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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo [N.Y.]) 1859-1866, December 28, 1859, Image 4

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{E -a V TN .43: “ We-'.\~::s. - ‘ 9 -. 2 \ ‘;«§\f£ _‘ ~;,_-;I '=’~;3’§~:.i..~ av . I ._,-W2' 42'’ *1 3'5 ‘‘< 5’ t‘ ' « r 5” ’ 7 Al Igor O‘..”‘§f“\3.‘.'.\“§“a.\‘“‘\‘I§ %..'§;‘.’.‘; I n , ' und huvsfn; chug: a_l';( inuu at :II:l. extending (mm Plcgudti I in on ‘l‘oMIu:d| Oink to Bnlllo. +0: run I or Iovnun. moo. llchnl Notch Bul. ltbor, 1} , IU('/ 15 T 0 II luulnlr ' -- ~- ‘73 u n. as ‘ no Iluuu vsukman -t '- \ 11 16 a no A. Iolldlllllp \ \ \ U ‘(D W U) Mlllll Kl-Sh. \ \ \ \K 15 983 John ‘iron... -- -- -4 us; 1: 1o 81’ YIN! Day. “ \ \ \K ‘[5 0 II J Donlul. \ -~ *- 10); '16 1 6‘! hour; layman. “ \ \ ll Tb I0 50 John Pu-nll, \ '* “ 11% 75 3 U1 ltincla \ “ \ 8 15 Mg!!! Vllgnlhxl wll “ “ “ “X . 75 9 38 P Bcldcmpargcr. “ \ -- 9 ‘ID I '15 Jacob Zlnnur. “ “ \ 0|’ 73 I 81 Pnulun Ma. -- -- -- ax TD 3 as 1. Gun occupied nenrly In ho coming to a point which Itupunh in substance to saying that 1.. found 1: impoedblggjo vougriror u:.. uximi, Ibecauac lagtgendepggn llldiipppoljjfl Mr. ouA:I,Ax4'I§l'¢nltoriaI lpplluy will: regqggd to‘ su he us expxunsly Quoted for ohponlpg Lixn the lust Gong:-cu to ipfgpose still fur the pxgggpsoqe. 3!» shqum an vote xlsh his friends. He dial not tell the glouso why he declined to’ supper; Hr. Suxxuux, who V0104 um; mm in ¢pp;x1:‘on to 1[;-.rnucnum'a,1'cul- torlnl pol';cy- * [1, will be reuollcotcd tlnr. I ballot vrul taken, anion; ‘hated that It. ln.uox~uould command but uinehyalx votes, including some ten or twelve South Americans. Ir. Sluxnuzi last. several .\ortlx American women which were thrown {or Mr. Enummcx, out of compllmont for my gallant cougso. Wurrxn Dul.s_ voted for Mr.‘ Gnuuu, und m\§AnnIs for Mr. Nsuux. “ ‘ The \Vn.ilsi%:on cor:-capoudunt of the N. Y. Caurirr and Enquiitr says: “A very splcy de- nim oceiured nmr mo ballot, between Messrs. Bunurrr-«of Kentucky, a}(r~{I1-uziuxx‘-‘us of Ten» ncucc, ln whluh the latter‘ pronhkguusc-ll\ much the superior of the formg. Ir. Ermmnun dc- monstrnted Lhu absurdity of nemocmm culling upon South Anxerluams to gu axe} to (belr nss'L~sl~ nuuu in the election of a man for Speaker upon whom they could n'o¢ concentrate’ ‘the strength of their party, much less ouough to ensure lulu ulccliun with South American nld. If they Iren- no union: to elect :\ Southern and unuuuul mun, why baslthey not voted for Mr. Gnusn, when he had received 36 votes butaldo of the Dcmo~ cnllu puny .‘ 6?‘ n‘.i§%am5’é KEV} l“\R3¢10|)8 u~ saults with which the people of Cleveland, Ohio. have lntely been nlnuscll, is at lnngth divonl by thc.aui«:m¢_9€ Dnzwua 1-). Nultlt. the propric- tor of; lhrg ‘dud ngodlo store. He had hung hiumzlf bytylng n cord to the [mob of one of the drug” bohindms ocular, and putting: shp new round hi»: neck under his sliinioouu-. Who); round. ms log: were touching the Lemrs found on hixn'\ludicata tlgm. his fcai of the mm uppronch of the end of the world hid pteyod upon his mind until he was a nxononuxnbu on the an!-jeot. , , ' Jolt; PL\I.'1;‘?§§0NlZlNl1'.A'R\V‘ You 'l‘m.ut:s.—- Not mitiy yc-no ago our English cousins used to fmq lhu mode of dress 02‘ American gentlemen very rldiauloun. Now the admire It. so much, It is aimed, Lbnt they have sent one clothing .\'o.~w York city tho sum of £1,960 sterling. for ready made clothing, since [he lira: of August, And nearly hull‘ of this amount has been uhipped to London. 5 p3 13211: «ma of 1 {Boston In that went up in 57, ha been named. and the creditors will re.- ccive one- 4;] an cont. ‘I'M: SI “culling Ip\ for u very mu: £3». 1% AMUSEM 1'13. firm: OIJII our. ARRIVAL OI‘ IBNXWAV «IT IOEYONV-AIQLTINO ADVIXTUII3 0! H83 Qllllllll--|'l.RA(1Y, PLITIDII AND KIDKAPPING. Metropolitan '1'heatra. x ................: 1-. m “z.§x”:‘§?3‘&%;a;','.‘.'.‘::.j::::;:;:::':::i‘:§=.:5\°\ .,..... Ii17;A1r, mzq‘. 1:, Ian DUI-‘I-‘A u ngnaqnggzoo-vunsggg. 4 Nathan! upubucggzqjii wu_;_;g'wi ix oytcy go on Wednndny. thog thy og Jungqhut. 5! time o'clock noon, tog at -.39 be oupporua for rniaenckga 516.-I-rumem us tho um election. - . ‘I'M Republican elcelorn of tho nun-It sum, 1):: mm lnguftggg Ycuple‘: puzty nrrqnnulvmll. um own 01>- pouluon party of my Jency, |nItQl other! who us I us; so coop \ upsngm :9 appbn gr Ihn uudlduu which nh \ bu iaumluiud. Ind who we o|>P°I¢“ '~° 1.li\UVIcJ*'d(|hep: to roam: 'm- rlmlnn qndupumtuun, In the axtthllon of nu-y halo the torrlmxieo, (0 gm nu: ma dnusen3}_u£“““'=\ ‘‘°‘‘ 4 may as» the Oonuuutlun o!In nylvlmv =95“ \\\ 4;? IJIBM gutheiev or guy-x‘ixea sum. tn the oven- lu; or. we mmn Blue trade, to an lnequllti 0! rim- qman‘ clump” sad who am In tum: ol Inn Inns-xlnlo odnin1on‘ol\'kinua Into the Uulnn. undo: tho Commu- no. uegnay ndapml by In people, of tawny the I'M-.~ an] udqlnhlzulon In I nyllum 1\_t rigid economy sad lo the prlaclplm at Wnhl-non us-l‘Jo unmann- ing lnvlolnle the rlghu at lht Status, and dutnndhax uh: loll of :very Slut: and Tcnllory from llulun Invasion. and M pnnr me mlcxrlly of this Unlaa mm! the III nnnncy of the Oopamntionmnd llil pound In punulnce unreal, unlms the cnnlplflcy or the laden of I Inc- Olounl pumto ruin ma nwgmy p n unblllbvd ln this govemmcnf, cup at Eh: expanse of In exhteuce. nm to und (ram can But: no ddcgaun non: av cry Congnnianu Dblrlcl, And tun: dnlcgun It urge, Lo III Ounenunn. RDWLV D. MORGAN. Nat Yark. Pmnldunt. JOSDZPII EARTl.l.\l“l'. Maine. ' GEORGE G FOGG, Néiv I Lnwuksul: uulsnlxn. Vermont. IOILV Z GOODKICII. Dlcunchxnrkh. GIDEDN WELIA, counccucuu. ‘THOMAS WILLIAIS. Peunulvnnln. GEORGE IIARRXS. Ilnrfland ALFRED 0.\LI|WtI.|., \ |I-glnu. A THOMAS SPOON!’-3. Ohm. UASSICS 3|. CLAY Etnluny. Juu-:2 xn-curv. indium . Nunlm I. JFDD. Imnob IACIIAILIAII CQAKDLIIR, I ._. J0 H. ‘rwtwv. Wbconulu ALRXASDEB ll BANKAY. Ihnnuola. L!\'DH.F.‘W J ETBV K53. 1011. 15.4 S Jox llmaurl ' MARTIN r cuN\\H\\'. Knnns, LVWIS CLEPIIANX. Dluncl «:1 Columbia. WlLl..1A.3l I CIIACI, Rhoda Island Iran: the Boston Tnvcllu. lnturdu In Tltla morning the slave yuuht Wunderer striv- an! here in charge of Henry Walton, {mm the Vl- nlnity of the Weatern Islands. ller Ivory though long in its details, may be brlc wnnml up. On the 20th of October Ihe Mitts Vidal- ty of Ssnnnah without 1 Owen: Home clan men, under command or Ltncoln Ptmmof Bush, who lowed pm. or the men on hard to go to soon. She went to Flow, ohtalned wing supplies of warm nod provlsions, hut requlrlng gpn, went to su spake It l‘\'ench bark. the milk: of which yrotniaodlhe desired supplies, Patton, with a. boat sud four man. went on bond of her; und then lr. Henry Walton, with the consent ol the crow. took command, left this cantnin on bourd the barlt.u1d rhapcd the ll'uIdcn-recourse for tbs: Uultcd States. She ls now in ch c or’ the Cxxstuux llouw uuthorltlt-3. but will b:?