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I^edyarcl, Ycm^e,, Soipio and gjpfingport tQ comjppgft the fourth digtfict. J^mived nmiifkionslij, m ih. sense 0 / iBe nkilfet. 'and '^|:u other a {ijow , T h a tth e ohoioo ’ ‘tial electorB, o f r?i|]ht belongs to the p.eo« ^|e • and that the attempt b y meaibers of the legislature to deprive the people pf |; this rigiiris hnti?repubiioan, and is highly I : r e p ^ • . ’ ' |I : Jdesoh'edf, 'Bljat the present thoj:le of I appowtio^lnstlQei of the peace is odious to the repphldaupitiaens: of this state, atyl . ^'ihat the eptfsdtdtion ought tp^'^ so amend- .od^that the people way elect these ofit - '■ f - ■'\’iliajaZ^iedv 'f^hat It ^hd-Hcorahieuded to I ‘ the reptibHCSn inhabitants o f the jfirst- dis- ' tdct to tneet at the house of Siwon L,a? throp in the t'o#n of ViGtory i those, pfthe: foiittli 3i|trict at Ghidhey’^ ^druet in the h.towft of V enice, on the last talurday P f |Jj;h ptfedocky Club h a r e p fopo|ed to th e ' '■ ' • ■ — tteoughV^pew agaipst.any.naWed horse,;far : Op; dr. upywrds, buf, 't|iat no ans#ef had ■ ’ ‘August next, a t' 10 o'eloek,. A,, h l f 'except d :; iu the- second district, tvho are requested*: I: i # jneet a U b^eidckf^i the piirpose rkoFclfoosingthe'delegates' heretoforerpro* : 'of this l.f;|neeti|ig'be published, in the Auhafn ph- T oois fcleudly ;b the passage of the electo- : ral lair , ' \ fJA l tT O , C?i’n, ' ^eJbidhharee/Ind an- v.#feh^tbf.hostiUty in ; I f^ lash, by altaeking; ifaj,or .Henry’s hhaticg P‘irty o f riv-e ipen? whiie.desoend-^ |: iHi tbe Platbii Avheu three of the party, '';llpOief -Ohapniajn and Glass Tyere killed, file other tvubvGutton and Marsh,'b^de thcd escape and, arrired ■ at -the .GoUhcil . ;'rhey, say that Major* Hehty •has baidafortat^fe of the,f}igHprn~- tetdM?* Wheeler waij Idlledhy g frhite .'led^aoddhatGapvfw^^ sotne, o f the pSfity, bad crossed the mountains, soipae time sinq® ,published, an .ac­ count of an attewpf % Macon Green I MhloTC up James f^ o n s i O'^^^ on [ ■ the james riyerxanai^; m bed, by i jgeans of a M all box of gubpotyder, ■ ^ lighted by two candles. ‘ .This .modem ‘ Gay .faiix was tried for.this misdemeanor, , ,a| ^iehinondi Va; the last xy’eek' p f June, ,; before tire criminal court o f Jhatcity,’ and t - loqnd guilty, sentenced topay afineo iV.sind he confined three-y^fars in the county ' |ail, ivithoutbail or - Mdmmtctgcs of 0 brohp^ ^orse-^hoe.-r-Two rubbers named* Zachariah; and Abraham' hush*\\ lately-btohe open Md fobbed a store in die tdwn of Dryden, Tompkitfs county. Oneioftheir horses had abrbken shoe/ by which means the ‘ rogUes' w efe tracked and arrested, and tlje goods re- coyefed,'' *■ ■ '■ ■ t . ■—r.- . Rapid^orh’^Ckesape^ilie end .Delupare QiriaL —We understand frorngoodanthor- }ty that the excayation and ejnhanknicnt f-S.'