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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, February 10, 1882, Image 2

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. j 'I l !· l I- 't ' I' ~ i 1 ,p ,, . . ' ·t~-· ::' • I ! .. I\ 1 ... •·q, .. \![\ < !' I.'W'fU! ~Q~U~. ]~:R~.I(~&~H~. ~A~ .. ~~- :T~. ~Z~, ~~~T~H~· .~E~D~. ·.~A~l~L~Y~_:...~· ~E~W~S~.~~.s~::>~. s!'!!!!g~a.~n!'!!!!i !'!!!!6o~·ce~n~ts ~a~d~;&~·,~rn~a~n~u .. ~, ~~o::!!ea!!!c.~h, .. !!!!!!! 1 ~· a~s~p~e,~.d~,b~r~u~ •• ~~l ~~S~. ~H~· ·~U~L~T!. ·• ~S 1 A NNOt.JNCE TO '!\HE PE11PLE.OF· . BA.TAVIA, N.Y. lacturing tudes. At Clinton, LoNDON. \Fe h. 8 -St. George. 'i. Q 'TH.f~ PUB LJC .. Carroll- & Co. e~ploy 390 men Henry Lowt .her. btt,er known as at hat maltir g at 40 cents · Lord Lf.ns.~aae, •• dead, a~ed twen• a day. The daily average number tv seven }'t' at~ L• n·d Lovsd~lle wa~ of hours work in the three pr.isons ' the fir'>t spiL•Ithr.il t. 0f hil '.ace.-- duringthe past rear cid not exceed Three Jo'IU'S ~.'ll·:rln; .succe 3 SIUD ~e· Bltavia tbat thoey have pllrcha~ed the PUIJLJSH11./J EVE/( Y liVENiNG,' ME.A.'r MARKET so long occu.pi~d by Cl:IAS- SCHAFER, and that they will keep 11 .full ~lock c>t 1be CHOICES'l' FRESH 1\!ND,SALT :ME.ATS, 0YSTER.S AND FlSI;;f, CELERY A:mJ CABBAGE. B UTTER AND EGGS p.lway10 fresn 'Yiill be f<lund at our stand. ,cau at, 4!ur Market, 12~ :Main Street. QUIRK & HANTZ. 1882! DAILEY'S ' ' ' MA:M::DIOTH FURNITURE X.AN'lT:FAO~OEY l 8 t() 14 State-~t., Batavia. H AVING now entere(l upon the 10th year of l<'urni·ute and Undertakmg bw.me s in llatnvia, I desire through the ~d111m ot ·tbe,pres.,, to th;1.11k all o thObe who h .ve so ku1dly and genel'ousJy pat· ronized m,;, lt lS perhaps needless c.r me to stute thaHhe n1les and principles adopt- ~d heretofore. Will be contmued III the lu. ture, and tl1 •se·are, Large Sales and Small Fro6ts; believing· as I always have, that the QuLk S1:xpence Js better than the slow shilling. 1 en tel' i lito No COM l!lNATIONS WITH ANY h!A.:NUFACTUR.ERS 1 pltrchase my good~;; I)J whom, where, a.nd when I Cl;ln do the best. When any iml>rovement is mtroduced, l mean to be .first to have 1t, therefore I DO NOT OBLIGATE MYSELF TO HANDLF ANY ONES GUODS, Or to purchase mere than IS ior rny mterest in order to t~y to control any parLJcular article. I btty no trash of any party be- cause tbey 11l\-Y lead me to t:IJJnlt, and un- del take to fill Ille with vanity that I am the only one in ·the U nlted States tha:t tbev lave for. I do not own five or six 11.1rmture manufactories, w'hicb. only worlt goods at large e:llpense f<Jr my e~tdusxve patrona~e. I manuf!lcuue -what goods I ltnow I can SAV.E MONEY on, on those ~O<lds which otller dea.]ers can produce to betttr advant~ae. I purchase of whom and 1n suc:h quanti- ties as Ithmk I cbl do best w!th my money. and to convince you, dear :re:J.d.~r, of the tru: h o:f'tlns article 1 it is \Only for you to examuu m.y s1uc:k and rrlces an<l be con- vinced.