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\ \ 17 The ousiness office of the Evening Pod is at No 7 V'l£ET dJZNec~ S-rltllET, on the third floor. where all ord\lrB may te left. . ldf\ tiingle copies ol the Ev~mng Post can be ob· taine•l at the offit·e. A liberal discount made to News men. The Foree or Earl;y lmpreaslons. --- I One of the great problema of modern timea OLE HULL'S FAREWELL CON• C£RTS IN AlllEKIVA. O LE BULL begs lea~~ to inivrm hla fr1euds and the publ!c In aeneral, that b\fore retirin!< fwm his aruspc career •. he Will vislt I!Oiole of the Clt1es of the \'\lest of lhe Unued States. wh~:re be has met ou lu• h>rmer tour surh a conhd.l ree<>pllon. The FIRST ANDO~LY GR!..!'\D CONCERT OF OLE BULL, Ill Bulfalo, wtlltake place on Monday Ev~nlng, NovJ:mber liilh. . -AT- I> l Nl:W EAGLE-STREET TREAT CARR & WARREN .•.••• MAN AGI GEORGE RYEII. ••••• 8T4GE MANAGE Third night of the ~reat Trngediatt, MR. NEAFIE. Fourth night of the celebrated Cumedte 1 .no, MISS FITZPATRICK. TJu: Sunt C..&.sE.-The cau now pending in the Superior Court of New York, and awaiting the decision of Judge Paine in re· gard to tJita claim of certaia slaves to their freedom, involves a principle' of a good deal ofi'lterest and importance. The question is very simple, and is purely one of law. It seems that a Mrs. Lemmon, a citizen of Vir- ginia, and the owner of sundry slaves under the laws of that State, brought them into the -~See first page for reading -;~tter. State of New York, on their way to Te:xas.- It is claimed on behalf of the slaves, that be- ~ See Telegraph on third page. ing in the State of New York, the laws relates to tbe best mode of training the young, $0 that in after life they may become useful, provident industrious and patliotic Citizens. Tl:tb old adage that 'prevention is better than cure,' is especially applicable in this class. The seed.s of virtue, when implan- ted in the young mind and heart, seldom fail to produce good frnit; and so the seeds of Tice are almost Invariably productive of bit- terness and crime. Nothing ~s more power- ful than early recollectwns and. impr.:ssious They live, linger, aod exercise an influence in after life. The first lesson in morality and reli~ion, of a fond and devoted mother, the early and earnest teachings of a kind aud aff. ectionate father, :.re never en tirley forgotten. Life may be chequered and changeful, its paths may be varied by cloud and sanshine ; adversity may dakren one day, and pro~:.pen­ dazzle another; aud yet in the calm and tran- quil moments and meditation and r\flection -and there few who have uo such woments TOWNSEND HALL. For whicb oct;asion he bas ~ngage,J SI~norina ADE· JJNA PATTI~ Lhc muncal J..!it.hvJ~l~!J~U\ unJy e1~!1t years old. Th1s ex1raoni1nary ch1ld '<Jo~s the songs of l\laJ!bran, Pasta, Jenny Ltntl, :.l.1dame Sontag, Ca· tharme Haye~, Album and l\fatlau,e B1shop, exactly M CtJmpooed for ,tbem 1 Wllh l!ICCedlble ea;e and per· Tbis Evening, November liit ISS~ Performance will cLmmence with the CQm,dy THE SOLDIER'S DAUGHTER. ~overnor Heanall ..•.•••.••.• Mr. Worrc Frank Uear1al1 ••••••••••••.... Mr. HI Widow Cheerly .•.•••.. 1\!iss Fitzpatrick~ -- -\!'\'\ ~-- ---~- ~RAILROADs EAST AND W:t:sx.-The of which do not recognize slavery, they, be• Buffalo and Rochester Railroad have got fair· come free and they cannot be claimed or ly working on their new straight track be- held as slavas. The case has nothing to do tween this ,•ity and Batavia, and arc as usual with the 'Fogiti>e Slave Law, inasmuch as lecuon~ '' !