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As MUCH T kuth Jks PoBTUX.—Tlic follow- Inff oxcellont “ hit,” we oop>’ from llio “ OUy ItouiH” of tlio N. y. Trihine, Every llnoiaBiBuificfttit uml charnotoHatio. Jouathuu to liowe. «Y JACQl'KS MAUlUO*. 1‘vo pcen your O ah B ur , Mlhlor howe, And iiiiUI a iiuarlcr for tlie'ihuw. 1 huvcnt lied so gmnd a treat Bence Blondin come Ids eireii.i fcat. Inside that fence you've got a thing Tlmt’a made the Var.-uil country ring t Bilk li’ilcd in oil, they nay ; »'• new ; And cost a tlionsund dollars, tew I You Ve b’en some yearfla buildin’ i t : How did you make the pieces lU ? Who out 'em out ? wlio sowed 'em in T When was you put up to begin ? I Bwow ! the thing is such a whopper, I'm blamed if / know iiow you’il stop her! Oiice-t fairly up, prepared to go it, Yon ’ll sniih tlic moon heforo yon know It I If MarsoIJocts, wliy. yon lUii fist )iiml~ ■ Why It ing anaind I lie Molnr system 7 tie M Idlliklus! down wllli IliC hars— I'our itag iiM^y i rop unnmg ilie slars t But wlit'u will Mm tiillr.tuate? Tim setson. l.mve, i i putting late— You wild you wniild. some time ago. Yet you coiitiuue fur to «lii w ! You Will An* wailing for yo and nil On Ing v is it: It ain't a dodge, nor notliiii', is it ? Peihnps you dread youi t ‘ip roniai For fear you ’ll house in tiio All ml \ MaUeliaj in simsliine,'’ is tl e rule— If that's your tune, yon ain't a fool. I'vo heerd it w'ispered, Mister Lowe— J re’ly hope it ia n 't so— I'm sure I do n't pretend (o know : They any—you never meant to go. A man is lucky that's got b rau— A man ii loel;.\ that's got giis : Witli brass and gas, and litickers, loo, A smart man oujjlil to w'iggle through! E X K C im O N OF JOHN IIKOWN. IiJtcrviow Ijctuocn Hruu'tt uiitl Wife. CHAU1.IJ8IOWN, Dec. 2. The Tii'orviow heiwpon Drown iiiul liia Tirifo Insled fiinii 4 n ’cloek i>. m uiilil near 8, wlion (jreit. Taliareno iiifonneil them that tlie peiiod allowed them lind elapaed, mid tlint hlie must piepare for lier depar I lier depai lure to tile Felly. The earriarre was ngiiiii biou£hlit to the door. Tlie milii posse.H.siot) of tliH square and with an es­ cort of 20 imniiited ineu the cortege moved off, (’.apt. Mimie, of the Monl- gomeiy (Jimrds, ne.nompauyiiig her. Till] iuteiviowm was,o, 1 ioarn.ill not .1 ,m I m II, imt A Vffy AfFue-tirig one, rather of a praclieal fdiarao- Duiiiig the course of (he coiiversution Mrs. Blown nsked liini if lie had heard that Got lit Smith had hecoino insane «ml had been seril to the Asylum nt Utica.— He said Jie had read of it in th« papers and waasoriy to hear of it, but itnlneoi ntelv ohangeu the subject, The BuhjeiU of iho death of hia t^Y0l|on« re marl X she had made eome ctTort whilst Harper’s Ferry, for the recovery of tlieir bodies, to whieh object.rhe said Col Bar- hour had kindly eonsented to give Ids as sislnnce, Cttpt. Brown remarked that lio would also like tlie remains of the two Thompsons lemoved, if they could be found ; hut suggested tlint it would ho best to lake his body, with the bodies of his four sons, and gel a pile of pine legs and hum them all togcdlicr; that it would he hotter and less ex[iensive to thus gather up 1)11 their ashes togetlusr, niul lake them their final resting plae,e. Slieiiir Uamphell told him that th's would not he peimilled witliiu the Sinlo, and M is Brown ohjecleil to the piojiosiliun altogetiiei. Ill legaid lo the exocnlion, lie alnlcd that he did not (lesiie any leligloiis eei'ti moMY ellher al ihn jail oi on the Heafl’old; he would piefer lo lie necompanied by a dozen slave ehililren ami a good old slave mother, wi'ii their appeals to God for lilessingH on hia soni, ifian ail the eloquoiieo of all the clergy of the Commonwealth comhined- Tlie past week several loiters contain ing cheeks and drafts have been for­ warded him by his fiii-nds in diffororit p)trts of the eoiintry. Tlieso lio h*s endorsed and made payable to his wife, Mary A. Brown. One. of them was for $100 and one for $50, and handed I hum to her. Tlift prisoner was brought out of jail at 11 o’clock. Before leaving, he hid *(lieu to all his fell.jw piisoners, and w.aa very afleetioniite 'o all e.xcopt Cook lie charg oil Cook with having deceived and misled him ill regard lo the support ho was to ro* ceivo fiom ilicHlaves. lie was led to he lievu that ihev were lipo for an infliiru'c- lion, and had found that his reprcHentaiions were false. Cook denie,! the charge, hut had little lo say in leply. The prismier then told tlie Kheiifi’ lie was ready. His aims weio pinioned, and with a him k slouch hat on, and wiili the same cloihos he wore dining the liitil. he pioceedoil lo llio door afiparenily calm and eliectfiil.