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Mohawk Valley register. (Fort Plain [N.Y.]) 1854-1866, December 06, 1860, Image 3

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S p b b o h OB M r . D ouglas .— On Satur* -day evening, Dec. 1, tbe Douglas and Johnson Association of Washington seren­ aded Mf. Douglas. The President of the Association made a speech o f wekome, and Mr, Douglas resjjonded. In the course of his remarks he said that to be thus wel­ comed by those who knew him so well in­ spired him with new energies in his public efforts. H e referred with pride to the fact that during the past canvass he had been -able to avow his sentiments in all parts of the country— in the North, South, East, •and W est. From Bangor to Missouri he had advocated the principles of equal .rights, equal justice, and equal protection to all citizens. He believed the perpetuity o f the Republic depended upon the triumph of the principle of non-intervention. H< ■ni<{ the Federal Government had no pow­ er to interfere with slavery anywhere ex­ cept in causing the return o f fugitive slaves agreeably to. the law and Goastitution.— H e held the Fugitive Slave law to be bind­ ing upon all good citizens; and if it had been carried out in good faith tbe Repub­ lic would not now be in peril an d d a n g e r. L ikxs on the death of A. S oknbb K ktchck , -writ­ ten by a little ^ r l in Cooperstown, thhteen years of ago, Intended by h er only for a p rirate eye,and pabliihed without her knowl«d|^. Little Baby,thon’rt not near ns, Thou bast gone up to thy home ; Thou wast here awhile to cheer os. Then we laid thee in the tomb. But thy spirit is not here. Lore, It has spread out wide its wings; It has gone to.see the Saviour, And it now with Angels sings. LHtlo Baby, we must mourn thee, For thou wast a darling c h ild; Wlion we look around our household, Then our hearts beat, O b ! so wild. But our F ather then to try ns, Put us to tbe mournful t e s t; And we lift our eyes to Heaven, And say. Thou do’est all things best. Referring to the Hon. A. H. Stephens's Jate apeech. Judge D . said he indorsed ev- -«cy sentiment it contained, and it inspired -«cy sentiment it conta ,him with the hope tbi >yetyet a t^ng^ng enoughnough too at there was a party > a t e t save the country.— tH« accepted the Georgia platform in all dts features. Tbe Personal Liberty bills sshould never have been on the statute books o f any State. He believed Congress had power to remove all obstructions to tbe Fugitive Slave law, whether -resulting from . State or any other Legislation. Judge D. remarked he had said nothing during the oval of Q men, ' cauvass that did not meet the approi his conscience. He urged all Union all constitution loving men, to sink their bickerings and unite to save the country first, and quarrel, if they pleased, after­ wards. Mr. Lincoln having been elected - according to the Constitution, he must be inaugurated according to that Constitution. \What is there to fear. * Congress will be against him. If be violates his oath, vio­ lates the Constitution, or makes war upon the rights of any section or anybody he <can be impeached, for tbe Senate still en- . joys the confidence of the country. He ’ Agard exhorted his friends not to indulge • in recrimination; to let by gones be by­ gones,' and to unite for the preservation of ‘ ithe U c ioo. H e concluded by saying that on Monday'be should resume his seat in ' ihe Senate, without i/i-feeling or prejudice ■ ioward any one except the foes o f bis coun- D estbuctivk F ir *.— On Sunday morn­ ing, the extensive mills of J. B. Faulkner, at Mill Point, in tbe town of Glen, were entirely consumed by fire. The fire was diecoverd in a pile of slabs in tbe rear of and against the saw mill, and quickly communicated to tbe main building, and must have been the work of an incendiary. There was a Grist Mill, Saw Mill, Broom- handle, and Broom Factory, all of which, with stock and fixtures were burned down. Loss not far from i30,000. Insured for 15,000. Four years ago the same mills were burned. This is a serious loss for, Mr. F., and he deserves the sympathy of the public.