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Buffalo evening post. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1852-1877, November 15, 1852, Image 1

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46. ' 11:11:. ~1 EVENING POST. • (S published EVERY EV EN!NG, (::lunda.ys ex. · . ted,.) a.t the orlice No. 7. \'Ve.,t. Seueca ot.recl., by I CA.LVL.\l J. i'f.I.ILLS _ /&&J!J!.-Delivered to subscribers in the city, nt .t CENTI::l per week, or $3 per awrum, when pttid . 'r'dvaRce. Mnil snb,;cribers iu\'IIJ'iubly in advlllice. ms of .Advertising per Square in tlte lJaily. (Fourteen. lines or less make a IJf[U.are.) ;quare, 50 cents first insertion, =d 2& cents for ' .. h subsequent insertion, less than one week. ' ~re,for 1 week, Sl 50 8quarefor3mo'ths $8 00 : .l\ \ 2 \ 2 50 \ \ 6 \ 12 00 Jn \ 3 \ 3 00 \ \ 7 \ 15 00 '\ \ 1 m'nth 3 50 \ \ l year 20 00 ,:'he terms of yearly advertising, and of advertise· 'nts plac:ed before the marriages and tleat.hs, will ·.:made known at the office. lBU~INESS CARDS. .:-- ~ -- ~ -- - - - - -~ -- F. M. COFFIN, a.nd Oesigner, No. 13 Graniic !!lock. au6 , WM. L. JAMES, •aier in &11 kinds of Fancy Dry Goods, French lllil· , liner.y, &c., t'lu. 2t~O Muiue~reec, Builillo, J A.MES H. CL.A RK ---- 'BaLER IN CHOLCE WINES, I.IQUORS, c fligars Whoiesu.le & Retail fi.t 3H3 Main street HOYT & PERRY, , ~alers in Lumber, Eagle street, sear Michigan, utlalo, N.Y. my26·6m. H. A. HoYT, J. A. PERRY. --------- MILLL.'\GTO.N dz: BROTHER, ' mb>:ell& and Po.rllSul Manufacturers, and Dealers in Shirts, Cravats, Collars, &c., 259 1\fuin street, op· posite the Churches. T. S.. H.A. WKS, iterary Depot for the sale of I;'eriodicals, Newspa· . pers, Books, Maps, etc.,. Post Office Buildings, cor· I ner Seneca and Washlngton sts. ~ ~- BRADLEY BROTHERS, . :..uufacturers of all kinds of Printing, Writing and Letter Papers, Wo.rehouse Hl~ Main street, IUltl No. f> West 8enecA street. . --VIELE & CH.A.MBERL.A.IN;- ,ttorneys &nd CounsollQrll nt Law, Bernhei.In.er Block, next to the American Hotel. . L\(RY Jt, Yl:ELE, •• M. CILlMliERL,A.tl'l. ,i A. VAN SL YCK, 'Tholesale and retail Deal<!r in Tubaceo, Snuff a1.d ! Sdg •r:>,N o.25 t:otn•nercinl s reet, second do0r above Merchan'ts' Hotr,l, Buffalo. jy20 ' _j b:R:N.WALSH, :>H~SlCIAN AND APOTHEOARY,-OFFICE L No. 5 Terrace, opposite city market. Residence 'unerof E.xchaQge and Chicagq streets. Medicine, !ivtce, visits and attendance at all hours jei>tt . WARREN & BROTHER, Innufacturers of Warren's Improved fire and Wa- ~· ter p 001 Roof::1, and dealers in R·oofing Materials. \ 1 Olfi~e22. ;)IJ.Ill·iit. corner of Swan, t'p l::lta1rs. jell PHINNEY & 00., 'ubHshers and Book dellers, wholesale&: retail deal· ·; eJ;B in Blank Books and Stationery, (Breed's old staud,) No. 188 Main street, Granite Block, B utfa. , 1 lo. D.A.N B. CASTLE, dealer in Gold and Saver Watches, Gold ehaius, Rings, Pms, EaT .Rings, Keys, Lockets. Pen- cils, etc.,laa Main l:lt. Bulfato. Cash pat~ ror old silver. ; JY22 PHOENIX HOTEL-BY C. IDCKS. HUFI.'ALO. 1\110.\ DAY EVEN IN(;, NOVEYIHER 15~ 1862. Fne, Marine and Life Insurance. THE ONLY 'rlll:E l'URTRAfT OF WASH!:'iGTON. E.JllGRA'1'10lV. ,. Th%e who dt>sire to procure Certi· flcllte~ tor Passaije, for t.heir friends I FRA~KLI\ i\1AlH:iE & FIRE INSURAN•.'E CO. OrJll.~a.J':.s on the Royal or .VationtJ Hon. ('1rly dr,llister. Pre-t.-Wn• .L. ~very, f:.~ry Banktsof irelalld,Nattcmal Ba\k o . CA~·J.TAL $300 0 000. JUST PUBLISHED, T.B. H'EL<.:JJ':j Jl.d.G~VIJ?IOE .. YT PORTRAIT 0 F WASHINGTON. ..:>cutta~<</. \'\\' •he Hrt.~<k of 51£e•r!S Glynn, Hatija.:r; REI• ERE-.cE,- -Hon. E U. :-paulding, 11enj. M•lls ~Co, I.ondon. a11d Guion ,Y Co., Lioerpool IT. Folger, f.•q., \leurs. R. Hullistet & Co., Hon. will tlu well to rcmemLer that the ~t<']'lheu C•nrk, .