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The Herkimer Democrat and Little Falls gazette. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1869-1876, September 15, 1869, Image 1

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,,nv?Tj PUBI,ISHBJ>^ BVER’ . w x Rubsgril atthSiu. be xiaidte ceiptite • arreasages-a PubHs^er^ T E R M S ' 'AmE'R’m m Q :. S“ “ \ ' | 1 - Z % S S T ^ . m Z S ^ ; : : z ~ c ~ f : O 216 SQUiii'^5> ou3 ^TWEMTB^^ES MJKE A. §«OA^.) - »- OtD TIEES. W S E S t i i S * t . Tfeo ]E irr HEISHBQE 7 ' f e i S S E S r t e ! 5 w ‘'^ i~ « - ’’s a a s s s K r ^?'??'*\-. i l W S 5 ^ ' Whene’er-tboa ineee-st aiumsn form 4 s g i i i a “ ” V ' lioBEBT C offin .\ —-^—- - ■— —■' \PADPiiE TOPS O W CAIfOEj” Still \paadle your own canoe.” [along the shores. :rc!ixr^ow*i.,ca?ipe-.Y i i r y t i g i - i i i i t ' ' tH E W A Y T ^ K E E P H l S i ; “Out again to-night?'^ saiiJ* Mrs. Hayes, fretfully, a s her busband rose from .tli6. tea*table and donned bis great eoat. “Ai\Yays.tlie m j \ nuirmurcij Liz- zio f e y ® , Biatiiig \back dpon the sofa.’ “Out every-niglit, I ■don’t b elieve lie car® one Int abobt m e aroxV, and yet- we b ave been~rnafried“outy two years. f e man can have a more “orderly lionse,’and I never go anywhere. I ' ata aot a bii extravagant, anil y e t - 1 don’t believe be loves m e any ajaure.; O dear I why is it? I wasn’t rieh } he didn^fc marry for m y money,, and bo; ■ m ustliayelovedmetlip,^ W h i t e he treat me then with scj much ------ leet?’’ And wltb^her mmd.Mi^d 8i|cii frightful, qdeAes, Llzzia H a jes fell asleep on the sofa- ’. Let. me pblhfc ber 'pietiifo aV^He laj? there. . SIfe~ Wes'S blonde, with a small- graceful figure, and a'Yery* prettyfU'ce. The hair, which'ahowM ' by its*'rich its’ natural' teiidency to* \curl; back s ' n ^ f t t R A T E S y A E l r i H t B 1 8 4 7 . ] t h a U n io a 'a h d 'lte 1 !.'• -■ \ . ‘..ly .'''. A V [G A ? fTr.Er$Tjtitt'i$BED :1 8 6 3 H f f i S l i J i a , , ':ii' w^tbmily WBiiamfPadjraHTe.!-Sberb&e and.' softly went td.-Mr bed ?P. mh with r®olution'to vdn back her. bosband’s heart, and tAea h k 'love regainpdi, .4o, k e q > i t . J - . i r ' -;.u r't -iV',.. . The next 'rnorhlag’jJWiikm'- ckittei I into thebreakSisfe'roOin^witb.hfs u^ual careie® xnanh(a,.hu{. a bright .^niile c^meon h is lipaas be skw.Llzziei - ,t4; dth: ^ Jaeal .eplla MtA- eaiLm.»Ow-a-aays, jasi, r wamea. to get away frgpi the eyes of iny parents;, Apd J .thought that if I cpuld, only get pnc 9 ,-into,the, world and out, o f my nativfi,t<>wnt A would ‘‘get rich-,” tmd come ihonjo and, show the old, folks and, tbe'fieigbbprs that Robert panford was 5,ei»eb()dy after aUl. Fprfcunei'i.a some way or Other, brought me.to this place ip thp M l of tbe- yeaiv X - # once got a ^ituatipnas plerk ip agrocery a i^ e o ia w r m a n n e t.; ■ “You will b e h ’oni&to d w U F f” she n®3-out o f town; ,but: t l ’p ,, be:,hpipe; ^ l y . t o , tep^. .IJaye.- som?th|ng, apb- \ ir 4 : 'dohtfc .0?P<|cl5 tp. Ain?.', contraaAtQ:hi§ lounging, aarelcsa^ gait < '^ehban’t find ■ any .parlor' more tfraetiye-thaa his owir,' I. ami -detqr- dned.” ' ' f to:welcome William-iSS .he-vcama in; and tea-time: pas.ted,;as the -morning meal had done.,,! 4 ffe ¥ l D i ] E M ) A X S E P T M B ■ 4 . As the little wffe lay down that pight she thought— - ' • “ I have WOtrliim back again I Befe ,'teA than that, I JiaVe leamed.the Way lo Treep him^l’^ f - f . ' -'T-rffT-d-'-'nrf.