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Buffalo evening post. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1852-1877, November 04, 1852, Image 1

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'Jv~O~L~. ~L~N~0~_~3~6~.~~~H~. iJ~F~,F~'A~- -~L~O\'~-r~H~U~R~S~D 111111111 A'!\\\\1~T ~E~V~E~N~~ I~N~G~~~N~O~V~E~M~_;_ ~B~E~R~-~4~~18~5~2~. ~~P~R~I~C~E~'O~.N~ 1 ~.E~-- _~C~E~~~T~-. ~ ,:~~~~~~-~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-~-~--~~~~-~~--~~~------~--- ~-~-~-~-~-~~~~-~~~~~~-~-~~~~~~--~~-~~~--~-~~~~-~ EVENING p 0 s·T. l!~!:!!'~!~~~procur~Certi- Fire, Marine and Life Insurance. THE ONLY TSO.E PORTRAIT OF WASHINGTON. Q!l)e <!tn.eninn- tllogf. • Is published EVERY EV ENJNG, (Sundays ex. tor Passs.ge, for their friends FRANKLI~ l'rTARINE &. FIRE INSURANf.!E CO. JUST PUBLISHED, ~ -fr t:oepted,J at the office No.7, WestSeneca'Street, by on tln.e· i?.oyalor Nation~~. lion. Cady clollister,Pre:.t.-Wm. L.Avery, Secy. 1 CALVL\t J. iUILLS- uf Ireland, National Banko CA.PI'1'AL S300,000. T. B. WELCH'S MAGNIFICENT How TO BE MtsEBABLE.-Sit at the wind- ' T&lt.ll[s.-Dclirered to suhscribt:r~ in the city, at Ba 11 1, of .Ue~STI Glynn, lialifa% RF.FERE'I~>:.-Hon. 'E G. :::-pau1dlng, Rt'\j PORTRAIT OF WA-SHINGTON J i 1 k •'- · hb SIX CENTS per week, or $3 per annum, when pAid Mtlu fr c;o., J.o11don. and Guiov~ fr Co., Liverpool H. Folger, Esq., Messrs. R. Hollister &. Co., Hon. . • ow am 00 O\tJI UJ.e way at'ycur ne1g or's n advw-1ce. Mall :;uloocrib\n; invariably in advance. will do well to rem~mberthat- th\ 8Lepheu Co ark, ,\lbany; l:lon. E. C. Delevan, Da!ls- EngraTed. (by permiss:ion)f..-vm Stuart's only arigi- excellent mansion, which l1e .has recently Terms of AJvertiBing JNf S~_[WJre i·n tlw .Daily. OLD ElniGKA'J:'ION AND FOREIGN ~on, \1. Y. ; J:~mes P. Lee, Cashier .Fanners Bank~ nal portrait, zn tlw Atheneum, Boston. built and paid for. and sigh out, \Oh ! that I r ( Pourteenlines or le&s make a. {Jtnur.re.) EXCHANGE OFFICE, t'laratoga Co. N. Y ·; J. Cady, Esq • .Pres. Hank of · This superb picLure, Engraved under the su- were a rich man?\ :t-- Schenectady, Schenectady Co. N.Y. · d f 'I'H()M • ~u .LY E itli · Square, 50 cents first insertion, and :25 cents for ,.,. d Bl ,_ z· per10ten ence o <>.Ln.S S · L ~ sq., the. Get angry w· · ..-our neighbor, nnd _think ~e•c4•ub•euuent·u· ••urtl'un.les••'--··uneweek. •' 0 ' 5 Si !11a7J oc .. ,Oommercia Street, · t dh\ bl 'ft d t\ - th I J • ~ ~ ~ ~ ~v , ~ \1-WU Hl:DSON RIVER .INSURANCE co. emmen an lg y gl e ar lst, IS . 11 on Y cor- you have not .a. friend in the world. .Shed 'Square, for 1 week, $1 50 ( Square for 3 mo'ths $8 00 ll U F F A L 0, Abi)ah Peck, Pre;;'t.~Alfred Noxon, Vice Pres't. rect likenHS of Washington ever published it .a tear· 0 ,. two,· take. a walk 1 ·n the bun\aJ . ~., .... . . .. CAPITAL, a!>300,000. as een c arac•enze as l e greatest wor of d · 11 · lf h \ \ 3 \ 3 00 \ \ 7 \ 15 00 TEN years du,ring which time several tllrruta11ds of RE ERr.\N 9 & ll ar,L ever produced itt this count .. y. As to it~ fi. gro\Gn • continua Y r;:aylng to yourse ' \w en • \ \ 2. \ 2 50 t \ \ 6 \ 12 00 Is the Oldest and Best, hav:n,. been es'-blis.had 'or h b b · d h · k ' \ \ I m'nth 3 50 \ \ 1 year 2() 00 dollars have passed in passage orders and drafts, safe· ·1<' .c.. CES.-:vle~~srs. Pratt Co., on. Or- ' '< shall I be buried here ?\ ' ·- Tb~ tPI'lllS of y<'arly ad~Prti-rlng, nnd of'ariVPrtiS('- ly through the h\1-nd\ of the under•i•!Ued, lilld been tnn~l<> Allen, Hon. E. G. Spaulding. Elias Weea,.Esq. ddlLy. we r~ler to tht~ .le• ters of the adopted .SOD s· 'tb f . d d ~ • t •-- db \' th · d d h ··11 d 1 ., d o Central \\-hart~ William R. ruillt:r, Esq., Mes~rs. oi ~~- Htihwgtou, (., LUH.G L W A;:jJiJ ~~- ~ ·1·u:-· .tgn a note 'WI · . a nen. an never .o;rget men s pw.ce e.ore e mlll'l'lllges an eat s, WI u y 1 orwardc to the destination reqUired, nnd dUly ~ '-' ~' \' 1.; d d ;oemadeknownattbeoffice. paidonprcsentntiontothelrish.Bank,nnd havenot Cutler& Dt'Forest. PAP.K Cl.io:>Tlo::i,who says, \ltisafaithfulr~· yo~r ..Uu ness, au every P-our m the day to beo;ent to dverpool to be paid, as others are. p;esenta·ion of th& celebrated original,\ and to- whlSper to yourself, \1 wonder if he will pay To those who desire to have Lhelr fnends brough Rochester Fire Insurance ('ompany, CHIEF J CST ICE TAN t!. Y of the Supreme that note!' Think everybody means' to cheat h\ r h ROCHESTER, N. Y. • {~ tot 1s country .rom any pan &f • uropt', t e sub- l:Ion R .Chamberloin,.Pr.:sident, J.P. Milliner, 'Esq., ( our:t of the . uitt.'d ::3tates, who says. ·• As a you. C1o3ely scrutinize .every bill you take F. M. COFFIN, seTJber would say, ~hnt h~ is thecuthorized Agent. or Vu:e President. wurk vf art its elCcellence apd beauty must strike and doubt its beiug genuine tl\ll you have put that (l'opular and unerring Line of Packet Ships REFERE c k, E p 'd h · · 1 • • I h · · called N ES.-Freeman Clar · ·q., rel!l ent every one w o sees 1t: anu It 1s no esl! appy 1n the ·OWJJet· to a great lieal of trouble, Believe _ Ar~isc and ~lesrguer, No. 13 1Jrani1e !:lloc~~ _a~ WM. 0.ARLAND, I:I.,,Uon One l'r\ce IJ!otots w a.ret..uuse, Gothic Hall. THOMSON 0. MoFARLANE. ll'rnctica.l Plumber•. ' I 1 Ga .. r'itto;r•, ti-l Lh < • str.' et ' ALH.KltT ::1. ME!<..RlLL, Justice ol the P.:ace-utlice 1<1::1 ,H .. ui.st. up etairs, j --uH..-w'~i.1T~'fG-ru~ J. L~a!{g~~ - i lte,.lden<'e and OrticP in the Mart Ohio street. ·( -- ---- - ---- MAR::iJ::I.AL J. BAOON, , A torney anll IJuunoerlvr, Number l9u~, .vinin-st.eet, j 3uila!o. . j~ W M. L. JAM.!!.::::!, Dealer in all kinds of Fancy Dry Goods, French Mil- linery, &c., No. :.!_110 Main &Lreet,llullillo. JA.~IES H. CLARK DEALER I!'! CHOICE WINES, I'.IQUORR, Uigars \Vholesale & ttetail at 3:ia Main str~et i JiU'x''l' & PJ!:itH.Y, ' Dealers in Lumber, ·Eagle street, near Michigan, Uutta!o, N. Y. myl!o-om. fl • .A. l:loYT, J. A. P>:RRY. . - MILLINGTON &; BROTHER; .. Umbrelln. and P~.Casol Manufacturers, and Dealers in. Shirts, Cranr.Ls, Collars, &c., 259 ~lain street, op- p_o_si_te~h~ Chur=-=c=h=es=·-------- '.l'llE 'tLD BLACK SITAR LiNE, of Liverpool, a few of whose ships it will be suffi lent to name·, · · The Washington, The Rollen Kelly, The Guy Mo.u,1enng, The Niagara. The D. W. Clmtop, l'he Marmion, The J. A. Westervelt, The t'niverse, The' Enterprise, Tlte Princeton, The T1conrteroga, 'l'he Shannon. These. magnific!\nt ship2 are from l,noo to 2,000 tons burthen, and fitted up wilh every comfort, com· mandl'd by experienced Captains, whose uniform · klrulucas1B lor.dly spoKen·of. !i7 Let it be disunctly understood, that the ships of the Black Srar Line sail from Liverpool unt·k•mt fail, on their appointed days-1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st and 2llth of Pach month. There i< no delay caused to tbe emigrnn.t, as the Pnsdage:Ccrtilico.te is plainly for tue1r Convemence alone. OR AFT::i nrll'-' · •stamly for sale on. !he f'>llowing Banks: '!'he Rovnl Hank td National Bauk of Ireland. Natiomil Bank of , ctland. Banks of .VIessrs. lynn, Ha!ttax, Mills & Co. London, and Guion:&:. Co, Liverpool. JOHN WALSH, A:ilent. l~xcbnnge Brocke'r, .5 Sid way Blaek, P-omrnercal st., Buffalo, N.Y. N. B.-8pecieaild Bank Notes_ of every description bought, so!d and exchanged at close rates. Buffalo, April9, 1852. aplO T. S. HAWKS, Literlll'y Depot for tho sale of Periodicals, Newspa- AMERICAN EXPRESS COMPANY pers, Books, .Maps, etc .• Post Office Buildings, cor-, nerl:lenecaand Washington s~s. ___ ----- AiR 1852. if?Et BRADLEY BROTHERS, . Manufuc~nrers of ali kinds of\ Printing, Writing and.· Capital-$200,000· Letter Papi\rs, Warehouse 188 Mnin street, and BETWEEN NEW YOH.K, BU!i'r ALO, No.5 West seneca street. J1uNKIRK, CINCINNATI, CHICAGO, --VIEL.if & CHAMBERLAIN, . ST. LOUIS & INTERMEDIATE PLACES Attorneys and Counsellors at Lo.w, .Bernheimer M l!:B::H!lNGERl::l now leave !Jlutf.; lo and lJunkirk. Block, next to the American Hotel. . ! .IJaily, ::>unJaye t>xcepted, for New Yon and _ II&NRY u:. vlELE, !l' l\I. oJU1'4BEIU.AtN. interme<tiate. place_., op the At b·any and Buff.Ioand - ---- ------- N Y.and Erie Railroad, aud for Eritl aocl mterill~ -- ~--- £-V Aif SLYCK, dinte pl\lces by Butf\llo and !:'!tate Line Railroad; Wholesale and retail Dealer in ·robacco, Snuff and also by rbe several lines of Steamers on the Lake ::>eg .