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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, July 07, 1875, Image 2

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THE WBDNESDAYWI^y 5^ iS7S. BEPUBLICASr W B A N GLES. A ll is nofc lovely in the thinned ranks o f tka opposition. Soino p f the Grant paper denounce others hecause the latter have the independence to say what it thought as to the Presi­ dent’s thM term letter; the Albany Express renominates Canal Co in mis- Bioner Stroud, while the U tica Herald says that if he should be nominated the ticket would deserve d e feat; the Bufialo Oommsrcial intim a tes that Comptroller H o p k ins would be wil­ ling to accept a renomiaation, and the Albany Express Yery plainly esr presses its disgust at such a statement. The State Conventions this year promise to be interesting, TSE SOTJTHEEIT NEGfiOES. The only newspaper in Mississippi that is edited by colored men pub­ lishes an article in which it asserts that the time has come for the colored people to take a new departure, cut loose from the political adventurers who, while professing all sorts o f friendship for the negro voters, only u s e th e m to a c c o m p l i s h their Sinister designs, and join in with men o f char* acter and respectabiliiy in the com­ m u n ity, who are bound to the soil of the state by ties stronger than offices and political emolument. The color­ ed voters in the south are learning that their self-constituted leaders are as selfish as they are unprincipled, and that they cannot impoverish the whites by their schemes o f public robbery without inflicting equal in­ ju r y on the blacks, whose interests are inseparably connected with those o f their white neighbors. It w ill not be long before the influence o f the carpet­ baggers over the blacks in ail the southern states w ill be gone, and then the colored voters will naturally seek the advice o f the best class, o f white citizens ju regard to tbs choice of public officers, as they now look to the same class for counsel and assist­ ance in the ordinary rffairs ot life. A CusrosiTY.— K in g K a lakaua o f the Sandwich Islands will send his feather cloak to the centennial expo­ sition at Philadelphia, next year.-— than any other that will be on exhi­ bition. Its manufacture was menced o ver a hundred years ago, un­ der the auspices o f some of the ances­ tors o f Kam ebam eha, the first king o f the ietande, and upward of fifty years of time was required for its complej> tion. It is made of the feathers of a peculiar species o f bird—each bird furnishing only two feathers, one from under each wing. In size the cloak is a little over a square y ard, and-its color i i a golden yellow. I t used to be worn by the king on State occa­ sions; bat o f late years it serves only to adorn the reception room of the palace. IS^In the year 1825 the people of % country parish in Yirginia wrote to Dr. Xtice, who was then at th e head o f a theological seminary, for a mioiatsr. They wanted a man of first rate tal­ ents, for the congregation needed building up. T h e y wanted an edu­ cated man, for some of their young people had literary tastes. They want­ ed a man willing to visit a great deal, which the -former minister had neg­ lected to do. H e m u st also be a gen­ tlem a n , and lastly he m a st not expect more than S400 a year, though i f the incnmbent just salted the people they might possibly raise the salary to $450. The Doctor answered immediately, telling them they had better make out a call for D r . D w ight in heaven, for he did not know that any one in this world who would answer their de­ scription; but as D r . D w ight had lived for several years on spiritual food, he m ight not need so much for the body and possibly could live on $400 & year. THE END! The Tilton-Beecher Jury Tfk- chaxgefll B eooelyisj , July 2. A t l l i l T this morning the jury came into Court which was d ensely crowded, and stated that they were unable to agree, when th e y w e re d - s c h a r g e d . The Jury Stood nine to three in fa­ vor of acquittal. THE DETAILS. N ew Y oek , J u ly 2. The corrido and passages o f she Brooklyn cii court-room were crowded from i rly hour this morning and reet in froi filled with people. the Jury had sent a note to the Judge stating that St was impossible for them to agree, The Judge returned answer that he would he. down at 10 o’clock, and would then send for counsel and com­ municate with the jury. A t that hoitr H is Honor came. There were then, assembled in th e Court nearly the same group of Plymouth pbople as yesterday. Mrs. Beecher came in* with Deacon Howard. A ll standing room in the Court was occupied by 11 o’clock. Ten minutes after that hour Judge N e ilson entered the Court and was followed by Lawyers Forter, ncill an<‘ ~ treat in front o f the court-house was illed with p A t an early houi he jury had tbeir breakfast and thei B A I W A T AG019EHT. GoUision on Tbng Igland.--]£a3ty od and Wounded. N ew A — A t 2 oM ock this p. M,, a collision occurred on the Sonthside railroad, near F a r Roeka- way, between trains going east and west, by which two passenger trains were smashed, seven persons killed and about twenty others injured. LATEE. Dispatches arriving from the scene o f th e disaster at F a r Roekaway i So far as can be learned is a 1?