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THE BROOKLYN DAILY EAGLE. V O L . 8 .— N O . 18 4 . B R O O K L Y N , T U E S D A Y . A U G U S T 7, 184!). O N E C E N T . f S r t e l i t g u ? U # U g t S i t g f c AND KINGS COUNTY DEMOCRAT. I. VAN ANDEKT, p r o p r i e t o r . a n d p u b l i s h e r , F.aglc Building: JYu. 30 Fulton street , Brooklyn . TERMS: Delivered to City Subscribers, every evening, at Six a n d a q u a r t e r C ksts pcr week, payable to the Carriers. Sub­ scriptions taken at the same rate, for six months or a year, in advance. Mail Subscribers, $3 per suinum, in advance. T e rm s of A d v e rtising, FOR TWELVE LINES, OR LESS. insertion.. .$0 50 1 week... .$1 38 o months* $ 5 00 rt insertions . . 0 75 .) weeks. . 2 13 3 do... 6 00 3 do ...... . 1 00 3 do... . 2 88 6 do... •10 00 4 do ...... . 1 13 4 do... . 3 00 9 do... 15 00 5 do - a ,* . . 1 25 6 do.. . 3 88 1 year ... 20 00 ADVERTISING INSIDE. When advertisements are inserted and continued on the inside, immediately preceding the general advertisements, the following ure the rates: 1 insertion ...§0 iI insertions .. 1 00 3 do ... 1 20 4 do ... 1 50 5 insert’ns.$l 63 1 week.... 1 75 2 weeks... 3 00 I3 3 do... 3 50 1 month.. .*5 4 00 2 months.. 0 50 do.... 10 00 6 do.... 10 00 YEARLY ADVERTISING. Yearly Advertising in this paper, S20 per annum—thc space occupied at one time never to exceed three squares.— Advertising for six months, S15. frSusiiiCMs Ca.rds9 $6 per annum. Z3F All advertisements not accompanied with written instructions will be inserted until forbid, and charged accord­ ingly. Ail transient advertisements must be paid for i n ADVANCE. $ « > o ! K g n iU c e ftC g i& h jtc I S P U B L I S H E D EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. E~z/” Tekms—SI pur annum, i n a d v a n c e . ROOK A N » JOB PRINTING, PRINTING IN GOLD, SILVER AND FANCY COLORS JCxccntcd with Taste and Promptness , A ND A T A ( I I t E A T R E D U C T I O N F R O M F O R M E R R A T E S . T h e Sm iths : or d o u b t f u l {fentility. MRS. S. VV. JEWETT, OF CINCINNATI. C H A P T E R I V . Fashionable Gossip. “ \Well our n e ighbors, tlie S m iths tu r n e d o u t p r e t t y sm a ll,\ said M rs. P r im to lier friend M rs. P r y . “ S o I h e a r d ,” s a id M rs. P r y . “ I s e e n th e ir f u r ­ n i t u r e a t a u c tion— I t h o u g h t I should drop in a t th e s a le. “ M y h u s b a n d b e g a n t o su s p e c t t h a t som e tim e ago,” s a id M rs. P r im . H e said I m ig h t as w e ll give u p th e ir acq u a in tan c e — d id’n t t h in k t h e y w a s m u c h a n y how . “ Y o u don’t s a y so,” ejacu lated M rs. P r y . “W e ll I th o u g h t as m u c h '. for I heard M rs. S im p k in s say th e y h a d been liv ing on you these th r e e m o n ths p a s t ; an d besides I h e a r d t h e ir g r o c e r say tliey ow e d th e m a h u n d r e d dollars— a n d t h e i r cook told ou r cham b e r m a id she co u ld 'n t g e t lier w a g e s a n y ­ ho w .” “ I dare say ,” re p lied M rs. P rim ; “ I ex p e c ted as m u c h , th e y m a d e s u c h a dash a t f ir s t.” “ R e a lly ,” s a id M rs. H . to h e r h u s b a n d . I feel so r r y for th e p o o r S m iths. I t m u s t h a v e com e h a r d to* th e m to se ll a l l t h e i r eleg a n t f u rn itu r e . “ S m i t h is a m e a n inefficient fellow ,” r e p lied M r. H . I h a v e h a d som e dealings w itli him ; I don’t believ e in p e o p le n o t p a y in g tlieir debts. “ B u t i f th e y h a v e no m o n e y ,” s a id M rs. H . “ T h e y h a v e no business to he w ith o u t it,” said M r. H . w ith his usu a l s a g a c ity. “ P e o p le o u g h t to k n o w how to live. A m a n t h a t don’t p a y h is d e b ts is a m e a n fellow. I lik e d S m ith w h e u he cam e — h e seem e d a v e r y clev e r fellow — h u t I found o u t his m e a n streak s . P a c t , lie w a s too m e a n to buy his ow n tobacco— b o r r o w e d ofliis f riends— I found him out. A n d his w ife is after the sam e so r t, I reckon, b a d m a n a g e r s .” “ I alw a y s lik e d her,” s a id M rs. H ., “ b u t possi­ b ly I m a v h a v e been d e c e ived.” * * * * * “ R e a lly , w liat a d o w d y looking perso n M rs. S m i th is,” s a id M rs. P . to M iss C a r p e n t e r ; “ slie really looks ridiculous. O n e w o u ld h a r d l y th in k she h a d ev e r liv e d am o n g d e c e n t p e o p le.” “ I can’t ag r e e w itli you,” s a id M iss C a rpenter, “ a n d i f you k n e w h e r as w e ll as I do, you w o u ld n o t d o u b t th a t she w a s a tru e lady.” M iss C a r p e n ter k n e w t h a t it w a s useless to a t ­ te m p t to convince M rs. P . t h a t tlio g e n e r a l opinion m ig h t be w rong. T h e re are som e m inds so in h e ­ re n t l y l i t t l e t h a t t h e y cannot tak e in an y larg e ide­ as— i t crushes th e m a t once. B u t M rs. P . w a s rig h t in h e r s ta te m e n t of w h a t th e g e n e r a l opinion w a s w i th reg a r d to t h e S m iths. T h e v e r y children w h o tw o y e a r s ago, in tlieir p r e t t y a n d t a s te f u l a t ­ tire, h a d b e e n “p e r f e c t little darlings,” w e r e very o r d inary children now , in th e ir r b it o f calicoes.— W h e n p a r e n ts a r e ungonteol, tlieir ch ild r e n m u s t b e v e r y ordinary, a n d th e r e is nothing so ung e n teel as p o v e r ty . C H A P T E R V . A glim p s e o f real h a p p iness to be seen i n obscurity. I t w a s decided b y M rs. S m ith t h a t th e y h a d b e t ­ te r b o a r d for a tim e , a n d accordingly th e y found ch e a p room s w i th a w id o w M ’L a n e , in an unfash­ ionable p a r t of tlie c i t y . H a v in g a c tu a lly lo s t p o sition in society, th e y t h o u g h t b e s t to im p rove the ad v a n tag e s of p o v e r ty , and liv e in th e liap p y ob ­ scu r ity in to w liicli t h e y b a d been allo w e d to p a s s so q u ietly . T h e m a g a z in e b e g a n t o look u p a lit­ tle, a n d furnished a sm a ll incom e . T liey contrived to p a y th e i r b o a r d w e e k ly for som e tim e — b u t tlie m e a n s b e in g w a n tin g tlie board bill h a d ru n on a m o n th, M rs. M 'L a n c b e g a n to be v e r y d istant.