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If If i I; r ' \ ' t- - \ - t ' 12 ' THE SUN, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12, 1919. 'BEAUCAIRE' SCORES IN OPERATIC SETTING Booth Tarkington's Komanco Delightfully Done by an English Company, THE MUSIC IS CHARMING Marion Green,. Blancho Tom-li- n and Spencer Trevor Win Commendation. \Monsieur Bancalre\ At tho New Ainstrrdani. Beaucatro Marlon Qroon l'lilllp Moljrnoux John Clarko Prailerlck Bantlson Lennox Pawla lUkell Bponcer Trevor Francot Yvan Servala Winterest Robert Parker Lucy Marjorla, Burgess Countess of Groonbury. ..Barbara Esmo Lady Mary Blanche Tomlln Last evening at tho Now Amsterdam Theatre was pleasintly International. On tho American aldo were Bdoth Tark-lngto- n, whoso popular novel \Monslcr lngton, whose popular novel \Monsieur for tho new opera, son of our own Henry Gilbert Miller, now an established Lon- don entrepreneur, had Imported his own organization to repeat hero tho foreign success of the work, anil A. L. Erlanser as manager of the New Amsterdam The- - thfi tt'drtf hfiffI0 nA i.nt nrAadnttniT an audlonco Just as suroly American as It . r HiAnnnl was largo nna oxceneiiny won uwawu. Such was our occasion for native pride. Franco contributed Andro Mes-oage- r, who was last In this country as the conductor of the travelling orchestra of tho French Conservatoire, Hut he was known here before. Ho wrote the MAfiii nnii rinlntv miintn nt \Vero liiMElUI MUM -- J - - nlque\ and of \La Basoche.\ To put tho TarKlngton notion imo uperauu form two veteran craftsmen at this work, Frederick Lonsdale and Adrian Btso, had been drafted. It was Indeed only the fact that the singers were al- most to a man English that gave them the majority. Yet Marlon Green and TtnYrt prltir. who had tha. two most 't Important roles, are natlvo sona Vo of the Original Storr. ri VsniiiliM acted a rjlav based on the Tarklngton story, and so did Loula Waller. James K. Hackett also x tried a few appearances In the Mans-Hol- d play. Tet tho attractive theme never had been decked out with muslo until last night The adapters did not - utlnt themselves In the matter of time. They took a prologue and three acts to tell the story of the pseudo barber and \ Vi! inv nffjlr at Bath. Tho first Viow of the story showod his lodgings, then came n ballroom, a park and finally an assembly room In the Casino. These served as a background for the familiar tale of the barber's love for Lady Mary, the forced duo!, the denunciation of the Impostor and finally tha explanation as ' to the real Identity of tho intruder. Theae the spectators witnessed Just as many admirers of the work in London bw them In Mr. Miller's original produc- tion of the work. Beautiful scenes they were, painted In a lower scheme of color than New Yorkers are accustomed to see, but mellow and In their way realis- tic The ballroom as well as the glimpse of the terrace and box hedge was spe- cially applauded by the spectators. Yet they were not at least In the exag-Berat- 'd mood of scenic painting to-d- In this dty. The quaint eighteenth century cos- tumes In which the characters wero clothed are similar In design. Their ,ichema of color Is daintier and lc?s sink- ing than New Yorkers are accustomed to In musical plays. They wero never- theless exquisite In many Instances, tho Wends of color being strikingly nrt!stl It must be borne In mind, however, that they were planned for \\a romantic opera,\ as the programme called It. It was not a review nor even a musical comedy they were Intended to adorn. Bo there hsd to be some of the epirlt of tho romantic In. them. Fall of Delicate Mclodr. Andre Messager's muslo Is familiar ' here. It was last night aa graceful and finished as ever, as daintily and at the same time as muslclanly In orchestra- tion as his admirers have become accus- tomed to find him. It Is music more over that Is truly within the spirit