS, corner of Henry nnd Poplar sts. ®rauel. | [ j g p | | j § ! § i ! i j ! J J rJTO JLl-yr—For thc storage of Furniture and other I light goods, one loft in store No. Fulion St., Brooklyn. UFor particulars, inquire at thc Cabinet Warehouse of ’ tf T. BROOKS, 44 Fultonstreet. 'jPO JLJE’JT—A loft with steam power on Furman m-.iJ street. Apply to Bill] john n. ruiNc-E, fo8 tf 39 Fulton street. TO liBSN'JP—Two or three rooms inthe Brook­ s'>•! lyn Institute, suitable for professional Gentlemen or SUILArtista. Apply to J. WALTERS, in8 tf corner of Henry and Poplar sts. ISIIVF.ECTAIVTS.—LeDoyen’s Fluid—Chloride Lime—FEUCI1TYVANGER anti-putrid mixture, fi cC ., for cleansing and purifying premises, ficc., for sale at JAMES \Y. SMITH’S, Court street, my29 corner Montague Place. F Oli SALE—Bond and Mortgages, bearing seven per cent interest, which have been received in payment for lands sold at low prices, and 30 to 35 per cent of tlie’purchaso money having been paid in cash. Applv to ATLANTIC DOCK\COMPANY jy!8 3wdfitc 74 Broadway, New York. C 9R A Ij BEADS AND NECKLACES!—A supply of bright, fresh Coral, carefully selected, suitable for or made up into Neckhrces, Armlets, fitc., at moderate prices. j\27 YVM. WISE, Jr., Jeweller, fitc. ,79 Fulton st. A l l we ask is a single trial of our 5s. Oil to satisfy ihe most fastidious of its quality. ap23 JOHN BUTLER fit BROTHER, 112 Fulton street, opposite tfands. JLASS} STONE. VJT nil kinds and sizes- and EARTHEN Preserved Jars of •can be had at 37 Myrtle ave. je 6 flO O R PLATES—Avery nice article made by Gkor ok jLW D. Jacksos. can be had at all times at J. D. Chase’s Jewelry Store, 203 Fulton corner Concord street, and en­ graved in the best manner. Door Plate and No. do. at all prices. jy 10 Im C OD LIVER OIL—The remedial properties of this oil are unimpaired by any process, and warranted genuine JAMES W. SMITH, Chemist and Apothecary, a2 Court St., cor. Montague Place. M u t u a l b e n e f i t l i f e in s u b » c e COMPANY—Surplus Capital $721,152 00. FIREMEN’S INSURANCE COMPANY, of New York city- Capitol $204,000. The imdcrsigtied has removed Iiis Office to No. 43 Fulton street, where all application for I n s u r a n c e , in the above Companies, will receive his immediate attention. my22 tf STEPHEN CROWELL, Agent C UINTA SOLDER lor mending China, Glass, and Earthenware, can be had ut MUCIIMORE’S Cheap rockery store, 37 Myrtle avenue. fel2 fim Fine Cold watches ............... from $15 00 to $60 00 tfc Silver “* ............... kk 3 00 ii 30 00 U Gold watch-keys .......... a I 00 n 3 on u tk studs ................... u 37 iS kk 2 00 u . kk ebain-slido .......... n 25 kk 2 01) Ik ribbon pins .......... 371- 44 2 00 I. li eur-hoops ............ 44 37« u G 00 u ll guard-chains ......... kk 10 00 44 20 00 il ll vest-ehains .......... kk C 00 k; 18 00 ll ll fob-chains ............ kk G 00 kk 20 00 il ll bracelet clasps ...... kk I 00 44 5 01) .1 li “ with stone. 44 3 00 44 10 00 l l ll fingcr-rings .......... ii 50 kk 10 00 ii ll pens ................... ti 1 50 44 3 00 ll ll pencils ................ ii I 25 kk 12 00 ll ll tooth-picks .......... 44 1 25 44 3 00 ll li thimbles ............. it 3 00 H 4 50 ll Silver “* ............. 44 25 It 50 ll G old lockets for miniature 44 1 00 kk 15 00 ll ii canico pi us .......... kk 1 50 G 50 u Stone pins ................... 44 75 kk 2 00 ll Silver spectacles .......... kk 1 00 kk 1 75 ll n combs ................ kk 2 00 44 4 00 Silver tea spoons, and all kinds of silver-ware, mude to order at the lowest rate, imd of fine silver, at W. J. VANPEItHOEF’tf, je30 tf 140 Fulton street, Brooklyn. EHVEOVAD—H. G. HUGHES would respectfully give noiice that he has REMOVED his Dry Goods Establishment to the Store No. 105 Fulton, between Nassau and IIigh streets, and opposite Stewart’s new Carpet Store, wliich being more commodious than the Store he has recent­ ly occupied, will enable him to keep ou hand a larger assort­ ment of GOODS than heretofore. Purchasers will find here a full assortment of D r k s s G o o d s , Hosiery, Gloves, Millinery Goods, Embroideries, ficc. SHAWLS of every kind. Also linen sheeting and shirting, pillow-case linen, table damask, napkins nnd (liuper, linen handkerchiefs, ficc. Colton sheet­ ing and shirting, cassimeres, cloths, fitc, for Gentlemen and Bovs’ wear, and every other article properly in the DRY GOODS LINE. The old customers of H. G. II. and the citizens of Brook­ lyn generally, are solicited to call before purchasing elsewhere. They arc promised CHEAP GOODS and polite attention. J o h n G. V o o r i i i e s , lately with Hull fic. Hughes, superin­ tends the above establishment in the absence of Mr. Hughes, and will be happy to see the old customers of IL fit IJ. and his friends generally. mv2 tf UCIIIHGRK, NO. 37 MYRTLE AVENUE, has just received a large quantity of white, iron store china of the very best quality, whicli lie will sell at prices that will defy competition ;also, au abundance ofotlier kinds of ware. China tea setts lower than ever. Glass ware in great plenty, tfolur Lumps and Girandoles, from 15 to 20 per cent cheaper than they cun be bought any where this side of Egypt. Britannia tea-pots; and. lumps for burning oil or fluid. 30 per cent cheaper than a great many are selling them, iuid 15 per cent cheaper than any body sells them, for in­ stance; we will sell Lamps for 8s. per pair, that our neigh­ bors sell for 13s. per pair. And, to conclude, we know we SELL CHEAPER than anybody in Brooklyn or New Y'ork. No. 37 in R E D J . K T T K U N O i l tllC WilldoW. N. tt.—Goods loaned to parlies. T urms —(’ asii and UNE PRICE, oxtv. JOSEPH F. MUCHMORE, 37 Myrtle avenue, jc9 tf _____________ between Pearl and Jay streets. GEORGE I3ALS,, GENERAL REAL ES­ TATE AGENT has located at 307 Fulton street,op- posite the new City Ilall, offers forsale. Lotson Clinton avenue. Houses and lots on Clason avenue. Lots on Third avenue between 24th and 25th sts. Lots in South Brooklyn on Hicks, Columbia, President, Carrol and Womlhull sts. Ilouse and lot in Bridge st. 1 brick house and lot in Carlton avenue. Farm of 13 acres in New Jersey, near Railway. Farm «fl01>X acres 5 milse south of Ithaca in Tompkins county. Farm of COO acres 7 miles west of Ithaca. Four hundred acres under culture, with dwellings, burns, saw mill, ficc. ' i ’O l i B T — T h o v o r y b o a u t i f u l c o t t s i g e S , situated O i l Putnam and Fulion avenues, tftages pass every ten mi­ nutes. Two brick houses in Gold st., just finished. Double house in Livingston St., second house east of Smith street. 3 of thc -1 new brick houses under completion on Clason av. adjoining Gates, iuid will be ready for tenants about the Jst of April. FOR SALE.—Tho splendid residence of Benjamin F. Thompson, of Hempstead. It ia only necessary to say* thut the buildings arc replete with every convenience, and the locution unsurpassed. Terms moderate and payment easy. Attends to renting houses and collecting rents. jail tf ONO ISLAND RAILROAD (’OMPANY—SPUING au U anobmknt —lo commence April 2d, 1819. FROM BROOKLYN. From Brooklyn, at 8 a . n. through freight, 9 , ‘ j a . m . Passenger, 12 >i. Jamaica, passenger, 4 i*. k . Yaphank, passenger, fi‘4 i*. m . Jamaica, passenger, (this train will stop to land and receive passengers at any place between Brooklvn iitd Ja­ maica.) TO BKOOKPYN. From Greenport, at H a . m , through freight, 9 , l a a . m . t h