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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, November 10, 1875, Image 4

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M l HBHS A 8 JirCITBATOHS. supposed^that thr^ weeks is ^ It hen can sit and retain her health. Amonfi my experiments with nenltiy this summer, was the trial o f the end«^ ance Of a sitting, hen. 5iy experimfjnt, wmca I deem of anifeieni! interest to make laiown. w ipth two, hens. One WM set Ajpm 19th, and reset three times, 25 ^ 1 . and Jm»:25th, coming Qff With brood dtuy 6th, making seventy- ^ight dam !Ehe other was set April 16 th, and react fbur times. May 2d and 23d, Jluuo^ath and July 6th, coming off with brood July 29th, making whole numher of days upon the nest one him- <feed and four, three months antj thirti $ 5 . 0 0 md four, tnree montnssmd.ttiirteen days. B o t h h e n s , w h e n th e y cam e off, were in good healthy condition. Oa a -visit of two brother faac^rs,^ ahont the middle of July, their attentioxi was called to this hen upon the nest, thei _ thy CO j she was; aad when told « f t )f time then upon the i u^on the nest, they h m ight h ere sta.te t h a t they were set upon the ground, and ' nests fsequeatly given them, and th( kept clean, and free of Termin. L __ _ were w.Qlljshelfcered, yet had plenty of air and l i^ t and naomiBg sun. They Could also.leave their nests at will to dust them selves and take food. WHAT W n ^ MAHH TWSi ULY. i*ub two or three quarts of water in a kettle, add one large seed pepper or two small ones, then put the kettle over the fire, says the Ohio Farmer. When the water boils stir in a coarse-ground Indian sal, until you make a thick mush., red^fe- ) produce good results. _ Four weeks ago we com- meal, until you l^ t it cook an ho adishdish chc Horsera chopped fine and stirred_ to thelnuBh has heen found to ood results. Four weeks ago aenced feeding our hens mush pared in the above directions, results we are getting from five to ten eggs per day; whereas, previous to feed* ing, wc had not had eggs for a long time. We hear a great deal of complaint from other people about not getting eggs. To all sack we would warmly recommend cooked food, fed hot. Boilod appleskins, seasoned with red peppers, or boiled po­ tatoes, seasoned with horseradish, are good for feed; much better than uncook- i corn. Corn, when fed by itself, has ___ f sulpl ______ occasionally will rid them of vermin and t«ne up their system. This is good for young chickens or turk<yj of a flock of ten chick< This is especially 3 or turke ^ ' of a flock of ten chickens, hatcL_ _ last of November, we have lost but one. They have been fed cooked feed mostly and are growing finely. LEAVES EOR MANVEE. ists, as af stances known ai however, regard \ieult best suh- ' lo r p lan ts. M any, substac'o.a? .« 8 ««W= - •'Whereas it is rich m mineral ^ .