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'BEL SESSION -- IS FEATURE OF CURB: prices Movb Narrowly, but in Final Hour Most Losses Aro Recovered. Dulncss was the main feature tn the eatsldo market yesterday, Prices moved ever a narrow rango, and during Its aarly trading the general tendency was toward weakness, but on light buying In the last hour most of tUio. losoes were recovered, rjenoral Asphalt and Carlb trading were firm late In the session and there was renewed buying of Phillips Petroleum, due to favorable reports concerning tho company's success re- cently In bringing new wells In. SMI na rn r n t rhn miaf ntttt'w ,n \the\ add mo Ithan , V; 8 point In tho last hour, wk aasin nooo Swedish O (a tMi troleum moved to a now uign lor mo present movement on light trades, ibut Blmms Petroleum stock, and rights weak- ened In the final hours. Renewed pressure against Russian Government Issues sent prices to new low records. Interborough notes also were heavy, but a steady tone was main- tained In the rest of the bond market Total sales and range of prices follow ; INDUSTRIALS. (tea. High. low. Last, ence 00 Acme Coal ITi Is tXO Aetna Eiplos SH '5i 200 Am Road Mach.. IS 15 Hl Am Leather S2 81 800 Am Marconi Mi ii 11M Am 8 Razor 1714 17 100 Tub coup.. IFi 25T4 S00 Car Ll(ht t 2T4 1O0O Col Emerald 29 400 Colonial Tire..,.\10 SVa 1J.V) Curtlia Aero SH K 100 Ooodschaux Suxar M 68 2700 Gen Asphalt 110 107 2000 Ofn Motors 34Vi 3t 300 GoUIwjd Picture. 29 23 100 Grape Oil 1U 1U 300 firipf Ola r)t IK 'S tMO Heyden Chem MS 1750 Hupp Motor) UTi UA Indian Paekinr.... SIM 20 1200 Kay Co Oaa 1'i VA 700 Libby McNeil 30 29 1400 Loews Inc S04 30 1000 1Ooomoblle 2S S44 2000 Mont Ward Oo... 40!i ) :i Mercer Motors.... S4H 3V4 2400 Nw Mex Land... SVi S sum North Am Paper.. 4H r$i m Nunnally Candy... 23 22 5 Perfection Tire.... Mi 414 T.100 I1D Tire Rob.... 414 4Vs 200 Root Vand'roort. 6314 M?j 200 Rimvl Fountains 13 13 2t R61ar LIcht It 1SU 400 Splccr Mf 89 .\9 300'Stanwood Rubber 19 1SH 4,700 Snhmarlne Doat. U14 U COO SwKt Int U 100 Sweets Co 10S lOVi 1,800 Trlnndo Film ... U 1W U 8 Dlatrltmtme. 47 47 SC 0 8 II S Tool,.. 2714 2714 4.SWU S Steam 4 31, 700 Un Plct Prod 1814 1K4 2,7Un ITont 8har... l& 2V4 2,000 Un Ret Caudr.... IS 17i 1.000 Czold Tire H 414 3.700 V Vlrandon Inc. 21H to 2,500 Vanadium St rt. Sli Zi lOOWajna Coal 414 4, STANDARD OILS. 10 South P L 153 163 SO South Penn Oil.. 329 323 V) Pt Oil of N Y....418 443 10 Union Tank Lino 120 l INDEPENDEJJ1 OILS 1X0 Alhanon lt4 IS Allied Oil K U K )Alto Oaa 414 4U 1000 AmaUt Royalty .. Hi 1 200 Atitex Oil H V4 1K- Afsoowed OU,... 2 3 11C0 Anne Belle .t (9 S7 200 narnett O & G.... H H $200 Dell Pet Jli 2 S100 Boone Oil 7 6H COORcston Mexico.... 2 ! 10000 Boston Wyo t M 95 4l Braioa Oil 21 21 20f0 Burknett Van CI. 2H 214 S Carlb Synd S214 6114 1 Carlb TradInf....J7J 275 S00 Circle Oil i. 44 44 WO Cities Serv B ctfs 4214 42 KK Commonwealth .. 4414 42U I0S00 Cosdea i Co Sli Vi sm Duqaenne U 10 9\0 Cushinr Pete 314 13 Dominion Oil; S3V4 33 21j) Elk Basin Pet.... SH SH 2U Ensineers Pet.... IVi 1U J!) Ertel OU..-- . ! 1H S500 Ftderal Oil....... 6 4'4 (00 Gllllland Oil 4SH 4714 200 Clenrock Oil 3\ S14 110)Gu(ty Gillespie.. 85 .16 SO) Gt West Pet 1 1 U 100 Harvey O Oil 11 U 1300 Home Oil 414 i 1000 Home Pet t 33 34 200 Houston Oil IS714 156 icon Huilion Oil 74 60.) HUfhes Pet 10 1014 1300 Int Petrol 6414 &2!4 ) Invlnrible 3 34 1000 Island Oil 5T4 15S00 Mvlnrston 2H 214 131i' Msm\ Oi' S lOOMarzay Oil 8 8 ICO Merrttt Oil 19 490 Metronolitan Pet.. 3 2Ts 700 Mex Pn 13 H 400 Midwest Tex H H 700 Nor Amer Oil EU 6 SOOOmsr Oil 9 S V Orient Oil 4 4 700Pcnnok Oil OH 914 SOW) Phillips Pet 7914 77H son Producers 4 Ret 1014 10 too Red Rock Oil 1V4 1H 200 Rlckanl Texas..... lv 1M 4(00 Ryan Oil 4T4 4H tono Salt Creek Prod.. 4214 40H eoOSapulpa Ref..... 64 6H 1S35 Squoyah Oil 1000 savoy Oil 7H 714 2&0 Simms Pet 6414 CSOOSImma Pet rta.... 6H 614 MO Sinclair Cent W 10 600 Skelly Oil UH H 300 omhern States.. W, l m Rreneer Pet 19H 13 wo S'antcn Oil 4 v4 too Superior Oil 15'4 13 JO00 T-- Chief 44'4 44H 2ft) Texas Ranger.... 1H 1W 9\0 Texas CO w I.... SS14 67 eoooTevana O A R..tW 60 L Thramsn Oil P4 W (v Tronlcal Oil 19l4 Wi KfOTexon O & L 1J4 1 tm fnlted Tex Oil... 14 Iff 700 Victoria OU new. 1H 14 10i Vulfao Oil 6H 614 l!w jviern 8tatea... 1H llj ( White Oil 43V 414 r White Eajrlo 2314 2314 too.Wooiburn 814 M4 eooo Wyomlnr Con....t 40 33 100OY Oil 6 Gas A A MIXING. 1.600 Alasfca-B- r Col.... 1A H 350 Am Honduras ... 214 2 1,000 Alaska Mines .... 1 1 12,800 Arlt Silver 24 Hi S.OOOAt'anta t 3 : 7,000 Belcher Divide .t W 27 1,600 Belcher Ext ....t 89 SS coo 111; Ledge H ' A LOOQ.IlpoUi ,....t 614 614 4.000 HQS & Mont,. ...t 72 70 COOOCaled Mln ......fa SO S.ooo Calumet & Jer... A A ,100 Canada. Copver .. 1A I 4,700 Caadelaria M.....' K H 1.660 Carton- - mir ..... 3114 600 Com Cop M 'S 414 700 Con Vlrelnla ... 714 Hi 1.700 Cre-so- n Ooldi... 314 1.60O Ore MeNamara-- .t n (8,600 Divide Ext II ton no'orea Esp 2ti 600 Dundee Aria 74 too El Salvador 314 2,000 Eureka Croeaua.. 1T4 600 Eurka HoUy...t 74 4600 '49 Mlnlnr 2H 200 Gaaden O. 214 TWOolden Oats Exp. 114 4000 Gold Cons.... t U tflOOOoij Derel til 20C OoJdfleUJ Flor;...t!3 1000 Goid Kewana...t 3 sxoooid Merrer....t a aw Oold Silver FlcM 5 6300 Gold Zone t tl 200 Green Monster.... H JOOO Great Btnd.....t 2 4t00RecU Mlnlnr...... .H 160) Jumbo Erten.,..t 7 500 Keystone of TJtah.1 700 Kerr Iis , 4H SCMKnox Divide 1 14 teoLostsSana Co IS 1T McKin-Da- r t MMoNamar t4S tTDMarth Mlfttn'.-...!- ) . too Macon Valley.,... 2TS jeeOKotherrode IMMotaerLtMleiMw Vy, JSMMnw Mor....1'7J 501 National Tl....,.- SVi SOOKIptaalnf SoooNbTon r7ev4(i;,,t7 10CO North Star....-.- .t 7 400 Onondara 214 1400Opm Silver....... 1V4 iwsh nm.......t s 40noi-- r Cons .A 1 400 TtochMter nnS f a Group A tm l.an Toy It lonowen Mollis..... 4 2T nr a Corper. .i. U ten Sflvcr E of Arts. A 21 A 2 14 74 24 t 114 12 11 25 3 3 6 29 14 a ST4 .7 1 if H 42 21 214 65 6H 75 M4 1214 20 7 214 1 3 20 5 4?i Bit 74 114 11 3 3 6 1 tlHl 64 78 914 1214 I ,A A -1- 14 4 - U -2- 0 -1- 4 V4 -1- 4 -- Hi U -1- 14 29 -- 3 14 4. 2 .. 3 7 .. 1 MS 42 20 22 7 29 . -- 1 W 41 4? 14 ?w B ver Dollar ,...t 2\Tfr Klnf WM It IMgo Am P 4 O... 714 ,800 S Bllrer Lead.. ,. 4509 Stewart Mln . f 17 MOO Success Mln ..... JH H22Iono Belmont..., i MOO Tono CMh Dor..t ? 5330 Tqno Divide ...... i WOO Tono Jim u...,.. JOOOTnnopih MldwsytH iron Tonopah Mln.,7,. :u lWOTouopah Mlzsaht e WW Tonopah Mon,t 11 'Tono Me Kul..t 11 s2! i ? ContmentiU IVi MO Unity Odd i 5K2!;nlL\d Ejitern... 4 Utah Dcv 1H vf Victory 1 17' JM Wejt fend C 1H 150 White Cap .....t 10 120(0 White Caps Ext 1U OOOOWllbert ,.t 7tf 4000 Yerrinnon 4 BONDS, (27000 Allied P ( JJU 2000 Am Tel (a '21 w$ tOOO Anaconda C 6s..,, 93 200) Beth Stl 7a 'M....100V4 1C000 Can 3 6'As '29 94 20000 CCCJ SlL 6s... C6U S0O0 Copenhag iVis '44. 124 lfJOM Inter R T \a 71K 125000 Russian o (Mi,.,, vi 166030 Russian O (Ha.... 21 lanr , re-- 1 7S 7114 0A Odd lota. tSells centa a shore. CONSOLIDATED EXCHANGE. tf On the Consolidated Stock Exchange yesterday Mexican. Petroleum was ad vanced from Its early low to 216, fan American lii to 106, Tranncontl-nent- al to 37 91. Sinclair to 43. Bald- win Locomotive rallied 1 to 109.94, American Locomotive 1 to 97 ic Steel 1U to 111,, United States Steel common to 104 . Tobacco Prod- ucts were advanced to 92, while Amer- ican Sumatra fell bade 1 to 9514. Pierce-Arro- w rose 1U to 106. Stude-- I baker, at Its minimum, receded 1 to '102U. Retail Stores was bid up 1U to 91H. United States Alcohol 3 to 110, Cali- fornia Packing 1 to 83, Ohio Cities Gas Hi to 44, International Paper to 7515, united States Rubber 1 to Columbia Gas to 61. Loft, Inc., yielded to 24, Com Products to 8S. American Smelting 2U to 66, Anaconda 1 to 5t. Inspiration was advanced 1 to 63. METAL MARKET. . . Did. Asked. Bid. Asked. uaa, ntw Tax 7.30 7.60 7.S3 Spelter, N apeU. ... 