\ lC3.ll and wll sell fur11iture and und~rLakingJ'O<ld~ lower than any e!'tab- lliihment in ll1e 1J11iled Slates • . I have devllited ten years of my life in findmg out where Furmture and Undertak- ing goods oHhe best finish, tl)e best work- manship, the :MOST DURABLE GOODS can be found· aDd the lo.west prices, 11.nd to eonvmce wbom it may concern of the val- ue of this to these who patronize me, it is only nC<Jessary ior me to say, \Come and price ·In y goocls, examine the quality, style. fim•h md dttrabthty 1 and then you will see what expe11ence comb1oed ·with. push will do,.\ Your.s Truly, M. DAJLY. NEW STORE. A Choice LJne·tOI.New Goodsjw: opentd, con- lllstln~: of :and embrasilEIJ PIANO~. ORGANS, SHEET 'MU~IC, VIOLINS, BANJO~. .A.CCORDEONS FI{::C()LOS, FLUTES, MUSICAL llO:XES, HARMONICAS, .tc. ud a £~11 supp!:)l of violin ud gult~r- sttiDKI, an\'1 exlla<for all such instruooe!li!O, An. ,e:xtcnsive and varied a..sortment of BOOKS andSTATIONERY .ib.e latest volmnes; and the most tas~10nable lot of fine letter papecs and envelopes, a11l an excel- ·lent line o£ Gold Pens, ·loldars, a11d fencils. A fulllioe of WALL PAPER., . . 'WINDO'W S~HDES, •CUR.TAIN FIXTURES, l'IC:rURl . RANES Az.ID :MOULDINGS. l~ .. dso. A~<»nt. for the c~Jebroted NEW . hOME and HOUSEHOLD SEWING M.A.- CHINES. A la:r. c stvck cnnstantly ~n hand. r~ p. 'lERRY, No. 105 MAI.N.ST., Opera Hou~e Block. MOREAU'S ,BAGGAilE EXPRESS .&ftd fl-lf,z Delttterv. JOHN A. LEONARD, Proprietor. .J:U SU tit:iCH.l.llER::.: 1 f:HH D!r.JL- .... ~ ~ws WllJ be uoCilYered to sub- ~cri' 'en-. ~ ntl..Jll\t.to,~·CoJ ·oration of B-•tavi~·. ever:y -venin!.!'~ ~'l1lilay!> excepted, for \Yitu cENTS A; WKbl', () .l)~ble t;u Uu: C.-t.rrit:J'. ::,u,u:,Cri.JLJU.u::. Q)' 'IIH ),, ~~'lJe:r~·r.eived at tht\ flte t·{ $1 \'<:l a year rvr \\\i J·I.W\'\JdiJloQt lc!ft~ lh..tu tbr~e nlvnth~. An\1 failure DII'·Ille 1 pUt';0t the Carr1cN t~ pcd.OHll thc:U duues faithflsl•y should be reported ;~t the office, hi; tnle u~ SIJHceeded m runmnt~ hts eight. General competition has 1 .... b · ' d · 1 · h 1 b s·Jltndid eilc-1\(~ in We-tmore anu, not em 1nV1te ~ m ettmg t e ·a or • f 'J'l' of convicts. As contr'l.c!H e~>pired \ •cld•n a ·re=venue c one IDl\Jcn they have been renewed at the ad- dullc.rs a} ear~ into debt, arld spend- vanced pric~,. 6o cents a day new ing seven JJuodred and Iitty thous- TO ADVERTlSERS: 'being obtained. When S. UJlerin- and dolla.rs; !leady mon:y besiaes. THII DAIL-Y ~KWS ball a larger clrculatiOD in . a ::L d Gl d - Herbert the villagcabanany othCI' paper, and an extended ten dent Pil~bury aSSll nied ctiargepf He marn<: .· Q. y a Y~ ' and .rrowl\g circulation throughout Genesee· tlhe prisons .the ptice paid under whose fUJl.•li,., .$tror gly opp'?s~d the county. Terms of advertising made known at: · • h b d f b s mtem the office. il:<':llvO:rable rat .. givw f<Jr short time: contracts was 40 Cf·nts a day. Con ' mate on t e- ;g-roun ° ~ - contracta. tractors, bills •are p1id monthly, and perance and:~tller evl'l_ habit~. She not a dollar is owing to the State proved as ~·r1fe to be m fu~l.accord TO CORRESPONDEN1'S: · ' · h b !... b d's •openslttes In except for •the current month. The w1t er ucus. all P•. · · . THK DA!