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G REAL ESTATE NEWS, ' NOTES AND GOSSIP Building Total for First 11 Months of 1919 Estimntcd nt $2,332,902,000. Although they show a falling oft from the October fljrurca bulldlne statistics from various pnrta of tho country for the month of October record a decided gain over tho corresponding month In 1918. This increaso Is estimated at 717 per cent. In tho case of 103 cities which Reported their permits to tho Anxcrlcan Contractor. Tho recession from tho Oc- tober totals Is accounted for by tho fact th&t November always shows n. slump In building activities becauso llttlo plan- ning Is dono during tho last two months of tho year. In Uio faw ot n nationwide coal strike, following close on tho labor trouble In tho steel Industry and many other disturbing Influences, tho construc- tion Industry has kept an exceptionally strong grip and gives promise ot con- tinued activity. Building contracts awarded during .the month of November. 1919. In tho territory north of the Ohio nnd east of the Missouri rivers, amounted to 0, according to statistics complied by tho F. W. Dodso Company. This flfure, although 2( per cent, less than the figure for the month of October. Tins somowhat in excess of tho averngo ot the monthly figures for tho first ten months of the year. Of tho total amount for October, 82 per cent,. or $71,267,000 was for resi- dential buildings: 32 per cent, or 221.000, for industrial buildings; IB por cent, or 333,878,000 for business build- ings; and 10 per cent., or $21,451,000 for public works and utilities. Tho November figures brought tho to- tal for contracts awarded for tho first eleven months of 1919 up to $2,332,902,-00- 0. Tho total for the first eleven eleven months of 199 up to $2,332,005,-00- 0, 33 per cortt of which was for nt work. Even though tho In- creaso of construction costs bo taken Into account tho figures Indicate a total volumo of construction In tho first eleven months of 1919 somewhat In ex- cess of the average annual volumo of the five years previous to 1919. Contracts awarded in New York State and northor.i New Jersey during No- vember amounted to $50,636,000, which was only $2,583,000 less than the total tor the preceding month. Of this total. $10,946,000 was for busi- ness buildings; $8,096,000 for Industrial buildings; and $17,238,000 for residen- tial building?. For the rirrt eleven months of 1919 the total expenditure for building in this district has amounted to $603,729,000, a flguro considerably In excess of the to- tal for any yeat previous to 1919. JUDIS BUYS ON FULTON ST. Irving Judls sold to Samuel Kaplan through the Duross Company the nlne-ator- y building with stores at 64 to 68 Fulton street, southeast corner of Ryders alley, Just east of Gold street which he purchased recently. Tho structure fronts 59 feet on Fulton-Stree- t and 79.10 feet on the alley. Sir. Judls also sold the four-sto- ry bulldlnj at 592 Grand street, on a,' lot 25x100, through Herbert Snyder to Julius Mayer for his own ,use. AMES CO. IN T1IIIEE DEALS. Ames & Co. sold for William Gold-sto- the four story building at 221 West Twenty-sevent- h street to Schwlnd & Bader; also the five story and base- ment building at 107 West Twenty-sixt- h street for Sophia E. Blake to Barnot Stein; and tor S. Q. Chambet-te- a to E. Howard, the four story brick store and tenement, on lot 25x100. at 331 West Twenty-sixt- h street OnONX II LOCK SQUARE SOLD.' (i Ityan & Co. sold with Harry Levy thvi entlro square block bounded by Washington, Fletcher avenue, 182d street and Bawford avenue. On Wash- ington avenue are six two family brick dwellings. T!w Bassford avenue front- age Is vacant The purchaser la the Dormond Realty Company (Simon My- ers president). OTHEIl SALES IV MANHATTAN. WEST 61ST ST. Geore V. McNally sold for