«rs which have a direct and powerful tendency to Improve the constitutional texture and character of any soil to which th e y m a y be applied* T h e alim e n tary Bubacanccs vMoli comrilrate to. the sus» tenance an d gro-srth_ o f vegetables, are, for the most part, taken in a state of soiu* tio u bjr t h e roots. J m this, c o n d ition all the mineral ingredientsigredw discovered in iduced S the mediv assimilation, tlirough the plant, and in part through the vascular structure of the leaf itself. magnesia, alumina, &c. ., ____ is the medium of this transmission and 3 into the leaf, where EABH YAED WALES. The sim] coarse grai iplest and cheapest are made of kvel. Excavate the bed of the \ -- inchef foundation. ain&ge, ai Let the t les or more This makes solid Forma a _e top be dre^ed with clean gravel, and the path is finished. On most farms there are troublesome stones lying around which might be i to good use in this way. Every haru*yj raght to have the convenience of decent aereare tones lying around which might be j 'isway. Everyh enience o content to plod around in dung and filth up to his ankles, when he may have dry walks at a trifling expense, is a mystery. keep out of the mud, that he will spar no pains to have all his neighbors enjoj ing the same blessing. THE UTILIZATION OF JUTE. The utilization of jute , mimpprtaht industry ! OnDeqeml3Br6t]i,1875. loM^^ is a chance for r a in and no chance for lOPremiiamaof ^ . | Paid in Cash, and no deHaoiion. «• •\ i ■■ i ;; 39«)0 - T lio Xiowest P r e m iu m is $ 2 .1 0 , 15.00 to par- riossi------------------ - '''**\'* chance ASoncl participates in four drawings each ■yWi kyitiil it baa. drawn one of the following prex&irtms. # 1 0 0 . 0 0 0 . S50. $100. $200 $300, $500. $1,000, $3,000 $5,000. $10,000, $35,000, $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 . TboBonfla Uped by the Industrial ExMbi* xion Uo.a are a odpy or the xjuropean dovemmeiiii The Bonds are a safe investment, PEOFLE OF SMALL MEANS Can find no hotter or safer investment. No chance oflous^ A Ibrtune may be-acquired* I»lC rB O JaA S E N O W . 2 I o w - t Q J P x u r o l x a s e , : or D i^ o r enoEse'lffe^Mk^s GBYSTAL PAIAOE. be proud of. RECOLLECT, York. $ ' ? s 6 . o o o . pleif^iteelfnotto mako^pu^^^^ company $ 5 will buy a *' wnoie JBona Each Bond-holder is regarded a s an honorary All -------- micaiionf s i f S i n i S S : ^ _ 12 E ast IVtb street. New York City. jj )60 Will purohase 13 Fiaotionsi AND S t e n c ii P l a t e s A Fisjo Oermsn Silver K ey Check, w ith name and Post Office Address, o r place ox residence* -wllliict sent by mail, iree oFcliarge. oiii:«)BiBtof 2 Boent 8 . gersra, c a rrriua toys, should have ouo Clothll ^ it by maU on receipt of Q( to write name very plaii Orders may he left with W . CASWELL. Eaq.. at the Post Office, or MAX. MYERS, at Ali- nmn’i^Hotel^H^rkimer.and wiU rMeiye w o mpt Oct. 19.1875. Herkimer. N .Y . TJUY your TICKETS via the C/cticA- -L* GO &SrOKTB-WB8IBRW RAIt-WAT for SfcAJS- iB 'iaA J S -O X S O O , DalL._.. wankee? PaulTSu] Wnrren, viucuat^uumiue. sioux t!uy. xanx- p f s s a s s s s a e appointments are flrst-claes in every respect. H e w A d v e p t l s e m e t t t s , A.J.BQX.niAI S h o r t ARTHUR^S delpbia. P a. DRUGS and PATENT MEDIOIl. , ular and best patent Medicines of the oi S a S S S S . i S f f i f S ' Hill, M , Tati Ini, M ' l l l i i l Ifc, H * M l Jil u- ict27w4 \M Cairtole O u g r t . • P P t ’V ^ 3 R O W 3 S r = » « P ^ X U O T T m . IINES: Pure Wines and hfonors, for Medieinal use t all the pop- »f tbo d(«r sold ; Physicians’ Prescriptions qaroMIy Corapoflnded A large stock of , S H e l f a n d . S e a v y H a r d w a r e , X,oc 3 s:s, 3BC b g I> s , B u tts, H i n g e Screws, &c., &c. CARPENTERS AND BUILDERS’ TOOLS, CARRIAGE MAKERS’ GOODS, U'Ahs, S j ioh e s , T*elloes, ShaFts, JPples a n d G litte r Stuffi B l a c k s m i t h s ’ G o o d s , : Iron and Steel Ware. Shoes, Horse Na^ta^^lM.