\lAT:RlCE STRAKOSCH, ::lfu,.:cal Director and CondnclOr. To conciude with t11e J\fodern French Dran lbl~:ar,ce In 5 acts aud t> tableaux, of Ihe PROGRAl\1:\lE-l'A..R'-r FIRST: CORSICA~ BROTHERS. carrying full trains of passengers both ways. these slavtes d1d not escape from service, but The freight bu sincss over this road is rapidly were brought, voluntarily, by their owner iu- increasin~; if we can be allowed to judge by to the Sta:te of ::'r ew York, and within the op- the amount of goods in the Freight Depot or eration of its laws. -the sceues of early youth will rise m tl•e mirror of memory, and With them a thousand gentle and tender recollections an u ass·JCla- tions. Youth we repeat, it~ the season of powerful impressions. It is then that the nature is pliable and the character un- formed. It is then that the world has not 1-Gra: .. i r~r~:...t..,H .. J:c <..: .. mcert, ou ta.vorue atrs from the C'hlltl of the Re~nncr,t, C< mpooed aul! per~ f!!rmcd l!v :11. Strakosch. 2-'· Happy ·B•rdilfl!; of tht' forest, 'Wallacr Bravu~ ra Sung com)Josed for Kate Hayc~, t-Ung by ~J~nu. ro; ........ i\Jt_UII>tL l'd.tll. 3-'-• The ;\l\'ber·s Pra) t·r,'' a F.~_ai.J.Sla ltt::Jg1u~.1, compoee<l a1t•l executed by Ole llu If. :vt. Fahien and Louis Dej Frandu,-the Corsican Brut here •.•.•...••• l\fr. Neafi· M. De Chatl\au Reuanrl .• , .••. C. Bal\ton fl ~avJiia Dei Franchi ..•.... Mr~: Muzzy. t? Entran~c to the Dwss Circle and Purque ror-ner of 1\I.ain and I·: f!le srs. ·ro Fau.ny Lird 2d Tier, rorne• ot Washington and .Ea;.ll'. the number of loaded cars on their tracks. Smce tihe above was in type we notice The Buffalo and New York city road are. that the decision is announced as in favor of hard at work upon the old track between the freedom of the slaves. 4-'• All '\'II glUu:;c,\ tim cc,chra tel Hondo Flu ale fru:.J '• La Sumoambula,'' tung t•)' SJt!Oorwa Ade. IIHJ Pam. A D:lll:;,; ION-nres; Circ1e und p,,,quettP, eents. Uprer Bo~es 2.i cents. Private !Jv•t·~$. .!Joors open 6~; o•c:uclt; Curtain Iises m ;;~. -------- ---- -- here and .Attica, spreading the rails to suit' THE reaignation of Mr. EwBANK: late com• their wide, car,., anu will be: able to run into' missioner of Patents seems to furnish mat- the city direct from Hornellsville by the end ier of rejoicing to most of the papers which of this week at farthest. They h:!.ve the have noticed it, with the solitary exception frame of their p~eng&r Depot up and will as far as we },ave seen of the Xew York Tri- soon have it covered in. Their Macbtne bwn.e. It is tha general testirtiony that his Shop an immense building at the corner of administration of the duties of this important Exchange and Lousiana Streets is nearly office has \been singularly inefficient and ve..-.- completed. They will open a large pas8en- atious to all concerned in their discharge.- ger and freight business as soon as the wide The appointment is said to have been con. cnrs can run through. firmed on a Mr. HoDGE of Verment, and we chilled th11 currentoffoelmg, bas not conupt ed the heart and mado it mercenary and sel- fish. How important then, that the thoughts the habits. and the tastes of the young bhould ba properly trained and directed: How tuauy thousauds in our great citi~s mig-ht be saved who are now misled, mif'gUtded, mir;d1rected but who once astray,find it imposs1ble tore- cover tho right path ! 5-Pa~anini'~ famou< ''\Vitch·, Da •ce, J•erftJrrnetl hy Ole lluJL fi::§ Th1s extraortll'lary awl erC\eutnc composltlOn has Ur;-en only recently revived by 011! Ball, up to Which Lllu~ the execuuon of the Treble und Harmoruques uot \Jeing believed pos· s1blo 4 PART SECOND. 1-'· ThE Banjo,', a new CapneJO Chararteri5;ti:'ple., C\olnf..Jo~eu c;~nd executeU by M.aunce Strakosch. \2-·· C\oruu~~ thru· •t.e R)c,\' lli!J l.J.,vrtlt.: !St.:ul~,;h llal· lad, sum: by Sq:nonna A del rna Pant. i:HE NEW METROPOLIT 'fHE.ATRE. Mt:. l'. T. Sl\tlTil, •••••• LESSEE ANDJ\1A.N.1 Seventh night of Lhe distinguished Tragedian, Mr. G V. HUUOKE,. \r.o w1ll appear fvr Six ::-i •gbts only, commenc1 3-Grarul Nauonal Fantasia lor tne Vh>liu alone, per· Jormed uy o;e Bull, as tletllcated w the Senate and ('nugre>s of :he Llllted Staksai their req•Je>t. a11d J->e1 formeJ 011 the occaslun of hts first concert ar. \Va....