-- hvcrcd to the Dlutricl Attornuy. ‘Plus is. th.- mory ul bnvf: we vull now present some of lug ll.-tall: which an qulteluturcutiug. on the 20:1: of Uctaber, between, 9 and 1-- o‘cloLk. Lincoln §‘uuen,nudcr the assumed nmno of llnvxd Martin, pull’ to man on board the yum \\'andc>rer, than lying the river bvlow S.-nxnmln. to insist tn taklug uu hoard provlstoua, vmtcr und stores. A lutlu lxter he came on bonnfhimwll, u~cuxup.:nlt~d by Edward Talbot, pllot, and Capt J. lllm-It, shipping Agent. He called all hand: lu gel uutlx-rvlny. and llrnwing u rofoller 'uw om llv would shoot any one who reflmcd to work, or who unght lnl-crrupl. his nnoremcuu. Ho nl.-9 llJl’t'ult‘l.It'tl lht‘ ulllpplug agv.-nt uni pllox um. death ll they attempted to lI.‘I\\‘ the Visual.- Foumo «IF the: crow who rltnufhls plum, lmdvd tllr two guns vuth grape, und l|’“lL't.l tlnsmsclvu to eutucu: nu orders ngunugthosa who hsd been uulnccd ln llslao pretence: to 1:01:10 an 'l‘|.uu;;ln lht-n~ tn: 5 ptlot on buanl. he t!.in>cu-«I tho mun-nnenu of (bu veucl hlmmli, uul got hrl‘ (luv a.~l.un» At last Ihtx ruehcd Tybee Llghl and am bored. vrhvre the: pilot nnd ah: plug Inns 1.-nan hr.-1'. Agmu she run ngrouns. um rv uulm-:1 has four hours_. At 9 o'clock m mn- mornmg 9! Hctubrzr ‘.'l_ rho nguxn. null umle Nu, shppmg fathom: ul -.~h.'un Ihul .mm to wn. enrrymg num um. lull the crvl lgmrmt tlmr Iull The t‘-nptun. to 1111] thcnr fen-A, pron mm! that tho vcaal In boumt to lnunxu and .\.uuu..\' l‘ and lnarlt to thrnunalr, but | fat! thy‘: aller- mnt-la he dnlnn that the shlp Ina uuhuul pa;-ens, llm t allot tor hulng rt-l‘u.':d ‘hr: I uh-4r:n.uv He and he in bound to |lu- \\ rat um lnlautll tor mum provtasoun and inter. and tin u. e la the luual of Mnu lur 5 r.-nlgu ul an n lluunlrt-tl urgx-out Tht-so he propognl tu Lmd 1| \'uslx-mu uvrug that ho In -urv of Ir rnnug lur them £0.50 cub, lxlug tell Aaqulllll rd mu. the malt. hnnug lnndodwlrtal rat'u¢I lrotn the but: Qugxrn, Us-can, Tynnt, lanx lmnu.-4 l>'.Ilcn. and nuns: tench. He further In loftlwd llnem that on lenvmg thvnnnnh be but l...«-1 lu pt-vcuro u -bronomrlcr, chub: or In um al murnnnu, and tonecn.-xxnlly would Lam» |u po lhv vogggr by 4...: ru komng H-. 1'». and uf Uuobzn huvmn-r' new (all In mu. th- ~lup Tm! cl llu-tun. and bought Inn» 1. r uh E ‘mum. . llluu. u lap: l‘.lo:, um! I .:.4rt at It. Iuu’l of Hut 1:, fur think he pat-I --It-psi Q - H- u- u lbdlbltl the but thr- \In - u I V II): n ‘r bul--1 hm, ! Ib- Ia;-tm..1u In an ul-l 1--.-za.nIa.t.rv la: -1 d not gu ..u «marl Th mu 1 v be out 4 Ifhtxtpr‘ lad Q\ Benj. I-‘. Winut. A blacksmith by mde, ha been ordered to leave the town of lhmihon, Ihrrh County, Georgis, by n meeting of cm- aenn, fut growing Aboli und [neon in-y new menu. i-V‘ I51,‘ E‘ 5% rung}. nagmghnu Popnlu mm. KISS IDAVERNQH AND IR. G. L. AIKEN. Ihgglvolllif BC. 1059. , I'll! D00! 0! DI‘-Vlluloh (ll ‘[11! LIAIDIWI Vo Orvlllabevlm . . .. . ....Ir.O.L.A|k-.' Jnhuiieldlnrll. .... ..... ...Inl}.IcW . u|Ib€l’$K1l0...4...‘..'. .................I.o.r3:. l.counu!el|FQn|........ .I|I¢I¢|Vunu. AdIlIld¢DuvlllI..... . . .KIll HIIIIC Argon Km tun.........................Juan Rollfo ldnlqu Oil!!!‘ purlncu )a]|l1l|I| an ptmluu nun! mu uh]. lhou could null um in or chiral, F’ A part! of him hunttn, in the lower part of ‘or: bounty, Tau. Intel: killed, in set- cn hours. 4 bears, I Illd cit. 0 err. 76 duck: undgnnlluds, and 93 pralrie chicken: and put.- ridges. D . l‘&'\l1l:m lhy, 103.. loci (fading. No!. 5 3: ' g...“ a mi‘ u.‘mL:n?;x€€|r. “ “ \ II) 00 lash: lclldmd “ \ \ W 00 i $“\“\' 3 3 \ 33 33 3,, .. John Haven -;‘bddn‘‘\¢nd'. ;: ‘.0 3 in. $3 l'Innc1,oa., How. 8. tax 10 1 as Wm. Iun¢non.|‘n§...Iknn|uIIIAxnk.I’u:I I3 83 rt . J». VIl1llnn,Tun.lnIIa[‘t \O M . on -‘ 0::‘landuI. - on us on s u “ & plank. \ 615 0 it I SI 0. W. hanunfun, info spit‘; I W m \ tonal in. Fun I I is :: ....:;, '-\'3. .3” °a '*s- 3 *3 \ - prev. 2 \t- 2 : \X :1 \ Hanna. \ I I I) ' “ lion H54‘: ‘J I I9 \ Iqrvu. do: I 00 I “ nu. loo { as \ Inngu‘ . 1 \ Ann! dig $1 I W 15 \ lulu. don X 1'5 81' \ Oil on. In I 25 r‘ ' ulna‘: no N K N -4 log. W ‘to 1?; xo I on on uunLhu.I'un. uylko, lo: 8% -4 nnl tool If) '* I‘;0bcx-‘lion I 1!)‘ R3 : I Ba; chin an»: . ux .3 Alan? I ‘I5 ‘ GU11,‘ on I I7 -‘ Onp thongs. *' ‘I I 00 I no “ Rlypcn. pr: 1 5 an -- nzuu-nuns: u no um: gun. Ia. nun. _ 5. t on 3 : ‘ “I? I: I0 1 :3 * vu£'§!-a. ' no “ lop. II I N 9| “ Au. lo: I I 5 ~ sun. be In on II! A I. lIuu.IIl. Cu «stab. 5:. din I); I ‘II I )1 km\ ‘ mm‘ §'a';..\\‘\\.1L' s n I u a De fnrjul loan. lul. O:-n.L (oil I 5 00 ‘ t I D 11 N b.auu;m,', .. .. ; raw. sum, .. .. .. ,5 vi ..-—-— ---——»—. . 3 .v ,. .. Wu. munrz. ~ ~ \'r~\“\ 1% 15 I 0') phulu W -' \ -_-_ __ _ {to s 99 ‘to 353 to :1 1-lime. M11-I. “ \ \ or 10 u an lluuu Indy. \ “ “ I ‘la 3 25 John (lnllftlu “ J\ \ Ex 76 4 13 John «I u u I ;§ *3 Daniel llmh. “ \ W 0}; Q: l Ihodqg “ \ \ an 15 B in leap! Oman-I-.1. *' cuyentu -‘ 1'); I no 8 :5 John Inna. \ *‘ \ 0 I LI) 10 on John I! luau. “ \ P I I M I I 0 Vl luau. ‘I “ \ I 1 Au 6 00 uarulunlns rm mow, (\ A bill paced the Mluiulppi Home of Rsjireneutaxlveu on the N1, forblddlng peddling Xu dm Slate. except by citizen: of tho Blue. A reward of 825 is elm-ed for lufonnnuou of vi- nyrnplauu :3 Run nonhu- runouunl ?r Puuudol (ou~—1mu “£11311.” nun. ggpgnl cnnn tn . orour: V o M, W\\'°\'v°t\‘717~‘5?>‘é_f'vT=T3.7:‘f=?:,‘-‘E-I-‘.‘i°°‘ '\\\ \-- unllndm-u manual on- olauou of slushy. , gj\ The Itenmer Skylu-k bu boen chnrlenzd by A number of the leading Inerclnnu In St. Louis to make u voyage up the Arkuxsu River. and open I dlrect undo will (be state from which um strum Ls named. ’ ' r “\'*--x , . The Orphans Union Fair mr arr. JAIIII HALL, Wu! connlnuo Ivqry Inning :55. w.“ _A Inga nmrunenl of any ya] 1, y ' \ ‘W-‘3\‘ ' “ M unto conlllllmd hunrlly - round lu In horlu. d rubu. lung cur: DH lvumlbl cl: Dun Mix I309 13 no Ibovo lube! In porrannod u (anon 883); day: repairing Illp No. 2. Iululu. I245 03 Dix nu: re;-an-In: docking bctucu mama “ ind lluk Rock B . 115 88 an rx 5 uni * '...:“...':.\I~*.;':s.\' '“\ “ .. 69 lb day: toy-airing lulu «not In-ldn, Inlluo. D3 75 )3 lap «pun-mg hrlsinn ln Bnlnln ‘in V! mix hp. [509 ll Q‘ The Vlcemy of Egypt bu sen! Ir. lhrq nn olll-r of uroncy-the blooded homes, as good as can be bought. in Egypt md Ankh, 1! be will l-owe to Uulro uxd glvo lustrucllou lu bl: ul of horse tuning. Q‘,l'~2 Aw belng undo In some of lhv Sonuln-nu cltlu to miss I uubscrlgéaon fur ma widol Doylv, those husband and I o l0uu wen: knlled ln Kama by Brown‘: party. gj\ Aluminum is I10! sold ln London for nboullla nu ou.ucc,l:elug qenrlfu candy 3.! gold, bug ln conlcquence of ltd unnll npea gnu-ll}, an lmlueugzly larger bulk la given In nu eunco of gold. , W The file of ! the English pol sum‘: and blglnjmln, ls at Last decided. Mic: Ina cam from I e -1.