^Springs. and all other goods in this lino. All S o ttoni P rices, aiui G u aranteed as Solcf, I h MKNSS SFC0«9S1 49,000 OF SHE OKinniNE ' L W i t N q > ^ r r M l COUGHS, COLDS, HOARSENESS. AND ALL m&AT DISEASES, X J S B WELLS* OARBOUC TABLETS. PliX UP ONLY IN B L U E BOtXfiS. A Tried and Sure Remedy. For aalo by druggists generally, and WM. F . KLUBEK fc t0«) oot!^7w4 M E W Y C B K , THE” TEMPLE 6^ FASKIdN, No. is Moben’s Block, ILION, N. Y. A H ew CUSTOM TAIliOKING, ^ADY fflADE CLOTHING A N X > - BENTS’ FlIRHISHtNB COODS ESTABLISHMENT. Everytliifli I f i t StjM! PRICES THE LOWEST 1 JOM L. MANT, Manage?. M t m a m m o t h S T O R E r 18^7 JUSTRECllvm ALAEQESTOOKOP' ' C I I Q I C I ! J A P A W , C I R C M I V A M J » O O I ^ O J ^ O T P A S l - ' - ' To he sold at Prices to Suit Buyers, Don't fail to call before hnying. A new stock of N e w O r l e a n s a n d P o r t o R ic o M o ­ la s s e s a n d S y r u p s . N«w ?BEN 0 H PRUNES, RAISINS, CURRANTS, CITRON anlOANNEB FRUITS, &. 0 ’ Standard A, Cut Loaf, Pow d ered and G ranulated Sugars, at Lowest Market. Prices. FRESH COFFEE, GROUND DAILY. BREAKFAST COFFEE, only 25 cents per pound. W W I S S B O A T GarUREAT VARDROBE. PEOPLE’S U lfE lO B I S T E W ' s y o k k : At 8 o’clock P.M. T H E S T B A M B R S ST. JOHN, Capt'.'OHRXSrOPHSS, MONDAYS. WEDNESDAYS, and FRIDAYS. , anu UAiJu&XiS. ana SATUllLIAiCi. A t 8 o ' c l o c k IP - M ., O f o n a r f i v a l o f H u d son E i v e r '^ . B . T ickets Good for Passage, iKelndiag Stste Soom Borth, ThcBe B o a ts will connect w^th the T rains « f N . ^ C. K , M .tA . Oa S. U .E .,a n d R . as ALL OHEOKED BAGUAUB TBANSPEBEBD TREE, AS USUAL. EBiElGHT TAKEN AT MODEBATE 'R.A'nr.pi For Particulars, apply at the Office. 283 and 285 Broadway, Albany. Albany, June* 18Y5. • apl21tf Js TV's Iff ABOOUBiTr Agent. G E O . H . G E A Y , MAIN STHEEt, HERKIMER, V , W e F A I d M E K , J r f i ■ ; M a la S t., M ^ U m e r , Nl V . H 4S- <1 o S , 1 5|i i ty O.S I S-gi-* S £ | « 1 1 1 <8 o - J.S.STEWAET&SON MANUEAOTURBES OF CARRIAGES AND SLEIGHS, INear Couvt Honee, Itlain $treet, ‘ J E I e r ia x A e r , 3V. TT. H'^HE subscribers are prepared to A. MANUFACTUBB . a n d jBCearvy . WAfiONS, CARRIA 6 ES AND JS X ^ D B X C a - K ^ TO ORDER, and as they use the BEST MATB- BIA1.S. and employ PIRST-OI.ASS -WOKK- MBN, all work will be warrantod. They hava also a. larg e stock of K .T S A D Y - M A D E W O K K , on h w d f o r sale or exchange for second-hand Fainid'ng, Trimming and Bepairing ^ M v A t t h e shortasinotioe. CrilaudSea. cs u s 61 - - 1 11 S ill H f t g J 0 ^ S S rr n ' l f ' H '= I a I t> 1“ 4 g \ o j I I QQ * S I S r O T l O B a GBiA! REDnCTlOB IN FARES BY THE PEOPLE’S LINE STEAMERS. , On and after Oot. ISt, 1876, First-Class Faro to Kew York, ONE DOLLAK, DEOKBASSASE p 'ip a ? 'sr O B i T T s . S fate'H o o m s W a rm e d B y Steam . leaveSteailioatUif Daily! Except Sandey. At S P. M, octSwl I J, y« EABOOURT, Ageat, -teriai nJ HOW m England. The __ ; into papeti and evea in tbe» ' m ills i s m a d e available , production of “ silk” hats; stair * ■ ’ ‘ ’ *ght colors, are aetu- itance for six cents waste fibre li the dustfeoT . production v,arpets, painted in brig! ally made of this subste— - ird, and coarse but serviceable bed up in Oundee\ alone, last year, Teaching 100,000 tons. The produce of jute is said to be five times as much, as that of fiax \ the length of fibre is frequency twelve feet, and as it is now bleached to snowy whitenesi, its uses are greatly multiply: C ase op H oksbb .