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T HE EA S T HAM P TON ST AR, F R ID A Y , JU N E 7. 1918 TIMELY NEWS NOTES FROM NEIGHBORING VILLAGES SPR IN GS SA G H A R B O R The students and teachers at our local school enjoyed a vacation on Memorial Day. Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard Corwin, of East Ham p ton, were visitors in this place Memorial Day. Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Babcock, of East Ham p ton, visited with Mrs. Etta Parsons last Friday night. Miss Esther Sanford entertained her friend, Miss Florence Adam , of East Hampton, last Friday night. “ A u n t Lettie” Clark, of this place, spent Memorial Day with Mr. and Mrs. Em il Gardell, at Broad View. A large number of our people w it­ nessed the Memorial Day activities at Amagansett last Thursday after­ noon. Mrs. Nancy M iller, of East Ham p ­ ton, has been a recent visitor of her daughter, Mrs. C. Howard King, in this place. Leslie Q u inn, of Camp Dix, N. J., spent a few days recently with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Quinii, at his home in this place. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Schenck enter­ tained Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hedges, of East Hampton, at their bungalow at Fire Place, on Memorial Day. Several of our neighbors attended the very impressive M emorial Day union service at the Presbyterian church last Thursday m o rning at East Hampton. D u r ing the bsence of our Sunday school superintendent, Gilbert E. M il­ ler, R. M. Sm ith has charge of our school. W e are pleased to report some new members also. Friends of Mrs. Frank D. Schell- inger are pleased to learn of the im ­ provement of her health since her recent illness and are glad to see her able to enjoy auto rides. Letters from J. W ilm e r Schellinger and Nat. E. Sm ith, who are some­ where in France, w ritten Mother’s Day, have been received this past week by their friends here. The somewhat oppressive heat of the first of this week brought the auto tourists and still water bathers to the shore a t Fire Place. This spot is proving to be an ideal resort for such oocasions. W . S. Talmage returned last Thurs­ day from his recent visit a t Syracuse, N. Y., much pleased with his trip and much impressed with the univers­ ity and its surroundings, from which his son, Ferris, has just graduated Francis K ing has joined the Naval Reserves. He enlisted at New Lon­ don, on Saturday. Miss Katharine Hughes, a teacher been under construction the past year. Colonel and Mrs. Robert M. Thomp­ son will leave W a s h n igton in the first week in Jun e for Ticonderoga, N. Y., where Mrs. Stephen H. P. Pell NEW BROWNING RIFLE AND RAPID FIRING GUN at Oceanville, N. J., is home for the their daughter, has a country place, summer vacation. / j They w ill pass Ju ly and A u g u s t at Dr. and Mrs. Morley B. Lewis left Southampton, last Tuesday on an auto trip to Yar- Miss M abel Duryea, of Riverhead, mouth. Nova Scotia. has been accepted as a Red Cross Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth D. M cAvoy nurse fo r overseas service. Miss of Brooklyn, have arrived in Sag Duryea was graduated from the Meth- ILarbor f o r the summer months. odist Episcopal Hospital, Brooklyn, Carlton A. Sm ith, of this village, about two years ago and is recogniz- has been elected 8th Vice President ed as a very competent nurse, of the Epworth League for the Brook- company has withdrawn lyn South District. ready-to-serve charge of fifty Weakfish have made their appear- cents a m o nth and established a min- ance in local waters and several big jm um monthly charge of sixty cents a catches are reported this week by m o n th, but the company gives notice the Bennett Brothers. that the service charge w ill be put F. W ilson Payne has accepted a on, beginning Ju ly 1st. In the mean- position as caretaker at M aycroft, the time there are to be hearings before summer home of Mrs. James Herm a n the Public Service Commission. A ldrich, on North Haven. Leonard G. V a ir, master tree sur- A n American flag, seven by four- Keon> who