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The villager. (New York [N.Y.]) 1933-current, June 08, 1994, Image 13

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Underwater light led the way to her tapestries w M Art B y S iiscliji U rtK lsky WIiL'ii Siisiiii KI l 'I il I iim M' h' a p.ii'l), \ \ k - L'ai'i'ii's a special cartl lu people sla; meets. It has a pieiiirr ol' her staiiiliii^ ru'si to diie ot (he lui^e tapestries she \s eases \ T lu i \ e.isiet ih.ii; tiA ine to explain that I'm a lapesif) aitisi.\ Klehamirt'laiieh', \W hen 1 s.i\ 'lapcsirs' pei'[i|e usiialK thtiik I make ni'.i- liiiie plai.e m.iU llies sa> smu know 1 hase tin ' piohlem nh iu\ ii\lun uiilam It s been a t\' .'.t’saile stiueei'' Klehanotl m lisme !n sepaiate lu'isell lu in the (i\ Ion nrtaiii u> J \1 heie na^ al\\a\ s bei'n a pieiuiln e .leaiasl sSiMMiie hei aiise peo[>le think i4 ii ,i^ a tall.\ she sa_\ s \I . eii (Innieli il i ^ .i J: 11 imd! [iM'f'lem. n'stike pamterK sm lp u iie '' Kleham It lim . i IK sloesii't i nlei . h i .'mpentioiis heeaiive ilieie is no Laiee^ is ici uea\ me I iie^e ilasn>'ue\er. she is ti s me' i>' hleiui hei sseasing: with nihei meiliuno. ■ It s iin'ie ot a e.'llaee. ' slie sas s ’ lie: ssriks ranpe liom the pta e sh.' did SUMS me the hai: ot I nitet! States See.aloi v \1 had Ii' ^el a se(.iiMt\ elearaiki' lo |:e( n iiiil id the Senate's tenIvrslmp ‘ lu lajpe Seale eorpoiMie storks ini eoiiimission A nails e ol lielhesda. .Mai ylaiu). Klehanotl jtni herBaeheloi on-ine A\f(sDejiree .it ( ’arneitie-Melloti rmsersity in 1977 \I sindieJ diassine heeaiise I ilioii^eht it ssoLild he a basic, uselnl lotd.\ says Klebaiiot't'. I he sveas tnp’ hf ean a veai alter inadtiation. aiui ssas inspired by one ol llie artist's lasonte aclismes; sssimniinjt. ■ I ssas very interested in the physical element of liphl seen underwater/' explains Klehanol'. \and I needed a iechniL|iie to illiisiiiile that.” Klcbaiuif. also an avid traveller, has been swimniinji all over the world. Her lasoriie spot IS snorkelinj: in the Red Sea, o tf the coast of l-eypl and Israel, As ^lasnost dassned. Klebanoff ssas the lust artist to stioss m tlie preniiei American iiallery in Moscoss. She was also one of isso American artists ms tied to the World Design l..\po m Nuitoya. Japan in 19X9. She travelled to the I xpo with Duane Hansen, known for his retilisnc .sculptures, and borrowed back .some of lier works from coiporate collections. Traseliiny is also a source of inspiration lor her an work. \ I i ‘ s not so much that I'm inlere.sted in ihe weaving o fotlier cultures.\ says Klebanof. ssho profes.ses to be more inlere.sted in Ideas than lechniLiue. \I found weaving to be everything I was looking lor. sculptural, mathematical, painterly.\ says Klebanof. \There ate so many possibilities \ Klebanof. who is 39 and single. Uses in Kensington. Maryland, a suburb ot Washington, D.C. She does her weaving in a separ.ite studio. When she does wm'ks on eoinmissions that will be placed in hiiildiiigs, she often Art auction Two luindted original paintings will be offered to the highest bidders in a silent auction at An Around the Park, a comiminiiy arts festival at Tompkins Squiire Park sponsored by Pernod, a French aperitif. Proceeds from the auction will go to Businesses in the East Village A.ssociaiion. a non-prufii local merchants association