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FEAR LLOYD GEORGE MAY BE ATTACKED Scotland Yard Active as Pre mier Prepares IJomo Juile Announcement. IRISH TO GET CONCESSIONS Two Parlia-incntnrodcll- cd Plan ProyMwftfor. on U. S. \ Congress. be.\ HSPOJC. Dec. YarA official Uken Scotland , to attack Pr-- mr attempts salnat possible Uoyi acorge or Vt On un ot tho lrl.h omce In Lonflw. Monday there will be a careful .ewttw House of Com- - the entering of persons GcoWs announcfmerit on ttie uoy input's home rule measure. v The Idea will be to give a taw of amount of autonomy to each section rob..-'- , with thoroughly easy nacWnery combination m soon their vMlng-fo- r r (lcslro to unite, the bill to ns inVnded pave the road for'elimlnatton rf iw iaU of the partition of Inland T a combined Ireland. It .Is MlsaWrt. even creator powers may be given than are mopoml for tho separate section. It Is expected that the Premier s .an- nouncement will bo most conciliatory and comirehenlve In outlining what ho hones will be nn acceptable plan, ino new scheme of government differs from the plans previously dis- cussed and carries concessions on various questlona much further. The Government, In framing the MJI. 1 umlerrtood to have kept before It as primary points, first, that the secession of Ireland and tho establishment of an Independent Irish,\ republic cannot be tolerated, but that, on er nana, the present system of government can-n- ot be continued and that It Is Impos- sible to Ignore tho fact that there n re two great sections of Ireland, each of whose ctal'ms must be considered, , The bjllMs understood\ ttf'provl.le, for granting\ the fullest possible freedom to tho two Irish legislature, adminis- tering their own affairs, with powers similar to' those hold by tho States in America. When questions affecting the empire arise they would come under !) consideration of the Imperial Parliament, In which Ireland would have a voice. SEARCH DUBLIN FOR FRENCH ASSAILANTS Authorities Shadow Friends of Slain Sein Feiner. Dtrau.v, Dec 20. In Bplte of strenuous exertions on the pnrt of the police and military authorities to discover the per- petrators ot tho attempt to assassinate Vljwuwt French yesterday It was gen- erally reported that no arrests had been made up to noon Officials arc absolutely reticent regarding the progress of the Investigation. The public feeling Is calm and thero has been no demon- stration. Inquiry at the vice-reg- lodge this evening elicited the statement that Vis- count French was \quite well and never had been better.\ The nuthorltlest-.nr- sonurjpg the city to apprehend thoVs'sallantsIof Viscount French and also are closely Investigating the associates of Savage, who was killed while running from tho scene of the attempt on the Viceroy's life. !n the hope of finding a clue to the Identity of the assassins. IRISH CAUSE HURT BY ASSASSINS' ACT Sinn Fein Attack on Viscount French Arouses Many. Sptrial Cable Detpatch fo The Set fopiriffht. 1919, ail rlgtli reserved. Londov, Dec. 20. With the Irish pot of troubles boiling over the wanton at- tack on the life of Viscount French, the Lord Lieutenant, has brought matters to a crisis and it now remains to be seen what effect the attempted assassination 'will have on the plans of the British Government concerning self rule for Ireland. Premier Lloyd George Intends to outline the plans in the House ot Com- mons on Monday. From oral expressions of the Pre- mier's thoughts outlined In tho organs It Is Indicated that he real case of has nt been injured by tho outrage. In the meantime all shades of opinion, of party, condemn tho would-b- e as being beyond the pale of violent political controversy. They are called crmlnlals of the foulest nature. As has been pointed out several times recently In The Sun events In Ireland wire heading inevitably to some outrage of this nature. It presents a sinister parallel to the notorious Phoenix ParH murder in 1882, when In the same lo- cality Lord Cavendish and Mr. Burke were slain, but It Is difficult to discover how the cause of the Sinn Fein can benefit by the attempt on Lord French's life, or how theSlnn Fein leaders can have thought that their cause would be t nefitcd.' Tho majority of the British people, who regard the Irish question. .either In- differently . or with a lurking tense of f mpathy, have now been