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Buffalo morning express. (Buffalo [N.Y.]) 1859-1866, April 30, 1859, Image 4

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It\ pg)-I: ‘.,sl1)'A t.1It£:“:,H:!JY8,l'jl() 6!‘.j§§“entq,~; now-and rgmoto ‘state of2C§Y;igqona;;§§y,. y,¢_.,_-g_\gu: we in the ‘great ‘struggle ffor the resxontionvof cousm.u- (mm! libcrzi nndiha riglxts of the states. It. is the 5:rat»ol\Ihe xstjuteuo put-into practical ext» else, by all dapurlnlmt; I-at‘. its government, the ‘In!-emm rlghzol’ a slam to protein. in ~ciii:ens \ palioni by (no federal \ ! The state has nobly ass ! the prerogative of knowing us right: and daring to maintain them against the eucrunchments of each and ovary branch of the rwroval .39}'.ernn;cnt—0ougress. President and‘ -Judges. This po' is liken dclilzerutely with rein-mted=purp9so,concunc11 in by the ox- ccutive, leg1‘xT judlcitry dcpu-tnmnu. and ratified mot and over again by the peoplmnl mo poll». Ju l’(‘pl‘,B8_11Ill-|_Ih’o8 Lu, huh houses of Congress are all chosen on the same hub. and its éplulu the presidemix! e1c-.-Lion will undoubt- edly be cast on the same prluclpie. The question which Wisconsin has thus p!!! in M110 W35 ml‘ to be tried out to an end: and“ WiSv‘°\=iI! 18 right, and will parser:-re. them can be my doubt M to the final result, because the right is sure to pmuul, If not deserted by its Eicmds. tci _ Cvuintnl !lIll..-—Ixtnor- \ ta In I 0 I “W ' . ’ Bur'ti'ux:r.n‘s callfomip. Overland lull arrived last glglrt In cwentytuxc days and ulght troitrs fromsaur l\:IIu.?iacn,'ylIlx Gulltonnu dates to the -lllfof ApI’il.->- Tltiasilwthc qulckest. trip yet, ing2x'xédrly‘fou[d_n_§ta Iltort of contract timc,mt1 jg an9}]3cr_§l proof of the cuurgy vrlil chamdtcrlieg tho mhnngement of llllttllu-8. Its gvrarklug so (‘q_rl‘1a:lm:n successful hayontttlte \tnoaf ttungtriuo axpcetntions of those who pro- \j‘£!éted~1he eutcirpriéw, or thought the most fnyoj‘ ablfoflt. ' Only on? (3 may) pzsseugur caxnelu -hytho stnge: And werrdo not. learn that then: isnuy way news oflnwtcre.-at. We have a full supply of Sun 1-‘rnnulsconud Sawmluonto papers totlxe «uh. and A copy of the 1.0. Angolan l’u‘uryaruI oftho 6th. A terrible stcnmbontaccident happened on the and in the Bay of San I-‘ram-lsco. From the na- count of it in tho Alla we take what follows: Unr clty wn tltrown Into astute of lnuznso ox: citcmv.-m yesterday morning, by the reporttlrut tho swam ferry boat Contra Costa, plying Im- t.wcun~tbls city and Utklnnd, Ind bluwu upon her outward trip. The news spread like vrildllre throughthe streets, amlin a aw xniuutes hun- dreds of persons were collrgzetvd on tho wharw-us. and hundreds were upon the streets l.n_x1-rying Inward the cits frost to learn the partlctllxrs. The row} stvgmrir Utkinnd Ind (‘calm Push. e\lTiE'u'lTl:“é’r'-tlm uz llrr mimxtra past 0 o‘x~lm-R on their first mp to llaklantl. the tanner lm-1 mum lI||t,|p1!8-8L‘!)§('l*J-—lhe tutu-r only about ‘:5 The tworboats lot at the saxuovrmouru-nt. swim: ing around by their ttcrn Sims zogutltcr. Th.» ,t7unu-u (‘mm was pcrlmps three leugtlns in ml nut-A-, vrltirh position like umlntainml until Itlw rezwhcd tho Haltlnnd bar; it mm just In minul:-s from the time of her Inning lln- wharf until -Ill!‘ thug bu. Tlw use steaurera rxxov---l nng lllmllat old» In, .43.... -L. A\.-an (‘unjust littlcm xulvnnce. Sacral persons uutltr whurf mstctu-d their progn-as nth ftwlings of vuriuruly us to whit-h would renvh lbw-trdt-suuntiuu Fust. At wt-nly v mxnult-9 aft»: ume ucluck, Ilto uouu-u t ruchmltlxe Untlunl hat‘ a {mu length: ur Aduulcc u! the ateatnrr Hal-‘laud. The h,._..,¢n L'I'lI upon an {uwxxu-it Elrallxvr brill]: uomuw cu-um! as Iothe n-sult or tlu~puuusa,gu-. and anxious lint £he|t..0I ttennu-r Iltould be the tint nun‘. t-cm fortulliately rm-mlu-I Into un- a an of the boat. \tnt.ch.'1n- my programs of List: zullvanvlng ulnnsm, llnkhtrll. l Jul at this tutungaolxock. was fell, amt a dull In-an anund n1altea.nl.fvllowct|by a whiz-slug noise of to--lgrtng \smut «taunts u!’ nlmh um- «lrnrun an. In enrtrclrnlthe vltulr boat. lk-nuns, tfmtu-r~u, -ptunen and lrugtnrllln oi the um-Ir no-re hurled ow: tlm Inward ‘[l1p__rg_;5i_ 3 cu of \uplu}utr.