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Commercial advertiser. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1797-1804, December 11, 1797, Image 1

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fQ % . 1 . 1 ^ ^ v v - - ; ,^ ?■ - - - - - J«Ms“^.t ssSSSlisfeti \“^^ 1 I r&\^““\““■ * f sofSi ■ , 1 ^o.CnffeB, ‘ nov. *4. tf HAVE received per A^diBc , good* oil coiirigiunc'it, i,„.. 4a Vunks 4 'f cbiiitzrsand c 3 uo« cotton bandmat 6 ' do , pulliots ^ ^ . do. chintz uid purple iltawlt 4 do, niulluii ^ 3 do lincA pocket bandkerrbiefj. r»'' *7. . wTottcu ellltnowa CTWndei i m f i l I be Landed a| the ■Old-Slip, S : , 2 i v * r ' S J ' i - t ' . T r & I .1 hhd» Aux-C*ve»moUffea I «>-r»“^H^'S'?rARAEN. IVhobiujuJiTicaveifirf^Ale-, „ puatbeoas high proof J[a«)»ica Spi^iti, a Iierc »fl « feed , , - : rfio b3rr<-!* priipe and cargo bOef go do. Manhadeo h it .9 fid« foal leather • ■ borei chlecfe g hlicolfec ' b l l f t i d O e e l- g iierLJi ficc ■ ho^ <> • , lf«^ . rBell and Poillon, I No. 87 Mauiat'LdiUi yr* ' ■ lisvcreceired and a/e now opening for Sate the follow^ d*le,dJ4. I Sahte* 1 iotabouf, I ,Tbx, . ' > iiddotw l i illKlt Bear, I m UFK and TIPPETS. ' r a l . K w .■■ roid,gp, ■ Eatfaxm/. J and white forr Rock* <MndiM ■ ' ift’Kite and colored trixnntings, with t Iver^l^ ■ ,^^iHMr»t affor(meiitof DRY COOOSaa nfual. \ For Sale by N. Schweighaufer, 4th and i ft. proot veil flavored brandy \ Claret in calks f nd cafea White Wine in boitlea. Shelled Alihup4a,.Cafti1e^a{> Powder and Pomatum . Levender Water and other fcwta 8jack Laces, Tewing and cmbroideringTtlka \ parcel ot Yellow Ochre A hpx of GoM and Silver Wauhei h S ^ f btiilStegi J I ^ij^e «nd I*6int Blankets,' and patent ■ ' HolloWwaie, ►^iTdmgt 1 V Houowwarc, . - ■ r 0 , g a t*«a. t*d. and t o i ; EngUlh wrjti^htnan. ih e»«r; I ly’^wcaOi. ■ N ot , 15 . tf. lYgre- ■ ------ ■■■ m t of the (oll^wit, MtreafoBabkUenni r.; To-morrow will'be Landed, ' * FroM on hoard the Swedilk brig Cbriftina EUzibeth ^ at Svrartwout’a wharf, aoitb river, attbe foot of Car- UOefireet, t75 pipei French brandy . ___ to caOtt red wine ' •3 boxes, 30 bottles cacb|.do ■Sweet oil,xapera, cttcojnbcra and n ^owiaa m boJtea Caftile Tuap tit boxes ' , Alaioadi, marbUa~.For tale by, , . „ , G n . Ratlaim d ^ E rothtr^ No. 77 OfocdiribSftnn^ iKttier 20.' . ' tf. 'm f f r s | , ) a dso Ao. hides and goal tkioa ■ ' i 6 packages no'mega I:.. I I « ~ , * c • Venn ■ . Now landjig froin tbo ftiip Hero, capi Jackfon, I Jlm t. 1^ W Caloilu and Wadrah. and for fale by EDWARD OOOLD&SCMf. '■ to I f '-S « ^ f r r n. * . , FORAACE.BY • I Wm. S. RobinibA, I . Ifp. *00 'Wall ftteet, On Mulrsy'i wharf, eornn* tore, J . • aghdi-N E Ru;H P . I ■ * W ,9W^Sge t o l l e d , eonGfliDg ofjmall ha 4 fcri,^fpiin fv ^ O M on board the. bng^ARW E R , Henry War- l ' ’’’ den, mailer, frditP Madeira, 10 pipes London particular Madeira wine to do. London market do. ■ 14 do. York market do of the firft quality, foi by C. & I. WILSON ic Co. »9ater 9 tf. tot Water ftreet,' This day/lRftcUrtg, MOM onboard brig OLlVE,wt Lupton'a wharf, and for^;ft.E h y . . .