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TH E EAST HAM P T O N STAR, FRIDAY, JULY 5, 1918 g ^ g f e a r S T A R THE Published Every Friday M orning E n tered a t the Post Office a t E a s t H a m p ton, N. Y., as Second-class m a tter B. E. Boughton W elby E. Boughton P roprietor Editor Subscription P rice: $2.00 per year in advance • - - This paper has enlisted with the government in the cause of A m e rica for the period o f the w a r ............. Com p laint has been made the Sig­ nal as to the prom iscuous tacking up the highways in violation of the state law. The governm e n t is am o n g the violators, it is said, posting signs calling fo r volunteers, for the navy, etc., while Red Cross boosters also are included in the list of offenders. N o tices of hotels, dances and other attractio n s , besides advertisem e n ts of various sorts are found in these tree destroyers. Persons having in charge the objects behind the adver­ tisem e n t are liable for this disregard of the law, which is not only causing annoyance to property owners b u t is a disfigurem e n t of the n a tu ral scen­ ery. These signs could as well be pu t in other places, but b e tter still the advertisers could use to fa r more advantage the colum ns of the news­ papers.— Babylon Signal. W h a t is tru e in Babylon is also tru e in East Hampton. F I R E M E N ’S W O R K A P P R E C I A T E D The chief of the M aidstone F ir e D e p a rtm e n t is in receipt of tw o let­ ters this week, from house owners in th e village whose houses were t h r e a t ­ ened with destruction in recen t fires. One of these is from John Drew, from whose house an alarm of fire was sent in on Sunday, Ju n e 9th. Through an oversight the lid on the m ain chim n ey was not rem o v ed and when a fire was lighted in th e stove, the house was filled with smoke. An alarm was s e n t in to the electric light p lant, where th e alarm is sounded, and w ith w o n d e rful quickness the firemen responded. Surely no bet­ te r work could have been done out­ side of a paid fire company. W ith little difficulty on the p a r t of the fire­ m en all danger of a serious fire pass­ ed. On June 29th Dr. Thom as Onder- donk’s cottage, Jones road, occupied by William M aloney an d ' fam ily, of New York, was also th reaten e d with destruction. The alarm was sounded and practically before the first al­ arm was s e n t in the chief a n d his fire­ men were on the scene. On exam ination it was found th a t a very hot fire was burning in the partition next to the chimney. By cu ttin g a sm all hole in a closet near the chim n ey the firemen were able to throw a stream of chemical on the blaze, extinguishing it immediately. This good work on the p a r t of the firem en is in a large m e a sure, we think, due to the organization th a t flow exists in the departm e n t. The results obtained by this business­ like way of attending these fires and fighting them has readily been shown in these two incidences. W hen the alarm was sen t in a t the tim e of the grass fire at the beach, fo r really no fa u lt on the p a r t of anyone, there was a little delay in the sounding of the alarm . This p a r t of the fire ap­ paratus seems to be the weakest. Un­ til some more up-to-date system is in­ stalled the fire com p anies m u st con­ tinue th e ir work with this handicap, because, as Ex-Fire Chief Croker once said, “ T he first five m inutes is w h a t counts.” W ith the permission of these two house owners who thus express their appreciation of the work accom p lish­ ed by the departm e n t, we publish the following letters: Fire Chief: Allow me to express to you and the fire departm e n t, my appreciation of their prom p tness a n d efficiency on the occaJo.i cf the alarm of fire a t my house on Sunday, June the ninth. W ith ooidial thanks to the depart­ m ent, I am, dear Sir, Very gratefully yours, John Drew. Ju n e 26, 1918. Ju ly 1st, 1918. F ir e C h ief: I desire to express to every mem­ ber of the departm e n t my g reat ap p red a tio n fo r their services at the fire a t my hous* on Friday, June 28th. The m em b ers of my household and th e neighbors have inform e d me of the quick response and faith f u l m o a­ n e r in which you prevented a serious loss. T h a t only slight dam age was done is due to your diligence and the care of your leaders who