r o u g h p a s s e n g e r . From Yanlmnk, ut5>s a . m . accommodation passenger, do do 11 18 a . m . through passenger, do do 11 35 a . m . through freight. From Farmingdale, 7 a . m . Yaphank accommodation pas­ senger, do do 12 40 a . m . through passenger, do do 2 24 i*. m . through freight From Jamaica at7 a . m . Jamaica, passenger, (this train will stop to laml und receive pnssengersatanv nlace between Brooklyn and Jamaica.) do b a . m . Y’uplmnk accommodation, do 1 45 r. M . Greenport accommodation, dt» 4 ll) i *. m . Greenport Ireight, do 5 15 v. m . Jamaica, passenger. RATES OF COMMUTATION. From Brooklyn and all intermediate places to Jamaica, each person ......... do Farmingdale ........ do Y'aphtmk ............. do lliverheud.. ....... do Greenport... do do do do an VoorhiK, latlanda neck, in iu this paper. J A M E S COLE) Auctioneer* OJice, -Vo. 43 tult.* ,treel. r.. r*tr , f 1 rar.t. Brook's* wJSoi- lluuwhuld Fumium'^andho u t ' S S a J S S f Ealule, Mocks, t c , al tto SS2& ; r r ^ l : wi,,,'r isk< pl n,r\'U llisI,usnl or proH.,tj. Y\ KDSK.SllAY, AllgllSt ft, ^ At 12 o clock, nt the Franklin House, fcupreme court, under the direction of Dan’l Van Voorhis ol village or W’mJbur£h on k. L cor I om th st, and boulh-dth st, being 50 ft on 4th nn.l 1IHI n .... *„m,-7H, SI. Together will, tile [ Jn. u Z l h c l For particulars see advt in tliis puper. T i k s d a V , August 1 4 , At 12 o’clock, at the Franklin House, 1 urtition sale, under the direction of Dan’l V j cm |. nil U ium *i l ifitH-mit parcels of land at Flat llu* town of Flatlands, as described in un udvi F r i d a v , August 17. At 12 o’clock at the* Franklin House . uprenu* Court m Kquity, under direction of Daniel Van \. <K.rl. >., Mimil—All Hun pi. co of land wiih the building !,V .**• 0,1 northerly side of Front st. 25 ft West fruin \\ uMiiiigton st mul running through to Wutcr st, being 135 ft on each st. by two hundred ft deep lilli.’'r'v.Ul,OV‘‘ |m,pt'r,-v ls k,,,,w'1 Cunningham’s Dis- W e d n e s d a y , August**** Al 12 ..'clock, nl il,u 1'mnkli.f ilousc, Mortgage Nile, of all those 4 lots or ground |n the town of , .. \V,’:euKst.AY, August go, At 1*- o clock, at the* Franklin House, bm.re.m- court, m entity, under tl.e direction of Dan’l Van \ o,.rlns, es.j- nil t n.l I.lock of gr.l win, buildings there- on in the tillage ot \\ .llininsl.urgli, hounded hy McKibbin, suknots tUx'Tll) !t. y,l!‘ K b.tScncl.of JOSKl’H IIKCliiil.lK, Auctioneer, liKOOKI.YN I-I'Ill.H' SALKS ROOM. -W. 191 Ifas/tiiii'lon street near Covcord street. Tiie subscriber has taken on a lease the large building for merly known us fc*(’lassica! . Hull,” which hns been hand&omelv fitted up expressly for an Auction Room, for the Public Sale of K u a i . L s t a t k , iM-RNnriiK and M e r c h a n d i z e of every description. The accommodations in this building forthe exhibition of every description of Goods, sous.to afford pur­ chasers every facility to examine the ariicles exposes forsale. are unequalled in any sales room in this or New York city— He returns bis thanks to his frionds nml the public, forthe very liberal patronage he has received during the last k i n * years , atul having relinquished all other business, hopes bv devoting his undivided attention to the Interests of his cus­ tomers, tt> receive their continued confidence and support.— He respectfully tenders his services to thoso who wish, during the **<-*tt*«>ii, to dispose of their furniture at tlieir residences, or at the . ales Room, which from its central and convenient location, always secures the attendance ofa large and r»» spectable audience. J-'.ilcs t.f II.