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Mohawk Valley register. (Fort Plain [N.Y.]) 1854-1866, September 01, 1859, Image 2

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Ftom tlic BtiflTirfo Courlor, Aiig. 85# BlrONDIN AT NIAGARA PAI^I^i, JJ b OlfOflSKfl w r n TUB Mm Tft SjJACKf.KS, >Nr> EKTUJINfl OrtOK/W0 WVKl—HTf JBW^y AND I)0K3 JIIU OoOKlNO had hard work to regain hii feet with th« utovo on hie back and balancing pole jn hi# linnda. Ho mndo aovornl Rttompta to got up, ami finally Bucoeedod)i god came HcroB* Bufciy, coniutning juait forty-five mimUcs in the pannage. On rnaohing the ^ The nnnoiiw'omojt that Monsieur Hlon- shore he wn« greeted with iwmomo aheeva. iVm was to jwiform nnhoard of nnpnrrnl- 'i'ho train for Bufialo having arrived from lolod foals upon his ropo at the F ii II b , ’ ' - Iho wide H|irend roputaium ho had natpiirod by his foitncr exploits, drow to tlio Fiills yesterday aftornoon an innnuiiHo com.’onrso of people. As was tlio onso last week, every roguliir and excursion train was crowded,, and tlie boats had all llivy could On Sunday night, nineteen ropes used to tliB cable were cut on the Can Sunday, surrouneJeU by JiunRal tires. Tliis wilt be on tlio tlio gmndeflt and most efiuclivo iperfornmnco as guys to tlio cable were cu t on L nda side. D ining llie day, on ! firo was diseovoied in the brush .......... bank nndor the ropes, and was promptly put out. The intention was pi’olmbly to burn tho ro|n*«. Failing in this, the knife was roHorted to. The guy.% of couihc , dropped into (lio river, but diately replaced, ^ About ten niimUen beforn five, M. Dion- dill accompanied by Justus Spcrlzell, of ibis city, and two olbeis, drove up to the stand in a carriage. M. Hlomlin stood up on tho Boat, shackled from liead to feot, In tlio carriage was the cooking stove and ciili nary utc'iiHils, mid Mr. Spurizcll cairicd t liasicet in whieh weio the eggs, l)iiUer, fiour, pej)por and salt, whicli were to bo iiaod in ))iepanng (ho omelet. Blondin iininedialely proceeded to the end of tho rope and commenced his pro parationa for the start, llo was dio.ssed ns on former occasions, except tlio sbncklos. Those consisted of a tin collar round hiiJ nock, braceleti of tho snmo round liis wrists and ankles, and from the collar to each wrist was a chain mndo o f fiat pieces of^tin, each link about throe inches long, and chains of the samo m aterial wore, fas­ tened to the ankloa and wrists. W ith Attracts to the balconies the many oo- thoao upon his person, and his balancing A«pA\ts along the streets, to enjoy tlio nm- pole in ilia bands, he started olf for the sic and admire the intorosting parade, Canada side. After proceeding probably n hundred yards ho stopped, stood upon Ids licad and went through with tlio same light-rope pcfformaiiees wltich wo nolioed last week. After orofising that portion of the rope whore thoro arc no giivs, Im left Ida bal nnoing polo and returned, as we hnvo iilrtmdy diiKeriliml, with lilMlnaly iiiiHjictidi'd beneath tho rojio. TTpnu reaching the middle of the rope ho went throngli with n num ber of exercises—banging by one arm, then by one leg, supporliiig himself on his chest, and swinging his arms and legs; all this we liava deseiibod on a for­ mer occasion, tho only difiercnco yosterdny was that hia porformnneos were done with the Bhacklt‘8 upon him, He again rodirned to where his balancing pole was, took it up, and roachod tho Canada slioro in ■eventocQ m inutes from the time bo left ibo American! side. W ldle ho was