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Mohawk Valley register. (Fort Plain [N.Y.]) 1854-1866, December 01, 1859, Image 3

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W o n d e r f u l .— It is stated bj? a west(jrn paper that a profane Senator was cured of uis ovil practice by one box of Herrick’s lugar coated pills and two of his plasteis; the pills loo.sened his iinmoralily, while the plastei'B drew it out of his system. It this bo truo> it goes to show lliitl the lleiiick pill is a gieat moral engine. Hpeakingof l)r. Hurriuk reminds us of the tact that this gentleman inl'ormed the Editor of this paper, when in Albany, that his advertiK- ing bills for the year iH.Oft, footed up jvor !|22,000. We notice, by tlie Albntiy pa rvo iiuiii't?, uy iiit' pU pers, that Mr. C. Van Henihuysen, Htato J ? r i h te e r , is publishing for Dr. Heiiick, ' t w o pag* r giatuiu of $4850, Buell a man should hiicceed.— The Doctor is a live niari for a live age— Bis mark is made.— Utica Daily TtlC' graph. i t r , is publishing for Dr. Heiiick, -lot), thirty t w o pagi Almanacs for IHtit e n t i r e l y for giatuitoiis circubtiion, at a cost ^Hitrciftl. BAUDKIt SA C K I U D K I t.-ln M inden, NoVi-ii b e r lUtli, Uy llie Itev. J . Mi-Doiialit, Mr. N.illmii ISai der, to Mi.Hs Mary A. H.ii k ridt r, all ol Muidt-ii. EUt.I3. - rti Palatine, <m tlio 20tli Nov., of Ci.ii Sumptioii, N a n c y , wile of artlillm itl KItle. and •datighter o f Onl. Nlcliolus Wut*aer, ageii 11 yenrs. 8T A R 1 N .—Tn F u llonvdle, on llie 2tUi of Nov., D e ls n s s !>.,son of Jolin it. uiul Laura M. B tuiin, aged 3 year* and 0 inontlis. BUANDON O F BRANDON ! iiv MTn ICtnmal) K. N .SODTriW ORTII. K : I S I ; J . S ; S ; S I ] S : ; K I : L a s t a n d Best Btnry ! W ill be coiam e ticeJ in the next num. ei of O U R C O U N T R Y ’S U L A O . PubliBhed by L O T T . K E A N & CO., i'luladelidiia. S t l i E l : ! ! ! : JU L I A DEAN , The Fenmlo Patriot of ’7ii ! The Fem ale P a tiiul m in ! The l•Vln.de Pall n .t o. 7i, ! By A. D. MDNHON, will lie lom inein i d in the m-M linnilier of O U R C O U N T R V ’8 F L A t J , l*qbli»heil by L O I T , KK.VN A CO, IMiil.iiJc iilna, Pa. T llE W U l T E h L A V K S O F l.M il.A .M ) ; Ol Tlie I) nielili l ol tie Coal IM . O l. The Daii.ollIrrnI tm C...1I I'd O r, t ill- liaim'liici ol ilic Ci .ii IM, By M. n . PE ItU lN . Will In 1 oiiiineiici i| III tin iicU num b e r ol O U R C O U tM T I tV N S I'’I.A<». Publi.diud liy LO T I', IvCAN A ( O., ITi.i , I'.i. ? 5 B a K S S 5 K i ! s r : r : : . u r : : ’trU R lLLlN O HCENl'.Hiii tins llieiouv o r .Viiu.ii a , T I lK 'i’iirJ OK W I l l T u i I'lA lll.l! i i i N n i . u , Will iiniieai Weekly lii on It non.\Titv»N i ' i . ao . BubllBheJ by L o l l , kL.VN A CO., i ’lia., I'u. W lSISK S iM S iS . ........................... .T) I'OliKisT BKKI t TIKH. By CIIAIII.EH \V. AI.K.NANDI’.R. '^eei.ly lii ODU COlIN HIV S !• LAO, A n exeelleiit Hobo for from $5 to tiJ. ZOLLER & IIA C K N I Dec. 1, IR-iO. ________ 70ITA V H HATS !—Lnto stylo of W O L F ROBEB, large ntock, lust VV rerelveil. ZOLLER it 1 I A ( 'K N « ¥ ^ H I $ T 0 E Y OF A L L N A T IO N S . The citi/ens of k'ljit Plain and Rs vicinity cm now lU'ornre a W H O L E L I B R A R Y O F 1 I I 8 T O R Y , BIO O R A P IIY , AM) (JEO O R A l’TIY, in a.sintcle W o ik ! And in a form a l once conven ie n t. clieai). a n d durable ; lonipiiM iig the H i s t o r y ofall Nations, the Clcography of all Uoiiii- T ins fiieiit u o ik IS the i.isult 111 m e i a l years la­ bor of its dlstiiigiii^bed autlioi aided hy Hclmlaisof kno a ii ability. It li.i' been ( iiep.m d and iniblhbeil with jL'|-eat enre, and a t a heavy eo'-t. It ia bound ill nioioeeo in two ini]ii ri.il lut.ivo volniiies nt I'i.t.i clonble Kilnlnli |iii>.e.-.. aliil i o i.lalli llinle Inilttir than 'I'weiily nidiii.iiy i^nm Vnluine.- ! ■ 7 0 0 3 3 3 X r C > X l L 7 V . X 7 'X J N I < 3 ^ j e Hill liiitl IN 111, toiy ! 200 PO R T R A IT S I n l!iooi.ii>by ! 70 MAVH ilN (4eogi'uithy I T liew m k iMvery lu ll,in c n ialc, and IntircRtlng tciiiiilly iitliin live to Ilic young and old The la s t lai liiniily v v o ik iu i N mii d and Invuliiable iih Ilkik off leded reinein e III11 tlielie |iieliiieli saluniilaluniil orr generiileie a w o o l r e 1 t | s o g Llbniiy loi the y in e ial leind r , llie hlinleiit, h< liohil. To In* uinuui iuletl, It tiUH Dili) to liO HCtui liy ((ilnlictc lit jiiilpi H. j 4I** 'H ie vvoik i-< sold only to wibseriberH, by du­ ly eoiislilutid Ayeiit.s It is not lot sale in any BiHili-tiiie, a n d 1 an niily hr |iu>i n m l in this viriiiity ol the .indei;-if.'iied w Ini will (d i a d w days) ex hililt s;iiii|il<saiii|il< s,, .uniuni l.il.e.il.e ll.cI.e Biid.-i 1 ijilloiiH o f all vvlio s . l I min.-ei i)it desiie Ibis liiai'.iiilntIII vvi ll- A. C. .M'.I.LIH, C.inviissii.g A THE ECONOMIST W M . I. M L L E N B E C K , A T TllEl CLiTniK PALACE 3r>OXX1» 3E*Xji-A.I3Nr TnkcH pileaanre In announcing Hmt bo Is opening th e Fall and W inter Caiinimigti wHU a Magnillceiit Stuck of ILL o £ i c T y - 3 MC £ I c X g CLOTHING! Ernbrneirig every imnginnble variety of G arm ents, Builed tostylu, comfort, eiamoniy a n d dnrabllity, fn coijiieetion w ith liihcstaiilislim cntliecondiictsa MANUFACTURING DEPARTMENT In wliieh lie employs over tw e n ty linnds, and will be happy to reielve orders, on the uliorlest iinlice, ’ giMii.uitee perleel hatisfaeilon, in legat'd to GREAT WARDROBE. an d giMii.uitee perle et hatisfaei piiee. 116. iiimllly and |ir(iin|iliiM Call at the CliithinK I'al.icu1 Btuck in tlu r r Counties. and e.xainIno the W IGW AM a m : W ill a p p e a r Weei-.ly in (H'U c o l I N I'l! V O llU ( OCN 1 RV H 1 1 ,Al. X’ubliahcii lij. LO T T . Kh.AN ( i)„ Pda., I'a. IIU N T E U H and 1 H f l 'l 'h l i H ' ADVI'N'I IIHI..S l.N I 111-. r^iMi III n '-.D'l'. n t lN T E R ’H and 'L R A I'PL d H ’ .MA'I-. m |:|! | , s IN 1 111-, i-m . 1 It '.s l .i . r , IIUNTER-.S and T R A l'l'I.lm .' A D V l.M I.IlL:s i;; 111), c o i n II-H L L T , By COL. D llN l.O P , Will ap p e a r only in OUR C o liN T R V ’.S I 'L a O OliR c o l i N 1 RV iS I I.AO C l I R l O li.NiRV.