-nu-um ol dealb paced an Inn: on la charge of ponuuing_ be In tried for big uuy. found guilty nnd sentenced to unpruouu-mun for 11 yea: with hard lnbor. Gen. Luau has bum eho:-cu dek-gate go tht: Chulcscaufum-<-unon, fmm nrvgun. with instructions lo vow for himself for the l‘n-sjden- ta.-:1 nominee. Mr. S1-on-, the l‘ongn>s.1tunn, and Judge Ihunv, nro”g \ do.:1u.-‘gates Then.- vusnsplit. however, in the Lima: Cunveul.lun ibkh appointed Lbs.-In, from wmcb. iv-would ap- pl-ar_ than has has an: the uum-d auppou of his own Sum». unmw !!lll.I’l‘Alt Y 1-‘I:s'l\Ivu. mm mm» ~L'.u. RE-UNION uun_u$ luck;- am. 50° an no 111 62 oyl. I I 0 00 no. KPolu1y.‘D?1:.£up.' 1:3: 8 25 Ta j- Iapo. ‘D: 0 19:4 1: ‘ toonu, No: 2 95 B0 , '1 I N N 0-mi. “ lit 155: 28 ll 1 1%)‘ II 85 l 15 « I q A tuurlaulod Clxdlsmu ul unreal In um puun a! ma lmn: Gnu by In BUFFALO LIGHT mucéom ALII. SLOAN, Oolnnnlum, Wu-J. II GIVII At \ 5o\.r'd‘. .. on‘ I BL:'m£; ilxl '3 u R‘ bani? 1“ ii \ Oonnortcn, RM 3 1 . ‘ ,3 Y5 - Wood“ , ma.‘ 5;. 1 1% \ laps] n Kan O - ran um: If P4: I0 4 so .\ 9°93 ‘2“' 9‘ ‘E4.’ 3 7‘ AMERICAN HALL. on loan! Ivc Jill“? 2. lilo, Winnie by Ina Union Domes Hind‘: lull Orphaln. -ncxrrs u—’l'o hm hm of we Inclbcrl at the Own- xny. ¢\°Uu wllh )-will IDIII. §‘ ‘ iudiudunlp prvlcudtug to ho l'nl(e[l States Naval o traveling lhrough l \ paylug their exp:-um-s M Iv,-Hung Inga- bnuuzshtorieg of their dlslresscs. One of dutln allegnd that he was D Mason, niad plendv.-J Linn; the same aylnpathv which was nhovvuimn should 0 extended to h!_.s brother nu mufurluno. At Turouto that two 'c!mrm-la-r mu dwu-o:u:J. —— Whnn charged Illh being smndlcrs they !a:f\ for I morv prulumng held of lahor i NGING ACADEMY . '1' Anfl:::J::v‘nAI.I.,‘ nsnrd-1.00 T VIII. up ire»... ¥1,‘__ Inarrlunnl IE2! constantly muhlnpp v:\)-uad otmu In nlul a man all: “ In the counua of the dlixt-us.-ion it was uncr- tnkned by the assertion of various lll\.'lI]b'.'lS from the North who voted for Mr. Gxuua, mu lbL'_\‘ would have Adhr.-ted to him, nud fu.rt'h¢-r, that they were Irxlhng to vote. for hm: ngatn. Thu.-I n was ctenrly shown that all thl: professions of tho Adrmnhtrulion Democracy of n mllingnc-an to unite upon a National Consort-am-u, Vera hulr low pretences. They were made for tho pllrpost of seducing the Southern Opposition and null Locomplun mt-n Into the suppun of ALt‘(‘0m[I(0u Dzunocrut. Mr. Rnuum u-on-d that the sup port which Repnbxinmn bad gin-n to Mr. Gu- uu wu nmaon enough fot his refusal to sup port Mm. Ho bu! endeavored lo n the n‘ Iponxlbtltty of delay In the ‘oz-gumxntnoz} Hunt: the South A t-mam, lgul. they fxurly turned the tables upon gun and hut party Ilo mu rum pl:-I.cl_v roasted out of ms positions by the t-{Tutu ul Hcssnl. E1-ununua_ Aumuuos-_ [I-u, Ham: and others, nbu parllvlplled In the dubntua ‘ \ Oil. [III I 1 I8 1 l8 5 Pnn 0 Co, But. Born. In I II). N -- Kill: I spun, -- mo on 1 an gj\ Tbe Jury of \V1lson (‘ounl.v,Nonh (‘an-Inna. hue pttunlod Enlllln D Marga; tiovernpr of .\cv York. and omen, for recom- mendmg HElprr'I book. and n-commended the lion-run: in demand and Horpmp! the Gov» not of he: York for mu ha Noah Varohna. N Br! tn . I In rln ‘“ ** W '.*tt\n:. . v.. 68 1 Ilvnndcll ‘No. Plan umber, In! 341 15 00 M 30 Va: am. 8 Nolht. Bu. on ‘ D ugh\. toil $8 3 3 I a (3139 W. llb. I “ “glad. an n to 13 to \ ou. -' )1 l £5 (I D Andnn. Ton. Repairing pun . I61: I I3 mun: TUEDAY __ young: Pupil: than 9 null) 4 0% M1 9_ o'doo_h. _ 7 V <'$’»\.”'fx‘.“.§x‘..‘:'.'.“:\. 13.‘. Ghana for 0enunnea—l.’vcry TUISDA -. IYKXINQB. (rum 8 and] I0 o'clock. 1 (am rclrcnlnn s lynuh x 3.,‘ or II I. 0DY?8. No. ll I!o:k. I‘. .3 ' lnnnxn! a nu. man: And dread mdaous In on union: >‘ur’1-usru. .\'on:.\u —-The \\ aahnuglon cor- reapoudéul or the (‘bu-1usto.. I‘..unn nay: that the Run of Louuxlaum vuli probably mslrucl Lusr Reprcsrutauvca In Congnu-s Io wnhdnm from Ilml body m me «real of lhv u-It-cl on of Ruin KAI ho llw 5poaLer-hxp of lhv llouav Thoiiuv m'rnnr of lmuuunnu vnll for thus purpusv Al” on enrly meeting of the l.n-y(t.-Lnllxtv. The l\mvuh-In e J--ur--al nu,» ma» . has I trouble at \\'n.~hn.glun an uu lo 122- um no mud: Um Ilu: “U-I:l.')lJAI nu l-'pq~nlu-r us than. II has too mam‘ -pc-akr ru \\’h:|¢- the Ih-nnocrnls Imu- nn luau)‘ why «gun tbs-\ nul 11:! Um Ih-p- |-m un- 11.-ueJu.n| mm‘ :3‘ An Ahelixmum In (hymn. Ah, was brought brfure I In-cling o! the cmulu_ thug ocnluu-9 Inn In -211) him In In um! fenlhens Inn! uwu ride bun uu - nil Around the min. The ri-upluuon In carried tmo vtfect. and mo Abo huonm. vu order:-d to leave the sum -uh]; um -hyn. ll J Weill, Bun. Buttonwood fl HM RN55 Olncl 0! I'll Annual Ixnuu Cg Nlv You. Dsc. Och. mo. } N()T|lT IS HEREBY GIVEN‘ THAT PPR. Jlllnl lo I ruolullon paused cl I mg-sun‘ of ‘g, Stockholder: at the Amman Izxyrou Oumpuy. mu 3. the ch; o! Ncv York un (ha Ibth dxy at Naruubtr. IBM and at Ibo mummy vented In III by Lu: uucln a! nu: cnuon a! ll“ Ounpuy. ALL the yummy nd I-¢|l ‘ bclonglng to am Cunzpnu, u! \try nun sad gnu, um 9: sold In a Ihull. at public Autumn. to tho Man nuau, M lbs once at Inc Company. In Hudson «me, In the all at Sat Yuk, on the Mn any a! noun). luo|,_ ll lg o'clock noon. Iubjccl lo nu ma lllbllxlhgux and Company an me any ounch uh Thu mun ox me ‘Hi In undo known on In dun uh. Byqgdn at my Boyd of Dlnclon. HIHIY WILLS, human Wu. 0. h Bccuuvy. hum mm: or u: um. nunron A Prnuunn ‘ {Augean cuxnn. % luuuuu, III.-Inn £42.. Pm. Dec. m. )&9. ‘NYOTXCB I3 IIEIIEIJY 1}}?!-IN. THAT [X J. nrunncn at the unlula In mci 1? nldnuu ,......r.:. we manual clcrllsn la! 3 Pr-olden ‘Q nun ulruunu of my Iuhln. Indian! Ind Hxuhaal lg; mm company. um be held u the (mac of tho npuy In In: ulhp at ummuux. Ilclcnu Ca. hllljliuxg on uunun . Its: mm an M ll---:1 next. nu ma will ouu II III fcloch I’ II -1:21-pno Tho Power or II at. ' .... ‘ “ \\ :33 '3 3 D. C. Had I C». NM. “I K - in nu. Nu I 63 \ hue. *' I 50 \ IE I I N3 ‘ Inna] Ira. 3 I)‘ K W - Ange: III: II u :6 - Wane‘. In I I 00 - sun, Bu 3 03 la - 04¢. “ : 3 ‘ Inn . - C I‘ ‘P ‘ ' '4 - \ I 05 ~ - \ I1 I M 31 '° A4». Ha: I I H ~ tun Inning. :10! IX D 01 “ Ina. Nan I I '5 - Rug 5. an out I :9 5 Q5]; \ IY N I II nu.“ Judk Id. 03. M l I W V W - 1.9., I4 114 u u on - on, huh I»). I I: 0 I; - Du Cu. we I I3 . any and’. ~ I I I3 - \ I I Q \ Icgnllmg, \ 224 I00 8 66 - ...r—~:|lan1o<x ;.n-- mu moo n on Jn xm.n. n ! plank, « am an on m «o - -- mm :4 oo :4 on - no u no 1 gr “ I900 HQ 1644‘ 510\ There Is ndstt-ong feeling of lldlllirlllun on the put of all grades tnululuaca nf nmnluntl. And . for that manor, of fumanktntl, too, for thnt\‘ peculiar quality of elm-aéter culled pluck. lt ls to 1 very great extent the main spring of success in bums!) Lrnon .\o_ Qty.‘ wtthout tt succeeds tn anything. It tn tho bold, nervous detcrmur ed mu: who .nchtev{-'?l\ maul“, ulmther in trade, comm: rm-, mg:-ufullure, lucruture, ur gov- Imxneut. Tho umtd. ahrlnltlug nun. ‘V110 {NW to step boldly out In tho uuepbrt of any Objtffl. lhnl moves along through It - away down in the odd‘: of «(ton and u-hwventc-nl True. bruzu Ana iuttportzuu. but all obs»:-vxtuou u.