cros.sing on the rope, t Triage containing tho stove and iWtii I# driven round by Susponsion Bridge round by Suspension Bridge to the other end of tho rope. This stove was of Russian iron, tho samo maturial as Iho bjsBt stove pipes are made of# It was got up by Mr# Masaottof iho Falls, and weighed with fixtures fifty-six pounds# It was two feet tix inches long, eighteen inuhos wide and about twenty inches high. It had one length of onliunry stove pipe, with two oron doors and n holo in tho top of it. Tho fixtures consisted of tlireo tin plates, ono tin dish with three chains fas­ tened to it. This was to bo used in ] iog down (ho omolets. Tlidto was nl.„ .. Mnnll hand boiluwi and a largo spirit lamp. Two pieces of wood about ten feet in length wore passed through the feel of tho stove, which wore to bo used to support it upon tho rope and guys. Two lonthor simps were fnslonod oh either end of the stovo intondod to hold It upon Hlondin’.s back. A b o u t fivo minutes past six o ’clock, M. Blondin appeared upon the (Canada end of the rope. Ho was drcoaiHl as a French cook, and woro liio cUuliing of ilm chief cook at Ibo Intel natioiiRl Heicl. This consiBled of a whito cup, white jacket and apron. Soon after njtpcnring at the oilier end of the rope ho lasleiiod ilm stove In liisi back, and, witli his balancing pole started for the Ameiican side. He walked along qiiito smartly until ho had oimscd the centre of the rone, when ho pauHed and laid down hia balancing polo, IIu next sat down upon the rope ami unfus- toned tho stovo. Ho now voso to Ids feot, and having fastunod tho stove to tho main r 9 po by inoniia of corda, got ovur tho stovo too theho otherther side,ide, andnd salal down,own, fneiuo-aeiug t t o s a s d f the American slmro, The wind was blow -■-? very fresh and bo had great dlflleulty lighting tho lump, tho matolicsscnmiiig go out. In ft eeeond or two a dense loke was scon { q issue from the slovq- ;>a, and deafening yells nvoGo on both pipe, and deafening yi sides of tho river. Ho commenced to pro pare the omelet. Hnvirig put tlmir and water into a pan, ho stirred it up, arid sot the pan down. Ho next broke a coiiplo of cgM and boat thorn, attd poured them into the pan with (ho Hour and water, and added the Boasoniitg. Tho blaze could now be dlitinctly Been i«sulng from tho lop of the Btovo. In a miiutto or two (ho omelet wai baked, and ho threw It up, turned U and caught it in tho pan again Two omeletn wore bakod, and the signal giten to tho eteamor Maid of thoMlRt, which ww itationad a ehorl/listanca above, to oome down, Thia eteamer was crowded «IVon) atem to atern# Thoo pann containingg the omoleu waa let, downn byy means« of a paper Inst week, tho 3fontffomenj Comty Sunday School Society bold Us nnminl moot­ ing In this village, Morulay last, at tho Brick Ohiireh, Tlio Busiiiiss Meeting occurred In tho moi’nlng, at 30 o’clock, when tho usual ofllcern woro ohoson | ami tho next ftimivorsary Is to ho cclchmtetf at Fonda, on tho fld Tncaday of Auguit, IStJO. Tho.list of offloera, If It comei to hand, wo way pnhllsh iioxt week# The more piiblle meeting waa at 8 o’clock In tlio aftornoon ; when a goodly mimher of children and Adults wei*e lin atteridancO,—- Tho Btatfl Society at Oswego, and some other oansea, li»d dfown away the speakers from abroad that had been mainly rolled on j was carried down stream several was thrown onn Us own hundred^yards. She had groat diflloulty fi*tompore resources for Its iqsrrylng on, and C( ......... whew she had got H aseeni