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TH E EAST HAM P T ON STA R . FR ID A Y, JUNE 21, 1918 TIMELY NEWS NOTES FROM NEIGHBORING VILLAGES SPRINGS The students o f our local school enjoyed a school picnic last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Florus Miller are en­ tertaining Mrs. S. Kingston, o f Phil­ adelphia, this week. Henry Betken has recently ex­ changed his Ford roadster f o r a 1917 model touring car. Friends o f W allace Erskine, o f Brooklyn, were glad to welcom e him in our village this week. Nearly all o f our neighbors w o rk­ ing in out o f town villages visited at their homes over the week-end. Mr. and Mrs. H. Hale Parsons, o f East Hampton, were Sunday guests o f relatives and friends in this place. Mrs. C. Howard K ing entertained Mrs. E. Betken, o f Locust Farm, on Tuesday at her hom e in this village. Several students from our local school are taking regents exam ina­ tions at East Hampton this week. W e wish them success. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Thomson and Mrs. Annie Topping, o f Sagaponack, were guests o f Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Talmage Sunday afternoon. Thornet Finch has arrived home fo r his summer vacation, which he is enjoying with his parents at Chest­ nut Burr. Mrs. Etta Parsons entertained, on Saturday evening o f last week, Miss Florence Sanford and a friend, o f Bridgehampton. Mrs. E. Betken and Mrs. C. Howard K ing enjoyed a few days recently with Mr. and Mrs. William P feiffer, at Southampton. Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Foster and fam ily, o f Sagaponack, were guests o f Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Foster at din­ ner on Sunday. Mrs. Edward Lester and fam ily, of Am agansett, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Mil­ ler, at Green River. The mail at our local post office is now being assorted and delivered by S. E. Field, w h o has recently been appointed postmaster. W. W . and William H. Parsons, o f Montauk, visited with relatives in this place on M onday. W h ile here they also visited the old home at Fire Place. Our truck gardeners have already begun to harvest some o f their early vegetables. Peas, beets, onions, let­ tuce, radishes and spinach have been reported. T w o babes w e re baptised at our Sunday service last week. Alexander Jonadab, son o f J. M. Howard, and Lawrence Stanley, son o f Mr. and Mrs. L. Stanley Talmage. Miss’ Edith W alters, a college friend o f Mrs. George S. Miller, at Syracuse University, has recently spent several days with Mrs. Miller, at her home in this village. A cake and ice cream sale will be held this w e e k Saturday evening, June 22nd, beginning at seven o’clock at Ashawagh Hall. Benefits are to be expended fo r a service flag. Ferris Talm a ge, a fter spending several days with his people at W illow Hill, left here the first o f this week fo r Baiting H ollow , where he is en­ gaged on the farm o f H enry Tal­ mage. Miss Edith Reeves, who has been telephone operator at Brooklyn for som e tim e, visited in this place with her m other, Mrs. M ary Reeves, over the week-end. Miss Reeves began w o r k ^t the central office in East Hampton the first o f this week. Charles Schellinger recently took an auto party, consisting o f Mrs. N. E. Talmage and daughter Grace, Mrs. J. Lionel Talmage and Mrs. Henry Schellinger, to Riverhead. During the trip the party visited with “ A u n t” Phebe Benjam in, at the Benjam in House in Flanders. They found Mrs. Benjam in, who was more than pleas­ ed to see them, enjoying good health. The entertainm ent fo r the benefit o f the Springs School Junior Red Cross, given by the little folks last Friday evening, was declared a grand success and was greatly applauded by a fu ll house. Much credit was given Miss Mae Martin, who so faith­ fully trained the children. Over forty dollars were taken in. — Buy W . S. S.— FED ERAL FOOD BOARD RULES “ A n y bakery, hotel or fam ily us­ ing three barrels o f flour or over per month must get a baker’s license, thereby entitling them to use only twenty-five per cent, o f substitutes. Licensee must make a report each week to the Deputy Food Adm inistra­ tor for the county, stating flour sub­ stitutes used during the week and balance on hand at the end o f each week. There are various brands o f flour sold with a small slip o f paper in each bag stamped with the approval o f the U. S. Government. These flours are not mixed and can be sold only with substitutes. — Buy W. S. S.