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The Geneva gazette, and mercantile advertiser. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1829-1833, March 13, 1833, Image 1

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<m «H* M —^Oi WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13, 1833. PUBLISHED GN WEDNESDAyst-BY AT HI8'PB|Sr*lSGOF1MCB, BOOKSTORE &>BIppEKV. • Main-Street, nearly opposite the Hotel', iGm&VAt ONTARIO COONTY, NEW-YORK. ••L ,. TERMS. To village subscribers, $2 50 cents a year. To those living out of the village who call at the Bookstore, and to these who receive the paper by •snail, $2. • » • . ' . To Companies oTnot less thanten, f 150 cents, payable when the papers are taken.. Single.papers, six pence. „ — - K? No papersdis.pdhtinued without payment of arrearages. ' l . > . ' ADVERTISEMENTS. • Inserted at the usual rates. A liberal deduction to those who advertise by the year. t^F Handbills, Cards, Blanks, and all kinds of PRINTINGS, executed at the shortest notice and lowest prices. ^Cti>==¥bm mnt TSTote SList. Corrected from Day's List....Feb. 22. NEW-YORE. United States' Bank and branches - -\- — i N. York City Banks par Bk.ofpoughkeepsie do Duchess County do Lansingburgh do Long Islaryl do Albany Banks & All others . 1 Bank of Geneva f Was. & Warren no sale Barker's 90 N. JERSEY. Farm,&Mec.over5 par Newark B. & Ins \ pap Orange Bank . \ par State Bank V par State B. Newark \ par •Shite B. N. Brns. \ par Other solvent banks |a| , T —... All others uncertain) All others (26) uncertain Wyoming- , do Bank of Reading U Erie Bank 1 Miners' Pottsville 1 York Bank 1 N. H. Bridge Co. U All others uncertain OHIO. Commercial Bank of L. Erie at Cleaveland BankofChilicothe Bank of Marietta do Mount Pleasant -do Commercial, Sciota do Oayton Manu. Com. do Farm. & Median. Franldm Lancas. Ohio' bank WeBtern Reserve Belmont hank Farmers, Canton MASSACHUSETTS. All the Banks h Except Sutton bank -5 Berkshire' broke Farmers'at Belch. 90a94 CONNECTICUT^ R. ISLAND. AH the Banks £ Exct. Farm, Exc. broke All the Banks Except Derby Eagle PENNSYLVANIA. Philadelphia Banks £ Chester County J Delaware County do Germantown do Montgomery County do Easton Bank -\' do Farmers, Bucks co. do Farmers', Lancaster do Harrisburgh bank do Bank of Lancaster do' VERMONT\. All the Banks A MAINE. 4 All me Banks J broke Except Bath bank closed broke Castine broke Hallowell & Aug. brok, Kennebec brok ( Passamaquody brolc Wiscasset broki Delaware Banks Maryland Banks Michigan Dist. Columbia Georgia Notes Upper Canada Lower Canada dal bks JSUIT &OOJD& WILLIAM XOXiiFORD & CO. H AVE received, and are now opening^tbeir stock of FallI an^Jgg'CKgfifCcllOCK- 4^ f 43RYJ3GO£ RE) HARD-WARE, &c. Among the Dr/ Qw^wU-b-^^jhwrn^ir- ery artiell in tha/line, surtaTsle ftrttrffflwmt and a/ P roacbir,g «epn ; afew of which are enumer- ated.-vizs ' ~^J> Blue, hlacB, hrowa, olive brown, green, olive .green, hmsible green\. colored, tad mixed BROAD CLOTHS, of superior quality. Blue black, and mixed CASSIMERES. . Corded Cassimere, new and fashionable article; Do. Satinet, do. do- do. Blue, brown and mixed plain Satinets; Plain and corded Moleskin and Fustian; Petersham; Olive Flushings and Bangup Cqd; White, red, scarlet, yellow and green Flannels; Green Serge and Baize •; Figured and plain green Floor Cloth; Rose, Point and Mackinaw Blankets! Blue, and brown goat's hair, and common Cam- blets i Merino and common Circassian; Merino, Thibet wobl, worsted and canynon Shawls and Hdkfs; French prinied Calicoes; A very superior lotof heavy black SILKS, cheap; Buckskin Gloves, Over-Shoes, Mittens.j&c. r~ Eur Caps, Collars and Gloves; Down Rugs; Lined and plain norseskin'Gloves •, \Bleached and brown SAecriufs and Shirtings; Cotton Yarn, Wick, Wadding, Baiting; togeth- er with a variety of other articles, unnecessary to enumerate. GROCERIES. . Old Hyson, YouBg Hyson. Hyson Skin, and Slack TEAS, of the latest importation and of superior quality; • Loaf, Lump, and Brown SUGAR; Old Javai La Guayra and St. Domingo Coffee; Pepper, Spice, Nutmegs, Cloves, Cassia, din- ger. Indigo, Starch, London_bottled Mustard; Raisins, in boxes and half boxes; Molasses, Rice, Chocolate, Sal Entw, ^c. Old Port, Modeira and Malaga WINES, of a *\ Whiterdrained Lamp OIL, warranted good; .Sperm Candles, 4's and. 5's* „ Mackerel, in barrels tttwl half barrets; XJodfish and