— V--\- •r'- WHO yras the ? ueoi . ah ? , -, I liv e i '-itt Ihe^ atiVe toivn in the southern iv H ampshire,_ is jnore than s i-was of elhe pan t le cars, met in the 'Massa- e cars, m i Lenbxj ih ipy,money, I was admitted as ,al partner: in the businegs^jand n g drsferate, I , managed to..get enough together to purchase the other interest i n t h e coueeph /m d .was the le proprietor,...!r 1 . W ell, .about that,lime I attended a. private party aud there met .^pd, was intfodiicedltua boaUtiful and apcom- affirms to pave 'A'few weeks ag ing eonveyance to parlor o f a h o tel' chusetts. They werestrahgers to each other. One was from this city, and the other from Staten Island, f e w York. Both were clad in-deep mourn­ ing, and it was Very evident that those garments ofv/oe covered broken hearts beat responsively. Each felt tender looks-, t dressed the bflieir.: • leea-ipenfid info intim a cy, coufee.of the SHipmer we wore mar- lied. 3d,-. f. ; ' ; H e r parents-were well off iu .wQji^- thingsj and at..onc© s e t .us u p jn a satl cottage .on the hounds o f the.vil- lage, and my. wife insisted that my on­ ly sister should'come-and and live with us. \'le came tfy.Bettli . ippy to see- hp- sr in six. yeara^ ■ lady ad- y Y o u , too, journey this--mqrningV” ^..“Tesj.wehave-a longjoruney be* ‘ “ How far do you go ■ •' ; ' '' ’ ■ “ To St. Jj6ms: ' W e r®ide -there.” “ You Misaau’rians must have had a sad experience during the war. I frlfc yo^\ She came j u s t ... .,,,, abfy.settled, and wOre'-of coiirse;vefy I not having,seen e liv e with us. a had gut qomfort- [ not having,see! ■eara^ -Everything aeetfiei Gverythiqg seemed to 'pass off pleasantly, fo£i!about two rqdnths, vdiehioneH iorning- I -w e n t as usual l o the s tore, .and onm iy arrival there- discovered- t h a t m y -watlet ■wag nov iu my pockets I natur&lly sup; ivife sent me a note saying-that it w not to be-found m the house any whei result.*' It w a ^ n o t to be found..bs- tw®n the garret land, the cellar, - ’ H ere was a-mystery. I kilew that I had not lost it on the way down, and I-cam e to th e conclusion t h a t it must ■have '‘been taken from my 'pOokfit was-asleep. - B u t w|ho .could have taken it? : Th®e were .hone! ;in -|behQ,use but my wife ^.ud piBter,Hhe house-k< ’ The ' in the wkllet, huthadn'ever 'tbliehod a cent. Orcdufse X could hot suspect Lkzfe’sfae^addlBfedfotf^ff Matters th;uSk>rogre^ed in. -^is-mau^ sff&ffi^ugfiWthe'raatTw'o yoars, p4i“forthtee nigh^more. The first And hoiy ftttid Atisic she- had made- night m y gold pendfl, the second my his lovihg heart,-gradually wean-' watch) and the third my wife^- jewel- riiffrOm-its Mldgianee. X^hen-she- ry Base were mis^iiig, from a trunk at . «/ ' ,i ■ ■ / * %1’ . f'J-. ■!-. ' thb head of the bed under .the table. f'Ofebdfsb-I'dd; ..I oflen idrop in taken aback aatl ’iridi.^nW that lie at Mrs; S m W s f6r.nothisg. else thaw left th e store hamediately, went to -to h earth? musm.”' > *; .* ’ - hou^e, padlifed'hi3, satchBfrBn^ Starled “ ■ . ................................. . for ;the depot;'but I ha<l officer hdt'fortk-ee njght§more. The first ................... ■tiw -iVora :Tnis4?Tio- from U ttUnl was brushed smoothl;! ■ ered into a xich kndt id gath*- nk. ' f i t was such a bother to curl it,” sb0 silid?, kaho. ' • ' her cheek-w a s.