• rs,l)l u.::i•HJo!llmercLal::;..reet, secoutlJo~r aboie I rom Ruffalt~ and Dullt<r! k Lu GJ.<:vdand, :ian .• Utiky, · Merch\nts' Hotel, liutfalo. J.l'20 Toledo, Monroe,,Dmrvit; from lh~nce to Columbus, Dr . N. Walsh Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago,G . .,lena, MilwauKee. and St. Louis, by the ceveral lines tf railroads P ilYSlCIAN ANJJ Al'U'l'l:UlllA.JtY,-OFFICE steamboats, &c. .No •. a Terrace, opposite city market. Resi~ence JJ\ .b:ncn. hxpress io>senL in charge of trusty Mes- comerof Exchange and Chicago streets. Me~hcme, sengcrs, prov•ded with iron cbeot• fvt tbe oaf~ty uf adv1ce, visits and attendance at all hours Jeatt vo~luab 1 e packages er.truoted to their care. --WARREN&-BROTHER, . . At !he We~t. the lint' has lately been extended :>.rauuf:•cturers of Warren's Improved. tire. and w. a- over several new route$, anctls :now prepared. tore .u ~ Ma 1 . ccipt and for ward pac){uges wi1~1 gredt despatch aud ter p.ooo Roofd, and dealer~ 111 Roofi~g terms. sa<ety to most of the priucipal places in the Western , Olfic-,e 221 M.<in-llt· corner of Swan, Up !dtalrs. and Southwestern St~tes. . jell \ l'ROPRlETORS : ~ -- :.:_:_ __ P_H __ -:-l-:-:N:-:N-:--:-:ECO'Y-::--.&:---:-:C:-:-0:--.,------ W ELLti, B U'l'T IHtFI.b.LD &. Co., Publishers and Book Sellers, wholesale&:. retail de&!· 10 Wall, and 8 Erie Plaee, New York. ers ip. Blank Book~. and Station~~y, (Breed's old LlVINGSTO:N, FARGO &; Co., . stand,) No. 188 Mam street, Gramte Block,Bulfa. ju3-52 /57 Ma~n_:•treet, Buffalo. lo. ____ ---- ------ - ------ BUFFALO&:ROCHES'.I'ER.R. R0.1.D. -- DAN B. CASTLE, ~~~- . c::e~·. G'eneral dealer. in Gold and S1lver Watches, Gold dlt!ll ~- chains Rings, p 103 , Ear Rings, Keys, Lockets, Pen-. \'U·'-'l·:VlbK ~ KKA·\' L\:VlL· :-·- 1 -. cils, ete.,t;JS Main ~t. Buffalo. Uash pai~ t~r old ._. - • L>o '-' \'~- ~-' silver. JY 22 7 trains daily, excepting SundaYI!• J;>ElOENI.X. HOTEL-BY C. HICKS. On and after illouday, April 26th, 1852, the Cars : li!At!f-sT. A DOVE couRT, BUFFALO, N.Y. will leave Buffalo for Albany, New York, ·Boston, TifE ElOU::lE is. fi.lted. up and furnished in the best nnd lntermediate place~, as tollo•WS; style,.n.nd extensive stables attached totJieest.ab- Train No 1--:New York Expres,, 5. A. M.atop· lishmeut. JYtl pln~,t, at Attica, Byron ond Bergen. Train No 2'-Steamboat Express, S A. M. stop· :MRS. P. STAA.TS, ping atAtticn, Byron andBerge:n, MANNUFAC'l'URER;of Fashionable ~ose W.ood TralnNo.1--~'reight, 9 A .. rJ. No passengers and Mahogany Furnuure, and every van£ty of-Cab- taken on this train •. inet Ware, Upholstery, &:c:., &c., on Staats .street, Tram No.4-Mail.l0 A. M.,Btopping at all the a few rods below Niagara ;:;quare. JYl2 stations. TAUNT & BALDWIN, . st:1ir~~~ ~o. a-Flmigrnnt 12M. Stopping at all the Wholesale and Retail Furniture and Cbmr Ware Train No.6'- Evening Expres~, S P M, tltoppiug Rooms, No. 243 Main street, ~utfa!o. Ane:t~ens!ve at Attica, Batavia and l:lergen. assortment of the most de01trable and fnsblOilable Train :>I o. 7 -.'\ccommodation, 6 P. M , stopping FurnitUre, constantly on hand. I at all the stations. WM J LAVERY. ij:]'un.Iyonctra!·non8undays, the EvenlngEx- • • . . Oil p • t press tram leaves at G P. iU. Dealer in Groc.,ries and Prov 1810 1l, 5 • ~·d 8 ~~~-s, P\The Traiuswil' i<::uve 1:1utfalo by 8yrncuse Glass, Putt_Y, B 8 rustles,DPo\~deflr: spno~~ ~fubs &:.{ II Time, which is a Lout I5 .'llinntes fasterthlU Buffalo Fuse, Frutts, egars, ye·otu s, a • • · Time No. 360 Main street. Country Produce bought · HENRY MARTIN, ~nperintendent and sold. ___ __ _ I Buffalo n.n:d Roc h. Railroad. McMILLEN'S BOA.T Y A.RD. 1 ~ 1perintendent'a Otlhe, Bulf.tlo, .\pril 2,th 1841 On Hamburgh·st. Canal,11~ar Ea~tern Depot. 