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Herkimer Democrat. (Herkimer, N.Y.) 1877-1904, December 31, 1904, Image 8

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joBSjdJ5rvn<iiiB. Ifrojoa o»r ]PteKular CJorrcspon ^ t*»PPy Tear to all,— P r a c ti c e w r i t i n g J905.— M a s ter P r a n k Jffeiville tit Ilion ig the gneit of his auuc M t 8. Jaooljson.— Mrs. Olytie Harter of liioM, is spending a few days wlfeh her parents Mr* a n d Mrs. Hndgon Harter.— Mrs. Marcns Grants of South Oolnmhia and Mias Nettie N i c h a l o f SieJafieM Springs recently ^iaitad thaif Mi?.. M d Um. David ,Hioholfi,“-M r. and Mrs. Sidney HonsQ were gaeats of her sister Mrs. LeBtei RohinsoB at Faineg Hollow the past weefi.-—Mr. Howell* Grim is ill at this writing.—^Mr. and Mrs. Bert Rohinson of Poland are spend* in g th e w e e k ^ i t h h e r p a r e n t s M r. and Mrs. Oharles Hyde.—Mr Earl Parmlee n f Berge, a former principal of the high school is yisiting friends in town.—Mr. Henry Wainman spent Snnday afc H artw ick . ----- Mx. an d Mxs. Leon Eokler of Oooperstown are spend ing'a few days with her sister Mrs. JC^eroj pokior.— Mr. and Mrs. Ii. Bronner of Deck were recent gnesta a t N. 'Oronse’s.—^3dr. and Mrs A. ‘Shaul of Oolninbia Center, spent Saturday a t Mrs, Jane Whiteman’s.— Mr, and Mrs, William Bailey of Henederson, spent Sanday with their danghter Mrs. William Oadwell.— Miss Erma Grim of the Syraonse ■Jniversilg^ t is spending her vacation w ith'her parents, Mr and Mrs. Ohas. Orira .—Migg Bertha Rnynon. teacher of the Ilion High school, is spening her holiday vacation with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Lyman Rnnyon.-—Mr. C h a r le s C r a m e r h a s been sp e n d in g a lew dayg at Delos Ynle’s.—^Miss Ltona Hadoock spent Christmas with her sister Mrs. Richard Eyohnanr at Henderson.—Miss Ethel Bnrton of Mohawk was the gnest' of relatives *n town GhriBtmas.—Mr, Howard W a r n e r h a d t h e m i s f o r t u n e to h u r t h i s h e a d q n l t e b a d l y w h i l e c u t t i n g wood the past week, —Mr. George Yttie spent a few days at Fox Hollow recently.—Mrs. Putty of Colombia is visiting her daughter Mrs. Wanzer McOredy.—^Mr. and ' Mrs. Arthur L y m a n are s n s s k s o f relatives near Mohawk.—Mr. and Mis. B. Petrie entertained company from Deck and Ilion the past week.—^There w ill be a nnmher of changgg in town Jan Igt. W iliiam Jacobson w i l l m o v e o n th e Sqnis\^ P h i l i p s fa r m at-* th e M lchs d i s tr i c t , M r. M c R o rie o f S o u th Columbia on th e H a n m e r farm vaoati*' ed by Mr, Jacobeoa, Elmer King' of P a i n e s H o llo w on t h e D r . S w i f t f a r m and Ben Jones w ill move into Wain- man’s Hall.»”«Mr. A. Ekler ig much ^improved at th^s-writing. ILIOH. At SC, AcgnsrineB ^h?roh npati Sunday the sacred cantata w ill he ren d e red by th e ch o ir . — W illiam Xiuce o f ■ C li n t o n h a s p u rch a s e d of E d w a r d H a r w i c h th e C a s w e ll H o u se in M o rgan s t r e e t .— ^Samnel B . Irla r a o f A lb a n y sp e n t C h r is tm a s w i t h h i e fa im l y here. Mis^Dorothy Riohardgon Tnsgday aftern o o n en t e r t a i n e d in ho n o r of h e r b ir t h d a y an n i v e r s a r y .— M rs. 0 . §. Jep a o n en t e r t a i n e d th e so c ial t e a Club W e d n esday ev e n in g .