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Buffalo evening post. (Buffalo, N.Y.) 1852-1877, November 02, 1852, Image 1

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• I . --- ... J VOL. 1 .. NO. 34. Bl.d~'FALO, 'rUESDA Y EVENING~ 'NOV\EMBER 2. 1852. -------- --- EVEN I '~EG· -n 0 ST. EMIGEATI~r-..-. • ,. Fire, Marine and Life Insurance. TB.E o:t-.\LY TRUE l'ORTR .. :\:rr oF WAS..,..,.\To\' \-' L Thosewho desl!'etoprocure Cerb· --- .....,.,.. •• Is published EVERY EVENiNG, (Sundays ex. flcates tor Pnssag-e, for· their fricndiJ FRANKLI:-1 MARL'H: & FIRE INSURANCE CO. J eepted,; .. t t.he office ~o. 7. \Ve>t S<>neca Street, by ox Dr.Ut..s on the i?.oyalm- .Vatiuna Il•m. C':ld~ rlc.lli.stcr,Prest..-Wm. L. Avery, Eecy. UST PUBLISHED, PRICE ONE CENT. 'irqt ututning l}lD.at. CALVIN J, MILLS· · Banks of Ireland, National Bank o I CAPITAL ~300,000, T. B. TVELCH'S MAGJYIFIOENT Romance of Real Llt'e. TERl<S--Dclhered to subscriber<; in the city, at ::>cutlami.. \\a tl•• Bank of llfessrs Glynn, Halifa:r. REFERENCES -Hon. E G. 1-'paulding. Henj. :UXCE.:-iT:Sp;;r ~··eek, u~ $\: I·.e:· an;• urn,_ when I·tl.id Mdls 4' Co ,l,JIHW•. ant! Guiun ~ Ca, T.iurpool H. Fn•;e~, F-q, '\1e,.,.rs. R Hullister & Co~ Bon. PORTRAIT {)F W ASHINGTOli The facts ~h\tch \allow are fum'-'-edua bY , illllilmace. .nail sabscnber.s mvlll\lably m advance. will do weU to remember that the 1 ~r .. phen Clark, '\ lb:my · Hnn E. C. Delevan, Bulls- EnPraT• 1'(/n p · · )f; :s • \ ... , U>J.l • J i . • lJ . . (' . t l D ·z I \1 1! J ' ' • 0 . .' . '11 . ~':ffl~SBlun rum iuart ~ outy Ul\i!J a reliable correspondent., and contai'n suffi· 'l'e-rms oj Ll v.:rt<stng p.:r .:Jquare In !le at y. OLD EMIGRATION A..\'D ~OREIGN ton,· · • ; ~UJE's P. Lei', CashiH l?arruers Bank, nalpt>1l1u!l, wll•e .AtJ,mtum, Ruston. 1 . ( ft'oztrteenlinesorless make a Br;ruare.) EXOH.tL.VGE OF'Ji'IOE ' ~:;r 0 :>1<•ga dca. N. Y ·; J. Cady, Esq. Pres. Bank of This superb picture, Engraved under the ,. cient of the raw. material for a good novel. , S••un.re, •ocents first t\us~rtt\on, and 25 cents fior ' \\' enectn y,Schenectady Go. N.Y. • d 1'H M ' We ai'\' asiuredby thenarr t th t. th t t ~ \ \ No.5 sidway Block, Commercial Street, penn ten ence of 0 AS SULLY Esq. 1e \ - a or a e a a ;e- ewh subsequent insertion, less than one week. H't:TDSON RIVER INSURANCE CO. emine.nL and highly gi_fted artist. is. th~ only' .. t ments are literally correet: t:!q,uare for 1 week, $1 50 l-l•llll1refor3mo'ths $'! oo BU F PAlLO, Au' h p lj, p 1 k \ ' \' S ~__.... - \ ' \ 2 \ \J 50 \ \ 6 \ 12 00 Is thll Ohle::t ~nd Bl'st, haTing been established for IJ<l ec. , res't.-Aifrer.l Noxon, Vice Pre2'l· rect 1 eness of'\ a&hiogtoo ever published [t. ome s .... ...,en years smce, a young gentle- \ 3 \ :l no \ 7 \ 15 00 '!'EN years. dttring- which time several th.oruands of C.aPlTAL, $300,000. has been charac:eriv.eJ as the greatest worldf man in New York city contrived for a while \ 1 m'.nLh , ;; b\1 . . :: . \ I Y'J\'r ::;. ou aotlars lmv\ pw,•ed iu P\\•age orders aud Urafr.s, safe· R I·:FF.R F.NCI-~::\.- 'Jles!'t's. Pratt· & Co., Hon. Or- art ever pro<luced io this country. As to itii- to pay his addresses to a beautiful girl there, The ter!Illl of yearly a(hcrtblh!l, a!id vl a.:her.Be· ly thruugh the baud~ oi the uailcr,;igueJ, nuJ heeri lnnrJo Allen, Hon. r..o. 8paulding. Elias Weed, Esq. delity, we refer tn the le\.ters of the ndopted)n the daughter of a wealthy but obstinate Pearl w.enr..s placed Ldvra t.h\ UUU'ri.tg~• =d 'h:\ths will duly fvrw\'J tv tL\ ~.,tiuativu r~'!u.lled, \'\lo.lul~ Cpntrnl Wharf. \Villi am R !11ii!Pr, Esq • Messrs. oPfAI';VK~sC~~t;_g.tTon 1 , GEOR<;E W ASHINGTN street merchant .. w· ho w· as opposed to the bemadelmownattheoffice. paidonpresentntlontotbeirishBank,and havenot Cutler& Dei<'orest. , ·u::; '-'1 who sa \It- f •thf · • b - 1 ~' 3;:s, 18 a m u:e- youn1 man's· Vl-81-ting· his d·aughte'\. He per- -: to esentto Ln·erpoo .to be paid, asothersnr<>. p·e•enta•t'on of tb ·1 b t d · • 1\ •- •· ·r Ro.,hester i<'ire Insurance