—^Theliondon Morse Book says: All horses must not be ted in thflEsam® proportion, without regard to their ages, their constitution and their; work; because the impropriety of snob a practice is self-evident. Yet it is con­ stantly done, and is the basis of disease of eveiy kind. Never use bad hay on ac­ count of the cheapness, because there is no proper nouiisluneot in it. Back feed­ ing is wasteful. The better plan is to feed with chopped hay, from a manger, ■ ifoodis “ _____ - J in it, because it is pleasi^ to the animal’s taste and more easily digest­ ed. ‘ A tea^qonfui of salt in a bucket of water is sufScienfc. iS h A new swindle upon &rmem has been discovered- A well dressed man Stops at a farm house and engages ascom- modarion fbr a drove of sheep and a man who drive* them, The-sheep and d^er 5ome along the next daj fo r St. Paul and ffllane *p«us. Two through trains daUy. witb Pnllittaji3PaIacaCara attached on both trains. For Greea Bay a.od lake Superior, Two trains, daily, with P ’^Umah Palace Cars attached, and running throv.gh to Marquette. fo r MUwauk <e«, fou r through tralus dally. Pullman Gars on night trains. fo r Wluoua^^aod points in Minnesota, One tbrottgb tram daily. For Dnhnqne, via Freeport, Two throngh trains daily, w ith Puilman Cars on night train. Fcr Dnhnqne and La Crosse,* v ia Clinton, Two through trains daily, with Fullman Cars on night train. For Sioux City and Yankton, Two trains aily. pnUman Gars to Missouri Talley Juno. For Lake Geneva, Fear trains daily. F o r R o c k f o r d , S t e r l i n g , K e n o s h a , J a n e s v i l l e , and other points, you can have fifom two to ten trifins daily. PULLMAN PALACE CARS. These celebrated cars are run on all night ^ a ins on all the lines of this road. They are ran Chicago and Omaha. Chicago and Cedar B ap- ids. ChiCMo and Dubuque, via Clinton. Chi­ cago and Freeport. Chicago and Marquette. Chicago and Green Bay. Cbioago and Milwi fcee. Chicago and St. Paul. This is the Only L ine running these ears be­ tween Chicago and St. Paul or Chioago and Mil­ waukee. AtOmi miLSloi It point All Ticket Agents sell tickets by this route. W. H. STEllllEn, MAMimmwTT. Ueneral S aperinteadent. apl7m9 aOOB PAY FOB AGEHTS. Out of the Hurly Burly/’ over almost every page, and feel better fo r it af- hedger- “ As comical as a nything ever written by Tom Hood.”—PA*7«. Evening Bulletin. ” I n ­ imitable.”—Lou*»t)i««£«(feer. “ F tilloftherioh- est humor-”—Toledo Blade. *' Contains food for m irth enough to defy all the wrmkled earO o f Chriatoadom.”—Hroofcivn. Argue. Has nearly 4fl0 fine original engravings, and, being lowin pnoe. get the smirUe. Address MACLEAN Ob e v . f Philadelphia. Chicago, or Ciocumati, (whicherorJiiiearestatQUJ ---- r:.: xeSti32w8 * The haathe ___ i house affbxda, and slips off the next Morning without paying his hill. Th« ehsep and drivei' nevor appear, of couHse. are to come along the next day. pretendad agent stops over night, has best fare the house affords, and siipi J A C O B H . W B B E E t , A T T O M B J I E Y A J F X . A W . U N D E E T