^ uji !>uu a m u u u> i j u u o a i u , ouiiductor, residing at Floahiog; Mr. Hartmann, Jeweler, corner o f Broadway and Sec- uroaaway, xjrooKiyn, m r. x-nrer, of 221 North Second street, Brooklyn; Mr. Kehoe, 71 New Chamber street. New York ; Mr. W illiam Bradley, 23 Maiden Lane,. Among the killed mknown men. The following Shearman. A b b o t t , H i ll and T racy for d efendant and Morris and Pearsall for plaintiff. Ushers Caldwell and Murray bustled around finding seats for members of Plymouth Church. A t seventeen minutes past eleven the jury filed slowly into court, look- ing as though they had passed a less and sleepless night, and tOOB s ^ t s in the jury box, and their names were called. In reply to the query of the Clerk, “ Gentlemen of th® jury have you agreed upon ft verdict ?” Foreman Carpenter replied: “ W e have not, Your Honor; we regret ve­ ry much that we find it impossible to agree.” Judge Neilson. stated that he had learned as much by the note he re­ ceived from the jury early, this morn­ ing, which informed him that in their opinion they should be discharged, as they could not agree and some of their number were suffering in health. ed them in now, ment he could do so, giving to coou sel and others an opportunity of bein present. As they were about to seps rate, he would like them to carry away kindly recollections, and, so far as they could, remove whatever cha­ grin they felt at being detained so long. H e wished them to recollect that not until yesterday did they sug­ gest that they could not agree,' and that the suggestion .came from their foreman signed by eleven, and accom­ panied by another from^one juror who thought that an agreement was possi­ ble. W bile he had perfect regard for and confidence in the opinion of the- eleven and the explanation of the foreman, be thought eomething Wft9 due to the twelfth jurymau who sent the note praying that they should not be discharged. His Honor had some­ thing on his mind yesterday at four o’clock, and he allowed that juryman (Taylor} to d evote his tim e in bringing ttbout an agreement so far as he could. He learned from the note just sent and4hat the disagreement was in re­ ference to the weight of testimony and credibility of some of the witoesses, and it appeared to His Honor and ev­ ery person conversant with the case that it was impossible for him to help them by any suggestions in reference to weight o f testimony, or credibility o f witnesses. N o t even in his charge could he find means of helping them on that point. The weight o f testi­ mony rested with the ju r y , f t was for them to say what witnesses they could believe and what they could not. The Court had no thought to interfere. H e was glad to be assured the disagreement did not arise from point of attention 6fi bifl part ftom overlooking aiiy point, and God knew there were some points on which, he could do nothing. There was < point to which attention had fa io n to ta k e f u r t h e r te s t i m o n y h a d lot in any way beolouded their vision o r o c c u p ie d t h e i r t h o u g h t s d i r e c t l y o r indirectly. Foreman Carpenter assure'd Judge can be lean to the present, the following is a list o f the k illed J .* Hibbardj two unknown men. The tollowing are the names of those not likely to re­ cover; John Ataler, 550 Union street, Brooklyn ; P- W a lsh, 9 P e a r l street. New York; Thomas Eobinson, Green- point, L. I . ; Jacob New, o f the sam e place; Mrs. Pringle, 784 Greenwich street ; W m . F inn , Oyster Boy, I j . I. In a ll there are twenty-seven wounded Coroner Hicks, assisted by Dr. Aaren- bach, ia holding an inquest. There are rumors from trustworthy sources, which says that President Poppenhausen ordered the train to start. The train to Hockaway was on tim e, and the preaident o f the line made himself scarce as soon as the ac­ cident. H e was badly frightened.— The engineer and .fireman saved them­ selves by jumping from the engine,— Two o f the men who were killed were sitting beside their wives and child­ ren, who escaped without a scratch The new time table was published to­ day, which probably may account for the sad accident. The engineer states he was running ten miles«rfta hour, was heavily laden with freight and crowded with passengers. He the smoke of the coming engine whistled down brakes. Noth with­ standing this the engines telescoped. Many o f the wounded weroleft on the scene o f the disaster, while the. dead were being carried to, the nearest ho­ tels and residences. The number of killed or wounded cannot be stated, as there are some supposed to still remain in the debris, while numbers have, been taken away by their friends.— There ia g reat excitem ent and an in­ tense feeling o f indignation. Some ABB SQETS. — Beelr has gone up in Germany. It goes down in this country. — T h e government of^ China has forbidden further emigration to Cuba, — The Erie canal can celebrate Its semi-centennial on the 25th o f Octo­ ber next. - A French critic says that Amer­ ican belles display toilets ‘‘ sufficient to ruin twenty husbands.’