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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo [N.Y.]) 1859-1866, December 03, 1859, Image 4

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E7; ; '“ «Liv «am? a ,,l \~ &XW2}\‘J3}§W$h1Rd! 3'13 \1. .2~‘i‘:a1‘.‘iA:Y.!1’5«’.§‘2€{.\«?:?'£G\ J.\ ‘.\P«‘ Evidently at the hum of tho Pollco: ('uurl an-Hlu~ rpslallmxxl; for uowlu-re 1-he smum_n.. pmlm-' ily of his know!‘-d1.(v um! tho ‘rXuqm-uu.- of his Iuaunara be duly uppreululvd. T. says, \0! the stony “\'index\ of the young girl in the xomxofl I luvs xmxucunu of judging, but udnnmlng it In be uuu, which I doubt, it xstibrd: no nrguun-nt lo su bin po- ,su.,u_\ T. poulml. to be troubled with double» ”.e_\luubld nhclhcr Vnuln it A luvyn 1-. Ho doubt! whether my rights are Xuf lrv the bases! shmdrr. and he doul-us ll1¢_ nI.ur_v of the L'.I8l‘J|| Evans, without “any nu-nus of m-|glup:.\ He seems to ho an wry duubtjul young mm. But I hope. among all his duu ho has no suspiuun of the honuty ol Ma motlu-r. \ up; 1 -v-°-' °'c‘.?:.-:.-.:..:’;:.-.--\-'°\°'*’ \ITN“E_ N w FOR SALE1 A.MUSEMEN'I‘S. MORNI PRE$. ‘ For the Morning lxpross. . ~ The .A_V<cIlou ‘:5?’ so Tho fczjioxvxug cortex-ponuk-uc.u M11. be of in in rial‘ wrest to the holders of uelti of the Ounul 3 ‘g~ 4;] Commissioners for lndcbusdm-ss up uccouut. of ‘ ‘-10.000 P€‘|‘-30!.“ tho Cnuulel -— §\ Th“ L‘ ~ 5 51 .n m‘ Saw \ uIm,0Asu.Dm-Annuzicr, \‘\\'°“ ‘he 9”“ ‘\3 \ AA.unr, November Bulb. 1809. g‘ ,m‘\8“’|1 ‘II Cincinu \ Hos. I. ‘sun Tmuux, Am»-noyGenl.,,ubany. hblh N110 |=l\lWh\‘1| in tin‘ t’ Dun; S ,—\Vill)on have the ldndneaato give I0 ‘W F0” 7°’ ‘AWL _ um your uxlnion in writing, for my ol gnid- I3‘ Tlmm in unusual ngiluliuuol‘ 77:1! ndpro. 030*. ll” 4!) '-\'5 MR“! 3:795‘ gr ‘h':l“'~'l:\-m:’|“é' fl“; ‘jcct.-I in “uliforula, Ind strong nppvnln 4 tho:- or pcrmmc to 1: ma 0 y In) 1151! made l.oa|pil.aIi:4lu for aid. Uomrnhuxioncm under m._- 41.1: section ohhe Act. §- The [ceramic ol‘ llw rv<'x'l|)l:! of the llud—\ '~\\|‘< '49- °' 'h\ L“‘‘“ °' “‘‘'’9' “N \'h”u“\' “” mm Rn:-r Rom] thus far |lu- war over the dnr tho ul.-uug Luau, nlm Auduar of the (‘auul [WW mum.” of hm ‘mu ‘Hi hm $33 , W” Dvpxxrum-M ham nu} nulhol-|l_v to pay them vvr 9 Tl . W ' ‘ \ ' _\' \ _ llllcuh-t In making a vmrnmv. on she ’l'n-n_~ur(s 3*. 1\\: M: “ P.*‘|’\ “\\\' 1 \'°'‘ '“\\ for (he axnount of xnonuy upncssvd in the cnruh '“”\“-‘5 ‘W A ““\ “\_“\\“ °r_“_“V\““““ ““*‘°P’- map‘, IIIOSL‘ wlm-1: urv lhu direct renph-nlu at its pat.- Yuu will uouco that by the provisions of the \'°‘“‘9\‘ -um uh motion, the Qua! Uuzuunissxonura Luv II is by thpse suppou-«I to know. p,om;,;u.d [mm “mung up)‘ more dm upon |h.u the rf:<:f*lpla of the Juan lusumnce (‘umpa the Audilutuuul the mcrtpt flvaxnbim ofu Hulk: _nv on polncn-n during the‘ Inn! mouth m;n' mvr (hm lln-rr mu money on hand sulgecl. to draft. \‘-'°“-\‘”'- nudllu-I1 pennitwd the u-mlicau-u In be ma-|« } g‘ The .Vu.nmml lnlcuigelu-gr m-.mm.u old for c:-ruin Kndx-bu-dues: by the Slate arming A! ,\\'h. no! lo ynelnl \n Luv crednlom all war to the pIL-sngu of the Act. (hn l‘l;:I.lcr'Iug words of llw ancient «-1.: ms.\ the Hy rel.-nn.~;~ xomgfe U, of Ihr Canal Laws, the l1,,.,,,,,,_.,_“., , Auornev lh-neml ml sun xu Ivlmlcas.-0.1 the An g\ A urn dealer in l'I|c:: has n fuho Io)- dim: ran make Iturrnuhs on the Trwsurnr. Lum. uf sy,,,;,..,.p¢,.»g nearly two huudn J u an \I “’l\‘\‘\5 ‘\1’-H5“ M V‘ W“ “in” L==“‘- .uld, nu-Inc-upv uf llw lin-I edition ol Sllllunld s-.uuu- .'..- nud ul, l.lm_ Auurlu-y G;-ucrul null B‘-1*,“-udlsc [.n5(.“ Hun‘ In-Murcu. llud In valmn lu:umrr v.h:.- p;uul \'ufnIn|asIux.- r~ ‘ tg, l_.‘.,,‘,u“,,,‘ mwuuy lm,,,_._, in [ [ah \ma\ 5§‘f‘}1'li\\.{?‘J’1*§Ilf.I‘I\..‘}§§if.Z‘.T$?;..§’E§?.T\il.3}.‘ * \W \ “'* \““‘\\' \\ \\°'~-' “ ch:-u‘ dgujln on um :\u:lIlnr. unit:-uni ofuw'‘('ou. ‘ dl‘l’“‘_l‘_|:]'d‘ luI~.~|u!h rs nl Hm ( nnnl I-uud. lu remlmg st . Judgv. ' 1...». l nu;-pow lb: nurd \Anx1atur\a|1ould be .1. l A _ J H‘ h . urud tut or in the I-law 0! Lin: “L'uu1nIhLs£o:.. P3 wl K?‘ ’'|'['‘“‘' “ \ \E ‘}'3\\ '“\Q°‘l‘ ‘Wk 0%“. (“mg ! \ zplm 1-In--ur H,Iurlnclou_ Xi ( , between Mm n g ‘ rm-u9nn'i -In-n-I.