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The Geneva gazette, and mercantile advertiser. (Geneva, N.Y.) 1829-1833, January 02, 1833, Image 1

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• 4/h«H WtlgWHpHlgF, ,- A »%.^*«te*«MMt..A#MI..^ •s^T^J- $ PUBLISHED ON WEDNESDAYS—BY JAMBS BOaERT, AT HIS FRUJtflNG OFFICE, BPQKSTOBE & BINPJ3RT, Miain-Street, nearly opposite the Hotel, . GENEVA, ONTARIO CO>NTV; NEW-YORK. \ ' ' '.. ' TERM'S. '• ~' •\' ' To Village subscribers, $2 SO cents a year. _ Totfip^e'Kvingbut of the village who call at the Bookstore, and to those who receive the paper by rnaiL. $2.' To Companies of hot less-than ten, $150 bents, payable when the papers are taken. Single pampers, jt x pefice. • '•\1ST No'papers discontinued without payment of 4rV^*f|es. ., •'• .'< ; f\y . , ' * . ADVERTISEMENTS. ^*^ Inserted at the usual rates.. A liberal deduction ,£$ thosejvho advertise by the year. ltf Handbills, Cards, Bldriki, and all kinds of PRINTING, executed at the shortest notice and lowest Bpces. . • ^ . ... Corrected from Day's hist.. i ,Dec-5 NEW-YORE. United States' Bank and • branches -\ |] N. York City-Banks par Bk.'of Porignkeepsie do Duahess County do Lansihgburgh do Hong'Island do 41haay' Banks ' $ All others 1 Bank ; of<3eneva | Was. & Warren no sale BjtfkeFs ' 90 \-\N.JERSEY. Farm.&Mec.ovecS pais Newark B. & Ins & par Orange Bank ' -'^pa*- JPranklirr^\ State Bank ,' \ par \ State. B. Newark \ par State B; N. Brrra. \ parjBelmont Othersolvent banks.\\' Wyoming ~ * do Bank of Reading -lj Erie Bank ' l Miners' PottsviHe 1 York Bank 1 N. H: Bridge Co. 1£ All others >- nncertain oiSo^ \ Commercial Bank of L.Eriqat Cieaveland ] Bank of Chilicothe 5 Bank ffiPTJfaiie'tta do Mount Pleasant .~ do Commercial, Sciota do Dayton Manu. Com Farm, & Mechan, NEW ESTABIJSflMilfr. JAWIE3 GILLESPIE, AS just received, and is now opening rn the Store North\-of James Bogert's Bookstore, on the Public Square, a large and very carefully selected assortment of GROCERIES, comprising almost every article in the line;, to- i \j gather with choice Fruits,' Preserve^, Porter., Wines, Fish;.. Cheese, Dried Beef, Pork,,Harm), Soap; Sperm and Tallow Candles, Brushes, Brooms; Linseed^k Lamp 0/£SrFJour & Corn MeM; • Common and Table Salt, Messrs, Miller's,, and; Chapman's and Sargent's celebrated SNUFF and' TOBACCO. Alspr- HABD-WARE, CROCKERY, „ GLASS, EARTHEN St §TQNE-t?AR®? Furnaces,? Cordage, Manilla Door Mats, freiich Fancy Baskets, Wilk>>V Market and Clothes pas- kets; Wagons and Cradles, Toy Cradles, Wooden Butte/Prints, Ladies, Spoons and '..Bowls: Also, an assortment of Children's; TOYS, and Mantle Ornaments^ &e. &c. The subscriber in thus offering his Stock of Goods to his friends and- the public generally, wonlol respectfully solicit a share at their patron- age by assuring them that no pains have been spar- ed in selectingj/frs£,nite articles, and none will be Wanting on his part to give every' satisfaction to those who may favor him with their custom. Geneva, MaySO, 183k '_„..'_' 98. Lancas. Ohio'bank Western Reserve bank* iki All others.- -•gncerteiniAUothers (26) uncertain MASSACHUSETTS. All the Banks • £ Except Sutton bank 5 Berkshire ' broke Farmers'at Belch. 90a94| CONNECTICUT. All the Banks* $ Except Derby.[ .brojke Eagle . \ lwoke •PENNSYLVANIA. Philadelphia Banks, £ Chester County JDelawafe County Germantown Montgomery County EastonBank Farmers, Bucks co. Farmers', Lancaster Harrisburgh bank Bank of Lancaster • 1 n\ 1 .I --' i 1'1 1 n-1 VERMONT., AH the Banks\ » '7 R. ISLAND. All the Banks J Exct. Farm. Exe. broke ; ;, MAINE.' $1 the Banks \\ . ' j Except Bath bank dosed .Castine. ' broke Hallowell '& Aug. broke Kennebec <\.