\\ an L1? next lumtnl tin- ymuctrgt-n nulml about wildly, sumo luoluug lfor relnuum-. others t‘IlIlt'l!Kf_V Intent oujurnplng luvcrbtxml Most of than last ware Ituppe-d 1-) Hxlhrtfs who I-.rr cook-r. nut mun than or an ‘ Iunng pun]:--.I owrtaoanl Tluv lhull -tan -— I‘ S \\'r Ah‘ Infns.L8ml that Lln‘ 3.10:1‘ uf (hr un- guxrcr us \\ utt. Ilmksall. known as ' Put ‘ lie is uuy 0! tin‘ llndsnilrwlxo Vn-ta engngnl un lltr usage at Thomas t‘!:u~tu. the utnol mm, 5 your or um um Ila mt» tux: attgtruy Injured L.- ovuldza on the rlglrlarvnurd on tltr Eu:-I I14: hu he--n urn-utrd by this lfltlrf uf Pa!» 1-, and in mm In cnstml). 30'-zvh. the c:[L¢p|n of the (‘alum rum, ham ll no htru nq _ hut. A-molar n \rs*um.-\\'r an» agmn >-31!-at nt-an -an the» \r--ad: lhtmarrul ul lam. nah lo res-uni auumwrmxac cl thaw ml ‘-lul dcau urtnrta an lmmnnng man And more com man In the lhltfaruia mm»-.1 Aboultult‘ pant 'ets~n-ta o'clm'k lam lnalnrnigltl. Kc-sun Inn-b ll llrmru um) Francis ll than-gut», char at curb ‘agent dtxging» mu .\rr.u.-n--an Kill, urn: bu nr-J n [I 1 Alma and msxuath hdlml K3‘ tipu b~£:fl'hl\llll l'I~uu3]--tutu. ol the Ame ncau tank that zrk. ltu Ewan eunumlwd to under Iu lhr «lung-v of mmnntnug utuvtuv no nna ut hu rl’l.'I_ on her htr voruxr from I unlt \\'I.ln Tm Sr-nuns tItu.nusu- — Tlrr untl ‘tor iluanurt ull -tan tmxn Rm-nun tlm txmrn mg‘ a -\[‘1I'|| L) and ti '9 [wrnunnl - «KI lu llxr |uI Hm! tutu mun Hm all: us they luau? Qrhuw ul) ! the vault tun In-ru n.!mlnlu.vd tn a hm we ulv rongrus ll « due to me czmtnrxurs upon um rusztr, llr-mun llulnw, l‘:-rm: A In. In an arm- tbc; haw -tom cthtxat men. tout-5 do no cl n (hr muto and tunkethu urrkva a but larva an-t Iilh the lad fortune of tumug a cum tmpnrunl [smut upon It uxmp-ml by btullla In -tum rm to gmu u lrngu; otusuutlm um‘ tun tut! an 0;?-munu, In catufv tho nlttu or to to rnrnu \'o urwamst In on tho all: then mum tmtwno -cu chino upon tt.«n._ um] um lung»-so u mmpemwtn them luv the -lunggn Iluvv lute -uz.-tum-at - In'v,ur&A‘or-at an ',l.I'uuIo_1n Dtllitdn i MARINE iNE..WS. Henry Waxd‘ A == s-imam} P.A.1=~:a'as~= ' “Writ. - ‘Q’ Alw Á Vin loxig‘ Av. j with Georgia lumburifor the Ho}: Bud. 1: 53‘ Order- ‘ed by some qatponmra lu Dgnxugus.‘ ,_ Q’ A lady in Lends. England; died lately, zffgqm‘ ummgulntlon. II} -0-tauseqluouce of having mgl1owcd‘1‘our fulsé (Both, will 9 at . ,%.' ’l‘hq»qlrgin 6!‘ siIvé_r? Engluhd 15 In- diayzanunuea 911 u_m.jcnorino1_;s w;In.n9d.luz foil- «nlght a q ! ‘looinxeariy $5,000,000. :1\ The Toronto Leado.-r amen {hat jho rob- 'bery‘ofCunn,«1h~n sent. into one United S_mcaln-g;r_y oo1mn0n,nnd tbs; registered let- téra 1:1: Ilmoslccrtalnto be ope-uedaml the mon- e_i»1n en. - [§\'fnxe followlgup 3 Im of mu 1; .‘ In whjgh puud, Detroit Thurxclny: ‘ _ J3 I 9vr¥9IT+‘!-.”ii*‘.iér,*§!ji;¥;E;33iTW 9.5% Hgmnglim. 1-mm. Itlmxx. j ‘-.‘..-....... .. ‘ Hunger. . . . .,:‘..,,. .. T ! Louie: 0! _rcueurm... . .A. y°;\\°L:. >'!reunrcr.. .......... ....... A,_,u,B‘;n:. _3cen|o . ...m---- »-.5.,,.. . H; lglémgz. ’ ' Pqulltvely an L, 31* man: ., < Illa Jiflfl 5 On _Ih!c‘l'1, |.lL‘J.| IL! t‘1‘I:)'o,'|I' In no Krona gnu“ Iaturdur m_l'II&‘$\lp\‘tll id \' \ Wlu be prmntdm hvorllo conga”; ’ 13\’ om: AII_i:IIOAN coum :2.:»:..”F:,=:*.s.~',*~:.\.‘ ..\’-\3'-no-. Abs.-I Mumu!1........... I C°P”ln. :ln::|‘I:.e Tranchnrnl . . .. .uul.._ w “ J3: II . 4..