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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, April 26, 1876, Image 3

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I i O C A E f M A T T E R S N , Y . C . ^ Ylm © H«rtUm#r« i t : Brevities. ^ Croquet is now in order. main. , , - S T n w S w T ; S i ^ j ; morning o f l*$t week. — Seventeen new converts were im- — Csuteimial lianclkercliicfs af« all tlie rage now. — Crowley’s trial eommenees to-d*y (Wednesday). — H. R. Davis now runs a bakery wagon. W. D . Schuyler is in his employ, — Twenty six tramps a t the soup house Sunday night. — T. O. Murray has sold h is fruit store and news depot to his brother James 0 . Murray. — Nat. Stimsen, who has been west for, the past four or five years, is home oa a short visit. — “ Red, white and blue” carpet bags are among the developments of the Cen­ tennial year. — The Centennial Committee meets in . this village Saturday. — Lecture at Christ Church Friday evening, on “ Things IneomprehensiUe in Scripture.” — William J. Conroy, the famous irit- ness in the Cermond burglary trial, was in town last week, — Persons who want to borrow money can now be told that there will be no more Xient this year. — Charles Quackenhush, formerly with E. L. Adams, is in town, and will bake for Mr, Failing, our new baker. — The Pariah. Society o f Christ Chmrch, will meet on Wednesday afternoon a t the residence o f Mrs. Dr. Ohatfield. — Regular meeting o f Fort Dayton Steamer Company No. 2, Thursday, 27th inst., at 4 P. M. Trial of engine will be had. — Mr. G-. H. Failing, baker, has our thanks for a mess o f splendid biscait. He Will commeDce hakinf sometime this ^ S e r v e s commence at lO i instead, o f 11 A. M. at the M. E. Church. Rrayer meeting is held before, instead of after evening services. — The average hoy now vieweth his. hoard o f old iron and bones with the love of a miser for his gold, and yeameth for' the coming, circus. -r-The base ball lover buckles up his sleeves, and with a despairing and mourn­ ful look at the last straighf^ finger, goes in far the summer’s fun. — The Rector of Christ Church, will continue on Sunday eveniugs hia lectures on Historic Christianity. Subject next Sunday, “ The Ministry.” — An enterprising merchant advertises “ leap year oil for front gates.” Fathers who have three or four grown-up sons should make a note o f this, for it is their front gates that must suffer this year. —Thursday, Judge Merwin will render his decision on the motion made last week by S. S. Morgan, counsel for Albert Fred- enhuTfi, fox a new trial. I f a new triiri is not granted, he will he executed the 12th o f May. — How much better it is to always pay your bills promptly. Tradesmen do not like to call “ for that little account” any more than their customers like to be dun­ ned, and it is far better to pay them with­ out the necessity of a hint from them. •— The following are the officers of Grace church, Norway, elected Easter: David DuBois, Wm. H ^ o o ck, Wardens; J. B. Root, L. La Rue, L. T. DuBois, W . Vandenburg, H . S. Burt, J. D. Ives, C. W . Nichols, Dr. C. J . Hall, Yes- tiymen. — This is the time o f year when every woman stops in front of the millinery J a r a ' r ^ sto» i^LitUaFallias fbHowt: Day ax5r«Bir.ii;W Night Exp....... 9:88 PintrPac. Bx- a*3i A. H. — Quite a largo quantity ofhutter wa« offered on tho market Mondi^, prioos varying from 28 to 31 cents. — Pktricfc D o r sey bad two fingers bad- mersed Sunday afternoon by Rev. E. F. Crane, o f the Baptist Church. — Steamer No. 1 .was ,,out Friday af­ ternoon to test the new rubber lined linen hose. I t was aocepted by the Board of Trustees. — Prof, W. W . Baker, o f Charieston, S. C., a graduate of the senior class of Union College, Sehoneetady, has charge of the academy. — T h e jait Isctura o f the T . M. 0 . A. 'cou>se was given by John B . Gough, Wednesday evening o f last week. Al­ though the number present'was not large, the lecture p v e general satisfaction. — John Higgins, Fat McDougal and Mike McTully got into a street row the other afternoon, and hmlsed each other eonsiderably. Two o f them were arreit- ed, but as the third could not be found they were released again. — The cheese market here Monday, was very dull. Few cheese were sold. A auantity, both faetory and farm, were sent on commission. Three lets sold a t sic., two at 8c- and two a t 7c. About 500 boxes is all were offered, — Preparations are being made for the immediate enrollment and equipment of a M ilitary Company in this village. The neoessaiy funds are already largely sub- subscribed arid the matter is in the hands o f parties who know no such word as fiuL — The late Dudley Burwell leaves by his will