Mrs. E, C. S. Perrlen of Paris, France, the two story stable at No. 113, 20x100.5, to Mr. Wm. Horton Rabell, president of the In- dependent Movie Supply Co. EAST 6 1ST ST. Horace S. Ely & Co. sold for Nathaniel S. Corwln, et at, the four story nnd basement dwelling house at No. 31. WEST 97TH ST. E. II. Ludlow & Co. sold for the Ward estate tho three story dwelling at No. 168, 18x100. to Daniel F. Farrell. EAST 65TH ST. Douglass L. Elliman & Co., Inc., sold for Thomaa O. Cooko at 140 a three story and basement dwelling, 20x100.5, to a client for occupancy at expiration of lease. WEST 131ST ST. Ryan & Co. sold for the Bridgetown Realty Co. the three rt05fr.u2elilne at No- - 16.8x100, Brown, tenant NINTH AVE.-Ber- nard J. Fora sold for tho estato of Robert A. Gray the brick building at No. 441. WEST 113TH ST.-Ja- mes II. Crulk-shan- k purchased from Henry Ilottln-ge- r the three story dwelling at No. 75, 17x100. Harry Sugarman was the broker. EAST 58TH 6T.Wm. B. May & Co. sold at Nos. 34 and 36, a five story store and apartment building, 40x50 5 o Rebecca Spiegel WFnf \f ST-W- clling A Koelble. No. 302, a four story t'JJ10118' ,0 N- - and J- - Brown. wnZ3D ?,TT- - ma tor at No. 166 a four family house, 16.10x100. The buyer Is Henry H. Klein. Minnie M. Koelsch at No. 210 a five story double flat, 42x99.11. NINTH AVE. -J- oseph F. Fein sold the four story tenement house at 336. John J. Blehn was the brol.er GRAND ST. Shaw & Ebbltt, Inc., sold to Irving Judla at No. 592 a six story building. WEST 142D ST.-Ch- arle., A. DuBols sold for a cllont of Ottcrbourg. Stcind-le- r & Houston tho dwelling at No. 619 WEST 116TH ST.- -A. A. Hageman sold ror a client the five storv apartment house at 362 to Florence WEST 23D ST. Dwlght, Archibald & P Tn ,ni f0P Emii8 g Dreux the four storr dwelling at No. 462. BL- - j.. oi' 'Iho tour story building, 27.1x15. at No. in, northeast corner of New street, has been sold by tho Bay- ard estate. WEST 111TH ST. The Glenwod Prop- erty Corporation bought from the Hebron Realty Company tho five story flat. 91x100, at Nos. 31 to 35. MADISON ST. Jacob Farber, tenant, bought from the Whitney Estate Com- pany at No. r02 a three story building. 20x106. LENOX AVE. Bernard Greff sold tho five story fiat. 25x100, at 416. WEST 38T1I ST. J. Arthur Fischer and .Frederick K. Fox & Co. sold the three story English basement dwelling at No. 220, bel'iff a portion of one of the plots acquired for the new structures for tho needle trades. SALES IN THE Iino.V.Y. WELKINS AVU-N-ch- rlng Brothers sold for Robert ion & Gammle to Joaeph t, O. Abratmou nt No.i. 1310-131- s, nv story thlrtv f.imitu . with three .\torca. 50.6x1 1.1.1 1. ; GRAND BOULEVARD Iilchard U. Scoblo sold for R. J. Jems the private house and lot at No. 2423. HAST 177TII ST. B. II. Welsker sold the two family dwelling at No. 61 for Ernest Hall as attorney, VALENTINE AVE. The Houghton Company associated with McLernon Brothers sold tho four story apart- ment at No. 2789, f 0x42. TOOSPECT AVE.-fcha- rles Oalewskl purchased from Dora Antln tho five story, apartment house, 37.0x100, at No. 780. FULTON AVE. J. J. Luckor & Com- pany have sold for Henrietta Hartung to Joseph Holllngor at Nos. 1302 to 1306, three dwellings, 54x170. CHARLOTTE ST. M. Frlodman & Less sold to Max Bollt and another the flvo story flat, 60x100, at No. 1560. COMMERCIAL LEASES. Cross & Brown Company leased with I Tannenbaum, Strauss & Co., storo and bnsemcnt at 138 Fifth avenuo to So) and Joel Goldsmith. A. A. Hageman leased for Victor E. Mecrt the bulldlnff 23 West Thlrty-flft- h street for twenty-on- e years to tho Unlon- - nil Kcalty corporation ; niso ati wcai Thirty-sevent- h street to Rip Van Wlnklo Tea Room, Inc. Henry Shapiro & Co. leased store at 120 East Fourteenth street to Kauf- man Hats. H. L. Moxley & Co. leased storo and basement