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Commercial advertiser. (New-York [N.Y.]) 1797-1804, October 06, 1797, Image 1

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I P - ' ? ? ? -- , \ . 'f i . ■i 7 '--\^r- i - t a t • ^ m ? ■ ? * ”“‘“ iL*a. roKBES ^ . f c r g . ‘J _____ l o »sa Wat«-flr«;t. ~ L O S T , fa for wtarniog lU above boats ^ y r s i v ^ ^ ffcwh^l ■ W , t ; E title* rcl»ws| l i t • ^ riftrrt,, tj^in r Bsrtfe ¥ ' <Sly' S S ' ‘lilt S i J rot s F r a l W r ^ ' £ ® E M ^ ^ C ^ p B J 5 R 4 t f 9 > - ■ \ > ^ - : ................... , . i ' - I ejtiARTHA, d ^ r i h a i i P o o d * . (f « t Wst^r ftr'e? R o b i n f o n ^ H a r t s h o r n e , C o f f e e a n d S u g a r . Sfihhift,. ) fi,{I quality of COFFEE «,d forS/VUiVy B r a n ilU > . ^ath'T t -—t^- S d ^ a f ’ s n d * 9 ^bJ» I Mafcov»ao SUGAR 6o bhdi 1 C *'®^*'®* n SW ^ l a n d i n g &»m onbwrd the Sloop VIC- ' 7 4 r r o e .f tr ~ t b c o t c h . Jo a r le y , OF A UPERlOR^feUALlTY, > w ill be landed this day <rom (htp F.aoy, which wr! He fo)d upon low terms, either by the caik or fnuOr »}tuwdty. Teas, Wines, fugars, Ipiriu, Londoa and. Atactica! rflet, equally low ^ JOHN CbMNIKGHAM O ft a, aw. 99 Greeow ei, ftrei S t . C r o i x R u m . JO puncheons, landing thl» day »t tbe O ld.flip, B O G E R T a w 0 * * H b P K I N S , No iS* ^ pweheostt Jamaica an* Aoojaa waa W . ^ l l ^ w i o c firft spaaiity so SoI^ia, Madeira do. ■ sotd*. uflson do. 4*hajsatsd«W . ------------- MyiMi/yMt^ hyl 40 bayoi.*wes - ^ boxes Biwldcaadlet f ' '(6^lb.‘be«»-wax l o yi staaatiiy id Cidereiaefsir. *Opw^ ------ -- IbausBraiidy %)A ’ll bit. cnRee esaitled t* 4 raw.b»ck yfoa, and liyfM iPM ¥ A l v g c co n y c tticM t S t o r e i n F r o n t - •et«, whh • dryoelbrsiMterllie hcid Hfc.\ F o r S a l e , sei«nl Cafes of HATS, Ui!dM hipetfiae BROASCLOTH*, adl a &»!) alT>)hn»e«tpf COTtBRY and h a r d w a r e , RedeiveA by the Ftaca fm n LoadM, will b$! Told at a fmall adviace, Whokfol* or Retail, for calh, I3ft>d hilhk^aif’'i*ehi«*ca for Onms, M ^ k iot Petfutnbry»HyUie (a^kr^er. V ' J t m e t J n u l J , Oft. e. If. l 3 o i70W(Mi!r.9» R u m im d S u g a r . f M ncbem Jtniatca K i » r aM ^do Sagar JuRredei««d iroHs Jam. F (ir Sttlebf H a tr y Saakr £jf C ^ o a - t . tf. m d a y w a i b e X M c d , At SiChe's U'hdrf. 7 hy*. p f r e ^ i l i o f U ^ f i * ' , wo bags o f CMiee iBWds. Mufcovadofiigtr •' »oa saiB i r J t l M 6 . H W n n , OM S I ^ . •ALSO SH STOSa, gjhbds RbiladeipbUMsal iWgar sa Tierce* of Rke- 4 Tons Miaei»d Steel jQlqls Nova 4 ic(ittrK^iai|t S7 'aU. NonkTwerda. 4$-qoiaab CodBfltftiofe J o h n M u i r a y k S o n , t/fitv e j h r Saltf « . N o , . 