-s I I,AO Pubiibiiod by L o t t , l e a n a c o ., Pi.a I'a. T E E BEST A rTlIO lC -l IN .AMI.lllCA. T H E I i M f ADI1101..S IN A M l-.lid'A. T H E B C S r All IHORH I.N AMLRK A. O u i i O itn V i ' v ?^'* 1 *•\ \dO for OUU CflUNTRV'ri Fl' .uV. O U R C : O U I V T R V ’.N F L A O . Is the Lnige.st l.iter.iiy l-'annlj .Lmni.il in Ameiiea. PudiNhed dy 1.0 I I , Ki.A N A NO., Pda , I'.i. Hr«. Em m a 1). E N. Kuiil.livvi.illi, Mis Hellv I l i a i t lev, C. CavendNji, II, H. N , M i--( .nuline W llniont, A . 1). M nnsiiu, E 'l ) . Mi-.s ( m.i llulnns. M. B I'ei- rin, Ei(j.,Ml.ss E. vv'. R.idmson, U'ni. l-diile ilindei. Esq., !■;. Z. C . .Iiiils'in. L-sp. Iteym ll ( o.itc.s, M. 1)., IJen. I'erle)! I’lmie Esq . ( Ims.’W. Alexaliilet. E 11.. W T O V L , For \\fji».l 1,1 (\\III ; w ith 111 w itlnm t th e SAHD OVEN, Tutik the Hist piemiiiTii as a Wnud Ktove a t the late New V 01 k btaU: Fair, dcld a l .Uliatiy. THE ECONOMIST 'I MoU till* jfrt u i fc-’ilvi i* Mi tlul ttt UiH NaUoitul tV h la i d at ( huuKu, ovn all Utt* ** C ituU HU/Uti.** TIIL ECONOMIST Iliu, lal.eii, la-idi e tbei-e, till- p iesilit Heiusiill, four teen hmt liasa [iiemtuiiN, a t vai innshlule a n d County 1-ulia. THE ECONOM IST lias the l a ip ist ( H e n , tlie niost eonventeiit Ilroll- iiig Ilu tilli and (linliM ii-; a liie p la ie thiil Vvill liuin f'lI en ur vvet wiaid , it liiiuiied It ks (lie lliosi elepaiiL siilisbiiiUiil, Ltoiiuiiiiuil uiid p e ileilly inuile htuve 111 the world. O U R C O U N T R Y ’ S F L A G . L O T T ,K .EA N & CO , Publi. lier.i, Pluladelpliia, P,i. AUNT OHARl'I’Y AHROAB. iiv iii irv 111 Aiii’i.i-.y WI1UH6 bin in I'eid ilvaney on a v i-nt to se a pliisi (iliiiii, that vvniit lueiyIII to liei lilends. Tim innnie In Flladelly guv lii-i a puur nulliin ol '• lliiitlii 1 ly I.uv,’’ I n i i u l t r lallin mil a wagon with la i l e i l iiriipycty she wu» lalled a t l.y a l)uteliiimii win. 1 i d \ nix.\ 'I'o lead all her i x p i-ileliie bend lor lo ?T, i 'J i 'i ,t;,l:,Jili,',,ri-.. T n B U I H T O m n A L H K E 'l'c n H H of M- B. PER IlIN , Esq , BO ntiieh sought dir, will now be loimd ‘p J b U r i i S \ b r i . o f t . K E A N A ( ,d ., PIiu., Pa. TRU T H F U L and T U R II.L lN d HlH-INEH IK TUB s o i ’fH AuiumuN ni..-|.,irt' A m o n g th e Hun W orsliippeia ol I’lu i and M exieo. V iH IT to the Gulden Blmtes 01 the Amuzoii. T h e Dmmund H u n lers ol BraAil By C CAVE.N- flUnSOUIPTKlK I'EH YEAH, TO OUR COUNTUY’H FliAG, W O N L Y ....................K im ,00. TO O L U IIS.—3 ConieH, 1 y e a r fu a n d 3 PmriiumH \ 1 C o p y ,;) yeaiH, 7, a n d 3 \ 5 ropieii, I year, ti a nd f. \ '' 111 Cnjilea, I ye.ir, 1;. a n d 11) \ A n d one copy iree to the geltei up of tlio Club- ( ’n(iicB. I y e..i, j;in and 21 PieiiiliiKm. ^ O no (jopy and piem lum flic to the getii r u p of ,30 Cnpief), I year, tu one addrren, $10 Riid 30 Pro raliiDiH. E v e ryPnbaeriber w illb e entitled to a prom ium , w o rth from '4 to Jl.nim , by tin: ex tra pay men t o t ;J|. They will he Inlbi nied w liat piemium lliey ate en­ titled to, an s mn u-s they mihscijlm, and then it is optional w lietlier they scfid the dolkir and take the A.GENTH W.ANTED in e v try town andliiun- let in. the Cnnritry. (lirenlars and Hpei imen mini- ’“'‘ n . w w K V i CO., pi. 111 , . 1 , TBnaO;fI GpposUe GiVard Bank^'piilladelplila, Ptt, The Sixteenth Annunl Fair O F T H E UTICA. M 13 UIi 4 NI 0 8 » ASSOCIATION T h e Hal! will he open for the reception of a itl on a n d afte r E tiday, Jarm arv 'iiith, iHoO. No a rticle will be received /o r fompHUimi after W ednesday nnoii, January 2,'itli. tlcIeB fnr eninpot thm , hut tlio c x liililtor will r m d v o *'? B finm i TIrket, o r ten Hln- Kla Tlfikem. Artickn for exhlhlilon only, admitted THE SAND OVEN r' In jiop iild l.iblllol Is laiddiv piow lii) In iio pu liiilty. It 1 h J mm I the la xL tiling to the old l.ibliloiied Ih lik liven- wliiili good Moiitgoineiy County limnie ki cpcia need not he told 1 h p e ikilloiN Do not liiiy your Cooking Htovo until you liayo •fu tlie K c o N o M I h T . without •' •* M aiiufuitured l.y 'fiem h v e ll, Perry & N o itun, Al- These Htoves, ns well a s the \ Btar uf the N o rth ,\ and l.Utlerield'B Coal Bonier are for sale hy H . E , W I L L I A M S F o i l Pl.iin, N o v . 'it, tHfi!). n'-iOwQ STOVES! STO VES!! STOVES!!! W H O IIAB NOT HEARD OF P. P. STEWART'S CELEBRATED SIISniKIl AND All! TIGHT TWENTY REASONS W HY EVERYBODY PU R c HAHES IlIH QUODB 3 0 X X - 1 L - E ! T^333E a 0 3 E 5 1 ? l3- 1. Befiiuhe lie pays Ca.sli for Ilia Guodtt. 2. Beeatibe lie buys liN Guoili a t tlie loweat poasl* ble I a t e i . II. Beeauso be a h vaya keepn the very I icb I o f Goods. 4. Beiittuae he knowH ju s t what kind of Goods are bti.st a d apted to th e wants ol his eostomers. fi. BefiiUBO Ills Goods are honglit 8 to 10 per cent, ehcaper tliivu oUii-is buy tliem. 0. Bci au^^e he Ivccin the hugest htiick of C'luthing in Foil Plain. 7. Heuui ju liw ussoilincut is large and compreliea- H. Ile.aiise D ll.LEN B E C K sells (locds Clieap for !). Beemi-e lie I.i ilivv.iys on Iniud wltli Ids alleiitive In. Bieause every one tlial trades with liitii o n e e is sure to i.ill tig.iiii.aiid send In all Ids iiulghlmiii. 11. Be, uuse DII I.KN B K IK gleets Ids eustumeis WlLlii a lieaitv well nine. i‘2. BeiiHise DILLI'.NBLClv lakcH dcllglil ill til'll ing Goods, anil w alling on Ids eiistomers. Ll. Ileeiiiiise lie has siuli piles ol new and nice ( fiiOll.S, 11, Benviise Ids .Stove is ho Conveniently luealed. I, 1. Ilei am-ie 1 vi-iy hudy gets Just sot Ii ns lie buys. lli. Bei'uiise every iH'dy likeu III Ir.ulu a t D II.I.EN- UECK'B. 17. lUi.tiiRf his niHtiinurH a lw ays get tlio worth of their money . IK. Ill I aii-iv Idh assortm ent is ulyviiys com p lete, and his e iitaldi-lim ent neat, oeai.tiliil, and niviUng. lUraiise iv e ijlm d y is a p t l u go wheio lie cun buy the rlieapest, do the best, a mi maku Idsue- leeliuii from the large.sl variety. 