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PERKINS URGES 1W COOPERATIVE SPIRIT! financier Warns Nation It Must Abandon Old Ideas of Huthlcss Competition) ANTAGONISM OUTLAWED 'Ofon of the Future Visuali- zed in Interesting Address\ nt Columbia University. It Is to tho country's educational men holding public ofllco and men who are at tho head of Industry, that Georse W. Perkins looks for a solu- tion of the vnrlouB phases of unrest which disturb the country and It la his judgment that unless a new spirit ol cooperation takes the placo of tho old customs of competition tho United States cannot go forward to her destiny. Sir. Perkins delivered nn address on tho \4&m of the Future\ before the Insti- tute of Arts and Sciences at Columbia University last night. He esplalnod that tho progress of science and mechanics an.d not tho disturbance of war was re- sponsible for tho many questions which people are asking nnd) that a world In which delay (ind distance had baen practically annihilated could nover go back to old conditions. \What we need In this country,\ de- clared Sir. Perkins, \Is the closest possi- ble cooperation between tho men of out educatlonal'tnsiltutlons, the men of our Industrial Institutions and men of public affairs. These threo groat branches of our country's actlvltle have been wfdely apart In recent years; they have had very little Intercourse with one nnother and In place of cooperation there has often been sharp antagonism between them. \The man of tho future In each of these three classes must give more \thought to our country's welfare, to the interests of our peopl as a whole, for modern'meth-od- s of transportation and Intercommuni- cation have drawn us all so closely to- gether that what affects one person or one community almost Immediately af- fects all others. In short, wo must (earn to get together, or wo will go down to- gether. The man of tho future must learn how to cooperate In most of the activities of llfo rather than continue under the old method of competition. Whether we like It or not, modern In- ventions have not only made coopera- tion possible but necessary. Dither Dlesilng or Cnrse. j \It Is hero to stay and It can bo made either a great blesslnff or a great curse. In industrial affairs It has been In operation with Increasing momentum for twenty-fiv- e years; In other words, over Mnco electricity liberated our minds from our bodies and permitted then: to cooperate Instantly here, thcro and everywhere. It has brought much that Is good and much that Is bad. To the man whom the Almighty has blessed ulth more than average ability coopera- tion has given vst power In tho con- duct of his business. ' \Ir. a great many cases this power has been used to promote selfish alms, ulth the result that our people have found much fault with the results ac- complished. Tho man of the future, must realize this; he must understand that the very fact that he Is plven.such tremendous power through the new ma- -' chlnery that science and Invention have given him makes It necessary for him td handle It not for himself alone but for the welfare or the community as a whole. Our statesman and politicians must also recognlzo this and should so frame our laws as to permit cooperative effort, but provide that It be conducted under proper regulation and control. \Our vast educational system, on vhlch moro money has been spent than on our entire railroad system, has pro- foundly changed the mental status of tho man of the factory, the counting house and the mill. Not only this, but tho machinery that science and Inven- tion have placed In his hands has In itself raised the standard of his Intelli- gence. As a result ho Is asking many questions, among them being what Is a fair distribution of profits In a business, what is a living wage, what are proper housing conditions, how many hours are ii fair working day, what should bo the physical surroundings under which he, works? Questions of Vital Importance. \These questions vitally concern all of us and they are so closely Interwoven With other questions that affect the lives and welfare of other people that they cannot be settled solely on their own re- spective merits. It la of the utmost Im- portance, therefore, that a much closer relationship and better understanding exist between employer