80 f onrbraos Jamaica ft»sr«ia « *o do Wmdwaitl iflaod ram actfesaRnrted hats \ — * ®® ft^ t o r d s , soo w t. paj^ bsrfc . 80 tt.iks Uot-aiidganpaWder .^tnilncw) hliAeredflecl — A q*»ntity o f white brans t f chblts from gto n locbes tjjf^dsclarci , , ' ' Fv.<fiegaiitall^tiiientofgoIdaQd&tTer wauhet gK«*lKsrt»^tM| wiof^glrtlej 5 ? * MU«»» detanieti aitd fquitrhemrf fuleatw in^ x d^iandab coHas, i do Ivckipore bal. *** tsjyda. isdobliieCuiMaa ao pipe, girt ' * 1*!* P'*'fi*\**nd bandsnis *4 yotierceitfce ^boxM r w e e to il, sao do foap. f« d . liaiTpoi ^ ^ ^ ^ ’ , * * ^ '* * ^ * ’ 70 pieces ScoiclicirpftMig. . JCHN 3 Me VlCREk, ««asi6wo»baad, wbkh be wiiMeii m reatonb'e terms.' i t 2‘4 ’■* * 4*4 tken*. iAotied lo Boxes. ' ^ ^ *ew bexes of vrrv fine imdreiT'd yard wide Linens, Catnbricks, and Long* La wns V '\d tab le Cloths. PM T i ^ , Sj,d Etowo twultd Baggiejf. ■ Aif-,4» lew CMtci iib n e d Eaithe* ware. ■ *«rfer ^ 1 E ~ per theibip J ah M y ^ a ^ U r & Co. i ^ m f e n g a n d B a r n e w a f f , v iS d e c*fea I g»ch Anbizeito of M ark HriXard in Ho tlea Fruiia in Rraatdy i^Caiba o! \ t b|>'tt!cs eaefi White Wine Vin^arhn fmili kegs Bottled Porter in Tierces of 6 d do* ss-s#* Bottled Porter in Tie) Trnrriffe WJhe in ThtWs Stationary, affwted, Hair 'Tinam Linen vergne do rabant do •lorlaix.do lidghana rhreadof L it & R 'aUcoei 'rarhhdkfs holleu do rk r The above^goods ire entitled to drawback. octeiert. if. do* each powder and Fomatums UmbreUss Pollennoin o f Roueo Stopillea & Fonurd hdkfs fislk and' thread Laers M«a ■■■ . . l e S s r * ' ; . ■ ' i irons Calciuta and r » f i u \ go OLD R h o d e s a n d M c G r e g o r , iVb. 187 i^catt-Jlrut^ HAVE rwritfd by the Severn, fr'otd Hull, a qsiM! my o t WOOLLENS, confillmg of doth*, kerfeymr. n coatings, plams. ferges, fertped rofesnd point b snket wicesand OauneU. t o d i h f t ! ^ 0 a y r - 1 a t m x n f % Cordage alforted Spermaceti Candles, &Ci &c. Juft RecdTj^ (/. o a W a l»rrr;^ . Do do leather and Itlk t cafes Syi^nges 5 bales Frencb cietba 4 do Baizrs , x « Bit Cun-powder They kmaljofor filt.. A lew boxes Si*y ch tb’-’.d*. chct 1 cv,and bThlannia^. 1: able for the Weft-. nili: astkci, and fabj-ft lo'dn '• ■ 'k. Of/, r r .i ti. j u f t R e p i Y e d , 3 RANDIES of a good pioof .tsd fiavor, and jom II roueh C< tRK, Unding ayJT Jackfoa'a wharf, • t the brig Union, Capi. Robertioo from Cadia, au D . Smith snd €9. .