^^e,, and the whole ' ‘‘‘^Ballads)‘Lizzie I ' \ ire a diseontenf'^ orktr.wAh _ ____ rented ;pxjpr?s^ion. a n ® t chintz wrapper, leijfcher collar noi- cuffs, g© o f dr®siug up just. ^X h e iib r j in which si face wore H er dress wps hut she-wore p . “W l ^ ^ l h e u p o f dp^siog up just . lyizrio slept soupdly f k t-tvo ’ hours, and then awoke suddenly. She 'sat up, glanced at the clock, and sighed drearily-at-tbaprospectnof the long interval still to be spent heforA «bed- rary was Just pver the room ihe sat, and down the'furnace 'ffue^; through the register, a> voice come to the young wite.’s ears ^ it Was herim s M h p ,. \WellrMoore what’s a man io do ? I was disappointed, and I m u st .h a v e _ p legeB r e .som ewhere^y W h o 'would; h ave fancied tjjat Lizzie Jervis, so pretty, and loving, could cliange to the M M ' d b iv # ‘8% no w ? W h o wants to sf 3^ a t hmhe hear his wife wWning a ll the eVehi .pbout her servants and her headat... and all sorts of bothers? ShVs got; the fchadk o f that draABiig whinb sd^ pat—^^pon iny l i f e , I don’t believe she caff speafc^^le^antly .’' ' - ' ^ Lizzie s a t S3 i f stunned; W e s this true? ' She looked In- the glassj not exactly dPwdy, her Costume certainly not suitable for an, evening, “ Ohl^^y®. .lf;kB( a ie iv 'l ■ to the village low fyou ' .dislik^^ amined that a casiohly I pu tli \m Bxe*place,E ........... beat,, ffpd large tearaj thfeifA AffU arrebied Mm jus! m he was rngy> i: 1 .S ■' stepping on board o f the ttainV UBokyOu' dW^s-feay you a re out o f A t being thus accused, arrested and practice Lfisk.jldu.'^' . ' U, - feearched, the b( • *‘‘ihadthepiano'tuaed this-moi»ing. ,and ashaiped th fe w open-it and wd will .see: A ow it: ged of, me to let „„ §oUnas.<”i;'.i ; , l • -o . / . - I thought'this, only a rase th g et aw^^^ • William obeyed joyfuRyj and: tos- on, and I answered that I woqld 'let sing aside'hefsdivir' n...' S ^ S S o ' S U ’T u t.i.sstm iScaii U ou6m ,o , M r pgrfornier on -the and proM e d .his iniioeence, I ' ■ ■ epdld not Besik' atid k d j iim 'k k Ufrern0( the same noiseh quietly as I ■qoul-ct into her room, ahd sav; liBr go at once toA ’er'friinfc aiid open it, und.-iiien yppeii a .fitlsei top :Whicli-A'® det down from the cover, .and, loQ-ldffg over her shoulder, I saw ray wallet;, the two watches;.lhe jewel- case, my gold pencil and severalother; things that had heen missed. !ife;,:rwh< •rse-fleshse-fl^ -could ear- Jdhusou, the going' as'fast ak hor ry Us'to ■ release -Harry boy I hAd ,imprisoned oj position. _ tTo-day thath<^ ..... partner and the firm name read ford and 'Johnson.^ M y sister verely cured of somnambulism. •i—^ - — — T P lowEEJFSYMPiTHV. is se-' iure..-,. yon, foryoiij lfif... “ Indeed,, madam, h o' one can tell what many o f us have gone through B id you sympathize; with the Southern people?” , ,r j \ Y® , madato; for X.ajn a native of Missouri, and I knew lhe sufferings of the people' in tlie seceding’ States ; and, more than all, my own child-was a Confederate-soldier and was killed.” “ A n d -i too; Biy friend, lost roy-on- ly son in the Federal army.” And with that the mother of the aether o fthe Confederate brave, ibg as she did.so, Your son and This incident is strictly trOe. T h a t' noble Confederate boy ! was inexpressi­ b ly dear to the -writer o f thesfe lines. bless the f e w Ybrk woman tears'for her own dei ith those o f the mother e fher sonA ffiAHoHh'ouT Botaetime siplde a geiitlerahn/iVhOih v e wi^i ‘^Ali purchased a pihee -i - J^fdhy^’t|nge stories Are toTff o f the wealth ddOuralilated b y bHud beggars. d procee( the same manner -tcr-take do-wn ' ’ buildi: the work on both at th( had been ready to bUi itanding.uppn:tandmg.uj ImgB ; o f demolitionI ready to bUild himself, and supposing- quite naturally ^thafc his ^ neighbor would prefer building at the. same, tim.e, paid him a visit, in relation to the matter ffhSn he wAs boorishly iii- formed b y Mr. B .'that he “ BhouM build \Vhen he p leasei” • O f course; ,ys Mr, A . cAhl'ffnot gaihsay Ms right' dow the ____iC.so. that proceeded up- neighbor. ! ^ “ S ir” says \you are an; inch-on my ground,”., , - r . jMr, A . rejoined that. .ke;thP^Sb<^ I f must he a mistake. . -t . “ E o , sir, i t is UP mistake—-you are an inch; On my ground^-’i . , . - .