— As he came out, six companies of infantry and one troop of horse with Gen. Tulia feiro and his entire staff were deploying in front of the jail, whilst in front, an open JtSff\ Oionrnd JWilluuer, the Bwine lol dier who rescued Mr*. Doaue of Now Jer •«y, nud Edward Pot kins’ family of Bui- ton, from MuRsacro at Perugia, last auiiu mor, Itaa Ibeou hniidsomdy rowardid by Mr, Purkina, who has purchased the fret* dom IVum military sot vice of ih» brave soldier, hmde him a present of a sum of mom-y, paid his expenses fiom Borne to Swiizur’and, and relieved the little farm belonging to his family of a debt with which it was encumbered. P S o j ) a l o k » a U « g FORT PLAIN, DECEMBERS, 1859. itirig one, rat ter with regaid lo the luiuro of herself and children and tlie airungemcnt and HOtllemont of hiisineas affairs. They seemed coiisiderahly tilfecled wlion they liist met, and M is . B. was for a few momenta quite overcome, lint Brown was a« linn as a rock, and she soon leeovorod bur couipo- There was an iniprc.s.sion tlial Iho pus oner miglil jmssUily he liiinislied with a WGiipon or with sHvelinine hy Ids wife, an I helou) tlio inieiview her jiiMson was fioare.lied and ii s'liel waleli was kepi ovei tlietii wliilti (liey were togelliui. At the time of the sepiiialion they seemed lo he fully Sell possessed, aiid the palling, es peeiiilly mi lii.-5 pm I, <-xliihiti-(l a o.nmpoam,-, eillier feign ;il or real, iliut was iiulj prising. I learn from Ciipt. Mooro that she rather repelled all utiempts on ids part to exjirt fiympiilliy with her iinder her alllidion.' She re.-ented the idea that Capt. Bimvn hild dono an\tiling to desi-i ve death, or to attach Ids name with dishonor; amide dared that tlie igiiomiidous cliuraeter of the punislimeiii which was about to he in­ flicted upon him was ns cruel ns it was un just. Hlio legarded him as a martyr in a riglitfoHS eaiise, and wa.s prouti lo’^he (he wife of Hiinl) n man. The gallows, she said had no tenor for her or Idm. She Blttled thill she had not sneii him since lust June, (ihoiit si.x monllis ago ; and that Ijiey iiad been sepaniled, with the excep­ tion of a few dii}s, for neaily two yeais They had, however, conespomled, aiid she had always felt a deep iiileieM in the cause in which lie was engaged. The chat after of the interview may ho judged to some ext<<iil fiom this conversii lion with Capi. Moore, wldcli look place previous to it. J learn from Capf, Avis, Die jailor, that the inteiview heiween the piisonerantl hi.s wife was eliniaeieiistic of the man, ami the (lireeiiuiis given for the mniiagemeiit and disliihiiiioii of his priqieriy, emhiaced all the details of ids last will and testa Gen. Taliaferro was also present, when Capf. Blown nigei] that Ids wife he allowed to leinain all night, To lids the General refused to assent, allowing them hut four hoHi’s, On llio flibt meeting they kissed ami aft'eciiouaiely emhiaced. and Mis, Brown shet} a few lenrs, luu immeditudy chocked hei feelings. They stood em- brnoed, and she sobbing, for neaily five minuteB, ami she was . Thu pi ini vagoti ami a pine liox, in widdi was a fine ak oofliii, was wailing for him. He look d aronmi and spoke to seveial persons he eeogni/.ed and, walking down tlu* step.s, ook a seat on llio eofiin box along with .lailor Avia, Ho hadeed with interest on the line militniy disjilay, hut miulo no re maik. The wagon moved off, flailkod hy two files of rilllemen in close order. On teaching llio field the ndlltiuy had .already full possessioi). I’iekela weio stationed and the clii/.eiis kt-pt Imt-k at tliu point of the liavonet fiom taking any position than that ivbbigned them. The pi'iaonei’ walked ii|) llio steps firndy, and iwiM the fliNi man on (lio gallowa, - .\vis and BlieiilV Oamphell iilooil hv llis \ide ami after slniking hnmls Mul bidding them an alfectionale aditu, ho ihanked tli.-m for their kimliiehH, wlieii llio cap was put ovor his (iico ami tlio rnpo around his neek. Avii asked 1dm to atop forwaid on (lio irap. Hu leplied \yon nuist lead me, I can not seo.” Tlio rojio was adjusted, iiml the tnilitary order was given. Not ready yet—the soldierfl marched, coutiter maielied, and look jiosilion, ns if un eno- my weie in sight, and weio thins oceiipiud for nearly ten minutes, the piisoiior alaiid ingall Iho timo. Avis inquired if ho was not tiled. Blown said, \No not tiled; h;il don’t keep mo wailing longer than necuHsniy.” llo swung off at 15 miniilcs past II. A slight giasping of tho hands and I witching of lliu muscles was seen, ihun all was quiet. Tlio hotly was fiovulal times examined, and the ptilso did not cease to heal niilil 115 mi nil ten liml passed. Tlio hotly was liien eul down, plneed in llio collin, ami conveyed umlur mililaiy ese.oit lo the depot, wliero it was put in n ear to ho eanied lo ihu Foiiy hy a spceial train at fonr o’eloi k. This moining Blown oxcenfed un in- stiuiiieiit empoweiiiig Sheiiir Oampbell lo m)ndid.>ler on all property of Ids in the Stale, with direoiions lo , ^ . ..3 appaumlly nna{)lolo apeak. The piisoner only gave way for a moment, ami was soon ealm and eollecled, and remained fiim ihioiiglmni ilio inter view. At liio t-lose, they shook liamts, but did tiuf emlaaco, and its they parted he sai/1, \0< d hles.s yon ami fhc children.” Mrs, Blown nqilied, \ God have mercy on yon,” and continued <-alin until she* left the room, when she remuined in tears a few moments, 'Hie interview took place in the parlor pf Gapt, Avis, and the prisoner was free frqin. maiiacles of ai.y kind. They sat aide by side on a snfa, and after discussing Inq Qf hia sons fio gave ^ nouble spy-clflB„ and to another n waicli, while a third was cllreet(?d to Hike a tomb or monument Umt v*f te'T® North m m imd Imve Ins nnmo ami Urn manncp “’g<‘ther with the cans* for wbiM* h% bwl