M I N G A SFE Q IA L IT Y - W M . S . H O W B L I j HAIN STREET, HERKIHER, T S prep a r e d to fa r n ish . e v e r y t h in g X appertaining to the burying of the dead; O O l J ' H ' I l S ' S . O A S E E T S , ROBES, U N I N G , AND OUTSIDE TRUSniHGS, Of any desirable style or maferial. Partioul attention paid to the PRESERVING 0 I ;TE_ BEAD, and ip condnotiug funerals in aoootd- ance with the wishes of the Mends of deceased persons. Agent for J. C. Sheeler’s Hetalb Burial Cases, or Caskets. Wreaths, Oressos, and. Cut Flowers furnished rh«n desired. .taa22^ HENRT UOLDBIRU, TIE PRACTICAL e p P ) T N F d R M S T H E E T IB L I C T H A T A he is supplied with a Large and Choice Stock of FALL AND WINTER G O O D S, And a Large and Complete istOok o f GENTS’ JUBNISfflNG G0ffllS.l He Guarantees to C U V E S S-AJ3DIS: i B'^<3’3PI<>TW To e&ch and every one of hiG customers. ■ A FIRST-CLASS FIT Is also Euaranteed in any of the L A T E S T S T Y L E S . 3B X .O C K ;, ' ' ! A lbftny S i r e e h , H e r k i m e r , 8 . Y. SEPTEMBER. 1875. - . elptlmS STOCK OF GOODS, CONBIfiTIIfa OP C H O I C E F A M IL Y 6R0GERIE8 AliD PROVISIONS^ CHINA, CROCKERY, GLASS & S T O NEW ARE, WOODEN WARE, &c„ &c. Choice CigarB & Tobacco. BELLINGER & GETMAN, ' ’ SUCCESSORS TO o o i i o o . hft ?0 parchaeed the BOQT A F P SHOE STORE, 4 Doore North ASf t h e Pci^tdfflcef ______ ,„'0]^STAND® ---------- - e to reoeive a good ehare » f the public CENTS’ FINE CALF ROOTS, Boys’ C a lf B oots. LADIES’ FIN S SHOES, HdEi«sets* HPine S h o e s CHLILONENS’’ SH O e 9 . and In fact any thing in bur Hue C h eaper than A n y w h ere E lse. -ear'C!v6ii»acal!. Rtoolleet, only lour door* from j&e Foiteffiee. ; iuneSOtf C . M A L L I R Y , PBAOTIOAL SLATEB. AND DEALER IN Welch and American Slate o f alW ahrs, (3 I , A T E fa r n id i e d «Q d l i a i J A t B e « O duoed Prices- Oodd q u ality p f - - Vermont Slate famished and laid a s cheap aaShinglee. BUST ov B*y***irc* orrxx ir acQumD. BdirM M er,Eir . jnwr2Stf WEST STREET HOTEL, * Hog. ^ 42 , Aa dk 44 West St., isroaw -^cysciSL. A Tem p e r a n c e H o u sei ON T U B K U R O F E A N F L A N . in mm: w . H . P R o w s e , H E R K IM E R . k Y . , DEALER IN , ■ I . ■ DRUeS AND MEDICINES, PURE WINES AMR UQUORR, OBOeKEBZ,- ------ - GLASS WABE, WINDOW GLASS, . WOODEN Wilffi, STONE W4.BE, GRDGERiES & PROVISIONS. •w . s . ATTORNEY AND COUNSELLOR AT L a W SURVEYING Done at Short Noffoo. asr- r s r . It* Om?* OF Mm Si*HT. aovltf ri.Z : L n . . z : . . l i . M O P O R O W g P S , A T T g H T g O N L y A L W C B S & E B N S T (SUOCgSSOMO T J.S. W. BBOWW.) COMMISSION MERCHAMTS HOPSttMAtT, 49BEOAnWAY,KBWYO*K»i - i SOUFaWAXtik S-TRSTy BOHDON^BNC either market. - • ’ .:,:REFERENCEg.. ' Wx. B. SoODWiK, Esq., Cashier WateryiUe Nat, DREW, pt.s. j.B o ; TUESDAYS. THUESDAYS. - and SATURDAYS. JU K E OVEKCOATS- Slegemt Press Suits, Heavy Winter Clothing. Stont Working Suits. Kingsley’s Great W ardrobe. be due upon said niort- - ----- ..17.40 of interest, and that said sum IB th e whole amount of said mortgage, both pnnoipal and interest remaining unpaid. Now. tnerefere, noboe as hereby siTen that by virtue o iM ^ ^ w e r w^sirtecontaiaed in said mortg F ot ^ “ AlTthat C«rto4 Johnson’s tract,\^nd lorn ^number™ 7 ^Md“s to Ann Johnson’striiot, insaid town of Salisbury, comniejieir** from t i e y. ter a t the s< number 80^1 B R . F L I N T S QU^K£fl BITTf RS, ; , . COMPOSED Of roots ; BARES AND MBBS, -THE GBEAI lLQabFURIFIER£of the HAY.