20. Bi.oxtiPE hi.s motto is E .\ielsior. a n d be is do tei iKiiicd to make an liiiiue.ssioii, by doing the heaviest tr.idc lit Vbc ('hitliliig line, of any Blian- in the Coiiiity. WM. I, DILLENBECK. AND FU R N IbH IN G UOUDB A l’ I'llE ..UWAT\ W A R D R U U E , T H E CH E A P E S T A.VI) BEST. a . n d o n l y o n e p r i c e , C L O T l t l N G S T O R E I N U T I C A . ll you waul III buy goud (\lntliiiig vtell iiiudu ami servni .ib le .at very low piii cH, go to 112 Genoseo S l i r r t , L in a . N. II lilt- (Jieal W ardrobe is a good place to leain ■* Inilloiii lu ll e (,” even if yiiii intend to put- ib.i-e alhoiiie iilliei store. ^J03M C 3ES -A .ISrX > »3S33E3 T H E I.AROKBT a n d BEST AHBORTMENT OF F in e Roady-M a d o C lothing EVEH OFFfliiO FOR SALE IN UTIOA, 1 he Ciimls a re line, tin- , ty les tlrit rale, and UiU piliiH lull lliiilt per te n t, lower limn bui-h guudB .lie generally hold- ir you w ant FIN E CLO T H IN G , well iimde in every lespei t, tyihi/ to the. lietl aotum work, Ut P'ort PU lii, O ct. '27 It-fdt. i~ ■ D c ^ o z a e i f j i a m e AD (ill A UTlCliS OF G E N T L E M E N ’S FA S H IO N S . PA R IS and NEW VORK Hlyies, Jiiil le ielv u l ; and Cliitlilng of all kinds made In tlie lip ut Fa.sh .lint rei elved, u g e n u a l a—‘orlnient o( I’RENCII A M ) i:\0 L I)3 H CI.OIHM . CAKSIMKIIH AND VESTINiGS, logellier willi a splendid assurtm eiil id READY MADE CLO T H IN G . 'I'liere is no ii.se 111 “ lili.wIng.”—tlie goods a n d Clothing will tell their own iitiiry as to lexiiiie.ilii liibiiity and iiu k e . II you wish leli.ihlo Clotidiig, tills is thie pkiee to get il.tim l no m istake. F u l l Plain. N o v .:i, D,..!i. ii'iiim t N o w A g r ic u l tu r a l S o ttlom o iit. ON ‘IIII- rAJl|i|.N AND All.AM lrllAll.llOAl), M 'W .I1IM Y All oM i- late roll i Hug ul rn r n l lliilii iiiiiH uf arres Ilf jii'itliulii', till hit- In nil ilu 11> d lido I al III I ul vai lun , 1/.' I to lutl lln^ lull I ll Ml r A |ii>luikilioii III -i.lue h'tjuen UniKtifil liuiii vaiimii (■.11111,1 the innlillii Male, ami New 1 iik I i II ii I have ; iltlnl Iheie Ihe pari ii.ir, linpriivnl tlinria.iee iiml iiRsiif la-iffriif u i/,i 'ihe |iilreur tlie laiul H III the luw siiiii ol lii iii $If, III $eil |uTwrri- Ito- hull h III Uii'liihl qiiidllv lor the pituliii lloll ol II/4.11I |tl4i« ll S m C tM'lll ll u t « Uli* li> tl ill tlVC (‘lit 111) Itll' Iti) IIK t (|i>|itiil t'liUlL ^ t i l '’ lilul ll ml liDVV tiiH (Ui'l ( all lu* Fuu Hv t X MlilliliiF llx' Iditiu II I If It < mi i • t ji (i);iii> ill t m Ll' tut iit< -t m I tli>* prmlm lU i ittn • uf the ItUltl 1it' l l>’l tIM UMMlI.idi' I‘4 \ ltii|>iMV(*im III III H im IrtiMi win* It l «ttiit) m >II i fut tii/md liii n o iltlii tiitii wiliilti iliu | m t year huipim ihrtc hnn'ln l /Mdt.ri i lia\r In i n i * m . tu»l, iwn imlli oiK’ U'.Mn l«Mlt I'litM m m * (ofi) uinl iv.u It on lmi)t'< iil.nitF'l ami a miinm i oi otlin im makltif^ ll a Ut'irulilo uml ai ttvu iilaku ul T h o M iO 'luU f :iyy pen (iv ivee tromoi Its i s t i n t i i o l l n i o i i . ;s the reailor ma pet 1 l tr Ilci laratloit Is the Pniiliice hniiBiiig ilouldti the iii ii e tliau lit loratlons iivvav tioim till’ l i t ) , iiiel imiie Ih.in iloiddetlie prim timii the Wo. l ll Is kiiuVMi dial till, l-.iiill’a .111,1 In-il tiuil ali,l V ogiilaldes In tl,l. kililn,!,, euiiie from .Vew ,)er ev, ami are lUiU'i.dly ex[„.it,',l to the eUeiit (it Millioiis. Ill loiaiiiig iieie, liiu iltlei lot iimii) nilvaiitages Ho Is within a jrW hoiiis ride o| die gn a t iltlis ol .Vevv I'ligl.itid nml Ml Idle .--1.1101 lii'isni.ir las old fiaiel- aiid an 111 uUmis lie 111ll a x.U/r,) oiunh ii u h a e civi i/ iiii|ir,,ni riii-iif (oia/i.if and 1 inliziUrm i» ul hunU Ilu 1 an buv uvtti y ai III! U- lie want 1 a l tin t lioii|io-l in n o and m 11 las proiloi II |for the lilghe l (In the We I this Is ivver.usl ) Im loll ef'hiiiili fur Ills rhildn ii, ihn'iir teiriie and will mijoy an open winter, iiinl delinlitlul cliinadi. whero fov ors are laterly iiiiUnowri 'Hm result oi ilmclmiiati ii|>im diiiHB I'royn dm imrdi, Ims Bimorally hern to restonidiem tu lim vvu) irl ttuiMum un<t tmitruvlnu. lutiilKir cnii hvt olUaliii'd at Uir mill ^ al tta* raft* tf $lii fu $iO uur ilton fiailtl Uil* lu iiMiti UtM lifliK>ar<l uptHt'd lu fiic |tlaCM, uriu iti tail liM fit ut m n l lii Urn plaCM gmid (Ui iiUii tiT-4 arc atltaiul. and H im pl.icM In Die I'liimi wlime Imliilnup amt JinfiifivimmiitH run In* imnh’ ilMMpcr ‘titu ii a'h r will at urtec Im hti m U willt llti^ mlvanlamti ln*ru pM* «‘nu*c| aiul litimmir w h ;'llio |ifo|H*i irtM o o o i E i o r e v s T o - v T - m s . 'riie wibserilii r Iiiis now on liand a largo supply wen lo r r e it no one wuiiiinm inviUd to oxamiiie die III dm Hiademeol tioil dll y Will no ilimlil. mei t tll•r-l,ll'l, from ihclrown imigldiorlioo 1, dmy will vvitms , the ini provi iiii'iit I ari'l ran Jioli'e tlm rliahn ter n| llie pnpiila don If they coiim widi a view tiirelde ihey blimild tiiimi |ire|iai ud III st.vy a day or two ami bo roaily to pur iloi-u, as liic.itiuiis laiiiioi lie held on nTut-ab Thero ani two dally trains to I'liUiirtelphm, nml hi al! Metllei s who l)llproVO, IHh lUll.ltUAII I’llJfl'xNV Olvra A KIlBK 3 a inrv nm eix Mu.stlis. axp A haw I'lai-K T ii - kbt ynii tiiubk Ilf liin ahove 11.lined BruV'EM b u lli PL A lN iilid EX* TEN B ION T o p b , with nr w llhim l C U P P E R HEB ERVOIR and WARMING CLOSET. Also tho fol­ low ilig liiVinci] popular Cooking BtovCH. “ T H U P R I H J B O F T H U W 1 3 8 T , ” •3U3E3C3E3 O D E 3 C - £ L .B /i:X » 3 C O T O r ,^ » \THF K‘!<)N<>MlSl'i WAVICHLY,” tkp, Also “ T h e H tru ' o f T h e N o r t h s ” G» h B ii |H- (<r lor ( o iil; a bc.ndiliil ei .inomlaal and purfeet Htovi! ( o rp a llor,ollh 0 o rritoro, LittlefleUVfi New and Improved R A I L W A Y C O A L B U R N E R . T n E STA N L E Y COAL B U R N E R .” “ SPARTAN »» AND L I L Y O F T H F V A L K ” Ddriw Cook SD vcl T wo biantlfifl rik J deklwlile Also ft great wrioty of DABhOR RTOVEfl, com- wrlod^ ABof^i'hSSo®^- nrirei Foit Plaln,Niiv„7,1H,70. P«H«rn8 for coal am “t g K i T j ' v l s r r r H E GREATEST WONDER OP X MODERN INSTITUTIONS ' Great Wardrobe and its Branchei. ^jSo.ci'ftlU'lCK STREET, IIOME.N.Y, No. 100 (J enesee street , AURURN, N. Y. Tho rcputiilioii of this Colos-sul Rstahllslimunt nm l its inimciihe IriinMu tioiis. 