— ^men'ean. — There are 700 lady stockholders of the Bank of Commerce of New York. — Mr. Lincol.n is said to be in the receipt of half a bushel o f letters per day. — The subscriptions raised in France for the relief of the Syrian Christians, amount to 404,165 francs. -There are 15000 hotel and tavern keepers in New York State. On Saturday, November 24th, a portion of Table' Rock, at Niagara, fell a little south of tbe old stair case, completely fill ing up the pathway leading to the new stair case. But a few minutes before the fall, a party were being conducted from the museum to the sheet of water. Had it happened at the time they were passing, all must have been crushed. Some thous­ ands o f tons fell, . . , _ _____ WALP—RANDALL.—In Salbboty, Thnrsdsy, IVoT. 39thL, a t the house of the bride’s father, by Rev. 0.,0chsmpaugb,Mr. HiNRT G. Wxir, of Manheinif an'd'UiaaSAKAa R a » j > at , z ,, of the former place. . N c o j '!^ 5 x > c v ti0cm e n t0. \AdjoTimed Circuit and- Special T e rm . . - A ICa Gircuit Coigfand Special Term of the fi.M.rfyofitha'jstitti-of ijrew-yQrfc.bel , Itt Fonda, Hqntgopaery CQuuty,oa - ■ O r d im d , that the present Circuit CoQrt, and Special Term of the Supreme Court stand adjourned, to h e held a t the Court IXou o in Fonda, Montgom- ,«ry Ooiuity, ou Monday, the twenty-first day of J a n ­ uary, 1861, at ten o'clock in the forenoon. All cauiKt'to he noticed and put upon the Calendar, and a dew Calendar made fur said adjourned Circuit and r^eiM a t Term. A n d i t i c further ordered,-that a Petit Jury-be drawn, and summoned to serve at said adjoumeid^^ term o f said Circuit Court. ' S1W7 * ' - ‘ D . r . BHKsr, Clerk. :OZB S A C H E M B I T T E R S WIGWAM TONIC. pronounced the i ^t/iepublie. Their curative powers in cases of GENERAL DE­ BILITY, LOSS OP APPETITE, CONSTIPA- TION, etc, ........... thatw ' • P r o f . SU rL IB K A N , o f Y a le C o lle g e , P r o f . H A Y D lE N , o f M a s s a c h a s e tt s , D A K L E Y ’S COSDITIOli MEDICINl. ‘ . The only reliable remedy for Heaves,Coughi,CoIdf . n i c k ond Broken W ind, or any complaint affect- - tog the wlad o f Horses, also for , ’ W<ygms^ Y e llo w W a ter, loss o f A p a t i t e , W d all dejangements of the digestiye organs. As a' ^ndition medicine it has no tqual, mb all who have Med >.t tMtiOrj ,t ha* restored to perfect soundness, thoasanda.of h o rns supposed to. be broken down being worked i^bUe^ using it, It ipay likewise be . * Do not fail to purciMe a package, that yon may pay* it on hand In case o f - „ Maiden Lane, N. Y., Sole Proprietor. ®d ml)om it mon Concern. Omnibus to the Railroad. yiiH E undersigned have formed a co-partnership, I for the purpose of running an Omnibus to the Rail Road from Port Plsin, T O C O N N E C T W I T H E V E R Y T R A I N , eaitandw e s t.- They have purchased the establishment formerly owned by T.V. KIBBB.and.hope hy strict attention to the public wants, to deserve and receive encour­ agement. Persons desiring to take the ears may leave their names a t BOWEN’S HOTEL or at wALRATH DIBPENDOBF * CO’S f a n d th c j^ i n be called for. The Omnibus will stop at all the Hotels regularly.— A. B. C. DIRPENPORP. 18G0. 30m3 Fort Plain, Nov. 19,1860. H U R R A H F O R — H U R R A H ! JSb/— all ye who have received 10 cent* for youf Cheese and 26 cents fo r your Hops, and ye toko had no Cheese or Hops, O r O t o “ T H E P E O P L E 'S HAT, CAP AND FDR STORE,” where has just been received the latest styles of FC S , PLU S H AN D CLOTH CAPS, for Men and Boys, also W OOL, F U R , C L A R E T , C A S S I - M E R A N D S I L K H A T S , and where Clark and Hoffman’s “ copious” and fwt sailing bodit fVinona has just arrived,Moaded with f a s h i o n a b l e f u r s , L A D I E S ' A N D M I S S E S ' M U F F S , C U F F S A N D C A P E S , M E N 'S FU R MUFFLERS, CAPS AN D CLOYES, BUFFALO, WOLF AN D BAD &ER ROBES. All of which are toe sale very cheap by the bale or piece, at ZOLLER & HACKNEY'S, (ONE DOOR SOUTH OP THE POST OFFICE,) FORT PLAIN, N. Y. K E E P P O S T E D D P I Ail prudent men will look around. To see where Boots and Shoes are found. Which for least rainey, they can buy, To keep the feet both warm and dry ; Where those, who have o f dollars few, May make one go u far as iteo. Thousands Ond it so—nay, more— At P attik ’ s S box and L xat &X r S toxk . Then rush up to that famous store, Yon, who h a re never been before; And swell the nnmber of the crowd. W ho sing B ob ’ s praises, long an d loud. For just so long a t men will go Where they can save a dime, yon know. That R obkxt PATTia’s Store will be Head-Quarters of Economy. Port Plain, Nov, 29,1860. 