-when tbu pluck without P-mm: but much more tltnn hrmus wxdtout pluck. Al thts cr1.»u.tn the lnsmrv of our govern- mental a nt.'d TBIAIIOBS, pluvk ts rmtuu-nlls c’.nen_unl to BA‘t‘Brtng the 1-tghl ml overthrowing the trang In the prcsqzt. not-:‘tluzt bun-vn su tlons, whtoh the South has Lhnut, ugon (Xongr¢s.u_ In 1111! 1170- -‘Nth n-eds Lv a firm, Iznyu-ldtlg N-‘|\'9. Whit-‘ll WI“ brute in danger an-I drly every nssauh. The ll.-puhlltnn ‘party In Con gt-en bu tn nu km-plug the nu! mu-n~_«t of thr- Nord: dunng nn Inn-sun» mnthet such as now rage: in nod out of that body l'p to tho pm- sent hour the Soltlhcru lxragghrla ou the tloor , have ultvn cottage. and become mom hold on Account of the vs-rv prudent And non-comhanva course Adopted by the R\Pm.lDa‘l34 Whllv they lure mood ttrtu and calm, watt-lung each div’: proceedings nth 1 Jealous eyo, the boutlu-rn tncmhum have been lnsulent and uhu.-.u-u m an Foxtcln ihtuh mu.-Ll hart clmllvngc-d the man! uuiunl pat‘l1~a..u- known to lhr lnstory ul Lb» I-odv Thu tmétran on thc part of the Ropuhr lirxn.-t has In-1-u tnistalum for it want. of pluck. and hence the as-nulu at’ us» \'lan=o¢r.tt< lun-- ‘ bot.-.n mum ltcrvt -an-l .1.-utt.-rah}. The fm 141- n \Puu“°u ‘bu b I. \M \V W\ mum tminmd or If suit.“ ‘ah ‘D orgunznuon‘ TM ‘.1 ’ lo lhu gmgr-tpl-teal lxm-ts of .\¢-Iv York lu -tz lure of the txeuun J-maul: u, bomlmo the ‘ omcul mpuu\ ” DLMWI “uum”. “\1 u std Iulwrb o( governmt-ut ate clogged and can 1 “cube, 0‘ ‘zonérw rm mrw um”. h.'_ dmh not more on Yr!-rlv unul that own: LI nllutwd .. K“! ‘M J“, mm “uh H mmumu ‘Wm M‘ B_ so Rwuhhc‘n m we “mu? ‘mum “W”! h“ d- luv, u to ltnh‘ upon hut lur hum no blul. m-_ mouul‘ cm’ N '0 ‘oh H\ Freak”. “D” M‘ I not zjvrn Llw lam! ur hr- nth uf lilipn -HI] .\a n 1-|r\‘L.on could hr l\‘{\H'1'l.L tf Llm Adntsnttllrnuon la b d ‘ ' ‘h_ E ‘ | “I ‘um would prrlnu It. but on the hope of gnunng '3\ '’ Hm\ “How” ' n u a 1n ndwnmgv Lhr-§ Ila.-It Ludo the husuu--s It-gt ‘M “' ''h° \'‘“l 0'' ‘\1-!\“1°|1l0fc.-tuu-n_tua atntngl) hunk-ly tn order, Iutl tndulgh the moat. prvpoa :::\\\:m:l_u:_; ;h: ‘:':\:'“;{‘:'::fl :InLT‘m\u' . _ - .. . 1. mm and tunoeewtrv hanngzuts. tor Um pur __ A. ‘mum M . m.mhbm__ In In ‘M [mun page or Pmmkmg um \¢puMMm. '0 Duwruk walls: of lttr In tho mom or tam-tln -.n---- N‘ Tm‘ Fm no‘ h. home “In”. mougb v H) nu pnulurly utrncure and dru-rvv ll; pup-tur tu rnurh he-_ut Lhu. tt uhonld be for the pn-t-out To Guwmn‘ “ Emu \gm. M mm“ ‘mm mwn Le; the [louse orggntzt-_ If pawl-In or lot the I'('lp0 of J1-urgznlmllou rest upon Lhotlt‘ °'‘ “N f\\'“l \\5 hm‘ “ \rwf “' \ \\\\“m' \\ who hate ulnutlmvd the tune tn tltsc-using tr‘; rehure quuuons. nnd lu lwnptug tn.-nulls upon the llepublimn members. lfnul Ill mm In . . ..\ o.°.:.:'.\\ I I , . II. IWIQCL aw’ furpgrtabev ll 50 1 lclnmu. Inc. on u-sq. . h an no ov an 1: J3: hulk-Inn. “ \ “ MN NI? N [CI (6 unul I Ennla. But. Ienlau 5: Wu swam: 1 menu! I2 ha. I Jctviecn u uni. month: I no 00 IN 00 nu any ha nl Inn _ Ulhlnll’ qllilllltlu rumpuu . 1:!) lug‘, 33‘ It is ulvulalrd that Ihe cnure rods! of -In-ulu-ta. cbti Ind Inu oomumn no nnlhoua of tom of lobazso uxnualh. or four thousand (our hmdrrd and eighty uuluuna ul pounds. occupvlng In In groulh an and u but xmllion: of um-o,u:d um nbcul one-(mmh ol tho human rare an In [ho hum of main; ll. in not on] -1 by ma mb: ox - guy or vb unsung o! Wanna. ull nut) ants. an: nmloru, L‘().\IMERCIAL. nu: . . 33.5.30 n . BTATI DU KIN IDLE. % Inn county. at Lllu I. lluvk. luxznnltn-Saul ol Gun) I Mr: ml hm; dingo emu . 0! cans lpedlul .3... Juan AI-anti. Id»; Jul’ worn, Gun :1 -cu Ind uy Ital um :-gun; s.InIn:t.nnomun;tn'|Louu.- cl thn-olhmr lnhnmd and Inn; dollars an Itvtlly-cvgtn ¢¢uD.ll I Inn warn; at all on vacuum nltn by Mu no man nupcnuuwx-on Inc an bomb at Navcmbcv Nil 1. I: lltllln. sap; lhbnilnd and tron Ietnn nu. manna any a! De «abet. 1&0. , A A an LNCIIAID -“=*____ ___9::_-t_g-n -» um-la SFPREX2 0Ul' ERIE &0l\.\\ P Hvv-ad. ‘Imam I. Pvvvon N (mug phntlb. union Imus J Bus; adcndun. ‘I: In (den-uni Clinic and -1» no an-by -an used In can\ In tn-plum ll lhhwstu-_ an-In vu Iuotnylk-1 In than u: on that w-lu.on.cmy«-I Inc. In-I -a-n u an an! 3-nu known an on, u u.» KSI) cl Il -nun weal; duo Alla‘! In Itrvh-C Mn -l, uzlmln -J Ibv 4:; Ill :33“ «run and I! you bu Iona-n an can I u nub‘). lb! 5-(until will In: pslgnrnt hr ml 04 no main‘ Ind I-cu Ila Julian and tun)-coo «nu. Illhlnlarunl run In: sun all; at Havana. mu than-bl mu huunnl nu! ugh. tau-«suntan -an-n -Dnuuboc nu. Ix» CUFLKI I PIOIIIIIDOI. nasal‘: Auto:-343:. dutscnl-W Kiln on, can an Innis. . I’ \ In the rourw of hu remark» Mr B: nan: apolw of the huulberu Up;-oamun as A lIIL<4'rnhI- |.x'nuu .\ot.h|ng pun Mr lhu_ u!(ia~orgm,l-v vélfesu courts:-_v he ht.-Idlhv ml('rpo.~Ird,un mg that ho dud nut _vu-Id the Hour In tho grud- mm from Eu-ulunk) Ior um purpose of augmn lmng 1.1:: p.-Lrl_v, to ‘hull he nu proud Io (- lung, tut n nu-c-nble Know .\uLl-nag partv Ha- mrucd to 5!: Bl Iurrr, and wuh th~ enbduunn of mar? vxntenxent and drop [cc-11114:, tslukmg: his . hmulnre. luld hm: lbnt such laugung. vru nz-nbcr courtvouu nor respectful, nnd he could not allow‘ him to occupv tho tluor lunger for aurh putpoa-n. Mr Bunun unmud-nu--y apologised, And Iuhdn-w Hm o ! language, nclyowldglug that u was uuproper \ [z\ Judgr ll----urn: bu km-u agpnnnlmi In Ip [hr 1 mun! Hm.-n In-gm: Allarua-x-up 4. «bum! in Jhdgr Psnnn ll Ihun ..;. -no-I IOIHLIO IIPIIS 077133. lrnnn. Ruby A 11 i n.n-uuuuggu um I: Ihlsuaui-I.un-to muuordmubm I.-run lam uduunalra-In Iunl \ I'N'uohl|.unI.Iulu lunlnbnnxiublllr-'5 u..c-nun suuuurvorw huts: numxxu -1 0:00: In 3|-|\¢U ha: l \-uhuu: Oouaru 5-.3-uaur~c,.9= Winn; qurlmdunnpulu Dun-J hp uvnnhqul GHQ‘ \ inn!-As!-n. \ I I I8 I-M In-In-I-. 00. I-h I)‘ no I u ~ (In. In In II u no ' \ legs, I] \ I II 3: nun union. in! It mad. I! N n mum». nu. ug-ma. mm kuv. It is ' [slung hvu nun lulu. 10 II nan lhr .\||-nuv ./-Jurvuu I M he \\I~q|-I an rp- lufun- hr was numirgu -I ha not I I out of la uh» nu nn 4 null; Death and Probable Sal:-Ida of I Nulnd J50. LII. Ecctctuy \‘Fiiii.\I'i‘I’8l1\ “ ‘ \‘ Copper. Tl: A sheet In: Jobbll; Slop Tu)! b'L'118L‘m!II-Zn. HAVIKG HAD wxo uc In lb: nnntuluxn at Inn) at Ups 9''’? ..'L‘l:.“%:“.i.'.,\ .\.2“.£”.'.‘...\‘7..‘,?..'J.'a \‘..§5f‘l gr;-‘Qu_M [nun pu§unn._ _ _ _ ll I .,__, _,, .. . tune I xrr-In g Iurh I pvt-s ul mu .» Ihg he cu-rm! Ala! hm I- Ill] _v-nl um . ... n‘. ..: a...: u..¢-u lu mermul bu nu ub- In-Ian —\ mule! Ib- In-hot In for us: Elm sun 7:. A NEW toll ll-nol I-vu-. or [Inn I‘: I -as l Auunuf nun-Hunts lumrs .1 lllnalnur nu: , '\' \I \\°\\ \ ‘h\\’ ‘ \\3 ‘M’ rm“ ‘ um, luv mhlrird n |lIl'rx 1.4 n run-1 ulm nu -\\5\\ \ L\ \“' ‘t“ \\_“N mil mu’ M ‘M ,m .:m- unw 1.