—-M rs. E . F a r - rington of North Ilion gave a kitchen show e r a t h e r hom e T n e s d a y ev e n in g in Bonox o f Miss Zda Crossetfc, -wiiose marriage to Wilbur l^arrington will take place January 4. About seventy five guests were present' JPOR FO R T Y Y E A R S IR V I N G S N B Iili k a s been sellin g pianos to the people of Herkimer Go., and Central New York, and has p lac e d th e m in th ^ e a n d s o f hom e s all along tho line from Albany to Syraonse, and all customers are delighted with onr easy terms and low prices, as they know that in casS of sickness or heing out of work, we do not insist on their paying, hnt making due allowance for same. Though WB do not Claim to sell all the pianos in this section, we get pnr share,and sold four last week, being one to S. O, West of Dolgs- v i l l e , also to M rs, O h a s . H a u d e r an d M re. F r a n k G a g e o f O e d a r v ille and. C. H. Silliman o f Mohawk, an d this is about onr usual number each week. We have a large stoqk for the Holi­ days and anyone who wishes may select a piano or organ now, and have it set aside till Christmas. We also h a v e a fine stock o? P i a n o l a s an d Angelus f land Play irs for tlio. Holi* day trade. Gall and see them,»even if you do not wish to purchase. i m i m SNELL. E B i c r s . From oux 8 **Kulax C‘>are.?I>»»!ienv Miss Bessie Springer of Heck is sp e n d in g a fe w days w i t h M iss H d u a Van Siyke.— Mr, Mrfl. B. Petrie spent Wednesday * and Thursday in J o r d a n v i l l e . — M r. a n d M rs. ’ James F e e n e y attende*! a p a r t y a t H a r t w l d k Friday evening.—^E. G. Bavis and fa m i l y F r e d S p o o r an d f a m i l y o f H e r ­ k i m e r a n d D . B B e l l in g e r a n d fa m ily of Oloyoi* Vftlky shent Mondsif at H. D. Vroomafl’8.*-Mr, and Mm A. Ackler entertained friends from Columbia Monday.—Some of our young people attended a party at the home of Miss Bessie Springer Friday evening.—The Christmas exeroisef a t t h e ch u r c h w e re a d e c ided success. .70S Elis SO MM n any lown or comimmity b a t what will be sreatly interested in a boasohold remedy that is now being nsefl extensively tbrongbont the United istatea as a complete and permanent core for catarrh of the mucous membranes. dysjpejpsia, constipation, and all diseases of the fiver, kidneys and bladder. Onfi one dose a day is necessary. W rite a t once to the Yernal Remedy Company, Le Roy, N. Y , as they have so much confideuc^Iu this remedy that they will cheerfully send you free of charge a trial bottie .of Vernal Palmettona fFalmetto Rerry Wide), ao that you can qulofcly convince yourself of the wonderful results to be oh* tained from its use. Sold by dinggists every­ where, h u t don’t hesitate to write for free trial bottle and booklet. FRASKFOBT- W- Xi. VVeeden, w h o h a s beeu sp e u d iu g th e w e e k w i t h h i s fa m i l y h e r e , re tu r n e d t o R o c h e s te r T u e s d a y . — r,ynn Joriin, who was snramouea to New York ^hy the*- serioUB illpees of his father, Y. JosUn, returned Monday, nisfatliei' being better.— ATr. and Mrs, O. T. Pratt ate spend­ ing a week in the Metropolis.—The funraj of Mrs. William Grants- was heia nojn tiuir loio homo weaneBQQji Rev, W. W. Barker offleiating, $2.50 SEJT FREE. T lie 'W e ll- K.M.QW3ti. S p e c ialist., Fratakllii*2H iles, M. D ., l i L . B . W i l l Sepid H is Boole a n d $2.50 W o r t i i o f h i s P e r s o n a l T r e a t - in e n t F r e e t o a n y R e a d e r . ^ . THexe n©v*ex was a. be.ttex oppoxtrtnity fqp persons suffering from diseases of the h e a r t, nerves, liv e r, stom a c h an d kid­ ney s t o test, free, a rem a rk a b ly success- fiumalimriit; ftix^bese disoraers _ Dr, Miles is known to be a leadiuj in these diseases and his certain’y worth' of seri by every afflicted readei ity may never occur again. ^His s y s tem of Personal T reatm e n t is thoroughly-scientific a n d im m e n s e ly su­ perior to Other methods. It includes sev­ eral n e w rem e d ies carefully selected to Suit each in d ividual case an d is t h e liberal offer fa sases an( »rth' of serious consideration ‘ ir. This opportu- .I.XTTLE FALXS. From our Regular Correspondent. resu lt < f tw e n ty five, y e a rs of v e r y e x ten - fiive research and great success in treat­ in g these diseases. Misses Johanna and Margaret Ooxo sisters of this city died Tnesday Within two hours of each other. The first named was 37 the other 34 gtoresr years of age. They had been resi­ dents of this city for 20 years.