in 24 West Thirty-nint- h street to Abendroth Brothers of Port Chester. Albert A. Levi leased to Jacob Ober 138 West Thirty-fourt- h street a flvo' story building, 25x98.9, opposite uie It H. Macy department store. J. & J. Slater, Fifth avenuo shoe mer- chants, leased from the United Cigar Stores Company tho storo in tho Lor- raine Hold at 5J9 Fifth avenue. The same Ann also leased tho store and parlor floor at 24 East Fifty-sevent- h street Frank D. Velller and J. L. Robertson, associated brokers, repre- sented J. & J. Slater In both transac- tions. Tho samo broilers also leased for ten years, to the AdamsOSvans Engi- neering Company tho tenth floor of tho new building in course of construction at tho southwest corner of Sixth avenuo and Forty-flrs- t street at an aggregato rental of over $200,000. Cushman & Wakefield, Inc., leased for Douglas L. Elliman A Co., agents, an entlro floor in tho Hlgglns & Belter Building for tho Lamson Company for executive offices. RESIDENTIAL. LEASES. Tho Houghton Company leased for Martha H. Kaugh tho four story and bartment dwelling, 612 West End ave- nue. J. Arthur Fischer leased to Frank G. Robins and C. Bagley apartments in 194 West Fortieth street BROOKLYN TRANSACTIONS. Meister Builders. Inc., sold at 2 Wil- low place the southwest comer of Joralemon street, a three and one-ha- lf Btiry brick house. Henry Plerson & Co., Inc., sold 99 Lincoln place, a three story brownstone, for Arthur J. Kelly; also 133 Lincoln placo, three story brownstone, for Mary Hayn to A. W. Sellers, 20x135. Clinton Trading Corporation sold to Rosa Semlnara one family frame dwell- ing, 181 Bay Twenty-eight- h street, 45x 66 8. The Parkway Realty Company was the broker. Bulkley & Horton Company sold 601 Vermont street, two story two family brick, 20x100, for Matilda C. Behro to client for occupancy. B. F. Knowles Company sold plot 100x95 on Lexington avenue between Lewis nnd Stuyvesant avenues for tho Greene Avenuo Baptist Church. Charles Partridge sold the brick nnd stone store and apartment building at 672 Franklin avenue for M. 4 J. Mowlay. LONG ISLAND SALES. X Sterilnir Drake ar.d I. W. Valentine sold the former Bausch's Picture Mould ing Factory. Farmlngdale, to the West rv.nsl KV.Bomlna Company of Wist Beikley, Cal. The property an area ot two and a half acres. WESTCHESTER DEALS. The South Yonkers Development Com pany, Albert Lockwood president, has passed title to the city or ionners to nine lota at tho corner of McLean ave- nue and Pelton .street This completes the purchase of three parcels with a total of seventeen lots for a new school house. Carl C. Loh sold to Dr. William I. Chamberlain of Now York a resldenco with large grounds on Neperan road, Tarrytown. The property was the home of the late Dr. S. IL Carter; also to Russell & Lawrie, Inc., druggists of Tar- rytown, the late Dr. N. IL Freeland's property on Broadway, nnd to John Watts three lots In tho Hatch Realty Development at Tarrytown Heights. This property adjoins the lands of John P. Rockefeller. The White Plains residence of Eugene F. Aucalgne. tho bronzo designer, has been sold to II. E. Newman, an Importer of New York. J. A. Seymour of Ash-for- th & Co. was tho broker. Prlnco & Ripley, Inc., through their Now Rochello office have sold for E. M. Rock his estate at Broadway, New Rochello, to G, O, Hoag of the J. C. Pen- ney Company of New York city. Tho property is ono of the finest in West- chester County, consisting of a beautiful brick house, brick garage and about ono acre of ground. It was held at $100,000. OUT OF TOWN TRANSACTIONS. Harvey B. Newlns, Inc., sold at Bridge- port Conn., for Samuel G. Krupka. a factory building containing 60,000 square feet of floor space. The property was held at $150,000. Mrs. Maryette B. Drew sold hor resi- dence on Myrtle nvenUe, Montclatr, to Mrs. Mary