Herrings; ' Also-IRON, NAILS, PITCH, TAR, OAK- UM, €ORDAG£y&c. - The above stock of Goods have been selected with oare and purchased on the most advantageous terms, at unprecedented loW prices, and are offer- ed for Cash, or Prodmfe at cash price, at a mod- erate advance. •* „, Geneva, dctober 30.1832. , - fj DYE WOODS. HI', subscriber has. just received from N. Y. a fresh supply of theRed following articles;-, T a. h ui Logwood Fustic,' Iteragua, •Coro Wood, iHatchwood. Camwood, bladder, Copperas, Alum, Blue Vitriol, Quercitron Bark, Span. Fl. Indigo, Manilla do. Bengal do. Verdigris, \Oil Vitriol, Nutgalls, , SHEARING MACHINES. Tojretberwitb every other article required by CUlMers, now received and for sale bythe sub- scribed together with a large Stock ofDRUGS and MEDKflNES, PAINTS, LIQUORS and .GROCERIES, which will be soldvery low for cash. ' - H. H. MERRELL, No. 12, Berieca-Streets. Geneva, Sept. 19, 1831. ®> Curcuma^ Crera Tartar, Tartar Extract Logwood, Grain Tin, Cochineal, Aq. Forfis, Spt. Sea Salt, • Olive Oil, Jacks, Press Papers, Tentre Hooks, Brushes, Plates, Cranks, Screws, * . CHEAP, FRESH, & CHOICE GROCERIES. t CUVNEVA RfeCIESS. T HE subscribers having now received their Fall and Winter supply of GROCERIES, FRUIT, &c.,are not disposed to boast much, but assure their friends that they will not be outdone by any up-hill man. They assure their friends that no pains have been spared in the. selection of Articles, and flatter themselves that all— -up or down hill foths—vi\l\ find it to their advantage to inquire prices and examine qualities. • The following comprise a few of their leading Articles-—which may at all times be found at'their Establishment: ~ ' TEAS. 2 chests Old Hyson TEA, imp. 1832 3 \ Young Hyson, do i \ ' Black, , do 5 \ HysorjSkin, do * SUGARS, MOLASSES, &c. tf.-Orleans, St. Croix and Porto Rico SUGARS Philadelphia Loaf and Lump ^ -do- Canadian do do do WhW Havana and Brazil do New-Orleans and Sugar-House MOLASSES JaVa, Mooha, Brazil and Laguira COFFEE. FRUIT, &c. Bunch, Muscatel, Bloom, Malaga, Smyrna and Sultana Raisins Figs, Citron, Zarite Currants l Prunes, Dates' (fresh,) paper-shelled-Almonds, soft do Filberts, Pea.Nuts, Madeira Nuts' Brazil'Nuts, Cocoa Nuts, Lemon Syrup. WINES & LIQUORS: Madeira, Lisbon, Sherry, Malaga, Port, Claret, Sicily Madeira and Champaign WINES Brandy, Gin, Jamaica and St. Croix Rum, War- ranted pure and good. ' k FISH. Mackerel, Salmon, Codfish, Shad and Herring. CHEESE, &c. Cheshire, Goshen, Oneida and Ontario Che.ese Sperm and Tallow Candles, Cayenne Pepper Sweet Potatoes, Soda Crackers, Boston Crackers Small Cracjters, Powder, Shot, Lead,- Pepper Spice, Ginger, Salaretus, Mace, Cloves^ .'.„. Cinnamon, Nutmegs. Pocket Lights, §c Mustard, TOBACCO. 1000 dozen papers Chewing • Tobacco 500' \ pounds, Smoking . do 500 \ half-pounds do do 2 kegs Plug — do 10,000 McPherson's Segars, best 5,000 Common _da— TOYS, BEADS, &c. .Cut Glass Beads, assorted colors Wax Beads and Hollow Glass do Large assortment of Toys, for Christmas presents, OYSTERS, &c. AIsi T6C61V6Q 15,000 Oysters in the Shell; 10,000 Clams do Pickled Oysters and Pickled Clams. - They also continue to manufacture all kinds of CONFECTIONARIES, and will serve up, on short notice, for Parties and to Private Families, Maccaronies, Jumbles; Fruit, Pound.and Sponge Cake; Kisses, Mottoes, Ice Cream, &c. They have in their employ a Confectioner from New-York, and are confident that work cannot be produced that will surpass theirs, The subscribers are well aware that, as the friend'^ mKafcM&Vf^.l VZ^tfZ up-hill friends; yet we bjegJaavsJAsahi Geneva Recess, No. 7, Seneca-st Nov. 21,1832. 23 — WHOLESALE ANJ>#ETAII/ fl^ HATSTOHE. i JBE^BL THE subscribers continue to keep for ^^^^^sale, Wholesale or'Retail, at their Hat Store in Seneca-St. oppoihe Prouty's Hard- ware Store, a general assortuuht of HATS. A continuance of public patronage « respectfully so- licited. WIGHT & CLARK. Geneva. JmeHS, 1830. (S7) ON CONSIGNMENT. K ELLY & HALL have just received a gen- eral assortment of WINDOW SASH, for sale at Factory Prices. ) Fancy Sash, Window Blinds, &c. furnished to orderi' Likwise, for sale as above.J. & S. Bartiers fine cut TOBACCO and SNUFF. Geneva, Dee. 5, 1832. 