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\ - 4 BRfi PISH LABOR COLD TO NATIONALIZATION tymlo Union Congress Votes to Postpone Domain! for Stnto Mines. SfeEKS PUBLIC APPItOVAI Itcsolution Puts Blamo.for In i dustrial Unrest on. the , Profiteers. Special Cabls Deipatch 10 Inn Sox. Conuriaht. 1919. at rtMli rtstrvti. London, Dec. 9. Tho widespread Idea that British labor would Insist upon nationalization1 of tho mines despite, op position received a death blow, to-d- When the Bpeclal Trades Union Congress, meeting here, declared Its intension to postpone tho demand until after tho opening; of tho next session 'of l'Mita- - inint In February. There were 750 delegates', representing mere than G.000,000 members, rut the proceedings lacked flro. Tho speech of J. II. Thomas, who presided, waa notice able for Ita moderation, while the movers of tho resolution postponing action to a cohferenco which Is to bo held In Feb- ruary omphaslzed th need of backing by pub.Ho opinion before further action la taicen. -- AH attempts of Its supporters to work up; enthusiasm In favor of direct action failed. Tom Mann. . secretary of tho Amalgamated Society of Engineers, urgod direct action In a strong fighting speech and was followed by Jtobert Smllllo for tho miners, but tho confer- ence merely listened In a half hearted way. It la not HKeiy even to conaiusr dealtng with tho question on mo lines advocated by tho supporters of direct nnHnn. This was made evident when a vljto was taken boforo putting tho. ques- - tlpn. 'inomas asiteu io(- - ujuo. speakers, but none cared to address the congress. The motion to postpone was carried unanimously. ses- - Blnn will taka ud tho. Question of :on' scrlptlon, Russian Intervention and un employment. Hu the Aesodattd Trtu. Dee. 9. Tho Trades Union Congress to-d- passed a resolution that excessive profits were the primary causa ,of tho labor unrest ami demanding Government control of raw materials, food, doming, nousing. iana. mines, minerals and the railroads and other means of transport. Frank Hodges of tho Miners Union, Edwin' Bevln of the Bristol Dock Workers Union and others condemned Sir Erie Geddes. Minister of Transporta- tion, as having been responsible for add iris BO per cent, to tho cost of living owjng to tho failure of the transport system. CANADIAN TRAINS FEEL U. S. COAL ORDER Special Denied to Voyagers )' Landing at Halifax. HlLtrxx, JJ. S., Dec 9. An order for , special train to carry to tho United States 300 passengers who arrived to- day aboard the British steamship Royal George, from Southampton for American ports, was cancelled ht upon in stiructions from the United States Rail road Administration. - The instructions We're Issued in connection with a general ofder from the Railroad Administration tljat no spcclal'trains be despatched from this port for American ports with pas- sengers landed here from transatlantic liners. ;J.ocal railroad officials obeyed tho or der so closely 'mat mey rerusea toi Issue through tickets to some passen- gers who came ashore and endeavored to obtain transportation on outgoing trains. Tickets were issued only to Can adlan border points. The passengers will remain aboard the steamship, which ajter coaling will proceed to New York. DRIVE TO AID AET STUDENTS. Ahlcrte.Tn Academy In Home Seeks ltSl.000,000 Endowment Fund. (Progress of plans to launch a campaign tqr a million dollar endowment fund was reported; yesterday at the annual trus- tees' meeting of the American Academy In Rome, held in tho Institution's offices, lpi, Park avenue. Tho academy, which maintains a well equipped staff and buildings in Rome to give talented American students opportunity for ad- vanced study In tho arts and classics, desires to establish new fellowships in music and landscape architecture. .William