and employee, ond between both of them and the peo- ple of the ojjtslde world whom they fcerve. \Observation and experlenco have con- vinced me that the first requisite to a better understanding all around Is frank, rquare dealing and publicity of the most open and complete sort as to tho capitalization of a business, the volume of business dono, the profits earned and co forth. Open books will do more than anything else to open the way to a solu- tion of theso problems and a most tamest effffort should be made to bring euch a practice Into vogue. \What gave us the sweat shop, child labor, unsanitary working conditions, adulteration &c? Nothing In the world hut competition carried to Its logical conclusion; and If that was the result la the days when Intercommunication was meagre and' Incomplete, how much mot-- keen and destructive competition would bo nnd how much more far leaching Us 111 effects would be on the worker's fair share were we to literally follow those methods In these days when The Knife and Fork Brigade Dyspeptic Soup Eaters Can Change j Their Spoon for a Knife and Fork l and With Stuart's .Dyspep- sia Tablets the World , Smiles Again. Ask a former dyspeptic who tried the Ptuart's Dyspepsia Tablets plan what wonderful relief they afford. 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Perkins gave it nn his opinion that laws should bo passed compelling foreigners taking up their homes In tho United States to learn our language and Institutions, along with laws compelling every citizen to exerclso hla right to vote. KILLS HER SLEEPING CHILD, SHOOTS SELF Former Emily Lippincott Vic- tim of III Health. Denver, Dec. 9. Mrs. Kmlly It. Pow- ell, 40 years old, daughter of Horaco G. Lippincott of Wyncote, Pa., socially prominent, shot and killed her daugh- ter, Jacqueline, 12, as the child lay asleop,\ Mrs. Powell than shot herself. She was then hurried to a hos- pital, where \It was said her condition was dangerous. Sirs.' Powell had been separated- - from her husband. She left a note saying: I wish beforo I died I might havo -- known what has always been wrong with my life tho more I loved peo- ple the more I always hurt them. Philadelphia, Dec. 0. Emily Lip- pincott went to Denver for her health. While there she married Edwin S. Pow- ell In 1903. Threo yenrs later they wore divorced. TWO BANK BANDITS KILLED. Sheriff nnd Deputies Amljwsh Three In Ohio Town. Ashtabula, Ohio, Dec. 3. Two band-It- s were killed and a third seriously wounded nt Orwell, twenty-fiv- e miles south of here when Sheriff EJdred and five deputies surprised them entering tho bnlldlng occupied by the Orwell Banking Company early Information reached the Sheriff that for two or three nights suspicious char- acters had been seen loitering around the building. Last night he arranged an ambush. Norfolk, Va Dec. 9. Robbers who attempted to raid the safes of the Vir- ginian Passenger and Power Company here early were Intercepted by the police, who killed one and arrested three others after a pistol duel. Plans for the robbery had reached the authori- ties and officers were waiting for the men at the car barns. HELD AS FUEL OIL PROFITEERS Transcontinental Company's Of- ficers Charged in Plttsbnr?. Pittsburg, Dec. 9. Foster II. Perrlott, president of the Transcontinental Oil Company, and Thomas It. Cowell, its sccretarj', gave ball In tho Federal Dis- trict Court 'here to-d- to answer to the charge of selling fuel oil at unjust and unreasonable prices. Ovid D. Robinson, ; Ellsworth D. Robinson, treasurer, and M. L. Benedum, chairman of the board, are out of the city, but jvlll give ball when they return, their counsel said. The prosecution alleges that the com- pany sold fuel oil at J3.50 to 54 a bar- rel. An Akron, Ohio, tire company Bought 15,000 barrels at $3.00 each, and another oil company bought largo quan- tities at $3.75 to 51 a barrel. Philadelphia Daylight Bill Signed. Philadelphia, Dec. 9. llajor Thomas B. Smith to-d- Blgned the day- light saving ordlnanco passed by the City Council last week. Under the new law the clocks will be advanced one Timii. nn thn last Sundav In March and will bo turned back on tho last Sunday in October. r' You can bank with us by mail Moving away from Brooklyn need make no change in your banking relations. As a de- positor of the First