headway on, started for the pan, and' the pawengers on board of her made a grand rttib and secured the conleiis, The sorambH as soon from the bank above, wai Iddferoos. One would grab a smali pleea of the omelet and for fear some one «I m would get it, would swallow it#. Am other would obtain a small portion and jun off tq thi atom of tho boat to axhlhit it, and on tho way wquld he tripped up and low it# Oihori who were fortunate •Bough to icoiire ptocoi of It, did them up oarefully In their handkerohiefi for fu- lunixhihition. Blondin having fed tho hungry wo woro ournpolled to como y wUliout Boeing Blondin iiifter hi« ar­ rival. His poi'formnnce ns announcod in tlio bills was carried out to tlioi lottor, and wo have ovory confidonca that ho will per­ form all that ho promises. Hia nexi oxhibition will tniko plneo Wudnemliiy next at eight o’cloot evening, ibo chasm of Niagara river,, tlio Biiilgo, V away willioui ityxb uxuiuuiuu w m laiKu nmc*o oti iday next at eight o’cloot in tho , when ho will cross and ro-croas on of Niagara river on his rope, Burromidccl by Bengal fires. This will be over witnessed in this couintry. Tlie groimdfl on botli sidoa of tho river will bo illuniiiinlod with Joconiotivo lainp.s, loaned by the Central and Great WcBllcin Railway (Jompaiiies. p r ' - FORT PLAIN, SEPTEMBER 1, 1859. O . - W . *Wt^1^fe3tOX% nuciitox* A Wonl for Pic Nics. As wo write (Tuesday morning) oiir fitroota aro alive witli tho moving throng,— Tho stirring notes o f an accomplished hand animate tho oar; and, an imposing procoa- It is a gala day for Iho children. By concerl, tho Universalist Sooietioa of Liltlo Falla, St. Johnsville, Opponhoim ami Fords Bnsh are to join thoir frioiuls of Fort I’inin in a grand I’m Ni(i, to be given to the Bcludnrsof their rcHpeollvo Sablmlli Schools. Tho plneo of rcinli'zvomi Is a beaiitlfnl grove, 0|)poritoHt. ibdifiHvIlIo, and near the rcHidenco of the M omhih ' , (I ox . Ttio air in balmy, llio day iriagiilliiH'iit, ami every tiling I’oiitrlbiiti'B to malio tlio exouraion luomornblu in tlio minds of tho little ones, lor wlioin tho is plan nod ami tho feast prepared. 'J’lio double colimin, nuniljerod by Iiiin- dreds, compOBcd of PareiitB, Teachers, Schollars and Citizens, organize in front of tho Whito Ohiiroli, and after marching through tho principle streets, embark on tbe Laker, B uaht , for tho flcono of feasting and bib ‘ ‘ ‘ -- -- - - artly. Tho b oat is beautifully docked witli evergreens, and oarofiilily guarded by flido raves, to avoid inishnp to any of Us precious oliargo, Bannors peer up, abovo tho mass of bends, ns tliey oirowd upon tho boat—and upon them wo aco insorlhod Buoli flontlinonts as tlioaoj Ood Is Love; Of snob ts tho Kingdom of Honvon'; My yoko is easy • WlBtlom’s wayH aro wayH of P leasant­ ness j Ills Meroy endiiroth Forovor ; Suffer Llttlo OhiUlreii, to come tinlo Mo—bo.sldes other Boriptiirnl quotations, ,of like Import. Tlio vessel sails off with bor happy group; who, on starting, unito tboiir voices In the favorite Air, “ Anld Inng Byno,” and arc soon ont of sight. Wo entertain a high opinion of tliCBO Pic Nio oxonrsfona for tho jiivonllos— wliclhor of a pnroly civic olmracter, or got up by tho Rcliools, Their results aro gon- orally salutary. Held out as a reward for good behavior, tho anxious youth is atlmu- lated to demean himself so as to m erit tho rownrd. Tlinn do tlioy proimiito good mornls, nmlor siiilnblo training, and icrento an ambi­ tion to excel. When children aro too eloso ly cmitlned, eltlicr at