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THE E A S T HAM P T ON STAR, FRID AY, JUNE 28, 1918 Published Every Friday M orning Entered at the Post Office at East Hampton, N. Y ., as Second-class matter B. E. Boughton W elby E. Boughton Proprietor Editor Subscription P r ice: $2.00 per year in advance W e consider it the immediate duty o f the officials who have in charge the regulation o f the transportation o f soldiers when on leave to grant all sailors, soldiers, marines, in fa c t every person in uniform who is actively serving Uncle Sam, free transportation, whether on m ore or less than a forty-eight hour leave. It seems to us no m o re than fa ir and reasonable that these men who are spending the best years o f their lives fo r the sake o f all o f us in general, should have this privilege. Take, f o r instance, one o f the men in the avia­ tion camp at Montauk. W e under­ stand that it is very seldom that any o f them receive more than forty- eight hours’ leave. This makes it nec­ essary fo r them to pay full fare to run into the city or any other point where they might want to go. The law is such that i f he is granted m ote than a forty-eight hour leave he would pay at the rate o f one cent per mile, but as we have said, this is a very rare instance. It seems that with very little trouble this law could be amended so that it would be more ju s t and affect the m a jority rather than a few. Y. M. C. A. M EETING A n evidence o f the usefulness o f the Nassau-Suffolk Y. M. C. A. to this and other Long Island villages, was furnished W ednesday afternoon at the hom e o f Mrs. John Hand, where a conference was held between representatives o f the N eighborhood Association and two Y. M. C. A. sec­ retaries, F. E. Brooks, who is located at Southampton, and B. D. Brink, o f H u n tington, secretary f o r the depart­ ment o f recreation. Practical and definite assistance was given by these men toward de­ veloping a summer recreation pro­ gram fo r our playground. Mr. Brink emphasized the im p ort­ ance o f the physical training that can be secured through w ell chosen sports and games on the com m u n ity play ground, and advocated a larger use o f the playground by adults, especi­ ally at this tim e when physical fit­ ness is a patriotic duty. He spoke o f the popularity o f the game o f vol­ ley ball am o n g the allied soldiers, and o f its great usefulness in physical developm ent. He also commended the recent action o f the association in opening the playground tw o eve­ nings a week, Tuesday and Thursday, under the direction o f a graduate o f the Sargent school, Miss M u lford, who is qualified to supply the rules and coach beginners in the numerous sports which have a place on the sum mer program. The New York Tim es has the hon­ or o f winning the Pulitzer gold medal fo r 1917, on the ground o f “ the most disinterested and m eritorious public service rendered by any American newspaper during the year.” It is a fine honor and the Times earned it on the basis o f the com m ittee report, that is fo r printing the greatest vol­ um e o f valuable and significant war matter. It leads all newspapers in the field o f world news. RED CROSS NOTES Mr. Spivak has placed a clock in the Red Cross room s f o r the duration o f the war and will wind it and care fo r it. Mr. Spivak is doing his bit and it is greatly appreciated by the chapter. The officers o f the Red Cross were anxious to have some shelves made fo r the room s, but the carpenters w ere very busy at the time. How­ ever, Mr. Babcock made it a point to see that the Red Cross had a man to do the necessary w ork and as a re­ sult o f his efforts the finished work can be stored and the room s look m ore orderly. The Odd Fellows have done their share in giving the use o f the work room and the men are do­ ing their bit when demands are made upon them. How about the women o f East H am p ton? Surely they are willing to do their bit! W omen are never found wanting when they ap­ preciate the need and we all know the need is pressing. The work room will accom m odate tw ice the number that frequent it. W ill each one in the habit o f com ing bring a friend? If you have no apron and veil, they will be furnished. If our women could see a train loaded with our young men enroute to the trans­ port, see