iua«ri<V : over tho nro eeeds of the salea to Ids widow and child Hherifl’ Camphell hid the piisoner faro well in his cell, tlio latter retuiiiing (ImnkH for the Slieiifi’s kindness, ami speaking of Capt, Pale )i8 a bravo man. family maiteis, p-roceeilctl (ohnsirmss. He requested her lo remain at North Elba, N, y., on her farm. llo desired that his ymmg olnldien sliould bo ednemod, hih I if sho could not obtain faeiliiies for tbeir jtlucHliorutt homo, to have lliem sent loft .. , - boarding school. Ho then gave directions coniaincd a snhsiancft almost p«rf and dictated lo sherirt’ Oampholl a will ly le^imbling brain, but of lew deiisilj which directed that all his piopei ty should Injefi some five days lluce the go to his wife, with the exception of a few aud the ohild ii fail recoviring, |resenl8 and heqnesis which U made. T o --------------- SneonBRFun A mputation o » a Omui'a H ead !-—A coiiespondent of llio Noith Amhtver (Mo) Advocate says: “ On llio I8tli of Svptemhor last, n child was horn in the town of Palmyra, tiaving two heads, Tim mimes of tlio parouta iiro John and Mary Ward. Tlta flist, a nndi- lal head, seemed a» nearly peifeol as that of an infant nsnalty. Thu second, or un niilurni head, was connected by a noek of about the usiml length and size, to the hack or posleiior pari of the fiial one, a little above liie point where the head and neck iiatmally join. Bulb heads were of ahont the same size, and lacing opposite ways. Ilnir grew perfectly natural on both scalps; but the second head wan cn lirely wanting in foaluies. 'i’holo were a few small triegulatilies where the face or features should liave botti, appearing ns if nature had attempted lu form feaiuies, but without success. The heal.h of iho child seemed good, and it grew well until the lOih of tho present month (Ootobor,) when the luir.atmal head was successfully am­ putated at tli« neck, by Dr. J, C. Manson, of PiUfefitld. A disseetion of this showed the akull to be comjposed of bone and car­ tilage—also what should have heen bone in the neek provetl to be cartilage. The head contained a suhsiaiicft almost perfect g3T Thcrq is likely to bu plenly of Ten riiorial business hefuie the piassat Con grHM. State niul Teriitmial Oovernruenn will he asked for by Kansas, NoW^sim, Aiiwna, D««otHli, Jeffliiion, Nividn, Ni< osho, Sotahern Oaltforolat «pd porktoe Nxw Y ork MsTOBALTT.—The election on Monday last, fn Now York, for Mayor and other oUy officers, resnlted in the sue- cess of F jcknakdo W oos *. The total vote in twenty.throe Wards, gives Wood 80,064, Hivemyer 20,781, and Opdyke 81,708. The result, under all the otroumstancei proves Wood to bo a brick. But as brioks, like eggs, are of difforont qualities, wo will not underlako to eay in what category lie belongs. Of hia energy, BSgnclty and'plnck, to say tim least, there can be no doubt. Jimoi B uonsoh , candidate for Oorpnra- tion Coijneel, on the H*mo ticket witli Wood, Is also elected. In this w© are well pleased; as we know him tube abundamlj- oble, and above reproach. Get the B e s t D e te ctor. avenues leading to continued liealth and Petersons’ Ommtcrfoli Doicctoi and Bonk long lile, is n strict adherence to tlie rules Note List for Ducoinber has been received ot tt*m)ioraUco in eating ami drinking, by UP, and ia correoteil by Drexvl <Sf On., Errors indict, arise fromqnnlilyamiqnan- ilio well known Baiiker.-< ami Brokers, and I tity of food, taken into the stotrmcli; ami a U it the brat and moat rdutble Dttector of safe rule, applicable to all persons, is, for C?. \W \. 'W 0 l: ) H t0 3 7 ^ E J c ll t o i* John Broivn, iigHiii, Tlio Hocond of December, 18Cf), will be moinorahio in Iho history of oiir country, as tho dwy of the execution of John Brown, for ireHmiii, iiipiirrection and inurdor.-~ Many iirofosHeil pliUnnttiropistH espy in his foray upon llarpor’a Farry, n providentis) iigeiioy, designed to hasten tho emancipation of tlio bondsman, and render the Govern­ ment in triitli and in fact, what it is in name, Repuihlic of Freedom. On tho other liand, again, is arrayed a nnmerons body, who view the event ns the hnrhingerof evil to our country, pointing to an uliimato Dia- .olution of the Union. While tho one class onlogiHO the victim ns the heroic champion of a noble cause, and impute to him single- 11088 arid honeaty of piirpoao, and crown him a martyr and a saint, tho otlier is oqmillv nltr.i in tlu* lustowment of coiinUr cpithetfl—clmractorising him as rimliciive, hloodiiiiirsty and iiiqirincipled. While tho ono approves, extols ami applauds, the other donoimees, oxcoriates and cofidoinns. Bo far, find so tar only, as those, who pondoniiii tho foolhardy conduct of Old liroton and hit aceornpUeea, have confined tliemselvos to the facts in tho case, in char- notorihing tlie act ns criminal, they have had ami still have onr a)iproral. We would not lollernto, directly nor indirectly, the in­ vasion of iiidividiml or State i-ights. Tlieso riglitfl are giiaranteed by the UonHtilntion, wliich every good citizen is civilly, inorally and religiously hound to sustain. The com­ plaint wo have miulo ia, tliat tho nntcjM oo- curreriico haa boon tortured into a pnrti.san movument; and for political elfect, innocent parlies are assailed as instigators and no- complices, without a shadow of proof.