. quarreling about their supper,; whfeh was c o n t M w n asMUqt, d h e o f t h M eeked Mfl; vrhlch proved fata l; , a leg of the. ikhlet pe»etrnting the bfain, '; f ■.' ' ' On tim 14th'0f May, the physicianipf - sem id <li?t*t rtH .6 CBoft-howd, ii. hup^red thousand do|iars,pesanaujn ^ J j e Was}fin|toi) papew state, that the: been to the;prb|bsifi(}h. ' ; • ,;,^evy-.OfleuhS:pai^er^^^^ that a .faf hopthhm hpnd waters: of Pparl Efver, in the, stsite o f MjsSisslpjii, had arrived afthat fity,:^qrqssing fake Ppnchartrmn---a dis- tahce o f tko hundred pd hnom Hillshorbiigh, N. C. July *?,- tte josre|d t-3^ o f Moore; eouaty,:whi|o .epgugod in cfad wheat,' aut a .gash in the. calf of h is leg, with>a sytiie, which,, though medieal assistghqe vvasMmediateJy .obtained, caus'ed him .to: bleed to death in a few hours, , , . . ' Mi’v James Whiting, aged S6, died in; Pehnsylyania, u n t h e . IP th 'u lt. Thirty years; since he' Was hitteri by a mad dog^ and - in J)is: last .siqkhoss' showed strong: signs ofhyir.opilobia. A man.entirely dakfedj vvathan^i yoke of ten pounds wei|lit pbout his neck, Vas: lately found dfowmed in the Ohioj hear Pittsburgh—^suppo^od'to. htf a toi'dier^--^ The • circiimstance caused considerable excitement.: ' . Charles Pugh, a y o englad of Phdadel- phm,:was. drowned On - th % -llth ' ihst..by- Walking hacdiwardy w h ilen y ih g his kite, into a sink ■wkioh dmd b f e a uSedfof dfain- :ing a pon.d in- Wralnhf s tr e e t •. , • - ’ ’ , ‘ On tlie 26:thuh,.Tlijs3i I^^^ in smuggling,, was shoidhr the by a custom-house- officer nam.ed LowS^ It wms expectedJLyqWs/would di$< Low vvas Committed for trial A vagranf has .been ^committed at :Balti- mOre, on saspicion of his being one of the niurdierers o f ponsal^^he had a book in Ms possession known tQ.iaye been the ofpperty of Mr.. Bonsal. The Saratoga Sentinel states that .there are about 600 strangers at this celebrated' watering plane, and that -fte. Village pre­ sents, the appearance-of the bukle apd g ^ e t y of a ,'city. V ■■ ' 'i' Gn. the 28th of • Juhc, Miss JuliavAw made on this M fk during the lasf three Mo$s, a ydtnig lady :in tlie bloom o f life months, amount th the amazing quantity of ;sBb,000 cubiefc yar,ds. T h is is equal m ainount, and superiour in difficulty, to I about fourteen miles of the HuW'Votk vcahal*---Mtt. G n r, ' ' y ■' : , S e - l e r t e S S t t t w m a f f f i . , ' On Bunday morning, the 4th inst. while abeanliful horse, valued at ^300 was sttading in- a gig in Pourth-st. Philadel- . j^hia, a thOTghtless hoy thre-W a cracker I . .under him.. T h e moment the explosion I took place the horse ran off, but soon stopped and fell, the shaft o f the gig hav­ ing entered his side, and the gig having 1 befei dashed to pieces. On Tuesday and WeiLesday the. mayor fined as'mihiy as- Melre persons for having sold crackers, ynd warrants 'w e re issued 'fo r as rouny more. Sm boys* w ere fined for having maIvciouSly set .off'’'crac]kerk . T h e use of . C arbonated Sarsaparilla Medflj(says the H-'V- ’Evening Post,) is strongly recommended in hot weather, as [ preferable to Soda-Water, o r other artifi- - CiM sujnjmer drinks. Persons subject to . erupfiohs o f the skin, assure us that they t have derived eSfentiM benefit ffom it, and from thematerilts,, of which i t js compo- i sed, We uhdsKtand it;has^een;h%W ap- | . proved orbyjseyerM of pur first medical • praetitonersl '■ In the