of light opera, Tho brasses do not blare nor does the woodwind roar as If Ihe mighty deeds of mankind were to be In music. Daintiness,. fragility, delicate melody, these are tho character- istics of a score which delighted Its hearts. The audience after the second act brought tho singers repeatedly on the stage as If proper expression of its enthusiasm was out of tne question un- less everything camo to a halt for half an hour. Marlon Green, . formerly n concert singer from Chicago, who was In Lon- don when Gilbert Miller produred tho work and sang In opera for tho first then, was loudly ncclalmed In the Hue ruio. rie uns un uiuduio uaiyr tone voiced sings with some skill and Wins his public through his sympathetic personality rather than by hla grace or finish as an actor. John Clarke' mado himself a favorite by a solo chiefly In Calietto and Lennox Powle was as quietly but effectively comic as ever. He Is an old favorite here. Spencer Trevor rfhowed his ability as a light comedian In eeveraf scenes. Another 'American In tho cast was Hobert Parker, who usod to sing Wotnn In Grmany i and was a dramatic villain last night Blanche Tomlln sang the heroine with .\a fresh and prtty voice; showed much i '.skill for a singer in operetta and by Jt the end of the evening was a well estab-- i ' ' llshed favorite. But she appeared In the first act so grotesquely attired that It took her delightful mariner, her Infec tious comedy and her voice to reconcile the audience to her. But nt the end she was as charming to look at as she was to hear. But all of \Baucalre\ Is charming to hear, the de'lshtful music, the witty lints and the gracoful lyrics. It la also beautiful to contemp'ate. It might be added In this connection that there are somo tove'y specimens of Eng- lish beauty right down In the front row, say about eight of them. Just In the middle of the stage. \ FORGERY CHARGED IN TAXI VICTIM'S BURIAL, Not Notified of Woman's . Death, Relatives Assert. Attorneys for Ml3s Charlotte Call! ess filed In the District Atorncy's office yes- - a formal complaint on the death end manner of burial of her mother, Mrs. Anna Call less, who was killed by a Black and WTilto taxlcao on .October 9 and burled two days later at tho cxrence of the company. Miss Callings complains r that she was not notified of her mother's death or the intention of tho taxlcab company to bury' her, and that, no effort . -- was made by the company to find any relative of the dead worrjan. Miss Callless's comj-laln- which was \filed by Attorney William Bosler, ' charges that tho taxlcab company's agents supplied false Information re- garding the ago and appearance of Mrs. Callleso. It calls tho attention of the Dis- trict Attorney to the fact also that on tho authorization of burial filled in by an assistant of the undertaker It was said that tho removal of tho body from tho morgue was authorized by tho dead woman's Tills ,\ Miss Calllcss said, was It J. Kelly, an adjuster for tho taxlcab company. I Kelly denies that ho contended ho was 'a of Mrs. Collless. It was notod also (hat tho date on the top of the authorization slip Is October 9, while further dowh In tho record the date of the death Is glvon as October 10. Justlco Tompkins of tho Supreme Court has signed an order for disinter- ment and the body will bo exhumed to- morrow from Mount Klsco Cemetery, Representatives 'of tho District Atorney and tho Medical Examiner will be pres- ent Lester Lazarus, Assistant District Atomoy, said an Investigation would be mado, and If tho facts warrant tho case will bo bi ought to the attention of the Grand Jury, Police Department Orders. TEMl'OKAtlY ASSIGNMENTS. The lollowlns temporary alignments are ordered: LIEUTENANTS. Frank Farrell, 12SJ l'rec, assigned n ppecla) duty officer In 110th, l3d and Utth Precs.. for II dayi from .1 A. M. December 15, during absence of Uoutenant on alck leave. Joseph C. Osborne, llth