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THE SUN, THURSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1920, V&nted- - . \ i ... T ' A Better Man forlftur Job can start tomorrow morning. HE He will make more moitey than you are making because he will do. your work easier and better than you have ever done it. He'll finish the day with energy enough to enjoy all sorts of outside things the leisure-tim- e pleasures that you have always been too tired to go into. His family will live better than yours has. He himself will have more friends. And hell be alive and well for many years after you are gone. You might be this \better man\ yourself. You can be if you get the kind of health that pays a profit. Every month PHYSICAL CULTURE Maga- zine tells how to do it how to live better and longer, how to make more and have more in money and pleasure. For instance, in the January issue, out today: J, PHYSICAL CULTURE For January Brings These Health Builders and Salary Raisers \How Charles Dana Gibson Keeps Fit.\ \The Border-Lin- e of Scurvy Are You There?\ by Alfred W. McCann. \ Does Maternity Mean Loss of Beauty? \ \ Secrets of Artistic Posing.\ \Can Sensible Dress Be Sty- lish? \ \ Go On,\ an Essay by Dr. Frank Crane. \Fat Disease and Death,\ an Editorial by Bernarr Macfad-de- n. Physical Culture Pictorial. Physique Pictorial. Making If you are a boss you know how much Jlabsence for illness\ costs on the payroll. If you are an employee you have seen the prizes handed to the fellows who are always on the job. Red blood, clean lungs, and good digestion pay big dividends right straight through. A big employer out in Denver found out how to turn health into dollars for himself and for his people. This man's idea is worth knowing about. Read \Putting Pep In Business\ in January PHYSICAL CULTURE. \How I Keep Fit\ It isn't likely that you have ever been as far gone in health as was Rev. R. B. Hyten, the Ohio preacher. Starting with a case of \nerves\ just as he was about to gradu- ate from college, he was carried close to death. Then one day he decided to fight for health. Today he's doing a man's work.. He keeps himself fit through exer- cise and fresh air. In \Physical Culture for January he tells the whole story. His article is the First Prize Winner in the Physical Culture Contest \How I Keep Fit.\ cu : CO. ' . 7 ma Head Off Your It may come next week or next year, but if you have headaches you will find some day that one of these \danger signals\ has lost you a real opportunity has stood between you and progress. Yet almost every head- ache could be avoided by paying attention to a few simple rules. Find out how to prevent them and give yourself a decent chance at success. Harry B. Galatian, M. D., gives the right advice for heading off headaches in the January issue. Is Your Child's Food Right? What's wrong with the boy? Is he as well as he should be with all the care you give him? Most sickness among children comes from improper food. And the same thing causes slow development, poor resistance, underweight and finally, stunted growth. What the child eats today makes him what he is tomorrow. Here is valuable knowl- edge on feeding children from the experience of Bernarr Macfadden, a father of fine children himself and a thorough physical culturist. Read \Your Child and His Food.\ Helps You Make More Money 0 How Many Hours of Sleep? Don't take anybody's \say-so- \ about how much sleep you require. There's no bed-tim- e rule that applies to all workers of a certain class or persons of a certain age. But there's a sure way to know just how much solid sleep you need to be at your best. Nature won't take any dictation from you, but she will give you the best advice in the world if you let her. Before you sleep again read what Dr. Edwin F. Bowers discloses in Physical Culture, under the title, \Better Sleep Means Better Men, Better Work.\ Ten Commandments for Health The lowest death rate ever attained in the City of New York 8.87 per thousand of population was achieved during the week ending July 26, 1919. Now Dr. Royal S. Copeland, Health Commissioner of the City, tells for Physical Culture readers his ten commandments for health. These rules come from the man who kept a city of some six millions in better physical shape than it had been in since New Amsterdam ys. Clip these ten commandments and p t them where the whole family can read th. m. 25c aCjpy at All News- - stands Wholesale Distributors INTERBOROUGH NEWS Headaches Inquire when your Motion Picture The atre will run the Physical Culture Com- edies, \Facts and Follies.\ Under general supervision of Bernarr Macfadden. Distributing Agents Pioneer Film Cor- poration, 130 W. 46th St., New York City.

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