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, • -™hp\ - ^UBUSHED ON WEDNESDAYsi-BY _ JAMES BOOERT, t Ms Printing-office, Bookstore & Bindery, Main-st,, nearly opposite the Hotel, jGESEVA, ONTAJUO COUNTY, NEW-YORK. TERMS, | To village subscribers, $2 50 a year. LTo those living out of the village, who ~XL at the Bookstore, and to those who re- Jive the'paper by 1 mail, $2. *To companies of not less than ten, $1 50, ayable when the papers are taken. Single papers, six-pence. ;• CC?*\ No papers discontinued, without pay- ent of arrearages. ' s * ADVERTISEMENTS inserted at the usual l-tes. A liberal deduction to those who ad- ^rtise by tlie year. __ HANDBILLS, CARDS, BLANKS, and kinds of PRINTING, executed at the ortest notice and lowest prices. FRESH GROCERIES. GENEVA RECSSS. F'fll HE ^uiscribers-are now^receiring their _lr~~Spring and Summer GROCERIES, FRUIT, &c. The following comprises a few of the leading articles which may at all JHBW! GOO&S, ^jyiHE--STrb^cTiber Eas Just received from JL New-York 1 case real Tuscan and Imitation HATS. Also—Fine and Fancy STRAW HATS.. A Superior Assortment of HERNANI »A YUtt JSU SRAJtTS, FPFRSfn,-^ r r K ' TAJLUABIE* PROPEE11, ,**£.»» toi sale for Cash or apprui ..Hi- * FHRQATP . credit, 100 bbls. Superfine FLO'C j{ 4> SALE. for family use. 50 bbls. Mess PORK : Miscellaneous. times be found aftheir Establishment: i SHAWLS & HANDKERCHIEFS; Also, TEAS—Imperial, Old Hyson, Young Hy- j CRAPE SHAWLS and other GOODS. son, and Skin Teas. SUGARS—New-Orleans, St. Croix and P. .. Rico Sugars; Philadelphia Loaf&Lump; White Havana and Brazil, Mn\22, 1S33. r M. MILFORD & CO. AVE now received and opened their Spring and Summtr Stock of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKERY, GLASS-WARE, HARD-WARE, &c. &c. 11 of which have been selected with care, ad purchased on the most advantageous jerms—and as it is their determination to fffer every article at a moderate advance on jhe cost, they feel confident that customers |p want of eooD GOODS, will find it to their visit the corner o.f Water and MOLASSES—N. Orleans & Sugar-house. COFFEE—Jura; Mocha and Green.' FRUIT—100 bxs. Bunch, Muscatel, Bloom, Malaga and Sultana Raisins; 50 drums fresh Figs; Citron, Zante Currants and Prunes; 25 boxes fresh Oranges and Lem- ons; Almonds, Pea-Nuts, Madeira and Brazil-Nuts, Cocoa-Nuts, cc Lemon Syrup (fresh.) WINES, LIQUORS, &c—Madeira, Sher- ry, Malaga, Port, Claret, Sicily & Cham- paign Jf'ines; Brandy, Gin, Jamaica and St. Croix Ruin, warrant, pure & genuine. FISH—Mackerel, Salmon, Codfish & Shad; 50 boxes Herrings. Sperm and Tallow Candles, Cayenne Pep- per, Soda, Boston and Small Crackers. Powder, Shot, Lead, Pepper, Spice, Gin- ger, Salaretus, Mace, Cloves, Cassia, Nut- megs, Lucifer Matches, Pocket. Lights, and Mustard. TOBACCO, &c—Chewing, Smoking and „Plug Tobacco ; Pelon, Dorsemegoes and Mcpherson's best Segars; Common do- in boxes and bunches. TOYS, BEADS, &c—Cut Glass' Beads, assorted colors; Wax, Brass and Hollow Glass Beads; Bead Needles.and Silk ; 50 dozen pf French. Kid and Jointed Dolls, assorted sizes; Whips, Watches, Snuff- Boxes, and Wallets. lOOQIbs. Smoked HAMS; 400 bbls. SALT—with a general a«urt- ment of A large additional supply of New Goods j DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCK- - 1 \ ' ' ERY&r HARD-W iRE. CODFISH, SHAD & MACKEREL- TAR, PITCH and OAKUM ; !i is daily espected Geneva, July 1G. H. 1833. H. SEELYE. 57 HE very valuable Real Estate, known as the MAXWELL MILLS, &c, belonging to the estate of the late WILLIAM N. Lt'MMis, and situate in the town of Sodu«, comity of Wayne—containing above t>00 acres of first-rate LAND, of which about 220 are improved, and in a good state of cul- tivation. The improvements on this tract ioung- AdveiUufertf&fZ&wo boys,\Ti>ejpng- t mg to American wiiale^fHJpsT^ave recently been taken off of Chatham %land. '\*\'' From the Tdiurjarance RecurUtrr, Exlra, June 31. . , , , . — ____ _-- —-. „ Dear Sir-The Executive Coimnittee'ofi ^'Z Z }?*\* ?* n *» a %SP ad the New-York State Temperance Society , s » bs * led ^^^nod^n^tS^^. have, from the commencement of their el-, Anivia[ iW^.^^ Wg of Ja j| e forts in the cause of I entrance, felt that j wlima i_ prob8bly ^ man , m0 ,. h _hav e & the press was to be one ol the prmopal means , discowred near the river D in - m ; of completing the reformation, and from re- . a <j a ; They were emb( ™ °* sulu already attained, they feel convinced j e , Tk ; . we - ht of a si , e ^ k ^ dvantage to \'astle-streets before thev make their \pur J _.