E. Babbitt of East Orange, through F.,M. Crawley & Bros, of Mont-clal- r. S. S. Walstrum Gordon Forman sold for S. B. Tuttlo the residence at 9 Lincoln nvenue to Everett L. Kerns of Jersey City, and for Francis A. Dim-oc- k, 128 Godwin avenue, to Charles A. Jackson of Woodhavcn, N. Y., also for A. A. Spraguo a residential lot on West End avenuo to A. V. Bristol. Fcist-Fcl- st Inc. sold in Newark. N. J., for tho estate of Caroline V. Hager to Joseph Segal, 134 to 144 James streot three six family nats. 127x120, r.nd to B. A. Llghtfoot for Jerome Taylor, 71 Thomas street, a vacant plot, 26x140. The now wuer will erect a two story garage which will accommodate about 100 cars. REAL ESTATE JOTTINGS. Samuel II. Martin has been appointed agent for 148 West Sixty-fourt- h street, by tho estate of Marie Tuchler, Tho Knights of Columbus are the buyer ot the Iioufo and garage at 309 and 311 East 158th street sold by J. L. Van Sant Tho Payson, McL. Merrill Company was the broker In tho sale of 614 and 616 West 174th street for tho White Construction Company, Inc., to J. L. Livingston, inc. Tho Duross Company was the broker In the recently reported sale of 492-49- 4 Broome street for the Albany Savings Bank to P. M. Frank Disinfecting Com- pany. Tho building will be extensively altered for factory purposes. TRANSACTIONS RECORDED. TIUNSFEHS. (With nama ami address of owner and attorney.) Downtoim. (So-j'- of Fourteenth afreet.) Lnwis st. ii. w .. js.sxioo Jos n flarlanil anil una to David rises S\8 Eastern I'kway. Dklrn. mtjr f 3.000 all liens. Ttec C; atty, M Gottlieb. 44 Court Illdyn jtoo ISOWBliY. rj. e , IZS n Delanrry st. :.\..lx93. 1 1 Il.irrls anil Jos JI SrhwarU to 1 Schulnion Son. 171 'llottery. ConHiiuol Oil Seventh VaijnK ODST FOOD CHIEFS, IS BATTLE'S ADVICE Continued from First Tag:. largely 'camouflage' and have been ex- erted more for the purpose of making a showing for his division than for' the benefit of either tho producer or the con- sumer.\ Wilson Lacks In Initiative. After review.ng Commissioner WIN son's administration, the Battlo riport recommends tho former's removal thus: \Taking all of tho testimony rolat1''\ to the nlmlnlatrstlon of the Division of Agriculture Into lonslderatton. it wvils nipear that Commissioner Wilson Is un-- lt for tho Impo.'Iant executive poi'tlou which he occup.rs. Tho heads ot bu- reaus In his division, his subirdln'ies. iro permitted to display an attitude uf Independence which cannot work out for tho best Interests of the department. Commissioner Wilson appears to be lack- ing In lnltlatlvo In many respects, and Is too prone to accept the conditions an lie finds them without attempting to ex- ercise his powers to remedy them, and he haa not apparently sought to insure for the Division of Agriculture the prominence in tie Department of Farms and Markets to which it Is entitled. \Commissioner Wilson has shown him- self exceedingly lax in tho discharge of his duties. Ho has been too easily sati- sfied with tho work of his subordinates and has trusted and confided too greatly in them nnd, In our opinion, tho best Interests of tho State would bo served by the appointment of a commissioner with more backbone and initiative.\ Tho report then goes on to accuse the Bureau of Animal Industry of a rather disconcerting laxity regarding tuber- cular beef, saying: \Instances havo been known where animals condemned for generalized tu- berculosis have, nevertheless, found their way to slaughter houses nnd butcher shops, indicating a loose system ot su- pervision in tho disposal of such ani- mals.