— Such A species of party warfare, be.sidcs being unmanly and corrupt, iu incendiary in ita cimrnoter, and lends to engender bitter seotioinal feelings, for no bettor purpose than to further imrtfsaii fichoines. Its effect is to omianigor the coming of an event, which all piUiints would deplore, nod which pnliti- l inos profesu hik I i a desiro to avert - th e Dissoliitioii of the Union. Fiiii’llierinoro—tho foray of Brown, be­ ing iimmoiliately niicceeiled by a like foray upon Hownril, Binllh, Oorwin, Uiddings and othcra, each and all, in no way concerned in the transaction, very naturally nronsed the imligimtion of f/ictr friemla, and created a conitroversy, which lias given tho affair a umgiiitudo and importance, it otherwise would never have attained. The result, tliough not anticipated, hnabecn an impetus to Ui!o Oanse of Freedom—and thousands, heretofore tlioughtless or paaaive on the subject, begin to tliink, to talk and lo act. Jolini Brown, who otherwise might have died (and been forgnttoii) aa a mihguided and doluded victim lo Ida own folly, has boon heralded tlironglioiit tlio land for his virtiiee, and Ilia deeds ns having boon oonaeorated by Ills martjrdom, Ilia dialiileresled en­ listment on tlie side of the eiisluvod,—for wliioh WO will hy no means say that ho im- jimtly forfeited hia life, in invading Virginia in tho tnannor ho did—lias aroiisod a sym­ pathy in bolmlf of hiniHolf and those bo soiiglit to benefit, which is nmlnly indebted for Hi farvor to tli© prevailing cmmsols of demingogiies—who, after all, hare too nmoh to dio, in guiding the destinies of tho Nation, His conduct, orlminal as it was, is dis- tinotivoly viewed, and, by too many, classi­ fied with exploits that ar© horolo, If not©x- emplary. Now, ns wo profess to bo National tn all our tliotights nnd’feoliiigs, and desire our Omintry’s welfare, wo sincerely deplore all ooolu'rences, wliich tend to prejudic© local interests, provoke seqtional animoHitiee, and impair tkq rights of Ipdivldiml fifat©s, Eft'ih Stan© 1» a sovereign, entitled to herriglits— nndl th«se rights should not b© ©siailsd. Til© Oovormnont is a unit—ono and In- sejiarablo. Its union should ba prsserred. If John Brown, or any oilior individual, in snnio mind, enters tlie Slate of Virginia or any other State, and sets himself up against heir laws, or murders Her inliabltants, w© must not complain if tho oxeouthmer does liiadntj'-no more Mian we ouglit if Governor Wise, or any other gcntloman, should array himself against the Federal Government, and bo mad© to swing for a similar oiinrge of tr©R 80 ii. Murder, TreaHon and Insnrreo. tion are felonies, ponisitabl© by d eath; af- foirding no more ©xamption to a prlvat© In­ dividual Ilian to a Governor j alllmugh, w© must say, if in efth©r ev«nt th« retribution ought U) be any uiure dertuln, It slmuld bo in Urn pose of the official. Biat© and Na­ tional laws must bo obaj'id, and tholr ok. soryauf© ©iiforcud by the ©xamplary piinlib- itmnii of alji wito put timm at d©flonp«.-T- Ev©ry ^Jilxan, ifbetlier.tjf high ©r low d©. gr*©^Js*»qnally ainORable, and Ohdar ©qoal obligation to ooop©rat# In tb© good work of obeying tit© law, pr©*©r?!og rb» public psact gnid pMiiioilng tli8 w«lfw* Of tbt whbli country. i t IoP»' In th* 8ummnnl©atl8n m r roadsrs Will find mabr smbi I Md prat* JSer-The Board of Snperviaora of this County is yet in session at Fmida. The moat uf lh« tm.-mbora nro practical, and all are oariieHt in accompliahing well, the duties before them. The scrniliiy witli wliluli they investigate all matters submitted, liarhiugen favorably for the interests of th© lax payers. Tho new law, under which th© Board is working, is pretty generally regai'doil aa an excellent safe-guard against plunder. We sball give a tnor© pnrlicnlar notio© of pro­ ceedings next week. T iik B attlks or thx U nitko S tates .— B y S ka and L and .—The above is llie title of a new and interesting work, bj II knky B. D awson , member of tlie Now York His­ torical Society, published iu Semi-monihly parts trum tlie pr©.“s of Joiinaon, Fry and Company, New York. Eacli number is t« contain a beautiful Steel Plate engraving, to b© ;irinted iu clear, large typ©, on linen, calendered paper, royal quarto, and to cun- tain 82 pages. We have rec©ived and ex­ amined llio first four minibors, wliich bear ©very Indication, that th© work ia to ho a vahiablo and creditabl© acquisition to our lliatoripal I.iteralnre. Tho work will lie completed in nhont 00 numbers, to cost 25o eaoli—and all over *to numbers are to ho furiiiahed gratis to sub scribors. D. D. A mx 3, I’Nq., is now receiving siil) Boriptionu in tliis County—mid ns ilie work is to be paid for on delivery, astlie mmihors a|)pear, and as encii can examine fur liiiii- sdt, tlii‘ 1'0 is no chatioe for mistake. Wo are decidodlj* prepossessed in favor of the work and iiave no doubt, many of our rendora will bo glad to secure the uppurin- n'Uy to siibscrib©. W© will add fiirilioi- that llm work cumea eiiduraed by Wa-'liiiigiun Irving, Jared H)mrks, B. J. T.nuaing, Jus. Ihirtun and other dislingnishcd literary rlisraoters. G as in Four P i . ain .