\ broke Passamaquody ' broke Wise asset broke Delaware Banks Maryland'Banks (Michigan • Dist. Columbia Georgia Notes doiUpper Canada dojLower Canada I #r 1 1 5 3 s The \xigto.est \reice in Casb WILLIE PAID f OR WHEAT, BARLEY, TIMOTHY & F JLA3I SEE1>, . At my Store in Geneva. H. HASTINGS. September 18, 1832. • 14 ' --*a_ * ' i •—: = - , CHOICE ABJB CHEJBP- GROCERIES. TlHE subscriber has just received at his well JL known and liberally supported-Stand (in ddiiiop to his former stock) the following articles,, 'Inch he will sell at the usual low prices: • • TEAS, %. i¥ chests Young Hyson Tea m 1 \ Tonkay 1 \ Hyson Skin 2 \ 13 lb. each, Gunpowder 2\ Imperial « 3 boxes fresh Poland Starch 3 M Very best Spanish Segars. TABLE SAUCES, CORDIALS, $,-c 1 case assorted Cordials' 3 boxes Anchovies ' • 1 case (12 bottles) Mushroom Catsup 1832. do. do. do. do. CASH rORWHSAT. HE subscriber_will bay the highest prige_uLJ_ cash for 30,000 bushels of good mercbaata- hie WHEAT, delivered at Ms ware-house, Ge- neva. •'..\. -N.\ kYRAtlLT,\' SdAng.1831. [551 footpf Spneca-St hks JOHE BA<m#Nj§TO&IE, I S still up and doing a small business onihe Hill. Hei has just received in addition to kis former ^tock of GOOD$, ; the fdllowing Articles, which he offers to his friends attd the public at a very small advance.frorn cost :-r. . gjjitds. St- Croix ,M$M ..'. 1 do; P.aico•.. ••\•'. 3o. ^^o. New-Orlpana • ,^ JlOj- 4 boxos Philadelp»«&-*-»«»vo do. 1 do. do. \. Loaf do.. 3 do. 3d Refined do. 3 do. v c\ommon Lump 4 chesfe Young Hyson 2 xjoj Hyson FAMILY FLOUR. Fresh fflpuphfrdiri ttedeWs Mills, AtTfo. 1, Frankhii Stote?. T^UST received and for Sale, a quantity of «f Beach's; Extra Superfine FL0UR, (red brand;) alsOj Superfine and Fine Flour. So great a preference l\as been given in New-York and other Eastern Markets to \ Beaeh'a-redirand\ over other Flour, that it gives me great pleasure to offer it in this market. It will be sold low, and a constant supply kept on hand. Also, BRAN by the'bushel. N. AYRAULT Geneva, 20th Juln, 1831. 53 do. 94' ,240 do.atslp.lb.742 TEA. do. do. do. MOLASSES, do. (pure;) 1 tierce Rico WINE 1689 J BARRELS Fine, SupeMpMRipgra brand. Just received, acon^gnt^fjply of Flotlry manufactured expressly fvr Family use, and at all iirripsraay be returnedirhotfounrl^oodi .... - H> Hi MEBRELL- No. 18, • Geneva, March 31; 4 1831. ' ' Stiiica-St, 1 \ do. r Walnut do. 1 \ do. John Bull's Sauce. 1 \ dp. Reading do. 1 \ do. Soy do. 1 \ do. Cavoice do. , 1 \ do. Capers and Olives 13 jars Pickled OYSTJEftS, in fine order. FRUIT. * • 7 boxes Lemons—3 boxes Oranges, 350 PINE APPLES-r6 drums Figs 1 keg Tamarinds—4 dbz. Lemon Syrup SUGARS Sf COFFEE. 1 hhd. N. Iberia Sugar f* 1 do. N. Orleans do.^S boxes Phil. Lump 3 bags Cuba CorTee**-500 lbs. 3 \ Rio \ 3001bs { . WINES._ 1 qr. cask Old Madeira—1 do. Sicily do. 1 do. Mars'ls do. 3 do. Malaga—1 do. do. Claret FISM. 6 barwk New-Conn. Mess Shad,'183^. Shalfbbls. do. • do. do. lSrbbls. No. ^Mackerel 18 boxea'assorted HeVring 400 stnoked Alertives. 700 lbs..Codlfh 340 lbs. Dried Beef, (city cured) 130 lbs. Venison Hauis do. SPERM CANDLES, be. 3 boxes Sperm Candles—4s 3 \ do. * do. 5s 3 '\•' do. do. 6s 1 box fire Crackers—160 packs 6 casks ball Mountain Lime 27 doz. assorted silzeVJelly Cups 1 doz. China Batter Tabs 1 doz. Common do. 480 lbs. Candy, ironvStewart's, N. York 4 coils Rope, assorted sizes 4d, 8d and I0d cut Nails.- PQWDER, SHOT % LEAD. 3 kegs English Powder 4 do. Philadelphia Powder 8 bags Shot, assorted Nos. 350 lbs; bar Lead. JOHN BACRENSTOSE. Geneva, Juhe27, 1832. 02 REMOVAL. H H. MERRELL has Removed his Stock • of Goods to the Store lately-occupied as an Auction Store, No. 12, Seneca-Street, and three ddors above his former Stand, where he will be happy to serve his (Wends with Goods lomr than ever.. Desirous of reducing his Stock of DRUGS and, MEDICINE and PAINTS, he will dispose of rhem at about cost. Dealers will do well to S4II. . ••..-.. r CfcHeva,j%firil 17,1832.. ' : \ -92' w^4'4 4 half chests Hyson 3 cheats Skin 1 hhd.' New-Orleans 2hhd?. JrVRicp/- . Ihhd. LAMP OIL. . .3 quarter casks Port 1 do. dO^. Madeira, do. 3 kegs Ginger; 1 do. do. pure 12 half, quarter, and whole boxes Raisins 6 drums Figs; % kegs Malaga Raisins 2 kegs Zante Currants 8 bags assorted COFFEE, .. 6 boxes sperm.- Candles, 4's ? 5's and 6's j 12 dozen Corn Brooins, (Shakers) 2 keg^ery; best Plqg \ • Tobacco 1 do. do. CaVeridish do. 3000 beet Segars, (none better) 75 lb. Arrow Root, ih lb. \ lb. and \ lb. papers 15 do. Pafeafc Barley, ^ lb. papers 15 do. do. Groats, lb. and j lb. papers 40 do. Oat Meal; 12 dozen Magic Matches 8 barrels No. 1 Boston MACKEREL 12 do. 2 do. do. 7 half barrels 1 do. do. 6 do. 2 do. do. 6 qr. barrels 1 do. do. 6 do. 2 do. do. 4 barrels Connecticut mess SHAD, No. 1 12halfbrls. do. do. do. 1&2 13 boxes smoked Herring; 1 barrel pickled do. 4 barrel Alum; - ..