* “ Mr. Beecher don’t act like an lan,” says one. “ No, but he acta lik e sixty,’’ answers another. A t the annual commencement of Yale College, the degree o f LL. D, was conferred on Governor Tilden. -^ A Brooklyn tailor advertises scandal suits” for gale. They are very loose, with great breadth of eholer. — Brigham Young keeps hia o.wn hand-organ, and when his soul is sad he commands cue of his satraps to grind out soft requiems. leasles and typhoid fever are raging with unabated fury in the Fiji Islands, and the mortality among thp unfortunate people is very great. ( — Near Terre Haute, Ind., Sunday, ghlning struck a school house while Sunday school was in session, severe­ ly injuring sixteen persons, some seriously. — The number o f acts o f 1875 ap­ proved by the governor (634) is twen- ty-two ksa than m 1874, and is the smallest number o f lawspaased in any year since 1864. — A s was confidently'expected pr< viously, the Am erican R ifle Teai gained the victory over the Irish rifle­ men, in the great international con­ test last Wednesday. — Mr. Tilton is growing fat. He eighs 215 pounds, and looks to be about 28 yeara old. This hut weather has induced him to consider the sub­ ject o f cutting his hair. A bloody revolt is reported in D e v a a n d vicinity, Transylvania. The peasants have uprisen against the no­ bles, and it seems as though they were getting the upper hands o f them. — The Kingston Freman, on Tues­ day, posted a bulletin to the effect that the American team had won. * B u lly for them,” said a bystander reading it, “ when did they trot?” f the faulF lies the door o f the the uu. xaetcatu waseuii uu the switch, and this does not receive much belief. The train to Bockaway had the right of way, and three minutes to run one mile. The dead are terribly mutiiated. MOEE DEAD. Another body has been recovered from the debris, that o f John H liia, real ^tate agent of Brooklyn. most a ltogether in Spain, S myrna and Sicily, is not more than a third o f what i t usually is, and shrewd specu­ lators in this country and in Euiro^ have bouuht i t a ll up for a corner i*i ibe market, For the last five months the price steadily rose from $4 50 to §9 per bushel, and feesntly it made a leap to $12. Mr. H . R . Gone, a large seed dealer a t 16, Fulton street. New York, says that th e price o f seed has a squirrel. I t retained many c habits o f its wild state, notably that o f sitting motionless for long, periods as i f asleei not been bo high iii the last twenty- was a very curious sight to watch the five years, and that there is no pros- animal skipping about the boughs as pect of its-being any lower. About une thousand busheis o f seed are con­ sumed monthly in this country and in Europe. — A s an y quantity, o f ways fi>r killing the so-called Colorado beetle is at present being suggested, we g ive the following, as advaqMd by n Tri­ bune correspondent at EZnowleSVille : “ The gathering of the potato bug seems to fall to th© lot o f children, and to any sensitive child the hand- 'iDg them with th© fingers is an ua- ileasant task. 1 suggest the following emedy: Take a common clotbes-pin Lad w h i t t l e i t o f f - a t - t h e sid e s so a s to form an easy spring and have the in­ side faces so ' t b a f at, the point they will fit into ,each other for half an inch, and you have an implement with which any one may pick up bugs k ill them or drop them B O m SIDBS IN THE JF R Y ROOM. M r. Hull, the juror who appealed to the court for protectiou from insin- uationa o f counsel, and who was for a verdlet for defendent in the scandal jury back Friday to deliberate, they sim p ly waited in their room, without discussiug the matter. H e said it was no ,u s e ; they had all made up their minds, and no more could be done. A t 4 o’clock they sent a communica­ tion tothejudgei stating they could not agree; but bis honor, much i©y . w ould be isapppinitment. H u ll - sent a personal message com­ plaining o f the hardship of having to sleep Oh the bare floor, as some o f their discharged Friday at 4 E. 3£., and was » bitter disappPln Mr. H u ll - sen t number were ill, but Judge .Neilson only made answer that they could have what bedding they wished from bis house. Before retiring for th,e T. night, which they did at 10 o’clock, one more v o te was taken, and the re^ suit was 9 for B eecher and 3 for T il­ to n .' A fte‘r^ f e a k W t,1 § ’riday morn-' ing, the jury took the last o f the fifty- two ballots which they bad cast in all. T h e result again was 9 for the de­ fendant. 3 for the plaintiff. He _ agrees that at one time the jury was Neilaon that he was right, ae he had evenly divided on the ballot, questioned many of the jury, and they Mr, Davis, while reticent as to the all told him that they had not that in standing of his companions on the told him that they their thoughts at ail. The Judge said he was mneh grati­ fied to hear that, and since they had told him they could not agree he would therefore discharge them. The Clerk then stated that they were now discharged. Juryman Thayer arose then and said that be wish“'* “ A H o e e o b 1ST U lste e C o d n i y .