y ear iSIU, the' total population of England was ^,300,000, according to an enumei’ation made on account o f a poll . T h e populatipn of the principal towns w ere as follows—-London 34'jOOt), I Bristol 2,000, Norwich 6,000, Liueqln 35,000- T h e num h ef o f towms contain­ ing above 300 inhhffitants, was only eigh­ teen. London novV contains 1,225,000, On the i2th ulfihm, at Payton, Ohio’ several'young ,gentiomfen and ladies set 'out in a boat in quest of strawberries.r-^ Thh boat struck agaiust a log, and capsi­ zed, when Miss Mary Ann Eue, daugh­ ter of Mr. Thomas Eue, of Payton, was drowaed, T h e remmnddr of the party Were saved; though sevorul o f them hac very narrow'’hscap0s. A man employed on hoard the steamboat i | which plies hetvvesn Philadelphia and ' .Wilmiuglod, ipis been fined ten dollars for carrying n '% tler. T h e justice before whom .thc ca^eGame, was o f opinion that . ' ihetetter% being imseeled did not exempt : , \ the carrier ffiom peiialty. O n th e .2 d n tt two negro men beiong- [• ling to Mr. Marshall, near Panville, (Ey.) was killed \by lightning' at her father’s house inLoddou cpuiity, Vir^nia. N O T I C E . • The Annual Meeting o f the General Missionary Socie^ofVohngPedple for the rian Ghurch, in the viliage o f Geneva, on the third Wednesday ,0? August next, at l l o’clOok, A, M. T h e expediency of a dissolution o f th^e p resent Society ■'Vill then he decided upon. A general. attcndanGe of the Delegates from the Auxiliary SocE, eties is therefore earnestly requested. ;; T . EPENGER; Beo?;y. . Auburn, lOth .July,-1824. Editors o f newspapers in the*W est- ern District, who are friendly to, the ob­ jects of the Society, -vnll confer a favour on said Society by inserting the above no­ tice in their respective papers. * T h e . T r e a s u rer of the Auburn Greek Gdmmitlee has taansmltted to the Treas­ urer o f the G reek Fund, dfew-'^ork.,- ffi- t5*voae. dollars andthiCty-oneGqnts, in addi­ tion to the amount fprvVardted in April. , m Eerlin celebrated, as they liave doheToE these 44 y e a repaiL G r»^e«iter’s granE discovery of: vacGinafion, \ :p*om tbelmls sentto the society, ffiont ffilferent p arts- of .. . the kingdom, it nppears that i h e w V*sry su|er)i:o.r mtd :el€|dnt . ■■mdiyiduglsyaccinMed lastjear,-w a S .'33fc ' '' ' 90S. The numberVit is said,;would pro­ bably have been 360,080;, I f the -lists 'had; beepcoJUplete. . , , ■ ■ Eew r Jersey-is stated to .contain about 60,090 acres n f i lahdr c o v e red with salt water,, suitable for the cultjvatton c f oys- as was.;pV6r-;in^ffiis: amcmgHvhiG® w iEhefhund thp fM low iii^ficffisa /. - 'IngraincdGmjmhingjf: vhetines,- lncj|i Muffing,; _; ,J;Gaafcon add J^apkin I French T i n te d I .GkJpeSj-'plaman and '■ n brick, fs?«pcr%r;(A%wlch:Giape^^ (a ; h ew UrticleA ; ‘ • ..jB m q ’^ ; f i g ’d,8ivisS‘ I.|G -alicoes,/a??ca-|;-M u lls, ' ■ ' toUattWia W m l u s i . 'triugsi. • ^ |■■:mGamhrEk;T. B g M l m d 'P i p i n l T N l r i ^ foG'EriiEa'wirn--(a:^-3Ne% 's:TbCk^^^^^ • ; ^ . r \ r': . SHOVELS ■ a W ^ T a d FB h :; , ;E$?