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Mohawk Valley register. (Fort Plain [N.Y.]) 1854-1866, May 12, 1859, Image 2

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(rwra lh« tork frlbune-J m M IT A W A N W A E . T h t w«r with whh;h Europa fi Sow r * •iriou il)' m«nacod-^lf| Iodeo0, hi iio m i ino«t probnblo, it b« n*t wlrondy bogiiH’— nob 10 far nt loflst n* Auilrift, Sardioift und the pooplo of Northern Italy nro con- cerned, Hoy now or luddon ntovoniont. Il i», in fnot, bu(,B eontimuOion or h new ori- l i i of UiRl groat cotnimHion Vy which tori yoBi'R ago Kuropo wiib phnlton to it* center, and by which iho ojklHtonoo of tlio Am iri* an Empire w«e most «oriow«I/ tbreiitened. I'ho two great impulBoo io that movomont wore, fiiet, the desire for repreBenlntlve gov- ernmonti and popular aud liberal ndmiuii Irfttiona; end flocondly, the Bentimout of nflllounhty— the doolie on the part of Bitb ject rncos and counlrioB to ihruw ofl ioreigo yokoB by ffbioli tbey bad been for n longer or Bhoi’tor time oppreesed, and to fiiilBlittUo iberefor a native and doineatic nilo. Ans tria, from the very conHliUition of her em­ pire, rnainly inade up na she was and ia of Biibjoct nalioiiB and rncos hedd in military eubjoetion, wmb the chief Beat of tlio oxpio lioiiH wiiicli had their origin in tliia liiltir aentiment. Under their eduetB h I io lust Italy for tlie nioimmt, and was ol)liged to maintnlu a doHjiorate ami iluubtful htrugglo in Hungary, tnumjddng ailaatouly by for­ eign aid, expeiieiiriiig an inaurrooUon even in Bohemia, wliicli from long Bubieolion had been euuvuited almeBt into a Uernian province. The impidnes ahich iliook Austria no Roverely ten years ago, thu’ supprosaod and Bubdued at the lime, are now m full ojiorn- tion again, at fe«al in Italy, ami under nus pices more favorable to succefis, or at least more monaeinglo Austiia, than at that po riod. Though Auntria retained her bold on Italy, the movement of 1848, by the new position which it gave to Hardinia, ore- nted a new danger for the Italian dominion of Austria, whiuhliafl ever since been aug­ menting, ami against which Ansliin lias been everBineo »liugg)iiig to put heraolf in a position of dcfoiiRc. W iiliiii that poiiud, Sardinia hmi risen fiom being one of tlio loRst rCBpecled nations in Buropo, into an umli»puted mui al piepomleranco among tlio States of Italy, and to an nimiBuiun on terms of equality into diplomniio congress with the Ibsl-nite I ’oweiB of ICuroiio. She has given to the Italian Hialcfl an «•xalnple, whioh onniiot bo oninsnyed, of ibe pincli- i oi a liberal M pi net Old advantages o f a libeml goveiuim-ni.- 3 made the idea of halinn in-le|i«n govciiiiii She has ma\lo the idea of halinn in tlenco the lending niolivii of boi policy, ami has suecoodod in causing hetsell to l,u looked np to by the great ii.a«s of the northern Jlalinn popuhiliun as iheii i baiu pion and destined savior, Austria on the ollioi haml, baa not been idle. Slio lias indeed done biu little-—im tier all the eircumstnncea of tlio case, it was not, pei’hnpa, possibiss fur lier to do imreh—tu givo liorself a inoial tiuld upon her Italian pioviiicus. The only tiling of tiii.i SOI t she has ttilempted, is the concur dal wiib the Pojie, by which she hassouglil to biiiil the (huliulie clergy tu her InteieBls, But as the piovisioiiB of that instiumeiit are all for tliu IjeiiufU of the Buporior cler­ gy, it may he douhted wheihor the village priests can liatii ilms been bought oil from that hostility to a foreign domination o f which tlioy Imvo very decided iiroofs in the movement of ten years ago. tie r chief reliance has been upon niatcMiai means.— Blio has davoled herself with zeal ami per Boveranco luid icgrtnllesaiitiasof cxpoiiBo, to improyo tlio comiminit*niiuns over tlm Alps, nnd to utrongthen iter niiiitary position in Italy. Not content with the stronghold ol Venice, and tlie citadels Pesehiora, Voro na nnd Mantua, the Blrongest nnd best ap pointed in Europe, ami nuUiially Buppoi t- tng each other, kept up to the liigliesi point of eflioiency, ami guarded by a pow «rful army in the field, she has occujiiod (Strong positiona in tiio tciiUoiiuB of lior fee ble poigiiboiB, cuiisidoiing it essential to lioi fcafoty to suppress any spirit of inaurroctioii there, not lose than in her own turntories. Tbo i ’apal provinoes on lier bordoi'B she has taken under ospeoiul ppmrtliansliip, hav­ ing strong ganinona liv the great towns of Bologna and Ancona, ami, in fact, acmipy ing the Ilomagna and tlm Legiitiona with a force which makes her Emperor the vir- ttmi rnnator of that oountiy, As to iho duohios of Ibirrha and Modena, they are, in their jiresent ahape, vlrluiil^ oieallunB of Anstiian diplomacy, which has endowed them with a more outward show of inde- pendonco. To all intents and purpoaes they are Austiian provinces erected into prlnoipalitloi, as provisions for junior liranches of or dependenla upon the impe­ rial family, to wldch they are to revert in Kb® evoiil of their present proprlolora hav* iflg no Issne, In these Btntcs Austria has asaumed the podition of a propiletor, re-* garding them as owtwoiks which ehe must ocoupy lost the s n itito f discoment nnd in- aurroctfon Bhoiild spread