— W a r Savings Stamps help provide that “ Force, force to the utmost,” force without stint or limit, the right­ eous and triumphant force which shall make right the law o f the worty,” which President W ilson says must be used against our enemies. Mrs. Elizabeth Clarke Sleight, o f New York City, is the guest o f Miss Annie Sleight. Mr. and Mrs. A n d rew Gilbride have received word from their oldest son, Joseph, that he has been slightly wounded while in action, and is now in one o f the base hospitals. He is the first Sag H a rbor boy wounded in battle. In his letter Joe expressed the hope o f being able to get back on the firing line soon. He is attach­ ed to Battery F -54, C. A. C. S. L. T o o k e r, o f Attleboro, Mass., spent a few days in town as the guest o f his daughter, Mrs. Charles Bassett. John and Harry W o odw a rd have com p leted their freshm an year at W esleyan University, and have re­ turned to their homes fo r the sum­ mer months. A m o n g those who have opened their summer homes on North Haven are Mrs. Joseph Fahys, Mrs. Hod- enpyl, Mrs. Frank Cook, R. G. Bar­ clay and the Misses Egbert. Mr. and Mrs. Cortland Edwards are spending tw o weeks at Savona, N. Y. Lieut. Herman Brown cam e home from F o r t Omaha, N eb., to spend Saturday and Sunday with his par­ ents. Sergeant Arthur Leary, o f the New York Police departm ent, Mrs. Leary and their children, and Mr. and Mrs. George Leary and children, came down form New Y o r k in their auto last Saturday to spend a few days as the guests o f Mr. and Mrs. David Leary.— News. — Buy W . S. S.— G A M E P R O T E C T O R S W A N T E D Positions are open fo r state game protectors in ten counties o f New Y o r k State, according to Llewellyn L6gge, C h ief o f the Division o f Fish and Game o f the Conservation Com ­ mission. The salary o f gam e protectors ranges from $1,000 to $1,500 a year dependent on length o f service and efficiency. In addition the state makes an allowance o f $600 a year fo r traveling expenses o f protectors while on duty. Applicants must be at least twenty- three years old, but not m ore than forty, at least five feet eight inches in height in bare feet, male citizens o f the United States and fo r at least three months residents o f the county fo r which examined. Other require­ ments considered are keenness o f eyesight and hearing, fam iliarity with the hunting and fishing o f the county and know ledge o f the gam e law. Exam inations will be held at con­ venient centers under civil service rules. Candidates should secure an application blank from the State Civ­ il Service Commission at Albany, N. Y., and after filling it out return it to them not later than June 30, 1918. The outdoor life o f a game protect­ or has a special appeal f o r many men who dislike the confinem ent o f office or factory. Each o f the successful applicants will be provided with one o f the new 25-20 rifles with which the gam e protective fo r c e o f the state is being armed. — Buy W . S. S .— F A R M E R S E N L I S T B O Y L A B O R Sound Avenue farm ers have decid­ ed to enlist the help o f the B o y ’ s W o r k ing Reserve and A. L. Cross- ley, o f Hicksville, w h o has charge o f the w o rk in this district, is making plans fo r such a cam p to open on August first. This will be ready and in shape fo r potato picking time. A t the m eeting o f Pom ona Grange held last week Mr. Crossley was pres­ ent and explained the plan o f the B o y s ’ W o r k ing Reserve. Some dis­ cussion resulted and it was suggested that each Grange should take up the proposition and make plans fo r us­ ing boy camps to the best advantage. It is hoped that all arrangem ents will be made fo r such camps by July 1st, even though the camps are not to be established until later. This is de­ sirable not only so that Mr. Cross- ley may make his plans but so that the boys who are willing and anxious to make their w o rk tell fo r food pro­ duction may know what to expect. It may be well to repeat what many o f our readers already know, that the B o y ’ s W orking Reserve is a Fed­ eral organization under the D epart­ ment o f labor with a separate or- ganization in each state, and is w o rk­ ing in hearty co-operation with Mr. Parker, the Farm Bureau manager, and Mr. Inglee, the labor specialist assigned to Suffolk county. — Buy W . S. S.