*Farm ers-'hdTTi|^^ ting to purchaseOTtifjOlfcp by the barrel; ;or less qpanti^, wnl alyaysEnd conatantly OO' h'and h stock o f GLD * WHIBKV, to be sold or exphanged for E ye, or Ccrn, on: the most-reaSChable'team ; ' i j Q M E S T i e C i o o n s , ‘ of every description, suCh fis T ICKINGS, 0HECKS, STRIPEE and PLAIDS, man­ ufactured from the .indigo hluesy ahd war­ ranted fast coloursvwholes'ale and retail, atiactoryiuicesv' '.y: ; ^ The subscribep^assure; ffiem Customers that NO OME Will sell them' do'ODS CHEAPER than themselves. , ^ '.i ' ;WOEDEN s WlLTSE. ;'■> ...... ; 3 1 3 S T • H / f YEGN c / REED jias this d a y re- JL t JL ceived a small assortment of D l l Y G O O D S , From- N B W - i r O l l B . ' wl)icl> ..vill f be sold at'his REDUCED PRICJSS. Mibu^n,, - .. ^ © r o i s r a . . AT I-nS AUCTION: ROOM,' N the village of Aul)Hrn, . ott Saturday, next, July 3:1, at l l o’clock, A- M. ■A V aiuety op ' I > R T G O O D S , G l t O C E H m S , J l . m D f V M t E , - U O E E O W W A R E , W A T c a m , B O Q K S , M A T S , J l o i i s e h o U Sf K itc h e n . . ' ' ■ M G R M T i r M E , . ' ' M O U S E S , W A G O f i , H . 4 U N E S S . &C-. i t e . ■ Term s made known on the day of sale. ■ .V Auburn, July 28, 1824. ■ ■: Ar THE ^ . AUBURN ’ .V;,'' I j l . H E suhscribei has |u s t received q ^ mew stock e f y.- _ , . , . r - d a o C E u m s , . ' ' - m C K E ) ® - *. - ' - c a i A s e ; W 4 B E f alU f w h iclt-^ W e ,^ d ; te]cy:3oW F 5 - : :. S O h b x e s EERRING , . f- . '■ ', 4 0 doz. CORN BROOMS, ^ s h a d , , m a c m e r e l CODFISH, •; . by the_cwL.«fcdess^hatil^^^ '' He feelsgratefhlfdf.pattT^^ .hppenhj s trickttenfiohto hu'sffi^^ Mnuahee u f Gie:hlffiier' Iriends jind Cheap as .the cheapest, q i^ .call and examine for themselves.. He does hqt.exceed« himself in cheapnes'sT hut if EAM ^CiAi hhs ' ;;'sMn .y lie'han’reduceffiffi!^.pHce.froffi.^^^^ 50 1 o |2 h G ,'tm % th e d A e n |E 4 .;^ ^ % . |Jj charifabJ,eihsdtufidnl in the Hnitedi ' Statei, anEthe poor will henC^plM^ y \ I f medicinivtn +h a T,r>rtr if Jrtt* Vpfi,'Mi?nertt|e1^ jf/trcht,' tong; ■stmMngrfiepmdiie:u^e^^ ^is- .. W . k> % of % ■ y , metier, n»d' ar.iiiig in debilitated constitutions, but more e^edaltyfrom syphilUs^ or (ifeeiipm rising ' C E R T lFiC A T E S ^ ■ • tumty,of seeing several cases of inV^teUl- hedoes his neighbours, he presumes his' cer3,whichUaving.resistcdprc'yously ^ customers will not c6mplarn. A%hwn,'Jime t , 1824.—-It/, ' \ ' •' S.r- : ' v u s « i M « i « r y y . mutual consent ; and aR persons indebted' to the firai are requested td pay H. W at son, who is. authorized tp receive the same ; and qll those who have demands against them-arc requeste.B to present their ac­ counts to him fop payment.; ' ’ HUGH WATSON, EDW IN HALL. 1824.