Inspection Dint., to 13id Free, assigned to oeek duty for is days from 8 A. M. December 12, during absenco of Lieutenant assigned as special duty officer. PATROLMEN. Harry Hauser, 37th l'rec, to Slst Prec, for 30 days from S A. M. December 11. From precincts Indicated to 1st Inspec- tion Dial., to duty In raldid premises, for 21 days trom 8 A. M. December 11: Patrick Hackett, 29! John Deckroege, 98: William Pielffer, 118. From precincts Indicated to Headquar-tor- a Dlv., to clerical duty In office ot the Fourth Deputy Commissioner, for 21 days roin 8 A. 11. December 11: Michael Kujath, 2t; John Retchte. 32; Frank Van Oelder, 13: Joseph A. Neary, ij; KJwaril F Byrne. 101, For 16 days from I A. II, December 16: Edward J. Coatollo, let Prec., assigned to clerical duty. From precincts Indicated to 3d Inspec- tion Dlst., to duty in front of alleged hotels: John It. O Connor. 18; Jacob Baylor, 31; William Wllst, 31; John McCormack, 37; 1'atrlck Regan, 38; Thomas Callan, 39. From precincts Indicated to 8th Inspec- tion Dlst., to duty In front of alleged dis- orderly hotels. Gustave' A. Albrecht, SI; Charles 39; Florence J. Sullivan, 40; William M. J. Flynn, 42; John J. Wallace, 43; Law- rence J. Hurley, 46; John C Miller, (0; james A. Barry, 88. From precincts Indicated to Division Na- - tlonal Delence: tawanl P. Larkln, t; John Phillips, 6; Francis P. Craven, 14; John A. Olirnore, li; George .Rlnchey, 21; Edward It Fergu- son31; Charles P. McGovern, 93. LEA1IS3 OF ABSENCE. The following leaves of absence are authorized without pay: LIEUTENANT. Edward Hanley. 8th Insp. District for 1 day from 8 A. M. December 11, 1919, SERGEANT. William J. Marlon, 25th Prect, for 1 day from 4 P. M. December 10. 1919. ACTiNO DETECTIVE SERGEANT-FIR- ST ORADB. William J. Haskins, Detective Division, for 181 daya from 12:01 A. M. January 1, 1920. PATROLMAN. Joseph Halllnan. 28th Prect., for 1 day from 8 A. M. December 10, 1919. The following applications for full pay while on sick report are approved: PATROLMEN. . Harry Gertenbach. 84th Prect, from 7:80 A. M. November 28, 1919. during disability. Thomas E. Dowllng, 89th Prect, from 3:40 P. M., November 20, 1919, during disability. John A. O'Connor, 101st Prect, from 6?20 P, M. November 2, 1919, during dis- ability. William Petersohn. 103d Prect, from 7 A. M. November 30, 1919, during Matthew Moloney, 105th Prect, from 8:20 P. M. November 6, 1919, to 12 P. M. November 27, 1919. Thomas E. Nells, 116th Prect, from 8:35 P. M. November 13, 1919, during disability. , Henry J. Toung, nam irom 1:30 P. M. December 3, 1919, during ability. Henry Aaamec, irainc uivnuon. bud-Dl- D. from 8.15 P. M. December 2, 1919, during disability. PROBATIONARY JATKUL.MB.N. Edmund P. Hennelly, 93d Prect, from 7:15 P. M. December 3. 1919, to 12 P. M. December , 1919. NEW ARE TO DETZER A. E. F. Soldier Tolls Court-Marti- al of Beating When Covered With Gnn. 'JERKED TO FEET BY HAIR1 Indianapolis Accuser Admits 111 treatment Followed At-tom- pt to Escape. Jerking prisoners to their feet by the hair and covorlng others with a re volver while senjoants beat them were among the storjes of mistreatment added to tho list of alleged cruelties perpe- trated by Capt Karl W Detzer, for- merly chief criminal Investigator for tho A. G. F, In tho Lo Mans area, who la on trial beforo a general court-marti- at Governors Island. Clarence H. Lacey uf 1214 South Todd street Indlanapollq, a bollermarker, for- merly of the expcditloiiury forces, was the witness who said Capt Detzer stood on the opposite side of a table from him and pointed a revolver at his stom- ach while Sergeants Hoyt, now a de serter In France, and U. S. Madden of Pittsburg beat him. Tho Incident, La coy conceded on cross- - examination, occurred after he on the day before had made his escape from arrest by Capt. Detzer by compelling tho Captain to \beat It\ at tho point of a revolver. Lacey said tho Captain and a Sergeant undertook to arrest htm and two other men named Yates and Gon zales for' being absent without lenvo and that the Sergeant took Gonzale3 to tho 308th Military Police Hoadauarters. while he and Yates escaped, only to bo orrested the next day. Lieut Thomas L. Heffcrnon. counsel for tht defence, undertook to show that Lacey had a long criminal record, but the witness declined to toll tho nature of the crimes of which he hod been con- victed because\ It would \degrade his future happiness.