^barrel Sal Nitre X. dOf-rEp^St Salts; | do, Madder 25 poandsOjest IgdlgOi . He returns his sjncere4hanks4o his friends in the village and-countryr not forgetting No. 9. for the j very liberal support'he has receivedj and hopes,-I by offering the first rdte Goods at a price that will not fail to suit, that he may (no mistake in JOHN) continue toreeeive the same liberal support. 'No- thipg.shall be wanting on his part to please those that will look in upon him: and should any article be wanting that he has not on hand, it shall be had in a few days, if ordered. Geneva, September 12,4833. 13 HE subscriber is now receiving his FltlP JtoWof ... comprising every article in that line—a few of which are enumerated: Cdmpeachy LOGWOOD, stick and chip'd;. Cuba FUSTIC, do. \ do. Coro NIC. WOOD, do. do. Bonair do. do. do. do. Hache do. do. do. do. ^gopperas. Alum, Blue Vitriol, Madder^ Verdi- gris, Oil Vitriol, Spanish Float Indigo, Bengal Indigo, Woad, Nnt^alis,.Curcuma, Cream Tar- tar, Red Tartar, Press Papers,. Jacks, Tenter Hooks, Brushes, Teazles, Plates, Screws, Cranks, Bars, &c. Also, Parson's, Swift's, and Maxon's S-HEAR- ING MACHINES; all of which he offers very low for Cash. H. H. MERRELL, No. 10, Seneca-street. Geneva, Sept. 5, 1832. 12 t -^O^iUkM MILFO JtD dt CO. AVE received, and are now opening their .• P 1?S k v^S' a * dWi nWrGpdDS,consis- W f rK,^ .GROCERIES, CROCK- >m%, QLASS-WARE, HARDWARE, &c Apooe the pry goods will be found almost ev- ery article in that line, suitable for the present and approaching seasori; afew of which are enumer- Bltae','blacky brown, olive brown, green, olive SJSRiSliFSJ. r ^ n ' claret'oolored, and raised BROAD CXOTHS, of superior qqatitvy > Blus,'-Wssk, and mixTed CASSIME\R¥S. *' Gorted Gassimcre, new and fashionable article; . ^P* , -^«^ do. do. • do. - mu«, brown and mixed plain Satinets j Flaw andcorded Moleskin and Fustian; Petcrshatn; Olive Flushings and Bangnp Cord; Whjte, r ed ' scarlet, yellow and green Flannels; . O.re^n Serge and Baize; . f )'gijr:ediand plain green Floor Cloth; ^sj^mntand^Haekinaw Blankets; . , B \Hb^f brow «> goat's hair, and common Carn^ •*'«?'* ?» Mn ^? n ^ «on>i»ou Circassian; Merine; Thibet vyool, worsted! 1 and common fMfewls and Hdkrs; French printed Calicoes; A>-«ysnperiorlotof heavy black SILKS, eltem; »ucksk»n Gloves, Over-Shoes, Mittens, &o.; , Fur Caps, Collars and Gloves; gown Rugs.; • Linedtind plain horseskin Gloves; \ Bleached and brown Sheetings and Shirtings; Cotton Yarn, Wick, Wadding, Batting • togeth- er with i variety of other articles, unnecessary to enumerate. ' v I GROCERIES. »i° ld W^fh Y ? un , g H y son - H y son Skin, and. Black .^EAS, of tile latest importation and of surieriorBuahty; , ' Loaf, Lump, and Brown SUGAR; Old J ¥a t La Guayraand St-.' Domingo Coffee; Pe&Mfi. Spice, Nutmegs, Cloves; Cassia,\ Gin- get, Irid |pj Starch, London bottled Mustard'; Raisii >, in boxes and half boxes; Molas ies, Rice, Chocolate, Sal Eratus, Ac. - Old] wt, Modeiraand Malaga WINES, of a superioi quality; - Wmt restrained Lamp OIL, warranted good; Sper t Candles; 4's and 5's; Mac! Ire!, in barrels and half barrels; • - Codf sh\ arid Herrings; Also ilRON, NAILS, PITCH, TAR, OAK- UM.CJRDAGE.&c. The ibove stock of Goods have been selected with ca e and purchased on the most advantagopns terms,; (unprecedented low prices, and are offer- ed for < aiii, or Produce at cash price, at a mod- erate a< vailce. • ° Gene\a', October30, 1832. 21 AT THE GENEVA CHEAP STl H H. SEEJiSl, is now receiving m$ is • daijy expecting the moat estensivo and best assortment of GOODS he has ever oflfered an this market. ' .