thence Into her own provinces, and, indeed, as suhstantlal )y a part of her Italian domain. But while Austria has thus strengthened Hir military oeoiipation of north eastern It- nl|', the body of the population have grown idora and more anxious to shako olf her dominion, at the sumo time that they have grown more and more disposed to be en­ rolled as Biihjootsof Sardinia, and to share (hi benefits of her Uonslilntlonnl Clovorn* ininl, Sardinia has been long watohing •nd preparing for an opportunity to elrlke a Wow In that direction. As between her wad Austria thasympalhiee of liberal opin* Ion imiit be on ber side, It Is, however, n great drawhaek to those aymitathies, that after all it is not Sardinia or Jlaly, hut Mtjls Napoleon, who mwat be regarded as «*Co«ent of Attstrfe, Tbis olr- owmsianp, however^ whatever shadow It ^*^^*^*'* Piospefita of Ital* It may nltl' 4Nr Mr, 0nsBfw iSTiew fe a d a y *B his tour to the Paoiflo. Me first to Kansas^ thtnea to Urn Bikn’s I ’nak t!OBntry, Iltalb (Jarson Viillay, Ualifoinln, and probably Orogon, rwtiunlng i»v way of Arfem a and thq Mouthesn Ovi i-Inml Mail ^ absent ahont four . Tim Natjonallntslligeiiwr publish* - ' «' n.oni Harofl IItin|old t to UmiU * f the National Ohiervatory, in * » ^ '* mgraijjlatasthe latter tinou the whfobkl hw an glorlOMslf onenid, llorlOMsly op« n fd ,[o m tn V m m u . E E M i f E l : IO » T P L A IN , H A T I860. O , ' W . ' W ’a ’teoeitox', K c X l t o * * A n s trfit and Sardinia,««*War. Recent advices from Europe render It al­ most certain that a Bangui nary war has alrea­ dy broken out between SAaniNU, one of the northern States of Italy, and A o s tnu. Tl(v forjner Jins a population of about 51-4 millions—is little over half as large ns the State of Now York, and contains nbout one ninth as much territory as Austria, which poBseBBes a popniaiion of over 40 mlllionsT Bnoli a disparity In the resouroes and pow- or of tiie relative parties, wero no foreign aid volunteered in tlio contest, would dispel all doubt AS to tlie tinal result. But Frano* Htamle ready to Join and fortify her little iioigiibor, and Sardinia, tliongb doomed to Butler terribly, becomes merely a nominal oonibatnntin tlie bloody sesno, to bo enacted. Orders )md boon Issued fruri) Aiudrla to Ti.- rlu, requiring Sardinia at once todistiand tli* free corps of Italian volunteers and to reduce the army. Only tlireo days were given, within wlileh to comply, and any delay or evasion waa to be regarded ns a refuHal, wlieronpon immediate war w'a« tlirentoned, To tills demand, without compromising her honor and her nationality, there was no pro- babllity that Sardinia would accede—nnd war was doomed inevitable. Hliotild no oomiiroinlses be oflfuoted, through the Intercession of nelglihoring pow­ ers, Avliloli Indeed aooms’ scarooly probable, ns nearly every means bad boon oxhaUBted for aoooin|iliBliing an amicablo ndjuntmont, wo are prepared to hear of bloody times.— It Is rumored that llnssla has onttrod into an nlllttiioo, olTeiislvo and defensive, with FruHoo—and, should England side with Aiu- ti'la, tlioi'o will ho no elilhrsplay In the dra­ ma. The conflagration w ill ho coiilliionlalj and the eaerifleo ofllfo imprecodenled, IVho will bo the Wellinglon, nnd where the ^Yn lurloo, is left for conjecture or the fiilnre to delermine. Terrible as were the tragic events of 1816, they are likely to ho surpaised In horrors, Hoienco has intrudueed now tngln«B of w’ar- far#, whioh carry death in their path—and the work, if really commenced, w ill be ox* poditlous, devastating and Bangiiinnry, T he way of thb 'ruAMBOuKssoii.—On Bat- tirdny Inat Judge Bavies, of Now York, sen- U'licod Quiwno Ai*ro, the Ulilnnman, who was ounvloted of the murder of Mrs.Flotoli- or by Blabbing her with a dirk knife, Appo is to be bung on Saturday July a, JxAN B osqijkt , the Italian ^'Mnu-Honk- e>'” who was convicted of mnnslaugliter In Iho first degree, for k illing Mnlllno de San­ tos, was Bontonood to the Stnt# Trlaon for the remainder of M b life, M jomaki . I'T-ynw, convicted of mnnslanght- er ill tho first degree, was sentenced to bo confined in the State Piisou at liard labor tor the term of ten years, J ohn (ItAsa and J amks Iliooms, convict' od of manslauglitor in the second degree, for killing William Decker, In Jnminry last, waa sentenced to hard labor In the State Prison twenty years, J ohn D. P puomkh , manslaugliter In tlie second degree, for killing Ohnrlea F, Bturg- OSS, sentenced to State Prison four years, IIoiiSBs R un A w at .