R. Mead, president of the board of trustees, announced the acaulsl- tlpn of the endowment of 525,000 for the Carter Memorial fellowship, devoted td classical studies, and established In memory of Jesse Benedict Carter, for- merly director of tho academy at Rome, who waa killed In action on the Italian fiiont. Charles A. Piatt and Edgar I. VTIIllams were elected to the board to serve for three years. i . $50,000 Fop Children' Ilellef. The American Relief Administration's European Children's Fund has received 1 $0,000 from the Joint distribution com- mittee for the relief of Hungarln suf- ferers. This makes a total of $170,611 fcfr Hungarian relief through this fund. Herbert Hoover Is chairman and head-qiiarte- rs are at the Hotel McAlpln. POSLAM REAL TREAT FOR SKIN 3 AILING 4 Only those who havo Itched and scratched and still Itched continually can appreciate what it means when the aggravation Is ended by the soothing, fienetratlng. antiseptic Influence of what relief to bo rid of any eruptlonal blemish which has entailed prolonged embarrassment! Turn to Poslam first for tho quick healing help which ailing skin must have. You do not have to wait In uncertainty for Indications of improvement It Boon HHOWS. \flold everywhere. For free sample write to Emergency Laboratories, 243 West 47th St. New York City. 'Urxfi your sum io uwomo clearer, I i Look Around in subway or street car 'and note tho kind of people you find reading tube mt 'v ware KILLED 29 GERMANS, GETS THREE MONTHS Marloh Acted on Prussian Ex-W- ar Minister1 a Orders. 'aJSSSS? JfcSS\ triddU with having caused the execution of twenty-nin- e sailors during the Spartacan uprisings of last March, waa acquitted of manslaughter Ills attorneys In- troduced evldenco to show that his ac- tion In connection with the executions was under orders from Major-Ge- Rein-hard- t, .former Prussian Mlnlstor of War. Marloh was sentenced to throe months Imprisonment In a fortress. lie was also fined thirty marks for using forged papers. Capt. von Kessel has challenged Tofl-t- Rump of Potsdam, who la an undo of Marloh, to a duel with pistols under most severo conditions. The FrciheU says preparation aro being made to get LVon Kessel across tho bordor. During the trial Marloh asserted that Von Kes- sel urged him to flee and that It was his belief that 6,000 marks and a railway ticket received came, from Major-Go- o itelnliardt, who, according to Marloh, oidered the execution of tho sailor. The testimony of Rump substantiated Mar-loli- 'a chargos ngalnst Von Kosscl. U. S. HAS BALANCE DDE FROM GERMANS Lusitania Claims and Others Exceed Value of Enemy Ships Seized Here. Washington. Dec. 9. America's claims against Germany growing out of the sinking of tho Lusitania and other vessels by submarines and on account oi otner war damages win exceeu mo amount which will be duo from the United States on account of tho 100 German steamships In American ports when the United States entered the war, Shipping Board officials said Under the peaco treaty the value of the vessels, estimated by board olllclais at from tI30.000.000 to S140.000.000, will be credited to Germany on IndemnI tics awarded by the Allied Reparations Commission, but as the American claims before tho commission exceed the valuo of the ships, officials asserted there was little likelihood that tho United States would bo called upon to mako any pay- ment to the commission. Threo of tho sotzed German ships were war vessels German commerco raiders which were Interned and their value will not be Included with tho purely peaceful merchant craft. A number of tho other vessels, officials pointed out, were under the subsidy of tho Imperial German Government. These ships. It was said, cannot be considered entirely the property of private Individ' uals for which credit can bo given Ger