„^ rn _, T , \\ es. Among their DRY GOODS will! 0\ &TLR&, &c—Also receiving a bund i. tie, black, brown, olive brown, green, claret, Adelaide and invisible green Broad Clotlis; _e, black and fancy colored Cassimeres; e, black and fancy colored Satinets, of lery superior quality ; large assortment of Pickled Oysters and I Clams. j CONFECTIONS. j They also continue to manufacture Con- fections of all kinds, and will serve up, at i short notice, for Parties, and to private fami- lies, Macaroonies Jumbles, Fruit, Pound and • H. II. 3DBfiJBEf.il , _. ; I NFORMS his customers and tlie public, j that he continues his old business, at his , former stand, in the usual way, except for • better pay —and is receiving , 50 barrels ground LOG WOOD, ' 25 \ ' \ FUSTIC, 20 \ \ NICARAGUA, j 5 \ \ MADDER, 6 \ \ ALUM, 5 \ \ BLUE MTRIOL, I 10 '- \ COPPERAS. j And all other articles in the DYE-WOOD line, which, together with his former Stock, makes an elegant assortment, worthy the at- tention of Clothiers. Also a good stock of PAINTS and OILS, DRUGS and MEDICINES, GROCERIES, LIQUORS, &c. &X. &c. Which he will sell low for good pay—and for good pay* ONLY. A'O. 10, SeMca-st. Oct. 24, 1832. 19. Russian, Swedes and English IRON; Nail .and Spike RODS ; • American, English, Blistered, Genuan casrand Spring STEEL; 20 boxes Mould and Dipped CANDLES. Qj** Constantly on hand—Seasoned Pine Boards, Plank, Flooring, Joist, Scantling, and Hewn Timber; Common and\Thick Shingles. » ff/^CASH paid for WHEAT. CORS. OATS, Timothy, Clover fy Flax SEED, and Produce generally. Geneva. January 16, 1833. ?1 Fire If \ood. They were embedded six feefdeepln consist of a valuable Custom and Merchant I that in no way can the advocates of tlie cause I \\Y j , T ff \ wei fi^ u of a sin gle tooth is three J - ' au u A Half pounds, and the other relics ara MILL, of'^4 feet Tall water, with MANSION better promote it, than by aiding thedistribu- ! T \• \\' ^ uuu \ 5 ' iuiu l \ e olQ er reucs a HOUSE, out buildings, &c., and a Gardej^ion of judicious publications. I a S,Z e t0 correspond.— Rochester Rep.. oldie New-York'State Temperance Society HOUSE, out buildings, &c., and a Garde of very choice fruit: a FORGE, withyfi feet fall, Dwelling House, Coal HotWfcydfaru &c.: SAW MILL, 12 feet fall, wit^Dwell ing \ a and trees, all grafted fruit. There are likewise ' the convention, recently held in Philadelr. three good Log Houses for tenants, work- aresent free of charge, as follows men, &c. Also, a \aluable MILL SITE. uuimproved, of 20 k-et fall water. The above Tract will be sold entire, or subdivided mto two ur three Farias, and will be disposed of on reasonable terms. Part «,f ^iou of judicious publications. The 2d No. of the American Quarterly Heavy Damages. —A case of crim. con. was Temperance Magazine, and the 4th report i decided in the Superior Court on Wedhes- before Chief Justice Jones. To publishers of all papers or periodicals in the^ Union, as far as known: who will Ihuusand dollars damages in fa- vor of the plaUitiff.—.V. Y. paper. 03\ For sale\ asabove, 250 cords FIRE ' ^ purcliase money may leimuu on bom zgtutient. On Const. K ELLY & HALL have just received a general assortment of WINDOW SASH, for sale at factory prices. FANCY SASH, WINDOW BLIND ed to order. Dec. 5. &c. furnish- Wlilte Wood Boards. ' ASH PAID for half-inch White Wood Boards, by R. M. BAYLY. Dec. 20. , 28 c te & brown Drillings. F.nnenette, Rouen i \\' ZTr-lTu^ \\\T''''\\' r assimere, English- Cassinet, Puncetta. ' ^P 0 *^ ^^ Kisses - Mottoes, Ice Cream, astings, black and green Crape Camblet, French Bombasin, and brown Linen, Can ton Cord, Striped Drilling, &c. &c. &c. ;ibr Gentlemen's summer icear ; jlprments, Grandarell, Fustian, Cotton Cas- Ssimere, Striped Jeans, &c. &c. for Boys' summtr tvear &c. &c. &c. They hav.e in their employ Confectioners from New-York, and are confident that work cannot be produced that will surpass theirs. The above Groceries have been selected with care, and warranted genuine—and by-i i strict attention to business, we ask a liberal Nov. SL&LT. . BARRELS SALT, in good order, tor sale bv H. H. MERRELL, • (71) No. 10. Seneca-st. , . „ ,. ' f „ ,nii share of public patronage. large assortment of Calicoes, at lrom iva , r ' ,.,„^ „„ ». i gwiS to 3s per yard ; 'Uglis}^ and French Ginghams; . rench printed Muslins, new patterns; do. Cambrics do ench painted Muslin, a superior article ; , -; and Crape Shawls and Dress Hdkfs; dies' and Misses' Silk and Cotton Hose ; :entlemen's Silk and Cotton half Hose; adies' fancy col. embroidered Silk Hose ; adies' black and white Silk Gloves; »jdo black and colored Hoskin do; fentlemen's do „ do do do; do Brpwn Linen Gloves ; ,lack, green and-white Gauze Veils; fancy colored Gauze Shawls ; Green Worsted ; Barege; black Italian Cra\ats; •gured and watered Bonnet Silks, fashion- -ble colors; Brown Lirren Table Covers; acy Table Covers; Silk Parasols; aarine, Oscarine and im. Crape Dress landkercliiefs; jonet, Mull and Swiss Muslins, figured nd plain; do striped and cross-barr Mus- Jns; 6-4, 8-4, and 10-4 Table Diaper; : Irish Liuen ; Silk & Cotton Umbrellas ; entlemen's and Boys' Cloth Cap*; do du Leather do; English, Dunstable, and open-work Straw Bonnets; •— case Leghorns, cheaper than ever; leached and brown Sheetings Sc Shirtings ; snaburgs; Zicklenburgs; Burlaps, &c. GROCERIES: yson, Young Hyson &r Hyson Skin TEAS, !?f the latest importation, and of superior quality, at reduced prices; f, LuAp and Brown SUGARS ; i, Laguaira and Cuba COFFEE : j Jgo, Pepper, Spice, Chocolate, Salaretus; ;isins, in boxes and half boxes; Mola^es ; ger, Saltpetre, Alum, Sperm. Candles; oves, Cassia, Nutmegs; Geneva Recess, No. 7, Seneca-street. May 15, 1833. 