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The daily news. (Batavia, N.Y.) 1881-current, February 09, 1882, Image 1

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t s. HE LY -=--=~=-=-=--::::~:·:._:_=-_:.:..-:-- .. =-....-====-~=--··-==-==:.-: ........ _ --::· :---·-o.--=---=--=---===:. ::---.=-----= ================ Vol. TV.-Whole Nunber 1,122 AJJVE_j{ :EISEMENTS. 2'HIC .JE.AN!t/ETTE CREit'. Further Nev• From 1be Unfortun- ate ·EXplorer•. VA . L' Bi N···. 'T-·I.N!' r· ·E-~ :_'aldNE~;~:c~iv~~\ s:~pa~~e ~;~ · · • · . · . : Danenbauer, dated Irkootsk, Feb- . • ·i ·. . . .·l : ruary 4th, stating that DeLong's ' . . - · l. ' party is between stations Buleur and · Sisterouck, in a narrow wilderness AT :·So miles long, devoid of habitations Mackeys NewsRoom. . ·.and game. Jerome Collins volun- : teered tg stand by the dying seaman, : Erickson, and let the others ot the • parry push south. The new search • will build huts and go over every : inch of the region, which is plough- ~~~~~~~~\'!'!!!!!\'!'!!!!!\'!'!!!!!\'!'!!!!!\'!'!!!!!\!!!'.! . ed by heavy drift ice every Sj.Jring. S UPREME C<'lURT-Ccuntv of G•neaee- ' The general health of the crew Ge r~ell. Wllederagairst Wilil)mG •rwood. during the ZI st months' drift after To the ab\>ve -named defendant : You are · h • H ld I 1 d hereby summon d to a •. swer ~he complaint in this . entenng t e tee near era s an ' aCtiOn, and to Sf'lvea. copy of you• ans-wer on the was excellent, N 0 scurvy appeared plaint IPs altornel' w1thln twenty • ays after the . W d d. 'll d d b 5Crvic' Of thiS summons, exdus·ve of the day Of . e USe loll e Water an eer serv•ce;a·dincas•C?~ your failure ~<>appearor -and seal meat twice a week. No an~wer, j 1dgment WI I be taken agamst yo ·.by . • • • default for the reliel demanded in the complamt. . rum was served. Dlvme serVICe was Da.ed the r••h da,. of Jan '\ry ,ss.. . regularlv held We't -ok plenty of FRANKS. WO'lO, !Iff's Att'y. · · , • Office and P. 0. Addreis, exercise. Everybody hunted. Game B tav1a Geuesee Co, N.Y. W b b · . . 0 d D r d t· Th for ·,was scarce. . e got a out 30 ears, To Wilh~m 3.rwo· • eoen an .- e •· I ' l N fi h goi g summons 1s served upc>\t y ·u by publ canon, 2 50 sea s, and SIX wa rus. 0 S JlUf•\bllt tO all order of Hnn. LUCIUS N. B ngs, or whales \\ere seen \ County J ud~e ol Genesee County, dated toe 8th • , day of Ft·bruary, ~as •• and filed l>lth tbe com All possible observatiOnS were phintln.thoofficc ofthet.:l r.::o£Geraeseecounty, made during the drift the result at B hv1a, N Y. , Dated February- 8th. xSSa. showing a nor hwest course. The lebg•7t FRANK S. WOOD, h\ k ·1 d d h '1 • Pl int'ff's Atto~ney. s tp was ee e over an was eav1 v \R 0 8 E 0 1 I N E I '' IS POSITIVELY THE pressf d by ice most of the ime The mental train w1s heavy on some of the ship's company. · The result of the drift for the first five months was 40 miles. There was a cycloidal movement of the ice. The drift du- ring the last siJC months was very Best Sewing Machine Oil in the \Vorld, rap• d. The s undings were pretty ev~n. They were I 8 fathoms near Wrangel Land, which was often vis- Ible 75 miles distant. The Rreatest depths found were So fathoms and an avenge of 35· The bottom was blue mud ~hrimps and plenty of algological SJ)~\cimens were brought up The surface of the water had a t~mperature zo degrees ahove zero. The extremes of temperature of a;r were: Greatest cold, 58 below zero; greatest heat, 44 above. The first winter mean temperature was 33 be'ow zero; the ~econd winter, 39 below. The first summer the mean temperature was 40 degrees above zero. The heaviest gale showei a velocity of 50 miles an hour; but. such gales were not f•equent The barometic and thermometric flunc- tuations were not great. There were disturbances of tne needle coinc·dent with the auroras. The winter's Becaure it will never GUM, while all others WILL sooner or 'later. Il produces a per fectly smuoth polb-bed and hardened sur· face of ali the bearmgs, mater1aUy lessen. ing the wear, and Will Cause Your Machine to Run one-third to one-half tighter, Is the best artlclevou can use to polish the rnachme head, because it wm retain tl1e po1ish longer, You will find your rnachme ungummed, and will run easy after standtng idle for months with tais oil ·upon. it. ,.