^ohn ChapiTian and C t. 170 Froat-jlreetf • I ’ 54 hhdi. Jamaica fog’r J 4i punchrana dq, fpiritt Alfa in ftorty pipes Amflerdym gin . »oboxeaDauannah fiigan ao puncheons Jamaica rjim SOdo. country dtf. ..'T- ao tiercel anq Wrelfclover-leed 3bijdi inolafles’ • eefoter a tf - ' 87 PUNGHEOi^ r u m 4fio bag^ Blse-k Ginger 38 ditto White'ditto ft4 ditto.Cocoa •• I 8 ditt’oTurinertc. • iteiTi', ■ The above will be landed at Jonci'a wharf, Old IWp, lterc,i from on board the biig 6Ai.t.iorK, Leonard, from I |A.\f AICA For SALE by. Snf/w , Son and Co. John B . Cola. Jo^okr ef ■ Landing front on board Sloop FA-R>,iER, Cant. Rider, from lAMAir'A. loop FA'Rt<!El . JAMAICA, S3 hhdi Mufc.rvado Sugar ^ > l a do as puncheons Jamaica R,am aji caflu Coffee iJtd n i Logwood.' Apply to &. YATES awiO. POM OCK, g t Watei Ureet. Wm. and John Hervey, Alfilper Hape, Don, f* cm XewOrteans, oowL Beaver—>a quantity of Otter, Bear and fba*e ' rsov i v . t £ , . This day Landing, from on board the (hip Minerva. Kimble ( maftcr,frdm Aihfterdam, at Jackfi»a'iwhlirf. Gin ini pipes, 1 KulOa mod Sweedn Iro Lintfeed Oil j Steel ai^ GlaCi wmo liapongd by arid for fate by Ftedtrici iflaitd 4th Bell 3heiry Nutm^tand Pepper 'No. 7 1 Stone>fticet. Hr«0 RAt oar R.tKO, proof Brandy Munrb and Roe, H A V E F O R S A L E , 3 hds James River tobac. tgo on. turpentine I • k e n mamifaDored' do.- too do. u r lOo bw Tup fine flour, ■ 15 bdi lamWatk. 58 do. fhip bread goqrcaiksold (berry w a^do fkiptolF ttob w s pepper A c o n ti n e n t of Mancbcflcr gdods which will bt fold low, and liberal credit for app.roved notes. ‘ Ifaac fiicks, ^ A S SiJLJ^V N o . »4 Ctane-wharf, do. bolt.rnpe do. while'do. s do. common cordage 3 do Oakum too calf Otina too blv whale oil 1 CO do. Spermaceti do. too boxes do. candles, to bii. unnera oil . 3 bbxea' Irilti H ocbi to bales Duck ‘ ighhda Philadelpbia loaf fugar wo boxes Claret wine lOM Ruffia Iheetiag to hods bottled Porter. lOtb mo t a ' if. Landing at Moore’s wharf, from onboard fchoonct litdotrv.ardlof Ifleky J O H N S A U N D E R S , No 33 Ma)ea«i's>whar^ 41 bh. and so kegs p kUed Llerring 95 do. Liver oil . 380 fbooks and HeadinjC 67 kegs Salmon, 4 bis. awb beef 5 bain Couoo, 7 calks^tlbaai atdSkerfjr wnw •Tipes.Rraitdy f, tm leo pipes 4J1 proof brandy ' 95 bbds cod hfti ^ 1 too quiaul* dnmb fifla V_. aoetpoKea florroccOil 3 chefls Opium ■ s ditto Msmlbfindiiia oa.*t- natmegs, 10 wtre, i t^da do. . Sundry hdcs IndiafMfdt 3Q0.ps. Perfia ‘j » do* d«. tT rnningdtoo Eaft. India Chan and diOloMry. V»* *4- tf. Landing on Hallett’s wharf, t/; hhdi T osacco . far S d L £ ty D£R0Y, m AYARD U M^S'ERS, Ho. 117 Pearl ftreet. WHO HAVE ALSO FOR SALE, criife Wine in pipes, hds. and qr.’cjiiks ■d Geneva ifks Brithfione Red and Pale Jefuici B: A few calks madder. Holland Geneva I tg cafka Brithfione . T e n e r i f f e W i n e . 19 Pipes 2nd 52 calki of Teneriffe of •ry excellent quality, for^ale on reafon»ble terms by G E O . JO H N S T O N , actabtr 13. tf. • No. arirFront-ftreet. ,, The ^ubferiber, HAS for Sale, at No 88 on Murray’s wharf, WalLflr. 