-gv 1oIII'O'i\§<-D- .. - nary Ker\:-dltb. .. . . .. .. . Q',7_\sA‘_ gs» T116 lownof Briglnxux; lxgm bcon:ix_1: In excited sinurfox: the past raw days Lucouppguogcc ofsozne \nJC¢K pr(M‘:ced|lI[;H lg: oonneq with u;.,1‘nn1i- —'._1ybu_l_*_t_I_g;a_z_t:a_.v;s:n,‘ um purmulnr which no of o'n,x,e‘\‘q1xnI romantic chnracter. “ _ From the lloalon Tégveler. ‘o1S§_¢_urday_. ltminl. l‘p»— llrlg Juirnlu. ughoonm ggokkcux. Rgxuxqggp vulvinn Amlover ' ' _~ T1113 1N1:)_EP1«:NDI«3NT, nouna‘ Dovrnv-B a. maroon. ncliqa-pen '£g;r,g_'gfnt., Baltic. Gnpeshol. List or Yrssus _PAnsmu Tuuomu T118 Wuuuu» Cunt. -lmrulphed to the mud or Lake llxsderlrrlku. - The {allowing vum-I: passed the Part Oalborne Lock from -I o'clock I’. II. on Ilm 2::lh llll 4 o'clock I‘. M. on thy zoui or «pun; “ ',§i§_Ig1e :7;-13,1 qfSrc'x1.Ii8 afar-d: some strange dovuzpmanxs in iegjg:-<1 lo the prlnuiples or law “.1 1 \ ! for crimes. The Wasmngion corfespondenzorthe New York =1rm:'m_ys:ne ‘has ,coIfu'ersed\nmh ten of uueju-~ r_nm:n,anel is:es|m9i§'ly lpstructed vb: them to- :me,,. mid xilshir. dlsruictly understood, um may gave their verdinloxx the priuuipie am, in the absence of any adequxsw yuulslum-nL by hm for aduhery. the man who violutos tho honor and giesqlases tlxohome of his neighbor. does so It thetpedl of 11]: life, and if he falls at the out- rugad 1\usbaud.‘a hands. he deserves his doom.-— lhilg principle they ggn-od on unanimously six doys since. EVERY WEEK. ‘ Aboul‘»lhh'I_y years ago, Admin! wlio, ‘though holding a high poildaxndn the ngiy‘ of Hnghnt}, us, as is you-.know11,,n nulhvunf this country. was on board 1149 Aune .IhIp'Bo.uo.u an |h_u time that venue! look me. gwhile cmialug 1119 Atlantic. Tho Adunirnhtraa a1_c‘k in hIsbcr’Ih sulforing sun.-rul_\' from gout, and an attempt. was mulvjco Yhwe him on board a. bout alongside. as the verse msiucvltably doonwtl llestructiou. Srmu-ting with p:_1In, Admiru1Cumn moan; refu-3. ed to be moved, proferlng to perish In the bum- in;§ ship. I-‘inding all mnlrenlles ageless, Ir. Jo m Pu-khisun, an‘ Englishmlu. and the servant of Comn, in the ship, without xnoroado‘, seiz- ed the obstlimte man up in lnlsarnnrund convey- ed him on board the boat. by nhlch nu: me life of the Atlmh-.11 was saved. ' Among the numerous ether Ccntrlhutqn Iolu columru. xu._ 1;A;1n1x»:T BEECIIER 1 swown. may-. 01:0. 13. cumevnn, -4»; JOHN G. W£llTl\l'IER. . B-yuan! If-:,a;-A9111 25lI;. aclnqqner Ruby . 0!! \II ‘-‘WI. propeller Oum-lo.’ Blrquo 3!: I9. W. llcul. bx-I381: Ohnrlea Napier. acljqoncr It. Andrews. 3‘ Sir E, Bulwerlwtton iagalck from exceé- «nlve o labor, and In his addmaa to his con- aiituouls asking a re-eieo 511%‘: he shall not be able to ml: outhcm personal y. It In rumor- ed. that he is to be made a Ionli _ Bound I&:ur~—A;:r||—9eun(uom;; on um 99th, uong. T’l'RJlS—-Two Dollar; a Tiar. ;myabIa.!n Ad-wm'a. COMMERCIAL. Puhllshcd 3!. No.5 mailings‘! amzm, mud (or nu, by ALL uxws, Aotmis. spawn To concludo wltluhe Burlesque of Mad 1 LADY OF Tlll‘. LIONS. Clml ausnnl... . M Beret.Duun:o......................... ....f:a\f';»\.'°‘ Polly.Ann. ‘.............4» Mrs. IIAIIIOW Into lIIll|B _ 1, g|1.npe-r- Monday hf the (!omo¢|;-°£',;:i1,,,,:‘{f:,‘!‘f§- W may It! has In 4:: ll at N Q’ An editor out was: received two dollars for his paper. As soon as tho news gab:-and them was I tremendous rush to his o The butclwr Ms man boisterous, and threatening to co1nou|¥I'n on the editor's meat-cub. secured the two do! Ara. » ' KOIUHHG EXPRESS OIIIOI. * ,. _ .Iung.o. April 90, 1850. DIED, an uvenln 2 1 I .£I§$.\§\f.. Em... 5': ?:.’.‘,“x‘.-2?..'§\§I.s‘;‘:§-\n‘:.‘? .’.'f?a“:+ Parker Mane. aged 00 years. :1‘ Funeral on Huudly Iwxt. at 5| o'clock If. 31., {mm Lnuyem Street. church. lfrxeuda and ncquulnuuca ma rupoclfully lnvllml to Attend. The market or Flour III tour: anltlrcsmuay, nnd tn-Ices fully 13¢ bettcr for In: bctwr nudes. Sum toga up About-1.000 bob, :2. us ooze: But from cldcno Iprln; that-, 05 ‘[5 {or Whconuln: I6 9500 Six tor cxln Ohlo gm! imlluu; and be 7507 00 for double uxtm. Mltkcl closing unit‘: \VIm} In good dqmnnci um! mu-kc: (Inn. thin 8.000 bush Chi}: at 1|I@,1$0c; 1,000 Qklh Qxlcagumprlng at 100:; and 5.001! hush xéd OW! on 1131' um terms. Corn quiet And xnnrxelstendy. Bn.Io1,'t00 bum warm at 12c. ' Relall sale: of sun: at rsanae. Om om -woe to: western. Rye Kane and um at 90c. 1!