1 _:~2'1___ _ _______ _ ___ rf_ 'rhe Snbswbed~ pre?ared to do all kmds of Build·\ SUM:\!F.R ARRANGEMENT. ing and Repamng ~anal boats, on tbe shortest no- BUFF A.LO & NIAGARA FALLS R. K. tice, and on reasonaole terms. . . · - J ·yt·> y ·. HUGH McMILLEN. ~-~ §l!f!'± 11 ® i± ~- -- ~ -. · - - ..__.C A !!!!!!Q~~ Rl-·W:!!!! ~~ HERSEE & TIMMERMAN,· . · \'· Cabmet8Jld Chail· MJtnnfactory, Ware Rooms, 309. THREE_ TRAIN::3 .DAILY, Main street, (opposite the American Hotel,) Buff&·; _ (st:tn•vs uc&n:&n.) lo. Every article of Furuitllre un haud, and mllde Cars w•llleave Bl1ffJ.iO at !I o dock A. M. t ord Furniture carefully packed for Ship- \ \ •• \ \ 12 •· M. in e.r. \' \ \· \ \4%' u p .l\l. p g. '['. p·ARSO-N,- ----- -- CarswillleavetheFallsatd;t:o7o\clock.A.M ... \ .., u u u ~~ 1?'. ·M .. g7<' Main ::;treet, Ktem!in Blvck Manufacturer of \ \ •· u 6 p.M. Reualla Banners, Costumes, Jewels Seals, &c., o::rOne Train only ou Sundays. for \Mas~ns Odd Fellows, ::Ions of ·Tem1•ernuce, Leaves Buffn!(}at!i~ o'clock A.M. 'l'emple o( Honor, Cadet.ol, &c., &c Abo M_a~on· \ Niagara,f'',ill,.a.L5 o\clo\k P • .Y. ic Carpet!' an•t Cnarts. JY28 . WM .. A. IHRD, Supt. ALEXaNDER SLOAN, Butt'alo, Mayl5, 1952. my25 Groceries and ProviqiOOS, Country Pro.:u~e. ~alt, Gofd;s1tverandUncurrEmt -Bills-:- J<•tsh, Flour anti WhlSkey bv the bbl .• \ymes and BouGHT AND =\oLD 011. THJ,: MosT F, vui'.ABLr.: TERMS, Liq·JOrs Pure as lm;• med, No. \~ Mam street, H~ HORACE HILL~, c.,rner of Canal and Uanover St•, BUFFAI.O~ Exchange Broker, ('nd·er- o. Le.- cS; Co's. myl4-y _ -~- __ Ban.g. \• .~.,. ·• E & SON --S - W Business pwer, and Bonds and .Mortgllges J. SA.G . ' · 11egot!aled on reasonable terms.. aug5· \' Wltlol<esale nnd Retail Dealers in Piano Fortes and Merchandise. No. 209 \Tain-Stteet, Buffalo. LIFE.-JNSURANCE.-- -- Oealers in Roa.rd,tru!.n & Gray's celebdr~rd The ·Mu-tual LU'e :lnsnrn.nce CoDlpnny Pin.no fo~:tes, Bishop and Lhild' • Improve · e- · of New YO.l\k No 35 \i\• a!l ::-t. lodeans. j n 2 CAsH CAl'ITAL ••••••••••.••••••• 8!,600,000 - -~WIS &; -JACKSON, JO'S. B. ICOLLfj';S,Pre:;'t. llealersinGtocer.esand Provisions,Flou•,S1lt and y.:AAC ,1\BP.AT)', RPc'y. T. Jl. SWEET, -gt. Fi h,,Oils camphene and Bu ni ~.Fluid. Frui~s. 2--J.'l \1'n1n s~~. 'ypr Cotem~n'-; Drug ~tOTE-. Nuts, Pickles, l:hrd ::'eed. &c., \Vbolesa•e andRe- ~·ARM 0\' GR.'\ Nil I:'Li\\ND.-For sale, a toil No · 1 93 :\'lain·s · Butfalo,oppo-ite tbe KrPill· .L :FARM. of 40ac e;r on Gr m.t h!.nJ-1.:; a~1e 1 l:.n.• .. - ... • . jylU •le:·rred,. balance wtH a.vrrag·· 50 to 6uc,.,ri'sofwood o.\R.ED LF:WlS. \'tv a. JAcKsoN. to •he nc e. Goou. log bouse ana loll bam. Prire . GOOD BUSINESS PAPER, 820 per acre. Apply at 246 Ma•n street un·lei: P.tt· B ONDS and Mungsges D\@tiated at.nJl times- clliu Ranll., to GUY ll. ·BALI BURY, W V STUDDlFi •RD, o. 7 Real l state Agent allglO-ly __ U~der OU_v~r_ LeP &. Co.'s Bank~ p s. s 'I' EvENS:- B UILDING SOClETY STOCK.-For :4ale a few Whplesale <md lletail Dealer in sh..res of St~ck in the \BuffalO· llulding do Choice Wine~, Liauors and Cigars, dety ,,. ALL lMPOR'l\'\D &;RANIJS, Aho a few slnres in the\ Western Loan Co.\ Mts1uio11 BloCk. No.7, Exc/&it.~tgte St., Buffalo, N; Y. Apply at the Erie Land Office. On hand and Daily Rec ivmg. Congress Water H. A. MANCHESTER, DireetfromSaratoga Springs. Bill. Mortgage &. Stock Broker. aug13-y Roehe•ter Unnk ; flon. B. Stili well. Mayor of lloch- ire hkene•s to the Father of his country. It was di ester; Jas. S. Wad:;worth, Esq., Geneseo! Hon. J. my guod.fortuue to have seen him in the days of every . me passed to you is but a sixpence Dela!ield,GeneHI. ~ my boyho<.d, a•.d his whole appearance is yet c;osse,d, an,? .expre.ss your doubts about get- C stron~ly impress~d on my memory. The por- ting r1d of 1t 1f you do take it. New England Mutual Life Insurance C'APTTAL, $450,000. 0 • traiL you hdve b~ued appears to me to be an EX· · Never accommodate if you :can. help it. .• cr l.IK !US·, rcpr~::e .. lir.g Jierfectly thecxpres Never visit the sickJlndaftiicted,and never Han. W11lard Pnillip•, Pres.,. II i''. -\tevens Esq.l:lec. L80NARD WILSON, Agent. sit1n as well 2-s the furm and features of the lace.