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n ! i to imm - T,,,M,,\\TTrnr\lfi tt? i i- - iMifliirii' n n1 rrirnpr tirr-m- i -i- nn M4 THE SUN, FRIDAY, JANUARY 16, 1920. olshovW situation In tho Near East, wnlch would mean military commi- tment, according to export opinion Based on ofllclal advices from the the-tr- of war. Fcnr Union AVIth Turk. The Bolshevist occupation of trans-Casp- la may be recorded as virtually Complete, which makes tho position In the Caucasus most difficult from an ntl-ne- d vlowpolnt Thoro Is little hope of stopping tho Bolshevlkl from overrunning the Caucasus, and If they succeed they will bo nolo tn Join raha (houd of tho Turk- ish nationalists), and other Turks for Mesopotamlan aggression. Likewise Red occupation of trnns-Casp- la gives tho Dolshovlkl a base for operations ngatnst t'ersla and extend- ing to India, with the of Afghanistan. Georgia and Azerbaijan ro but they are not fctrong enough to resist tho Invasion which threatens them from the north where den. Denlktno's right wing Is being pressed back, and from across tho Caspian, whero the Bolshevlkl seem to bo well established. There Is a large Bolshevist clement In Baku, and a Red landing thoro would probably result In the recruitment of :hcse Bolshevlkl Immediately. Daghcstan Is even moro helpless than Georgia and Azerbaijan. Numerous Turks nro also penetrating Into the Caucasus from tho wuth with the object of fomenting trouble. In Mesopotamia Ramadan Shalash, one of tho leaders, corttlnuos his efforts to stir up the tribes In the British area and has threatened an nttack In case of with his demands for evacuation of certain aistncts. Honking Moslem Jt'nllon. The R'cds are pouring troops into trans-Caspl- a by greatly Improved rail- ways. They have sent detachments townrd Khiva, probably to round up tho scattered forces of tho Siberian army. A party' of Bolshevist Turks Is reported to have arrived at Herat, Afghanistan, with two carts containing airplane parts and wireless Installation and to have gone on by way of Kandahar and Kabul escorted by Afghan cavalry, Tho Reds have opened fifty propa- ganda schools at Tashkent, from which Red agents will be sent to India and China and all the Moslem countries, con- centrating all Its efforts first on India. From Siberia comes the report that the remnants of the Siberian army num- bering 6,000 have laid down their arms. Gen. Semonoff. who was defeated In an attack on Irkutsk, Is east of Baikal try- ing to consolidate his position, supported by Japanese. In South Russia tho Reds nre driving en toward Odessa, and tho Invasion of Crimea Is Imminent Possession of Crimea, with Sobastopol. would glvo the Beds free access to the Black Sea. POLAND PUT IN PERIL BY DENIKINE'S DEFEAT Danger of an Attack With Coming of Spring. Iptdtl Callt DltpatcX to TUB SUN from le London Timet Service. Copyright, 1320. all rlghtt moved. Wjuisaw, Jan. 15. The annihilation Of Gen. Denlklne's army makes an Im tnenso change in the military situation affecting Poland. Only a few weeks go thn possibility of offensive opera tlons in cooperation with Gen, Dent kino were being discussed on the as sumption that the Russian volunteer army would be In touch with the Poles on the Dnieper In tho spring. Now that the army hardly can bo said to exist tho Poles must reckon with the probability of facing alone an at- tack by united Bolshevist forces, and tho Red troops available to move against tho Poles not only will be In- finitely more numerous than before but will bo better equipped and more mobile owing to captures of military stores and rolling stock from Gen. Denlklne. Will tho Bolshevlkl attack Poland? They hardly can remain on the defensive and Poland Is their most formidable enemy. The Polish front, however. Is strategically very Btrong, and the Bol- shevlkl flanks would be exposed to at- tack on tho north by tho Letts and on the south by the Rumanians, Besides, the Reds would have to go-- a- long way before they could reach anything