30m2 est bidders for cash, at the hotel kept by S. Bowen in Fort P lain, on the 8th day of December, at I o’clock p. m., the following property, v i z : 60 Shares ($3,000,) Fort Plain &. Cooperstown Plank Road Stock, in parcels to salt purchasers; 30 Shares ($760.) Port Plain Seminary Stock; 50 Shares ($1250,)Fort Plain Bridge Stock. “ ■ id Port Plain, Nov. 26, I860. P. G. W ebstkb , ■ ,TBED G aby , J ab . E dwards , Assignees. A. P MATTHE-W-SOS, A N D CLOCK REPAIRER. rn U B undersigned has opened a Window X I n th e C rockery- S t o r e o f R . L i p e , A t the foot of Canal Street, Fort Plain, where he is prepared to do a ll kinds of Repairing to Watches, Clocks and Jewelry, on short notice, and in a satisfactory manner. TANY YEARS EXPERTENOB enables him to r his services with confidence. ALL WORK WABBANIED. E N G B A V I N G ,— Special attention given to engraving Sliver Ware, Door Knobs, Cot- fin Platos, Rings, Pins, &o., &o. By strict attention to business and doing his work in the best possible manner, he hopes to receive a liberal share of patronage. A. P . MATTHEWSON. Fort P lain, Jane 31, 1860. 7tf - H A R N E S .^ S H O P IN ST . JOHNSVILLE. rp h e subscriber wishes to announce to the people X . of St. Jobnsville and vicinity, that he has again opened his Harness Shop in St. JohUsvllIe, THE NEW BRICK BUILDING wm will a t all limes be prepared to supply customers with HARNESS, TRUNKS, WHIPS, &o., Ac., on reasoQHble ierms. The public are invited to give him a call and ex- • O c t .l3 ,1 8 6 t ✓ P 0 RITT OF M ikd and B odt , - are equally at. / tained by continuing the human organization in / perfect health, unnatural prompting and de- I proved Instincts are in nine cates out of ten.de- I velopcd and brought to maturity by a vitiated ’ ite of the system. It should never do forgotten tne most patmm laeas; nence inis ciass-oi oisor- ders invariably indicate impaired nntrition, enner- vation in tbe organs of digestion add assimilation so that bad and nnasaimilated chyle gets into the blood, and coon develope consumption in those pre- dlrooied to tubercular depoiUiona in the lunge. D b . O. P hbi . fi B rown ’ s A oaoiah B albax , price 93 per lerge bottle, may be obtained of f i i t i s i c f l a n o H s . A CARD TO THE LADIES D n p o n c o ’s G o ld e n P i l l s f o r P e in a lM . Infallible in eorrectins, regulating, and r all obstructions, from whatever cause, always successful as,a preventive. and remwing a a i s if r \wr«id\ Pills public for the alleviation of those suffering Rom PARISIAN MILLiNERr. N o . G37 B r o a d w a y , N e w Y o r k . iform her MILLINERY AND MILLINERS’ GOODS as any house in the trade. Her lady patrons will always find something worthy their attention, while her merchant and milliner customcra who have so liberally purchased case goods, will find the largest assortment at the lowest cash, prices. MBS. W. SIMMONS, No. 637 Broadway, New York.^^ w r f G I N A S A K K rilK A U A i. A G E N T . THIS DELICIOUS TONIC STIMULANT. PSSPBOIALLY designed for the use of the Med- _UJical Profession and the Family, having superse­ ded the KH:aIled“ Gm8,” “ Cordial,” “Medicated,” “ Schnapps,” etc., is now endorsed by all of the prom­ inent physicians, chemists and connoisseurs, as pos­ sessing all of those intrinsic medicinal qualities (ton- io and diuretic) which belong to an. o l d and p u r e Gin. Put up in quart bottles and sold by 'all drug­ gists, grocers, etc. A. M. BININGER & CO., (Established in 1778.) Sole Proprietors. N o .l»B roadstr8et,N .Y - For Sale by D . S . B A R N E S dc C O ., No. I P ark How, New York. 13 P Oi _ . long experience and familiarity with the r< quiremcnita of DauaaisT8,aud onr superior business facilities, enable 1)8 to furnish them with choice Liquors for medicinal and family use. n26yl C J T A T E O F N E W Y O R K . — SUPREME O COURT.— C ounty op M oktoomku Y.