- n For r)?de> 4* Boxes freflt Prunes Xobo wt. full ftiellM xlinoadt B y ^ h n M e r jon Co, t j W tdrfjlrei AkSOOHHAUa, tM d e z . iQqnal Clam Gwnpiwder, . J L i n e n s , J u i t I m p o r t e d . A Variety ol 7 8 and yi.id wiuc, low-priced liner : k Britannias, PlaulU Rwy 4 cs. white and coUre irevd*, ill packages opK, On wKich a drawback c • 5 ubtsined— For fair on real oable terms, for cafh o jod paper, at moderate pet cent . B y John Rnmfry (I'Jukee • tf ^V». I rt n.^“--.w r' '---i E x c e l l e n t T o b a c c o . „ S 3 hds oftohsrc »nt a fuperi » qiuoiy, wlltbelsnd ed ibis day from the brig brUoDa at Schertnerhon • the faid tobirco haa been a long time backicb ut o f B qua- lily for the London imrket, ii»t> 1 John Hailey*, No. 8^ Prari-Streef^ . ^ ' MnsMaHteived by Ule laft arrsvaft h o rhrfrtt^^j in Boxes o f si„ , ind 4 doacssl B qua- lily .'•-jefttorthifr who want -'d reaf-mably. - if aopliicattun ued Pleafet >ri wMfedaiid|wltit* OeikTepcrdnK i . • A ftn.ll^oaothy o f Grnnah Steel Look.TjrOlaJs..qJate* '* ' ,A,/oM lund, A fmall flock otXsTd Sherry wide Irilh .Sail cloth. j. ., . f Ci.lL and Ciocxery ware from E a ^ n d afta Liquor ca.'es, and f HAVE arrived b'^ihc Qlipt, Frcl-’r froin Londo- . 4 Alliance fiom Liverpool, 1 handfame aifortme ^ade t . . . i < irttch'ing.aod | U P o r t W i n e . jail Arived in lhi,> U*aas*T, uireft fram OPORTO and will be laudedthitday, at —— wharf, I ro a T w i K - r , 40 qrcaflu S • ' * Ptpfin and Safferihv/ailf, acteiert tf 87 W,!-r *iie-i S j M i n g I m p o r t a t i o n . d e l v e 5 and TH t) .VI P J> O N, It their CoMXiaaiON-aTOac. No gc Wail £ •Lofid*n bottled porter m lieikcs. Earthen ware iaaflbr piclmgei far oetantiy flare* TabaccopiMa, Liver^iosade 1 \ V baccopipea, Liverpool made Englifh mulbrd in kegs, trrry low Two bate* Tclting 4.4 a ^ 6 4 wide Writin^ft printing paper,-waiiwafera, iak(lands,&r. Irifli Ltaeas 4 4 and 7.*, by tie pkee or pack Superfine cIoUw, kerfeyikrca, a fewflanaeli, nuflini alkees, 4 k . OsM trank ladk* ftiect and flippera cnOpkcetbaft-Nis 4 hitr nbben S u bale* Wefteft Indiandia I Ceae.. rbree iiaiycia fressclt iadigo WTadtar Oiafe I I by ij, and a few articlawf peint R s ^ by the calk or qdiwky, *«d -yo'cafca'Bbardnwc Clarw, wnkftiawbKk. Sherry, and f S Sirttchong.* Teneriffe j i B.ohea W noLBaataand RaraSL, n^uh a ^tnermf ajortment of Gneeries, J o f e p h L y o n a n d C o . Hive Tcvcivto by thr UERO,droin Calcutta, Red and brownR«adaoa bdUa. I Choppy Romals 40 p*. b ack Tifluta. 