1ms cxtem lcd hcyoml tho lioiiiitlailcH of its iiaiivo .Slato to iilmiiHt ovory p a rt of the habit.ihlc globe, and customers have iirtiially couk * from Hie ndd and rro/.eii N o rth, from the mild a n d balmy l-^mitli, from tho F a r W est, iind from the distant Islands of the sea, to e njoy the re- frcsliiiig liiMiry of Hiipplyiiig tlieinsclvcH from the inexliiiiistible s tuck of tliis wuiuleiTuI and A l O O U L U L O T I I I N O S T O R E . W liere business ia condui led 011 such an enormous scale, it is pretty evident tlm t Goods ean he bought veiy tlieap. liy going w ith Hie m u ltitude, you will lie veiy sure not to go a s tr a y . Go Witli tlie crowd to the G reat W ardrobe, and the rusli ol trade there, d.iy iiiul n ig h t, will satisfy you tlm t all we tell yon Is soher tnitli iind nolhingelse. Goods will he lieelyiind rlieerlidly shown, and if prices, styles and qualities a io not pertevtiy sati.slactury, you will not be iiiged to buy. Uiie thing is very lert.-iiii, that being U O N E PRICE BPOIIE. it is an exccUeiit plaeo to Iind out I owcr I prires, il you luteiiu tu put chase ut s,ime other store. T . L. K IN G S L E Y A. BON. Q V E lt U O A T S . .O T IIING F a l l a n d w i n t e r I’ltlC K S . LOW PR ICKS. E Go lo the G reat W a rdiol e. * X * X x o T V t o a c x i i i e t o x - J & t t o x ' o ? NO. 112 GENLHKK H rilliH T , H T ICA, N. Y T . L. IvlM ibL E Y iV BUN. Q l > l N U ) N l 4 O F T I I F P l i F H r i . — R E A D ! R E A D ! 1 a rci'ciil vi it lo lUica. wo ste p p id Into the niu,\iiill o u t est.ihlishm eoi ot I\. L. K im i s i . ky ,t ho.N. a t 112 (ieiiiM-e el , and ii>,tvvitlMtiiiiiliiig our ptevioiiH le.u'iing ol till'll udvi i I mi III! Ills, ami Hu* odltoit.ll iK.lii IS ol th e C ie a l W aidiolie in nearly eVfi^V e \ i Ininge p.ipei upon mir t.ihlo, wo hmieslly cnlileh.slli.it we weie iiiipn pared for so gieal a sliovv of goinis ia the i lothiiig line, so liislerully a nd Hklllidlv aiim iged on iim iilir ami hlieBes piles {.tlr., livl.l lit l.liii-lto 111.0 miiiu.o wiiik lii-ie a Willi ol n u t s there a wall ol pants, and yoiidi r iiiiiitbi I of v ir ls n .iii.e, me,1mm, fine iind exlra line, to miU all needi. I.i les ilhd luiteies- nihl,,mein II11014ing in iiiid (illiiig on gaiiiienlH, nr ImIdiiiK pleasant 1 ol|o,|,ites vvith llie lilaiid and eoiir- leonsi-alisineii, (M l on Ihe ah i t l,i wall upon ealls. 'Ihe IvIMI 1 hViH. thuiiglil w e. ale lining |, big liiisi- r,i -.s, t i i i l j . '11.ey liave I vhleiillv lilt Hie tiiie|i.iH i I, 1 Hill lia s In li.i.le, a nd a n l,iltlilii||y walking lliere- in ; VI/., P i Hi) none Imt lii - ti.ili' lU U ilis at llie liiwest |ni>hible puif.s, a n d Iind Hu n piolilh in large and l oiistaiilly iiu iea.sing hah-H. lalliei than to ex- p u t them la u iim lted laisincr.s and exlm ibitaiit Now a hlngle advice lo our readers : Many of yon lii'qiieiiHy vl It C ilia , and all o( ion doiihllesswuiil III will n.iiit gill d diiiable g a iiiiints, mmle in neat ami la -hiniial.le sly U-, to m eet H,e e \igeneien of our t-li.iiige.tlile elitlute ; and If you will hear in mind llia lt lie G l e .it W .iiiliobe al I Pi Gene.see hi., is Ihe |ilviii* vvlii'i*' >*iitr hui^t in thia n*- giiid m il Ilf gnulllH! at tlic InwthL nijine. you will do yoiiihelves a lavi.r.am l tlm n k i s on ymiV relnm home, lor the intoi ni.itum AVie lU iliu VIonrer. Me--<iH. KiMis|.i-.v A hiiK. ll.e great doH iiers, a le^ lill III till llrlil.nohly li.itllliig l o r '' low prneoi,” and wiiiiiiiig new vli loiiis i-yeiy day. The mim's.s III tliise II iloiihtalile 1 iieinii-H ol tiiiml and extor­ tion Is ,.wln,{ piiiii ip.illy to th i l r indoiiiitahlt' eimr- iigt iiiid ii'oiiiie.s. 'Ihiy nevei iitu . i t , iiiver snr- lim it 1 . h ot w ith Hie eiy \ Atiolhii hio.iikside li'oiu Ihoic h.itleiIt'S'* ility Ill'll Intii H a -liuy, H a ir hiin III 1. on w |,|, ll Is I n -iiib u l \ l a i g e rali-s and unmll pi<.|ils,\ Ik,atiiig gaily III Hie h r o i/e , luitl anutlicr geld 1, won I lli e ' (ile a l W aidiobi” Is 11 (Inn liislttuH o n —nil ImllliiHnn w e '■ It ad o l '' in llie newspapers, on uiiM samI I, III es III glai m g , .qtlt.ils, a n d is spokeii ol t v u y w III le. It D ll,e pl,i, e w In le gomi « k a h llig at low pi ll I ,s I all Im b'.iigliL any lim e, and wheie I'm-li.iiieis 1110 lie .ilu l with ginidne polileness. ■‘ 'I l i e l l i i a t W ,mil,dm\ Ihikdiig a telling biihliiess Just Hill ll a liiMlneh.s as le,uls lo luiliin u : and Hiu Men.-lh IviMI-ri-y d i- e iv t II. •All a d v e ilh e n iin l In iiimtlier eolmmi eontnliiH I'lieei liil Intelligem-e to the needy. I t l e l l h a t w h at low pill ts t n in e Mills ol ta-likm.ihle i lotliing ran he 111,light at Hie ■' G reat W ardrolm.’' Read it, cV' i i-y one. a n d prolit hy w h at you read. Thks is our luiiilidaiU ivC. f r i d t ) u / / r 'Jhmee. v.'.nkOyl IN V A L ID S R E A D r n ~ T h e R i i 'o n l M e d i n i l J i i f i r m a r v , ESTABLIHIIED E.YPRIHBLY i-ou tiik TREAT- .Ml Nf ol all <h eu e-, a n . mg luau tho ahuso of tho soX- II, d 01 gall I III laitii M a l e o r F e m a l h , M a r r i e d o r S i n g l e , VoiinVMeiViiiiihiiM with H,mliml woiikm).iii aro speed­ ily re liae,l to he.ilih hy a Nl-W IHtldl'.iiy, only used In tills III iitiiti»n. 'llm lab I Fill'.'( II and 1 NDl.DII IIRMBDIFB iisod. All dlscaaes of llm k « o II d oigaiis, rui|uirtiig hmiileat up- uralloilH, sun easlully treated * X * o X r* < a iX ia.A .I.o H ta Tlie | i:S|A( F; Ill.mil.,VlUU 01 PHIIODU AL ril.t-Hfiir irri Huliiiiiirs Im 0)U' Imllar a llnx wilh hill dlrcciimi.i for ''’llu\*lNV*y\air!s'T.p^^^ Hook for alb—a Ouldo to llf.'iiili III plum liiiignng.e, by mi cmliieiit |■hyhll•llln.