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:iB : 3 s a s x - g r a i : : E ! R x > ] E i M : o c : x B t A * y > A ; g » R i L ^ 2 ^ §$fMw f We^nes^ajj Iprfi 32, I 8 9 i. HP*ji man named. Xioolrvrood, liv­ ing a t Purdy’s station, t)eat Ms wife to deatlx with a oluh the othei^ day , the act being, acoording.io the per­ petrator* in response to a, divine in* junetion. Such a man needs to he pat where divine injanetions cannot find access. SO»ETflliS(J ABOUT DOCTOES* There is considerable talk about '“medical ethics.” It is twisted around th e question -whether physi- • e ians should interview for publi- oation on the medical features of public questions j and if some of them 2L o , sUouId those who will not have the right to discipline them for do­ ing so. Doctors alone will not long have the power to determine such questions, 'will in a short time -determine just as it has deter­ mined other matters. Law will de- termin© it, too, in the interest of lib­ erality, publicity and equality- A While hack, one set of medical practitioners arrogantly claimed to be the. only physicians there were Law stepped in and recognized facts, facts showing that there were .allo­ pathic, homeopathic and eclectic physicians duly organized. So law put all three organizations under a common system of rights, pri-vileges a,nd penalities. Even then, a Bour­ bon remnant, adhering to the old arrogance, took the ground of non- consultation with members of other . schools. Then law again stepped in, and in this state, after next Septem­ ber 1, only those studying; medicine can practice it here who shall have passed an examination before a s ia t e board equally representing each c£ the three existing and recognized schools, and on none of those hoards IB a n adherent to the policy of mak­ ing ostracism the alternative to con- saltation With professional brethren. As to points which differentiate school from school, intending doc­ tors will be questioned by the hoard in sympathy with them. On other' ptunts, the examinations w ill bs un­ marked by scientiffc partisanship. is estimated that it will take all the gold and silver produced in the world for four years to pay the appropriations of the PSIfey-first con­ gress, which aggregate a billion dol­ lars. All the wages of the protected 'workingmen in the country for three years would n o t cover the expendi­ tures! meither would all the wages paid in 1,990 woolen milis for forty years, nor those paid in the glass in ­ dustries for 110 years. The total corn crop for 1890 would only pay two-thirds of the stupendous sum, an d the wheat crop for the same year wouldn’t pay one-third o l it. it is good to ha'Ie cheap ■ sugar—as we know it jfe” — 'Says the Cayuga Chief, “why not have cheap coats, pants, hats, caps, blankets, carpets. Underclothing, cheap cut­ lery and glassware, cheap agricul­ tural impliments and building ma­ terial? Off with the taxes upon these article's of prime necessity!” The Chief hlis the bulis-eye every time. S®*i£rs. James G. Blaine, jr., con­ templates taking steps for an ahso- ittte divorce from her husband, with the view, it is understood, of marry­ ing another m a n . We don’t think much of the institution of divorce in a general way, but if there ever was a little woman who was justified in looking for on© that little woman is MrB. JamerG. sef'The man who wishes to read prominent Democrats outof the party because their view s 4 0 not in ail things a^ee with Ms, isn’t ifiaklng as much fuss aa ltewai a short time ago. «This Is no time to talk about reading men ontol the party; it is oMy by presenting a united front to the enemy that can elect the next ;iPresident. f ^ The Democrats of Albany had ©verytMng their own way at the ©lection held in that city on Tues- day- They elected 1A of the IT super­ visors. Eor the head of the ticket the Eepnblieans had no candidate in the field. j|g “The K. Y, Times publishes a 5xstof ^ manufacturing^concems in #his country—many of them large es­ tablishments—that have reduced the wages of their employes since the 1st E^rttary. Harrison’s admin&tration i s buiiding up a bellicose reputation wiHi the Sioux war, the Behring Sea ■wASf, the Italian war snd.the war of cxterminaMon on the treasury. tfSf The Herkimer D bmoobat is the most newsy paper in the Valley. It has the largest oironlation of any, which is increasing every week. Z i O G A n cb&nge<J,aii4IS your reoeiptforpayment, member the date alwr ----- ’ ------ -- \— wMoliTon iiavenaKt,. Street BaHWay Tliue»TabIe8> GOIKO WKST. 9S0. Sanday~A.3i!t.,3,9.11 Gomo BAST. 945.’ Local Gusslp and Home Items —^Peter P flanz is very sick. —Dr. E. G. Kern, wife and child have the ^ ip . —^The next M. E. Conference will be held in Utica. —Smith Ostrander has been very sick with the grip. —^Mrs. Frederick ttiesy is seriously ill with pneumonia. —The Opera House was crowded to see “ Held hy the Enemy.” — Cleveland’s Hinsbrels a t the Grand Opera House, Friday evening. Go, —Mrs. 0. H- Hopkins is very low n t the residence of her daughter in Utica. —There are an unusual large num­ ber of sick in our.m idst, caused by the grippe. —A. S. Brush was a delegate to the Beformed church classis, w h ich met in Utica Monday. —The store in the Monroe Block has been leased by Umbert Eutella for a'fruit store. —Hon. J. D. Henderson is very sick with bronchial trouble, caused hy the grippe. —“ I ’m a little better, thank you,” as the diminutive sporting man said to a casual in|[nirer. ■ —John B. Pagan, of Utica, is spending a few days at the borne of his parents in this yillage. —George W. Greene has purchas­ ed the Gloo property on Mohawk street, consideration $3,500. —Berthwait Patrick, of Washing- tan, D. 0., is in town for a few days. He is greeted by his many friends. —Rev. I, 9. Bingham has moved to the honse owned by H. M. Quaek- enbush on the east side of Prospect street. —When the mother frog is teach- , iug the y o u n g one how to get there, we suppose she is dabbling in hop- culture. ' •’ —James Small, of the firm of Small Bros., who has been seriously ill for some time past, died last eve­ ning a t 8 o’clock. —The supper announced by the M ethodist ladies for this (Wednesday) evening, at the parsonage, is post­ poned for a little time. —Mrs. Mary E, W o o d died at her residence o n B ellinger avenue, Thurs­ day morning, of cancer of the stom­ ach, aged a b o u t 60 years. — Spears, a typo in the I> smq - cra C ofiBoe, was calied to his home in Oriskany Falls, Monday, by the serious illness of his brother. ; —M. Mark has purchased the for­ mer residence of M. W: Bashaoh on Prospect street. Smith G. Harter phrcbased the vacant lot north. — is the name of a bright, witty illustrated journal puhllshed a t Little Falls, It is deserving of success and Is receiving a nice pat­ ronage. —Kev. W* o. Davidson, who has •b^n at Verona for the past three years. Is the new pastor of the M- F. Ohurch here. He has a wife and one cMld. —Dexter E. Pomeroy, of Utica, died suddenly Thursday of pneu­ monia. He was a lawyer bf consid­ erable prominence, and was well known in this county. Chief Wilson w e n t'to Buffalo Saturday and arrested F rank H. Wil­ cox, for grand larceny. The com­ plainant is Harry F. Bowler, a brew­ er of An»terdam, who claims that Wilcox has collected money he has not turned over. —Mrs. M. W. Basbaoh and son Charles, left for Seattle, Washington State, last Wednesday. Charles ex­ pects to be absent, abont six weeks. Mrs, Basbaoh wiH remain, — A delegation of Masons from Herkimer, Mohawk and Little Palls, went to Efewport by special train Friday evening, a t which place the M. M. degree was conferred upon five candidates. Goorge Bunnell has moved into the Huyek house on Court street. It is expected that Hiram Beese, of F^rfield, w ill occupy t iie bouse on the same street recently purchased by J . D. Henderson. —Morris Mark has purchased two lots on Stim son street, of H. B . Davis, on which he will erect houses. He w ill also commence a t once the erec­ tion b t tw o honses o n h is purchase of William H. Browse, on South Main strecst. —Howard C. Harter and George Bradley, of tliis place, h a v e formed a co-partnership for the purpose of conducting a laundry, and commenc­ ed business Monday, in the building bn Albany street, east of P. Tren- beth & Co.’s store. —Invitations have been issued for a private masqae ball to be given by the gentlemen of Herkimer, at Pox opera house, Thursday evening. Re­ freshments