--,' . The assortment is so general that a fevv articles 0nly will-he a particularized, viz: « '•r*-'- Merino and Thibet Wool SHAWLS, from'the ItMf^est long-; Shawls of jvool borders down to 4 4 ^Thibet WooljHandkerchie'fs with printed and nee- dle worked borders, lower than ever before offered ,; SILKS-of every desciriplion, * An extensive assortnieht df-Silk Ribbons, Straw Gimps and Hals; Blond 1 Fooling and Edgings, and jdWe|rAtticleM<jr Millihe/y purposes; which will be sold to Milliners at a very small advances, ; I case LEGHORN HATS, a few of supe \quality. Wofsted'Yarn. A.greatvaHety of> Cloths, Snttinets, PlannMs jCrrcassian?, paroblets, &c. &c. Superior Ingrain CARPETS, of the latest pat t?M>s. « . , ., Heavy OIJL €LOTHS» for floors, of rich cbl kors and patferiis,*direct fronj^^tho -Mt)nnfa<jtofy.— Patterns of ^ny^ize and description will bejur? Dished to order, far halls or ro,oms, by giving a few months previous notice. O^ HASD—a large assortment of EUR COL- LARS. Also, 250.hbls T SALT, in good order. • Many Goods will be sold at a rdduoed price at J wholesale, to country Merchants and Fedlars„who nJiiy be supplied with. Goods suited to their trade, at prices Which cannot fail to please. . , Geneva, Nfli>^fcr7, > 1832. '21 superior HE Subscribers have received and are reEeivhjg, .a very general 5 ns^prtmkoit 'of STOVES, consisting of PARLOR &Door PRANKL NS, <30pK> O-VJBNWrJOX, SOf-PLATK&HALL %-*i Nayogi'ier23.1831, No. 12> Selecs-street. GENEVA NEW CROCKERY STORE. iMha\ Glas^Sj'Earthen-Ware. T HOMAS HARRIS & CO. No. 1 Frank- : 1 h Stores, at the foot of Seneca-street, are now ret jiving an ample stock of CHINA, (SLABS and EARTHEN-WARE, of the first quality aid newest Wa'tterns and colors, which they offer at \vholesa|e; and retail, viz: < Black,.brown, blue, .pink, purple, lilac and va- riegated colors, Dinner, Breakfast, Tea, and Chi na SFTSi complete. \'. \\n : ' GUASS-IVAREr-eat, plaid and moulded Do- can^ra^ Wines and. Champaigns r Dishes, Nap- pie* Platejfjaw, &c. ic. Mjtejffeei.Bowla, Pitchers, Plates, Ttvif- fler»:»adswi$nr,«f , v PrintedAenamelted and colored WARE and c|0OJ^%.^^Tfe»nW9'ni^>.' • .Ston*Wj% §F3^«pHp«on*}|W6w.iBr Pots, Swe-T^*#<fa'm. i .!*.<ct-\' i - '•••''• •\'\••• ' Who;esaIo DRUGfS, CHEMICALS AND MEDICINES. W W. CARTER, has on band, and is now • receiving, a general assortment of Drugs, Cheinicals and Medicines of every description. A supply of all the new and popular Medicines, such as the Oil of Cantharidih, Acetate aud Sulphate of Morphia, Denarcotized Landairom, Solidified Bals. Copaiva, Compound Extract of Sarsapnril- la, Saratoga Powders, and every other article in the Drug line, of the choicest quality. PAINTSVFlax.SeedOIL, LAMPOO, DYE- STUFFS, Ac. Good Medicines cannot be obtainedat any other place cheaper, or on more favorable terms. \ v ' Geneva, May 16, 183$. 95 W ANTED, as an Apprentice to the Confec- tionary Business, a young Man from 14 to 16 years of age, of good moral character.ihdus- trious and active. To such* good encouragement will be given, and an excellent opportunity to ac- quire a valuable trade.' NAGLEE & LEWIS. Geneva, Nov.2\, 1832. 33 BYE WOODS. HE subscriber has just received, from N. Y. ajtr.gsh^upply of the following articles: 1® 'JkpgWOod* Fu.sticj Nicaragua, Coro Wood, HatchwQod. Camwood, Madder, . Copperas, Alum, Blue Vitriol, Quercitron Bark, Spam. FL Indigo, Manilla^,-, do. Bengal , do. Verdigris, Oil Vitriol, Nutgallsi- SHEARING MACHINES. Together with' every other article required by Clothiers, now; received and for sale by the sub- scriber; ' together with'a'large Stock of DRUGS and^MEDICINES, POINTS, LIQUORS and GROCERIES, which Will be sold very low for cash. H.'H. MERRELL, No. 13;, Seneca-Streets. GcnetiB, Sept; 19,183L \•* '^ 63 Curcuma, Crera; Tartar, Red Tartar, Extract Logwood, .Grain Tin, Cochineal, Aq. Fortis, Spt. Sea Salt, Olive Oil, Jacks, Press Papers, Tehtre Hooks, Brushes, Plates, Cranks*—\—^-«s* Screws, FOR SALE, fUMT *l°i ^'l ,r # 1 yi i **!? ted 0I » t^MSouth CT side ofthe Episcopal Chinch. TermBxeason' able \-----— •-•t!-w«-- able. Enquire at this Office. Geneva, May SO, 1832, 98tf. SALE, „ , adjoining the north aisle in the TMu Episcor-ii CHUBCH. Enquire Of the printer. Geneva April m, J 832. 92«f LINSEED KELLT & HALL, H AVE just received a quanUty of English and Ohio LINSEED OIL, and will be spld by the barrel or galloni Also, a fresh assortment of dry and ground PAINTS. Geneva, Sept. 19, 1832. 