alienated. The enemies of Ireland, .will now have a sharp point for their argument against Morm and Justification 'for a contlnua- -' n of repression. The Daily Mail sees in the attempted f asslnatlon a serious warning to both v.'irrlng factions, the Ulster coerclon-Ist- s on one hand and the Sinn, Fein ext- remists on the other. The JWhiej warns the Sinn JTeln leaders of the unfavorable effect on American opinion. Tho Union- ist Daily FrapMc urges that Great DobbsHatfs I jorWginci Sport-coot- s. and furs. aiw5ts Dobbi&Co ty flflh Axtnat TlrlUitn must be firm In the face of this latost affront and mslce tho Sinn Felncrs icalUe that they will gain nothing iiirougu crime. Even the Socialist Herald condemns mo outrage. This most n metft of all Ilrltlshapere mis : \Violence never proves anything. How ever nnrsii tho tyrant may bo, you don't convict him of tyranny by attacking him physically; nor do you prevent o, worse tyrant from arlelng In his place. That is tho answer to those who advocate political assassination We ore opposed not only to assassination but to all forms .o.f violence.\ Says tho Daily ifoiM'Sobered by this outrage both factions should come to- gether while there la yet time, resolved to rlso to the heights on nn occasion which .demands from all Irishmen ope supreme' purpose the' abandonment of alt fratricidal Hrlfa. and the fulfilment of nvery national aspiration In a new spirit of Irish peace,\ \if the Sinn Fejn Imagines Hint the British administration can be coerced uy threats of personal peril to Its It Is borrowing from tho \crary psychology $t It's German allies,\ nays tne uauy express. ti i. T j N i ;. I f I r In 29 St. D'ANNDNZIO ANNULS FIUME PLEBISCITE Poet Fightcr'Declnrcs He Will ItCQinin Personally in Command of City. Fiinur, P 1ft (delayed) The plebis cite that was to have been held here t determine whether the proposals niado by acn. Ilsdogllo, the IUHan chief of f.nlT, for jJib settlement of the Flume 'dispute, Involving tho withdrawal of .lie D'Annunilo forces and the occupa- - lon 'of the city by regular Italian troops, has .been abandoned. D'Annunilo lmulo public announce ment that tho plebiscite had jeen annulled. He declared he would himself .remain In of tho cljy The foregoing' despatch does not make definitely clear whether nas decided against oi wo proposals. A Flumo dospaicn on Wednesday-reporte- d that strong pres.: sure was beinir exerted In noma' quar tera against the proposals ahd'that other elements were demanding Btronger of the ultimate annexation of Flumo to Italy and instating mat tne present be maintained there as a regular Italian garrison under tho of D'Annunilo. rho foregoing may mean that D'Annunilo has decided upon latter court) pend ing developments. DRAMATIC SCENES IN FIUME CRISIS D'Annunzio Hailed as Savior, but Judicious Grieve. Iptctat CabU Ptipalr Tun He from Me London Timet Bervtc. Copyright, 191, all right ruined. Flints. Doc. 18 (delayed)? Before officially receiving tho resolution of tho AH Aeolian Stores Open Evenings Until Christmas Duncan Phyfc Period Vogalion, Price $32\5\. H E V O C A L I O N 'The Great Aeolian-Mad- e Phonograph In oAttraftwe \cPeriod\ Cabinet a Moderate and Liberal Terms \HE present of furniture and decorations that conform with some period of ,tne ..historic past is far more than a mere fad. It is a vital indication of cultural and artistic progress. f An Aeolian-Vocalio- n incased in, a Period-cabine- t two purposes. It enhances' the beauty of the room and furnishes good music in wiclest variety. music is un- questionably the greatest source of home entertainment and pleasure. The famous group of Period Yocalions, their graceful, correct lines and proportions, their beautiful case-wood- s, developed in \William and Marv,\ \Queen Anne,\ \Chip- pendale,\ \Gothic \Ditacan-Phyfc- \ and other Period designs, has become popular in a single season. Due to industrial conditions we have been unable to meet the great demand for these Period Yocalions. We just received, however, a limited number of some of the most popular designs and desire to call atten- tion to the handsome Duncan Phyfe- - model, illustrated, the price of which is but $325. purchasable on unusually attractive monthly terms. The \Duncan Ttyfe\ Period Vocation The beautiful Vocalion illustrated above is markedly. characteristic of our one American