\ g1ve a farthing to the poor. And says SE.\ ,u OR C.'\.:::.S, it is a life like re· · Grind the faces of the poor and tl1e unfor- preser,ration of the great original. PRES!- tunate. Capt. JOliN N. G•RDNER, Marine lnspectcr. Office No.4, SPAt:'LDINGS ExcHANGE. 7 ·njyl4 No.rtller.u New l'ork Lsfe Sto<•k Iusu- .-auce (~ompauy :PLATTSBURG, NJ::W YORK. IJENl' Fli.LMOREsnys,\The workappears B d ·!£ to rue to have bei:u admirably exec!lled and eJ!li· . roo over your ml ortunes, your lack of CAPlTAL ••••••••••••••••••••••••• $50,000, Incorporated hy the Legislature o the State of New York, July 1861, ,,endy worr hy ,,f 'he patrouage of tho public'' talent, and believe that .at uo distant day you >'!lye MARCllANT the eminent portrait paint- will come to :want .. Let the poor-house ever cr,aod the pupil of Stuart, \your print to my· be Ill your mtnd, With all the honors of pov- miud is more•remarkable than any other I have erty and distress. seen, for presenting the waoLE individualitY\ of . Then you will be miserable-if we may Ho:·ses, rattle, and allldnds ofl.ife F:tat>k Insured the original por rait,together wilh the noble' and· so speak-to your heart's content-sick at agalnstdl'alh by the eombined risks ofFirc, Water, dignified repose of air and manr·er, -which a,ll heart-and at variance with all the world, Disenses, &c. who ever saw him considered a marked charaf.l- Stot'l< transpOl:t~d by Wate-r, Rail Road, or driven teri~tic of t.hc illustriuus u..au it commemorates.' CASTOR BE.ANE!.-On a late trip of one of our on foot to marketlnsnrcdntfairrates. For 1.hc great merits of this pi·c-ture wa W\uld' ~ v New0rlcans steamers, she was crowded vith The Subcriberhaving been appointed Agent ofthe refer every lo\'er of W us!J!Lgton to the Portrait German emigrants. As might be expected, bove reliable perfectly solvent Co., is·prepared to is- it~elf, to be seen at the office of this paper, and h · - r f · d ue policies, at as low rate ofp emium as any res- to the letters of the following ArLists,. States· t elr appetites •or l'Uit an vegetables, after ponsibie Company, ill tile United States. men, Jurist!> and Scholars uccompl\nying it a long sea voyage, was most vnracious. .At He respectfully invites the atte••tion of Carmen, ARTl::ST~.-Marchant und Elliott, of New Salem, a short distance below this city Cabmen, Farmers, Vfilkmen, llacltmen and all others Yurk.; Lloeagle, H.othermel and Lambdin, of the boat received some fifteeu 01' twen- intereste•l. Alllossespromp~~~~.~Jft~City, Philad,•lphia; Chester Harding, of Boston· ty ,sacks of castor beans, consigned to 2otr. 2~3 :'>1ain Street Corner of swan. Charles Fraser. of Charleston, S. C: · ulid to th~ Mr. J31ow. The appearance of the beans, be- Over Coleman's Drug Store. adopted son of W a:shington, Hoh Geo. W. P. ing •good to the eye,' ex~ited the .cravings of -\----J-K Custia,-himself an artist. STATESMEN.- the emigrants. Finall..,J curiosity and appe- PIANO F AO.R&TE M. ANEU~GACHT. \URERS. Hi:' Excell~ncy Millard Fillmore,Major General • . .;. :s , Wtnfield ::>cott, Hon. George lV1 .!Jal!as, J:ion~ tite tnumphed; a b~g was surreptiousl.7 open· Corner of Pearl· and &1~eca Streets. William R. Kiilg, Hon. Daniel Webster, Hon. ed, a large pan full extracted, and a huge M ~~j:i~drrw TIIE ~;ubscnbers keep con- ~inn Huyd, Bon. Lewis Cass,J:ion. William. A. luncheon ofso1;1p prepared. In a short time rr stantly<.nhand nchoice a,a .. nment of tirabam, Hou .!ohn P. Kennedy, Hon. :R. c. the paesengers in the cabin, and the officers , w • Piano Fortes in elegant Ro,ewood I Wiruhrop, L. L D JURISTS -Hun. Roger of the Lont were startled by the report that l:ues, ~vhtch they warrant tob<'~qu:U,tn tone~. tourb B. Taney, Hun John Du<!r,Hon .• John McLean the cholera; in its worst form, bad broken out an;!_ fin 1 15 ~ to nny man_u~actureu ~n !he country. P<'r- Hon. Rufus Choate SCHOLAl{S -Charles' on deck. On go1\n:f bela-, they ~ound that sOu• 'e>llOtL~ o:f:'obtalnml!a super10rinstrument,are F £ . · , . _ n T respP<·t.