homo m- in tlio sehool room, in an atmosphere not alwaj’s whole- some, Hindi recreation in of tho nliiiosl im­ portance! to vitnliao ami Invigorate tho sya- tom. Hxord-ie, )>nro air, and wholesome rofreslimonts, hlmidod witli lianocont amuse- mont, are inosUnmhlo iiecessorios, in the formation of tho future man. Bmdi ncccB- aorios aro hero found—and wo therefore look upon every occasion of the kind as a graeloufl contrilniUon towarOa tholieaUh, happiness and welfare of tho lUtlo ones on- tniHjcd to our enro, and wlio will so Boon succeed UB In tlio practical matters o f life. S n iidny S c h o o l S o c ie ty hlcoting. According to tlio notleo puhllslied In this Hir- Ohr readori wbo do»lr« to wUneii tlio ParadM and Target ■booting of tbe Bobencotady WAiwiNawH O ohtinkntai 4, i in tills village,' elionld hoar in mind that tbotr visit bore, Is to ooour oa WodnoBday of next week, Sopt. 7. They will arrive In tbo morning, nooom- panlod by tbo Oliarltmi Cornet Band—and will bo received at tbo Railroad by a Ooin- mittoo, and tbo Flro Compnnlofl. A Oompllnrontary Ball will bo given in tho ovonlng, a t Bookman Hall. JJlSy Wo learn that onr frianda, of tho R. Dutch Oliurcb at Onnajobarle, have recently been introducing in their fine edlSoo s now and hemUfful Organ. lilT E R A K Y N O T I C E S , London Quarterly,—July 18C0. In tliis numbor wo have tho following Tahlo of C o n tonts: Lifo of Erasmns; Annals and Anecdotes of Lifo AsHurnneo; Popular Music of tho oldoii Times; Biirgon’s Life of Tyllio; Tlio ProgrCHS of Geology; Tho Islamls of tlio Pa{‘ific; Borkblilro j Tlio Invasion of Eng- Alllioiigli enob paper possesses an Infrln- sio value, that on “ Lll'o AsHirniioo” and tho ono on “ Geology” aro peonllarly liitor- esling. Tho former nboiimls with facts and nneodotoB tmuliiig to filiow tho frauds that Imvo boon prnctisod by Assurnneo Oompa- nies, and gives some good advice to thoao wishing to profit by institutions that, wlion lionoBtly and intelligontly conducted, are- among tbo most valuable wblob an improv-' ing olvilizatiori affords. “ T ub PnoouBss Off GKOT-oat,” survoya tbo ontlro field of Qoological Science, and condonses into a nut-sboll all tbo important facta will oh that Bcione© has, ns yot, estah- lisbed. Among its distingiiisliod votaries bigli prniflo is bostowod upon Prof. Rogers, whoso *’ Geology of Pennsylvania,\ is pro­ nounced a ” most reniarkablo and truly nohlo work.” Tho mimhor o I obcb with a maslorl>paporon tho ” Invasion of England,” giving a gloomy pieturo of Us proimratlons for dofonso nfriilnst mi nttaok by Iho Froneli, whioli it iinliciiinteH at no dlslaiit day, and urging with great onriieHtiieii.s, iiiicli meaBiiroH for repelling tlio foo ns aro still within tho roach of the British government and pooplo. llepublished by L. Scott & Go., Now York—wbo afford Blackwood and tbo four Roviowa for $10 a year. Harper's Maganne.—^ This moat popular of tbo montblios, for Scplompor, Ims boon rocoivod a t tlio Nows Room of JC 100 . K St OnousK, who have it for Tho following justly complimontary notice to IlAUPEn, Ifl taken from TmiiiNKu’s (Lon­ don) Ouido to American Literature^ for 18B0: “ Wo must refer in tornifl of eulogy to tbo high tono and varied excelloiiccs of IT ar - 1 'Kn’s M aoa '/. ikm , a journal with n monthly clronlatlon of about 370,000 copies, in whoso pages Is to bo found some of the oliolcost light and general reading of tbo day. Wo speak of tilts work ns an evidence of liter­ ary taste of tho American poo[)le, and the popularity it has acquired