— _ M rs. S m ith p e r c e iv e d it, b u t see liad no placebo to offer, e x c e p t h e r assu r a n c e t l i a t tlie m o n e y should h e p a i d as soon as obtained. Mrs. M ’L a n e grew m o re icy, a n d t h e serv a n ts grew m o re insolent and n e g lectfu l of th e i r d u t y . M rs. S m i th w o u ld n o t te l l h e r husb a n d — s h e k n e w i t w o u ld irrita t e him —-she h a d learned to b e a r a ll things a s a m a t te r of course, as th e evil c o n s e q u e n c e upon tlieir c o n d ition in life. S h e w a s q u i t e astonished one d a y b y the en tr a n c e of M rs. M ’L a n e , w h o cam e to announce a y isito r w ishing t o look a t lier room s. “ L e t lier com e in” s a id M rs. S m ith , p leasan tly , a n d tlie la d y deci­ ded t o t a k e them a t once. “ Y o u w ish us to leav e ; I am to u n d e r s tan d ,” said she t o M rs M ’L a n e , w h e n th e lad y w a s gone. “Y e s ,” s a id M rs M ’L a n e , “I canno t afford to bo a r d peop le for n o thing. A friend of m ine w a rned m e t o look out w h e n I to o k y o u or I s h o u ld n o t g e t m y p a y ,” “V e r y friendly advice, M rs. M’L a n e . Y o u r m o n e y w ill h e read y for y o u to-night a n d w e w ill va ca t e tlie room s im m e d iately .” M rs. M ’L a n c looked em b a rassed, an d trie d to sta m m e r som e thing a b o u t no need o f being in a h u r r y . “1 prefer going a t once,” said M rs. Sm ith, be cau s e alth o u g h I am ab le to p a y now , it m a y be lo m e tim e before I can do so again, an d i t is very u n p l e a s a n t to both of u s to live on sucli term s .” “I hope y o u are n o t offended,” sa id M rs. M’­ L a n e . > “H o t in tlio least,” r e p lied M rs. S m ith , “ I liave Dot been poor m y s e lf w ith o u t know ing tlie value o f m o n e y , a u d t h e inconvenience of b e in g w ithout. I am n o t in th e le a s t an g r y — w e p a r t very good friends.” T h e n e x t d a y M rs. S m ith found lo d g ­ ings elsew h e re. “M a ttie M e a n w e ll! M a ttie M e a n w e l l! ! w h o can she b e ?” s a id M r. S m ith as he laid the l a s t num b e r o f th e M a g a z ine on th e table. “T lie ed ito r of the — h a s offered a handsom e prize to any one w h o w ill find h e r o u t aiul engage h e r services for his p a p e r . IVe h a v e p u b lish e d th r e e o f l i e r first pieces, a n d all th e tow n are on th e quivive to know w h o slie is.” M a ry took u p th e M a g a z ine and read h e r last production. “AU tlio w o rld ru n after trifles,” she said “this is only to lerab le— h u t if such p o e tr y p a y s I th in k I ’ll try m y h a n d a t rhym ing.” “E a s ier said th a n done, th y sensible m a t t e r of- fact w ifo.” M a ry only fulfiled good u a tu r e d ly — slie kn e w h e r husband loved h e r as w e ll as if she w e r e a poetess. F I N ' A I . K “ Y o u look v e r y m u c h excited, T h e o d o re,” said Mrs. S m ith , as h e r husband cam e iu. “ W liat can h a v e h a p p e n e d to you !” M r. S m ith d r e w a le t t e r from his p o c k e t aiul gave i t to his wife. “T h e w r o n g w ill— tho t r u e one discovered now , for th e f irst tim e .” “N o thing else— to sp e a k as th e R o m a n s do,” said M r. S m ith , “and w c are tlie possessors o f h a lf a m illion. Y o u shall h a v e a now dress to-m o rrow , d e a r — a n e w silk dress.” “No, g iv e i t to M a ttie M e a n w e ll, S u c h a poor p o e tess m u s t need i t m o re th a n I do,” s a id M a ry. “W e m u s t find h e r first, b e f o re wu can catch h e r ,” r e p lied M r. Sm ith. “I h a v e found lier alread y ,” said M a ry, going to h e r d e s k . “I have been in in tim a te correspondence w ith lier for som e tim e. I c a n ’t s a y I th in k m u c h o f h e r p o e t r y b u t she loves y o u dearly.” “L o v e s m e ! I confess I am flattered . L o v e m e ! an d y o u n o t jealous.” “N o t i n th e l e a s t ; I don’t th i n k you w o u ld give u p y o u r sensible w ife for a poor poetess.” said M a ry. “N o , t r u l y ; b u t I w ish m y sensible w ife could be a p o e tess too, b y w a y of ornam e n t,” said lier husband. “ W e ll, since y o u a d m ired lier so m u c h , I th o u g h t I w o u ld t r y — h e r e is m y liuin b le effort— see* h o w it w ill co m p a r e w ith h e r ’s,” sa id M a ry, han d in g him th e m a n u s c rip t. ’T is s w e e t along life’s ch e q u e r e d p a t h . T o find, unsought, som e cherish e d flow er, W i th in w h o s e p e r fu m e d ch a lice lies, A b a lm for m a n y an a n x ious hour— W h ich , w h ile t o o u tw a r d sense i t b r ings O b livion of all t o r tu r in g pain, S e n d s f resh e r life th r o u g h ev e r y pulse. A n d m a k e s the h e a r t f e e l y o u n g again. T h e w o r ld m a y false an d h e a r tless prove, A n d a ll o u r fervent hope s b e tr a y , A n d th o s e w h o w ith our fortu n e sm ile M a y w ith our fortunes pass aw a y . Y e t, w h ile one e y e in kin d n e s s beam s, W h ile one tru e h e a r t is tw in e d w ith ours, O u r p a t h o f life though ch e q u e r e d still, Is ch e e r e d by t b e sm ile of flow ers. I t m a y be tlm t th e rose w e loved, L o n g w ith e r e d an d f o rg o tten lies, A n d a l l t h e dream s o f e a r l y years H a v e p r o v e d b u t f latte r in g p r o p h e t s — Y e t liere an d th e r e along o u r path, S o m e blossom s m e e t our e a r n e s t gaze, In w liicli t h e eye of faith can r e a d T h e jo y o u s p led g e o f b r i g h t e r days. M attie M eaxweel . “ T h is is re a ll y stran g e — I q u i t e w o n d e r a t you M a ry,” s a id h e r husband. “ Y o u w ill le a r n to w o n d e r a t nothing a f t e r a w h ile,” said M a ry. “ B u t y o u alw a y s seem e d a m a tter-o f -f a c t little body.” “ A n d so I am . B u t I h a v e earn e d a s ilk d r e s s ?” “ Y o u sh a ll liave tlie p r e t t i e s t one in th e city , M a ry ,” s a id lier husband— “ w e a r e no longer poor, th a n k h e a v e n !” “ T h a n k h e a v e n t h a t w e h a v e been p o o r long enough to use w e a lth w isely,” s a id M a ry. T lie possessor o f h a l f a m illion c o u ld n o t r e m a in in o b s c u r ity long. I t w a s r e a l l y astonishing t o see how som e p e o p le seem e d to r e m e m b e r, th e m a ll a t once, “ t h e y h a d alw a y s th o u g h t tlm t t h e S m ith s w e r e g e n t e e l peo p le, ancl now t li e y knew it.” M rs. P r i m a u d M rs. P r y , an d M rs. H . said so, a n d even M r. H ., no w h e k n e w M r. S m ith w a s ab le to p a y h is d e b ts a n d b u y his tobacco— p roffered him som e of tb e v e r y b e s t C a v e n d ish, a n d felt q u ite honored th a t h e acce p te d it. B u t n o tw ith s tan d in g tlm t M rs. P r i m an d M r s P r y called, an d M rs. H . se n t a n in­ v itatio n to h e r eleg a n t p a r t y — a iul peo p le b e g a n to bo w w h o se e m e d a s if r e c o v e r e d from a t e m p o r a r y oblivion o f tb e re a l g e n tility of th e S m ith s — tliey h a d found o u t in tlieir o b s c u r ity t h a t th e t r u e se­ c r e t of h a p p in e s s is in d e p e n d e n c e of o u tw a r d cir cum s tances. ilnsttrcmcc. F IRK REVS INSURANCE CO., 50 Wall street, [late 47,] earner of Hanover street, New York—capi­ tal $234,000—surplus 1st of June $70,000. Continue to insure against loss or damage by lire, dwell­ ing houses, ware houses nnd other building*. merchandize, furniture and personal property, on the most favorable terms. d i r e c t o r s : Smith W. Anderson, (River T. Hewlett, Samuel M. Thompson, Ktr'in Townsend, Samuel T. Skidmore, W. S. Ilarriman, W. A. F. IVntz, Robert Speir, James Chambers, George H. Swords, C. X. S. Howland, John J. Phelps, Titus K. Ailee, Abraham U. Sands. FRANCIS 'I*. LUQUHI’.R, President. Application for Insurance will receive immediate atten­ tion al the Ahunov otlice, No. 43 Fulton street, Brooklyn. <114 STEPHEN CROWELL, Agent, John Wilson, Francis T. Lnqueer, William Agnew, Ira Smith, E. IL Herrick, Cornelius Smith, Jacob U. Nevius, Paul A. Curtiss, J. A. Robertson, Edward (5. Faile, Titus K. Adee. T h e long island insurance company— Capital $200,000—'with a surplus. Oflice 41 Fulton street, Urooklyn. Continues to take risks on Buildings, Merchandize, Ma­ chinery and property generally, at current rates of premium. This company has passpd’through the grout NewYork Fires ofl 835 aiul 1845. and also the recent disastrous Rrooklyn Ffre. They owe their escape from them, with compara­ tively slight losses, lo lhe system which they always prac­ tise, of limiting and scattering their risks. 