1.90 .... I.S0 Spelter, prime West, spot 8.4214 8.(714 &tt 8.45 Spoltor, prune West, January S60 1.(0 8. SO 8.4S noctro cop, spot... .1S.S7J4 18.S7H U.STH Uectro cop, Jan...'..U 60 19.12H 18.60 18.UH Aluminum 32.00 83.00 32.00 35. M UUicaaiiver S36.00 Antimony 9.W 9.74 Ilatinum, an ounce. PI Iron, No. I X foundry Pie Iron, No. 2 sill- - ' COB jPIs Iron, plain sill- - ' con Plttiv Bess Iron Pltu, Besa billets.... Dec 23, Deo. 23. X, . ... .... .... .... 48.00 OLD METALS. Dealers' buying prices are as follows t Copper k pound. crucible , 18.60017.00 wire 18.Wffl6.50 and bottoms 14.20 11. w Heavy and machinery Ii.33tfl3.60 Drass, heavy 8.00 9.60 llrass, light 7,60 $.00 No. 1 clean brass tornlncs S.26M 9.00 No. 1 comp tnrnins 12.00fflS.UO Lead, hoavy 6.0OB 6.2S Tea lead 6.2J Zinc scrap 5.59 LONDON, Dec 23. Following are the clos- ing quotations; i. : d. Ch argres. Copper, spot 101 6 0 up (a Copper, fulurcs ...... 105 15 0 Sales-Sp- ot, 20 tons; futures, 600 tons. Electro cop, spot.... lis 0 0 Jjleclro cop, Tin, spot .., Tin, futures Straits Singapore .. Soles Spot, tons Singapore tons, Letul, spot Lead,1 futures Spoltor, spot Spltcr, futures I DIVIDENDS. iooh 8U 124, lost' Cents corap 6.000 5.260 metal us o o 6 0 off 11 IS 0 U 15 0 1 0 0 9 20 too futures, itoclt of record. Abltlbl Power & Paper Co., 414 .Jan. 3 Allied Oil Corp.. q, 2. ..Dec. 28 Anaconda Copper a, ll.Jan. 17 Asbestos, Corn, of Canada. a. 1117c Asbestos Corp. eitri. !.. Asbestos Corp. 42.89 38.09 m Jan. of Canada, Jan. nf.. a. 114 Jan. Canadian Car & Foundry, I.t. q. 14 ft Dec 28 Centrnl Leather, q. 114 .Jan. 9 Central Leather, Jan. 9 Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co., q, 2 Jan. IS Elec. I.lKht & Power of Ab- - Pay Feb. Jan. Fb. Feb. Jan. lnston & Rockland, Si Dee. Jan. ' BHsa Co.. a, 6214c. Dec E. Co., S5....oecZ4 Jan. W. Bliss Co., pf. q. SI. .Dec. Jan. Haverhill Gas Lliht Co., q. 24 Dec. Jan. Indiana Pipe Line q, Jan. Feb. Indiana Pipe Lin Co., Jan. Maryland Refining Co., q, 214 Doc Jan. Monons;ahela Valley Trac- tion Co.. pf. q. 8714c. ...Deo. Jan. Montreal Tramways, 214. Nashua Mfg. pf, q, li Dec Jan. Y. Dock. 214 Feb. Feb. Second National Dank, Jan. Submarine Signal Co., 80c. Dec U; S. smelt. A iter, uo, q, S1.50 Jan. 3. Smelt. & Co., pf, q, 8714c Jan. Westlnghouso I). & Co, ?. Ju- - wesunnouse c. ji. io., pf, q, 2 Jan. Washlng'on Oil Co., 82.... Dec. 11 Western Elec. Co., q, S3. SO. Dec Western pr. . 1H Pec Decll X DIVIDEND TABLE. Wednesday Amcf. Piano Co atocx Amer. Fln pf lutures S21 323 off off 331 ex, 12... W. ex. U. M. Air.er. Piano Computing Tan nee General Cigar Deb. pf Gorham Mfr. pf International Harvester Kanawha A Michigan Kansas South, Magor Car Co.. I Magor Car Co., extra t- - A ' Magor Car Co. pf raorciiaiii. Ltvyoiiu Merchants Dispatch Trans., sxtra. u National iiconce rf Nova Scotia Steel A Coal Nova Scotia Steal & Car pf Procter & Gamble 8 pf ii ltels (Tt.) b Co. 1st pf u (Rels (R.) & pf Tob.' Prod. Export. Initial stock.. jii Tiaay U I Amalgamated Leather 2H 7,46 Amalgamated Leather Associated Oil Harnett Leather pf Chicago City Rya.. City Investing pf.. uoage jug. Dodre Mfr. Pf 43.89 m 940 9.7S 321 -- 1 .... 43.89 42.80 4L80 41.89 36.00 43.00 and and 500 tons, 'and up UP up up Co.. of .1. Co., Co., irctu.. 4.1 I I Co. pt 2s 6d 19s 10a IS 10 24 1 IS 1 16 1 16 10 12 12 21 a, 21 1 E. 24 2 w. 2 B. 24 2 22 82 24 14 tx, 82 24 II 31 II 31 7 22 1 N. II q, 3 SI 2 23 31 ac 2 31 q, 14 pf pi u 2d lit 2 IS 2 IS 2 31 IS SO 31 Coast Fisheries, ........... 1 Coast Fisheries pf ...,14K Coast Flahertes pf 1H Oarln Mach. pf ....3V4y. Heath (D. C.) & Co. pf .....i.lKtt Island Creek Coal...., 11.00 Lehigh & Wllkeabarrs l .12.25 Lindsay Light pf ...14 Mass. Lighting pf SI. SO Oklahoma Oaa 24 Oklahoma Prod. & Ret 214 Pond Creek 2So 5hsTlnlran.Wf.tfr Pnwer..-- . 1V. TBompion (a. uo 114 .Thompson (J. It.) Co. pf l EARNINGS STATEMENTS. THIRD AVENUE- .RAILWAY. November oper. revenue... I975.K4 operating rcvanne.... 323,741 ' Operating Income 1.,.. 190.1S5 Orou income......,...; 174,776 Deductions 226,371 Defl'lt 44.405 Five monthi. revenue 5,060,414 N?t ftberatinv revenue l.ur.eM Operating Incoms rro income.,. TmtiMnnm t Deildt (160.00 Heavy Heavy Canada, 8(5.061 ,,... U0UI1 (100.00 S16S.00 kit, Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Diias Co., Feb. Co., Doo. Dec Ret. City Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Dec Else. East Ino. East East Pro. Ino Nat. Coal 1919. tNt oper Jan. ltlt (781J41 ltUOJ 100.111 121746 219.S71 97.625 Kim ' 1.0TJ.C04 727,994, fli.in 1,104,474 SOW I DISCUSS AID TO :I.R. T. Varloua Interests Try to Find Wny to Meet January 1 Payment. Wnys and means of providing $4,000, 000 to 14,500,000 cash needed on or re January 1 by tlio Interboroilgli liapld Transit Company to avert Its were discussal without uny tingtblo result at a\ meeting' of tho-co- pany's executive committee, reprcscnta Uvea of the protective 'committee for thorltatlvo Bources, nlthough Judgo uio imeriwroun aietnopoiitan 4ys ana . Gary, chalnnan of tho Stool tho protectlvo committee for tho Inter- borough Itapld Transit 'S's hold yetter- - I any in tne omces of J, p. Morgun & Co, General hope but little confidence Was mnlvhrtennnl find rhrnnm flip rnr. sj..-w- u a ronuii or mo morougn porallon has been going on for eonsld eanvaus of tho situation. Tho only dos. slble way to raise the money In the few-day- s retnalirina; for action appoarcd to be flotation of a private loan secured by certain slow assets as collateral. Thoso assets are scarcely good enough for a straight banking; loan, but It was thought possible Uat as much as 34,000,-00- 0 might be .raised to tide over the struss of January 1, when the guaran- teed, rental on Manhattan Elevutwi Ilailway stock and the on' the Interborough first mortgage C's fall due. Pennsylvania Oade Oil Market. 'Oil Citt, Doe. 23. Credit balances ' nessco Coal and Iron Company HIr H.76. nuns 19,098, average 61,240. flhlpments 20;620, average 42,760. PE0DUCE MARKET., DEANS AND PEAS DEANS Marrow. 1919, choice, 100 lbs., 111,76012; 1918, choice, S11011.25; Manahurlan, (11.60: pea, obolce. 1919, (7.76: 1918. 57.50; medium, 1819, cholo. (7.78! 1918. (7.2S: Lady Wash- ington, California. (7.76: email white. a, (7.7S) large white. Idaho, 37.76! Montana, (8; tpry, California, (S05.7S: kptenaahl, Japanese or Corean, (6.76; red kldnay, choice. 1919, (14.25;, 1918. (IS) kin-tok- l, Manohurian, yellow eye 1918, (7,26; black turtle soup, 1919, (It; white kidnoy 1919, (K015; imperials, 890 19; kumamoto, Manchurlao, (8.60; cabal-ler- Chilean. S7.60O7.76; bayou, Chilean, J686.26.- - cranberry, Manchurlan, abort. (6.60O6; California. (7.60; lima, California, 1919, (14.50; 1918, (14.25014.60; Madagas- car, choice, (11.S0O12. , PEAS Scotoh, (6.2506. 50; (Teen, domestlo, (6.25; Japa- nese, 17.6007.60; splits, yellow, (7.2607.76; green, (9.2609.76; white, jnmll. Manohu- rian, (6.7606; large, (107.26. DRESSED BEEF Riba, No. 1, 11c No. 2, 24c; No. 3, 19c Loins, No. 1, 86c; No. 2. 14c; No. 3. 19a. Rounds, fto. 1, 20c; No. 2, 17c: No. 3. 14c Chucjts, No. 1, 18c No. 2. 