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AUTO RADIATOR AS SHOP REATER Blacksmith Provided Himself With Very Economical Hot- Water Supply. HIS ARRANGEMENT IS SHOWN C ircu latin g W a t e r Is H e a ted by H o t Gases and A ir A b o v e Forge and Piped to C o n v e n iently Located <9 Storage T a n k . By reversing the work done by nn automobile radiator, which was no longer fit for service us such, a black­ smith provided himself with a hot-wa- ter'supply, which he appreciated espe­ cially In washing up after a hard day’s work, writes E. F. Hallock of Brook­ lyn, N. V., in Popular Mechanics. In the arrangement which he devised, as Shown in the Illustration, the water cir­ culating within the radiator is heated by the hot gases and air above the forge. Piped to Storage T a n k . The hot water is piped to a conven­ iently located storage tank. The meth­ od of arranging the pipe to provide for a cold-water supply and a hot-water delivery system Is shown, the arrows Indicating the direction of flow. The radiator is supported at an angle In the hood of the forge. The vent in the Old Auto Radiator Utilized to Provide Water Heater for Workshop. radiator Is soldered, and the filler opening provided with a wiped Joint, to which the half-lqch Iron pipe, used to make the connection to the half­ way point on the side of the six-gallon tank, is attached. Heat Is Conserved. The heated water is taken from the top of the tank, and tliegcold water enters by means of a pipe extending through the top and down inside the tank to the bottom. Heat otherwise lost is thus conserved. MAY CAUSE SERIOUS MISHAP Chance of Having Brakes Fail Through Slack Adjustment Is Worthy of Consideration. Loose check nuts on the rods In the braking system may become the cause of a serious mishap If they are not rem­ edied in time. When the check is removed from the turnbuckl e or other adjustment the tendency of the vibration is to loosen the adjustment of the bands. As this may occur when t h e car Is running, the chance of having the brakes fail through slack adjustment is worth tak­ ing Into consideration. LOOKS IN WRONG DIRECTION B a d P r a c tice o f M a n y O p e rators of C a r s to Keep Eyes on Acceler­ ato r Pedals, Etc. Keep your eyes on the road. Many operators are continually looking down ut their feet, at the accelerator pedals, etc., while operating. This takes their attention away from the road, which is dangerous. W ith, a little practice you can soon locate all the necessary ped- uls, etc., without looking for them. This Is the only safe way to drive. T H R I F T S T A M P S IN E V E R Y D A Y T E R M S •■y JA M ES F. H E R R IC K , of the Vigilantes. One T h r if t S tam p Each W e e k Equals- ived. ed for the Allies Two and a half pounds of sugar mor» for France. One twenty-live cent movie less each week. W alking to the office five times, thus avoiding the crowded trollies, and gettlnc beneficial exercise. One good clpar less. Spend half u> much tobacco money and put the balance into Thrift Stamps. They will be good for something five years hence. Smolii One box less of face powder will give 10 coinUexlon ^ H » l , and pay for powdei that is good fo«»om 6 thlnK. Part of ft Christinas present you glv< because—well, why? Two copies of Sloppy Stories, or Society Snapshots. You know your little wasteful ex­ travagances. Now is a good time to shake them off and not be accused of