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jf , ' 4 THE SUN, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 1919, f J U SAILORS HELD ! IN MEXICAN JAIL jo Members of nt Ten-f- t dor's Crow Hayo Awaited & Trinl 0,7 Dnys. , 'J&CUSED OF FIGltTING 1f fnto Deportment Awnrp of 'i Cuse, WhiciriB Cnllcd j, isot unusuai. I - Special littpatch to Tun Bus.' ' 'VSJnNQTON. Utc. 19.Two sailors of the U.. 8. 8. rocomolce have bucn In a Mexican Jail far moro than ft month awaiting trial on a chaw ot.qsiault, 'nnd tho American Consul at Mazatlan has been directed to see that lfy &et a fair trlM by the,. Mwlcan court. The tailors, H. V. and II. 0; Martin, vwire arrcntcu after rt street fisiit.PH No 'vcmber 12. and tlio officers of t!io Pocko-'x.ioK- belnsr unable to hurry tjie easo, (left tho matter In the hands of tho Co- nsul and to the Mexican Judges and sailed .away. At the State Department y It was Bild tho case had been known here, but ithat no nction had been taken, as It was .nothing unusual for sailors to be ar- rested In such clrcumstnncos. So far as 'Is known no report has teen received ,\icre of tho attitude of the Mexicans in 'tlila matter. i , Xooales. Arlr., Dec. that efforts bo made, to release them was jccelved to-d- from II. V. Leonard and lf4 O. Martin, members of the. crew of the l.'nlted .States submarine tender Poco-iiljik- e, who are In Jail In Mazatlan, Slna-1- 6. Mexico. ' 'Thirty-seve- n days In Jail. Still noth- - ln'c doing. Please get busy with Wash-iBfctcn- ,\ was the telegram sent to friends lure, according to ah American who ISfi Mazatlan December 14. The Mex ican authorities had notified the Amer 'Itin Consulate that the men would be refused on the' next day. ' 'tecnard and Martin were said to have .h'n r.rrcsled after a street flght with I VMexico Citv, Dec. IS (delayed). Sfw Indian witnesses In the court at Puebla into the case of AVjU'ani 0. Jenkins, the American Con- sular agent, tedded that they saw deliver arms and ammunition to !iJ-- !i ri'bels before his capture, according 6) press despatches from Puebla The arms and ammunition, the Xfrtluns declared, were Intended as the JitM Instalment of Jenkins's ransom. I'g SUES FOR SECOND PARE. Ufsldes tlic Mekel Koater Yl'nuta !r ?itt)fiD.03 l)nmnfte. ' Ienrv Koster of Yonkcrs is suing the .ii'bnkvrs Railroad Company for 11,999.95 s. alleged due him from Irjurles 'Jse received when he was thrown off a i trolley car. and for five cents, the fare jto paid, lie is trying to test the validity ief, the company's right to chare a sec-,i-d flvo cent fare. He said U ejection xrpm the car followed his refusal to give dp a tccond nickel. \ Justice A. H. Seeger In Supreme Court 'rfu-e- d lo transfer the case to Nassau bounty, but granted a change of venue Jo? Carmel. S\. Y. MEXICAN REBEL SURRENDERS. jfelxnelro, Onxncn, of Yields to Federals. '5\Mrxioo Cut, Dec. 19. Oulllermo Mclxuelro, rebel leader In tho State of O'sxaca for the last five years and for- mer Governor of that State, Is on his W to the city of Oaxaca with his staff io surrender unconditionally to the fore's f Gen. Palo Gonzales, according to a 1?ar Department announcement - Gen. Gonzalez copducted tho negolln-llon- s leading to the surrender of