worth taking. Victory would havo very little value, either material or moral, until they reached Vllna, which Is about 150 miles behind the front. However, there Is reason to believe an offensive against the Poles would bo very popular with the offlcers of the Red ' army. Trotsky himself. It Is said, favors It. In a general way It Is to be re- garded as certain that If they are not forestalled the Bolshevlkl will attack the Baltic States or Poland or both. It Is hardly likely, however, that the at- tack will begin before tho end of April. It will tako them at least two months to recover from their efforts against Gen. Denlklne and concentrate materials on the western front. Those questions certainly will form the subjects of discussions In Paris between Premiers Clemenccau and Lloyd Gcorgo, and M. Patek, Polish Foreign Minister, as well as of the conference of repre- sentatives of tho Baltic States In whero M. Wassllowskl, ono time Foreign Minister, la taking part Ss the representative of Poland. M. Wassllowskl. who Is accompanied by a military representative of tho Poles, would llko to extend the present military convention with tho Letts Into an ar- rangement whereby united Esthonlan and Lettish and Polish forces would form a single front, under the Polish command. Poland can afford even less than Fin land, Letvla and Esthonla to make peace with Russia In Its present state. It .would be hypocrisy to say Russia does not want peace and In that respect Tchlnerlne's radio message. Inviting pourparlers, speaks nothing less than the truth. So far the Polish Government has made no reply- - to tho Invitation and .there Is doubt what the reply will be, but Poland Is entirely dependent on the Allies since the result of tho Helslngfora conference, and the return of M. Patek Irom Paris Is being awaited eagerly. SOVIET ARMY NEARS JAPANESE FORCES Reds Say They Won't \Pro- voke Collision.\ London, Jan. 15. Sentence of death will bo Imposed on enemies of tho Soviet Russian Government hereafter only when npproved by tho All Russian Extraordinary Commission, according to a wireless despatch from Moscow The Bolshevik announcement asserts that a return to methods of terrorism will be made necessary only by renewal of attempts on the part of the Entente to hinder tho workers and TELEPHONE BRACKETS Mulil lim trnt far hill r a Great varlsty of stvlss rain fng. collapsible, swinging 14 meet any condition In office or heme, will call to detsoo-tr.t- e. Ho obligation to purciui. INSmiUO ON TRIAL FOR ONE WICR Cittulart if All Sljttt M Annul. 1 SCOFIELD & CO. peasants In establishing a system of Socialist economics. Tho Extraordinary Commission de clares tho defeat of Gens. Yudcnltch and Denlklne and Admiral Kolchak, together with tho latter's Imprisonment and tho capture of Rostov, Novocherkassk and Krasnoyarsk, have created new condi- tions In the struggle against a counter revolution In Russia. Destruction of tho counter revolution and the annihilation of bandits, the Extraordinary Commission says, \af- fords us the possibility of abandoning tho extremist measure of punishment namely, tho shooting of enemies of Soviet Russia. Tho revolutionary Gov- ernment is glad to state that tho fall of Rostov and tho capture of Admiral Kolchak afford It tho possibility of putting aside tho weapon of terror.\ A wireless dospatch from Moscow, re viewing tno successes of tho Red armies, says: 'The Turkestan front may be re- - garaeu aennltcly as liquidated, Oron burg and Ural regions being com plctely cleared of tho enemy. \A Soviet army will soon arrive In proximity to tho Japanese, but will not undertako any aggressive action calcu- lated to provoko a collision with tho Japanese. But tho mcnaco of the 3a.v- aneso and of the vassals of the Entente in the west still compel the Bovlct au- thority to dovote a great part of Its lorccs to military purposes.