25 PRINTING MATERIALS. T HE sahscriber oners for sale cheap, and «n a long credit for approved security, a va- riety of TYPE and ether Printing materials, part worn. J. BOGERT. Oct.!, 1832 LINSEED OIL. KELLY & HALL, ' H AVE just received aquantity of English and Ohio LINSEED OIL, and will be sold by -the barret or gallon. \Also a/resh assortment of dry and ground PAINT8., . '__ Geneva, Sept. 19, J832. . , Utif fl. H, MERRELL, STORAGE, FORWARDING,. AND COM- MISSION MERCHANT. WARE-HWSE ON FRANKIIN-STKEET WHARF— STORE, No. 12, Seneta-Street. Geneva 1830. 11 NlTvVHpTMLTSHJi^^ JAMES GILLESPIE, H AS just received, and is now-opening in the Store North of James Bogert's Bookstore, on the Public Square, a large and very carefully selected assortment of GROCERIES, comprising almost every articlu in the line; to- gether with choice ^Fruits, Preserves, Porter, ffincs, Fish^ \• Cheese, Dried Beef, Pork, Hams, Soap;' Sperm and Tallow Candles, Brushes, Brooms; Lm'sefedlfe Lamp, QJLS, Flour & Corn Meal'; Common and Table Salt, Messrs. Miller's, and Chapman's' and Sargent's celebrated • SNUFF and TQBACCO. Also— ; _ HARDWARE, CROdKERY, &LAS8, EARTUFJfSf STONE-WARE; Furnaces, Cordage, Manilla Door Mats,- French Fancy Baskets, Willow Market a'nd Clothes Bas- kets, Wagons and CradlgSjdjEov Cradles, Wooden Butter Prints, LadlesfflpgPwJBqwls. Also, an assortment of Children's TOYS, and Mantle Ornaments, &c. &c. The subscriber in thus offering his Stock of Goods to his friends and the public generally, would respectfully solicit a share of their patron- age by assuring them that no pains have been spar- ed in selecting first rate articles, and none will be wanting on his part to give every satisfaction to •those who may favor him with their custom. Geneva, 'May SO, 1832. 98 JOHN BACKENSTOSE, S still up and doing a small business on the Hill. He has just received in addition to his former Stock of GOODS, the following Articles, which he offers to his friends and the public at a very small advance from cost:— 2 hhds. St. Croix SUGAR, fts2800 1133 1140 2749 947 240 727 do. da. at si p. lb. 742 TEA. do. do. do.- MOLASSES. do 1 do. P. Rico do. 1 do. • New Iberia do. 2 do. New-Orleans' do. 4 boxes Philadelphia Lump do. 1 do. do. ' Loaf -do. 3 do. 3d Refined do. 3 do. common Lump 4 chests\ Young\ Hyson • 2 do. Hyson 4 half chests Hyson • 3 chests Skin - - 1 hhd. NeWrOrleans 2 hhds. P. Rico lhhd. LAMP.OIL, (pure;) 1 tierce Rice 3 quarter casks. Port WINE 1 do. do. Madeira do. 3 kegs Ginger; I do. do. puro 12 half, quarter, and whole boxes Raisins 6 drums Figs; 2 kegs Malaga Raisins 2 kegs Zante Currants 8 bags assorted COFFEE, 6 boxes sperm. Candles, 4's, 5's and 6's 12 dozen Corn Brooms, (Shakers) 2 kegs very best Plug Tobacco 1 do.' do. Cavendish do. 3000 best Segars, (none better) 75 lb. Arrow Root, in lb. j lb. and % lb. papers , 15 do. Patent Barley, £ lb. papers . 15 do. do. Groats, lb. and 4 ib. papers 40 do. Oat Meal; 12 dozen Msgic Matches 8 barrels No. 1 Boston MACKEREL 1689 12 do. 7 half barrels 6 do. • 6 qr. barrels 6 do. 2 1 2 1 2 do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do. do.' <.'t-13*6oxe« smoked>Herring; 1 barrel plcMcd <3o. T £ Barrel AWm; \\\' i barrel Saf\\' do. . Madder £ do. Epsom Salts; I 25 pounds best Indigo. He returns .his sineere^thaoks to his friends in the village and country, not forgetting No. 9, for the very liberal support he has received, and hopes, by offering the first rate Goods at a price that will not fail to suit, that he may (no mistake in JOHN) continue' to receive the same liberal support. No- thing shall he wanting on his part to please those that will look in upon him: and should any article be wanting that he has not on hand, it-shall be had; in a few days, if ordered. Geneva, ScptemScr 12, 1832. 13 T 1 p- SALT, NE HUNDRED barrels SALT, m good order, for Sale by II. H. MERRELL, No. 12, Seneca«street Nover\her23.183L '71 FAMILY FLOUR. #£fk BARRELS Fine, Superfine, and Extra 9w\9 brand. Just received, a constant supply of Flour, manufactured etpressly for Family use, and at all times may he returned if not found good. • H, H. MERRELL No. 12, Geneva, March 21 j~ 3831. to Seneca^ S GENEVA NEW CROCKERY STORE. China,. Glass Sf Earthen- Ware HOMAS HARRIS & CO. No. 1 Frank- lin Stores, at the foot of Seneca-street, are now receiving an ample stockof CHIN A, G LASS and EARTHEN-WARE, of th&firef>qna)ity and newest patterns and colors, which they offer at wholesale and retail,-viz: Black, brown, blue, pink, purple, lilac and va- riegated colors, Dinner,. Breakfast, Tea, and Chi- na SETS, complete. GLASS-WARE— cut, plain and moulded De- canteis, Wines and Champaigns, Dishes, Nap- pies, Plates, Jars, &c. &c. 