‘•‘W ell,” returned . Mr., A-r “ can say,is, i f it is so I . ’am yery.sorm and it j.e;.Mtogether ...unintentipnalj. but I,.am. willing to payiyop wfiatefer you say 'the I? ' “ I wapt no pay, sir,”, anm B., “I want my land.^j' j. , . \Sir sap..'Mr. A .; “ I see ikiB hopeless to 'compromise) this maffle? with you, and I will -^ive you double -whatever you-say the. land is. worth, rather than take^ down my wall ” ' - I want no- m-oney-—I want my land*” persisted the stubborn Mr.* B. Argument and entreaty were alike un- mred'-.)^r! ehih are; pea0e. perm itted,to fiai@h..his building now, without. furtherf inter- ' ' ihortly after- Mr..B. coneluded to bnild on'his lot,*ahd mUsons; and :cai?-. penters -were set a t work-to. accomplish ;the object'. - i .• --.d.-r ,f ■. !*• - .. The wbi’k progressed finely, story after, story went 'lip as jf by magic; and bur friend B. watohed the ppera- •tions d ay ,by dhy with'increasing>-'M- tOrest, with conMfeiit 'hntidipatioh of being able ib ocOupy the premises by a certain period. Al'length the builu- uktron to capstone—tM id, departed with'^tbeir _ abbisb had been cleared j Mr.' B . was camplacently. c latittg Mmseif on his sudefessful ac­ complishment^ when he was astonish­ ed by a visit from* his neighbor Mr. “ Sir;” said he. “ I'am: sorrv to in- io mingh with those o f thP mother o f her sows siain eneniy.' The War is over ; the children arfaye^ against each other “ said hO, “ I' am 'sorry to in - killed, and their -mothers a re'.at Xorm yoU, that you are a n inch oh'my Oe. ■ • , ■ ■ ■\■ ’ 'ground.” ' ' •' ■* « Pooh, ribnseiise r’ rstafnea Mr. B. no nonsense at saM Mr; HE OOXnm BB.TBWEfii coming in, said a f’ays'.wis early. A neighbor, coming in, si number, o f boys had gone to the tp swim, 'and he thought Alfred B8(fo enougb to be with them. “ Ko,” said the mother, “he prom ed me b e would, not go there withi my leave, and,he always keeps*:his word. H e never told me-a He.” ^ ^ . B u t seven o’clock caine, then eight,' and m o ther still watehing- t listemng for the step o f ABred; :it was half-past eight fe'efore his ine ^ ’ \* 'erekdrd., jvJ shout- A . “ I tell you tkat/ybu on my ground.” ' “ 'Why, how can'that'be?” bluster* ed Mr. fi., \ when I have only built, up to ybur Wall ?” . . , “ Ah, that’s: it,’^ answered M r .. A ., jn the dryest manner possible. Our-friend, Mr. B ., somewhat dumb­ founded. Send for a surveyor,, sir,” kt length he exploded, “ and we’p s& about this.^^ ■ .. . The surveyor was'. aceordingly sent and the lecks I -qrirason moantcd - . . f‘ !N o , sfr 1 1 told my 'mothprl would never go there vritkout 'h e r leaV'e, a n d flo ym iUn^ . I imM tell a Uef I , helped James to find the cows which . James, coming ‘ up the street just evh dhhee whs so Str< noc- his attempting t( ^ sioc- after the robberies, that . imfilledupaunth- siipposed he, was the guilty one, and cn.f . .f, } - - I — ^ .. . , ' seafeom e six miles distant; ■ ' Eleven-! i thought W3^< ubout That night we supposed w0 were niae, - -I oughjkiOriapoIoglze#-,i.|zzle, a s rid df fb®, b ^ g lar, and slept I HsedltQ,ilo>, for Staying so foog; and without feuV o f loosing ni I can truly.4ay,^-US 'I ffid then, : t h ^ the timh.has. passed sp, pleasantly I lint hov) Ibfey wdifs wot to myself with not to'sleep, , but . X aecbfdingly p r o y fed myself ivith a ....... , lingfromihdr rev o fera n d retired, is e y i , Y H 0 * le s i d - hfer . in ail! iff; * ^ & z z l e , darling,-' m y o i sister^s room ,' and in liW A akfethAmatter?” , door sMwfy op'ened, Ih a v e -bfiettsuQb a m r -bad w ifel - . J heard you telrMr. Mooin; hi last'fiyening h o f.:I disappointed y o u ; but I will try to make yopr hop A S ig A OP j^Kpq most sUrprisjiig thi wonders is, that th'dTurl nihg to discuss the question oCeducat- iug theirTemales, whom they ha-Ve al­ ways regarded as slaves, withouttninds, »the ilame — the^ ^isgrit^e entirely upon th? Ttirkisb',^entleihen.'