— Dm aii-al-, t vKiik ol Ilia Age on |)|se.e-es of ttiu tJciillftl (Ilians, wall mlvICO to tlm nm lrlnl and tlioso h I iuu I lo siam)i3. All coinmiininillons strli By iirlvalB and conaden- jlul oilli u .No, '27 J.unua t t m l , near tlaidon l.auo, a 1- Addreas tho lliuiird liinrm ary. Prawof (6, ^Alba- j 1 o d p a ^ i W ’H ^ A ~ ^ i ^ c U ( i 1 l {uisortmeiit ill exlm fjunlity Hnop-Bkirta, very 0 . K E L L E R & CO’S P E i T b o NB W AN T ING O H A N G E O P O P M A T B fnr h c aiili. Ben n d vcrtiaemeiit of Hftmmonton Landii III ftiioHter column. vOnfimfl C LOW PRICE.M,^ T h e ToAVii o f I l n i m n o m o i i v In roicDifiion with tlio a gilniltnral iirltleni(Til, a new ami ihiivlng lown Ims imturally arhen, whUhyiremlt i I 1 1t f r any Kind Ilf I,uiineti, particularly tlm a and iii.'oia/a, farfei. The ,Shue lmsiim$ (mild ho r a n led on In tliH plai o and market to i.ond advimlngo, al-o ( (iiioii hiMliifsa, ami maniilaeiorlesof aiirlndin ■alimplmailtur fhiindeiiet/nr catliny m a ll arlhlei, 'flio linprovomeiit liim bocii HO r.iiild ns lu insnro a cnnstnnl and pcrmamait liieiTaatii of Ini«[m5«H. Town hda of a gotid sDu, wo do New Patent Fancy .ilrticles. AGBNT’8 HEAD QUARTERS. SOISSOES SHAEFENER. Every Lady knows thu iaconvcnimico and troublo CMuod by having dull ydssors. Tlio IrOiifilo Is euslly romovod hy Uio iisu of this hidtspciuiablu article of eou- venlcnco Rod utlllly. REST INDUCEMEN'l’S TO MAKE MOKUY Ilouorivhly, Itapldly, Euslly and Huicly, over bofuropro- HCIllOd. PL E A S E O B S E R V E T H E IND U C E M E N T S . ^ let. ll requires but a small amount uf Mmicy to pros- '20. It Is tho best liMtrunient over hivcateU for puriioso. 3(1. It pay.s loirgo I’roiUs, both to tho AVholosalor tte(ullcr, being from 100 to :>00 per cent. 4lli. It Is a light Ilhd easy occupation. A WliolosRlo supply ran ha carried In a carpel bag or vallso. Bill. iLs aUnpouitm lo nil persons, elllioriii active bnst- ness, or WMliiiig to hcciiie remuiierativo employment, either Ixicnl or Truvelliig, It Is suitahio to oither sox, old of young. 61h. Tlio milimited msc or such common articles as Scissors ami Sliear.s, 111 every Dwelling houso, OlVico, .•^toro ami Mamibictory. amt wllli their iiso, a cuuse.tnient need of sharpemiig, caime.s an muxliauhliblo demand for tholr .sale. 7th. Wo ask no I.nrgo Bomis for Tnwii, Comity or Slate riglil of sale but give a freo eluuii'u. We could enumi-i-aU, many oilier reasiiUs, bat wo now Wish to cull your atlentiim p.u llriil.ii ly lu tho Low R A T E S O F S A L E . Single Samples by mail, freo, obly ................. :: :: Por gross, ux|iress, at imrcbither's ox|icasu... All piioUud lu Keul Ilo.Hi.(i, with lotliels. Show Hills, tie. Stimo ngcals aro muUlng $1U pur day, suntiig this article THE GOLDEN PEN. !S ::: IZ Presenting honoiuldn. piuliiablo and popular imUico Ineiits for deiiluru iiml tra.li.-ra, both loud ami travoliug, to eiigiigo 111 list.do. T H E GOLDEN PE N is warranted snpurinr lo iiiiy oilier MclalHo Pon ever m- IrudoUcd lo lbop„bli,- 'I'li.-.v am i\ ell Iciiipm'd, Miio.illi nml olii'di' Inu'le nl the Ihie- t >.ti-i'l, iiml JHated with (Juldcn f\nish giving llii-m the mo-.l .illraL'livo uppenr- nneo : will novel- ,-on-...le, an.I Hover fall to give .■s.-iUs- l.utl'.n. Nolbing ex.-i'l’t die lli,e-.l l!oM Pens ever be- lore invented m the [leii him c,in cimiiare with ilmin iii amitarauce, qitalily, satral ility economy or clieapuoss,— Tliey llie, hiUee,!. Hupeiior, and bv m.-iiiy peicrred to, a solid fJiihl Pen. as the iiomlrt never i-nme oil\. They retail imu-h e.isler a t a half dime, or dllrto oven, mcli. Ilian other pens ul a lower prire ; will last ten times lonyer, wiilo sinootlier, ami iii-l, every way prefer able. Tbi-lr be.;l recommendation u ibo rapid nuro- diicdoii they aru receiv mg lu .'ll liools, folleges, hanks, amt Meicuiitilu FJeUibli ,liiiu-i,ls geiioially , tbrunghuut tho Their pecnlmr eoiislnirlion remit,rs them a nhlvcr.sal raVm llo while Ibcii- elastic ipiallllos make ihem smta ble lor ovory gem i<d use Pot up m a mjw ami aitrac dvuslylo, with liiLidar.s, Cards, he. THUMB OF BALE. 1 Di>2on III ueiil bo.x, post paid ............. t>00 '26 4 \ '• •' ............. 1 on 12 “ ' . T ,. byKxpre.ss i ! ! ! '2^0 Imitation oFa {B* 20 ~Gold Piece. A UeVidvmg Caleiiilar, m.'iile In repre-eat a tVO Gold Piere A J'hiuy \J lUuiily un,l liility, on which you can niuko a lug hliiiw ol moiiej on .i .small ,-uplUl. Pin 0 foi single oniM, nimi I hy mail, poA paid $0 30 4 sent hy mad. post paid, ................................ 1 00 1-2 •• express, ................................. ^'2 00 ortenta I T b e a u t i f i e r . F o r In i i > r o v i i i g tliu U tH iip U ix io ii. From iiimi iitiim*mot u(l Juulu“x t>f iltu rank, Hiu! liuu) uaucil Natuni iu Im littlitl aiitl ti) Molinti-)) impiovu l‘’niiiroiht*.s him ! liuu) uauc liluiait 1)) litu luit-l liMiii aiitl l L i III u ). lo fliitla prupur ■ ........ * ‘ ' vvimi M immcilirttil) impm \o aiul buuuury done on Hhurt ^ A roniiilelu aatiurlinent c F o r t P lain, May 20,1 fl,M, D B - U T - ■£=*- RR OT HER J ON ATll A N kS P a t e n t F u r n i t u r e P o l i s h will polish nil kiiiils of varnisbed l■'^ll•nit^lle. fiuin a e.oininoa Clmir t,i a Ro.sewootl Piano, leiiu.ve.s all d ir t,grill'e.H iialelie.s nr nnirk.s ol' all kinds, nml driesiinnieiiiatelv ; iiiaking ol,l furiiitiire look equal to new. It is uppUed willi ii piece of ‘ottoii llannel. it is ten lim es elieaper 'iiiid lietter than vm iiisli \'an-aiite to give .salMlaetioii or mout-y rel'iiudf,!. For sale ut all the principal Drug and FuriiiU ie Only 2,'i cents per buttle. Try it. 'rraveliiig uiul local agents wanted. J . .IL H A R L O W , S o l e A g e n t , m3 ‘JO B B r o a t l x v n y , N e w Y o r k . Fire, Life and Inland Navigation I N S U R A N C E A G E N C Y FORT PLAIN, N. Y. A2TNA IN B U R A N F F (’OM P A N Y , H a r tf o rd, Goim. O i u i l i C a p i t n l , ...............................tl.Ofin.OOO Bin-plus, o v e r ............................... I,tniu,uu0 HOME INBIIRANGE I’O M P A N V , New York eity. ('ash r a a i U l , ........................................f l ,\1)0 Siirplim, over . . . . luo.ooo H A R T FORD FIR E INBUUANGE O O M l'A N Y , llartfuriL G o u n . C R H h O a p i t i i l , .............................. $600,000 Burplus o v e r ................................ 