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'LEGION GETS FLOOR IN VICTORY HALL Partial Apportionment of Space in $15,000,000 Struc turo Is Announced. GREAT HALL OP ALLIES JJcncon Would Burn Uncons-ingl- y in \Inner Shrino of Memory.\ A whole floor of Victory Hull, which, It Is proposed, shall be erected by pop- ular subscription at a cost of about 915,000,000, Is devoted to the American Legion, according to advanced plans for the bulldlna mode public yesterday by the Victory Hall Association, of which Gen. Oeorsro W. Wlncato Is president. The association says that as the le- gion Is made up entirely of the men In whoso honor Victory Hall Is planned, they havo the prior right to considera- tion. It Is therefore proposed to give them tho use of the fourth floor, 'about 400 feet by 200 feet, or 30,000 square feet Representatives of the legion will bo consulted as to the \layout.\ The tpaco will be given as nearly as posstblo rent free, beyond the cost of manage- ment and perhaps the furnishings. Tho tlfth floor plan provides for a hall 335 by 112 feet for the meetings, dances and entertainments of the Amer- ican Legion and other societies and of school children. Beneath tho balcony surrounding this hall Is a corridor gi In.? access to a number of rooms to be assigned to tho G. A. It, Loyal Legion and other groups who may require a central meeting room or' a memorln, chamber for their war records In a fireproof building. The plan of the basement has been changed so that It now provides for a Memorial Hall and Hall of Allies, thb remainder of the space to be thrown Into the drill hall or assembly room. The Hall of Allies, 200 feet long, would contain statues of the commanders of the Allied armies and the leading states- men of the nations with which the Uni- ted States was associated, besides tro- phies, flags and banners. From the eastern end of the Hall of Allies a doublo lntermural staircase would lend Into n lofty memorial hall or crypt seventy feet square, hewn from the rock which underlies the proposed site of (he building, between Forty-fir- st and Forty-secon- d streets and Park and Lox-Ingt- avenues. This, says the associa- tion. Is Intended to constitute the \Inner Shrine of Memory\ and to symbolUo the purpose of Victory Hall. Upon nn altar In Its centre would burn unceasingly a fire or beacon. This would \serve as an emblem of .he patriots In whose memory the hall Is erected and of the aspirations and Ideals for which they fought nnd served that shall be maintained from generation to generation to help create and keep alive a spirit of patriotism and In the hearts of our future citizens.\ The association announces that It has f , git -- j. 4r employed architects who, In the work, will be associated with eminent sculptors and mural painters. It says! 'The plan and scope have been so far carried out that It Is assured that Victory Hall will be an edifice of majestic dignity, the creation of the ablest talent and finest Inspiration which our country af- fords.\ COLLECTIONS TO-DA- Y FOR POOR CHURCHES Authorized by Archbishop for All Masses. In accordance with Instructions em- bodied In a circular letter sent to tho roctors of all the Itomnn Catholic churches In tho New Tork nrchdloccso by Archbishop Hayes, which was read last Sunday morning to the parishioners of these churches, the annual collection fojr home missions of New Tork will be taken up at the masses this morning. It Is expected that a goodly sum will he realized. . The proceeds will be used to assist the poor country parishes of tho archdiocese which are utterly unable to support themselves. That there are some such churches In the local archdiocese Is evi- dent from tho following, written by the Archbishop: \One of the hard duties for the Arch- bishop Is to send a pastor to n place where It Is Impossible for him to main- tain the little church and to secure a modest living on the offerings of the people there. It would surprlso many, no doubt, to learn-tha- t there arc priests of our own diocese who, year after year, fall to receive any allowance In the way of salary.