\ After citing ns \an Intolerable situa- tion\ tho necessity for Dr. Richard H. Kingston, veterinarian in charge in New York for the Bureau of Animal Industry, to sock outside fees to accumulate' a suf ficlent Income and recommending that such jobs as that which Dr. Kingston holds entail a better salary, tho report says : \The oleomargarine situation is typical of the conditions that surround tho en forcement of many of our laws relating to food, and it Is tho knowledge that sucji conditions can exlsrwlth the entire connlvanco or helplessness of the officials charged with the enforcement of the pure food laws that has brought the De partment of Agriculturo of this State and now the Department of Farms and Markets Into disrepute. It is also typical of the lack of Interest shown by the members of the Council and tho com mlssloners under them who are speclfl' cally entrusted with the duty of recom mending legislation to correct the per petuatlon of such frauds upon the pub- lic that none of them has paid the slight est attention to this matter. Utter Failure In MUIc Crisis. The report finds much fault with pri- vate cold storage warehouses and adds that both Commissioner Porter and his counsel, Stewart L. Miller, ascrt that the Division of Foods and Markets has no Jurisdiction over such places. \Dr. Porter's and Mr. Miller's Interpre- tations of the law,\ says the report \would put a premium upon unscrupu- lous practices by private storage ware house men and must In tho long run prove the ruin of tho smaller independ- ent dealers, who are compelled to use the public cold storage warehouses and thus bring themselves within tho restrictions of the law.\ The review ot the milk situation is comprehensive and positive. Tho Coun- cil of Farms nnd Markets, the report has it, has \entirely failed to accomplish anything in tho matter of securing an ample supply of milk In centres of popu- lation upon an economic basis of distri- bution and to aid In the accomplishment of such purpose within the provision Of the existing law.\ In this connection the report reads: \To combine to obtain a fair price for one's product is one thing; to combine to plunge or threaten to plunge a mill- ion families Into a milk famlno Is quite another thing. I do not believe It can be seriously questioned that a combina- tion ts make or carry out such a threat Is unlawful and against public policy, and that the distributers of milk should bo compelled to furnish, through a per- centage, tho machinery and funds to en- able such a threat to be carried out by combination must bo equally unlawful. \But the distributer, who purchases milk from tho producers who aro mem- bers of tho Dairymen's League, and they now number more than 78,000 In the State of Now York, who will not agree to collect and pay over this percentage to the Dairymen's League, thus furnish- ing the league with the slnows of war to conduct Its strike campaigns, finds himself unable to purchase tho necessary amount of milk to carry on his distrib- uting process, and thus it has como about that both tho Borden and tho Sheffield Farms Company and tho ma- jority, if not practically all, of tho lesser distributers are now under contract with the Dairymen's Lengue. \The league Is now In the process of aggrandizing itself through nn extraor- dinary plan that Is being fostered and encouraged by Dr. Porter, tho Depart- ment of Farms and Mnrkets and the Council of Farms, and Markets. It Is the plan to form throughout the State hundreds of smaller leagues under the gulso of cooperative associations, all of them part and parcel of the Dairymen's Leaguo organization. 