National you can arrange to deposit and transact your bankine business by mail wherever you are located. We have many customers in other Boroughs who transact business, in this waybecause they like the spirit and the service of the FIRST' NATIONAL . BANK IN BROOKLYN Broadway ? Havemeyes. St. i: iinriiiiirrrmr POLICY OF DISHONOR SEENBYPOINDEXTER Soifator Attacks tho Presi- dent's Attitudo in Mex- ican Crisis. . .COAL 1'ItUCE 'HUMILIATES' republicans Told Leniency to Reds Has Only Added to Anarchy Menace. \Tho history of tho Administration's conduct of our Mexican rolatlons has been a scries of futllo compromises,\ declared United States Senator Miles Polndexter 'of, Washington speaking last night before the, Kings County Repub- lican committee. On tho strike of tho coal minors the Senator said It was humllatln? and dishonorable for a great government to be compelled by violence and under coercion to grant the demands of the Btrlklng miners. To cut off coal needed In conducting the vast enterprise of the Government was as direct and violent an attack as though the Whlto House was surrounded by armed men, the Bpeaker asserted. The leniency with which anarchy and bolshevlsm have been regarded by the Government, he asserted, had un- doubtedly Increased the menaco of dis- order In tho United States. The Senator was cheered when he sajd: \The peace treaty Is now quietly sleeping In the catacombs of tho Senate of .the United States, and I think It will remain there. The Republican party, by tho unltod front It has presented to re- sistance to the reservations formulated by Its Senate majority, ,hns snved the Independence and sovereignty of tho na- tion.\ There was a demonstration of ap- proval when tho Senator predicted that tho Administration's vacillating course In dealing with Industrial unrest would be one of tho paramount Issues of tho approaching campaign. \Now that the League of Nations has been disposed of and tho complicated obligations of European politics havo been laid aRlde,\ Senator Polndexter added, \tho Government should turn Its attention energetically to the solution of the problems of America. The old policy of the defence of Its citizens at homo and In foreign countries should bo reestablished. The President has said that the Initiative in tho conduct of our foreign affairs is vested in the Presi- dent. The fact of tho case Is that the President's powers In so far as our for- eign affairs are concerned are at nil \times Bubject to the raw enacted by Con gress, and whatever, Initiative ho may have Is subject to the control of tho law- making branch of the Government. \The flrst and essential thing which must bo brought about In the American Government Is the establishment of a definite principle that law and order must prevail in our domestic life and (hat the rights of our citizens must bo respected and observed by foreign na- tions.\ Beforo tho meeting Senator Polndex- ter was tho guest of Senator William M. Calder at a private dinner at the Montauk Club. Among the seventy-fiv- e guests were tho district leaders In Bnok- - lyn, the Republican officials chosen nt the recent election and Richard Law T out? To GOING The theater? You're perfectly done, from your most cher- ished topper to your favorite Eng- lish boots correct voguo in every detail. But what are yon thinking about? What will you say when the talk gets 'round to horizon- tal valve racing mo- tors? When debu- tantes you hive to A THE SUN, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1919. me SKiing, SKating, winter .sports. I am City . - . rence, Ooorgo and Josfoph II. Do Iiragga, Republican leaderB of Tho Bronx, Richmond and Queen's respec- tively, Notable absentees wore Samuel S. Koenlg, Mnnhnttan, leader, and Con- troller Eugene M, Travis. It was stated that both had been lnvltod but had pro-vlo- engagements. TOO MUCH GOAL SHIP. Clearance Ilcfuned to Iinperntor, Dae to Sail To-da- y. Georgo Wlnshlp Taylor, Assistant Unltod States Attorney, says tho Curiard coloussus Imperator has violated rules in loading moro'than 2.500 tons of coal here and tha't she will havo to take out the oxcess, about 6,000 tons, before she will bo allowed to sail at noon Clear- ance was refused by the Custom House yesterday and shA cannot get off with- out It. Cunard officials said last night that thoy had been ordered to take out the excess coal, but that \negotiations are being carried on with tho authorities and It Is expected a satisfactory adjustment will bo reached.