will he furnished by Landlord Browne of the Palmer house. —Among the sick are H. H. Batch- elder, Br. E. G. Kern, wife and cMld, Mrs. Frederick Giesy, H. P. Wither- Stine,- Peter G. Pflanz, Hon. J. D. Henderson, James Small, M, M. Dra­ per and \wife Mrs. Aaron Christie, Mrs. Jacob Sobell, and many others. —Mrs. Paul Voik died Monday afternoon of pneumonia. The de­ ceased was a kind neighbor and a Christian lady. Her death brings sadness to many hearts. She leaves three children, Barbara, George and Charles, aud a husband, and sister. Her demise is regretted by all, —A broken truck on a westward- bound freight train resulted in throw- ^ ing many ears from the track a short distance above the freight house, a t this place, eirly Sunday morning. Tracks Hos. 1, 2, 3 and 4 were block­ aded, and trains Were unable to pass SUICIDE. Robert Bellinger Hangs HimselL George Robert Bellingoi^ \was found dead in the barn attached to the premises of Joram P . Bellinger, on Monroe stree^t, in Little FaUs, a t 5:30 Saturday evening. A clothes line had been [attached to a joist or raf­ ter, the end of the rope being knotted and arranged to slip tightly about the neok. Having adjusted the rope to a c c o m p lish t h e p u r p o s e iaxteuded, Bellinger threw hie weight, standing on the floor, upon the halter and was strangled, in what length of time is U o tkuoW zi. ^ Joram F . Bellinger, w h o is a distant relative of the suioide, found him in the condition stated upon returning home in the evening from his employment at Fester’s store. . Life was extinct, the knot in the rope being tightly pressed against the windpipe. The body was out down with all possible haste an ex­ amination made to see if by any possibility life might be restored, but of tbis there was n o t the slightest The causes that led to the commis­ sion of the rash act are supposed to be ill health, reverses in business, and more remotely, the death of his wife some four or five years since. Deceased was a well-to-do farmer of the town of Danube some years ago, but hoping to better his fortune, sold out and went to Ontario county, en­ gaging there in farming. Deprecia­ tion. in the value Of farm lands and low pric^ for the products of the soil proved so discouraging that he sold out again and engaged in the grocery business. In this he succeed­ ed no better, and, aged and dis­ couraged anh broken in heath, he went to live with Joram P. Bellinger about four weeks ago. Hothing had been noticed in the conduct of the deceased to indicate any desperate purpose. He was about the house in the afternoon and talked with his son quite cheerfully. Mr. Bellinger was 67 years old April 3. He had been highly esteemed In this commu- ; nity, and whom all respected. He was a member of the Little Palls Lodge of Free Masons, and at the time of his death held membership was quite extensive. —Eev. Dr. I. S. Bingham, 48 years^ a member of the conference, was, after a touching statement by the presiding elder, granted asuperannu- ated relation. Dr. Bingham has a l­ ways filled the leading charges of the conference, and was in e ight sueees, sive general conferences a delegate from the Northern Hew York confer- —Wo clip the following from an exchange: “Turn that wrapping pa­ per the other side out,” said a lady in a dry goods store the other morn­ ing as the 'Clerk was putting up her purchase in a printed wrapping pa­ per. “I don’t want to be a walking advertisement for your store, I read the papers.as all civilized people ought to do, and I think in them Is the proper place to advertise your business, instead of asking your cus­ tomers to carry your sign around with each purchase of goods. Tell the people through, the papers what you have to sell and how to sell it.” The Eddy h^iedleine Company have heeh giving entertainments a t Adams’ Hall for the past two weeks to well filled houses. These enter­ tainments are given .for the purpose of introducing the medicines of the 0. W. Eddy Medicine Company. At­ tached to this company Is an old- time resident of Herkimer, Mr. Geo. W. Tedder, and his son, Chas. F. Ted­ der, who are employed as lightning artists.” They paint oil pictures in from one to fl,ve minutes, which are distributed among