'It Is the plan for the Dairymen's Leaguo through this greater organiza- tion to acquiro control, by means of these cooperative arsoclatlons, of all the milk shipping stations thrcughout the State and to actually bring about a con- dition whereby tho league wll eliminate the New York city distributer of milk from all operations In the State beyond the confines ot tho metropolitan dis- trict\ Tho milk commission proposed by Mr. Battlo would have five paid commission- ers appointed by the Governor for five year terms and removable on charges. The commission would havo solo control over the enforcement ot all laws relating to milk from the cow to the consumer. Mr. Battlo'i, report suggests that the milk commission license or register, or both, all producers ot milk, nil milk sta- tions, manufacturers of dairy products nnd all milk distributers. Tho commis- sion would have power to Investigate the cost of production, transportation and distribution of milk aud to fix prices based upon a reasonable profit which the shipper of milk should pay tho pro- ducer and which the distributer could exact from' the consumer. Ample power would bo given the commission to divert milk from manufacturing plants to keep the quantity of fluid milk up to the needs of consumers. Gov. Smith has not the power to Commissioners Porter nnd Wilson. The law creating the Council of Farms and Markets has1 such power, and Mr. Battle rocommends that Gov Smith ask the council to causo the removals. MARINE INTELLIGENCE. JIlNIATUnn ALMANAC I'nlted States Coast and CeuJeftc Surrey. Standard Time. Son rises 7:1! AM Sun ret 4::)rjr Sloon rlics 12:40 A JI. llinil WATKi: THIS HY. Pandr Hi ,2 01 AM Oov. Island.. 2 1 A M IMI ( ate 3 A Jl. imv watti: this . Sa'id, IM t\'AJl tier. Ii,,irl 5:05 V KOI Utte 11.17.111, THE SUN, MONDAY, AWtlVALS SUNDAY, lIC. II. Ri Ttlyu Mom, DtrtmoaUi, Nor, 27, Si Idaho, Antwerp. Nr. 1. St Bole, Niuilei. Nor S3 Si Mints, Shields, Nor. 22. 8s Mantore, Datrmoutii, Not. H. Si Mlllenocltet, Miio, Nut. 24. Its Sitta Ana, Crtitubsi, Dc. . Ml Lfifcorno, llucnos Aires, Nor. 21. Ml Northern raclflo. Crlitobal, Deo. I. St Cithlamet. Crlitobal, Dec. i. St Iierenhe, ItsyU. Dec. a. St Cornelia, flan Jnan. Dec. 7 Si Alfonso XIII.. Havana, Dec. 10. Rt MontsrMeo, Havana, Deo V. . ' omnuHniro fiiuimi., ,\i J Ss Momus, New Orleans, Dee. . SU fltnta llnrhiri, I'hllniVlpliin, Dec. 1.1 ISs West Ilinnliaw, FblUdelphla, L'ce. 1.'. St SUrqulta. Jlsltlmoro, J)ce. 11. B Lenape. JarKnonrllle, Dee, 11. St J. W. Van Dike. Ninr Orlttns, Dre S. AimiVED FROM NIJW VO.IK. Pa Emlllft K. de Pcrer, at Lisbon. Hi New Ilrltaln, at Antwerp. Ft Delchers, at Olbraltar. Es Vestrla. at Liverpool. Si Santa raula, tt Tocoplllo, SAILED FOR WW YOIIK. Rt Ordnna, from Liverpool. Bt Kandahar, from Dunkirk. Oi Kurosa, from Huelva, 81 1'itrla, from Olbraltir. Ra Tcktwa Marn. from HonjUonj. Si KjjoitIUp, from Rio. OOTC01NO STEAMSHIPS. To ilar. Mailt VesKli . Clots. Sail. Iroquoli, Tnrk Island... fl SO A M 1 00 I' JI 'lloialini Newfoundland 2 SO 1 M 5 00 P JI ' Queen Louise, Buenos Aires 6 MAM 10 00 A M en. Ifnafitln Mnntn. Video 12 00 JI iio r ji T)v.nmvnn Tr.vr ft SO A M is oo jr Britannia. Lisbon 10 SO A M 1 oo p JI Themlstoeles. Piraeui 8 00 A M 12 oo JI Firaby, Conntania . 9 00 A M 1 00 1' JI Romeo, Oalats , 12 00 M 2 00 V JI Theipls, Santos SO A M 10 00 A JI ...... . nnn.n Afnrts. f 00 A JI 10 00 A Jl 3 00 1' M \ \ uen. u. ii. Jim... Vfednosday. r..t.,irla llmhllrc... KM AM 12 00 JI Noordam. Rotterdam.... 8 CO A M 12 00 JI Prl ns Fredcrllc Hendrlk. DECEMBER 15, 1919. The United States Rubber Company Announces Grainless Rubber Compound For Solid Truck Tires mm Uartl 9 00 A JI 1 00 P M Fort Hamilton, Bermuda 0 00 A JI 12 00 Jt Philadelphia, La Ouayra 11 CO A M S 00 1 JI San Juan, l'orto lUeo.... I SO A Jt 12 00 M Munplacc, Nlpe 12 W Jt INCOMINO Due Ss Alavn, Birry, Nor. . St Render, Brexbam. Nor. IS. Si Corning-- . CopeDhadn, Nor. 17. tit DiiraUir, Alders, Nor. 21. m Fi'llx Tansitr, Rotterdam, Nor. It Bt Abraham Lincoln. Hamburr. Nor. II. Ss Krankler, FlusnlDr. Nor. 22. St Yaklok, Naples. Nor. 21. Hi Fort BUI. Pp.ra. NOT. 25. Ss Kanakro, Faytl, Nor. SO. Rt Dromoro Caitle, Oreenock. Nor. 25, m Ottawa, Itrlxliam, Nor, a. Coroial, Valencia, Nov. 1J. Ss Itoral Oeorie, Havre, Nov. 28. Ss