\ PHILANTHROPIES NEED FUNDS. Jewish (locletle 'Will Lnunch Drive j Felix 51. Warburg, chairman nf the Federation for Support of Jewish Phllan-thopl- o Societies, announced yesterday that a drive for 11,700,000 will be launched This sum Is needed tq meet the Increased budgets of ninety, local Institutions affiliated with the fed- - eratlon. Mr. Warburg stated that the total amount required by these Institu- tions for 1920 would be 13,849,604. of which only $2,100,000 la met by the present annual pledges. The deficit Is due to Increased cost of maintenance. In order to safeguard the standards of the federation, ST. War-- burg eald, it win be necessary lor sub scrlbers to Increase their annual contrl butlons and enlist as many now subscrlb ers as possible. Snonr Drlsntle Seeks IlccrtilU. The Miowfall of Friday night caught the Department of Street Cleaning un- prepared and It was late yesterday afternoon before the Important streets were oleared. At that time 5,000 men had been assigned to snow removal. Commissioner ArnolO B. MacStay an- -' nounced that he wanted recruits for the snow division, as ho expects more snow- falls. He Is enlisting the servlcca of artists to draw recruiting posters. Kills Brother With Xmttft Xlltte. Clifford Smith, 12, got a rllle for Christmas and since has been doing tar- get practice In the cellai of his home at 122 McBrldo avenue, Tatcrscn. Hl3 brother, Henry, 4, came down to watch him yesterday morning. Clifford failed to notice his brother's position near the target and the bullet entered Henry's head, causing Instant death. 384 Rfth Avenue Bet 35th and 36th Sts. Phone 2044 Greeley Regular Annual SALE of FURS Prices Reduced 10 to 25 ENTIRE STOCK The latest fashionable garments and small furs offered at savings to you when the winter is by no means over \ I' Arnold's Silks hate for generations hen In quality and the changing limes only serve (0 emphasize the desirability of our weaves wherever fashion holds sway. All Silk Georgette Crepe a suit- able dress weight that will drape beautifully in the rainbow shades and darker colors for street wear. 40 inches wide. In Stock 350 3.00 Colored Dress Satin 36 nches wide a soft, lustrous finish in va- rious shades. In Stock 350 3.25 Charmeuse Satin in new shades also ivory and black 40 inches. In Stock 550 5.00 On Display an advance show- ing of new Silks for all the activities of Spring. Hair Nets We specialize in the Best GEN- UINE HUMAN HAIR NETS the market affords at the prices quoted below. To be able to offer this grade is quite an achievement in the face of present unsettled conditions. There is an unusual diversity of the most wanted colorings in AlloverNets 1.00 Doz. Cap Nets ,1.50 Doz. THE SUN, SUNDAY, JANUARY 18, 1920. Mail and Phone Orders Promptly Filled Store Open Daily, Including Saturday, 9 to 5:30 cAccriofe, CWtoMe c& Co. Continuing the January Clearance Fur Coats and Separate Pieces The items enumerated below had prior to inventory been marked at the lowest possible prices consistent with quality, but to effect an immediate removal of the entire remaining stock we will offer during the present week a Substantial Reduction which enables the purchaser to effect savings of about 14 of the present value. Formerly Now Marmot Coats 30 inches in length 150.00 135.00 Marmot Coats-- 36 inches in length '. 198.00 178.20 Muskrat Coats-- 30 inches in length 235.00 to 250.00. .211.50 to 225.00 Sealine Coats-- 30 and 42 inches long 225.00 to 285.00. .202.50 to 256.50 French Seal Coats-sk- unk trimmed 415.00 to 450.00. .373.50 to 405.00 Hudson Seal Coats-pl- ain model-- 30 in 450.00 405.00 Hudson Seal Coats-Bea- ver or Skunk trimmed 525.00 to 650.00. .472.50 to 585.00 Mole Capes and Long Coats 550.00 io 950.00: .495.00 to 855,00 Kolinsky Dolman ' 1,575.00 1,417.50 Mink Coat (beautiful skins) 2,000.00 1,800.00 Nutria Scarfs and Cape? : . .33.50 to 155.00. . .30.15 to 139.50 Mole Scarfs, Stoles and Capes 30.00 lo 440.00. . .27.00 to 396.00 Skunk Scarfs, Stoles and Capes 30.00 lo 385.00. . .27.00 to 346.50 Mink Scarfs, Stoles and Coatee 42.50 to 695.00. . .38.25 to 625.50 Muskrat Coat-s- ize 90.00. Civet Cat Auto Robe. Glove Sale For Men and Women With the present high price of all good Glove Fabrics and added to this the tremendous increase in cost of labor, it is indeed a fortunate turn of affairs that enables us to offer these really remarkable Values at a time when they are most in demand. \ACCO\ Mocha Gloves in grey with spear or silk contrasting stitching. The New Price for Spring will be 4.50 per pair. For this sale 2.75 Chamois Lisle Gloves of the better quality the result of a fortunate pur- chase which gives us the opportunity of passing on the price concession to our customers. In. white with self or black embroidery and natural with self embroidery. Very Special .85 Per Pa'r Milanese Silk a two clasp style with square or rounded corners in black and white. Lay in a supply now while they are marked at this low price. The New Price for Spring will be 1 .25 per pair. For this sale .85 per pair Cape Gloves \ACCO\ make in dressy shades of tan prix seam