~ (ho Auditurw pay the (‘mm .'-‘-H‘} uuzxu-In-.1 dubzn. Tl-v apt't'!lN‘*‘ P\“\\\ |.. .. ..r'-.,'..... r-_ but nuuuu 4 ul llnc An, .I .,. ul lhu uld uluulnu 1110 and I-nllL_uucy I-um ‘ H, Dr an, L”, U, l.‘-,9_ “rm”, mmmm‘ _ ‘,, k|nnh~(*lunIIxhI1I um] we-at uh-nwrnv tn the u-- M | -I-z..L« 11-. \ -1 lm_ in l--rm-. In)--1)‘ llwsr \u -. M“ \14-‘ \‘|'”-‘ lh-‘P’-\“\L K, .; , Tu. --g- cm um um \-‘II I-r u.-u.u.|...L. 1 v t A Ilmll I-I ---nun -unrgv-L4 A In-w uunm x. v ' v.‘ u,.- pen,» r E..gn.--\-I s cm-un.nl-9 rv.-qnm-d ' -- in |uu|m|.- m 3. mr In u -- I \lI'an|;{.u.:L.,| uz I u. .1 mu 1.» ~.\ \.1 ‘Harper 3‘-In In.--urnuuu \'--1 .unm.l \- .‘ J Tlm -I-nu--».. 10 hr .m-an-n-cl, ac:-Inn In M \l)---uvnh-mu \ [Iron :1 -Imul-I 1III)IID|h0hll‘Al” U-« . 1' .. I'm the .\-uhlul lrxut ll-car (‘an .1 I -- :- icuphuln‘ In I-.x[-mm (Ru lull! vuur ul \'u-gn .......u.... . . . mu. 4:. . W... .1 uudn-r u..< \. x nu l|‘I..u an nu ma I \\ .-..- lght’. \\1 ““ h I“' u‘“5l‘ ‘ | hoarnlung: huuu‘ Lurpc-ra nl S.|r: I man] I uI|uu.\-nuu'h -Ir .lL< I-.ur ulu n- he: n dug\ )m,..1_uu“|,H.u 9, um‘. P01, u; pawl‘ M_ In-.:Iv.-1 an In s.\“-\\~' lml“ \. '-“Ill-'1\-A‘\' ' ' \ ---I I urpa-nlrr~.s In lunlu-g new uh]: I-unnls upo ‘\ ' “ ' T!“ -““\“' bu '-0‘ ' \ “\4 II.-Pr lm-Hu.;:-, unl uu -urv u! up]: null-lbut. -I-- ~ - - IV\ -\~' 5 \-1 uh“ \Jul I-Ixmrouu c -.1: at Ih-- val:-hug pl... 1' ‘ x- ;.-mug u.. I mm! In rvuulh a 1.-Luuk draft an-I nsnk nr ,.,,.,,,.'1, This :4 x..-. .,...,.,,_. I. ,.W,_ ,1. M“; M ‘ L2; .u. ... -| In l mull l'om|m-.-I--...«. |u\_”‘ J‘. , ,\. m,y[,u_h nu“ lh- -Al-.Hv rum-_ _ . _ _ ‘ ’ V ‘ * A '.t.:- 4 . . ,. ._ _, _ 1 u .1. -n \ \--Au, .\u \ (‘nu . «nu : : ;‘,‘,‘¢':.l:l:l l-c“‘|:::-m:| Illa\--‘:u~--1-I‘tl:::II:Il:llll An mu, Us-1' I-I. 1\’ ‘ mu ul nun-n-I:-rum-~ Iunptlrhh. .- -1.. -‘u-~.uun «.1 I um‘ \ ‘ \“\\‘. A-uhl.ur_ .\ll-nu! ,,-nuuu-,_r ‘Lalr An! In rum-.ul—. url umi oi ! 11- ml ~.x 'I|- Allurn-_9’lnmv.l hm hm] un “mmhm: um pmwu‘ h__\uN I” I -L r - ux.»- I. ru-nu [hr Auditor 9 um-In mu alluu - _ ..1.uu.g .. IL. [null r and dun ul L!--~ .\ .-I-um m -I-ha Imp“,-u‘ “gr...” of \I ‘Inn. ‘ r. 1.n~x.n~ In l .r 1-nmrnl 0! n..- .-v-nnnulr-u |a la-an Board ‘nun! I-I (‘anal I4-.umLuI0:u-rs ptu~u.:u( lo -45: “‘“m‘. \°‘.mIlur .. ]~.\<- —-Tll€ RN! ‘ I \“\ ' \\\|\\ H’ ‘\ um L\\\ \\' _ l‘uumn [I ll. \ -uvv of line .\lln'funu ‘ I” ‘run!’ 3 M ‘l‘‘‘''\ :'l \' \W ;\\° \I Moan] lot ion-ugh \l ~-um. In mlpln--nu:-I Izv lb. “' ’ ' ‘''‘''‘‘‘i \ 5“ 4*“ ‘V ‘“\“\' ‘U \\' \\°l'l\ '.n .1 ul‘ uh. |‘rmh-I -‘ \ umnuuw M the lluunl ' Ami;-o for m Qsu—- Div.-1.. ljoalaumnt Rh-W lnily. J \ uv. Inst. ed\1mQully pro- jn u failure. \\ i must be M II \\ K are uxlvertlx-1:1‘ I-2:-ruum who Objccb to \ Hm:uLnn. liqeulbet B. luv on Vnnu [mama ‘tgxonul in W:Lu\In 0A~ IAu—InrnlIlml lglbu 80 rd ul Inky Umlcrirllerli‘-{ht tailoring feud: puud 1.3-» I'm‘ Cmqruc Lock trunk; o'clock P4 11. on tho In Ill] 6 u'c|uok P I on the ‘Id ur Da.exuIu.~:. 1550‘ Bound |i’rIt- Decunbur 1:1, none. ml the ‘.'-1 xupel er uh-u, nun-xuucrn Truntvuri mud F '1‘ llnrney‘ nnd lint-Doccmber !u,uun:; un the ':d,nchoou:r Ixumn Ry T:-lagr-I The lulluvrlug - 1 L to-duy . and (‘p.- Pruyeller Crulllv And Icboulltf Hf rhllnu. Bound mu ~- Prupellcr Neytuue. blrquc Once umuuuou. hr C|nop1u_ Amerlcg and Commerce. nclxuonunf P. Bun lluhhurd.lIomnum.Bophlnlnu\l- Rocket and llurrlx-um. Th: u.:lmou:r (in.-5 1-Llglel hare. NI‘ AIOIPI‘ ONE-IIALF ITIIII‘ (SCI! Metropolitan Tgxeatro. Tho upicrit genius who rojuicca lu thu 'l‘,|1|d ihow arm-Jo L». lower In the sale of litov rnry uxé and good breeding, thnu blu nrne ls h the ‘alphabet, deteri that the people t1hDu?I~{1ot. \burst In iguoram-»e;\ tun! ln Mou- day E.qD~¢u presents What he uvidvmly sup- posed to be Auuxthngulsher upon the artiv:le of \‘inith-x. From the con II-“ll 30”‘-8\“\*‘i\“‘ umnuctl with which he opens. and Lht‘ “'0”! “r gupcflg he ‘hwié to hint opponent. you would suppose 1,.) mm really about to any souwthiug, um; ha, would‘s—hed mmo light on tho suby.