~Y·Nllws make~ a ~pecialty of news h f th H oflpcal intere·l, 31d will be' pleased to receive'. Su·perintendent expresses tbe 0pin- less _than JJIIL.e: mont s. ate~. . e br~efcommunlcacions•·pon topic~pertamingtherc- 10 • n that the e~rect o·fprt'son contaacts mar.nage Lor _Lo. nsdale had exp_ end· to. All comDJuuication~ must be accompanied by 11' d j! the name o!:t;ho writer, not r~rpubl ieation but for upon the corn bined industries uf ed In pictures, dlamon s .. urnlture, the piva.t<·lnformation of the o:ditor All com- l'he State 1 . 8 now anprec!'able. He plate, e_ :c. ,. .l .. o:rher use. more t-han municatiotll; 'll 'Whatever nature, should be ad- r: drer<Sed Ito ~ays if convict labor is to be abolj&n- two mllho~di. v7 h~ndred thou saud GRIS'WOL~~:!~~~~,6ri•tor•. ed, it should Le in ~11 States For dollars. aad Jns wife descended ~o New Yor.k to stand alone in such letting her pbotographs be sold m an action ··would rnanifestlv be dis- London, and receiving a royalty o!\ advantageous to her, · them, The·~bina, plate an J furm- Frtday. l\'ebruary 1 o. 1 SS.2. =-=:~·.=.::.::...:-- -~---~ -· -·---------;- 1£/E ANTJ.lJfASO./VS, .. ~ IT rs not improbable that hefore \THE NEws reaches its readers to-day tbe Albar.y deadlock which was only partly broken the other day, will be 11eatly picked by the actioo of sev- eral Republicans in absenting them- ture of tile eitate, a large pari of • which was eKJtailed, were sold in : 1878 Oo ooe occasion Lord Lons- dale had tlle·...::eurage to bring up a Wiltshire 1 Sll_l1ire betore a police court for wr iung an anonymou~ blackmaili.ng letter reflecting on the characte.r ofil1 is wife. The antl·':iecret society conven- tion wl!icb Ius held its sessions in. Batavia fc>r the past three days has not succeeded in attractinggreat at-' tentioa t<:J itself, and though the proceeditt-gs have been watched with C• nsiderable interest, it m llSt he ad mitted that in so far as this littk band of self-styled reformers is con- cerned~ •their mission on earth is not to :be llighlv commended. Rec- ognizing the fact that whenever a selves and thell permitting the elec- Proa;re•• Glil.:ll& We•& Shore Road. tion of Bunn, the anti-Tammany }'roD!·Iil..e New York Times. candidate lor Clerk. Mr. Goddard A force d • 2, ooo men is at work . I body oi ~~n es12.blish rhems~hes as of St. Lawrenc.;: yesterday threatened I' on the Ne-w t?ork, West Shore a11d f<Jr himself and several others to do· Buffalo ra1lwa;;.y between Corn~atl something of this kind ana it is not and Syracu~e, and the contracts call improbable that to-day will be for the cooopl-etion of the grading to chosen as the appointed time. the latter porot by September 1st. As this roa.d ptnsues the course of the expo11-ents of an idea, \'hether it be with tlte ~ pproval of the populace at large ~r not, THit NEws has seen · fit to give in detail the proceeding• of this meeting, and we teel well a•- sured tha1: the reports of the con- vention h~~;'Ve been apprecia.ted. The era of theAnti-Masomcand Morgan exc;it-:men\t w-as an important one in the histor.p of this country, ~nd the fact tha.t Eatavia was the scene of the mo~t exciling episode of that time makes what ver is said or done in connection with it of much local interest An. institurion that is as old almoRt as history itself,· is not to be injurtd b-y an assaults upon it made