has been engaged in this teen feet, was given to Pierson High v jnage for the past year or longer, School last week, by Miss Peggy Ede- jn tj,e treatm e n t of trees, by both son, a pupil of the third grade, as a tjie vjiiage an(j property owners, has token of love and respect to her par- estjiblished headquarters in the Mu- ents and in memory of Paul H. Baer. n icipa] Building. The fine shade The cargo steamship Mariners Har- trees of this village a r ^ one of its bor, of 3,500 tons dead weight, which beauties and every property owner was launched in February, was turn- should take enough pride in the trees ed over to the Government yester- about his place to have them treated day from the yard of the Staten Is- by an expert, when necessary, land Shipbuilding Company, at Ma- A fter stru„ „ linE in the w a ter for riners’ Harbor, A t the same tim e a haJf an hour> ho,djng onto their T.T^was rejected, arid returned to .his home here the latter part of last week. Mr. K ing visited with Mr. and Mrs. J . Burns, at New London, Conn., the first of this week. The young people of our village are planning to give an entertainm ent a t Ashawagh Hall one week from to­ night, Friday, June 14. The benefits are fo r the Springs School Jun ior Red Cross. Plan to be present and help the little folks with their work, as they strive to do their bit for their country. M r. and Mrs. John Quinn are slow­ ly regaining their health after their recent illness. Mrs. Quinn has been suffering with summer grippe. Mr. Q u inn, several weeks ago, had the m isfortune to meet with a painful ac­ cident while freighting boxed fish from the shore at Three Mile Harbor to East Hampton. Since that time he has been confined to his home. B R ID G E H A M P T O N W illiam H. Topping, a Bridgehamp- ton boy, who is in the Arm y , and for the past five months has been serving with the Aviation Exam ining Board at Camp Jackson, has recently been transferred to the headquarters detachment of the 81st Division, and is acting sergeant-major in the office of the Division Signal Officer. He is now stationed at Camp Sevier, S. C., and writes that he expects to make a trip to Bridgehampton in the near future.— News. The Ham p ton Farm U n it of the W o m e n ’s Land Arm y w ill open for business on June 10th. The unit will be located in the Charles Ludlow house at Bridgehampton, east of Mr. Berwind’s property. There w ill be two classes of labor— class A, pre­ pared to do heavy labor on farm s and gardens; class B, to do light labor. The women w ill also do dairy work. The matron in charge is Miss Wood- hull, with whom all arrangements w ill be made. Inquiries may also be made of Mrs. Gulliver, at South­ ampton, or Mrs. Samuel Seabury, of East Hampton. Secretary E. R, W a lton, of the Y. M. C. A., of Nassau and Suffolk coun­ ties, and Professor Campbell, of the Association College, at Springfield, Mass., met with a group of Bridge­ hampton boys at the Parish House, last Tuesday evening. The urgent need for secretaries has made it im ­ perative to do active recruiting work, and hence the opportunities of Y. M. C. A. secretaryship as a life work was placed before the local boys. The best available m aterial afforded by young manhood is asked to consider this type of Christian service. The local secretary, F. E. Brooks, of Southam pton, w ill be pleased to com­ m u nicate with any one who desires to know more about this work. sister ship, the Sag Harbor, was overturned canoe, Rensselaer Whit- launched there. She had hardly h it n|an and Thaycr FranciSi two South- the water before keel plates for two „ „ a „ „ w mine sweepers were deposited on the f t f Z Z T S S ways she left. Sunday a f last k. They ••'ere rescued by two other boys. W h itm a n , unable to swim, caught hold of Francis, who aided him to the overturned boat. Melville Morris and C a rlton. Reeves heard the screams of the two lads, and rescued them. ay bell, w ife of was sponsor for the Sag H a rbor.