park property to the village of Little Falls, subject to the life estate of W. G. Milligan. Each member of the fimaily 'receives a legacy, and a fand is left for the care of the family grave at Norway, his wife’s grave atBallaton Spa, and $1,000 for a cenotaph for K s wife to be erected in the park. H e left about $15,000 beside the real estate. — An adjourned meeting o f the county mtennial committee was held at the irvan House, last Monday a fternooni- Hon. Id. A. Mc&.e« was eleeted chairman and General J . E. Curtiss Secretary, jpro tan. The committee from Little Falls made a motion to have the third day’s celebration withdrawn from Little Falls, as quite extensive preparations are being made for a^oelebration in this place, on the Fourth, and it is impossible to get unanimous support o f the town for a cele­ bration at Herkimer. Owing to the small attendance the meeting was adjourned to reassemble a t Herkimer, Saturday, April 29, at 11 A. M. Hon. Dudley Burwell died, Tuesday morning, the 18th inst., after an illness of two months, in the seventy-seventh year o f his age, and was buried on Friday last. He was bom in tbe town of Norway, in this county. U p to the year 1836 he resided in this county, and a portion of the time he practiced the pro­ fession of law in this village. In ’36 h e . removed to Albany, and became attorney for the Albany City Bank, and during h is career in that city gained for himself a good reputation as a “ motion lawyer.” He remained there fifteen years: andaecu- mnlated a nice fortune and then removed to his native county, in 1861, and retired from the legal service. H e represented his Assembly district in the Legislature of 1831-2. . In the Circuit Court at Her­ kimer, Tuesday afternoon, appropriate eulogistic remarks in reference to decease ed were made by Jndg§ Hardin, Judge ^ugusLine s caurca, jEuaai/ei:; Wafdens, F. C. Shepard, J . W . New- house J Vestrymen, J. It. Osgood, Wm. Onyani, W, R. Jena#, James Tuthill, Richard Winegar, W aller Baker, A. 'W. Haslehurst, Alfred Williamson. The Railroad correspondent o f the Utica O S sem rsays; It is probable that no manefacturing concern in the Empire State will have a m ors varied and exten- sivs representation at the Centennial than tho great Remington firm. For several iths past they have given considerable o f th e ir attention to th e preparation o f articles in their various departments, to render their display at the exhibition •qual i§ the best and inferior to none. The last car load f#r Philadelphia has been shipped. Though the exhibition of igrieulturaf implemente will doubtless be complete and attractive in every particu­ lar, their display of sewing machines, type writers, guns and pistols will be par­ ticularly so. The latter will be displayed in a novel and unique manner. G f ooume, rery exMbitor will regard i t as necessary to make the visitor acquainted with his name and address. The object will be met by the Messrs. Remington, who have had a sign of black walnut constructed which is forty-five feet in length and four feet in width, and divided into three see- tiona o f fifteen feet each to occupy and fit the end o f an octangnlar halL On this sip the pame of the great firm is artistically arranged, witb pistols and re­ volver* o f nickel, gold and silver, mount- id OU a paddad back grtund o f white ■atin. The nga is vidued a t abeut $5,000 and is so elegantly and cleverly designed that it will certainly attract particular at­ tention from thousands who will v isit the building in which it will be located. store windows, and makes up her which hat she will have. I t is also the time o f year when every married man gives a passing glance at the same win­ dow, feels for his pocket-book and swears. — One evening last week there was considerable excitement in the Court room, caused by a dense lot o f smoke fill­ ing the room. It was reported that the court house was on fire, but it was after­ wards discovered to be caused by a ffigar stub wMeh was thrown under the stairs in some tags. — The first and second nines o f the Adroit Base Ball Club, will play tbeir first game of the seasou, on the County F a ir grounds i n this v i l l a ^ , F r iday after­ noon at 2 P. M. Admission, 10 cents Frocaeds to procure balls and bats ibr tbe elnbi. Fun may be expected. Go end «e» them. — Punters and wall-paperers n#w mo­ nopolize tdl that is com&rtable in a house, while the “ lord of the manor” puts up srith cold bits and “ lites” out tbrougb the back door coveted witb whitewash, and shreds o f “ illuminated borders” a t­ tached to his coat-tail tell him “ Spring is iwrer\ — J'ust as we go to press Tuesday, 2 p. M.. we learn that three peraons, ^ohn L Snell, Culver Paterson