\ KING STARTS RED REVOLUTION IN ASIA Enver Pasha Aims at British Prestige in East. Geneva, Jan. 15. Enver Pasha, for. mcr Turkish Minister of War, who was recently elected King of Kurdistan, has started a Bolshevik revolution In Turk. estan, Afghanistan and Baluchistan, ac- cording to a telegram from Baku. En-v- er Is said to have many followers and Is directing his energies against the British prestige In southwestern Asia, mo uiumuio aim Being India. Largo Bumn of money, It Is reported, have been furnished Envor by the Soviet Govern. mcnt In Moscow. This is the first time on record that a Bolshevik movement has been started by a monarch. LEAGUE OF S STATES MAY COMBAT SOVIET Conference at H chins for a Will Discuss Alliance. By the Auoclatii Prett. IIelsinofors, Jan. 14 (delayed). Rep- resentatives of Esthonla, Letvln, Lithu- ania nnd Poland arrived In Helslngfora to-d- to participate with Finland In a conference which Is expected, If Its ob- jects are attained, to have an Important effect on the Russian situation. The principal aim of the conference Is to discuss organization by all Ave States of a defensive alliance against Soviet Russia and a second defensive alliance against Germany, The correspondent Is Informed that Finland will not be a party to tho second project, believing that, owing to her geographical position, sne nas nothing to fear from German en- croachment In the Baltic. Moreover, It Is asserted, Finland feels such gratitude toward Germany for aid given In the spring of 1918 In saving Finland from the Red torror that she could not Join In a movement which might be regarded by Germany as hostile. Tho attitude of Lithuania toward an alliance Is uncertain. Re ports state there is a possibility of Lithuania and Germany reaching a se- cret understanding 'with the object of aiding Lithuania to resist Polish pres- sure. It Is believed that Germany's In terest In Lithuania Is to uso that coun- try as a gateway to Russia. Oerman officers and technical experts In In- creasing numbers are entering Russia by way of Lithuania. Owing to the sharp rivalries between Esthonla, Lithuania and Poland It Is by no means certain that the eitort to realize even the anti-Re- d alliance will prove successful. While the contemplated nlllance Is nominally a defensive one, the Associ- ated Press hns obtained from the Let-vla- n Foreign Minister the admission that It would not prevent aggressive ac tion against Soviet Russia Jn conjunc tion with a possible Entente campaign. BOLSHEVIKI CAPTURE VITAL RAIL CENTRE Rostov-on-Do- n and Immense Booty Taken. London, Jan. 15, The Bolshevlkl have captured Rostov-on-Do- accord- ing to a wireless despatch from Mos cow. Ten thousand prisoners, thirty- - two guns, nine tames and an enormous amount of baggage were taken, the statement says. \Street fighting started In Rostov on January 9 and lasted the whole day,\ the Soviet communication continues. \The town was cleared on the 10th nnd the enemy driven back beyond Batalsk, Gerllo and Aksalshal. The enemy de- stroyed the small bridges over the Don but the large railway bridge was not damaged. A revolutionary committee has been formed at Rostov.\ Th Rnlnhflvlkl. It wan stated tn a Mnuvw wfrAlAsa messara nicked ud tn London on January 10, had taken the town of Nakhltchevan nna naci enterea lha nut.klrta nf ItoBtOV-On-Do- Which was formerly the capital of tho govern-m- nt nf Oin. Denlklne. Rostov Is the chief port of the Don River, Its Impor tance being increased Dy its situation on the main railroads to the east and south nnd nt the head of the Caucasian rail- way to Novorossiysk and Petrovsk. GERMAN MINISTER OF TREASURY QUITS Separation of Bavarian Peo- ples Party Cause. Berlin, Jan. 15. Ilerr Meyer, Min- ister of Treasury, has resigned. His action Is reported to have been due to the separation of tho Bavarian Peoples party from the Centre party In the Na- tional Assembly. The Bavarian Premier has written a note of farewell to the Bavarian of the Sarre Valley, who will be under French administrate for fifteen years, expressing the hope that the referendum which will bo held after fifteen years will give them back \as faithful citizens to Bavaria.