many. Another Item against the German ac count Is the damage Inflicted on the vessels just prior to their being token over by the United states. The Imperator and the six other Ger man steamships allocated to tho united States slnco tho signing of the armlstlco are not Included In tho group of ships concerned In the war damage settlement WOMAN DESCRIBES COURT FRAUD HERE Arrested in Chicago, She Con firms Swanns Information. Chicago, Dec. 9. Miss Annie Roman, 24 years old, alleged to be a shoplifter. confessed y, the States Attorney announced, that she had knowledge of frauds practised upon the courts of New York city and of falsification of records. Her arrest was caused by John I. Cot ter, secretary of the Chief Justice of the Court of Special Sessions In New York, who said District Attorney Swann pos sessed much Information concerning a conspiracy between court clerks and bondsmen In New York. Chief Justice Frederic Kernochan of the Court of Special Sessions announced In October that he had proof that persons who had obtained access to the court rec ords had changed records so as to permit criminals to go free. Tho persons who had benoflte4 were, shoplifters awaltlnc trial, he said, and the manipulators of the court records were daring enough not only to make the cases appear to have been quashed but to. cause the re turn of me money deposited as Dan. LUNCHEON 10 LABOR ENVOYS, Netherlands Delegations Are Bid- den Godspeed. Tw members of the Netherlands dele- gation to the International Labor Con ference, Dr. W. H. Nolens, the chairman, and W. Westerman. president of the Rotterdamsche Bankverelnlglng, were guests at a farewell luncheon yesterday at the Metropolitan Club by William Do Beaufort, counsellor of the Neth- erlands legation at Washington. Among thoso present were Albert Rud- dock of the State Department, Washing- ton: Charles H. Sabin, president of tho Guaranty Trust Company: Ogden M. Reid, EL A. De Lima, president of me Battery Park National Bank: D. J. flteyn-Parv- e, Netherlands Consul-Gen- - eral In New York ; F. Charles Bcnwedt-man- of the National City Bank; Adrian Glps, director gen eral of the Holland-Americ- a Line, and Cornelius Vanderbllt, Jr. Trepare for Liberty Interest. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, as fiscal agent of the United States, Is prepared to receive for pay- ment In advance of the payment date coupons due on December 15 detached from first Llbcty 3 per cent bonds of 1932-19(- 7, first Liberty converted 4 per cent bonds of 1932-194- first Liberty converted 4 Vi per cent bonds of 1332- - 1947, first Liberty second converted 4h. per cent, bonds of 1932-194- Victory per cent notes of 1922-192- 3, Victory per cent notes of 19Z2-192- Checks in payment of coupons thus deposited In advance will be ready for delivery at 10 A. M. December 15. Member banks may have the proceeds credited to their reserve accounts on request $10, GOO, OOO Voted for Missions. The Board of Foreign Missions of the Methodist Episcopal Church at the clos ing session of Its convention In the Hotel Pennsylvania yesterday voted 310.500,-00- 0 for reconstruction work In Europe and North Africa, to be expended In 1920. The fund is drawn from the 3113,000,000 endowment raised in the centenary campaign last year for a five year programme. Hospitals, medical at- tendance and education wilt be provided. - J. R. Christie, general manager of the American Railway Express Company In charge of New York branch offices, an- nounced yesterday that all shipments of more than twenty-fiv- e pounds must be In wooden containers or cartons bearing the manufacturer's certificate that If Is of tho strength and alze required by tho express company. A lliilnlne That Vott Ni! Affect llrnil Ileeaua of lta tonic and Uiutlvs enXtl UAAAIIU- - 1IIIU.UU IUi.M.