Comp~ny, ' · · ' e ce e ra e Orlgma , an w • t · h' u u~-,1· N i .. i'~'lt..! f1Al_,lJ __ ~._ 0 Lhose whotl:estre lO have their fnends brougb . - CHIEF JUSTICE TANI:.Y f h s L SlS e In IS endeavours to win the youn.,. .U ..1.. ..C.. IJ V :\, 1J to tills country from any pan of furope, tbe aub- noonESTER, N. Y. · · 0 t e upnue 1 d d t 1 ~ b'dd .. b d · · i'IouH.Chamberlain,Prr..sident,J.P.Milltn\r Courteftbe L'uited States, who says. •• i a a y,an a astwas ~or 1 en to enter the scr1 er woul say, that he is the ~utborized Agent of ~ \' ld ' h · • tb t t d · 1 · f Vice President. work Clfart its excellence andbeaut.v must slke o mans ouse. a popu ar an t<nemng .me o Packet Ships · · ~ \ t auG catled REFERE~CES.-Freeman Clark, E·q., President ~ver! oue who sees i,t: aod it i.s no less hal· r io Still the lovers contrived to meet, occal!ion- Ro('he•ter Hank; £Jon. H. Stillwell. MayurofRoch· I'& I k t th l' th fh · all -\t d d th THE \'JLD B!LAVK STAR I •. INE, estpr: Jas. R Wadsworth, -Esq., Geneseo;. .Hon. J. · 1 cder t 0 e ha er 0 h 15 country. !Vas J ~ erwar s-an at e expiration of F. M. COFn.:-.r, ArtisL and Detii.;-uer, .So. 13 Grani!c .lll'lC'k WM. C.AH.LA~JJ, 11Jstou vue l'nce Giothes W are1oube, Goth>c llall. f L 1 1 ~ f Dolatleld, Gencm. my goo or une to ave seen im in the dEs or so •. me su:: months, matters having been jre- ? vPrpoo, a 1ew o wl10se ships it wlll be suffi my bc·yhood, and his whole appearance 1 yet 1 tent to name, t 1 . d . ·v1ous y.so arranged, the girl consente to New England Mutual Life Insurance Co. 5 roo~:r Y lmpresse on my memory. Th!j:Jor- marry the -vouth -h 1 dh a· fi h Tae Washington, The Robert Kelly, · trait yuu have issued appears to me to be 1i .e:i- . \ .., 0 ove er, an · orw om The Guy -'ianneriog, Tile Niagara. t' \PITAL, $450,000. · ~ 1 · at any time, he would have periled his life, - -THOMSON&MoFARLANE. l:'ractical Plumbers.&<d Ga.s Fitters .• 64 Llov<l street . ---ALB.Kl::.T_tl __ MERKLLL, The D. W. Clinton, l'ttc :'>larmion, Hon. \Vtllari! Pbillip•, Pres •• fl. !>'. Stevpns, F.sq. f'lel'. A_cr LIKt Jns-, represeutmg per ect Y the e~reB· :10 ·deeply rooted was his affection for her. He The J. A. \Vestcrvelt, The Universe, LEONARD WILSON, Agent. 81011 as well as th\ form and features of the1ce.''. d The Enterprise, T!te Princeton, Capt. JonN N. GARDNCR, Marine Inspector. And says SE:-IATOR CASS, it is a life· I~ re- id not leek her fortune, for he was in the The Ticonderoga, Tile Shannon. Office :\~~~~c ~~~l\~!Nos ExcnANG.E- 7mjyl4 r-reseu tatioo of the great original. PltSI- enjoyment of a handsome salary, as principal These magnilicclltshlps are trom 1,000 to2,000 tons VENT FILL:\10H.E says,\ The work a nears book-~eeper i~ an extensive jobbing house, . DR. w'gi;Ll~Gl'O~ J. Lb:Ai{r:: Justice of the Peace-Utlice 1-l:i Mam st. up etairs, burtbeu, anti titted up wilb ever\ comfort, com· Northt>rn N~W X ork Life Stock lnBU• t•J llle to have been adm-tcably e~ecute·' a~· m·l·. a d h t r. • \ R \ll-'L J u ACO~ d h ' Nance Compa Y ~ u n ·. 18 pecumary prosp~~!! were very ~au . .J..LA ::; = . JJ • , ::!an 1 r!P y 1 exdp 1 erienc 1 ed C~pt·ains, whose uniform PLAT l'SBURG, NMW~ORK. ~.emly worthy ,,f the patronage of the p ic.\ But the parents were obdura.te, and he waa H.e~id!'n~e and OitiPe in thP Mart Ob\o street. A turney and Counsellor, Number 19U~, Main-street, \'m ness1s on Y spo ten o.. C ::Oays .MARCHANT the eminent portrait i.int• d · fr Butlillo. jyl7 ir7 Let it be distinctly understood, that the ships :APITAL ••••.