—On Saturday after­ noon, as tho coaeliman of G kojui * U i . aiik Esq., o f Oooporstown, was di lying a spirited team through our streets, the horses took fright and put themselves npon their mnsolo j wli6n the driver run the rarHngo against h Telegraph pole. In order to stop them. A t this junoltire, Jehu was ejooled, nnd the mil- inals, becoming detached from the vehicle, scampered at a high speed, up the Dutch- town road. Although aeenstom#d to good time, ilia horses were brought back some- whnt gaunt and subdued, Otherwise, the datnago was slight, A u , TUB Y rajs R ound ,—For some time past we hnvo missed tho visits upon our tn-, ble of Household Words,'' which was In­ vested with A speelnl attraetlon, on nceopnt of the wide fame of Its able editor, as vvell as by the originality which pervaded its pa­ ges, More recently we have learned that Mr. Dickens has withdrawn his connestlon from that work, and established a new week­ ly Journal of similaroharaoter, entitled “ A ll the year Round.” This change arises from some rnptnrf betwssn (h i editor and his for­ mer publishers, who continue the old publl- ealbm Mr, Dlokons w ill fiava a deelded ad­ vantage f as, besides his own wide fame, he takes with him, In the new enterprlss some of the most emlnerti writers of Nnrops*-\ such AS M ill, ClAsjraM-, W im tu O oi . mks , Cj«u, AooosTPi S apa , M iss I sa O haia and othsrs. A b b T H iY iA H ROVKO Is to h i pitWIshil weekly—and w t are glad to Isarn that the in t ir p r liln i hoHsi of I M. E mkmok A Oo* of Naw York, have made arrangements with th i London proppiitor, by which tliay m to b# furnished with the itenotyp# plates so as to print it, limnUaneonsly in th i two w o r liit Term# only |l,£id pttp year, l i r * The May <31 renll I t lo w in session gt tond*. The Calendar conskiU o f iiiiisty*lve of lonsIdimMe ls t t m * , » . Amongst t h f eettasel fro m ftktm if we totlee h i * ! ' •»« e*»hr«w H S i­ t e . * . \ , rertlumenl of (hin it l i i f i j “ T( ¥ , J liM tiaw , IE ih I ii » • « * ^ p rifter of the NUredgo Roase at OanaJo- hirl#, where he »»#♦ host! of friends by Ifii honoraWei dealing and popular wanner, WA are glad to ise, haa taken tbe F]IAMX i . ix R ousm at Fonda. Oa giving him a eall, while at O orh I, we notloed unmistakable av- Idflice that his friends have* found him, In h li new quartirs, end are dispossd to patron­ ise him. This is as It should be, Tcmmy Is a flret-rato fellow, and always makes It a point to p le iii his guests. Buccess to him, M ir* Oar readers w ill notice In onr adver- tUIng columns a card from the proprietor of Taylor’s Ssloon, New York, This magnifi­ cent Saloon Iw so well known that it Is nesd- less for us to say anything of i t ; satUfied that none ».f our readers—particularly tho lady portion—who go to the great metropo­ lis this sninmer, w ill fail to visit it, As well might the tourist go to Nlsgara and neglect seeing the “ Falls’ as to leave New York without visitIiig Taylor’s Saloon, We»tmin$Ur JierUvB.'^April 1880, A most Bnlmtantinl and Inviting number, 0 < ihtknts ! Yorkshire; The Morals of Trade; Woimnr and its oelebriUes; The Drama in Paris; Tlie Italian Question; Adam Bede; Do Lameiinails, his Life and wrlllnga; Eng* Jaiul's PolUioal Potltfon In Enropa—nnd oo- tomporary Literature. L kokakd S cott k Oo,, 70 FuUon St. Now York, Torme |0, a year. Single copies may at any time be obtained of Bennett dcKIook, at their Book Store, in Fort Flalii. For tlio Kobswk V«ll*y RegUter. Ita ly . — 1848— 1859. Q'he lIRA ( I ) / 1840, was a great day for tho Indopoiidonoe of Italy. ICrance was then enjoying the shadow of theRepubllean form of government, gained by the bravery of Its people' in February, 1848. Shadow; for tho man, who tho 2d of December 1848, had sworn by tho most solemn oath, to sup])ort tho Rupublio and its instUutioiii, had already set foot on the throat of tho young mnidon, who wn» to bring siinilnr in- atltutlons to tlio greatest part of the conti­ nent, From the day of his eloctfon to the Presldeimy tlio Repuhllo was killed. . I. oii I h Napoleon, tho tyrant and ruler of Franco, commenced that day the life of de­ ception and political intrigue, that has slnci marked his career of unprecedented sucooss. The Pope, after having In 1848 granted constitution to tho Roman people and proin- fsfd reforms, (whioh would have eveiitimlly brought liheirty and oejoyment of rights to tlie niiltod Italian provinces,) was ovomilt'd by 4nton$Ui and others of the sacred etd* lego of Onrdloalfl, who throatenedfiim w itii tho worst result, if lie did not retrace Ids steps, dirooted towards progress, Death would havo been glorious to that man of a sweet temper and kind disponHion; i f ho only liivd hud th# eauraga to have Buorlfload his life to thioir ambition ami oraftlnoss; but ho was nut llha man for the oiroumBtunce, and rstrogrsidingftirtlier back, than he had gone forward, he left, by lil« flight from Rome, a ll control In tliehanditiif his follow­ ers, wlioeo omly aim wav to keep th# »plr|t- ual Hiul secular power. lie fled toi Gnete, n city in the Neapolitan territory, and putting himself under the pro­ tection of tho mo$t Ohrhiton Minperor o/ A m tria, and of tho Very Oatholio er o/(he AbfrA, the King <\f K a p h t; ho left behind, thousands of worthy, enthusins- tlo patriots, to bo saorlflced to the hatred nnd amhltlon of those left to represent tho Sea o f Rome, Louis Napoleon, tosnstain (It is said,) tho pveetige of Oatholio Franco, hut more likely, to take the first stop in a route which would load him to tho realisa­ tion of ids aimhltlouB projects, had his min­ isters present n proposition to the Legisla­ ture, to send ofllcially ten thousand soldiers, to watch the Austrians and Neapolitans In Romo, hut ill) reality to restore the Pope to Ills po\v#r, and crush m sUter Republio, which If successful, would have prevented Uls attaining the pinnacle of his ombition. Tlie project of law was presented to par­ liament; anid the 33th of May, 1840, by a vole of the mr^orlty, the project became a law, which was countersigned by him, who to-day rtilesi France and most of Europe, Row the irrfonds of liberty felt, after such an outrageons linpedfmont to peopled rights and suoh u flagrant violatiou of the consll- tntlon, cannot be exprsssed. Every where, from theOeuntry, from'ihe QUIei, from the UapUa), a cry o{ fn'dlgnatlon burst forth.