sewn with spear back take this occasion to buy now prices are advanced. Regularly $3.00. Very Special .50 per pair Women's and Misses' Apparel At Final Clearance Prices Important reductions have been effected in the prices of Women's and Misses' Winter Dresses, Suits and Coats (fur trimmed and plain tailored). The styles are decidedly smart and the fabrics thoroughly desirable. These prices average less in most instances than those asked in other shops for the same qualities. Formerly Reduced to SUITS 3950 lo 350M 33.58 to 297.50 COATS 29J0 to 295.00 25.08 to 250.75 DRESSES 2950 lo 235D0 25.08 to 199.75 Dress Goods Special 56-in- ch All Wool Tricotine fine quality for high grade suits and dresses in and Black only. A very unusual value. In Regular Stock 6.00 4.95 yard Child's 8 Gloves Men's before being Navy .145.00 130.50 Throughout January ORIENTAL RUGS Sale now in progress Featuring 10 to 25 Reductions from regular prices purchased Need requirements Odd Blouses in the prices should immediately transfer them from possession. sizes most represented assortment and fortunate to your measurements a saving than Formerly Clearance 1.65 Hand Made Batiste and Georgette Blouses various attractive styles tunic Georgette embroidered contrasting shades. Formerly $6.50 and $7.00 Clearance at 5.75 Imported and Domestic FLOOR COVERINGS a special offering this Week' CHENILLE RUGS-- in the reversible qualities choice colorings and an attractive range de- signs both Oriental and Geometrical. Sizes Prices 18x36 inches ' 3.25 21x45 inches 4.90 26x54 inches 6.25 30x60 inches \8.00 3x6 feet 11.50 9 feet 37.00 7l2xI0l2 feet 54.00 9x12 feet 67.00 Also Chenille Hall Runners, and 15 feel long. Imported Seamless Scotch Chenille Axminster Rugs of highest standard quality in choicest colorings and Fully 35 than market value. Size 9 x 12 142.50 Carpets Moderately Priced Best quality plain and figured flVilton, Axminster and Velvet carpets in colorings and patterns adaptable house, office and show use. Imported and Broad-Loo- Chenille Axminstcrs assortment of decorative shades widths 4.6 18 feet (Seamless). Plain and figured Japanese and Chinese mattings. 81.00 m 9 Auto Robes Steamer Rugs almost half price We hate fust two more of these eery special rugs and robes. Same qualities and values as sold during our December Sale. Plush Robes that arc extra heavy and plush both sides will stand all kinds of hard usage in popular dark bottle green shade. Q Value 15.00. O.OU Steamer Rugs of soft, fleecy yarns woven into subdued plaid de- signsfull fringed 8.50 Value 1350. Are You in of LINENS? Then come to January Sale and select from the exceptional values listed. 67 Fine Satin Damask Table Cloths Arnold, Constable stand- ard qualities which have no nap- kins match. 9.75 to 38JO grade In Sale 6.50 to 26.50 Dinner Napkins 24x24 of extra fine selected Irish Flax in several small designs Specially priced at 15.50 Doz. . All Linen Hemmed Glass Tow- els in three extra good qualities recommended for service and dur- ability. Size 20 x 36 at 11.40 Doz. Size 22 x 34 at 12.00 Doz. Size 22 x 36 14.25 Doz. Hemmed Cotton Huck Towels extra fine 20 x 38 absorbent and durable 115 dozen at this special price. 5,15 grade 4.50 Doz. Clearance At that our stock to your Famous \Acco\ Cotton Blouses all in each style but all sizes in the if you are secure one or more models to it will mean of more $2.50 at Crepe in in finest of 6x 9, 12 the designs. less the present at 95.00, 127.50 to for room Domestic in an to lots big warm on the size self the your to Our this size at size very Our not in Clearance of Georgettes, Satins, Crepe de Chines and Imported Batiste Blouses in the season's most enchanting styles and colorings. Formerly $15.00 to $49.50 Clearance at 12.75 to 45.00 Final Clearance Men's Silk Shirts (Highest Grade) Discontinued patterns of our famous DOUBLE WEIGHT BROADCLOTH SILK SHIRTS in fancy effects, also GENUINE LA JERZ SILK SHIRTS plain white crepe and other silks of heavy weights some are slightly mussed from handling during previous sales, but all are most exceptional values. Values 1250. 1450, 1650 While they last 8.75 Tax 58 extra Blankets & Comfortables A Special Sale White Blankets partly wool filled. Single Bed Size 6.75 pr. Double Bed Size 8.00 pr. Extra Double Bed Size 12.75 pr. Comfortables in a very attractive pattern of figured Silkoline cotton filled. Each 4.35 Comfortables very effective designs in Silkoline, floral and chintz centers with dotted and plain borders to match cotton filled. Each 8.50 I m1 mfff -- W) if

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