14:tf T HE subscriber having disposed of his Real Estate, and being about to remove, respect- fa Ily requests nfl personshaving nnsettled aecoiintsj with him, to call and settle them immediately.' Such as do not attend to this notice, may expect to be called upon by an Officer duly authorized. GEO, C. ENTRICAN. • Geneva, September 26i 1832. 15 SEC^iJfD NOTICE. I AM' uftdef the necessity of again calling np- on ALL persons alluded to in my \ FirstNo- tice,\ to pay their Acconnts.'as I intend to put some in suit in a short time. H. H. MERRELL. Geneva* Oct. 24, 1833, ^ No. 3Q, Sencca-ilfccl, Geneva. ITPICKETS and SHARES in the New-York Consolidated Lotteries, authorized by the .egislature, Yates & Mclntyre, Managers, wijl 6% keptfor sale as they are issued from the Mana- ger's Office, at the Licensed Lottery Office of * R.M. BAYLY. CASH FOR t^OOi;. C ASH will bepaidfqrjin.y^ quantiiy;of WOOL, at a fair marketprifce/delivered'at dor Store; j Honse, foot of Cas'tle'street;- • * ' ' AtS&mMTEfr • ' o.OQO bushels O^T^%,which'Cash and the highest price will be paid by DAKIN & WOOLSEY. Geneva, May 29, 183£ . 89 ofiefeiiri this markets Russia'and'Ehglish Sheet Iron ST^Vfi PIPE, ar)d.Cdokrng^StWFUR- NSPTURE, manufactured at onr own-Factory, which y^e will warrant perfect in every respect, and much superior to that manufactured in th,e Albany and New-Yoick markets. . ; : DE GRAFF & TOWNSEND! 1 Geneva, October 9, 1832, , ; 17 ! Miss: M^MiG&sty, I \ ' NFOfiMS herfriohds and the public, that she lias justieceiyed, the latest Now-'I Yora.FASHIONS. and agW eral and well selected assort- ment of ' '.- , ' MI^IiESERY, at Ijer Shops in Mairi-St. 6n- positethe Episcopal Church, and in Seneca-Street, nearly opposite the Mansion- House, which she is enabled to offer at very redu- ced, prices'. Gen*»o, IVim. 14, 1632. 22 f NFORMS iiiscuiitomerrandrthep'oblic, that ho coDtiooos hii*j>Ul business at, his former standi in the,usual way, K except for BETTER PAY—and is;rcceWiog < - t - ^;- .. GO bbls. ground LOG V 25 \&* 5 •'* 5 •«.' 10 4* . do. .do. do.. do. Jo.- LOrtD Cnp^CBRAN^Sl I« 1815 U^k)^ nn ,iMLrf j m*r„ Cochran Johnson, a r Mr B08, «nd a ^rjpaaV Count De Berreoger, were tVie4fircon*p^i||jirW defraud, by fahe intelligence, Mrtcafed wfrl&k v lished for tho>expre«s purpose of riiyna the'Brit- ish funds in aid of their own rfpeprilajwns fJ3o. Berrenger landetUt E^er/in tbo jeliarac^r of * military officer bearing the hotitijhjs jntelhgtence of a defeat of (fie Frenchjvrmy oy ffie-allied J»w ers and immediately drove off-express tp £»n don proclaiming his news atottgitie Jiha ofr^ad It was\ previou*|y arranged tlmt his arrival fn Lon don should be at the hour when business conttnen ced at the Stock E*fchange andof^arsothefinds rose veiy rapidly before the fraud could be discov- ered It w*s for this conspiracy they ifvere tried ind convicted The evidence brought t$%c{bi|rgo fully homo to the three parsonsingt rhephoUiptf, but they eioh uniformly declared that! Lord Coch- rm was eutnely ignorant/o 5 * their scheme, and -was only induced to join Ijj^tljeir speculation at 1 the urgent recommoudatioc of hii ancle The ponishirfg with its utmost malignity* the niaB^y, inflexible, and intrepid champioii of liberty^ For his political affairs he was expelled fro%;'his seat in pafliainent-rfi^K'th^se he vvas d*epQvedi!o'l&his commission^ and bjf; banner tofii froni.if8|pl5CJS,itt the Chapel of the EnightB of the Bath, and igno- miniously kiclfed'out of doors,\and he himielfTim- prisohed for the |pace of two- jfe&xitJj'Mytxp^in frieiids, ani?ng^>vpiin,jV?r^.L>'f|si ^reyj.ahd Brougham'jiSnei^irni.to heirifcajaple^f sjipjhr M 5in - offence as tnat'oltfiDtjte.d to Bim)|arid%kce^his restitatioh, to rank [and hoiior w^onOjgf.^llret acts of their^ admtnistmtitWi. 1'. \; : ', .',; ;g& : . .- THE LA*Y|EINTH OF KG YPT, ,.7^7 The LabyrWfh oflEgypt, 'y^k^i^^^^st wonderful ;fhah the Pyramids, W8S.iftaii|ift^yi$; lake Mtsris.. Its exie^or was^upe''rbly. decpwtsd'; tained three thousand'rooma, vestibiles, M anditconti .. „, ..^ ^..^^ ,,,„.,, , cabinets, an4chambers, one of w^ich.is^ily#ffe in height. Of these, fifteen jbundrea' 'Jmej&fo a level vvitb the gronnd, and fifleen ftuojJced^ under -gTouh^.