•••••••••••••••••••. $!10,00(), d h '1 f <::t ' r riven om the house. - --- ----- -'---- of the Black Star Line sail from Liverpool withollt Incorporated by the Leg-islAture 0 the State of er' an t e pupt 0 ._ uart, ' your print ~ my .AB we have htnt~d, at the end of half & W .M. L. J AME8, fail, on their appointed days-'lst, 6th, 11th, 16th, New York, July 1!351, mind is more remarkable than any other ltave twelve month they agreed to be m. arrl'ed and Uenler in all kinds of Fancy Dry Goods, French Mil- 21st and '2Gtb ofeacb month. seen, for presenting the WHOLE individualzy of · · • · ' lmery, &c., 1>!o. tl:lU Mruu ot'.rcet, Uutlalo. __ There uno delrny caused to ube emigrant, ns the Horses, CattlE', nnd an kinds of Life f'tack Insured the original portrait, together whh the nol~ and 11,ll ;the :equisite arrangements were mad~, J AME8 H. OLAH.K ~assage Cert.iticate is plainly for tnetr Convenience ~~~;~~~~~.by the <'ombinPd risks ofFire, Water, JignificJ repose of air and man11er, wh!h ali . tb.e cvemng Willi fixed upon, even the chap• DC:A.LER I~ CHOICE WJNES, T.IQUORS, 'f}~-A FTS • , Stock rransportt>d hy Wati'r, Rail Road, or driven who ever saw him considered a marked ~arae· lam had been engaged-but on the morning Oignrs Wholesale & ltetlrilat a~a Main street Banks: · are· · •stantly for,~ ale 011 the f:>llowing on foot to m 11 .rketlnsured at f!rir rntes. teri~tic of the illustrious wan it coJp.memi' tes.'- of the day proposed s_ecretly for the I!upttals - l:H.JY'i'& PERRY-,----- The Royal Ranlt 1d National Bank of Ireland. For the great merits of this picture we oald the whole pi* wae drscovered and the match . M\ h- National Bank of ;cot! and. The Subcriber baYing been appointed Agent of the refer every lover of W asbir;gton. to the trait -as b~o.,·en off peremptonly by the absolute Uealer.s iu Lumber, Engle street, near lC 1gnn, b 1· bl \ tl 1 t C · d is • If b h ffi · · \ '-\- · · 26 . Banks of ,'\iJessrs. dynu, Uahtax, MiUs &; Co •• overPm eper.er ysoYen o.,1sprepare to - It~e ,to esecn at teo ce of this pap} arid th t fth t B~~; N~J;, J. A:Uff:m~~~· London; and Guion & Co'., Liverpool. ne policies, at as low rate ofp emium as any res- to the I~tters of the following Artists, ates· au on Y 0 e pareD 8 • ~ JOHN w AI~SH, Alleut. ponsibie Company, in the United States. men, Junsts and Scholars accom]fJBny in\'t. Tii~e passed on. The daughter was sent M ILLINGTON & BROTHER, E h B Herespectfullyin;ites the attention of Carmen, ARTIST\' M h d II \'J toadistantpartofthe country for a while . -.xc nnge rocker, 5 flidway mock. Commercal st., Cabmen, Farmers, Milkmeo, Hackmen and all others ...,,- arc ant ·uo iott, 1 New Umbrella. and P!.l'asolManufuctmers, and Dealers in Buffalo,. N. y _ interestecl. Alllosses,promptlypaid in this City. Y o!k ; N e~gle, Hotbermel and Lam¥iu; of -the young man was disappointed and dis- !:lhirts, Cravat~, Collars) &c., 2j!J Main street, op- N. B.-Specie and Bank ~otesofevery description T. J. sw EBT Ph!laddphta; Chester liardibg, of h8ton · heartened, and left New York for the west posite the Chw:ches. bought, solrl n nrl exchnngerl at close rates. 20tf. 2:!3 :\fain Street Corner of Swan. Charles Fraser, of Charleston, S. C: • unfto th~ where he remained two years. Meantime ~ -.f. 8:-H.A W'K~;-- - ----- Buffalo, April 9 , l8.3'2. aplO Over Coleman's DrugStore. adopted s.on of Washington, Bon. Ge~_W. P •. p[!rson to suit the tastes of the parents turn- Literary Depot for the sal<JufPeriuilic~,_Newspn- AMERICAN EXPRESS COM:PANY ---- -A~--.J,:-KEOGH, Custis, htmself an artist. STATESt,EN,..- edup-amanofconsiderablemeans, butold ~:~ss~~~~~~*~~'gtPuu;ts~~~ce Buildings, cur- ij. 1852. ~- . PIANO FORTE MANUFACTURERS Hi~ Excell~ncy Mlllard Fillmore,Major.:reneral enough to be the young girl's father-and a C 'orn•r o•r Pearl and S••1eca Str••ts. ' Wmfield Scott, Han. George M. Dalll!, Hon •. mat· h was · d ft 1 ·b - · -- · · · - .,u ~ ., u• w·1r R 1\:\ H D . 1 W b , H c arrange , a er ong persua&on e- BRA.DLEY BROTHERS, Can;tal--$2010,000· u1• \ THE b \b k · 1 ra.m • Illg, on. ame . e str, on. tween Emma an·· dthis· man, and sha =edded Manufacturers ofn.ll kinds or-Printing, Writing and r\- = =zl! : su sen ers eep con- Lmn Boyd, Hon. Lewis Casa, Hon, W[iam A. · n Letter Papers,_ Warehouse l!l8 Main street, and BET\W EEN NEW YUH.K, BU I~,. A LO, -~stnntlyonhand a choice assortment of Graham, lion J\ohn P- Kennedy, Ha; R. (;. him at last. No.5 West Seneca ~treet- DUN Kl H.K, CIN C INN 1\'1' I, UHICAGO, Cases, which th~~a~~~r~~:;~~b!