30U,UUU PlUEN l.X LNBUUANOE CO M P A NY , Il.irtforil, Ikm n . Cash C a p i t a l , ............................... $.t00.000 Burpln.s, over ..... 100,000 X’olit-ies is.slieOI ami renewed, and lo.s.ses prom p tly adjilsled ill tliis .-Vgeiiey. /'a r i a praperly,im d Uetochfil tlWelliniit in filh tf'is instiled fu r a te'in o f ycuis ul low i ulis i f pvtiuium. NEW YUlIK L IFE INSU R A N C E COM P A N Y , New Y ork I'ity . $1,1100,000 IlllOII wliUli vt tliu CompleKl, TIIH OIllMNT.VL niO A U T lClEll Imparts to die ckm, in .t.iiit.incmisly, that whiteness, wall III adults, ami p,', idi.tr ,d,,mi to the .voting and healthy, and J el Ml lu-ilcill) naliiral, llad lliu du.sest Hcruttiiy fuiiti to «U‘U m l i ( a pn*^3om*c. U rumtiviN'i I'jftKU-.s, UeiliiF'sH. !limglim*HH, aniJ nil im- piitlth?:!! of ttu'bkpi It aUo uxluiU'^ ii doUghttUl fia giaiico, aott H imeqmillCil U.i u iVliilUio. U la ^uaiahlft**! to liu Ii uu fi om ;iU iiifl.Uhu hubaUtn Cfii nr any olbei* liiKiMluiita injnrimiu tu tlio hkm. in ll Cfti’s'aim ul ihu ILMoUlioi ^ l'’latoii of 1'oli‘iir ili5 llflsii il’Orinit, the Uarest I’reparalioii extant, whlrli, when used In Iiiiiiieclion with the lieiiutUli-i, prodiaos a really magi Ills im, giaiiii >c .,»ii J- iMii.in,, imim, ami the plopiU'U>r lav, heeii imUicrd tu ostahlLdl an Agency an ll.inde in the liiiiie,l M,iie.s, I'll, u w hell soul 4 CalsBOlia seiil by lit mall, po.sl pal,I... \ a : Patent Pocket Coin Detector. ForTu-liiig ml U iih I n ul (iuM aiul S i I mm The .sl'/ii of tills fill,'lilllo lii.'lrnniciil is lliiee imlntH long, (pLiilei lilt b UiuU, itm! \\ t onu aUtl a ball v\ bit b iiiaku . It 4 iiu\ fiiuait lv*r taiixiiiK in lb* puikct. ainl Will bi’ M‘i 11<> null, pifi'aiii, lo uU) per- bull 111 Iho loiiU'tl M.itfs lor 11. A N E W * T m ) im p r o v e d V E N U I L W 11 A U 1* E N E R , Miiglu ime,s, ht-iil liy until, :'h i is , to $16 pei gross N e w t-vlyUi o l' D iio r Paslnm M ', N o w S t y l o o f K iiiri' S l im |K 'i u :r , (jtio.so Q u ill Poll .MaKoi', it iiow P a l o i i t iirti- i le. tor making Gnill I'l'i,., iMlli I’en Knire, i-lc cnnibmcd, I'rnc $3 ami $-1 , InliM with Ml\,-i .iml n.ime engiiu>',l on It $6 .V viiv lleiinllliil and Neal .Vilulo d,at 111 I iigle. d,e s|ii,i e III .,„ ,,i ilinai) pi ii Unilo Also, ViUIons ntlii-r .Ni'W I',Ill-Ill nitii lc., o( I'tOity — Tlmso mnlllllig $lfi nl mu, tune hi Mall „t I'Xpli-ss, ,ali nnler $16 woilh ,d .‘-,iin|ilci al ibe luw i I \\ l„ile;.alo I'rlfOs. ,Vddie-s It. T. DEWEY A CD. 'I'hiril St., Philadelphia. Pa. vGii'2lm3 133 South Coiiiium 'ial ('oil, Dcpiirlnioiil, IH I'OhhKCTloK W ITH ThK 3F0ET P L A I N SEIW INAEY. G o iuliiflid hy C. A. W ALW OBTll late Principal of Hio Rome (N. Y .) Comim-ivlu! C tillep . T h o io ii ise o l Irainiiiii pursued in th is l)epnrt- meiit a novel le.duio in out lileiary Iiistitutiona— iao l the niust Ihoiimgh and p i.ietifal eliaracter.-- Youiig men urtt lUled fur lliu lu tual duties of tho Coualluti UtHiin by iustineliiin and iirm tico iu Sliiglf ami Duulile Kalry iloiik-Ki'qiing from W rltteu ManiiHeiiiits drafted from the books of our m o st extensive biisinehs honses in all pid ta uf H iocm uitry. E a i li Htiident li.ia diat'Ke of a get of hooks, o p aiiliig and elosiuK Htmio thirty rtiderent « KKJi'r'is, a , ? r : £ \ ' u s s f ,!;: utnictioi) ill Hut ( idnhrutcd b P I l N U E U l A N W R i r i N G , wlilcli f()fbiihiiii.‘HiiRurpo8(iH,eaiH>('i«lly, I b fast iienedin g all otherH. (hmuneruial Cttleulutlmm, Cmtespniidonco, Deterlioff ( ’miiiterfoit Moiiov, B ohi - fiei-H Law.CiiHldms, Funmi, Hwigint and all h U k suhject- necessary for the ediirallim and siieeess i suhject- necessary for t| It (M romiillblwil liioili: [impleled inI onu term , ■ reftdyus aopav.ilo insitriicthm luma on liiilsliliig tlm cuiu ' bq liU'BH nmo. oim term , b u t Bindonia can oiili each rei-ulyus aopav.ilo in s , ' 'I’lio Coiirho I n n ite r at ADYER. vSriSmO TlHo liidHil'Lhlci^warrahk clear of all otlmr column, TO ALL WANTING FARMS. SEE tlsament of Hnmmimton Lamia. TAON'T fftil to Bee •< IfXTH ANNUAL A n * i J NGUNUEMENT,” ftnd hrilliant offcrp, in an* other (fiHtimn. any lim e ,u s each i i^H aw a rded it Dipli O R N A M E N T A L P E N M A N S H I P O ^ D p e a . A GrndnaUng P ooibo , coniprlBlng pvery imuKlna* ble style of Peiim analiip. Ims been laid tinfru lor tbose wlsbioK m liecmno itdcpta o r teachera of tbia iiKeful a r t. Mr. W. Imaiio miimrlor a a a obiroffiapb' io firtiat, biiving received tlm llrat p remium vyliorov- *** N r n . - - C a r d W riting executed In bm elegant m a n n er. PaiH c n lar aUcutlnn paid to orders by De lirtm fttlfotlons, can gnarftnteo entire natlafftetion j and respectfiilly invUcH th e atten tio n of th e piibllu to to w K a te s o f T u ition, one-balf tlm ammmt clmvged at oilier placw, for Bimllarconraoof study. For fnriber partlcnfars call at tlie Seminary and oxatnlne royjji'imeWea, or write for the new Clrcm I 3 : . i 5 L 3 E L I > Y 7 ^ - A . Y t E l ! I I . B . W I L L I A M S , Dealer in all kinds of H e a v y and S h e lf H a r d w a r e , Gniml Street, Fort Plain, T I A S now GD hand a X . 1 . Itirgo a n d well selceled atuck of FOREIGN and AMERICAN Goods, to wbieli Im la weekly nnikliig large iiddillona, direct from Man* nfuetorei-h and Iri'iporlei's. His Btnek w'ill eiiibraeo, as naual, n heavy assort- inent ol NAILB, IRON and B T E E f .; all of tlm best brands j among vvhieb may be I'ouiul a large nssortnm n t o f (fnniine N terdcs.liel'd linglisli, Pern Morse Hhoe, Nail Rods, Blake ami H, roll li-oii,Ca.