-The agent will leave a bottle at your house to try, whtch, please do, as such trial will place yo11 under no obltgattons to pnrchase. SHAW & -· ••• STILES. 1 - .... 00 • 0 0 z 0 E-4 • BA.T&Vll& 1!1.A&.K.ET8. growth of ice was eight feet. The h av·e~t ice seen was 23 feet. Engineer Schock's h ~avy tross saved the ship on November 21st f o·,, being crushed . The te' ephone wires were broken by the m'•VeJUent of the ice. A photographic collection was lost 1vith the ship. Chipp's z,ooo auro- ral observation~ were also lost The natttrdlist's notes are ~aved. Jeannette Island was discovered May 16, in latitude 76 deg. 4 7 min. no· th. lo'1gitude I 58 deg. 56 min. east. It was small and rocky, and the crew did not visit it. Henrietta Islmd was discovered and visited Mav 24th. in latitude 77 deg. 8 min. north, longitude 157 deg 32 mim. east. It is an exten~>ive island. Animals were scarce and glaciers · p enty. Bennett Isand lies in ldti tu ie 76 deg 38 mm , longitude 148 deg zo min east. It is '<ery large On it we found many birds, old horns driftw(]od, and coal, but no seal o~ walrus, Great tidal action was observ~:d. The coast is bold and rocky. The cape on the south coast was named c~pe Emma. We drifted back during the first week of re·reat 27 miles more than 1ve could advance, The snow was knee-deep. We had to go I 3 times over and over the track, seven times BATAVIA~ N\. Y., Fe.,ruary 8, .SS:a . With loads. Wheat, white f•·35 Flour,new process u.50 ---~-- Wh.eat, red ... :x.40·1.42 Flour,Ha~all,bblJ 9 oo Oats, white...... 46 Flour, wh1te, bbl 7 75 o~ts, mixed ...... 43·44 Flour, red, bbl .... 7 71 Corn..... • ... • • so Pork ....... 7 ·so-B oo Barley, uowed .. 7S·8o· Chickens, dressed TO •• 6 rowed 85 9\ Butter, tub ...... 25-27 Boans, marrow 3 oC>-J 7 5 Butter, roll...... 25-26 1 \ mediuu 3.<iO·J.25 Jar Butter ...... 25·:o~6 \ :JH'a· ••• g.oo a.25 Egga. '...... .... • ::tO u red ••• 1 2,50 Cheese •.•••••• , •• :xx·xS Clover seed med • 400 Apples, clrled. ,. 5 .. mam . 4•50: Apples,,. •• ••• sa oo .. 2 so Potatoes, Rose go-x oo Lard ...... •.... l<2 l'otatoa 1 .P-Ieii 9?•9S Salt •++-••,... I 50 1 WIIOI\.-- !ilf$\33' Solar hit, per hi 15 ALBANY, Feb. 9th.- The officers elected by the State Medical S·1ciety, are as follows:. President, Harvey Jewett, Canandaigua; Vice President, E. B. Ferguson, Troy; Secretary, Wm. Manlius Smith, Manlius; Trejsurer 7 c. 11. Porter~ Albany. THE NEWS IN DHU!i:F', The new five cent Gii.rfield pos- tage stamp will be rea~y for issue March ist. The Stove Manufacturers• Asso· ciation of the United States is in ses· sion at Cincinnati. Thomas McDonnell, who kicked to death his tnistreFs. Maggie Don· neHy, was sentenced for tile in New York yesterday. Andrew Hunt, a New York stock broker, failed Tuesday ,for the third time. Liabilities, $50,000. Indications point clearly to the rejection of the Apportionment bill in the Home in its present shape. Charles Weller. sentenced to hang March JOtb, hanged himself in a cell at Benton, Mo., Tuesday night with strips from a blanket. Three hundred strildng cigar- makers in Milwaukee yesterday at- tacked men and women hired in their places. A riot was only pre- vented by active police work. The case of Cadet Whittaker will be referred to the AttorBey General for his opinion on the point raised by the Judge Advocate General as to the validity of the findings of the court martial. s~me of the holders of bor.ds of Yankton county, Dak ., ha\e pre· pared a protest against the admis sian of Dakota as a State? which will be furwarded to Washing-ton. The