~q~~~~~~~o~~:.et~~~~ W imhrop, L. L. D. J U RlSTS.-H~. Roger- . Three _yeara ~ubsequently, tbe young man ----VIELE &; OHAMBERLA!PN ,--- ST. LOU IS & INT ERMED 1 ATE PLACES and fini•h to any manufncturPd in the country. P<'r- B. Tauey, Hon. John Daer,Hon. Johr;McLean, found h1mself 111 New England, where he Attorneys and Counsellors at Law, Bernheimer M Bt!t~k:NuBR~ uow leave Butlillo and Dunkirk. sons tlm,irou~ of obtnininl! 11 superior instrument, nre Hon. Rufus Choate. !:lCHOL~R&.-Chari~B ~ett~~d and took a wife also, finding it not Block, next to the American HoteL. -'- Ua11y • .tiunJay• txeepted,, for New 'i oro and . resl\\t•ully mvited to ghe them a call. Folsom, Esq:, the well know.n, Ltbraian of tpe good t{) be alone'-and !!ome dozen years had IIICNRY K. VIELE, ~· 14 , C!LLUBERLALN .. illterme<liate t>laceo, ou tile Al'lt,my aud Culfaluauu il:7 De::~lers supplied on l1beral terms. l>ost'?n Atheneum,_who says, 'l W<fld r~~othe,r, passed away with their thousand and one __ _ _ __ N. Y, and Erie R nil road, and for Eric and inlerme- jy2S A. & J. KEOGH. oEwnp1t tha~ any pa~nted cop7 I have ver seen; changes of place of circumstances and of fior- - ·--- --A\ VAN SLYCK, diateplnces,by Buffaloand :,>tate Line Railroad; DISSOLUTION .•. Whtpple, RIChard Hildreth, ton. Edw \'\'· F. th'- ,. - · • Wholesale and retail Dealer in Tobacco, Snutr and also by the severul Jines of St,enmers on th.e Lake Everett, L, L. D., Jared Sparks, L,;,. D., Wil: cu!l~· rom e trme of the1r separatlon, the 8errars No.~a tJommerc!alscreet, oeuond door above from Bulfale and Dun~irk to Clcvdand, ::=an .;usky, CHlO:S~ER BRADLEY having sold his entire liam H. Prescott, L. L·. D.,· Washin~on Irv.r'ng, origmallovers had never met . .M;rch~llls' Hotel, llwfalu. jy:!U Toledu, :VIomoe, Oetroit; from thence to Columbus interPst in thP husine-ss of BRADLEY BROTHERS - '-' Th- b h · · -- ·- · ------ Cincinnati·,.t.ouisville, Chicago,G'llena, :vrnwaus.ee: tbe firm is herery dissolved hy mutual consent: ltal,r,h W ·Emerson, Esq., Prof. T.~. Upham • o young man ecame t e father of three Dr· N. Walsh and St. Louts, by the several lines c.f railroads The Paper 1\'lanufncturing and Commission Busi· J. I'. Headley, FitzGreen Hallek, H. w: little ones, apg then lo!!t two of these; which ·' pu Yl:llClAN Al'I!J Al'UTllECARY,-Ot~FlCE steambuats, &c. ness will Le coulinueo.las heretc,fore, Ly ll. BRADLEY Lnngfellow. \Vm. Gillmore Simms ;and FROM. bereavement was !lOOn after followed by the .No. a Terrace, opposite ci:.y m:uket. Resu.lt>_n~e J:f J.:a,J. r:x;Jrcs> io ocntin clur;.;e uftru.Ly :llu- & c,• , \ho \re aut.h•JrizcJ tv .ewe Ul> theall'airs of El' H_OPF;, Tt'lrd Talfonrd, T. B. llpcauley, -Sir . death of his wife. Time flew by-he had eornerof Exchange. am! Chicago streets. Me?I~me, sengrra, prov:ded 11 ith iron che•r, ft•r the ~afety of the firm. BENJ. BR. ADL\'•.Y. Archibald A1Hon, Lorcl Mayor of ~ondon, &c. been fortunate in his bu·s 1 ·nesa and r·eal'ded a advice,visitsandatteudancentall hours Je<~tt valunbjepackagesentrulted to'theircare. ,., . & & THE PRES<::l th h h • .,, ~W--A-RRE_N ___ & B-R 0 ·-T- HER, At the West, the line has lately been extended _llnifal_()• M~y 25,_1852_- _CHESTER_· BRADLEY, Uc.. c. .. • \::• roug _t'lt t e eDtlre few miles out of the city in a sweet •little over several new routes, nnct Js, now prepared to re mon' have Wt,h one votce proclat~ed the mer- cottag· e unclouded by ' ' _.. th d Manufacturers of\Varren's Improved. fire and ~a- ceipt anJ for\arJ paclt .. ges ,.;,h gredt despa.tcb and HOUSE'S PRIN'I'lNG TELEGRAPH. its ofthis superb engrc.ving. ' · {hi · h d • s~rrow,b .lOr de ays ter pro01 Roofl:l,ano.l Jearerd tn Rqofipg Matertals. s;,tety to most oft be prfucipal places iu the \Vestern This most reliable Line is now t'ompleted, an<! Ia To enable all to ·possess this valnible treastli'e 0 s sorrow a Since gone y, an :Q.e en- 1 Office 221 M.un-st. corner of Swan, Up l::ltalrs. nl)d Southwestern States. m full operation to the cityofNew York, MeBBagea it is so.Id at the low price of $5 pe: copy. ' deavored to be contented andbappy, suxroun~- jell PROPRIETORs: can be forwarded nt all times, and delivered, Prtnt- Pub!tshed by GEORGE W. Cf;[LDS ed as he was by the comforts of life, and 1n PHii(N]!