• \lbnny ; Bon .E. C . .Delevan, Balls· OLD £ JUG~A'fiO:'i A.~D .FOREIGN t?n, N • Y. ; J~m~s P. Lee, Cashier Farmers Bani{, Engra1:ed (by permissum)frum Siuart's tnlly urigi- natz,urtratt1 m tlte Adteneum, l:lvston. L' \CYH 4 V(,'E 0 o\''IOE I ~aratuga Co. N. 'i.; .J •. Ca•ly, Esq. l'res. llauk 01 I>·' ·• • r\ rr , ;:;chenectady,SchenectaJy Co. N.Y. No. 5 Sid.u:ay Block, Comm~rcial S:r~et, -- B U .t' 1:' A L ()) HUD<iOON RIVER P.IIST'RANf'E CO. This superb picture, Engraved ur!Jer the su· v~riuLeooeoc~ vf llluMA::i ~ULL'i, Eoq., the ctlliuenL aod highly gifted artist, is the: ,,t.Jy cur rcct llkenees ut •\ a•hiuw ou ever ~·ubli;.hed Io. has been cbarac·en7i~d as the greatest work or .ut tHr ['roJured ir this country As to its fi delity, we refer to the le ters o' • hr adop1 ed son . . ' . ALijah Pee!!:, Pre~'t.-,\lt\r.?d Noxon, Vice Pres't. !Jl the Oldest at.td Best,, ha~'lng been establiShed for CAPITAL .:.300 000 fEN 3ears durwg whlch tune srwcral tkort .. andD of . .. , •. , . ' \' ' • dollarsb.ave pW!setlin ptl.'lsnge ordC'rs nnd drafts, safe- . ltLFERBN CL8.;-'\lessrs. l';a~t & . Go., Hon. ?r· Jy through the lmnrls of the unrlPI\'ignt>d and ftpeu '~?rio _All~~· flon. !·· ~· :;pa!Wu:~· Ell!~.;' Wl'~ll, ~sq. duly forwarded to the,destinatiou required, =d duly C,cutra.l h~.rf. \'i 1lhaw R. auUtr, E~q., Mes•rs, paid on presentation to tlle1rish BMk,and havenC>t CuLler& Dt\.orest. f Wa;;hi•.g•ur., vLOf{tiE WA:O::Hl]'.;r; 1\0:\ PAl:K Cl.i::,Tl::', \Vho says, ••It is a faithful re· preEer•t:J. ioD uf tile Ct!lebrnved original,\ a1.d to ,lilLF JLo::-TICt. 1A);LY ot the Supretllc L'ourt of the U uited ::'tates, who says. ·• As a wurk .:,farL 1to excelleucc aLJ h.:out\' must,strik~ c\ elj .:.L~ who .ccs it: a:.d i•. is 1 o le~s ha.ppy ir: i e ltht:lle>s to the r aLber of his cuuutry, It was wy ;.:·.vJ fortune t·• hav~ seen him in the days nt rny boyhood, m.d h1s whole appearance is yet strongly impte~setl on my memury. The por· trait yotr have issu~d apJ.Iea.rs to rue to be an EX· .\CT LUI> NES,, represer.tiiJg perfectly the exprt!S ~tvo as w~lt as th~ f,,,m a1.J Ieawrcs of the ace.\ Ar.tl•\'Y$ ::;i::.'\A 1 Olt C.'i.,.~, it is~ hfe like re r•res,·ulalivu of the great origir.al PHE:-:t- IJEN f FlLLl\lORE says,\ The work appear~ t\ Ill., to Lav~ L.:<~• 11Jlllit ably txecutcd ami erni· , ell' I)~ wunhy .,f be patrutoage of the public \ to be sent to : imrpool to be paid, tiS otlwrs urc. 'l'o those who desire to have tlle:Ir friends brongh to this country from any part of • urope.\the sub· scr,IJcr would say, that he td Llle ;:.rvthonl<:J Agetlt of that vo('ular anJ ;mening Liue of P <~cltet t'bips called THE 'tLD BLACK STAR J~INE, of Liverpool, a few ofl whose ships it will he suffi lmu to name, Tile Washington, The Robett Kelly, The Guy ~rannering, The Nial!arn. 'l'be IJ. W. Clinton, file :\-Uaruuon, The J. A. \Vestervelt. The L;•tuversc, The Entervn!Se., 1.~tJe Pru.,celon. TheTtcoudt>roga, The li1'hnnnou. These ma~nlticent ships nrc from l,llllO to 'l.OOO tons burthen, and fitted up with every eomfort.<\om- InilOliCd by cl)lenencetl Captain~, wbo~e uniform klmhte8SlBIOr,diy spO;kCll Of. ~ LeL i.t-I.Je Jisunct.IY understood .. that th~ ships of the Black ~t.ar Line l:laH from Il .. dverpooJ rm.ttwut fail, on their appointctl days-Is~. 6tl!, 11th, 16th, 21st and \..!Gth of each month. ThPTe h n(l ·letny e1•1s!'cl to th\ POJirrmnt, as tile Pns~nge Certifiente Is plainly for t!llelr Convenience alone. DRAE\l'8 are•' '1stantly forsale on the f?llowing Banks: The Roval flank td :-<aticnal Bank of Ireland. Natiomil Bank of ,ctJanrl. Banks of '\Jessrs. lynn, Hall•1nx, i\lllls & Co. Loudon, and Guion&. Co., LJver!J>OOI. JOHN WAL~H. A:lent. I:s.change Brocker, 5 !:<\,!way lllock. rm!1!11Pre1l •I .. Bllffalo. N. V. N. B.