'l’he Company inform their dealers and tli<; public gene­ rally, thnt l e s s t u a s o n e t h i r d of their business is on risks in the city ofRrookly. AU losses which the company may sustain, will be ad­ justed und paid promptly as heretofore. d i r e c t o r s : B. W. Delnmater, Henry Young, Peter C. Cornell, Daniel Ayres, Frederick Murquund, William M. Bliss, Minturn Post, IL V. \V. Thorne, William S. Packer, W. Horace Brown, J. C. Skidmore, Thomas Baylis, Smith Woodhull, Noziah Wright, George B. Fisk, Thomas Birdsall, Charles J. Taylor, George 8 . Howland, Daniel A. Robbins, William Ohetwood, John S. Wilev, John A. Loft, J. C. Skidmore, Jolm P. Yelverton, Freeman Rawdon. IL W. DELAMATER, President. E. C. F i n n , Secretary. HVTI y INGS COUNTY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY, No. 42 Fultonstreet, Brooklyn,give notice that they continue to make Insurance on all kiiuhs of property, against loss or damage by fire on as favorable terms as other offices, and solicit the business of their friends and the public. And the company state that after liquidating all the claims against them occasioned by the great fire in September bust they will have assets available for the payment of losses of one hundred thousand dollars, on wiiich the public may rely its mnple security against any future losses the company may sustain t r u s t e e s : Thomas Carpenter, Adrian liegeman, Charles M. Olcott, Samuel E. Johnson, Jeremiah Johnson, Elias Underhill, Gardner Wheelwright, William Beard, Barzilla Ransom, Morris Reynolds, Richard F. Haviland, Aaron L. ReicI, Robert R. Story, Alfred Clapp, • Amos Mntfdcn, John A. Cross, Benajiib A. Brewster, E.S. Powell, Gerrit Smith, Mott Bedell, William II. Cary, * William Burdon, Thomas Clark, Nicholas Luquer. THOMAS CARPENTER, President. A d r i a n I I c g e m a n , Vice President. fo28 S t e p h e n U n d e r h i l l , Secretary. C KOJLERA—LeDOVEN’S DISINFECTING F l u i d . The most powerful und effectual D e o d o r i s i n g agent ever discovered—being capable of instantaneously removing all foul smell in sick chambers, or from any other cause, sinks, sewers, fee. Being in itself altogether colorless and without any odor, it is highly preferable to nil other agents of this class, it is now iu abundant use in the ships aud hospitals of tho U. S. Navy, passenger ships, in a great num­ ber of hospitals, prisons, alms-houses, fee., and is strongly recommended by very highly respectable physicians of this and other countries. Extract from Health Physician and Physician of Cholera Hospital: * O f f i c e o f B o a r d o f H e a l t h , ) July 28th, 1840. j S i r : You will please scud to thc Cholera Hospital one other barrel of u Le Doyen’s Disinfecting Fluid.” Finding, from experience, this preparation superior to all others, in destroying and dissipating the noxious effluvia, engendered and propagated among Cholera subjects in our Hospital, we cannot, with due regard to the health of the patients, und the comfort and health of the physicians and nurses, dispense with the use of it. Yours, respectfully, C. S. J. G o o d r i c h , M. D.. Physician to the Bourd ol Health. Forsale by the barrel, gallon, or lass quantity, by JAMES VV. SMITH, Montague Place, corner Court street, Brooklyn, and Rushlon, Clark & Co., 110 Broadway, New York. jv31 lm T HK NORTH AMERICAN FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY—Capital $250,000, with a handsome sur­ plus AGENCY OFFICE, No. 50 FULTON ST., BROOKLYN, Principal Ofiice, 67 Wall st. New York. This company, with a capital and surplus safely invested with good securities, offers advantages for the insurance of property in tliis city, which ure unsurpassed. d i r e c t o r s : Charles Williams, William Whitowright, Cornelius MeCoon David B. Keeler, Moses II. Griimeil, Andrew Foster,jr, J. IJcUtS Wvllis Bluckstone,’ Henry Parish, William S. Wetmore, Joshua J. Henrv. JAMES VV. OTIS, President. R. W. B l e k c k e r , Secretary. Applications for Insurance made at the Agency Oflicc, 50 Fulton street, Brooklyn, will he promptly attended to. J. JL UNDERHILL, Agent. James W. Otis, Thomas Tileston, James Bogerujr, Hugh Auchiueloss, James McBrair, Richard M. Blacbfor Pnlnh Swan, Thonms W. Gale, Jonathan Thorne, Daniel IL Fearing, fficbirinc. C HOLERA—Nothing affords more general security against tin* CHOLERA than uheulthy condition ofthe Organs of Digestion j but these ure often known to creep into disorder so gradually ami insidiously, that the patient hardly knows that lie is the subject of il. It cannot be suid that these organs are in health when Ihe bowels are costive or irregular, the evacuations dark or unnatural in color,and the tongue foul aud loaded iu tlie morning. These always denote derangement of the organs of digestion, and are al­ ways seen together, but it often happens that the individual hits never noticed them until they have been pointed out by his physician as the cause of some other subject of complaint. This subject is worthy of great attention, for, ia those per sons who are not depressed by intemperance, the disordered condition of the organs of digestion constitutes a more gene­ ral cause of Cholera than any other. At this time, therefore, it is especially advised that every one should pay a due regard to tlu* regularity of the bowels, thc color ofthe evacuations, uiul the state of the. tongue, und, if they aresuch as Juus beeu already described,depend upon it he is lar more OPEN TO AN ATTAUlv OF CHOLERA than he is aware of, and it therefore becomes his duty to re­ move these disordered symptoms. Under sucn circumstances the object is, first, to evacuate the bowels, and then support their natural and healthy ac­ tion. But much depends on the menus chosen: a rough, drastic purgative, as several of tlie. medicines extensively presented to the public nre known to he, is not onlv impro­ per, but even dangerous: n purgative may indeed bo occa­ sionally required, but. one of ti mild and friendly, though cleansing anti purifying, nature: whilst something combining atonic or strengthening, with a mild aperient or regulating effect—oue which, whilst it carries off thc vitiated secretions of the Liver, Kidnies. fee., will restore and preserve the tone and vigor of the Digestive Urguns aiul Nervous System, thus enabling the constitution to resist contagious and all other diseases, is here most particularly called for. Such a medi cine, and it is stated in the fullest conviction of its truth, is DR. RALPH'S U n i v e r s a l D o m e s t i c V k u k t a b l k P i l l s . But, whoever, iu addition to a temperate and regular mode of living, aims at the above healthy standard is in no danger of TAKING TUE UHOLERA, and cannot take it. £3^ During the prevalence of this epidemic in 1832-’4, there was not a single individual attacked wilh this disease in the eity of New York, who followed these direetions.