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'SOVIET BUREAU IS - NEAR WHITE HOUSE Issues Its First Statement, As-- , sorting Itetls Are Being ; 1 Persecuted Here. v FRAMEUP IS CIIAIIOED Federal Agolits Accused oif Manufacturing Evidbnco Against Communists. Special VespatcJi It Tnt Sex, Washingion, Jan. 0. A. bureau for tho dissemination of soviet Information or propaganda In the United States was f rtabltehed by tho Russian Soviet Gov- ernment y In one of the capital's pi ')lnont. hotels within a ftw hundred yards of the Whlfo House and within plain sight of tho oflce of tho Attorney-Genera- l. Additional space Is to be taken by the bureau, which already has a staff at work. S. Nuonova, who nald that ho repr ' rented Ludwlg C. K. A. Martens, the Soviet \Ambassador\ to the United States, has charge eff the bureau. Ths bureau Issued Its first statement In part as follows: \We have been Informed that Mr. Gregory Welnstoln of the Ililsslan Soviet Government bureau has been arrested and held for deportation and that Is threatened against Sir. Mar- tens and other members of hla staff as a last desperate efort to prevent the truth about the Russian situation and s bout the real foreign policies .of the Russian Soviet Government from being placed before the people of America. We wolcome the opportunity the pro- posed hearings before the Senate give us to state these facts and to refute the hysterical lies which are being spread about our Government and about the Russian Soviet bureau In New York. \I regard the mean persecution of our bureau and nthe frantic man hunt of ill friends of Soviet Russia as a delib- erate attempt to prevent the Impending peaco and understanding with our coun- try and to prevent a fair hearing before the Senate committee. \I feel confident that the large masses ef the American people. In eplto of the manufactured prejudice against us, will row at least understand that there are forces at work who are afraid of getting tho truth about Russia before the Amer ican people. The Senate hearing would also have opened wide If we were per mitted to testify the Augean itables of the work of Russian reactionaries in this ' country, who have squandered on abom- inable plots and intrigues tens of mil- lions of money lent by the American Government to Russia. It seems that there are many people besides Mr. Boris Bakhmetlev and hla crowd who would not like to have these matters tdlscussed. \There also appears to be another rea- son for the desire to deport us. We have conclusive evidence that agents of the Department of Justlve have actively par-- 1 Maghitud- e- Ten Stores main thoroughfares accessibility stores, quality merchandise, courtesy salespeople, service patrons- -It dominating fair- ness justice Tilford largest PARK & TILFORD Avenue Street York VVc are equipped to prepare Income Tux statements firms, corporations and individuals in New and elsewhere. .Mr. Luther P. Spoer as counsel, desired, in matters in which bur clients need assistance. Mr. Speer recently resigned as Deputy Commissioner in tho Commissioner Internal Revenue, D. and has opened an in that 'the general, practice of law, specializing on income and excess profits laws. is solicited 2 Albany St., New York. (Entire capital of this company Is Surety Company.) tlclpated In the organisation of the Com- munist party of America and that those very planks In the programme of the party which now form the basis of the persecution of thousands of have been and Inserted Into that pro- gramme by such Government We are prepared to show before tho Senate committee .that some other rad leal activities the Instigation of which has beep to Russians fh were managed and Inspired by secret service agents. \We can provo that tho chief In celebrated bomb plots were\ of a In other some officials have been estab that sinister Institution Is In Kurope as the system of provocateur. W e are to bring out all facts concerning this the gravity of which I fully rec It Is clear that some Implicated In this are only too anxious to prevent us from disclosing these NO COUNTERFEIT Uolshcvlits British Dapatch to Tub Sox. London, Jan. 6. It is not believed here that any large of Bolshevik paper which It Is paid has been sent all over the has been In England. The Bank of England has not dis I It is alone the of our of our the of our we ren- der our is the spirit of and to all that has made Park & the house of its kind, in the world. of of by also Bank Fifth and 44th New York City will when his the office C, office City for tax stock owned National people drafted agents. charged reality ftrurcs certain agents similar nature. words, llshlng which known 'agent ready charge denize. officials matter facts.