-t'lpecie and Bnnk Nore•o~Pvery description bought, sold and exchanged at close rates. Buffalo, April9, 1~:>2. aplO AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY &a 1852. rw-:et Capital-·$200,1000· BETWEE~ NEW YORK, UL\F ALO, DUNKlH.K, Cl~~~~~ATI, CHIC~LiO, ::IT. LOU1::;& Hi l'ElL\:l . .IWla.TJ:o.; .I:'LAC.E::i- Lf hti\B~bBRd now leave tlu.tr.lu and lluuhlrli, ,l' Oally. tiun.layo t.J(cepied, tor N uv Yor und intermeuiate !Jlace\ on tile Aob\my and tluff\loanrl N Y. and Erte H.n!lrond, a1.d fur Eri\ anrlru· pr' e- ditLLe pl'lc~s. by B.uff.11o and \'d'e Line Hail road; a~~o by •he ,everal l'ine,: of Stenn·Pr• on thP I.n•e trom lluff•l\ a11d D•m·ork ro Clt·l!'· land. :->an n•~v. Toledo, Mooroe,IJetron; from thence to' 'olumbus, . tuci,.nati, t .. owsville, Ghica~o,.G£!.leua, MilwauKee~ and St Louis, by the several llnes cf rallro~ds eteamboats, &.c. U Eac'h ~.xpres• .ls•entin cb3·rge oftru•ty MP•· sengers provided \iEh iron che· b fur the saf~ty of valuabte packa~t>s e tru.terl tothe[r.,arP. At tbe West tile line Uas htt:!y been ex 1eou1erl over sever .• I new r .. u es, an,., Is •OIW f•re,·~re<: h re ceipt anJ ror .. ard pack\ges \i•h gre .• t desw•toh aud sa1ety tu most of ttte prittcipal places in the Weste.ru and rluutlmestern l:.'t\tes PROI'RIETOilS: WELt.~. BUT l'l!:RFII::LD &. ro., lO Wall, and 8 Ene l'laee, New York. LIVINGS I' ON, FA.RGfv & Cn., ju3·52 /57 :'rlailll··tr• et, Buffalo. ------ -·-. RU.FFALO & ROCHESTER ll.. ROAD iillii. Ui 1 5'1''':fN#I\ flil SU .. \1!.\l t:. H. A H.l{A .. Vilr ... ~u·; ,:0.. T. 7 trains daily, excepting Sunday~. ·Rochester Fire Iusnrn.ncc ('on~pnny, ltOCll ESTER, N, Y, tlon TI. Chamberl~in. Pr sidt-nt. J. P.Ji.hllincr, Esq., V1c:e President . H.EVBi<BNCBt..-l•l'etmnn Cl!trl.:, E·q., l'IcsitloeiJt Roche•ter Llanl<; Uon. H.::ltillwell. MayorofHocll· chter; JM. S. WadS\\ orth 1 l:sq., GeLc~eo; ilon. J Delatieltl, Genm a. New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. CAPITAL, $450,000. lil>U. Wll:ardPllilliJ•·· Prco .. E F \lel·ens Esq. Rec L.~:oNAR!l \1\'ILRON, Agent. Capt. JOH\\l N. 0 \'RD\'1F:R, '1\1arin£> lnspe-cu•r. Otliee No.·!, 1:'\p,,n.nrvo• gxrHA\O>:. 7njy14 Nortl1ern Nt.•W l:orll.. Ltf., Stock ln&u• ~>auee «'ompauy PLATT811URG, NEW YORK. CAPITAL •..••....••.....••••••••. $50,000. Incorporated by We l..egisl.nture o the ::=imte of' New York,Jmy l!liil 1 Horses, Cattle, and all kinds vf Life >'tack Iasured A~llilloLdeaih ~~~the ~ombiiiCtl ri~J,:; 1Jfl:'ire 1 W11ter 1 Diseases, &c. Stock transported hy V\.\nter Rail Road, or driven on foot to marltetlusured at fair rates. ~ays Mt\1\CHAN L the eminent pom11it paM· er .. .and tbe pupil uf :-=.tuart., '\your prin.t to my mlt.Jd ts more remar:kable than a:tJy other l have se~n. for preseotiug tht waoLI? i~dividuality of the uri~IIJal [Jur rait.,tugct.h~r 'vith the nuble and Ji!(t>ifi~ll rq1vee ~r air ar.d mau· er, which all who ever saw Lim Cu[Jsidered a marked charM 'eri:nic of the illustriou::; .1.11a.u it cuww~murates ~, Fur the great merit~ ol this picture we wuuld The tinbcriberhaving been appointed Agent of:.ht> refer every lover of W asbir.gtnn to the Portrai• bo•c rclinhlr pe 1 1'ectly ~OhtJil~ Co., ib prepu.red to is- it~elf, to be ~een ur the <•ffiee of this paper, and ue policirs, at ns low rate of p eminm as any res· to the letters of the fullowmg Artist a, States- tJ<msibie l'ompnny, in tne United Stntes. meu, Jurists and Scholars accvwpau) ing it He respectfully invi.tl•S the ntte. tion of Carmen, AltTl;:;l;:i.-~larchaut uud l:.lliutt, of New Ca.Lwt·~o, F\uw r•, \'ilk:w:n, llad.,uH u atHl o1I others 1 u1k; .\ed.\lc !·; v !Jet wd 11t.J Lawl.Jio, <>l int .. rcstt'•l Alllo55P\prnmptly pnid in tnisG1ty. I'hilatl, l{'hiu.: Ches,er I!ardi 11 g, <>f .Hvsto~;; 20tf. 1!:!3 :Vlain St;ee~ ·c:~u~;~~f swan. C'hnrl~s Fraser, of Charle;;tou, ::-. C: · und to the Over' ole man's Drug Store. adopted sou of Washington, II on Geo. W. P. Custis, himself an artist. STATESMEN.