'Rjas, Coffees, Bowls, Pitchers, Plates, Twif- fiers and fluffing. Printed, ejamelled and colored WARE and CROCKERY of every description. Stone-Ware of all descriptions,. Flower Pots, Stove Tubes, &c. &c. s All will be sold at the lowest prices, wholesale or retail. Geneva, October 15, 1832. I8tf KELLY & HALL, No. 13, Seneca-Street, H AVE just received and offer for sale a gen- eral assortment of DRUGS, MEDICINES Sf PERFUMERY; ' PATENT MRDICMES, PAINTS, OILS; GROCERIES CROCKERY, Window Glass; Common Sf Apotltecaries' GLASS-WARE; hOroMlNG.GLASSES, BRUSHES. fr«. Sfc. • Which they offer for cash oi approved credit, a low as can be purchased elsewhere. Although they do not profess the admirable secret of making a profit irt'ielling Goods at cost, yet they will en- gage to sell at a small advance-from purchase price. Persons wishing to purchase are invited to call arid examine for themselves. HOUSE & SIGN PAINTING done as usual, in every varietyof Style. O\ Paints of all colors ground in Oil. Geneva, May 18. 1831. 44 DYE WOODS. HE subsariber fe now .receiving his Fall: •'Stockof $ye Weofo, and bye Stvfi; corSprising every article in that line—a few of jybfch are enumerated: Campeachy LOGWOOD, stick and«hip'd; Cuba FUSTIC, do. do. Com- NIC. WOOD, «? do. do. *-' Bonair do. do. \\^ do. . do. ^ itlache do. do. . do. do. . \ 'Cpjiperas, Alum, Blue Vitriol, Madder, Verdi- grisj Oil Vitriol, Spanish Float Indigo, Bengal in.dfrj), \Woady Nutgalls, Curpuma, Cfeam Tar-. tarijRed Tariar, Press Papers,, Jacks, Tentgr Hook?, Brushes, Teazles; Plates, Screws, Cranks, .Bars, &ci Also, Parson's, Swift's, and Maxon's SHEAR- ING MACHINES ; all of which he offers very low for Cask 11. H. MERRELL, F -. No. 10, Seneca-street. Geneva, Sept. 5, 1832. 12 • .-\? *- . ' m^hvori23$r -asrair-oooDB^ A% THE GENEVA CHEAP STORE. H H. SEELYE, is nqw receiving and is • daily expecting the most extensive and best assortment of GOODS he has ever offered in this markot. Th<J%ssortment is so general that a few articles onlyatill be a particularized, viz: Merino and Thibet Wool SHAWLS, from the largest long Shawls of wool borders down to 4-4 Thibet wool Handkerchiefs with printed and nee- dle worked borders, lower than ever before offered. SILKS of every description. An eitrinsive assortment of Silk Ribbons, Straw Gimps and Hats, Blond Fooling and Edgings, and other Articles for. Millinery purposes, winch will Tie soUUo Milliners at a very small advance. 1 case LEGHORN HATS, a few of superior quality.- i Worsted Yarn, o A great variety of Cloths, Sattinets, Flannels, Circassians, Catnblets, &c. &e. Superior Ingrain CARPETS, of the latest pat- terns. Heavy: OIL CLOTHS, for floors, of rich col- ors abdjputterns, direct from the Manufactory.— Patterns of any size and description. wiH he fur- nishedjto. order, for halls or rooms', by giving a' few months previous notice. ON HAND—a large assortment of FUR COL- LAR0V Also, 250 bbls. SALT, in good order.. Many-Goods will be sold at a reduced price at wholesale, to country Merchants and Pedlars, who may be supplied with Goods suited to their trade, at prices which cannot fail to please. Geneva, November1, 1832. 21 H ? H. MERRELL., I NFORMS his customers and the public, that he continues his old business at his former stapd, in the usual Way, except for BETTER PAY—and is receiving 50 bbls. ground LOG WOOD, * FUSTIC, NICARAGUA, MADDER, ALUM, BLUE VITRIOL, COPPERAS, . and ffl other articles in the DYE-WOOD line, ' which, tog'eth\' with his former Stock, makes an ek^anlflssi^'Pent,- worthy the attention of Cloth- Jo. do. do, do. do. go 5 5 5 10 hmrnWa-EDiemEs; . GROCERIES, LIQUORS, fa. whichihe fill sell low for good pay—and for goodpay OWLY. No. 10 Sencca-Strect. October 24, 1832. ' id The highest ^YVGQ in i^asli 'i WILL BE PAID FOR WHEAT, BARLEY, TIMOTHY & FLAX-SEED, At my Store in Geneva. II. HASTINGS. September 18, 1832. 14 * TO CLOTHIERS. K ELLY &, HALL, have just received a very general assortment of Dye Sti0s, and Dye Woods, of late.st .jiniportation, and of superior quality which they, purpose to selt low. Geneva, Sept. 19, 1832. 