directed the work. I enclose you a small cheque to be used in any way you may choose, its am o u n t doesn’t begin to m easure th e degree of my gratitude. F a ithfully yours, W illiam R. Maloney. JU L Y 4 T H C E L E B R A T I O N (C o n tinued from Page E ight) showed their appreciation and in ter­ est in loud and long applause. In fro n t of Joseph S. O sborne’s residence, on Main street, a review ­ ing stand had been erected. Seated on this stand was General Robb and his staff, also Supervisor N. N. T if­ fany, who acted as host. As the com­ panies passed the s tand, as it custom ­ ary, the command of eyes rig h t was given, every man tu rn in g his head to ­ w a rd the reviewing officer. The m arch then continued up to the village green, a m o st beautiful and appro­ priate place for the rem a inder of the program . A f ter m arching up to the s p e a k e rs’ stand th a t had been erected on the green the eight com p anies form e d a hollow square and this was imme­ diately filled with a large crowd who wished to hear the speakers. When everyone had gathered around the stand, the band struck up “ The Star- Spangled B a n n e r,” and one verse was sung by the entire assemblage. John Drew introduced the speak­ ers. Mr. Drew has perform e d this office at the Fourth of Ju ly celebra­ tions here fo r the last three or four years, and th e large audience g a th ­ ered on the green was glad to see him on the stand again. He first in­ troduced the Rev. Mr. Boyle, of the P resbyterian church, of Quogue, who read the P resid e n t’s F o u rth of July proclam ation, and offered the invo­ cation. Mr. D rew then m ade b rief in tro ­ ductory rem a rks, which, while full of patriotism , as befitted the occasion and the tim es, were yet not w ithout th e touches of hum o r which have en­ deared the speaker to E a s t Ham p ­ ton residents. The first address was by Gen. H o w ard Duffield, of the 9th Coast A rtillery, form e rly pastor of the Old F ir s t P resbyterian church, of New York. Mr. Duffield, though fo r m any years a sum m e r resident of Ama- gansett, has not often been heard in E a s t H a m p ton, but from the first h^\ held the undivided atten tio n of his audience. Dr. Duffield spoke of the peaceful beauty of E a s t H a m p ton, the safety and happiness of the peo­ ple, and then of the ruin w r o u g h t in F rance and Belgium by the Germ ans. He paid a glorious trib u te to the nearly four-score represented on our service flag, who are offering their lives to save th e ir c o u n try from a sim ­ ilar fate, and to the two who have already m ade the suprem e sacrifice. Dr. Duffield said t h a t n o t all our ene­ mies were 3,000 miles aw ay, but m any were am o n g us, “ p laying the Germ an gam e ,” even though pretend­ ing to be loyal citizens. He referred to Lincoln’s G e ttysburg, address and said th a t the w o rds u ttered by Lin­ coln a t th a t tim e express the highest aim s of not only A m erica in the pres­ en t w a r, but of all her allies as well: T h a t governm e n t of the people, by the people, and fo r the people may not perish from the earth. The next speaker introduced was Lloyd Howell, form e r d istrict a t t o r ­ ney of New York, and a sum m e r resi­ dent of W e stham p ton. Mr. Howell gave a brilliant and stirrin g address, rehearsing the causes of our entry into the war, the atrocities and cruel­ ties of the hun, and the w rongs of devastated Belgium and France. He said t h a t G e rm any, by h e r system of terro rizatio n had array e d tw e n ty- one of th e nations of th e earth against her. Mr. Howell m ade m any telling points which were loudly ap­ plauded. Mr. Howell’s address was follow­ ed by the singing of two verses of “ A m erica” by the audience. In in­ troducing John V. Bouvier, of New York, Mr. Drew said th a t the next speaker did not need an introduction to an E a s t H a m p ton audience and he would only say th a t Mr. Bouvier was the son of a soldier and the fa th e r of a soldier, as his fa th e r was one of th e heroes of G e ttysburg, and his son is now in the trenches in France. Mr. B o u v ier said th a t he fe lt th a t he could speak to his listeners as to friends, as they knew him and he them . He said th a t every tim e he passes the service flag on Main street he takes off his h a t in honor of the brave boys represented by the