16c,; No. 1. 18c Plates. No. 1, 12c No. 2, 8c No. 3, 7a BuTIBB-Cream- ery, higher than extras, lb., 70 li 071c; extras, 92 sooro, 70c; firsts, SO to 91 amoro, 6414 003c; firsts, 88 to 89 sooro, ClOSSc; Seconds, S3 to 87 score. 68960a; lower grades, 68065c; held, higher than extras, 89c; extras, 81 Vj Otic; Units, 614 65 lie; seconds, 66 C 00c, ; unTalt-- d, higher than extras, 780 74c; extras, 7114 07214c; firsts, 6S07Oc; ecorMs, 64 062c; State, dairy tubs, finest, SSQSSc; good to prime 61(SJa; com- mon ta fair, 6204U-.- : renovated, extras. 6806814c; ArsU, 6t057c: Imitation oreamery, firaU. 63054c; ladles, current make. Ilrsts, 5114 052c; seconds, 60c; lower, grades, 48042c; packing stock, current make. No. 1, 4814049c; No. 2, 41c; lonsr grades. 45047c. CHEESE State, whole milk, fresh flats, colored or white, lb, 3114 032c; average run, 3914031a; held flats, specials, 32140 February 33a; average run, siT32c; lower grades, March 9303014c; twins, held specials, whites, April 8ll40334c: colored, 81140S-C- .; average May run, colored whit, lie; lower grades, June 2608014c: Wisconsin, whole milk, twins 'July fresh. August double September 15.30 rresh, 3lOS214c; Held. livzzhic; ooiooor Younr Americas, fresh. 82022ic. Jnd-1 hovember, daw. Canadian, 2814 0304 a: State skims, vpeclals, 2202240.; prlmo 1720c: fair good, 14017c: lower 713\ EGGS Fresh gathered, extras, dozen, 72078c; extra 70071c; 670 69c; seconds and poorer, 60066c; dirties, No. &CWX70. United been declined That havo United with there Steel points. daisies, fresh, bond. choice crndls, firsts, firsts, orders Steel prices slight after 1T27 ii.ii 0 15.10-1- 3 15.17-2- 0 15.36-3- 16.47-6- 0 16.29-3- 1 15.1S-J- 1 16.29-3- choice. beef 17ff2Cc. 4SVtc.; special marxs, aiaes; Texas fancy, charges paid, 64066c; firsts. 62ft. (13o seconds, 46051c; under grades. CALVES Jtecelpts, bead; 46c; sterilized dirties, Prime steady; weak checks, State.. easier, Common nearby. Western, extras, lbs.: firsts extra 75079c; under 914; barnyard calves, grades, 70074c; gathered choice S7.25, Dressed cuU.3 pullets, 67070c; quiet; city dressed 24033c coast, whites. . extra firsts country dressed firsts, 70076c other! Sales Kerns Co.: Western gathered average, culls, 68076c; State. Sanders: eula, S22; hcnnry hrownn, gathered Mullen, Stafford Miller: veals, mixed colors, graded, fancy, 126, 7Sc: choice, 816; calves, FLOUR MEAL Rye 2.\. good. choice fancy. (909.25. White quiet; Cornmeal dull; Ings, 486, $7.25. Judd lated. white City bran. (49; lju 3,940 hoavv mlddllnra flour. head; eteady; lambs sacks. 168: Western oulet: bran, generally easier. Common sacks. (49; standard middlings (510 flour middlings (5S059; flour, sacks, (84065. meal, TOUITS. FHESH APPLES Red, hs.. green, (1.2502: small poor, Baldwin, Northern Bpy, (407: Davis, (4OB.50; Twenty Ounce, $47; King, Wlnesap, $408; York Imperial, Btaynvan Wlnesap, (BQ8: Black Twig. (SOS: 8now. (407.60: Wolf Hlver. $4.1.0 Tall Pippin, $400.60: Wealthy, $4.5007: Green- ing, $4.ri0O7.50; Jonathan, Western, box, $22.75: Delicious. $203-2- Stayman berg, (203; Rome Beauty, (203, Stamnn Wlnesap, (203: Newtown Pippin, $203.!.',. PEARS Seckel, bbl.. $3010: Buerro Bosc, $5011; Kleffer. $4 0.80. CRANBERRIES Early black, bbl., $4.S0O8; varieties, $0010. ORANGES Florida, doz.. $1250 California. (1.7S07. KUMQUATS quart, 1020c. Flor- ida, strap. GRAPEFRUIT Florida, box, (1.B0O4. PINEAPPLES Cuban, crate, (2.2505; Porto Rlcan, crate, NAVAL STORES Spirits ma- chine bb's., (1.65. kiln. (14.B0O15. Rosin Common good strained, (17: B, (17.25: D, (17.45: E. (17.55; F, O, (18.16; 418.50: K. M. (20.65; N, (21.50; WO, WW. OILS Standard wnite. New ex- port bbls., (in.73; bulk. (12: do., cases, $2.1.75. white. New York, bb!s $20.75; do., bulk, $13, do, cises, (24,73. Motor gasolene, garages. 2414c; con- sumers. 20jc. (steel barrels). I.lnseod oil Strlctlv pure, gallons lbs., S1.D3. Calcutta on, i.'.ui. POTATOES Bermuda. bbl.. SUffl ll.BO; $810; $07: Virginia. crop, ino S3.BOOB: Maine, lb. bag. $2.75(73 lbs., $3S: lbs. (SOrUM)- Stata. lbs.. (2 BOOS lbs., S5O0: lbs., (4.B0OB.25: lbs.. 6; Island. lbs.. $3.2508.25; S306: Jersey, bag, safiOUiB. psk., $1.702.50; Delaware Maryiann. no. dsk., si.auw.-- ; aoum-er- bbl.', (408; yams. bbl., B03 SO. POULTRY. DRESSED TURKEYS Spring, Maryland, 65060c; hens, 47050c; oiu 10ms, ninbw Virginia, jw Ma; western, spring, five.; lexas, picked, bax. II041C.; .Fresh nicked, .box. Western, milk 2502540.; corn fed. 35c.: dry picked, bbls.. Western. 24038c; Western, scalded. 27032c OLD COOKS Western. dry picked, 24a; scalded, DUOKS Long frozen, 41c; Wis- consin fattened. 42043c: Western. and over, 40042c: under each. Michigan, choice, 12034a; Western, poor rair, zevvsuc. tsyuAiKt wnite, dossn. 14013; dark, (1.50O3I culls. SLSOflZ. dum 0210. OLD ROOSTERS Via TURKEYS freight, 60c: express, 609f5e DUCKS express. Green, 80c fatted. green, express, fatted, by express. 83038c PIGEONS pair, freight express, Pork steady; 47.10; raraiiy, lexost: snort iisnm, Beer easy: mess, family. 0 He oreaeea 13H013c; house, hams 3 28a; 18-- Tallow (fity special, loose, Lard, susdy; Middle West, City steady; quoted, steady; Continent. South Brazil, kegs, (IS. quiet; quoted 2402514a Stearins steady. City atesrine. (Oe. Oleo, 8T70AR lO.SOa: ln.26a: mould 9.60c; cubes. XXXX powdered. powiTered, 16a; and confec- tioners a. s.9a; Hx (Utaj old tan- - THE SUN, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1919. 15 AIL0Y STEEL DEMAND States Corporation Re- ported Iiicrcuslnir Manufacture. for ulloy steels has growing so rnpldly of late' that the United States Steel Corporation, which lias manufactured them small way, has begun expand Hint phase of This was laarned from K. Corpora Interest (406.60; tlon, yesterday comment tho mutter. expansion alloy stools, such na vanadium, tungsten, crablo time nnd being continued, was learned. Among largest users of alloy steels tho nutomobllo manufacturers, of whom placed big with the Corporation and other manufac- turers tho product was reported yesterday reliable eeurces, although confirmation could obtained, that tho States Steel Corporation had closed long contract tho Motors Corporation for very largo annual supply of those The now steel being produced tho Steel Corporation the plants of the Ten- - In mlncham, the Steel Company Pittsburg and Illinois Steel Com- pany, Chicago. Despatches from VoungBtown yesterday Indicated that steel mill operations this week aro very near por cent. sixty-thre- a hearth tho was reported that flfty-flv- e were operation. Tho Carnegie company's plants approximately per cent, ad- vices thoso Brier Hill Stocl the Sharon Steel Hoop Company nnd the Trumbull running full capacity. The Youngstown Sheet and Tube Com- pany has nine open hoarth fur- naces operation. The Republic Iron and Steel plants have only finishing mills two open hearth furnaces operation. Private from Brazil the Rio market 160 rels and '4.d. higher Klo exchange London tended, the octal strengthen and during early made gains opening advances points. Tho market best narrow affair, fluctuations keeping within point range. During the afternoon special Santos cable reported futuica unchanged decline 150 rels, which few points late tho day, the dosing unchanged Tho local spot market was quiet and unchanged. Range prices: Open. High. December .. 14.70 ... , .... or .... , 80UO31Uc: single 3.293314c.! 3214031c; daisies, . In to to 1, (99. boxes clsar. MARKET. is'.ii ii'ii is'si Low. Close. day. 11.70 14.70 1512 16.66 15.43 15.30 15.30 14.70-8- 0 14.70-8- 14.6S 14.83 16.09 15.26-2- 7 15.3S-4- 0 STOCK MARKET. 