how bravely and willingly port and see how brave and willing our boys go across the seas to do their bit, a privilege to work fo r these brave fellow s. W h o will re­ spond to tis appeal f o r m ore workers? A week ago last Monday the W ain­ scott group brought over the follow ­ ing: 7 bed shirts, 12 bed socks, 3 pairs pajamas, 2 T-bandages, 37 ab­ dominal bandages, 17 triangles, 7 many-tailed bandages, 400 gauze compresses, 4 x 4 ; knitted articles: 5 pairs socks, 8 pairs wristlets, 10 wash cloths, 2h elmets, 1 sweater. The com p lete list o f all the work o f the W ainscott group has turned in in six months is as follow s : 1 pair socks in addition to the above list; 1452 gauze compresses, 72 abdominal bandages, 57 triangle bandages, 42 many-tailed bandages, 2 T-bandages, 19 bed socks, 8 pairs pajamas, 9 bed shirts. The East Hampton Chapter wishes to thank Gregory Company fo r the use o f the sewing machine fo r the summer work room s and Frank Smith and his workmen who gave their time to make twelve packing boxes. It has been a large expense fo r the chapter to buy these boxes outright. M a jor Dyer has asked all workers in the Red Cross and the Junior Red Cross to march in the Fourth of July parade. This invitation includes Am agansett, Springs, and W ainscott. Kindly meet at the room s at 12:30. The work rooms in Odd Fellows Hall are open every Monday a fter­ noon and evening and Thursday a f ­ ternoon. Next week the workers will meet Friday instead o f Thursday. S T A T E G U ARD NOTES A t the drill Monday night M ajor D y e r instructed the C o lor Company in the usual procedure o f a com p any before a high official. Enlistments in Company E, o f Southampton, are continuing stead­ ily and the full allotm ent o f sixty men will soon be reached. U n d er the supervision o f Captain Edward L. Schaeffer, com m anding o f ­ ficer o f Company F, Sixth Battalion Infantry, N. Y. G., o f Greenport, and Seward S. Travis, D irector o f W . S. S. campaign in Southold town, the whole district o f Greenport will be thor­ oughly canvassed during the present campaign, bv members o f Company F. A PA T R IO T IC EN T E RPRISE A group o f young wom en from the summer colonies o f East Hampton and Sag H arbor have established a branch o f the National Land Arm y at North Haven in Sag Harbor. These girls live at the summer resi­ dence o f Mrs. Eugene Hodenpyl, where they conduct a dairy and poul­ try farm . They do all the work o f the farm and offer their services for the care o f vegetable and flower gar­ dens at moderate rates. Broilers and pullets are raised fo r sale, and dairy products are sold to neighboring fam ­ ilies. These young wom en are doing real service in a very efficient manner, and should prove useful t o many fam ­ ilies who find difficulty in procuring labor. L. V . I. S. NOTES The waste paper cans have been newly painted and placed at intervals the length o f the street. The com ­ m ittee in charge o f this branch o f the L. V. I. S. w ork earnestly asks the co ­ operation o f everyone in the village who wishes to see the sidewalks and streets kept clean and neat. These cans are to be used by the people on the streets who have paper or fru it skins to be thrown away,they are not to be used by the store-keep- ers as a receptacle fo r the sweepings from the sidewalks and the waste papers, etc., from the stores. The com m itte is assured that this is understood by alm ost everyone, but in order to have the w ork entirely satisfactory, every man, woman and child in the com m u n ity must help. When you com e from the post office do not tear open your mail and throw the small pieces o f paper on the ground, as so m a n y people do. L e t everyone do his or her bit in making and keeping our village clean this summer. 