at t~is day by too zealous ad· vacates ol a. mythical superstition, and the Free Masons have not been ltlllklaa •n Elephan&~ From the :New York Maii-Expres!, Prof. Doremus has devotedi his great skill as a chemist t\l a stndy of the diet of :Barnum's baby ele- phant. He has apaly2ed the milk. ofthe monster mother. and he: pTo- nounces it exceedingly rich and very agreeable in odor and taste. In fact, it appears tbat the baby ele- phant hls a diet of cream, a discov ery which is not likely to destroy the value of Alderney herds. for. how- ever rich and sweet elephant's milk: may be, Prof. Dorenn1s finds that milking an elepha.nt is a difficult feat. It took several a~tempts to se- cure enough of the ui!k. lor the purpose of analysis. As the daily diet of the bea.~t cvnsists of three pecks of oats, half a bushel of pota- toes, seventy-five pounds of hay, half a dozen loaves of bread, and in the l~ast; disturbed by theattitnde other dainty dishes, the whole wash· assumed ~y~tbeu opponents during ed down with forty gallons of water, the few days that they have been in Prof. D remus was justified in e:x- conventio~ ia Baravta. pecting the elephant to be a. better The rny~terv attending the fate of milker. With forty gallons ofwater to work upon, the tUother 'ot the Wm. Morgan will doubtless be n baby elephant ought to have given fruitful · Sll bject of discussion long Prof. Doremus an abundance of after the present generati<Jn ha ,.e milk. E~idently she does not un- ceased to.e::xist, and the project <.f derstand the lacteal value of water as h · h' . well as the average New York milk avmg It; memory marked by a d 1 It · 1 ; h B 'II . . . . ea.er. lS pam 't at arnum WI sm~able m<:~nnmeJlt IS not one to not make as large a fortune by rnilk· wtnch tlte people of Bo~.lavia offer , ing his elephant as he has by milk· any objecti<Jn. That event was an ing the public. important one in the history of this -· ... ~--~ village, and a.n enduring memento camp oltbe :N&C.loaal Gaartl. of the :incident will do no man harm, and ill after years may be looked 11pon -with interest by those who love to dwell upon the myster ions • Ta& l'll!CKs paid for convict labor are made ~n<>wn by Superi nte11dent Pilsbury im a; report to the Senate. At Sing S11lg' Perry & Co. ernp Qy 9ol'i men at 56 cents a day, manu facturing st()Vel; the Bay State Shoe Company employ 307 men at shoe· making at so cents a d.t y; Mahony & Stern 13-6 men at laundry work. at 6o cents a <lay. At Aub1.1rn, the Auburn Collar Companv enploy 65 men making horse collars at Sb cents a day; Dunn, .Barber & Co , 101 ·men at shoe-making, at 6o cents a day; Fox\~ll jQnes & Co., r8r men at hollow ware 111aking, at 50 cents a day; Hay<lm &: Smith, 118 men the New York:. Central and Hudson R•ver r<!tlrl()ail very clusely, except that it runs al~ng the opposite side of the Huds~Jil and Mohawk rivers, 1t will naturaiJy be the greatest rival of the Van<ler-bt!t line in New York State. T\hc 1>rojectors claim for the road a. sllorter route, lighter grades and. .fewer curves tl:lan the Central. 