\ Louie Schmidt of Long Island City, formerly In the machine' gun company of the Thirty-eight- h Infantry, declared he was turned over to Capt Detzer as an A. W. O. U, and that tho Captain threatened him with a revolver and n blackjack until he confessed he had stolen Government property. Capt Det- zer, also cursed him and struck him In the face, he said. Schmidt said he later escaped from Detzer and gave himself up to the provosf marshal In Cher- bourg, Ho admitted on that he had been a ntnol pigeon for Detzers men tnd that he had been court-martial- four times. George It Iturrell, buglor for the 'owa regiment of the \Forty-secon- d Division, who said ho came Into DetzerV custody as a desorter when his division was withdrawn from the St. Mlhlel campaign, testified that he was struck when he denied knowledge of the train robbing gangs. He also said that hn saw Private McAdams, another prisoner, go into Capt. Detzer'a olflco looking all right and come out with his eyes bruised and lips cut Because of constant objections by counsel only three witnesses were exam ined yesterday. Major William B. Kelley, Judge Advocate, said that per- haps all of to-d- would be occupied In the examination' of one witness. Motv than 100 other witnesses have been summoned, so that prospects aro the trial will last several weeks. Poor Fuel Is c Business Troubles. PETITIONS IN BANKBCPTCV. Petitions In bankruptcy filed In the United Btetei District Court Thursday were as tollots; HERMAN R. SCHWARTZ ot 127 Welt Twenty-sixt- h mraot, Involuntary. Lia- bilities and biikU not statod. Principal creditors! Edmund Everattln, 12,1)19; II. Welnateln, 128. Patltonera' attorney, Herntrd Utrnbaum, SSO Broadway, EMPIRE DANISH AND FRENCH PAB-TR- T COMPANT, INC.. of 207 Third ave- nue, Involuntary. Liabilities and assets not stated. Principal creditors: Max lllunl Company, 9302; I). Rutsteln 81 Son Company, 8288, and L. Btreldler A Bona, 1171. Petitioners' attorney, Iler- - ntra uornoeiun, u uroaawny. MANUEL SPIELBElta of 80 Fifth ave-nu- e, Involuntary. Liabilities and assets not stated. Principal crsdltori Joseph IC, Ouerln, (1,200. Petitioner's attorney, Baul S. Mvers. 00 Wall street. JOSEPH GOLD of 44(1 Manhattan avenue, voluntary, Liabilities, J2.0I2; assets, nothing. Principal creditors: Coulter, Botert A Coulter, I486; J. Cane A Sons, 8827, and Wolf A Lewinger, 8280. Peti- tioners' attorney, Nathan Tolk, SS Essex atrtiit. JOHN D. BAUTER of New Hamburg, N. Y voluntary, Uabliltlts, I7,tsu; aaseis, ' Principal creditors: Henry ICoiter, JO, 15,011! ; McKeason A Robblna, Inc., 8780, and Emory Ager, 3475. Petitioners' attorney, Harry O. Harper ot 40 Market THE TftlANULE bTEAMSHIP COMPANY, INC., of 44 Whitehall street, involuntary. Liabilities, about 11,200,000; assets, 3100,-00- 0. Principal creditors: Auditor Con- tracting Company, $8,018; John C. Dil- lon, Br., I00O, and Edward J. Barton Llghterago Company, Inc., 31.800. Peti- tioners allege In their claim that the al- leged bankrupt company paid claims to Foreign Trade Hanking Corporation mounting to 2000,000.