} y & oo:, \VELL~, B UTTERFliLLD & Co., ed in Plain Roman Capitats,cnsuring enure accura- )1. \'v'. corner of Fifth and Arlt .stre;ts, the enjoyment of the society of his dear little \ublishe~and BookSellers, wbolesaie&.retaildeal- 10 Wall, and8EriePlaee,New York. cy. Patrons are assured that no ·efforts will be Ifl d 1 h' da ht ~ ,_ - 8 . (B d' ld LIVINGS\'O .. ', FAR·~~ & co., wanting on tbe part of those connected with WILLI M T .. 1 a e P Ill.· ug er. ! e:rsin Ulank Books aud tauonery, ree so . ' \' \\ 1 L\ A ERR' 0 d 1 t th h lt ~~ G . Bl k B !!1 ju3'-52 /57 !'>Dain-etTPet, Ruffalo. JC IUC to insure prompt delivery of all despatches ~ I A - . .• . .ne ay as mon . e was returning home .. 1> i~~d,) No •. lt:!l:l••~nin street., ramte oc • u a. __ __ __ ____ _ __ _ ________ til rusted to tttem. Bull'ato, Mav 14. ·-_ 0 e ge~tfor the State of _t,ew York, in the afternoon, and upon entering the cars ---- - - - BUFFALO&: ROCHESTER R. ROAD. REJUOV AL. EThtRs Pyortrmt can ?nly be obta.lfd from MR. found them full . He sought a seat and found DAN -B. CASTLE, 1-: tl!!i!i B T R , or from h1s duly autho1zed agents., . • d. b I d· b ' . General dealer in Gold and Stl'V~r Wat<•hes, Gold eaW§O~!jtW'E4f1 ·~ N. a!l~~~,;;.a~f~:;r::,ot~eeJ/~~~~~~ 0 ~~ Ll~y;:~;:3 Arrangements have been madelwith the Post 0 kf bno.~upl~, ~a a ~a out thuty years ' chains, Rings, Pins, Ear Rings, Keys, Lockets, Ptn· ::iU }L\II ER A RRA:'<H_i-E:\ 1 E~T _ t:nnal-sts._2nd Block tel ow the Merchants' Hotel, Office D~partment, by which copfs of the Pot· 0 • 0 ~ 1 .e W .om e sat own, and the cars cils, etc.,135 Main St. Buffalo. cash pruq to,r old 7 _ d . where he 18 prepared to manufacture every descrip- trait can be sent to any point, ·pel mail, in per- soop. moved out of tbe depot. .As they emerg- silver. JY 2 \' trains ally, exceP'ting Su.nda.ya. tion of (;opper, Tm,and Sheet Iron Ware, at usual feet order. ' ; ed Into the light, be suddenly turned to the PHOENIX HOTEL-BY 0. HHJK8. Ounntlnfter MouJay, April 26th, 1852, the Cars rates. 'Cin,Japaan and Britnnnin Ware constantly qcT' Persons ~y r~mitt~ng FI'~ DoLLARS to lady and exclaimed: wiltleave Butfalo for Albany, New York, Boston, on hand. 17-3m W ,LLlA_ M TERRY, 113 Nas~ Str_eet, N~w 'Ma·u-. Em·m- a -1 Is th1's you 9.' niATN•ST, AllOVE COURT, BUFF'A.LO, N. y, y ~ . THE HOU~E is tiLted up and fw:llished ln the best nnd inwrmcdiate plare3, as follows; BUI!'h'ALO .lU U'l'UAL INSU.RAN(JE ork, will have a copy of the rtralt sent to lill didn't .know exactly what he said but : style, and extensive stables atts.cbed to f:he estab· Train No 1-NewYork Express, 5. A. M. stop- :SCRIP 'VAN TED. them FRfE OF Po~TAGE. \t f t th h th ·. ' lishment • JYO ping, at Attica, Byl'on and Bergen. THE b 'b ·n ~ ,.,__.Magnificent Gilt Frames,' ot np exp~e•s·. 1. was _a ac, at e was on e seat mth the Tr ~l·n N'o 2-Ste\mboat Evpress, 6 A. \\· stop• . su scrt er WI .pay t .e .allowing prices for a-.r ~ · ' - mr·' to whom he had once b d t b \ • •• ~ ·•• $1 OlO 82 ooo f tl b s · vi ly for these Portraits, furnished It the low pri\e .,. ~ . . een engage . o e . ER f F h. bl R se Wood TrainNo.1-Freight, 9 A. :<I. No passengers cnpo I~ cts. Scripofl851 6Scts. o ~? eac . . , • ea :t ove ,an w om MRS- P. STA.A.TS, pingatAttica,ByronandBergen, s - 'f 8 °! 8 83 • ° lea ave cnp. z.: f \\5 h I \ mamed whomhehadr 11 I d d · h MANNUFAOTUR • o as tonn e . 0 . f c b tnken on tl 11 • 8 trni'n. \ ·• Ie49 7 ~ \ \ \ I8li2 oo \ -- he had never seen smce their cruel separiltion, andMahoganyFurmture,nndeveryvanEtyo a· \ ''18M \3\ 1 a1 iuet ware, Upbolstery, &c., &c-, on Staats _street, T!ain No. 4-Mail.lO A.M., stopping at all the 1 B, A. MANCHESTER JUST ISSUED, A mutn explanation quickly succeeded. a few rod!! below Niagara ;:;quare. JYI2 · statlons. Sept 11 B'll d St k B k' A :r.rAGNIFIOF.M:r PORTrA!T OF Our widowed friend ascertained that his for- Train No. a-Emigrant 12M. Stopping at all the · • 1 an oc ro er. • t ded h TAUNT & BALD WIN • . station. CLii'4TON IRON RAILING WORK£ G E N E R A L :r A OK S 0 N. mer m en was on er way to the north, Wholesale and Retail Furniture and Cbarr Wl_U'e I Train ~o.6-Evening Express, 5 P !'11, stopping CuNru:-o- ST O!'