-ct. Buy, ., quo u sentence from my xmlclo, ho on-Iniuu, “Nothing can be more ridiculous null f3~lso;\ ya glvus no proof to sustain his ungua- tleumuly ussurtiou. _ ‘ Let us look at a sentence he so mullshly lstckn u‘t:\-(‘Thu lulu aura, decided by the Court of Appo|l§;\ImVo wiped out this Aclmu from the lvgul remcdluq at this State, tn the must impur- lunl war: \ Tl.a:_hc pmu_oum:\~u fnL~m Are not thvxuust iulportaunt onus, those brought to pro in-cl female ulun-newt‘ 'Puproteut the rule. the dxughtu-r_ the sister‘ And accsqrduug Lathe cust- \-wul, no urtiou can be tuuiutmuv.-C}. Isult-ma lllr It-xunlu be engaged Ill twine 0ct:up.|l.AulI dt-pen-lung upon tbv public for support. A uulllxu-r,n Scum stn-r.-, I; teach: r, and those ougagt .1 nu other at cupmau: looking to pubhc p..uouu;;t-, might gusunn nu ucuun tor nu uuury to tn-Ar buainom But is it nun-unable that, |'\\.'l'_\' Inna!» who is uut uudur the nu-cu-uuty or does not .hnu_u- n pann. mxupuuuxx, shouhl he mthuut u- mud} [or H-- b.uA-al. slam]:-r‘ I! lost: of ham and lu.abxI.I» to lnhur_ tln most natural clfm-I» pun the nu )uwJ person, are nut lu he r-.u-,.-u-A- -1 as -my I» spunul Jmungr nu la rruu-nu! to ~ --Lun an in nu\. Lheu In-Iv rlmll my rmln-M t-¢ Iouud lu- tlurv whom at-hum 1.4 Cu tlm doun-sh. urvlc ‘ I‘ u, hlcrulh, as slnlcxl in my foumr mu\~lr_ “ my c I uul In the meal Iunpprt.-nut \.L-‘K1, uu uw case of the lnvtm and nlullghllri ul tlnc IIHIJUIIIV u. tho pv.~o,~le of the Runs. It wuuld require nmm legal no-.-unwu than T In.|uIlz*:l.J, to yhunl ux an , in Paris, dim-u 5! Ilnuoxet....... . . _. SL111) Llnnnser. .. . .. lamp 0! Orchestra ,. 'l'Iox‘u (Inn in ouau. “A. _-I1-nu mm‘.u.o, s'::..Ii>‘¥. D120. 3 3b‘§E57lT 0|‘ NIL-GIOIGE BARTON Pvuuvuly Lu! Amwelrtnco of the Inky Bur Elna‘, 3118.5‘!-IS AHA AND EMMA ‘WEBB. T \We_uuiice=’~’ ! L4 L0. wise determination \_\on ,_hé‘p‘(¢ of me opposition umnbers of the \ use of REpQ::uxa.Livca, to secure the organi- st K 9. clmuocmcy. The Phih.del—- - phi: U. » Gdum informus Ilulthe opposition members of “|&P9l§gutXDn of that sum. held :1 \ootm rcceursl an invitation lxxuud by the State Oomn;itf.év.~,_for the purpose of v:ou~ lldering the best mode of\f;§\ilXuv.Iug tho organi- ssclon of the [louse if R0pre53h(n\Iit‘e.i. After 31 MI and frnxxk Interchange of ophtigu, it Wm unmixnously ronolvedtoinvite I coul ! or l)L tho opponents of the px-cunt. nation»! Ad’ nxinbuntlon ll Wnsmngton, on Snturdn! “'9”: lug, with u -view of adnncing this Important sub- ject. Tm; basin of lhauinvtuuou is broad enough and m 1-nough to admit all who dtnsine to Imphuizu tbclr opposition to am par1_v in otfn-e, lad is not rmurloted or embarmu-d by any pol Mics! mun‘ or distincllun 10 Much the least at caption might be taken. “ Wish I full knowledge of the men who huh- .‘ < III! A33 This Evening. Bueoubor 8, llib, Thu pcrlurmmcn vlll cumumncotlth \q<:;u cirnq. an-owns. un Mano ' ox-'rn'm,’.1.‘ m.\'x\'v \@w.a.~,au. ~ ‘ I \ And warranted n\I'ug{rlor Anlclbx Druun, Dr: 2. nllnl or the reach Ihlclx pnued Da- Albert, with anus: Phllllppl, ullh noun Goo. Imun .. . Ila: Ad: _ Mm MA (buy mu mm. SI-Inlay Tu cunuludo Illh Jlrk Sheppard Tillman Durcll JAOK 8IIlJl’PA&D The N-ow York (‘lunar Iilcouon. 3l|'GRllG0lI -Ilutllll (‘OA L mud A rxw Curreupun-I:-ate 0! Inc Ilusulnu Exprvu ..~.\;:..: \H In » .\'R\\ \mn._ In-v 1, 18:80. 1‘§ Olulol or Pnuuu or ADIIIBIIOI-D|’¢Il Olrcla. dug I gentleman and ||dy ,1. far awry -da1u....;“i',‘§; :?.:;=.‘:*.:::,°c*::.;:%.}az*:_t‘:s*:r,::, M \*'-‘- 0 Metropohtan Theatre. I slum say that you and vonr n.-ml:-ra whu nnv lu lholmbn of reading [hr New York pupc-nt. luw been iuu-rs-slcd in u..- npproaclnug Imuu cipal olvrllou hang and woudrr who will I-nu-we Lhv n-qmsilu numb:-r 0! votes lo! Ilw nrpuruml o 0!\ Mann. ~ Allhongh \uu an‘ nvr lo-nu nlr--ml nnl--s dinmnt. mm mm (urn: nlllunl as cur red. nu upuuou 01 um n--cull. as (.hu.~-~ \VlIu rvu-I-' in this rIl_\'_ so cumin lung are llm n-xv: 4:! J11 \ \ ]n'h1uDu In-n-_ and Ill! douluuul Is Hm . lmr Lu‘£uI' ol the ultimate dz-trrlmxxuwu ul u..- q-..». Gou, 1‘-onh-xsmg u llll kmuvlculgv ul Kh- pulluénl lMm'\1lIt‘l’_Y of um rm, mud ol un- szn-uglh uT Slxr l't'ap\*\liu' [|0l||lL'..