\ Bavaria's losses In the war aggre- gated 655.000, of whom 163,000 were killed, 398,000 wounded, and 94,000 made prisoner or missing. Not alone imported fabrics and stylings, but individual designs and personal tailor- ing create thc-distinctio- and long style-lif- e of Rol- lins garments. $70 GERMAN INDUSTRY Manifesto Issued Calls for Councils In All Establishments. WORKS STILL OPERATING Hob Said to Havo Boon Di rcctcd by Men Who Gained Reichstag Building. Bkrun, Jan, 15. A Communist manl festo Issued to-d- urgos tho lmmodlate election of revolutionary employees councils In all Industrial establishments. Radicals omens the workers of seV' oral largo plants declared a holiday to. day to celebrate the anniversary of the killing of Dr. Karl Llebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, tho Socialists. No demonstration took place. The Relchs tntr nimr Is still under heavy guard. The Zeltung am Mlttag says It has learned authoritatively that Tuesday's mob was directed by men who climbed to prominent positions In tho Reichstag Building. Deputies Zuebell and Frau Zletz are reported to have said: \The Reichstag Building belongs to the peo ple, not to tho 'security guaru.- - rou know what you have to do.\ At this the dsmonstrants rushed upon the police, Work Is proceeding In all the factories of Berlin London, Jan. 15. Disorderly scenes occurred again Wednesday morning in the National Assembly when Deputy Kanhler attempted to deliver a ppooch regretting the Incidents of Tuesday, ac cording to a Berlin despatch to tho l.x chance Telegraph. Tho Independents constantly interrupted. An attempt naa been made, Herr Kanhler said, to put the Parliament, elected by the most democratic method In the world, under the dictatorship of the street agitator, If the people of Germany now realized how disastrous the tyranny of minority rule would be, ho said, tho blood shed on the nrevlous day tho first slnco the ratification of the peace treaty would not have llowed In vain. Strong indignation Is expressed In every branch of Industry at tho un scrupulousness of the Independents, the despatch adds, because the leaders hid behind machine guns while the masses were driven forward to face the guns of the soldiers. It la announced that the Berlin Gov, eminent will not permit demonstrations on tho occasion of tho burial of tho victims of Tuesday's rioting. German troops were marched to Lelpslc on Tuesday, whero they occupied the squares and public buildings, no cording to another Berlin despatch to the Exchange Telegraph Company, Machlno guns were placed In command- ing positions. Fears are expressed In diplomatic despatches received here that the Berlin Imfcrngllo may spread throughout Ger- many and even to Vienna through tho agency of the Communists, this element using the recent ilerlm disorders to in flame the masses toy representing those killed as martyrB to the cause of the people. DENIKINE REPULSES FIVE RED THRUSTS Drive on Odessa Halted, Say British Observers. London, Jan. 15.-T- he British Mil- itary Mission with Oen. Denlklne at the latter's headquarters Iri Ekaterlnodar reports under tlato that the Caucasus army, In tho lino behind the Aksal River, repulsed In heavy lighting' five frontal attacks and an\ attempt to turn Its left flank. Tho report of tho British mission Bays the advance of the Bolshevlkl on Odessa has been stopped. It also states that the report that Gen. Denlklne has been superseded by Gen. Wrangel or any other commander Is untrue. The statement saya tho Don army holds the Una of the Don River from Us Junction with tho Aksal to Its mouth. The volunteer army Is said to be hold- ing the line from Nikopol to Melitopol, north of the Crimea, Moscow wireless despatches said tho Rpds were victorious In flghtlnsr on the Nikopol-Melitop- line. BOLSHEVIKI CONFIRM CAPTURE OF KOLCHAK Reiteration From Moscow of His Arrest at Irkutsk. London, Jan. 15. The reports of the capture of Admiral