-- The membsrs of the mountain, tiie only repreienlailivis of the Demoeratle party In the natlonabassembly, sustained by the per­ manent committee of delegates of the Olty of Paris, raised to arms, to prevent the ao- oomplishmenl of sueh a violation of liberty and the rights of natlOM, Tlmy all met in the b u lldlnp of the A fU sf M tU m f n no- Me Institution, in whieh free iiftnres are d illvsritl by im lniR t Rptfusors, oa seien* ess, wnebliery and arts; and whieh is situ­ ated Ht the wddst af the warking popnla- tlon, From this head-quarters, orders and proolainatloits were sent to tlie sections and d istrlotii hut the call was not answered in time, owing le the erders given to the sol­ diers n u t hy Loeti Nnpeleoii in tin differ* eat Niws-peinr o iie ff, to keiah tbe pretNiee and preretHi the dbrnmiPHttlon ofiueli infor- laatten a« would have enMthtened In time the whole pepulatloii, What atHHiittof private property was destroyed, ihmi not he aseertM»#d i bat H wa# immense, w d w in y of (lieiatewone ereetnree, teeli (ttm f H k r n f lifiv i l i l i m l afiHi#, whieh w ill iu lf lw a f ft i. Glory to yew, 1st battalion of Grenadiers of (be «f#t Ifile n n f the Natlonar g u r d f k f your Woody deeds a a d y tnr vandWisavef t h i l day I filo ry loyan, w h o if nagife are rs e o rlu H i OBnnljid, and who were the oogmsanllni e lte in i ^ Ihie hilhw fM eieen* tioiii: While thliw a e inhinff the eemmUlee #f detegetee wet lelthtrating In t h e 4 f f i l l JfsffsFs,eipeeffoi to n e the people lieeii feet ehiffc I t l i d heeg k e p i M hy heynielliit'M id liye M tie e w e e tillR *ew e e ii|fce»|li> m m u t m m Repreeteletlyii Md dWegetee Weetedhy tb# p#opl#, what others had doae some where else. General Oavalgnao, (nnele of Engene Da- valgnae, who had been e h lif o f the Txeentlf power frero Jana loDeeeroher, 3148 j) at the head of two regiments of the Jlnesar- rounded the 4rt§ $i M e tim , entered the principal yard, and then ordered to load arrai.and fire at ui. The order waa prompt­ ly cx«ont«d ; but #trang# to #ay, »t tho word “ fire,” all stooped and no one waa wound­ ed ; though we numbered over two hun­ dred. After this a general louflle followed; some of our ranks were wounded, some killed, a few escaped, the remainder were taken prisoners. The troops ordered to Italy prepared in baste, nnd the Army of the Alps, which had boon formed previously, entered Roms. The bravo Romans, the Itsiinns of differ­ ent province! and the refugecB of all na- ilotiB gatheredln Romo, and fought bravely; but ovarwholmed by tbe number, as well by B«A a# by land, they had to give way. Many a fnltlifnl soldier of liberty died there, killed by Ms own countrymen; the blind instruments of despotism. A few days afior, the Popo, PI us IX , caino back to his beloved Rome, (tho Eternal Qity) and blessed Ms faitliful people. Ills l•lt)pural power was as strong as ever, «ittr t)i« protsntloii o( thirty thousand Aus­ trian, Ncapollinn and French soldiers, who have remained there ever since, To relate all that has happened since, wonld be a too long narrative, whioh la known by a ll; but, what perhaps, is not known. Is tho sufferings of those who once heUeved in tho man, who liad promised bo much, and who, ns tho Roprosontativ# of oiir Zord Je$u» OhrUt on earth, lias sent thousands to exile. In the dungeons and to the gallows. Tho Roman RejMiMIc was no moro I I I ( This Is a brief sketoti of what Louis Na poleon did for the liliorty of Italy, ten years ago; wlio can now have (jonlldonco in him, and whnt he would do to day. I f there is a war In Europe, for the In dopondeuee of Italy, it must bo fouglit by the Italians theniNulvcs, and without being headed by one whoso antecedents are so muoh the reverse of what he prettnds to be. Louis Napoleon, is moved by nothing hut his ambition nnd nothing will olmngo his plans. Ouuld he hare sustained himself, on Ills shaking throno, without war, ho would not have given the impulse to It. Ills popularity is Inoronsing every day, at homo and abroad, and war alone, can delay Ms downfall. Should war turn against liberty, liu will have either to flee, or tu die fight­ ing ill the midst of hisproturians, in another bloody revolution. SJjoiild war be favora­ ble to the freedom of Italy, he will be in* Yulved in an interminable war, against the coalized nations, and end like Napoleon the first, in exile, on some remoto Island. May lie be forgiven for Ms wholesale ssssination#, Ms proseoutions townrdi patri­ ots, aud tho misery lie has brought ou tiie hesds of so many, E. von N. IVrom the N««hriU<i llanucr.] A Fenmlo Bloklei. Soma three montha ago a family residing in the eouthern porliuu of this fair oity ot oura had occasion to “ send East\— ns mer­ chants do for Spring goods— for a young Noi'thorn girl with whom