Melx- - Velro, the announcement adds. I, I 7. I:, ' a 'A IK ft. Alt Bovs' & Of ASSASSINS TRY TOKILLFRENCH Continue from t'lrt raot. sallnnls ulnyert handball at a public houso near the Bceno ot we snuuuuii while awaiting the Vlcoroy's arrival. t .lA n.nl!if nnllnn ft.lhl that tllerfl nilsht have been thirty men engaged In tlie ntlacic, ajpioyou oi nuervtua ii.nn in'n t.miirM vnrH. Ono snlnei with a rcvolvsr fired froln an Ivy covered tree. Tho Viceroy hau witn nun omy tmir nrmxrt tmllfi-mn- These men had orders not to leave tho Viceroy, no mat ter what Happened. Accoraingiy mcy wcro unable to pursuo tho miscreants. Police and soldiers raided the premlboo of a grocer named Kirk In Rn1. Hfratlri nilhlln. wherO H.IVBKe Wat employed, and seized somo documents. At the hour of the rtltacK on viscount French tho pontmletrefls of a branch of- fice In Dublin was held up by bandits with revolvers and her safa rilled. BONAR LAW CALLS ACT INTIMIDATION Indicates Irish Attitude to New Plans. Liverpool, Dec. 19. Andrew Bonar Law. (lovornment Icador In tho House of Commons, In a speech here after loam-In- g of tho nttacli on Viscount French, declared tho attnek was significant DO' cause ho believed the tlmo was chosen to Indlcato the rytlrlt In which certain sections of Ireland were glvlns welcome to tho Government's next attempt to deal with the Irish problem on Monday. .Whatever elso happened, Mr. llonar Law nssortyd, attempts of that kind wouid never make (he British people favor self determination for Ireland. Tho British people, he said, were moved by feelings of Justice, not By intirrtiaa' tlon. ALL BRITAIN STIRRED BY FRENCH ATTACK Much Discussion Over Po litical Effect of Outrage. London, Dec. 19. No event In Ire land of its. kind since the killing of Lord Frederick Cav.ndluh, Chief Secretary for Ireland, and Thomas tl. lturkv, his In 18S2, in Phoenix Park, Dublin, near the scene of outrage has so stirred Kugland as the attempt made to assassinate rleld Marshal .Vis count French. Tills was the first attempt on the life of a Viceroy slnca ISSfi, tho year when Gladstone introduced the Home Rule for Ireland mil. Huch a culmination of the Irish unrest wa not unexpected, i Fourteen police- men and several soldiers have been killed In the last few months, and no one has been arrested or punished for these acts, although It Is declcred there were many eye witnesses to them. An Important question In the lobbies of Parliament to-d- was whit offect the latent act of vloh-nc- In Ireland would have on the Government's plan to Introduce its Home Ilule bill Monday. It was said among prominent members thp.t It whs expected that the anti-hom- e rulers would redouble their oppealtlon to any concessions to Ireland while the al- leged secret campaign against the Gov- ernment continues. Viscount French Is one of the few Viceroys of recent years who Us cred- ited with personally r\Hng. Instead of depending on officials for policies. He always unhesitatingly has announced that his policy was first to restore and maintain law and Order and then to in- augurate home rule., Tho vlceroyaUy was given to Viscount French at a p&Hod of comparative quiet In Ireland.