and Michael Tomer, were crossing the river in a skiff at Port Jackson, near Amsterdam, when the skiff was capiisad and all three were drowned. Search is being made for their bodies. — An experienced woman, who was about to move, bad much ^fficulty in finding a place to snit her. She was well pleased with a house up town, but the back yard didn’t ^ v e satisfaction- The fenc 5 e didn’t contain a’ single knot hole, and she said she wasn’t going to break her neck by climbing on top o f an old barrel to see what- was going on In the next yard. — T his (Wednesday) evening the g ^ n d concert for the benefit o f Herkimer Silver Comet Band, will take place in Fox Opei House. The concert deserves the patron­ age o f all, not merely because it will be ^fine affair, b u t also because it is to help the boys. B y going and patronising them, you will m i only g e t your monies’ worthi but a t tiie same thne help them. A large number o f ticketi have already been lold, and there promises to be alargecro’ in attendance. Loomis, Hon. Ezra Graves, Hon. A. H. Prescott and Samuel Earl, Esq., and a memorial was prepared and placed- < the minutes of the Court. The Court D. Fay, Esq., is also busy repairing and then adjourned, out o f respect to the memory o f deceased. — On Tuesday, th e 18th inst,, the Baptists rededicated their remodeled church on Albany street. Tbe exercises were begun at eleven o’clock A. a t, when Rev. Mr. Stiffler, of Madison University, delivered.the dedicatozy address in the presence o f the neighboring clergy, and fully nine bim dred spectators- T h e exfer- oiies o f the day were closed in the even* ing with an excellent discourse by Rev.\ 0 . D e W . Bridgman, D. D., o f Albany.- This church was originally built about fifty years ago, and. before repairs to i t oommenced last summer it was a rather antique ap p e a ling structure. Tbe entire front o f the building, which is built o f stone, has been torn sway and supplanted by a brick front, with ornamental stone trimmings after very neat architectaral designs.' Two towers adorn the front of -the structure, one on either corner. One o f the towers, eighty feet in height, con­ tains t h e belfry and is .surmounted, by huge croM. The basement Is divided I to a lectura or Sunday sohool room capv ble o f accommodating five hundred per­ sons, and a kitchen or .enlinary depart­ ment for the oonvenienoe o f festivals, etc. In th# basement is located Wamer’s-new steam heating apparatus a t a cost to the oongregatlon of i l ,1 0 0 . O f oours# tb# most noticeablfi repairs havo been made in the auditorium, which is found to be provided with black ash pews with black walnut trimmings. Th# derirability of the pews is found in three improved de­ signs, they being particularly shaped to suit the human form when in a sitting posture. The carpeting and upholstering are from New Fork, while the very ex- ^4Sr* !Traiai stop at iUou w follovi: —- Considerable work is being done on the canal in this section, — Nineteen 'persons were baptised at the Episcopal Ohnroh the 15th inst. — Emmet Bennett, son o f R, R . Beu- nett, fell and broke itis left arm Tuesday o f last week. — Tkii (Wednesday) evening, Rev. A. B. Uarle Will commence his evengelioal services in th# Presbyterian Church. - — I t is reported that an eastern stock company has jnsit been organiaed for the control and f Kdarive sale o f the Reming­ ton sewing machine. — The following are the officers of St. Augustine’s church, eiaoted la s t Easter : xn e jjterary society met a ttne nouse o f D. M. Kenyon. Question: Resolved, “ That it is never right to do wrong.” Decision in favor o f affirmative. The fol­ lowing officers were elected: President, F. B , Parfchurst; Vice-President, E. T. Marsh Secretary, R. j . Richards; Treas­ urer, J. S. Smith. Our school meeting Saturday night turned out a success. Our citisens at­ tended nearly en masse. Good order and good feeling prevailed. Mr. Cooper, (architect,) from Utica, being present, gave to the audience a fine description of tha proposed buUding from cellar to gar­ ret, His words Were listened to with great deference. After him came the report ot the committee, which was very ftiTorable, informing them that they -had received bids for its erection, the lowest bids amounting to f 7,641. They then compared prices o f this w ith other rimi' lar huUdin^s, showing that this is a very favorable time for its erection. A motion was then made by J. .1. Dudleston, Jr., that the report of the committee. be adopted afid tbafc 17.700 be -rtiied in four annual inBtallments by law for thi erection o f a new school house. This motion was voted upon by ayes and nays, which resulted in 94 for and 39 against. The proposed building will be an hon­ or to the place. It will he 44 by 70, made o f brick. The committee are con­ tinued with the instruotioH to secure by coB traetthe low e st bidders. T h e y have discharged the duties committed to them in a satisfactory and congratulatory man­ ner.