14:tf • DEFERRED ABjtf&J*El| PosT-O.F«$|(f iW-^Ew^YoRKV^rrill,, „,,, accommodutfolpanifethe diSpjokitipu to dpe,toi te intelligence'apiBlljsttbe people], which difcingms.h- es'the Post-Oific^Bepartment, neafrly fiftyjgw offices have be^I^sljiblished in this stskto ™, ; ,^ \the last six months, l^he following is a list 0Pi|ng. new offices estajyished-iri the state of New-Yq|f^ a list of those discontinued, and of mps^orwhtcni the names have been changed since the first of July, 1832. '. ' \ Establislted. • Albany county . • <Co6yman'S Holloiv • •«, Disbroty'? ' • \ • • \- i' ' -Doriuanville • •• • • -vlieidavilJe Alleganjt ''\ • IBastHitl Broomul • \Harmonjr • \ ' - ' - Hyde Settlement \ I West>VVio.dsor Cattaraifens ' 'NevV Albion - . Chatauqfo - CIymer«t?enlro \ I , Volusia- Delawari Cabin Hill. . \ . • Davenport Centre \ ;• Newltoad Dutchesa •' Johnsville «| „ SiproutCreelt Erie > •* •. >lonh Boston « . Reservation Genesee \ rgfcist Alabama Greffne East.iCexington \ Winansville Herkimer ' Salisbury Centre Jefferson Burr's Mills Livingston NortlrSparta \ South Livonia . Madison West Brookflelil Montgomery Fultontram •« Ben'son •' Pleasant Square << South Broadalbin Oneida New-York Mills «• , Pine Orleans West Saines Oswego . Amboy Otsego Edmeston Manor. Putnain Toivtier's Bt Lawrence ' ~~ —«ast Pierpont Sieuben PyrdyOreek ii West Drbana o « Wormley's Sullivan ' Beaverkill Tioga • Seely Creek Tompkin3 Terry villa TJlster Ashocan \ Casevillo •' • Olive Warren . Queensljwry Wayne Fairville Westchester Whitlocksvillo Discontimted. Corydon Waterbbro' • • , Lexington Ileiitlrts North Roehester, Port Jcrvis LakeRoad JHector Falls To Cattaraugus i Cliatanquc Greene Monroe • Orange Senfeca Tompkins Ckajigcdfroni Chatauque Genesee Herkimer Orange Warren Westchester 3hina DlSia Mina North Ch Centre ClBl German Flatta Orange Thuruum Greensburgh Sherman East Java Java Mohawk — Highland Mills Warrensburgh Tari-ytowu CANAL TOLLS.—The report of the Com- missioners of the Cannl Fund, communicating a statement of all the tolls collected upon all the canals of the state, during the season of naviga- tion of 1832, was made to the legislature \on the J9th inst. The aggregate result is as follows: Erie canal ilj : 08a,6.12.23 Champlaiu canal .110,19195 ~r : :$1,195,804 23 Oswego canal 19,780 20 Cayuga and Seneca canal .13,893 04 Mating a total of K ELLY & HALL have on hand an assort- ment of the above article fprthe accommo- dation of those who have had Glasses broken. Geneva. Dec. 5, 1832. 25. CLOVER SEED, 0F the new crop, for sale b^^^^ 21, Seneca-street Geneva, Februan (6.1833. -\*6:34 SHE^EP SKINS. W ANTED to yarchase, a quantity of good Sheep and Lamb's Skins,_dr.essed suita- ble for Book Binding. Apply to Geneva, 'Nov. 15. J. BOGERT.~ Almanac for 1^33^ J UST received and for sale, wholesale and re tail, at the Bookstore Of J Bogert, the Chris- tian ALMANAC and the common Almanac for the year 1833. Oct. 8.' \ FO# SALE. ? S LIP No. 29, eligibly situated on the South .side of the Episcopal Church. Terms rea- sonable. Inquire at this Office. Geneva, May 30, 1832. 07tf NOTfQE. T HE subscriber having discontinued the Mer- cantile business,, requests all indebted tpj him to make 'immediate' payment. '? • 'Wm.-S. DE ZENGv, Geneva, JiwieSO, 1832. <>i I WOULD inform all those indebted to me, wfrose ACCOUNTS or NOTES nave been more than six months-due, that unless soost PAID, WILL BE SUED: -and those whose Accounts or Notes are now due, I would be much obliged to To ALL or a Part of the amount .. H. II. MERRELL. Geneva, June 20, 1B32. \\ 01 Tanners' Oil & Spts. Turpentine F OR Sale by the barrel, by KELLY & HALL. Genera, Oct. 10, 1832. 17 TEMPERANCE Front the FifthAnnwA Report of the Amenta* va/iperance Society. — * > • I. Ardent spmt# as a drink is not needfol- f • 2. It is not useful. - = 3, It is a poison whipli injures both the body and the mind. And this results not merely from the jgreataflcl increasing quantity of the liquor which ItoayiBeuhen, but from the kind. It is a hquox Which is injurious in its nature, and which cannot betaken vvithput harm, M.vfi§>rn,n&ir9V and often destroys reason* / 5;«It; lessens the power of motives tp do right 6. nj«treng(hens the power of motives; to do wrong.. , 7.