|] urgnuizulmm mu 1 1--ucly lam} gullltbl I am Iu.x'»Ix- Io u.:n~{\ l1l\nzAl nu Ivgnnl to |:rulul.‘..» n--ul' -nlll-ougln l un :...hm-d to Um uphu--n Ilnl \\ v-...| |\l.u« rim lnuu u uu‘ 1 In- 1-1: nr I 9 mi Q 1-uhlu ualnmn -um:-h uh. hull n.-hm --> M» ..| UN: um-\ --w. m Iual |-u|-I-A Al|']l'm»- ‘~ an II||‘|I'Yv In: 3.5- In-II ‘ .l ll:-'u'_ \‘o.u «uo n\\ .n. nulr up I ‘arc’-' sinus of lhv uwne «In turn ul \«I \u-A A ', III IOINXNO EXPRESS 07 I luvnw. D-member 8. :- Thur nu only I mmlernlc dunuxd far \0IIl')¢Iltf\ll) . mun-I quh-nu-I ruin unchanged Sun 1.001) hbh. n 03 B133 20 hr good In choke exln Wlncunlllr. N 25 (or am: Imllsm [5 wt»: cnru DMD und Indium; .5 ‘lb ch-ulol: enln cmmluxu. ca ‘[336 I33 for duuhlo exlrl 1 Jun: 11:4 omu Wm-st In full‘ -kmnnd, In-I xunrkel. I -shade c-amt Sula 1'.'.00Il luuh No ! npnng nt 10:: 11.21%! bush nllltuulee club 3| Nae‘. 14,500 bum Nu I -I - || lode, An-I 2.500 bunh Ilul: lu-llsun nl Gum dull. mg loner Hal: 8.500 bull: ms! II, He. Bun-y qulcl sue H.011! bush Onnudlnn at 6|: llye nqmluu :1. '!b-- Whlniey -lull. um! tould uo| bring our 23¢, ‘OOKING S‘”’r0\'1«:s AT LESS THAN COST! Ru. and Mrs. W. J. l‘I.0IB!I('B H‘ I . to gin spur: ‘ Ill! clue them (:1 WAIBANT vvery om! uf Lhu Abuva Elan-I [luuctl--u, but hiring nu roam fur them I nbuve. oils 1‘. .I2wIrrl', _ 21} um um: THE YOL'.\‘U AMERICAN RIl’llI.‘E Hlls BOY AND YANKEE (NHL. 6 nude this renzouunendauon, and of the patriot‘ IIOLIDAY Wul hnvr um huuur ul making Ihelr mu |ppg.n,,“ . uullhlu lllhu um: ruuxu from Europe. III] Monday Evening, llocalnber Ell, Cunmn-n-~e nu ungag-etnent or Bl\ NIGHTS ONLY purposo which ummnx:-d their a no», :0 -zmuo \ but cndax-sch mm the moat. h-any apgmvnl nud wish is what so fully Imlivlv I5 desttned » I-I 0 LI E E. 85 lo. 175 Main an-um, (N:-_xI lb the Clly In tho plnceto pun-base Llw nmst. ln~nutH'u| and many good: lur LARK |||I'0|l'l‘I. be soon uon.Iuxunm1zv«l,u glorious sum-ass. 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Prop:-I1:-1-1 tor Rule. . ~\ THE. ¥’B£!P?.l.lF.R ' V ‘* rlllli. r-vv ‘ II lhmla-s.ll Y .uu! - \“\ \ ‘ ;a=e_.-£_!:a_:s-.!.!.¢:,.l;AA-_l£L!}!!,A_.;a_I-._l13.'5=l Mi’ '3‘! 1-11 ‘aha:-o ‘r :5: am vvsiu cumin, uni qr’:- ,,|n-nbw-I in mu, 1 Ar ;-we um Pun!»-v Info-vy.gn.g, ..g. in. 8 II CA LBW I111 In-sun Yllill '49., Dusiivl. I Y Pu. a. nu. nu \l-an uh n 0-1 II« «I -4 fnnpoiwv nun l)L -\TI\.D |’AI.I. IIH L‘ '4'‘ I‘ Lll'I.l-\ .0 rg'.l. tn...-.. -In -« Q;ol|~I\I=n-‘gt-IS]. .. I -.9. 5 Noll rm: Run l‘\.l-m-u run Rm:-g x... in. mun, la , Ar Kerry | ml: Iurvsl no -v-r-In non-I-nl CHI Ii JUIIV I‘ .IKW|\l'T'R do‘! ‘if “on and ‘iguetg Pgpugl - In Ilnu ruin:-(jam :1 us ml» ,-«ted-—u) Ihn pemllurt :1 L0 elposr-I ~u~»lv ll bu uol com» to ho I (Yum lo nptnn -hep pl-obauon cf h-n-nan bondage II. the an! o! lhe Arnerlru-A Gnnrrnma-ul ' (BWI00 HAKKIT Vollro I-Erie (‘unruly T 6IlE159 Eur: G-rs\ Y‘n.2.ntna‘- ‘V1121. - naau». Dtremhrv hi. I810 n \'||TI|‘E I9 IIEREFW hI\F.\'. THAT THE A .\nexs-at-1-I R-In nu W.-Ln-nun rm tho-rrtrtlwudn .1 lb: (vs, 1 Ball)“, at Ibo Cnamy Tn: at IE4 hlvv I n -A-n-can me. on] all prrum 1.1:! co:-ynruluul «-Our-G do mh , at I -=! m-._ ans; nglnn mo nnn-nvh Ky -21 * nu m.nu..n -m bo mm. An 1-h at my gar tear um: nmnlhly om-gnu rm be much urn HI fuufrna man In time rmunmg nnpnm until 1-: pt! com than hnrr horn Iddnl 0--ma\ tn--m-any “nor an sun -n 03:!!!-:1 um» I. .5 (‘amp spring wheat (mm - Whni la umlud in-nnnd (av mlnlnx. ban mm at-nu me 11:11 ul I-urn-1 Va 1 (‘asap spring 1! my w9'2:!!£a.har2;«v53rs%n-JL£5§1a.«£;1.I=.t'.£5:aée@ Ca-.u .-. ..- _ru-— -—--- yo -u gm mu gm H‘l'Pll8UB (‘ul RT—T Ill F1-’Al.n SH’ I list! lull lJ3Inl‘l Gomirin Puuunl, )9 uul output In v III: at u julunom mluvti In ab-wr rnIlIlaI.u Ir-0 wnlht IQH day --I Ilunh, l'\'A'L I Ihlll II A In: :11: -I :-«Mk Iucllt-I1 -I the may I once ua Om\! ., , In my (St at I1-.a'.s|... .4. mg 1911.43, .1 $4.... ‘ -N w.» \2-' g:_ k M In mum mrv-ul II dull 5- mm. -or-I i-nq'q‘- umuatzluoaannmq All 01:! rennin nv parru-I ol um! titan» In the lawn alkmha-1-st. runuly «I Erin. and Into 5:! New farm knoll: Ind on [ha :1: nl cnrvml unale luv ll-Inna Lu-d (‘nmynnt hv Juuph Enron, u lot numb» any o1ghl_ m mp -nmr. lntnnhlp In-I wvrulh man A Invnniupn M -M-I I.