-V- ITADIOta), ccn b lsktn by anyone without cauainr nrvouinre or rlniini In tho htad. Thera la only on \Ilrrmo Quinine.\ E. W. Q ROVE'S iljlulure on th box. 10c Adv. B0 jBCSSBEESfiBHBMfl THE SUltoS 5W, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 10, 1919. BEST NAVY IN WORLD URGED FOR THE D. S. Gono'r'nl Board Says Seas Must Bo Kopt Frco for Mercan- tile \Marino. SCOUT CRUISERS NEEDED Recommends Building Pplicy Bo Kopt Up Asks $27,000,-00- 0 for Aircraft. ttptdal Dttpatc to Tub Sen. Washington, Dee. 9. Without re gard to or mention of a possible League of Nations, or Its effect, if any, tho Gen- eral Board of tho navy made public to- day Its recommendations to the Secre tary of tho Navy that the policy of building up tho American Navy to the point where it will bo equal to tho most powerful In tho world be continued, and that this bo attained by 1925, Tho expansion of tho American mer chant marine, the protection of the enor mous coastline on two oceans and tho Island and other possessions of tho coun try make the big navy Imperative. \The great lesson of the recent war, tho General Board Bays, \was that with out an adequate navy to protect It a mercantile marine may, at the will of a strong nation or nations, at once be driven from tho seas.\ The general board thinks that the pos session of a fleet of the right slzo to guarantee tho freo' ubo of tho seas at all times to tho merchant marlno would be a great preventive of war, for no nation would lightly provoke hostilities when her own commerce would thereby he Im perilled. Must Provide for Future. The board believes that tho United States will find It necessary to steadily add to the number and power of Its naval Bhlps, and also to provide replace- ments for .ships which by reason of the r.ipld development In naval construction will have to bo relegated to the second line or Bcrapped. ''Our first dreadnoughts,\ tho board says, \are rapidly approaching that status where they will bear the same re- lation to our modern superdreadnoughts that our old bear to the first dreadnoughts themselves. The recent war emphasized the great advan tage of uniformity In speed and battery In the battleships of a fleet \The best concrete example In support of this fact Is to bo found In the com position of the German fleet at the battle of Jutland. The German battleships of the second battle squadron were of a slower Bpeed and lighter armament than the other battle- - chips of Admiral Scheer's fleet. Instead of strengthening the German battle fleet, their slow speed and less powerful bat- teries of 11 inch guns handicapped tho munoevrlng and flghtlng'pdwws of tho German fleet\ Need Many Scout Crnlsers. The board recommends the building of zupcrdestroyera, long radius submarines, a long radius mine layer and a general nuinose submarine to be a combination evolved as a result of respective experi ments. Scout cruisers are a typo of vessel which the navy needs, the board says, and urges the construction of In- - cleaned numbers and improved ships of this kind. The board thinks that the large number of submarines\ built or authorized during tho war will suftlco for tho present. The summary of recommendations for tho building programme for the fiscal year 1921 all of which can bo laid down in that year shows: Two battleships, one battlo cruiser. ten scout cruisers, five flotilla leaders, stx submarines, two airplane carriers, one destroyer tender, one submarine tender, and aircraft construction. Includ- ing experimental development, $27,000,-00- 0. f 230,000 Fire on Steamship. San Francisco, Dec. 9. Fire on tho Shipping Board steamship Cocoapotiset at her pier here was extinguished li dav after It had caused a loss estl mated at $250,000. IS hub trola ATTACK RENEWED' ON RAILROAD BILL: Sonnto Critics Assail Trovi-sion- s Framed to Meet