16.16 15.24 15.34 16.41 16.87 15.29 BEEVES Receipts, had; direct slaughterers. trad- ing Importanco: feellne firm. nre..Ad checks, good ' full ateady at lb. ary, reiricerator, jon caoico native beer mi 30 689 285 on 65060c; sale. others to 36038c: Pennsylvania and to prime venn sold (17 hennery whites, 0 22 per 100 oulls, (18016: little 80c: to firsts, talvct, (COX; whites, common yearlings, to choice, Pa- - do., per lb.; cine to 22029c. extras, 78080c; Commission 23 veals, and Southern, 140 (22; 4 117, (16. S. Pennsylvania nnd nearby. 11 142. 67, 103, SI?. 25. fancK 74 0760\.; 11 140, brown and 72,(22; 5, 136, (20; 16, 819; 13 culls. fair to 60071c 54 littb 73, (14; 26, 74, (13; AND flour ateady; ' J barnyard calves, 373, (6 Tobln fair SS.7538.9S; to , v,e?,!','.l?5,,,1H hettlto.n corn (3.85, Co.: 120 13 cu 82, (16; 4 a 100 lbs. yellow 3 )ear Ss Co.: 15 granulated. (3.92-4- . feed 117 (20 . ! quiet: 100 sacks, b'lE.El laJIBV-Receip- ts. red dos 140 9 cars on salo. Shsep lb. 100 uuii and to do., 52; do.. red dog 140 lb. Oil (80 a ton. (1.25O3.S0: and 75c.CT(1.80; (47; Ben (4.50O7.M: (3.50O7.50; fJG SO; far 0 late 3; Flor- ida, TANGERINES per (1.S0O3.50. turpentine, Tar Retort and to (17.TB: (17.85! H, (10 75; (31,75: (23. YorK, do., Water of 74 In bar rels. Nn. No. 2. No. 3. late 10. Dag, i. nun; bdi , 100 33; 180 103 100 2.1: 180 105 Pennsylvania, 180 $5 long 180 165 lbs.. Sweets, Jersey. No. 1. 1. No. 1, No. 1, $2 . lb., old OHIOKENS--Fre-sh killed, dry , 75. ouc drv fed 23 or 23c Island, lbs. lbs. to to, caii tea, frelrht. 23a Via via or via by Per or 60c Vs Iba, JO '4 it 23 44. 0e; Cut A. tine A. 3, J4 oy In to lis au to on In Iiv Is It the are for It In no be Is by In In tho 100 Of open In It In are at, 100 the of tho Company, are at of Its In not In an In of for on In of to In yesterday's at of 2 to at was to 10 to of In net to an of of held, 15 65 14.GS 738 mainly to No of to ner for com. 10 at 110 do., whites, lb. & 79. to Is S. vea is (4; lb. do.. $54: lb. I, 1. ),. and ien 1.3 prime sheep (ewes) sold at S710.50 per ijv iuB.; cuns, iigt; yearnngs, Jl3frn; common to fairly prime lambs, (15.60 O 8.76: culls, (10O13. Dressed mutton steady at 12018c per lb.; dressed wethers, 18c; dressed lambs quiet vt 25030c. Country drossed hothouse lambs, (3012 per car-cm- s. Sales Tobln & Shannon; 199 Ohio lambs, 69 lbs. average, (16.50; 221, 72, (18.60; 214. 69, 33, 92. (17.60; 11 yearlings, 71, (13. Kerns Commission Co.: 119 Ohio lambs, ii. (18; 117, 6, (17.75; 60. 65, (17: 215. 65, (16; 222. 64, (15.-50- ; cull sheep. 103. (6. S. Judd & Co.; 21 State lambs, 67. 7, 64, (17.60; cull sheep, 95, (6. Newton Co.; State lambs, SO, (18.50; 40 sheep, 122. (10.50; 16 88, (14, S. Sanders: State Umbs, 71, (17.75; 46 Pennsylvania, 65, (17; cull sheep, 83, (5; 7, 87, (t. HOGS Receipts, 3,420 head: half car on salo. Market steady at (14.25014. 50 per 100 lbs. for heavy to medium weights; roughs, (12012. 50. Country dressed pork, 16023c. per lb.; roasting pigs, llvo do., 19 021c. Sales 3. Sanders; IS Pennsylvania hogs, 173 lbs. average, (14.50; 315, (12. Mullen, Stafford & Miller: 11 \skips 46, (13. Live Stock In Other Cities. KANSAS CITY, Dec. 14,000; weak. Bulk, (18,30013.85: heavies, (13.60013.90; (1S.60O13.90; lights, (13.40013.80; light lights, $12,850 13.60; packing sows, (12,60013.60; pigs, (12012.76. Cattle Receipts, 7,200; Heavy beef eteers, choice and prime, medium and good, common, $10.65013; light, good and choke, (ISO IS. 15; common and medium, (S.15(J13; butcher cattle, heifers, (6.C0O14; cows, SC. 350 12; canners and cutters. (5.160 6.35; veal calves, $12.75015.50; feeder steers, (7.65013; etocker steers, (5.760 10.40. Shoep Receipts, 2,000; higher. Lambs, (15.50017; and common, (9.50 16.25; yearling wethers, (7.500 10.50: ewes, (12.60014.75; culls ana common, ewes, feeder lambs, S11.73C14.25. EAST ST. LOUIS. 111., Dec 23, Hogs Receipts, 20,000; 25 to 40c lower. Top, $14; bulk. (13.60013.75; heavyweight. (13.C0O13.75-- , medium, 75; light. 813. 30013.75: light lights. S13O13.60: heavy tucky and Tennessee. lb 47062c; West- - sows, smooth, S12.50O12.75; paok-rr- old hens. 47049c: old toms. 44046c ling sows, rough, (11.75012.60; pigs, (120 Western, mllK rea. corn rea. 31W I ;atne neceipis, ,;uu; w 10 nigner. 4Sc: bbl., picked, fed, S0O42c: corn Beof eteers, medium and heavy, choice and I8e8!.: scalded. ISOSOc; prime. 817.25019.25; medium and good. 40045c! Jersey and Long Island. 35tr45c.: (11.60O17; common. (9.26011.25; light. State, and Pennsylvania, sswsuc. ruwuf souu , . bbls., 4 4 uargo, clear, Arm: lb., 2014a (27: loaf. many time here culls (0.76O16: cows, canners and cutters. (SO6.S0; veal light handy $12.60 015.75; feeder steers, atocker steere. (6.25O10.S0. Sheep 1.800; 26 to 60o Lambs, 84 lbs. down, oulls nndcommm, (7014: ewes, medium ana cnolce, 10.00 t.i poor iWMW,... Miwici , ... ,, -- nmmn ij.ibibi!. ISOSSc: w.?,:' O0.4e\m oili\ind 81,000: 25,000; ' 37c. 15.29 aals Dec to lower. Bulk,' (13.66: light, light light, S12.8SOll.Z3! neavy sows, POUI,TRY. UVB SPRINO CHICKENS . .. ....-- C Try.''\iitA (12012.76; pigs. !?5\;..i' 5.':.W..L,,,VU'. Cattle 12,00; estimated to lignt to ivnite V St. CA y y v ab . uvui icz Freight OEEflE freight, ISOSScr 303lcf GUINEAS PROVISIONS mess.-$4741- ' (21021; (3(0371 , 1. pickled skinned. 3 America, crushed, 9 diamond Demand a uualncKs. ( a General a received furnaces valley, working COFFEE advices advance absonce cables, trading rnarkot 6 a a 6 a a a advance 3 January LIVE consigned 38044c: 7077o.; s, 9 2 S yoarlinKS, 7 6 a 30Q35c; 2 Markets Receipts, mediums, (16.65018.90; (407.25; breeding, SSOll.25; (13.50O1S packing .., i. (6.76012: (712; Receipts, higher. yearling wethere, (12014,50: .0 CHICAGb. estimated medium, S13.S0O18.60; $18.16013.45; 5pWS (12.1S013.25. Iteceluts, regular. Cattle Reeftlnts. 12.000: estimated to. jjWJia: Legnorn, hMTy WBlght. choice prime Palr.Sl. salted, yellow. oholee, Calet; Refined (26.75; 9.75c; S.lOa't steel, values being 58140.; (1S.76; roughs, strong. calves, weight, mostly heavy. picking meaium. good choice, eommon medium. SS 014.261 butcher cattle. heifers. S6.60O14.75; cows. .3Si.i0: cutter. Veal calves. Feeder (6.75 012.2S. Stocker steers, (6010.25. Sheep Receipts, 17.000: esMmatod to. 1R AAA. aAvi SIX Tit a paeitt. mn jnpia i 4we. t medium good. (IO10.2J; culls and .Hogs easier: baeons, SOc: 140 common. S4.7S07.7S. ?0-- . seines quteti picxied.. clear. Dec J8. Cattle-te- dy; 3 Sbtw dry llUOllHa lbs.. firm: 16c. barely tlt.Tttfll.tft, lard lard Compound lard granulated 9a; GAINS. Carnegie Indicated, and Company Company's two and reporting sentiment, decidedly depressed Mon- - han!?n: (13016.65; Philadelphia, (14.50017.50! (1S.25O13.50; (14.26019.60; canners (6.2506.35. (15.60016.45. steers, lba,..1014a P!Fs. riTTSBirRO, rnrmlr light. Prime. SIS 60016 16.29 310. flour (21; (18; milk and and 40c 50c. top. and and and end T..mK. mesa and Shep Steady; supply light Prime wethers. (10.40O1J: culls and common, (405; lambs, (10018. Veal calves. (11.50 19. Hogs Lower: supply, 20 doub'o decks. Prime heavies, (11.75; mediums and heavy Torkera, (11.15014.20: light Yorkers and pigs. (1S.26O1S.50; roughs, (10O12.50. CINCINNATI, Dee. 28. Hogs Receipts, 6,600; ateady to 25c' lower. Selected heavy shippers, (It; good to choice, packers and butchers, (14; common to choice. (9012; pigs and lights. (11014; stag, (S09. Cattle Receipts. 