!'USITE TB.E C t:RT II t:. • Eng•aved by T. B. WELCH, E 8 i:., affertheorigi- upon a visii; to her friends. That she had Rooms No. 243 Main street, Buffalo. An extens1ve at At.Lica, Batavia,and llergen. R M El. OY ., • 0 1 ° 0 sE. nal Portrait painted b~ T. siJLLY, Esq. · been married nearly eleven years, had but one aasortn~ent of the most de5i.table and fashio~~nble Train~ o. ~-:\ccommo(l~tion, 6 P. M • stopping is~s f~r a ~r~l of 'ya:;~;~;e~ the above prdm- This l'ortrait will be a matth for the Wash- child living, and her husband had been dead J!'W'niture,constnntly on baud. at all the stations. • d t1 1 • e ow prepare to • ' ov t _- ------ . , . u ontyone train onS•mda~·s, the Evening Ex- recca~ 0!' er.s O!. ron Fences, Balcomes, Vcran- mgton, and is in every respect IS well got up. er WO years. W¥· J. L.A.\ ~-1(,\ · . . presstrainleavesat 0 p, M. I dahs, ;;;tull'•, Ra1liug, Grates, lron uuors, Shutters, Price $:i per copy. Address as above. He pointed to hi.s pretty cottage, as the cars Dealer in Grommes and ProvtSIODS, Otis, Pamts, :o-·rhe 'Trains wll· leavt: J>utralo by Syracuso &c. n - - - . ' passed on, but did not leave the train 1 Glass, Putty, Brush<'~, Pntv ler, ><hot, and Safety Time which Is [,:.out I;; .\1iautco fa,tcnltaP Buffalo \oVe are als..., preps.red .to. furrush lgbt cnstmgo, · POCKET COMPANION~ He pr· oceeded \orward renewed hr's ac- p Ii' uits Segars Dve-smffs Pa.ls, Tubs, &.c. I Ti ' 1 sa.,h we1ghts, tenc\ and railing casun~s, &e- All o:- QR 1nfurmatwn relaung to the generative organs •• ~ useheor Matn str~>~t. ·Country Produce bought 1 me. HENRY ~~ AR'I'IN \ • 1 dent 1 dors ro. 11nyth:ng !n our line, left nt the works on -In health or disease, from inlancnothe tomb. quaintance, found the lady her own mistreB!, a,,dsold I· · - 8 ffi I '· ~~rmlt e~ '!road Clintuu •ireet, or at the Furnace on Jackson street, . ;tJ\N£VER BEFORE PUBLISHED • ..cr. proposed to her again, for he believed her as _____ - __ ---- --- ·• ··-- ,.. 1 ,. d , Offiu a.o\m\l 0 '\ •. 1 2 bt84I willbepromptlynttendedto. 'l'lemga.completeiopulartreatise,withadescrip- l l d ._ McMLLLEN 'S BO.d.T YARD. . I ~pCtmten enL 8 c.e, Bu 11 0 • Apn ;t tf Uaving pu1chaseJ the stock in 1ra<le and !Jatterns 1 tion of the cattse•, symptoms, :.nd mo~t certain mode ove Y 88 ever, an won .uer, sure, this time l On. Hambur.rk·st. Canal, near Eastern Vepot. - -- _ ___ . _ _ ofthelateLevUL Larkin, and united with the P<tt• of cure of all the diseases, to which they are liable And we record the fact_w~th no ordinary de- The Snbscriberis prepared to do all kinds of' lluild- 1 SUM:\I~R ARRANGEMENT. terns owned ity R. M. I::dd},, we have a large vari~ty 1 -from._t~e secret infl.rmitle~ o: you!h and mature gree of pleasure that Withm three weeks the ing and Repmrlng Ganal boats, 011 Lh\ t~hurtellt no-[BVFF ALO & NlAGA.Ri\ l'ALLS It, R• ami arc confident 11-c cau saa~l,y nll, both a, tu pr.cc ng:~rrswg f~um ~;emt~ I dt~enses m'hotlj sexes..... lovers were actually united together in mar· tice and on reaso.naole terms. ~ · . · . . and style. Call and sec for yourselves. I Wtth JllustratJve cases, certificates of the most un- · f B Jy12-y HU\il! :<.tc:viiLLBN.- I : r!!ll!i1~ 0 ?t:EII?fF-2 ~~itifi\'SE''\).;1 R. M. RINGHAi'ri, paraielll'dcuresev!'r r:erlormed, testimonials from r!age, in t:Jle city_o oston. Lo~g may they ~-..::::..,:~~-=-==-=:-::~- · · ~- . , - 1 :!E!!!;,_ _ !!!!! ~i !!!!!! _ ~ a.ugll-lm R. lll. EDDY. phylil:ci:ms,and _edllorin.l acknowledgments. Both live to enjoy therr wealth and tJie happiness HERSEE & TlliMER:M.A.:.'f, , THREE TRAINS ]J HLY. · ·.