Is inorltod. Each Number contains fully 34-1 piigos o f iiiBlmo- tivo uiattor, appropriately illustrated with good wood-cuts ; and it combines in Itself the raoy montbly and the more phllosopbi- oal quarterly, hloiulod with the heat featnros of the daily journal. It has great power in tho oroation and dIaaominHtlou of a lovo of pnro litoratnro,” Atlantia Monthly, — Septemher, In niiiioiiiicing the appearance of tho Sep­ tember miinber of this truly literary and superb Magazine, wo feel that no epoeial on- comluniiiB are needutl, to sharpen tlio appe­ tite of its readers for tlio feast before Uiem, So, wo aro content in giving slinidy tbo Table of O ontkntb ; Tbo Life and works of Ary Blmffor; A visit to M artha’s V ineyard; October to May; ThoElouslna; The Minister’s Woo- lug; Once and N o w ; A Trip to C u b a; Zel- tiia’B V ow j Tlia Murder of tbo lumicontej My Double, And IIow ho umlld Mo ; Tlio Hliigor; Tito ProfeuBor nl tbo Broitkfttflt Table. Th pa containin . low b niean of a ■(ring, but tbo ourront wa« so swift that the boat wa» carried down Btroam «ev«rul thrown on its ow m uwwnying againBi iiju ourrcnt, and was ........... . •ommlltd to come in towards tbo Ameri- and eallcd ont tbo speskors by name; and •iw ibere, and when Bba bad got a good Rev. Mr.^Saxlop, Fonda, f,B . d the Danfortb, E»q., of Middlabwpfh, Sebobarid Go,, Mr. Jam«f Edward*, M*ww,XittIaaftd Walterf; of Fonda, «nd Bar, Mr, Stookiog, of tbi* Tlliagk, $ave R *iicoeMiU)n of ipirUod, intoroBtlng'and vslnabln hddjJoisef.^'We think that tbi« csniii, ifldch ii pieally grost and Important, niorpi far roora attontfon in opr connty than It now reoolvoi. n m m , E kj „ will plow# •M«pt our tbMiki for lit# of Oregon papori, JUaelteood's Magatine. — Axigust, O 0 NTKNT.S: London Exhibitions— Confliot of tboSolioolB; TboLiick of Ladytimede.— Part V II Lord Macaulay and tbo Iltgldands of Scotland; Leaders of tlio Reformation; Lutlier—Galvin—Latimer—Knox ; Feltcl- ta,—Part X; Tbo Master of Sinclair’s Nar- ratlvo of the ’iO; Tbo Haunted and the Haunterij or, Tbi Hoiisa and tbo Brain 1 Tho Paace—What lilt? “ Til* Xatok of l4dysin*d«’* beeomw In­ tensely lntore*tlnf as the story progr**s*s, and promises to b* ono at charming JiToerff/fri, Tito artfoJo on “ M r . caulay” i* another of tboio damaging orltl - ' olsmi against wldeli tba great historian will find It dUBouU to dsfond himself, Tb* wri­ ter wield* a keen, sarmtio pen—a Terltable .Sirrtip#?—nnd shows no mercy to Ids vlotlm.i “Follolta,*' is tbe tUlo of a now ta1«l which opens Invitingly. Tbo other artioles In till* number, eipecinlly tbo late “ Pfaee.’H are.of nnuioalintsresL ' I All tbo BrltWf Periodicals, a| ibe preeent erisis, are dfaoMilitg freely with oon-, anmmate ability, the greats queition* wblob agitate tha Nntlont of Enropt, ThW givea them Increased Interest to American reader*. The “ Four Revlowa” and “ Blackwood,’*! ropuVll«bed by L. A Go., are the oldoat and ablest,, and may be had al tb* extremely low rate of |1Q per annum, for tlm whole five work*. Th§ For September gives ni further pen end I pencil iketobee of Hudson Scenery, In the I Inimitable vein of T. A. Bloliard*. Tbli I 4 I lonniAHV* nv* j - jewmo .”' Tbe reverse hat i full length statue of Jupiter Stator, with' be autlionticntion, S. 0., “ by a deereo of be Sonate,” and boars the supcrsorlption, lOVr BTATOni.” From these ovidenooa it Beema to have )oon struck in lionor of Jnpiter Stator, du- ing tbo aljort reign of tbo elder QonoUN, who was appointed Emperor by a deoroo of tbo Seuato on the lid of Juno, and lost )ii8 lifo and crown togotbornt Oartbngo, on or about tbo 0th of Jul}*, A. D. 287. Tbo modal is oonsoquontly ngod 1022 years, or Any of our renders who would like to see tin's curious old modal, can be gratified by calling at llio desk of tbo M ounino liEUAi,D oflilco. Its antiquity ia vouched for by Rov. Mr. D a w , one of tbe best bis- toriana in this country.