48 JYew Store and JYetv Goofls. 20,000 Bushels IVheat. T HE Highest Price in Cash will be paid for 20,000 bushels of good Merchant- able WHEAT, delivered at my Store-House at the foot of Seneca-street. N. AYRAULT. Geneva, Jan. 30. 33 Eiaseed Oil. K ELLY & HALL have just received a quantity of English &: Ohio L1N- tic suoscnoers are now opening in tne , - SEED J lL v&eh win be so , ( i bv the barre] ;„« nnn^T.tw' in ^r^Colts nmbtold- , or ^j^ A , • fresh a^nient of drv tngs, opposite the Geneva Hotel, an EST IRE , , lu ,v+i 3 r - B and ground PAI.NTf-. .NEW STOCK OF Goons, consisting of DRY GOODS, GROCERIES, CROCKRRY, WINES, &.c. &c. For which they solicit p<cn of th e pubhc i patronage ; and as their stock has been put- j chased on as good terms as their neighbors', they will endeavor to sell it as low. CCF\ Please call and examine for vour- . selves. JAMES GRIEVE & CO. Geneva, May 15, 1833. 48 NEW GOODS. T HE subscriber has just received and is now opening his Spring Goods: Among which are the following:— Blue, black, green, rule-green, brown, claret- brown, and mixt BROAD CLOTHS; Bine, black, drab, & mixt CASSIMERES; . Fine and Common S VTINETS: , Stripe &i plain Mole-Skins 6c Beaverteens; ; Italian, Gros-de-Swiss and Gros-de-.\ap!e , SILKS; T Black and \^'hite Satins: printed Muslins; Stripe and Mandarin Ginghams : Calicoes; Rouen Cassimere; Storments; Fancy Drilling; Crape Camblet; Drab Cantoon; Russia Diaper; Ticking; Green and crimson Moreen ; Hernani embroidered SHAWLS-; Long and square Merino Shawls, all wool borders, &c. &c. 4 cases Leghorn and Straw BONNETS ; Mtf Sept. 19. * TO CLOTHIERS. \j K ELLY & HALL have just received , a verv general assortment of j DYE-STUFFS tc DYE-« UUIIB, of latest importation, and of superior quality, which thev purpose to sell low. Sept. 19. 14tf PEW FOR SAEE. F OR SALE, an eligibly situated PEW, ' in the Presbyterian Church, on the South-wall side. Application may be made at J. Bogert's Bookstore- April 10. 'GROl'XD PliAKTJEB. * . F OR SALE bv the subscriber. Barrels GROUND PLASTER WOOD, which will be delivered, in lots to suit puichasers, in any part of the village. (Successor to Col. Jolm Sweenev,) ~ >FFERS for sale at No. HO, Seneca-Stret-t. Geneva, a large as- sortment of IValrkes, Silver and Plat^l' SPOONS. JEW-' ELRY, & PLA- TED WARE, of tlie latest pittern-. this sjirings i)nportr,tion<:. anil ;:t low priie*. Al-n. a few Wood CLOCKS, verv theap. • Thankful for past patronage, ami hopeful for future, he wilf endea\or to merit a con- tinuance of the same, by giving his particu- lar attention to business^ He Mould imite die attention of the Public, and reijut-t them to call and examine prices qu:dit\ .mU jjarterns. before purchasing elscwln-re. C3 = ° Watcher and Clock.-, -cleaned and re- paired as soon as possible, and warranted to perforin their regular revolutions. , G/iura, June 13, L\i33. .\;•'! , Doct&r JF, Staats, .VYING lately moved from the vi< mit\ of Utica to the village of (ienevn, (which he intend-, for hi- ptrinaneiit resi- dence,\) Ins opened his office one di'.jr N'urlh from the new Catholic Chapel, where he . will be read} at a!! timi • to gne strict atten- tion to all jjrofessionai call-. He flatters himself tii.it an accumulated ei)>erience, obtained in tin t ourse of more than thirteen vear- i'Meii-n»- and -ucce-jlul urn to -•Hiii- shjn - nt pubbc pmctice emit Ge?wtv7. June 19. l^J. 53 hundred or barrel. N. Geneva. May 1, 183-1. few the AYRAULT. 45 Port, Madeira, antf 3Ialaga WINES, of Straw Gimp; 1200 Palm-Leaf Hats; uperior quality; nter-strained LAMP OIL, warrant, good ; I and Summer OIL ; dfish, Dun Fish, Herrings in boxes; nnecticut Mess Shad, No. 1, in barrels ad half barrels; ;ckerel, No. 1, 2 and 3, in do. and do. 2000 yards Ingrain & Stripe CARPETING : India Matting: Brussels and Wilton Rugs; 10 bales SHEETING & SHIRTING; Cotton Yarn; Wicking; Batting, &c. GROCERIES. • Imperial, Hyson, Young Hyson, and Hy- son Skin TEAS; Coffee, Pepper, Spice, H H. MERRELL and G. H. MER- • RELL, have this day formed a C<>- ] partnership in the Storage, Forward'nz; an% Cominission business, under the firm of \H. H. MERRELL & CO.