^jSPJ DR. RALPH'S PILLS are sold in Boxesat25 c e n t s , wilh very full directions on the prevention und cure of every dis­ ease, by all the principal druggists. No one should be with­ out them. Je!2 3m Sarsaparilla. , 14 , T O \V N S K S I P N C O III %* O 1' N fi ■> K.XTliAPT OF SARS4JM RILLA—Womlrr uml Washing of the age—Tint most / titr auk binary M em * ' ink 'is tub W orld . 1 his Extract is put up in Quart uo tiles: it U six tunes cheaper, ploasiiutcr, and warranted superior to any sold. lt cures without vomiting, purgiag, sickening, or debilitating tho Patient. The great beauty and suporlorltyof this Sarsaparilla overall other medicines is,that while it eindicates the invigorates the body. Itis one of the veryberi SPRING AND SUMMER MEDICINES ever known ; il not only purifies the whole system, \and strengthens the person, hut ll creates netr, pure and rich blood : u power possessed by no other medicine. Andin this lies the grand secret of its wonderful success, lthas performed within tho last five years, more than 100,000 cu res ofscvere cases of disease : at least 15,000 were considered incura­ ble. lthas saved the lives of more than 5,000 children during tho two past seasons 10,00(1 CASES OF GENERAL DEBILITY and WANT OI* NERVOUS ENERGY—Dr. Townsond’sSarsaparilla invigorates the whole system permanently. To those who have tost their muscular energy by the effects of medicine or indiscretion committed in youth, or the excessive iodnl gonce of the passions, nnd brought on a general physical prostration of the nervous system, lassitude, want of am* bition, faintingsensations, premature decay and decline 1 hastening towards tho fatal disease, comsumpllon, can be entirely restored by this pleasant remedy. ThisSnrsnjm ruin is far superior lo »nv INVIGORATING CORDIAL as it renews ami invigorates the system, gives activity tc the limbs, and strength to the muscular system, in a tnosi extraordinary degree. COAT-li UJ\IPTIOJ\T CUltKD—Cleanse and Strengthen* Consumption can be cured . Bronchitis, Consumption^ Liver Cotnp/ci 'i t, Colds, Catarrh, Coughs Jlsthu -, Spitting of Blood, Soreness in the C .est, licctec Flush. A \tght Sweat*, Difficult or Profuse Kzpcctorulion, Fain in the side, tVc, have been and can be cured. SPITTING BLOOD. New York, April 28, 1847. ii.Dr. '1 ownsend—1 verily believe that your SarsaparUb lias heen the moans, through Providence, of saving my life. I have for several years hnd a bad cough. It became worse and worse. At last I raised large quantities of hlood, had night sweats, Hnd was greatly debilitated and reduced, and did not expect to live. 1 have onlv used your Sarsa­ parilla a short time, and there has a wonderful change heen wrought in me. I ain now aide to walk all ovor theeity. I raise no blood, and my cough hus left uie. You can w U Imagine that I am thankful for these results. Yourobt.scrv’t, W m . R ussell , 05 Catharine st. ~ RHEUMATISM—This Is only on« of more thnn four thousand cases of Rheumatism that Dr. Townsend’s Sar saparilla has cured. *1 he most severe and chronic cases are weekly eradicated by its extraordinary virtues. Ja* Cummings, Esq, one of the assistants in the Lunatic Asy­ lum, Blackwell’s Island, is thegonlleumn spoken ofln the following letter: Blackwell s rsIand.Sept. 14,1847. Dr. Townsend—Dear Sir: I have suffered terribly for nine years with the Rheumatism; considerable ofthe time I could not eat, sleep or walk. 1 had the utmost dis­ tressing pains, and mv limbs were terribly swollen. 2 have used four bottles of your Sarsaparilla, and they have done me more than one thousand dolls rs worth of good.— I am so much better—indeed, 1 am ent rely relieved You are al liberty to use this for the benefit of the afflicted. Yours, respectfully, £J ames C ummings . FITS! FITS!! FITS !!!—Dr Townsond, not having tested his Sarsaparilla in cases of fits, of course never re; commended It, and was surprised to receive the /ollow ini' from an intelligent and respectable fanner in Westchester county. Fordham, August 13,1847. Dr.Townsend—DearSir—I have a littlegirlneven years of age, who has been several years afflicted with Fits; we­ aried almost everything for her, but without success; at last, although we could find no recommendation in our circulats for cases like heTs, we thought, as she was in very delicate health, we would give her some of your Sarsaparilla, and are very glad we did, for it not only re stored her strength, but she has had no return of the Fits, toour great pleasure and surprise. She is fust becoming rugged and hearty, for which we feel grateful. Yours, respectfully, J ohn B utler , J r . FEMALE MEDICINE.—DrTownsend’s tfarsauarila Is a sovereign and speedy cure for Incipient Consumption- Barrenness, Leucorrhraa, or Whites, obstructed or difficult Menstruation. Incontinence of Urine, or involuntary dis­ charge thereof, and for the general Prostration of the Sys­ tem. no matter whether the resultnfinherent cause.or pro- pucod hyirregularlty,il!ncss or accident. Nothlngcan be more surprlsi ng than Its i nvigorating effects on the human frame. Persons, nil weakness and lassitude, from taking It at once become robust and full ot energy undents in Aid ence. Iiimmedi&telycounter&clvthe nervousness of tlie eniale frame, which Jsthegrcnt cause of barrenness. Jt wil I not be expected of us, in cases nt so delicate a oMare, to exhibit certificates of cures performed, but we can as sure the afflicted, that hundreds of cases have beon re ported to us. Several cases where females have been with­ out children, after using a few bottles of this invaluabU medicine, have becnhlessed with healthy offspring. Sarsaparilla. felt g M I T5 AL BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE CO.— No. 43 F u l t o n s t r e e t . — In conformity with the provisions of an net of tho Legislature of the stale ofNew York, entitled “An act to provide for the incorporation of Insurance Companies.” The undersigned. President and the Secretary and Treasurer of “The Mutual Benefit Life Insu­ rance Company,” incorporated hy act of the Legislature of the stale of New Jersey, do hereby certify that the invested funds ofthe company now on hand uiul belonging to the company, arc as follows, viz: United states 0 per cent, stocks (par) twenty thousand dollars ........................................ $ 20,000 00 United Elates war bounty scrip (par) eleven hun dred dollars ......................... ;••**: ........... 1,100 00 Bonds of the city of Brooklyn, New York, fifty thousand dollars ........................................ 50,000 00 First bonds and mortgages on unincumbered real estate in the state of New York, worth at least double thc amount loaned thereon, (as required by the rules and regulations of the company,) fifty-live thousand seven hundred and twelve tiflv-one hundreth dollars ............................ 