30 barrels prime Pork, Few barrels prime Beef, Few cafka of very excellent Port ‘Wine, peicet Flanitela, Baizes and Coathigi, crates Eanhrn V’ Glafa Tumblers /•''50 peicei Flannels, Bai iO‘ crates Eanhrn Wat Glafa Tumblers per quantity, 90 caflts bottl’d Porter very cheap, r» butts 41b ■ “ Its 41b prooVBrandy, lb green C&ffee, fubJcH to drawback, -90 barrels frelK fuperfine Flour, tOoO lb. new Ch'cfc—.Su^ar in Hhds ALSO FOR SACE, B I L L S on B A L T I M O R E . David G. UuhharA^ _ ottrkrr 7. t f For Sale, tADCLOTHS, and a fmall everal Cafes of HAT.S, ondon lup'^yflnc BROA aff''rtm«*it of UtLERY afid HAREIWARE, Received Hy the Fa£l.ci from Loodon, will be fold r fniall anvaucc, IVh'defaleh Or Retail, for cafli. r^mery, by the lub! .lefale _ ________ exchanged for Drugs, Medicines J a d t a A rnold, ?Jo 170 Water-ftreei Irilh L i n e n s a n d L a w n s , RECEIVED per the fnow P allas andfhipOxAKO from DU3LIN,aiid for fa’.e by the Tubferibrr, A. CC A R R O LL L . A R R O L . tf. Gourttoewr** vilfsvf. John Murity ^ H a v e for.Sale, at N o . zj-H ^ im a n d lB ieta to hhds VVind ward iflaod runf ' ' . s cafes bats alTonjid t * . U , -60 lb. Aqoafortb, looib, !>tlebx%- 30 ca&s Holtaiid cunpowder ■ Ainericau blilLcred (led ■\ A quantiiyot whltebeans ' * 18 cables (rum giq iOTn>.hes,|»likds claret An elegant aflottnient of ^ l d sndlfilver Matches toogroceponcraicdwiReboUleK / , Half gallon cafe bottles*- - . ^ Window glafa tx by to, t t b y ^ 4cafesg!als sraTc to pipetgin, I shales blue Guhaesa. 128’bVft pearl aihcAy 10 tiCipvCS litiS to boxes hair powder, 50 .d® purham moRard. Alfo,a q u a x tiiyof^beft N o r th m ji P e r e la m it,j^ O M Caat Beaver, ' Wiib a few ca(ksof C A ^ O R p M nov- ty tf ■Atn.:«ffortmeot o f real HoH 1PERS by tlie box «r rcuil, fqrftAi HAVE for S ale , at their Store 1 for approved ootes, accomme M dkefls fiiie Hyfon 3 o. - 30 ebj. Gunpowder J t Ji a o. 300 bales fhort yel. Mintnmihd ClmmpUn, No. 915 Pearl-ftrew, Kwr for SALE, juft ampoited ir, the fch'r JEa^le, from St. PeterslMngli, 90 tons clean Hemp , tpions-|ifoiud cordage ui feather beds 9 balodixpei and tickiu^ too pi' cei fhertiun pieces nveas tkcalks Itofecdoil , ANOOSt^HS. 75 Inns afforted Sweeds i r o ^ ^ t , rooad and (quai 70 piniea A m e ri^ dock, e g ^ i t r treogtkand d Rtion to any jmponed ' A quantity o f Cliina plates in boxes and roles, both flat and foup, in 3 fizea 3 krge elepnt feit of dmiiig China $0 China window blioda 4 boxes large fam 6 ~ fmall d o . 3 jan baifam toln 1 ca(k gusn lack 3 cafes French cambrics s colored taOity ■rtd ration to aoy jr 7 hhds W. 1. TOi 93 boxes fvap to cates calblr do. j 4 copper ftins. complete )09 black and red Mtirocra (SiM 04 tierces new rice 41 crates Ltverpoal w«i^ allbr- __ ___________________ ^ «fl. tf Ironmongery and Cutlery. A g^aenl and well chnfcn affortmem, for f*1e. Any pcrfoii wiftaiag to porditTe a pan or the whole, will taiKi with lenm very advantageous. Apply, si no CafUle Soap and' OiL-'\ . ato boxes Csftile Soap, too chefls Oil, Landiag out,uf the b ^ Ho h i i i-rv, b um Lc^otU— H E N R Y S A D L E R * C O . 