— ftESTlIRilie ViTALITY AND IIIIR^Y. ^ M o t h e r s an d M a id e n s wUV find the ^ u a k e r B i t t e r a i safe and reliable remedy, in all cases of ill- E B A t > Y E E L l E P by taking one bottle of QUAKER BITTERS. PREPARED BY Br,.H. S. FLINT & CO. AttfeirUreatMedioslDepot, PROVIDENCE, If. L B'O.K SA X .E E y E R 3 r X V a i:jK .E . ' ■' tDl28vl YOUTH>S SU ITS, BOYS’ SCHOOl. SUITS, CHILDREN’S CLOTHING, Kingsley’s Great W ardrobe. AN IMMENSE STOCK OF WEAPPESS ASB DRAWEES. OARDiaAH JACKETS, and all kinds of Fumishing Goods, Kingsley’s Great W ardrobe. G r o o d s a t : AL o y t ^ P r i c e s EQUAL TO CUSTOM WORK, AT gRE-ifALFtHE60ST. PRISES MARXES IN PLAIN FiBHRES. . ONE PRICE TO ALL, K i n g s l e y ’s G r e a t W a r d r o b e , 110 a n d U a Genesee S treet,U ifca, N. Y . Bko Storing oia the north fia“ o ^ a iT l^ mm- I* th®*ic®,'weEtex]y along the north line of iidlotsnnm b e riT a n a sto the northeast cor- Br of Isaac Sheldon’s land on said lot number I thence southerly along the line of said Shel- 5n S laud to the north line o f said lot number - -* * *“*1° westerly along said north line to the northeast corner of a certain one and one-fourth *®S®- convoyed by Isaac Sboldbn to Rhoda M..Shetdon, n , the northwest corflor o f ?»id lot line of said’let number 30“to'th™OOTite7<»f^^^ aforesaia highway; thence easterly along the sameto the place of bosinning, containing 35 acres onand, be the same more or less. Except­ ing and reserving from the foregoing described parcel One acre of land in the southeas' thereof, former^’' Amned'kv iha ..:- m u ! ! ! ! n ? TAKENOTIGEi J O I I M. METZGER Is tftill the P roprietor of the HEBHISEaSTGVE DEPOT! And keeps constantly on h and Tin, Sheet Iron, Copper-Ware, Load Pipe, Cistern Pumps, floiiowware,. l^d^eveiwaxtogto Ttoner’e ime- He is ready T I N H O O F IN G ! S « g P € 3 l V r 3 E S * H e is lust now selling a g reat many .G r a p h ic R a n g e s , G raphic Parlor Stoves, And istke ONLY MAN to HerkimeSf wLo sells T H B ¥ S W ^ F I E l CO O K STO V E . J ^ r i l on h im ^.^ Herkimer, N. Y. c ' I * ! BRONSON,MOBCAN& Co. M il, Wilslarra, Httslon ffld M aiaia, l t t o i e t s a | ? « A $ a .le . ______ „_.' 6 s.on page — on the 16th day of January, 1868, at 9 hours A. M. And, vrhereas, the amount claimed to be due upon said mortgage a t the time o f the first publication of this notice is the sum of fotirteen hundred forty-nine dollars, to wit: 8800.09 prin­ cipal and $649.00 interest, and the whole amount claimed to be unpaid on said mortgage is the sum of four thousand thirty-nine dollars. Now there­ fore notice is hereby given that by v irtue o f tbe power of sale contained in said mortgage, and duly recorded as aforesaid, a nd in.pursuance of the Statute in such case made and provided, the said mortgage will be foreclosed by a sale of the premises thereto described, a t public auction, a t the hotel kept by Frederick Webster, in the town of Bussia, to said county oE Herkim'br, on. the 5th. day of January, 1876. a t ton o’clock i n the fore­ noon of thatd^.. The said premises are described in said mortgage substantially as follows: All ; hat ttoct or parcel of land situate in, the town of ____ 3 and No; 24, con- ---------------------------------- J, b