-h ndmm‘-I In-I u..r1q-«L4-<~d.n um \\“’° \\ “’”\\“\l \“\‘ H 1 H ' ' 5'\ m‘ Inn 1:! n.m- u . ~u- u um n.,_-I.- -n H..- mm: .19.‘: F '-' :3 ;-'v'\’ \-um?’ flan: .o.'u‘:I h‘l\;lI;:;I‘ _ . , ,, Ilu.Ar.I\-A- -\u 1 I\\.:n‘:3':’:“:.‘ ,-::.‘:['|_l.m_ I The \\ ands-v§r':ou hank-d fol PQAI and In '1:-rh um I|n'albr mm-u .4 [ho aparumuu .. \“\\\ “ 5 ‘ \ “\3 5”‘ \°’“ \ '\ “ - 5\”\ at-1.1: my n..u- unn u<m.In| --n~ nu-1 lul had 3 \\‘\”\“\\ \\“\ ‘''''L' An hour. wd rvquuun; i-n-Mun] hm Ian and u--uxhni luv and Iu Ihrl vs \\' \\“ “ “\ l“‘5‘“ *0 I N’ '1” U!) the ‘.-x ‘MM “ E Tvh U, Bd'_‘lh‘ } I-Aw, ha.\ - n..- 5.1: mm]:-I-uc~l lu [mu I;-uh:-r_ -huh null lhlluill -Lullrf bu mm: -11 pvuuu ul [H-r Jr — ‘”“\’ \\\‘ \°' \ ‘mu 'h\ \\‘\\\'\d “' 'llu- n-. nor of ‘no lull!)-n Pnlrm Scrnmnu \\“\ \\\\\“‘ “\|\ 'h\b l‘\’\|‘l\ I‘ ' m U\ “mh ha“, mmh [pm ‘Man .u _ Kn“ I“, _m. I Isl-1 ul H-Item afoot! ulf and an Bnug guns: -11 the V!'AdILu{ -urd Ivhn-1' hn.:uug~- u } ._n.<h ’ \' ‘ 1' \' \J 'b'‘' \M ‘M \'m‘\'”\‘ “' ha.‘ rvh |¢\nX- ago Mr l'm;'l~ In the alum and pan - :3'::k-l)\\\0AIpu‘: luau. h':.-\l:::::‘x.:‘r:¢-: ~:..-..r ul ‘In: \x~- \ul’~ Jlrrru 4: 11%|’ 3. ' \ F‘ \< \ 5\ “ \ \ ' Elm! 1 (hr n~marhah]1- for -In pungc-u'|, nu ‘ma ; r~- 1| \\'“ ‘“\\”“‘ \\ “\1\ “\' \\‘°‘ \\\ II‘! -uh‘ gout] hunwr and nu [Inuit-I: A: Ian] 5.: lb. \\ \\/‘um P'V\\lIV4 I 1.1:: dz-u‘r.un¢ of Ibo _hu .0”, ,.‘.,. H'.,..‘,,,,‘ ,,g m,., ‘\1 ha‘. gnu:-A us In Hm name -:l_Ibe \\V llhzm. of 3.: “W ‘awn, _t mm\ u_. bu\ J, ___,,r _o, m ‘Fl : Ignugl; ..mud lu zsnnrng alum: an the same And |_u.,,un_,d _u bu,“ “mu u_‘_1u.hw‘cd _ “wt l'I l.¢- had but I-till spun. pm-mos:-. gallo- hm, la,“ my , I,‘ in_.._,,,, ,,,_‘ h .n, ,,,_ and uhruuo-nun, uni nu In um: at an tum K'n..nuu: .. HM: LI bur ‘Juan 5.’ -r 'u.- U\“l»’ ' I “\\\‘l ' ' “\ n\\“'h (‘'’‘““l “\1 ‘h’ “\h‘\' ‘M .+,\'& H . m,_,\_Jq L 4 ' - I ml urn-_ fur yin; -Nd Iblnv cughl (3353 too Lur u-an Hr l'|'nxv nu hvctu .~:n..a~ xnl urn W17 \'mmg ‘ 1'” Fmmn.‘ ‘fl ‘ n~\°o‘L hilt”? . u ,_ 0 I; «III: A-Ia Ibn-I‘ pugv-1 he Inn run: hnl §«.h‘Q:-'1' H. tr,-‘Ir n'u;”AD;o\. :._1.. 5.41: nu-1 gr -r--....-11..-.... ..n.l um I b. ' ‘::s:'” ,\ -uul mnv -u u- A la:-' u. hi um 1\ \-rh-- -nn \\\\ “' ° \“\‘ \‘ \\ '°‘ :uu mhmu-<1 -nu I n-Au -«E »I- nu .. A nu.-¢ -u ; \' \ ’ \\\' ”“' \\' ' “' \“““\\’ \\ H” ‘W ' ____,) “Jr H, I.‘ h __ H W H l__“,_ _‘_, I ;: ....- ......n. nn I-vmnl nod n.u un uxxuunru -:1 }\L'n'hrI and .nuu- I-rt\ 3-'~-nah-I -.. U» ‘Q.'‘'‘' '\ \\\\\\ '7“ \' \W “'u'°r\\' H’ |.[-0| lI'1lf'l‘ hu at-nc-d ‘ha -pn -I haul ‘in! A.-J n‘‘I \' ' \°\\‘ ' '\ 4”\ '0 ‘N “''‘'‘'d '\\ ,I_‘ hum! ‘ '____‘,_l_m_ _ ‘0__\.. .1\. “H N J ”__u |.vl-mm of Jun; lr on: 0! hu man nshun um; -Iuu um unm: a man u! ma 5 am lunu A~ -u g‘ 4 0-! gnu uuf Lulu In: mp -u;-pm. rvuruo-I gym ,_‘_'on_ d ml”, ,_ J _ _ _‘I_ ’_ _‘ ,_ W, nun: u M---u .- x. In. 'r-J J--«|'an [Io gunug lhp -1.;-Ir--at dr-cw-|.u--n uv -hm H4-is n,; \W9 ‘ |‘°\\ ““ “\ “\ “n-“ 5\ ‘‘'°‘‘‘ F‘'‘'‘'”‘ H. I. and -q -nl‘-1 - q --1 bu nmr-nu-~J Thr '-wt \'1‘_:' \'‘'‘r‘ k\ m, Zuni\: ll.‘ and .k\hu”r:' -3- nur -..I .... . .. . s -, . no-I n.. -3: -- “\\ \‘ \\' \'“ \' \ \\‘ “ V. c-I.”-u--In “urn Th. 11...... .,‘. ‘_,|,___, q_,_ ..-.1 u \ .‘a,;- I‘.-u.| .1. u.-- 6-at -...4¢.L.— In 1'. 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II-n‘ |I-- lmulu nunmnuug |u.|3\l‘ _ II!!! . mu ‘l'‘' ‘'‘‘'i ' “\‘ \\ u‘''‘‘'‘“‘ \E\ \\\-\“‘aT’&' J ,_ _ W.\ .., U__. ,_, M\ M, H, m p--nun v relrxw-1ru't¢'rlo hash» tn or I--tum:-I :1»-uh \-4 1:»: In - u 4...; m. -1.: -~' ---u-1 \ \\ ‘ ‘ -‘|\\' T‘ ' \\\ \\' \\‘ \\\‘ lul hm ' Ialhvnnw --I um! um |'~runn no In: - Iolh \m“\' \ ' ‘ ‘N’ ‘\ \\“‘ “km ‘° '“ \\ mu hm‘ ,___,n _‘_m,_\_ _ M H ,_ _ M, the m: .1. nu; [he hath Tllun-v at \lm¢(lks_ , Thr I‘:-nu.-r Dr \lu\uh Inn --mun--m-d an-| \'“\‘ \”\' \1 \M “\\““‘d m 3\’ mm '03’ lw had lhr I-nth .nn\ru-I -- lhr -1-ml bu .14» at | \' \\ '\\\ “'u' ‘ h““ \N '''n' ma“ }' ‘An 1'Il. -Kb-rl A puu mavlnn - unur-ah--n \\“\\“ \\ \°' '“ ‘M’ '\\‘ “' W” '3\- ‘ w lrhrluc-Id uni an Iuquvul .1 m~....a,. ~“,_“ Mu» Thu nieuarmu-r-I, uoanunnuslv. In RAI- .d1L'd El.lln3.L;l: I Phat —-mu‘ :1 mm. ul Irl - U ' \‘““ ‘Ml (‘r'' H\ '\ U” I \'‘''d ‘ ‘ “I_mm_n ‘M ~\_ _a‘m l,.___w_w_\ Pup\ Wm. mu m’... I In urn Hr Hahn “rho . 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Thr ;.i-u;-.uor.x pan ho had uucd u: ll-o pohu-1, um] :1 n:- [in In tun \ \l\lu V Iuu -Ann . —— . .... I5, 13 it! - LIL II II I! - mg 13 M u ' S’! 3? ‘F’ HOLIDAY HAT Day so‘ :1 -an pun! -hast And we pruttc As! it‘ n “Kb-AC1 lllnua, hum Hum. in... tip’. - - - mu‘ :3 1! cc lanai I-nu. ' \ \ 1!!‘ Y) I N lbs-luhnaoft \ \ \ I! I3 0 no Ll-vui Cuuklg, \ \ \ Na , '3 II F? la.‘-o Duty. ‘ - \ :3 :8 u on Mn:-0 lung ‘ ' \ II II II 8) have Douay. ‘ \ \ IL: 1; II‘ n Oouxcb I . \ \ ‘ C | I’ L-um talus. ‘ ‘ ‘ ll 33 I I hvdn-ul Colt ‘ ‘ ' 23 73 H I‘ In-A-an Kala-s. - - - ta ‘:3 I 23 Cttinszanl-nun). ' - \ I: ‘I: :1 I‘: an ‘I’. . . .. . , . N ham lunno. \ \ ‘ R’; [3 Q Q J-nb mu. - - - ex :3 3 u Hun): ' \ \ A 13 3 n rssnn I-4. \ nun -' 1;‘ | up 13 :3 llnshc Iutcv ' \ - I I j u '3 ‘l 9 ll--Ia. \ hm - 4:. I to II 11 “Eat \ \ \ II; I B 0 $3 1-n Iv. \ - - 1 I no 6 on - is: \:3 ‘in ~ 9,3} 9 -29- JUST INTRODUCED I CO2NIS'I‘OCII’B I(‘Ki.“l'I HF A[)\II.*~‘8l0N TO THE SKAT- uo runs) In tho What. can not In o 0! mn- n.s:¢«..:uL, in 7 ll nut. u .1 :2»! n‘ HF: at Noun on us its II! I Onununs -1 Incl . :5 Ila). In a Lady u yang mu 3 01¢} flntsunhuo N s ltrallnn--‘n on LAd‘o dad. will is gnu In one Ln-1;‘: nan-5 lkh-1. On In that a! run Inlet um I: pulnlxl nun: IL- nuu at In «cut. and no can {Ovid 1 ha sluuiuq gun In In u-sum of ucluu in In wand. and U u; ponu dumb! an In gun manhunt up-I uulu In and In lnulhlr, Ibo u» 1| cm in nmcud SK ATINU POND. '1 Ihci.-tn: uuggg ,. Inn me at “M CD31 no runn- hasty‘ n hr In-I luau In uuuu-I1 .1 In had SUITABLE HOLIDAY PRESENTS! ! FOR LADIES. A mm‘. um: \ xcrnruxr. A um; rnru V‘n'TuRl\it1 DA]! 53%.‘; C ll hon-nub: cu ya-Q-and In blue: I) cgyu.—uI3a1I-nu-(run-Au\'ca»nouiL U1 8 H5 dgnvry-any nun Duu u luau hoa- unit 3‘ I! an lx \ mm an :1 R003 Yup- uola 33 44 I03, Jxynul-g nuns Ian :1 T-nacu-In 01'!!! ID H my (my: running Wu‘: lot: on In In- 0-nl 49 u ll lnnngntdu Curvy amp -1 1'-mutual: I M II lqylrvgnlrlnguc ppnnuolfoctiipdn GI I2 Lum than In an -It-In Iv ill“. but vial lo OH! |.\: hum. cu «Mun Ipounor Ilckzu. Inc at «tun, ta: us at tho at-Inna! the club Kvv In the uunaol -1: the nuns! Ikl Ital (Lou: cl nu Ch! who an ‘In cl Ikliln un 54 puucun: Iv fun!!! In: Icrrttury win I In J nu-«I. (bu nu: man may in |-10:!-Ll: rnuunl Ran Ihn gunman lklon II lb: Po .-m nun n (no: by nun.‘ In: that man an only ramnvd To nu-J nrchlnu. ha point-at stun u N nosed -u lb: lap Rrnn nnwpaml (M B!!!‘ ymxnvht Mu cl at man: - Fly‘ RA\ Emu Yh «sun! 1! 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IIOIlMlV‘lD‘H‘;‘- u ‘Notice to Clenr‘§i£1’ewn'IYm llhnlnhhfoovaaséqn IUSMI) “~w’..=—;;u.~‘’‘’*‘'w2«..