-Petition- ers' at- torneys. Cass A Apfel, S3 Nassau street SCHEDULES IN BANKRUPTCY. Sehedulos In bankruotcy filed la the United States DUtrlct Court Thursday were as follows: HARRY BAPF AND PXNNY BAIT of 80 Ixiew avenue ana west wasningion Market and 9 West 14Mli street, market, show liabilities of 1188,820 and assets of 110,016. Principal creditors: Commer- cial Trust Company, (20.C8T; Samuel Bpector, 15.000, and 11. Altman a iu. 12,032. Attorneys, Gordon, Tally A Oor rtnn. S47 Fifth Alflnufl. THE MUTUAL EXPORT AND IMPORT CORPORATION of Its to 10Z uuane street show uaoiutioa or yua.m arm as sets of I234J08. Principal creditors Poretgn Trado Banking Corporation, Md. HTA' Irvine National Bank. 1110.087 Charles J. Jacobs Shoe Company, $3,802, unit Simon Oonienhelm. 110.283. Attar neys, Brehm A Plants, IB William street putt. nrsRNAttD. INC.. of 22 East Thirty- - fourth street, show liabilities of 1113,023 and assets of 138,607. Principal cred- itors: Cosmopolitan Bank, $3,000; John AlnaReia Company, I. i.ouis raui, 10,000. ana a. Altman, iimou. Aiior neys. Shame a weinrm, zan uroaoway, RECEIVERS IN BANKRUPTCY. Receivers In bankruptcy anoolnted Thurs day In the United States District Court nrem ah follows! Max Ulln and Nathaniel A. Elsberg for the Trlani Steamship Company. Inc under a bond of $50,000. The application for the aDDolntment aet forth that the a. leged bankrupt company's liabilities are principally aue me unuea amies amp Dlna Hoard. Morris Gotland receiver for Herman B Schwartz under a bond of $500. ASSIGNMENT. EMPIRE DANISH AND FRENCH DAK ERY . COMPANY, INC.. bakery an J lunchroom at 200 H East Twenty-th- tt street and 207 Tblrd avenue, yesterdai assigned for the benefit of credltora tu Marcus lleltano. Isidore Tenencaum president of the company. It has capital stock of $10,000. JUDGMENTS Manhattan, The following Judgments were Sled Thursday: Andrews. Constant A., and Porter P. A. Lee W. C. Atwater $233.0f Alnern. Harry ana Joseoa . Kornblum 4.118.0 Adler. Louis T. McDonald 1.215.21 Bonner, Hannah L. Opponhelmer 130.85 Bloom. Lillian or Bilk, and Mrs. Henry U. 11 loom E. M. Ga.tle A Co JOO.e Benner. Samuel A. O. W. Barna- - wall 1,121.12 urooKs, ado reopie, etc z&o.o. Bunt. Thomaa J., and Samuel Wallensteln Stoddard Building Supply Co., Inc 482.03 Same Same 981.9c Brooks, Abe People, Ao..t 350.00 \iier Chs C W u Hervey.. 2.740.3 Cuppr. Haslett A. A. Ward et al, costs 132.50 Tho-- n J. D. Smith.... I09.4S Cambria Holding Corp. V. P. Oarvan 8,224.7$ ' . Partly to Blame I When your motor heats up, do jrou blame the lubricat- ing system, tight piston rings,\ the spark too much re-- x tarded, poor water circulation in the cooling system? ' Poor fuel often has a lot to do with it. ( Low-grad- e gasoline burns slowly and incompletely, producing high heat deposits crfrbon on the piston heads and in the combustion chamber which retains the heat and prevents quick radiation. The remedy? High quality, quick-burnin- g, gasoline that is uniform in its vaporizing and ignition character- istics, that burns up completely and delivers maximum power in all weathers SOCONY Motor Gasoline. Standardize on SOCONY and you will avoid lots of engine trouble and secure big mileage per gallon of gasoline. At filling time look for the red, white and blue SOCONY Sign. 'Every gallon the same. STANDARD OIL CO. OF NEW YORK SDCQNY REGISTERED MOTOR TORTURES CHARGED US PAT OFF. GASOLINE Chase, Chaa. O. Prank 3, Len- - nen Co Cole.' Herbert 8, fltanwood Roalty Co Doscher, Alfred \C.S. Cohen.,.. Joseph H. Rabat, et al ElVhorn Valloy Coal Land Co, W. C. Atwater 1.00S.IT 110.20 188.23 110.20 100.00 Eleenberg, Samuel Eclipse Light CO. 011.20 Blta Maiden Lano Co,, Inc. Cross A Brown Co 1,747.50 Glbbs. Wra. A. American Boa Grass Co . . , , 328.65 O, W, Bradley Axe ft Tool Mfg, Co. Underhlll Clinch & Co. 7.. 853.78 Hlckok, Mllo J. J. D. Smith. costs 110.(2 II. N. Chuto Bros. Corp.M. Eberhart & Son Co HI. 08 Henter Motors. Ino. J, T. Tower 1,016.58 Johnstone, William W. B. Baft A Son, Inc , , J I ft ' f Kmber, Horbert L. C. Qulnn... 5,112.31 Klsllk, John People, &o 2tu,uu Knopf, Isldor E, Louis Edo Jong & Co 102.8\ Kats, Harry Frank J. Lennon Co , 123,32 MM: In, Dora People, &e 250.00 Mnn!i. Phllln W t B T..ImIi Co,, Ino ,,'..! 