- A . & .J • K E 0 G H, I lis Escellcllcy Millard Fillmore,Majnr (Teneral PIANO FORTE MANUFACTURERS, Witfield t:co11, Hun. George M JJallas, Hon Corner of Pearl and &11eca Str~ets. William R. King, Hoo. Daniel Webster, Hon TH.E subscribers keep con- L.inn lloyd, Bon; l ewi~ C,!isB, Han. William 4· stnnt!y .. nhandachmcea,St•Hlli(;'DIOf Lirabarn, Hou uuhn I l\oem.tody, Hun. H.. c . l'1ano :Fortes i·. cle!40.Ut Ro e\oud I ',\Ill b1vp., L. L D JCl{I:5T::S -Hou •. Rr,ger c,,.e,,wlnd>l ey W,lf•a••ttobPt\•(••d 'II \\\\•'0Wh B Tatrey livu Johts Dutr !lnn. Juhll ~1cLcall •ntllini·~ onn~ mnt:uf.1rtu <'din •.hreount y. P r· Hu[J, f{ui'us Chuat.e :-:'Cll0LAI{::3 -Charle~ sons tie ·Iruu: •·t o•·t •imn ·a •Ut el'ior a•strument,arf' Fulb(>m EEq !·he well known Ltbrarian of th resp•<•t utly tm1ted to g-Ive tllem n call. 11 ' ' \I t t7 Dealers supplied onl•beral terms. JOSt?n Athepeum •. who says, would rather jy2:; ,\. & J. KE<)j7H. own It tha.n any pam ted copy I have ever seen;\ _.:.:_ ___________ - r~. P. Whipple, Hichard Hildreth, Hon Edw DISSOLUTION Everett, L. L. D, Jared Sparks, L.L D., Wil· ·HJ::d:'ER !lRADL• Y havmg sold his entire i111lll II. l't~S~vtt, L. L. 0, \\'aohi11gtvu .lrvillg, iuLereot iu Lhe uusiu~ssuf UttAIJLhY IIROTH:Rs, I~ .. IJjh w .l::tuersuu, J::sq., Pruf T. c U{'haoi, 1he firm is here y dissolved by mutual consent. J. T. Headley, Fitzl7reen Halleck, H. V. The Paper \-Janufa<'turmg nnd Commission ~usi· L\ngfellow Wm.• Gillmore ~imms; and FROM ness witl be continued as heretofore, by B. BllAOLEY EUHOPE, Lord Tal·lto.urd, T. B. Macauley, ~· 1 r & (Ju., who D.l'e authorized to settle UD the atfairs of - the firm. Archibald Ali ·on, .urd Mayor of Loudon, &c BENJ. BRADLI':Y. &c &c THE PHE:o;:->, throughout the entire Buffalo, !V!ay 15~52. __ C:.!!_':8TE~.~~-Ali!.EY. l:uwu, have \itb o,,., voice !Jrvclaiwed the mer- its ot this ~uperb eugr~>>ing !IOU!<!E'~ PRINTING TELEtiUAPH. Tlns rhOi-1 relwble Ltne .shOW l'Ou ph ted. a11d I» tu tu•l operation to tile ctty of New York, !\lessage8 can btJ torwaodtJ>I at aU nino,, aiw Llellveretl, Print- ed\' Plam Jluma\ Capttats, eu,uring entire Jccura· cy f atrons are assure•• that no elforrs will be \anung on the p.rrt of rho'e connPcted wltb he Lme to JU~UP prompt delivery of all despatchC!I nrrusteli to them Butfnlo, l\lav !4. ---- RE:JU)VAI,. N llRI rTuN \ll' remove 1 11is stock of Wares • and .'\1auhfut·L· ... rY totl.te rorl>er vf Llu~1: nnt.l ~-·a,.al-:;,ta. 2nd. B.ocK. 4-eJow the Mt-rchnnts' Hotel, \\bert: ht Is l'repared to Jt.nnu,acture every d• scrip- ti<>n of t'opr•eJ\ ·r n .• onrl8h!'et Iro .. Wurl', ti.t usnal rat•s. 'I in,Jnpaan nud llr1tanoia Ware con~ta. tly on h.JDd. li·3m To e11able all to po•sess this valuable treasure. it is suld aL the lnw pric·· ot S5 per copy. L'ubli~h.u by liEOIWE W. CHILU:C:, N. W. corner of Fifth and Arrh streets, Philadelphia. WILLIAM TE!tRY, Sole Ageut fur the Sta·e of :\ew York, This Portrait cn.n o•.!v be obtained fr(!m Mn TERRY, or from his duly authorized 1111ents. Arrangements have been made with the Post llffice Dcvartlli.,Lt, b.> \UICU cuvi<s ul the Pur trait can be sent to any poiut, per mail, in per· feet order On nnd after Monday, .April 26vh, 1852, the Can; willleave uuffulo for Alb.my, !'oe·w York, Bo~LOn 1 and llltermediate places, as .lollows; BlUFl<'ALO ,lH;'['(TAL INSUl~AN{)E 'l'rll.tn No 1-New York l·:tpress, 5 45 A. M. ~CU[1r\' 'VA ''I'J,;D. (Jl.r Persons by remitting FIVE Dnr.r.Ans t\ W: LLlA.:Vl TEf{R Y, 113 Nassau Street, New Y•·rk, will havt> a copy of the Pvrtra.it sent tv them Fl<' E oF Po~T \GE ~to~plng, at Attic,, Uyrou ~nd Bergen- J'H 1:: oubscr.l!er w1l pay t e lollo\ing pnces for Traln :-lo 2- ~:<team boat Express, i 45 A.M. stop- $1,0' U or ~2 000 of the above Scrip. viz.: ping at A•tica, By.on aud Bergen, * 8cnp of 848 ~3 cts. Scrip of 1251 tiS cts. Train No. ~-t'rdght, 9 A ~.,.. No passengers '' ·• J~-·49 7 n \' \' 1~..