—~s‘:..z'3‘‘‘‘ 43:‘ 133 '53 n......,., “2 ‘ -“‘“-\*x\‘%<~.r—»x-~» J.uIuB-s-. ' - 1 23 1:4 I»;-nlaqnun ' ‘ \ I II In harry . ‘ ' ' I I3! I m..c.:.;’.L - - - 2’ :3 32.. Ramp! ‘ ' - I :3 Ian The fun: p-snarl nvs cllll C-v-my rvhrnrv p-tun:-xn Ia neat — Fnlniul In ltulid Us-I it man tuning, In mnuuy In upenuu it the nnanlu And wmngva that haw born h-sped upon the Repuhha-an cause in nu! out of (‘on great: Thu: dny hr: In-yon-1 orgnnxuuun Let the House bv properly omen-red, um! then the Southern brnggnrln who have boon, nu drvsx panda I'll.h.Lh1'Il' cdumnmanud nbu.-4-. amen [hr meeting, ml! lw lnuglsllhnl them Is geuuum pluck on the Republican side of tho lltlru.-tn. if then: 1: not, he urc luplnhcn. and, |{ 5: the P\ZP°'.3?\_2“_<*°;L9‘!~‘,5*~!Id ,_4u_u- « v ‘haul, nods} nu! ohhmng, and :1 nu llusl.‘ quuulnm {mi mmlo I:-m Iu populat mm hm neighbors, and c-ndcu-rd [um no bu.-hlvlo the Jnmor member: of the list. \ Bus he has dc-pnrtcd . n nohhv apnmmn-n of x mm, nth Ihc (‘men of (or:-lmgl, lhl‘ tend:-n-n sonuhxliumn, and truth taro nn-1 anus-vo-nu um;-n|« '6 '33 \3 .72. A HIFE ITR SE.&L llnnD W4 .53‘: tutu’: [I1 I ngnuuru ' lo-cm: >C«lQII 5. . ’ ' ;#,;._____ FOR OENTLEMEN. ha I at r-an-u 0-menu un-I no-has man um. -aw um kw: but-I ham 1.. 1 man «:4 Slaw:-In um! [nan II Ian: at hand! link!» in M I he I-mu 1. £531: ‘C! » .1. _ 'b9,‘§L D-slllk-rub , D- Ana ht-:0 Nina Inna Intel}. \ John HI. ' Thu. 0'll¢tt. \ Inch Imu-v. ' ‘ C :3 3-0 ‘ I 73 ID \ I 53 Ill ‘ I T3 In ‘ I 73 15 A NICE B-RAVSR (‘AP A .\-IVE INTER I'M‘ A Nil’! SEAL (‘AP ' mm: or run Mun nztnlurr-Iu.{ Ilulhhs, Dec um. IX’! : '1‘!!!-1 AT'l'F..\TIl-.\' 0? ALL OWNERS. IN‘ rupunu u npuu ol luud In in any, II and not fnnnunu ucunu nl Ibo Onllnlaetl. ttxlnrns; xx‘ __ ____ _ lixl Pi\i:n15I .1’ ...... tn -.4 am, no... an ddnnhl ll Iran! or no p-mm: --no-1 as amapml uy mu. 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Inn rharndrf the “Inch -- pnr-nr-I he-r I-aura In the median]. vuhmn n - an 1.1- M Inr(hV nl nohcr \nu ma-to Mu mum Lxrm chem-v pme.ec--4 m Tlrpnulln I on-., and Irnn-d ho.-re um um: . ung_ an mrl-I-IV -um-cl ‘mu hu now on 605- v tn: mm. unl tbs teo Portuguese 9-xzavn urea ~- unm-ml Sh \\ ch-In prover-An! u once to nuufy |'n| cs. luv uhu. us llu crorl I1! untboulmpv u Lu:-mi In army: for hot seunrw mm] the mmvn could hr um-sugatrd In tho! om-«I ~'u:n(‘ouv~q Tha oanrr of Lhr vrnwl u Ht Lamar. of Farm nah, who u will ho n-mnmbon-d, ndvx-vllsed lm as a runaway nu-cl. 11 um mm of her luvvg \mnInnIh. The rtov. {I is Maxed. an In I liqu- or dc.-mm-nn_ almost‘ In rrgard to c-lalhlng and the noceutnnrs of life as 4: L:\p:€:K;ikL:;o;|;wLh; mllucuco and rnucondm-I of the friends of hurry, who should hue consulted discretion, nn¢&oruo themselves Inch more pro- pjiuy. The North has been Endured nnd in- sulted: by both Northern md Southern mimom of the slave: power, until honhem puleuca In heady exhnusted. sad the nvenging lnud is rea- tralncd rim dl During the last fur dnyl, tho Ip:rif'hf the Kc-puhhmns nppur; to turn bbon aroused. Pluck exhlbnudimclf. Jud in such a manner hi to gin tho dtsorpnizzru and dis- nnioninu lo undenfnnd thu. ix -auld~ not Ihuyi be safe to stir up Lhe tiger, though he may np« p-ur docile under cuunl obscrvndnn. There Are men, and Ira trust not I few_ on the Republh-an side, who N13 prepared under | proper provoca- tion, to meet the ovcrbenring spirit of the Bomb. in 1 mznncr which will re no discredit upon the pluck of the North. We an Ice um mud: n crisis may u-isc. And may not be far in the futurn, and when ll. doén coufe, the tpirit of free- dom will protect Itself and its own lmcrasu, by nah unsure: :1 seem to he demanded for the occuion. Than I: pluck at the North, uxd it in \‘ rcprnmiud in Congress. Just I year ago :2 (Ma um», Hr J was Attend \ug \he \\\rv\:‘\\ n I-nlfxaburuh. when the home! In burned when he wu «xoppmg . he in nuianed in the night by n sens- M cuirouaoo. And bad muck‘: md sin-ny_t;h enough Ion Lo gut up And misc 3 window, wllhoul own then know- hg Ihnl. tiled him . soon the llnmes lnml |n'tho cuum building. and Ir J. has fn-qnomlv and since, thn in three or live minutes longer, N‘ ho had not uvoke, he would have been put recov- ery-\ \ /% f// / // H Ky Ir“ urrruum--1 an» lhil the‘ lie llllhfilh‘ ttxapnnv; 94 9.2-: .42-I.-_=:-v -nu l‘I'I'L1llln' A-imumon nl Kan-u lbu -4-omn Lu dehur the IL-.9-xblnuna ul lbw n-lunmgn ut nu Pro-xdenunl role \arlI.u-rn [N-tntu‘fIL1 In Ihr llonnr mar pmusn-I to Lnrur IL Ibllr runqpnrmg for IL: do let], n-guy nun lhkhrnu at Croat I 7 l.u;g_ An-Inc Isytg, - um - ui'i’u‘ns 'eanalw‘ C III In ‘ “IO Imuno -n_-I tau». '1! Inna: - 0 111! nu ma - n. sun nu ma \ awaoano -' -_- 5 in can ' I IN IO \ I IN ON \ 0 IN DUO \ 0 III! I “ I Hi 9!!) ‘ I I0» ll) 5 1153 SW A .\'ll‘E HOLIDAY IIAT. GLOVE, CRAVAT3. 3\'El‘KT\5» SFARFS. ROBES. ta. -kc. -ac-.., , , , , .,q\1' “‘ 5 Inc mun a! nu! Eflnhrnln can my mu Pu-t.h uh Pull\! al lvv n n for on? Itcnly four hour: ht um! nqleea lo was\ In the _ an um] am pm. nu udnnm usd nun: In (‘mm «I such prams. Inc! It- \\ \-9- IL: Ilnyut. In Lldrrnnn. at Uknsl Oxsnnlnln vr In runnw um mun: - A Cn inns: imowr 5 E0313 Anmaoauauauuin-an nnnuvuun ouu-at P-an Ir Jean Bantam, ' man but ‘ W V E-ill. \ Jan Ieueud. Q Iulnl. nun (4-gum. \ In-n::-I smut. \ An pa-nun an Mum nmnea In! an new ad!- ngnre um haunt! ha Iuklly cniunrcd. Mama I. J E17313. In-«I ccnunldo-us loudly Iitll ll ruck uh: run ilk) tlrvdsnd C-nhxnlrn lad! Gndnuul tag (\with and tau hand In and @112‘: II! ham: (9 Pu-isle Inn nnutnnv My ‘Ev: Tm‘ €::€:=.! its 11!; line 9-! had: I1 55 _, I I uumtxml M ' hlnnu Otnu-u Tho cull {yard by :2» Her-ob»:-an \n:om! l‘omnnm:o for n (‘aura-uhuu In gout-rnlh n-rep usblu hon‘, and relwvoa Ml pomu ol curt-arrnsu mu-rah, CJC)15dIS'.I‘OOE’S TUE VNDERSIGNED U1-‘THE LL73 FIR! a! has mm A 0... nun; pu't§AIl4I and mun the lhcep sun nzxoq. on can north M: at awn Inna. n ma mneurm a! cam .-.9-.! 829.1: 54.:-p, -In count to nnuufurtllrc Ind Iago!» Mad All limb 5! D20 kl: Llslnp. Tonia sad we Emu. which In Illl soul! the {oven can would aha runny man an m llbuu put-onus matured upon IM Ill: Ina, In Law! fur I co;|hl-Iazizal lr:hu\—o!gIh'l nun. ,nn I“ H’ e I at or £113! .,... .... ta: . .. ...u ca 4 . in win strut. o! 0 Factory. no-In’ HAITWILI. loVE._ In and fr: 731331 VII In en-an!-t Jgnu H-sq, \ Gulf:-vy in-lu. ‘ 11- 9! Hurt-3;. ' Busnl Pudqy. \ The Upponilion lnunl n-dun-mg all appropria- ting» within rlgtd llmlui. as (men! gnnu. In-nu toforu mnde, tom turd is a corruption rm-.1 [or the Pnjndvuunl canvas. by I Inga uscssmtnl an Inn: Ind paxmm A D mow.-nun cfvrla from lr._dmnn. In llxn I-‘lflh Audno '5 of ! who uxporvodod one 6! Don glusuu fril'nda_ nu remndv -lm-bu-p~d_-ub SL700, the pron-eds cl nu tndnned dz-II sent that o for eununnuou. vhn-u be mxdc pa)‘- able to his own ord-r , ,, 563! ‘Jenna Paula-avgurznuad If In-.Mt1uOa=n-u Hutch nth:-an Bin I131; I150 SH '11‘ ton (‘um-xx ‘nk lurid: Inna» - TY Douwuuzszl Elndmnn M u trunusd Hnnnxn Rudy-can It R31-Mal-i I134 In-ma its 338 Tunauduu... ..... ID JUIT PUBLISHED! ly uelud Ra- \ I ’ gun! an I Inn!