102.20 Merer, Louis Eastman Kodak co , 235,92 Mom, Julius, and Sarah Mazo Merchant1 Nntlonal Bank,..,. KO.50 MoNally, Mae F. Charles Schlea- - lngtr A Sons, Ino 182.31 Monro, Louis, and Maryland Casualty Co, People, &o 1,000.00 Mansions, Tony Henry Aubert &' Son. Ino 323.58 Same fherwood Beers Co 261.05 Same Fohenok A Brtlldite. Inc. 444.50 Metcatf, George D. R, W. do Forest 13,323.55 Mahilnata-Maderl- a Gold Mining Co. and George D. Metcalf R. W. do Forest.... 31,347.97 Nachtlgale, Simon and Lester O. Fabyn et al,., 281.40 105 West BSth St. Corp, Inc. N. A. Gluck 193,33 Psrlstein, Israel S. C. M. Ama et al 940.08 Parros, Nicholas, and National Surety Co. People, Ae 500.00 Perenyl, John C. Traders Ins. Co.; costs 108.45 PInklert, Peter Union Products Co 602.30 Rene, Anna E. S. C. Wallace... 300.30 'Kusao, Joseph J. D. Smith ot al.; costs 109.61 Rohan. John Gude Bros. (Kief- - for Co.) 178,45 Rowley, Sarah, Frederick C. and Harry C, ears. W. M. Robert- son ll.S39.87 Same Same 2.705.27 Same Same 12,339.87 Strauss. Marie J. P. L. Houston., 692.89 Fame flame 1.070.45 Fame Sams 1,193.73 Schlll, Bruno J. nurnl 193.29 Stuyveoant Ins. Co. of City of N. Y, T. Durham 1,129.51 Schuka. Karl People. Ac 250.00 Tnwnsend, James 13. U Cable... 3,264.45 Thomas, Fred C. Bordentown Military Institute 343.10 Wolston, Charles Frank J, Len- non Co 139.30 Wlsnlewakl, Mananna, admx. Erie R. R. Co.. costs 113.73 Well Trading Co., Inc. W. J. Dwyer 17U.70 Zleiier, Adolph O. R. Schaeffer.. 260.37 Zompantl, Antonio Albert Loesch A Co., Inc 107.35 Zofronla, Naklta People, Ac... 230.00 BRONX. Rlakeman, Charles II Itap- - iar 360.54 nech. Leopold, and Ellas Kueb ler F. Roeger 189.16 rardlnale, Michael M. Cardtnale. 65.10 Fraternity Restaurant, Inc. B. Levy 38.81 I eo. Joseph P. Bultman 62.72 Same Same 12.72 \athan. Morltx J. O. Glnberg... 117.15 Istrowe, Herman Bernard A. Hamilton Institute 126.10 )kuntsolf, Ivan A. H. Echrelb- - man 220.72 SATISFIED JUDGMENTS. Manhattan. Blrdsall, Avis O. W. I. Rose; Nov, 3, 1919 3jl.816.se rackett. Mary II. Irving Na- tional Bank, N. T.; March 22, 1916 3,895.61 (1 Sth Avenue Co., Inc. Terry ft Tench Co., Inc.j March 12, 1917 184.19 61 Sth Avenue Co., Inc.. John O. Devlin Construction Co., Inc, John O. Devlin, Edward L. Larkln end John A. Larkln Louis Uossert A Sons, Inc.; July , 1917 873.27 lafner, Elisabeth J. Marahall et al; May 17, 1916 45L62 Belrne, Mary A. G. and Annla 4iiiiiniiini.iiiiiiiM MTiiaMii in mm 3 VS. Emigrant Industrial Sav- - ' Ings Bank; May 21, 1818... .. 811.11 Shanley, William P, a Haas; Deo. 3. 1919 1M Stuart, Jeanle A. Trustees of tho Sailors Snug Harbor; Dso. 4, 1917 3,341.63 Same J. A. Dlgan; Jan. 2, 1919 5,623.37 Jamo N, Y. Edison Co.; Sept 7 1K17 ,, 148.3T \ame T. A. Dlgan; April 12, 1317 1,623.87 :i. W. Oossard Co. L. Harris) ... Dee. C. 1919 350.00 Adams, John Z. Denver National Bank; Jan. 9, 1901 1,937.97 Greenberg, Mendel W. A. Sing-- er; Feb. 21, 1916 (cancelled) 631.19 Duse, Bernard H. German Ex- change Bank; Sfpt. 34, 1917 (nancfilled) S.230.1S droonberg. Mendel W, G. O, Klnnt July 29. 1913 (cancelled) 1,524.61 luge, Bernard II. Jerman Ex- change Bank; Sept. 34, 1917 (cancelled) 4,915.35 'nrgent, Donald C. Simmons; Nov, 28, 1919 SIS-- 'mlth, George P. nnd Sol. C. Bugarman Nntlonal Bank of Commerce of Rochester; July ..... 7. 1917 eale, Arthur C C. B. Bents; April 4, 1919 !\ lame Ivan T. Johnson Co., Ino. Oct. 6, 1917 SATISFIED JUDGMENT. Bronx. 'Illdred, J, Homor B. Kearney; May 25, 1917 MARINE INTELLIGENCE. MINIATURE ALMANAC. United States Coast and Geodetic Survey. Sun rises 7:10AM Sun sets 4;29PM Moon rises litis r m HIGH WATER TIHS DAY. Sandy Ilook.ll :29 AM Gov Island. 12 :01AM jicu uaie a ol LOW WATER TH1B DAT. Sandy nook.. 6 :24 AM Gov island.. 0:04 A M ueu iiaie s ;uau ARRIVALS THURSDAY, DEO, 11. Se Wlco Newcastle, Nov. 14. Sa Raid Ilnttc, Tamplco. Dre. 2. 8s Munomir, Anttlla, Deo. 7, S Dbro, Kingston, Dec 6. Sa Hulaco. Port Loboa. Dec. 4. Ss Olty of Everett, Oslveston, Nov, 30. Ss Moncallero, Newport News, Dec. 9. 