Re- turn to Owners. . FINAL VOTE BY WEEK END Ha Follctto Assorts Mcasuro \Would Not Improve Old Conditions. Washington, Dec. 9. Obtaining a renewed opportunity by restoration of tho meoeuro to tho Commlttco of the Whole Senate critics of tho Cummins railroad bill y launched a new and heated attack on various of the legislation designed to meet condi tions Incident to the forthcoming return of the railroad properties. Senators La Follctto (Wis), and Dial (S. C.) led the attack. Leaders to night the hope that a final vote would be reached before tho end of the week. Final enactment of the legislation Is not probable, tho leaders agreed, until after Congress reconvenes next month. Confidence was expressed by tho confercos, however, that Presi dent Wilson would await enactment of the legislation In January before turn- ing back the properties. Director-Gener- Ulrica has completed his report tp Fresldont Wilson on his recent conference with Chairmen Cum- mins and Esch of the Senate and House committees respectively. Thore was no Intimation of the information contained in the report. In his attack on the bill Senator La Follette opposed lmmedlato return of the railroads to nrlvate ownership as Im practicable, ur'ged a fivo year extension of Government control, and charged that the pending measure was fo. the boneflt of the railroads. Tho meas-ur- he said, would not Improve condi- tions that have surrounded railroad op erations In the Dast. Senator Dial denounced especially mo bill's provisions for a guaranteed return to the railroads of 5H per cent on their fair value, and added that parts of the bill were \dreams and Illusions\ as wen as Impracticable. Senator McKollar (Tenn.). joining in the same criticism, asserted that the rate guarantee could not be enforced In the courts. Senators Curtis (Ivan.) and Pomercne (Ohto) defended the rate pro- vision. 94 for Bolter Inspectors, Boiler Inspectors will get 34 instead of 12 for each InsDectlon of Heating plants. If the recommendation of David Illrshfleld, Commissioner or Accounts, appointed by the Mayor to Investigate wage demands In the Building Depart ment, is carried throusn. Mr. mrsn- - field proposed that the Police Commis- sioner initiate legislation to authorize the increases by to tho City Charter. He favored a fee of f2 for the issuance of licenses to engineers or firemen, renewable at a charge of 31. I Oliver Moore's personal- - I ly lasted shoes are so com- - 5 that you're glad 1 L' they wear so long. Oliver Moore of London CUSTOM 110OT.MAKr.lt K.tnMishnl 1878 14 W. 40th St. Phono flryant 107 ,ln ' HTT 3L Altttratt & to. THne Departinnieinit for Woolen Dress Fabrics in readJiaess for the Winter resort season Tailored Sports 'SkDrts (semi-mad- e) off superior-qualit- y white flannel, having large pockets off Angora wool, in coral, Nile green, white or Copen- hagen; priced, in stock, at These Skirts (which require very little time, labor or skill to complete) are cut on new and extremely modisli lines, and whether worn with a blouse or a sweater will be equally smart. (First Floor) 34fy 35th IS provisions expressed virtually Portable 3faa fjari Saw7tr, Harkiman national Bank Fifth Avenue and 44th Street New York Only a Mirage? Unless wc shall soon come to some plan for extend- ing credit to Europe, we shall behold the vanishing prospect of our promised expansion and prosperity. Any intelligent business-lik- e plan will serve to begin with, ns the establishment of a Government or International Board to pass upon such securities as Europe may offer payment for goods, and extend to the seller say 50 per centum of their face in cash, for which he will turn over' 60 per centum of the securi- ties; these the Board would have no trouble whatso- ever in marketing with investors upon 'guaranty or acceptance of our