they weie no quninled, to take charge of tliu liuusekeep log, t. a, to wash up sundry pieces of tar­ nished crockery ami \spank up” sundry spooimons of refiaotory and robolious youug America, when occasion shnil ro- quira. \ Fair Down East” came far down Soulli -—was roceivctl, and duly initiated into the mystcrioi of now olllce, and for Ibo first two weeks gave over^ satittfaelion, until alas! bur roguish oyes*Hi.d winning voice began to tell tipou the head of tlie fa with whom h I io was engaged. Aliis, foi the iueonstnuoy of man that maniagu vows sliould l)fl HO soon forgoUon— tlie loving glttnoes that ware wont to be shot noroi the table to the spot where tbe ten p t sin mered were now diretUed asknoi and stealtliily toward the side seal ocoupied by listlesssiress of ved I hose '* our Mary Ann.” The quiet mi the house— the fair deity that presided ov the teacups at meal times— olmeived the tot ohanges of recognition, but said j ; until onoday having ocoasion to sliopping, she look it uito her head the tencupi little Intel olinnges of rccoj nothing; until ono ’ go out sliopping, all to return rather suddenly, nnd, to her utter astonishment, observed ihroMgh a crevice in the hall door as abe awent along, her liege lord sitting on a sofa ana clasping tho hand of tbe fatherless Mary Ann, who with blusliing cheeks and downcast eyelashes, WHS listening to a most passionate appeal, delivered in a (one aimicel InaudiMo In Us gentle soflness. Her mind was mads np instantly as to what emirs# to pnrsue—for she was a de­ termined woman, ih t marie three springs and olsared the stops-^reafllied her oham- ber, and took from the mantle a terrible In* atrument of torture, manuractnred from raw-hide and sold by ibe yard at ten cents eaaii | then she crept down the ataircaie with the stialtbiNasn of a cat, bnt, It was with the ferocity of a iigrMs thatehe sprang intn the room and ponnoed upon the na- suipeetiNg «nl|>rils, tn both of whom she ndminiMered a mercilei# dose nf eowhide. wbiflh ontnpletily aeattered nnd cenfiweil the enemy. > Tin m t of (bi story is soon inltL*^ ** Onr Mary Ann” la Vy this ttma siieedlng onward to b ir Northern liowi ai fast as a I ’ittidmif pasdeet ean bear her, while the aroofons bnibnnd of our Siekles bereine, M«w wtriM in bameiaae quietly and doelte M svirr . j n t On# i f tbfi fIsltorn who Ihroniid the anteidiaiHdien »f Ooimt Qavowii when in yarti, «M Mnron tie NothitbIW. After tbelfH greetingai ihefkoeilo'w Fledment- m Minletw sale Welh M. d i MotbsehUd, wf nW you Mt be tnfibanted to learn that 1 hfMl tendemd my reelfnatlmi I T#« wtmld see the Amdariee at least 9 per eeabjn one day,” fh i Mart* reiponrfid f ...... «Ohf d( m y diar Oonnt, y * t a rt worth m a rt than that) w i ib o u i ball f w r fall nrfth a ih i i d f l f i r « m t a t . lft«itM fr»y1’l»|i,|fay4, fftdneUoa n&d Deatli. Th# q«i#t v llUgoof North Adai«B,M*is., was thrown into a state of unnsial exoiie* roent oa SundHy and Monday last by de- yeloproenls of the most painful charaotef, mvelving parties who moved in the moat rcspeolabfe olrcles there. It teems that some year and a half ago, a Mr, LiUleilold, on the recommendatlou • f the Back OommUsionera of Massaohu- setts, WHS flilignod (he Clerkship of the Notih Adams Bank, nnd with his family look up his residence in that village. His po<iiUiou, lespotitabi# i'«lntivcs, ami attend iince to chiu'oh duties, won for him at once tlm oonfldeucc of the qommunity. He early boeamo conspicuous as a mem­ ber of the choir in ono of the ohurohes.— Among the female membera of tho choir was the daughter of a very rcHpootable North Adams merchant. She was be­ tween sixteen and lovonte'en years of age, nnd said to have been a# beaulirul na she was youthful. Au intimacy helwoen Lit- tlotlold and the young lady followed a short aequaintanco, but it was never sus- peeled to exceed the bounds of propiiety. Late hif't week she was taken viuloully ill, and on Saturday died, Before her deal h »lie revealed ihu feet that ulie had been se­ duced by LitiKHeld, and that voiy recent­ ly she hud made known tu him the oir cumslauce that it would be impoBsIble fur her long to bide tho evUlunco of her guilt. Oil ibU, uuooi'iling to lup stHtumenl, Little, field pi'upoHed that she aliouM take inedi- t h i 0»ptilA«6e)Ri]ridi o f OibR, * The Hfivimficorrispndentof ihi M r t* /ord Timet writea as follows in reference to Oonolu«(tbsi Oaptfiffi gcfl«ral of Oubtt; \ Ther# have been nil kinds o f ridleulous reports in qirouUtion here among the Span* iards In regard to tho Thirty- Million Mil, the sale of Oubn, A«. I give you owe of the most ridlculou#— ‘ T h a t« Spanish gen- llomati of mdoMhid (mihoHiy called, some weeks since, on tho Oaptnin General, wlio, in tho coiu'so of privalo conversation, showed Mm nn autograph letter from Bu­ chanan, ofreiing to bribe Concha with Iho thirty milllona to declare the island indo- pondeiit, nnd promising a muoh larger sum to have him subBoquoutly code it to the United Stales.' The most improbable part of this was, that if any auoh bribe could bo offeiod, Concha would imdoubt odiy Imvo aoc^tod it, and not have shown such loiter, But the Spanish gentleman adds, that Oonolm spurned sO base an offer, and would never suffer tlie