the audience. Mr. Tedder and Ms son are welcomed by their old acquaintances. The othejf features of the entertaiument are very pleasing. The Trout Pishing Season, The se£^on for trout fisMog in all parts of the state, except the forest preserve, opened April 1, and it will oqnHnne until September 1. In the forint preserve, which inoludea the counties of Clinton, Franklin, St. Lawrence, Essex, Warren, Herkimer, Hamilton, Lewis, Fnlton, Saratoga, Washington, Greene, Delaware, Uls­ ter and Sullivan, the trout season opens May. 1 and closes September 15. The fish must be caught with hook aud line, except in Lake Ontario, the Hiagara river and wholly private waters. It Looks Lite Rusinesst Forty car loads of steel rails have arrived, to be used in relaying and extending.lhe track’of the Herkhnor, HeWport and Poland narrow gauge railroad. They are 75 pound r a ^ and will be transferred to the H .,H . & P. oars and delivered s^Ioag the line as needed. te.o v e m l hours. The damage d o u o . ^ o a u u m . -uhloh or- ' I gam zatlon attended his funeral Tues- J^day from the Uniyersalist Church. His remains were placed beside those of Ms ‘ wife, in a fam ily plot ou the ^iliiam Lotridge place, a few miles out of Little Falls, Coroner I. O Hellis was summoned and prononne- %d an inquest unnecessary. . Sad* Death of Dr, Graves* Little Daughter. The sym p a thy of all w ill go out to Dr. Geprge Graves upon his sad af- (jiietion in the death of Ms two-year- oM daughter, Hattie, under the most painful circumstances. On Tuesday evening, of last week, while the child was playidg about th e fl:oor, a small bottle containing a quantity of am­ m onia, in some unknow n m anner came into her possession, and when discovered she had gotten some of the contents into her mouth and was ap­ parently dying. The proper remedies were a t o n ce applied, but to no pur­ pose. T h e little onellingered in great agony until about 11 o’clock 'Wednes­ day night when she died. This was one of those unfortunate occurrences wM chno o n e can foresee nor forestall. The bottle containing the ammonia belonged to the doctor’s eldest son, George, who used it for cleaning Ms clothes, and it was always kept in a locked drawer. The funeral was largely a ttended from the residence Saturday after- Lecturo hy R e r .’F* B. Cu&z. The pastor o f T r inily German L u ­ theran church has been appointed to make a general appeal to the public, to make Ms lecture in Fox Opera House, May 1st, of some financial assistance to Mm as well as to the congregation, as the proceeds will he shared between both. The sabjeet of the leeture, “Through the Johns­ town Flood*’ will prove investing to allthose whose hearts weretonchedby the great calam ity. Mx. Ounz, as a resident for several years previous to the flood, Is well qualified to give an accurateaeconnt. and all who attend will help a noble cause. Herkimer to Have a Daily. As a matter of enterprise, the DsM- ocBAr will be published daily dur­ ing the Firemen’s Convention. It will he issued every morning of that week except Monday, One of the objections raised against Herkimer when the effort was being made to locate the Conventipn here, was that it had no daily paper to publish the proceedings. The force of this ob­ jection wa* soon wiped out, and we Fill endeavor to please out firemen friendsat that time, by fulfilling this pledge. ^ ^ ■ - Court Froceedlngs. Ho. 31 on the calendar, James H. Ives and. Edwin Coon, as adminis­ trators of the estate of Amhefst Coon, deceased, vs. Ephraim COon and Matteson Coon, The action is brought to recover money claimed to belong to the estate of Amherst Coon, deceased, on account of cheese sold by the defendants. The jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiffs for $1,525.57. Motion for new trial denied and 60 days given to prepare case and exceptions. A. B . Steele and M. G. Bronnec ap­ peared for the plaintiff, the Hon. George W. Smith and 0. J . Palmer for defendants, The case bf Mary E. Kilborn vs. George Skiff was next tried. The defendant gave his note for a quan­ tity of “ Surprise oats,” which he claimed were a fraud. The not© was transferred to plaintiff before matur­ ity. The defense Set up the fraudu­ lent nature of the