\ TWy will attend to any business in this lhie with promptness, ! at the Ware-house, on Steamboat Dock, foot I of Franklin-street. H. H. MERRELL, G. H. MERRELL. Geneva. March 22, 1833. 41 Annual Register, 1833. • UST received, and for sale at the IJonk- CF store of J. Bngrrt. Main-street, Geneva. Williams' New- York Annual Register, for the year 1833: Price §1,50. Geneva, May 20. tdo. No. 1, in kits and one-fourth bbls. Molasses, &rc. iced and Soused Salmon in kits. ' The duty having been taken off of many '.so—Iron, Nails, Tar, Pitch, Oakum and ; articles, .they are consequently lower than Cordage. | last fall's prices. neva, 1833. 49 I The subscriber would also inform his cus- —— ~ i tomers, that he still continues the much ap- BfEW Cii-OODS, ! proved plan of selling cheap for cash. t DOT'S Old Stand, foot of Seneca-street, j . JOSE }£ ™™-'st. |HE subscriber has just received an ele- j Geneva, May 7, 1833. 3m47 gant and extensive assortnient of 1 Spring SC Summer Goods, mbracing every variety, of Fancy if Staple tides in the Dry Goods line, including a rge assortment of goods for Summer Cloth- g, such as Bombasins, Lastings, Drillings, Napoleon ords, Brochelles, Cashmaret, Merino Caa- \eres &c. JflOJtJR JTJEW BO OSS. A MEMOIR of the Life of William Liv- ingston, Member of Congress in 1774, 5 and 6', delegate to the federal convention in 1787, and Governor of New-Jersev from 177C to 1790, &C.-&C. by T. Sedgwick, Jr.; Tour in Emgland, Ireland and France, in the years 182b', 27, 28 and 29, with remarks Jf*eaving Establishment, REMOVED. H BNRV joiii:^u>^, _.~aij ;„G, r m h;„ Friends and obi Customers, that he ha- Removed hi- WEAVJ.NG ESTAB- LISHMENT to the villa-eof Bcllona, where he will at all times be ready to wait on his old customers, and new ones too. COLORING, of every description, done to order, and warranted to be ol\ a -uperior beauty—a little uncommon. The NHUIC-, &c. will be inserted into Coverlets as u.-uol. He would invite the attention of the pub- lic to CARPETING, particularly a- be i.- desirous of doing cousider.i'jle at th.it ui\t fall, liitrj - other kind of \\ ea\hi^ done to ord-r, and on the short'?i noiici. B. ib.ua . .May 0, 1-33. 17 JYOTIVE. 7 HE subscriber having jnircha-i d ti;p stock in trade of Starr Nichols 6c Jni.r }}. Zs\cift. has renwved to the Store ,N.i. ii, Seneca-street, where be is uo« opening, ah - ! offers for sale, an assoijment of Fashionable Hfsta, Hatters' Stock and Trimming-. Cloth and Fur cap--, and will in a few ila^s - be refin- ing an additional supply, which will be of- fered for sale low, for cash or approved pa- paper. MOSES II. SWIFT. By his Agt-nt, GEORGE NICHOLS. Geneva, miv <i, 1*33. 17 TO BAKERS. T HE subscriber, one of the Patentee- of the \FRANKLIN CRACKER* MACHINE,*' which is now in sncre--ful operation in New-York, Albany, Baltimore. Utica, Syracuse, and main other place-, now offers to dispose of the Patent-right for tin same in the follow ing Counties, in thp State of Npw-lPork. to wit:—Columbia. Herki- mer, Otsegn. Sullivan. OwfEO, Chenang\. Broome. Tioga, Steuben. Yates, Allegam and Livingston. Asa labor-saving machine it is seldom equalled, and in its own brancb of business no other machine can compete with it. Any person wishing to purchase a Patent-right for the same in the above named counties, can make application tome in Ge- HE subscriber keeps con- nP ™- an '' - '\ t ' a ' !p nf ,v > absence. Saw I stantlv on hand a supph Molt - ^l- 1S dl,1 . v autl„ n z« - d to -ell tin- of FLOUR', manufactured tJ- samp - Having a Marhpe in operation at pressly for family use; an.rtr- m >' Uakery. I feel confident I can V r<-.e snt- may at all times be returned, if not found isfactorily to all wh - . see ,••. that U it- o* audmonga^e. on the prt-iuisc*..' \ For further particulars, application m.i) be made to capt. IlKNRy Tow AII, at Allowa)—ami fur price, \Sec. to the subsenbtr. ou the premises. WILLIAM M. LUMMIS, Ertc. of the last trill uf Win. N. Lummis, dec. .. Maxwell, Sodus, July 15, Is.'fi. 57tf CLASSICAL & EXttLISH SEMINARY. Ill* SEMINARY, located on Main- street, east side of til\- Squ.ire. and two doors below Mr. J. Bogerj's Book-tor/ - , was opeiicl oji Monday, the 20th Ma\ : in which «iil bo taught the Latin and Greek Languages principallY_v Reading, writing. Arithmetic ami the Mathematics, Geogra- phy, Hngli-h Grammar and Companion, Rhetoric, Ili-toiy, Logic .Yiranit and Mor- al Philosophy, ;uid all other branches if re- quired. ii(;ct - --.iry to (ju ilily students either to pur-ue a Collegiate course, or to com- mence the study of L.iw, or Ph) sic. * Terms' ol Tuition pei quarter, in advance : Reading, writing. Arithmetic, U.ngli-li Grammar, Geography and coiiijiositiou,- $4 The Latin ami Greek Languages, Matli> - iiiaties. and all other branches, S'tj The ternis, it is presumed, will be declin- ed reason able: and tbey .tie thus \arird , that those, whii-e parents are not m the most af- fluent circumstances, may be favoieil with an uppiirmiiity <d* thoiou^h instruction, at a mmierate expense. The number of .