'The tunnels at West Point and Haverstr:aw are approaching completion,•a...nd the Atht:m> branch, purchased a sl:10rt time ago from the Central, is bein~ converted into a double track r:o11.d. Tae route: west ol Syracuse, 1\;Tilb the exception of a stretch of fift]f or sixty mile11 has been laid out. Ri&hts of way have been secur~d as far west as a point fifty miles t:JefoOnd Svracuse, and tile cor $!ruction «:ompany is preparing ~ J let the con'tru:ts through to Buf . falo. The ·road will be double tracked, aBdLhe work of laying tbe iron will begin Jn the spring-. The projectors exp•ect that the road will be completed its entire length and cars running before the end of the present vear, The Norrll R1ver Con,troctid!l company of New York is building the road. The rolling stock has i>eet:a contracted for and 175 enginesamd a large nurnber of passenger and freight cars are bE>mg built, The :Jlllllman p,.Jace Car compan1 is CIJcllstrueting the plssen- ger eqmprnents. - ....... - ... · ... ~--- The Sto,.;e manufacturers' Con- vention at Cincirmatif agreed upon a general aodva..nce in all ca~es manll- factured. The CaDPt!ian Parliment was ; opened yesterclar. The Gave· nor- General's speec. h referred in appro- pnate t rms oliO the assass.nation of Garfield. Stop that C()..llg b now while you 'an ca•ch it. If it getq tho zstart of vou only 0:!1Ce., it will probably last, longr r th~n yo'1.l do.. Peerless Cougb Syrup wtll scop 1t. 50 cts. an-d $I_.oo a bottle, For sale by N. V.I. St1tes Ordersleftattb.eSt. Jame\ Hotel, Washbum manufacturing harness, at so cents. House, Hoopet·Hoose,md baggqe rOoiiiJ. AD . a da.y· ,· Shelden & Co., us. men at orden promptly a1tlll4e4 to clar oc·aJcllt. · f J (}Uf With thO~C Wh I WO \\ tC()O.Ol' lze, WbOO!l.• pure lea• aud t;;oll'ee• i' u wan t l ~uy, O N.LY refer tO til'?• it directs to Sh.u Js' • -wh~.tO' pTICCJ·arc.not h1gh·. S ·UPERlOR novelties in th.o Gro · ~~'7 Une, I. keep con tantly on hand . E VERYl'HING<elect of direct impotJ ltlt.Jil,tlta cash price1 can command. P A. YlNG ca h torthc.goodii buy, large .WC. • •\•m» )save by doing so-- H AVE tt 1 e kmdnc:>S to .. call, you r~ ceivce .'bet · benefit, thatfs how 1 m.kc my·bwio . .s•,&s:~·• IIROCKERY, Gla,...ware, Plated·W'llre andTa~ U ble Cutlery or every popular make a •4 Jrade. S ·UCH as th• most refined mi&ht wa, I keep• co•stantly diivl•)'cd. iJA. V.E tl1c kmdnoss to send or ·leave yooar order,. 11 whether it s small or :Jar.w;c, U PON lhe •hort•st nottce I deliver promptly at: your·re&ldence, tree of charge. L A TEST I nported and Domes~lc pades of Cl gus at the lowest jobbmg ~rice 1 sell, T HE be't ·Confecti<~llery in lhc.m.arket,I ali<» keep as well, . S ELLl:-IG, .. holtsale and rctail,at low prlctsj. I particularly exeat. G OOD weight, good mea<ure andJood quality-. all receive who buy of me- R ICH and po~r I tre2.t ceurtcously-.1he oodi I seJ, I guarantee, 'O'F p•uc T·a•, Coft'ees, Sul!'ar& Spices anc! Grocers' lu~turie< of ev<ry kind, f'AREFULLY 'ele~oted from the cnclcest, .ac V my store you'll e.ver find E VERYTHING choice in Groceries, Crockery, GJ ·ss-w are and Si ver·plated w .re nrw & neat, R EMEMBER can b\ had of ]05eph C. Shults. · Nos. •8 e.nd 30 Ma1n Strett, DR. C. A.HOLT, PRYSICIA.N A.ND !'! UR6EOI. Office W .. lker B.oc~, first floor, No, 5· 0Fn<:E HouRs-From 9 to ra~. m .