— The following is the substance of a story published by the New burg lele- graph yesterday. A few days ago while some boys were playing along a atream of water ruuniug through the property o f Mr. Peter Gerow, at Piatts- kill, Ulster county, they discovered a box measariHg about 24 feet eqnare and one foot in depth, submerged ia a pool of water formed by the atream and covered with flat stones. They n d t h e r e i n tn e re m a i n s o f a h u m a n standing of his companions on the jury, stated without hesitation that he had voted for Tilton from the start, not from any personal liking for the man I but because the evidence aga’\“* Mr. Beecher was too overwhelmin|_ admit o f a doubt u to his guilt, As far as his personal preferences went, he was a Beecher man, and had the ' no naw u> ojccoucji uiau, auu uau bue it to be distinctly proof against the defendant oonsisted understood that the jury did not stand merely o f Tilton’s testimony and that 11 to 1 as rumor bad it» of Joaenh Richards and Kate Carei Judge N e ilson then asked them to main seated a few minutes, as a photographer wished to take their likenesses, bat Jorymah Jeffreys ob­ jected and the Judge allowed-them to leave the Court. T h e room was then in a state of confusion, every person crowding for­ ward to have a word with the dis­ charged jury. Mrs, Beecher went forward to the railing and shook hands with each ju­ ryman as he passed her. The jury were all spoken to as to how they stood, to which they replied that they stood 9 to 8 for acquittal, but the names o f the jurors who stood on either side they had taken an oath not to reveal before they left the jury Tilton and Monlton entered the court-room a few minutes before the jury, but were unable to get to the ..... and stood near the dpor of the body in an adranfed state of deoompo- “ “ f “ “•« P™««diap eafleii • • ‘ - A s the jurym en passed into th e corn- dors and p a ssages they were pressed with questions, to which they only re­ plied with, a negative shake o f their Mrs. Beecher left the Court room with the Plym o u th throng, and the Court room was cleared o f speefcatoj©. Thus ended the Tilton-Beecher scan­ d a l suit. itimony a of Joseph Richards and Kate Carey, he would have voted for Mr. Beecher’s acquittal without leaving his seat.— The evidence o f Hr. pnd *Mr« ton, and the letteii, together i Beecher’s signal “ breakdown” under the cross-examination, had convinced him that the story told by the prose- .cution was true. H e had o ^ n lia t'ened with great pleasure to Mr. BeecherVpreaching, and in th e days previohs to the trial had entertained a high respect for theilife And teach- 8 o f the 'defendant. No sition. The newsspread rapidly, anc in an iooredibly short (im© the whole neighborhood was in a high fever of excitem ent. On farther examination of the remains, it was ascertained that they were those o f a female, judged to have been when she died about 21 yeaiB o f age. How the body came to be there is a deep mystery, yet to be solved. It, however, is much mutila­ ted, and gives strone evidence o f vio­ lence having been used lo cause deatfo N o one aniwering to th© description Is missing from that locality. An in- srestigatioxi will be h g l4 KSr Never part withonfc loving words to think o f during your abaenc©. It may be that you wUI aofe west again in life. ingsoj the defendant. N o on© bad foltmore deeply than he the loss which the downfali o f such a man would in­ volve, and it WAS Only with, the utmost reluctance th a t he had opposed his acquittal. It was no fault o f the jury that they had not reached a verdict. They had worked hard upon the case, and aged every legitimate means to bring about a nnanimons conclusiou. The ballotiogs, of which there were between fifty and sixty, had varied considerably, especially auring the first few days. A t one tim e the jury were evenly divided, and a t others the number o f votes for Hilton was re­ duced to less than three. ' ITh© listofm inorFoarthof July accidents in N e w York c ity and, vlcin? ifcy fill a column with four line para­ graphs. T h e most serious are those of two young girls, one in Brooklyn and the other in Newark, whose clothes were ignited by fire crackers, baroing them fatally. But few fires ar© reported, and none of the ueaal magnitude a t this season. — The transformation in the ti ury department at W ashipgton is now being undergone. John O. New, has assumed bis position, while Gen. Spin­ ner has bade his office and employees farewell. The money is now being counted. — B y the inundation in France, two thousand lives were lost in Toul­ ouse alone. A t least one hundred thousand persons will be dependent on public charity. Subscriptions are being taken for the relief o f the suf­ ferers throughout France. — A son of Brigham Young has graduated from the West Point mili­ tary academy, standing third in his class. It has been remarked that polygamy results in the impairment of the mental faculties-of the' offspring, but this does nOt seem to prove the theory. — There is a rumor in Catholic circles, that ft has been decided to erect a new diocese in this State, .to be known as the (diocese o f