that funds progi'um.s and activities to benefit the East Village neighborhood. The auction will be held on June I I , and artists interested in entering can write for guidelines to; Pernod Liquid Art, c/o Robert E. Griffin Inc., 133 W. 19th St„ New York, NY 10011, 'Dreimi Passage,” 4.5 x 16 ft. \ 10 ins., exhibited at I .S. Ambassador's residence, Moseou. works with the micnoi tlesigner or archiii’ci \In a loi ut ioda\ 'scorporaif oil ices people are surrounded by the technical things so pei'pk' van respond to the textures .nui the depth I’ll .mi’ihoi le\el.” As Klebaiiult composes the pK\e, \I hau‘ .111 image in mymmd iliai siem.s trom emomms. they are symbolic, pictorial, abstract,\ \.Anoiher ivason my works luxe been successful inconimisMun is that lennyx lelatmg to the person and place,\ she says Skip Kalienheiiser. an an critic, w rites ol Klehanoffs work m a caialog aLLompany ing her latest show at Images Art (ialhuA \V'l hile Klehanoffs an is iiexei subdued In Its suriouiidings into a mere decoralne liinciioii. It does complemem them in a s [\ k m I and olieii thematic setne. ihniigli the tii is ulten one ol contrast.Commission work allows lier to consider wlial an orgam/alion is doing at a basic lexel. li is not unusual tor the artist to work from blueprmts of unbuilt buildings, with arcliilecis and designers, to heuer grasp the relationship between the space and her art I'nderstaiuling ilie interplay ol the space w here her work is hung is important because people react to the an, m pan. from then muxemeiii ahoul it. I let' work breaths w arm life into e\en the most \a n il'like spaces of contemporarx buildings. While Klebanoff has gamed pul'liciis lor her large-scale pieces she is aiming lot a xhow at the Melropoliian Muse uni. \Thill would he ten'llic.\ she sa\s. Klebanoff is ii frequent xisitor lo New York, liter lather was from Brookluii and she will he gixing a i;ilk this wu'ekend at Images ( lallery m Soho Weaxiiig. e\[>liiins Klehaiiofl. is one ol the oldesi art lorms, \During the times when they had cast lex and exeryihing was cold ihe\ had to bring some wiirmth ipio the space mi iliey put up lapesines.\ she ^liiys Recently, savs Klebiuiofl'. she has xiiined working on a sniiiller scale. I \fv e recently developeil a imihi-layer technique that work.s well .smaller: ii'.smore of a collage,\ say.s Klabanoff. I Mo.st of licr^work.s arc ku.spended out from the wall, .sometime,s by more than two feet. \It depend.s the concept of the piece. 1 try to do u wide variety .so that people are able to respond to whatever my ideas are, “ There are so many textures and ihkknexxex that xou i^aii get with the \ams.\ says Klehaiioll. wliu ixpicallx works with cotton, wonl and s\ ntheik s .Some ot the iiiosi unusual iiiaieiuK slu‘ used w.is toi .i [no|evi 1.1 iiiin ,^MOlu^! bx ' S A I od.ix I’cw spapei in whixh s)ie wo\c copies ,'t the iicwspapei into a b\ line 1 he lapestrx lungs m thf othxe ■ u the head ol ihe (j.iiincn r.rw vp.ipm J i . iim C ’l ,i lapestis commissioMikl iw .i b>od Liaiip.iax she XXoxe hi'oxxn im j-' \klt'banoff Hilu f i n Ia{u'Ur\.\ ot (idHrrw y>S0 linnnlvui\. until lul\ Mb Mnn.-Sal, !2 / ’ W -s V \J. 2I9-S4S4. RESTAURANT 340 BLEECKER STREET • 212 989 7042 • 24 HOURS Photognphv: Anttiony Colintunio Detipr; MTM Gruptib Styting. Dale Kan I ■ s s §

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