55,712 50 Bomfs of the city of Newark, N.J., twenty-seven hundred dollars ........................................ 2,700 00 First bonds and mortgages on unincumbered real estate in the state of New .Jersey, worth at least twice thc amount loaned thereon, (as required by thc rules and regulations of the company,) seventy-six thousand live humired tuid twenty- eight seven one-hundredth dollars ................ 76,523 07 First bonds and mortgages on real estate in the state of Maine, worth twice tlie amount loaned thereon, five thousand three hundred dollars.. 5,300 00 Annuity bond of the state of Massachusetts, eight lumdred dollars.......................................... 800 00 Real Estate mid building ofthe company at New­ ark, N. J., seventeen thousand dollars .......... 17,000 00 Premium notes secured by policies, and subject to payment of losses by the company, four hun­ dred and seventy-live thousand seven hundred nml fifty-nine seven one-hundredth dollars.... 475,759 07 Cash in b:uik, sixteen thousand two hundred and filly-two thirty-six one-hundredth dollars 16,252 36 ■ff'MSlNE’KC'rANTS,—LoDoyen’s Fluid—Chloride j LP Lime—FEUCI1TWANGER anti-putrid mixture,&.C., Ibr cleansing and purifying premises, &e., for sale at JAMES \Y. SMITH’S, Court street, my20 corner Montague Place. Total,... < •* ...$721,152 00 F OI4 SALE—Bond and Mortgages, bearing seven per cent interest, which have been received in payment for lands sold at low prices, und 30 to 35 per cent of the purchaso money having been paid in cosh. Apply to ATLANTIC DOCK COMPANY, jyl 8 3wd£tc 74 Broadway, New York. PLATES—A very nice article made by Geokoe j L P D . J a c k s o n , c j u i be had a t all times at J. b . 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The undersigned has removed his Office to No. 43 FuUon street, where all application for I n s u r a n c e , ia the above Companies, will receive his immediate attention. iny22 tf STEPHEN CROWELL, Agent C HINA SOLDER ior mending China, Gloss, and Earthenware, can be had at MUCHMORE’S Cheap rockery store, 37 Myrtle avenue. fel2 Cm M VJLXCJIH IN PARVO !—This motto is again exem­ plified proclically in the laying in, and stowing away until called for, of lots of beautiful Combs, Pencils ami Pens und shoals of Finger Rings, etc. The curious are invited to cull and see. “WM. WISE, Jr., de27 __________ Watchmaker &. Jeweller, 79 Fulton s REMIUM PICKLES* PRESERVED FRUIT, fce.— 52 Front, near Dover street, New York. C A LIl’OKNIA GOLD—A small invoice of this pure and precious metal having come to hand, I huve put il to one of the best of purposes: made it into rings, to be used iu solemnizing the interesting ceremonial of matrimony. WM. WISE, J r ., Jeweller, jo23 79 Fulton street. 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C o m p t r o l l e r ' s O p f i c e , J Albauy, May 8. 1849. \ Satisfactory evidence having been furnished to me that Stephen Crowell, of the city of Brooklyn, has been duly ap­ pointed aa agent for the Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Com­ pany, being an Insurance Company incorporated by the state of New Jersey, and tlmt the said company is possessed of the amount of actual capital, uirimpaireu, which is required by the seventh section of an act entitled “An act to provide for the incorporation of Insurance Companies, passed April 10, 1849. Now, therefore, in pursuance of the provisions of the Act aforesaid, J, Washington Hunt, comptroller of the state of New York, do hereby certify, that the said Stephen Crowell is authorised as an Agent for the said Mutual Benefit Life In­ surance Company, to issue policies, receive premiums, and transact the business of Life Insurance in the city of Brook­ lyn. In witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name, and caused the seal of my office lo be affixed, the dav mul tlie year first above written. W. HUNT, Comptroller. STEPHEN CROWELL, Agent, 43 Fultou street. D aniel A yres , M. D., Medical Examiner, FuUon corner of Sands street. je4 tf KIC-CVIC PARTIES—School and ^private parties can procure stages to nc- Icommoduto from 12 to 30 persons, Ibr ■Excursions, on application nt the East Brookiyn Stage Oflice, or to the Superintendent at the FuUon Ferrv. jel I t f _____ IIUSTED & KENDALL, P OKS1T—The “Bouquet of Poesy”—by Theodore A. Gould. This is an elegant little book, und but just published. Price 5U cents. Forsale bv A. M. 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I GNOUANCE OF T U P MEDICAL COUN­ CIL—'PO THE BOARD OF HEALTH—PRECAU­ TIONARY MEASURES AGAINST AN ATTACK OF CHOLERA—PREVENTIVES—'TREATMENT.—'Tho Sa­ nitary Committee ofthe Board of Health of this city have requested the Medical Council to inukea report on tiie sull­ ied of Cholera. 'Phis report has appeared in the city press, and to some of ils suggestions and logic I wish to call the attention ofthe public. It makes one suggestion relative to the proper course to be pursued in the premonitory stage of cholera—that is, after the commencement ofdinrrhmji, or a relaxed condition ofthe bowels. 1 will not dispute the point whether the diarrhma is or is not the actual commencement of the Cholera, or whether it is only a premonitory symptom of an attack. The Medical Council, however, regard it in the latter character. Hut with regard to the treatment sug­ gested by them I feel it my duty, more particularly, to speak plainly*. Tlu* report says: “With regard to tlie'trontinent of Cholera, it may be ob­ served that, as a general rule, the disease does not attack so suddenly ns to preclude the possibility of calling in timely medical assistance. A relaxed state ofthe bowels for a longer or shorter period gives notice of its approeh. In nil cases, thereiore, when any disorder of tliis kind exists, common prudence will suggest the necessity of resorting to medical aid. If this be done in season, the disease may generally be promptly arrested. When professional aid cannot be imme diately obtained, and where simple rehLxation of the bowels exists, 20 or 25 drops of laudanum may be taken—to be re­ peated in one or two hours, according to circumstimccs. For young persons and children, the dose must be reduced ac­ cording to the age ;at the age often years, eight drops: at the age of two years, two or three drops.” My respect for the character and standing which the three gentlemen which compose the Medical Council, aiul who prepared thc report from which tlio above is an extract, sis well as a total absence of sill inclination on my part to charge them with an act of inhumanity or cruelly in their profes­ sional conduct, will notallow me to impute to them disho­ nesty in the advice which they have thought proper to give the public, whose lives in a great measure may depend upon the degree of confidence they place in the suggestions con­ tained in the above extract. But from long experience in the treatment of disease, which, by whatever name it may be called, is in reality but a unit, and tho immediate cause of weieh, in ninety-nine cases out ofa hundrod, is an impurity of tiik Bi.oop,l lee! it n duly 1 owe to