stinginess. Uncle Sam needs your money und needs It badly. You may need It just as badly five years from now. Suit It away by lending It to Unci*' Sam to help the boys in Fran?t* and those that nr- *»i>. there I It’s a poor penny that won’t work two ways—for you and for America Put your pennies lDt» Thrift Stamps. — l a -- - COTT AGE LIST , SE A S O N 1918 Owner Lei*ee Main Street Mrs. D. E. C. H o m a n - .Jo h n Morice E. II. Dayton ________ Mrs. Gossler Jeremiah H. H u n t tin g - .C . C. Nadal George H. H a n d _______ Mr. Sussman Chas. W . Edwards H e rm a n LeRoy Jones Chas. W . Edwards Dr. Edward L. Pratt N. H. Dayton ..M r s . John McCarroll S. R. Miller- ______Theo. S. Dolman Mrs. Phoebe M u lford.M r . Townsand Asa O. Jones ____ Theo. Schumacker Mrs. George M o rgan— H. D. Betts Samuel M iller _______ Mrs. F. Osborne Chas. W . Edw a rds ____ W m . Metzger Chas. W . Edwards Mrs. H. S. Jaechel Frank W o rthington.- F . D. Lemmon H iram Sherrill ____ S. W y m a n Aldrich Julia Hedges _______ Harry Holbrook H u n tting Lane S. C. Grim s h a w . .M rs. R. H. Iindsey Geo. Eldredge..M r s . Mary Bradford E. M. G a y _______ E. F. W ilm e rding S. S. Cum m ins _______ Mrs. L Thomas Buels Lane Mrs. M c T iem a n .-F r a n k L. Thompson Dan Tucker, J r _____ John Matthews M rs.*Burt T u c k e r.-Edw . Arm strong W. S. Everest __________ John W iley Mrs. Dan Tucker --- T. G. Coombe Thomas E d w a r d s ..M r s . M. Heiser Mrs. Chas. S. Dayton . J . Leon M oran U. Lee. .M rs. Thompkins M clllvaine Wm. G a y ______ Amos Schemmerhorn Wm. G a y _______ Amos Schermerhorn Margarete Schulte.-M rs. Makensie C linton Lane Otto Sim m o ns______Joseph C. Borden Otto Simmons ------ J. N e v itt Steele Woods Lane E. T. Dayton ________ W m . D. Judson B Z. G r illing ________ W illiam Judson Frank Tillinghast ---- W illiam Jenny , i K Jones __________ B. C. Adams W illiard French - Mrs. L. Allen L. De Koven ____ Mrs. M. J . Becker John Flannery _____ Edw. Chisholm Mrs. F. Grim s h a w -------Mr. Kane Geo. E. J o n e s . ________ D. C. Adams B. Z. G rilling Mrs. Malcom Haywood Mrs. Frank Grimshaw Mrs. A n n a P. Osborne Ocean Avenue Mrs. W . B. Lockwood . . M r . Stafford Draper Est. H o u s e . .Jo h n M. Forbes W m. Thaw ____________ John R. Keim I. E. Bates _________ Edw. Q. M c V itty Miss Isabelle Lamont Lieut. Co. Ralph Crews Beach Lane Mrs. W. B. Lockwood Westmere __________ Edw in Scheftel Eastn.ere. , ____ Mrs. Le Baysteau Austin C u lver ________ Mrs. D. Malony Austin Culver, apartm e n t at the bathing beach______Geo. F. Crego F. G. Potter ___________ Mrs. M. Becker Lee Avenue W illiam M.-, Carson __ Geo. H. Flinn Schuyler Quackenbush Est. Phillip Kopper Mrs. Frank S m i t h ___ J. H. Seaman Mrs. F. G. B e n jam in ____ 0 . M. Burke Thomas Nash _______ Henry Parrish Dr. J. V o o rhees.. — Mrs. J. S. Potter Mrs. D u n b a r _______ Mrs. J. A. Moffett Mrs. R. G. W o rthington ____ H. Bergh Mrs. Louise W o r th in g to n ..M r . Bergh Drew Lane Raymond S m ith _______ Victor Harris Mrs. W illiam Strom ____ H. W . Beebe F. K. Hollister __________ F. D. Hyde Maurice Blomerth Capt. Edward S. Perot, Jr. Mrs. Mary B. T alm ake__P. T. Wise Burnell Lane George C. Thomas- _ ____ Henry Knox Jeorge C. Thomas M inturn Post Collins Dr. John E r d m a n ____ C. G. Gleason Toylesome Lane Mrs. Chas S. D a y to n ._W . E. Connor Lily Pond Lane Mrs. Daniel Talmage Newell J. W a rd Mrs. Dan. Talmage Mrs. Simeon Ford Mrs. John H e lm _ _ W m . H. Schmidlap E. B. V a il..M r s . Frederick Bonner F. K. Hollister __________ Henry Oliver Geo. L a m o n t e __________ Geo. M offitt Tyson Dominy Mrs. Lilliam' Clemments Geo. B. Gordon ____ Benjam in Prince Mrs. H a rry H a m lin.