89 slow and unchanged. Calves, (Oe lower, (6011, Sheep Receipts. 409; steady, ttfflJO. Tsirnhs. iite4vdya. tssjotauif-4- 4. UNITED STATES DISTRICT COUBT. Southern District. Before Knox. J, Boom SSI, Post Office Bund- - tng, at 19:20 A. M, Mlcbele Sudono. Flllmio Saluninna. . Charles Stramlollo. I Fllipno Silamone. ; Charles Stramlollo and Minhole Sudano. Joseph Buchoff and I Louis Lasky. John U McOroth and Martin ntrach. Jeau Saule. Jean (Joule. i.ai aay 10 nie Before Learned Hand. ltalpli Office Buildlnr, 19:39 Lasorowltr :Krsvlts. lltgrlnmNcw Eng- land S S Co. Derinr:New. J C r'rancoscona Ii & Q Mack, Office Build Motion coionaar, Noticed motions: KisorannlASTest. MayflowonKnnwles. S:F Fltzgorald. Some:M Fitzgerald. Same:Dcgcnhardt. tiamou.ntuinus. Same: Howard. 8nme:Linkman. SamoiWctss. Same:Goldberg. Same :Webor, Moron :Gulf. HrnnoniNo Region Supply Corp. S:3mokborsr, Some:Muller Rohatto.Standard WmOlnghouMlB Adjourned motion Loo Edolstoln. and et al. at A. M. dar. Co III Geary 235, ing, oi lo:uu a. M. U E , U - Oil Co. ft 1 Co. ic u o nonnftt:oy . ft i' invurin. V tlirH J I.GOU1 1. Woct' worth Building,\ floor. 10:39 M. Admiralty I Lighterage Co. I Cargo Coinctt:City N . i Blandfout. NEW cdUNTY, Supreme Court. APPELLATE DIVISION APPELLATE TERM TERM-PA- RT J. motions at io:u a. a Qulnlanfarnetio Truat Co. OrodytN Y Ry. Matter New. Sq Ins Co. J M wimple & Co Holbein. O'MalleytDay. Obelsar:Obolsar. Frlodman:Frielman. Kubonsteln :Rubeu- - stein. IIaaa:Estatm Urban. Straus lEdirose Silk Co. Leavitttlonan. Ueyde:Wet End Ice Co. noffman:Goolet. Cunningham :Cun- - nlngham. Mfg Cot Scanlon. Wallesglove Bitumas- - Bltumastlo Enamels Co. Hughes Peo ox rel Wells; Coftey:Coa;an. Tilestou 8 Valentino Co:La- - foyeltn Notion Co. Royal Wet Wash :Rich- - mond, Matter of Sternkopf. 8oivnl:Llon Wei Wash Lundry. Foldman Sametfan.e. ji,dr)yHiulirly. City Roal Est Co: Davis. HalliRomalne. Union ptmo Sav Bank:Hamllton Bro\nan :Finobloek Rlty Co. PomaroiKonf. Mtilllgsn:Fulcllty & Dep Co. Sparks. RoLchmann Ehrllrh:Colonlal Depo.lt Ragovln:IVrle. MogollcktA I)ernneimer:IT. :Oross. Amato:l'-ledraa- n. Sorgulnick.Hes Amato :Frledman. Golrick. AlpertuiOriental Tlschler:Bear springs Espo9lto:Amer Express Kimmelman:J Roisbvk:Penn Morris :Goss. Slciu:Ontario :Abrams. Flnkelstein:KsmbeT. Rosen Union Corp. S.ime:367 Corn. PART Waldvogol .Carpenter. Marlatt:1Ilnchfeld. COURT CALENDARS calendar. J. Lovln. Ploadlnge: Alvin Sundstrom, Morroll HavUand Oyster Roncoronl. Singh. Billion Goldstein. Motion: Richard Yancey Room Iwrenc:IIIns. Hutchluson:Huies illlnes. Prussian Bofonu iSplro. Atlantic Refining vo. SpozlantciDlr Genl of 11 :same. ClarklHemsley. Graham Gentry Co:Edu- - tational Mclean :Undorcll It. FloydlO'Boyle. SS Uionton:Am ror.tmaTm:N Y Korstmanii rnann-snmo- . RjcnwilVoSotU. twclllh At A. calti.Jur. SldnamiAtlantlc PubucilToooeJa of of Schooner of YORK Recess. Recess. SPECIAL Davis, Litigated of Eng- land of St tlctAmer Cantor. :Tl!cston. Laundry Hoffman. Criminal GolditMn R. .Sohmer. Tribune. Crowloy. StemmeiKautmarm. Hafeken:Petchke. Matter of Llebowltz. SchmlduiThunp. son LenklLenk. Swholtz :Sesholts. Schwarti Co .Aim- Co. Dlnosky:Schlfl. BedaliFlnk. Altman Josephson. Porkross: Eaglo Trimmed Co. IhirgoriBourasse. TTravisiKnolfel. LioniLlon. Strauss elder. PomeranttiPom- - erantz. Orstner:Kane Skirt Cd SlotolQreenbnrr Carroll .Republic Distributing Corp. Schwartz Aim-we- ll Reagan :Lennon. Tompklns-Kie- l M of York. Bronnou Colonial Klnemato-gaap- b Evans:Evans. Welr:Matbews Co. Rubin .Zuckerman. Matter of liescu. Pierce '.Pierce. Matter of Amml- - down. Idntan. Badglov'Padglty. Karrf :Wt'.dman. 01U:GI11. Bartho:Short, WelU'.Roossln. of N Y: Leveitino. PhllUp.tDoveroaux. WelsziWaltz PART fora Grecnbaam, J. Court opens at A. M. lie matters. PARTS III.. V. nnd VI. Recess. PARTS Not la session. TRIAL TERM PARTS II. to S.VIIL Inclu- sive. Recess. Surrogates' Court. CHAMBERS Before Cohalsn. S. At 10:80 A. M. probate: William II. Arnold. Mi.hele La Jaconi. Alphonso Lewis. Charles S. Furtt. TRIAL TDI1M Adjourned for tho Court. SPECIAL TERM-PA- RT Meyer, J. MllgBtea raoiion. n, .u. B Brown, Inc Deutn Ku-o- Co: Cooper Co. Bk Site Co. Phlllppl 4 Co, Rosenzwelg Coff Garrod Co:Mc- - Wks. Llthla Co. II. J. at 10 A. M. Ex at A. M. J. to be to Iiy Menlst R R. Thread Co. Randier :9S1 Ttnton ' Co. Goorgo Kva in, Post jury caien- - Man Life Ins Cot Life Ins Co. Post Bros Ram Co: r Film Film Co. Co. list Mfg Co. noB- - VAlnrt, Mfg Gehl Bros. & well ; L 4 U Hat :Pf & Co. & Co: Co. Co: City New :British & Co. Geo 1111- - :Gf Peo Stato & Co. 10:30 parto IV.. VII. and VIII. Wills for I I term. City Bros. Dye bAtrt BavdV:Bonlface Const Co. Sanioisame. Atvi'.son iLangmack. Vanzlno:Bear Llthla Sprlars Co. Wend;lmporial Dress Co. Youn :Frrgiif on. Jacobs :Cohen. Marco-.In- t Tr' Co. McDavitt:Fo8ter. Duthitfaleganos. Mnndapolnus :same. Cohen :Bctz. AdterMtClalr Silk Co. Hobrow iLmdau. Heine & CotRobln- - son. Forman:Davis. PART Before Meyer, Court opens pane matters 10:30 TRIAL TERM PART Schmuck, Cases sent from this psrt Parts III., IV., V.. VI., VII. and VIII. far trial. Co. Ave. Ave. caues. Eng Paul Rap Redner:t2nd St, Manh 4. St N Ave Ky. Same :same. Kenzer:Cohen. Davis & Levin:N Y City lot Ry. Welnberg:Balrd Co. l!tipln:Sobel. Deree:54th St. Cn. Kaplan :Zelberg. Cohen:Shaplro, PART HI. Before Walsh, J. No day calendar. :Elysoe Susemn:Re!ch. Co. ItelsnersBlum. W.nk:236 E 6th St Cohon lErshowsky. Really Co. PART IV. Before Allen, JCourt opens at 10 A. M. rART V. Before O'Dwycr, 0. J. Court opens at 10 A M. PART VI. Before Zeller, J. Court opens at 10 A. M. PART VII. Before Flnellte, opens at 10 A M. PART Vni. Before Smith. J. Court opens at 10 A. M. REFEREES APPOINTED. 8upreme Court. By Justloe Greenbaum. Matter of Carroll. I Co:Slvln Co. Manhattan Life Ins Colt.:Tompilns. By Davis-Ma- tter of Sobal. Matter of Marks. RECEIVER APPOINTED. Supreme Court. By Justice Davis-Ma- rtha T SandsrComella B Undertint, BRONX COUNTY. . Supreme Court, SPECIAL TERM Chambers Tierney, J. Ex parte business. Court opens nt 10 A. M. SPECIAL TERM FOR MOTIONS-Tlcrn- ey. J. Motion calendar. Clark :Dodd. Condon :Gattl. .Park Tllford. Dan- iels Realty Pollack Realty Rlty Justice TuUy:Clambrona Kslnln:Kalnln. U M Hldg SPECIAL TERM FOR TBIALS-Tiern- ey, J. No day calendar. TRIAL tSRM-PA- RT J. No day calendar. PART II. Tlerney, J. Cases to be sent from Trial Term. Part I. rART III. Cases to be sent from Part L Surrogate's, Court. CHAMBERS Before Sdrali, S. Ex parts business Motions! Honry L Lory. Estate of ,XsIeT 0w Leo. Schohn. Accountings: Wills for probate: Estate of Anthony Frederlcka Lands- - VI6I1. berg. Eliza Glfflnr. TRIAL TERM Before Schuls. S. No day calendar. . County Court. SPECIAL TERM (Chambers) Before Olbba, J. Ex parte buslncs, SPECIAL TERM FOR MOTIONS GR)b, J. No day calendar. TRIAL TERM Welsh. J. No day calendar. RINGS COUNTY. Supreme Court. APPELLATE DIVISION-SECO- ND DEPART- MENT Recess. APPELLATE TEEM 3ECOXD DEPARTMENT SPECIAL TERM-PA- RT raniky, J, At 10 A. M. Pure Oil Co:Paul. Re Ihibllo Park at Coney Island. Doyle :Doy1e. niposlto:E.pelto. Mnlkerd:Zotta. Bodford Co-o- Bldg Loan Aasn:Schnltz. HonislVollworth Uldg Co. Cosmopolitan Con. ttnental Aircraft Corp. Beau :Margo!yes. SmlosMatthows, Ohman :Soronsnn. L'Hommedleu :Cook SPECIAL TERM-PA- RT J. Henry , ports buslnoss at aivorce caienasr. :Kenncdy, Xromelr.'llrenielr. VarrelltFarrell. Pugliose ;Pugllooo. Dl Marco:Dl Marco. McCarthy Benson :f)nmon. Hanson illanson. Shetto:Shoffo. Wron:Wren. MUleriMlller. Oroenman Jones Monos. FIelaher:FJetaher, TliompsoniThomp- - son. MnshioriMoahler. WoolnoughiWool- - For J.