— N. Y. W o rld, Sunday, M ay 26. > A t a special meeting of the Phoe­ nix Hook and Ladder Co., last Tues­ day night, Harold Mason, a member, was presented with a beautiful ring, bearing the emblem of the Foresters organization and engraved with his W A IN S C O T T A N D SA G A P O N A CK initials. The g ift was presented by Ex-Supervisor Thomas W . Lister. Ma- Mrs. C. L. Edwards spent Tues- son was a popular member of the day in New York City, company. He answered his call in i„ the recent Red C h o s s drive *101. the draft, leavm g here Wednesday ^ co„ ccted jn W ainsc0„ . noon f o r Camp Upton. A wrist watch the g ift of the employees of the Gas and Electric Co., and Mr. and Mrs. John Overton, was also appreciated by Mr. Mason. Mrs. J . Howard Hand entertained the “ Busy Bees” at her home on Tuesday afternoon. James Robinson, of New Y o r k City, The Sag Harbor Yacht Club has spent his annual vacation at Mrs. taken active steps to restore the club Oliver S. Osborn s. dock, which was injured by the ice Mrs. R. H. Gaul and little son, ftf ___ ______ — 'nuun- ivir. and M ps . Thomas Tyndall? ers for the stone and gravel and it M r. and Mrs John Mahoney have is the opinion of the House and Dock arrjved at Mav Osborn’s cottage on Committee that the construction de- Woodside lane'for the summer, cided upon will elim inate danger in r. - „ i . -n • • the future. The Club House and its . M !?' Depew' of ,,s sp' nd‘ foundations were uninjured, but as ' 7 su''’ 2 er, W‘th ,hf r U”u£ h t' r' an extra precaution it has been de- “ ra: She\ 11 HedEes’ at her ho,\ e ,n t ft .wifi to ifc ofroKilit*, kiliM ainSCO . cided to add to its stability by build­ ing a crib underneath it. Members of the club who have cruised exten­ sively say that there is no safer or snugger harbor or more convenient club landing to be found anywhere. Mrs. Mary Buck was the guest, on M onday, of her granddaughter, Mrs. M. C. de Loiselle, a t her home in Southam pton. Mrs. Herbert Osborn has returned Aside from its convenience to its own home from the Presbyterian Hos- members and to visiting yachtsmen, pital, New York City, having de- the club has in m ind the great pos- rived benefit from her treatment, sibilities of its location for the Gov- | Herbert C. Foster, of Providence, em inent, should the exigency arise, j R. I., came home on Saturday, re- ------ : ------ .tu r n in g to the Brown & Sharpe ma- SO UT H AM P T ON chine shops on Tuesday morning. ------ ! It is reported that W ilson W a lker W illiam Young, of Woodhaven, L. , was nia\ i e d on Saturday last, to a I., was in Southam p ton over the 1 T®” ho_ h“!* keeping week end. ' * **'\ ” ° Paul Nugent, of Cornell University has returned to his home here for the vacation season. W. D. Van B runt, Louis F. Smith and U. Leroy Havens are members of the Suffolk County Farm Bureau. The First National Bank building has just undergone a new exterior decoration of fresh paint, applied by Philip Hiscock, the local painter. Charles Corrigan, of this year’s graduating class of the high school, a son of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Corrigan, has enlisted in the Naval Reserves. Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Sabin are occupying their large new cottage, “ Baybetrry Land,\ on the Peconic shore, Shinnecock Hills, which has house fo r the M organ fam ily in Sag- aponack. Miss Mabel H ildreth, the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs Thos. H. H ildreth, was taken to Southampton Hospital on Saturday last, where she underwent an operation fo r appendi­ citis. Mrs. Eugene Clark, form e rly Miss & M ildred Hand, of New London, Conn., has been spending several weeks with relatives in East H a m p ­ ton and W ainscott. Professor Eugene Clark is in France as an interpreter. The Liberty Loan honor flag which was given to communities that over­ subscribed their quotas in the Third Liberty Loan, is floating below the United States .flag on our flag pole in W ainscott. M O T O R C A R S H ALSEY’S lARAGE EAST HAMPTON, N. Y. Distributor and Service Station for Eastern Long Island J. J. Gay J. E. G«y OSBORNE HOUSE STABLES L I V E R Y and B O A R D IN G Horses and Carriages to Let Parties taken to and from trains and beach B. M. O