- H e n r y Suptphm Miss L. W o r th in g to n ..H a r o ld Talbot Marie Heiser ---- Henry Richardson Mrs. Magee ______ Mrs. T. B. Flagg Edw. V a il _______________ Mrs. Bonner Jones Road R. D. Talm age ------- J. J. Belden Dunemere Lane Albert L in d ----- Mrs. R. J. Hoguet Miss Edith Jo h n s o n ._J. W . Herbert Mrs. R. W . N e s b it ____ J. H. W h iting A. H. Culver ____ W . Sterling Peters C. W. Silver --- W illiam B. Isham Miss Louise Richards ____ H u g h H ill Edwards Johnson __C. W . Shipley Terbell Lane Mrs. B. M. Osborne --- P. J. Smith Cottage Avenue Lyon C o ttage..M r s . John Coleman Geo. A. Eldredge ----- Henry Hall Mrs. Harry Ham lin Mrs. W . W . Hoppin Mrs. W . R. Makay Capt. Thompkins M slllvaine Lois Talm age -------- H. W . Nicholl Egypt Lane Andrew Carson-.M rs. N. E. Gordon Mrs. Ruger D o n o h o _ .H . H. Abbott D. W . M cCord ------ E. R. Burnnett Georgica Road Grace K in g ------Ann H u n ttington Agustus Thomas ---- Jack Barrymore L. E. W o odhouse ----- T. S. Dohrman Georgica Apaquogue H o u s e . . Camp - Francais Mrs. K. B. D o m iny.-M rs. D. Leaman Mrs. H a rriet Taylor ____ Cyril Hatch Mrs. S. Fisher Johnson Frank H. Maynard Albert H e r t e r ---- Mr. McCullough Mrs. G ron -------- Hartley Manners W. E. W heelock-.M rs. T. B. Flagg Apaquogue Road A. P. H inton.M iss M argaret Spadone Mrs. M iguel------Irving L. Tenney T HE EA S T HA M P T O N ST AR, F R ID A Y . JU N E 14. 1918 - Mr. Lloyd ____________ Floyd Jefferson Robert K e n y a n ------ D. S. Iglehart Geo. B u rkhart -------- Henry Oliver Pantigo Lane N. H. D a y to n ..M r s . Grace M cCarroll Norman Cleaves ________ V ictor Fisher O W N E R S ’ LIST SEA S O N 1918 The follow ing cottage owners will occupy their homes in East Ham pton this sum m e r: Miss M. A. S t im s o n .. M ain Street J. H. P o o r ---------- “ “ G. H. B u e k ___________ “ “ Mrs. J . A. T y l e r ---- “ “ H. L. H o b a r t ---- “ “ Mrs. Ruger Donoho— Egypt Lane F. B. W i b o r g ________ New Road H. A. W e s s e l ____ -. M iddle Lane D. W . M c C o r d _______ H ither Lane T. W . M o r r i s ------- L. E. W o odhouse ______ H u n tting Lane Mrs. C. B. R a n d e ll...D u n e m e r e Lane Mrs. David M cA lpin . . “ “ Dr. J. D. Voorhees . . “ “ Mrs. L. B. B o c k ____ W o ods Lane L. M. B o r d e n _________ “ “ Dr. Geo. E. M o nroe ___ So. Beach Lane Chas. G. Thompson— “ “ “ Mrs. Jas. G a l l a t i n --- “ “ “ Mrs. J. B. C r o s b y --- “ “ “ Robert G a r d i n e r --- “ “ “ A. H. Van B r u n t --- “ “ “ C. L. W . E i d l i t z _____“ “ E. C. Potter ------- “ “ Jas. L. O g d e n ------- “ “ “ Miss de Melie ------ “ “ “ Joseph Eastman ----- “ “ “ David H e l i e r --------- “ “ “ W. W . G r e e n __________ Terbell Lane C. L. Hackstaff _______ Lee Avenue Geo. L. M c A l p i n --- “ “ S. A. B e a r d s le y --- “ “ Dr. 0 . M. E d w a r d s .. “ “ Geo. W . B a x t e r ______ “ Garrett L. H o b a r t -- “ “ Dr. F. K. H o llisterLily Pond Lane George Lam o n t ----- “ “ “ Jo h n D r e w ---------- “ “ “ Dr. Jo h n E r d m a n ---- “ “ “ Matthew C. Flem ing _ “ “ “ Mrs. B. F. E v a n s ----- “ “ “ Tyler Morse __________ “ “ “ David Oliver -------- “ “ “ Mrs. J. T. B a k e r ______ “ “ “ W. H. W o o d in ________ “ “ C. F. A l c o t t ____________“ “ “ E. S. A v e r y _____________ “ “ “ W . A. L o c k w o o d ____ Burnell Lane Mrs. E. J. V a u g h a n .. “ “ Mrs. W . W . Benjam in The Crossway S. E. Nash __________ Dr. F. P. S o lle y ______ Cottage Ave. Dr. W . T. Helm u th __ “ “ W a lter M. K e c k ____ Apaquogue Rd. Jam e s M. E d w a r d s ___ “ “ George A. Strong __ “ “ Samuel T. Skidmore _ . “ “ Dr. W . E. Wheelock H a rry Jefferys ______ “ ' “ Ralph T o w n s e n d ______ “ “ E. E. M c C a ll__________ Dr. F. L. S t a n t o n _____ “ “ J. V. BoUvier ______ “ “ R. C. H ill __________ I Mrs. E. H. J e w e t t ___ “ “ Samuel O r d w a y .......... “ “ W a lter S. Roberts — “ “ H. A. J a m e s ___ Georgica Rd. Mrs. D. T a l m a g e -- “ “ Francis N e w t o n _______ Georgica Jo h n Rodebush ------ H. 0 . W o o d ___________ Dr. W o l f ______________ Drew Lane Samuel S e a b u r y ______ Turnpike Mrs. F. M . Simonds _ -Further lane A r thur T. H i l l ------- Pantigo N E W C A P FO R S O L D IE R S The arm y campaign hat, which dis­ tinguished the Am e rican soldiers abroad from all other fighting men, is to give way to the “ overseas cap,” desig n e d especially for work in the trenches, the W a r D e p artm e n t an­ nounced this week. The new cap, which is to be issued to officers and men of the expedition­ ary force, but w ill not be used in this country, matches the uniform in col­ or, is r o u n d , and has no brim or peak. The crown is very low, and so made that when not in use it may be fold­ ed and carried in the pocket. W h e n the Americans entered the trenches it was found that the brim of their campaign hats interfered with sighting through the trench per­ iscope, and the high crown, in the case of tall men, could be seen above the parapets. The new cap is so low it permits the men to move with the same freedom as when they are hat- less. Another advantage claimed for the overseas cap is that the trench helmet can be placed on top of it with security. The latest model of the cap, which has just been received by the m a nu­ facturing branch of the Quarter­ master’s Departm e n t, is slightly diff­ erent from the cap worn by troops which have returned from France. Slight changes have been made in the crown, which permits it to be folded flatter, thereby m a k ing it possible to carry or ship the caps w ithout in­ jury. The new pattern will be sub­ stituted for the old as fast as practi­ cable, but it is intended that a grad­ ual substitution be made so produc­ tion w ill not be slowed down. Only soldiers who have been with the expeditionary forces wear this cap. It is not issued in this country, although made here. Reports re­ ceived from France say new regula­ tions provide that officers shall wear the insignia of their rank on the cap. Enlisted men are to wear on the cap the button prescribed to be worn on the left hand side of the colar of the service coat. W m . Litchard, the Suffolk county salesman fo r Austin Nichols & Co., has added another stopping place to his already fu ll list, that of Montauk. This is the first tim e Mr. Litchard has made this stop since the Spanish- American war. A reward of $10 w ill be paid fo r inform a tion leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or per­ sons guilty of breaking windows, or destroying property a t the M