— N ext to the aggregate num b er of ! subscribers, perhaps the most strik- J ing feature o f the third Liberty loan was the support given it by the farm - I ing and rural populations o f the country, according to a statem ent by the Treasury Department. N o t only did the farm ers purchase liberally o f ■ the bonds, but the rural communities as a rule were more prom p t in com- I p leting their quotas o f the loan than the larger cities. M ore than 20,000 communities in the United States sub­ scribed or oversubscribed their quotas, many o f them on the first day o f the campaign. The m a jority o f these were not cities, but country dis­ tricts. ' Miss Agnes W o lff, o f New York, has returned to Southam p ton fo r | the summer. | The Misses Dessie Cook andChar- lotte Clark spent the week-end in I Greenport as guests o f the Misses Faith and Diademia Croane. I Miss Emma Schcrader was called home this week by the serious illness I o f her mother. Miss Schrader is teaching in Lodi, N. Y ., this year. I A r thur Payne spent several days last week on a visit up-state, stopping 1 at Syracuse and Albany and return- I ing by the night boat from the capi­ tal. A hom ing pigeon was recently found at Mr. A tterbury’s house in 1 S h innecock Hills. It has an alumin- I um ring on one leg and a brass ring on the other, and is marked F. 10371. I W illiam S. Bennett, form e r keeper I o f the Southam pton Coast Guard sta- I tion, has been transferred from I S a n dy H ook to the Barge office in ' New York, where he is doing duty I as officer o f the guard. There will be an illuminated fete 1 a t M illbrook, the country hom e o f Mr. and Mrs. George A rents, jr., at Rye, N. Y ., on Friday evening, I June 28th, in aid o f the R y e Branch o f the A m e rican Red Cross. I Three Polish officers from Canada w e re in tow n Tuesday evening seek- ! ing volunteers am ong our Polish resi­ dents. They spoke at a m eeting in Buttonow ’s garage and succeeded in getting several men to join the colors. I Frank Downs, superintendent o f ! highways o f Southam pton, has a rep- j utation fo r fa r sightedness which I the follow in g incident shows. Last , fall Mr. Downs purchased a used gas tank from an oil com p any, had it shipped to W estham p ton on a flat car, unloaded, set in concrete, and buried. He then purchased tw o cars o f about 15,000 gallons o f road oil : and pumped it into the tank. The ] d ifference in the price o f oil then and now m ore than pays fo r the tank, besides giving him a supply o f oil that will go a long way in patching the roads,providing the governm ent prevents cars o f road oil com ing I through, which have already been contracted for. | Three autom obile loads o f farm e r- , ettes struck town last Saturday after­ noon and sim u ltaneously interest in agriculture on Main street was m any fest. The farm e rettes w ere attirA \ in the latest 1918 model pantelettefl and other regalia which helps to make her a regular farm hand. These par- I ticular young ladies have' not hired I o u t to farm e rs in need o f help in ! this vicinity, but are operating a place o f their own over at N orth Hav­ en. E v e rything about the farm is done by the young w om en, with the exception o f driving and caring fo r their big touring car, a masculine chauffeur being engaged fo r that ser­ vice. It is said that the farm is be­ ing well tilled.— No men visitors ad­ mitted to the farm .— Times. — Buy W . S. S.— B R I D G E H A M P T O N Five o f the “ y ounger generation,” o f the village m ade a visit to the strawberry patch o f Thomas C. Top­ ping last Sunday afternoon, and be­ sides stealing several quarts o f ber­ ries, did a great deal o f damage to the plants. Just as they had a nice quantity picked, however, they were taken by surprise by the arrival o f Mr. Topping, and they started on a run leaving practically all they had picked, and one o f the boys even left his hat, which was fu ll o f berries. Mr. Topping recognized som e o f the lads and soon found out who the others were. They w ere taken before Justice Hum b let on Tuesday a fter­ noon, who imposed a fine o f $3 on each o f them. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Brennan have rented the Conklin house on Main street and are residing there. A letter was received from Frank Schenck, who has been stationed at Camp McClelland, that he has been transferred to an embarkation camp and expects to leave within a few days fo r “ som ewhere in France.” Private Charles Osborn and Ser­ geant Mark Frioul, o f the regular army, and stationed at F o r t Slocum, spent the week-end at Mr. Osborn’s home in this village. Mrs. Chester E. Loper and son Ernest left on Thursday fo r Oneonta, N. Y ., where they will spend a few weeks with Mrs. L oper’s parents. Mrs. Otis H. Downs and daughter arrived here this week and will spend the summer with Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Parfitt. Several o f our merchants and other men o f the village have contributed in this and fo r next w e e k ’s issue o f the News, a full page advertisement in the interest o f the W a r Saving Stamp Drive that is to begin next week. The governm ent has no funds appropriated f o r advertising purposes and depends upon the merchants and public to patriotically contribute this