8 i fVa/erdlr. nentm h rj ------ tf I are, a few fuperh TEA URF Alfo, a general affonsneatof yexotUerj oead H a xieaare, C e lery SatOety, Guns,' (words, piftob sad blonderbuSb, gold aad fiber **“ s oSeert c^nleiiea, pocket books, whips,canes, At. Ltkewife, a large afforfraciit o f . f^ l d sad Silver Watches, *Watcb truBaatogi uad male* rmls, Ac. Ac ail o f which are now opening and for fale ou eligible terms, by L E M U E L W E L L S , No. 138 Pearl ftreet. •ttmleriL. eod. toa. J o h n H a lf O T , h a s f o r s a l e . No, S5 PEA & W T R IET, * Jh fi R e c E v ti, 19 boxu German glafa ware^ 6 wn'cheons London do. 3 boxes lotdtiBgglsfe plates, t hhd. { fadltryandCutkiy. *5 Eegs pickfed beans, A large quantity of twilled India market. cofiee bags, fit for the W. O boxes Gigatcandy, 3' do. quiUsfoTcoltnl t do. nutm eg iting houfe afe. I do. beads, io bojts Ruffia duA, to rfa^Qs bobea tea, A parcel of marbles StiU ea hand, 15 hhdsbeft Liverpool crockery ware, _ 30 crates do. do. earthenware, to pipes high 4th proof Holland gin, iqo qr. cxfks old fherry wine, pai,n,Orili)e P u d r is.) ■ lo Liquor cafes, a tons of Cermab fleel, A quantity of framed Liking glaffes. Toys, like fnuff.box'ls, packet books, k c , frift) duck. No. t to 3. ^ Tabic cloths o f all fizea. actabtr eo—tf. Indian Com* iSoo fanfhris of an excellent qualityi juft impoi in the (loop U ett V, from Wi lm inctom , (Del } loi W M . K E N Y O N If. Chuilan' Tea. ' T H O M A S B A R R O W C o . H.AVE received a few poundsof thiscelebrated TEA, I'o highly efteemrd for its remarkable perfavw and flavor It it the firft of the kind ever imponedTinto tbi f ity, and is well worth A e atlutioa of the ctirious ii. Tea. The price it four Uollsrsl^y pound.. actabtr a. tf • CO RD A G E. Richatd M. Malcoxn & Co. No 140 Water-fireel, T T AVE for fale a conflant (apply of CORDAG I r i o r ALL SIZES. Orders left at the office c t the Rope-walk at Brooklyn, will be inmedtately a -nded 40. a<J*\tt a. tf ifaac, *|‘i^Ord*i W h o l e s a l e s i l k s t o r e , * c .& c . Is removed frpin No '85, Maiden-Iaut, No. Pcarljlreet, late D*Lattttey*s Store, Near Utc NEW-YORK JA K R '- Schanllopprs. Ilaad SCHANSLO. ktk 's t No ioj'W®. kavtathr 16.. tf f Gouveriieur and Kcmblt le, :on Ccuverneur’s wharf, loiia- tng to purchalers, 3 cafes French can colored t3 t trunk eiblKin a cafea nanf Ibrelc umbirili oxes glafs « diefta putch pipca aoo pipes bigb proof Co­ mae bruidy - 3O I ft proof do. aoo cafes fine Boordeanr c.arei, fit fof'particn too d.o winetdp gt*ve 4 qr cafka aid 1 pipe A > Lond.pqrtk 4 qrcaiki V Madeira winy 30 boxes gunpowder p €0 bags claret dorkp fiooo goat (kina 100 Spanlfh. bidet a new cablet 1 box filk mufqueto aatx «00 gin cafea - If cosrsisfi *. Q OP Havumia fugar 177 fmall boxes of Segara, -firft quality, and a few toot Csmpracby Logwood. Seton, Alatiland a n d Co, \tf. arrived, and for Sale Sj L O O M I S f!f T I L L I N G H A S T , No. gfi Wall-Succj,- 197 bis tar,- goo bulheis black eyed pesfe, i hlid tobacco They kave alfa Jar hade, khdt c.aret Mine, at u#xCsdo pipes Holland gin, ciftt i 6 do. couatry do. *6 pipes slid butts Boiftdeaui brandy, 460 hUftielacorn, aco blituipentino, ij ’ go do variilfh, 15 firkini firil qu^ny bi j6o W» Manhadcii i6 lousy'fuprtcd 6 Jiy t and 7 bt g window gUfs 3 bales .aft dualny bW bafeas 4 cheflv caffis, i btix India