Kolchak, head of the Government In Siberia, have been confirmed, It Is stated In a Moscow wireless despatch received The foregoing presumably refers to the report received In London on Janu- ary 10 In a Moscow wireless message which said Admiral Kolchak had been arrested at Irkutsk by Col. Popellaeff, who, It was presumed, might be Victor Pepellaeff, the Premier of the Government. It Is posslblo, how- - over, that the officer said to havo ar- rested Admiral Kolchak was one of the Irkutsk Insurgents or a member of the Bolshevik party, groups of which havo sprung up at various points In Siberia since tho recent roverses of tho Government which are said vir- tually to have wiped out Its army. AMERICAN FUND IN BERLIN. BsnUN, Jan. 15. Six hundred thou- sand marks contributed by Americans to tho German Red Cross In the winter of 1916-1- 7 sttll aro on deposit In the Dresdner Bank awaiting disposition. The fund reached Berlin on the eve of the break tn relations between tho United States and Germany. It is suggested here that If tho funds are placed at the disposal of tho Ger- man Red Cross they be diverted to tho Children's Frosh Air Fund, to which American Methodists recently contrib uted 200,000 marks. DESIGNER mo MAKER OF MENS ATTIRE 1306 ydway Hotel McAlpin at Thirty-fourt- h BRITISH STRIKE TALK IS LAID TO POLITICS Industrial Upheaval Fenrs Aro Based on nt Propaganda. . LABOR OUTLOOK BETTER Twenty Unions Accused of Threats Aro Settling Their Grievances Amicably. Special Cable Deepalch to Tn So. Copvrlght, 1310, alt rights rciervtd. London, Jan. 15. Innumerable ru- mors In circulation that a great Indus- trial upheaval Is Imminent were em- phatically branded to Tiu Sun cor- respondent as baseless by a highly placed Government official, who de- scribed the stories nn \the most per nicious form, of propa- ganda ever used In any political arena.\ He explained that while Lloyd George is dealing energetically iui solution of the labor problems tho ad- vanced wing of tho Tory section of the rnn1IHn la let'lnt ft famA thfl flOVem- - ment to refuse tho workmen's demands, using for this purpose n sysiemuieu ..- -f .1 ua L,n.l fnrm Of Which Is a report that secret orders have been . . ..... n . .,luntr issupu 10 uiu uuvemiiicui p motor corps o be In rcadlnesB to trans-po- rt food around tho kingdom during the anticipated genoral strike by twenty n rlan linlnnd nM thn tinf1 It tn roHflln that WU IJ1U Ullltl IIUllUI - - - tho labor horizon is brightening per ceptibly ana mat 01 mo iwem u..'.. now engaged In solving their problems .. in the lilgncr tnuusiriai cuuim. Whitley council of transport workers BUbmiuea n aeinanu lor un - - tn .. ii.. Inlnt conference 0 masters and men. There nro promises of a satisfactory settlement In the tin t,ui. nriA whAM iim mon demanded a 50 per cent. Increase. This also was submitted to a Joint conference. Agri- cultural laborers, shop assistants ana builders' laborers aro now consulting their employers In a inenaiy spiru. There is some slight friction In other Industries, arising from mo mouiuria strike. Tho lack of small castings has ....j. n..mi.n nf fmnlnvnefl . in de. uiauu 1UIU tl HUIMUVI v- - pendent Industries, with tho result that the unemployment diesis 01 ouicr umuno 1.- .nnlrih' Ttpfllsal Of W.IU uuil'b uiryiwivn tho employers to reconsider their deci- sion to tho moulders has had a bad Im- pression. Tho real danger is in inai pan u mw lliuuauiui ri .,..1,1 ,i u . . v. npAnn.l , ........ thn . railways - and mines, but a strike Is doubtful Tho unions composing tho triple alliance suf-fcr- d severely In the recent railway Btrlko and their war chest was depleted to less ,i tin ,iT,w Thn leaders will prevent a strike now It It Is humanly possible. CRIMEAN VICTORIES FOR SOVIET FORCES Two Divisions Reported Taken in Turkestan. T jN..n. Tun 1 f, TlnlshOVlst f OrCeS operating east of Odessa, near the Black Sen, havo captured Nikopol (on tho Dnieper River seventy-fiv- e miles from Its mouth) and Melitopol (In the . nnAnrllnf. n ft KnVlefc wlrele6S despatch from Moscow, nnd have reached a line of villages fifty miles to the west nnd thirty miles to tho Bouthwcst of Nikopol. Further capture of prisoners on the Turkestan front Is also reported. East- ward of Gurley, eleven miles Inland from - , c TTiiral TJIv-r- r thn ine vaL-jim- oti v.. w Red armies are reported to have taken the Fourth and ruin divisions 01 me i f..i, r tM?pther with the commander in chief of tho Fourth Divi sion. FRENCH SUBMARINE REPORTED MISSING One Reaches Port Disabled; Other Not Heard trom. t rrinm Tnn. 15. The sub- - runim. rnnrhpd rinrt to-d- In a badly damaged condition. Her Captain reports having icit au \ur on ion on January 9, accompanied' by tho submarine Nereide. . ... . For threo days and nignts tney named ,,it torrifif fb In the Bav of Bis cay. The two submarines parted com- pany, tho Nereldo apparently being In carried 'a crew of forty, and has not been heard from. CONSISTENC- E- Men patronize our shops consis tently because they find a service con- sistently good. Try one of these shops N. Y. Barber Co. Downtown 18 Broadway, Wells Bldg. 36 Wall St., Rear Cigar Store. 55 Liberty St. Lib. Tower Bldg. 81 William St Bet. Maiden Lane & Liberty St. 95 William St North River Ins. Bldg. 170 B'way, Cor. Maiden umei Uptown 673 B'way, B'way Central iiotei. 862 B'way, Noar Union Sq. 120 W. 34th St, Herald Square Hotel. 9 E. 42d St, over Cod- - dlngtona. Cleanliness Service Automobile Owners find real Information and useful articles in A'no YcrKU Great iiomlna AWimmt. TREATY TERMS ARE GIVEN TO HUNGARY Wallace, With Full Creden- tials, Acta for U. S. Pxais, Jin, Wallace had full credentials to represent America as a plenipotentiary In connection with the handing of tho terms of peace to the Hungarian delegates this afternoon. He acted In the same capacity as' President Wilson, Secretary Lansing, Undor Sec. etary Polk and other plenipotentiaries when the German, Austrian and Bui. garlan treaties were handed over. This fact caused much favorable oomment from members of other delegations. Tho pence treat) provides that Hun- gary shall formally waive claim to Flumo and all the' former Austro-Hun-garl- territories awarded to Italy, Ru- mania, Jugo-Blav- la and Cxccho-SIovakl- Hungary must adhero to tho Clauses of tho treaty with Austria, signed at concerning national minorities Under tho terms of the treaty tho Hungarian army must not oxcoed 85,000 men, with guns of not mora than 10 callbro, Hungary assumes a proportional aharo of tho Austrian debt. A special economic clause provides that an arrangement shall bo mads for the oxchango of foodstuffs, raw mate-ria- ls and manufactured goods between Austria and Hungary. By tho provision of this clause Hungary undertakos not to restrict tho export of foodstuffs to Austria and Insures Austrian purchasers terms as favorable as those given to the Hungarians, Tho Hungarians have fifteen dayB in which to present their observations. Anthrax From Shave Fatal, Joseph Cook, who contracted anthrax from being shavod In a shop In the Bow cry, died yesterday at Bellovuo Hospital! Whon he was rocotved at tho hospital Cook said tho barber had cut him slightly In tho cheek, and on the day fol- lowing the wound began to swell and painful. Physicians at first ding, nosed tho caso as blood poisoning, Coolc died following an operation. He was 4S and llvod at 13 Third avenue. and $60 and oaie at ana 279 at St at 42d St. Grace Line to Extend W, R. Grace & Co. announced yester- day that fortnightly passenger service under tho American flag New York to tho west coast of Africa, would be pos- slblo In tho spring whon two additional steamohlps bo placed In the run by the aroco line. At present tho lino has two ships which mako monthly Pierce Owner going for Will sell my new four passenger tour- ing dual valve, 38 H. P. or Three runabout, scries four latest model, preceding dual valvo. Just rebuilt, retired, Six new cord tires. 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