-Ion an than pmdn \0 In! not In uh‘ mummy! Dtnlflk ficnbovulsboztupafarluduldhvu ltlqdnytnpclrhgla-upuh ! r a ni ix Ir-‘Indy thus‘ .5; An 1 us use Canal . 7115 M lnytunungnad rdpurlngrlcdhu-r-rs Hon 6 \ “ r ' coda us) Is uh)-Ihthgunullhuyrcyeny no- E Q‘ A uncalled Fniou mcoung wu held ll Washington, Friday evening, which mu nuqxrlvd by about -I00 pcraoml. It Inn rvgnnlcd um per fact Eula. R4-solutions In-to olfered debauch- tory of the ! «if the South and the fan»- ing of the North. Ind proposing I8 I remedy for the proton! evils. to null; around the Constitu- tion And the Unkon. A substitute I'M lbcu of‘ fared. doclnring that this meeting In lnopponuna and nnncccssu-y, which the majority favored.-— There us much confusion throughout the par cu.-dings, and lhe Inoc-Llng upanlrd In dlcordtr, to tho music of a full bind. The falling of the platform, with many gentlemen thereon, us Incl; thelncidenta. ATLANTIC HONTELYI JANUARY, 1880. en. WE WILL PURCIILSE COUNTY ORDERS u my lavas all or ilnvum. HCIIIIXO 0 M10. ovrrcnrr I: 1; pro: ful Inn . new 94 an udl (lwlng to tho xlolnv In tho orgnmzmg of the House, no legislation am-<-nng In umluln for the non. acmua In pncucnlnlv, bu-cause the pronsxon ln the act of luau requlres the name lurms In In- ndoplld if nol. altered by luv bufuro the In of Jlmuuy. Hr. Sherman In ntrugtbonud by the pro- cet-dmgw in the llama _\'c<lcrdn' Ilu prompt. sud dcclslvo deunnd of Mr. Smub. H any perm- znl rvllectlon In intended in hln ol]‘eamroln- qulry. ll’ the llama wished n mnfdurrr or thief In the chair. proglneed much o And in fulln- ni up by I proper robulm from 31:. U-urns» Thou h the record subsequently showed that he lacke (‘our votes 1!! an election, he really wants but two, ma let.-rs, Reynolds and Dun I.-om u-a prepued lo’ df tlm conlut then their vousn will Deceit? eélain-. The n-oponnlbimy directly devolves on Messrs. Clark nud Brlggn The Duinocl-any will’ probably return to llr. Booock, though Ir. Inynu-d and other: vnnl compllmcnury votes. ln coulltlcrntlon of then- effovu In bring In the Southern Opposition. ‘ 1: is lit: dlipomion in some Democratic quli- url to‘ clone the! elinuat. under the.-bellof mu Ir. Sl1ertnnn‘aelectlon In Inevitable. nu! am :1 ll only I qua-ulou of lime wblcb la lnvolvod. 1 Allen. of Oberlin. in the iucueuful hr the prize of axon olfcrcd by the i-Slavery Bocimy. “for tho but met, the Bible gin-2 u_:_; warrant or :1- The Trxbmu gin-.1 the running: mu-resting uh-uh of Pres:-lent (}ot!'|-nrd. (‘Ind Ingulrsm oi (hr Afnrln Rrpuhllc ol [hm WEISS woman. an hymn In 1 Hunt! 8u¢nll.Ih in un s in mulvml uni Iki um: I noun» saw. .1: cl an ell) KI.-IunIBurla.!lx£.IarIn.dA!-IN IQ moo Akm hula, \ Anll N I 50 UN Jun Oudopr. “ mu. ' I 73 0 II) Minn! 0'0:-nun, “ \ \ I). In 1 on .7.-51'“ 9'.\\°‘- I '_' 2' E’! I! 2 1! Villchnnunbaforhuurnlslo. Ihnnu:-rwlnrrnv -mum upon In I-‘IPTII VOLUME. Anduchhnaha-I haw pal plenum In announcing lhillhomnhacnnululhn Brnelnptench nuno for Evening Pirtiec. NIAJJAH1’. GRIBBIX RESPECTFULLY OF A. fen in ur lo the tluuuot lnluo. n ma- IST FOR EVININO PARTIES. Ihdlul 0. In I!!! ::\:.':.“..':.:.f.:.:°.:'.‘*'-°*x.':' :r.'.\°“‘\z.':;\'°\' of the tales: lunpenn navhuen In Dance lulu. Ordcn any I-o ten :1 Ilcun. llod[:uAlnulm'l'0 Hula Bore. no at No. 125 en la!!- Fnhre tlo l‘rMIdnnt of the Rcpnhfic of Hull, horn S-~pL W, l at L‘A:.'-so s Van In Southern ll»)-Ll, vu srloptml as I ton nu! mp rlu-rl rub the best man: of etllunlion by 1'01 ’nbre, a former comrade of his fllber_ Hen. Vtcholas tielfnrd, who Ins one of the founders of llayuon independence and (‘-ommuiderslm Chm! in us» southern prov-incoa of the republic. Young ll-v.-tl‘r.u~d entered the mililnry service in I821. atmmnl to the rank of Captain in K843 and Ira promoted to thnt of Iqor by General llernrd. whom he had Assisted ln his oren ngslnst Boyer. Disllnguishing hixmel greatly on nnons occasions, espuulslly on tho bottle- of Peat:-l sud In Jacmt-l, he cm sppoinmd tommnndsr of that district by this jlru Government. and his popnlnrity increase.-<1 1.6 such an «tron: thnl. be excited the jesloizy or Pmidou: Riche, sud sitar having been promo- ted in the rank of Gusanl bi; President Guer- ricr in ism, he uusccmcd o tr:-.-non by more ln 1348, but ncqtilttcd by the courbmau-tlsl. which run prasided over by so than I llonenl in tho Soilouquo, 5 r luring hoot: successively resident and Emperor oi llsyti, appointed Gc to the common\! of: division oi‘ the army is the csmpnign sgilnll the Dominlcanit, and conferred on him t 0 side of Duke do Ls 'l‘st;arrn, in reward for his services in the vicinity of LI Tnhnrrn. Tho mire pm which he took in tho second Dornlnlcnn um- pal aincrased l:l§’l'(pntatlon and iniiuenceto cuc an extent, that Sonlouque, Toning his dul- ry. ordered him to be arrested, when Geflm-it entwined tho Elnpetnr, and leaving Port an Prince for Gonalves on 2d o('Dc:.-ember. 1858. ho was groclslnod 3’:-eslden: of the Republic. msking is o ! entry into the capital Jun. 15. I860, when Boulonqne to Iamlra. escaping with his llfu only, through the protccgion Gelfnrd. ~Pruident Gelfnnl ii 1 mt: of mid~ dls size, of courteous address, mind of I pleaslng um! intélllgcnt cut of couutcnpnee. Ila devotes fourteen to sixteen hours of the tvsnly-four to slurs gnha Govcrnmcnt. and takes slit-ely in- terest in the promotion of srtssnd science, on wbidx subject he nonvcrsos with great rendition. M1828 he mnrrled 5 lsdy relngd to the noted family of lgciutooht Ills only son took I part in tbeopu-sttong~n,gslnIt Sonlouque, sud died in ~1sss.!nsm oxlntluion‘ In tho usspotu. -%no in ‘several dsuglmvis-soars‘ oH‘vho ! Blgn- taed)-Vrss‘ 'md'entl1 sssssslnstged by conspirators 3s'gsii9 Á ਇ tool m =1 fell? S_u_ton,. who is: slim: Mm bmug Ei ণ ণĮ ' NA lnnun In 0 Kind IR’ “\45” Il:::u In Il‘\‘é:’lAdKB08. -133:5 F“! 3.! .' halhn ! um cm Intul -I ram fen! muuu It ff. only mu 0! Iuvfnnd LnzhI. Hkhc-Sn. npd 5 nun And I nuuho. E3 z.==‘=:‘:'~~ \ 2 : : *1‘ ‘.3 II1IfdcIC!'ph.1.\ - - Ix n ‘It! o.uccanm;.' \ \ \ Ox TB H1 I-smug... - - - 5 15 In Andrw “ \ “ I}; 15 Ill Jehlctomu, - -c «- ex ta an 1-. Human: - - - 4 Ta too uteuauanbu. -- ~ \ Ix 7! H! Puqrlarnud. \ \ \ C 75 I99 \ \ “ \K 75 1. ‘I :~.~;'\= *=-- : ..,,.. .. 2 '9‘ 3: D 3'-‘..\\\ 'i:?.““\' “- .47.. 3 3 '9! 33 :,:-.,:.--'-'-4‘ 2 :2 : 9,2 :: 2:: nuuxnqu: - -- -- I0 is an \Ea\? 3‘ '5 3 Ex ‘#3 ‘$2 : :: tr :2, ‘:3 3:: C :\.s.'.-**- . 2 : Ia. :: :2 ll um Heller. - - - ax nu ma John RUBY]: \ \ \ IX 75 I3‘! Georclrcnkln. “ '- \ 1|); 75 its “'“‘‘'''‘3'- \ - 3 3’; H’: 382' ::~::*-.: ' 2'“-*--==:: mm a.xi.rmy. \ man: u n 3: an l!nI'ylI.lvaI, - mun -- am 1 sun 'rbu.II-QMI. \ mcllur \ II)‘ no I100 ulna)? fhcnhonuboruu mhrinlulouavn: mnmm THE PROFFSSOR’S- STORY. Holiday Paper an em In-canal window undo-. Corli- Innoln, Ac. OF BEAl.