·ully invited to give thew. a .call. ulsom, . sq • the well known Ltbranan of the the castor oil vi:as oing its work. The ba.: rw- Dealers supplied on lrberal terms. Host<;m Atheneum,. who says, \I would rather la:v expo&ed, and a large -pot full of this rare jy28 A. & J. KEOGH. own H than any pa.mted c.opy I have ever seen•\ \ \ · DISSOLUTI-ON E. P. >Vhipple, Richard Hildreth, Hon. Ed~. delicacy steaming hot on a table. The thing ~ . , . . ] ~verett, L. L. D., Jared Sparks, L,L. D., Wil- :was f10_on B?lv~d, and the Captain had t0 go C}-IF.t=~_ F.!! BRADI:F.Y havmg sold his enttre ham U. Prescott,.L. L. 0, Washington Irving mto quarmtine, because, as he said, the - mteres.t 1n tbe bus.mess of BRADI.EY BROTHERs, Rolph W. Emerson Esq. Prof T -C U h ' Dutch didn't 'know beans.'-.St. Loui~ Re- t he firm IS bere•·y dissolved by mutual consent. J T H dl F'' G ' H. • ' P am, ~.1. • Tbe Paper Manufacturing and Commission Busi- • · ea ey, -!.tz reen •. al!eck, H. W . .r-...,lican. ness will be continued a 0 heretofore, by I!. BnA.DL'EY ~ongfellow Wm•G1l~ore Sun,ms; and .FROM &. Co., who are authorized to sett.lr. Ill) the affairs of EUR.OPE, ~ord Tallourd, T. B. Macauley, Sir .A REPORTED MIRACLE.- 'We are not yet the finn. Arch1hald Ahe.on, 1.ord. Mayor of London, &c. beyond the :p'leudo-supernatural·even in the BEN J. BR ADLP.V. &c &e!. THE PR E:::S, tbroughoQt the en tire present. !lnlightened age. A reported mtracle Buff~~(l· May 15, !852. CHESTER BRA DI.EY, L' nion, have with one voice proclaimed. the mer- bas been go~ng forward _for the last few weeks, HOU SE'S· PRINTI\' G TE·L-.,.,GRAPH, its ofthis ~uperb engr&.viog. . ll '11 f s· :ffi lk E I d . '' •·· T bl 11 4 - 1 bl m a sma vr age o u o ·, ng an , m the This most rellable Line is now <.'Ompleted, and 1• o en a e a . to -possess t 1s va ua e treasure f l in full operation to the city of New York, Message• it is sold at the low price of $5 per copy. ' person o a ittle girl of twelve years of age, can be forwardeo a~ all times, and r;lellvered, Prznt- Published by GEORGE W. CHILDS; who jj deciareQ. to have fasted entirely from i!diR. Plain Roman Capztals,eusudngennreaecura- ~- W. corner of Fifth and Arrh streets, mes,tand drink for about sixteen weeks. All cy. Patrons are assured that no efforts will be . Philadelphia. the wise men in the neighborhood h;1ve been wanting on the part of those connected wltb WJLLIAM TERRY, · in commotion on the subiect. and -two sets of he Line to ins-.:.re prompt delivery of all despatches Sole Agent for the Stare of New York, h h b ~. ' mrusted to them. Buffalo; Mav 14. wat~ e~s . ave e~n .~PP~lllt!ld to investigate _____ --- -- - --- This PQmait ca.n only be obtained from MR. Lh m - Th ~ d t b · T · R y . e aua1r. e g1n IS sa1 o e I!Upel'natur- RElllOVAr.. E R , or from his duly authnriz~d agen~s. 11 \] d h d N IlRITTON has removeJ his stock or Wares Arrangements have been made with the Post a. y c ever, an . tnuc given to aliter spiti- • and :\-lauufactory to the corner of Lloyd and Office D~partment, by which co pie&· of the Por· tual Tevelations and exhol:Uitions to those Cannl-sts. 2nd Bto~lt Lelow the Merchants' Hotel, · ·c b · around. O.!!.e set of watchers have declared where he is prepared to manufacture every dtscrip- tral can e sent to any pu1nt, per mail, in per- - tion of Copper, Tm, and Sheet Iron ware, at us~al feet order. , . again at her, while the others mamtain the rates. 'I in,Jap!ID.n and Britannia Ware constat.tly 6G-- Persons by remitting FJvE DoLLARs to . n·uth of her pretensions no l.ess strenuously, on hand. 17-3m W l LLlAM TERRY, 113 Nassau Street, New and ~specially that she takes neither food nor HUFJ;'ALO· 1UU'rUA.L INSURANCE York, will have a t'opy of the Portrait sent to drink. The ca!!e is l•emarkable, and there Is ~CIU.P WANTED. them FKFE oF Po~TAGE- no doubt that the .fasting has been carried m T HE subscriber will pay t •e following prices for !10- Magnificent Gilt F~ames, got up. express- thlB case to a surprising extent, albeit such $1,0LO or 82.000 of theaboveSe.riv. viz.: ly for these Portraits, furnished at the low price instances are not unprecedented. Scnpoft848 83cts, Scripof1851 6Bcta. of $5each. · u •• 1849 7 t't u ... \ 1852 60 \ ,, 18M 73\ JUST ISSUED, JuGGER:!fAl'lT's HousEHOLD.