Syracuse, vicar-general o f the d iocese o f Buffalo, has been nam ed for the bishopric of the new see. — “ A bottle o f whisky sealed up for nearly a hundred years in a Port­ land chim n ey has ju s t been brought to tight.” Grant succeeded in gobbling some cigars that had been buried in Massachusetts a hundred years; and if be doen’t sigh for this P ortland relic, bis inconsistency will only be exceed­ ed by his exalted patriotism. A ‘good deal bae been said of late about a new postal card o f new design id shape which was being prepared to take the place o f the card now in use. N e ither th e Postm a ster General oor his Third- Assistant is aware of a n y dedded purpose to makesueh aebange, or o f a n y orders from proper authori­ ties for the preparation o f specimens of new\ designs. Meadow I i a k e y ^ r v a a i ,i s o n e o f the mush-room cities o f th e m ining regions. . T h e rush o f miners tp it began in 1865, and it soon became a chartered eity, with a population greater than the State capital, a stock g AWbOX- Buau BUO IB QliOCS board, city hall, a theatre, fioe hotels, and a d a ily paper. Suddenly the change in fortune came, the mines failed,and In less than eighteen months only one house in the place was oc­ cupied. — O ne day last week, as Frederick Brininger, a G erm an, livin g a t Fphra- tab, returned to his home after a day -of labor, he foan d -th a t no prepara­ tions had been made by his wifo for the evening meal. On going in the upper part o f th e hoqse he found her lying dead on a bed room floor, where she had d ied o f strangulation, through the means o f a cord she had bound round her neck. Sickness is assigned as the probable cause for her having committed the act. A g e d about for­ ty-six years. — Rev. owner of Engli Mr. Kihg, [gllsh winaini the famous „ winning race homes, w h ^ e decease caused grief to the sporting fraternity, did another queer thing ju s t before he died. H e had in hi* household a young servant girl, very pretty, am iable and devoted to him . Shortly before he died he mar­ ried h e r ; and he not only bequeathed her his very considerable fortune a n d his Stud of homes, but he arranged for her marriage with a young g entle­ man selected by himself. The nature of -the Boston drug store explosion has not been ascer* lined, and the Coroner’s ju r y -hto .^aded its fruitleas invesiigatioD. T h e verdict asserts the opinion that the disaster waa not caused by tb? burst­ ing o f a soda fountain, nor by the es­ cape and ignition of iUumlnating gas, but by some powerful explosive sub­ stance in quanity greater than is ordi­ narily kept by apotheearie*. T h e most p revalent theory ia that some-of the druggist’s employees, in experi­ menting, m ixed substances that were harmless when separate but explosive when compounded, — The keeping o f canary and other pet birds bids fair to be an expensive loxory th© coming season, ^h© Y e r y few people,, we im agine, would consent to believe th a t such an branches o f a tree.- Y e t positive proof o f th© remarkable feat has been ^kw a rd and ungainly animal as a .apgaroo should be able to traver the branches o f a tree.- Y e t posit!' given iu the Zoological Gardens, Loi don. A cage in which was eootained one o f these peculiar animals, was fitted up with a largejfcree branch such as is supplied to the Bsopards, and it and either k ill them or drop them into a vessel for. counting. A t the tame tim e i t is ju s t the thing for des- roying the cluster o f eggs found on ,he leaves. I t works admirably. — Prince Xiouis Napoleon ihown himself a plucky youth, lorrespondeut of the London G gives this acdount o f an act of h i s : “ A few days ago- Dr. RasselJ Reyc olds was being driven, in a four-wheel ed cab from CbarltoU Station, near Blaokheath. The horse becam e res­ tive and ran away, and thC position o f affairs was' critical, for not far ofi th e r e w a s a p r e c i p i t o u s U n p r o tected bank. Over this the animal wculd certainly have plunged had not its progress been stopped by the yonag Prince, who;‘happening to‘ be close ■by, sprang forward, seized th e horse fay the head, and pulled him up. The Prince, Who was* dragged along the- muddy road for a considerable dis­ tance, and was not recognized by the gentleman whose life he had thus gal­ lantly saved at th e risk o f losing his own, a n d when asked for his name re­ plied^—without, however, civin g it-;- tbat he was very glad to have been of some service, and that doubtless they would meet again.” ~ A Story of the terrible suffering o f a horse recently shipped from. Troy Y t ., is related by the to Bennington, BeQnin$;ton News. T h e autmal was put into a close box car. In which were also several carboys o f oil of vit- The a>^imal, beiii SP B C lA li KOTIOBS. A Fortune for S I . TH* Wyoming Lottery draws the 15th ani Both of eaoh month, and 4200»0-00 m CasL Sifts &r« pai<i in full* a.nd'no deductions. Gapi- tal Sift, 830.000; Second (lift, 82.5.i‘00: Third. S20.000C Pourth, SIO.OOO^ Pifth, $8.COO; Siztll, 1 July 28th. 187( .ruOOOO! Third,: Bmalter sifts, th vhioh IS ^aid to and* e ac^^^ram n e is supervised by the legal authorities. An oflSicial list of drawn numbers, sent *'y mail to tiekot holders as soon as publish­ ed. Tickets for either aro $1 each. 6 for $5. 