· · -. --·- married and smgle, should .read this lnvaltiable which we know must follow their union. Cabinetand Chair M_anufnctory, :Ware Rooms, 309: (s~Avsnol>PTED:} ' GENERA~ AGENCY. I worJ<. No one should getmnrri~d before consult- Main street, (oppos1te the Anwncnn UoteJ,) Buffa- i . . . FOR th~ p_nrrbase _of <'1ty property and farms, for wg 1t. Those who have been addiCted to shlf-abuse lo. Eveq article of J!'urnicure. uu Iumd, and mude 1 Cars Wlllleave Bnlfalo a{ ll o''clock A. M. nl'goemtmg lmsrness paper 1 bonds and mort. 1 or other excesses, can there find n certain c'ure with: to ·order. Furnitlll'e carefnlly packed for Ship·! :: :: .'.' ·.: :: 1~ .:· ~1. gngcs n.ud other pro petty I out mercu~y. Persons requiring medieal aid, be· ning. _ 4.o P-M. W •. V. iSTUD!Ff)RD, fore adopung any treatment, ought to know from - 'l' p- ARSO\' - 1 Cars Wlllle:tve tbe Falls :>t! to7 o'clock A. M At Hill's E:tcbangc office, under 0. I.•e & Co.'s its pages the superiority of his . • • .._,, \ \ \ \ \ 2~ P. 1\:T. Bank, will attend to the purchasing and selling ofl • PARIS AND LONDON g7B Main Stl:eet, Kremlin Block. Manolf3cturl'r of 1 \ • \ '• \ 6 If'. :0.1. RPnl Estate, Re.nting Houses, neg'lciatlng Rond and treatment of Private diseases• by so d~ing they can Regalin, Banners, Costumes, Jewel,s ::Jeals, &c., 1 :r:r~ne Tram only on,Sunda~s. Mortgage. auglO-Jy. aYoid the imposition of quackery, existing in cities. for Masons, Odd Fellows, ::lonsot femperance, i Leaves B!ill\lllont ~,~ 0 <:}v~k A. :u. • - • · · - - - - ----- Yl. Larmont, JS a regular educated European pby· Teruple- uf Hon.ur, Cadet.s, &~ .• &e ·Al'o :l'~a!on- I \ N. m;;ara F1lli at a-o dock P .:'\!. I Boffa]o P1an,o Forte ~ann,faetory I sician and ;,ucgeou, an.l has for yean-and is no'!\ ie Carpet~ and Ctuu-ts. JY.2S 1 ~. WM .. A. BiRD, Su~t_: KEN AGA & POINSET'l, I devoting his time to the treatment of the diseases ALEXANDER SLOA...l\1, nutfalo, !'IT.ay 15 • 18 \ 2 - . my-a__ • , <,su~oESsoRs TO D. BENSON & oo.,) therementioned. . . • Groceries and P;oviswru;, Count(r Pro ~•w·. -\Rlt Gold, Silver and Uncurrent Bills . REl:ll ECTFULL~ ann_ounce to. that they have Any person sending25ce!Jii:s, Will reeaye a. cop~ The Boston Mail. says the yearly income af Eben Francis, a rich citizen of Boston would buy twelve hundred farms. His in~ come, at six per :cent. on his entire ~ealth would amount, daily, to more thab tho wage~ of two hundred bard -working men. His in- CO\!De would buy a bottle of .schneider, or a pal! of boots, every three minutes. .Every breath the old man malres is worth another nine-pence. His enormous capital commands the toil of one thousand laboren and me- chanics yearly to pay the intete•t. !!'ish, FloW' and \>VhiskE'y bv-the bbl., \VinE>• and! B<lrGR.T _,ND t-:oLD o,.- TIU~ MosT F . .-voRATlLE TER:IIS, . t«ken the prem1ses No. 19! \\ asllinglou street, 1 free of postage. cr ii~e copies for one do;Iar. .Ad Li •tors Pute as lmp:merl,'rio. S\l Main street., BY HOUACE HILL§, rormerly occ!J,ll!ed by Messrs. D .. Benson & Co., I dress Dr. Lnrmont, 42 Read-st., cor1;1er of Broad. c qner of Can 1 and Hanover sts BUFFALO Ext>ban<re Broker, l!nue 1 • 0 Lee & Co's where they wlll continue the manufacture of Plano way, or, Box 71, Broadway Post Office, Ne~ York. 0 ~yl 4 -y a - ~ •· • \' Bnn~..:,l:l' 1 • r~\1l .... _• • Fortes of every description. They are now·filllSbing, ~old by Garrett & Co., 22 Ann street-S~nnger &: A PARl.BIAN \11' h tak t te t -- . -- __ - --- -- . - ---- ----- · ~Business p~per and Bonds and Mortga and will keep const·ntly on hand an assortment of I Townsend,\!22 Broadway, and J. C. Hanott, 422i f. l · th 1:: 1 mer as en ou a pa n. J. S~GE & S?N~. . 11egotiated on reasonable terms. aug3- ,f,es 6, 6!, o4 and 7 ?ctavc Ptano Fort.es,in Rt;Jsewood.an.d Bro~way sep4-y or a ea er nnet, a new and extremely nnd Retatl Dealers m PJ.allo Fortes and --- --- - - · ---· · .. - ·-- · ·· · - --- - -- Mnl!ognny, which they oller a~ as l~w pnces as. auru-j A CARD. elegant article, says the Court Journal. The ij~-;,:~i-;;;.:[ ~i;;ch;;;ti;,e: No. 2U9 Main·::ltreet, Buffulo. LIFE INSURANCE. liar _mstruments can be obtamed m any city m the Dental Operations· _leather is exceedingly thin and delicately en- in Boardman & Gray's celebrnted Tile Mutual Llf'o Insur:,tuce Company U~uon_. . . . . 