-Th'e \estab- B, A. MANCHESTER, • A :MAGNIFICF.NT PORTRAIT OF lishment', eon1)ected with the great temple of Sept. II. Bill and Stock Broker • J uggeriiaut, m India, is immense. It mcludes CLI!.'i'I'O.N JRON RAILING WORKS. G EN E R A L ;r A C K S 0 N · thh-ty-six diffe}.'~nt kinds of offices, wme of CLINTON ST., OPPOSITE TRE CouRT HousE. Engraved by T. 8 • WELCH. Esq., after the oril{i· whiCh are subdivided into several more. R M. t::lliJY & CO., hnvmgtakentheabove prem- T nal Portrait painted b 1 T. SULLY, Esq. ·About 530 persons are required to fill the ap- • ises fur a term of yea:rs, are now J>repared to his Portrnit will be a match for the Wash· · \ f h b f 11 · recei•e orders :for Iron Fences, Balconies, Veran- inl{ton, aod is in every respect as well got up. po1Dtments, a •• ew 0 · W lch are t e 0 owwg: dahs, ::itairs, Rmling, Grates, Iron tJoors, Shutters, Pnce $5 per copy. Address as above. The one who puts J nggernaut to bed, tbe &.c. . --- . ooe who wakes him, the one who gives water \\7e are &!so prepared to ft.~rnish-lght casting8, . POCKE'J COIUPANION. and a toothpick, the painter to pait~this eyes, Bnsh weights, fence and railing cr.stin~s. &.c. All o:-1 OR _mformatlon ~elating to th_e generative orgars an officet to give him rice ana another to ders fo. =Y•hmg ln our line. hdt at tbe works 0 n , -111 he~!tli or dJ.Se~>e, f~om llllanc_y tothe tulllb. tJlmton street. or at the r'urnnce onlacksonsu-ee< 1 :t:rNEYI:.R Bel!uRl-; PUBillS!il:D-.a.. J:(ive .him pan, one to-wash his linen-, one to will be promptly utt.ended to. ' . ~eing a complete 1 opular-trentise, with a descrip- COU)lt .his robes; one to carry his um.berella, ll><vlug pu•chaseJ Lh!l JStock ill rraue .wJ ~ntterns 1100 oft he catJse•, P;v.mp[oms, ·.nd !uoet certaiumode one to t~ll him the ho1,1rs of worshi(f •. Besides of the late LevU!. Lark~n, and united with the pdt-~ of cure of all the ~1seaoc_s! to ~hich they are li!'ble h h 4 OOO k terns owned by R. M. Eddy, we have A large l'nriety -from the secret mfi_lnntle~ o. you~h and mature t ese, t ere are , . coo ·s, 12 dancing and a::-e, ontidt>nt \'t: can sarisly all, both as to pr;ce I ag~-f!ming from !Je. mt d di!!eases mboth ~e-xes.- girls, and 8,000 priests, maoy of whom are and style. Call and see for yourselves. W1th 1tlustrat1ve cases, certtficate8 of tlle ?lo•t un- exceedingly rich. R. M. BINGHAM· paralelledcure.s-ever performed, tesumolinL!s from -=-~-:----'------- augll-lm R. M. EDDY. ' ph~slctnns,and f!diLorinl acknowledgments. Both · ~D K\tto • f · · · h t th b. li d ------ _ ___ __ --.---. - married and single, ~hould read th1s invaluable ~ r. 1 13 0 optmou t a e n G-ENERAL AGENCY. j work. No one should get married before consult- are less unfortunate and , happier than the F OR the purchase of city property and farms, for wg it. Thuse who have heen addlcte<.l to self-allu$e deaf; in fact they are always more -cheerfu-l mgociatiug busineM paper, bonds and mort. 1 orothPr ex~essPs, c1n thffe find a \Pl\tain cure with' and far more numeroul! ln$taucei of talent aud gages and other property . out mercury. Persons requiring medical aid, be~ attainment am on,. the blind are accorded .than W. V. l:!TUDIF0RD, foreadoptinganytreatmerp,ouJ!ht to know from ~> · At Hill's Exchange office, under 0. L<?e & Co.'S Its pages, thesuperlority .or his among the deaf. Those born blind are said Ban \• wi'l attend to tbe purchasing and selling. of PARIS AND LONDON, to possess a great superiority of intelligence Real I:statc, Renting Rouses, negoclat!ng Rood nnd r tre.n. tment of 'Private dis!'ases·; by so doittg. !htY can over those born deaf. .As t0 personal con- illortgage. nuglU-Jy. avoid the imposition of qunckery, existing in cities. d h · --- ------~--- --- -----.- .