-- At A..M. Eastern Woodwork-tn- s Co ;Ule ddor. Cohoii .Cohan. Francke;Francka Hot eltErbnrt. Tiiutcr Bl Bull wl. Mnkotskv Er.indtilVljeubaum, Myon.Mytrs. iIndiU)Sl.eIhih V .ll.iy UK. Mu'i:ilock:Mi)iaturl( eos, until Klitfdi:('onant. Tr,ttcr:Tro!tor Pay, trusiw Hot- - (Hotter. Jjwiii'ii:Jochenl Stolnmautemman. Morse Burt Co: HetzleiTrodwell. theis. , term. Wills of William ray. zieion uray. John Emma arrow. Robinson Leech. Administration of of Jaeger. Lavln Rush. William Gumley. Michael A. :Tug Dow-no.- -. Ltgo Tram Crook Co. Creek Llgs Trans 2 P. calendar. Ltgo Ltne, Creek Co. 10 Fink, Kohan Clothing La- - Femandre, D. Title Guar-nnte- e YssunaiRubentteln. Graham' Man Con Co:Arfanottl. of Holzmin, Harrity:Steni. Blilzer:Gellerlnt. Sleu'elsLnvy. Poopla :Kats. Matter of Coneiy, Matter of Marx. People ' lo x rel Qeroori OllohHst. FriedmanUTrledman. inn .11111. Ex l.-Re- Konnedily McCarthy. :Oreenman logttVogt. ilr. M. M. neiiey Corp ,.. nough. Goldman Burns :Bums. Desmond Mlntz:Mlnti. man. KashlnsiKashlns. Wllmaltts.'WilmalUa. Moinocke Burkhanlt;Burk- - bardt. Duval :DuvaL StrothotteiStroth- - SPECIAL TERM Trials-Bene- 19 Schwartz' KonnyiEcuny. Saltzbtirg. McDonald. Schullholschul- - Margaret McKoevex, McAllister (Motions) :Lmbert. LutfnysUitfey. sWansker, nfuman, iGnldman. DonneriDonnor. .'Desmond. iMelneoha KallmantltaUih, Ilowilon ;Lowa PalmiPalm. Fekarsky :Pokanky. James 12 Jam os. Dl Marco :DI Marco, Indop Wet Wash Laundry sShulman. Shorensteln tShoren- - Berry :N Y Municipal lty Corp. Till following If marked \ready vlll bo i'ltifd January 6, 1920: A a C D F A & MoGovern:Suprcme Council O Is. Donaldson :eoma Colo: Amor Blind Stitch Mach Co. Tisch:Clty of N Y. Vondorvcer Cross- - lngs:IIochtteln. Fabric Cleahing A D Co:BulUon ltlty Co. TRIAL TERM Aajourned for tho Surrogate's Court, CHAMBERS Wingate, S.-- Day calendar at 10 A. M. Harris. Sophie Murla' Amelia Glbblns. for the term, New openn 823, Post 10:30 Tow Tow Co. Motiou Tow Matter otte. cases): Jeisio Walker. David Ross. Estates of Lymn R Babbott Laura Wilson. Walter Samots. William Grimm. Sophie Jaeger. Mary Dbhlan. Frodorick Fannie K Lyons. Miguel Alwarez. Blanche Kelly. Catherine Mead. County Court. CIVIL CALENDAR Adjourned UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT. Eastern District of York. CHATFIELD, ourt In Room Omce Building, Brooklyn. Admiralty, rattorson InlvrstaU) Co:Nowtown Newtown Co:Intoru.lo lnc:Newtown Day:lIolde. McDonald, Inc:CU-ma- Scanlon :SS Konaboa Klnn, LtdlBlue Peter Nav Corp. Aoollan Co:Brodley. Schor:Waldon, Llccione:Dir Gen RR. Amer Eng Co et all Metro d Co. Title Guar A Trust ColeaUia. Smith, KUno tc French Co:Auior Druggists Synd. Title Guat A Trust Co Metropolitan ' Co et ai. Settlement decree set for hearing on 24, 1919, at 2 P. M. COURT OF QENERAL SESSIONS. PART I. Before Judge Josetnta F. n. Elliott Davis, burglary; J. O'Con- nor, alias John O'Cotmor. grand larceny; Maksymlllan Tule1, grand larceny; Maks. ymllian Tuleja. violation of Section 9S2 l'enal Law; John Nicholas, grand lar- ceny; Stephen Sazzuk, essault; Florentlno Kerro, sodomy; Frank Keren, burglary. PART II. Before Judge Otto A. Rosalsky. John Penley and John rJttefvater, bur- glary, Frank Marcta, burglary; Robert Wilson, robbery; James Flschettl and Josoph Da Vlcheio, grind larceny; Joseph Levy, burglary; Jain Hudson and Edward Carroll, burglary; Fred Hillock, grand lar- ceny; Clarence Ennls, grand larcony; Charles Coombs, assault; Otto Goldberg, grand larceny; Isidore (appeal), conduct. Sentences Charles Sterling. Irving z, Joseph Grubsteln, Sidney Silver-fiel- d. PART III. Before Judge John F. Hlglnlo Grcla and Jose Martin, rob- bery Roger CDonohue and William CUrien, burglary; Iioulse Dill, Jeaeph Dill end Aloys 1)111, prand larceny: Morris Katz, grand larceny; Joseph Burlce, grand' Urven; Frank Mumford, Alphonse Hati-noc- k and Alexander Jones, grand larceny; Glus-p- po Kerrara, assault; Frank Gleason, robbery: Hugh 3. Dolye. forgery: Henry Grossman, alias, Ac, LI'.lla Mario, alias, c, and Barney Gruber, alias, Ac, at- tempted burglary; Barnjr Gruber alias, Ac, assault; James Kennedy, criminally carrying a pistol, Ac: John Gatto, John Mollnaro, Remo Martlnangll und Michael Gerardl. burglary; Gustave M. Conrad, forgury Court of General Stsklons. PART IV. Before Judge James T. Mulone. Salvatore Fllulzzl, rape; John Tromtlno nd Morris Grossman, burglary; Andrew Fortlnaah, grand larceny: Glllman, grand larceny: Petrlna Oennoro, man slaughter, Sam Kaplan, alias Sonny Kaplan, burglary; James Plclotthl, burglary; Frank Caesar and Carmine Caesar, burglary; Frank Barbuto, grand larceny: Jstnes Berardl. burglary. Thomas J. Rellly, Harry Jones. Thomas McGonlgal and Thomas J. nwyer, alvatore uicotto and saivstoro Casumato. grand larceny: Robert Weir, grand larceny; Alfred Scharfmann, grind larceny: Salvatore Pappalardo nnd An- tonio lorlo, burglary; Domenlco Carllll, criminally receiving stolen propj-ty- ; Rob- ert W. Kamerer nnd WHUam R. Sweeney, grind larceny; nenny Flshmen, grand lar- ceny; David Edolson. burglary: Meyer Miller, bringing stolen property into State; Alfred Cole, grand larceny. For sentence Slgmund Kohn. PART V. Beforo Judge Charles C Nott, Jr. Patrick Mulligan, murder. PART iVi.nttore Judge William at Wndhams. Charles Clausen, grand larceny; Elwood Baafleld, Individual and as J. Peterson, and Helen L. Smith. Individual and as Jane Doe, criminally receiving stolen property; Jacob ,,uban, forgery: Edward S. Murphy, forgery: Alexander Goldstein, alias Albert Weiss, perjury. Business Troubles PETITIONS IN BANKRUPTCY. The petitions In bankruptcy filed In the United states District Court yesterday were as follows: Voluntary petition by John J. Hassett of 15S East Fiftieth street. Liabilities. $376; assets, nothing. Principal creditors: John II. Coyle, (517; Gustave Rathowsky, $233; Iuls Binder, $61. Petitioners' attorneys, Burger A Burger, 213 Broadway. Voluntary petition by F. William Stocker, Inc., of 50 Br-a- d street. Liabilities, $10.-03- assets. $8,006. Principal creditors: F. E. Montgomery, $2,498: T. William Stocker, $2,938; Rufus B. Cowing. $1,305. petitioner's attorney, F. E. Montgomery, JUDGMENTS. The following Judgments were filed Tues- day; the first name being that of the debtor: Atlantic State Works, Ino Reuben It, Donnelley Corp Auto Products Co.. Peter Oronce and John ronton v. Relsleld Barret. William M.. pres. A. Anchor- - star 15,171.60 Erenen, Edward w. Danistrom Mstal. lie Door Co Barker, Louis and Sarah M. B. J. Smith Blumeathal. Charlotte V. llooney, costs Btnmm, William L. Scbwsrttreteh.. Boerlcke, Harriet Mark Croes Co... Beordsley, Burdetto J. Lord A Tarlor Bloom. Rose People. Ao Bloom. Louis, by gturdlsn H. Mitz, rests Cohen. Sadie, and Harry Kntz people. Ac Carr. Ernest H A. F. Smith Century Steel Co. of America Inter- national High Speed Steel Co Climax Transportation Co., Inc. City of New York Dewey Engineering Co., Inc. Veronica Realty Corp..... Director-Genera- l of Railroads A. 243 01 449.3ft 113 94 2,232.90 243.50 395.30 600 00 431.92 1.615 68 371.20 set jo 1 -B- 4WSS. , I OcryaiM , M9M9 ififti\\' Eurana-Unl- led Electrlo Co. Same A. J, Ruschmann Co...., 616.00 Erlo Railroad Co.- -O A, Slobert 2.977.50 Ericltson, Clara 0.