—By peruaing the proceedings of tiio Hoard of Trll^tees, in anulhor jdaco, it will bo seen tlint there is now Home prospect of onr vilhigo iiuinir lighted hy giia. A Clmiqmny, Imving its liead-qimrters ia Now York, liaa |teliiioiu>l our City Fathers fur permission, wliicli ii|> peni'H to liHve been granted, to con-itiu t works and lay down pipes ihrotigli tho streets &«. ot tho village.' M'o slinil he very glad to bco the enterprise succeod. LaoTniiKB—We liope an Boon as tli* Sem­ inary Opens its Winter Term, to nnnoiinco several iuclure.a by distingnished speakers for tlie entertainment and edification of our citizens. Until tlien, v*e must bo content to take advantage, so far as convenient, of lectures in onr vicinity. At Utica, on Mon day evening next, Rev. W. II, M iujuiin , tlio Blind I’reaclier is to tell what a Blind Man Huw in England. The lecture ia pronouiu-ed 01)0 of his very best, and will jirovo a treat. JUif' Wo give tho Prospectus of tho Ilural New Yorher^ an atily conducted Agrienltnral Journal, iu an ulher column. K i , ook (5 c ChtonHU, enlorprising Grocera, call nltentiun, ©Isowlicre, to tlieir new ai- rivnl of Olioioo Grocorlea, Read their ad- vertisoment. H oudat D anokb .— On Monday evening, January 2d, 1). Ilosit announcoa a Now Year’s Ball, in 8t. Johnavillo, lie has ao- oured Orumwell in person, with fonr of Ida Band. As bis acooinmodations are ample, a firat rate tim© may bo antlulpntod. N ormon Y ouno , of Van Ilornaville, Her- kiin©r County, also lias given ont invPatlona for a Now Yonr’s Party, nt his Hall, on Friday ovoning, Deo. 80, Music by Orum- well’s Band. DoLtAii M onthly .— On th® first of Jan­ uary next, E mkuson B xnnktt , E rq ., a lend­ ing contributor in tlie New York Ledfft will oommano© th© publication of a now Magazine, entitled tlie D ollar M onthly .— Mr, B, hftii aiHOoiatvd with him J ohn L. H amxi . in , a , M., a graduate of Yale Oolloge, and laid to b© » gentleman of marked ability, ae a writer. The Dollar Monthly is to be published In Pliiladelpbio, and ia to open with a story called Th© \Mountain Lily.” Tlio publishers promise to make it th© best Periodical for tho prloo aver piih- lishsd,” On© copy |1 .—Six do. $6.—Tliir- fe*n do. $10.~Addr©i<B E uxkson (fe H amblin , 144 S, Third St,, Pliilndelpliia, jarT h © Victoria Tubular Bridge at Montreal, two miles in length, ia a fixed fact, Tilt* first locomotlv© passed over It on the S4th ultimo, and It will b« opened fjr ieiHlHr Imre! on ihe 19ili initant.-— Th© engineer Is A. M, R om , and (he hiiild- # r j . Hodgci. lUmiilre qoit ie|6500,. 000, Thor© ©r© twenty-four piers, com- powd of three tnlllloiia of blocka of solid masonry. Tho total weight of the tubes, wbleli are all of iron, la 8,000 tons. The shjppihg passes nuder them. Tills is lb© nnk In the Ginnd Trunk Railway, on© thoMand miles long, and in running order, the eominnoni line in the wnrldi **-*Thiri if i Germiii women in Milwau­ kee, ^ iMttli«r of CounUrfeita and Altered Notespultiahed in (hia country. Tins nmiihcr b *rtiro ua, Ismiod, fiiUy doacKibea Srv^nty-Nhe N t ^ Counter- feila, and cnntaiiiH full (loHcriptimia of all uogiiH bank notes that are being nltered to aiiit various liaiika all over the country, and which are being put into extensive circula­ tion. It also contains several other pages of very valiiahlc iiifonnatioii of overytliing pertaining to bank notes. It lias been con- aiileraldy enlarged, liaving now forty pages in, and contuins occiiBioimlly, fac-similiea of several Imiidred gold and silver coins, be- aides. We have no lieailation in pronounc­ ing it. the moat complete, reliablo, and host, publicnlion of tlio kind in tlio United Siiiles^ ns it iu not u*-ed to Mibaurvo tlio iiiiureat of any liaiikiiig-lioiii-o, iia most of llio ao iMlUd Doiootora are. It should bo iu tbo liiuids of ovtM’y atoreUooper in tlio whole country : and wo would luMse nil porsoim who han­ dle immev to Hond Ono Dollar in a letter, for a year’s subseription, to tho pttblialiera, and tima Hubt-eribu for tho moutiily I-- huo of it at oiico\ or Two D o U iii ' h for llio BOini- moiitlily isfluo. It ia publialied by T. B. Po- tersoii (5i Brothers, No. 806 Gheslmit .street, Philadeliihia, to wliom all letters alioiild be addreSM-d. A copy of “ Peterhon’s Com- |ileto Coin Book,” tho most perlect and com- I»leto Book of Coin.s in the world, will also bo given, grati.a, to all subscribers for I860. Oodey'a Lady's Bool\ — January. Wc learn by a private note from tlioPnb- b.*dier, tliHt til© coming year, wliieli tliis number so beautifully inangiirntes, tlio sub- Hcription list ia likely to oiribrnce 150,000 names. No bettor evidence can bo oil'erod of iho real popularity, wliich la a fair imli- ention of tlie merit, of tliis venerable Maga- zilio—now ill till' Ihirtielh yviw o\ auoceaafni prosperity. The number before iia ia Hpleiididly enibellislied and full of attractive reading. For bale by I vi . ook &; CaousK. Blackirood's Afaymine .— Noreinher. J,. S cott A Co., have iuauod their ro-]irint of tlie November niiiiiber of tiiis excellent Magazine, which proaonta tho following ta- hle of CoNTKNT.s: Tlie French on Qiioon Mary; Vaughan's Itcvoliiiion^ in English Ili-lory ; The l.iick of litidiHiiicde.