^^^ejr|tf!Bjjyejo^re^^ ^mafeini? a much lawerJ t<} Herodotus, who had seenTlM?Ttis^Hrhttbe- varietv^ tfianover befilrefe*halmed bodies of the kingswhofelftHesfmc^ variety, Hianover beiore| twe( andibo ,B ^f th £ gacred ew 'co««l?*-1 2- Near the cataract? aire seen tfreMns <jF aff'eql-. fice, which appeariFto have ^ara^jalace^.,..It8 site is scattered over ivjth Cofnmniiibroken^Btiaes, and fragments of bea'ntiful mdrfilBj^very delicate- • ly senlptured* The^nirahce to/twasbj,ave(shes of coluriin?, of which travellers! assnrorvt^here. still exist six thousand, either sffinding, or fallen, down. rr \\\* •\\ \-•—\• r \~ l u:J '- \--^—'---- on end figures ot spliynxes prodigious, buf are not to b&'compaVeaHvitl) the temple at Dendera, in the sirqe part\ bFJTpper Egypt, the columns of Which caii^careelyBeen- compasaed by eight men.\Vith-thcit:-ar(ns ; extend- ed, and of vvhich the diniensiona were such (j thot the Araba ha|'bwlt.a town ^n,i ts top, the .ruins- of vyhich ftre s(in.to_.&o,.seen K .-^hQ'n^jt'Ii'99v>9i!!jr- • been aq e'ncampnjerit of t,ents>^a;.fterithe,:nianrier- ; of the Aribs, it ;wnuld stiii.nitv4be^n.-eXtfaordi™ ; ^qryontlioto^ofa'bfltWingi ,,,..' „,: .' '• t ..& K TO CLOTHIERS. ELLY &• HALL, have just received a very general assortment of Dye Stuffsj and Dye Woods, of latest importatiod, and of superior quality which they purpose to sell low. Geneva,, Sept. 19, i.832. 14:tf CASK FOR HIDES. A EDDY continues to pay cask and the high-- \\\ist price for BEEF HIDES and CALF SKINS:, at his Leather # Shoe Store, in Waters stree' near the foot of Seneca-street, Geneva. May 25, 183f v 45 NOT|CE. AVING some time since disposed of my Stock of Goods, and being now anxious to g my business to a close, I have this day pla- ced in the hands of \R WHITIKG, Esq. all my notes and accounts, for collection; and unless set- tled imifiediatelv, they wilt be prosecuted. N.AYRAULT.. Geneva, July 14,1832. 05 , PRINTING MATERIALS. T HE subscriber offers for sale cheap, and on a long credit for approved security, a va- riety of TYPE and other Printing materials, part wo *h' . J. BOGERT. .Oct.1^1832, . ' •. DE OEArF &. TOWNSEND '^fJ 11 hahd a to&o ?uppiy of IRON, NAJM.JTEEL, andifiM.F Hav^Nvai!^, maliittg their assortment perfect in every article oft the trade.: .•;.*...•- y t ttr BLACKSMITHS, andotheYs?' wantm* a- ny description of Tire, Band, dnd Hoop IRON, are invited to call; as they can 'be served to all si- zes and kino's of Iron, Steel, 'Axletree Arms, Crow Bars,. ;&c. • ( : •• » < Also, just received, an assortment of Heett- man's COOK STOVES.'\ \ Geneva, Miy 23, 1&32. <Q; ^,,^8,1* AND RETAIL _n#ft! STORE. THE snbsor^rtconrihWo keep for « . c, - * Sa J p ? Wholeiale or Retail, at their Hat Store in Soheca-St. bpposrte Pronty's Hard- ware Store, a general assortment of HATS. A continuance of public patronage is respectfully so- ,1C, A ed ' r ho on W ^ H1 ' & CLARk. Geneva* June 23, 1830. ^ (97) a. H. COM- MEBE1LL, STORAGE. FORWARDING, AND MISSION MERCHANT, WARE-HOSE O» FRANKttBt-S*hEE'f WHAKF^ STORE, NO. 12, SenccfrStrcet. Geneva 1830. H UNCURRENT MONEY Bought and'Soia.^ T . A Premium paid for GOLD/ particularly S0F-] wat, BE sr>Kb: EREIGNS. '. ': tit CASH **Jlnced for Prizes as sogfa aSthc Drawing is receivi Geneva, July)pZY. M? t ] . Geneva^ June20 T| WOULD inform all thosidiriaebted to rne, ^ whose ACCOUNTS«r NOTES nave been morethm s&Moh&s duTs, that dnie«s sooir PAID,, and those whose Accounts or RE sunscribers having- now received their ™, ,*«'! and Wintef supply 0? GROCERIES, FRUrJV&e., are not-:disposcd to boast much, but assure* their friends that,tm?y will not be outdone by any tp-hill man. They lasnuro. their friends that no pains have been sparedifi i 4he selection of Articles, and flatter thernseivS.es that all^-»j» or down hill filks~w\\\ find it to^heir advantage to inquire prices and examine,qualities. The following comprise a few of their leading Articles-!-wh!ch may at all times befound at their Establishment r> TEAS 2 chests Old Hyson TEA, imp. 183?