—N ancy M ama B elknap a js'l B oyd P. B elknap . T o ^Y D P. B elknap , defendant,—you are hereby sum- mondd to answer the complaint of N anoy M ama B blknap , plaiutiff, which will be filed with the Clerk of the County o f Montgomery, and to serve a copy of your answer on the subscriber, at his office in the villAge of Fort Plain, County of Montgomery, State of Few York—within twenty days alter the service off this summons, exclusive of the day of service; land it you fail to answersaid complaint as hereby required, the plaintiff will apply to tbe Court for the relief demanded in the complaint. Dated August 23d, 1860. . OECfttOE YOST, Plaintiff’s Attorney. The complaint In the above action was filed Inthe office of the clerk of the county of Montgomery, N. y ., on the 31et day of October, 1860. 26w6 G kokok Y ost , Pl'ffiiAU’y. - v r O T I C E T O C R E D I T O R S . — Pownnnt X v to a n order of Richard II. Cnsbney, County Judge of the County of Montgomery, acting as 8 u ^ logate, according to the Statute in such case made and provided, Notice is hereby given to all periona having claims against George Hall, late of the town of Minden, in the County of Montgomery, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to John B. Hall of the town of Stark, Herkimer County, or to Robert Hall.of ihe town of Minden, in Montgomery County, a t their respective places of business, on or before the 10th day of May next. Dated October 29,1860. JOHN R. HALL, ROBERT HALL. Exeentersof thelast will and testament of George Hall deceased. 37m6 Montgomery, deceased, that they are required to exhibit the same with tbe vouchers thereof to William Nellis, one of tbe Executors of the last will and itestament of said Joseph W. Nellis, a t his farm house, in the town of St. Johsville, in UonI gomery county, aforesaid, on or bt*'ore the 1st da- of June next. ' Dated St. Johsville, Nov. 20,1860. OLIVER NELLIS, 1 WILLIAM NELLIS, Exscutors, &c. NATHAN NELLIS, J 20m tbe terms for holding the County Gonrts for M ont ty, a t the times following, viz For the trial of issues oriaw and hearing and deoi- lion of Uetjpns andother proceedings,theflnt Tues­ day in April, June, October and December. And It ii further ordered that a Court o f Seesioni be held at tkc time and place of holding the Merch and September terms of said rimnty Court, and that a Grand and Petit Jury be drawn and eum- moned for aaid Conrte.—Dated Fondi^^ ^ n 4860. v6n37yl Coofity Judge of IContgomeijl CouBty.' M T ~ I N S U R A N C E C O M P A N Y O J F n s O M T J b Q I U » , Incorporated in 1819. Charter Ferpelnnl Cash Capital, “ ‘ - ffil,500,000. INSURE AGAINST LOSS AND DAMAGE BY FIRE, ON TERMS ADAPTED TO THE HAZ­ ARD, AND CONSISTENT WITH THE LAWS OP COMPENSATION. ALFRED GARY, A oent , v7nl4 For Port Plain and vicinity. INCORPORATED 1810. a a - A . m ' P i P ' O H . D Fire Insurance Company, O f H A R T F O R D , C o n n . C A P I T A L A N D A S S E T S ^ 0 3 0 , ■ 7 0 0 . 0 0 Policies issued and renewed; Losses equitably adjusted and paid immediately upon satisfactory proofs, tn New York funds ,the undersigned, the DULY AUTHORIZED AGENT. ALFRED CARY, Agent, v7nl4yl Fort Plain. Pire, Life and Inland Navigation INSUEANCE AGENCY F O R T P L A I N , N . Y . ITNA INSURANCE COMPANY, Hartford,Gonn. O aih C a p i t a l , ..........................................$1,500,090 Surplus, over - - 600,000 HOME INSURANCE COMPANY, New York city. Cash C a p i t a l , .......................................... $1,000,000 Surplus, o v e r ...............................................400,000 HARTFORD FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Hartford,Conn. Cash C a p i t a l , ........................................... $500,000 Surplus, o T c r ....................................... 400,000 PHCENIX INSURANCE COMPANY. Hartford, Conn. Caih C a p i t a l , .............................................$400,000 Surplus, over ----- 100,000 Policie NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, New York C ity. Accumulated Assets, over - - $1,800,000 Lift Policies granted on the mutual principle -ith^enltrep/vi/Rs divided annuaf/y among the In- v7ni4 ALFRED CARY. A okkt . A G O O D X-i X XS. lESIST 3ES S S O x x r 3 P r l © i x c a . ) S , Should ho Procured while they are with us; AS DELAYS ARE DANGEROUS, TT<J Should ‘Proenre the shadow ere the substanee perish.’ The most Beautiful and Permanent MELAINOTYPE8, Are taken, every day, clear or clondy, A T V R O M A N ’ S PHOTOGEAPHIC G A I L E B Y , W E B S T E R BUILDIEG, Main Street, Fort P lain. ^^Priccs as low as any First Class Gallery in the jKT’Don't get a (so-called) cheap Ambrotype, as they are the dearest in the ond. 7yl PHALON A SON’S \Snoto-i0|ite ©rientri Crtstm” For Beautifying the Skin & Complexion Is without question, T h e “ B e a n t i f i e r o f t h e A g e .” desired ‘‘ T HE SNOW WHITE ORIENTAL CREAM” removeiFreckles, Tan and^Sun- Phalon & Son’i Liquid ‘ ‘ Snow White OaiSKTAL C bjuk ” renders the roost homely, attraettvo. Phalon & Son’f Liquid ‘ ‘ Snow White OrlenUl Cream\ Imparts a most bssutifUl luitrs to th# coarsest complexion. * ‘ NATXTBE’S BIVAL.” Phalon A Son's Liquid \ Snow White Orlontsl Cream” for sale by all DrugglsU ami Fancy Goods Dealers. What a beautihil oroatura 111 •rerybody exclaims I fSbe uses Phalon Jc Sou's Liquid '■ Snow White Orion. '• ________________ Ul Crosm.’J 100,000 Bott\“« of Phalon ic Son’i uSnowWMU Oriental Cream.\ Soli during the past year to the ladies of New York City Upon the receipt by mail, of 60 cents, a bottle of the ^ h ^ m u e will he sent by express lo any part of the P H A L O N & S O N » 8 “ o o o x i s r / ^ PRXSJBBVING, BEAVTIFTINQ AND DRESSING T H E HA IR, is p repared from puriCod and deodorized COJICM JVVr 0ME. eflhctnally cleanses the Hair and o-hin of the Bead jy and erery species of impurity, and im: '^^rge‘bottles 50 cents, small bottles 26 conU, Man- ulkcluradby JPJW XOJV Iff 80JS'', t1 Oroen.street, New ITork. Manuftclurers of the celebrated “ Golden Crest Per­ fumery,\ comprislag over 1000 different styles of Po­ mades, gxtrscu. Toilet g o p g , Oolognes, etc. 26yl L Y O N & B R O W N , IMPORTERS AND DEALERS IN W I N D O W A N D P I C T U R E 3 E ^ M S i . S S ^ Faint., Oil.. Colon, &o., tas. 171 DUANE STBEET, i s r x i w - K - o m a s K U QUsi Cut tud Fflolced Free of Oberge^ B 7 Sesid for a Cir<mlar..,a] v6n40yl iK iirth in g i l S n C 3 D S S » S 3 Clothing Store. 4-T FORT PLAIN. 'ere may be found a Gennal assortment of T T e r e may be found a G< X I newgoods just received. P R O A D C L O T H S I C a sslm p rs, V e s tin g s , F U R N I S H I N G GOODS. R E A D Y M A D E C L O T H I N G , of ail kinds. C L O T H IN G M A D E TO ORDER, P A R I S A N D N E W Y O R K Fashions just received and ready for circulation. aOBMT FOB SIN G E R S FA M ILY SEW ING MACHINE, THE BEST IN THE WORLD. iiial etr.ength ne house jn 1 . ____ _ _ Ilowiug valual Roots, Herbs &c., viz : Solomon’s Seal, Spilsemtrd, Comfrey, Camomilo Flowers, Gentian,Wild Cherry Tree Bark, and Barberry. W E C H A L L E N G E T l x o \ W c x - l c i TO PllODUCE T H R I R E Q ,U A I i ! ! Wo do not profess to have discovered some Roots “ known only to tbe Indians of Soiilli America,” ond a cure for “ all diseases which the flesh is h eir to,” but wo claim to present to the public a trulv valuable pre- p.aration, which e v ery intelligent I’hysican in Uio coun­ try will aprove of and recommend. As a remedy for INCIPIENT CONSUMPTION, X Jxxs»-xxarip/Tt!S«siec3L ! For Sore Throat, so common among tbe Clergy, they are truly valuable. For the aged and Infirm, or for persons of a weak canstitution—for Ministers of the Gospei, I.awyors. and all public speakers—for Book-Keepers, Tailors. Seams­ tresses, Students, Artists, and all persons leading a se­ dentary life, they will prove truly beneficial As a Beverage, they are wholesorho, innocent, and delicious to tbe taste. They produce all the fexliilara- tmg effects of Brandy or Wine, without intoxicating; and a re a valuable remedy for persons addicted to ex­ cessive use of strong drink, and wish to refrain from it. They a rc pure and entireiy free from tlie poisons con- ,.tained in the adulterated Wines and Liquors with which the country is flooded. These Bitters not only CURE, but PREVE.NT Disease, and should, he used by all who live in a country where the water is bad, or where Chilis and Fevers are pre­ valent, Being entirely innocent and harmless, they may ho given freely to Children and Infants with Impunity. Physicians, Clergymen, and temperance advocates, as an act of humanity, sboold assist In spreading those truly valuable BITTERS over the land, and thereby e s­ sentially aid In banishing Drunkoncss and Dl.soaso. CHARLES WIDDIFIELD & CO., PROPRIETORS, I S W i l l i a m s t r e e t, N e w Y o r k . 