honor of tho Bpaiiish iinljon to bo tarnisbed by an act of his. Still I hurdly think it would bo safa for any adminiatration to make any such kind of au offer to bribe, wiliiout u was expected to have it aoct'plod. Cou dm, whet) ho aiiccHHlad to tliu command of tho island, made bis appeal nnee like a con- cine that be tvould procure fer ber, wliicli he said would end all bar troubles wilboul harm to herself or making her condition known to others. To this she gladly as- seiited, and soon afterwards look medicine which be procured, The result was her dangerous jllnesa, subsequent revelation to her parents, nnd death late on Satuiday Ou 8uiul«y, a meeting of the Diieelors of tho Bank was held nl N o iili Adams, nl which L ilild ld d was picHi'iil. Ho waH in great distn-su of riiiiid, and at limes nearly frnnilo. Heassuied ibe Diiei-iom that Ida diillculiy in tiiis nmtiui was i|iu sole one resling uu ids mind ; tliul Ids account with tbe Bank would bo Ibnutl coricni, and be tendered them the keys, niid gavo them ftdl iufornmlion in regard to all Bunk a f fairs. Up to tliL tlm#, tbe public bml lit- tie knowledge of wiml bad transpired, all Imviiig been kept secret, it is suppusud Littlefield loft Noitb Adama on numlay night. On Monday, (be whole story was cur- renfin the village, nnd, ilia partiea being perfectly well known, it created great ox- eitoment. I f Lltlleflold Imd been found by tho villagers ou that day, h# would have been lynched. On tho part of the parents and mote intinmtu frienda of the young lady, there is no ilispositiou to pur, sue the author of lim it'giiefand dusulniion. Wldl# Ms violim has heen laid in the grave, (hsy would cotmign tlm sedueor to 1)0 worse puniuhinent than tho communion of hia own thoughts. Since tho above was written, wo hnvo been informsd that Lilllefluld ueknowladg- ed to the Bank Dircotors to having sod no- #d the young Imly, but positively denied that Ii# procured fur her modiciiio, o r lul- vised her to imvo recourse to find) n ru)n- 'NV oman S cai - dko 'fo D k a iii in B oiuno O i l — A mofit horiibla occui ionca lmj)i)an- c-d nl llie Bulle River .Slalion of tlio (iicat Westell) Haliluad on 'iVih ult, by w liidi the wife of the station master lost her life. Tlm facia, as wo learn fiom parlies direct from that place, ate a# follows: Hume painters were nbunt commencing a job of painting for the lailway company at tito station, and were pteparing llieir oil for that )mi'poso, A large kettle or cauldron WHH arranged in one of the apartments of tlm station house, which limy had fflU-d with oil, and weie boiling. Tliuy Imd left it for a short lime to alloud to otli with oil, nnd weie boiling. ters, when some part of it nm over and look file on tlm aiove, which was very hot. Mia. Ta)loi, tlm wife of the ntnliuii amslur, was tlm only pstson In tlm huiiBa at the lime, except a oldUl, and fearing that it Would set the lioufie on fiio, stt tn work to put it out. In doing this, l*y some jar or aimku given the olovo, alopped upon it to adjust the pipe, when tho chair tipped and film fell headfuromosl into tlm boiJiirg oil. Tlm oil tlm l was displaced bv the immer­ sion of the woman commenced blazing upon tlm stove, nnd the flaines soon qomimmi- calod with that upon tho floor, and the room was inatanlly filled with liic and smokoi The child commenced soreaming with terror, and lan out of tlm house. Her cries soon attracted the nttemlon of tho painters, who were at no great distance away, nnd who ran to the house, suppos­ ing the building t*> be on fire, A lew buckets of water, however, speedily put oift the fire on the floor, ami then for the first tinm did they notice tlm houible po­ sition of Mis, Taylor, She was at once ta­ ken out, hut, of courae, was Ufeloss. Th# iip p ir portion ofhvr body, wUb ber head, was literally boiled, the hair filHng off, and tlii flisU parting with ovary louMi. Hor clothsa had taken flto from the flames, hurning lit# other portions of her body in a most slioeking manner. In fact, the re­ mains presemotT an tinreaogiiiituble inaas of burned flesh and bones that were sick­ ening to look w'^owc^JDeiYoit K m P r m , A FfiOpoimoN FHOM B iwoha , m Y ouwo . \**lt is said that Biiglmm Ymmg 1ms sub- w U lfd H proposUlon to a company of (tap- Italists to sell all his right, ililo aiid Inter- esUff HtnhToi ilio iy, tor a reasmmbl'e smn M wonny, and to leave tbe Teriiiory wUf)- I k ft specified time. Bom# of t h t oompa- «y we said to be in W asbingtoiLooniiilt- Ing with the Admislstrattom The m M tir bos been kept thni far a proAiund seoret. They desire the Mfl of the Government f» oarrylof oKt this praiseworthy wndirtaking, and ft I* lil|h ly probable that the Govern* m t iil wifi le»« litem ell tne o i l In Its pew* ID I f it eeniifit be effepted in a ly eiber waV) the sttbjefll w ill be laid fetfert Con- grm at H i meeting* that eUy, valued •( 115(990, end t f leoBre it to Harvard University for pnbHo oele- brallons, eto., iippn very bbtrai terms; toe oorporailoBt to pay » low rate of interest oo the invesimint during the Hfetime of the |)urobas«i'-—tha Oollege to reoieve tbe i»« tale nt the death »f the owner. iiluitniiis Netieed A D isT E a s s iN Q cotjqh : c u e s d . fisAH 8( b - A f#w weeks since X li»d s UlitrefiifBg cougi,, rwy throal wbb very »qr# »nrt infisiuja, »i»a I proonrefl R koUIe of I»crry Davis'PMn Killer of you, »ud U liM tntirtly cured me. I Imv# also seeut It used tu cases of tootlmclui and agne tn the face, with llifl most tieflcincAl effreti, I hclievs ft to he ts indlenonsable laedicine, and shall recommend U I# my^acqualnlancQ,^ 9/ v • hteli re^ ...... . ............ - ............. .......................... i x : roUered, and aoiy enjoys good ))ealVl). 1 consider ft OUR of ihe tiest family medicines la use, 1?. K. WKCANaBR, PaanVBBPRaB, 0. Bold by drogglsts sud *11 de*lers In fAmtty medl- lines. v8a3 nor, sill rounded l>y a largo army, com wholly of Bpam'eli born aubjeola ; Lti evidently expected to ffnd tlm island in natntu of lovoU, uud aiiUolpalod a llgtit before getting h foothold on land. His ef- furtH hnvo ever since been to impresH the home government with the idea that he ia fiiippreaaing iho fires of a volcano, and hia dreams are manifestly of conapiraalea, murders nnd fillibustovs. He had neither judgment nor courage enough to perceive that the people of Cuba ore a Spanish rule, out few men l>avo as yet, fiorioHHly endeavored to ovorlhiow it,— His salary wn» a few years since iuoi’eased by tho government nt Madrid, from twen ly thousand to fifty thousand dullais a year, to componsato him for cortuii) fees whioh Ids piedoeessors had enjoyed be aides tliuii salery, nnd whioh he lenounced. Hu Imd idso jvrumined, in anticipiiiion of his iiiureaHud Hainry, tu imo ids mmoat of foi Is to break np the slave Inulc. How lie haa lived np to hia profrsaion is well known, for there are probahly from Iweiily to for ty caigooa of slavea landed each year in diffefeiU paita of the ialand, and there may be one or two vcHbola inleic(q)iod by the anlhoiitioH dining the year. Gov. Concha is ini'uly aeon in tliofllreolu of lla vniiii, and thou nlwaya uceompauiud by a body guard of a Imudiod lancura. 1 have seen him uneu nl the theatre, and once at muHs, atrongly guarded, lie is a gentle­ manly looking man, appnicuTy about fifty years of ago, wUh Imir I'Hiily grey, and n ache. He 1ms not the pursunal of a brave mu)>, bnlKeema low > ViU O Wi VV • I heavy mustaclie, appoarance of a fipirilcd or molanclioly, and is nlwaya ap paronlly unonfiy and looking niixiouaij^ about him. It iu said, since tlie diucuveiy of the ouiiKpirney to assassinalo him in tlu- thenlro, he always weaia n suit of light fitool armor nrirter his clothing. ‘ Uneasy lies tlm head that wears a ciuwu.’ \ T iik Buoi'bifi AOHT, Nicsrau.. —This enso wftseanied to Ueueral 'i'orm upon bill tif Exoupliooh, nnil argued last week al IMiiUs- burgli, and a new trial giauteil upon the following ttiliug of the Judge. \ And tho said judge leluseil to charge in lliu iangtiiige of said coiibsid, and did tthaigo nuiDOguthur Lhings, that if fioiu iho evidenoo the jury should find ihat the do fondant whilst iu the employment of Iteii nett, iiilciidud to steal fiuin him any luigei small bu.ns lid upon the Milt, v.<as taken in puibnaneo of snoh fulpniuiiB intent, thusevoial takings weie ti bo regarded as on# net, and would cun»li tute the erinie of (Jiand Laieenoy or em buzzlemeiit, and llmt witbuut such irituiii tho sutural takings could not be aggiegnled To tvliich letiibal, and to ibe tiifl hiancb of w hich cliaigc the defondanl’s counsel duly excepled.\ The court gianted a new tiinl upon tlm foiegoiiig point, lioMiiig that tlin elmigo was ufioiK-iius as it mu^ have misled the jiu We iiin also inloimuil that llie couil lAUilf invv'lltiuu lU OV'-MI lIWUJ IMIII I amount than $‘J5, by taking si daily, nnd that (he money found defendant, v.<iis taken in puibiinin daced ber so mucu that sb* wm unkbte fo enjoy inoroent'sjfisi, 4ey or iffalii, anti by ibs p » of oae bciuleof Perry Davis'Pklu IClUer, she wasentfrelv i k t i . At Victor, OiitorlrtOo., the 4tU Inst, NANCY, wife of Kllslitt Wilcox, formerly of this vlllsg#, aged (17 ycara. W l w l w t k f d w ( S t i m n t . g i ' f e .............. s s s e : S K v |n » k ) D ,:; K h :.:;:;:::: EUtlH. Few PUAW, May 37 . 385 #. ;;.v.66®W * do ',5 80ie d( 13-. '■ O 'V 10 H .---Tbo co-pfti’tnoi’flliiip All Hiiomnits will besetllsd by Rufus Dp#, si tliu oM g ' S i i ! ' S i v « « . fl'^n iil Orockoj'y trade, in nil ita X braiinlies, will bu coiitlniiml by tba an(lersl«aei!- lit llie eld Mtamt.ln llie Webster fliifiding, fool of t V mil HI)cut wbm'o ha will bo |ilvsstd to rcecivo tb# iitlnuml imti'oiii lage of tb* pul) RUFUB ftve misled the J|i ly. Wo iiin also inloimoil that ilm I'ou held that his admissiuns could he taken, and aualaiimd judge Beldiiig's iiiliiig ou lliis, and everyery otherther noiwioint in the ease, — Mmdu and ev o p American. O ai ' t . Fonp'fci lUNUKua not MAHSAcmisfr. — T'Ae (Texas) A-netin State Cfasette of tho lO lh inat,, conlindicls Urn report llm t Oapt, Ford’s company of lltmgera had been killed by (he Unnmnebos, on tho HUlhoiity of an express lidor from tba uaptHiue onmp.j. Tho eaplain bad miido an extend­ ed scout of seven hundred miles, Owing to tho fall of snow he did not auQceed in overlnking.tho Indians, T h 8 D jjmooraov - O n » A uain .