‘-xusgunrn lxnd. -ad I-cmdrd an '6' Int: —— Iinlnah-:3 II I pnlnl being |h- -mthw-:1 com\ «I u-d Inl Lhau-o u-rug h--undhu an In: numher nun Iylo-:7.Ilny-ulna chats: u-remy an Hun In I [mu no-am pun, h-nmilhn an In! nulnbrr nlxty ulna. uuy rhu1—|n IF! . mm:-v Inulh I-an-Ilnc an In! nnnhn any two, ny ch-Ins 11-n I-uh In I r-mt lhrhro --n, Iwn-nmng nu Iol numhrr nnly I1-1!n, nun rhum 1 vh- ph-2 of hulnnlmv r-uuulrvlru lhr-9 hnmirvul rm: nu» urns he Ihr Isnzv man or Ian I4-It in-ru ran-In: sq $,.- n<-Han an-{ Ili aévka-J inn Tn’ro‘h-i-J In The Wu 1 pet: H-rrv ran-L I-hr pu-an-< who rem dens:-led on tho yanhl H\aa-{rr¢_r—m1-n guilty of I n-Into fax more hrmmxw than time nf Runs: and hit confeda:-nan. with proofs! animal them up Ilrnug no podbln, hat-: ht-on saumlod um! cu-rm-I loose upon tho world ngun The pmonenu vvrr remmded lopd to unit dam trnl on Land: -r indicunem for O5‘:-mac cdmm-lied on the high lea, lbs! nndn vhlrh than have pm been kind ullrgmg only oflunsu conamlll--d on use usur- of Georgia. They I!“ not he found guilty on the Inter. thr evidence is su but coulh era juries do not believe dun the‘ slave trade is vlut the In makes IL piracy, and will no; con vfxcl under IL Mr. Lnun, um ocrnvr or un- Wnndt-rer undetnuntls chm. or ho would not have ten! Ilh ve@-I on 1 second voyage while the trim]; growing out of the first ten Iti“pend- lug. Intel-ynrtr 1.00) this n-ur. tn.-no bub thou Cum] Lxpovu- Na 5!) huh Iheal, 5.1!!) hush can-u s.-no bash we Indl|\lI)lznd1 nan $\-unhor run]! ll‘ go cv Yet for an nvrusntnon so bun Ihp xnuocrnx f.-malt ln without remedv We claim to be u gnilxnt union , and an murh Are we d'tstAngI|'vsh ed for our consul:-ration In I nuanuon to fwmnh-I. than mu Fmglisbnun pt-upon-3 In dLI¢ Á no Amertnn in‘ bi: gniinntrw In It not then re aid :1»: our mptnor re ! eon-lav in men- euqnelle That while we gum nlldun ¢-nnauierr llau to Kim p \ of n lzdv, '1 rrf-uu as pro (nt El» nmzrcm-1 and purity Inf A lady From the spirit of the uni:-is to -max. nepuy i should judge in writer not ‘even semi-civilized in his conception; Th» fnllun» of the law to protect I defenseless woman in rights the moss Ixcred. In tint without which, life in Jmr would be a curse, from Injuries to her chsncu-r. to hu- uoul of punty. in I grlavmcc of which we can form no ulequoto idea. if the young man In: n wife, in will be well for his dorm-Itic pout-, well for the permanence of heridml conceptions of his manly and gonernns nutnro. lo hwp hi- lllllxarnhlp of (in! article I norm-l. i llmlhe direct tendency of the in, :1: kid “VD ‘T! “J3 Court of Appuin. was to Ink- \911 mm 5'18 0“ avenger. To this 1‘ amwcrn with nnnthefvolk-1 o! oenoml epithets. without‘ argument. It I: hunted as an, |.._ u“; “gin, I remedy for ever? in.iury- ‘mm in ahould do to nuke the citizen int-uhidiug u m.” s, . gnu injury for which the in furuhhu no .9. drum, then are wo not, by the law» oi‘ mtme_ remilimi to a vlndicnlion of our own I-i3hls—to self repu-ntlon ' And I my ngnin, in the Legisla- turu decide. whether it in better that tho lav Ihonlnl throw its bxond shield out every inju- ry. or whether _x¢ isin better um every one Iiuli mirus his on wrong. '1'. bvcry much troubled to know whether “Vindox“ is a lawyer, which he doubu, und if he in, he blulllu to own him. ,‘l'he word blugh in evidently used in 5 st-nu, A. m i10neII,indignnntau of face, in un ocwr. renco that dates fur back in his history. But 1‘. inform: us of a fuel, of which we should other- wlne info been in 11:-ofound ignm\:un:e—-thnt ho he I llwyer. But Qt what Bar does he pncticcf Jp n. _ haves-n n-- and huh pm-rm or umlan Thu hatv all -mu at mmun hcrv nbout an nu:-mp: In mu-no n- I have no .4». that vmv nm at thn norm hu -In -mh uitas Al #331, I hope they have not An-v lhv am 1:; ml llurh n-xl In Tan-9 mumina unplitl. In nrmmm to and an pet rent\ Im an: Inn: an In lhv run or rrrlvt pow 2-ant. yenunnm Ind upon :11 Turn nnunhl III! 0:: thy nl Earth nut. I lhs II an-e tum warrant: In (‘omuhln Lncl enthru 024' rnllorunn with (fun, Imrrnl Ind ex;-ens!