—Part IX.; ('apt. J. II. Spt-ke’a Di'Covery of the Victoria Njanzu Lake; A week in Klo,eiico; Thu Idjllsol the King; On Allied Operations in China; The Future nt India and lier Army. Peterson's Afatjazine.—January. .Mr.s. A nn H. S iuvkns coiilriliutea the opening nitiele in this iiiiiiiber, eiitnh-d “ A Breakfast with Kaiiiiiel ItogerH.” which is illiidrnlcil by two ponraita ol tlie \em-rnlile Bout, the one at ho nnd tbu oilier lU no ; beaiilea two oiigravinga representing liia residonce. Like nil well wriileii pn|.eis ol this character, tciuliiig to p«r)icinate die viriiica anil tuleiit.a ol eminent men, it pos ke-se.-i an interest re|ililalile to the cuitiiliina of Peterson. Thu iiniiiher is otlienvise made up of variona nrticle.s of Poetry and priMO. For aalo by Klock & Croii.so. For llic .M»lm\vk Valley I.’cgmter. DONODVl TV. A desire of long life is an inherent prin­ ciple in the liuman niind, and pos.se.ssad in a greiuor or less degree hy tlio wliolu ftimi- ly of man, who have arrived at years of iiiiderstaiidiiig. But a large pordon of mail- kind no’’er live 1(1 that intoresiing iicriod ; and yet a still larger iioriioii, who do li\e lojeiiraot disci'ciiiin, |inr.s(io a coniao the most delolerions to the progress and liiiiianco u( bodily lieahh, and even lile it- Hell. It is not the intentioo of die writer of tlii-t article, lo record (iio iiniitosniid imoa ol persona who liavo lived to exlreiiio old age, at difiei'cnl timo.a and in difleront coiintrios Individual oasea have occurred among nil cbisHO.s of comiiiniiity ; tho higli and low, tho rich and the poor, Iho learned and (he unlearned, and upon all the elovationa and doproaaions oi the eartli’a aiirfuco. Thoao who liavo attained tho greatoat ago, have gonornlly onjoyoil a clear atmosphere, and have lived a quiet and peacofnl life. Uni' formity of climate doea not. contribute to the length o( human lifo; aa ia demonstra­ ted in its shortnea.s, in Lima, Smttli Ainori- cn, aiul Guatemala, in Oentral America; two countries wliero the diermometer va- riOB loBB dian in any otiior two oonntrioa in tlio world. At the city of OtiaUnnala, in Ovntt'id Amoricn, tho changes of heat and cold «r© seldom moro than 12 deg. of Fah- lonlieit, in any part of tlio year. Fniiienuas of lomporntiii’c in tho weulhor tho year roundt and continued aamonosa of iduns in the mind, arohotli nnfrleiidly to long lito. Tho vigor and duration of hnmnn lifo de­ pend upon viciasitudoB, upon alterpationa of oxoroiao and repose, altornationa of fast­ ing and repletion, and i.lrenmtions of heat and cold. Almost coeval with man’s ex- iitoHcp, li© ©jnned, and tho Iloavenly man­ date wont tortb, tliat lie slionid die; and from that day to tho prosonf, sin haa over had a blighting influence upon tlio physical, aa well aa tho moral man. Not only overt aotp against tho laws of God and man, but all violent pnBBionH of tho miml, aa anger, revongo, haiiod, mallco and ill will, have boon known to elnirton human lifo. These wicked paBsi'iHB, whonovor Indulged in for any conslderahlo length of timo, always un- (lermin® tho fabric of human oxlstonoe,- On tlie other hand, every Olirlatlan virtue tends to prolong, as well as sweeten, human life, Kind emiHlonn, rigin ftflhpiioiifi, and aotivlty in doing good, all fortily and con- firm tliq powora of th^ Imdy, ae well a« of mind, Not. only i» fho Intplleptolenr^r, but th© ©loop is soiimlor, thu llmha stronger, and IIM li tk ff |lr8lfmt6< Oai of tho kroid| Ihom to eat that Which they Hko best, and wliioh they find by exportoncor pi'oducca no nnoonifortablo feeling about tho head or otomacli. As to llio (iiiiiiitity of food, prop­ er to eut at. ono time, tliat ought to ho sncli ns to allow ono to becoma decidedly hungry by tlie next ineiil. Never attempt to force food into ymir stomncli, if yon have no ap­ petite, Refrain from eating atloa-<t twemy- four lionrs before you atteinjit lo urge an unwilling appetite. The brute animal, gui­ ded by instinct, alone, utterly ref uses to oat drink wlion sick; and uTirely man ought to pursue an equally wise conrsc. Large dranglits of cold water diving meals, always retard and weaken digestion. As to tho n.so of medicine, tlioro ia country in tlio world where tbo.peoido aro addicted lo llio medicine eating propen- aily, as tbo niiiled Htalea, It, has grown to bo a perfect muiila—a dihoaso of it*<ell'. - Naiuro novor desigiieil tho linmau iitimmcli to become a storelioo.so of mctlicino. If people would study the lawa of nutiirc more, diet properly, iiiMtead of excessively, be reg- idar in tlieir Iiabits, instead of regular in tlieir dose.s, ttao ctimmon sotise and cold wa­ ter freely, and the doctor ns little n.s possi­ ble, tliey would live loiieer, puffer Jep.