transaction, and claimed the note was without coh- sideraiion. E. J . Coffin was attorney for plaintiff, hnd J . W. & J. R. Shea and George W* Smith for the defen­ dant. The jury brought in a verdict in favor of the plaintiff for the amount of the note. Ho. 45, William 3. Grimes and J. B. Pellon vs. Elbert L. Doty. The parties reside a t Illon. The action is brought to recover the purchase price of a furnace sold to the defen­ dant, who alleges that the furnace did not supply the requisite amount of heat, as represented, and did not operate in the manner guaranteed by plaintiffs, and that plaintiffs had been notified to remoVe the furnace from the premises of defendant. The jury gave a verdict for the defendant. Thomas Richardson for plaintiffs, George 0, Rashaeh for defendant. George Patterson, who had been indicted on a charge of indecent ex­ posure of his person, was arraigned in the Court of Oyer and Terminer. The plea was not guilty. Bail was fixed at $500 and the ease ordered sent to the Sessions. Death of John Ives* The residents of tMs county will be pained to learn of the death of John Ives, who peacefully expired a t nine o’clock Sunday morning a t his home at Salisbuy Corners, after a long and painful illness, aged 64 years. The deceased was a highly respected gen­ tleman and leaves a valuable prop­ erty. He was associated in business with his brother, James H. I ves of Little Falls, and they held a com­ munity of interest in all their busi- ness relations. In politics Mr. Ives was a democrat, but not a very strong partisan, and was frequently the standard bearer of his patty in a number of contests. The town of Salisbury is strongly republican, but Mr. Ives’ popularity among his neighbors was fully tested when he was elected supervisor on several oc­ casions. In 1871 he was chairman of the board and made an excellent of­ ficial. In 1873 he was defeated by VOleny Eaton for sheriff, by only 54 majority, and Hon, Warner Miller was elected to the assembly the same year by 858 majority. Ip 1877, he ran against Senator Sheard for the assembly, and was defeated by 316. The funeral was held yesterday af­ ternoon, and was largely attended. ClftveIaM*s Big Show* W;; S. Cleveland’s Consolidated Minstrels, after a season of phenome­ nal successes in Hew York and the other larger cities of the East, will be seen at the Grand Opera House, Friday evening, April 24. The mer­ its of this attraction are well known to the amusement going public, and were they not, either Mr. Cleve­ land’s name or the company’s roster would be a guarantee of superiority. Among the stellar celebrities who are with the company are Willis P. Sweatnam, Billy Bice, Banks Win­ ter, Howe and Wall* the Brothers Grawford and McHisson, and the fa- mons Imperial Japanese Troupe—* 12. Such an array of talent is rarely collected in one group, and the finan­ cial success of the engagement is as­ sured. Prevention o f Sickness* The great Herb Fad of Old Aunt Rachel has been made and used by her and her friends over, 50 years. Orders came from all over the coun­ try from friends and patients so she eonld not fill them all. She Would never allow anyone to make them, or to see what were put in until now. She is over 85 years of age and has now imparted the secret to her son. The bouquet of the herbs and tinc­ ture arising from the pad before the face rids the air you breathe from the poisonous gems that cause dis- ease. It makes the lungs healthy and strong, and the blood thoroughly purified^with the* improved air. Or­ ders filled by . Mail upon receipt of |2.eD. Address: Aunt Baehel Pad 43o.,Fassalc, H. J , - Firemen’s Convention* How that it seems almost a cer­ tainty tfiat the State Firemen’s con- * vention is coming here, o n r finance committee is experiencing some diffi­ culty in raising the required amount of funds, of those who did not sub­ scribe at the outset. This should not be. Every meichant and in­ dividual should do his share, and not be “ niggardly” about It, expect­ ing to r|eap a harvest, and “some one else pay the shot.” We must have $4,600 pledged and we are far from tb a t am o u n t at ttiis writing. Those w h o have subscribed done so with the understanding that 14,000 would be pledged. ITow, if