Woman's Union Missionary Societv held its twentv fir:St anniver· sary meeting in New Yor~ yesterday. The receipts for the pa;t year were $ZQ, ooo, and the disbursements 13\> Edson Fuller the convicted Reads- borough murderer, was brought to Bennington, Vt.. to ba\ile his case passed upon by the Supreme Court. Last night he cot his throat with a. jackknife, and will probably die. Conductor Hanford ~tnd Brake- man Melius, concerned in the Spay- ten Dayvil disaster, were yesterday arraigned. Melius was allowed to defer pleading to the charge. Han· ford p 1 eaded not guilty. Both were contmued on bail. The trooble in the Catllolic school at Rahway, N. J., arose fly the chtl· dren arranging a sleigh ride. Fath er McCasker accused the Sisters of putting nonsense in the heads of the children and not attending to their duties. Comptroller Davenport reported to the Senate yesterday tbat the val uation of the property of the State is ,$2,68r,2s8,oco. A tax of 30 cents and 4 :r 3 mills on each .fr,ooo would produce $897,ooo, the atnount of the expend itares of the Superintendent of Public Works during the year ending tile 30th of September last. The Grand Royal Arch Chapter or the State at the meeting- in Albany yesterday elected James D. Pollard of Seneca Falls. Grand H 1gb Pnest; James E Morrisson ot New York, Deputy Grand High Pries1; Richard H Huntington of Adans, Grand King; Richard li. Parker of Svra- Cg$e, Grand Scribe; JohnS. Dicker- man of Albany, Grand \Treasurer; Chtistopber G. Fox of Buffalo, Grand Secretary; Rev J. Byron Murry, D. D., Grand Chaplain. Wyoming coun•y cou.rts will here- after be held on the second of Jan- uary, June and October. County court for the hearing and decisions of appeals, motions and all other proceedings without a jury, will be helrl on the first Monday of each month, the months of January, June, August and October being excepted, on three of wbie:h the reg~ ular court convenes This is a new departure m Wyoming's court. Silk Oroameu ''• A new method of orr~a.menting sllk, linen, cotton or oth-er fabrics equal to otl painting. 'F.he orna- ments with printed instructions for their use for sale at Tryon'a, Call and see 'hem. A coal trestle at L;uns buiJ,ed · yesterday morning, causing consid· erable damage. David Carrol, a Rochesterian, left home and his aged mother about· New Years and has failed to return. The spurs of R')chester and Buf- falo game-cocks are being sharpened for the contest in Albany next week Thursday . William Eohan, a saloon keeper and old fireman -of Rochester; died vesterday in the midst of a conversa- tion with two friends. Charle~ Barth is hopping behind the bars in RocheS'ter, charged with embezzling $89 from the Genesee Brewing cou.pany. He was em- ployed by the company as a beer peddler. .... Lanamald-Knla:ht, A very pleasant and informal com- pany gathered at the residence of Mr. Elisha Bigelow, on the Alex- ander road, Wectnesday afternoon, the occasion being the marriage of his granddaughter, Miss Jennie S. · Knight, to Mr. George S Lang- maid of Yorkshire Center, Cattarau- gus county, Rev. Wm. Swan officiat- ing. The briJe and groom receiv- ed hearty congntulations and good wishes from all as-em bled besides written communications from friends in Detroit, Mass., and Waterloo. The presents were numerous and valuable. That the future life of Mr. and Mrs Langma.id ~ay be as bright as was their wedding-day, is the wish of a large circle of hiends. 8ncl4leu Dl•appearauce. Patrick Murphy, who lives about a mile south-east of Pine Hill, came to Batavia last evening and accepted an invitation to ta~ e ~Upf.er with his friend Daniel Sullivan, who Jives on Cemetery street. Mr. Murphy put his horse, which was hilcbed to a new express wagon, under tbe shed at Warner's hote1. He -wisited at Mr. Sullivan's until about g:go o'clock, when he went for his horse, his host accompanying him. The horse was brought out and watered, and left standing unhitched, while M11rphy and Sullivan stepped into the hotel. 