— XJtica Herald, T ub G reat E astern .— Tho ship build- ora of Great Britain claim a maatorly tri­ umph ill tho final completion of llio mon- flUH* fillip Great JSnstern, A tria\ of her origines—both pnddlo and screw—recently mailo, oncourngOBlbcholicf that after Ronio years of labor ihiB monslor vossol is likely to provo a success, There lia« boon no tri al nip. But the ship is Boon to leave ISng- latiil for rurllami, when liorstin wortliincBs and lior adanlioii to ocean navigation will lliorouglily boleslod. OurKugliflli friomls rely with groat coiifidenco upon this exper- iiiiout, to pvovo thoir siiiioriouty in ship building. They liopo to regain by tliia monster ship tho prestige they lost in matcliiug tlio Jyummnon nga r///fm/, at tlio laying of tbo cnblo. iiinst tho H i’ W o shall SCO in time how successful they may prove. As to tho dimonsiopsof tlio Great Mistern, “ none but horsolf can be her par­ allel,\ whether regard ho had to the m ag­ nitude of her bull, or tbo povror of her \ ■ 'loe enginess coi ^ ^ era of savonty- inohoB diamotor and fuurloon foot alroko. Tho paddl engme conaiBt of four oscillnling cylinders of savonty-fonr mncliim and work up to an indicated power of three thousand horses or 33,000 lbs., when work­ ing eleven atrokos por minuto with st^am in tho boiler at 15 lb. the expansion valvo cutting off at ono-third of the stoke. But tbo parts aro so constructed that they will work smoothly either at eight atrokca por inimitc at 25 lbs,without cxpanBiou,or six­ teen strokes a minnto with the oxpnuBTon valve cutting oil' al one quarter of the slioke, under wbie.b latter circunifitancoa Ibu im'ldlii cngiiicH (iluiio would give an in- dicaled power of Jtoe thousand horses .— tiled of llio oiipncity of the mouHler in tho fact that Uio weight of the oiiginefi 18 not less than fiOO toiiH, and capable of containing 420 tons of wa- lur I W o shall await the nirivnl of this great ocean slcamor upon our sboroa with much iinxioty. Home idea 11 I ndiana DivoiiOKis.-HuBbandB and w I vcb who aro diasatistiod with thoir partners, iiooil not take tho trouble to- go to Indiimn to looso tho bands that ” God has joined.\ It wont pay tlio expense of the journey.— The 01180 of J ulia E, C lark agmnal A lvin B. C lark we have before roforrod^o. It was tried bofora Jitdgo B aoon at tho Juno torm of tho Supremo court hold in Lowi* county, and lias lieoii decided itt favor of the pl’ninlifT upon all the iasues o f tho case. Tlio Court luild that a divoroo obtained in the State of Indiium, wlieu tlio party goes tlioro for tlio purposo of procuring aue.h di- vorco, and then roluruB lo this Slate, is wholly iiioporative and vo'^.— DTica Her- Jt3f“ Tho acemmls from tho eiigar and cotton region in Luniaiaim arc favornblo. jC 3 r Tliore is a firm doing businoss in St. Louis under the niimo of “ Livopoor & Dioricli.\ jSSf' A slight frost made its appearance in the Nortliern and W e stern parts of Michigan, July 27. _ jf-i?\ There are 213,538 froo-masonfi in Uio United vSfates, and tho incoino of tho lodges nimiuntfi to Ijil,450,000. jlPi?