< 3 •* Young H-yson, do 1 •• Black, ' do 5 \ Hyson Skin, do SUGARS, MOLASSES, &c. N Orleans, St. Croix and POrto RicqSUGA'RS; Philadelphia Loaf and Lump do Canadian do do do White Havana and Brazil do New-Orleans and Sugar-House MOLASSES ., Java, Mocha, Brazil and Lagoira COFFEE. FRUIT, &o; ! Bnnchj Muscatel, Bloom, Alalaga, Smyrna and Sultana. Raisins Figs, Citron, Zante Currants, Prunes, Dates yr«6,_)poper : shelIed Almonds, soft do Filberts,' Pea: Nuts,/Madeira;Nuts BfaziiNuts., Cocoa Nuts, Lemon Synfp. WlNfe'S & LiaUORS. JIadeira. Lisbon, Sherry, Malaga, Port, Claret, Sicily Madeira and Champaign WINES Brandy, Gin, Jamaica and Sfc Croix Hum, war- ranted pure and good. FISH. Mackerel, Salmon, Codfish, Shad and Herring. CHEESE, &c, Cheshire, Goshen, Oneida and Ontario Cheese Sperm and Tallow Candles, Cayenne Pepper j Sweet Potatoes, Soda Crackers; Boston Cr.iCkers Small Cfackers^ Powder, Shot, Lead, Pepper Spice, Ginger, Safaretus, Mace, Cloves Cinnamon, NntraflgSi Pocket Lights, & Mustard. TOBACCO. 1000 dozen papers Chewing Tobacco 500 \ pounds, Smoking do ' 50i> \ half-pounds do do 2:kegsPlug do' 10,000 Mcpherson's Segars, best> 5,000 Common do '. TOYS, BEAPJ3, &q. Cut Glass Beads, assorted colors __ VVax Beads and Hollo* Glass do• \ Large aasoittnlBtH df Toys, for Christmas presents. OYSTERSj &c. '••'... Alsoreceived • 35.000 Oysters inthe Shell; 10,000 Clam^do Pickled Oysters and Pickled Clams.' They also continue to manufacture all kinds of CpN^MCTIONARIlS, .. and will serve up; on shor| notice, for Parties and to Private Families, Maccarubies; Jumbles; Froit, Pound &ncl Sponge Cake; Kisses, Mottoes, Ice Cream, &c; -..;•' ' They ha'Ve in th^r employ a Confectioner from New-York, and are confidentthat work cannot bo produced that will surpaw thoirs. a The snbicribers are well award \that as the down-hill 'mania has for some time prevailed, onr friend — has made several pathetic appeals to his up-hill friend*; /et we beg leave to solicit a email share of up-hill patronage. •\-- , /7^AGLEE& LEWIS, Gcntva Recess, No.1, Semca-st. 2ft>».2J,.1832. -23 FUSTIC, NJfCAliAGL'A, JflADDER, ALUM; \ \. -••' BLtyE VITRIOJ?, COPPERAS, \ v v . jrand all other articles in the DYE-W09D Jiney wJiieli, together with his former'Stock,, nia(«aan elegant assortment, worthy the attentipn brCloth- iers. Also, a good Stock of '. , PAINTS Sf OILS. ' , DRUGS Se, MEDICINES, . • GROCERIES, LimORS, ftc. $. which he will sell low for good payi-and for good pay ONLY, No. 10 Scneca-Slreet. October2\, 1832. \\\\*. 19 JVew MUlinery Establishment. MISSE. TlDabv •' '\ B ESPECTFULLY in- fiilriris (lie inhabitants of Glencva and vjcinity*, that.shc has opendtf a;Miilinery Estab- lishment.oii the South side\ of Sencca-Sttebt,;nearly-opposite A, ;P. Hall\Av'hkre-she has just rererved frorn Nevr-Yorft the latest fall FASHfONS. and will atteridtp altordersin the above bdsifless withpromptness;- . ' Gettipa, f&iih&l. 1832. 21tf JVew, Curious, 8$ Enteriainivg!} - . WALKING & RlOVING . ~ / J lJST received,; arid will be Exhibited (for a short tirriej) at the .\ GENEVA MUSEinVl, a perfect Mod/cJ of the TREAD M£l£>as it is in operation itt Newrt'oik State Prison; with the Likenesses of Sis Convicts, recently'taken, The Figures/ which are good Likenesses, ire as large as life, and £re at \<<ork, in their daily occuiwtion of Treading the Mill: they move on, from step to step, as rtataral nslife. This is.one of the great- est nieces of MectiSnism Cver |irescnte<i to the Pabjici and is w^ll worthy the patronage of .nil 'classes of people. ,1 . 4 •Aw, a perfecfeanjj correctXikerjess of QAJL- VIN 'EDSON, flietivihg Skeldtrin,xvbo has at- tracted so rnucb attention in Efigla,mli France, and : tbrooghoui jflft U^Sjates^: He is-artired in a shirt- tar dVeS to\ the one m which be exhibits himself. Also* the AStEftfCAN COBBER, who is>t work, sewing up his shoo, which is partly finisli- ti'i willtno<rehislieaq^&c. ( «. Aftd;'also, a humbef of othef rtew and pleasing riOllR^. GoodL Music ontho Organ and other instruments. .Adrriittance 25_eejiisr . . - ; Getm,,Nov\M?;2, . . •.' Mi'' , A letter, post marked,New-Orleans, was lately received at the New-York Post-ofiicej the postage on which was^SSj; uhicb sum was paid at the Ive\v-Orlehns 5 Tos$K>tnccw Withthe exceptionbf a Ityter/roiu Newport; R. I. during tbfelato war, this is the jjreatest ataount of postag»%j any one letter;receivod .since?' the establishroeht of the N. (tiYork - Postroffice.. Tha^poiitiige on tho>Newpoft. loiter, ejfceedoil^OO, and 1 witt prompt paid.