-hJn!{ton. 4-Jenny I.tntl'\ \Echn Son!!,\ R·•n~ uy S1gnoriui Atlelwa Palll. This Eveniu:;r, Novembct' 15, 185 1n h1• great French Drama of the COR::-ICAN llROTHERS, .su~taining the arduous characters of Fab1en Luui::> Del Franchi. The western road is doing a good business hope he may be found to possess the impor- between this city and Erie, and the last gap ant requisites of honesty, sound judgment. b~tween Bnffalo and Cleveland was to ha-ve and a bnsi10ess capacity to conduct with des- been filled up to-day. \\' atch the business of the office. We have ever believed that tbe majority of crimin-als of this co~mtry were the creatures of circumstance~ the victims of Jgnorance and example, of profligate hart! ·hearted, or negli· gent and intemperate parents. How harJ then, the lot-how bitter the fate of the wretched young beings to wh.:~m we refer] Driven into the world with false viel'is of lifeaud itsduties, tempted to go astray, aud with no moral power sufficient to control and curb their passtons and prejudiCes, they ,;oon cumruit suiHO exce:>s or Holat~ sume law and thereafter their course is rapid at>d tluwu· ward. Friendless and hnpebs, tht:y are punished and banned, and hte tlllls becomes a wreckless and bitter strugg-le. T~mptations beset them on all sides. \\\aut Las us tempt· ations, Ignorance has its tCill}•tatlulls IJcglcd has its temptations, while the cnminnl hav iug once gone astray, has the brand of the con- vict fixed upon his character, and is peculiar· ly and emphatiCally liable to temptatio>r•s which are scarcely conceivable to the upright and the prosperous. 'l'ho young offenders of ?ur day might, could and should, in a major- Ity of casPs, be saved. They ha\~C Lccll rui~>lcJ and only requir~ to be drrected aright. .Al- ready many institutions have been organized ;;_,.Carnival at Venice,\' by Ole Bull. The P1ano u~ed by Mr. Srrako<ch will be from Boardman & Gray·R celeuratt'tl manuJactory, kuul1y JuarwU by !\!essr~. Sdge & Sons. Tliet pnce of the ueket of udndsf:'lon tu all parr....:; of 1he Hall ha-; been fix,.t) at $1; to· he ohta1neU at the' prir.upal :lluslr. and .Book SLUres arnlllutet~. ar•d 011 ;he evenm;r of the CuucPrtat the l!OMofthr HalL- Doors Operi aL half past 6 o'clock. Concert to com~ . The )'Ieee Will he performed as orie•nally pi In Lundon, In & acts and lj tal!icaux. He IVJJl be bUJ'JlOfled by Mrs. WJLKINFON and :\!is~ TGlO'illULL and the entire strength of the Cc>mpany. The magmficent seen .. of t.he CORSICAN Fl!NERAL, For a few weeks past it has taken a good por· tion oftra>el from here west, bat 'ilie serious inconveniences and annoyances to whiCh pass- engers have been suqjected by the grasping avarice of the publicans and stage proprietors on the few miles between the Ohio and Penn- sylvania Railroads, have made it anything but a pleasant route. When the iron link is supplied by which stops and changf~!! to horse• \ MAIDFlli:ST DESTINT.\-The news from tha Isthmus of Panama indicates that the inhab- itants there are considering the expediency of declaring nt a.n independent state, or else of annexing h to some more powerful country. The goveriilment at Bogota has acted Iibeml- ly in opening the matter for di1>cussion, and its course meets with general commendation. mt:uce at i !i· noll -- --------- - -------- Grand Vocal & lnstrument.n! Conce•·t at TOWNSEND HALL, m; WED:\';f.SDA Y F:VI::'>I:\G, :\ov 17, h:l2.- For the beu~tit ot Sr. \·r,cem ol Pau~ Orphan A~ylum, ot1 wlurh obca\lo11 ;\I'\' E. GREENFIELD, the celt·brdtf'd cautatnre, hc1::;; khJJly vt•lumeerPtl her val- uable t:WI 'I\ ICes eratuuvus.ly. A leo Prof. DENTON, who WJIJ pr(>~!r!f' at the I~~.H.~• :~.