- - Since his advent Irish pol- itics has come under the domination of the Sinn Fein. The fact that the viceroy la a military officer and that thero Is military occupation are the principal grievances. All policemen and other officials who aid in the support of British rule have been proclaimed throughout southern Ireland as enemies of the country, and the people are forbidden to associate with or speak, to them. One result of the campaign against policemen has been that the small sta- tions of tho royal constabulary In the country districts arc closed. The police from them have been concentrated In larger barracks, which are virtually wait fortified nlaces. In Dublin and other cities the police go on their beats in twos and threes for mutual protection, thus leavinr unusual opportunities for criminals to work, and criminals seem ingly are making tho most of tnis fact. The principal grievances of tho Irish Renubllcans at the present moment are stated, to bs the Imprisonment of Sinn Foln leaders and tno recent announce- ment that thev nic to be treated as ordinary criminals and not reloased If they go on hunger strmcs ; me suppres- sion of the Freeman' Journal and minor weeklies; tho ban on cattle fairs and other gatherings on the ground that they may become the centres o: activity, although prominent Unionists of County Clare have pror tested, asserting that lhs ban lias sup- pressed trading by farmers and not pre- vented crime, and the order decreeing that permits for oil motor carft except largo lorries, snail do issued oy mo police authorities, which led to a chauf feurs' strike. ESTHONIA WOULD ATTACK PETROGRAD Ready to Help if Allies J?ec- - ognizc Independence. JtELaiNOTons, Dee. 19. KsClionlk has agreed to return arms to Yudenltch's Northwestern Uusclan army and partlcl- - ....... in b m nttnnb- m Pot mirnitl If tJhe Allies und Admiral Kolchak ot the Om&lt Government recognize tno inucpenuenco of Esthonla, according to newspaper des- patches received here. If la said this agreement was Incorporated In an nn- - swer to ail' nuica note receiveu est- honla recently. Discovery of an plot Is reported In Petrograd. Nine hundred persona, Including soverai French and have been arrested. Threo hundred nnd, fifty have been exe cuted following trlat by fi .rovoiuxionary trlbunal. Gen. Dcnlklne hnb gained an Impor- tant victory between Tsarltsln and In the Volga Valley, according ,renimAi iisnAth&N received here. It is said he has taken 10,000 prisoners, besides capturing five, cannon anu iwcn-ty-fl- machine suns. Severe fighting In the vicinity of Narva, on thq IJsthonlan front, whore tho Bolshevik! captured several villages, i. nmnrioii in An official statement is sued by the Soviet Government at Mos cow MRS. WARREN 13 PENNILESS. Wjsoiijs U Asslo-nr- to Defend Slayer of Mrs. Urani-h- . Charles N. Wysong, tho defender ot Dr. waiter Kecno wilklns, wan assignee! yesterday by Supreme Court Justice Kapper at MIncola as counsel for XIrs. fnrl Vrrn. Imllplrvl for tllft murder of Mrs. Clara Branch, honsekcoaer for Capt. Henry Wright, at Lynbrooic, IS. She had no funds to hire a l'i'yer. I Mr. wyrong said he was wining io have his client plead to manslaughter In tho first degree, out tne uisiwi Aiior-ne- y said the least he would aceept would be a plea to murder In the second degree. F3f$fl and 1 10.00 to THE question is not lo get Xmaa Gifts. It is where to get the most distinctive Xmaa Gifts. Many New Yorkers say that Oving-ton- 's is the answer. 