21yl. For Sale b y all Brnggists. O X a O T E C X K T G ^ made np in the best style and in “ double quick tim e.” All orders promptly attended to, add the best of latisfaction given. Please give me a call and examino my stock. LEANDER f'OX. Fort Plain, Sept. 20, I860. 20m3 Q . O O D REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD BUY YOUR C L O T H I N G AT THE GREAT WARDROBE! Because yon can buy the best made Clothing '^Im n se you can select from tbe Largest Stock in the city. Because you can buy cheaper than at any other 'b e c a u s e yon hny the latest and most popular \^^Becanse you. can certainly expect fair and honor­ able dealing.. Because you can trade pleasantly and without ‘xalion or care. Becanse you can bny more and better goods for e same amount. Because you can buy o f KINGSLEY & SON, the Pioneers of Low Prices. Now then, if you want to buy o o o c i O X o t X x i x a . a r , well made and serviceable, ' HERE IS THE PLACE! If yon want to buy FINK CI a O T IIIN G in every respect equal to tbe best Custom Work, HERE IS THE PLACE! If yon want to bny F U R N I S H I N G G O O D S , better and cheaper,and in the greatest variety, HERB IS THE PLACE I If you want to SAVE MONEY, THE GEEAT WAEEBOBE is the place, and THE VERY BEST PLACE i save at least one-quarter o f what you now pay i other stores. T .L . KINGSLEY & SON. THE GREAT WARDROBE, W i t h I t s N u m e r o u s B r a n c h e s , B one of th Establishn Stores arc At No. 112 GENESEE STREET, UTICA, N .Y . At No. 63 DOMINICK STREET, ROME, N . Y. At No. 109 GENESEE STREET, AUBURN, N .Y . At No. 84 STATE STREET, NEW HAVEN, CT. Every one of these Stores is doing an immense business, and all are in the full tide of successful oneration. Where goods are bought and sold in snteclent quantities to carry on such an enormous trade.it is plain cnongh they can be lurnished very cheap. Try the G r s r c t f N t \W \•B tx’c J j r o o once and see if this is not the case. yoWn48 T . L . K I N G S L E Y & S O N . T-O-B P-R-I-N-T-I-N-G of every description. MOatly and promptly done a t this offloe, a t reasonable prices.__________ _ Dr. Ham’s Spirit. m e b i c a l . Dr. J. B o v ee Dods’ IMPERIAL W INE B I T T E S X t l S ! A R E made from a pure and unadulterated Wine X j Lwhich is about double the usual streng th ol Wines, and is imported by only one house jn the United States. Also from the following valuable TiBNi’8, ftiid all weakly persons, they cannot be sur­ passed. In all cases of weakness or Debility, they will give immediate relief, and impart a strong healthy tone to the system. For the cure of Dys­ pepsia, Indigestion, Nervous Disea«es, Liver Com­ plaints, weakness or Debility, Flatulency and Nan- sea, and complaints conseqiient upon a ^disor' y m-e mud . igl’ten th( vigor. No one who uses these Bitters, can be subject to an attack of F evek an d A g u e , o r Diarrhoea. Put up in Quart Bottles, in cases of one and two 19yl 26 Treraont St,. Boston, Mass. R. J . & A. C. Grant, Agents, Albany. W o n d e r f u l R e m e f i y - ^ A WONDERFUL AGE I Herrick’s Sugar Coated Pills. To Dr. HEBBIK «sCo., Gr,.NTLEMEN'. About one year ago your agent call, ed upen mo and dcsire'fi that I should take your Pills and Plasters to sell l||in this place. At that Jtim e I was .-liDicted with jflan abscess in my right m side, as large as a pint y bowl, or larger than a cocoa nut. I had not buttoned my vest with any comfort for over a I had oonsuUodsomo of thn host physioinns In tho’’ Stale, among whom was Prof. Hamilton, of Buffalo, and many others, all of whom decided that my caso would tcrmiuiito fatally : that the abscess would ovontually break Inward amt ruu my life away. I was not able to labor much for two y ears, and not liking to be idle, I commenced taking your pills. Soon affer tbo swelling commenced disappearing, and finally appeared to point externally. 