S B O R N E , Mgr. B.M. OSBORNE R E A L E S T A T E D E A L E R Fine Cottages with all Modem Conveniences To Rent for the Sum- Large and Small Coun­ try Houses and Build­ ing Sites For Sale. Acreage in all Parts of the Town. :: • :: Recent tests made of the two types of the Browning machine gun bcfora high government officials, members of the senate and house m ilitary commit­ tee- and American and allied army officials !it the Congress Heights range, near Washington, proved their worth, both functioning perfectly. The light ru n - th e Browning machine rifle, which Seaator Wadsworth of New \ork is fhown firing— is handled as easily as the ordinary rifle. The gun may l.e operated as an automatic or a semiautomatic arm. The gun weighs l a pounds and may be fired from the shoulder or ldp position in bursts of 20 rounds or I v in-le Shots The Browning heavy machine gun shown in the other photo- enrol, “W fired from a tripod. This gun Is fed from a belt of 250 rounds of cartridges The gun weighs 3414 pounds with the water JaeJret filled. if y< THE BROW N SCHOOL OF TUTORING 241 W e st 75th St., New York City Telephone Colum bus 8894 Founded 1906. Open all summer in New York. Also lessons given in all subjects at home of pupils in SO U T H A M P T O N and V IC IN IT Y . Every Pupil should do some studying during the summer. W r ite or phone for inform a tion. SCHOLZ’S BREAD—IT’S BEST by Every material is most carefully selected; mixtures are made electric machines, and the finished bread goes directly into a sealed parchm e n t wrapping, reaching your table the same day it is baked. A ll kinds of Bread and Rolls. Cakes and Pastry for special occasions H O M E-M A D E IC E C R E A M EA S T H A M PT O N B A K E R Y M A X SC H O L Z , Prop. Telephone 66-W East H a m p ton, L. I. N umber 4 o f a Series o f Labor Conservation Chats. “This is the Tim e for America to Correct Her Unpardonable Fault of W astefulness and E x ­ travagance.” — Woodrow JVilson. T he COLLECTION o f telephone hills that remain unpaid after the reasonable speci­ fied date is— W A S T E F U L — Because it consumes in work that should be unnecessary , time, effort and expense that might better be devoted to the enormous amount of necessary work that war­ time conditions demand. E X T R A V A G A N T — Because it lav­ ishes upon work that should be un­ necessary, the time, the effort, the expense, that might otherwise be concentrated on the important busi­ ness of keeping the nation’s war­ time telephone service up to peace­ time standards. T e le p h o n e subscribers can make a large part o f this collection work unnecessary, just by paying their telephone bills w ithin a reasonable time. N E W Y O R K T E L E P H O N E C O . A ll C a n 't S e n d —A ll C A N L e n d B u y W a r S a v in g s Stamps. u w a n t to Buy, or have Property to Sell, see the Agent B. M. OSBORNE East H a m p ton, N. Y. LOUIS VETAULT Potted Plants, Trees, and Shrubs, Vines and Hardy Perennials Cooper Lane T H E H U N T T I N G C H A S . S . P A R S O N S Oncns April im C loses December I si\\\* G O O D R j O O M S G O O D BEDS G O O D T A B L K ll R e m i n d s W e oi Horne.\ O T T O S I M M O N S P L U M B I N G Steam and Hot Water Heating Stoves and Ranges M ain Street East Hampton T E L E P H O N E 106 Severe Winter Injures Hundreds of Valuable Trees B e tter have me examine and rem­ edy your trees now. A local injury to the bark you’d hardly notice, will, if neglected, result in a decaying tree. Prevention is always better than cure. L E O N A R D G. V A IR Master Tree Surgeon M u n icipal B u ilding Southam p ton, New York Telephone Connection J. F. M ILLER G E N E R A L C O N T R A C T O R AND M O V E R OF A N Y T H IN G M O V A B L E Non-Pumpable Cesspools, High Pressure Water Sys­ tems Installed. Wells Sunk, Drilled or Driven A ll Kinds of Concrete W o rk Done E A S T H A M P T O N , N. Y. E. M. LYNCH FIR E W O O D AND KINDLINGS $5 a Load C ESS P O O L S C L E A N E D AND G A R B A G E R E M O V E D Telephone Springs Road Connection East Hampton

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