this sum is n o t pledged they cannot be blamed if they “kick.” , Our saloons, mer­ chants and boarding places should come to the front w ith a liberal sub­ scription without being shamed t o it. They are the ones who will reap the harvest while others do the work, and. w e regret tbat we are compelled to m ake public tMs state of. afffdrs. Ho m atter what others do, d o y our share. The State officers w ill hold their next meeting here, and it would be a shame and disgrace to Gie tow n if the amount is not pledged then. It will embarass those who have told of the liberality of Herkimer and who have fought for the convention. You, who have not done your duty in this matter, look at i t in an un­ selfish light, and come forward with­ out being called upon again by the committee. The money mdsfe be raised and if it is not raised, one word will take the convention from Back From STicaragua, ' Charles P. Avery and Giles Gris­ wold, jr., who went from this place to Nicaragua about six months ago, returned Saturday- They were w e l- ' corned by their many friends.. They had been employed in the machine shop at Grey to wu, and report the heat-very oppressive. Eb rain has fallen for two months, and as rain­ water is used for drinking! purposes, the supply is exhausted, and the peo­ ple’ are compelled to drink the river water, which js not very healthful or palatable, The boys are bronzed with the heat and looked like verit­ able Spaniards. Hon. Warner Miller and his party arrived at Greytown ^ two days before Avery and Griswold ; left there for home. Mr. Miller is prosecuting Ms work of examihatiou as rapidly as possible in order to get out of the country as soon as may be. He will probably return overland.^ . The young zaen came by -wht8r^to ' Hew Orleans, and the rest of the journey by cars. They have had a pleasant time in many respeefe, sea­ soned with some hardships, and are in good health. Their many interest­ ing stories are attentively listened to by their friends- Walk a Mile and Pay a Dollar. Two good people of Scranton, Pa., had a similar experience which is well Worth repeating an their qw « l words for the benefit of all our read­ ers, Mr. T. W. K fowii ES, Fro- prietor Eagle Hotel, 309 Fenn avenue, writes: “I have used Dr. Hand’s Gough and Croup Medicine in my family for some time, and found it works so well that I biiy it from the-, doctor by the quanity. Would not feel safe wifeliodt i t in the house.” B o s a b R byxtoii P s , 220 Hoxth Main avenue, also. writes to this e|fect: “ In cases of Goughand Group occur­ ring in any family of cMldren, I would send a mile and pay a dollar a bottle for Dr. Hand’s Cough and Croup Medicine rather than takeany other -as a gift. It hits tbo haU on the head every time'.” A Fine Lady H u sioiafi- from a large c ity was v isiting aifrieud. In this 'coimty. TMs friend wanted to huy a piano, and invited Jier mnslcal guCst to a neighbor’s to see a Vose& Sons, Boaton, Grand Upright p too. lately sold by E. Gorey. This lady was a graduate from a muaical con­ servatory, and a, tUofonglily edneafed mn- sician. She g ave the Vose & Sons piano a se­ vere, close and critical, trial. She raised the sweet, rich tone, the fine elastic easyaction. the-elegant case, and ended saying to her friend. “I find nothing to criticize aboht this piano.” \When walMag home the lacSy asked her guest -what such a piano was worth. The reply wah “at least $i00,” “No,” the Jady said; “air. Corey sold that piano to tbem for a little less than $300. “Oh, me?” the arfist re­ lie d , -wJuther S. can recommend it QrncHfiidldn'imtmreikanffmf ,\ . fhereare a few people in this section who thought Jhe sim e way but jthey don’t any more. Their lesson was expenstye. Tdbe conthmed n ext I week. Cut tmsottt and look for next-week. ^ Mis*,.S6lly . . , Is borne fron|i Hew York witb a ^ Iftrgestock of Hair Goods. Oomeand j see for yourself, * ' At Ho. 3 Liberty Street, \ Fltteton Goal* M .S. M organ sells it. It comes in / covered cajs,. dry and clean. Leave I orders witb cash a t DocL Backus’s o f. i floe, Herkimer, Edward Wires, Mo- I bapk* or a t Yard, South WasWngtoa \ Street, Herkimer, ’ | Feb-16,1891. V

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