-rley «N1! !_|_- 0§>@O‘1%¢~ 1.’.-It bue!J!!II!i9!¥!llIxSt=€.d_I» new av 84 2535- 00: 11rnuI.b,y‘n: 0:! 25:\ Whiskey’ nom!-‘ ml at Eia _ V V _ Duly gnueml for this act, tho o_hl Admiral saugbc to reward Mr. Parkinson and finally pur- cllacd for him an estate in Brighton, consisting of a housu and forty-live acres of land In a plea» autsimution not far distant from the Cattle Fair IlolEi,:\\'hcrc he settled down and resided until bl: death u few years ago, 0Ct:18l0na1l)' receiving lull:-rs from the Admiral, in which be xtpokzv of the estate tun. gin. He also. at times sent him bones to Improve tho stock upon the furm, «kc. M. the dmlh of III. Plrkluaon, hia wnluwmho ha: mix or an-va-n clnlldrcu, continued to llvolhurr unmqlu.~s:cul until tlw present limo. Tlu-to «as. some years ago. I[K‘lill0D[|1’l‘nl'll1l.‘Jh1 the Sn pn\xuL~ (‘ourlhy a mnn»n1.mcd One, for leave to snllllle 1-alllw for llw bene of the In-irs. but nothing was heard ofuuy decision in the xrmtlcr. and Ill!‘ --1-uvml belief was that Ihr mluullou of the Adu to male The csutu a gift to El: Park inxan would not as this hm day be contested. The as- \ of die people of Brighton was dnnrcforta lmenso to earn that by the lualruc dons of Ur. John l.l\'ox-glare, of thanown, xx Pluxnmcr. u lawyer. lurd commenced roceodings tovjoct Mn. Pnrkiluon and lmr vh from the premises which llwy had «along ocvupiml. This was on Thursday. nmlulluler aw orders 0! tholr-5:211 gnnllemzm, several men proceeded to the house. mnor-ml Hrs. PurLiu:un‘s furnlxum lo um gruund In from. sun! tool. poucssion ol‘ the pnulmn-n. That night Mrs. l'mku\son passed the Eight in an bud planet! upon tho) piazza of the oust» The Caupbells are C GIAND GOMIIHATION‘ 01' '.I'A|,3\. This deciaionmon part of the jury must strike every person as strange, and not only (but, but dangerous in the exlrcme lo the welfare nyd peace of society. Then, it seems to us that they jurymen an» guilty of a violation of their onms ||8jl They are sworn to decide the cusc according to the law tux-1 the fact. Tlw him is clear that killing with malicb [m-pen~1r la uuu der. and ll1ehcg - - . Q” Mrs. Anson G. Phelpa, tho well-knoirn friend of the poqr, died on Sunday, at hot resi- dence in Now York City. at the age of '16. Elm wns mnowned for her ulmrltlcu, and her death will bu nducemly lamented by all good lnenns. Q The government Imds In Michigan which were wlllulx-awn from nnu-ken uovérnl ears ago, to allow IN.‘ railroad companies to select their gmnts. have again been tl:_rownV ope_n_ to pm» clmsora. and grvm activity preiailn in the lnnd olliccs. AR’! 01-‘ A l1OL'SE—4AN ENGLISH GEN- tlemau sud ms «Ire reqnlre lhreo or {our room- rurlihtum or unfnrnuheé; Iurnuhed preferred. Apply, uuunc léhllh go ll. 0.. Box ‘NTI. npaoun PIITBEN IERFOBHEMI k€_supéi'ToT‘r'o?Is; ‘ T. JABCTIS 31-IALL FOR '1'-W0 ~NIGll'l‘B ONLY! commencing on Illonlgy. Ills; 2, 155. --5---—A|A=‘lu\l-'-—PElt‘t\\”' 9 iginal Campbell Iimtrél AND BRAD! HAND, '.'*a;.':,.'.'.'.'.. °* =« ‘§'._Kz|'_{LlI’.!)A'.ulAlI I ‘day ~ —~—— lckm 2.'m.~nu. Duon open I uelock. Pm...,,,_.,u to cululntnco at 8. ML P. 0835, Am um wlnlenve I -Into: Luke aper- ' ThI;.S1,¢,:DI,u~=.{ IIJJNOIS, Cggplain gar lfaruun 'n;'1csn.5i', xv , use «, . x xxx. I ‘—‘.-u tlm rm-ant R\v1mblle5u\R’.~iun|‘ ir - a cuummuxumtnwu of Julfx-mun‘: birthday. n apcccln mu undo by Cuu. hcuusn. of Hilvmukic, who came, as he said. with tho amok» and Juan of the lmlue at-ll on Mm. from we lISlll.‘Ir\:(iul| Ln that Learnt:-. when thin great. quvs was diillnclly put I In Lsaxm b.\ both pnnira, and Ike Imus‘ new .1.-at Iv «tuna. and she puupla. P)‘ In oranrheluuug uuuorlzy. declun-d that ! Ivdl hold llw fed;-ml gou-rmuunl strictly wmnn the powers dolugated lo 1: hylhe tonatitu He said: Cum. Pu.mInv- bull and nuantml at 882 on 9§c on lhul. in»! 83:: on corn In New York. LAKE IMPORIB. - 'l'l1e!oIIuI5lI[»IrU mu prlndpu. nruclu upon by LIKE for the int 2-! bount- Flour. Dbl: . 