- Our chairman voted against the -motion. R i c l i f i e l d S p r i n s s . — A t the Democratic Convention on Friday, a t Oooperstown, Messrs. Hon. M. Hooker, Wm. H . Ely and Edmund Ward were chosen delegates to the State Con­ vention. — The warm rain of Saturday night made away with many o f our snow drifts, and we can now see an almost clear pas­ sage out o f our winter confinement. Even patches o f green are to be seen at rare intervals, giving u s a faint conception o f the beauties which will soon greet our The Presbyterian entertainment and ice cream sale at the house of Mrs. Conk- ling on Friday evening was quite a sue- oeis. After a round of music, tableaux, recitations, &c., came the refreshments, and after they had been disposed of the audience were treated to a charade, in which th# proverb, “ when the cat is away the mice will play,” was acted veiy auocessfally, and to the great amusement of those present, by several o f our histri­ onic geniuses. The receipts were over $30, 1 believe. - Within a few days a corps o f work­ men have been hired by Mr. Proctor, and they are now renovating the buildiags and grounds of the “ Spring House” with all possible speed. This early ac­ tivity of Mr. Proctor speaks well for his enterprise, and shows that he does not intend to be behind hand, b u t w ishes to have everything ready and comfortable for his gnmsta when they arrive. Parker improving, bis recent puxobase, having several “ hands” emplbyed. He, I be­ lieve, intends to keep boarders daring the commg summer, and M must wish him success in hmnew business. — These bright, pleasant daysi make the sap start frem the roots o f the maples and eodrse to the topmost brsneheB; or, patchanoe, it finds its wsy into the ves­ sels placed for its reception, filling them to overflowing. Thau the ooel, sweet liquor is carried by men with yokes upon their shoulders, to great o a u l^ n s , there to be boiled down into thick, delicious Now is the time for mer^-maklDg iQ the woods! What more pleasorable, 'th a n a glowing, crackling fire in the ‘-‘sugar bush” at night, with a great kettle of boiling syrup sending up its delicious fumes to fill the air around, and greet th# olfactory nerves o f & jolly party of young folks, gay as the ikrks, and, making the the forest aisles ring with; their mirth? What more exciting or thrilling picture than this same party gathered -’round the cool and glistening mow-hank, their ftcea and figures lit up by, the glow o f the blazing fire, looking with expectant and eager glances, while one pours out th# steamiuguMtirupouthe cold, whit# snow, there to b# oongealsd 4nto broad flakes of crisp, delirious wax. Maple sugar making is now iu full b lu t, and the prospects seem favorable f#r a good season. Thu sugar is o f a good quality, and is brought into the village in insiderable quantities. H o ftaw R * — Frank Aldrich is. employed in the Telegraph at. Amsterdam. — Mr. G- Waterman is to oooupy Mr. Hoach’s new house on Center Street. — Mr. J . M. Bellingerintendi to finish hi# steamer about th# first o f August. — Dr. Powell h as taken quarters with Dr. Lewis, and will practice medlicme in this village. — The house on Washington Street, formerly oeeupied by Frank Ford, is soon to b# sold at Sheriff’i salt. — William Smith while at work in Trenbeth’f carriage shop Herkimer, lost oellent frescoing which ornaments th# oelling and Walls wan deme by Messrs, Barnard’s Sons, of Utica. A semx-rirole gallery Occupies one end o f the auditori­ um, and has a eapaoity for mating three hundred; the church proper can comfort­ ably seat 950. The windows are o f stain­ ed glass in bsautiful designs, and the bmiding i t lighted with thirty-six p s j e t s beneath a reflector suspended ftom the ceiling, and a slate roof cover# the whole. The repairs have cost the congregation in one o f his eyes by accidentally hitting it _ .... .A-A MiO Aeewilw — * J V A «%Avs%4* 4# the neighborhood o f $8,000, and truly it eau be said that the Baptists o f this place ■ jfn At Witherstme’s you wifi find new worship in one of the finest churches Tomatoes, Parsnips, ' Spmacb, Bermuda. the Talley. About $5,000 was raised by Unions, etc. Bubicrfptioa during the mrvicel, with th e point o f a knife. Mr. Smith being an^ elderly man the accident is a severe and unfortunate, $ i r Marble# at Withemtin#’#. 49- Trains stop at fraaklort ac foils vs; XS.ic Alb'.’As.!:^” 2t a.M. h . F. Aoaoitt.„ ____ 10.