■ S h e ‘ del tiiht they gi'vethem. h ooto and '1 gfiko'ois tiiMeV ...rtunitiej may justly accuse thdin of *‘utter vani­ ty and frivolity,” and they will take the,bla! ^ « ^ I f y and don’t invite tl . ____ _ lisit-d o f f i ■ ' ; ■ ,■ J,- ; I . , U » t blind mail till he c l __ to the J f e a * p e | s ; !^gefs to t a fe'pity On^him deed; tie ff'exittime heputg ..._ hand into'his pbeket for his watch, he- finds t h a t i t is gone. ‘ The other story, is of a really blind man,, who ,is always to be found h a S ^ T sbiis piece); but the other day by mistake he deopped into the poor fel­ low’s hat a double Ibuis o f 40 francs.' Sometime afterwards \he disco-Tered hip mistake, and off lie' ran io th( Boulevard Sebastopol''io'get 'to'get ba'ek h it -' -ney, ■ - f eo blind beg^a? was' thefe; pie. “ Whbre is lo l ba'ek h is mo 14 blind beggar Wais thefe, but in' his place a cripple. “ W hbte is the blind man?” ^ d the beffevofet man! you mean Monsieur Beh- f e l y a few st(^ the Rue du Petit Carreau.” And a- ---- the inquirer to the' address del, ■u'hich':he soon found.— Mp&sielir Benjamin. h.ece ?” he says .toj'thndomkeeperA “ A i l right..fiec- •OUd floor; doo'r.to the right,” .was the ■an&'vl’er. * He'mounted the f e i r s and rang a t t h e doori iA nidely dressed. . -------- j „ Monsieur Yes, ^ ;ould see into a „ , - „ 3T0 was a table .admirably. covered, lyitli linen,erys.tal andsilver. It seem, there must h? an error; but the little time to. consider, the quickly to sa min would be gi and at the same instant 'she. 'openi the ffoor of an apartment fufhished in ir^ k ish TasKion, in, which, the bli) man, sm'” \ -\ ---------------- he' said. “ hres,-ihd'eed,*sir,” .replied- our friendy rather epiharrassed, \ l am orry to tfpub] servant came to opei Benjamin in?’?- -.“ Yes, sir.-’’ - -uOur friend- is shown info an elegant ante- +!.*•«’ ™flich h e could see i\*\ was a HflUHYX HiykoflD’S S5?Affa?.Jlr JOUHHAX- ff', ■' -■ ‘ , i graduafed in August, ISiO, and though I could hot vote, I spent the next two months in \stumping” the immediate vicinity 6 f my native town for “ Tippecanoe and Tyler too.” A f­ ter the election. I traversed the same region in search o f a seieet school to teach; and it was only upon the down­ fall o f a l l such hope, and in despair of finding anything to do there, that I “hied to B:eW York city, o f which I had heard, but which X had never ^ which I knew nd h e w'as a stm ' ice in W all street. A bad once seen Mr. Greeley, i n the Journal office in'. Albany, while on fter ' 'THE EHDdir rolls.SfiEAS KIS, . „ The four conquerors who occupy Ihe most conspicuous plae® in the world arfl A lexander, fen n ijia], Gse- sar said: Bonaparte. AlfiXflnder, after having ellmbefi his tem p le bound with chaplets dip­ ped in the blood of millions, looked down upon a conquered world for him to conquer, set a city on fire, and d i d - scene of debauch, anmba), after haying, to the as- :tonishmentandrconsternation o f Rome issed the Alps, and having put to ght the armies o f the mistr®s of the world, and stripped three bushels of gold rings from the fingers of her slaughtered knights, and made her founda^ns quake,:fled from his conn-. try, being, hated by _those wlu> once ' Ingly united his name to that o f their god, and called him Haimi-Baal; and died at last by poison administer­ ed by bis own hand unlamented and Qwept, in a foreign land, Cjcsar, after hqving conquered i andred cities, ffnd dyeing Ms gar- lent in the blood of one millioi is foes, after having pursiiied rival he had o iuun a lawyer’s my ■way horhe froia‘the vacation after the' Colleg'e ■ Oommencement in - 1838, I had stopped in to inform the editor, as a piece of news, tlia ith e College had conferred the degree o f liL .D . up­ on Silas Wright. I found Mr. \Weed and Mr. Greeley both there-4-both hard at Work, and * both greatly dis­ ced at -the bestowal o f such ah h( in that very place the attainment of which had been his greatest ambition. do thei ,o?i „ , , fruck. me in that Hght before, and I began to be a little med o f having supposed I should them so y literary , -, though some (as I then thought) poetic to the f e w Yorker; and I therefore felt at liberty on my arrival in December, 1840; to call upon Mr. Greeley, and ask him i f he didn’t want aU assistant. i favor by giving them 3ws'which pleased I chose, in return for-wbich t pvniffis. ed to help. in anythin-g. that - might turn up in-which I could be 0f hssist- ,ance.' And ! did. '■ ^ I forthwith adyertjsed jh the f e - ranged to study law in lawyer’s office. But I ’ Yorkerrker officefice e-veryvery day,ay, andnd somehowomehow X o of e d a s or other a,.good deal of the work fell into my hands. I added up election returns, read the ’ coolqess,! “ That is quite .possible—J haven’t Iqoked a t ,the cash y e t ; and if therels a mistake nothing is easier than .to rectify .it.’’ H e rang a bell', which was ahsWered by: the maid.— \A«k M. Erflest,” lie.sMd, ^’if in the . has found le -piece was ed it, and at tne- oiaarag -pr ner master,-'presented it Qa'-a tiay .of Chinese lac-to^ his visi­ tor; ‘The visitor pounced upon-Ms- coin, and withotit'^mprC adoi proceeded, to take leave.: “ Pardon, sir,” said * the plindman, “ yOu fofget something ■—there are'two sous to return to me.” —London News. ---------- ■ . ,H A m g LOVE WITH HMBEELLAH A* certain I bim,^ was ddvaneed'hy Mr*- fe , sir,r returned Mr.' A.[; “ I shall not s e ll; you cannot ofer 'me money .enough, to buy th a t inch of land. Takedownyonrwall,sir,'down with-it to Vhe fioundations; I want m j and yielded w ith th e . b e s t grace- he could. The wall was taffen down and, re-erected, aud se, very carefql wac-. our pariacular firienff this ’tipi® iiot ^o trespass‘that ii^ l^uilt an. incli shorjfc qjf ■where h e h ad a right t o go. I t is j \ h a p s ' u n n ec® sary' .to . e x p lain., to reader* that Mr. A , had dpnethe s^ th ini ift the first instance. ., , h. sympathy and anxiety.' She soon retired and rbrella by a servant. .A that the feeling .was Reciprocated, call ed on her. in 'th e morning, sent np his card, and gave into her hands a very costlyr umhrel|a % he. had purchased .in tue-place of the shabby ferpreted, naively replied, “ 1 feel it to be rny duty to undeceive you, sir. 'WPS me h e re^ ‘Mr. lYe JE^ Said Laniri Webste>: '‘‘^1 one'e iefended a man charged 'with % i— ul eijrie o f murder. A t th'e'coiK J L - witffthe Wood of a M o w being.— Tum ih g his blood-shot eyes full -upon; ■eplied, m a yoiee .of.'d®pair, Tebster, jn m y youth I speut aisff’ Could wfe gq bac^ to the eariy p f Mi hayden, ed; criminals, I believe, firmly beli'eve, pathfifMorality \m xvffmi tLy'rieft the Sabbath school, arid Ihefr -subse- qqent crimes might Thus be traced back to the neglect 'of youthful relig­ ious instractioh.^.