**, and pay little for tho privilege- A h to tim use of flpiritnona liquors, lu. person, wlio con­ stantly inniilges his appetite for them, can expect to livelong; as tlie practice is the sure road to a prematnre deatli. Tlie liabit- nal use of a certain American wood, tho base or fundamental princi|ile of which is nicotiana. or nic.otino, u deadly poison, of­ ten arrestB tlie career of those wisliing long lifo. T know that somo who have been en­ veloped in the smoke of tim imnglity weed for lialf a century, still live; but. their ex­ istence is prolongod by the anli.septio nnturo of tlio smoke, wliicli rciidcr.s tlieir llesli more liko that of a smoked licrring or an Egyptian Mummy, than anything wliich iiatiiro designed it to he. To all my young frieiidfi I would say, for get not the Heavenly command lung since imidoknown to y o n H o n o r your Father and Wiiilier,’’ for in so doing, yon have a promi-t) of long life. And a fnrilier pre­ scription for the atlainmeiit of llm same einl, in llm enjoyinent of a clear coiiseience and a coiileiited mind. L. D. E ub I rtmillilield, Pa. P r o c e e d in g s o f th e D o n r d o f T r u s te e s . Canal T o lls. Tho followinjv ia a statement of Tolls re-' c-eived on ihii ciitml up to this month, com-' paied with those of last year:— Amount received fo,' tolls 4ih week in Nov- ember. I Hot) ......................... J52H586 89* ‘’0.1858 ............................... .... 14254 88 Incteaso iu 1852 .............. $M:I,82 81 Atnoimt reeeued fui lulls 1‘ioin opening of niwignliou lo mill incluilino November Sml'. IHot) ...................... $I.7U 412 60' Do. 1858 ............................. 2,1(8 263 OG A t a m e e ting of tlie Ibuiril of Trustees, the Villiigo ut bill, IH.V.). P i of the villiigo ut Fun 1‘laiii, held Deeemtier 'leseiit, I). E Reid, President, A. J Wimiier, Unlius Failing iind .lolui Fine On iimiiuii III A. ,1. Wagiit-r, it iTt-ul\ed tliat the fullu.viiig pe'.iiioii he. ami is liei eliy giaiited : To lim llununibli', tim Presiileiit and Ilmiid ut Trn.sUes ol Uiii Milage ol Foil Plain. Y'ltll peliliulHls, iiili.iliil.iiits ut tlid (It*. Ill New Vuik, ilu liiimlili ask of y ,nr hud\ the pii\ilige of laying iluwii (las l'i|u-, in tlie seveial s|nel-«, h.gliwavs, lanes ami .ille'h in viiiir village, fur the pi.ipu-eul ligliliiig Hiiiil lillage willi (ia-., and nin!i r sticli rules and regiihilions as to yun slmll seem proper, and under ilie direciiun ut your Street (luiiiiiii-sioiior. W'u Imlding unrselv'CH re.^poii-ihle lur all diiinage.s iliai may ueeiir, fruiii any neglect or ilelanli uii onr i»art, ami leave tlie siVn ways, Jin., eoiiimeii leliont. said street Jin., in n.s good repair as w (ic eiiced h n i i i g dovvo th e .said pipe- TI.MOl'HY O. DWKHl 1', Deci'enso in 1859-. 4393,850 4G For himself iiiid a-soeiaie.s, No 21), Wall tit., Now York. Dated Nov. 22d, IHfd). Meeting luljunrned. W S FARLEY, (’leik. tflceiiag of CongresM. The <3tMi ('uiigiess imt at WaRhingiuii, on Muiiiliiy. ('luuigea in the Senate are iiitidi' h |,)\ v 1 v . ami lliiei' luuitlia of its iiiemlieis leiiuun as ill ilu'l.isi ('ongiesH. Tim leiiiis of one lliiid of ilH iiieinheia oxpiio evniy two yciira; but of lliose expiiiiig this year, nine have lieeri ui eleclnd, Messia F. s- Hoiiilen, (Ml*,) and VVil.soti, (.Mass..) Re- piiblieHtiB ; and .Me.ssis. Olay, (Ala.,) S i 'I ihb - lian, (Aik,) Toomba, (Ga.,) Duiiglaa (111.,) Beiijiuoin, (La..) Biovvn, (Mi.ss.,) and lliiii tor, (Va.,) Deiiua iata. The m-w Setiatora nro Messrs, ('niim-.s, (Iowa.,) Bingliam, (.Mich,) Ton Eyek. (N. J.,) Anthony, ( R. I .) Smilshiiiy, (Del.) P owh II, (Uv ,) Bragg, (N. (!.,) I’liesi mil, (H (1.,) Nlcliolftoii, (Teiin.,) flenipliill, ('IVx as,) and llniiti, ot (t’ai.) cloven in ail, ol whom fonr nro llepnhlicana aiul soveii Domociata. Tluire aro thieo Boats viicaiii —but which will bo filled heforo the Bes sion i« over—ono from Mimmaola, one from tlregon, and ono from T oxhb . PoliliciillV, the Benato Btamls (l7 Demo ci’uta to 24 UupiibliciUiB, and 2 Ameiicans, Thia ia a Ki'pnblioan gain of four uvoi last year, whou it aloud 30 Dt-moorutu to IJO llepulilicans, and 5 Amoricaus. All ihe luiwly elected aeimlora from Nortluuii States aro llepublietiua, and all tlio newly olocled from Horn hem Sialca, Domocrata. The Houso of lieprnaonlnlivea coiiaista of 237 MemlioiH, of whom 111, or ueaily one half, w©io Membois of the preceding Cougi'eas. l^iliiiciilly, aa oompaied with last year, tho Ropublicaiia gain and tim Democrats loBe, thus:—■ 1858. 1850 RopnblicanB _______ il2 1)3 Adminisuaiioii Dorn................Il7 fiS Anti Lecompioii Dem ------------ 12 8 AraBrieniiB.-.......................— ‘5 23 286 237 Last year the Domocrata had a mnjoiiiy Thia veiif no ono juiity has a lunjoiiiy,— Tim RepulilicanB, who stand highest, lack six of It' Tho Sennto pi'occeds ip bnaineBS under j|« forinoi’ ofllcerH, Tho llousu has to oi« gnmzo by electing Speaker, Olev k, Sergeant- at Arms, Doorkeepov, dfo, j l ^ Fmii' dcHilia of Meiiibcin of iliu pivBeiU Congresa have ocemred heforo Its (Irsniiceiing 5 ihoac of Maam Br^tleiick, Goode, UiirrlR and Spinckj nil of widoh will b© iWmuDjt KbpoHUODil'4iU'l^ iti ihu ifsiioni d t. T he G ueat L anm ) S uit .