bmtingi too reacst blue fpgar paper, 100 do writing tio a boxes hyfoo tea, iB boxes caftfie bap A few Deer (kins, t hM baddeT Armllrong ^^iriewnll. Have (or SALE by the PACKAGE, Claret io hi ! (or SALE by the PACKAGE, idi and Cafes q( I, p,jud ^ doc. at fit- .perior qaalriy Vtn de Grave id hhds, bit, and cafes 1 -dos aack go piM '«( Cogniae Brandy o n of Provence in bamparpof aa botfei eacb AoEnixetie of htarieilriaard ia Brntles Fiasiis in Btaady In Cafes of 1 a bdttles «Kk Wltitfc Wiaa Vine|ar in finsll kegs Bnufed Patter in fUrers »l fig doc eack Ttsaerifle WJne*in pipes SmtioflafyiSMrfed, Hair pbwder sad foliiatiimi Dinaml L in n Lewna Aavorgae d o * ^ Taffetira a f ^ d o * UrtbrvHas da Pdllenuoin of ttaaea da , StOpKlea & Fontsrd bdkf do Silk aad thread Lbees Men dt womenstloves * Oo d o Wither ayafitfu A Reanca I a M j t e k p a Bearhhdkfe ChoDett do Brabant da Morbix da 3 bales clotba 4 do Saisra 900 Bis Oaa.powdcr Canbrips , ^ 6 ^ ' Tke above goods arc entitled to drawback. erfi brxes White Sugar 164 do Btowsi 13 Hhds and 1 tfercC do 4 tens Logwood Jttfl arrrved {■ the brie Ragua, cipt. Wtifon, from Havanaa, will Be landed ta-morrow at the Corpo- O O L D a n d S O N . Who kive'tlfo to difpofe of, Puncheona S t. C roix R U M . the Havanaa, will Be landed rstioas wharf, and'for Cile by E D W A R D G O India Silks. ' the latearrivili frutn CANTON, m a EUROPE, a very extenlt^ ECEIVED by tl by ihb left vHEels from anartment of S ilk , M crccrv, Linen U rapery & H o ffery, &c. riie whole o f which will be fold on very low terms I Cifl), Wbbkfsle zad Rcuil, by JoHW T o r k e x , jni.f. fmber a. ______________ No. 181 Peatl-flreet Wholefale Silk Warehoufe. ISAAC TITFORD, • N o . 141 Pcarl-jfirut, • ~Blsck, bliaiigi^Bte<snd plain Luftrings and XCiatos Black, colored, figured and ftiffmd Sauina Black and colored Flornstines, Tsffeues BiKk Velvat, velure and Barthtbee Figured, snd faacy Modes, Turkey Cause, .Square Modes,' Sadin Figured an Gauze Cloaks, Bbck and calored Barcelona Hdkfl Silk (bawls, farfaets and perCana O il’d hat cowers, Silk and oil^tn Umbrellsi and Ribbons, Pstent'Ladies Sattin Hats and Sands aad Silk trim mings, Ac. &c. . ALSO. X vo cafes japanned ware per invoice. A Urge affortment of writing paper, a 6 cafea jak powders, with direflions and plates, a bsleof buntin, ‘ .. , xfi cniia enitkeawate, afforted for family ufe, with tumblcri, wineglaffea. Ac. 30odoa. feafbnsbie hoGery, 500 doz. check indcntton (birts, CafUin hgraiaai ibbqpi, galloons at ind pim^ofet, and One cafe of SILVER WATCHES, w for a country dealer. •A clirft of-VlLviTTseNS, TBicKisTta, Coaoo- lovs, D im itix s and CiNO^HAjMS. Per Mary from London, One cafe of Sable and Red Fox Mujt, Tippetts and Alfo, Travelling Caps, w^ch will be fold t a moderate advance or the (leriing invoice. ^ One trank elegant ribfcqpi, galFoons and fetriting One do. umbrellas and para*’-'- * H ^ h r y S a d l e r £9* C o . No. 91 Water' ilrcct, have fot Salcj ' 4OOnieces Ruffia fheeting 43 boxes Havznnab wbtte fugaf j g r e e n c o f f e e . too bit Chip bread G id in pipes, Fiench brandv ia do. Madeira wine i« do. and.hbds Looking glafs platri, different