master cabjiiet-make- r, Duncan Phyfe. For the-coloni- home interior, nothing could be more appropriate thanx this graceful .Phyfe MANHATTAN West 42nd THE BRONX 367 E. 149th St. THE SUN, SUNDAY, DECEMBER 21, 1910. command acceptance Badngllo guarantees garrison command despatch NEW ot nume the with the hells to ring, shins In the to flags to be and the In When this was tho lie Ih das of the when the free mid free of Italy usod to and their Ho said ha was to leave I'Ut tho of tho conn ell Ho Qf' the whole What did the peo ple think ot the Then and to go, don't leave. Your is tho only We eject the Stay, you ore our ouf The sainei In. the thitt ho was with their ho In the that had been con tho Firs. Not to any .of the to the will by the city In 1918: ft' w i .v. i j : i jj . r ' ' . jrj-- i jtHi,r t; - . ; ' . \- - . ... ' tPrice popularity serves And tremendously t H. v.- - In It this to 7m BROOKLYN Flatbush Ave. National Council approving agreement reached Italian Government, D'Annunilo ordered church harbor whistle, produced, called together people tho,malii square. thronged D'Annunilo harangued croWil, recalled thirteenth century, peoples communes decide freely directly destinies. i ready Flume, considered decision Insufficient. required decision people, question? excited youtlm, particularly womeni began shrieks \Don't presence guarantee. council's decision. savlor.\ iivenlmr D'Annunzio formed council n'ot'eon-te- nt decision: required ti plebiscite. agreement cluded Italian Government pledged Itself: accept olutton Flume problem contrary expressed October, , . - : . (in - an at ' with have 1 1 a llbcmtor, Vocalion in \soft'brown mahogany or walnut; or it is not only colonial, but, American. Xone of the musical distinction that belongs to the Vocqlion is sacrificed in these Period They possess a pure, full tone, of great power and richness. Every voice and currency question, situation. every: instrument may be clearly heard in all its natural beauty and character. The tone-volum- e of these Vocalions may \be artistically modified by the GRADUOLA, the famous, exclusive Vocalion device with which you may graduate the flow of melody as you will delicately coloring the music as your mood dictates just as the great artists vary their performances imthe concert hall. Splendidly Equipped with Special Features The Duncan' Phyfe Vocalion is also equipped with The Vocalion Universal Tone Arm which \plays all makes of- - ? . records, bringing out the' full beauty of each, and requiring no added attach- - 1 mcnts. With The Vocalion- - Automatic Slop, j simple to operate and famous for its accuracy. And with a record-filin- g arrangement ' J of new and exceptionally convenient type-- ' , , . In selecting this Vocalion you may feel confident that you are securing a phonograph of highest quality; unequalled in tone; dis- tinctive in appearance, and richer in special features than any other plionograph on the \ market. Style 1496, Duncan Vhffe, $325. delivered oN you for a Moderate 'Down Payment r balance in v iMonthly Terms of THE Remarkably Vocalion $15 AEOLIAN COMPANY' In NEWARK 895 BroadSt. Makers of the Duo-A- rt Pianola Piano. Foremost Manufacturers of Musical Instruments in the World I Models. In other words, not to accept, ultimately any other solution than annexation. Second That there should ho no of territories between Fluma and the mother country. Third That thero should be a period of transition whn Flume would bo occu pied exclusively by Italian troops, while the local militia were respectcu. Fourth That In the same period no Infringement of the territorial Integrity or soverolgn rights ot Flume should be tolerited. Other clauses referred to financial nld, resumption .of work on the harbor, the Ac. With the acceptance of tho terms ty the national council tho Flume problem seemed solved, at least from an Internal viewpoint, but at the last moment D'An- nunilo has again' Intervened and com plicated the London Hh!ppln Hoard Mar llcr. Washington, Doc. 21), Capt. K. c. Tobey, London representative of the Shipping Hoard, arrived lieio y to confer with officials of tile ooard on the establishment at European and South American ports of agencies to have charge of Shipping Board vessels ut those ports. . WERTH El M ER'S 1 8 1 st St. & Wadsworth Ave. 1 '. 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