\I'I STYLI-‘.3, AT VERY LOW PRl3I!—-Undnl Present: for on mm 4-‘ rrccaud u I. n. 31:15:. am _ 114 Ihh nut gr hue:-nl an Wednadiy. Du am, 3! I o'clock. (run In rulrhnu of I-51 mun. urur a! lull: lad llndzu man. man ndyequnlnuncu ll‘! rU|Iid< may [mild to umnd. This nppen-5 to be Lhq Ill absorbing topic of the Edna. It In winked um lnwtcn, snd tlc in ‘he pins: 3: the question, nug- -en-tho '~“.x'|osy which the public mind feel: ovem; ',.-.;..:.1. man. During the put week 'J|1fVer'1§ nrem chnngu of programme. An |W7I)$wu'nnu1o to ally opon luuou of Vt, Ixndog $8576?! of ‘(!o'ucrn~J-m. m. car. would not am. ' would av support. I Do- mocrll, Ind enneigirally u L-ocompbl I-lminmm _ -..._. a-_‘\..;.n...~u....ww».v..... oigfbumhont. no :roul3 {Fran}: hifninns. .1 . , u_ up, an-mu us In the dim\: ::°:.:°:;:*.:......m. .5... oruaneun. the s-$1-M W°W\°' \\° \\ zmduoid ‘e H1“-Illfe ?uolI|;I'ox1‘:‘ln‘- an thigtysronrtln 00”‘ PW“ ‘lzvnrfulv I1>¢\ci.,II iaxbveu of their arguin- eibn. -I mllkgli W '“¢9°*\- “ ‘ \“\°’°“' \\' ,...o{.~.;.|...a‘n hlndhofthdg cnv ‘ . : ;‘ .,,,,p1nanhin IL lufuu. when 1:. ¢.qg_51,ouln mm-. hirzwver. that W‘ ads‘ ‘won:-in-xiii\ ' i5'—;ilIIiItIoi:‘cu‘::a|tn1.o11:o Iloulo ma 1: iii 18:: thee-§mW-“°;'_:: ‘ aw. nruor r- I’ WW‘ édnurv- ind. \gm name. He can :1 o P ‘T L ui‘m my sunommu as OI _ gr I un mp up some o ““ «mta Iup~ Z . nosak ‘*\\““‘ 1.237;)-7r‘{\'.22.\.;;E-n \ »-L~x.‘. 1,, - I -,. r, ‘ V , V. - , *2 < ., ' ‘'''‘‘''' 3' \'°‘ 5‘, ~jld“I'.\'v ‘ ..__ ,_”,u-:«,v;u .3; ,'_v:«.n~4..;r ,, .~ . y . . Q'A Cnlifomin correspondent ,m\:I‘.' shut _0:ol. Fltlon In getting slang urII;:Qlng'|'}’°In I11: In opm‘gllouo——lm just not :1 wark ‘Ibo krgoat qunrtz mill in the Slate, lnving In sum)»- cn. The suprex’n’9'i_Iourt refused to gmnt 1. sun of arm: to tbopnnbulihnlng. who hue both- ered him to much on the plea of States-right qovorclgnty. Probably I wxjtgf reatlluliol will \be grlnlcd him. am he uni ‘mom .11 an nlnn; tad h_In prolpecu Inny benefdovnu axfrcmely - Wruun uxpnnly for In pages, by OIJVII TIKIILI. ldlo ‘It In cutlnud In lIcce;;1‘l‘|ah=|’l:'¢:l'I at In: lnpaxno Oollouda .13: In mungu IL. 1. lr..lu Incunui nu! ca. a \ \ it Iddu Ihonnlalueonr bl: nou~|n«hc. Ir um: crnmrd, Ho. uknnn used. at \mnuuy.1n.-n p m new 1-:6 umua u mean. > I1ID]A1¢ FEMALE PHYSICIAN. count: -041 train In mm Thcdnhuaodr. can: at Hntun; Ncuophlxr. lnbcuacc uul lhadcr, 1m-on an llcldn to BK mu-5; no Ikpcdmco of luau! AL nlon. rnnuun lab: :1! loan; Abdul-Kano; About area; 1!kn:P;::¢uor’u Ralyé Id!- ‘-0' 3 I ‘@531’ ‘I'll’! I090! A-can rouumau. ml ‘ woum lnfonn her friends and the public 361' .,:'\R, can an my removed In No. 2!. Non): Dmdnl \ :0-allies!) at I'M ndlogco attbu nI_‘!:u:; skull; ! M nu“:-vou or punaln rich!» ‘hm C :l'hthh¢ny,nu the morning or an no. Dcoembn. ID- All) 0191! GAIDIIII. Ind ll nun. I1“‘|'heI‘unnlvnI uhphafnanthrdluotd hnIuhn,cnduGu-luv.eunc- atchnnhul trul- n:ntrIdI.'!hn1lIygDoc.Ml,u!o'eloctP.I. 0: lh lug. Joana I. VAHOI. on Axzd » 1‘-I-I-Duh In-Sen, to ma mnorv xiu V-r. p-our I‘-I4 1- I-I pm 733. Units’! up-‘wt OI.¢Ii.—fva eagles. Donna; cupid. Ten Dol- Ifr, llsnu cuplu. 'I'tu|y.n.uu...u.u&ocr1ben guy- mEl:d‘l!\\. '1'ucR' \'.’a'§-.'.‘.\.;.'.‘.!&'n’$‘ mu! c In Y Ilg:=::|:_’::\l’i6 Donut-I yni. :lIhhH‘=l°foYeiu_ d co- to In a . :1! I50 muidrpetg. hek’n;-Fun :3: Inn In flnllhcl. m .,,“!.,..”;.g ii Manny! to 'fgc C IIILDI, Publllhu-I. 4 ,:..- I85 wu 7 Holiday Gift I ~ - kl! Your attention is noiiciu-d to a vet! choke‘ um-uan of Juvennu loot nude nude: Inc I rocllon 0‘ -- mam: coon,\ mm tine recent Iuvuuuonn at W Anmlchn Sands} School Union, on -aka: has lo- clety. the Prabylcrhn lou-I!.’Ind Ml: popnhr I513‘ Imus. to in {and Q! in: Book Stan, I00 HAIR I'I'I.I‘ITs Inn: of then vnluu no any so! «palm! IJIW‘ so Ih inn 0! um-o putkaulng Icnra Ind a to % NE‘ grad '1‘:-menu-I and «ban an I91 152:“ an 3. Lnvm. 3!‘!-and vln uh pun mm Hg. llaxlypcn meegbdgy It In o'ducI L. I‘. Muiannrupneb fnll] Invllzd to mend. Omcl llunm tun tum won: co. Iuhlo, Dee. Nth. 1&0. -. ' III-1 AHNUAL ELECTION OI‘ TRUSTEE for Ibis Onnplny. rm uh luv ll 0:: «In M Ito Ocnpnny. on man than londu orluury nut. button no boom :7 '1 and 5 o'dt6i I’. I. dean:-:1 J. I rourrr. Bums-y. LE or Sale ;'3‘.=.‘{/-‘ .'.§;;¢*' I Inst. , I _ ON mv m: 22.: nis-1:. Amos: VIUTOIIIB. TI! IIIGIYVUI 5!t‘l’VIf|hI!R2‘lIf- 1__n_(_n_n_51u nl am: can. 7 7 l ’ I213 VALUABEE I1 1'. PROPEBTY_ B-’l'U- ated nu lock Ioet In. «M any at Iaula an cloud funk. II nu cure: was or norm, ummn the nodmu hpnunalu ltllhlh apply or water -lame and nuns: and and you Ind vuuk can tend °\\*'4 \'.=s:'£*—\*\\~ r'.°' 9\“ .-- . nxnnv 3-no co. «noun . II In-ant nchnp, I-Ink. I13 I up! I. ll CB 33 ur£nx':u:v'n :.°.u‘: mo I.un...... flit: §X‘I]I.l°ffIlf(l|'Il¢NI(IIIll¢IIO&lll\-“ '3'\ 3 3; .. __ la 1 and told‘- \“\«-“s‘o'L“.... ‘ an “ 1 For the Hondays! . I Egg” nzcnivm A/vmu ml Gold & suveé Headed omen! Scrsnrgn ‘want or BU!-‘I-!‘.A;.:)— l B I Buxknnln ‘Inna Id! - :.m§1a::u,:3c.L wauu I.mu‘u.» dS!1,;::l?i' or ‘bk: it an IeI‘Io‘n.'d|bb Eh IU I ovaoll Ilvoonn, It Ibo 53 of tho :3‘rr:‘DoI House 11: um ally or guuuo. an as pa-hue «wan. to: «ah. (ha hi 3’'‘\' afumunfn \ and a In 0 1 on a ifi luuncoadu Don-bu-lI,1a'(, Lu.” $-‘:';.§.r.nas.:n::;.xi.“.. unimnmn s-r:1s.m..............;..Z'. ntmu _un.au.v-u1I.1Iu............ ..,.-.r...... an at g:‘,::::.:s'u.=::‘¢i1:',i1:............... ...;.1_?u:-gt nolusuvnmwnurulnynuurgiioou \-s‘ unubopur Oornnlyuau in sumo! taro .~~ Olollrlln Clinger.” Jug -. DN|d’0¢$\ s 4 - 4 c .\. ' 'nu.muuAnr Dunno. , InnAu.tlnvn, Au'jb, u'u-yum: Iilhblc In Pnlenb, mum \ L_lile0’_‘ lfpinlllla urn‘:-3' awua. um um; tm.s§MtA)W'P , . . In I-_ l{l_n)«IF¢I'9_,Wm mam Ilnl|'l|c'¢d.‘o\’ £uInllu¢\uu.__ . pl“ =~\3’(1. . u mxw‘ f?‘;\'m :33; r. 5; v A ,5 ’ v°°-...m-xv-\-“'A-\-\'.~-' :3-‘N g-gt: ‘gal. ..,,.rg‘¢43\agx” ll ' I‘ $1--°\*\“‘-'«. ~. .2... :2 :1” 95 ':\‘ .g1\’oo rm;-.'..':¢2r: : -- C.}:x\;'2’5°° gg“-,mm .. 3 .. : .’-,,,ng ‘.:W\'«“ a :2. w:.. .'!a‘:4°.g' “ \ ..1n 7’ 90 7\\‘“:¢'puI,‘a ‘.‘- \ . cl MK kl . .. 7. -- \“\‘ D0‘ gg . JIM! ‘W — It.‘ i.'''''‘ OGU LISTS +& AURISTS. , -ug raauno-yatnu.‘t,-tqh. , Qs.§..“...‘;;‘l‘.\.‘.‘.’l\.‘..‘.‘.”£.‘:‘.“‘?.’1 VI I no ‘ 1' sum P-‘-':=.'r..?,’s‘.::',2:‘.z':'.:°.‘a:*.‘.:.%:':.-.:.3§..\.:'; .'.:r.1'.:.‘:,“«‘J:.'.‘a‘.“::.\.::‘§“-‘$°“:...:’ 0gr1dnaomlhoob¢‘hI‘¢I='i_¥fihiIi'OlcI, ' Iv’! ; -‘ 1'. l..I1'ljxu _' ‘Hm nnuovgn ruimomc moat -gcahawno-1.1:-:n\n°no'.'$;.\ °! \ '\\.‘,'c‘:\-T $40.00\5‘:’b‘:~‘i '.’.§’~.“:‘2xi‘,‘§§’n.'f.‘_:\.“3. .-''v.: v Jv‘§“r2'.>\.!~'.a~~. . 39:1. ‘ €14 \‘ ';»,4-',,-1.3‘ ‘no? u may. Tiitiat I uinell’ orbein. ‘Johan nag amt, we 1 pint mm c vol! #1 egg‘ '°= *:r..~.-v ..*::--W UIIO no-.31 uubcobut-«la In wwmh gto.'I. ?;0nr_lIn'.I so am: mm. Ibo maeq nu. aeutbrliétsh (Innis. 5:5: In-3,1]; nxv

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