- It terrdsToiring all who use it to a premature grave; and uslier those ^ho understand its, nature and effeeta,/Ch^ yet continue to dnnk it, 7 or tofur- nish it as a/drink for otbjerp, into a miaerable-eter- nity.; / V>-/ _ From tjhegftjruths, all of which are established by numejbus and indubitable facts, it follows that to use ardent spirits as a drink, to manufacture, buy, sell, oi in any way furnish it\as a drink fov others, is a sin, and in ifegmlude equal to all tho evils, temporal and eternal, whirh it tends,to pro- duce. He who has the aujeaus -of 'iftndeiiisrttdiilg' its nature and effects,land-yet continnes to use:it, or to furnish it, will at the divine tribunal, apd ought at the bar ofrpublic opinion,, to be held re- sponsible for its effects. For the pauperism, crime, - sickness, insanity, wretchedness arid death, which • he occasions, he.is riesponsibie. . \Tfnj^ .TJ^fpf gressor. ^The weak mortal who, is Jsll^ke^hjl'ln- temperabce to the level of jhi P|B1B7S W*jic|iin: tp the avarice-of tlie mm''who^c.an'^a^|^l6olt upon him, and'continue forconts andsixpences tt>* sell him the dreadful poison;\ Abtl sa,yA an emi- nent vvrjter^ \ Words cannot-ex.preSs th'el^I.tjof those individuals iyho are ioio^ engaged,, ift any way; in manufac'tnritig or ir«hdmg ardehfSrHlps'. 7 ' Such ought to be, 'ana^fi^t'^v^p^^tiU be,' the sehtwient of ,tb^ wh|ie, ^{riinunjfy.. ( 'jtba men who furnish the jnWns, ? and present t^fehip' tation for tlm making of drunkard?, are pUrlnkers iri^their guilt, and ripeWnafoVtheifawfuLr^tribj- tion. They are'exerting aji influence vf]bT^h;\:i3 hostile to the holiness and happiness of; the com- munity j and whiph tends strongly^, to thedMsfrdC* tion of man, for both'wojldfc - .' !'\\.'. V- '^ 4 - .'•' « •m * lion. James H. Wayne. DRUGS, CHEMICi^LS AND MEDICINES. W W. CARTER, has on band, and is now • receiving, a general assortment of Drugs, Chemicals nud Medicines of every description. ^A supply of ail the new and popular Medicines, such as the Oil of Cantharidin, Acetate and Sulphate of Morphia, Denarcotized Laudanum, Solidified Bals. Gopaiva, Coinponnd Extract of Sarsaparil- la, Saratoga. Powders, and every other article in the Drug line, of the choicest quality. PAINTS, Flax-Seed OIL, LAMP OIL, DYE- STUFFS,- &e. Good Medicines cannot be obtained at any other place cheaper, or oil more favorable terms. Geneva, May 16, 1832. 95 WATIIRLIME. T EN Barrels WATER LIME for sale at No.'10,'Seneca-Street, by . H. H. MERRELL. Geneva, September 19, 1832. 14 POTASH KETTLES. HE subscriber keeps constantly for Sale, a _ supply oi Taberg ninety'gallon POTASH JKETTLE8, double bottoms, being the best kind mianufuoiured. ^;/ JOHNL. DOX. \de'tieva 'Arn! 25,193?. ?3tf \1\ (One door vscsl of D. L. Lum's Shoe and Leatlter x Store.) J OHN N. .BOGERT is now receiving addi- tion's to his stock of BOOKS &r STATION-. ARY, which will be sold as low as'at any estab- lishment in (he country. Among them are •Tho TOKEN and ATLANTIC SOUVENIR, for 1833; FfttENDSHIP'S OFFERING, (London) for 1833; The PEARL; or AFFECTION'S GIFT,for 1833? Musica Sacra, last edit, by the dozen or single; Musical Monitor, do. do. do* ,. Henry's Commentary, 6 vols.; Cruden's Concordance; Cobhett's Advice to Young Men; Cold Water Man; or a Pocket Companion for the Temperate; by Doctqr Springwattr ;' Sketches.of Olden Tunes in New-York, by J. F. Watson; ' Youth's Natural theology; Child's Booh on the Soul ; Stcttches of Venetian History,^ vols.; being Nos. 43 and 44 of Harper's Family Library. A good supply of School and Classical Books; German ALMANACS. for1833; Christian, Common, and Comic Almanacs. A share of patronage is solicited. 1LT Sub- scrTplmnsTSrTlie NEiV?YORR WfRROU teceiv- ed as above. Geneva, November 21, 1832. 2f> $1,229,483 47 during the JasiSe^oWaWjjie Cpgsequent..do- i Mftgemettt and!3inrfnnrJo«isf the bfisitreas of #r canalsr the foils on/the Erie canal are only lesshy $6,101 98, than t^ey were the preceding year: and oh the Chamrila'in canal there is an increas^e of $7,295 7C*-i so'that on these two canak the tolls collected in 51832 exceed those of 1831, by the sum of $1,193 74.. There is an increase # on the Oswego capalof $3,515 10; and on the Cay- uga and Seneca canal of $972 65. This makes the increase on all the canals* $5,681 49. The largest amount collected in any one month on the Erie canal, was in May, $212,054 17; the least in August, $78,98979,^- Mumy^Atgus. — ^ ; ; ^ g. Appointments made hy the Governor a'nd Senate. 'Genesee.— Ethan B. Allen, master and examiner in chancery. Allegany. —SamueV Budd, inspector of lumber. SreBJen-pGeerge C. Edwards, master in chan- eery. . _, f Genesee— Horace S. Turner; judge of the coun- ty courts.