70 p«. Dicca work’d moftiw. lOih r o ad tf B m u n e a n d E m b r e e y • a i Waier-aiaet, Have ivc'ived by ik^ fault armali asd f*r 8ALL geo boxes Croww Wiadpw G.a'i, aflbned fixes go Casks EngUfli gd, 4d and fid N uls go do (hcathiaE deck do Wub a very general affoTtmeni of S H l^ H tN O L E R V a n d tRONhlONCERT. M a n c h e l l e r G o o d s . An -Alloraiuem c<snriftu.ji of HALF ell tbkkfrtta, twilled do, cor>.uroyi, do twi d, do. double Ou. k .ii e]| velvets, twilled do. I» t e< •lack velv«a pUia proued, do. do cradle qui \V m . T h o m a s I r v i n , ~io. 9,3 Mf|i<>cii liar, i by ihf Qlipt, Frcl\ Alliance fioiti Liverpool, *>’o0x I.X-NS, comlfiiiig of .utexaviN* Ct.oTH . IVoasTan ll* 4 a ''XOOKSB do. B lavkki * R e * saV M * r ts Q a ix s s - XNSisnw.Ha ■ * ■ ■ ' e. ' i f . , __ _ M a t l c a r a W i n e s . . fXTEEN pipri, a'-arnrignment, will be fold ob tf ^ 103 \V-)rr llreefj''^ I r i f h lin e i i s . ^ firti qu.lt-y It wiH i is made before ii to apply to J AMES M’lNTOSH ■Fta. P la M ixr CoBTiKoa A few CaOti afTortrd hardware, and a few cafes hstj uh a varieiv «if other Bniclrs, ill of which they wil SrSTTIB Vwar^titfV C o y s a t a r s KxaoAkCotTOMa, ftc -1 l^w for ciih or ooxei at a Ihort di At No. gS Mill llr et, next 10 the cuftom li H a t ’e f o r Salit lately ImporUdy m lea, fir ft quality >nd lateft imporatior -'befls ofCalfia of labte, tea, aod brrakfsft frits, si fn rolls of flatand feup plsu . ,00 chefU hyron tea, fir I ■ 3 i befli of Caffia ■ni, confifting imp red, purple andblw, . . do proui plain, Irtneed, fcOoened and i~.r|rd co-jnierpme rfrillei bed and cradle quilts', printed faroHuR N o w la n d i n g a t JB o w n c * s w h a t f , won bowd ilk Sb^Cow*ibia,capt. Hervey.fron e f f t ^ c r ^ f Mnfcovado So^ar, Frowron bowd ilk ‘ 9 « e r»kfy, Jsiwica, *6 p u w fie^ Rttm, x h W s .r ' • ALSO, A few bales af y-ft- blue p sms, fixr Sale by ^ ^ jp O - h t n jACKSiJACKSON • gap Pearl-ftieet. Foe Sa.* hy W U . KENYON L a n d i n g t h i s D a y , KMrd tliehrtr CnATH*Mt>c> WILLIAM K^N T q b a c c o , C o t t o n a n d D ^ - S k i n s . to bbds prime tobacc* ' I* bales catiM gft boodles deer-fluni, now finding from onboard Orig Apollo, at BuVrae’a wharf, add tor fak tt,oa, 9 6 vVall-ftreet, by / R o ih fp - i^ H a r j/hrtu. WHO HAsra a l s o ** hanb , 109 lbs ki a drrM Indian Mdd,and Swad's Iron, ifti of table, tea, t cups ind faucm, bowls, tnd / - piprs of 4 b pror-f brandy K) csfkt of (refh r.ifini u « pipci of ciiQUiry gtn ^ pipes o f eld 1 adeira wine, fit forufe 1 j J qr. raftts of old Bid very' fine fiierry I -.buxea riavsnpa brown itigar XO tafri oi manna In fern 7 bales of fpiicges \ I CJlra platillai ^ tafra dam (k tibfe ctoihsand oapkici tOCafn Iialnn l-qiorB ca(k» French whne wine ifureiiee oil iii jata and buttlea VtarMecbiuuiey niecea fupcrbly wrought cafes of Iul-.an^h»«ol »H k^«d. N o v r L a n d i n g a t C r a n e w h a r f , From bo board >he ^wcdifti bug Tritun, GutUn Bergb, mailer, frowr Naples, •rto pipes • ' well