*<» “ Ao«oBa.....,......10!S5 \ p»r Express... 6:17 r .x. Vrsisht AAeo. 4^T.U> It. F. Aeoom... SsSS ** Ni«htBxp.....aO;W — Dr. Thomas is recovering, — They are at work on the loric, re­ pairing i t . » Boatmen are looking anxious­ ly for the time they can go on the “ rag­ ing canal,” • Tbe mud i s dtying up in oUr streets, and the 40 teams that the Frankfort item- iserfor the Dion (M tm saw stock in th#. mud have goo# home. — Arthur Meng«l, employed at Gates’ Upper mill, had two of his fingers on his left hand broken and the others badly braised by being Caught in the moulding- machine, Wednesday of last week. Tho literary society m et a t the house lar* Behold that pale, #ma<aated figure, with downcast «y«, like some orimind w o u t to meet her fat#! See that ner­ vous, distrustful lo<fic, as she walks along with a slow and unsteady step. The pink has left her cheeks and the cherry h er lips. The once sparkling, dancing eyes, are now dull and expteisionless. The once warm, dimpled hands ar# now thin and cold. Her beauty has fled. What 'h a y trrought -tMs wondrous change? . ^ a t i# fhat which is larking Beneath tnjB; surface of that once lovely form? Does sh# realize her terrible condition? & »he aware of th# woeful appearance sh e m a k e s? W e m a n , from her very fiature, is iuhject to a catalogns o f dis­ eases from which man is entirely exempt. Many of these maladies are induced hy her own carelessness, or through ignor­ ance o f the laws o f her being. ‘ Again, many Female Diseases, i f properly treat­ ed, might b# arrested in their course, and thereby prove of short duration. They should not be left to an inexperi­ enced physician who does not understand their nature, and is, therefore, incompe­ tent to treat them. The importance of attending to Female Diseases in^ their earliest stages cannot be too strongly urged. For i f neglected, they frequently lead to Consumptionj Chronic Debility, and oftentimes to Insanity. I n all class­ es o f Female Diseases, Dr. Pierce’s Fa­ vorite Prescription is without a rival.. No medicine has' ever surpassed it. In “ The People’s Common Sense Medical Adviser,” of which R. V. Pierce, M. D., of Buffalo, N. Y „ is the author and pub­ lisher, is an extended treatise on W oman Ain> HER D iseases . Under'this bead, the various affections to which woman is inoident are carefully considered, aecu- ‘rately portrayed, and a restorative course of treatment snggested. Every woman, as she values her life and health, should Newport. — Mrs. Thom as W alker, an old lesi- dent, if auffsriug from ft sev#re shock of paralysis. — From present indications. Main street will assume quite a different appearance in a few months. — O f the seventy pupil* who were in the advanced department daring tbe win­ ter term, but twenty have returned to, school Quite a display o f oratory on the Street, Saturday morning. The periods were well rounded and listened to hy an appreciative audience. — In contradiction to the old adage, “ That a house divided cannot stand,” the wood part o f the Hawkins Hotel is moviDg ftway from the old itone building, and yet both are standing. . — I t wss an act o f wisdom on the part o f the trustees o f our school to place one so well qualified for the position as Mies Dora P. Sweesey, as snooessor to the effi­ cient instructor and excellent disriplin- ariau who had charge o f the intermediate department daring the winter term^ — Newport has a newspaper called the Bi-Weekly Standard, a yery creditoblo lit­ tle sheet, published by J a y s o n & Wooster. The aforesaid .paper, in commenting on the new bell, “ think* the herdsmen, in this vicinity would do well to employ L. D. Browne to select their oow-bells.” A good suggestion.. The people are greatly dissatisfied that such an inferior hell should be placed in so fine a building. Will not our trustees or a committee ap­ pointed for tb e purpose, who have a ju s t idea o f the fituees o f things, see that this great evil is remedied, and place a more appropriate bell in the tower o f our ft«w school house. I f a better bell should be secured, wo would suggeit that there are more appropriate days to place i t in posi­ tion in the tower than the Holy Sabbath. T eoth . -------- ---------- ■ L itc l i i ie lc l . — Snow nearly gone. — A fair season for making sugar. — The wife o f Robert Woodbrige wa* Buried on Thursday. — Mr. A . T. Parker having rented his farm, started for Mason City, Iowa, on Wednesday, 19th ot April. —^Xt^seema to be a veiy unbealtby time at present. Mrs. Huntley is sick, also Mr#. George^Brewer, Mrs, Ketohell and Mr. Sardiibury. Doctor Brown attend# them all. possess a copy o f this valuable bo#k. I f she be diseased, this “ Adviser” will show her how she may be restored to health, and also direct her how she may ward off many maladies to which she is constantly being exposed. Let every suf­ fering woman heed this tim ely advice and ue U n d f as others see her. Price of Adviser, $1. 