8,599 Wheuhbluh lbttrhbk -MM: 1:oru.1m‘sh Meal, bbh ~ l!a¢‘£¢‘v’.hu:h. . ... Beef. mm 1.226 oats. sun I-Z (vbln DI value. no 0 . bhlu .. — llutsemm . . lked. hbln . - Ilnp, no . . . rub. N31: 1‘! 5hrc):.I1o . Tunxuu. Nils, H uni. bu . Whhkey bhl: .. 816 Hnwcr.Du . Mcohnl Bacon. In Pulnoeo, um: ~ 111101.33. l.umber,!vct .. 21,900 Atkamcuh . Suva. no . . —- lllclau. no . nu». ma » l‘q!u.bdl.n . . . Cullen. bale: Inna, bus-I Tuba-co, mad; 8 I456, rigs 'I‘ubm:cu.l.IxI 1% Iron. nus Fun. base», . ~ lathen run- Feadan. Inch '1‘ Klltxmu Ties. nu “W, 0. wlnuana g 5: *‘ Time C0lil;R€ of {fin ttlnl. (Inn. Hlcklés shat he} with murderous lnumt. nnd nluhb _ru.«m\!ml tn lhisdeuih. And mu, this jury. Iu vwluuou of the imprvs.-Int ubhgnzlun Illlp Á upon llu-In. diverged [rum Ilw stnugln l1'm- nf 'hj!_V_ uuunx-rd a license In bocuune arbllmtqrs of (hr moral du :- ut.-.;-um or an mm mm hm 5\ pammn___ xxud agnwd, one week lwfurv um I-ss VIE.‘ Cl03€‘tI, that (he Inur-iv.-r--r should gu in-v. \\‘c doubt ifhuzlorv funds .1 parnlh-.1 to this mm‘ In all its peculiar ehzxrncu-z-um-3. and il 15 to no |-...,.m lhu at: like any non-vngauu bu Ill upon am-lay. Yet the r\_~.<‘x!l of [his trial \\ nll I-r n c_- hkrly lumuluph m‘('3.MIllL\ fa» the vnv alum‘ has just pavsnd on-r. g‘ Ads-x‘x-.1-.a have been received from the must of Africa on the Mb of March. The slave {rude was being carried on very t\JlBlX3h't!ly and a good many cnptures were being made by the Al_n€l’l\‘l'|I| and English ships of mu-. :9‘ An aquwgsscd In the last session of-tho llaimv Legtalalnro p.wIupts all cotton nud woolen factories Imr:-nftn.-r to but erected. from tngatlon lor mu yearn. provtded lonrns and cities In which such esubluhumuu be |oL.1tt:d shall giro their assent to such um-nxptluu. :3‘ The Uonzulex IIIt]uu‘(r_ published In \\'est- eru Tun. epeakxof numerous uud huge of nloxtcan ohm-ep——fuur to six thousand head —bc-lug driven through that tutu: tn the coun- tlea noxlh and West. Sheep-nulug is the fnshlau of we.-mtm Tens Just uovr. Q‘ Capt. Wm. Lanld. of Minot. Me.. died in 1841, leaving a «an. the true construction of which lm Just been sasttletfhy the Supt-x-me (‘out of the State. Bf um decmuu tho American Pvncc Society mi! S‘£'t't'll‘e tt hnndaume legacy. the amount of property In thc hand: of the ad- txtlniatrator be-tu Abuul £t,l:_unm_‘rmn, “Inch 1: to be tlctlucled K v expt-uses of the lawuun. rm: .«.\n:mo.u’e wnuzcsronirna-xore co. ’ I-‘or lmroll. Milwaukee and Chicago. The Pro rellur IOWA Ca min 1:. .4. Jon-n~.—'«-1uh~a;pu:p r’m'nnm. C llnm {or-calzln paxungern. wlfl leave to: luv .. um: run» (rum fun! at Lloyd um-cl, on MON nit rfvluxzsa. my 2. Mb ‘ r r I e I I I '\ °\ ‘\ \'”1~1‘§2H:muc.xN TRANSP. co 1991 at LIo)'d-tu-eel. 25.618 ‘-£3170 PEOPLE'S Igi [for Chicago Ind lnlarncllno Pen. Tlm new Ind staunch mm let |‘lf1'SIUll6lI, 0112!. Iccknm ,3, luv: for Chicago sad lntunaedlm W. on uvmso. Ap sow. n a cum p.‘ Ilnrlnd Duct. 200 803.900 \ ' '1-'. NElv}DHA3l'S nv1.1.‘m'1N‘xo.4._ I ਞflgxe proper time In punt or new 11:10 you clock me 1 Jul! ' La: mu ltll you win) the munhagul out roe-tn: rich-q u the |.p....xz .4 \\‘uc¢ru.-uln mean 1.. cum! 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An _ Mum lam New Mall Arrmugennenu. l.!.'1'l‘UOK. ox IONS. l’EA& l’0‘X'A!‘0}3, he. The beat nnorunent 0! Garden Inn! Flonn Each. will be ruund at 225 \\ uhlngtau Itreei 31550 Tha Unit:-d Stan-s Jonnmi. of lhe first of Aprii. Imdxe rcfcn-m~q.~ lo Ibo: appmachnlog lnal of 31-1 Ln In A sow:-I hal [nruphmc tuna It and ‘ Tin mm! of lion in: I-:. Mu-um. a1\\'a2h~ mglon, for the manic»: ul Kn’, u on»: down In mmmenrv on tlzr uh ol .\|nr1'l. II B mum than pm!-ah!» lhnl be null c-ulur an ‘nurlfn-1-_'IuI' du- 1222211 um 12: hazmnnruusl lvtnmlx and with oral Wt-spun! mun pou-ul llmn nlhrr Tu -at that Kn uugbc u» hA\( I-mu lullrd 5.9 uh.-sun! when an u1;'aI-I [he [an t um. Mn. .'*u.ALl.: mu m mlling \nx.