-.il Kstuti. at the Franklin House or at tlio Mer- clmnls 1-xeliange, Jvcw Yurk. A ltegistor of j.roj.erty al I'rivate Sale is kepi at tbe office Tree of charge. Ample accoimmiilalioiis for tin- S tihice of Furniture and other good.*. ______ JOSEI‘11 II Kc KM AN. f i t t s t t w s s (H a r k s , No freight token 011 the passenger inh2 tf DAVID tf. l> 3mo$. fimos. 12mos . . $ 1G $30 $50 ... 20 3G GO ... 25 40 fi5 ... 30 45 70 ... 35 trains. 50 75 IVES, Superintendent. Hull. (Harpdtm j. BROOKLYN CARPET STORE. CjTllWAUTfc Go., havo re-opencd their n e w s t o r e at the © OLD STAND, 162 FuUou street, between Orange and Cranberry streets, where they have an entire new and splen­ did stock of CARPETS, wiiich they offer at the smallest possible advancv. Composed partly of English druggets from 3 to fi shillings pr yard. 3 yards wide druggets 8 to 14s per vara, Embossed piano covers $5 to $7, Embossed table covers, $12 to $5, YVorstcd do, $8 to $4. Stair Hods, English Tapestry, “ Brussels carpet from 8 to 10s per yard, u 3 ply 8 to 10s pr v’rd, u Double sup. 6 to 7, iSuporllne, 5 to fis pr. yd., Extra do, 4 to 5s pr. yd., Common do, 2 to 3s per yd., Rugs 12s to $12 each, Table Oil Cloth, all kinds, Door Mats, fi^c., FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, From 3ft to 24 fl. wide, in great variety of patterns ail most elegant designs. 4-4, 5-4, fi-4 red checked and white Canton mattings. Also, a large assortment of W i n d o w S h a d e s , all prices, from 12 to 20s per pair. STEWART fii CO., have orected upon their old site, by far the largest and most splendid store inthe city, aud by the utmost attention to customers, they hope to merit a share of their patronage. ap2U STEWART fit CO. GAS FITTING! GAS FITTING!! T HE Subscribers are now ready to receive orders for thc introduction of GAS PIPES, into stores, private AND PUBLIC BUILDINGS, FACTORIES, fiiC., b}’ Workmen Which lew can equal and none excel. We have men in our em­ ploy of the most practical experience, one of whom (the Foreman-) I uls been constantly engaged for the_htst fifteen years as Foreman in the most extensive shops iu Europe nnd America. All work will be done with the utmost prompt­ ness* nnd dispatch according lo the regulations of the (bis Company, and subject to their most rigid test. None but the best materials will be used and our prices will be ils low as the cheapest. Those who intend to use Gas, wishing any information in relation to measurement, probable cost, ficc., will be waited upon, without charge, by our foreman, by leaving their orders at our store. JOHN BUTLER fic BROTHER, jelfi tf 112 Fulton, opposite Sands st. _ M UI/FUjHC IN 1‘ARVO !—This motto is again exem­ plified pracHcally in the laying in, and stowing away until called for, of lots of beautiful Combs, Pencils and Pens and shoals of Finger Rings, etc. The curious are invited to call and sec. YVM. YVItf E, Jr., dc27 Watchmaker fic Jeweller, 79 Fulton s HE AMERICAN QUARTERLY REGISTER and MAGAZINE, conducted by Judge James Stryker of Philadelphia. June number just received bv A. M. WILDER, 51 Fulton st. Term9, $5 per year, in advance. jy27 TO LOAN IN ONE SUM OU in sums of not less than $2,000 each; ami 8 10,090 in one or two sums; two of $5,000 each ; three sums of $2,000; one of $2,500, $2,100, SI,900; and any sum wanted under $2,000 to loan on Bond and Mortgage of productive Kesil Estate, in good locations, in Brooklyn or New York. Also, several sums to loun oil vacant lots it well located. Inquire ut STONE fic tf OTHER’S, Real Estate Office, No. 10 Fulton street, jy24 tf ___________________________ Brooklyn. 