Vatarl. Liverpool, Dee. 1. Ss Bar Head, (llliriltir. Nor. U. Ss Kunex, Bristol, Nor. 2D. St Kuropa, Palermo, Nor. 25. St C Lopez y Loner, Ctdlt, Nor. SO. Hi Dacre Ctsllr, Hull, Nor. 27. Ss City of Corinth. Antwerp. Nor. 21. Rt Lake Frumct, Huelva, not. 20.j, Si Kanenfjord, Chrlitlanla. Nor. 2!. St El Almerante, Galveston. Dec. 0. Hi Cape V'rnr, Jacksonville. Dec. I. F Antonio Lopez, Cadiz, Dec. 1. Si Csronla, Havre. Dee. i. Ss Verentla, Ijidon. Nor, 1). Hs Mivitara. Bordeaux. Nor. a. Ss - !o Toso, St. Jllchaels, Dee. 3. Ss .. ias, Dundee, Nor. 20. t Ss Nordknp, Shleldi, Nov. 27. Si Iifnnd, Chrlitlanla, Nor. 10. S fien W. O. llorgas. Crlitobal, Dec. 6. Ss Zncapn, Cristobal, Dec. 0. Sh Kl Sud, Galveston. Dec. 8. 8 ltayo, Onlveiton, Dec. 8. Ss City ol Jlontsomery, Savannah. Dec. 12. Ss llrnrcnsfjord, Chrtstlanla, Deo. (. Ss Rotterdam, Rotterdam, Dec. C Ss Indlcr, Antwerp. Nov. SO. Ss Winding\ Gulf, Naples. Nor. 28. Si Gargoyle, Granremouth, Dec. 1. St Vesla, Curacao. Doc 6. Duo Ss'Saxonj.1. London, Dec. . Si Lalayeltc, Jtarro, Dec. 0. Sa La Havolc, Havre, Dec. 8. Ss Ilaltle, Liverpool, Dec. 7. S Lnnontrlan, Antwerp, Dec. 2. Ss Florida, Shields. Dee. 1. Si Weet Gales. Gibraltar. Dec. 1, St Evelvn. Rouen, Dec. 2. Ss Lancaster Castle. St. Lucli. Dec. 8. The perfected means For It is in lumber and Rubber apart to heavy The does It has A has none truck This compound, \ vulcanizing have quality This United $1 Si Chlcomtco, Cristobal, Dec. 8. Si 1 Rio, New Or'eans, Dec. 11, Duo Wcdnciday. Si Carmanls, Liverpool, Dev. S. Si Patria, Jlarsellles. Dee. 2, Si Canada. Lisbon, Dec. 4. Rt Dtica d'Aostn, Gibraltar, Dee. 7. St Medina. Huelva, Nor, li, Si Dacre Cattle, Shields, Dee. 2. Si Hhurtivllle, Plymouth, Dec. 2. TRANSATLANTIC MAILS. Caps Verd Islands and South Africa, Tin St. Vincent and Capo Town: also parcel post mailt for Union of South Africa, Si. Karroo, I! M. keeco fparcel poit malls And specially correspondence!, via lnraeui, Si. 8 A. JI. Spain, via Vitro. Santandcr and Bilbao: alio parcel poll mailt for Spain, Canary Islands and Ceuts, Jlelliln and Tangier In Morocco, St. Alfonto XIII., 8 A. JI. Azorea Islands nnd l'orturnl, via Horts. Anirri. Ponta Delirada and Llibon; parcel post mailt for Azores and Portugal, Ss. Britannia, 10:30 A. JI. Rumania (parcel poit mails and specially ad- dressed coiTcipondencc), via Galatz, S. Ro- meo, 13 M, llulftnrla and Rumania (parcel post mailt and fpcclally addressed correspondence), via Varna and Constnnza, Si. Faraby, 12:30 P. JI. Azores Iilanda and Porttiral, via Horta, Aniua, Pontn Dolenda and Lisbon (ordinary mull only), by rnll lo Providence, It. I., and Ihencu by Si. Britannia, 8 P. JI. Wedwaday. Germany (other parts of Europo mnit bo ipccinlly addressed ' lor despatch by this iteamshlp), via Plymouth and Hamburg: alio Barrel Poit malli lor Ocrmany, Austria and Rs. Jlanchurla. 8 A. JI. Great Britain. Ireland. Netherlands Norway, Sweden. Denmark. Hunjary. Lithuania. Lat- via, Esthonia, Finland. Archanel, South Africa. 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Germany (ipeclolly addresied only), via Hamburg: alio parcel post mailt for Ocr- many, Austria and Cteeho-Slovaltl- Bt. Talyo Jloru, 10 A.M. Great Britain, Ireland. Netherlands. Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Lith- uania, Latvia. Esthonlo, Finland, ArcVinrel, South Adrica, Madeira nnd Cape Verde Islandi. ria Liverpool: also parcel post malls for Great Britain, Ireland, Egypt, Brltlih India. British Kait Africa, Mslta, Zanzibar and Pcmbu, Ss. Cedrlc, U A. Jl. Business Troubles. l'KTITION IN llANKUUPTCY. The following potltlon In bankruptcy was filed In the United States District Court Saturday: FRANKL BROS, 30 Kast Fourteenth atrcet, voluntary. Liabilities, 11.317; no aafets. Principal claims: Famous Paper Box Com- pany, W. a. Sherman, S377: 11. nnd B. Hit Frnmo Company, 1321. Potltlonera attorney, Samuel Zaiuly, 110 Nassau street. SCHEDULES IN IIANKItUrTCV. Schedules in bankruptcy filed In tho United Statfli District Coutt Saturday were aa fol- lows: ANTON FLEISS, CIO Eait Sixth street. Liabilities. SM76; o'\ett S2.131. Principal claims: Albrecht Uros., $1,730; Thomaa Davli, 81,469; Manhattan Pearl Button JlfR. Company, $2,000, Attorney, JIark Sacklcr. 