-9: Tho m.,.u«l Tu -I n'\‘s- nay aha bv gum in In Lnmn B RHITB. ‘h-rnnrrr a! D1: Danni? TORONTO MARKET \ PIIVV R\'IK\\|' DWELLINH l'lnl'.\lR Jl'iT 4 Baum.-d an IJJ-stood Lrrnno, I--a InI.e1 rum: in ms--0 urns sad an IM Dnuubu um ‘nova nn an 9- 0... on tho hm v uv-I In nu ma» son-ml K!-cu an v-n-nu a-hon mo rnnr Ind-Itllr Thplot L! 100 in :1\ '-on hwn vn . nil cl in-1 nun n hr: and 1» Lbnny hcuun mm Ir-no nu Du prvmuan P-an-«luv (Inn -uausadnmy Rm: 1., .omIurhfv hhrunu I Na) n ti:-I . nu lpply u. II E Ilursnza mtteodtu 2 hclungn ll D4-eunbrv ' Txuur nu q-an (um. what dun upn-Inn: rllrv Inst! rr-wpu “nu J nun» “vain u !‘B‘f$|INr _ than n 1o-)oIna-.- nun-y m cm 2;» Al for mu u;13.. As I an Fun In mu. hm W:-s -Dr ('01 VII. of |'inu‘nnnn. pa‘-In-has n lnng Irllcr ad drown] ln new W n:_ In nvlaum: In um no u lion of Jnmc Hum: x He sat! \Thnl dav see: John on the Ix-af fold, pom rout bonxon obdcuro-1 by n -loud that no -mu -hall on-r rhun fmm vom uh:-u _\., mnltn with whnt stone: mu mnv surround vuur self. hum Ihnl dny Lhn amp ling II-on of vnur own doom vlll lnvn upon vour uml Thence onward. John ‘nth Inn rv\lm_ honest. lovlnaz. serene, I-m -ormutng fm-, |u to be yum companion. Wnhing or -luoplng. an harm‘ or abrotd, that Itnngr man the cu-n-I (org:-I. range-.nco for the rm:-I murder of Mn mm song In In: companion for um poor slaw, x. In In your rompanion \ on ululll nor am pallrnl hes in tho upnrkling cup of mrthly plmouro You shall hear tho -on fool~l':|l of lulu gunm- -pi around your domnlfc bond, rrrmndmg mu of tho honw rou hnre nL-Ida xh--claw And in that In! lone hour to which we are all lm-uvn- lng, when lhe summon: -hall come which calls you to your lust account. the Volvo of John Brown will alrnngc-Iv Imnglr Ivilh that sum- mums.\ HUYTREAL HAKKKT um» own uh. uh] P-ul0.rn?l 5-. ml Wuhln vln-nu om» mun [run I A. ll. us I P I _ dpc\~¢8v \I»I“Ila|_ Dvrvnshvv !— flour II -14:11 man n-um-I Ia llwol r|.. 'I>l]\‘ ml Irvv'|l r-um! pan-h M has n ,...n.. v..- . 1.‘...-«I rum. u p was an um um,‘ um e-nl-1 quiet and \vuI:h|I'I[ \nu\ln¢ -I-slagln my ducvlpuuu nl' Gnln AIha—- \ltrIoI qul-I Fun :1 Q5 SD for pen, ms! [510 tar purl: CHICAGO WIIOLEALI HARII1. \\ ednaixy Ironing; Now-mbet Ill), I559. F -|xhu- A-Inn:-4-I Pmpollrr Fnunlun (‘ uh! corn |n Bn u m. Al-n. In mu rnlaln Mbvv mm as! had help! 1'“! of IA: I-ru11IN-r nlrvr nlnr in nu! Intnnhip. r-manning in or lltruhun urn hundrrd mzl so-any «I30-I gun, he Ilve lune more (‘If leu. hound:-! n In Beginning in me north‘-ul earner at mid Inl number an; ulna. tml run nlng Khmer duty lhree chnlm In the Ioulh llne of nl-l lnl lhencerutulny rhunx; Ihen:-2 nnrlh eight chum and thmrlhru mm. unencu vu-n eighteen chum An-I m- enty nu-kn; um“. north any name chum and three links. lheuu real fun; (In ahnlnn Ind (an; aura llnku. -long the north nl nld lol, to lhe pllri n! be ginning Moo. sll Ihu -_ztInIn other true! at lnnd belng AH of hi numhzr niuy-Ihrer nl-I Ir-wushlp. heginnlngqh ma no r--mar «I nld Iul numb-r any mm. thence rnnnixlt nn the norm [Inc at aid in! 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Thu plum uh‘ Id! rvuleal hymn grown In the npen nlr ms Gum In Iuoin \o he Ibo urgent vu-tea MI grown um! ll an Inn! why: at In um: I lnh-elk. _ [hue also that an la{¢rad phnu at the Clnn- chm rowdy In N I91-liven: Pnrdu vhhlnf to team the Onlarln, lhnuhl Ipply lm me-llnelpuony u umllal number or plant: vlll be ready for sun In the spring -Hung. 01']! I PRISBIIKY. mil lm !I-I Hum: uueet. wzrw .um.\.\‘ui:1IB.\'1'. ml; 1.1% noun I-ECOMTI. Proprietor. Mr‘ L Le-um-o hu xmxm-d the prhpdolonmp «I that! nnmtd llnl-I. Am! will. on 0:! III. oY‘<D nnb an panes-I-m and npl-I1 I: for the u-commodn 0' gm-sly. Pnr nnenunn will be pnld to the mix- unlrnrc r-I rnmlurn dnlrlng permnnzm bonrcmhough lhe hnun will he nprn to the publh‘ \|r Lecnmlu beg: luvs tn rallullenlion lnlhe (art Dun lhe -rrnnnmrnu at the bum: far we nu-nmmodm 1.. n at guesln. nn bath the I-Zumpnn Am! Amrrirnn phn. In quite perfect. In nddlllnn lh: lab]: 11‘ hot: which will he uuppun! In Ihe hutmmnu. n dlnlnkhul In which India tnll pl-ullonwn ran bu revved II All an 0’ Du» day and not-lug Inll hefnmlnhal. \‘n r rm be upmul In render lha IL luau I -Iuirlblr hulue rm llmlnn. nn-I 1 plus: at plulll '9 Ion fur l(l'ln[ When! Thu mute: lo du wu lnacuve but un- der more fnvornblc udvlrru hy Ihe Norlh D \ light receipts Rules of all nude; faol np Ihoul I0. bush II 9090c for Nu 2 Spring. and Ihe turns cloning quiet as ghoul Sic. Wlnur when In very Inrce. - Ylunrh '|'h.e‘I-nuke! heavy uuléjlnll Elna J-my’ Kknllul II 6004 or common good Inn - :3 ad?