5 I**’01*!UAXI0N YV ANTED—Ali that are in want of a good t'ac simile likeness cut 011 Cameo, can call at J. D. Chase’s Jewelry store, 203 Fultou corner Concord, and have Cameos cut in any style and done in a very supe­ rior manner. JOHN D. CHASE, 203 Fulton corner of Concord street, feelS 2w ________________ Manufacturing Jewellr. jN LASS CANDLESTICKS at 3s) per pair, can be obj tained at 37 Myrtle avenue. r».*l2 fim GAS CHANDALIERS, PENDANTS, ETC C ORNELIUS fit CO., of Philadelphia.—The undersigned having entered iuto an arrangement with Messrs. Cor­ nelius fit Co., of Philadelphia, is now prepared to exhibit at hi? new tfliow Room a general assortment ofthe newest anil most beautiful styles of Gils Chandeliers, Mantel lights, Bracket^ and all oilier kinds of Gas Fixtures, from the simplest store burner to llie finest Parlor Chandelier of Silvered, Ormolu, Danmsk. Bronzed, ;uid Gold Gilt. He has a company of experienced Gas Fitters now enga­ ged in introducing the pipes into buildings. AU orders for dwellings, stores and public buildings, will receive prompt attention, and the work will be warranted perfect. The foreman can be seen every evening at the store, or will call upon applicants to give such information as may hi* required. The superior workmanship, und perfect manner of doing this most difficult business, has secured to Messrs. Cornelius 6c. Co.. a reputation unsurpassed in this country or Europe. nili2i» tf DAVID COOPE, 91 Fulton st., Brooklyn. FARE REDUCED—FOR BOSTON via . _________ J NEWPORT and FALL RrVER—By the splendid tuul superior Steamers BAY STATE and S'l ATE OF MAINE of great strength und speed particularly adapted to the navigation of Long Island sound, running in connec­ tion with the Fall River and Old Colony Railroad, a distance of 53 miles to Boston, onlv Leave Pier No. 3 North itivcr, near the Battery. The Steamer Bay Stale, Captain Brown, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at 5 P. M. The State of Maine, Captain T. G. Jewett, 011 Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, at 5 1*. M. This, line is the only one that runs direct for Newport. These Steamers ure fitted with commodious State Rooms, and every arrangement for the security and comfort of pas­ sengers, who are afforded by this route a night’s rest on board and on arrival at Fall River proceed per railroad, reaching Boston early the following morning, or can remain 011 hoard (getting their breakfast if wished for) until the starting of the accommodation train at A. M. A baggage muster is attached to each steamer, who receives and tickets the baggage aiul accompanies the same lo its destination. The rates for passage and the price of state rooms, the same as by the other lines. A Steamer runs in connection with this line to and from Providence daily, except Sundays. Freight to Boston is taken atthe same rates as by the other regular lines, and forwarded with greater expedition by an EJXPEEtfS FREIGHT TRAIN, which leaves Fall River every morning (Sundays excepted) at 8 o,clock, for Boston and New Bedford, arriving nt its destination at about 11 A. M. For Freight or p itssage, apply on board, and either to TISDALE fit BORDON, 70 Yvest Street, or at the Office of the Line, at the corner of YVashington street and Battery Place. tny7 fim DIOUN1IV& LINE AT 7 O’CLUOK— Ifor ALBANYT, TROY und Intermediate places, leaving New York MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY. Leaving Albany TUESDAY’, THURSDAY and SATURDAY,—landing ut Caldwells, YVest Foint Newburg. Hampton, Milton, Poughkeepsie, Hyde Park, Kingston, Red Ilook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Coxsackie, imd Kinderliook. Meals furnished at all hours on board thc boat. The new und elegant steamer ALIDA, Captain F. YV. Stone, will loave.the steamboat Pier at the foot of Robinson street, MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and