the public, to huma­ nity, to denounce in language as strong sis a proper courtesy to those whoso opinions I regard as dangerous will justify, the use of opium in any form, to check the relaxed condi­ tion of tl;e bowels, in the incipient or any other stage of tliat terrible malady, called the cholera, or any other disease inci­ dent to man. Reason for a moment, reader? Thc cause of cholera is already in thc system when the relaxed condition of tlie bowels commences, 'l’he diarrhea, whether it be regarded as a premonitory symptom of speedy attack, or whether it is the actual commencement of the disease itself, is only n manifestation that N a t u r e has commenced her efforts to remove from the system tlie causes of the disease. Shu, in accordance with that law ol’our being which tends to ourjire servation, sols herself to work to free the system from that morbid matter which it has imbibed from* some cause or, other, which in tho case of cholera is not as yet fully under- *51004. Should medical science check, retard this operation of Na­ ture, or aid it by those appropriate remedies which aro most conducive to that end? Should we give opiates, soporifics, the known effects of which are to lessen or destroy the na­ tural action and motion ofthe living fiber, tho natural peris­ taltic motion of tlio intestinal canal, so necessary to carry\ off from the body tho morbid matter which is tho cause of dis­ ease ? 'J’he least particle ol common sense is all that is necessary to enable all to reply to these interrogatories. 'J’o check the relaxed state of the bowels, uuder circumstances like these, is a miserable practice, nnd shows conclusively the extreme ignorance of thoso who advise it. AU medical men know that opium diminishes all the secretions aud ex­ cretions of the system. The evacuations, after taking opium are clay-colored^ owing to au almost total suspension ofthe biliary secretion. It diminishes the sensibility of the stomach and bowels, which leads to a suspension, partial or total, of all the regular actions ofthe body. Thus it leads to lock up in the system all the morbid humors, thc presence of which causes disease, and thc removal of which would restore health. If tlie efforts of Nature to remove disease cause in­ creased action in thc excretory organs, and the blood is gcl­ ing rid of its impurities, by throwing them into the intestinal canal, preparatory to their final exit from the system, opium checks all these operations, and retains the cause of death in the system. Can a practice exist more suicidal than this? That a body ofleamed men, having all thc advantages of medical educa­ tion, familiar with the effects of medicine, who ought at least to have a correct knowledge of the cause of disease, should make such suggestions to^their fellow citizens on any occa­ sion of so much importance, affords another evidence ofthe prevailing ignorance and charlatanry that still exists in the practice of medicine. Opium is the quack’s sheet anchor. Itentersinto the com­ position ofthe various syrups, balsams, elixirs, cough drops and most of the other cliariatau remedies for the cure of dis­ ease. It blunts the susceptibility lo impressions of pain or danger—it awakens the fancy or* imagination that health is improving—it soothes to composure; but only that disease may the more firmly secure its hold, and more certainly ter­ minate in death. My object in thus controverting the fallacies of the Medical Counsel is, to guard the community against the inevitable evil consequences that would result from following their ad­ vice iu cases of cholera. During tho prevalence or proba­ ble approach of this fatal malady, I would advise all to aid Nature in all cases where she makes an effort to throw off disease. If relaxation of the bowels conics on, resort to l’UKCATIVE REMEDIES. Take U d o S O of IIRANPRETH’s B ills , and repeat it until a healthy condition ofthe stomach nnd bowels supervenes. One valuable suggestion is found in the Report of the Me­ dical Counsel. They sav “V iolent purgative medicines auk calculated to do * misc hief .” This is true. Avoid all mercurial purgatives, saline purgatives, and indeed all the drastic purgatives of the drug shops prescribed by doctors. Take the V egetable U niversal B ills of Dr. Brandrelh, which remove only the morbid humors ofthe system, and do uot debilitate and mid to thc grout prostration of the physi­ cal and vital powers of the body, which are so peculiarly in all eases of cholera. They are’ Nature’s aid in disease.— When she is too weak to accomplish her work, they perform it for her. Thc Medical Counsel suggest lhat great attention be paiil ‘o clean streets, sewers, lanes, und alleys. A11 “sources of filth and impurity,” such is their language,should be prompt­ ly removed by‘the public authorities; und every citizen should keep a watchful eye about his premises, “and tf his efforts ure inadequate lbr the removol of filth, he should cult upon the Board of health for aid/* AU this is right and proper; but how strange it is. ’ what ;i striking contrast there is between this suggestion and that which advises the people to lock up all the filth in their system hy taking laudanum ! The veins and arteries of tho living body, through which the blood of life flows, and Die great intestinal mim! through which the system is nourished, and all the superincumbent, useless matter filth or impurities, are thrown out of the system. Hurrying out the idea of the learned Medical Counsel, ia tliis one respect, at leiust, we would suggest that while the cholera exists among us, or threatens our people with an attack, that each citizen examine well “his own premises.” the condition of the svstcm, and if ho fears an attack of cho­ lera from too great an'accumulation oflilth or morbid matter, so that he is inadequate to effect a removal, that he calls, not upon the Board of Health, for aid and assistance, but at some place where D r . B randuktii ’ s V egetable P ills may be had. These will speedily remove the filth and impurities from the sewers and canals of his system, und restore him to health. Reader, is not this a common-sense criticism upon the uso of opium j l s advised in the report of which I speak? Not one ofthis Medical Counsel dare deny hut that the effects which I have attributed to opium do \most certainly follow its administration. It is painful to witness the promulgation of opinions so crude, so inconsistent with the well established laws of disease, and the method of removing it, and tluil too by men whose profession is that of medicine. rI he Public's servant, B. BRA S I)R ET 11. N e w Y o r k , June 1,1849. J 'flf*' Airs. GOFF, Market street, near Fulton st., Brooklyn. Is the sole Agent for Dr. Bnmdrellrs Pill's. jy9 lm F REM C1I ratent Polish tor Furniture, for cleaning and removing stains from Furniture—can be obtained at 37 Myrtle ave. Price, 37J* cents per box. jeO TO MOTHERS AND MARRIED LADIES,—ThU Extract ol Sarsaparilla has boon expressly prepared in reference to female complaints. No female who has rea­ son to suppose she is approaching that critical period, “the turn of life ” '■'hould ncgloct to take it, as it is acertain preventive for t uy of the numerous and horrible diseases to which females are subject at this time of life This period may be delayed several years by using this rnedicioe.X~ Nor is It less valuable tor those approaching womanhood. as it is calculated to assist natnre hy quickening the blood aud invigorating the system. Indeed, this medicine is in­ valuable for all the diseases to which w'omeo are subject It braces the whole system, renews permanently the natural energies—by removing the impurities of the body —notso farstiuiulatingthe system as to produce a subset quentrelaxation, which is the '\'seo/mos imedieincstaken for female weakness and disease, GREAT BLESSING TO MOTHERS and CHILDREN. Itis the safest and most effectual medicine for purifying the system, and relieving the sufferings attendant upon child birth ever discovered. It strengthens both the mo­ ther and child, prevents pain and disease, increases and enriches the food, those who have used it think it is in dispensable. Jt is highly useful both before and after confinement, as itprevcnts diseases attendant upon child birth—in Costiveness, Cramps,Piles.Swellingof the feet, Despondency, Heartburn, Vomiting, Pain in the Back and Loins, False Pains, Hemorrhage, and In regulating the secretions and equalizing thc circulation it has no equal. The great beauty of this medicine is, it is always safe, and the most delicate use itmost successfully, very few cases require any other medicine, in some a little Castor Oil cr Magnesia, is useful. Exercise in the open air, and light food with this medicine, will always ensure a safe and easy confinement. NOTICE TO TIIE LADIES—Those that imitate 1» Townsend’s Sarsaparilla, have invariably called thei stuff' agrcat Remedy for Females, «frc, <$*c, and have copie i our bilisand circulars which relates to the complaints o t women, word for word—other men who put up medicine, have, since the great svtcccss of Dr Townsend’s Fnrsapa rilla in complaints incident to females, recommended theirs, although previously they did not. A number of these mixtures,pills, fee, are injurious to females, se they aggravate disease,and undermine the constitution. SCROFULA CURED.—This certificate conclusively proves that this Sarsaparilla has perfect control over the most obslinatedisoases of the blood. Three persons cured in ono houseis unprecedented. T h r e e C h i l d r e n . Dr.Totensend —DearSir: I have the pleasure to Inform you thatthreeof my children have been curedofthe Scro­ fula by the use of your excellent medicine. Thev wereaif flicted verysoveroly with bad sores; have taken’only foui nottles; it took them away, for which I feel myselfundei •I,cep obligation. Y'ours,respectfully, I s a a c W . C r a i n , 106 Woostorst. OPINIONS OF PHYSICIANS.—Dr Townsend is al most daily receiving orders from Physicians in differen parts of the Union. Thiaisto certify that we, theunderslgued, Physicians ol theeity of Albany.have in numerous cases prescribed Hi Townsend’s Sarsaparilla, and believe it tu be one ofthe most valuable preparatiotiMn thu market. H. P. P aulding . M P. J. W i l s o n , M. D. R. B.B ricoh M. D.*~ P . E . E l m k n d o r f .M ^ D . ALbany, Aprill. 1846. CAUTION—Owing to the great succcssand immen salo ot DrTownscml’s Sarsaparilla, a number of men wLc were formerly our agents, have commenced making Sar* saparilla Extracts, Elixirs, Bitters, Extracts of Yellow Dock, fee. They generally put it up in the sauie shape i bottles,and sonic of them have stolen und copied ourad- vertisenients, they are ouly worthless imitations auc* should be avoided. Principaloffice, 12G Fultonstreet Sun Building N.Y— Redding^- Co.,83tatest.,Boslon—Pyott&3ons,l32NorlA 2d st.,Philadelphia—SS-S. Hance, Druggist. Baltimore— P M. Cohen,Charleston—Wright Hr Co., 15) Charlesst/, N. 0 , - 1 9 5 South P e a r l st„ Albany—and by all the prin* clpa Druggists andMerchants generally throughout the United States. West Imlieaand the Canadas o)3 lyd&e TSIK OLD DOCTOR VI N 1*IC ATED.—*1 HE QU KsTJON SETTLED.—We l*« g to call tbe uttci- ti**n of ihe imbhr to the following CARD of nearly all the principal Druggist\nnd Apothecaries o/ N m v _ Vork, Brooklyn, und VViilinm«bn)gli. respecting - ui.li Hit. JACOB TOWNSLND’3 SARSAPARILLA ” Hero Me S I X T Y N A M RS , among whom uro SEVEN EDUCATED PHYSICIANS, who testify to ihe public o/ the superiority of the Old Doc tor’s SarsiipK rilla over that made by S. 1*. Townsend. Lot it be remembered that these men aro Jlruggists end Pfiisicians, tully acquainted with all kindsof medicines, und the manner of I'oiujMtundii’g them, and are probably more capable of gvlir.g un opinion of the value of uny medical compound than any c of perrons in the wor’d. From tho fuel that they aro tuning up prescriptions of all the Physicians from morning ull ntglr the year round, continually mixing drugs, also ctoae observer* of thc ef- frds of dlift rout preparations upon patients enoldes them most fully to judge when a inediciuc is good and wheu bad. 'I hose arc the men whom Mr. S. P. Townsend shame­ fully nhitxcd ond libclied, tailing them “Swindlers’’and “ willing t»»commit any Irnud for moneysimply because they fell it iheir duty tu ; kc 11 ^the* Old Dr.’s ;Sarsa. parilla instead of S. P/ m article, believing it to be fur the better medicine. In vinuicnting themselves from these foul charge*, il became necessary to speak out frankly and fully thei views uf the two Townsend’s Sursaparillas. This they have done in the following Curd, lo which they now' invite the rentier’s nticntlon : “CARD TO THE PUBLIC.” We tlie undersigned Druggists ol New York. Brooklyn und Williatnsburgh. having seen an advertisement ad­ dressed to us, anu others who sell Sarsaparilla, by S. P. Townsend, which is calculated to bring us and our busi­ ness into reproach, feel culled upon tostnti* *ur personal views of the real merits ol tho two Town*v.nd’s Sarsa­ parilla.- Of tho claims preferred by the partlefi to the original Snrsaparilla wc have nothing lo do, and leave them lo settle that mutter between themselves. But since wo a*e called “ swindlers,” and branded with the declaration of being wi’.lirg “to commit uny fraud for mom y,“ and as** men having no honor, and should not be trusted,’* we feel that we ought to give the reasons why wc prefer to use und sell Uld Dr. Townsend’s Sar­ saparilla, to Mr. S. P.Townsend’s, and leave the public tnjudge whether we are “dccvivers und swindlers, and m-t to be truste..” by so doing. 1 . Onr experience and observati ns have satisfied ui that the Old Dr/s Sarsaparilla possesses more medical power uml virtue than S. P. Townsend’s, and that the testimony of thu public would seem lo be the snme, and we a 1 ways make it a matter of conscience and duty w hen tw'o articles bearing tlie same name and purporting to curelhu same disease, ure in the market, to sell that whicli we consider the best. ’j’he fact-that H. I*. Townsend’s Sursapurilla has great­ ly soured, fermen’cd and axplodcd the Lottie*, thereby giving great dissatisfaction to our customers, has io/lu enced us in our preference ol the Old Dr ’* preparation — We do not feel ourselves called upon to deride the true merits of either article as standard preparations, but when u ked t>y our customers ior our opinion* w hich w e believe under all circumstance* to be thc best, wo should not hesitate in g>vlng our preference in favor of Old Dr. Jacob Townsend’s. With these views, we leave the pub­ lic to decide if we ure not justified in giving theOld Dr/s preparation that preference which it seems to de.