a the same more or less, with the same reservation as to coal mines as contained to the deed by Jacob 'WaltoU to Charles A, Mann of the above land, dated Octo­ ber lst,1831, andreoorded in the Herkimer Coun­ ty Clerk’s office to Book No. 25 of deeds, a t page 436. Also, one other piece of land situate in the M i l l GD. imncii mm, ; AT MOHAWK, N. V. C o m p a n ies R ^ r e s e n ted Havinc ® 6 0 , 0 0 0 , 0 0 0 ,000 000 « o ld 10 Do. LIVERPOOL, LONDON A N D G L O B E . _ _ ____ ROYAL, of Liverpool... 10,000,00( jSTNA, of Hartford, Es­ tablished 1819, ............ 6,000,000 •NORTH AMERICA, of Philadelphia, 1794,. .. 3,000,000 PENN. EIRE, of Phila­ delphia. 1825 .......... - 1.000,000 H A N O V E R , o f N . Y o r k , 886,000 itness and ■eoegupy 'W ^Equitable Life Assurance Society, oS York, in the eztantandmagnitndeofitsbnsi ^-urpassineany other company iu the world. m s £ The Traveller^a L i fe a n d A c e i4^U Insurance, of Hartford, Cash Assets 1^,260.900. For Insurance in any of th* ahove. apply to 8.E.OOE, CoxxBB OP M bik xxd OrsiBO-S ubsets . may21yl 3^d:03CA .-W :B :. 3XT. \ST. Iron and Steel, Sprip, Felloes, fists, Speles, &e. JUST ADDpL TO MY STOGEl, AND SOLD AT B o ttom P r i c e s !! innel6m6 n. W -PA L M E R J r . I T a b i * m t o I ^ e t w fPHE undersigned will let to a good A tenant, to be werked on shares, a Farm of 27 X Acres, Situate at Cleveland, Osyrew 'Oounfr. for one year o r more. The buildings ,»nd soil a re good. The farm is located about IJCnulcs from post office, and Midland B. B. Depot, and is well adapted for raising grain of all kinds, and fob grass. No nows to' be let ■with the farm. Sep22if mayselicithisBSsistsnce, Hiseffi M ain Street, Little Falls, wherehemaybeoonsnlted os Monday of each a t 9 o’clock. A. M.; and whereas the amount claimed to be due upon said mortgage at the time o f the first publication, of this notice js the sum of 1 ^ .84. which is the wholeamonntclaim ed to be nnmtid on said mortgage. Now, there­ fore, notice is hereby given that by virtue of the power o f sale contained in said nm m ago and D ttU A B u n .m u n ttB n di u o . nSAL ittOUtd BEST COALS i« scribed in said mortgage substantially as follows: The north part of lot No. 132, to the second allotmeut o tthe Royal Grant, containing abont a m allotmcntdeedM by Didymns Thomas to Uharles E. Johnson and Amos Ives, and by Charles H. V.,. ----- —^ Joieph Nichols, containing about toon, AttOTn^. Mortgagee. .;est 3 chains and 35 ighway^jthenep south links; theneb south 71° 15Tw< links; thence north 17° 15' w( links to the centre of the h ig h ..„. ____________ 72° 45' west along the centre of the highway 6 chains and H links; thence north 38° east? chains and 57 links totheplace of beginning, containing three acres and twenty-six perches of land, he the same more or lesa; excepting and reserving e acre owned by Reuben Bounds, one acre Tied, by ^«ozn& ±5.ou.xL<is, three a«res ovsnaed by ixaniift M. Inert, and tweotj’-eight reds of .„ud owned by Luctoda Stow, leaving about mnety-eigUt acres of land, and being the same land herotofore deeded to the said Albert W. Bray ton by one Anios Beebe. Bated October 13tb. 1875. ALBERT 17. BRAYTON, Mortgagee. IN H owe , Attorney. JEitefei’ee’a S a le in. I*artitioti- Q T T P i l E M E C O T J K T —^ H e k k i m e k UOotnfT'V.