2b for. i20. Agents wanted : Jllustyaied Times.sent free to eyeryhody. containing fall particulars. Tick­ ets sold u p to the h our o f drawing. Address. ADUEN & CO.. 79 N assau Sx., N ew Y ork . mayl2in3 o preservation. T h e d a rk brown color o f the fur bears so close a re­ semblance to the hue of the branches that even when the anim a l is in ~ IM P O R T A N T T O C O W S tJM P T I Y B S * . A Gentlem an having been so forto- Local Agents W a n ted! n A g e n t W anted for. e a c h T o w n ind County in th e United Statee- Parties desiringr to act as ageuts must .aecoin- Q-ny th e ir a p p lication by aX^ttex 0 / recozhmon- iiatioa as to character aad responsibility from and slsped. by the-Editor of a newspaper pub- l ia the town or coanty for which esenfc >ses to act. The asency 4s to sell the bonds of the Industrial Exhibition Company, Whole Bonds $20 each. Half « « Quarter 5 “ The Indnstrial Exhibition Company will fur­ nish agents with Circulars, etc,, etc. cage, and the observer knows .where to look, he will not at-once discrimi- feottons pfftheThroat theTDhyj^ft and Lungs, and win send look, he w ill not at-onc e discrim i­ nate between the tree a n d the animal, •its habit of stillness will, therefore, Account for its preservation from the eyes of enemies, while its ezeeetiing Quickness and agility in motion wifi enable it to escape from almost any foe except man. ; F a s h i o n a b l e S m u g g l i n g . — T h e Treasury Department is taking meas­ ures to break up the system o f fash­ ionable sm u g g ling which for years has prevailed at N e w York. Passen­ gers on the ineomiiig steamers are in the habit o f concealing in their* tranks large^ amounts o f _ costly fabrics, on which there is a heavy duty. B y ouiiiu* uuuKu», uuius> uuu^uuiyuuiii u>uu an fectioDS Q and und ^ ill sena ADEB, 32 L iberty St., New York. . , „ juneZmo Obstacles to Marriage- H atj ^ y R elief fok Y o w a M en from, the effects o f Errors and Abuses in earls life. Manhood restored. Impediments to Mar riage removed. New method of treatment.— New and remarkabler remedies. Booksand Cir- cularasent free, in sealed envelopes. Address. HOW ARD ASSOCIATrON, 419 N . Ninth St.. Philadelphia. Pa.—an Institution having ahigh reputation for honorable condnot and profes­ sional sIdlL • may26yl .representing these goods as a part o f their personal apparel, and by brib­ ing the reveu m officials, thay' suc­ ceed in getting theg© goods through the custom-hquse duty B e e . H ereaf­ ter a rigid examination hud valuation o f baggage is to he made at the cus- ■tom-house, w i t b fo r f e i t u r e in case o f in&repreaentation a s to the charaeter or value o f th© conten THE BAIRY MARKET. Lii’i’i,® 1AI.L3. July 3.1875. tot was held oaSsCturday, J 3, as Monday yaa set itpart to be celebrated, proved to be a*i)ad day for salesmen as eve The. cheese market was held o ; was exceedingly,lingly. dull.l. l day for salesmei dul 'The It nuittber Of T H I1A L E O T Y E 8 1 II0& I A ll species o f Worms are quick­ ly destroyed and expelled by Dr. 0. Phelps Brown’s Male Bern Vermituge. I t is the onlj '1 the world that will k ill every va ms., and none of them can possiblj bowels, if the Vermifoge is^^taken. ____ _ _3adly to worms, i t is neverthelesf harmless to the human subject, causing nottm slightest irritation of the bowels. I t is the onlj known remedy that will effectually expel tape­ worms. I t is as pleasant to take as aromatic syrup, does n ot produce any nausea or griping and is the only remedy th a t can be given with perfect safety to obildren. Puir\ B ottub . W. H. PROWSE. of ! is agent forall my Herbal Remit conscaia.tly4]»iiliandn.iiillBCEppl:r mens, Benovating Pills, Aoaoian Balsam, and -Restorative Assimilant for Epilepsy. If tht reader-would liketo seea. copy of Dr. Brown’s Shahsperian Almanac, or his great Treatise on Herhal fiemedies. he has enly to apply to the above firm to eeta-oopy free. .deoSOyl eilig held only t, to kicking d riol. with a halter, soon got. to kicking And stamping around until he smashed one o f the carboys, which were witbir easy reach, by some negligence o oversight. The fiery stuff soon got. Into the horse’s legs, and as i t ate its way into the quivering flesh,’ the suf- foriogs o f the poor animal must have been intenss. M o r e. k icking was the result, until before long the frantic beast was pretty well saturated with the vitriol. He became so frantic from his intense sufferings that he broke his halter and jammed his head against the side o f the car.— ly , Kn ^-tw-AvKTVrww—' tio n a n d w a s o p e n e d , t h e le g s o f th e while oads and ends are <iu( animal were found all swollen and \ZIl nearly -raw.^ Proper uttenfion was N E W YOBR MARKET, given the animal, and th© veterinary surgeon expresses th© belief that he can save the horsed — A lady of Milwaukee, Wis., who w a s ** possessed o f the lemon-peel mat© acquaintance with chills and fever and from the caressing tot prairie winds and sunshine,” been traveling in Europe for some time in search o f a better com plexion, which was the only thing necessary to complete her beauty. She had tried every device, but without avail.