~A WArboN & HAit,;imm^^ ly to their ffissqlu^nJeLpartnerSffipyh^^ ing received-rTvery handsome assortment Of GOODS; ivHch consists o f the 'follow­ ing apticlcsvviz. y •' y o i t v G O O D S , ( i l l O C E R I E S , • ; ; ‘j : ! i f f i G k E B V , & c . y . . ' ; which were all particularly selected' and inoies.of treatmentj -»verehealed t y tl)® use of- : MiV Swftim?s;pav*acaaj;andl AO;believe^^f^^ ;l; %-v^j s.e^p,ffiaGtwhi animSortant'retoeJ • .ay m scrpfal6u% , : ■ - N. chapman , m . d ; , B,2f«s6vr itnd.hueiicg of i have employed the rsmacea of JVIr..Swmin, ia numerous instances, wfffiin .the last, fer^e years, and;liavo always found it extremely efeacious, especially in secoridaiy sypliaties, and memurial i diseases, f haveno hesitatipa in ppopLOnUeing: it ameifioineofini^timableYjdne. .'ty.CriBsoNvM.D. Professor of Surgory in the , Univern^ of Pe?i^2smz«. ^ JOHN- SHINN, Chemist. Philadelphia, Feb,. 18, 1824.— 3 It/. M. B. For sale at Smith & Pearsall’s, N, E. com er of T h ird and-ftlajk'et-streets, PMladelphia. ;^.,y. ■. _ iCr.Each publisher of a ne-v7spaper in tho Uni­ ted States, 1$ requested to, publish tliis advertise-; ment once a month fo.r qne yetir, a«d seiidtlieir. accounts for payment. ■' ! ■; bought at th e vevy lowest cash price, fL W A T S O H^-ffidrefim eb^ lettvC tp inform. Ms frien^^ Che pUhlick general- y, thafihe intends tvinding up the business —-He will therefore sell off all his stock of G O 0 j|S , without reserve, at v ery reduced prices, for GASH and most kinds of Pro­ duce.. ^ ‘ . ■ N. B. Tavern K eepers accommodated cheaper than e v e r. ■ , ' HUGH WATSON. ,4 # p r« v /c^ |2 6 fk ,1 8 L I 3 T O F L E T T E R S , Rernaining in tlie Postojftee at Setpia, AT. Y. Xnly l;sf, 1824. . ' ' A. X T A S just received, and now offers for H sEe, a general assortment of M I E I T A R T G O O D S , W A T C H E S , A E i W E E R Y , . H A M P P ' A M E , &iC. SfC. ' ; comprising almost every article in his line, which \vill be sold !l^ » :qash.. Ajiburn, JuUe ' i 5; ,3 ^ ^ - ^ S tf.. /!rtof/ier has descended to the 'Fombl - ; D ied , a t Scipiq, on Thursday Jast, Blaj E zra S t . J ohn , in the 78th year, of his age.— T h e flower of his life was spent in his country’s seryiCe ; and he, has, it is confidently believed, gone J;o reap the glorious rewards o f bis virtue and his piety. \Communicated. ^Suddenly in Baltimore, on the 6th of July, S amu U u G urut , printer, ip ffie 22d year of his age, A brother of the type thus techpiCaUy eXpi'e.sses himself iu fa^ Vour of the dede^ed: “ Oh I thdtl great Aead'of earth and heaven, Who dost the howling tempest ride, Thy will the holy rule has given; ■ Thou wort the Printers friendly ^Uide: And now his eartlfiy, laoulderiiig form, is lockect in death’s .close icy chast, Ohi save his spiritfdfox That Mrls ,the -tde^us from tliy face; And oh 1 when thy last tnimp shall sound And bid thfe;slcepin^ dust arise, May he' he iq the colimns found Thaf/am the p;agcs of tlie skies.” James S. Allen, 18. RiChm-d Bede, David Brhn^ayd, William 11. Bancroft, William Bateman, Clark Bartlet, Mrs. Lydia'BroWn, Heiiiy Brannan, Platt Bull, 2, C. Sandfprd plark, J osiaii Chatfield, Andrew Cock, D. Christopher Davy, William, Dewy, Ausbun Dotras, ■ George PfensmOre, Mercy DunninK,.-' ■ ■ ,F. ^ Daniel Foster, Joseph P. Guile, Jonatlian Greene, 2, Fil-ander Green, ' -H Daniel Holt, John Ilillman, Simeon Hurlbert, 3, Seth Hamilton, ■ 4. Greenfield Iden, K. James Kinvon, . M. MorningStar Lodge, No. 196, Henry Marsh, G V - O R G r t . G I V .V .V V V V . p a i n t e r , X jfA S returned to Atibum,qnd taicen his X X former room, in Van Andetds brick hUildipgjUeXtdoorwestbfthedruggiststore.