-ihohirs will not exceed twenty : ami nom - will be nihnittcd but those who sustain an unsullied moral character, and who can engage to apply themselves un- remittinglv and diligently to their respective studie-, and maintain a lorrect and unblem- , i?li\ - d ilcportnient. Tl.« T^.^1 U^.„Lw tu Ut« u&ud, \. ill bii nu».«l«* • known by applying to the sub-cribt r, who as-ures tliir-i - who are pleased to f.nor hiiu with their jiatiniiage, that eiery effort -hall lie employ cil to accelerate the impiuveuu-ut j\i -«»h-i i.i-.ciaiuit. <u.\^ i;ii.]iil ilit- ilqiun- nipiit and morals of the youth committed to hi- charge. 03** The following gentlemen are refer- red to : Rev. H. Mandev-ille, Mr. James fiogert, Dr. John Staats, Dr. Hudson, Mr. T. Van Brunt. CORNELIUS BROUWER. ' Geneva, June 5 lrv<3. 51 FOR SALE. ; T HE subscriber offer- forsale his Drug and .Medical Es- tablishment, immediately at the ad of Seneca Lake, A- to si- tUJtijjn, both lor lieauty and pros- pect lor busiiii'.-s, a more muting one cannot in - found iu tlie western country lor an active young man, with a capital uf two or three thou- -iini iliillars. The Store now occupied forthe ..ln.ve |)ur]M)-p, |oir- tlie lake, and is the best located in the .Milage for business. The es- tablishment, for elegance and neatne.-s, is seldom or-cver equalled in the country. The Store will b£ either rented or sold.— The price and terms of payment made rea- sonable and accommodating for the w hole. ELIJAH ADAMS. Savov. Ma\ 27. l-*33. 51 tf A puppy uauied Spencer, was sentenced oblige the Committee, bv giriug a place to j t0 tl \ rl 7 d ^ s ' unprUanuient in New-York, tin-Extra. ' ? at the last term of the Special Sessions, for To each post-office in the Union, directed', assaulting a respectable lady in the street, to any clergy man or friend of temperance, j about nine o'clock in the evening. To each delegate attending theeomention ! in Philadelphia. To presidents and secretaries of all state temperance societies, as far as known. To presidents and secretaries of all county societies, a- far as Known. To heads of departments at Washingtoii. To members of congress, go^ernors ot 'states, mayors of cities: all colleges, read- ing-rooms, temperance hoU-es, &c. &:c., to the extent in all from 10 to 12,000. The Society earnestly commend these j documents to the careful perusal of all thu-' - mto who-e hands they may fall, and alter , perusal, it is hoped extensive cnculatn'ii wiil be given to them. The Committee have sent, ami will continue to -end \to any cler- gyman or friend of temperance.\ the Tem- perance Recorder, to every post-town m the lulled Stetes gratuitou.-h. This emula- tion, the .Committee have abundant reason i to think has done much to advance the | cause, as well as to add to their lists of sijb- j -(iiber.-, wbich now amount to about 40,(HW. ; The Committee solicit for the Quarterly. '. the patronage of temperance men. if they think it deserving. The term- ale £2 pei - year, and postage paid by the Society, which • will, it is supposed, render it a cheap wink. | Should there be profits on tins or any nf the piibiic.itioiis of the Society, ihey will be de- voted to the cause. It would greatly en- ' courage the Committee to renewed efforts, should the circulation of these publication- ; produce subscriptions, that would enable them to extend the influence of the press, by increasing tlie iiicolatiou uf temperance information giatuitou-ly. EDWARD C.DIXAVAN, Chairman of the Kit cutire Committee. 7'rmperana. —Twenty-three store-keepers 111 (_'hi-i,U - r County, Pa- li-i\u U\:\;unt:\l sell- ing spirituou s liquor-. Force of Merit. —In the biographical me- moir of William Living-ton. a formei G'or- /•rniir i.r .VA,MJ J„r.*,-v, i - \i,T foltav. Uia wlriLiuc 1 and impressive anecdote :— ! \ About the time that Mr. Livingston e<- • tabli-hed himself in New Jersey, a young mid unfriended boy airiied in the country lrom . the West Indies, bringing letters from a Presbyterian Minister, Hugh Knox, resident i of the Island ol St. Croix. The lad was put to the school of Francis Barker of EJi/.,d.cth- town. Both master and pupilnot long aftcr- l wards entered the American army. Tlie 1 -i bolar was Alernntlrr Hamilton. ,. The commencement of the Umver-itv nt ! Pennsylvania was celebrated on Thur-d.iv.— The degree of A. B. was coi.l'-rreil on twefi- • ty-five young gentlemen. Fullh- Ericulions. —The late Legislature of Rhudc Island have passed a law, ordering all executions hereafter to take place in the pri-oii yard, in the presence only of the Sher- iff and Deputy Sheriff of the county, and of such other person or perso&s as shall be by such sheriff specially required or permitted. to attend such execution. Fatal AcdJ.nt.