8s Jamestown, Norfolk. Dec. 10 Ss Lake Ogden. Philadelphia, Dec. 10. Ss Mundalc, Plymouth, Dec. 9. ARRIVED. FROM NEW YORK. -- Ss Manhattan, at Antwerp. Ss Cadillac, at Hnmlmrg. Ss Macona, nt Rotterdam. a Ss Key West, at Barcelona. Ss CUty of St. Louis, at Savacnis. BAILED FOR NEW YORK. Ss Fesaro. from Genoa. Ss Londooltr, from Antwerp. Ss Balsam, from Antwerp. 8s Southern, from Bunderlaad. , Ss Volumnla, from Rotterdam. 8s Lcnapo, from Jacksonville. OUTGOING STEAMSHIPS. Malls Vessel Close. Ball. Georgo Washington, Drest 2 30 P Dsnto Allghierl, Naples. 10 00 A M 1 09 P M Farsby, Constania 9 00 AM 12 00 .M Romeo, Constania 12 00 M 3 00 P M Karroo. Cape Town 12 00 M 8 00 P M Murro Castle, Havana.... 8 CO A M 11 00 A M Oi.sge. Rio 12 00 M 3 00 P M rrodnes. Kingston 8 00 AM 11 09 M Lapland. Plymouth 10 00AM 8 00PM La Havre 8 SO A M 12 00 M Rosalind, Newfoundland 7 00 A M 10 00 A M Turrlalba. Port Limon.. 7 00 A M 10 00 A M Purtis, Bahla 8 00 A M 11 00 A M Brazos. San Juan 8 80 A M 12 00 M Gen. O. H. Ernst. Haiti. 12 00 M 3 00 P 31 INCOMING STEAMSHIPS, Due Ss Ccdrlc. Liverpool, Dec 3. Vlava. flnrry. u 1. Dernier. Breiham, Nov. II. rornlnr. Copenhagen, Nov. 17. rt Idabo. Antwerp. Nov. 21. s Horothr. Algiers. Nov 21. Ss rYllx Tansslg, Rotterdam, Not. XL Ss Eo'e. Nantes. Nov. 22. Ss Abraham Lincoln. Hamburg. Nor. 19 Ss Mtnta, Shlerfif. Nov. 22 Ss Prankler, Flushing. Nov. 22. Ss Vaklofc. Naples, Nov. 21. 8 Port S1U. Para. Nov. 23. Ss Mangore, Dartmouth. Nov. ft. Ss Kanaker. Fajral. Nov. 30. SsLake Frucalltjr. Gibraltar., Nov. U Re Cumberland. Rotterdam. Not 21. Ss Dromoro Castle, Greenock, Nov. 21. : by I Be Ottawa. Rrlxhim, Nov, . ua al V.UnHn Nnv. 19. Ss Royal George, Havre. Nov. 23, 8s Vasarl. Liverpool. Deo, 1. 8s Olenshlll, Cardiff. Nov. 26. Sa Day Head, Gibraltar, Nov, 24. Ss Sussex, Bristol, Nov 26. H Philadelphia, thiracao. Dec. 3. Ss Santa Marta. Cristobal, Dec. 4. Ss Europs, Fa'enno, Nov. 29. Ss G Lopes y Lonea. Cadis, Nor, SO. Ss Dscre Castle, Hull, Nov, 27. Ss Chetopa, Liverpool, Nov 28. Ss City of Corinth, Antwerp, Nov. 23. Ss Lake Frumet. Hue'va. Nov. 26. Ss Kunenijord. Christlnnla. Nov, 28. 8s El Alrierante, Galveston. Deo 0, , Hi Caps Vcar, Jacksonville, pec. 8. Ss City of Atlanta, Hsvanntb, Dec. 9. Ss Apache, Jacksonville, Dec. 9. Boo Ss Antonio Lopes, Cndlz. Dec 1 Si Csro\la Havro, Dec. 4. Ss Carmania, Liverpool. Dee, 8. Ss Vercnlla, London, Nov. 29. Ss Monttra. Bordeaux. Nov. 23. Fs Angelo Toso. St. Mhhaels, Dec. 8. Ss Cathlamet, Cristobal, Dec. 4. Duo Sunday. , Ss Artless, Dundee, Nov. 29. Ss Nordknp. Shields, Nov. 27, 8s Dfond. Chxtsriania, Nov, 2?. Ss Gen W. 0 Gorjtas. Cristobal, Dec. 0. Its Santa Ana, Cristobal, Dec 0. Ss Zacapa. Crlstobsl, Dec 0. Ss Momue, New Orleans, Doe. 9. Ss FJ Bud, Galveston, Dec. 8. Sa Rayo, Gslreston, Dec. 8. Es Lcnapo, Jacksonville, Dec. 11. . TRANSATLANTIC MAILS. To-da- dressed lor despatch by this slcamsblp). via Gibraltar, Plrosns and Patraa; nlso parcel post mslla for Gibraltar and Greece, Sa Italy (parcel post malls and uncanny ad dressed correspondence), via Naples an,l Genoa. Ss. Dante Allghlerl. 10 A M. Kumar' anu wui iwr. M,-a- specially addressed correspondence), via .,n.,.n.. anri Vnrnn. fls. Farabv. SAM addreswd correspondencol, via Constana Sa. Romeo. 