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UTS and FRUITS Tho famous nuts, here variety. Delicious apples, edibles oranges, from tho received since ready extend the prompt and as for the past Antonopulos nxw in John St. J. ?hj bp Wad.i \IhlBlnrnt Srrborouh NOVlXTlFJf. PniCRS iiousr. AMUSEMENTS. AMSTERDAM yifffiS MATS. TO-DA- Y & WED.NTS2 OF TNI3 GENERATION! OOMAMtlC OMRA fOUNDEO OH Till 1TOOV OV BOOTH 1 NEW , lnivr lh mtnim.vt of AUDUNCta -- MISS 190 HVU 9 otioot until \imJ I IHPRTY Jv- - E\- - Mats. Wol.ft Hl.2:m. BiLUE ilMi ! EABIAMT 1 MATINKE AT'HiM. GAIETY . B'y. fl St . MU . . ft 8it.2 HO Oco.M.Cohan.Th.MH.Wd.ASit. ELSIE JAN IS cSsa' ln\AIacltor a, Henry Miller's Mh.Y.l3Y8a,3Sfli-VSs- Ruth Chatterton In Ocora Nfw PomHv MOOIsUOUT and HONtlTfit'Ck'I.K NXXT MONDAY NlfiHT. Now. Henry Miller nd Blanche Bates In Jm. Forbta' Tha Fanaoua Mr. Fair\ KMCKEnnoCKF.n. njr.as St. Sd Month ft Wrd. 2:15. N CORT'8 New Mtnlcal II It ROLY-BOL- Y r.'m STANDARD HVay ft 90 St. TUESDAY Ce:, Seats Nov Bliow.\-Tlrn(- n. 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Moranonl. Ihurs. at8.doublo Uoi- - llrtn,Perlnl;.lthojc. Cfcalr.irrs. 1'OtlM by Muxlo; Carusu. Amato. Moraiuonl. I'M.. S:lf. Manon l.rjrntit. Alda. Ingram, rrlml. Araito. PoiTJroIa, Ilida. Cond. Paul. hat. ot 2, Italian In Vic ers. Utanznnl, Bundellu,Cialll:Ilacl.(tt.I)rLura,nMur. Papl SATUKOAY KVK.. lr.C. 11. AT 8. WOULD riEI'.MlF.UE the blue mm Hook hy AlAVKICn M 4F.TimiXCK. Music hy AI.BEItT WOI.FF. F.aaton. Gonliin. Dclaunols. Kills. IVrlni: Coiulnoii, Rothlcr. AnnnUn. Cond.. Wolff. HALK OF SKATS THIS MOItM.NO at 0 HABDMAN PIANO USED. hlETROPOLITAW TUESDAY NIGHT, DEC. 30 Flrit and only aptftaranca In America miuHcL L VERA mm a m i . . . , I Mill !l ani Ui 111 ! FOR NA rrlmo Ballrrlna Ituaslan Ballet Symphony Orchcitra of 71. Joalah Zuro, Conductor, Mttropolltan subscriber will hive rtrit call on seats until Dec 10. Publlo sett aala opns Dec. 52. Prlc II to 17. War Tax 10 additional, lloxet 100 ta S100. Direction or T. RAY COMSTOCK MORMH OKT. H'WAY AT 61 ST ST. 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CAltMSL IYER J, BONITA L HlAflN, Apiaia. T.fPAN A AHMJTRONC Hp AMUSEMENTS.' THa30?ttWM!irAT6& DOOLCY A tKILt, OHRMANi KLEIN Li' OA t co., Other Star Features. kcATc: riMRAl At ABOVE MANAGEMENT- - TO-MSG- KT at ROMANTIC DOROTHY MARTHA MEDMAN NEXT WEI)., and THEATRE AT 8 at 2. to $200 V. llay Comslock A Morris Oeit preeent TriunipTiSKr Adtttf fJ Jn tht U.'a-- j 0 the APHRODITE From thr Thmfre Rtnauwnu. rani. 300 l'KOl'LE. s SCENES Week. TVirt..Tlirs.st Sat. 42nd. w.or Ji'way. Kvs. :IS YKIt Mats. To-da-y AX mas. J:1S. P. Ear ConitK.k A Morris llet T'ia Musical Sensation of The Season ThaROSE CHUNA AHMi. W.of B'way. Kv..30. .Mt.To-dayAXmas,2.- D TT. rrniwut a. ILlnrHt fMt nreuiinr. ADAM AND EVA Maiaret Lanrrnce A Wallace Eddlngcr , illnnii w jH At. Etm.H'M. l)ONAl.l StKlA.N mo JACK XMAS preaent I WOOII HOIUNl YOUNG In it a sinr nn 1 I T 't 11 ka S Thono 13 Dry. Slots. Today Wed. 2:30, IRENE TUF. MUSICAL MIT 1 WV4.'S.st. Ers.S:20. I & inas. est tf. JSiL C - t O.II it rntltiiu Mi rjifn.o,tivi :P1. ttiVSaif Mutii.TiHUrftXmKi. THE BLUEBIRD BALL WALDORF-ASTORI- A EVENING DEC. 26, 1919, 10 P. M. 