‘ e Iupn ll .8 50- and nd tint\ 1| (1 cm» The make! Inr corn -1: a dude Benn. Ind In helm -lannml. lulu mm: of whom 14.000 bush ll 890 (D: for on No 1 86¢ far not (‘Anal |lhul_ nml (sign [or ulnl No. I liar Lam -lull, And nomlunlly rover 01!:-Forearm: IIUI ulu ll 880884: for lot: In l-In antruk -I‘:-cue THbuI¢. Tm (‘mama or 18n0.——Tho on“... an, (, u, it taken out you ought to lye mm. mo” mg. Illa. full Ind ma.-urnto thnn my previous mg.“ The g0\'ernlnv'l might lenm nomethlng (iron: the Ilnglith in Ms Imtur. The entire census of Grant Bx-iuln van (lien in 1851, in I tingle dsy, tad the reports um collected, compared and published by the governmon: within three months. This was uucomplhhed by the division of the whole oonntry Into dlttrict: to mull thn 1 man could collect the sntutiu of a district in has dun I day. The number of these dint-lets us ova: 19,000, and the bum previomly pre- viomly ptopired by the government weight! 52 tons. In cltsa and srnngemcnl In light the copy utter the English with advan- up. A TEACHER TO TAKE CHARGE OF‘ THE Wmlnmmllo cllllnl hulllnle A p man In pcnon or by lnllcr la BINJ. EILLII. hm. W|lXuQIIIn¢.N Y. __ ______ __ 7 H 7 _de5iI DI. JAMES LEWIS, I LOCI! LICOIITK OCULIST AND AURIST. PORT OF BU13FTAid; Brrnw, .\‘nv. 30, 151-9» N. IL—Pm-cu modzrue. Mr L. Mala tun that M wlll rnntlnur to give xllenllon In order: far refrnlnlcnl-I lar urlrsle tr-In-cl. , nvw-lv__ Tluouvw is (‘out :11 (‘otx --We hm] ID nt-count. the other day‘ of lho uxhum|n__ murder of an old gt-ml:-mm. a respected clllu-n of Cone- cnb Pounty. named Page, who was also: la the highwnx on his mum from Chibnrne. The mrmlnm we-ro supposed to be mgulnr highI'n{~ men, but we now learn that lhoy were not on y neighbors of llr. Page, but men who lud recelv- ed from their vlcxlm the moat generous «rm- In:-‘nt. They were two young men mmed Word, whose fnmilv Hr. Pa e, lml nided frequently. and who had been In IE5 employ. No ill-feeling or dlnpuxc had occnrrcd between them, and the only motive for the deed was we (lull-at for gold. The old mom on known to hue msvlved a con- nidenhlo sum of money at Glnlborne. and than vlllnlus purposely obstructed the road so u to compel hi: son. who was ill}: him, to get out of the vehicle Ind remove the obswucllon. Whlle he was ongégd in this work the fun! she: was and ungnmful vn-aloha their unholy work.‘ But me‘, were not pmnltlad to rest in quiet. Tho whole country wma aronn-ed, the two brothers were arrested, Ind. after a trial by Lynch Court, and n lull confmlon of Iholr ér they‘ went lm ul lho :5‘? spot when the murder was commuted.-I 0 Advmiur. HAS ARRIVED AND TAKEN ROOIH It the OLLIINDGN IIOTIL. In my at perms. nenlu loculng In Bulnlo. man hours from lA.l.Lml .|l. __ new 0_ H. lt Plunil ‘I AH' leis-ogucu MNVO nle I: hereby ..u,...i,\...; an Ngy 11 950, :1 lhuamu plum and um: of Dg‘.—D|Md Now. In, 1 . l 0. A. SCll0GGgx arm. nvll NEISON HOP NB, Under Ehed The Ibmr ale In he:-thy Idjoutned until the In my 3? DcT§lZIlIef,g€5II.:)9l\l'l| Ifg piano Amt lime at day - M nvun I . d. A. SCR0GG5,V!lIerl8. M13 NILSON IIOPKI. 8, Under Sherlm The Ibuve Illl II beret? Ivljonmed unul the M: may at Deczulgqz, 1851. II 9 a‘: an I’ al.—Dued December '1. I550. \' G A. SOIOGBS. Fberi dell xxuon HOPKINS, Ondrr Bhe nsoxv lKlNB, Car mum. Al.RXVID—1TECF.)Il!lR 5|. (:4np. THE I\NDERSI OF THE LATE FIR! 0! John Bush A Cm. hlvlng pnrrhlud uxd nbulll Due Bheep hkln hctory. an the nnrth side at sun -Irecl. :1 the junction of Seneca und stun ureeu. Ill! cununuo la mmufacture Ind Rec.