- Cayuga-' Daniel Sennett and Wing Tabor, jud- ges of the county courts. Qhaulauque —Asa Pierce, auctioneer. Erie— Anthony Beers, Morgan L. Faulkner* Elias Green, Augustus E. Stebbins, Moses Baker, Cyrus Athean, Benjamin Fitclr and George B. Greene, auctioneers. The President's Proclamation had been received ia London, and is published at length and warmly commended in tha Times and Courier. Other papers head their news articles on the subject— \ Preparations for Civil War in the United Slates.\ Counterfeits. —The Ohio Monitor states that $t00 counterfeit bills, in imitation of those, of the' U. S. Bank, are in circulation. They are dated 17th Feb. 1830, payable at Washington. The bill is of a darker shade than- the genuine ones, and the engraving coarser. Delaware. —The legislature of this state adjour- ned on the 8th ult. Previous tp which resolutions were passed proposing an union with the eight counties of Maryland ah the Eastern Shore of the Chesapeake—the united territory to bo.called the State of Delaware. [The Baltimore papers ridi- cule the project, us one that is not at all likely to receive the consent of Maryland.] The'Chnrleston Courier says that no less tharr elght hundred and ninety-four Military Commis- sions have been issued, from the office of the Sec- retary of State* since the 10th December last—say in 60 diiy'ss—The Secretary charges the State 8*6 cents for. each. ' : J— A daughter of Mr. Joel Haskins^of Hardwick, Ms. aged 2 years and 7 months, was so badly, burned by her clothes taking fire, while left by the -mother with three other children, (the oldest only six years old,) that she died in 30 hoata.-Buff. Rep. , From the Washington Globe of Feb. 23. *' It is our painful duty to announce the death of the Hon. JAMES LENT, a Representative from the State* of New-York. His death Was produced by a sudden and violent disease of the lungs. This gentleman was an honest; fajthful Repre. sentative, and was the more useful p'nhiic servant, because he was altogether unpretending \as a polf The friends of Thomas Trenor, Esq.ia respect* able inhabitant of this city, will be gratified lo learn that letters have beet^Tejeeived'in tniB*eity from himself in* Dublin, and that it if his Men- tion to return hither in thej ensuing spring^ Mr. Trenor, it will be recollected,^ was tl/e omy-eabv in passenger in the ship Josepiifne, Capt.'-Bvition; which sailed from Belfast-W fte«f|#fk\b s hnlie 22d November last. When three ^S|f>\6tifcthe i ship encountered a heavy gale,i which'fojdts-cafe ried away all the •masts and\ bowsjJrit k hnWajijfept the deck. In this helpless condition they drifted' eight days, at the mercy of'the gale> wbieli'coh^ tinned until after they were f ruyidfenliallyiloated into Donegal Bay, where all were'safefyTSMioV— and tho many steerage passengejrsretutiJedto'jihlBlr respective Ironies* <3a,pt- British has |reat priiss for his exertions and good conduct during'.tSgf'tgj^' ing scene. « ' '»:•' v • Air, Trenor is one of the few •survivors rj^4h0|cl- who distinguished themselves in the: csuse of lib- erty in Ireland during the latler paj-t of the past cenlnrv. He once saved his life by a most vige- camettf America in IfiOOf ' We hope^e'aaatbp. safejy returned to pass the reindant of hi^evrentijil - life in our own country,, to which, and its, ins$u« tions, he is most ardeutly.-a^ched.-r^iK K Wiut, JOSEPH BO^APARTEI—-The London Cpnrt Jour- . nal of Jan. 12th, says, this^ge'ntleirian is constant- ly surrounded by the members of his famiiy-noW in town; his residence-in, Ctesceiit park'Ts the scene.of continual hospitality. His visit to Eu- rope for the cbanceof an interview vjith'the Dofe> «i Ueicbstadt having beent anilerta'kin too late, 'ft is his intention to' passone^ear in; \England and then return to his magnificent seat in the neiglibbr- hood of Philadelphia. . .\ * ' • Generous Liberality.— ^The Hon. Stephen Van - Rensselaer, of this city, has paid fo'r 5000 copies of-the Temperance Almanac, to be distributed na this city gnd county.— Alb. Temp. Ret. Park Hotel. —Positive- instractioris, it isvsaidj- have been given to Mr. Astdrt fortheconstirUFtiQti- of his contemplated splendid Hotel, at the corner of Broadway and Vesey st, opposite tHePirk, N^Y.- It has been computed that in the course of one century, 100,000 human beings were pnt to dejjth. for witchcraft in Germany-=-3O;0OO i.ljl England —and more in Scotland- TbiSifteljasioh respect- ing witches was chiefly: dispejl^^theiificrease of science. , \ i/fige • ..