'I'here are many cans on our streets, N eighbor mine. Pray be m indful o f them always, N eighbor mine. I f you’re not devoid o f feeling, Quickly to those large cans stealing, Throw in each banana pepling, N e ighbor mine. Paper cans w ere made fo r papers, N e ighbor mine. Let’s not have the fa c t escape us, N e ighbor mine. And if you will lend a hand, Soon our village dear shall stand As the cleanest in the land, N e ighbor mine. VISITING TUTOR Last Sunday’s picture section o f the New York Sun contained a pho­ tograph o f R. W . W ood, son o f Pro­ fessor W ood, a summer resident o f this village. Mr. W ood is a Harvard student, but enlisted as a volunteer in the French Foreign Legion. The picture showed a group o f the first brigade o f Am ericans to attend the fam o u s artillery school at Fontain- bleau. Hon. Judge Griffing visited with his daughter, Mrs. Harry G. Stephens, this week. MISS JU L IA H. CH AD W ICK Mrs. H. D. Roberts will give instruc- Will receive a limited number of . „ . _ , little girls, at M eadow Garden, East tion, in E ast Hampton, in English Hampton, fo r the summer months. branches o f elem entary school work Good food , w a tchful care, wholesome home life. Com p etent Assistants. P. O. Box 130. 32-2 P. O. Box 729. D E V IL GETS CORRECTO R With the last edition o f the Sag H a rbor C o rrector, m aking its ninety- sixth year. Editor Sleight passes the m anagement and editorship over to Charles Gilbride, fo r several years connected with the paper, The Cor­ rector has the honor o f being the old­ est newspaper on Long Island. It was first published in Sag H a rbor in 1882, by the late Col. Harry Hunt, father o f Editor John Hunt, the old­ est editor who still pushes the pen on Long Island. In 1859, B rinley D. Sleight and A lex Hunt, the latter a son o f Col. Hunt, form e d a partner­ ship and published the Corrector. Speaking from the standpoint o f a neighboring publication w e can say that the Star has always maintained cordial relations with the Corrector and its outgoing editor. W e hope to see the C o rrector continue safely on its jou r n e y and reach its century mark. f o r s a l e , w a n t e d , l o s t PUBLIC TY P IST — Inquire at Star Office. GARDENING— Gardens kept in or­ der by the farm e ttes o f N orth Hav­ en Land A rm y , Rates 25 cents per hour. Broilers and pullets f o r sale. North Haven Land A r m y Farm, Sag H arbor. Telephone Sag Har­ bor 62-J. 32-9-1 FOR S A L E — F o u r t e e n -foot light row boat. Call at this office. S O L D IERS' AND SA ILO R S ’ CLUB On Tuesday evening there was held a large and very enthusiastic meeting o f the board o f directors o f the Sol­ diers’ and Sailors’ Club. The opening to the public o f the club was discuss­ ed and regretfu lly postponed, owing to a shortage o f labor until Tuesday July 9th. T o the boys in uniform , however, the club will open July Fourth, beginning at 10 a. m. A great and grow ing interest in the club and its activities and scope was reported by all present and m a n y interesting plans were form e d to insure its suc­ cessful m a intenance and operation. On the day o f the form a l opening, July 9th, a rum m age sale f o r the ben-, efit o f the club will be held at the barn on the grounds. All donations o f every description greatly desired and gratefully received. Deliveries o f all articles can be m ade from now TO REN T — T w o furnished room s with use o f bath. Inquire o f Star Office. 32-2 D RESSM AK IN G — E x p e r ienced, at home or out, reasonable. Mrs. Chas. L. King, Lily Hill, East H am p ton. W A N T E D — B y com p e tent waitress position serving luncheons and din­ ners at accom o d a tion, during the summer. City and country refer­ ences. Call or w rite Mrs. Charles H. Bennett, Springs road, East Hampton, B o x 665. 29-2m L A U N D RY— Colored, in Freetow n . First class laundering. Fine work a specialty. P rices reason­ able. R e ferences on request. Lizzie Quick, colored hand laundry, right hand side o f Springs road, Tel. 223-M . 22-6m FOR SALE— Three buildings stand­ ing on leased land. Davidow building opposite Lum b er yard, A m a g a n s e tt; two buildings at Napeague, Teaneys H ole.— W m . M. Terry, agt. 13-tf Mrs. J. G. Scott has the honor o f being the first East H am p tonite to receive a letter by air post from W ashington. She received the letter this week, sent by her niece, Mrs. B ridget, o f W ashington, the letter bore a tw e n ty-four-cent postage stamp, which includes special deliv­ ery. Sag Harbor Savings Bank Sag H arbor, N. Y ., June 24, 1918. The Trustees o f the Sag H arbor Savings Bank have declared a semi­ annual devidend at the rate o f FOUR PER CEN T per annum fo r the six m onths and three months ending June HO, If) 18, payable on and a fter July 20. 1918 M oney deposited on or before July 12. 