5 0 (post-paid) t o any address. G. D. lA>ngshoie & Co., will open their new Millinery, Suit and Fancy Gofids Store, M onday , M ay 1st. All arA^rdially^nvited to attend. J o u H a v i no B x o u s i.—Have you aig7 excuse for suffering with Dyspepsia or Liver Complaint? Is there any reason why you should go on from day to day complaining with Sour Stomach, Sick Headache*, Habitual Costiveness, palpi­ tation o f the Heart, Heart-bum, Water- Brash, Gnawing and Burning pains at the pit ot the atomaoh, Yellow Skin, Coated Tongue and disagreeable taste in the mouth. Coming up of food after eat­ ing, I^w Spirit#, & 0 . No I I t is positive­ ly your own fault i f you do. Go to your Druggist, W . H, Frowse, #r 0 . W . Pal­ mer, J t ., and get a Bottle of G u e s s ’ s AueteST F lo W eb for 75 cents your core 18 certein, but i f you doubt this, get u Sample B o t t le for 10 cents and try it. Two Joses will relieve yon. (1) janlSylaJt 4 9 * A t SrnaU’s yen will find a large and well selected stock of Boots and Shoes. Give him a call. Good goods .n d t o irp r i^ ., ^ m m . i l m . m m m ! r-G o to Witherstine’s for your Base T, n *• J T» 1 , rn t Seelye 1 Balls and Ball Oiuhs. L a d ie* o4 H e r lclm e x ' G o n x ity, Your attention is called to the new and complete stock of MOlinery just received at Mrs. C. E. Ball’s, consisting of a Very, great variety o f shapes and qualities in •straw goods, silkj and ribbons, in frost­ ed, twilled and basket patterns, &c., in all the desirable shades, which will be made up to order in a manner that cannot /a il to please all a i regards style and price. apl26tf Mrs. 0 . E. BtriJ,. X fiem o v ed. Having removed ipy stock o f Boots and Shoes in Adams Block, 2 Doors W est Postoffice, Herkimer, I shall continue to sell at cost, and less than coat, until 1 have disposed o f m y entire stock- G ive me ft call, and I vrill guarantee a Bargain. -A . BELLINGER, aplStf 2 Doors West Postoffice. 8 ^ Jumping ropes at Witherstine’s. OlAIEVOYANT EXAMINATIONS FRBB. By Dr. E. F. Butterfield. There is no subject that requires so much study and experience as the treatment and cure o f Chronic Diseases. The astonishing suc­ cess and remarkable cures performed by Dr. Butte^eld are due to the gift of Clairvoyance, to the long study of the constitution o f man and the caring o f dis­ eases from natural remedies. Let those given up by other# call for examinatiou. H e cures th e worst cases o f Scrofula, Catarrh, Piles, Female Weakness, Asth­ ma, D iseases o f the H eart, Lungs ^ d Kidneys. H e will he at the Dudley House, Utica, Tuesday and Wednesday, April 25th and 26th ; Bradford House, Little Falls, Thursday, Anril 27th. ‘ IfflP- Call on Small for Hats and Caps. New styles are heiug received every few Dresa cutting done and teught] ^ s o F luting, Stam p ing and H a ir Sw itch­ es, made to order at the residence of Mr. Peter M. Folts, deceased, near the Hy­ draulic, Herkimer, N . Y . apl26tf . M bs . B. R. D rake . I have sold my busmess on Main street to James C. Murray. Persons in­ debted to me will please call and settle immediately. Herkimer, A p ril 26, ’76. T. C. M urray . C. L AVERT, 3 3 X L i . O O J E 3 C ^ H J E J E f e l i l l l M C E I f c , I W . Y . H E W T O M M A B K B I. N k W Y obk , April 25.1876. ___ ___ O p ened low e r a n d c losed firm e r. Sales <^*EESE—Is q n ie t. ^ l e a a t |/@12c for oom- iV, B .—MCarriage arriage N otices t mih a ftt ofMv ceids. a of Herkimer. April 24. Test, ag«d 23 years and 17 days. ^KHODBS-In Mohawk. April24.1876. Matilda J'., wife o f J - B . B h o d e s. aged 43 yoars-^ WEST—In tho toi 1876, Franois M. Wesi ^KHODBS-InMoh J., wife o f J . B . B.hoc ---- ---------------------- - DAVIS-At Frankfort, ApritlS, 1876rHaniiali M ., w ife o f th e la te E d w a rd D avis, a g ed 77 y e ars and 5 monthi. lODER—I n W a rren, o n th e 20fch ini Fooler. o o ler, i n th e 80th y e a r of h is age. iELTE—I n Pittsford , M ichigan. A son Blijab B. Seelye, ased 81 years. Seelye w as born i n Cabbot, V e, When 10 yea is p a re n ts to W ar laiaed here until seph P M r . Seely e w as bo rn i n Cabbot, V e rm o n t, in 1795. When 10 years of age he emigrated with Severe aches and pains will not get out o f fashion for some time to come, and'to long as they exist, people will ne«d a good remedy. Renne’s Pain- Killing Magic Oil has' b«en testeu for more than twenty years, and the nni- vesal verdict is, ‘ ‘ I t works like a charm. ’ ’ th is county, an d re- m he went to Pitts- tbe