fizei, from gg by a CO 64 by 34 inches French eanibrics, fiamsfk tabic cloths spd napkins Diaper « do da ableiar s. •J, b*^sTle>ohe*fliread 30I’hkds. hhdi. alfe^eddinlim. v*are ;i)ec al iivcry large ceble, a u K b o ri.oi tgoow ti ^’ov. m itino, i5n do . rolin ■ Swedes iron Sa||: and Coal. * A>0O bufheb Liverpaol Ground Stll, soao do do blown do 30 too Coal, laqaite Oft board Osip Ca!ed.,uia,alfclark^ wJurf.ihts^H StanJiarj wsd i ■ *77 l’e«ri-1j ■ ‘ WHO KAVl ALSO tO» **1. fig to. Roofing (Isir. fisperio* fveliiy ffraet 9^ cratra afforted eaitb(rti ware , s8 boxes loo2 and (bort p fpd ■y -y fipanidi brqwa ) yellow okcr at too do Vniuhnft ft uflta CO purple bi Whlek will be foldi ft ton dr Spanil S to« do yellow ok • do VniUhnttA ■ MOEwi . . . ' . etiisMdfensbJefctedU. ^ i ^ d C o a l s “ 8*00 boftiets Liveiyavl Mftwnliric Seton, Maitland lin'd Co. No. 3l Mill.ftreeu iie« to t i e C«ftoiia:Ho<Ir. kxvl for SALS. IttelV r tn p e r t ^ '' ‘ • g o h h d r ^ i w , , ' too ptp« Corfici, 30 ^bid Madeira fit for immediate aid 55 a lks French white wlaa 30 bit Sherry A Fi|*» »«d cTicellmt i*ott 'Wimd tg, bsikets, I a botttea eatb, Clarit 60 piper Couatry Gia tg, bsikeb, 11 bott 350 boaea of s a do ^ S» do Italian Lfquon* too elwfla C'atlia, so do Hyfea Tea, 71 bags CoCod 4a cafea Manna, la ferta B Vermacclla 4 I ^ a A Tsislc Clotka and Nfapkia} a bslea black Cafnel'a hair I cafe alt.ned Bouitfiig Cloaha 17 bloHca |dafble , CHINA,confiRmg of tab le. Tea and Preakfvil Setu\ —Alfo Cnptaad Saucers, Bowlli, and tails of fist tfad foup Plates. Ac Marble Cimocp Pieces,' csutfiallf . w w g h i, fevcral ufes luliaa llatsef all kiada, 'nidt Alfa, mate LauJitg Jrem Lcgbor}|, 29 PACKAGES, confiflinrof i cooipieCd affortment of DRUGS asMl M E D ICINES ‘ ‘ tf J U S T R E C E T V E O . An e lepat affortmeot of Fancy Lamps an! Lafhp Lanthoinii For SALE by I . TITFO R D A Co. Doveaiber i8. tf • 1.41 ReasLflreqt . ■■i Flai Seed. QTOREO, Cleioed and Sold on moderate tfr^ l ‘J *>y - A. CARROLL, ' 7 ________ ___________ Ga»etii«-ur*f wharf. Souchong Tea^ Oj Sayeriar faality. far Sait by H v /h PoUock t i f C$. Odder zy ij. Boulting Cloths. Fine affortmeoi of the f defeript kind^ of every qualiM', may be sad tnofl Cppfoved ranted of a fuperief a ^ Prarl-flrcet. ROBFBT PQWVE F O R J» A L £, -SQ Baxes frefh Prunes looo wi. fofi (bell’d slmondi By John Marjloh Cc. 83 / / 'a / r r J r e t f i A jlso on n>«Nb, loodoz. Iftqnal Claret Gunpowder, i Madeira. Y on Hyfon,. J Sherry, and f 2 j ^ Teneriffe ) ^ B..bea j ^ IVM'oLtSAir and R iT A it, < K l f i a general cplforttnenl Groctrtesi tctghtr a . ~ ,f •Wm. ^ Thomas Tfrvirij No* Matdcti lan^, HAVE feccived by the (bips, F.flot From Lor and Alliance (rruri LiverpooL rmfiftmg»w>fl(llng of WoOLtKMS, C I .Su r t R r I Nt C loth K a s s r V M t R z S -StV AKDOWtr S f SXT CoATlMCS ' &c. few Ca(ki afforted hardware, and * eariety of other articles, all o f wl fell low for cafij or notes at a flhott datei hips, r . a o t From Londobi vf j'|y| I, a haniffoine affortmeot« , | iSt; w W orst rnfkoil ' . ’ .M S I FtANSretf Ij ither articles, all o f w h ich^^f w ^ M

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