—Oa Thursday, the I8th ult.. Eli 31«bie, son of Mr. Levi Mabie, of Delhi. Delaware co., iu the 20th year of his age, was killed by the upsetting of a load of hav. II' was precipitated from the loadup- tiae-'of a pitchfork which entered his md cau-ed almost iustaot death. on th. - body Wi of On Monday la-t, betw eeu Lancaster and -ichc-tf-r, three horses belor jing to one : l iy maker's Ljue ol stages were killed in- i-n.-eijuerice of excessive heat,',in driving •ven miles. If invention is ihe child of necessity, the 1 latter must be rife in Yankeedum, for the i-rogfiiy is legion. The New-Hampshire le- ' gislatiue have been obliged to repeal the law giving bounties on crows and ot&gr wild beasts. So far from estenninating tho wretch- es, it actually led to their increase. The in- dustrious and ingenious procured crow?eggs, irl.ich ict re hatched under hens, and tlie broods were brought forward for the premium.— Or her courses equally successful yvere adopt- ed for other quadrupeds, and the law is ne- ces-unly repealed, as giving a bounty to idle- ness and encouragement to fraud.— Stand, I A very splendid line of battle ship waj» j launched at Chatham. (England,) ontkelSth (June, which day was the anniversary of the ' final overthrow of Napoleon. The ship, was there-lore, veiy appropriately, called ths Wa» ' terlou. She is lo carry 120 guns; and is said to be a very perfect specimen of English ' naval .lO'h.tuctuie^Immense as this float- 1 mg fortress'Is represented to be, she falls -hurt of tlie dim«usiuns of the Pennsylvania, now on the stocks at our Navy Yard, which , is believed to be the largest shipiu the world. On the 14th oi June, a duel was fought in . Pari- betvecii the Minister of War, the Mar- qui-ofDalmatia,and Colonel deBricqaeville, a member of the Chamber of Deputies, in eon-equence ol some expressions used by die latter, affecting the character of tbe Minister, in debate. They fought with sirords for ten minutes, and were then separated by the sec- en. 's. Dmf and Dumb. —By an \ i\h let of th e J., LiOoking'Glass Plates. ELLY & HALL have on hand an as- sortment of the abwe article for the accommodation of those who have had Glasses broken. (23) Dec. .\>. K 1 /#. U. JULMSMREJLIJ & S TORAGE, FORWARDING & C MISSION Merchants—Ware-hm Franklin-Wharf and Steamboat Doek. Geneva, March 22, 1833. CO. 41 r«i,wiir FEOIR. SE1I' M Ii*I*i:TORY. |11H suli-criber= res- pectful!) mlormtlieir i Budget. friends and the public, that j they continue at their old • stand, on Seneca—t., near- ! ly oppesi'e (he Mansion- Hou-e, yvhere they have just recen»d the latest N . York FASHIONS, and are now opening an extensive and fa-hionable assortment of Millinery, consisting of Tuscan LEG- HORNS, Silk. Split, and Oj>tn-wnrk Straw HATS, of the newest patterns; Misses' and Children*' plain anil open-work_ STRAW HATS Trimmings, Blonil Edgings, &c. Also—a general and beautiful assortment * of Qy RlHANDS AND ARTIFICIAL FLOWERS: together with almost every other article in the millinery line. MARY ALLEN. ANN GARRISON. Grnrra. May 7, 1S33. \ 17 \-- iilure of llii- State, the overseer- of the pr.nr in each town jre required to furnish tin supeiini'ijileut of common schools, with a li-t of deaf and dumb persons in their re- spective towns, so far as they can ascertain them.— Buffalo Journal. Rensselaer and Saratoga Rail-Road. —This Rail-Road, which is to extend from this city to Ballston Spa, is soon to be commenced.— Surveys have been made, which show that the route of fhe road isoopof the best which nature ever provided. The estimated co-t of its corfsTrucrion is less than .*-.IKII) per We regret to learn that Mrs. Burns, the w-id. i ol the poet, is seriously ill. She had an thinning aitaik of paialysis about tho 1st nl May. .in.i has ever since been inavery ex- hausted stale. This is the secuiid attack of ihat dreadful j.alady with which she has been vl-iled. Mrs. Burns, during the long period nl her widowhood, has lemained in the same lioii.se where her husband lived, and breath- ed his hist. Her quiet and private life, now gently lapsed into old age, presents a striking ( contrast to the dark and brief career of the , noble minded but unfortunate bard whose ' name she has borne so long.-— Dumfries Chr. Noise nf the Anril. —A blacksmith of jifi- lan ha-, to fhe comfort of Lis neighbors, es- inile, averaging the whole distance.—Troy penally the rich, successfully practised a r.-..J--.. \ i very simple contrivance to diminish, in a re- i mark a Me degree, the loud noise caused bv The appropriations made by the citygov- t i le percussion of the hammer ou the asm?. | eminent -of New-1 ork, for expenditures dur- j j t ; s merP ] v f o .suspend a piece of iron chain ; ing the year, commencing May, 1KJ3, amount t „ , me () f ,[ le horns of the anril, which car- i to §1,3-15.757 .