->2 60 .. taken on this train. \ \ 1:;~0 73 \ Tram No. ·1-Mail.IO A.M., stopping at ail the B. A. MANCHESTER, 'IV- :\lagmfieet~t l Hit Frames, got up express , ly for these Portraits, furnished at the low pnce of $5 each. JUST ISSUED, A MAGNIFLCFNT POR'fRAIT OF stations. 13ept. 11. llilland Stvck Broker. '!'rain No . .J-Emigrant 12M. Stopping at all the ·-- -- · ·- G E N E R A L J A 0 K S 0 N '\ sta~ion. . . . _ UL~~'i'Ol'I_I\ON RAILJ~G WORKS. Eng:-avulby T. B.lf!ELCH,Esq .• afurth~orzgi- 1 ra!n No. 6-b:vemng Express, oJ P :11. stuppiug CL!:< ruN ::l'f., 0l'!'Ut11It. llih COL It I Ilut:,E. 1 nal Putlra•l paw led b!J T. :; C:LLY, .k.•q atTAm 1 ca~, Ba 7 tav~a and L!edrge!I· 111 p , 1 1 1 R :Yl. f~llD\: &. CO., hav,ng taken thea~ove prcm· This Portrait w ul be a match tor the Wa<h· rn n ·' o. - ... ccommo anon, · \ • stopp ng i-eti tor a term o( ~ears are nuw vrepnretl to · - nt all the stations. I ;:';;ce~>~ orders for Iron Feuc~s Balconies Veran· mg-ton, anr.IJ\ 10 ev~:ry re>(Ject \'swell got up. WM. J. LAVERY. r:r •J~lyoue trn!n ~on8uudays\ the Evening Ex- dahs, Stairs, Railing, Grates, l~on oors, Shutters, Pr•re $5 per !'npv. Addre•s a~ ab•n·e . · ·. dP , O'l P'ts presstrnmleavesataP.M. &.c lll Groctrtes an· rov,stons, Is, atn ' Th T . l' ffi 1 h ~ . , . Putt Brushes, Powder, Shot. and Safety I .JJ\ ': . ~a•us w '\·a··~ tlU· a \ Y • YT,:t<\•b< 1 We nre also_ preplU'ed t?. fl!rni.~h-ight casting!!, F F .Yt• Se rs· Dye··tuffs Pals Tubs &c. 'I'!me,whtchlo ..... ou.ti.J~lmute·lfast!'rthaPButf<liC aru;ll \\Cl!\hLb,leuceauJr:ulmg~asun ·,&c. :\Ito. use, ru1 s, gn ' b • ' ' T1me u ti h · li I ti t ih k No 360 Main street. Country Produce ~:>ought • HENRY MARTIN, ~upcrintendent prs o anyi lllg :n our • ne, ' a , e wor son and sold Btt\'alo .~nd Roch. Railroad. Clmton sv ect, or at the F uruace on Jackson street, • . . • u; ·• • will be promptly attended to. A Strange Story. McMILLEN'S BO.AT Y .A.RD. ~ rpenntendent·~ Offi, e, Bulfalo, April 21th 1841 Uaviu:• vuwba:;ed ilie •Luck in rr:1de \\d r.oattern, On Bamburg I£· st. Ccmal, near Ea~tem Vepo~. ap24 If' vf.the late Levi JL Lnrk~n, and dtlted vdth the IJ •t· .A .remarkable circumstance is related by Snbscr 1 oer i~ pte:pared to do a~llunds of Bnild· 1 SUM:MER ARRANGE::U!::NT. 1 tf:•rns ownPrl. by R. M. f·.rld) •.\'\ hnve o.lv.rge '·ar•ety I Mrs. Catherine Crowe, in the \~•qht side of ing IIJJ.d Reprurmg Ca11al bn2t~. on tbe shortest no- u··FF' •. •) ... \il .. \ \.., ·• .... ·.L~ R R. and Rrt' <OnfirlPnt ,~ .. ean sansfy all. both a~ to pr.ee I :'1 t .. I . , II J . t 0 lc . . I\ \l tice and on reasonable terms. I \ · <1A.ol• \''\'' ........... noB. L ·\-\-' • • I rmd style. C!lll illid seo for yours•:tve~. 1 ' a ure, ~\ Ja'I'Wg c.cnrre \ . ' ~~>a,m -.. _. 'ryl2-y . aUGH McMIL~~:N- -I JitSJT?TJI9ial.'?ffiit11ii~ R. \1. J~lNGHA.M, I An old blmd .rr1an nnme!l Mil'hae.1, h~d fnr HERSEE &; 'l'IMMERM.AN, , , r, r __ a_ugll·Im ___ ·- ____ R~ :M:. LDD11'. . !uauy yea~ heet~ at\cue.tnml'd to get. h1s hv- &nd Chair Manufactory, Ware Rooms, 309\ THREb l'R.AL .. ~i:j .D.AlLJ., HENERi\L AGENCY. i 1og Ly ~eatwg luru~df every morumg ou a st:ceet,(oppositetheAm.erie&nliotel,)l:!ulf&-, (s<:<I>AU &Xt:~PTE·D.) T~\'UR tltepurcllnseot cit} vrupcrt;. andfnrm<. for Learn, In une of the timber yard,;, Wlth a lo. Every article of Furniture on hiiJJ.d, and made' Cars will leave Butfalo m l.l o'clock A.M. L' \\gociatiug t.tl5iness p~p,r, bonds and mort. 1 wuudcu bowl at his feet, into which the pas- to order. Furniture carefully packed for Ship- \ \ \ \ \ 12 \ iii. gll:res and other prop<:rty , . I ceugers cn\t their nlm,; This long COiltinued ping. ,- ,, .. .. ... .. 