- of Steel,'Cook % Co. He will execute jio ilv a C tis, isECsrotmiEfi, jIH w C atttireB, . J ^ a i s c u t c € .T r - j p e l in' a style which he is cohfident will give satisfectibn to his employers. He^jnvites the citizens and his friends in this Vicinity, to call and examine his. work. Auburn, March 5, 1824.— Aif. 9 AS commeuced the' practice of his _ ___ profession in the village of Auburn. He may b e found at his .dwelling house, a few rods east of A* G reen ’ s Inn. Auburn, June 2, 182*4.— itf. Isaac MitehcH, Enoch Milldr, John M qo , Loderwick W. Master, Ana Morgan, Alina E. Morgan, Wiiiianj Alanahaii, Roxsey M?ispn, Jonathan Mendel, Dauiel Mabey, N. Paul Nichols, , O. Asenatli Ostrander, P. Sally Parker, John Pierce, Ammi Palmer, SamUi^ Parker, . & • ’ Allen Smeed, John Snyder, Chester Smith, Manard S. Smith, Elijah Smith, Lewis B. Smitlt, .Scipio Lod^, No. 58, David Thomas, Nancy Thirsten, jpsLah Thompson, Kester Tracy, W. Samuel Walker, •- -* Chautocey 'Woodford, Gardner Waincr, Alexander Weed, Lo.uisa Williams. 7 3rw. JAM E S 'GLOVER, F. M. ilv i b w i ’n A c a d e m y , / J| ''|H E Trustees of the Auburn Academy, B'. are requested to attend an adjo.U rned meeting o f a Bourd of Trustees, at the Hotel of J , Griswold, on Saturday 31 st inst. ensuing, precisely at 3 o’clock P, M? qi; business of impUTtanc.e to the Institution, B y order 0 / a, board o f Trustees o f the Auburn Academu,held f i b ) 2,1824. '' D. tiORi.ER, SecreUenf NOTICE, X S hereby given, that an application will X he made to the Legislature at the next session thereof, for the passage of An' act to incorporate c Company, tn be located in the viliage o f Auburn, under the name and style o f ‘‘The Auburn Insurance Compa, ny,” with a capital o f two hundred and fifij thousand dollars, for the p.urp,se ofinsur- ing against loss o r damage by fire, and a- gmnst loss o r damage by inland navigation. } Auburn, fmte 18, 1823.-—4^. , ■ . S H I N N ’ S' N O T I C E . of Auh'iira, 5n the county of Cayuga, under the direction of the subscriber, ouo of tlie Mmtfera pf ;pfkiia lying, in tfie46^03, pf Auretins, m said eoun- „ ty of Cayuga, being part of lot number forty-four, £ in the late 'Cayu^R BeseiVktibn, and is bounded as follows, to wit: Beginning at the south-west corner of said lot; thence north fifty ebams to the. north line of said lot; ,theho,e east twehty chains ; thence south fifty chains; thence Vest-twenty chains to the place of beginhSag, contfitiaing one hundred acres.—Dated July 13th, 1824.-7 6w. - •>. - DANIEL W, LEWIS. ' ,■ INSOLVENT NOTICES.. ' - ' * By order dj the fl'vn.'DANIEL W.'LE.'tVIS, a CmmisMone^' to perform e&ttain (tuties of a Judge of the Supreme Xdouri: cotulty of Cayuga, an iasolveat debtor, to shew cause,ifanythey have,'before the saidoomnussioli- ef, a t J. Griswold’s hotel, in, theVillagebf Auburn in said count}’, on tlie 11th day of October next, at . two o’clock in. the afternoon of that day, why, an assignment of the 'said insolvent’s estate shoTild not be made, fot^the benefit of his creditors, and his person be exempted from imprisonnient, pur­ suant to theaplfiltitledj “ An act to’abolish im- prisonmeatfor debt in certain cases,” passed April 7th, 1819— Dated July 19Qi,1824.