— The Each treatruen.t coiisiste of » curative elixir, tonic tablets, eliminating pills apd usually a plaster. Extensive statisfics < learly demonstrate that Ur Mihs, Per- sonat T e itmenit e n t is ' e itm is at, least t t ree tim e s aa rtul a s t h e usual t r e a t m e n t o f p h y lans or general remedies sold at the m of the 9th United States __ _ ___________ t San Diego, GaL,8ays, “ Dr Miles’ ’ipBciai Treatment has worked wonders in my son’s case -when all else failed^ Jl had luaeralbfM r.. Jeremiah Klley who “ d UieU Sunday was belct \Wednesday. ----- speni; sa.OOOln'aoleB so. I believe U q xsawo - T h e S ,l..M o » ATmy feed 85 poo. people heie Ohiiatmas ; _ John Lafferty died of meningitis at tireiy cured me. *' the age ot 82 yeaia WeSoeeJay. The . remains ^ were taken ‘o A imo „, Ulster county.—The Little Falls many physicians had pronounced her case lodge of Masons elected officers Tues- ‘afflicted readers may have Ms day evening with J. F. Newitt, Book and $2.50 w o r th o f T reatm e n t es- worshipful mastCri-^Thc engage- peciuUy adapted to their ease fbbe we taept ie ,»PhaPce« ot MIe. Allea - o ™ — Memman to George Smith of Fort i miles . Dept. Q. 242 to 252 Main Street, Flain. ^ ■ Elkhart, Indiana. , I Quality and Varif are tlie strong features of this stoj 5To whefe else will you flnd as extei SlidWiU^ ol j^ood. to ©at. THE PURITY of every efrticle is guaranteed. Golden Palace Flour soldfin 49ito.|i and In 24J lb. saci:s, Moeba and Java Coffee Old German Blend - Tbe b est tea is tbe cheapest, ai pri 9 ^§ tQ-^Q-WQ lb* All varities of evaporated fruits, E. R. S teele & S on, Phone 33 Longshore Blot Our Great January Mark=Dpwn Sile if llillilDr! BEGINS TUESDAY JANUARY 3, 1905. Tuesday morning, January 3^, we inaugurateour Annual January Eeduction Sale of Clothing. It is oui* great yearly effort to rid ourselves of all that remains of Fall and Winter stock, and acc 9 m p lish this wc have cut deep a n d m ercilessly. E v e ry line of m a sculine w earables w ill be offered at prices that are by all odds tbe lowest we have ever quoted. All Goods Have Been Marked at Prices That will Force Them From Our Stock. ' We are not habitual users of “ bankruptsale'\ and *‘fire sale'’ adyertisements, but are a legitmate business concern. However, we do firmly believe in turning over onr stock at the end of each sea- 'X son, as we are thus enabled to always begin each season with new goods—to both onr own and our customers’ advantage. Hence,this yearly sale. We stake our reputation on thd bon- . esty of this sale and the genuineness of the bargains offered. We absolntj^y guarantee every thing to be just as advertised. Some d the Prices That Will Prevail: 1 ^ S22 and 820 Suits and Overcoats. ........................... .‘815.65 '$15 Suits and Overcoats ........... .................................... 10.65 Any B o y s ’ Knee Pant Suit in our store a t ............ 2.95 30 dozen Boys’ Waists, regular §1 'grade.. .......... 58e 46 dozen Men’s Shirts, regular 81.50 grade... . . . 97c $2.50 and $3 Pants ........... .. ......................................... 1.98 SIS Suits and Overcoats.................................. .. ........... $13.65 $12 Suits and O v e r c o a t s . .................... .. 8.65 145 Youths’ Long Trouser Suits, that were $8 , and |10, a t . ........................................: .......... . 5.65 $1.50 and 82 Pants......... . ................ .. .................... 