4H '.\ P.M. \V. v. STUD.U'IIRD, ., I 0 . . ' , , Cars will leave the Fnlls at t to 7 o'clock A. M At Hill's Exc hllDge office. under. 0. •LPc & . Co.'s pra~tJce had made htm well ku_QWD to the w- [. PARSON, , •• .. .. •• \ ~~P.M. B;w>., wi'l ,.~·end tu the purcbasmg nnd •elling of habitants, and as be wa'> believed to have Main Street, Kremlin Block: Manuf~cturer of \ . \ '· \ 6 P. ·M. Real.Esta•e, Renting lionses, negociat)ng Bond and I beeu a sold1er his blindness was attributed Banners, Costumes, Jewels Seals, &:c., [p\One 'l'rmn onlv on !\unda:vs !\fort·'!lfi<> auglO-Iy. 1' L h J · . d · b F for , Odd Fellows, sons of Temperance, Leaves Buifulo 11 tti ~o'clock A..' :1-L · --. : < . , · c - - 1 to the WoUlll s e a l'e_cei>e Ill a ttl e. or •rempteof Cadets,&c.,&.c Also tv~ason- .. ..Niagaral!'allsat5o'clock.P.:ll. Ruri'aloK£~aAGA ~op~rJ~E',Prfactory I L1s owu part he spok.e httle, anrl ne..-er con· ic.Carpetun~ Charts. JY2:3 Wi\'1. A. BIRD, Supt~ · \ • ,' • tradicted the opinion. One night Micltae1, ALEXA.NDE .R SLOAN Bulfalo, May 15, l!l52. my2\ (ScC'CF-'l>mR.« TO D. BENSON & co .. ). I Lv some accident fell in with a girl named · ' ~ •·· - --··-.· ------------·;··- RESI'Et'Tf'ULLYanno .. neetothnttheyhave • • . , .. · • and Provmon:• Uountry Pro .. u~e. · alt, 1 Gold, Silver .and. U:ncurrent Bills 1 t«ken the wem•ses llio. 19 1 \-Va.sb\ugtou s ro;et.. i Pawleska, wh~ was fnenrllPS'l, and on the J.4uh, t<lour and \<Vhl:s-.S.ey bv lhe ~~~·9 \y1ne~ and Bot..GKI\ A.:.D ::-uLll o:o.o T!H. :tJ..::: 1 1: _.,, · .. &.\n . .1:.. 1LH'\ots, 1 turuatri)' u..:.c-~.Lt.J UJ ... \lessr;:;~ l'. [h·usU!J & < -u., .f \·L\r~e of pe~IRhltlg' ·wtth rnld anrl h'ln~Pl\.­ Liq•tors Pure a; (m,IJrte.l, ~o ..... llam, street. BV HOR,A.t, F. H!IJ,f,S, , , I 1\ht~ro th~) I>Ul co twue the manuf:tct ·re of P1ano ,, Thu o:d man t.- 1 ok her home anri ar:l,.,pted h r. Corner of Canal rend Hanover Sts, BUF PALO. Exchangt' Brokt-I, [ nder o. Le,· & C'o 11. fortes f••very t!Pscr'IJ ion ThPY nr~ nowflmshing' d f . 1 · · · t d f · tt 1 il tl myl4-y ----- . B•~n1<,••• •· ~ . lnnd\VIlJkcepeonstntJyonbnn•J~nnssortRl•n•Ofjau romtJattlmtJI[I,;ea O Sl ttg . 1 It~. J SAGE & SONS J:jF Busmess p11'er, and Bomds and }Jortga~c3 1 6 6~. 6i and i octaYe Ptano Fortts,m R\•ewooJ aud, timber yard, he went about the streets m he.t •xn-~•·---''-,nd Retail DPn.lPrs in ~no ·Fortes 1Uld negotiated uu reasotiab!e terms.. . _ . _ augS::_ __ 1 .>in.,:c.ganh wlltch W<'Y u1:er a•. a• l<;W pde· ~ ~ s. s·mi·l ~ulftpany, asking alms at the dAor-:nf hnn~!:'~. 1'\fu.~cal Mercha.ntlise. No. 209 rlain·Street, Buffulo. LIFE INSURANCE. J i'J 1 •u•truments eau be obta:ned m :Lny cJty ln the~ The chtid. call~d It• m father, and they were S?le Dealers in. Bonrdman ,&:. C:rny's celcbr;ted The ruutnnl l.lfe lusnra.uce Company 1 ~-~~ir in> ruments combine al!Ihe latest ;mprDVe· i extremely happy together. . Piano Fortes, Bl5hop ~U~d Childs Improved,D~e- of Nt>\V York, No a;; \\<all ;-;t. I meuts, inctu!lmg the c• 1 ~rat .. d arch boll\\ . iron I, But when they hao pursne~ this mode of lodeo!lll. J CASa C.u>rr.u. •••••••.•••••..••. Sl,600,001} 1 br.nce, &.c.; and the tm•ml m · fthe rir • , bein~ Jl nc· 1 life for fiv c vears, a theft bnvm~ heen ('{lm • LEWIS & JA<?~SON, , J?'S, fl. C~t 1.1\>'. Pre-'t. · Lical workm••·, c!lr J>. '!\'\tl hnvin~.h d ~~t>rtwo'n I nuued in a house where they had visited 111 DealersinGfocer. •es&ndPrOVlSlOilS,Flour,S.•ltand r~:\ACARRA.lrT,:O•·cy. !· 3 ·'\'YEET ,W.· lty·fivPyf'nrsexp<>n\nr:Pm•hep. Pawleska was 8 'I ectd d Fi h, Oils Camphene and Bu ni l! Fluid, Fruits. 