~r:t::. PHOGRAI\'IlUE. PART fiRST. covers over Ten Thou:aml feet of canvaRs. [?Soats can be procur~d three days m ad•· withou~ extra charge. , Pale£ oF ADMlssio~.-l•rivate Box$5; O:ch \'eats if> ce .. ts; Dress ( i cle a lid l'uiQUCtt ceuts; Family Circle, 25 ceuts; Thtr<J 'l1er I! JJ'I'riucipu.l Entrance onl'l1air1 1:> reet. l.J;tr to Third Tier on Wa.JJingtun\Strt\et. Doors open at 6t;a'clo, k. PerlormiUlee wLI nence nt i.f c/clock. ------------ -- power Will be rendered unecessary, this will be one of the most pleasant routes in the coun- try. During the Winter and Spring especi- ally it will find ample employment. Bill!! have recently passed the Mis~issippi Legislature, prohibiting the !!ale of ardent spirits in seTeral counties and townships up- on a vote of a majority of tha people, re- questing the boards of police to withhold li- 1-Le Trellluia a l';ortllrna, (For 1he Pmno Forte,) Tha!i.•e-rg-I:xccutcJ. Uy- PruJ, IJeut.un. ~-SwcE\tly o'er my &en:;;es l\ltealm'J Zw,~areJlj- i'titss Greenfiehl. 3-Last Rose n1 Summer, 1\Toore-:lliss Greenfield. 1-\Vhy ilo I Weep l J. Barnctt-Mtss Greenfield. :i-Ho•-nr 1 Swer't Homr. Bi,!J<>r•-}1~>• f.;r<euticiJ. b-LlkP fhe gio01n of uight retil rng, B1shnp-:Mrss On and .ufter .ifle;nday. Uctu.•tr ~f.h.h, J .... £12 trains will nn between .Articnand uornellsv· follows: Eastwa:rd. ~ The Grand Jury of .Alleghany conn· ty has unanimously recommended a sub- scription on the part of that county, of $1,- 000,000 to the Alleghany Valley Railroad Company. This was done in accordance with a provision of law, which requires such re- commendation to authorize the County Corn- missioners to make the subscription. cense. ~\WINTER lingers in the liipof\ autumn to-day and manifests a strong dispnsition there to linger till the warm breezes of spnng- give him his walking papers. The snow lay about two inches thick on the roofs and side- walks this morning, and except in exposed situations there it lies about the aame yet. Meanwhile lthe sky is cold and black, and thick banks of clouds promisf' more of the raw matelial for sleighmg between thi& and Than:ksgiving day. Greenfield. with benevolent objects, and the results have 1-Polka •!i Conrert fur the Piano rune,\\\. V. Wal· been every way encouragtng. ~ evertheless lace-Executed by Prof Demon. there are thousands of youn.\· the idle and '2-~,,unol the TrUITIJ•et, Hmunel-~\fis• Greenfield. ~ :~-TlHm you'll remf:'mber n e,Balfe -.:UJs.s Greenfield~ the dissolute in our ~reat cities, who are per- 4-The M•>ther's Farewell, Frv 111 Jl;orma-)1ias mitted to go on step by step, without any re- Greenfield. straining voice and who only require their 5-l'lly f,,,. <>ne i11 du!<lhout! tor,, (from Bohemian 1 b L .J .l h · fhrl,) Balft.:-:\fis..; Gree!Jtie1J. mora natures to e strengt enc ... anu t eir 6-ThP Harp tim once rhrou~.;h Tara's Ha!J's 1 Moore PART SECOND. FIRSTTRAIN-Le.rves Attica at !!,15 A.M., arrn·es at llornellstille .. ~ 12.4.:J 1'. M. SECOND TRAIN-Leaves Alt!ca at 6.30 P and arrive• at Hornellsv.lle nc 9,4U f'. M., con1 mg With tbP night Exprr ss tram over tho N. E. ll. R.,which armes•nNew York at 11.30 WestlV<~rd• FIRST TRAIN-Lenve~ llon.ellsville at 8 and arrtv<·s at Atti~a '\ 10.56 A. M. SECUNU TR HN-L•aves HornellS1ille at P.M., and arrives Auicaat lO.W P.M. U PnssE>ugars ha\ing •he ~i~kers ot tiJ~t N. E. Railroad. I rom I •unkirk to .N cw \ ork, pur ed at any offire WPoi or SOI!th, (,l on auy lAllie Ste<~mer, when un,.ble to land at Dullkulr, car change them at lb.Js office only~ for 1ickets them a railroad pa:.iage 1111 the way, and by th!l route frum Hornell~ ville, Tbe Alleghany Valley Railroad is the one to extend from Pittsburgh to the Penttsyl:va- nia State line near Olean, where it is to be met by the Bnffalo and Pittsburgh Road which has of late received considerable at· tention in our city. social condition improved, to cbau~e them -:11 1 ~~ Gr,•entiPid. into better, more thoughtful more responsi- T•ckets o1 At!nu,swn Fifty < euts. Concert to b1e beinrrS. The fielU is a witlc oue-wl.to commPnrc at hu.Jf f•01St sevcu u'dut k.. w1U venture to enter it with a Tiew to so nu- · ._u_ :\l••ru~ng pap~r~ r_•le_a:_•_e c.::!''