flavored ^tk an# «ib proof Brand) 17 do. do iftand td do igo c .fta Rd wise 4 ^ 0 OselTd fwett Alaknda filboxeismims -------------- • abininluperfatnrd Peraatua 4*0 cafe* o) Catiile Soto 7 liaxe. Lartader tdd other feeated water* to trunk* af perfumed hair powder The abovtgoods wsllkefoia cm reafeOableterais fer ppraved isotes, by tbc fabferiber, N . Schoaiihsaftr, J A M F. S & H t N R Y F I S H E Ri> . No 8t Miiden-lanr,,or No o L ibtrtjr-ftj^i.i H - Have received vs livemool, f t . . a ,gcncrtUffedUfin| v, 0flRfS^LIMEj;.S,cqnruU«gof . \ 7 ^ . #54 I w H ihn r :♦ A?lo, LoBg Lawns, Qambfics tnd Killuidej d;ow|at and ibeeemgs, brown and white,| J * p h»ch being psrticularly-c lofen o f the dipli >ppt' ♦abrim and on-he bcil imrms -i is prefumed 'cn rorwa»baf « I they will be found drlrrving the attention of yiiiichsfifjHIIr W T •nd are'for r*le. for r.lh, or good notes «r/«fr» v, ' \ W h o l e f a l e S i l k W a r c h o u f e i * ' ; A'oi 85 M a U en-lane, . . Black, chat.gcabie and plain Luftrinp »n4 Mt»liai4 lllark, colored, figtircd snd ftlfifened *’#(1^ j Black and toloicd Florfni' BUck velvet, teluTc an Borarbee F-ryfcd, fancy and fqusre Minles Turkey Gauxe, Sattin Figured GloU Black andI t-bluTed-oluted Bircrtiinsrcrtuna Hdkfsdkfs i Bi H Silk 'l•aw|s, farfeets ami perfltof .•Silk and oil (ktu Urolrella* ‘ \ Ribbons, .Silk TriiitmtnFi ' — Patcqi LadiesSxtlin U bi - ind Racds ALSO. . . • vaic pet inv' ICC.' ISAAC r m o r m • ' ' ' i ______________________ ^ '/iljl C . T } c I a \ d g n e a n d rGOv ,.. ' / Mtvereceivi-lLv-be etcari v 1)tiuinHAMBDRGH} ' , | ^ T ^ i ^ t b J o f liVim,**r e S * f^Aiilli iwefttlngsf « l4 other fik fluff, c t 4moua tbirks - ■*' Two cafes japsnned H e n r y S a d l e r C o . No. gt w itcr./'- - ’— ' ’itfe, f 00 pieces RuHilkeeti 4 s W r o sdfihds. No. g t Wamr-llrert, have for f RuHilkeetm g Havtnotk white (o|sr ' C R E t N C o m a roo bis (hip breail Cm in pipes. Flench bfBtvdv i t do. Ifadetr* winr in do tpd hhds ^ L*»kmg«lars platet, d if f e r ^ (kea, frmn *9 b t % tafi4by34iiK£es French cambrics, Diyufle table cimht and napkiai Dnper do ■ d ' o 8 <*er ». io pipei ^ 40 qr calks > * f<O L a i i d m g , From on board the BngHARRIKT, lr*n OPORTO, to hhda. ) »*o;lIenr quality G f t h n a n d N l u m i o r d , Have for S^ile i t Noa 51 P tm e ^ n tiy €oS qi. calks bcti qnthty Ibeiiy win* fijooo Hsmbprch^iiillB to boxes red bark ISO p«. jpigult pultsk ebiau'^ 8 o 3 moe rm»jr;aU | fioo r ^ rwcuiali > from Beagal too ferfiHa j. .rtco blaix.iaSmics } A pafcel o f W A T C I ^ E S ffom iSwitzerland. ^«<e> V '♦ ISIVEO by tbe IreartivAlurom CANTON aid the US vcftels froBi EUROPE, a very exienfiv India Silks. RECSl by th aulwtment of 4t - &’lk* M ercery, Linen D rapery fi^H o ficry, itk whuk of which will be fold *n very lu«/ term Cafb, Wholclalc and Rej^il. iiv iJ o » « Tlini NTR, Jiff.i oiM fo • No. 18* Pearl-ilRTi &c R SALE BY G V E R L M N t f f C». O ft, 3.