* , I ’ ‘ ' :■ - - h^‘r and so difficult to cqre as the ear B a t a fiacnel ibandi ‘to keep ifc-warm* ■ i reHef. , i L they would pay I said f4 0 0 'a yfiaiv ' “ Oh,” said ke, “ stay here. I ’l l give ■ you that.” And, this was pij, .first.eqgagement on the press, and decided the -whole course o f my life. ^ - SXAKE Poisoif.— The chief ele­ ment o f snalke^poison is formic -acid. B y digesting this with chromic acid, readily obtained frpm bichromate of potash, \by the addition of sulphuric acid, the result Is the production of H ence di- _______ _ ____ ..-.-d may be safely em-- ployqd as an antidote to snake poison, ft has been found that the poison in­ fused by snake bites may be success­ fully desfroyed by applying carbolic acid to the' woimcl. A t the same time, ten drops of tlie .aeid^ diluted iter,.areio be ad- minstered at mtervals,'until the Stu­ por and drowsiness,, usually following tlie-bite of a snako, are-removed.— ' isbeenexterisi'vely I anxiety.' She t him a.nmmby€ it.m n W feti./ TheplaaK as in Australia, G iviot friend,” X B jiwaieidpb . lid a. me the ffivof to draw a pail of wa •fob my diorS^ as I find i t rather di cult to ,^efe off ?” insffiad-of g iving d?gruff reply, i many a boywould do, the hoy dre the waieriaad gave it to the horse.- IJis manpey -was so pleasant and chee fuT, that the Stranger, deligMed with his splint; adsed-lils nameand iesldenee and then, alter thanking him, rfide on.. The good natured lad thought no m o r e of' th is a c t o f civ ility , u n til Some months later, he received a let­ ter from . the gentleman, offering Mm a clerkship in Iffs ;SMre. The offer was accepted. T h e -lad prospered, and finaUy became chief magistrate °^Tbusyw eeo,fl. 3fftl6 apt of civility to a stranger was the first round i f the ladder by which that boy climbed to honor and -wealth, \ N o ’ Btore, j an. orname w a s a tth e 'few ‘enexterisi adopted Sl5^eT7i-XR AnMONinoisr.— ^A lady iiifmgin Kneelanfl'fitreet, Boston, gave her little daughter, a s she supposed, a dose of rhubarb, Taking up a , news­ paper a fewminutes.later her'e^^e r®t ed oh a paragraph, giving an acoquni of administering paregoric for rhu- barb,' which lesulted fatally. She thought to herself that perhaps she had examining the bottle from which had taken the medicine shediscover< that'she had. *':S.n*emetic Was giv< to the child immecliately, and by un­ remitting attention, for several hours her life-was saved. T he I x e idee a n b the Q w A x e e .- A skeptical young cqUegian confront­ ed, ai^ old .Quaker with the statement that he did not believe in tbe Bible. believe in JVahee ?” ;ed eight to irtb. ■or o f his name — after having'deWged Europe with tears and blood, and clothed the world in sackcloth— closed his days in lone­ ly banishment, almost literally exiled from the world, yet where he could sometimes see bis country’s banner waving over the depot, but which dld not and coulffnbt bring'him aid. Thus these four great men, -who seemed to stand tbe representatives of all those they call great-the.se four men, who each in turn make the earth trem­ ble to its very center by their simple tread, severally died,— one by i supposed, by ] Iby Ms £ ly ex ile! H o w . wr end of such earthly greatness ! A WOrtAH PBBAQHIXfi JH A TBAlIOB. The following remarkable story is taken feom- the C leveland Herald .— That paper s a y s : rs. H a n e y B lrn e y was b o m M a r c h 20, 1807, near Cadi;^, Ohio.