sev­ enty-five stars, and especially of the two who have given th e ir lives fo r th e ir country, and feels it a privil­ ege to do so. Mr. B o u v ie r’s rem a rks were listened to with g r e a t in ter­ est, as he is a favorite with the peo­ ple of the town and it was with real r e g ret th a t m any w e re compelled to leave before the conclusion, by the rain which cam e on suddenly. Mr. B o u v ier said th a t we could not win the w a r w ithout the women, so he thought it was best fo r them to go home and save th e ir clothes, so as not to have to spend m o n ey to buy new ones. A t one tim e th e outlook f o r the ball gam e in the afternoon was rath e r dark, but as good fo r tu n e would have it when it was tim e fo r the gam e to commence the sun came out and the gam e proceeded on schedule time. The team s th a t played were the F o r t Jay team , from Governors Is­ land, and the Camp Upton team . The team s were very evenly m atched and from the outset it looked as though the gam e belonged to eith e r side. B u t in the fo u r th inning F o rt Jay scored two runs, p u tting them in the lead. From this point on i t was r a th ­ er a one sided affair but n o t at all diainteresting. The gam e finished w ith a score of eight to three in favor o f F o rt Jay. D u ring the gam e a collection for Clark Griffith’s F rance baseball and bat fund was taken. A to tal am o u n t of one hundred and one dollars was donated. The day’s program wound up in a grand m ilitary ball in the evening, a t Clinton Hall. It is estim a ted th a t there were nearly one hundred and fifty couples on the dancing floor. Several of th e boys from the Mon­ tauk cam p s were present and even though they were not perm itted to enjoy the day’s celebration, they m ade up f o r it in the evening. It is estim a ted th a t the proceeds taken in a t the ball gam e in th e a f ­ ternoon and the dance in the evening will d e f ray all expenses incurred by th e com m ittee. If this is so, this will be the first tim e this has happened in m any years. B A C K U S A T M O N T A U K C A M P Clinton Backus, son of M rs. C. W. Backus, form e rly a sum m e r resident here, is now s tationed a t the M o n tauk Aero S tation, w h e re he m akes r e g u lar flights. Young B ackus now holds a lieutenant’s commission. Mr. Backus was the prim e m o v er in the form ing of the A e roplane Unit a t M astic last year, where about th ir ty young men were taught to fly, m o st of them us­ ing their own m achines. Surely all of those who attended th e exhibitions of hydroplane flying a t Devon last sum m e r will rem e m b e r this young aviator. W ith the proceeds m ade at this exhibition th e u n it was able to buy two planes, which they used at th e ir camp a t M astic. M c M A H A N R E S I G N S Thom as M cM ahan, fo r several _ « « T T I V T / \ ' ' years connected with the police force, JL I lA I I m has resigned his position with th a t ■. ■■ body. He has acted as su b s titute a t several tim e s on the police force when policem an M o rford was un­ able to be o n duty. Mr. McMahan was a very capable m an fo r the po­ sition, alw a y s acting with the best in ten t and perform e d his w o rk al­ w ays w ith the best in terest of the de­ partm e n t and town a t heart. The po­ sition he leaves vacant will be filled by H e rbert Adams, of this village. TUTOR Mrs. H. D. R o b e rts will give in s tr u c ­ tion, in E a s t H a m p ton, in English branches of elem e n tary school work P. O. Box 140. 32-2 A N N U A L S C H O O L R E P O R T The annual school m e e ting of the inhabitants of U n ion School D irstrict No. 1, of the Town of E a s t Ham p ­ ton, N. Y., qualified to vote a t school m eetings, will be held a t the school house in said d istrict on Tuesday, A u g u s t 6, 1918, a t 7:30 p. m., f o r the* transaction of such business as is authorized by the C o n solidated School Laws of 1895, and the acts am e n d a tory thereto a t which tim e the follow ing budget will be presented: T e a c h e rs’ w a g e s ________$14,000.00 Light, fuel and w a te r . _ 1,500.00 Bonds and in t e r e s t _____ 5,000.00 L i b r a r y ________________ 50.00 A p p a r a t u s ______________ 50.00 Compulsory atten d a n c e . 50.00 S tationery and supplies. 