-hon mm! All him}: 11! Ehnp Shin Llnlugs. Topping, and um: 3U|1l,Ihlch he uln anIt the Iowa! cuh price. would mo yuluxn Ihua um lllmnl pau-mug: bestowed upon the ma Ina, ma hope: {or I conunnngo or I uhare or the mac. 05- am :1. at pllco pdd for mu! Pill‘! And 5‘ Ole; Inbrlck building on Bum nrm I from ohlaa ctory. «cum 'nu'nm.x. 36:“ F A rorrorpondr-n! inform! us um I: hol- rib a murder us commmnd Int I-‘ridnv night. It Woodnlllo. New lhmpshiro. Mr. Frank Wright struck his sister a new-ow blow in tho back with A lurga knife. Rho Iuocecdt-d In mak- ing hr-r nape. Ind with the Mood running down her back, nuhod across the bridge to W:-I a river, whcra help Iran procured. On returning to his human. it in foam! am. he Ind murdered bin wife--Ilterllly em. her open and taken out hr-r heart. He 3» nndrr the in of rum. sud no at once hilt-n into close custody. The g\n‘l'II wound in not considered dmgc.-mus.-Boston Thxvcler. ;i ‘ETl’.—lr‘Ir‘-ie OCFLISTS & AURl.\'TS. an liualngrlon Slntl. trial». ' Iuuner !nInnnlonII.3qu|er. Ion Erie: Nobunlupuu 920 hush barley non hmh when 4 dressed hog: huh I hug; aoaum ‘hula dreued hop faster I III‘. 9 bhl: uuer 1 11 noon; {bar A 1! on-. mat-uh vhw am hush um A snmamn 3 m mum that Whl 1: Armin; A vlruued hon con 1 Barn; tau: -A)!---I 81.-cnnrl 1~r1p—m huh «mm rm. 1 Amy: 44 the-rd hon Pmmvr ico; 263 KM: M21405 bun no hm. arm»: I mu bhl umpm 219 Man 10 Nil pelts 1 mu. leather Ibex umdrbzn 18 Mad cnue 1'?!) map PAY PARTICULAR ‘ATTENTION to IM vuious dllenea of the Eye and Ru. and . r.1;:.1-;.:,“.::*'-:*,:°-,.:\°.:==*:'\\-.-:2 nftfy. I e t ll nunn I hlc to than new lnnnled mn In min; lELl01ll0-an(¥k‘:l1‘« ma. Anllaln Ky-3, Dnm Hands. In Trhupeu. Euund Condnwm, he . in be bu! ll their Once. mm 390 hpgn O 01:51. PM gape)!!! Eclllh. Hum cleveluul; 5| half Dbl: lllh 90 MI p-per Amulet: wmuitmmllnn many; 1! maximum mu: 0 A old: to Iheen I‘! In hm a the mi & my 15 ME! '0\ “\-Hdfnlf. I0 but and W J Abgll; 60 bbk alt I 0 Barron A co; 9 puhgn nu W I1 Glcta 1 Iron unk J I. Albeu-gar. 6 lune: nu czulrll Wid- Schooner ll 0Wth|lot. llurlbul, Chicago: IILMO lmnh corn Outlw I What. is aome excitement com;(¢|ed,yj||1 the edibthl business :3. Kuhn-‘ Tani:-3 Ir, l’omnrrrn'I death in I-OIICQI nconm was mc- ended by the sudden demise of Ms uuocmg, Ir. infill‘. A {MI (11);! Afterward: nu nu. neoeu Quempf. was mad: to blow up the of- tlra\6n-itu by pinning 3 barrel oi gun- under it, Iqd on I-‘tidny morning I Ioclered II the ombe of this Banner, which dun- aged the building and destroyed 3 large unount of Hr. IIHLL, of the Nut, 51 under Huh to IIIVQI4 clurge of murder. A Ingursp an a__|.ower nun S00'I'I', the Sign Painter, Cul_1__[31_1_si1‘1er Sale. A WE”: ESTABLISHED CASH BUBINEFS for Imne Amnrdlng lnrgn moan. and but unu uglul rrq 2 All commnnlullann nzldrened lo box NmP?I;I4|u0mce, will rtceln lmmedlnln ulenllon. 3'‘ Father Flo.-herty, 1 Cntholic priest. in La- fayette. Xnd., us uznulmd one. day In! week, by nfellow mmed Corbett. A friend of 1 mm named 0'Conner, who had been excommunicated frogn the church over yhlob the worth! K préiiéed. Father Flnlmrly hnd a touch of loot! in his composition, and. do the hnblliment 01' his priesthood. One go gun his nxuifum. I count! drx In. any Mall lcreet, Up Inn-I. I 81!. (om 8. Wilt!!!’ Mm More.) I II 8. 3‘ Work done chupu And better (Inn by my own- mun. _ 7 ac’ 0LllRll)—DlUI'-Mlll Q. I In H 1. ul . I Nb! . l'In;|l;xl.lIl“l. . nmoxon. ~.'7W7 p0 W DES. Ienlulil New lulu! V A covmwxsmgaxg nggrixrfahr‘-'03:: E In Ihc tn .u....... - comguingnlk. 1.1.07. 1.0111,. {um P1. 1:. mm. The bndmn of the Nlnpn Ic‘a)'0&n;‘>va1‘x'y' ‘I£I!1K:nNt.:o di by J. a. nu; - umnma _ _— County 0|-Teri. wq WE WILL PI7R0 comm! onn \ Q“ \\9 \'3 ° r'§?{'i‘ixsa I ca-ro.‘ muu _ :1 Petr! -2324. GILT sonnn snums nus nu ma .{'&i‘B'£’.&.\i-\. '°' ::'i3.‘.'1£\‘°$? £5 »'f.‘ui\:J§IL' aha W ' '1 n.nnaI. 9. o. comm. Hm mnlovlzn HIS LAW orrml: 1'0 mm M non: Im:.nmoa..p.o.«. us. ms?- The Great Western Dispatch mu. Illll n HIGH NEW YOII T0 DIIIIALO A1 \I . Lowest Raalroad Rater, rm to, 4:, so, 2:. 1,1! W11. ll. PIIIY.IIpe !

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