• lrom 1 103 ;and 6 to ~·p. m, --------------------- DR. JOHN F. lSAXE:R, JII}Dl\flJIIt.lt c l'hy~ici1m nJtd ISorgecm, <lllice, W'ilson Block, cor S ate and Main Stret:la. Re!li lence at tlle Oeorie Law M ... nsion. T. F. FITZGERELD, C 0 UN 8 E L 0 B A. T LA W~ Rooms sand ~ MoiSSe 'Block, Bat~Y'ia N. Y. SA:FFORD E. NORTH, .Att(lrJI,ey and Con ns11Ior 11.t L11.w. Ofiice over 1he Fint Naiton~l Rank. Batavia.. DR. H. S.HUTOB:INS, HOMEOPATHIST_ ()flic t-C ·mer nl Main and J ack~on Stl. Resident ~e-M tn Str .. et, Ba•avJ<~ N V, ~~-~~~~~~~ SHAW & STILES ror 14 oo and S6 oo that ~ell in la~e citlet for $10 ()() an I ;$2o oo res~ectively, and with tllelr lllall:y years apericnce In adjust inK can c·•:araa.tee a pel-feet fit Or !nary trussea from Sr to$., each • Don1 go away from home 10 buy until yon have ••en onr la'ge uock SHAW & STILJ:<;. 'Wh.y \-~ ot Save Money, Time, Labor a.nd Riak, by Gettinll' You.r N'ew•- pa.perll and Magazines l:l)' lil1b- acri'bin~r with MAC.KEY BROS., N hWS DEALERS, 67MAIN STREET, BATAVIA.. S11bswp1ions received for any Periodical& 11 the W?rld. Sp• cia I Rues if severo~• Paper:o and .Kaa· aztnes a\e · r I ere ·1 at once. \l'he Phrenological Journal, and Sciet~ce ol H ~ah \ tuc .Peo~l '• ~' ·Ide to heal h of :1!1! ·!i m' b •dy. E .. ~nfamity 11ee •~ it w- ei b 11 •s fof ows, bo h b oo•o Ad l~ess . ' 0 With Americ<~n Agriculturllt . •- s~ \ Atl t' M ..... , •. ~ \ Bl adn llt;: I onthly .............. 5·\5 a e o, o \ FFarm.'rs' l!~~i.;;~·;·;;j;·~~:·,·l· ... ~· 5 9! arm. d F' . . ... -· v G l b. aD_n, .. ues1de ............. 2 • 1 ~ I t o e 0 emocra.t, :St Loui ........ 70 n er- oean c \ Journal ' bt~a,o,. • ·\ - ·\ • • '\·1! Our Little .......... · 2 .811 ,, \' Ones, ................ ,., 15 ~ un, '\'., ...... & \ Tribune N y '\:\'\\\\\\ 2 1\ \ Witn ' . or Ctuc •(o ......... \'·7111 Week1 68 'J~<\\ \·\\ · ·\ \\ \\ • • 2 ·1\ \ Worldy N o.;elist,\ ·\ ... - · .... 4 oo Democrat R~;: · .... · .... \· .... · 2 ·65 \ Eve E ' . est r .............. 3·'\ · xpress \ \ Republican \\ \ ..... · 3.oo Sunday= ld ,. \··\ • \\ · 3.oo .' .,, .u.era. ' ' 3 s~ Tr1bune u •• •••••••• • • • \ '' Express kuff · ' \\\\\\ 3· 00 Courier ' .~' 0 •••• • •• •••• •· • • • • 3.012 \ Comm.ercill.l Rutr;i .............. 2 so Sunday News B o, ... · • ....... • ,.,a., ., T' , utralo, ....... , . 4 , 0 ., unes \ . \ ' Couri~r •· \· \ .. \ 3 5 ., p, \Ices of p · · • \· \\\ 3·50 enod1c I not fa lh • r appto<;ation. Aridr.,., \ l>it,(ITeD 011 lltACXEY ,BROTHERS, ~:=:~::~~~~~B;a;~~a~v~i;\';·~lf~·~1r~. FA.NOY GOODS, i MILLINERY, -AND- DRESS lfAKING: At tta~ Main street. -- 1\ large stock. of goOu!i, all new and well selected, for the :-.cason.. fi ... CALL AND LEARN PRICES. -'SI\\ No trouble to shGw good$, . Jlt(;)'U:&:N:nrG ORDERS Fillid ou. Short J.q' otic e. MISS TOMPKINS. :&J COl Gr: no I ne1 wa the my Ke ha< W1 to~ g1st thn st 1 the1 s: rite hn'li pia: •Fa a si sta1 cou •Fa li 6: Roc 8: ltO< 3:: P. J 6:1 P.~ 10 ler · este 6.~ .r..] 9: IO ~ 11 lalo 5.1 0 Jluj 6. i11 I 11 lox I. 8: H 6: 8: H 6: I ] II F Val the and liar s W11 tow ke• the it l 801 gla CIJ Fo

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