2:!:1 '\laln s•., ov~· C~>!l'm · n • llr\~ :<~ore. . Union.) tht-y t el<'\onlidence m '11:aTTa11tmg tlliHr'ID·j e m•>rnlllgd, ·•· · br d u P 1 · ef. an 'Nuts 1'1ckles, Bird :;eed. &e., Wllolesa'e &nrl .Re- . . <I\' C \N p I\'l \ ~n -For !!llle n I strumeu~• to purehasers. · j arrested, 3Il we .111 man WaS e t OnCP tail, No.283 :Main·si •. Buffulo,oppo:dte the Krem- J? ·~i::'\t f 40 '! . .,: on a( n: 1 Is:lmd-I 5 3 :re~ i P1:mo >on:s tuned and repai,.,·d. Old Tns 1 tru· . 1 more alone.. But, lt1~tead of re~<umitog hi\ l' jylll A. • o ~ · \ ~ • , r' t meuts 111k.m m exch\nge r .. r new. All or• ·'r:< c I b\ts he now du;appea d 1• th m. NRYo:. ucKSo!<. de:tred, balance wtll av .. ra:r ,o t!? tWc~r.so \;~~d l p·ompt!J';ottended to. Uealersde:llt with onl,beroll u>rmer Ja I ' . . re .a.~o~;e er, J'.uu:n lil!:WIB. to the acre. Good lug. ~uus.e ~n' !o\}·'~n;P In ~I tenns. i<Ug'J i and tht< c!rcumsta':'re causwg snsplCifl•~ to ex· GOOD BUSINESS PAPER, $20 per acre. ApPlJ u. •. !~6 :O.t, nUl\ t ' 1 · .. , r P. 1 t ·. - ·- · - · - ~- ·· - ' l nd to htm the girl was brought bel re the B ONDSandMortg&gesnegotiatPti\t\tlJ.imes. ehin Rank to Gl'V H ~ALI-BURY. l f . Hemlock Lumber. 1 e . ' b ., d . J w. v STUflDlF• •RD. 0<7 . • Re::tl 1 state .\gent 1 Oil ooo· .FeeL til ee m~·· !l\mlue!<Pl~k mag~»trate to e ln,errogate Wtth Iegard to ~g10·1:r u_nder Olive~: Lee<&. co:s Bank. :W ' • . . Suire.He for t<rab'e Floors, Bnd- hi£ r>robable place of-concealment. • P S. S T E ¥ E N S. ges. l:'li !ewJ.lks, or Dcckin&. ~orsnl eh\'lt• by \ Do you .know where .Michael is?\ in- B UILDING SOCIETY STOCK.- For Sale a few Wholesale :md Retail llles!H in • A. PERR:£ • • d h · shares of stock in the \Buffalo Bulding so Choice Wine<>, Liauors lUld Cigars, sepl8tf Ohio::ot. near Ule Can'l.l. qurre t e magt-trate. ciet:r '' ALL UU'OR 1 \l::n hll\ \Nus. - \He is dead.!'~ replied she, shedding a Also a.few llh\reil in the\ Westem Loan Co.\ Mantio'IJ Block .. 'io. 7, Exdnnga St., Buffc.lo, ;v. y: Real E·;tate, f,Jfe, FlJ'e and lt!arlne In• torrent of teant. App~ at the Erie La~. ~~c~ANCHE;:;T.,.... On h&nd. and D:llly R· c ivmg t~\gress W&ur suranN• Ofilce. A\' the girl had been c;hot up for three days. \' ~..,. Direct from )Saratoga Spling;r. f7'UmiPr Oliver Lee & (.:n's Bank. ....;th t a S f bta' . =-~ :um Mort&ate~S,~aBro ... er. r auil&-J auglO·ly w.v.l:'TUDDIFORD. n• ou nymean 0 0 rmogany.uuorma- PRICE ONE CENT. tion without, tins answer, ttogether w1th her unfeigned distress, naturally excited consider- able surprise. \ Who tulJ you that he was d~ad ?\ they inquired • ·• Nobody.\ \ Then how can you know it ~\ \I Eaw him killed.\ \But you have never been out of prison.\ \But 1 saw it nevertheless?\ \ But huw was that possible? Explain what you mean,\ \I cannot. All I can say is, I saw him killed.\ \ When was he killed, and how ?\ \ It was the night I was arrested.\ \That cannot be; he was alive when you were seized.\ • \Yt·s he was ; he was killed one hour after that: they stabbed hiw with a kmfe.\ \ Where were you then ?\ \I cao't tdJ, 1ut I ,aw it.\ The confidence with which the girl asser- ted what seemed to her hearers imposs1ble and absurd, disposed them to imagine that she was really insane, or prPtended to be so so leaving Michael aside, they proceeded t~ ~nterrngatc her about the robbery, &king her If tshe was guilty. \Oh nu !\ ~;b~ answered. \Then how came the property to be found about you ?\ •\ I dt'.nt know ; I saw nothiug but the murder.\ \But there is no ground for !'upposing Mi- chael is dead ; his body has not yet been found. 11 \It is in the aqueduct/' \And do you know who slew him?