-— Finally* she isolatefl hereelf from so* ciety,. aeldom -left her rooms except m thee early morning, when she would absent herself for an hour orsp and com e hom e with an air o f languor, 8ud goasips were_ busiiY eujgaged in the solution' ot\ the problem-. S h e kept her thoughts to h e r s e lf and said nothing ^ther© is once in a w h ile a woman who « a n do this), and her ac- quaiotaoces were sorely parplexed.*^ W ell, th e long and short o f i t is, she. was soon possessed of a mosl; exquisite com plexion, and when the secret leaked out it was discovered that Turkish baths were the agent » f her wonderful transformation. Wo bard- in g in some kind o f season. * ^ M r . A . Castle, a resident of Whitewater, who was recently struck lightning. H e was driving homeward as a storm came up, when he put his ’ ^ * ■ - barn, and sat.down in the The stroke tea m a barn, d o o r w a y , facing $ 6 0 9 . 0 0 I S e O L P , lA E Y E I S o ^ P E A Y E R canary seed crop^ wh seaaou, ___ h is raised »l-ted. irostrated him did its work too swift- y to give the slightest warning, of its approach. His first remeca brauce up^ “ - ' iruiE ------------- - _ h i t down fojm the house. ^ about twenty- five rods distant^ exclaim , ** O h ! fe- ther Is dead 1” ^ Upon opening his eyes the whole a ir a n d sky Seemed to be in a blaze. H e also became cod - scions o f the most intense suffering, especially ia the lower liiqbi. He says the palp was like a burn, and he could not have suffered more for 4:be hour that followed, i f he had been held in the flames. Eight or ten h o u r s e la p s e d b e f o r e l i e w a s a b l e to move either of his lower limbs. Tb© - . — . , - -* a* felldwi: toms for a tim e indicated that th e sending the ^rgMt been v e r y so r e e v e r s i n c e ^ th e o c c u r - le f t hip and leg seemed-to be more af- feoted tbsQ the ri^bt^ aod the symp­ toms for a time indicated that the bones were injured. Bat these have passed away,, and only a, alight lame* All^ordera masti'esgli our c&eo by fio'cleoh P. n ^ now remaing.' The right lung baa p»rta«ipate m jpresii\ factories 'represented wds, aaet smaller than usual. There was a geueraltoudenoy downward, a ooutinuation of the same teudenoy of the p re­ vious week. Eat notwithstanding this fact, tfie lowest rate of sale was netTbeidw the miaimum oFfee former market, flalesmen held u n til late In the day for 12Mo ; buyers -were aotive. The transactions of the day are summarized as follows, with a oomnlete expression of fee imarket. The number of factories represented 13 about 80. Of these 69 factories made sales follows; 291oteat 12J^o;-24iotsatl2J4o; 10 . lots a t 12e; 10 lots representli^ aboutl.COO boxes went forward on commissien. Total sales, 7,350 boxes. Afewsalcs-wervinadr at 12?£o. Since; several lots were not sold, fee offerings were not- les3 than 10,00) boxes. tVe. quote, extreme prices 12o and 12}^o; average 12J4e. The trausaotioss in farm dairy and b atter were so few that no quotations ate, made. The M ost W onderful Bisooyery of tke 1 9 th Oentnry. DJEl. S. 1>. HOWE’S ARABIAN MILK-CURE POR CONSUMPTION And Diseases o f the t h r o a t , c h e s t , and LUNGS. The only Medicine of the Kind in the World. A. SubstituteJor G ~ manently cures Asthma, Brc _____ _ ____ _ ___ Consumption.NightS weals. Loss of Voice, Short- \Uarrh Croup, Goughs. Colds. Sottle. Also, DE. S. D , HOWE’S ARABIANTONIC BLOOD PURIREB. WhicH DIFFERS iroin all other preparatioiiB Sr the IMMEDIATE ACTION Upon th,e liver , kidneys i.NB BLOBD. It is purelv vegetable, ckanses tiu system of all impurities, builds it rigHt^quare up and makes rare, Hicbr Blood, It oares Scrofa lous Diseases of all kinds, removes Constipaiioi and regulates the bowels. For ** nervous de BILITY.” ‘' lost VITALITTT,'* “ URINARY DISEAS­ ES.” and **B*»DKEN DOWN CGNSTlTUriONS/^ 3 *‘cnallBngethel9fh eentary”to prodafie its eaual J^verv Bottle is WorChite Wetghtini^old, Prict SI per Bottle,. Also, DR, S. D. HOWE’S Arabian c o « ’ Liver Pills. .In New Torh, during the-TVeek ending Satur- They pleanse fee Liver and Stomach thorough!: day, tksreceipts of obeesewqre89;l50 boxes, nti4. remove Constipation; oontain no^cal 9 Uie! nt the export 'fho mark tiiiB week stea, t> a fair exteni gene'ralTy, strong, for fair to iblished in the town whore as soon as agenof is estah- -advertfeemenfc. 