- — if. Mo. 17 Sconc-ftreeL G o t w e m ^ r a n d K e m b l e , HAVE lor SAL?- at their Store o* C o u v e r ^ a wharf, for calk or .J^pved Mtei, accoamodiuog to'purcbafers, ' soochefts finebyfon \ < \0 gun powder V TEAS loo bohea y 300 b«fca ibart yeUow Nankeens A qoaiituy gf blue and white Chiax, t* rolls, both L t and in three fixes. 3 large elegant complete feu Dimihg Chita go China window bfiadi 3 jars ballxm toolotl s caik gum lack 14 cereos and s bl. Spinifti Indigo . to large French Looking GlafTca ado Spanifh Hides, goo empty gin cafes, too pipes |;0od Geneva, 8 cbefts Dutch Pipes, 3 boxes Clsfi War* 10 c»(k* old Sherry Wine too p i ^ qfd F-ench Brandy M aoo cafenfule Boardeaux claret, -fit for parUro lOO cafri Wine de Crave 30 do. fruit in Brarrdy to biifkru Anmfncu Alfo for SALE, too pipes French brandy 300 dns claret firft quabty I s hhda cUret 140 b laof pitch too kegool guapowd'or Bisrk Ivcea other fik fluff, c t iarxoua tblc 4 * - i j large affotment fafhionable f^bboit)ltnd^£ngi xo»- pairs n,en al.d'wots<n's filk fttAkhtjur, ’.Iwis* doK . ribbed ekft)ta.i )f€l , ** -• ■ ’ ir / '^ J A few doa bdies filk gloves ’ /iff * \ few do*, plain, tad enametlsd gold-toft'fifvtle Watebe* ■ . I I ■ |O0o bottlri of old CItret, Malaga Ba 1 lac,Mpfett Bad t - . Grave WINES in cafes and baOtetf of g* t i ^ . fid boittlcst 63 cafkiold Clxrri A n d ^ f o r m e r ImforiaftM it <000 bottles Claret ih cafes snd bafteti o f f (, *€, |d audfiobdltfes; toCafluCUrer I trunk India Muftin . ' * 3*^ paita of blKk aiid white filk ftockingi Vinegar o f Maille, Frqiich fnttif ia Ijtihpimpift bf | 4 . CORDAGE. - R i c h a r d M . M a l c o m & C o . •No;. I40 Water-flRK, X j AVE fisr fate *a cotiflaai fapply *f CORDAGE n OF ALL-SIZES Ordera reft at the office or st the Rope-walk m Brookfyt, will be immedfetefy ended id oelfltfr l. ’j T h j c S u b f e r i b e r s y 7 'V S bicly rectited a confignifl«*t tsf the fol- i l lowing s,Tfr*-: .*•* No 131 W’ater-Areec, on reafonabte terxu, I** ot approved Notea—^vix 139 Hbdi cxceneat Claret Wine, ? 