—AndrewSobooley and FmmaSeboo- ley« his vrife, a>^lnst BAsbry -Svazis* Caroline Flatts. James L.BctiooIey. Edward EiSobooley and Fiizabeth Sebooiey. his wife. In pursuance of a n order of the Supreme Court made in the above entitled action, dated the 11th day of Oc­ tober, 1875, and entered to the County Clerk’s office of Herkimer county on the 12th day of Oc­ tober, 1875, the undersigned. Beferee in Parti­ tion, will sell a t public auction, to the highest bidder, a t the front steps of the Court House to the village of Herkimer, on the 26th day o f No­ vember, 1875, a t 10 o’clock A. M. o f that day, a ll stothepTaOt-- aoreaGne hundred and forty more or lessv X,atedO c ^ b e ^iato,m 7 5 ^ B abl , S mith A B howx , Pit Supreme CouFtM***HFkiMf 7 6 Cosuty* TAMES A. MtJRFiHT, > V against HENKY S. CONKLIN, et. al. j By virtue of a judgment of foreclosure and sal© ' made in the above entitled -action on the 22nd day of June, 1868, the subscriber will sell a t the honseofTheodoreKasstog.to thetown of Ohio. Herkimer County, N. Y., on the 1st day of De­ cember, 1875. a t 1 o’clock P .M . o f that day the mortgaged premises directed .by said judgment to be sold and therein described a s follows: A ll tbat certain piece or parcel of landsitnate in the town of Ohio, county of Herkimer, and being part of Great Lot N o- 78, Of Romsenborgh P a te n t bounded as follows: Beginning a t a point t o t h e ' north boundary of said Great L o t at a distance of 16 chains and 75 links from the N W comer o f ' said l o t; thenbe S 15 ° E parallel with the boun­ dary of said great lot, a distance of 63 chains, to the center o f West Canada C reek: thence back to tbe placeof beginning^ tbence N. 75° F .a long the northerly boundary of said great lo t a ffis- tanee of 15 chains, to a stakes flience S. 15° B. parallel with the boundary o f said g reat lot, a distance of 71 chains, to the center o f said creek; thence down along-the center of said creek to the place of the termination oi the first above de­ scribed boondary Itoe. confatoing one hundred md five acres, be the same more or less. Being he same joremises deeded to said deft., Henry S. 'onkling, by Geo. B. Perkins, Trustee, ike. June - ft. 1864. Dated Oot. 13.1875. VOLNEY b a t o n . Sheriff. ^ By M abous H kubibim , Deppfrr Sheriff, W. C. P bkscox ®, Attorney for PI ff. Notice to Creditors. pXJRStTANT to an order of Amos A H. Prescott, Surrogate of H erkimer county, notice is hereby tdveu according to law, to BlI pemons having claims o r demands against the estate of William H a rter, late o f the town oF Herkimer, in said eojtoty,AoceBaed, to present Ihe same ■«nth the vouchers lu support thereof, to Margaret Harter one o f the subsoriben, id - m inistratnx of the Estate of the said deceased, at h er residence to the town o f Herkimer toM ia county, OB o r before the second day o f Decem- bernext. Dated the28ft day o f May, 1875, MARGARET HARTER. Admickritrix. HARVEY J .GBKTM AN. Administrator. Notice to Creditors. T > T JB S IJA N T to an o rd e r o f A m o s J* H. Prescott, Surrogal© e f Herkimer connly, otice is hereby f a copy of your answer on the subssriber, a t his office in the village of Amsterdam, New York, within twenty days after the service of ihissum - \ ipon you, exclusive of the day o f service. U S H E H s & l S £ s S ootsow?

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