1 THE SL'BSCRlBER gra,etul for the very lib a! amelled, and 18 drawn over the frame in the Piano J:<'ortes, Bishop and Child\ s Improved_ l\!e- of !llew 'i\ So. 3:> \'\'all ::::t. ! fhell: ms·rum\enlS combme all the latest lmpr?ve-' patrQnage he bas received during lbe past fo!JI same manner as silk or velvet. It has the lode~ _ _ _ _ __ _. _ . _ _ _ _ Jn- _ CAsn CAPITAL ••••••• : . ••.••••••. 1;:1,600,000 I ments,&m~udm,.,. the celPbrated arch bott?~· U'O~ I years, would inform .his n)d patron!! and the public! - LEWIS &; J ACKS!O~, ' .:: • J~ :s. B. <C:OLLI~S, Pres't. ~:iwork~~~d th{M:U~~~~ h!~g~~d ~~tJ::.j generally that he is still ~t !Jis old Btand and endeav- advantage of being water-proof: . . . _ ., • I.AACABBArT, Secy. T.J.SWEET, ugt. • • . • . .• ors by acaretulapprecmuonofeveryca.se entrust• llea]ersl!l Grocer .es anJ Pronston_s, I;.~u:, S .It ~nd , :l2J Main s•-· ove< t:ule•u•n· s l.Jrua iS Lore 1 ty·~v\ yPars <'IpE'nPncl\ m lh_e prmctpal_cttie,; o_f the ed to his care aud by aju dicious application of th \Blessed a:a those wh_o expect nothing, for F<-h, Otis Crunphene and Bu m ,g F.wd, Frutt•. ------ _ -~-- --- -- ~ - lfmon,) tll!'y f• PI confidence m u-arrantmK the1rin· 1 . cJ th d 10 obtai th d - ed e t'h 1 t t ' diBa d.' Nuts,Ptckles,Bird.::'eed,&c.,\VbolesaleanilRe- FAR:ll_ON GR:\~fl I\'Li\::-<D.-Fcr stile alstrnmPntstopuro:hasers. lm?~esteem ar::dr~lsbenefittoW e t!!Sll'ta_ end· erano gomg DDe ·ppOlQte ' t:'il, No. '.!93 :.'dain-s . Buffalo, oppo;;ite the ~rem- ' FAut of -to acc~s. on Gr_mrl I~lmd-15 a~rel Piano. Fo~s tuned and repaired. Old Instru-, ~era~;;::~anted and aatisfactio! P~~~~ All We ha.ve never seen 80 :fine an illustration l:.n. _ JY16 cleared, balance will average ,o to fill c;>r~s of wood meats taken m. exchange far new. All order:. P ·lhinkingit. unneeess gl .. ID .of the tnith of the above saying as the con- JA.ltEJ;I LEWIS. . . NRY H. JACKSO'I. tv 1be ac.e. GuoJ log huuse aaJ lu;: barn. frice r'omptly attPnded to. Pealers ileJit with on libt'ral 1 ~;:;;:s~~vould say to all ~VhO ~~ !e~~~ ~~; d11ct of the whigs at this time. They were GOOD BUSINESS PAPER, 8~0 pPr acre. A Jlply nt 24G Mam streP~ ut~ier Pat· terms. augP tlons that hls terms ~re as low as the lowest, and he never so badly beaten, yet they :ire encour- B oNDs and Mortgages· negotiated at all times. chin_ Bank, to GU\i? H., SALI,Bl· RV, Rentlock Lumber.·---\--- believes his work Wlll compare- favorabiy with the .,,.ed, Oecatl!le ·the _\.;.;;. vote ;. ]a~uer L'--- \V. V. S'I,'UDDWORD, oct Real. !:.state Agent. 100 000 Feetth.ee men BemiockPlank., best. Aea.llisrespectfullyeollcited. . \\'& \~ ~ • .,. '-lliUl augiO-ly UnderOliverLec&Co'sBank. p. S. STEVENS a · Suit&bleforSta.bleFloors,Brid- FRI;JDERICK OLIVER,. theyexpected. B . -U!LDING soctETY -STOCK~.:.For Sale a.-few Wholesale and Retail Dealer' in ges, Si1ew1.lks, or Doekin::, for sale cbeap, by S~on pentist. ------------ dety~~ares of stuck in the \Ruffalo Hulding so. Choice lfl~f~~t\~~~s?igars, , seplBtf . otJa~t-~~!~·canat. _ . Six d~~;srr;b::t~~cHul. st!·~r;~rcll~~: offf:;~u;::r, ~f Also afewshar~ in the •• We..-tern Lon.n Co.'' Mansion Block. ~o. 7, Exchang~ St., Buffalo, N. Y. S.eal Erta-te, Lt:f'e, Fire and l\tarJ,ne .In- - FOB .SALE. , Virginia, waa the ,iirat, he having- been killed Apply at the Ene La.nd Office. On hanti~ Daily Ree>ivmg, Congress Water surn.nce otnce. 300t000 fir~t quality Shaved Shing1es corDer of by an accident on board the United Statell . _ B. A. MANCHESTER, DU'ectfromSaratoga Springs. ~Under-Oliver Lee & Co's Bank- Obio and Maclnna.w ctreets. S•-m ~-'\ l',..;nceton, Feb-~·,.,. ao 1 1o\\r Bill,l\Iortgnge&;Stock Broker. augl3·J' anglO-ly W. V.STUDDIFORD. sep16 BW.SSOH & ~. _. \\\'6a.. _._ ·--, ~«> ~

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