farm on which Mr. Seelye has enjoyed in a marked rooK b o a t bis w h o le life tbe confidence and esteem of th e com m u n ity, b a v in s h e ld for many years prominent pffioM positions in the nsbip where b e resided, and has represented district in tbe State Legislature. He has been for forty years a deacon and el'der in the ingregation^ ohnroh. and by uprightness and ithfolnessinhis profossion won therespeetof ^ N o family sbom a ne w ithout a bottle of Frowst's Sym p 'o f 2ar, Wild Oherrjf, Mordwimd, <Sec., in their house, as it Inay save hundreds o f dollars and your lives by the cure o f Consump­ tion, Coughs, Colds, Whooping Cough, Croup, Sore Throat, P u n in the Side and Breast, and all diseaws o f the Throat and Lungs. Try one bottle and be oon- vinoed o f its merits. Wild Cherry, Honey, Horehound, soothes and scatters all irri­ tations and inflammations, and the Tar cleanses and heals the Throat and mr passages leading to the L U n ^ flkial bottles, lOe .1 large rises, 50 and 75o. W e also keep Frowst's IHarrhoea Cordiat, which is warranted to cure every case.. Sold by Myers & Bellinger, Little Falls; Y o st A C o ., Littie Falls ; W . H . Prowse, Herkimer; Steele Bros., Mohawk; H.J. Yagan, llio n ; O. M . Y inton, Prahk- fort, and sold in'every town in th# lonntv. . aplflfitf |$ i r For Gents fine S h o ts call on S m all 1 9 * The h ighest market pnoe paid for all kinds o f Raw Furs, induding Mink, Fox, Skunk, Muskrat, Martin, Otter Fisher, at Sm a ll’s. A large order for Skunk to be fiUeA ia n l 2 t f B rooklyn , N . Y ., August 16, Gentiemeu-^It is-with f i l i n g s o f gratL kude that I place before yon a simple statem ent o f m y sufferings, and c u re from the use of the P eruvian S yrup . I am forty years of age, and my oooupatien is that o f a map engraver. About fifteen #^-Indies-fine Shoes and Slippers at yeaM ago I* was attacked with what I gmall’s, in great variety. suppose was a disease o f the spine, could not walk erect, owing to a great weakness whioF\ I eiberienoed at the small o f my hack. My digestion bemime impaired, and by degrees my wh#le lys- tem became deranged. I suffered iu this way for seven years, and then placed my­ self in th# hands o f eminent physicians. They tmatod me with meicnry and many Qtffier stroiMi! remeffies, hut I grew worse instead o f better. In the spring o f 1857, there appeared upon my back and sid# two large abscess­ es, and at this time JC was also suffering from a very bad fistula; my whole ^ s - tem became utterly prostrated, when I was advised to try the.PiRUViAN S yrup . I commenced using it, and at once expe­ rienced great relief. I have taken three bdtties o f it, and every trace of my former .fiomplamta have left m i. Myayatemhai regained its strength, my appetite has returned, and I feel myself oomplstely renewed in age and vigor. In a word, my health is now perfect, and X can truly say that I was never, able to do more work, and with greater ease to myself- than at this, time. Yours respectfully, . J a h i s F . C ox . T housands op I njunctions . - - T h e cold-catelung community, thousands of them are serving peremptory injunctions on thsir Coughs and Catarrhs, in the shape of daily and nightly doses o f jSofe’a Foney of Hordwutid and Tar. The paroxysms are silenced in 48 honrs. Sold by all druggists. Pike’s toothache drops cure i n 1 m inute. -apll2w 4 J0g“l have the largest and best assort- enfc o f fresh flower and garden seeds in town. Call. apll2w3 W m . H . P RcrwBii. a a y W e call the attention o f our read­ ers to the advertisement in another ool- UmUi o f the N, Slate R«ofingCo.i lim­ ited, 4 Cedar S t , N . Y ., who send a 100 page book free, with particulars how fa) repair old roofs, lay new ones, save r«- ehingling, stop lesks effectually and cheaply, and do youi? own painting. $ i r Croquet sete at Witheritine’s, irith box and without box cheap. $4,50 and $1.50 per set. a « r All kinds o f materials for Worsted work, at Mrs. 0 . fi. BuU's, Herkimer. novlOtf AA.-AJE&'EIXBID. N o sTioutd he a ccompanied MM H EALTH AND H A P P I N E S S Fox Millions of Unhappy Invalids. No external remefiy for fifty years has created for itself so widespread a popularity in so short a time as CoIUns* Voltaic Electric Plaster. And deservedly so; for no remedy has been to sueeesiM in the care of Lameneis. SoriaeM. Weakness. Numbness and Nervous Pains and Aches. A single trial is oonvinoing, 25 cents everywhere. Mailed on receipt of price by W E E K S A P O T T E g , B o s t o n . B a r g a in s in D r e s s O o o d s ! B a r - gains in H o s iery! B a r g a ins in Car­ pets ! B a r g a ins in Oil C loths! B a r - gains in H a s s o c k s ! B a r g a in s in B leached and B r o w n C o ttons! B a r g a in s in B e r n Liaces and L a c e Ties ! Bargains in Striped Shirt­ ings; Bargains in Tickings; Bar­ gains ifr Table liinens and Nap. kins; Bargains in Prints; Bar­ gains in all kinds o f Dry Gloods. We offer 8 0 0 y’ds Pacific Percales at 13^ ets. y^d. These are the best goods m ade, and are all w e shall have o f them at the price. A n o ther bale o f Clarence Carpet Warp at SO'ets. pound. All wool Red Flan­ nel at 3 0 ets. yard. 3 E . R . Sew Aavertlsements. R U S C H I C K ! ! ! A wonderful vegetable Saponifier. Restore* the new look, and cleanses Silks, CashmMes. Al- 1 p k l’5^ to A#te?l for $ i!