^O. ^ ( rip, ,,ff a great portion of the acute Bound j Horrid Conspiracy in the Ea*t Indies .'- '. us ^ 1! >\ produced. «?£•, -*i- ' The article now travellipg the circuit of the J '• newspapers with tins imposing caption, <!e- ; : tailing the circumstances of a late conspiracy { i of the native troops in the sen ice of the I | East India Company, is all a hoax. The i j transaction took place sixty years ago. iiome ( j wag altered the date to \&te. i« «,i„„ . ., . ri.ii i •. ,, ou the manners and customs of the inhabi- - L te„T * t0{hhck ^[trJ tants, and Anecdotes of distinguished public let _Mer.no long and square SHAWLS, j chardCters , in a series of j^ b> . _{ Ger . man Prince ; •' good. March 21. II. H. MERRELL, No. 10, Seneca--!. 1 wool and at unusually low prices; Black, scarlet and White Thibet Wool & shmere Shayvls and Handkerchiefs^ Crape Hernani, Barege, Damask Gauze d Miss Kemble Dress Handkerchiefs; Calicoes; Ginghams; *. Printed Muslins, and Mandarins; Super Gros-de-Nap. Silks, assorted; ' Figured and water'd Poul-de-Soie, Satins d Florences; Ribands; I Thread Bobbinet and Muslin Insertings & : dgings; Thread and Bobbinet Laces; j India Matting and CARPETING ; 1 , 1 case super Leglvorn,Bonnets, and 1000 ' aim-Leaf Hats, £c. fyc. I O.i ,COSSIGISMEKT—10 pieces Domestic j ARPETING, from 2s & 6d t o 3s & 3d zr yard. ; A choice and well selected assortment of CJroceries. jA\\ of which will be sold at the most re- ucelT prices, and on the most accommo- ating terms. THOMAS WICKHAM. Geneva, May 8, 1833. 47 Tanners^ Oil 4* Spts. Tnrp. F OR sale, by the iferrel, a quantity of TANNERS' OIL and SPIRITS of TURPENTINE. Oct. 10. (17) more than half the labor of making Crack- ' ers can be saved. Navy Bread, Sei Bi-eun. &c, can be made with tlie ~amp Mai liine. NATHAN DASK WI. Geneva. Jan. 16.'I-^tt. :« ' KELLY & H\LL. Memoirs of Hortense Beauharnais, Dutch- ess of St. Lew, Ex-Queen of Holland ; Three Years in North America, 2 vol. by- James Stewart, Esq.; Stanley Buxton, or the School Fellows. 2 vol. by John Gait; Our Island—comprising Forgery, a tale, and the Lunatic, a tale,. 2 vol.\; I Notice,' to pay their accounts, as I intend to The Wondrous tale of Alroy—the rise of j P ut soule i n suit in a \h\* 1 ,inlP - Iskander, by the author of Yivian Gray, 8ECOXD 1%'OVfCE. 1 AM under the necessity of again calling upon ALL persons alluded to in my • First II &.C. 2 vol.;\ The Evidences of Christianity, in their external division, exhibited in a course of lectures, by Bishop Mcllvane ; Boston on the Covenants ; CALMZT'S Bible Dictionary, new ed. 8vo. Waconsta, or the Prophecy, a tale of the Canadas, 2 vol.; ' Just received and for--sale at the Geneva Bookstore, fey [June 24,] J. BOGERT. H. II. Geneva, Oct. 24, 1832. MERRELL. lf». The highest Price in CASH W ILL be paid for WHEAT. BARLEY. TIMOTHY & FLAX-SEED, at my Store in Geneva. H. HASTINGS. September IS. 14 I. 3, s, A. M. P. M. I'. M. P.M. P. M. A. M. CASH FOR WOOL! flRHE subscriber continues TO pay CASH JL for WOOL, at fair prices, at No. 0, Water Lime. O BARRELS WATER LIME, for tablishmentjn the village, sale at No. 10, Seneca-street, by Sept. (14) H. H. MERRELL. ! NOTICE. T HE subscribers having - purchased of i Seneca-street, Geneva. Ames & Headly their entire stock of J «tre 19. (53) j BOOTS, SHOES AND LEATHER, i now offer the same to the public at their old Stand, on a s good terms as at any other es- R. M. BAYLY. MITCHELLS & HAYWARD. Geneva, April 3, 1633. 42 Siraim's Panacea, F ROM the Proprietor—constantly for sale, wholesale and retail, by H. H. MERRELL, Sept. No. 10, Seneca-st. POST-OFFICE XOT1CE. AJ-L ARRANGEMENT ma THE SLMMKR. Easttrn Mails — The Telegraph closes at Eclipse \ Way Mails \ 4 P ast ! Western — Telegraph closes at half-past ! Pilot closes at I Way Mail closes at ! Flint Creek & Hopewell, Monday, Wednes- I day, and Friday, at .J past t* o'clock, A. M. I Southt rn — ' Newbnrgh, Penn-Yan & Bath, close ft, P. M. j Penn-Yan Accommodation, £ past 12, M. j Noriltern — : Neyvark and Lyons close ^ paBt 1, P. M. | Clyde, Wolcott, &c, leaves Monday, Wed- 1 npsday and Friday, at .\> A. M. Closes at ] 9, the evening before. s | West Dresden, every Wednesday at I. P. M. ! Seneca Castle and Gorham. every Thursday | at I, P. M. 05^ The Office will be open from 6, A. I M., till 9, P. JL, except Sundays, yvhen^ii yviH be open from 6 to % in (he evening. The above arrangement will be strictly ad- hered to. G. J . GROSVEXOR, P. M. Genrva, August J. 1833. GO Fashionable millinery. ISS. E. TIDD, informs the Ladie- of (iei.eva and its vicini- 'ty, that she ha- just re- turned from N'pw-Ynrk with a ,yjgy handsome a«- sortinenTtif Fashionable MILLINERY, of the latest importations, cmsisting of rich SILK. Eugh-h STRAW, one case vrry fine Tuscan STRAW HATS, n new and ile.