\ RED FOUND. Lacked Paper Foriie A'otm. Special amount forged money, world, passed on not the the for act Past, Present and Future Interesting and perhaps not without profit is the perusal at this time of the prophecies of a year ago. They were as diversified as they were numerous, but those who took the optimistic view of the outlook for the year just closed, and the Harriman National Bank was among this number, were justified, as events have proven. We asked our customers not to confuse the usual post-holida- y, January inventory period of trade dul-ne- ss with conditions due strictly to post-wa- r readjust- ment and reconstruction. Stocks of merchandise all over the country at that time were low, as we pointed out, the result of which has been, of course, a year of high prices and consequent prosperity. Stocks are still low, consumption in excess of production. Moreover, we pointed out that there was a demand for goods which we believed would strengthen; so it was and still is, but the limit is of course nearer by a year. Buyers then were inclined to wait for reduction in prices. While they waited, consumption continued and prices kept lip. This fs also a current condition. The Harriman National Bank believes, however, the peak is visible, even if but dimly for the moment. To prophecy is thankless. We still and shall always require to learn by experience. Nevertheless, the Harriman National Bank does not hesitate to pre- dict a continuation of trade activity and consequent prosperity, but at the same time- - we would have our customers keep their wits awake to such conditions as may come when domestic demand for goods is satisfied, and European demand is still pending. BANKING HOURS FROM 8 O'CLOCK A. M. TO 8 O'CLOCK P. M. SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TO MIDNIGHT Tax Statements covered any such notes and It Is not thought that the Uolshevlkl have the material to make the kind of paper that Is used for English money. I'ror. Cnttrll'a Nult An live rut. Answers to the suit for damages In- stituted recently by Prof. James McKecn Cattell, formerly of the department of psychology, Columbia University, were fllod yesterday by the Columbia Alumni Fraternity and by Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler and four other trustees. The papers review tho Investigation which led to the demand for Frof. Cattell's resignation and accuse him of writing letters to tho nowspaperg attacking the Faculty Club, which la characterized as an offense against \academic solidarity.\ Both answers ask that the suit be dis- missed. ' SOCIETY BEATEN John A. Weekes Is Elected President by Big Majority. At yesterday's meeting of the Xew York Historical Society the \Insurgent\ ticket, lej by Ernest K. Satterlee and Mrs. i:. II. Harriman and backed by Mrs. Jchn ICIng Van ltcnsselacr, was smoth- ered by the \regulars headed by John A. Weekes and William Church Ojborn, by 512 .votes to 77. In the preceding debate S. Mallet-I'revo- st forced the fighting for the Insur- gents and it. Horace Gallatin bore the burden o defence for the regulars. The Insurgents believed the bylaws should be revised to give the membership as a whole more voice in the society's affairs. The Insurgents contend the bylaws per- mit the executive committee to control the organisation. The Insurgent slate was as follows President, Krncst K. Satterlee; first Mrs. E. H. Harriman : second Schuyler U. Warren, Jr. ; third Rufus King: fourth George A. Plimpton; for- eign secretary. Dr. I.ouls Livingston Sea- man; domestic secretary, Mrs. Francis Bishop; recording secretary, B. Sherman Fowler; treasurer. Bernard Samuels; librarian, Charles de Kny. The regular ticket, which was elected, was; President, John A. Weekes; Walter Liapenard Suydam, William Church Osborn, Walter Jen- nings and Francis Robert Schell ; foreign secretary, Archer Milton Huntington ; domestic secretary. Arthur Curtlss James ; recording secretary, Stuyvesant Fish; treasurer, It. Horace Gallatin; librarian, Robert Hendre Kelby. Most of these officers were After the meeting Mrs. Van Rensse- laer, after congratulating Mr. AVeekes, told him that she would continue to fight his nrlmlnlstraUon. Oliver Moore custom footgear is made by the most expert bootmakers available. 