1 became alarmed, and .sentlbr Dr. Sprague, who advised me to contimio the Pills, as my cure was rapidly being completed. I continued to use tbe^ pills in Herrick’s Kid Strengthening Plasters. THE GREAT STRENGTHBNER AND PAIN rapidly being completed. I continued to use tbe pills in Etoredftb?ulcCT h e a l ^ ° I ° c o n s i d e r myself a 'V e ll sold in this vicinity. My Post Office address is Oneida Valley, Madison county, N, Y., wherepersons interested ?uVm;Srtng\s^ long years. You may publish this letter if you like, to asslstthesick and advance y<air reputation. Truly yours, D. C. CAIN. Jiea-Tho discovery Of coaMwi/a pill with Ji/j/oromnna- tod wlth Or.Horriok. All others are counterfeits, and If used, will do hai-m, and disappoint the nek. H er­ rick's pillsaro ologautly pul up, 30 In a box, rvith a largo shoot of directions, and sell lor 25 cents per bo.v; 5 boxes id Strengt n r . HEST AND CnXAPEST lIOOSEnOI.D KtaiEDY IN TUP. WOniD. Those renowned Plasters cure pains, weakness and distress in the back, sides and breast, in five hours. In­ deed, so certain are they to do this, that the proprietors, warrant them. Spread from rosins, balsams and gums, on beautiful kid loatbor, renders them peculiarly adapted to tbo wants of Female! and others. Their application is brtlm and a blosHiuK. Tliclr use Is.ivgrccabicaiid without finnoynnco and trouble. Each Plaster will wear from id others, wUUtrcnglhen their lungsand improve Uieir >ices hy wearing them on th^r Price 18 cents. X- FortWain\nd by Druggists througbout'ihe United.Stams” ‘l Canadas and South America, at wholesale by all largo Druggists in the principal cities. HERRICK & BROTHER, v7nl2yl-tp P ractical C hemists , Albany, N. Y. ;sfrom neglect of I SUFFER NOT! j ® - A PH Y S IO lA N 'a lb : g a o y ^ T o J Y o u n g M e n . A few rational and (ti?!ijiterested r e m a r k s i n painphletform ot 32 pages on Sem­ ina I Weakness, Nocturnal Emis­ sions, Loss of Memory, Incapa city for Study, or Business, Impo dlmontsto Mar riago, etc ^rls ing from too ef­ fects 0 f secret . habits of Youth, tlSUEvery Fa* thor should pro- sent a copy to Cause, the Effect, and ihe Remedy. tbrunfor- t~;lc«™«ofSeir-AbuseU.a^ praclicoB, m; ““A iguille oolcbratod Female Monthly Pills, raadi,,.v.„ thoexfraotof Cotton Root; a remedy used for years aroong the female slaves of the Foulh, In form of decoc­ tion or t e a ; now fov the first time introduced into gono- rnl use. Price one dollar, sent under seal b jr mall.— Married lad les m u st not use them. ' Add7«8e L- R. HERR1CY.,JC:.^ v lB liy l Drawer n a , Albany, A SUPERLATIVE TON 1C, DIURETIC, D Y S P t ? ' ^ ^ INYimfr&CORDIAt PURE HOLLA j ID .GIN, For Medical and Pi ivate Use. What Shall We ri^ ? U D O L P I I O W O L F E ’S Pure Cognac Brandy, Imported and Bottled by himself,’ warranted pure, and the besi quality, with his certificate, on tjje bptt tie, and hi.s !<eal on the cork.' U D O L P I I O W O L F E ^ S Pure Port Wine, ■ ■ ■ ■ ” ■' .jnedi-. ir D O L P H Q W p L P E ’S Pure Sherry Wine, ^p o r ted and bottled l;!y himself, the saiQe.astib? U D O L P H O \V O L F J 3 ’S Pure Madeira Wine, Imported .and bottled hy Uiraisph’ fpr private and medicinal use, the be.st Wine ever olfered fornalo to the trade in bottles. This Vyino is Warranted perfectly pure. • ■ . , . . , UDOLPHO WOLPR’S Pure Jamaica Rum. St. Croix Rum. SCOXUH AND rtilS H W H ISK E Y . All the above imported and boUled by himsplf, warranted j'liro and the best quality. TO TH E P U B L I C , ■ith my seal, my label, and my certificate, is cor.- rect, and can be relied upon by every purciia-sef. Physicians who use ‘Wines and Liquors in tU'eir practice should give the preference to these articles For sale by all respectable Druggists and Apoths caries. UDOLPHO WOLPE. Sale Manufaclw er and Importer o f the Schiedow Aromatic Schrtapps. 19mG. N o . 2 2 B e a v e r S t r e e t . N e w Y o ric, Important Rational Works. PUBLISHED BY D. APPLETON & CO., 346 <& 348 Broadway, N . Y. \ int to Subscribers in ceipt .of Re,tail ji,ooo original arricius. .o-u auuiuuuai .von will be published once in about three montli^i. ' Price, in Cloth, $3 ; Sheep, $3,60; Half Mbr. $4 ; Half Russia, $4,50 each. The New AmericanCyclopirdia ii popular without being superficial, learned but not ]>edantic, compre­ hensive but sufficiently detailed, free from personal pique and party prejudice, fresh and yet gccupite. It IS a complete statement of all that is known upr-n every important topic within the scope of hummi iutelligeuce. Every important article in it h-as been specially written for its pages by men wjio are .au­ thorities npon the topics of which they