-l Steel from J in to 2 in. square, Oetagoiuuid Uouuil. MEClIANIUlsI TOOLt^, Snell n.s TnacksniiUm''Anvila, Bellows, Yu-ea, Bleilges, Hand H am m ers, Blioeing Haranu-i s, P a n ing Knives, Berew Plale.s. H and Ilrills, .vc. S p e a r* Jneksoii's Hand Saw s. Bntt-her’a.tBuc-k’s Fenner Oliisels. Bole agents fur M u n is’ Celebrated Carpeniers Edge Tools, consmting uf Fram ing Cliisels, Broad Axe.s, Adze, Draw Blmvts, Hand Axes. H a tdiets, .v,-. C a ipenteis’ Bench Pl.ines, A ugers, Ste, 1 B qnaies. Braces and Bills, .le. HOUSE TRIMMINGB of all deaeriplions. Door Latches, Locks nod Kiiolis, Bell Carriages, xc. I’arlieiilar a ttention is paid lo Saddlery and Conch Iliirdw are, whicli is kept constantly on hand. Eiiumeled Cloths, Enam eled and Paleiil l.eathei-H, Carriage Cletlw and Damasks. Alsu Spokes, Hubs, Bent Rims, Bent Bent Rails *c. .-Vgeiit for Fiiir'ianks CounU r a nd Platform Beales. Till, Sheet lion iiiid Copper W ork, of nil kinds, uHco, and in the. best po.snible man- I aliiolig ALFRED C.U IY , A ov . nt . 1 I I-1 M BOLD H (lelinllie Piep.uiill JI M I Ulll\ilh'(\i 1 adbbi Llulc (if ll Bysii’iii, Acciiiniilated Asseks, 1 T1-1LMB()I.1)'B CKNIIINH IMtEl'A i; VTION, .|L 1 Cures Gravel, Bladder, Dropsy , Kidney Alice T T El..MBOLD S Geiiiiino Pieparutum lot Ncivons I JL ami Deiiilitaled Bulleuiis. ¥ ¥ ELM HOLD'S Geiminu Pruimralioii for Loss of X I . Pow i-r, Luna ot Memory', (‘I t T ELMBULD'.S Oeimine Preparalioii for Dilli X I cully of Bicatliiiig, (lenelal \\ l’.lKm•^a. |C| MDnl liM Orimiiio Di, ,.auili,.n I.,, VV,-.,1. X 1 NeiVifl, llolliil of D e a lll,'l l, liiblllig. \¥ 1 ELMBOI.D'B (leiiniiie Pi,-pai.1111,11 f,,t N ight X 1 Hwuils, C. 1,1 E tcl, Diiiii.c N ol \ Mon. ,e .Mn--inlal I ¥ EI..MI{i)Ll)'B (ii-miliie Picpiinition loi Paliid J J[ I'oiinlt-lmiu c ami Erniituins. T ¥ ELM HOLD'S Genuine Pli-paratjoii loi P.uiw X ¥ ill the Back lleail.i, lie, SU k Stoma, li iivl\ (Cl U l iiii Mt bra«!i vl lli'lm lm lil’s (iiiiiiiiic 1'ri‘iia r a li u iL III aiiiilhei iiilnmii \t,n ln,il|i G R O V E R 8c B A K E R S CEI.EBUA'I'Kl) FAMILY iSI!\Ui\(J MA('IIIW!,'i, lti-<iii(lvv ay , lVi,v A i n k . B. & A. SMITH, CANAJOHARIE, AGE.N I'S FOR MONTOO.MERV COD.M V. A New Style. - Price $50. ( l l o i n m t .IV IC x I iit.) T h is nmi-lillie 'ew s fliim twn spools, as pun liased trom Hie .stole, iei|niiing m, u-wliiiliiig ol ilininl ; It Ilellis Fell.i. (latllel.-i .nil) Silt, lies In ilM iptiiol blv le. Iliiishiiig ea, ll se.iin by its own op, a ,ili,,ii. witlioni li‘coiil.'.e to the Imlid needle, us | , leipiiii d bv oilier nl.K btliPH. It will do belter lUiil , licaii,-i sewing Hian ll IeiimslIei-s ........ ‘ ......................... \ ' fm oar m i l uii bv oilier nl.K btliPH. I t will do bette r lUiil , li'cain-i sewing Hmii ll s la ii, even it rdm w o iks Ciiicri.Aii. v - iin llp . T ill* Ih 'u i 'i 'i u ’to r o l' h i s U iii'O . iiij (lui.Ar nan.vi.o m- m a m iin o ! anii vviioi.it W llUl.O IM IKII ! TA K E THEM AND L IV E ! JCdtr Nlitn.KCT ■lllKM AM) DI k ! H e r r ic k ’s S u g a r Coated F ills. tnULDlUiN CUV F u l l 'I'lUiM I ‘Uiarkabii]‘nu(.|'kabii( Tlil.4 ri Amorlcan ‘(■Uli'i!)' W i.in)in>i Uui (ivi/.f ti\ u millioi Rd'-'Uini IJu'lr offoiiI t ui» bnmau bjjb toiU 14 LuUi{(ii (ur) Ulul HUUi (•'i-ru! Ai lUig illfFt ll) (lu'lc ofl6- on tlm loin,an oa* III sncivs-l'nl .-Vi'tlng ilirc U.v on the Uoi'd. gliiinl.s, .sohil.-, an,I fliiiilH ol tlie lioilv, lliclr n. i, Is ftttimiliul with till, liiiinin,-.i ,,| , |oi 1 III sinlileii allacks ol d l. en 0 oiioor two ilo.ses nhvaja ciocii. In nil! .st.iinliiig cas,-s ,.| s.trkiiess. hiimll do.-i„ - imiciilcl ficiinenlly— ro ilean-e llm . nyntem. Unit goo,I l.ealih I-. tlm le-jiiH. No i lnvii|;. In eniiilov meiitnriUellsincnN-„ir,v Tlirv I never railHesnremonUis.svvnll ■ jiniits, in-liing llmli.s, ct,-., lUi mivny oiln-r klmC. They rianted t,i give ' ‘ lluii, or the puce will he i „ fnlnloil. They mo con-iibaeil cboiiiiiir,H«for, proltlor, am lln alt re.-ncts Mipeiior t„ any inrgatlve pill lu tlm world. ,ll.-i’„v.-ry ol cuatimj a pill with suyur enmimlod with Dr, Ueriick.— Allother.s mo ooimii'ifeltH, aiul it iiHoit, will do hum . and disappohit the siik. H onlck’s pills aro nli'giinily pnl up, an In a box, n iRi a largo sheet of dirociiuns, and sell far ','6 lieuts per box ; 6 buxos for $1. Herriok’a tCicl Strengthenings Plaaters, t h e g r e a t nm jixsT ANb aiBAVxm' mmaiawKi tigMEiiv in tub 'wom.n. Theso ronownoil plastora cijro pains, wenknesH and diatrosa In llm li.iok,bliloB mnl inctel, In llyo hours. In- (loml, HO ronaln aro they m do thli, that tlm piopilrlnrs wdoki Fort v m , \ ^ qq * S A r a r O R D ’ S LIVER INVIGORATOR, N K V E R D B m M 'JP A T E S . ^ =§=>'! •r;-... u«o of thu L i v i a u 1 V- vvlllcuro L i v e r C o iii\ tiie k a , l)ysiH 'i»aIiv, S u m 111 e r C o u» - r y , D r o p s y , S o u r C o s tiv e iieH s , C U o l-| rnaX o r lvuv, C U o lcv a le i i c c , J a u t i t l l r . e , | ca, and may bo used aim 1-y F a m i l y M erti- I I F A O A O I I K , t w e n t y m l i i i i t e s , sp o o n r itln a r c tab.-1 A M w h o u s o i t a r e lu iu liivol-. jiulsmsm Bill,16 you lu tha V lU O A lA -rO K , kudH lila l i i t s , n i U u i u A t - C K ruiilu D ta v r U o o a , I t l a l i i l s , U y s C n te a s t o u u i e h j l I u h i t U n l le , C U u l c r a , C k o l o - X i i i a i i t u i n , F t a l w - F e i n a l e \V r n k u c 8 i » ceasliilly aa au UrdiHa<* c l u e . Itw illcnroSlCIC ilienaunda oau VoalFy.) i n a m- tU r e c T o a ­ st cuiuiueucomeut of g i v i n g their teslllmoay V A T K U IN T H E I JV t« O lt-V 1 O R , A6 I'O R E T U E R . P i ’le e O u c D o l l a r pel' D o t t l e . S A M r O B . B ’S FA .aULY CATRARTIG P 9 LLS, I'leMl'iil' vDUD l-'llliM ' tjioVS!s^CA*'JK 5j\\vU nilvl W i u ” itl* p m waau B t ili'in i\ui\\[y ym'B. g u dill diiUn-ont I'liihardcsacA lu u i i y «‘llti¥U tv. The l4^aiuUy <’»%>• tie bat ecUve ('-.ali.uiL UHi'd in In-i pru'Ui'a imav Till* cimsit iuM\ liit-n* ,sajk- them a liiau tli*' r.‘ ««*li .■1*411 1 he 1*]tiit'v$Lii( v\i*il lvti.»v\ he ' i'Ji V* ’r . \ “ has, willi tiu?* r.acivn.M i - h»‘ua cortii«iiaa h» I Imm 4 UMe KMf.tcw, wUt.-h u.'i aliiaeaUiy 4*44 il, na l .111* ea \M umg ‘ h rilUirU' is i l f S .