3 ^ ? u FlprenceOa to bis. fmoak'd Herrinp to boxes ! ^ f 6 do. Catiile Soap titS pieces Ditcb Lace goo do. black ferreting |00 do hairribboa 14 do. Flatil.’as , 15 d o t duyle}* or wine rubbers Saidkr £5* ll'ite r b iry , or'e^rr a . _________ ________ H _______ China ware, flower ptiu.coffebaad xtafeu to calks Fremti crockery wife RennesthfcidiiSboxesfvrynget - 15000 eiBiHy'bottle*; *500 detunMfr, all fi 4 «r i . xaoo men'* fiiu t 1 cafe HlerleinUb^ “ . ( T*pinesbTt0d]r,ifcaraiKMfxiam,Sbdkeshirdw*^ ^ ttM tro . -Bw „ 4 _ 4 \ . its, 1 R u d k S h e e t i n g , V e •y the p a c k a g e or PIECE, tor S A U V \* Bernard Harty No. i z B r o a i A r ^ ^ 1 'iVbo has alfo for Salej • Sarfepanlla: Mens ftioe* A t^raniityof iikboas, cloOisMsd thread* Chulab Tea. t 7 * o ;^IA S b a r r o w C o . HAVE r ^ tv e d a ' andiawbll worth the . item io r ^ H e c u n o u a ia L A N D IN G , From bn board the Ship Union,,f f ora AMSTERDAM F o r fair by Y. B .rt Y A P D and M • E V E R 5 , ) Pe*r S-trei. - j A cafes Umbrella* Sgrt bjikciafioafwcct oil, 1 doa.reeh 4 boxea largr fana, fib^xes fiaalf do. 40b>lra.St OiiiiiingoCoito locafes Ltqao-soi Ms no n ora 4, at Burling •^lip, 55 PipealibirQ Hollam] Geneva. * L E R O \ - W ho have alfo f o r Saky ~ , Teneriffe wmr-Ticpapex.iihdi. and qr. Mfk* *5 Tierces fttce I «3 cafe* ht^Q b r e a cafe heh Car Unx ludiga Red ». d Pale Jefur. b-irk w eaflts Mk-idrr and __ - 4 ISO, Dub n Pat cafes Ltqoo-soi Martiniqoe, afferted 150 bis. Coffre < s t bags Spauiih Cocoa, 7OS0 Goal fluni cSbeer a tl. Landing, the bri^ F.tRAtER, Henry Wsr- * leira. 3 Sales oi WtsoUr-.s Juft received^er the f Df-GR Af ifiiScievt L i k i n g D'mbrclla ■aefet. from HAVRF figmi.-nt ol W o m e ii’s S h o t lO pipes Londtm parti . to do. London nxarketdi 13 do York market do of the firft quality, ii Sale by C & I W llSONd^Co. efiohrr « t/- T3 i *.Va;er f t f ^ . L d n d f n g 'T h i s d a y , 't Vluirav’a wbarl f i'o i Brig I Itomai Piadtney, froi c «- a ^ l e s t o n , t XO rnfl.'S R i f . 'E , F g r Sale b y tfie. ^ S. Roihtjoa. oOohr t. N*. 190 WiU.Sucei.; L a n d i n g From on board Sloop FAR ^^ER, Caft* Rider, fron JAMAICA, 13 hhds Mufeoeado Sugar eybli f'im It puncheorti jamaic* Ram *5 caJk^-Goffee to fota Lpgwood. Apply to R. Y A T K tnnG . POLLOCK, tAtiir *. ■ ' 91 \Vater Rreet, •Ju ft L a n d i n g a t H ^ l e t ’s 'W h a r f , - From’ on board khooner Vulpai, from jlcme] SoWs bile* cwton . y, aod is t ^ I worth the slteaiion of ’ ea. TRe gnee n f-ur DolUrx per potmd. Kldcr t. . »(. • T h i s d a y la n d i n g , FROM ciiboard brigOl-IVE.aiLupion’t wharf, tmiL ■ for SALE l-y John -C^ha^nan a n d Co. 1 7 0 Rroiu^reeii ggbhdi Japtaica fugaf 61 punebeoua do fairiis . 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HOSIERY, and SILK GOODS, whirb 'bey' will tel) on leaf'iuibte tesoMl tot apfifti- vrd n'.tea at g o itU ana diyadate.

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