speak. They are required to bring th e subject.up to'-lLa present m om ent; to state just how it stands now. All the statistical inforniation is from the latest re­ ports; the geograpbiqal ficQOun.ts kpep pace yriih the latest e-\plorations; historical matters mcfutle the/reslie.st views; the biographical notices nrt on­ ly speak of the dead, but also of the living. It it » library of itself, t ABRIDGMENTS OF THE DEBATES OF CON­ GRESS : Being a Political History of tbe United States, from tbe organization of tlio First Federal Congress in 1789 to 1856. Edited and compiled by Hon. T homas H. B enton , from the Official «ecord'»i of Congress. The work will be completed in 15 royal octavo volumes of 760 pages each, 11 of whidi is now ready. An additional volume will be publirired once i a three months. Cloth, $3 ; Law Sheep, $3,50; Half Mor., $4 ; Half Calf, $4.50 each. AW AY OP PROCURING THE CYULOPiEmA OR DEBATES. Form a club of four, and remit the price of four books, and five copies will he sent a t jltp r.emittev'3 e-xpensc for carriage; or ten subscribers ..el.even cop­ ies will bo sent a t our expense for carvia,gp. T O A G E N T S . No other works will so liberally reward tbe exer­ tions of Agents. A n A gent W anted in this CorNTV. Terms made known on application to th e March, 1859. d 46 .6®- Subscriptions received a t this -Gfiicfi. D R . SW E E T ’S Infallible liiniiiient, THE GREAT EXTERNAL REMED f, FOR R H E U M A T I S M ,G O U T , N E U R A L ­ G IA ,L U M B A G O ,STIFF N E C K A N D JO IN T S , S .P R A IN S B R U I S E S C U T S A N D W O U N D S , P I L E S H E A D A C H E , A N D A L L R E E U M A T IC A N D N E R V O U S D /S OR D E R ^ For all of which it is a flpeedy and certain reme dy, and never fails. This Liniment is prepSred from Ihe recipe of Dr, Stephen Sweet, of Gonneo- tient, the famous bone setter, and has been used in his pracftice f^or more than twenty years wiUi t!ie “ OP PATN it 1, by any preparation belore.tho public, of which i h t most skeiitical may be convinced by a single trial. This Liniment will cure'rapidly and 'radically, Rheumatic Disorders of every kind, and in thf-n- sands of cases where it h as been used it has ne\cr been known to fail. FOR NEURALGIA it will afford immediate re­ lief in every case, however distiessing. It will relieve the worst cases of Headache in three minutes and is warranted to do it. TOOTHAOHEalso will it cure instantly. FOR NERVOUS DEBILITY AND GENERAL LASSITUDE arising from imprudence or excess, this Liniment is a most happy and unfailing remedy. Acting directly upon the nervous tissues, i* strengthens and revivifies the system, and restores it to elasticity and vigor. FOR PILES— As an external remedy, we claim that it is the best known, and we challenge tbe world to produce an equal. Every victim of this distre.ssing complaint should give it a trial, for it will not fail to afford immediate relief, and in a ma­ jority of cases will effect-a radical cure. . QUINSY AND SORE THROAT are sometimes extremely malignant and dangerous, but a timely application of this Liniment will never fail to cure. SPRAINS are sometimes very obstinate, and en­ largement of the joints is liable to occur if neg­ lected. The worat cn.se may be conquered by this ^ ’S uj T s 'S I o UTO.‘K ^ ^ SORES, UI.CEBS, BURNS AND SCALDS, yield readily to tbe won­ derful healing properties of Dr., S.wcet's Infallible Liniment, when used aci ording to divectiims. Also Chilblains, I'rosted Feet, and Insect Bites and VERY HORSE OWNER should have this rem­ edy at hand, for its timely use at the firat appear­ ance of lameness will effectnslly prevent those for­ te wbich.sll borses.are liable, and otherwise valuable hors raidable diseases, t( which render so many othe nearly worthless. Over four hundred voluntary teEtlmoniala toth wonderful curative properties of this Llniment'hav “ • g H S S S f S S S r i S s i S i S S signature every label Liniment’’ out which none are cenutne. WCHABDSON signature riid llkenesg of Dr. Stephen Swtel on every label, and also “ Stephen Sweet’s Infslltblo ‘ iniment’’ blown in the! glass oT u» cc h botUe, 1 imposition, o of Dr. Stepher Stephen Sweet’ glass oT s h ' GHAimSONACO.. , Solo ^opristvtt-.N e tw ^ ^ -tt

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