^ffisiA N 'TEA Cp.. 190 PBA.BI, S t ., N , Y . apr26w4 IT PAYS mart man wbo -wiabeB to make #2.000 a year oa a small oapital, to commenoo in onr line of business, JRaofln# Is a Specialty- There is no ir county who carries on the business, learn it in one week by studyins our as. which we send to all who ask for ly man barine #100 capi tal to start with can purchase enough material to roof three or­ dinary houses. The sum realized from sale and profit on this supply, added to the regular pay br labor as Roofer, should amount to not less than 9 2 0 0 . An expert man could eastlv do the work in nine working days. Two persons of small means can join toeether to advantage: one canvassing, w h ilo th e other atten d s to th e w o rk. Send for our book of instructions (free it you ■' ee). an d study it. , A sk for term s. I f to furnish the- stock and divide the profit with and mention. apr26w4 g F R I N G O Y E R C O A T S , ELEGANT DRESS SUITS, N I C E B U S I N E S S S U I T S , STOUt WORKING SUITS, Nearly Equal to Oostoin Wori, at about ONE-HALF THE PRICE. H. R, D A V I S ’ Domostio Bread, Oake and Fie B A . K E R Y . Also Manufacturer of C O I N F E C T J O I S T E R Y , a n d D e a l e r in F o r e i g n a n d D o m e s t i c F r u i t s , N u t s , C i g a r s a n d T o b a c c o , Toys, Books, Newspa­ pers, Periodicals, Magazines, Sta­ t i o n e r y , All kinds CannedFruits and V egetables, DRIED FRUITS. PICKLES. OYSTERS. <SsC ., SsG. LOAN LIBRARY, oentaining all the popular works of the day, LU NC H COUNTER. Oysters served up raw or cooked. Drop in. If I do n o t h a v e w h a t y o u w a n t on hand, leav e your o rder. A n y thing t h a t m o n e y can procure w ill b e furnished on s h o rt n o tice. Subsoriptions taken for all the leading DAILY. WEEKLY and MONTHLY PAPERS AND MAGAZINES. Eourtli Door North Post Office. MAIN STREET, Remember the place, and remember that I am ere to s e ll good g oods, cheap a s th e c h e a p e st. H. R. DAVIS. AYER’S SARSAPARILLA T?OR Scrofula, and all scrofulous dis- Ulcerations of the Liver, Stomach, Kidneys, BRAND OPENING OF MILUHERY, SUITS, , k, X e - t , AT LONGSHORE’S. TWATM S T . , JEU&jaKTMDBJK, IS. Y . apiEbvl PLASTER,PLASTER! At $4 per Ton. ifl Tons of MSroii Plaster, A t tl ie M o liaw k M ill. THOMAS M. HALE, apraeml . ________ P r o p r i e t o r . S u p r e m e C o u r t—Kerklaier C«kiity, CBAni.gs O. CaiSTjiAaf.l H) the above named JOdendant: V O U ate hereby Bummoned and re- X auired to anAwer the ootnplaint of the tiff in this action, whiotys nowon f i l ^ j t h the Ciork of ther County o f Horkimer, N. Y., and to se r r e & copy-of y o u r jm sw e r on m « , a t m y omce in Ferkimer. N. Y» uithin twenty day* after the service o f this snmmoBS Upon y6tt. exelttSiVe of the day of such seirice and if you fail to an- to suit the times. SORXMJSNX o f BO Y S ’ a rid Y O U T H S ’ O L OTHIHG, C H I L D K E N ’S S U I T S , WMoh we are offering at remarkably low pricM. N O T I C E . W H E R E A S , m f wife, Louisa E llen, IT had left myl^ed and board without inst cause or provocation, I do hereby forbid any Sehnyler’s Lake. April 14th, 187S. apri^wl SHAnEorCARC 9 C O M P I i B T E W O R K S * A0ENTS WANTEDi iifttjitratiohs.by mail, EAVit JtftS.. Phllm d e lFhla, t a &Jies, 9 f a t e & Go. — IC A , rs for Steam A^ari FlntPremiTO l^W a '^Bngine Fitoiies. O ur stock is aU m a d e from t h e beat m a terials, )8niUhe times. We have a COMPLETE AS- Wo keep a large line of GENTS’ FUKNISHING GOODS, KINGSLEY’S GREAT WARDROBE, X3# utd t i a Cfeaeeee B«vet.1?rtcw» K. Y . io it is'so mild as to be harmle-- even to'ohil- 1, it is Still so effectual as to purge out from system those imparities and corraptiona }h develop into loathsome disease. O p j . C. AYER & CO., r .O W E I .1 ., M A S S .. Practical and .Analytical Citemiata# W mehI5w20i S e a t S u a p w , «Best C o m te s CHsetteM i i a i t S v l i f t i L s - : e »JLm K i B H , , ATTOaFBY Ain> aOBlTitoO* AT 1<AW. SURVEYING D o n e a ^ l ^ r t m t i e e . , - _ ~ Unriox o*r Mxnr n o v lff

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