aidstone Bath Houses, in any manner. A. H. Culver. HORNBECK Phone 334-W Post Box 790 SAXON CARS Saxon Six Price $995 4-cyl. Roadster $445 L. F. S Q U IR E S , Agent Southam p ton, N. Y. Telephone 347J BEST Q U A L IT Y STATIONERY W e have ready for your inspection an assortment of fine qua|. ity W r iting Paper in attractive boxes— in pads, corresponding cards and leaflets, or by the pounds— SH E T L A N D L IN E N , IR IS H L IN E N . W H IT IN G ’S C L O T H FINISH, V IC T O R Y L A W N , O L D F L A X S T A T IO N E R Y , P A T R IO T IC S T A T IO N E R Y B E S T ST YLE S IN E N V E L O P E S A N D P A P E R E. J. EDWARDS’ EAST HAMPTON PHARMACY jEast Hampton ilC E ■ \Company\ D. E. Osborn, Manager P U R E IC E nnnouncEncm M ISS V I R G I N I A D E M A R E S T announces the opening of her H O O K M ILL STUDIO AND GIFT SHOP North M ain St. ana Am a g a n sett Rd. Despite the difficulty in finding novel and unusual things, the Hook M ill is really more fascin­ ating than ever. Lovely Italian Pottery in charm ing shapes, for flowers or table decoration, hand woven wool homespuns in artistic coloring, w o n d e rfully sm a rt and attractive when made into sport skirts; and especially for the children, she has enticing toys and gifts. M ISS A N N A C O O P E R W ill be at the M ill again this summer with her very beautiful weavings. The many who have seen her work­ ing at her hand loom w ill appreciate what lovely bags for shopping and knitting, runners, table scarfs,etc., are made by her. Those who have not seen these things w ill enjoy doing so. Her work has commanded for itself a place in the A r t world o f New York. It is most im p o r tant when your Ford Car requires me­ chanical attention that you place it in charge of the authorized Ford dealer, because then you are sure of having repairs and replacements made w ith genuine Ford-made m aterials by men who know all about Ford cars. So bring your Ford to us, where satisfaction is guaranteed. Prom p t, efficient seivice at all times and Ford cars, if you wish to buy. F. J. H E D G E S <1 S O N , Props. Tel. 317 East H a m p ton East H a m p ton, N. Y. F I R E . L I F E . A U T O M O B I L E . B U R G L A R Y . A C C I D E N T A N D H E A L T H I N S U R A N C E E. T . DA ^Real Estate and Insurance COTTAGES TO RENT cAND FO R SALE T E L . I I 4 - W E A S T H A M R T O N All Heat Within-All Cool Without Light the New Perfection Oil Cook Stove—put on the cooking—take up your knitting—your time is your own. You don’t have to stay in the kitchen. But you won't have to leave it, for while the New Perfection turns every drop of kerosene into clean, intense heat, it concentrates all the heat inside the chimney. The New Perfection lights at the touch of a match and gives instant heat, without waste. Cooks fast or slow, without watching. Gives gas- stove comfort at the cost of kerosene —and frees you from the drudgery of coal, wood and ashes. That’s why 3,000,000 are now in use. Made in 1, 2, 3 and 4‘burner sizes, with or without cabinet top. Also 4-burner stove with heat-retaining oven and cabinet complete. Ask your dealer about the New Perfection Water Heaters and the regular New Perfection ovens—none better. Use SO-CO-NY Kerosene. Clean, convenient and inexpensive. STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF NEW YORK NEW PERFECTION O IL C O O k S T O V E S

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