1,13 Everything else Priced accordingly. Esmay A Daggett Genesee and Broad Sts., UTICA MAIL ORDERS FILLED E. B. Fairchild, Herkimer - - N. Y E a s t S c h u y le f G r a n g e . Miss Grace Eose lecturer is con- fineU to her home sickness. J. H. J, Watkins-visited, Madison County Pomona Grange last week. The mutual telephones lines in this to w n h a v e been in c o rp o r a ted . , T h e in s t a l l a t i o n o f officers ocenrs at the next regular meeting, Jan, 3. M rs. E . D . E r a n k w i l l a c t as i n s t a l l ­ in g officer. We believe that a majority of the electors in Schuyler are*in favor of fall town meetings, but it was a great ristake to bave them field in “ even” years. In odd years it wonld not con­ flict with national of State 'elections. Ic is expected that Scbuvler will he well, represented at the annual meeting of Pbmona Grange next Sat­ urday. Ira Sharp and wife of Lowville who hnve been attending the meet­ ings of the ITarional Grange at Port­ lan d , O regon, stopped o v e r a d a y a t K. H. Smith’s on their return home. We noticed that unendaga Oounty Pomona Grange passed resolutions favoring a parcel post. This is a move in the right direction, but the express companies w ill fight it to the last ditch. The fire insurance conducted by the grange in this county have recently levied an asaesBUient of §5.00 on a 51,000. During the last three years this insurance has xjosfc abou| 35 per cent ds much as in the old line companies. Last spring w e made np our mind that we would produce some early winter eggs or less go out of the hen business. O n t o f a flock of 50 A p r il hatohH ehiekens we are now getting so to 24 eggs p e r day.- 'W ith th e oare they haye had it seems as if they might do better, but with tbp‘present prices they axe payiiig'^a good dividend on tbe presa^'^production. ------- --------------------- W in t e r Elorldm. a30i4 tlie i^ToXIaaas are best reached by the Seaooard Air Line Ry. Tw!p daily through trains with' Pullman sleepers Uew York' to Jacksonville andj Tampa via Washing­ ton, Richmon^, Pinehuist and Oamden, Stopdyexs allowed on tourist tickets. ,For handsomely iilfistrated resort biod&lets, rates sud- informatiott-addresi W. E. Cbnklyn, General Eastern T*w«9nKer Agent, Seaboard Air Line 1183 Broad-y way. New York Oity.^ 3 an-Jan, 1, . - - I - Prepare yourself for a suc­ cessful b^itiess life at t^e ■ ''-If B U 3 t N B 3 S I N S T I T U T E AH bosincps branches th o r o u g h l y tau g h t^* S e n d f o r list of graduates now holding responsible positions GEO. P. HENDRICK, Prln., 9 Columbia St. .UTICA N.Y, “Get The Hafflt” This is o^^r TR A D S M ARK. Every- thing of the best in the Prescription line “Get the Habit” by coming to us. Whitehead, -‘ON THE BUSY < ORUER.” From Our Regular Correspondent* Mr. and Mrs. Angus Caiman shent Christmas with Mr. and Mrs. Shan of Warren,—Mr, Daniel Loucks an? family spent .Monday w ith Mr. «n Mrs. Charles Horning at Hallsville.- Arthur Wells of Borne and Harox Wells of Schenectady are, visiting. * F- W. Wells.—Mr. and Mrs. O rvir Shoemaker spent Monday a t Mohav./ —Mrs. Wm. Simmons is sick w the grippe.-—Miss Mareia Shoem; is spending some time in Syra the guest of her aunt Mrs. John H — M r. and Mxs. ' Huriburt and Denton an d Mrs. N , L . Wells spa Christmas -at F. W. W e lls.— & an d M rs. B icfiard B y c h n a iir rscen\ visited his sister Mrs. Fred Qyer Richfield Springs.— Miss Eitfcie Gy y x s itin g h e r arm t M rs. D . lionefe ■SICHTlKID • From Our Regular Correspondent.) Mies Jleilio Herkimer is very at G. T. Broefeway’s. Frankie Eic of Winfield’ is caring for her.- Frank Haggerty and family aeeoBC panied b y . Letfeie Edmonds of th S p x in^s HpeErfc O te i s t m a s a t Si-ol Haggerty’s at South Columbia.— Thomas Perkins of Schuyler Lai is visiting a t O. A. Perkins.—Ann Herkimer of Herkimer is with he slater K e l l i e . — S irs. Jo h n B u ll i o n i sp e n d in g tho h o lid a y s w i t h h e r Georg© a t S o h u y lsr L a k e .— Mxs A l m i n a M i l l e r an d B o x a n a Firm a n a r e v i s i t i n g in M o h a w k . ^. 0

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