Government. Thereby also would be created a market for the 40 per centum retained. However, let our patriotic and progressive busi-- . ness men formulate a plan of their own and at once, for if this is not done this country will go back to pre- war times. With reference to the amount of money we should have thus to guarantee, indorse, or accept, it might be pointed out that if during the war we could afford to scatter broadcast hundreds of millions for relief work upon no security whatsoever why, as a business proposition, cannot we now afford to lend our name upon sound foreign securities? Again, we have advanced $10,000,000,000 to Europe and to secure the earlier payment of this at least, it would be a very wise thing for us to accept such lim- ited risk as there might be in guaranteeing the $2,000,-000,00- 0 to $3,000,000,000 more, estimated, to enable Europe to buy and sell here- - The Harriman National Bank is confident that its own mercantile customers will be glad to sell goods to Europe on the suggested credit. BANKING HOURS FROM 8 O'CLOCK A. M. TO 8 O'CLOCK P. M. SAFE DEPOSIT VAULTS OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TO MIDNIGHT AMUSEMENTS. AMUSEMENTS. NEW YORK'S LEADINO T H E A T II . V 11 SUCCESS:. EMPIRE MatsTO-DA- & StSaa\\ f IHrAIEUW x l\ \Held Audience Spellbound.-TIm- os. ITOMOR'W NIGHT??3 n.Jfinnc I nrKtr'' I ClrflttbTS itotttatf i I BARRYMORE wutltim nSfitfim A \HISS MILLIONS\ anted BOOTH TARUrftTDlft Iwwt tor I I $3 m PurchcWudrThe.tre ,Lhtmwf I Sit ;SIS Di:uTAAl?r'L NEW ZIEGFELD MIDNIGHT FROLIC l.i Hegi'Ur Mats. Friday & Saturday. I 1 UBERTY Mayto. fgaELS.E JAHIS RlJIJifP Vlf) GANG Sun KwlwiaflB. in\\ p\Tof aShow.-'T- .: - CKARIFB Cohan & Harris S\rtiaa' matinee io.ua v at Kv. 8:1V Pop. Mat. To-da- S:15. IVr.FIIM The., W. tli St. Kts. Sit). THF\The Biggest Musical lilt Mats. Thurs. & Sat. 2:20. 'The Merrv Widow.' \ DAVID IIELASCO prcsonts pVROYAL VAGABOND INA GUIDE \S feu ( BREAKING ALL RECORDS TTT With ROBINSON NFAVBOLU. f,kl'& s.Thul'at\ liT HUDSON I Booth Tarkinglon's ffis Ruth Chatterton West 4th St. IT 'n eor?o (\carborouRh's New Comedy, Ea.8:20.Mata. \I I AUhUI li MOONLIGHT and HONEYSUCKLE. ft\ed.&Sat.2:20.l VuTaAljllii Complimentary to Mr. Gilbert Mil- - ler. thero will be NO PERFORM- - li'way & 4lth St. Evs. sao. at Henry Miller's Theatre ItllltHlUN Mats. TiMlayJt Sat. 2:20. IIUIHSDAY EVENING, to enable , . Miss Ruth Chatterton and her coin- - linen rerlormince ol pony to be present at the premiere V T i of \Monsieur Heauealre.\ Laurette I ay lor s JOHN GOLDEN proMints I Career in J. Hartley Manrcrt Be.! Play t3 FRANtLJUUP rMTMJLR! 'ONE NIGHT IN ROME'\ AXMmifwSi -\- urns Mantle in Ere. MM r.n!f,v. n'y. 4 St. Maf . Wed. & Sat. 2 10 nULT'DULT LlkU LEONARD OfCTW Scarborough and Did neli.-- n Chorus of Steppers, Smllerj and Singers. AeP'GLOBE \APPLE BLOSSOMS\ 7 flrJ KrclslorJacobl-L- e Baron Operetta. ffafKT West 4th St. Nights at 8:20. f with John Charlea Thomas, Mats. y & Sat.. 2:20. Wlida nennett ttarCaV I'on.Mnt.Tii-dny- . JOHN CORT presents a New Comedy ?TANnlPll it.iv. \OSt Kv, 2.V lu il.io THREE'S A CROWD ntKssg.!--- - HOTEL COMMODORE MUSICALE Fridij Ereninj, Dac. 12, at 8:15, Ballroom ItrrOnly concert i OrnMlno In N.Y. this Season Leopold GODOWSKY ds SEGUROLA! ' Referred seats now on stle at Hotel Com- - modore Box Office (Mex. floor). Man ge- - ' ment R. E. Johnston. Knibe Piano. D IHILHARMONIC JOSEF STItANNKV Conductor - iarn6ffia nan Tomorw(Thurs.) ET8.8:30.N't Frl.Af t.1:30. AMlitlng Artist KEIFETZ Next Sun. Aft., Dec. 14, at 3 Auhtlng Artist PERCY GRAINGER \Scheheraxadr \Parsifal LilZt, \1X9 Tlcketa at Box Office. Felix P. LolfrK Mgr. NEW YORK SYMPHONY OIICIICSTltA Walter Damrosch . . . .ctoNnucTon Carnegie Hall, Tom'w fThurs.) AJt. at n. Aeolian Hall, Sun. Aft., Dec. at 3. Soloist Sophie Braslau (of the