— Gliie.ago, Nov, 28. The <‘a.se of Deo. C. B.iie.s, against the IllinoiB C'ential iLii! Ibiad, which hOK been on trial in ilie Uniied States Coyrt llm past foitnight. involving tbo right of the (leleiulania to tlmir depot jnoperty in ('hieagu, was decided to dav in lavor of llie load. This is (he Beeund tim© tha eaaii liii.s been tiled vviili ih.a s.Hmo reauHt. NtHf' The emiiti Hieam propoller L, L, Billlfli, whieh we imlieeil Hcvnral day© siiiee IIS li.'iviiig pa-Ned up the lowor Fox lliver lo Foil dll I ae lur a caigo of wheat, ■' We lo i'on dll l.ae lur a caigo ol Wheat, exiierinieiilal inp, is iliii.s ulltided to Green Bay JdiWiilc: liMppy to slate that (ho \ox- pcrimetilal dip” id’ the L L. Britton wat peileelly .siiei'e-sfnl. She lias been en­ gaged, siiiec her niiival fiom Biitlalo, in llm wheat and Ihuir Made between this eiiy tind llm Lake Wimiebago towns, bringing duvvn liuiii live to eight hundred els uf (lour eaeli trip. A few moro boats, of the same kind, would find alt they c.onld do on uur rivers. On her lost lri|i, the Briilon liruuglii down about 100 toiia of freiglit. li i.s tho iiiteiUioH of bar owner to I'Ul in a new^^ wheel, wliich will increnae her s[ie\d and fit her up generally to rosuiiie bii.siness in the .spring. M artin V an B crkn . N o K x PreaidoDt has ever live.l in im.ie .s'li.lietl retiremonJ llian-M.-iriin Van Bmcii. He i.s s*>ldoin aw a y iVoiii his home, iiml iievi-r Beema to covet allenlii'int uf an\ kiml. t>n riu> b iiiat-, he p.isMt'vl his Vfrii \ear. llo i.s said lo be wiiinig a meiimii ol lu- times. It will, if tnithfiil, reveal.I oienl iiianv I'lUiouB chap- te.iB in (he piiliiieal liistuiy ot iliu country. - Otii' cent dam igi s is the* reRidt of a lilicl sim .ag.oiis; the t'meiimati 'i'imos, nllt-r SIX yeaii luiguiiuii. -- The t'eiiti.-d I'uik in New Yutk ptorcs Veiv (Oli.-ielivi-. t'li .iliV lair d.iV not less iliaii .h oiu) viMiuis ihiuiig its vvnlkB and i^ u v v c u t . i ‘ fujlipr M Ill CUU 111 ' I'l.iiy 11! - r 'iH'1 |i i; T.» \ L. m l)ii - , iisy n.' iKilex. kJ 1 N G I \ G (' I. , \ M I. F. B. .low- I'! 1 w11 1 I 1 11 . .' ■ - I I : I nt till- Srlllt- I h.i(ii .'ll la I I ., las- ]Mh.—. e .-.l,| « .11 li * \il la i.i f 0.1 UI Viuiil Mu.sic ,Ue lu\ lO .1 I . a,- |.|, ,1,1 i. u ! ;.,it , \ ru mj^. Full 1‘i.eu .N. \ 1 '1 llliOwS \ V AN T E D IM M I'.DIATEIAT-— t T ■( w 1 .l.iiia. 'auu i.,l. i- .\'.iu-liiil p.iH'al wim . K iiu u lu isl , i.i II. 11, - O'.uh ,yitl iM-j e.iii, {.. td.K I .'It . ...... . .\-v I I iiuaf W lEUA.M B O W E N ,ticpiK y S h o i- T T 111 .usl F' u (.a !, F. 11 1 ..aa, .\ .' V. AR im e ih 1 o ,1 e. luui w il; o . I ivf iii'iHiqit iiUrn- li.'h vi'.iil,!) ''IV U v E NO ITGE. All imiFoim iu- I 11 , , .1 I., n..' r.n m m 11 w i r ii n .1 W mo lu I I , l.v a.'l ■ I . I, .... Ill ..i 'll 'll'-. I ipli.iiis, Ukio Il il 1.1 SI tl .!• 11 M'li wall Ilu luuli'i-lK'l'iat, III I III' ulli> I V ■I I I ill II ililt ill it till-li.i(d\H he hiilaii. I'll wI I II-it ill I'I ,1 I'l. mi'l ii-'iiiiiise to lluf* Hill II I- I ■ H -III 1 I liillv III I il. .Viii. I- ,'i C. W . W KHSI'HH. s\ UI I’ 111 till casoN a f i.it\ iiiiil ill 1 .1 (s ol Ilic .Sprn'O ■i.il i li\ It. For .s.ili-hv ilah- A I iliull Foil t'lttlii. / t E A U k ’S S \ U I B ill till V ^ Kt \Mill Mil ,I]I o iuul Kulhr\ MH i III.I ■! voi KV i \ iliu* /''E A U K ’S S Y U l'B cluuigtm the V ^ wlu'lu t HI oI Ili' . «uuMulW llu'i-tGi* sitii nliii li (tttJ. tit.* ifM < 111 (Ii't.tM*. Fur hul# hy ItiiluTuU v’C liu -*i\ .iiul uu ,V KUiolt* / i L A U k ’.S SY U l B i.siiiQ im v t Hut- V ' tlr-*. liiii.iiw.il S'. \\ . 1 -hiiij.*iiiu Vvcime, Al* N'fw l ui 'Sill* U\ li.ilui.vk iiifgury iUtll F«'lyMi'<iIl A iJlluII.l I'll / ''li.V UK’S SV U r [’ is all R o u ts ,a n ti * ‘ no Miiund ; f .no will m limii ' tor itiiy grain t'lmnil 111 il. Foi -.ill- i.\ li.iliiiiiK & tiu-gory ftii£l Fci j'llsnn A HlllnU. I'i'il I'l.mi. ’’DA R K ’S SY RU B euros any Aveak- ^ Ill's. Ml n iiiiilt-, m -riiiiiiloiis iliililicii imigicftl- ly For-ilie hy ll.iiii iu k .V. Viu-gory luul FeigUBOH lY Klliiilt. Fort IMiiiii. vfiiioO G I \ R . A. H. SGOVEDD’S N A T IO N - 1 / 'U, V\ VIA I'lC.Vl. .Ml'.DIfVl. IN.S'DTUm niiiillon sill'll. Vin.iiii. Fsialilislieil lor Ilia , l)iseiis(M ot 111,'.............................. > Fliiiilv Hint H o IUI b , wall J. 0. Kidiey’a ('hroiiii or Vi'ile. l oiiia'i ti ll ' .\llillVtiiad In-litute, N. V.lTty Ur. .V. S Snivell Will liC ill il Foil I'liiiii* itowfii’s noti'l, .T.uniary,^ ; Feb. 9 ; , r.i,. i , , jr.ivh 1,1; AiiHl'KI; Mill -I- siufes-siiillj t ’ONsUMT* riON, and all, the T.migs, /.irfi, hliliifi/s, Stomach, M; ot ! i 15 i ; -V VVn t.mit SI disea-C'S of the i.iiri Sphen anti Unu t. Hi Pn/sipeUis. Ciinhi-r, Vlci I s, F<soyesf .................... Blmting, lliJfkuUiinl Ihtttihinn, Asthma, Phthf .... Hilfs.Jnft inmatmi uf the Pi rs^tir mill part the Sfistm- AVmiiiJfm-fcs, St Viim' Itancr. IHzzimas, oi'Pain in the Jhail, pa'pUatum, Void Feel and' IJimds, NumhnesH, Pandii-is, Appopk.tij, Ihiapefh- sia. Sourness or I J'liu/ upon the stumu, h, haUgeflion, Vostimma,i’iioiluiK Jau dirfMIhnniess Jhptm Spots upon the Shin. Jhliius iv»l Vnvurn Injtictd- ties! till riiimk Vum}ilainls efirciallii Fttllins <if (he IVumh, unit i ijtlnilt .Minsli uuHon- (i0NHUIiT.\TlON Ur. .V.w. Heovell lumHlvcii 11 i m mi U vc llUenticn to trriuing rliroiiie dlsia-cB lor nnuiv . vciivh ., Btrirtty l.y tlui .vimljih id HVMchi. Ibimlrcfis enn gjve Uiolt imoidals liccn fi trill ns. IJemt, Hhium tthm. Ilunwi's, Fniptma,^ . t .tii/tBi'', ?'/**( iS| i'i ■ ■■ • Asthma, Phmsic,. l.y tlui .vimljii'\' B.V’-ni'*' IbimbcAs cnii glv U'.sUmoidals ol tlie wuicmi - ot imv pvadU'i vconpindr- .... >- 's - ...... Wo hoHrlt iilnlosophy oi' yvi liivvfl of fiiitmo. utire, that imvo hrrii \1* *\ 'ih'l'Dh- \»v ibcinost eminent to in m m o 8 »., AMof,

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