— It eontatned^tho log-book of a Pii'/gteer^ana: was, to be used fnjewdencein a cas)?'1lioh pehoinghi 1I1C Admiralty-Court.—tfoar. ofOommirce. t Tho Mn'coh Advehi^r of\ Nov. ,30,, statos that •'Mh Chester, Coun.sBl:,f#^|te'Ciiero'k'ees, basno- -tifiedthe.GOTorpp^^i^oigia of jiis ihterition to. •make v application to\ tfie^SBprerhe^onltKof^ne 0- mte'd' States/ \A\\s ieUiifhJon tbd¥d,-#f.#eBraary, .l'S38i to i,s^ue f^t.tIic.#-^lrtrefe^to-«^f^jlr3i.^e^Iiifet; ; its formerjiidgmejits anll^edwes^jTder^iiftcor- fain cases* wlieretn;S.^^ A*\yo>seSJc|^asl|iea!5er' » Butjer are considered platetitlS ftoe|lfSr,~%s^%o Stattt of Georgia,'de\fendaa^in-prroV«'Th^^ r : ernor, on,the 20th of^N.overaber, communicntfid the notice to 1I10 legislaiur^\ dcciati'n*vtliejmjpi!5a>;, lion, to be an atleinpt tq yi.olate^ha:sov.ere|gnty-.Off>- tho, Slate,',whioh he wpsdfeterttifledjtoyeiHtftby:^ the whole strength of liis'aajr^i'fjj;- r Thejcpmro.a- ( .hicatioh^asfterBrred to' iflearantc^feit'teoottthj'; State of 'lhe^etmie.^'i^MWi^^e^^~ \ ' ' \ ' >, .-' - . '•' ''-,- \• '-'-'tj' ''\''W.i • ^'l/:' \ It aprnwrs from a new French statistical work, that about Uverfty-riine rriilTiVns'oTj^renchstjbjgcjM •' speak tlieir natiVa' Jimgiirtge, but jnseve$t£dinar-* : •en't dialecTs; ttio; reihninder> (Spoilt %^$8&y r * ppoak German, Flemish, Italian^t^eiPci'qrCani\ tabuo. • '.'. ; ; ,, >- - '.v -•\*':\ ;,,';\...-.- *'• • $f. Peter's ChutcSaiWmeT-S^WWWSilW^n Etirope thus spcilcs of tTifsl mBinfffeent; ;aiia<l*e*aV tifurremplc: ' ' ' ' •' p * * \V ' 4v?V.-':.' \Of Si. Peter's I can say no^hing^ J jfea^i|#B .: it would fill a vojume. ^^*s, ( Mmdut*3o^* #a- * triost tfpacious, most peffcBtr'and^olY^Sphiinely beautiful temple dvoiyraiBfid to tbts Wpt%iB*of;the Eternal God. Marf thV'mdles^^ihto'npl^'^tfiiri\' its walls. It ctfinea -nearer {han arl|#$|? thW1- hadov'dF imaginerC to* a 'BbUse^ndtirhadfiiiyitU, hands.'\ ' ; - ^-«—%^,-' Philological Pui^e.r-^Seve.nty.twd' * •diffeiSBrit, wofds rhay be made frfjlri the vV«ri'j8ffeflig»; »th*.\ follovyihg are fifty-eightofthe number^Hrt^an*- gisr.are, agont^ager^iBntfaft.an.stutreir.^ast, greaU gatej gaot, get, gear, grate, grant> garnet,. gas, ngnes, net, nest,' \neaf nag^ Kfoge,!rest* tan, rag,'rate, rat, rent,rH|^M!agaj8hae,-seht, sea; star, set, sat> seat, stege, sear, stag,- stern, in»g, snate* 'state, taro> tehrvt4n^ten^tar>aeijj'f!f*g,.f-- Notes are ;noa> due, I would be mich' obliged* to i i foAHS^rartoTthearnou'titi ' .. : H, H. MERREliLv ; 1835. /thesecfefof Sittvil^r^^tfr^die^ogairisf Napokoh,\ liqs* been:kelpt'better 1hahihB. ! secret of He married tbo V daughter of a Lyontec gentleman, tcho tmdfallen'Apitfmrtilitezcct^vftAeFmicli, Revolution'.\' His wido^ and :a«!?ghf#l»&%6v \m <M. Barrels ^VATEB, LLME for sale- NoV 10; SenecaYiSireet, by - • : :> , H. • Hr MERRELL. Geneva, September 19,1832. : •• 14 at, '••'• ^ England, and settled itfCumrjerfandVwr^TeSwtt ! fonnd the^lailer, feIl;'in\fWo^aad a mafr1Wdai^ (-1797-. • .ft ••,!*'* *mtt1*PolU f adetfr^ '-'bitth-daywaa-thdtfof^lol'eoh'*^ and it-was. not anr«&ed%;^ • singular,- thflt^ltis wife Cie'&bji':^pin1$^i|taf-o£ 'the-EwpBror'sdeatrr|^5# H #MSa|^ yeaxt0o4t8|o^rs#*iffli(|p^^ •ingMhe- :Life:of^ap]ed*^ • islftd.1h i^^^sw***^'-^*-- -^f^'-Ml' 4 Tfie«ilrno^.%fHvafch«.elt!WM^ ' .\IP! - • '- — . S ^W*- ^^^WB^Tim^ Tanner*' OHM Spts.Titrpentine F OR laid by the barrel, by • ;•:•.•••.••'. KELLY & HALL; •• Grim} Oct. 10, 1832. ^ \% Geneva, A|iril^»; 1832, i'A.-mn',^, 9St\f Il!E subscrihe^^iJtvrrig^discMHinaed the Mer- __ canulo bas^nie|i;.,ireques(s all indebted to,- hitn to make immediate paynWnt. i - . V&n. S. DE- V 25ENG. -^.'8 ^«Wy.j*B|'2g|vil ill rng * ' •M-Mf xf^^f if :V$$ receivielandfor saKiwh^W^and^flloV anolhWj^ «9 tail.atiho^kstoreofJ.Jrlflftert^thaGhrif. tian ALMANACuand dm common t Almanac \ jum-i«com.fl^l;j»Sb^»e ! w^f**^ , ^hjs.i'erjuffef||te5i1tt#5itrj\'\''' %undanliy^Wmtated»^ ed ff6jsb.rMes--some.«^ nytendeney tog ive topoj :^lle>tfa«ed.J^,vlf1 .--1^ w .t . ,.-*. ._i,A„'t _, ?m th^ysar1833 t ,QpS% M\ •fffis^itfii 'S pz.-- i&$

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