\t.Larmont,isnregul•redueated European phy- tentment un er t ese affiiCtions, it is said Buffalo Piano Forte lllaunfaeJory f dc:a~anJ .:om;gcon,andJms for Jears-and ~ now; that the blind who hear, always prefer their KENAGA & POINSETT, I devoting hJ.S tlme to the treatment of the d1seases sight;-each thinks his own calamity the most ( st:COESSORS TO D. B-ENSON & .co.,) there mentioned. tolerable, and the sense that remains. the great- R ESI'ECTf'ULLY announce to that they havel Any personsending2lice!lts, willreceive a copy bl . , tuken tile premises No. 194 Washington 81 reet, fre: of postage. or five cop1es for one dollar. Atl- est essmg. tormerly ocmwied by Messrs. D. Benson &. Co., <tr~s llr. Lannont, 42 Read-st., corner of Broad. ------------ where they.wiU coutmue the manufacture of p1 ano I ~ay. or, Box 71, Broadway .Post .Office, Ne~ York. 'PRAYER,' says M'Cosh, 'when engaged in, J:o'ortes't.fevery description. They nrenowfimshmg 'old by Gnrr:tt &. Co .. 22 Ann ·street-E=t.nnger 9 &; spint and truth, free from pride, and the nnd Will keep const·ntly on hand an nssortmPnt·Of' Townsend, :! 22 Broadway, and J .• c. llanott, 4 - 2 i tronbling of the passiqns, ·contains within it- 6, 6~. 6i and 7 ortave Ptano Fort.es,in Rosewood and Broadway ---- . sep4.y self its own answer. in the heavenly calm l'tlal<ogany, which they otler at as low prices ns·.smli-r A CARD. ' lar. instr. uments can be obtained in any city in the Dental Operations- and repose which it <:ommunicates to the Un:on: • • . THE SUBSCRfRERgra ·exn 1 tor tbe very liberal sonl_. • • The man who cultivates a .de- '1 he1r. m• ~men tot combtnP alJ1hela1est •mpr<;>v,.. patronage he has recetved durmg .the- past four votional spirit is like the earth in its orbit- ments, mcludmg the ctl·brnte.d arch. bOt!? Ill, IrO'l [years_, would inforu.t Ills old pa-trons and the publ.Ic guid. ed by a Central power, and illuminated ~rnce, &~.; nnd tbe members • ft~e tir.t. bemg P-IIC- generally that he Is still aL his old stand and.endeav- ttcal wori>mP,., ( ~lr Pc.~setl havmg.hod ~~er twPn· \rs by a carelul \ppr~iatiou of every case entru~t· by a central light, and carrying every-where t~·~ve years ex(Jenen~e m •h.e pr!llclpnlpur~ of the. 1 ed LO hls care. and by aju diciOlls application of the a circumambient atmosphere, with a life· L nton.; 1 ht·y 1 el r\Onfidence 10 warralft'll4J!' thelr tn- . most esteemed .method!l to obrain the d~e.d -end giving and ;:efi.·eshing influence.~ stru_ments to purohasers. . . t wita economy and real benefit to his patients. All P1:11:u •on~s tunPd and repairfd. Old Tnstr\1- operauo 115 warranted nnd satisfaction guaranteed in ments takPn m exch.onge fJr new •.. All .ordPr:s f every case; thinking it unneces••ry to Hive a iist of p•omptly ~ttended to. uealersdealt w1th-on lrberall prrces; ftewouldsay to all wno m:ed dental ·opera• terms. . nugll I tlutis that !tis terms ~rea,; low as the lowest. and he Heinloek LUD1ber~ . ~lieves hiS ~ork wll compare _favornbiy with tile 1 0 0 0 0 0 F~t th ce men Hemlockl'lank, best. A call IS respectfully >Oilcited. . . ~ Suitsble for Sable &]oors, Brid- FREDERICK OLIVER, ges, SiJew.&l ks. or Dockin~. 1or •al~ che,.p, by Surgeon Dentist, J A. PERRY, la7 Main;Street. sevlStf. Ohio:::ot.near !he Canal. Slx .:Joors_,:Pove·Gothiell~l. Real Es~te, Ll'Ce. Ftre and Marine :In- , FOR $~LE. · . . . · su:t'ance omeot. 300s000 first qua1ity Sllaved Shing'Elll corne·r of · .[d7' Under Olivi~fik.;\·~~o's Bank. · Ohio ahd.Mackinaw streets. auglO-ly v.::;TUDDIFORD. &ep IS BLOSSOM~ SJUliNER. If you wish to sell more ~uods this year than yon ever did before, advertise mofe.- Tbe unpara11ed success of those merchants and tracfera who have kept their goods before file people, is a lesson aot to be disregarded by any one who depends upon pulllic patrQn- age for 11. liTing. The best cul!tomers are tb,oae, who :find out what they want before. they leave home;. and tb~ ar-e the ones who 1nvari:ably look in the new6papera to Si6 where the article is to be found:

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