\ Fredunift, N .V ,, it is stated by the Gas Light Journal, is supplied by natural gas which issuea from n rock. Lonvonwortb city, Kansas, gives its credit for $100,000 to aid tlio coiialruo- tion of a railroad lo F o rtliiloy. MW\ The Faculty of Yale College have decided to build a gymnasium for tbo use ot the Bludonts, nt a cost of $10,000. jtW ProBidont N o lt, of Union Collogo, Is reported ns linving RiibmilUul his rcsig- nnliun to tho Board of Triistcos. M W Tho Cliicitmatl G m lle lenrnfi from the wino'growors of Ohio that tho grapo crop is Gxcoodingly proraisiiig. iC a rTItoro was $3,704,000 worth of copper taken out of tho Cliff mine in Lake Superior from its o pening in 1840 to 1850. M W Tho N . y . City Inspector cautions tbo pooplo of tlml city about buying pork, beennsQ bo many bogs »ro dying with tho cholora. MW Tim Milwankeo Mws «ay« (hero i« n oonvention of bnukors in that oily, lo I fonildar tho lubjoot of antabli*bing a I OjoaringTIouso. The Grand Trunk railway of Canada is I dlHaardiug all wooden bridges, and aul,i«ti- UUing iron ones of tlm mo»t endurable I oharaotor. MW R is annomtoad that Oharloa Dlck- S..IA.*.!. i- ^!.!l lUI... ^ - , aahehaB 1 England. MW The New Crloans papers are oon- (;^atu!*tlng tho city upon tho faot that not a single ease of yoliow fever ha* ooourred this leaeon in that place. A bout a P io ,—“ FaRiok, the widow Moltmy tells me that yon have stolen one of bey finest pigs. Ts that “ f i s , y e r honor,\ “ What have you dono with i t !“ , “ Killed it and ate it, y^r hoaor,” “ Oh, Patriok, wben you are brought face to face with tbe widow mid her pig. OB the Judgment day, v^hat aoeount wjli yoii be able to give of yourMlf wbea the widow aocitse* you of tne theft f” , “ Hid you w y the pig would b f tbero, ^ y T ^ ^ t i l i T d l d . ” [ ‘‘ W M U W ih yer rivorauoe,TIl l a y , t o ^ X o lony, Uifr*’s your p i g !“ n 11 nnnounoeu uini. vnari ens intends to visit this country, 1 here publicly during the Winter, a done in England, Tna L ost O iiild —HKR.SumnwQ*A»» A dventwrrb .—The little girl at West MU- ford| who Wfiu lust tho woodi fVom Sfon'** day until Tlmrsday, whoir found ffve mile* away was in a famished condition, and rav­ enously devoured some bread whieh her diBcovorors happened to have in their po»- BOBsion. Bordering the house of lior par* outs is a spring or brook, whore the family waBhing is usually done. Whilst tbo brook, washing, the Jjt^ f yoara, about the bushes with a child lio buBlioa arc qui‘- tliick and tho country back mountainei nhitod, it proved' possible to find tbe lost child, and sho m other was nt tlio brook, washing, the lit- tlo ono, aged about Ihroonnd a half was playing about the bushes with Homowhat older. As tho huBlioa arc quifoi thick and the country back m o u ntaineus and altogether uninhabited, it pro im ­ possible to find th e lost child, and sh« wouTtT, undoubtedly have poriBhud, but for her accidental discovery by a farmer and his man who were going over tho mowi- tnin to cut a little plot of grass, when they saw tha Utile thing trying to get awny through tho underbrush, H e r feet were bare and with her arms were all scratched and wounded by briars and brush by whioBi they had boon torn. Upon ofibring hot a piece ofbroaiT from thoir dinner pail she Buatchod it and dovourod it almost raven­ ously. H e r little hood aho had kept upo-a bor bond, nltlioiigli it bad been unlieci all thow liilo; it is singular tlint during tho days and nights spent in the woods oho kopt (his little hood. Sho was found in • direot lino fivo milen from hom o ; but how far she may have traveled in her wander- iugR to got that distanco away oannet b* told. She must have gone over rocky phu’ca wlioro b I io was in conslaul danger of tumbling over precipices, and where rattlo- Biiaki'H are bo tliick as to Icoep men and boys in fear from thoir proximity. 