-^T I io W asliinglon conespondont of The Courier (nut M g u m r toWgrnpha llm t \ Bonulor Groon of MlssotiMili bns ang- gestod ft eompromiso bolwoen dm disa- greeing fftotions of dm Demofiiacy, wMeli ineets tbe ftpprovftl of Fresidunt Bimlmri- ftu ftiul Bcoieiary Oass, and wlilah, it is ■ \\ iWest- xpouted, will iitdio tits party, cri) Demoorftoy on i I ia i igla tbfl p«rty. Mr, Graon pruposos to-drapnll , Insist on ll)§ roinslammeni of Ml. Dougins H» ft rogulfti Furl rraln.Miiy 3, MflO. ' ' \'vJulwO j\ i 'H , s m u T i ( ) N . 1 * ellip lieioluforo exlelliiif, under tbe firm mun* Ilf Nurtoii A I'MiiiOimit ,ia tlila dii)' diBuol'ved by imUimt coDHCut. All mitatumlliig acoouuls will be Hcltluft by either of Ibe iiiidorsisned at Ibo store of Nortow A Brother nud uiuly scUlewonls ore requested. JtvHlf FlNKflOtT'p, ( '1 0 - r A U T N E USJ1I R — ’J'lxT sifoird Imvo tlil .1 day fornird a cu-partaersblp, ill the (Jrm't'o , J'iuvihbm,L'im Kei.v and Olaas Wtra littijifiutiti lit the htnuti (if riitoliotU. la Uuiuu UKuH.niml I dn U c ihc luunumgawf thenuWi<?» Fort Plain, Aiiiil I, IH.MI. iiiOwA / i L A U K ’S s y m i p iiT V J Brxiiiil III ( iiimoity and iliseaoeM of (lie Hiilne and Kidneys is iinrKtcal. Try tti. For hii I c by lla,l»- cm l. A Uri'sury niid Fei'Kiisua A ICIlioU.Fort Plain. /M r A llK T S S Y U U F cImiiffOB tho V J wluite cnndUliia of Uia blood, and Idiu th* fiol- Mon wbU'b feeds the IlitH of dlbeiise. For *als )iy llidiroiK A Uingory and Femumin A Klllall. / V L A K M S Y B U r ia in Q u a rt BoG \ J lies. J)i')i(il Is nl HH WmiliiiiRton Avenue. At- biuiy, New VorK. ),'ol mile liy Uabuoil, A Urr'uory mid Ft TBUSiii) A Klliutf, Fort Plain. ( ''L A H K ’ G S y iU T P m a ll UootoT&mll V > no Mineiiil ; t^OII will be Riven lor any ttraln fuiiiid III it. b'or sale liv Babiocli, A Wregoiiy and FerRiwon A Elliott. Port Pluiu. p L A H K ’ iS B Y U U P enres any w o a k - \ ^ usfl .1 ill femles. or Hi'.rofiiloua i hildieu nmfiicali' ly. For sate liy Babcock A Urejjory nnd Ferga»u«. AKlliiilt.FoilTlatu, vfinfiO' I \ h 7 a , H. S O O V E L L T S n a t i o n - 1 f AU .4NAUYTU1AI. MUDU'AU 1NHTJTUT15, 171 Tliiniilloa Htreet, Allmiiy. KHliililiwlied for tba trcttluiiuit of all Diseimcs of the Fliildsi and Holids, (’liffmlir or Acute, {ioniidctcd'wWi J. itJ.lvoJI'ey'# Aimlyticiil Iimtitiile. N. T.fiity. Dr. A. B. Hcoveil will bo in atlendsnce at bis of- lii-cii as lolloWH; Joliiislowu, Uayuduttn Iffuise, Mny 4 midfi ; Jim# ^'^FoitPliiiii), Bowen’s llomf, Jfayfinnd 7; Juu# ’ m ? ' .................................. ^ jtlo Falls, Bculon House, May 8 aud O'} Juno 19 ''\firicivr IBaa'sliutol, Roy W on^ I t ; June 2 » and O'J. #3r Wo treat Buccessfnlly OON-UtlMPT\— nil disoohos of (lie l.im \ JfHdnfy*', Spitm ami f f t a r t , llheunw lim , ifasior#, A [PTION ntift ................. ^fj WuumUigmt .£!ruj)/ioni p S i i S S S I S fint'iieM, .IXarrhim, Joiuirffce, Sfillotcntini, Broi ' • mum (he \ \in \ - ..... . . . ............ , ...... irffee, Suihwnm, Browa «))#» (he Sh fiilinm oiid f / r in w JOiffml'i (ie$, all fmale Cmiilninie, emcially Vailing #/ Ihr ff'omli, nnit Meminiadon. Dr. A. 8. QeovoU bns sivmv Ms entire altentlow to ireailiifir eb*oni« dUeoses for innuy years, atrlotly by tbe Aualytlcal’ systew, Hondreas oan give their testimonials, tbatHuwe b#en glveu u{> by tbe mosl emtiwiit pbyslrlans. aw nbi‘lo,wpby of procHee |h feanded upoath# lawH or Nature. , Our ibeory of disease,tbe principles those tawip have tmifibt u«, Our snaterls medica, the bonadless revest. 1)1 fleovell will make bis regular visits, as ps» advertisemeui, will attend strictly to all patftut#' nndsr bis enre. All letters addrwssdl to 3(7li HamtUoaiattlsLlbany,' vSuGyji'q. ____ _______ ^ C H H AilvertisDiBDDti o f D r . _ kJ ford's Uiver invigoratoi' In airntber eolumin member of fMptiti (ii# Bti LoMikMeptiMioiiff iiet}««i tb# flotHM t f Pfivifl lUukin, ftHfMirlF «f JPItll* ftdilKiliIir bill f«r Mvir#! y$m i viilffiitl «f fftt M i * Mr. M, WM i Ritivi i f Loodon* iirrjfi M i d i i i 4 w ii I f ^$m i f «|#* (llseufislotv upon iitteiveiuim) nnff ru^mln- terventloir, m non-essentinh H«d proposes ftlso the wlthdiftwftl of nil oppoeltjou to the Hdmlsiiou ofKnuses, wheihei' hi e Free or Sieve State, Iu the next Ooii|res 8 .-\ These bases of acoomniorfftllon are aeoept* eff by (be Admlniitratioii, end the breaeh bitweeit th# faeiloni ef th# Dewoorfioy I# regarded a# healed.'* 0 g r The Awetrlftu Government beve bid wider dlsoHinlott au (bat R i Qhriwinii iboukl be allowid to remain in tbe servlet of ft Jew. Whireupeu the J«wi rtiolved thftt If tbli ediat passed, so Jew ebwld dli* q(}unt Auitrlfiu pfipifr Tide w#i mar# t b a Anatrlft expeot«d. Bbe tberifor# dlieiiirded tb# exelulive idefi tn bw piti'M® tb# coveted prlvilete of still borrowing money from th# Jew# I Memmoii fonver 1 K w S l n i r i S i S r i i O T U a , 0 A S 8 1 M E H 8 A N i r V VJ'M’iNUB, tn endlws variety. *||4of rub , t it all twites, at askmlsblngly ^ Bui 111# flustomsrs alt am jnvitsi to f a ll. At bis n«w H«»i Stust unesruiatk BaekisaR RalL «• wll|J|ei|» fresh »«ltwr fwib i H t r e*l^ frfsl^ .......la F fu ltp # Ossfestlfteerf a pirwit wn wish V #worlirosBllk#BMt8im'by ■ • w * irApply I t ». W. Wood's buwbtr Mill* f eit Plain, April #3^ lS48v m m M

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