-mu.’ um rum, ul’ mm: In‘ lhncr Inul through mnmlua mlau kn was a u-,1-v ' - xg than was 3|-pan-n||w fn-éh uff-:rnI , nln\ ‘G -‘bl In |ull Ru :1 Imam: Q 630% to kill IEO Ipurlm-1 m mull I31! «mu; e Lafnyeltg Brus all Bell Follflry. Alnrgu Imuxbcr nf people u! the lown upon hvuruxg the fascia. 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STKAMBOAT K.‘ RAILROAII CABTISGS 3'' Charles l-‘cnno lloffsuan. to long an in.- ume-o (he Sme —l:unzn.-is Auyinm at llxmny-» burg. l‘::.. in sand lobe \In 00:! pbyuicnl health. but terribly annoyed by ilfuzlunu of sight and hearing. though nz zimos ran pleasant Am! ao- cllblu. exhibiting all hi: old tin and rucrgy, um. I nu-ollccnon of put Iceucn nual memories, most uwuuhlng to all who have known him.\ ('hI|rch,MtcnIIboa¢ It locounollvo BQIIII, T031‘ OYFWE. lll‘ . _ _ 42111119. me. ‘. Ilm-ailcr. un notice, the am}, ,, Ihln omco will be clean! as tollon. ch. - dlamasucxndisauwaul; and cum-In anollwt large crowd uscnnblu-d about Lhu house The-uolght ur mt men nvunug mash culervd the huuso and nulmeal the‘ person» m xhargav Ioluau-, wlnvh they did with a pnzc canon quuv n-uvarkul-lv Tlmv then nelxlxswd lhv fnrmlunv. pullmg duwu lhv mrpru. 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In 183}. for the purpose at alualfrug the cdnuli of our prisons On his nun-n he published hi- large and .3211 known Inrk. \Dcmocucr an Azneric-1.\ thick um re-rem-d will: grant fawn! as both «Mrs M lln WIMP, Am! is um rt-prda! as a Mo} of nulhorlly \vmm:. um um Ihrn yum alter in ;'mhliu’1§nn,ll»: unluor was olcvtml I ! \ oftlw I-‘um-1-A A:-ad‘em_uzui nfoerenl other limnry innltulloai. In 153? he lml hi: sat in the legksinlin belly of Franco. and con: rqvuutian by utonl Ive:-chew, tho l'!¢!'“¢'llK‘9 of Ilxlch us acknowlcdgalhy all parties. alum‘ um upon):-er was charged having lonuhurlea to innit uhmlou-inn Afh-vlho revolution nlliu he became a ml-mbrrof Iho (‘sanslllumnt um] [pg ISIIHTI Sn :§l*t‘IS1ll].W!!Et he rmrll with the majority tn oppnslrzznnlo :53 mouom of an ultra Demnm-min clung-ler mu llm ed nl'Jrxno of the name year. ho onuml the mwim-1 u M m lake: of Foreign A Aha-r I.on‘:.~:- Napoleon seized ahlolnm povror, In wlthrimw from pubdic life. nnd.on~uplc-d him.-cit um um mmpmxuon of I book upon the \ Lnchint Keglnie.” lnnlnit-11 llao aaunrs or the Panel: lm-olntlon’ up nmlvszaxl in n inuterly manner m. rm-ls H3 puhll-lwd comet-bu morn Hum rmrngo, and n translguun soon afterwards nudolrs nppcarnucc-in chm-oun m-. i‘:?$€-€%35F’2E§'i:fi%lui'i Kin. uornnos, Tsnnrau (‘suntan Autumn! -1739 ‘Irv Yr-IE mgzfn tlzwnirb umber mew. mmgizu-an u-mu.-nu which an-um-d Tllurldu mnr by utwih Kiss Mali]-1: Qawyrr, a bountiful and in- talngrnt young hdv. uemy ymn at am‘. lost her life, HOHIINGAIIBLA. OIL! OIL! ‘OIL! OI!!! UEVGHIEE-.'!.£§.IAméb::tB§t9ml|n&IlS!§ AND 18%.! EYE \‘B! :~'1«;\v‘1.\r4;‘ $i'.\<~11rm:s. PORT OF BU i“FA.L0. _ Panza’: Inap Oil, ISc£§[’I'Ks\'Bl\'EL\' IZSRD OS Á sow a W’-§»\§'.x\§\\‘ \Mmh \ 1 If rings. on ummum. Clbiaitn I C ORE IALS. suuscm vm. amarrrlz. Nov at, cm: cm. xismrtw. xxx.-cnz9:w.s;¢!K. vtxn vunmrru on-mt cnmamz,a new article.) LIl.l\'ID—-.\!'E1l. as \ ' ltegunzr lnlaalliami. Mum, hm I.‘.v{e'. H u feel huh: s swat’ nay. M June: Wm. ‘M MIIVW “€38. BBQ 5 Ina‘-tr. P‘ Sh ful Ge.-Rs N.'l'~\iaI 36 Mb lusuta 'iE::al‘§o$l.|: ?'b?:utlair i'f3u:.5: gt; -3» 5 ti: 1 T o 0 mt x.Wl!;!r.el7pauallE;s§erd:£ Kgwcnfs b¢¢lNDIl:lapavl3do|nap¢su'K|la mic- «mun-xuuyxua Iuillabh sh-uu_enun‘xa I end kstiger ! lllll-lalapuavi music llcahuzf u M:-lc!nnzu(!IN| 51:1: Inn 1 I utulrk: Anal-tn tan‘ Pray-do - J06 Hut Mus Inky:-o cash bf: 31 an\oul«I*enIh\-xe- Mmvan ! I ha: gun 13] head all): Fm!» nllailmad, lull?! 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Failnniy: :1 hp Ind 5 um- I‘ may 2 can Ashe.