Metropolitan Opera Co.) Charpentlcr. Rossini, Orl. Schubert. Mousaorgsky. Mosxkowskl. Seats at Box Offices. George Engels. Mgr. CABNEOIE HALL, SUNDAY AFTiniNOON ftVaAX 3 CONCERT OF MUSIC FOR PIANO RACHMANINOFF Tickets U.50 to $1. Boxes (seating ), tit and 115. On sal now at Box Offlca. Direction C. A. Ellia. Stelnway Piano. Aeolian Hall Tom'w (Thur..l I'w. nt 8:13. Piano llecltal FERDINAND W.A C H S M A N Stclnnay l'Uno, . I Mgt. Autonla In; in METROPOLITAN ?, Tonight 8, Samson et Dallla. llesanzonl-Caruso- . Couslaou, Itothlor. Cond., WollT. Thurs. at 8. Carmen. Farrar, Sunclellui, Galll; Martlnelll, Couzlnou, Sogurola. Wolff. Frl. at 8:15. Aniore del tro ltel. Muilo, Martlnelll. Amato, Uldur. Cond.. Moraiuoni bat. Mat. at 1. Marts. Clarrlson. I'erlnl: Caruso.De Luca, Malatosta. Cond., Bodanzky. Sat. at8'15 (SltoJ3.;0). Lucia. Scotucy Crlml, Amato, Martlno. Cond., J'anl. NU Mon. at 8, La Jiilre. Ponsello, Hcotney. Oalli: Caruso.Itothler.Ilarrold.Cd. ilodamky. Wed. Ht 8. Tabarro AiiBdlcn Gianni Scmcrnl. Muilo. Kaston: Crinil, Amato, De Ivtira. Dklur. Cond. Mnranzoal. HAHDMAN PIANO USKD. Metropolitan Opera House TUESDAY NIGHT, DECEMHTU 30 First and only appearance In America MICHEL FOKINE Creator of tho Russian riallet, and t. HEM FOKI l'rlraa Ballerina. Russian Ballet. Direction of F. RAT COMSTOCK MORRIS GEST. Prices and Program In Sunday's papers. Hall (next IGERMAINES Thp.l neTt Afternoon at 3. SCHNITZER PIANO HEPITAIi (Chlckerlnt Pi.nn) Aeolian Hall, Aft. at 3. juuErrj ARNOLD Piano Redtsl. Qfason & Hamlin Plano.l AEOLIAN HALL, AT 3. JanacopoloS A group. of Sony, by STRAVINSKY Hrst time In America. Mfrt. I.oudon Charlton. Stelnway nano. AEOLIAN IIALI Sate Aft., Dec. 13. at 3. f \ au.1 inn aeason ABRILOWITSCH iicueia 6c to 12, at Box Office. Mgt. Loudon Charlton. Mason & Hamlin I lino. CARNEGIE HALL, This Sal, De:. 13. 8.15 MIMA I, Thellewltcmnij Russian Slnirer. i 11 111 xi lln an Evening nf Folk Songs A- - Bal adsl TARASOVA Seats50ctoS3.no. Nowatllox Office. SEATS FOR CARUSO T OPERA Subscriptions Rough!. Sold or Exchanged for TICKETS nraaoii, Alternate or SlnEle Perfnn,.n. 'Phone JACOBS TICKET OFFICE 3XW,0 Grrelev CTonnnnqie norm, nway. jsth COLUMBIA, B'way ft 47. Twloo Ually.iPou. BON TONS. Ilrfce. XL A B I Tiffany & Ca tomi Avenue 37ts Street. ' ' Gold and Platinum Watchesani Wrist Watches AMUSEMENTS. America's Foremost Theatres and Hits, VVIMTPR RARnPM Iiy& 60th. Bti.8. mm t mm it wnilWMi or 99 LOUIS DE FOE, WORLDl 'A rtaxillnn now apectacle. Passes all tho rest, A richness that has never boon equaled.\ O. ATH CT THEfl. Hit BVIAY &' lrWTlNtiWtP.65nTtt2' sm IN THE mm MAXINE ELLIOTT'S Eves. 830. Mats. Wed. A Sat., 2 JO. West 4.'th 8t. Eras. 80 umuu r,. w Rt. asn. bnnru W. 4.1th St. Eve. 8:30 I u w w as Mt. st. an I I I w- - d St. Eves. 80 1 ICLIINut Mats, Wed. & Sat. 3:30. I iRepublic Iheatre. Vost42dSt. Eves. 810. Mats. Wed. & Sat. 3:30. I CENTURY THEATRE MAT. AT S, HOC TO 8J.00. F Hail Comttock and MorrU Gtst PrtStnt the Clrealat ArtUlir nnit Atat! Sensational Triumph Ever AcMtttd in Uu Jiisiory oj tm orla. APHRODITE A Romance of Ancient Egypt. Evs. at 8. Mats. Wed. & Sat. at 3 o'clock. VDIf 42nd. W.of Bwar. Ers. 8:13. L I ft I v Matinees To-da- y & Sat. 3:15. POPULAR PRICE MAT. TO-DA- Y F. Itav Coma lock & Morrii Oest Prment F The Aluslcal Sensation of The Season. Rose' China \Goes 'Madame Butterfly Ttco Belter, startling in us Ungmaltty. Herald I nNRflnRF810- - W.ofD'way. Evm.8:30. POPULAR PRICE MAT. JO-DA- Y i . nay uornstod& Morris Gost Present AND EVA \A Delightful ComrduAmorw the Bent Plaus of Recent Years.