-i.-ablp article. Also, rich CAPS, Blond LACES, and Fancy HAND- KERCHIEFS, VEILS, and GLOVES. rich RIBANDS, and FrenchTLOWERS, together with everv other article in the Mil- linery line. April\ 16, 1833. * 44 Lottery & Exchange Office, No. 1, Seneca-street, Geneva. 1CKETS and SHARES in the New- York Consolidated Lotteries, author- ized by the Legislature, Yates & Mc'Intyre Managers, will be kept for sale as they are l.—med from the Managers' onicc, at the li- censed lottery Office of the subserilfer. , Q7= ENCURRENT .money Bought and Sold. A Premium paid for Gold, particu- larly Sovereigns. '^ *»* ('ash advanced for Prizes, as soon as the drawing is received. R. M. BAYLY. i June. 1833. • 53 Water Color fo- Rooms. —Take a quantity ; of potatoes and boil' them ; then bruise and j\ poor boiling water upon them until a pretty , thick rnhture is obtained, which is to be pag- SPII through a sieve. With_bgiling_watertJaeB j make a thick mixture of vrhitening and put , it to the potato mixture. To give color* if Miraculous Escape. —During the violent , white is not yvanted, add different.colored ' thunder squall on Sunday (he 14th inst. a' ochres, lampblack, &c. according to circuin- i sloop rigged scow belonging to Sackett's j stances. This paint dries quickly, is jery j Harbor, while .on her passage from Stony durable, has a good appearance to the ejF#, creek to O.-wego, loaded with cedar posts i and limestone, was strnck by lightning, when • within about 4 or 5 miles of Salmon river.— ; The fluid siruck thp mast head and descend and is moreover very cheap.— London paper. Com. Barron's Pump. —Poalsoa's (Phila- hlphia) Advertiser mentions a Pump,, jn- ed to the jaws of tbe gaff, then pa-sing out 1 vented by Com. Barron, which delivers 4 on the gaff a short distance and down the I barrel of water at orery stroke. ItisTonned luff of thp sail, instantaneously reducing two | of four planks, yvith a square box inside, and entire cloths of the sail into line hut, again . in other respects, we should judge, mwjst he striking the mast near the boom, splitting ' en the principles of the common pump-, and shivering it until it reached the deck, . ' * : ,,. Where the chain caldctfwas coded up, when , Bread Test. —Professor Kufalmann,, of the fluid apparently „spparatpd. part of it pas- ' Lisle, in a Memoir .on the adnlteradon-tof sing into the hold, throwing the hatches high , Bread, with sulphate of copper, (blue wipo© in the a°ir and escaping through the side of] which he states to be ueiversaUj emj)l«jjre3 the vessel; the other branch passed over the , by bakers for the parposs of making b»M cable, melting some links and polishing oth- j 1'ght and porous, (although seldom Mi.great- • crs uutrl it reached the anchor on the'bows, I «\ r r °P or,ion \^ oae gt\ain to seven ppnnds which it threw inio the air ten feet from the , and a half—a oaantity too small to occasion; gun wale. AH hands were prostrated by the any serious ai|nn,) furnishes fhe following shock, and continued senseless for some f simple method of detecting its presenpe„w- time. After the captain recovered, he went | Poor a drop of tlie prussiate 'of potash on a into the hole to examine the extent of dam- J piece of the suspected bread, and lfit con- tain any sulphate of coppc r—eten £s small a portion as one in nine thousand—the bread wdl assume in a few secoads a decided: IOSB color.— Mechanics' Magazine „# By putting a pie^e of Jump sugar, tbs size of a walnixt, into ifej tea-pot, you jirHl The schooner John O.. Adams, 'eaptain B. j make tbe tfca infuse »ia otaie-half the-bmfe-»- Stenard, of this port, houpdfrpm Cleaveland | This fact is v^fy well known fo oag-meu and age done, but was obliged to retreat immedi- ately, being nearly strangled by the sulphe- rons stench, with yvhichthe vessel yvas filled. The vessel w-as with difficnlty towed into Salmon river a perfect wreck: providentially no lives yvere lost.— Ptdaski Banner. All, KEVDS OF BLJdYKS For Sale at the Geneva Bookstojre. l*to the upper lakes, was ssfcruck by lightning a short time since, near fort Gra!iot» on Lake, Huron, and a Wither pf the captain j and two other hands killed, and another so much injured that, i% is thought he would I not recover, f yva or three head of cattle j and more than go sheep were killed. Tfihe lightning strhek the main mast She has ! returned to Detroit— Buffalo Patriot* stage-coach trailers. JButlzT.-^-lt,may be>seful to sometoJfooy ; that Bliitter gfter it bas .become s som^hc»t ran'ciij, so much J& «»*Q^|e ^infit for \ti^l^. ble,- may be |eflder|d i .j$yf'eet, f by dreidui^ it %e?y,- and^ajbiiiJg* it 't»\ux new miltf.'and churning \£ by wfeich it acquires a flavor Iik^e newBatter.~^l^y*t:??'a Gcift»ir?J5fflE«K»\« -m m 'I

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