\ If It Is not, 2,700 rs will beheld up. HAMBY VERDICT AFFIEMED. Court of Appeal llnles Ilank II ob- iter Mint Die. Albany, Dec. 9. Tho conviction of Gordon Fawcett, Hamby, who killed two employees of tho East Brook- lyn Savings Bank on December' 3, 1918, .was affirmed to-d- by tho Court of Ap- peals, Ho Is In tho death houso at Sing Stng-Prls- on. Only executive clemency Is now between him and the execution of the death sentence. Tho appeal wa3 In that It was made by counsel against tho wish of tho prisoner. Hamby confessed to the mur- ders after he had been .nrresfed in n, Wash.- - Ills confederato has not been captured. Cnmpnnlnl's Condition Critical. Chicago, Dec. 9, The condition of Cleofonto Campanlnl, dlrectoj of the Chicago Opera Company, who hau boon seriously 111 of double penumonln, took n Lturn for the worso according to reports from the hospital. His physic- ians were hurriedly summoned. To- night hla condition waa still critical. tti HI ii react for have VANITY FAIR collects and reflects the gleam every Shining facet of metropolitan life. TftE STAGE? P. G. Wodehouse George Nathan Dorothy Parker write about the stage, being the inciter of \The First Hundred Plays Are the Hardest.\ SATIRE? 'Stephen Leacock Bcnchley Chappell humorists with a bite witty with a dash of acid. SPORTS? Grant Rice and other keen writing do the golf, motors, airplanes, and SKtaaing FIVE Name Scoflold HOLDS unusual Robert X 4l SENATE TO ACT SOON IN NEWBERRY CASE Dillingham to Appoint Sub- committee at Once. Special to Tiis flu.v. WAHiiiNaTOKn)ee. 9. That the rd election case 'investigation will bo taken up by the Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections with tho least possible delay was an- nounced tn-d- by Senator Dillingham (Vt.)., chairman. The Senator saw lie would can mo commltteo together and appoint n sub- committee to tho Investigation. Ho explained that. In all proDabllltytho . decision would be adverse to going Into a general Investigation wlnillar to tho j one pending beforo tho courts, i All Senato precedents are opposed to I compelling a Senator to defend himself In two tribunals at the same time. In tho present case even Henry Ford asked that ho should not bo forced to carry on a csteo In tho Senato while his libel caso against the Chicago Tribune was hanging lire, and his request was granted. But such a determination, Senator Dllllnghnm explained, will not prevent the proceeding to tho recount of the Michigan bnllota which hns been If your MEAT or FISH is Tasteless yoil'can greatly improve its flavor by adding SAUCE A perfect seasoning for Soups, lfisb, Roasts, Gravies, Chops, Cheese, Eggs and Salad Dressing. Be sure it is LEAtPERRINS SAUCE THE ONLY ORIGINAL WORCESTERSHIRE FOUNDED 1856. may know us by reputation, rOU you do not, this will serve as concise knowledge of our ser vice and values. Our highest priced men's sack suit is $85 imported cloth, pure silk linings, tailored in our cus- tomary skilled fashion. And at every price-lev- el down to the mini- mum, value and variety are outstanding features. 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Women assembled at dawn yesterday at five Passalo flrehouscs to buy brown sugar that had been obtained from the army. The lines grow until tho Bale be- gan at 9 o'clock and the 10,000 pounds available were sold In a half hour. No ono was given moro than five pounds at 12 cents a pound. The prlco was two cents cheaper than that obtaining in re- tail stores. 2 cArtnofo, GmdtaBCe c& Co. StAcbuenue at 40tfi?Ueet Our Greatest Xmas Gift 1919 Auto -- Robes and Steamer Rugs bTotu I extra in Plaid Reg. II JO and 12.75 ON CHILDREN. Would Educate I'rcxcnt to Tako Caro of Next. that 50 per cent, of tho un- dernourishment of children In tho United States Is duo, to tho of par- ents, Herbort tho Child Welfaro at the Judge nnd Mrs. William H. 18 Bast street, last night urged tho presont of children to tako caro of tlio next Ho II or in to N tho In' a 'j& !!jt of th ii,btiwn Jlin Is upon the low oi. about C Dcr cent. In tlui In It Is 00 uuiii,. unu in i.u per cent. hi r -- ueu. 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