12 M. Mouth Ainca, via cape xawn, a.ijn pujtci mails for Union of Sonth Africa, Ss gost 12 M. Greet Britain. Ireland, Netherlands. Norway. Sweden. Denmnrk. Germany. ITmyaT ti ? Llthnanls, Ilvla, Ethonla, Ftnlind, Arrh angeil, South Africa, Madeira, and Cane Verd lalapds, via Plymouth, Cherbourg and Aj wero; also parcel post nulls for Oien Britain, Iroland. Egypt, British India, Brltwl rJoift Africa, Malta, Zanzibar, I'emtia. Bel giuin, Luxemburg and Belgian Congo, St LsirJanil, 8 A M Firante, Belgium. Rumania, Bulgaria, Lux emliurr. Czecnn-Slovakl- Jugo-Slsvl- Tien tins. Trlesto, Gtrman-Auttrl- l'olslid. Swllu crlund, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Turkey) Kgrpt, llritlrh Inola. Ilrltlsh Esat Afrlcti, Molta. Gibraltar. Ceylon. Straits Sottlcmontl anil Persia, via Havre; also parcel post mall) for1 France. Algeria. Corsica and Tunis, 8a La Lorraine, 8:20 A. M. U. S. Government Air Service OFFERS FOR SALE A miscellaneous lot of Spare for CURTISS JN4-- D AIRPIJlNES in incompleted state. al These parts were in process of manufacture at the time of the signing of the Armistice and are located-a- t the Plant of the Springfield Aircraft Corporation, Springfield, Mass., and at the Buffalo Plant of the Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Corporation. Copy of inventory can be seen at the office of the Material Disposal and Salvage Division, Air Service, Washington, D. C, at the Material Disposal & Salvage Office, 360 Madison Ave., New York City, sr.d at the Material Disposal & Salvage Division Office, Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Corporation, 2050 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. SEALED BIDS for this material to receive attention must be in the office of the Material Disposal & Salvage Division, Washington, D. C, before 11 A. M., December 20, 1919. All Bids must ba plainly marked \Not to be opened until 11 A. M., December 20, 1919.\ Uiilnn; Sim re Space on Army Ships) Wabhinoton, Dec. 11. Permission t( carry passengers frclRht on urmj t.nn.rn.la . .iinnli ....... tr in TT!iiimi . . . , njn. IIU U k., i. o w l w ,,u ,.u..u of y by the War Depart ment. wnnoui special icgisiauon, un ucartracni buiu, unuscu on lin .'klnn nl,1yt nftl hl HA flJlfllfmAl Tfci Military Commlttco will consider the ruqne.it THE TABLE SAUCE that stands first and far above all competition is It make second cuts more like first and adds the enjoyment of every LEfUPERRINS SAUCE 'THO. ONLY ORIGINAL WORCESTER5HIDB has been the leading table sauce for geDerations. i .4 3 Protect Your Car From Freezing 1 T'T worry all winter about your radiator freezing. Use 1 Johnson's Freeze-Pro- of then forget there is such a thing as g a frozen radiator. Johnson's Freeze-Pro- of does not evaporate,! g so one application lasts all winter. 1 JOBNSOITS EEZE-PROO- F H 1a cci&y lu u&c is liuii-iiiiiciinma- uie inexpensive ana guaranteed. H It raises the boiling point of water 20 400. MM Read:.This Guarantee! We guarantee that Johnson's Freeze-Pro- of has no more effect than water on the metals of the radiator or on rubber.' If Johnson's Freeze-Pro- of is used according to the simple directions in the proportion shown on our scale, it will absolutely protect your radia- tor against damage from freezing. We do not guarantee Johnson's Freeze-Pro- of when used in cars with aluminum manifolds, although it has been used satisfactorily in hun- dreds of them. Water alone often has an injurious effect onvaluminum. Directions 'Must Be Followed Johnson's Freeze-Pro- of will give perfect satisfaction if used according to the direct- ions on the label. It requires just a little time and care to comply with these instructions then your worry is over for the whole winter. DiillllillllllllllllllUilllllllllUUIH 1st Clean all dirt, scale, sediment, etc., from the cooling system by using a boiling solution of ordinary wash-in- g soda Flush out thoroughly. 2nd Repair all leaks. Unless hose connections are new, replace them. Tighten all packing and gaskets. - $1.50 Protects a Fordi Onepackage of Johnson's Freeze-Proo- f (cost $1.50) will, protect a\ Ford to 5 below zero, and two packages to 50 below zero. For larger radia- tors, or to protect to a lower temperature, use additional Freeze-Pro- of accoiuing to the scale en the package. For Sale by All Dealers Mfd. Parts S. C. JOHNSON & SON, Racine, Wis. and natmA Congress to meal. to iiiiiiHiiiiiitniHiiiHiiiiuuiiiimmiiuuimiiiiiiuiiiiiiiini

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