*ervc, as a medical compound, as well as the choice of the peo­ ple so universally manifested iu its favor. Gabriel I) Ayres, Atlantic cor Hnyt st. Brooklyn. Stephen P Leeds, cor Court and Atlantic, tt, “ A Hotchkiss, Jr., 7 Union *t 8011 th “ CM Wright, Columbia cor Suckelt st, “ J Haywood, 187 Court st, “ James Prescott, 23 M\ rtle av, Paul Mead, cor Smith and Baltic st, \ Charles O Smith, cor Clinton fe Baltic st., ** J Badaeu, ICI1 Myrtle av, cor DulfieM st, “ H Parker, cor Myrtre av. nnd Carroll st, “ Jumes D Nowill, 26 Grand st, VYUUatusbureh. Henry L Parsons, .0 D. 71 Canal st, New \York. Lucas Parsons. 71 Canal st, *• C ll Clurk. cor N Muorc and Greenwich sts, “ !1 V W Bush, 319 Greenwich sL.cor Dnane, “ Wm B Mann.278 Broadway, cor Chamber st “ Charles P Fuy, 165 Chamber st, “ Henry’Trimmer, 27 Whitehall st. “ Philip Morckle,393 Grand st, fe 48 avenue B, “ Allan M Davidson, 239 Monroe st, 4* Chillion Ashmead. Jr, 526 Grand st, “ Reuben E Moss. 596 Grand st. “ E H Payton, 056Gieen\vich st, fe.77 Oth av, “ J il Watt, 24 fit h av, “ Miles L Cook, PJfiiHh av. cor 13th st, “ C(i Norguest, 39U Broome st, C Marah, 206Cherry st, “ Henj Dean, Spring st. cor Mott, “ D D Belknap, 112 Avenue C, “ Joseph Lepgct. 129 av C, rorPthal. \ Albert VV Goble, cor Houston and av. D, “ H D Wjnans, cor Columbia and Kivington at, •• Alexander P B oyd, lOUIlcsterst. c Mulberry, “ Alfred Marsh c Vajirk fe lluimnersley st, ** Samuel Taylor, 267 Bloecker at. cor Jones, “ ]) I) Tailmun. 641 Hudson st, * ‘ Joshua Green, JU4 Chamber st, “ J VViihereli, M D, 62 Oliver st, Morrillo Robbins, Pearl cor Cross st, “ R »S Carpenter. 3 Mulberrvst, “ A R Case. 13 Rivjngton cor Chrystie at, “ J VV Trouiuinn. 3U5 fiRan ion st, “ Dr. Francis,317 Riviuglon st, “ F X Payer, M D, 352 First Avenue, “ H C Pridlmm, cor 31st st.nnd 4th Avei.ue, “ Win N Gilchrist, M D,G 1-2 Spring m «• Elm, “ Dr Pape, cor Broome anil Forsyth si*, “ James Weaver, 186 Church st “ E L d Grand Vel, 32 Walker st, “ Charles S Belding. 89 8 th Avenue, “ John Hinton, 8 th Avenue, cor 20ih st, “ Francis VVni Day, 13U 8 th Avenue, 44 VV P Smith,)]? 7ih Av. betw J 8 th fejlfilh sts “ Abel Priest, 240 Eighth Avenue, “ John Mi Ir,44 James st. cor Madison, “ J Wilkinson Sleight, M D, 41 James st. cor Mudisori, << James Newman, 304 Grand st WiUiamsburgh. James Boyce, cor Norfolk and Stanton sts, 44 We hope the public will bear in mind the fact that all these men stale implicitly , that P, Townsend’s arti­ cle has 4 4 GREATLY SOURED, FERMENTED, AND BURST THE BOTTLES/’ thereby giving “great dissatisfaction to their custom, er*.’’ VV© have before made the same statements which Mr. S. P.Townsend 1 aid was lidkllous, and in cor se- quenee threatened many of tbe ownersofpapers with pro­ secution for publishing it We have thereby been depri­ ved of advertising iu many papers in New' Y'ork and else­ where because of these threats, which the public will now see have no foundation as libellous n atter. Besides the statement of the above sbiy druggists, we have a pile of letters from druggists all over the country making the same declarations, which we are willing to show to anyone desiring to see them. Can any man after this give any credit to S. P. Townsend’* falsehoods respecting the Old Doctor, or lhat wc make a spurious Sarsaparilla, in “ imitation’\ of his souring fermenting onipound ?— Thc public wo know are interested in ono thing only, and that is, which of the two Townsend’s Sarsaparilla is the BEST MEDICINE! AU the wrangle about mir.oT matters is of no consequence whatever. The people want the medicine that cures , no matter by’ whom made, or by what name it It called. This question has now been FULLY SETTLED in the statement of the druggists ofthis city and else­ where. Persons, therefore, whu are afflicted with disea­ ses of the lungs or liver, with Scro/ula, Salt Rheum, Rheumatism,or any hereditary complaint, or Piles. Dys­ pepsia, Cutaneous Erupiions, Acidiiy of the Stomach and auy IMPURITY OF TUE BLOOD, will find tne Old Doctor’s Sarsnparilla a certain and effec­ tual remedy*. But in 11 thing is its excellence more mani­ festly seen and acknowledged than in all kinds and sta­ ge* of FEMALE COMPLAINTS, lt works wonders in cases of Fluor A1nis, I or whites, falling of the womb, obstructed, suppressed, or pAlnlul Menses, Irregularity of tho menstrual periods, and tVe like, and is effectual in curing ail forms nf Kidney Dis­ ease. It produces thc most marked and wonderful eures in summer complaints, such as Diarrhma, Cholera Mor­ bus, Dysentery, Bloody Flux, and all diseases among children. The Old Doctor’s Sarsaparilla is pronounced good be- CRUS9 IT IS GOOD, And all the efforts to put it down only raise it in the esti­ mation of the public. There i* one statement of Mr. S, P. Townsend respect­ ing us and ike O. 11 * D r . Townsknd’s S vrsaparilla which we desire to contradict. He says we are selling it at $4 a dozen, and if “ Druggists cannot raise money enough to pay that sum, wo give it to them lo pay for when sold.” Now the truth is, vve never sold a dozen Sarsaparilla lor $4 in tho world: neither do vvo; commission it for less han $ 8 , to be paid for when sold. We really cannot see the benefit ot telling such miserable, unreasanable false­ hoods. We know something about bis Sarsaparilla ardwhero he obtained his recipc.and what has been his occupation /or 20 years past; and we shall bring such evidence Into court as will straighten this matter out in fair and equal lines. There is nothing wo desire more than the oppor­ tunity to have all his grievances settled in a court of justice, as the evidence then must and SHALL come out. The people will then have this whole controversy unfolded, in pamphlet (orm, and will be able to judge who has the best title to the Gknuink Original Rkcipr. In tbe meantime^tlieOld Dr’s Sarsaparilla cau be had at the DEVOT, 102 NASSAU STREET, and of all the pria- ipal druggists in the city and country. jyI 2 Call and examine a largr lot of fine Silver Combs for sale cheap by VV. J. VANDERHOEF^ je29 Witlclunaker and Jeweller, 146 Fulton st. AJLIJFOKNIA—Policies of Life Insurance, on tho lives ofpersmw going to California, issued at the lowest rates. Apply to J. LEWIS TAYLOR, ja30 istf Life Insurance Agent, 45 Fulton 9 C ' F RENCH CLOCKS—Clocks very cheap at J. D. CHASE'S: also a fine assortment ot rich jewelp\ and silver ware can always be found and sold at Buch prices aa warrant satisfaction. ^ ^ , J o h n D . C h a s e , manufacturer of Silver and Gold work of all kinds. . . . , „ , Watches ami Clocks repaired and warranted at203 ’ Fultou* omer Concord street* my22

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