\ Herald. f4STH TThos..nr.D'y.KT.S30. l'Mats.TiMlay&Sat.2:15 PRICE MAT. Smart Musical Comedy, 'Ming But Love' with Andrew Tombm Zippy Chorus. SELWYN SUCCESSES Jollity retens at 's joyous matineo Marxaret Iarcnce A Wallace Eddlnner UqDDIC Th.. W. I2d St. Ese.8:30. Ma, wi ,v S(lt 2.30 liet (lie llolidnv spirit and liltc ft Thcitro Tarty nt Matinee. WNALD PECCY ROLAND BUIftti WOOD VOUN& cr I VM h 't ts &'o Etra Mats. Fridays. Dec. 30 & JanJ3. MAUnCDDII X TFIKA wma'aaaaaaBa a W. 48th st. Phone 134 Brs'. Mat. at 2t30. JUL MUSICAL COMCDYWIT musical J3rt Society FRANK DAMROSCH Director 26TII SLASON g'JJf.Sfs Asiiated br HAROLD BAUER. Carnegie Hall. Tues. Evg.. DEC. 18, at 8t30 CHRISTMAS CONCERT Tickets now on sale at Box Office. Aeolian Hall, Friday Erg., Dec. 12, at 8:18 iticliarii Buhlig riano Recital-Ces- ar Proeram Sens at Hall. Stelnway. RIVOll HUSO RIE3ENFEID dreefcr 11114 Trai TsmRrvue Artttir mots .jn.rBilwayMa:: \ 1 Tmt tilVOLI 'A?A?a (IBVayaSSr:! Arbuckle Comody. Qa- R- 8 Ll \hnthlle Suaan.\ llTlrrr\: \isiiari? Comedy, niALTO ORCHESTRA The Million appynays Pageant Dollar Delight HAl'PT I'RICES Ssati on sal. for I Wk Itarlie Chaplin \A Day's Pleasure\ Will RoBera lu Jubllo. Strand.Orch. j AMUSEMENTS. the Direction of Leo and 3. J. Shnbert. PlAVHniKF 48 St.. E. of R'r. IFIrst YhotM Bryant 3828.1Mat. Sat. OPENING TONIGHT 8:30 ' I Phantom Legion By ANTIIONT PAUL KELLT Author of \Threo Farei East.\ rnMFnV 41st.nr.OVay. Evenings 3J liUMCUl MaNneeaTo-tn'w&8at.3:3- 5. FUNNIEST FARCE OF YEAR. MY LADY W,T CLIFTON FRIENDS CRAWFORD UIBFIlTTheii.th.W.of TJwy.Evi. 8:18. Mata.To-da- v Saf, 2:16. MATINEE T6-DA- itcMAGIC MElODy \Gorgeous musical show.\ World, with CHARLES PURCELL, Julia Dean, Tom McNaughton, 80 others it a. nrut. V atft nay Oi OtfWI IB, mtV, CASINO MaU. To-d- ay A Sat J 20. I Ml waanianiMij r\ -- i ttttt naiMn T c wtrti VVILNNr JtuAL CENTRAI Theatrs,4Tth A H'r.Eva.833. Popular Mat. To-da- Ilest Beats 81.50. Broadway's Sauciest Musical Hit wivw LfAJrit ft ARDirif Thai., nr.BVay. Greeley 1823. UAnnlblX Evs.80. MaUi.Tom'wiSatjaO The Theatre OutH I'rosents james k. m in THE RISE OF H ACKET 1 SILAS LAPHAM NORA BAYESK.rslS8:30-MATINE- TO-DA- Y GREENWICH VILLAGE FOLLIES With Bessie McCoy Davis. James Watts, Ted Lewis, Ada 1'orman, Al Herman, BUly Dale ti Ilonny Ilurch. SO FAMOUS ARTISTS' MODELS 20 Seats at Iloz Office 8 Weeks In Advance. PI YMOIITH th.W.of Bwjr. Ev!. 8:30 Mita To-ra'-w A 8at.3a0 '\N RADDVIinADir In'jTIIE LIONEL JEST, T II E PARK THEATRE. . Columbus Circle. . o r a- - r. a M at v in o.if. a?V All. J.lUt Next Week PIRATES or PRNZANCE. Rrninhlirtt Mth.W.of Bway. Mata.To-m'wiSata- ARTM Thea..nr.Bway. Evs.8ao to a i . Mate Tom-- & Bat. 2 30. T II BaS i: m JhU Evs.8:30.Mats.Tom'w& Sat.2:30. \LA GUEULE DU LOUP\ 4Uhitia or two JtAioni AgTOR. - A1AT5. WIP. o SAT. MflRfKPn West4Mh8t. Eves, at 8:20. MU tlUiliU MaU. To-da- y (Pop.) A Sat. 2:30 OLIVER MOROSCO HAS TllE BIGGEST HIT IN TOWM-tAS- K ANYBODY. CIVILIAN CLOTHES with OLIVE TELL TIICKSTON HALL. FULTON M&gf&xo. CHARLOTTE GREENWOOD In a New Musical uomeay. \Linger Longer Lelly\ BOX OFFICE NOW OPEN MADISON I S Wreka nil SQUARE Starting GARDEN i jiais. Aatnraays I and Holldaya Tbe World's Graates Psgeani uranu waWAIrer A story of the 3Uir pretentd bj tbe Chorus of 2500. Orchestra of 1 00. SO Acting rrincipals headed br WALTER HAIV1PDEN nd BLANCHE YURKA WORLD MOVEMENT. General Director i.nurence i. uicn. Broadway Trlcsa. i.50. tZ.OO. 11.50. 11 F. Keith's BQTHWELL BROWNE Ph. ACE and Bathing Girls \Vie\ Oulnn A Co.. \The B'way. 47 St. Little Cottaire.\ Others & Mts. Dally 21 BLOSSOM 8EELET B.r.liellh's ROONEY Jt BENT IVERSI0E in \Ktnga of Smoka\ Florenie Tempest B'way A 98th St. Prank Hurst, others. Hii.S MOSS1 JmJrarMn .t BROOKLYN AMUSEMENTS. TAR Jay A Fulton Bts. MAT. Tf Tel Main 1893. DAILY s STONE and PILLARD Esery Sunday Two Big Concerts. HOTELS AND It EST A URA.VTS. 14 til Street, near Fourth Avenus 1 1 liMrucnvTn.nl v tiv aas URRAY'S V m rtuiTiAii vjnrvucno vtr. j 42nd STREET Weat of Broarlwarj

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