-· ___ n_o_I3_ ble and salutary a reform ?-Penn:;ylt•ania Inquirer. ~-------~--·-- WIDOllV lTIACHREE WALTZ. BY THOMAS COOK. FARE-$7 liU between New York and Bu audtwo cenrs per mile bet\ een lntermediatt pJ TicKets should be oht&iuell nt the office of the r ~NEw SciiOO:'I'ER.-We noticed a new ff!V\PITTSIIURGH A.ND BuFFALo.- What has schooner in the creek this morning, owned by A GLANCE: AT Locts N APOLEOx.-The edi- tor of the ·New York Commercial iu an able review of European polittcs, thus lmefly but A 'I' the solicitation of many am.<.teurs and others, w\ havr JU•t published tills lll!le jem. a.' play. e<l tJy the Quad nile Bands 1u tlus c;ty. It has ><lready ht•rnmp a g\f'twr:tf t:n:nr:nc, and urdcr:l have been re- & E. R. R. foot of IJuane Street, N. Y ., and.!: office of the B & N.Y. U. R. !i. 1\o. 95 hX<~Ua.ngi street, two doors from Eastern railroad I llput, lalo. S. ::!J::Y ~IUUR, Eng. and Su forcibiy sketches th~ character of Louis X a- poleon: JOH!f HoLLTNG5;Hl:AD. Agent. o. 25 TO GAriTALISTS.-I am instructed to the fullowmg lots of land clieapfor cask. 2 0 feet on the southwest comer ol Clinto A believer in his destiny rather than in his duty; following the promptings of a uniform purpose, rather than the dtcta Its of conscience; led on hTambition, rather than patrwtism ; of democratic blood and democratic training, and yet of imperial tastes and despotic ten- dencies ; weak, fooltsh and. vac!llating in ad- versity, but strong, firm, persistent aud saga- cious in prosperity : personally profligate and luxunous, yet idefatigable aod unwcuried in attention to state affairs; standing before the French nation as a LetraJer of their cou- fideoce, and the uu thor of a coup d'etat n 1 mo\t without pamllel in the history of rlespot•sm, yet retaining a my~>terirJus sway o\cr thtm affections, and n10uldiug tl.em to hi~ w Iii ; remembered by persons living in these t: ni- ted States as a dollarless, pr·ofligate youth- almost an omcast from the low society he chose-as imprisoned for some misdemeanor or petty rowdyism, and stillmdebted to the counsel who got him 011t of the trouble, but now greeted on his preregrinatwns by the crubas~ies of proudest royalty aod re\·Plltng in a profusion of imperial splendor-Luui\' Napoleon may well be considered as \a won- der, a marvel to men.\ Dynasties watch his movements with deepest concern, and the Pope himself, indebted to him for his throne and his power, declares himself read,y to prm'e his gratitude by taking part in the ap- proaching ceremony of Lis iuaugUiat.ion as Emperor. become of the railroad which a few weeki! o. BuGBU and called tbe Aldebaran. She since claimed so much of the public atten- was built for Mr. B. at one of the ports on tion ? Election being over our merchants Lake Huron, and IS a fine looking craft. and property owners have time to deTote to prqjects for increasing the growth of our city CoN'?RSm!'ls TO THE RoMAN' Crn:ncn.- Ceived by us Jrum Boston, New I vrk. Phtlaoclpliia, and el>nvla•re, 111 tuhaJtce ul Jts p:.tiJl!catwu. 'fhie. IJke us predecessor the\ Bailie Vi.'altz,\' is t.ief:nned te !Jecotue ~hefat·orite of the Draw111g Room as well as Dancing Ball ·\ as its •tdct ti•ne .. ,,J Sllll!Jllcuy renders H ufH: of t 1e best ·waltzes e\·er wnuen. It Js nnw ready for sale and may be ha,I at all tlte prinri· pal !llU$Jr. Store~ 111 the Urmed Stares anti Canada!!. Prattstre• ts. 27 1eet on the_ norrh side of Clint\'n street, 25 west of Pratt street. 