„ .;^J CtiAucOAt.—A startIingiHii|tft1fb>'#fin| gr^iit\ danger of heating ropms*?it^ ; Charcoal^ 'itfM&i vessels, occurred last^Thrirtday, iri (lie tawl'^if Triangle, in this coufity. A Congreg^ioh Was- assembled for^eligious purposes in th'o meeting- house, which was warmed by kettles of charcoal. Toward* fhe close of the service, a female) fajnfeil and was borhe put, but lecojitered. inolhe.open ale andreturnediVvithobt^onesijspectingmecadsft. ; Soon after, animation iyasr •susnejndedt.in three others, when the con^regatiph hec^inBialarrheo^-. the dflora-were thrOWti Qpen, and'on efSeavonng to get to the open air, it: was aScert^nedtB'ai^bont' twenty individuals needed assktajice'-to.'a'ccora- plish it. It |s well known that theihnn^n^* of charcoal in tight rooms destroys tbefoxygfin', that principle in air which,sap|ierts,jife;' and.n^toriiv • rendets.it unfit for re»piratwn/but;.feial^irrtafteu inatS^consideraole8|uantityjnto•tholungfs; *^he above circumstahce.jandthe.JUjiany-^e.jths^Mtan.- nually.occur from' tfje saliie5'(f»us& shpliM,adjkon- t ish us to have a care.~J?»?6^^Cwft<ilifo^i.*- '\• M <m . '?*•*?!; m -^m I NFORMS her friends and the public, that she has just received the latest New- York FASHIONS, and a gen- eral and well selected- assort- ment of MlLLlSmRlr, at. her Shops _iii tfain*St. on- ,'jeC posite the Episicopal ChuTch, and in, ^eneca-Street, nearlyoppositethe Mansions r-- - ^ Wf ~ -., . ....--,.- House, which she is enabled to offer at very redu^ \Th]B%id»k also contains a fire place, atti ced priceti... Genera, Nov.. 14, 1832. .22 is carpeted;*n4 ornhrnented; \''V'? \' ..'...' •< ' i* •• '• •:;•} ' fh , 't .«, \' -. *; iTt'- ' '• ' \• -.I.'' > tician. ; the Duchess of Beiri.—The Princess in her captivity, is watched with unceasing vigilance^- A feweveftingsago, a boat, inwhich vvere some wprkmen, returning from their dnily labor, at tempted to cr8ss~th^TrtTCE^^ elands, after the evening'\fun w'al fired; but the vessel was seized, and its cargo sent to prison — In other respects she is allowed e.very reason ible indulgence. She enjoys perfect liberty in the in- terior, Whehevef' the' stalk of tho Weather Jier- mite, she takes her walks on the ra'mparts. Ki- osks are to be erected on various parts iut the cita- del to enable the Duchess to draw landscapes oi the environs. -.A,model-is already made; it is of wood* of ait octsgonaWorm, and?aho« ten fee| in diameter. ThUihodel is to bo placeddn the\ tow. er of an old castle on tho rampart. , It.hasjhree windows—one towards tho town^nojher toward! .the told to Britany, and a third cqmmandipg a view of the #er to the direction s^lf ^aaillac — The kiosk also contains a fire place, ahf}|he mside iscarpeted^ntj ornamented; '•;'.• H' ? , AMERICAS SttyK, i$ d70i^-W-ii6ti' We.iiWe're' colonies, Great Britaift looked to asas the?p>}nci-» pal source whence even|uaUy to deri^Vher *ytgillh< And among jthe commercTal=sj4pJes*th5t th<et^^ic0B(j)i. try promised, she had ennme'faiiedtthat pf silk^ot - the produce of which, European s'ag^pitv^.jbjljaw the climate wae Reculiarlyjadaptel^ndfhaSta cultivation would be the tSeattsof-gi;e%jnfividu- al as well as national profit. : .jAcg6|ffl^gj^yJjrie*pv- ! ernor of the colony of GeorgTa spdk^>of tfiei<l'uan-- tity and its\ relative ptgdjSMSK^ 1757. in wh,ich .ytef,w.ert»rais;etl.50f)0,.lh^ ]$f COi coons.; in 1758f709ilb>;.; ahd.iftay^'iii^OOilo'l. As these early experjments apd!su.bs&riii'ent^hes - t in Cortpecticutatid other parts^djft^ tfiei'pi^etjca-: j. bihty of producing largh ^utffitSjiet^irMS^ie*' in our own country nnd byilf*V^iiMust'fyjl'we*' mirvel that more persortsfedMoMiiiiWthelll^tMn- .\•\ tion? to its culture. The ^W^tofafatifiSm'' in our soil, and the climate 1 is Vfity vf eflisdipted to the nature of the jsiltr vyortnE^jpitejoig^jfJSii^ri •m ••am .m seeds, urid superfluous part* together upon stove, with ^a slow water: let it remain therein for^feife tilsufiicientlyb,akcd; \ • «• - • the subject matter of separated from tha i in precwe conduion fh> piiii|^^|n^«p^^,.,; ?i& , gir and spices, which 1^mS0gfm^Bmm^^ thecomrnon, roles- o^mmp^^mmmm^M bo?^SSlgy^^ cle*} the pies, accoraing ||? ly being bettet without *$$$&, with only one-fourth of '§M$ the ordmiry mode ^|ffii^||i m B»''Ott> mm*-

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