13C Oliver Moore of London CUSTOM ItOOTMAKER EalabUthrd 1S7S 44 W. 4Cth 8. Phont Bryant 2517 THE SUN, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1920.' Washington, Correspondence NATIONAL ACCOUNTING COMPANY Harriman National Income HISTORICAL INSURGENTS I I 1 .BORDEN CAN REJOIN CLUBS. Judge Add $5,000 to III Income, Making It If.'IO, ((. In order to relieve LouIb I.. Borden, son of the founder of tho Borden Jlllk Company, of the necessity of having to resign from any more clubs, or of get- ting rid of an odd car or two, be- cause of the press of high living costs, Supreme Court Justice Seegar signed an order In White Plains yesterday allow-lu- g htm an additional J5.00U a year from his mother's estate. lie will now re- ceive ?30,000 a year. His mother, Mrs. Theresa Borden, was In November last adjudged Incompetent to manage the estate left her by her nusband, Henry Lee Jioruen, estimated to be worth $1,750,000. In UU petition Mr. Borden said the upkeep of himself and his family had Increased so consid- erably that he had been forced to re- sign from several Manhattan clubs by Inability to pay the dues. His mother's Income from the eKate was about $170,-00- 0 a year, he said. ENVOY' MARTENS DROPS OUT OF SIGHT Continued from Flrtt Pane. tlonlst who had been In Blliciiau exile for plotting agutnst the Government of the Czar, and who had later been asso ciated with Ienlne In Switzerland when that Individual was directing his propa ganda against tho Imperialists nnd the. modeiato revolutionary pnity before tho outbreak: of tho war. Tr ujn Tip VMnr TPanhakchv. who has been going under tho assumed name of \Dr. Paige,\ or 303 Kasl t'ourteenui trtreet Ho admitted that ho Is a bo. tlovorlln the revolutionary overthrow of nil ntllin of the World out side of tho Bol.thovlk territory, Two sweethearts rounu in me piucu ndmlttcd similar principles. They were John Dudnrlk nnd Annie Mnnson, holli 24.yeara old, and both of 13 west street. \lidO OUO llnll I' H ll U lllllnoil. It wan stated by Elizabeth Gurlcy Flynn yesterday that the \Red\ sjmpu-thlier- a of the nrrcsled plotters have raised upward of $200,000 to lall out those now held on Kills Island for de- portation. Neither Mr. Uhl nor the local army authorities had received any ofndal no; tlce of Secretary Baker'a plan to lend Camp Upton to the Immigration for housing the Reds. Mr. UM said that as J,ho present dlillculty In handling the crowds of' deportees docs not arlbo from lack of space, but from lack of olllclnls to carry on the ncpes-sar- y proceedings, the loan of Camp Upton could not help very much. It would necessitate tlm officials making many dally trips back nnd forth over Long Island to carry on their work. Upward of sixty more Reds arrived at tho Island yesterday. Senator Clayton It. Lusk, iend of the Lusk cpmmlttce. warned against treat- ing the Bolshevik menace too lightly, nnd said there are approximately 20,000 Communists in this State. 'To say that the backbono of this movement has been broken Is absurd,\ he said. Ho warned against the1 Red Sunday schools, which are in operation throughout the State, and said that much seditious matter was being disseminated In public schools up State. Miss Frances Wltherspoon wrote to Mayor Ilylan protesting against the manner In which Commissioner of Ac- counts David Hlrshlleld Is conducting his Investigation Into the clash which tho \amnesty paraders\ had with tho police on Christmas Day. She complained that Instead of In- quiring Into the charges niado by the slacker sympathizers, to tiie effect that police pushed them roughly when they refused to disband, the Commissioner grilled every one of the witnesses about his or her Red connections or revolu- tionary Inclinations. She said that he also Interspersed the hearings with long speeches nbout the Bolshevist and icvolutlonury movement. CLOTHES OF CUSTOM QUALITY THE CHESTERFIELD OVER-COAJA- S DESIGNED BY SAKS JT is said of Lord Ches- terfield that he unques- tionably gave his coun- trymen their manners. And as we design the type of coat named after him, we give our country- men an unquestioned manner. Grey Oxford; 'Velvet Collar; Form-fittin- g; Silk Lined. i8fc0 & (UntttiratttJ BROADWAY AT 34th STREET \You can usually iell whai sori of an aparfxneni ii is oy me way the halls 'ore ephy or