'advertising shed,-he given a n -advertisement. adv« _ tch agency and fee Company, and fully ex­ plaining the plans, ptirposfej and obfeats o f the Company, Such advertisement will continue ia such papers as lons-os agency is saceessfally con- dnoted. Thp IndttstriaJ Exhibition Company ia the firet to adopt the plan so Ions in txso hy the Earopoau Is of issuing bonds when the principal uro and not risked, but where there is a chance for a large premium, an investment of §20 is sure to return to the investor S21-rone ollar more than cp ^ - ^ n d the h p ia ^r of a 020 :ond may obtain a premium either of 050 3100, 200.5500,51,000, §3,000,85.000, 810,000. $25,000 or H09.000 The interest, -which is ordinarily dis­ tributed to all fee bond^ holders pro-jratn, is ip this loan distrthnted by chance. The -purchaser Of a bond knows bo will receive baokbis Invest­ ment. with a small rate-of interest added, and ia consideration of taking this small rate of inter­ est, he has a chance in the above named premi­ ums, which are simply the distribution of inter­ est on the -whole loan. Bach bond participates in four drawings eaeh rear, until it has drawn a-premium, when i t !'» mrrendered, the premium paid, and the bond cancelled. - THe Tndushrial Sxfiibition Company, under a ■special charter, granted- by the State of ^ew Vork. is given authority to issue these bonds. The Legislature of the Stale, reeognizing fee 'reat benefits which will arkefecm tlis. nnccees >f this enterprise, have exempted adl the real es- hate and property of tHe Company from.taxation and assessments for five years, and has also con­ ferred other g reat jgriviljfees. ” , * Every American who of this Company wfil. in aiding it uds the purposes isity, fetl a pride . a snoeessful termination. - Each indm d u at who buys a bond heoomes an a.nd a n interested party, and -when he structure eirectcd with his money can say, \ 1 aided to erect in our country the most- lewsthe aagnificeu lalaoe .whi uilding the world has ever seen.» lich, in truth, represents the indnstry. of the AlfiericsB idy for ohoioe. Shi it. The tone of th the last week were 20.344 i oH packages. The market for choice grades, h ader the leas liberal receipts, rules about steady. Common and mediam qualities are in bett request. The «took, however, shows large BUfTBB-lJn< eHBBSIfi.-Iss New York. July 6.1875. irm at65/a70c for shipping, lohanged but quiet. -unchanged. steady a t 5® 12}^o for common to THE HERKIMBl MiHKET. (WHOPESAPi; PBICES.) H ebkiubb , July 6,187S. o f a i ^ . l o j - ^ l l } ^ . Eaotory, 1 id, 9/3106.; fine Sl2Ho. Deliv- - ----------- ---------- _5o.; new fine. 26®28o. EGGS—Scarce at 18@20o doz. !dXS-B»ms, liXo; Sboaidflik, AJ>AMS‘-SAU M ONP.-Jnne 22d, 1876, in the r. James Jo, in, of Brid{ 3. p aid-to tombi^^of L eaves FflOMTHETfiEEOFLifE, Rev. HATOEW HALE S«nH, t the largest namher...$SOO.OO gold, second l^sestunmber. 20a00gold. tlu r d l a r g e s t n a m h e r . 3.00.00 g o ld. mark o f the llghtoing Is apparent from the ghoulJers to the calf o f the right leg, in tfaa-shape o f a broad Ir­ regular strip, from which the skla has peeisil o f as EhoQjgh It had heea soald* CONSDMKEIVl 'aibove medicines, Sold by W.H.P] kimer, N. Y. e all three of th« 'ROWSE. Sole Agent for Her- DR. S. D. HOWE, X sct28 1^* C h a m b e r s S X J s e dPAlxx-dBixlllxsg; I M A C 1 C OIL. r r i t n v o r e s T m i e T m i a r m . ’’ R baper - Renne’s R \ le^Pi le^s Pain-1 MorbusJ Renne’s Pain-Rilling Magic Oil cures Rheuma- Bonne’s Pain-Killing Magic Oil euros Lameness I Renne’s Pain-Killing Magic Oil cures Skin Dis- J f i S i f i t e i r A s r t t e & a t e i w a i f e ^ Call for Beene’s Magic Oil. where yon d u a lly It is put u p jn three sizes, and called \Tria Size,” -'Medium Bize,\ and \Largo Famii; fc»iz6\ botues. F i o s m 4 PLY e m f i m p ONLY 30 Cents Pound. uraRSTEo f m m s s , x m i d T 12 Cents lard* X > O N n 3 S T I O ’ a p e r P a t t e r n S j I ' n l l A s s o T i m e n t . ^you are oompetiBg « 6 0 0 . 0 q j N C O L D . E M m a w A i n i u i i i i n t i , , - O. L. A v e r y ’s, 'nth, represei energy and jneehanical genius, people,” T h e m a n u facturers tea 'are peculiarlydi this enterprise, for the reason that i t iS to be their home, where all their inventions and man- ufactnrea can ho exhibited and sold. The building will contain 5,320,003 square feet of space. Purchasers desiring Bonds before an agency is established where they reside, will commnni- 3ate direct with this office, from where they can bo supplied. Parties desiring to act as agents or to purohaso bonds will address INOUSTRISL EXHIBITION CO., No, 13 Ewust 17Ui S treet, B et . B’WAY A 5th AVE., NEW YORK. CjKPY. >neyg hy draft on New York, oj al orderHsharges paid by sender STEW PESTAL OPPICEt Dr. T . A. H O ARD, FROM THE HEW TORE BERTAl OOUEEE, rS prepared to do a ll kind© o f work -»• appertaining to -In the most thorough and efficient manner, upon brief notice. OPPlOB OVER BtJRElLL’S DRCH STQRB, IN POPPER»S «LGOK. M a in s t r e e t , H e r k i m e r . Office hours from 8 o’clock to 12x. u .,and from to 5 p . m . juneSOtf BELLINGER & GETMANt g^OCESSORS^TO _ C A S P E R CLO O . tave the ; BOOT AKD SHOE STOI®, 4 D o o r s N o r th o f t h o S o s t o t n s e ; *\^^rXpurcha.eofna - :T . T. G E N T S ’ F I N E ^ A t i F B O O T S , , Soys! . Calf Boots, L A D I E S ’ E I N S r S H d E S ^ CHLiLORENS’ S H O E S , ' aad in feet any thing ia oar lia# Cheaper than Anywhere i BHSINBSS JSSTAJgEIBBBS I N 3835. BOEEICEE & TAIEL, - - M O M C E C P A T H iC PHJLKMACr, US Sn>td S t. B«» Ywk. tnd a complete stock o f re- ~tooks oi^ A price fUHE uadereigoed .fakviug'^d out. Ms Boot and ghee Mfeblfthmsnt ic HERKIMER, N, V. 3. A . & A . Jj. ST E E L E , ATTOBNEIS ANB C0TJNS1L0K8 AT L4Tf^ j OrpicBt. ' Fox Bfcoex. M aix S s <> H ik ixik . S . f . j JoniAft A, Sfxxuib - AHiuxS.8i3i|(||^

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