1:15 f.:l't on the west side of Flfth street, 1!5 ft. of C:trolina street. and enhancing the value of'their property. Frederrck W. Pollard, A. M., for some time , Rector of the Episcopal Church at N autucket d\\T:e:E CoNCERTTIDB ETEID.t'>IG.-All the ,and more recently the associate of the late Dr. appearances indicate that the Concert of OLE Croswell of tlile Church of the Advent, and BuLL, this evening, will be the most brilliant the Rev. E. M. P. Wells, of St. Stephen's thing of the kind this season. Nobody needs Church, Boston, were·Jately received at St. to be told of his fame as the greatest violinist Anne's Churl!b, in thai City, by Dr. Forbes. since the day!! of Paganini, and as it IS prob- able this will be. the last opportunity for hear- ing him in Buffalo, there is no doubt about his calling out all who appreciate the h1ghest style of musical art. The singing of the young P ATT.I and the splendid e.x:ecntion of STRAKosca; on the piano will make pleasing additions to tho entertainment. frfir .A.MEIUOAN HALL.~A Dr. WErTrlfG commences a series of lectures on PhysiOlo- gy illustrated by manikins, .figures, &:c., at American Hall this evening. The lectures are well spoken of by several of the Eastern papers. ~Mr. BtrnCHAitD, a minister of the Presbyterian:faith who watl some fifteen years ago one of the cehbrities of Western. New Y~rk has been for some weeks in the city.- He has not as yet created so much excite- ment as he was wont to do in earlier days when the town was smaller, but his sermons yesterday at the Free Baptist Church (for- merly Dr. Lord's) were li'ltened to by large audiences. His manner and style though not quite !iO vehemint as of old is still t;Omething more lively than that of the. clergymen in our city. -- ·--.......-·--~ ~ .A YOUNG man named Tnnothy H. Paul, clerk at the LovPjoy House, was ar- rested on Friday for embel'?ling letters ad- ZrNc FOR S:arp Br:;ILDING.-It is stated. that a small -vessell of about 180 tons bnrtben, to be called the 'Comic le Hon,' has been con- structed at N ants, of zinc, by way of testing the adaptatio>n of that metal to ship build- ing. --------~-- - -----~- y <l.NDE E:l!TElRPRISE IN SOUTH A~iERTCA.,­ By the schooner Lamartine, which cleareJ the port of Bostoro, 4th inst., for Cum~ma, Vene- zu_ela, a party ofad,-entw·ersgo out, furnished with a complement of machinery, foi· the pur- pose ?f raising treasure from the wreck of the SpnDish vessel \San Pedro,\ which was lo:st off Venezuela, more than a century ago. It is supposed tha~ the >essel had about $9,000,000 on board, wh1d1 was sent by the horne gov- ~rnm_ent to pay off the troops in her domin- Ions 1n the new world. Some two. years !inca, a portion of the pre- s~nt I;>arty discovered the wreck, and with the a1d of a little :apparatus for the purpose suc- ceeded in raisilng about $25,000. and cieared t~e wreck so that they now anticipate opera- ttons w11l be comparatively ea!!y. A steam eng1n_e will _he, ca:ried out, and also a diving muchtne of tngemou~> construction, newly In· v~uteu by Mr. James .A. Whipple,'! togeth 11 r with submaniJe armor, and all other appara- tus deemed necessary for the most scientific fa~homing of. the\ boundless deep!' Should this enterprrsmg company secure the whole of their supposed vastly dch prize. they will not only suddenly become rni!lionairel! in wealth but, millionaires literally\ of the :first .a~.ater.\' -···------ DISA.PPE.ARA:l<CE OF SMALL Po:::: 1::. BosTo~ -~---------- Ro1.n:.-The Pope in a speech made in the Conststory, 27th September. complains of the ing-ratitude of:'\ ew Gr\lnarla in curbing the power of the Cborcb. He threatens with his hiahest dispJ.easure all prelates who obey the ci~tl law respecting parochtal examinations, and be Ian-is the conduct of the archbishop of Santa Fe (le Bogota. Meantime the UJin· ister of New Grenada bas struck his flag and left Rome. LATE HoeRs.