presence ELECTRIC ihe absence of SERVICE 'jtz BRONX RABBI BLIND FROM WOOD ALCOHOL \Whiskey\ Used at Ilov. Men- del Knee's Tarty Cruises Ill- ness of Several Oucsls. The Rev. Mendel Knee of 749 Trinity avenue, The Bronx, rabbi of the syna gogue at 857 Union avenue, has becomo totally blind from what his physician says Is the effect of drinking whiskey made of wood alcohol. Several guests who attended his party at the syna- gogue n few nights ago were made 111, but have recovered. After Dr. Harry T, Rosenthal of 071 Trinity avenue, who hail attended the clergyman, testified In the case yester- day. Magistrate Max R. Lovlno In tho MprrUlanla Court held Louis Hoffmtin In 13,000 ball. Hodman, who lives at 829 East Sixth street, will havo his hearing next Monday, According to the testimony Tlabbl Knee purchased on November 21, for H, a gallon of what ho thought was whiskey from Morris Illenstock of 730 Cauldwell avenue, Tho lironx, after n conversation In whlclrtho rabbi had told of tho forthcoming party and tuggestod, It was said, that tho guests would ap- preciate a good drink. The rabbi said tho liquor had been divided Into quarts, ono of which watt nold to his twenty guests, while two .others were bought Individually, Ho took tho fourth quart home with him, ho said, mid drank It at Intervals for fourteen days, until it became necessary to call the physician, lllcnslock tolil Mnglstrato l.evlnc he bought the gallon from Simon Allman of 2)84 Houston street, who In turn sahl he had bought It as whiskey from Hoff- man. Morris Zuekerman a manufac- turer of disinfectants at 13 KJU Third street, asserted he, bought the same gal- lon as wood alcohol to be used in his business, and that he refold It to Hoff- man as wood nlcohol, charging only ti.ZQ. Chemical analysis showed the rlnnounce Beginning To-dat- f, Wednesday Most Remarkable Sale of Women's Ultra-Sma- rt Suits At Radical Price Reductions 100 Suits 65 Suits 50 Suits Formerly $39.50 $49.40 Now $25.00 Formerly $59.00 $85.00 Now $49.50 Formerly $95.00 $125.00 Now $75.00 \THE beautiful created-fo- r Winter ly original tailored thoroughness service. materials successful present Superior, Velour Lainc, Lustrous Broadcloth, Cloth, Tinseltone, Silver-ton- e Tricotine, collars These record greatly reduced prices, therefore None Excliangcd or Approval (Broadway 4,800 Silk Cravats at 95c Neckwear any man jvanc to wear, of lustrous and Basket Weave that not only look right, but are so perfectly woven that the best of service is assured. Excellent variety of pat- terns, in effects and new tri'Colorings of marked originality. at fluid to he about 25 per cent, wood al- cohol. Tho charges against Zuckorman, Allman and lllcnstock were dismissed by lMwnnl Chapman, Assistant District Attorney, Twelve men were Indicted 'yesterday by. tho Federal (Jrand Jury In connec- tion with Its Into tho making and sale of poison whiskey. All but one have boon arrested. Four yestorday pleaded not guilty to the technical charge of violating tho wartime prohibition net before. United States Judge Chatfleld In Urooklyn after having been held the day before In f 100,000 ball each. They were William II. Woller, 405 Tenth street; John Homanclll, undertaker, 271 Third avenue; S.nnuol ICSaleeby, drug- gist, St Court street, and Kdward (. Ware, brother-in-la- 190 Stato street. Coslmo d'Amuroslo, \ftusso the Red,\ will bo examined It Is believed. The others who will be examined In tho Federal Court of Manhattan art Halvatoro Espoflto, 120 Mulberry street; I.ulgla I'uc.i, HI Molt ntrett; Adolfo Faranelll, Ulcecker btroet, wlno dealer; Carmine Llcenlnto, also of Manhattan ; Nathan Sulsbers of nnd Frank Luclnbello of New Haven. . A to to to most Suits the season, in their clever lines, and. with a that assures the best of The are the most for wear Duvet de Suede and many with and cuffs of real fur. Suits will move in time at these Sent C. O. D., on would made rich, Satins Silks all-ov- er inquqlry Salecby's Hartford, at 34(h St. Two Sales for MEN Arranged to Begin At SAKS To-da- y 600 Silk Mufflers 2.95 Made to sell at $4 to $7, but owing to slight imperfections in the weaving are offered at this low price. So slight arc the imperfections they are al- most impossible to detect. Excellent ra'ngc of colors in Rich two-ton- e effects. Green, Purple, Garnet, and Black with White. At 34th St. 1\ MJj I1\ 'i M ' . J

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