FRIDAYS, at 7 o’clock A. M. For passage or Ireight apply on board, or at the office on the wharf. N. B—AU persons are forbid trusting any one on account ofthe above boat or her owners. JOHN F. RODMAN, Agent, apl9 tf foot of North Moore st. (upstairs.) EVENING LINE FOR ALBANY __________ ;and TROY—n irec t —The steamer EM­ PIRE, Cn»tain YV. W. Tapper, will leave foot ofCortlandl street, on TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS mid SATURDAYS, at 5 P. M. The Steamer TRO Y, Captain YV. II. Frazee, will leave foot of Cortlandt street MONDAYS, YVEDNES- DAYS and FRIDAYS, at 0 P. M., for Albany and Troy. For passage, &c., apply 011 board, or to S. S. CHAMBER­ LAIN, at the Office on the wharf. ap21 tf PASSAGE 50 CENTS—NO MO _________ NOPOLY — Evening Line for Albany— Through without landing—Passengers by this boat arrive at Albany in time for the morning trains East or West. Regular days from New York—TUESDAY, THURSDAY', and Saturday. Returning, will leave Albany from the new steamboat landing, in Broadway, every MONDAY, WED­ NESDAY and FRIDAY’, at fi o clock, P. M. For passage or freight apply 011 board or at the office oa the dock. The new steamboat RIP VAN WINKLE, Captain S. Schuyler, will leave thc steamboat Pier foot of Robinson st, (first above Barclay) THIS EVEN ING, at fi o’clock. Freight shipped by the Rip Van Winkle, forwarded by the railroad witli dispulch. mh30 tf .loll 11 B*« Commissioner ok Dkicds No.48 Fulton strtn-l, Brooklyn. Deeds, Bonds, Mortgages, and other conveyances drawn, and Law mid other papers engrossed. ’ my24 Sam u el Gstrrlson* A ttorney , S olici tor and C ounsellor —Office, No. 2 Montague mylG Joseph III. rUTuclimore, IMPORTER - ---- , AND DEALER IN* ClIINA, (tl.ASS AND E a RTJIL'N W a k e , N o . 3 7 Myrtle avenue, between Pearl und Jav sts. fe 12 fim Iff* AV, ITIurpliy* A t t o r n e y a n d S o l i - u t o r , at the County Clerk’s Office, Ciiy Ilall. d2 ♦ S l a n h u r y V * D A o r x R U E o T V P E R o o m s , N o . 43 Fulion street, Brooklyn. . o4 Dr. G. C. R a il, Fultonstreet,up stairs. C o r o n k r —Office, 209 aul 5 story. Citv Hall. John Kt. K-inir, A t t o r n e y a n u S o l h . i . t o r , No. 43 Fulton street, Brooklyn. n30 W illiuni AA'iwC) J r.) W a t c h m a k e r J e w e l l e r . N o . 79 FuUou street. d27 Daniel Van VourlilK. S h e r i f f «V K i n o s Co i * n t y — Office, No. 48 Fulton St., second ^ jull 2Io«ry A. I>Ioorr9 a n i » C o u n s e l l o r a t L a w , Montague Hall uear tha myl Nicholzis Van Brunt) A t t o r n e y a n d C o u n s e l l o r a t L a w , N o . 1 Front at, Brooklyn.— [Commissioner of Deeds.J np2t Jo*<*vh RI* Greenwood, A t t o r n e y a n d SoLicifc^R, No.3Frontst, Brooklyn. »3 JameN JPcacoti, S ' e x t o n o f S t . J o h n ’s r C h u r c h , No. 250 Adams street— T o whom appli­ cation for Pews in the Church, or Interments in the Burial Yard, may bo made. al() Dr* W . C. ISencdir?. [ l a t e p h y s i c i a n a n d s u r g e o n in the Philadelphia Hospital,] Phy­ sician imd Surgeon—Office in Atlantic near Clinton streei, Brooklyn. d3 YVil S. Barbe r , B o o k - B i n d e r a n d _ P a p e r R u l e r , High street near l’ulton. AU kinds of book-binding done in a neat and substantial manner.— Books, Periodicals and Mu?ic bound to pattern. Paper ruled to any pattern. jy 16 ICE CBEAM! REAT REDUCTION IN PRICE.