“ S i g flash la heir, (<ji) immiTimsi ^ lOia wholesale hv the I i.ule m ill d,o large tewi.s. S. T . I V . M A M F O K D , M. !>., M.iimt 11 1',,,-,' and I'roprletoi^ 3 3 5 B 1 o a «1 w a > , 01 u \v Y o r k . ul all ih-.'.i ■•, 111 - n, t cut ciuso hpiiiig-. Ill'll, iii'clc.'l ,‘l .N.itme'.-, laws. S U F F F R N O T ! A r i l V S K ' l A N ’S L K U A U V T o V o t i n g M e n . A ftnv ruUouul ntul dUNiutut oiited riMii a r k « I u iMUii'liloU'onn of ual laiild- Muiiioiy. oil) Ifi-stmly.or Impo- (liiuriit.'ito Mui*> ria>;o ulf., tirls- ui^iiomU iu df< In llu' viiiM 1 I ;tt t‘l htiiu.iU ill c . im M mo lU'.sli’UC- U \ c it tli.au up'Ml ihc . \ -tv’ia Ot .i\\ - U- lhv*u*suiulM VlC'- tnu [liivM.ctj .1 it w ^i.ti v'l uitri III'.; tluMii to .tu mitiuio- l\ It tic ttv'V- ill.* Ncixtui. .''N-tciu. laintlly \S .1 tv* • lltv cii ltfi' vl Ult' v.tii c- lllcUtiX! ilul AllgJtJ* lU-Mit l*Ii\'li! t'lclMMi-.i tU’\v'lniimclil 1*1 llu* tij.'dom, i\i .|u tiiilc • I M t.i li 11 If'c t<t u'{ \ . 1*11 mo all.t uli FurtU- l\. ll IpIMllc .vliJh.tVt Ih. I.lti I Cl w I .iht licil ll ‘I .-I'l C.l\ cm C 4 HU llu ro’'r ll IplMllc II.i iiiutii |i i'\ ll lli.'i r li> I't till, U'ctfil .tint lilt’ <tl< tii l-Mill.i 111 I’i lutlloll 1>1 tu (let's, luy l*.ilici,l'. t .Ul l>.* I . I'll li'tiv lci I \h.MvMCs health. ifc-aji'' yVif 1 p n t , u n d thv Ill i him I vu .11 I i \ a l liY'-hi.in ot An\ I-I ( . 'I* I M. 1 ■ ta.', I 0 U ( h u e cout iiuhtagU .'nt.iliip'. a ill ll I . i\c a V i.|(\ h\ luaii.uialci m * u I. ■\I ■■ ilc-t- c ll iu,i. \h'i,il,i\ I’lii, mule hum t ho I \ 11 ti I I >t (..111 1V. . I .1 I ch ll >1 \ It cii it»i \ I'lira .imciii, ll.c II n. (i. i,,v. . I ihc ' tiuili uilt'im ul dccoo- V c,l llilu ^oiid- .ll 1-) uuul.*— 1 ill II if I'l ll V Mill I III! I . ii I l I I U UMiKU U, M, !>, I lUi, AUiaii) , a N. Y. THE SECllET INFIRMITIES OF I T o u t h a n d M a t u r i t y , J u .v I'l Id 1 m i, 1,1.v iis, nii: 'J .i’ii 'I'liorsAM i. ■ hilitv , Pieimitnie. Decay of the By-ilem, linpidi 111 y ami liiqu ilimenta to Alar- 1 hlgc gl'iil lilllv, i:v it. DU I..\M ;Y , M .l). Tlie im |ii,ibii,l l.n 1 lli.iM he m.iiiy aliivming eoiu pi.lints, ulic.lii.,11111 in lie- uniiiiidi-m e and Molltoda ol yoolliloav e.i ilv lillmVeil U U inilT M ldll- i-lM . 1-. 1,1 Hus - iii.ill li i. t, l ie,Illy ileniolistUiU'll 1 nml 111,-i-ntiii h le u and lili-hlv smie.ssl'ul trent- nieiit, .e. .,,1 1 ll d l y (hi- \n l l i o i , Inlh e.\pliiliied, by me.ms ol whilltviiy mie is t-iial.h-il lo elite ItlM- M.l 1 ( iii'iilly aiol ,,l ll,, h .1st (K s ihle eiisl. tlierO- bv a\ I'lilu,)' all Hii' a>i\ 1111 , ,1 nor 11 till, s of Ibe day. Sl id I\ any .idilii- s i i.ilis ami po-t Dee in ft la all ,1 l-UV l I'll I- bv lllillllllu' ( |,„-t ll.llll ) I W O |)Oht- a, , -lam p , h> Dl 1! DL l..\.M \ , on l-hmt '.list Siiiil,.N i-w ^,■ll. (dj. vhn-IOji 'I'HE USlini A>.r X 3 c*.<s.ya 3,r * > - f - S T o n . i . t l . 1 . ! ■Aft#' ’ pi iijisuri) in Si iuiiiul 1 1 t ul 1 O /giins la both i In' ahii\ 1’ V tlm mil-1 iihh- jr.sv in iiJisuri) in hu. f>roxE, \/ii/.Kc(dll loUa tio y 1 ling on,/ ////gicnu- l)[slitute, t 'i'liii.'oi fill ihr I'.iih i Jhitiji o f .)niti ii'iDi Youth j cr i f S i l f l/ iiM- iiod ill d trtfu l i-oiixi'c/acart-A ; ■ ■ ' oth.i IhstUsiS v j Ihe S txu u l d ik h.i' livtUv'.l ihc liU;hcst 1'cliiUU‘Iula* ll I. .1 llm. |'4|>v l.' vL Ihc I liloli, a:a DUD Of It I'lihii iicl i‘ii Uic iil'j* 11 I'l hiu h \ Hal Ui| ( l.vluilcll i'l (llhitllull. rthll H \\\W ba I 4 . .lUvl CU\. ll'l’C tu 4li\ (Uit ol lb* I ili.uf.v' 4>u uHcict ul two bUvuipa ior A W()RD OF SOLEMN. CO N H C IENTlO l'S A D - 4-H‘E 'i'O TDO.sK W ill) WILL R E E L E t'T i II I , a t ..It no, I •,■, ih.il ,.i hiin.lii’d lii„ii-.und dm s u ­ nn.illy u, 111 .- ( i,,ti-.l .-i.iU’, wiihIonMitni.iK.n, Marusiuiai ul I'l I’ll,alnii. I'll.l.y. f h, 1 ,-, .iniml he an ) UI ,T w llhnnt all adi-nimte causa, III \i,.,\ ,1' 111,' .ic.liil de 1, 1,1 Ill'll ol' 1,11,nan lllo aiul hralih hv M'Vi.t loin ul’ I’d luliluvo K\)mu*.Uun uud Ro- \‘iW ul d m N .i'.oii, N uimul '* IkhilUy. cauBOi liij n Mull I'l I 4 V. . Mil ll 04 (lie \ico c»( .\lU \buhu, yein- mat Wnikht 1. hi*cnuJilon liu-iv, UU hh . lmi»otubce, 1 mu ut 1 hil-il iilltl MclLlU.n:u 4lt(linl UlUUlllOiganii' ilh.UllHOrtl-.eiisc t)f tlltt v . a U D w I'l the ,U I el'llons w Inch I IS w hu ll aril prao' II liiiis ol hia It dScuHca by llu. Duuituirt e, ti.r.s ol flivTrey Ivhlllv'V .1 , iilul U( (It I'rl UjlUll th(' til (lu.ukwiuid I'l v«‘*l‘h.hi i. llm Im ul l I hUj; hit- Iu ihm U' bu\ i- Ul^(rlu•u•d iIuMr uUoml- ll>f{ I'hY • h I'Ui tu ( 0 riu'.lli 4I 4itv h u (u .(II ]irUh'|HS ibhM rtUiUtU'l. Mulu Ul I't'iualu. vvhu KM) h) U‘Uor Of liciM'KiUh wUh rtdcouni'tluu ul tli-ii* ( um \ ( u u (rUA .iiitl Ycii.ihU* Uiu4h4 ul nuo. Ariil tbu ] kl I i UHUM i pro- tuUi-at 111,, nhioOnnaic, mnl m c iee.sui extrcnv» |m-iN (u U»‘4t Uu pvjVi-llV htld ^•U^C u will only V ■iivmiilMiih'iiiig, loraM tin lludw fcillu thu MC t ul lUiwUl IIU' i Tbu lu.*-mubuu h.i-i tMuuUy inipurtud at great pi'iLtuiium LubiiUrt liuiMvUit (uuuuHy, niaaypew ulKuluiib and u itiuvliuN (iMt i-vUi u H hu k nUVchijNdHft (.(vntuiul uuru UH'i mularubuly ukhstt ul‘ MaUu1iPi|, ItU c^tumlU•,| (hat ho,nun ol tlm young fall victims In U\« Dmicd ShitiM nnmmll.v h.v lids davs of vllauvrtcrs, (lb# tifchuitmo dev (dopiimiit mid timnlihidu vsciK'roiMii $f Ihi-ii pa- lon .) mol generally tlm cansoa aru saatlen( and hidden ihai p.,r>-ids „i KomiUmis arts w t a-wareln niiu ca. a in mm hmnU e,l ol Umir nxl.dmica. Tlm tllmivlmm Haller ^^eU ohreiyoit that \tlE raW * no wts-ivis Ul phy onhigy.\ ll Is Idgli tinm that tho rom- mamty were, tidormed in vefwul to dm all aPimlllni oainsOM nl mall picinalui’i* lU'Va-hdl„n ol hnntftn llm,ana we disfiYiird llm peroemillmi lhat rhall coma lYnm I h j nmeeivimvt'lddotiy af Allopathy, In lakInBaMoaetaft# S r lx V v v 'l ^ 'n n i s i h f ; y-m'S will find verS Wj _ ___ ______ _ - nnnldv, in mm ol the hedtht,'f.|. mnl HWft iU'llHhtfHlPl(«

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