- -Q Kycaer castiirn Motor Hales co. ana Bienn- is Bullivin J. Polek Ellas Co Paulino and Trust Co Roberta stein. Ebol. John Furst David 110.43 MO.Of) 244.47 161.70 Fuller, .Becltcy, and Harry Kult People, Ao. Fried, Joseph J. Prince Foreign Products Co. L. O CUrk,, Fifty-eigh- t and Sixty Manhattan Avo. Corp, M Hickman Fltipatrlck, Harry I,- -F. Bender ..... Gray Soal Productions, Inc-- ;; I. Golden 1 Helm, Mornoy D, Fleming & Riktely, I nc nartloy, Thoinas-Cheso- bro Bros., Ina Sales Corp. Lail- - Nnm tt.lllnf Cn . In,t Haztard, Irving L. Strauss ntu-wit- Artnur j. 11. 11 uujusiiuui,, iniL Alnlio L. Simon l'lVDon' Accountings' m the of New Chajsen. costs. U3- 801.20 Vi.lr l, OAH. ,Jo.. It n uu...-- v I Jan.cn, Adele-B.- Van I J. V. McQuade Co., Inc.-C- lty of N. . lung, itvou ana iiarrj- ivat 1 uui, &c, ' Klein, Frederick K.- -J, lMnce... ....... Kolyoc Contracting Co., Ino National Radiator Co KaiofsVy, Isldor J, D Milt r'Ame A. Walsh Uvne F. Thompson Oevenson, Bella City of N. Y..... T. If. Arfnn Co. Inc. H. F. Nlclson.. Morris, Wni. 1. nnd Sandy A. Ehrmann (National Surety Co)-- L. E. Felix.. Moon. Ernrst O -- City of N. 1 , costs. Miller, Martha-reop- le, A\ Martlnon, I. (Msrtlnoft Bros. Co.) Oredaa Importing & Trading Co., Ina Mid Crosstown Ry. Co., ino City or N. Y 8ama-4Ja- mc , Same Same Maze, Julius and Sarah Merchants Nltl. Bank Moore, Clara-- J. Cahlll et al, costs... Novlns, Michael J. Bankers Commer- cial Corp \ Natl. League of Woman's Service. Inc., and Ethel Friedman Great Eastern Casusjty Co North Shore Gravel Co., Inc. Elec-tri- o Welding Co. of America Nam, Jacob 11. Mstz, costs Nsss, Sam II Matt, costs '. Y. CentrsI A Hudson River R. n. Co.-C- lty of N. Y., costs Same amo Same same costs , Ostovlch, Btephen-- L. M. Prince A Co. Panzer, Charles II. Mstz, costs Pope, Annette People, Ao Property Owners Coal Corp. City of of N. Y. Public Wholesale Grocers Co.. Inc Mfg. 100.25 Kepnwio Trading co H. v. k Ressler, Nathan Hoffman Dairy Co., Inc Ilothenales, David n. B. Epclman.... Saner, Frederick, end Henry Kruspe 3. L. Irindenbush Sbankroff, Chsrles M. Doerner et al, costs Eojoraan, Ssmucl. and Ilerraan M. Soloraen, exrs Woman's Union Mlv slonurv Society Strln, Rose, an! Max Cohen People; Sc. Terk, Shnlem Sayil Bros. Union Rsilnsv Co. of N. Y. City S. V. Cshlll Van llnsklrk, Janet Empire Square Realty Co , Wenglinskv, nsrry S, Singer , Walker, B. Rosenzwelg Watt, James L Brooks Pros Jlyburn. Lydia F. X. Fillen Watt, .James L. Pierce Arrow Rent- ing Co Wise, Frank Director-Genera- l of Railroads (costs) BRONX. The first name la that of the debtor, Auto Products Co., Inc.. Peter Orance ana Jonn v. conlon w. Reisfeld... Bocds, Ferdlnando A. Merer Bower. Ernest T. M. Annan i Engelke. Nicholas II. H. O Knoeppel, Garrison Avenue Ice Co., Inc. City of N. Y Grazinsky. Samuel, and John S. Greenbaum H. Greenbaum Kelyoo Contr. Co.. Inc. National Radiator Co riiio, Charier-Emp- ire Fjiepiouf Door Co Reynolds. James, and John T. Mc- - jinnon A. w. Pros. Ruzlcka, Anna N. Y Produce Ex- - chanre Bank Suplno, Luigl A. Meyer SATISFIED JUIKj.MKNTB. MANHATTAN. The first name is that of the (debtor, the second that of the and when Judgment waa and Nat, Co. Ac; March 28, 1919 (2,500.00 Fltzslnunons, Thomas, and Natl, surety CO. Haw; Feb. 26, 1819 Spono, Steve, and Natl. Suroty Co. Same: Arrll 19, 1919 Kane, Slary, and Natl. Surety Co. Some; Nov. 21. 1919 Nevllle Roy, and Natl. Surety Co. Same; Oct. 23. HID P BalleorJne A Sons J. Chicory et al.; Dec L 1919 u Katz, Benjamin S. Dross et ; July , 19V. Winter. Louis, and Fidttnty Deposit Co. of Md Ac ; Nov. 18. 1919 and Ida B. F. llehr, Jr. : May 29, 1915 Chasanoff, Isldir G. Lawjcr; Nov, 7, 1919 Eseel, Frrd L. M, N. I'erklns; June 20. 191S Chas. II. W. It. Yard; Oct. 29. 1914 Frocllch. Theodore H. II. M. r, May 18, 1915 Flro Brokers .Assn. oi the City rf N. Y et.al-M- fj-. t Underwriters, Inc ; lr.. tt'9..,. 351,641.50 J, and Aironzo LPm-l- e -- Polly Co. Aw 2i, 1913.. Ssme-- C. N. Gatos (.; Deo. 5, 1913., Mlchels, Willlam-- F. RandaU; Dec 11, 1915 Van Dyke Butato Co., Inc J. C. Levlnsohn; Feb. 6, 1319 Sarmiel M. De Meo; Dec. 4, 1919 Ealdenrich, and Elizabeth K. Chadwlck Beacon Film Inc: 16, 1914 (canceled) Lambro.0, Italian Importing Co.; Dec. 2, 1314 (cance'd) Same Pletro A Enrico April 2, 1914 (canceled) Same II. Lagarde; Feb. 17, 1914 Latnbrcea, Alphonzo A Viucenzo Italian Swiss Colony; 5, 1913 (canceled) Crommette, Jessie 11. P. It. Spt. 21. 1914 (vacated) A Co., Inc A. Anderson; Dee 22. 1919 (vsratetf).... Runde, Josephine M, J. Mat 23, 1912 (reversed) Simonwltz, ilax F. Schulz; April 30, 1910 Kohlman. Martin-C- ity of N. Y. ; March 27, 1914 IlMtiitinck, John J. F. Nuno: Dec. 12, 1919 600.00 800.00 2,061.41 4.M 330.20 432.70 600.00 2!)C,41 1,132.93, 250.00 2,186.87 208.89 85,650.69 163.80 106.60 2,621.53 477.33 (84.75 252.73 4', 111.45 t06.CS 335. 61 193.66 1,057.16 110 45 tvxr.oo 362.20 Domestic Soap Jsme Carr, Navone; Sept. 954.65 811.20 672.80 3,470.33 109.33 5,072.45 600 00 U9.72 103.65 2S1.S0 131.65 123.C5 495.62 163.00 1.624.40 309.93 (166.17 33.97 17.72 K.C0 63,95 667.55 831 .27 61.23 L603.70 67.S5 26.60 creditor date filed: Nelson. .Surety People, 2,000 2,000 ft) 600.00 500.00 S93.S5 People 1,000.00 Barnard. Carpen- - 163.94 198.45 679.42 378.73 Dealen Motor June Labaio, Vincent, Bros. Malta, Simon, Co., May Alfonso Eisner; Che'sea Bakery Lunch Bleak; (1S9.M Fataey Marshall 1,179.45 4,145.07 24 206.91 218.41 316.91 214.65 S64.78 150.50 331.91 105.05 106.06 io 103.07 265.61 I Police Department I Orders. v ) The following temporary assignment Is ordered! PATROLMAN. Sidney W&lBh. 5th Prec. to Oth Insp. Diet., to duty In raided premises, for 24 days from 8 A. M., December 23. The following leaves ot absence are au- thorizes: WITHOUT PAY. CAPTAIN. William W. Duggan. 29th Prec, for 1 day from 12 noon. December 25. SERGEANT. John J. Rellly, 25th Prec, for 1 day from 8 A. M., December 20. PATROLMEN. Frederick II. Wllshlro, 1st Preo. for 1 day from 4 P. M., December 27. Henry J. McCormack, 6th Prec, for 1 day from 8 A. M.. December , F. A. Hltz, 29th Prec, for 1 day from S A. M., December 24. August J. Fierro, 49th Prec, for 4 days from 4 P. M., December 23. Harvey J. Tappen, 67th Prec. for 6 days from 12:01 A. M December 24. Frank It. BUy, Traffic Dlv., Suh-4S!- B, for 1 day from 8:30 A. M December 24. For 1 day from 4 P. 31., December 24: Frederick Ilauch, 83; Charles fVhtopp, For 1 day from 12:01 A. M., Decomber 25 Edward 1. Brosnnn, 6: August Meyen. 87. i uay irom v. ji., uocember 25. lE6.9lj William W. Corbett, 6; John B. Stevens ,82: Charles J. Cavanagh. 82: Edward F 166.92 i Hognn, 87. 320.16 112.53 For 1 day from 12:01 A.M., December 26. Annie X. Boylan. 104th Prec, for 2 days from 4 December 24. APPLICATIONS FOR PAY. The following applications for full pay while On sick report srapro PATROLMEN. J. Scharp. 74th Prec. from 7:25 A. 31., December 12, during disability. Cnarlrs E. Foye, 111th Prec. from 2:30 P. M., December 14, during disability. The following leaves of absence authorized: WITHOUT PAY. SERGEANTS. Otto Bohmke. 6th Prec, for 1 day from 12:01 A. M., December John P. Challon, 15th Prec, for 1 day from A. M., December 25. PATROLMEN. Wllllaa Seksetder, 14th Prec tor 2 days raa JLi ZMnEBtier H. 1 ELECTION8 AND MEETINGS. NOTICE) OF SPISCIAL MES3TINO OF BTOCKUOLDERS. 1,221,15 To th itockhodert 0 , \'' , I THE EQUITABLE TRUST COMPANY OF NEW YORK NOTICE IS IIE11EDV GIVEN Unit Snccial Mcotincf f&lVoi the Stockholders of The Equit-,jjC- 1 labia Trust Compftny of New York is, by authority and direc-is- ui , tion of the Board of Trustees of llm Clllll Pn.r,l... 1. 