—IIANDLEY now proposes to furnish Parties, etc., with Ice Cream of a superior flavor and miutulaclure, at the reduced price of FIVE SHILLINGS PER ClUART, (in forma), equal to any in thi* or any other city in the Union. Mr. II. prides himself in having been known by the citi­ zens of Brooklyn for many years, to give entire satisfaction to his numerous patrcms ; and pledges those who may favor him with a call to leave nothing undone to deserve their favors. B. HANDLEY’, 2fi9 Fulton street, fe3 if Near the City Hall. ^ -JP— * NIGHT BO AT—N OTIC E—On and January first, 1849, no boatwillrun up- on the Culhanne Ferry between the hours of 12 o’clock Mid­ night, and 5 o’clock, A. M. d27 tf ROOKLYN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY'— 1 C h a r t e r e d iu 1824.—Office 43 Fulton, upper corner of Front street. This company having renewed tlieir Capital, so far as the same was impaired by the great fire in September lust, ore now prepared to insure Dwellings, Stores, mid other build­ ings, Furniture, Merchandise, Vessels in port nnd their car­ goes upon as favorable terms as any similar institution. ^ d i r e c t o r s : William Ellsworth, Phinoas 'P. Barnmn, Elijah F. Purdy. Mason tf. Brewster, John G. Cameron, Joseph Bradley, John M. Reed, John Endie, Jr., Joseph Wilson, Robert C. Bell, Joseph William H. C. Brown, Joseph tf. Luke, Joseph E. Coffee, Alexander II. Schultz, Peter U. Roach, Charles Lent, Caleb S. Woodhull, Aim-statius Nicholas, Ralph Hill, Henry Quackenboas, Weeks. T 4> GKNTIjKITIIIN t h a t SHAVE THEMSELVES The way to buy Itnzos is to step into CARNES’S Hair Cutting Saloon, No. iii Fulton street, where you can pick lrom a large assortment, and have every Razor warranted to suit the face; also, ^Emerson's, Saunder's and Chapman’s Razor Strap s . _____________________ mh29 BROOKS—FASHIONABLE CABINET, SOFA • CHAIR MANUFACTORY fit WAREHOUSE, No. 44 Fulton street.—The subscriber would respectfully call tho attention of the public to his splendid stock of ROSEWOOD & MAHOGANY FURNITURE, manufactured of the best materials and workmanship, and in Louis XIV, and XV. styles; together with a general as­ sortment of PARLOR & BF.D ROOM FURNITURE of the most approved patterns, fall) if T. BROOKS, 44 Fultonst. SSKIWBI.Y) CONCERT fit LECTURE ROOMS GOTHIC IIALL, (Adams street, near Concord.) Tliis establishment has been entirely re-modelicd and im­ proved, by the addition of new Drawing Rooms, elegantly furnished.’ The hall has also been enlarged and a hard pine tloor of the most approved construction for dancing, laid in the same, which, together with the new draperies, couches, ottomans and cushions, render it the largest and most splen­ did Assembly Room in Brooklyn or New Y’ork. The Ilall mul Rooms are at all times open for inspection to those interested. Application for use of the same cun be mnde to the keeper 011 the premises. _________ n25 tf WILLIAM ELLSWORTH, President. A l f r e d G . S t e v e n s , Secretary. jeS 3ni CORNELIUS & CO/S GAS FIXTURES. T I IE subscribers have just received a beautiful assortment of Pendants, (Ins Chandeliers, Brackets, ficc., from the manufactory of Messrs. Cornelius fic Co.. Philadelphia, ofthe most approved patterns, to whicli they invite the attention of the public. To those wishing their buildings fitted with Gas-pipe, we would say thnt, by giving us a call, they can see from tho work we have done such recommendations from Trustees and others, in respect to w o r k m a n s h i p , m a t e r i a l , ficc, that we vouch will satisfy them. Persons, who have an idea of using Gas, wishing any in- Ibrmation in respect to measurement, probable cost, ficc, can have it free of charge by applying ut the store. They have tho privilege of referring to the Brooklyn Gas Light Co. jv- ing to the Brooklyn JOHN BUTLER fic BROTHER, 112 Fulton opposite tfands street. —To loan on bond and mortgage on favorable terms, in small sums, 011 improved Real Estate in the citv of Brooklvn. Apply to S. LEWIS i'AYI.OR, Jy25 lm 45 Fultonstreet, Brooklyn. T iffA'JT 5s OIL that Muchmore keeps, is first rate.