—8 lOw. B y enter (if the IJbn. DanielSenncft, one of the Judges c f the Court of Coriimon Pletts, of the county of Cttyuga; . , ' OTICE is hereby given, to all the creditors X I of Mason Dovyiiing, of Mentz, in said coun­ ty, an insolvent debtor, to shew epuse,jf any they have, before the said judge, at J. GrisWold's hotel, in the-vdllage of Auhurii, in . said county, on tile ninth day of August nexh at ten o’clock in the forenoon of that day, -why an, assignmeni of the said insolvent’s estate shouldnot be made, for tlie benefit of his creditors, and his.Tersen he exempt froia iinprisonmerit, pursuant to the act entitled “ Ah act tp abolish irnprisohment for debt.in cer­ tain cases,” passed April 7th, 1819.—Dated June 18th, 1824.—4 6w. MORTGAGE SALE. town and N ^ H E R E A S LeviHiscock,ofthc Edward Warner, ; - • * r coHmty of Onondaga, on the twenty-sixth James Ward, > dky of June, in tfie year of our Lord,pne thousand ■ “ ' eight hundred and nineteen, by indenture of mortgage, for securitig the paynieht of three thou­ sand dollars, witli interest, in the manner specified in feaid mortgage, did .release and .convey unto Da\d(l Robins, of Mentz, in,the conttty of Cayu­ ga, with other lands in said mortg^e described, all that piece of land situate on lot nttmber nine­ ty-five, in the original township of Briitus, now Mentz, bounded as foliorvs, |q wit: Beginning at a sldke standing at or neat th.e centrp of a certain highway, at the corner of said high-wn)', where it turns nortlierly, on the farpa. belonging to Ashley Hogan, and running frpm thence north, fifteen de­ grees v/pst, three chains and eight link?, to a st-ake at or near the centre of said highway j then norlii, eighty-nine degrees and fffteen minutes east, six ehaim nnd'flfty links to a stake; then south, ftl- teen degrees ei;st, thpee chains and eight linlcs to a slake standing in the highway ; then south, cighty-nifie degree? and fifteen- uiintites west, six obaiiis and fifty linlcs to tire place of beginning, containing two acres of land, strict measure—.And Avhereas default has been made In the condition of the said mprtguge—And. whereas the rame has been duly assigned to George Leitch, of A ubui n, in saidconnty of Cayuga, now deceased—N otice; s therefore hereby given, that by virtue of a power poiltained in laid mortgage, and in pursuance of the statiltfi in such case made and provided, the promises above described, v/ill be sold at pub- lick vendue, at the hotise of John Gyiswold, inn­ keeper in the village of Auburn afoi;esfud, on the fifteenth day of December next, .at two o’clock in theatemoon ofsaidday.—Datedthe eighth day of June, 1824. SAMUEL CUMPSTON, , Surviving AdininUtrator of George Leifeh, deceased,, ' H. S eward , A 6m. PROPERTY OF UNIVERSJ’^Y OF ROCHESTER ORIGINAL STAINED

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