-It is hard to tell, observes an historian, why all over the world, as the age became more luxurious, the honrs becawe later. Wus it the crowd of amusements that pushed on the hours gradually.? or were peo- ple of fashion better pleased with the secrecy We annex helow a copy of a letter received by :Mr. C'••ok, prevwn• to ils publication, ~Ignvd by anum- ber of ladles of Caledonia. 50 feet on the west side of Sixth st!eet, 125ft of Carolina stre•t. Caledonia, September Zl, 1852. Apply at 246 Main-st., under the Patdhin Ban GUY H. 8ALI.<5HLRY oc57 Real Bs.ate Atw THOMAS Co01r, E~q., !fly Dcur SiT :-1 appeal to you in behalf of the ladies ul \\·estern New Yurk 1 for •he publication of a Waltz you have arranged !rom the soHg\ \lli!dow ,\lachree.\ \\ l\'l'\larJ'Y i• already lJ,,ureJ. ?1 thltlk 1 heard !\Ir. Kmg,;!nnd of Geneva say, h<: would take one hur.tlred f'oj•Jc:::i. I \'CJ•lure tot'l\'Y irOIJJLhe beautyol the \Valtz, there v. Iii be ruauy huu1fret!s taken. :\oldy I be;; C<>u>iderauon, Your. rc;pecllully, (SigLed by severalladie,.) -- \Ve have ateo ju<t pub.Ishe<l a beamlful Sung, I>uer., Tno aw:l Chocu....,, euut!ed •· Fnetu.lships Ut· tenng, ., tnscribed to the Hon .. JE,SEE KETCHUM, of tlus city. J. SAGE & SONS, no9tw 2U!J i'tia111 Street, Bulfalo. Ladies aud Gentlemen Uead l'h A YOUNG Ill AN who l1as had grcnt .~ .. l''\ in waiting on SoeLlJ'attres and Bau <on <>ffers hi• sPnires to th~ Ladies and GuuJem llulfato nnd vi, idty. and •he neighboring por Ca'.uda. II~ isconfideut he c '\ gm:euti•e sati tion. He will suhpiy all waiters needed. 1' lea\~e crders at my l\<!S de •. ce, the coruer uf Main N•agarn RtrPH.•. up stai s, or in the Lock Facror the urouud :floor. oc3Qhn HERCUL£SJ.AN!JRE -------------------------------- B. T. HARR.I S, Merchant Tailo 199 Mazn-st.(3 doors Soutlwj Slterman BuFFALo. --: N EW C;A~ AND SMOKE BL'RNER COAL l STOVES-Suitable for Sto e•, Offices, Halls, Hotels, &e., &c. 'l'bis!:;tove was got out tbte last fall ,,n<J had asp eudid •un, ]t prmed itself the best and most economical Sto•·e e•·er inven•.ed. We warrant these S aves to ra•J •ate more h<at from the same fuel rhan any ether. For sale uptown only atu,., Hou,;e Keepers I:.mporium, 217 il'la n liDo :3 East Swan sts. GE:'fTLEMES•S CLOTHI~G MADE ORDER EXrLU!SI\tE:LY, Ali<D W.ARR.ANTEIJ TO SUIT. Has constant,y o hand., choice assoruuent of French, and English Cloths. , Cassi- meres. and Vestin ~s no6 JE\'I..'fETT & HROT!iJ::R. ---------A --C-AR--D·-.- ------- Dental Operations. TilE scB:;r:HtlH.Rgra erut tor tlJe very liberal pntronaj!e he has received dunng the past four years, would lnforw his old patrons and the pubJrc ::~uer11ty that he !s still at hi• old Hand and e ndeav· ••Ts by a carefu I \pprecJation of PVPry case entrust· eiJ to bts care aud by a Ju dtcious npNication of tbP mo•t f.'stePmerl metnods to ootain Ibe deo1red end witiJ economy and real benefit to his patients. All operations w:J!ra~·te~ and satisfacnon guaranteed ID every case; thinking It unnecess•r~; to give a iist of pnce'; be woutd say to all who n•led dental opera· tions thar his tenns are as low as t:Je lowest, aud be believe• his work wit comparP f:.vcrabiy with t.lle best. A call is respectfully >'oltcn.~d. F.REDER1CK OLIVER, Surgeon Dentist, OF THE L..d.TE'S'l' S7•YLES, ~:.'elected expressly for 1he t:u:-::·1 0 v 'l'ltAD Gentlemen lea vir 'gtr1\ir c>rders \'ill bave their w · eonsultRd and eomp Jed v.lth, as all wurk. 1s under the supervision of 1Ur. G'. W. FOLTS GENTLEME~·s FURXISHING GCO Of all kino< ~onst .ntly on hand YOl?THS nnd C·<Il.D&t:N'.s t:i.OTHING. to order in L!Je neal est muuner and laLeH >tyles. A DES IRA BL E .. FAll il'L-Fur r< FARMof 16•1 acres,Lenu fui}Lratdo, oanks of the Ni gar:t n•er, r.e.r Ll'wisto .. , hO im}Jroved, \\il.l.l tw. dweaing honses, ;:c•;od bu.rn lar!:e ordmrtl~ Jt.j, ,,,u•Lt'rcd c,ne <>ft.he nne· untio s for a Gentleman\• ht>sJdt:nce iu this P• lhe country. 