\ \Y ~s; Jt wa« a woman. :Michael was walking very slowly, after I was talwn frum him. .A. woman came behind him w1th a large kitchen knife; but he beard her and turnPd around; and tl1en the woman flung a piece of gr~ y stuff over his head, llnd ~;truck him repeatedly witu a knife, The grey ~Stuff wa~ much stained with blood. MIChael fell at the eighth blow, and the woman dragged the Lody to the aqueuuct, aud lt fell iu, with- out ever lifting the stuff tl•at stuck tu his face.\ As it was very easy to verify these latter assertions, they dispatched people to the spot, anu there the bod v was found, with the piece of stuff uver his !.~ad, ~xactl y as Rhe hat! des- cribed. But wLeu they a~>ked her bow she knew all this, she could only answer, \I don't know.\ \But you know who killed him.\ \ Not exactly ; it is the sarn<l· woman that put out his eyes; hut perhaps he will tell me her name to-night, and if he does, I will tell you.\ \ What do you mean by lw? \ \Why Michael, to be sure.\ Dur•MI! the whole of the following night, ~itbout allowing Ler to suspect thetr inten- twn they watched her, and it was observed she never lay duwu, but sat upon her bed in a srn·t of lethargic slumber. Her body was qmet motionleRs, exrept when this repe~e was' interrupted by nervous shocks, wh1eh perva- ded her whole frame. On the ensuing Jay, the moment she was brought before the judge she declared that she was now able to toll the rame of tbe a~sassin. \But stay,\ Raid the magistrate; \did he never tell you when be was alive huw be lost his sight ?\ \ N u ; but the morning before I was arres- ted he promised me to do so; aud that caus• • ed his death.'' \ How could that be 1\ \Last night .Michael came to me, and pam- ted to the man b1dden behmd the scaffold on which he and I bad been sitting. He showed me the man listening to us when he said, \I'll tell all about tllat to-night;\ and the roan- \ Do you know the name of the man?\ \It is Luck; be went afterwards to a broad f'tl'eet that leads down to the barhnr. and he entered the third bouse on the right.\ \What i..s the name ui the street ?\ \I don't know ; but the huuse is one story lower than the adjoining ones. Luck told Cathanne what he had heard, and she pro- pubeU tu a~:~:,!l;;::.iLate ;\lu:J.ael, Lut Le rcfueed saying, \that it was bad enou~h to Lave bmn- ed out his eyes fifteen years ago, while he was asleep at your door, and to ha-ve kidnap- ped Lim into the country.\ Then I went to ask charity, but Catharine. put a piece of plate 111 my puckd, tLat I IDif{Lt Le arre:-,ted; tLen ~;be h1J herself behind the aqueduct to wait fur ~lio;hacl aud she killed hiw. \But since you say all this, why dirl you· keel:' 11•; plate? Why didn't yuu;give infor- walloD (\ \But I did not see it then. Michael show- ed it W me last night,\ \Bat what could induce Catherine to do this ?,i \:\-1ichael was her husb::md, and she had f<~rsaken him to come to Ode...\Sa to many again. One night, fifteen years ago, she saw Michael who had come to see her. She slip- peu hastily into the house, and Michat-l who tl>c>ught she had l!ut beeu him, lay down at l1er duur tu wal\!h ; but he feU a.,!eep, aud then Luck \.mrmiu out Li..s eyes, and cmrieJ him to a d1~ance.'' \AuJ it i,MicLael who told Jon this?\ \Yes ; he came very pal~, at' d co>ered with blnod, and he took me by the hand and ,;Lowed rue all with his fingers.\ ''C' pun this Luck and Catharine were ar· rest.eJ, aud It wa:; ascertained that obe had actually Lt'f'n roamed to Michael to the year 1810, at Kllerson. They at first denied the accuo;ation, but Pawle>ka iuoisted, and they sub;,.,qnently confessed the crime. When th.-.y communica1eu the circum- stance of the coofe:>'>iuo to Paw!E-ska. she ..aiJ, \I was told it la,;t night.\ The affair naturally created great inter!:'st, aP.~ people around the ueiuhborbood hastened Into the ctty to learn tli~ arentence. Fmna';-·To see a milkman looking over the \.P~ current\t<>seehuw ehalkiBguing.

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