8b» had also forced her way throiigh brinw, over sw.imps and through thielk scrub- districts, where only huntsmen peaetpatdf for the country thereabout is the wildest 8 BQ y o u n g have auf- nnd most impoiietrublo. She was ns to bo without fear, but must fortid terribly from hunger anti frotw th e pains of her lacerated limbs.— P a tim o w Guardian, August 26. Is Y our N ame B rown f—Csptsm W , passage down. An oldish and somewhat piirblind tolls an occurrence witnessed by him I m I week on board the Ocean, on her p guntlomnn pacing up and down th* upper Buloon, stopped in front of a largo mirror; and after gazing at tlui figure presented for n immicnl or two, inquired in a very de­ liberate tone— ‘‘I h —your—rinmo—Brown !” No answer. Questioii repeated louder— \I h —VdUU—NAME—B k OWN ?” tiucstion again repeated louder atill— “IB—YOUR-NAM E -BROW N J\ Btill 110 answer, “Well,” said the questioner, “you nr* either no gentleman, or very deaf!\ The saloon wna in a roar. MW Mr. Greeley has fwen reoeivcdl most ho.spitably in Gabt’orKin. Public ro- ceptians, crowds of visitors, and «o»ili«i greetings have mot him at the aevaral towns he lias passed. A t Saeramento he delivered an Address on tho I ’lscifio R ail Rond lo a large audience, whiclr elieits warm encomiumu from the Dress and I ’e o F uik .— T he steam saw mill of Mr. Tn* nls Van Derveer, of this (own, wan burned a few days situ L'ullonvilh liejnimMkun, ice, Lorin about $1,400,- !5tf t is k iM ik f i ' t o s i ® « r r f i i t . F ohv I’ lxiw , Heptfeinberl, IflSff. (IT.OVliltHlil-ir).......................fl.oortofi-oil to 1115^: (iillSirtli, K15UB... ; r - v S @20 f BiffiC do 12-5. | i d'oa. A N E W am i uploiRlitl S to c k o f -XA- lluiH ami t ’aiiH jiiHl airlvi‘d at tlio Btoro of WMJ.liU & HAOKNEY. f '< 0 aijcl SCO tlia t fa n c y S t o c k o f VJT Onus at the Blore of EOr.LKR & HAOKNEY, fl'lAKE N OTI OB.—AH jiotsotib in- X (lulitnl to the Into lirrn of W kiisi 'KH A W r K' DRUi, hy noto,l)ooU mH!ount,or<yaHnt)BtiHptionH, iirii reinu'rtted to ho UI h tho hrhus with the uiuiernignedv lit thiH olllco. It b (1cHlriUil« Hmt the txwkf h t hdlaiireii without; flilay, lb proutx^i FeapouMt to tala 0 ;W .T O 8 TEB. r U A R K ’S S Y K U P in a l l co s e s o f Sexuol inenpacity and diseufles of the gptna- aml Kidneys is jnagical. Tty H. Nor sale by Batof cocH & Gregory and FergHBoa& ElUoU.FortPlglq... f ^ L A K K ’S S Y E U P eliaBgei* liB# whole condition of tlia blood, and htwlihspoii- Ron wlilcli tVeds tbe llres of disease, fo r sale by llabccKik & Gregory and Ferguson & ElHetL n M E K ’S S Y E U P j s i n Q E a T b W - \ J ties. Depot Is at Washington Avsnws, AV Imiiy, Now York. Por sal* liy DaboooK: * ersfoiji' ami Forgusou ik Klllotl, Perl I'lalu* r < L A E K ’S S Y E I T P i s a l l K o o t i , Rttff ForguHoii & EllloU, Fort Plata. P L A R K ’S S Y R U P Om-CB a n y ness la females, or serofiilons ebUdrsn |isglo*|* ly. For Halo by IJobcock & Urogory widrf srgasoa & Elliott, Fort I’lstm Olironlo or Amite. Oonnected with J, O.KVSley'* ^'^ForYpiair? Bowen's Hotel, Joly 88 j Anf.*ai'ff ® b t t f l e S ,'^ k n to n H obbs , Joly ?T; 08 t< 0 > Nov. 10 . * j s r OON^XIDTATION e m niisiiw*

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