500.00 Jan ito r ________________ 1,080.00 Repairs, e t c . ___________ 1,000.00 R e n t of p la y g r o u n d ____ 100.00 Insurance ______________ 200.00 Taking c e n s u s _________ 50.00 C o n tingent f u n d _______ 920.00 T o * a l ------------------------- 24,500.00 F ree L i b r a r y ___________ 400.00 24,900.00 Less am ’t from s t a t e ----------------$2,000 Less am ’t on hand 2,000 4,000.00 Am ’t. to be raised by tax $20,900.00 Also to elect two tru s tees in place of J. Edw a rd H u n ttin g and Teunis B a rns, whose term s expire A u g u s t 6, 1918. E a s t H a m p ton, N. Y., Ju ly 3, 1918. J. Edw a rd H u n tting, Pres. De W itt C. Talm age, Clerk. 33-5 M ISS JU L I A H . C H A D W IC K Will receive a lim ited num b e r of little girls, a t M eadow G a rden, E a s t H a m p ton, fo r th e sum m e r m o n ths. Good food, w a tchful care, wholesome home life. C o m p e tent A ssistants. P. O. Box 729. E A S T H A M P T O N F R E E L I B R A R Y L i b r a r y H o u r s B e g i n n i n g J u n e 1 0 th 10 to 12, and 2 to 6 daily, except Sunday, and from 7 :30 to 9 on Tues­ day, T h u rsday and Saturday. W AR’S GREATEST CRIME Iron Hun Rule H a s M ade Russia a Hell Beyond Self-R edem p tion H E R M A N B E R N S T E I N ’S Graphic P o rtray a l of the R U S S I A N R E V O L U T I O N Vividly Told E v e ry Day in The New York Herald O ’ H A R A C L I N T O N H A L L , M A IN S T R E E T E A S T H A M P T O N . L . I. O p e n th is w e e k f o r th e S u m m e r S e a s o n New Models in Millinery and Gowns, One-piece Wash Dresses, Sport Skirts, Suits,- Sweaters, Hats, etc. N e w Y o r k S h o p 3 4 W e s t 4 6 t h S t r e e t EACH CELL in your storage battery must be in good condition in order that your flow of electricity may be uniform and strong. We have everything for re­ pairing storage batteries. Bring yours in and let us look it over. H a l s e y ’ s G a r a g e FRENCH LESSONS | M A D E M O I S E L L E E . P I F F A U L T : fro m M a r y B a ld w in S e m in a r y , S t a u n t o n , V a ., w ill giv e F r e n c h le s ­ sons in E a s t H a m p to n d u r i n g th e s u m m e r m o n t h s . . In q u i r e a t th e E a s t H a m p to n L i b r a r y . 32-2 Capital $100,000 Officers Charles W. Osborne President Nelson C. Osborne Vice President Nathan N. Tiffany Cashier OSBORNE BANK E A S T H A M P T O N , N Y. Surplus $25,000 Directors C h a rles W. Osborne Nelson C. Osborne Samuel A. Gregory John D Stokes Anstin H. Culver Nathan N. Tiffany H erbert N. Edwards Jam es H. Mulford An Item of Interest to Depositors 4 per cent, on Time Deposits, 2 per cent on average Monthly Balances in excess of $1,000.00 T h e r e a r e n o c h a r g e s fo r co l le c t i o n on th r o u g h th e N e w Y o r k C l e a r i n g H o u s e . The 'Bank of Personal Service W hen we adopted the “CASH AND CARRY’1 be found to be as LOW as the LOWEST. W h ere the slight a d d itional charge is made for this service. DRY GOODS DRESS GOODS Dame Fashion says plaids. A large variety of the newest fabrics a t 26c to 98c per yard. DRAPERIES A wonderful display of cretonnes and lacey effects in net and figured window drapery. COMFORTABLES AND BLANKETS Buy your bed covering now, as prices will be higher. Special values a t $3.29, $3.98 and $4.98. JU S T RECEIVED A large variety of Bungalow Aprons. The Styles are neat and give comfort and neat ap­ pearance. Prices range $1.59 to $2.39. BED SPREADS AND TOWELS Splendid values in spreads, full sizes, close­ ly woven, at $1.98, $2.25 and $2.79. Bath towels, good size and well woven, at 29c, 49c, and 59c. plan, prices were reduced and by com parison will accom m odation of c redit and delivery is desired a GROCERIES Campbell Soups.............. ........ ..................... ...... 10c Evap. M i l k _____________________________12c Oatmeal, lb ____ __________ ______________ 7c Mixed Tea, lb _________ ______ ___________ 35c Corn Meal, lb __________ ________________ 6c Heinz Baked Beans ..... .......... ............. .. ..............22c Magic Yeast _________________ _______ ___ 4c White Beans ,1b _ _______ ______________ _ _15c Lard, lb _ _____ __________________________ 29c Com F lak e s _____________________________11c Clover M ilk _____________________________ 15c COFFEE Blue Ribbon, Sunbeam, Yuban, Hotel Astor, 35c lb. We have a special blend which is big value for the money. Try a pound—19c.

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