1918 (the tenth business day in- J u ly) will be entitled to interest\ from July 1, 1918. W. D. Halsey, President. E. I.. T indall, Treasurer. 32-2 TO REN T — Tw o large room s with electric lights and use o f bath. P. O. Box 713. 30-4 W A N T E D — G raduate Dietitian with practical house-keeping and hos­ pital experience, desires position o f trust in home or as invalid child’s nurse. New Y o r k City r e f ­ erences. Address No. 4, this o f ­ fice. POSITION W A N T E D — Governess with M ontessori training, skilled in handling difficult children. New York City references. Available July 1st to Oct. 1st. A d d ress G o v ­ erness, Star Office. W A N T E D — By reliable wom an, priv­ ate fam ily washing. A p p ly P. O. B o x 253, village. TO RENT IN NEW YORK CITY At a nominal price for July, August and September, dur­ ing absence of owner in France— A Furnished Apartment consisting of Large Living Room, Hall, Two Bedrooms and Bath, in the Gainsborough, 222 West 59th Street Attractive, Comfortable, Cool, Services o f chambermaid supplied. Apartment ready for inspection. Inquire of R. D. Talmage, Soldiers’ and Sailors Club, East Hampton. EACH CELL in y o u r s t o r a g e I m t l r i y iniiht ho in jjood c o it.ion in m d e r ilint v o u r flo w o f e l r c t r i c i l v m ;i \ l>« u n i f o r m :-11d s t r o n g W e h a v e e v e r y f c i l i f y Tor re­ p a i r i n g htorauf'* balt> l ies I ’ r i n i r v o u r * in a n d lei us look it o v e r . W A N T E D — By reliable wom an, pri­ vate fam ily washing. A p p ly P. O. B o x 697, village. 32-2 G R E A T SA C R IF I C E — A m ost at­ tractive Long Island Property o f about 11 acres, 5 woodland, Dutch C olonial House, built and occupied by ow n e r, 9 room s , 2 baths, 3 open fireplaces, vapor heating, electric lights, water, telephone, etc. Built 1910, 400 ft. Lake fron t with large trees. Garage, stable, workshop, 1 •wagon shed, 4 chicken houses, house fo r help. Everything in A - l condition and o f the best. Sacrifice price $12,000. Particulars and photos. G. L. Zell, Bridgeham p ton. Phone 113. Capital $100,000 Officer* Charles W. Osborne President Nelson C. Gsborne Vice President Nathan N. Tiffany Cashier OSBORNE BANK E A S T H A M P T O N . N Y . Surplus $25,000 Directors Charles W. Osborne Nelson C. Osborne Samnel A. Gregory John D Stokes Austin H. Culver Nathan N Tiffany Herbert N. Edwards James H. Mulford An Item of Interest to Depositors 4 per cent, on Time Deposits, 2 per cent on average Monthly Balances in excess of $1,000.00 There are no charges fo r collection on our checks through the New Y o r k Clearing House. The '-Bank o f Personal Service When we adopted the “ CASH AND CARRY” plan, prices were reduced and by comparison will be found to be as LOW as the LOWEST. Where the accommodation of credit and delivery is desired a slight additional charge is made for this service. DRY GOODS DRESS GOODS Dame Fashion says plaids. A large variety of the newest fabrics at 26c to 98c per yard. DRAPERIES A wonderful display of cretonnes and lacey effects in net and figured window drapery. COMFORTABLES AND BLANKETS Buy your bed covering now, as prices will be higher. Special values at $3.29, $3.98 and $4.98. JUST RECEIVED A large variety of Bungalow Aprons. The Styles are neat and give comfort and neat ap­ pearance. Prices range $1.59 to $2.39. BED SPREADS AND TOWELS Splendid values in spreads, full sizes, close­ ly woven, at $1.98, $2.25 and $2.79. Bath towels, good size and well woven, at 29c, 49c, and 59c. GROCERIES Campbell Soups ..... ............. . ...................... ........ 10c Evap. M i l k _____ _______ ________ . ________ -12c Oatmeal, lb -------------------------- ------------------------- 7c Mixed Tea, lb _______________________________ 35c Corn Meal, lb ________ _______ _______________ 6c Heinz Baked Beans ___ _______ _______________ 22c Magic Yeast..........' . . .......... ...... .................... ...... 4c White Beans , 1 b ____________________________ 15c Lard, l b ......................................................... ........ 29c Corn Flakes . . . _____________________________..1 1 c Clover M i l k ______ ___________________________15c COFFEE Blue Ribbon, Sunbeam, Yuban, Hotel Astor, 35c lb. W e have a special blend which is big value for the money. Try a pound— 19c.

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