- H er father reared .thirteen children, o f whom five boys 'and four girls are still living. A t . the' age of 18, while pitching a load-of hay from a wagon into a mo-w, she was struck by light­ ning, which paralyzed the right half of her body, from the crown of h.er i was entirely insensi- She recovered a'nd at head down. She ble two hours, the Mr. wealthy, havii good brick residence east of Tippecanoe. Th( ed three children, »t ne farm i about one mile hey h a v e rear- sous aged .fe- denly taken ill, i while in an unconscioi nces. Mr. Birney ember o f the Meth- [ureh, hut his wife to the Presbyterian Church, but she says is hot. a sectarian in any n QA \y}i ^ f jnuODtUjZu ^ supposed, lious state IS discourse. Prom epresent these spells Ome upon her regularly every o weeks. A t first they occurred on sek days, but for the past twenty years they'have invariably happened on Sunday at about 10 o’clock,A. M.— For a long time the house was eroxfd- ed on her preaching days, hut latter­ ly the novelty of the ease had ceased to excite wonder o f the neighborhood, and. those who now attend her.preach- ing axe mostly persons from a distance. But rain or shine, summer or winter, whether there be a orowd or only her an unc( religous hour and loncious state, and delivers a IS discouT^ always one hour to an hour and thirty minutes in dura- She affirms most solemnly, that she is not conscious before nor after Her diseowraes, of a. single word th a t she Indeed, it ,was a long time i-j-jends could spoke at i ;e state o f oblrvious- •rYes j though I have hQ.t seen it, have seen others who have; heffides-, there is plenty of proof that such a country does exist.” “ T h e n t h e e w i l l n o t b e lieve kny- thing theoor others have hot;seen?” \iSo ; to b e sure I won’t,’? H id thee see thy own Mains?” '“ hTo.” ' Ever see anybody that did ?” \ Does thee belie-ve thee^pls any ?” ; , ----- _ A gentlemah. having oeoasion to call pn a -solicitor, found, him in his office*;which was very hot. H e remaike^tho great heat o f .the apart­ ment, and.^aid it ovep, ..“Bo the lawyer, myhread,” young scamp in Missouri, varied the qow common tragedy, by snooting: the woman who wouldn’t al­ low, him to become’.her son-in-law; the youth, who might ip other circum- w h ile in th is straLp___ _ ____ ________ neSs a s to what is'passing in the outer world atoiind heiv ' ~R.-p.AT> THIS TO VOITR S-WEETHEAHTS. —The character of a ‘ commuiiity depends m u ch on fh a t o f the. young If: t h e latter are cultivated, young e reqnirement th a t they themselves should be upright, and gentlemanly, and refined; but if their fem a le friends are frivolous and w ill be found to worthless. But sr, a iw a y si.that a sister is th e best g u a rdian o f a firother’s integrity. As a daughter, she is the true light o f borne. The pride o f the father often- est is centered on his sons, but his af­ fection is expended on bis daughter. She should therefore be the sun and centre o f all. Hashville negro, supposed to bfe ffead,as he had reaieved a sun­ stroke ffnd iallen apparently iifel®s, a s placed in an * o p en ey really supposec was dead. .So d id everybody. Jiven the doetdrs thought so. And sure enough; .when they came to look, he was dead, f e w trnaifi is that death horn® at last to all. “W h a t m a k e s y o u h ?” “ O h , I h a v e had X sad trial o f m y feeltngs.” ““W h a t on earth waSjll ?”■ *!Why, I had to tie on a pretty gM ’s bonnet while hhr ma was looking op.” ■ ' l ^ A 'drunken man in Dayton. Ohio, on Sunday made a d®perate »rt to keep the sidewalk, b ut failed. if you want t o !” i A man- once went to an eccen­ tric la-Wypf' to be qualified for some petty office., , The lawyer said to him : — “ Hold up your hand. I’ll swear ;^6u, b u t ^ prsation couldn’t , qualify M'l.-

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