157 .Main Street Six doors at.ove GothicHall. Apply at 246 Main Street, underthe Patchin B , to GUY H. R A~ 1~1Sb11RY, oe30 Ben.! Esonte Agent. BRICK HOT.:SE ON SOUTH IHVISIO~ ST.- A g\llr Br,;ck Huu~e oo ~uulh lh\~•lHun Street., No. ~tr, '\ nffereJ for eal e. Lu' 54 bY 115. Funushed Wll h N Ja~ara water. ·Price $2,500 ;,n very ea>y terms of paym,::ont'. Ap!Jly at the £~1e. L<ind <:Jffire TH.!!: BLACK DIAMOND. lXTE in'\ite. the att· n\on of thooe v.ish ft GOAL COOK STOVE to this new and b tiful pattern. An ex.aminat1on of this jn.::::tly bra ted --tove wi I ·.we .:re confident coovi.ru::e a.ny dressed to the care of that house, and com_ mitted to jail in default of $1500 bail to appear. ~''------~- _____ _ -For nearly a year past, scarcely a death has occurrec;i of the loathsome disorder, small pox, where~1n ~ormer years the mortality bus amounted to a hundred or more. This desir- ed result is tho _co~equence. of the thorough eystern ~r vacc:matiou required hy the city autholaties. and silence of the night, when the vulgar, in- dustrious had gone to reht? ln past a_geQ, 11 DEL.\.~\\ ARE STREET.-A fi~>e .re>Hlem:e there were few pastimes but wbat daylight · rn 1Jelaware S.t reet near C•Jld Sprmg is offer- affi d d ed for sale~ The I'(TOun<ls cons!it of nearly 3 Or e \ ar-res good g~rden land, on WbldJ lS a _gl\Cat Vanety B. A. MANCHJ::ST£R, Lad & Tax Agent. ------ ---- ---------- of its decHlfdsuperivrf;y orer any .,!],e; Cra, · Sb...veo tn thP market. Alway~ on lland a• the Hou,.e Ket:>pe,s Emporium, 217 .'Hal .. n.~.a.3 l:.Lo.;t:-o~ an s.ts .. no6 JEI'Yl:.TT & B;WTHER. irThe sermon last eveniog by Dr. Low on the death of Calhoun, Clay and Webster was. listened to by all who could find l!eata in the ample limits of the Central Presbyterian Church. It was a fitting tl\ibute ofretpect to the memory of the three gianl.$ whose recent loas tha nations mourns. W a hope to !jje it published: ---------------- A few droplS of creosote on brown paper put in the boles of rats. will dnve them away Nux vomica and oatmeal is a sore poison. ' .A book callecl \British Poroology\ has ap· peared, containi:ng a description of ~42 kinds of apples. All ~ha..e are tracaabl~ to the com- . mon crab. The Wav to =ccess is to \keep on try.ing,\ <'f ch~i~e frun irees an.J Bbrubben. The whole can \\ be. had tuw and on very ea\Y term:· or payment. the despo;ding should remember that tim11 Applv Io B. A. MANCHESTER, and patience converts the mulberry leaf il.to na9 • ' Lao;! & Tax Agent. satin, while a handful of acorns only needs the fostering influence of a little snnshioe, and a little rain, with a little ox-tuggmg and a little genius, to become a frigate with two rows of teeth. --*\' • • 0 VER COAT::. -A ..-ery tine ~·ock of French anti Eurli~h o•-er ~oat gno:ls on ha:ttl and made to or. der m the best style, at '-~ noll HARRiS', 199 Mam Street. ~26 REW .A.RD. THE House ot Perry Engine Co :r:o. 7, w1n tere.d between the f.'vening oftl1e lst '\ d mornin the 3d inst~, and a lantern mar )Led \Eng.ne No. and a brass spe3king trumpet s1olen. A d u cover w s al>O tcrn.t\om a U.b't' and rarr'ed df. reward d twen:y·five do Iars \il be pz:id f.srtbe Br· re t. or for. suCh J Itf ~.-.rn.!u.on as.s.h 1!i 1- .ad to !.he de-- tection an-a eorrvi.ctJ:on .. o-f tb~ bu g;azs ... B J o:rGer of 1he camp:my, J. M. KENDALL, Foreman • Btifi'alo,Nov.\S 1852. Jw_ Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods, A LARGE and complete as:::m-tmer.t constantly on GRE.A T Bargains given inaecond band \Vatehes handat {noll} HAil.RlS',l!I'J.MainEt. lS<;Kain-at. .. ~ D~B.CASTLE. HOUSE TO ii:~. Enquire ar. this office

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