— Apply at 37 Myrtleavenue. fa!2 fim C IT I X E W S ’ FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY— YViLLiAMsauRGH, L. 1.—This Company with u full CASH Capital, ull paid in and securely invested, continuesaiiion to insure against loss or damage by Fire on dwelling houses, merchandise, household furniture, nnd all descriptions ol personal property, on as favorable terms as the New Y’ork and Brooklyn offices generally. D i r e c t o r s : James C. Baldwin, Daniel Burtnett, Jeremiah Johnson, Thomas McElrulb, YVilliam YVallace, James Jarvis, Robert Barkley, Joiin tf. Harris, Daniel YV\ Townsend., Charles Devon, Francis A. Palmer, Alonzo A. Alvord, Lukt/ Baker. DANIEL BURTNETT, President. J a m e s M. M ’ L e a n , Secretary, FOR INSURANCE, apply to J. C. fic D. I>. YVIIITNEY. my 12 3m Agency Office, No. 20 Fulton st, Brooklyn. ”%’^STICI5S_C 9 ff' It. X — SECOND DISTRICT— J o i i n C. S m i t h , Justice. „ This Court will be held on and after MONDAY, May ith, nt GRENADA HALL, No. 94 Myrtle avenue, between Bridge tuul tftanton streets. . The Jurisdictiou of this Court extends to all actions arising on contract and for injuries to the personal or real property where the damages claimed do not exceed $100, and to cn- tcring judgments bv confession to the amount of $250. The Justice has also power to issue warrants for the arrest of of­ fenders in all criminal cases and to dispossess tenant* for non-payment of rent or for holding over beyond tlieir term. my5*tf _________________________________ IHANDOLES selling off atcost,atMiichmore’s37 Myrtle avenue. fe!2 6m A 1*1* K IN I)S OF SPECACLES TO _ SUIT ALL AGES—Such as Gold, Silver, German Silver, Steel, Iron and Composition: Fine Gold, from...., ................ $6 00 to S & 50 k* Silver ................................ I 00 to 2 00 %t. £tL>L.\ .................................. CO to 2 00 German Silver, from .................... 3 7 , J® .......................................... 25 to 1 00 Composition .............................. Glasses fitted of all kinds—such as Perifocal, Penscoptc, Concave and Convex, and warranted to s»ut the eyes at a# \V. J. V AXDERIiOFI* S, 14b I- ulton st TT OTS IN BROOKLYN FOR SALE—The subscriber b LJ has lots for sale in most of the wards in Brooklyn, and wiU sell one or more of them on liberal terms, to mechanics or other tu i Apply to au4 t i * _____________ _ CHILDREN—Mrs. ANDREW OAKES having S Vkindlv offered t<> receive into her family and take care nfimildren who mav have strayed from their homes, so as to Parent, and rtuardians more readily to recover them: Veins IS TO OlVE NOTICE to all persons in whoso U.ds I.n-t Children may come that the ofTer ha\ been ac- nted with thanks, and it is earnestly requested that sucli umv I,e taken to the store of Mr. l’arsons, No. 5 Myrtle ave., that thev may lie taken care of. Bv order of the Common Council. iers, m.d when improved, the whole amount may re 1,11 lor a term ul }tars. • V“ ^ VALENTINE G. HALL, corncrofPearl and Buokmnn ts, New York. jel 2a\v*tf TO THE LADIES. W E respectfully call the attention of our Lady customers and the puhlic generally to our beauUful assortment of O IRAN DOLES—manufactured ( by Messrs. Cornelius. i- Co., Philadelphia,)—of several entirely nkw . ^ £.e u | a r i e t y , w h i c h stock of cut and Moulded Table Glass, in great variel will be sold at such prices as BKOTKER, )0.j j 12 Fulion, opposite Sands street. ,u^ i IC^ knf CM?.mbiaU^d 'Baltic streets, Brooklyn. s!2_tf S gJod Ifpply of ornament® is to 1^ Hair . t>l,u i » J L.wolrv store. be found al jy57 WISE'S Jewelry store. 7 0 F n l t o n s t r o . t .

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