211.45' viiiuiiuuj , m:icuj ufsiicu S31.27 600.00 18S.55 8,125.13 llB.w 165.20 110 Co al. 00 151 1.231.31 25. Joseph P.M., are Harry are IL 28. 12:91 A. a 11 to be held at the principal office of the said Company at No, 37 Wall Street, in the Borough of Manhattan City ber, 1010, at 10:30 o'clock in the fgrenoon. The object of the said meeting is (a) To authorize an Increase Jot the capital atock of the Company from (6,000,000, consisting of sixty thou-an- d sharts of the par value of (1(9 each, to (12,000,000, consisting ef one hundred and twenty thousand shares, of the par value ot (loo each, bnlnsan Increase of (6,000,000, consisting Of sixty thousand shares of ths par value of (100 oaoh: (b) To authorize the offering et such Increased atock, to wit JO, 000.009, for subscription at the rate Of (109, for each (100 par valuo thereof, pro rata In proportion to . their several holdings, to the stockhoidera of the Company of record at the close ot business on Ddcomber 24, 1819,' such subscriptions to bo made on or before such date and Under such regulations and provisions as shall be determined by tho Executive Committee; notlos of the time nnd manner of tnaklnc such subscriptions to. be given by the Secretary of the Company to, eaoh stockholder of recofd on the day s fixed, by mailing h qopy n nrh Wlee to each stockholder at his' last known post-offic- e address at least six (I) days before thi termination of th period during which such subscriptions can be made; nnd to authorize ths sale by ci under the direction of nald Executive Committee of all shares of such Increased stock not so takeri and paid for to such persons, In such manner, at such times and at' such , prices ns said Executive Committee hall determine; such prices, how- ever, to be not less than S100 per share, (c) To talcs such ether action as may properly come before the said meeting In relatloa to the proposed Increase C raid capital stock and ths disposition there\'. Dated, New York, 'December 9, 1919. ALVIN W Kill (I lent ot Tho Equitable Trust Company . of New York. WILLIAM J El?K, Secretary of The Equitable Trust Company of New York. . NOTICE TO STOCKHOLDERS Consolidated ,0ns Company of New Yorat New York. December , lilt. NOTICE IS HEREBT GIVEN that special meeting of the stockholders of the ' Consolidated Gns Company ot New York will be held on Deccmtor 39, 1911,' at 1' o'clock, soon, at the irtlce of the Company, No, 130 Eaet 16th Street, In the Borough ot Manhattan, City of New York, for ths fol- lowing purposes: 1. To consider the proposition, which has been approved bv the Board of Trustees, that this Company ' create an Issye ot (25,000,000, aggregate principal amount. Five Year Secured Seven Per Cent. Conver- tible Oold Bonds, to be dated as ot FDaruory 1, 1920, to mature Ftbruary 1, 1936, to bear Interest at the rate of 7ft per annum, payable quarterly, to be secured by the pledgo of certain shares of stock belonging to the Company, and to be convertible, at the option of the respective holders, on Feb. ruary 1, 1922, or on any Interest day then after, Into an equivalent amount, par value, ot this Company's capital stock; 2. To authorize and consent to such, Issue and the pledge Of the said stock as Security therefor, and to provide the terms and con dltlons of the said Issue; and 2. To transact such other business as may properly come before the meeting. Transfer books of the pompany will bs closed, on Decembor 13, 1919, at 12 o'clock, noon, and reopened on Docamber at 10 o'clock A. 11. ' By orler of the Board f Trusteed. GEO. B. CORTELXOU. President. R. A. CARTER. Secretary. ' THE MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a spe- cial meeting ot the stockholders of, tats) Bank will be held at Its office. No, 42 Wall Street, Now York, on January 13, 1920, at on; o'clock P. II., Immediately after ths close of the regular election of directors; for the purpose of voting on a proposition to liquidate the Bnnk as National BaiiM and of nuthorlzljiK in writing the Directors to execute a certificate of organization as a Stato Bank, as required by the New York Banking Law, and to tnke, and to authori- ze the Directors to take, such other action as may be necessary to cause Its liquids tlon as a National Bank to become effec- tive, and Its corporato existence as a 'State Bank to begin; and to tr.ii.act such, further business as may coine bctoro the meeting. By order of the Board of Directors. O. E. PAYNTF.lt, Cashier. Dated. New York, December 13, 1919. To tho Stockholders ot THIS FIDELITY AND CASUALTY COMPANY OF NEW YORK: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a sneclal meeting uf the stockholders ot The 1'ldtl. lty nd Casualty Company of New York will be held on Docember 30th. 1919, at 13 o'clock noon at the olftco of the Company, No. 92 Liberty Strict, Borouch of Manhat- tan, City ot New Vork. for the purpoj ot voting upon a proposition to lncrc.oe the capital stock of tbe Company from 11,000,. 000, oor.elntlng of 10,000 slur ' f the par value of $100 e.ich, to (2,090,000, ui con- sist ot 20,000 shares of the par value of (100 each, and to tlx tho price at wl.lch and tho terms and conditions upon which the new stock shall bo Issued. BY ORDER OF THE IJOAIID OF DIREC- TORS. ROBERT J. HILLA8, President, THEODORE E. OATV. Secretary. New York, December 16h. 1919. The annual meetlnc of tho strrkholders of this Company for the of Di- rectors, election of Inspectors of Election, and for the transaction of ateli other busi- ness na shall como het'ore the meetlnir, ulll be held at tho otllcc ot tho company. 93 Liberty Street, In the City ot Now York, . the 6th day ot January, 1920, at 12 o'clock noon. I The polls will remain open until 12:39 ' o'clock P. M.' I Tho Fidelity and Cn.iiHlty Company . of New York. THEO. E. OATY, ficrotary, MERCANTILE TRUST COMPANY. The nnnunl meeting of the stockholders of Mercantile Trust Company for tho elec- tion of directors nnd for tho transaction of such other business as eh41 come be- fore tho meeting will bo heb) at the office of the Company, 115 Broadney, Uofough of Manhattan. City of Ntw York, on Thursday. lanuary 8th. 19\0. t 2 o'clock In the nfteriocn. The pol'.t wl'l remain, Open ono hour. By iirdtr of the Board of i''recrors, II. D. CAMPBELL. Secretary. Nov; l'nilc. December 181'., 1919 THE TlANOVKR NATIONAL Il.VN'K of the City of New Vork. Now York, December 13, 1119. Notice Is hereby given rimt the annual meeting of the shareholders of this bank for the election of Directors to serve' dur- ing the coming e.ir and for the trans, action cf surh other business as may come before the meeting will be held at the h..iin, hniit, Vn.Liti am! I'lne streets. JoSn Kaiser \29 'joCj! Tau' kuflOl! 3- -\ llTh. 1020 between th. MATRON\ hours of 11 o'clock A. M and u v clock U, WM. E. CABLE. JR.. Cashier. Harry Dnnwoody, 63d Prec, for 1 dsy frnui 8 A. M , Decembr 21 William C. Gllby. 63d Prec, for r day from 8 A. M.. December 2. Fir 1 da;.- from 4 J. 31., December .24: John W. Johnson. 63. Fori day from 1201 A. 'M. cmber J5t I!ugen Turro. Henry 'hmldt, 29; Henry IV\kelhaupt 53. Jnnpu T Cough, 28: Nleholas J. MaJewikl. 45; Irtuls Uruggemnnn, 63. For 1 day from 4 P M , Dcmber 23; lionry A. J Welsenrf Irter . J seph Jt. Dunn. 2, Robert I Cshlll 3, Charles F. Tlghe. 23; Patrick S. Nealon, 49,'Cnar!cs Fetteroll. 65, For 1 day from 12:01 A. M. December 25 1 Jos-- ph A. Martha, 35; James McKsU rick, 10. 1 III! mi !

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