1'hey were out of sight of the horse but a moment, they say, when upon retqrning to where the horse was left, nothing could be seen of it, and active search has as yet failed to bring the misstng ani- mal and conveyance to light. ••• T.ll.e State Board of Hell Ia. · The first quarterly meeting of the State Board of Health was held in Albany ) esterday. Prof. Moore of Rochester, presided. The subject of sewerc~ge~ especially in small cities and villages, received consid- erable attention. J. T. Gardiner, who w·:s commissioned to visit Eng land to investigate the sep1ra.te sys- tem of sewerage the·e, made a re- pmt, and stated that he thought the experiment of separate sewerage in Memphis will be an imp Jrt •nt one. Prof. G.trdner offered resolu- tions providing means for the rem .w- al of all excrete matter from neigh borhood dwellings, either by \dry removal\ or c•water carriage,\ which were adopted. He recommends a separate system of sewerage for g n~ eral use. The subject of establish- ing vaccine farms for t1e supply of virus to all parts of the State was re- ferred to a special commit ee, with power to frame a suitable law, The need of repressive measures to pte- vent introduction of small pox through emigrant trains was discuss- ed, and the concerted action pro- posed by the National Board of Health agreed to. This secures the appointment of train inspectors at convenient points in the State through which emigrants pass. Price f.w u cent~. R. ~. HoM en & ~on. 1882. FEBRUARY. 1882. Just Opened. T HE LARGEST AND GREATEST Vanety of · NEW HAMBURG EDGINGS AND INSERTIONS Ever shown in Batavia. All new, choic:e patterns, and of our own importatiOn, TORCHON LACES, SWISS EMBROIDERIES, IRiSH TRIMMINGS, AND SO FORTH. New and choice Assortment of WHIT.E GOOnS! CHECKI':D & STRIPED NAINSOOKS, LACED STRIPES AND SO FORTH. BARGAINS -IN- Remnants of Dress Goods and Carpets ! R. 0. Holden &· Son, 8 3 AND 8 5 MAIN STit!XT. Valenune•• Mr. F. P. Terry makes a most elegant display of valentines at his store xor; Main street, Opera House oloc~, consisting of Prang's celebrat- ed fnnged and satins, in rich and choice designs, als? a large assort~ ment of both comic and sentimen- tal, all freshly made up this season~ Give him a call. -- ..... -- Elegant Valentines at Tryon's. Tbe question of . h~althfnlneBs 're- ~ardit;tg the Baking Powder we use, IS an Important one. The result of a pure and healthv article is more satisfactory, although it may not be a<J profitable to the manufacturer-. You can try \Good Luck\ Baking Powder with the assurance that it contains no deleterious substance and for the result, economy, &c.: you can soon decide for yourst~lf. Manufactured by N. W. STILES. ----- Try the magic carpet &weeper $2. Only at Kenyons'. tf K~Uable Anl•ai Yaeclne. ·Dr. Foster's Animal Vaccine ia the only kind that may be said to have the full endors1.ment of the Medical profession of New \' ork. Dr. Holt has made arrangem,ntsby wh1ch he receives this vaccine fresh ddily-frvm New York, and will spare no ptins to furnish a perfectly pure and reliable article. Those who find it inconvenient to call at his of- fice, . No. 5 Walker block, in the mormrg, c m call in the evening and b~ vaccm ,ted. Vaccine Virus sqp- phed by Dr. Helt has never pa~~ed through the human subject, and is wa.rran ted. tf For 25 c~nts we guarantee to curt: the wo1st case of chilb · ains or re· move any corn or bunion for· same ez:penso. N. W. STir.Es, Beautiful Lamps with illuminator and shades, .Dfty cents 1 only at KilliON'S. > ;,:, :, ' '\: 'I ' .:· ~. : . ' i . .... ' . I I~ . : i_. ,·' ., .'· 1 I . . ' .· . ',; . \,l ,l. 1. :', '' . ,'· ,, I I ' 'l II I ' . I l ·_ ·I . ~ : . ' '!· ' ! ' i . i '· ·~l ,f ,. ,. I L li ·' >: ·,. _, •, .. ; ' ,·j ·f '. \i' \j .. · l'; .' :! .,, '

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