266-- 7 Urosdway, MURRAY ERDEll, 421 East KSlh atrcet. Tho Bronx. Liabilities, 3.113$ nssots, $2,000. Principal claims: Kurtln & Kurtln, $600; Austin Nichols & Co., J3S0; Nagln & Shaf- fer, $223. Attornevs. Padgtig & Kramer. ASHIONJIUNTS. C. .1. Dryden Company, Inc., dealing In advertising dlsplny fd?n, 1501 Broadway, lor tho benefit of creditors to Frank Drucker. Company Incorporated In 1911 with a capital ftock of $10,000. Julius C. Fireman Is trenstiror Philip A. Eitman, Joteph Goldberg and Louis Goldberg, trading as Chelsea Jlanufa-turlm- r Company, ladles' underwear, lo I Fun, avonue, assigned for boncflt of creditors Edward J, Ityou. Iu JUDGMENTS. MANHATTAN'. The following judgment! rrert filed fist urday: Adams, Jeiso J. Burns nros,,., his Brook, Dlnko J. Blsklnd....... l2 Ilaker, Kdward Vacuum Oil Co., Inc Hi ii Curlal, Herman H. Oppsnholmer 2 151 tl Cohen, Henry J. Box Board & Lining Co ., Dyer, V, Mcnroi Manltorvoo Ship Ilulldlncr Co j.oisi 01 Day, Holden H. W. It, Waller- - bridge. 4jj , Frallkon, Fannie JI. Flrester. .. 1,01470 Frnlakoff, Fannie M. Flrester. sk'tj Gallauhcr, Wm. IL E. U. San- - ford . 3(001 Geomette Georgln Film Co., Inc llaumann & Co JOlli IIHonvltz, Joseph C Hubert. 4io'i! Howard. Ot!l a. Oliver A. 01. con Co., Inc 10170 Ilnrlnr, Garret E. A. Hatner ,, 23121 Harlng, arnet E. It. Elsenberrr,. 2jjn Jlntz, George J V. A. Clark et al 600 11 Rosenberg. Abraham Dernhelmer A Schwartz rilnner Brewing Co ISl.l) Thompson, Jrhn B. Mttuchen National Hank MSI. 11 Universal Transportation Co., Inc Inc. Jlarctmi Wlreleis Tele- - uruph Co. ot America 2.104.IJ SATISIIHl) JUDGMENTS, JIANIIATTAN. ltoKgcn. Louis Harry and Hells F. Harnett; Nov. U, 1319.... 1, 227.71 Knapp, Clydo D., Jr. Vtiroi Apnrt. llouio Co.; Jan. 20, 1S03. 3,901 01 Bame Haino; June 23, 13U 1,3312) Parte Samu: Nov. 23. 1901.. .. 1.0S4.U Knapp, Clyde D, Brooks Bros.; Hapt. 9, 1917 601,15 Hell, Jlay, and Feliciana JI. Car-bo- I'oaple, Ac.; Dec. 10, 1313 JO.OO Dubosquo, Clayton W. JI. O Con- nor; Nov 14, 1919 1,118.20 Pnme Same: JIar. 11, 1918 320.11 Elliott, William B. Howard; Aug. 13, 1919 57J.S1 General Accident, Fire nnd Llfo Aesurnnco Corp.. Ltd. Golden .11111 Bldif. Co.; Deo. 9. 1918 . 6,323 11 Levy, Abraham J. JI. Levy. April 25. 1919 (csncnleil)... . 4.100 0a a STEAMSHIPS. United States Rubber Company has now a method of compounding rubber by of which the grain is entirely eliminated. years rubber manufacturers have been ex- perimenting td develop such a compound. this '.'grain\ in rubber similar to the grain that is largely responsible for the split- ting cracking of solid tires. with a grain naturally splits or pulls along the iines of the grain when subjected load strain and road impact. new rubber compound without grain elim- inates entirely any tendency to split, because it away with the points where splitting starts. no weak spots. solid tire made of grainless rubber compound of the tread defects of the ordinary solid tire. new method of producing a grainless rubber and this company's new process of the rubber to the steel base, together produced a solid truck tire the exceptional of which has already been proven by-performanc- e. quality is backed by the good faith of the States Rubber Company, the oldest and larg- est rubber manufacturing company in the world. United 3 m States Tires Good Tir 8 .Ail. 1 m us I 1 i Wfi 1 H MM 3

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