'In Honor of MR.MAURICE MAETERLINCK Danclnst Bluebird Ballet. Dolores as Soul of Vanity and Cameron Sisters. Entire procofida to bo dlvldnd among Milk for .'alUlnn of America Fund, Quoen of tho Belgian Fund, MlUerand fund for French, Children andBl Slaters. Admiuicn $5.00 Tickets may he procured at Carry-O- n lea Kavm, Ml Ave., ltltz, tit. llegls. and WO l irth Avenue. DESI6H WINTER EXHIBITION Normal Tax VALUE There enrfllnxs operstei wwitri\ Wlfless capital. noiUPCCC Mats.To-da- y SOLE i im: aists ciALLr.rmis eiA w. it at. NOW OPEN lllA.M.toOT.M dun.l JUHil-.- ADM. SOc. Inc. CatHjlixna OF & 1870 COUPON ir. u Dorjar.iS snos co., Brociton, y..-Yleas- e (and prospectus of tho W. L. Don. irlaa She Company and special option oartlleata entitling ma to purchase within thirty days 6hnres of tha 7per cut referred stock af tha company. It ii m. S enloed that this reuat inenrs naobllfa. tton on my part, units after I labserlka for tha stock. Htmt , Strut tHrits . City er Twcn lff , J. J. ALL At, BRYAflT IT CJ1IU0N IROS., STAN 3TANISY. Minorp KYM, SOc ST. livn. 8:1.',. !4fSC (Jbarles Cherry rranilne famous comorty CSTAOLISHCD Investigation AMfSEHENTB. TPS 7141 JACK HORWORTii KLEIll BROS., 5HAYNC. IL0I1A IIOrrft'AM. THE OLORIAS, Other Star Feiturtt. P THE? ATP. nyt\ MORRJSGSSl BEGINNING 8:20 mm MCOafCR. rr-aaen- ANEW PLAY Bt DOM NELLY MATINEE3 WKEKf BAT. T Mate To-da- v i.'.ASet LUnuMKt COtttDY FRIDAY Waldorf-Astori- a, OF Fodoral Mata.To-rta- y PAINTING SCULPTURE. 39TH aud Larrimoro In the AL. Then..nr.nVav. . 840 Mati.T.Mlay Jc Arnas. i SCANDAL ADCCUUJirU Ull I ARC Tfana.,4tbSt 7th Ate unt-urs- ii 1 1 1 Lunuu and 1'lMt Matlneo To-da- y 2 is CURIOSITV Irene VKMV1CK Tirll !iKlGllTr.r, ANU AN KXt'KPTIONAl. HAS I UIIBCOTTIin44lh W.nfiry.Evs SI dflUll.nl Xf... lPr-l- .. Vni.c.f 9 I THE MAGIC MELODY with BESIE McCOT TUVIS James Afatts. Ted Lowls, Aaa Formal. A Herman, Hilly Dale, llunuy ll'U'h. 5ft l'AMOI'S A K1 1ST MOIIM.S in RAVPC Thea.. W 41th Kvs. 8.10 MUnA CO MaU.TodwyAXma,2 30 SEATS at boi odlco 8 weeks In adrtaa PIRATES of PENZANCE Neit Weak Mikado. Dec. 2D Grih THEATBK.ColiimbueOirrle. AKNjrt s :l S.Mat. To-da- y 2 ' rFWTOAl Tlioalr..47th A B'y. Ers.iJS .Mats. To-da- y A Krl Dc li Broadway's eiaiiclest Musical lilt ilMTRB FARISIL'Nw'S Evs.S:S0. .Mats.Today A- - Xm..,OT Double l\l.a roc hi and \iji I llnio Admiilt l,es CoeilM.\ l!lflDirlTlioo..iir. n'wav. Orcolrr I .: smiiiiimEn. s .10. Mats T'y A Xmss M ni jiwiro i,uii(i rrrnrt JAMES K. T .m TE RSE QF A 1 l t I 0 SLAS UPHAM rnMPflV tst.nr.H'ay. Einlrut, 25. Mala TodavA.Xmas.szt rU.NMI'Mr l'AI;CE Of 1 1 Ml. MY LADY CLIFTON FRIENDS WITH CRAWFORD BENNO WHtM' DEC. 28 MOISEIWITSCH SPALDING Aeolian Hall, Sat. Etc. Dec al S:l 1 ALBERT VERTCHAMP VIOLIN KECITAL Mgt. J. It. Albort. Mason ft Hamlin Chnrlle Chaplin, t tin. IM..i.nre. M Tom Moore. Tt I r tl.-- Mb How Srw' J. DROOKLYN A Ml'\ EM EXT.. Jav, near rnHon Mreel. 1AK jSt; Mit Dally. T. Ma .!-- ' THE TEMPTKKa SundasTo-n- ie fnncrrn HOTELS AND EESTACIlAMS. .9. 14th Street nsar Fourth Avenso

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