-1' um nmdriu I22 and mhaecn I suck lmhcn I hlelnpmalbbk M has whis- kty sunk qty 100 hog: (taint Rnilrosd; 50 uheep Albergvi; 4 Mme; “J B Johnson: 9053!: «ours Min» time; 100 In? -5.: A linrvmod: mm. {Sour A If. «mmu; 195 is da 18 an: kilns conataan; 8&5 SM: P J lldmlk-.k Jr; xmmo M alluley A «:1» E i1iz\\‘e‘gt- ms Tnmwruucn Gnmpmr. :5 bblmafma 3 -lo ni- . um‘ I) XI, Loom}; H ‘rug it I. Robb. mmwmr, véaw Woodm! In. I . ‘ . Schnta-ts'ner‘:_I.er{t‘rI‘x3'\Il. Hun-ay. lllruteu .3830“ bush VII t mm-I. , Ari-cur. zzuxuuy. llltnnké-ti li '5'“ mi . stow: nit l'oot.0hlx no gwpty ban '5 T ! ’£c.g’5g\?':aml.. u-nu, Dannvlllr. lllm reel Inuzhcr 3: Ir . Sta,‘ lag‘ linurnld. Wright. ccmomi: 48 Imp tum n. . an: ion s..x:.n. Oufbvmtz s=s.ooo um om mun LADIES EMPORIUM, R0. 130 3:1: Stun. We uh ‘Ea.-mo in infonnlng the lmliezt of Basic. um wan eyulslbhnculvn to apnea to up yum: may wanna, an 1. Ounce! es-pairs I ktll Uek Iuo ll Decozssnvd was cnpgud to ba married in n fast :12?! Hr! bctwlhoél vlsitod her the owning prmimsu. Ind ten the home :1-out om» o'clock. Appurumcs indkalr that she men: In hour room and am down on dis {mi and «cal to wring, with [art clothes on. and the camphcne lump on the sand by the side of the bowl. upset. or plain! us»! at lo the bed-dalhn. I _ snrrii Boéd tic-us sliezqi I-‘rum at Two Iallnnyerlnn-cl. __ Bnmalo Steam Plaster Works. The sntxst hm eroétz-d. and his adv 'i3'r' ormuou - dun: Hutu mu uni caldnhc u fwu1nn§utn:ln&‘lho lest nun Ron 5:81: I Hnmuquxu Led In-um mnnluuuu sumo. inl Y|aIl1_bi|¢k_ldI|llI- tlo\7|u-gyerhr-ru . but .1535 cam has Hniluihéiu-bn’Iu-'. rm he hpt on Maui. l um hlnlrnnu utlbllxiuenl, Wnnlnnau \ Such places do no! exist an rides u may shoals‘, mi ere: u-to-(now aIl:mast:m—-not lo -pmk nl arluou: dlrcrl-an.>-no allog loo stanza. Lilies‘ and Cii \ Gods, I kill? rnox (‘OXNXXCISIK tbrrnpnudunre al the Keith Amr To cunt-ynnr 1:8-Minn In resprrtfully mum, In can list: at Th: pmyu of these ‘Gas York gmtlnarn we regard as hung one this-In will not only em‘-I much good inlm-If. hut vrzmh xi!) ht nu «um urakcn gtnotal nneullnn In thn not-essllv bf ‘giving virtue more u-mpmitms. vrhmalw me any countenrl those of tin \\‘n.<'nnc1'u:. xipril 25. Tim mi! cnnlracmn man: dil (hm rm npertod In raining mono‘! upnn the wri Int!-mrntl ohhoir umuaxr rxlh lho Isjisiof l nment. As in all an‘ ingx era, are 3 who find no eiuhnx-rn.qmu-uln sill; Ollxers rho Inn» to v rmmom iumrsl. In others nix} who mum! gel Md on my tum: The Pr [us In n-.n:nm¢-nd ingmx on [he-so: nutsun: in: noon. 5: «ran ml un- xmnl Indxzqi-mend hu not latched the seamin- n °f§§‘i$' 1: Th dlal 1: Amvrso wee no 11' ,)or, 9. am: or Elvrolre thousand biqdgu 13;: the trim! u-ruco no Vin ‘nix. .\'m-dz and .‘ H (lamina. Georgia and lfzloritln. hm-e been mm-led. no lhnt. n proper Ida ran now In» fomu-ll of tho mm of thin scr th-a as con‘- with the arming contracts. whirhuill expllu on tho and: «Mum-.. 1!’ refer ring In me last report of ma I’onmucer-taenéral, n will be seen that bah cnnml1:;s_pl:is‘tr:Ids;1;xcmne M an yer 4-e.nt.on t omai ne 3 as his my bun. y'I!Iue proposals on we basis ufymscnl ser- rim In-nmgwl lu-nu-on \ and twenty per ‘cent above what is now mid, so mat in order to Loop the:-xpendlmrc-n wlghln the oxmjng rates it In-canw necemry to mine»: the hirriice Instead !onmpming n. Tri-weekly nuilulngmnn; he can Join: to twice a week. md lhosc 0|’ the lam»: dusw to m-«kl; The name nmling process mum: he applix-d to other brunclm. Tlmso con- men run four years. As yet the ptoposaln for mmzponlng nu» mails by nilmnd |hrougl\.thos- mums have nol be-m_conaldcx-ul. Tluiylm Ile- furn-l lo the has outing to tho nlieéncé.of_ com- ‘ itixion. Mr. '::o‘omb‘a conamucntxg will now {Km the nppmmuity of feeling the emgcm of 31?‘: refusal lo allow the Poslolrée Appropristioli bill to puunnor um noueb had new led the coin- nroniin‘ which a (‘.ommiuc‘o of (£)ni‘ei-cnco to- I ported. ‘ Laces, Embroideries, Hosiery. GLO I'lA‘.§. IIXAD DJKSE. D3855 TRIHRIIIIGS. Am! :1! null Inns nu-eisary for win‘ and CM!-Ins‘: use. with and any nth-le fur lhnrnrk mac, COR SETS. I100!’ §’R.IR‘l‘:|, kc . ulna In morsucmol MOURNINC GOODS. We Imp: Harts;-b<.pnbBc encouragement. lo nzcea-I In mu‘;xhun’c:obral.Jhaa’l ltxdt. lg: hnnzl su‘ gx>e-:n§uhE_ I o a . caucus rn a $32..’ \“' am: '”\\\ \“ ‘énmocx 5- co. Slrl Holman. the lnmllldy. hard hot «mums. nu! an to the mom. -ml nut mu Sawyer mm- ing llmmgll {hr luck parlor complru-l_v can-taped in \ She: ealkd om. begging Hrs. Uplmm to throw tr mzih mar her, which who did. hm Immcdiurly don-.3304! fall down exhauxned. The rm lmmm) ummgh the quin sud ruxdmunk-med no arurlex la the room. and It was with diniculty that the c-hildu-on in the appnrunz-m were zawd. in hot efforts In 1-xlxuguinh the \ and safe Min Rnwyer, )lr.n. lloimon u-us badly I-(mu-d on the: arm and face. ‘ . ,, . Alto, mu: uqrou .?m.. an aaéspun SCOTCH LL83‘ 1.0. R0 POITI3. bu- .;.._,_. Cigars and Tobacco. 0E\’t7!NE lL\\'AN.A QGIRS. !lA.\II.‘L.l cIItKan1'a,mn.Rn__1_m JOHN ‘R’ K03’! Dan: at nu.-nor IIoa..m..-‘l'zx'u emmem pn- htue died at Burlington. 3%.! _ on \\‘r-dncsaky at one o'clock I’ H , in the séxuelh your nl‘ his aga- Be srubea-n in Trenton. my 27. um, um In.‘ of humble origin; nu graduated in. Union (‘ol leg: in 1818; In ox-qlained u deaodh by BL-«Imp llonxffu 182f.a:xd priest in 1392. of In Trinity Gbumll. Np! York. for dune years; in 1894 be-‘omoprufensor of -belle: Ieum In Wnsh lngwtrc Conn..- resigned that o in 1s2a,su:1 bmmo rerlof of ‘Trinity Church. Don» (931, where he mu-ri'e-1 n widow of large fortune. beam» Bishop of New Jnrsey October 31, lIS3,nI but damn been engaged In nu-inns Educational c’-sznmlshmt-nla in (bat ’_8u'u_. jiesidc sermons mdother paxnphleta, he in phlghshed poems. rlmrzu-mlu-d by much taste iuc§'§feii_i£i1g_,;‘a1I1iiI,zus cunI.n‘huu-<1 to various po-I Dlnsolullull. ' TIIB PARTKKRSIIIP IIERETOPORE EX Min: betycan Rh: mhmlben in-hr the Inn of anmluch ¢ Wlmév. ts my an uliauor:-ed by nun! run near. 1.-mm psrly la anlhnrked In rip! the has mm? In Iiqnxduxoa. w. r. awnucn rmur A. mum: in. |’EI‘!.'I 0. l‘!‘slHl!M.‘H ('..u1':\'m‘sn. amxrnmuzx-rt. l‘ CIPORAI. ANDKR3GR‘! GGLACT. AX!) J.uiI'J.l m.uu~ mncm l’lil-IIIING an . I 1 I * . Pan-I. ‘ i¥:a‘<.-i~c|?lm?r‘l§u?!«‘I'I“i{g{,°¢;r3;eAt at‘ 1#: U'.~\.!°*7\-_ - .-§.,._....._--.-.1229.‘-we }‘ .0‘ 1lK8;'I'K51IIB If!!!» h -nllfonn Iiui.‘{‘I¢‘.“!;a“ll.e1kn:‘!'!!|3;l'b ‘:nd\v‘l:i|:ll)‘.\ I|I|ope__n>I§,|loeh :at_ V ¥gI'nIn.Juu ID. mu 1- arm bu-linen will be eon in us Ila lmnehn gt Ilneoldnumd.No. 1 min meet, by I. 3. Wm\- ma the Surulsdchn um‘:-mzmo the mom», sum us their 131? m‘na. No. 3. Huh - 5: bdrm on. 1|? M’ . _ , _ ,_ _ Tlw alarm uf ! \ been riisrd. lht-1rr¥g!!- bans -rem prnmptlg I0 mmlrr nnumici. and (he mum wt-fa amnguuhnl with but tri dnlnngr no mo pnunlms. hm my rm) ton late to «an» .\[iu Km cor Tmdy Iran cbsriwl in as shocking mumor, and «hr npiml in nfnw minutes. . nap uncltl pmlcslmb desire: I» call Ibo men. vol III cnnnoiuum to his xplusdhl melt nl cxmns. the aunt mr oftttil In ma vklnliy. Menu. 030.9!!! I m.Al3KWlLl.'B‘ SAITCFJ. nu l?0'lf‘_|'1‘.D nun. ~. FKKZGCH SHIEIIIIOOSIS. D0. OASIS PLTE3, lR!ni('ll5ut’3’l'ARD. 81'. LOUIS ELM‘! D0 cvulur Pmrhan smu.\n- nan zmcnqwr ,1-mt-:. ITALIAN llIt«'€lll 02 CEPF. Al\’¢1I0\'IE§, 3-\!lDl.Vo'I‘.i, wmnhs. Smlred splnllh 51>‘:-ouch Olives, T \ l_e~0 . \ _ ONE‘ AND A IIALII‘ 3131:: BRANT’? hum em. lzuubnnl. Kn. ‘ll Onrmll Hm!‘ I!“ .. 3 Ieglhfrbnl by SIX lee: deep. Well C I04 for Sam cue. . -4\ban¢‘In: and um nary trams mung: with Muscat. ms; L156 am: mm; too. 19 feet nouns; us rm to -my .n:-«-km 1:~»~rw\' - \: n. o . , _ _ u0§&.‘lpggw1y meek. cor. Tenied Ind Wniengli IL Sin? Goods. Ill ::’I,§:l.*‘!‘1;§_l_1§.,5E!_'-‘:1-0‘*‘¥I8s. Ac. &e..nIl of an in‘. is _1‘rz-¢ Eagle meet. (nrce from am» street) 01 SAYURDAY; the 830:’ «rum ,A, Tm: Muzmc Tutunnvly ¢‘o~nnn~._\\'.~ sn- lnfnrzm-d Ran the nu-gonnnuus benwen the Bug Itch Govcrumtm. tho A 1‘:-legzraph rump: uy mm! the New York, .\'M'fou‘n(llnrol and Lon- don 'l‘elc-grapln (Iompnny have reached 1 pqint which Idu of no doubl about Ihe Gowns’: nu-nI‘a or 8 per mm on the $6IIO,m)II capital np umeptod. 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