advertising throughout the country, and they are responding very gener­ ously. A big advertising campaign will be on fo r the next two weeks fo r the sale o f W. S. S. in every newspaper. The News still has some very appealing advs. should anyone wish to contribute additional space. FOR SALE O N W O O D S L A N E — E A S T H A M P T O N An attractive, modern house— Tw o acre* o f land with 18 0 ft. fro n t ­ age. House has thirteen room s, two baths, approved plum b ing, elec­ tric light and hot air heat. G a rage and stable on the property. In­ quire for terms and particulars. Price attractive. E . T . D A Y T O N , A g e n t Post Office Building Phone 3 0 1 -W . Formerly Puchmuller’s Inn E A S T Q U O G U E , L . I. Opens Saturday, June 22 Live Lobsters, Steaks, Chickens, Ducks, Etc. Cuisine and Service U n e x c e lled Tea Dansant every afternoon 4-6 P. M. M u sic by Julius Klein and his celebrated orchestra Every day from 4 to 6 p. m., 7:15 p. m. to closing Your Patronage Is Invited D . C. Y A V I S , P roprietor Last three seasons proprietor Shinnecock Casino Telephone 3 2 0 E a st Q u o g u e Ladiei French D ry Cleaner Y o r k M. SCHNEIDER CCV, N EW YO R K ' and G e n tlem e n ’ s Tailors o f 4 7 W e s t 5 1 s t s t r e e t , N e ’ W e have opened our East H a m p ton Branch, next door to G r e g o r y C o . W e have on display and for sale, skirts, silks, linenes and knitted silk sw e a ters. W O R K C A L L E D F O R A N D D E L I V E R E D 0 -E3 M O T O R C A R S H ALSEY’S O a r a g e EAST HAMPTON, N. Y. Distributor and Service Station for Eastern Long Island 0 - -E3 Num ber 6 o f a Series of L a b o r Conservation Chats Our Service Flag T h e r e A RE M O R E than 12 0 0 stars in the Service Flag o f this C o m p a n y , and 726 0 stars in the Service F lag o f the Hell System o f which this com p any is a part. W e m ention it first as a matter o f business pride, second as an indication o f the necessity for conserving labor and preventing waste. W it h SO LARGE a NUMBER o f men in the service o f the nation, and with an unprecedent­ ed program m e o f construction made necessary by increased dem ands for telephone service, the conservation o f labor is necessary., T ' H E LA B O R EXPE N D E D in collecting overdue telephone bills, which in som e cases is duplica­ tion upon duplication o f effort, would be un­ necessary if these accounts were paid w ithin the reasonable specified period o f time. E BELIEVE that a very large percentage o f this labor can be eliminated and that our sub­ scribers in general, a p p reciating as they do that war-time efficiency means m a k ing, e v e ry ounce o f labor count , will extend their hearty co-oper- ation. NEW YORK T E L E P H O N E CO. Buy a T H R I F T S T A M P Today Sheriff’s Notice I, having been appointed as Agent fo r the State Industrial Commission to carry out the Com p u lsory Work Law, am prepared to receive com­ plaints against persons w h o do not w ork at a useful occupation fo r at least thirty-six hours a week, and to receive applications f r o m persons who desire to engage help fo r some law- fu l, useful recognized business, oc- cupation, trade or em p loym ent. Am za W. Biggs, Sheriff o f Suffolk C o u n ty, N. Y., Riverhead, N. 'Y. J. J. Gay J. E. Gay OSBORNE HOUSE STABLES L I V E R Y and B O A R D I N G H orses and C a r riages to Let Parties taken to and from trains and beach B . M . O S B O R N E , M g r. HARDSCRABBLE FARM Dairy E . M . Baker D e livery A g e n t Phone. 49-R LOUIS V E T A U LT F L O R I S T Potted Plants, Trees, and Shrubs, Vines and Hardy Perennials Cooper Lane T H E HUNTTING C H A S . S. P A R S O N S Opens A p ril i s i Closes December 1st GOOD R jO O M S G O O D BEDS GO O D T A B L E “ It R e m inds Me of Home.\ OTTO SIMMONS P L U M B I N G Steam and Hot Water Heating Stoves and Ranges Main Street East Hampton T E L E P H O N E 1 0 6 Severe Winter Injures Hundreds of Valuable Trew B e tter have m e exam ine and rem­ edy your trees now. A local injury to the bark you ’ d hardly notice, will, if neglected, result in a decaying tre<- P revention is alw a y s better than curs. L E O N A R D G . V A I R M a ster T r e e Surgeon M u n icipal Building Southam p ton, N e w York Telephone Connection J. F. MILLER G E N E R A L C O N T R A C T O R AND M O V E R O F A N Y T H I N G M O V A B L E Non-Pumpable Cesspools, High Pressure Water Sys­ tems Installed. W e lls Sunk, Drilled or Driven All Kinds of Concrete W ork Done E A S T H A M P T O N . N . Y . E. M. LYNCH FIRE W O O D AND KINDLINGS $5 a Load C E S S P O O L S C L E A N E D AND G A R B A G E R E M O V E D Telephone Connection Springs Road East Hampt°n

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